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Postal Service

Mail, or post, is a system for transporting letters and other tangible objects: written documents, typically enclosed in envelopes, and also small packages are delivered to destinations around the world.

United States Postal Service Star Trek Happy Birthday Death Cab Stagecoach Mary Royal Mail National Labor Relations Board Such Great Heights

Startup initiatives from down under may offer inspiration to the failing US Postal Service
😳US Postal Service in hot water as employees did work for Hillary Campaign . Crooked Democrats & she still lost 😂https:…
A by the Madison County Sheriff's Office and the U.S. Postal Service revealed that Susanna...
U.S. Postal Service wins award as the Top Federal Agency for Supplier Diversity for the 6th ye…
Jim Hightower: Predatory companies seek to destroy the most popular federal agency: the Postal Service
This day in history. 1987. The US Postal Service issued special greeting stamps "Happy Birthday", "Get Well" and for N…
US Postal Service: Dog bites on mail carriers in southern Idaho more than double
Postal Service will now email previews of your incoming daily mail
Lethal opioids from China getting to U.S. courtesy of Postal Service via
We were honored to serve the family of James P. Campbell. Jim was a 42 year veteran of the U.S. Postal Service in Kendall Park!
Lance Armstrong was sponsored by US Postal Service. He cheated so awfully that now no one sends letters.
Dear Lance Armstrong - You were sponsored by US Postal Service and cheated so bad that now no one sends letters.
Today, to hear from experts on postal reform and how to fix system.
.is marking up HR 756: ATR Releases Coalition Letter Opposing the Postal Service Reform Act (H.R. 756)
I have an idea that will allow the Postal Service to make money. Time to be open minded about this and utilize their assets
By popular demand, postal service to stay open on Saturdays
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Jason worried Postal Service is unprofitable but not willing to look at Trump's conflicts of interest. Great.
Right now is holding a hearing on reform. Watch here: Time for REAL REFORM!!
Ending Postal Service fo4 sale to highest bidder is why Trump wants Chaffetz to meet?
The "reality" is that a postal service is an ancient relic. Time to explore eliminating it altogether.
.This bill gives the Postal Service the freedom it needs to successfully meet the business realities the agency faces.
Article: First class meal: could the declining US postal service deliver food to the needy?
.Building on our legislation from last Congress, last week we introduced H.R. 756, the Postal Service Reform Act of 2017.
And I want life in every word, to the extent that it's absurd... Clark Gable by The Postal Service ♫
.Since 2006, the annual volume of mail delivered by the Postal Service has declined by roughly 30 percent.
A belting article on the US Postal Service. The similarities to our own are striking. It enjoys 'enthusiastic support…
Postal finances ‘very serious but solvable’ as bipartisan action develops. House hearing today:
Emma Fun Fact: Her favorite band is "Postal Service" and her favorite album is "Blue" by Joni Mitchell.
an easy way to cut spending in the US Postal Service would be to cut half of the managerial positions.
A postal loophole allows opioids to ship into the U.S. unnoticed. A bill soon to be introduced may stop them.
Coming up → Examining the need for timely and comprehensive postal reform. .
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
You're welcome! Thanks for supporting the US Postal Service! ^LD
amazing they deny Healthcare but deconstruct education, the postal service, retirement managers, churches
That is last weeks news!! Chavetz is focusing ion US Postal service thats not affiliated w/ Govt! Huh?!?!
I absolutely love this easy would it be to donate food through the USPS. brilliant!
House Oversight Committee to hold hearing on postal "reform" Tuesday - via
Bonus points for the Postal Service reference
Postal Service finances 'very serious but solvable' as bipartisan action develops
1986: The U.S. Postal Service's Black Heritage USA series honored Sojourner Truth on this day. https…
Your package has been delivered to Canon City, Colorado. . US Postal Service at its finest 🙃🔫
I wonder when Social Justice Warriors are going to target the Postal Service for referring to letters and bills as "mail". It's 2017, dammit
Postal Service offers $25K reward in armed robbery of Chicago mail carrier
Missile Defense Agency is interviewing at the fair, you could leave w/ an offer! CACI, Postal Service & more will b…
Ah, Royal Mail ... so much better than the US Postal Service: Somewhere near sea in Suffolk' couple 'amazed' by card
Hillary Clinton will support the services that help make the Postal Service the most efficient mailer in the world. http…
Alpha Epsilon Pi (Chapters), is in cahoots with U. S. Postal Service
Breast Cancer Awareness
Why do I enter the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes? I don't expect to win. I view it as a make-work program for the US Postal Service.
I sent my ballot to Broward Co, FL registered mail. Postal Service said it was picked up by the BOE. BOE says "not received".
for listener Postal Service before with Such Great Heights
The U.S. Postal Service and the Dept of Treasury Donated to the DNC!
is listening to a very chill playlist and ichatting loved ones! It has Coldplay, Imogen, Fiona Apple, Postal Service, and…
I always confuse Death Cab and Postal Service. Gosh darn it, Ben Gibbard.
Spent 45 min. on the phone w/ US Postal Service employee Diane & am going to miss her SO much. Nobody has ever cared abt my mail so deeply.
Happy Birthday to Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie and Postal Service!
4-8 weeks to ship stickers? Jesus christ even the postal service isn't that slow
Demand ups stop the transport of trophies!
Music shuffled to The Postal Service, googled to see if they did that new album and it's a big nope. ***
kinda homophobic how my phone always fails to download my favorite postal service song AND my give up cd is scratched on that same song
-Your postal service is not good,always problem,very few days we get satisfaction.please see these problems
Thank god for the US postal service
Dear US Postal Service, does this mean I can start my own church now
This Squirrel Girl playlist has some stuff from the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack AND David Bowie AND The Postal Service like BAPTISE ME SG
"service backbone of global vital part to society's progress & - Dr. Shamshad Akhtar
It costs the US Postal Service more to deliver magazines than the postage it charges
4) having the government (US Postal service) simply keep storage of this data and be the final say, high
Out for a paddle for the evening whilst I was waiting on the Canadian postal service to ge…
/2 would be simple postal service in the US. Since there are only three real competitors in this industry
Win an iPhone 7 - LIMITED. Waiting in line? - No! . Receive the latest iPhone through USPS or another postal service.
Postal Service delivers more packages, fewer letters.
That's disappointing. But postal service has improved in the last two millennia, I hear. Maybe try writing again.
These morons of my postal service as always pretend trying to deliver me yesterday and say I was absent.
The postal service just caught a whole BUNCH of fish. 's "Fishing Blues" pre-orders began shipping today h…
Thinking about buying from Poly Postal Packaging? Read our latest review by JOHN via
why does the postal service only have one album and why was it released in 2003 i need more so bad i need more SO BAD
Australia's state-owned postal service is now considering several blockchain applications.
HB4877 [Passed] To designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 3130 Grants Lake Bouleva...
7 Give Up by The Postal Service. when I was really into owl city, came across this and I jumped ship lmao. rip
I don't wanna lose weight working for the postal service 😩 I'm already barely making it 😒 ***
The postal service is playing at the bar I'm at tho while everyone screams abt the Olympics, it's like they knew I was coming
Census data more vulnerable through postal service than online
Ok maybe the postal service just lost all of the sophomore schedules
Wait.demwit Liz Warren thinks the US Postal Service should take over giving out & managing federal loans.
I complain abt Madison's stale cafe playlists (Postal Service, Band of Horses) bt this ca. 2001 Rilo Kiley got me feelin' some type of way
Postal Service will issue stamps of military Service Cross medals
Get rid of Social Security? Highways? Postal Service? Veterans Administration? Or only for people not name John Smith?
- Making no cents: Postal Service's bad business model is embodied in recent rate decrease
United States Postal Service launches two, safety measures to alert mail carriers of dogs on their delivery...
It is time for Congress to save the Postal Service, not dismantle it.
.on a stamp: German postal service honours icon.
Hon P M Sir the postal service in India has sgopped due to poor connectivity.This has resulted in less investment in posts.
I added a video to a playlist The Postal Service - Sleeping In
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I liked a video The Postal Service - Sleeping In
So the German postal service celebrates Lemmy of in a new limited stamp issue. Now that's ace!
German postal service honours Lemmy with stamps
Oregon - Please do not mail your ballots! Postal service can no longer guarantee delivery by due date. Drop off; https:…
We invite you to contact us by postal mail at this address : SNCF SERVICE RELATION CLIENT 62973 ARRAS CEDEX 9
Letter Carriers drive is tomorrow! Put a bag of food donations by your mailbox and the postal service does the rest! http…
From NYtimes in 1984 "email is no more efficient than the postal service it is supposed to replace"
Stamp out hunger - so grateful to the Postal Service for their food drive!
Sometimes life can feel exactly like a Postal Service song.
Congratulations to U.S. Postal Service new CIO. Kristin Seaver, announced this week by Postmaster General Megan J. Brennan
I really like Postal Service's stuff... They are a lot like Owl city. Electric music & great singers.
Wild horses of Assateague Island to be featured on U.S. Postal Service "Forever Stamp" - Virginian-Pilot
U.S. Postal Service, City of New York Police Department and a lonely black employee. Prediction who comes out on top?
When u have to pick up your own *** packages on a Saturday morning for a service you paid for cos the postal...
I been playing my postal service pandora all day during stretches the kids were vibin to Death Cab and modest mouse im sooo
[TPHD] BREAKING: corruption and malpractice in Hyrule's postal service. via /r/zelda …
.Airlines are postal systems on Overboard:. Parcel force: AA:
Authorities say Tampa man was U.S. Postal Service employee who stole more than $2 million in Social Security checks
I just took action on Pledge to Save Our Public Postal Service. Take action here:
in 1970, a wildcat strike of American postal workers began: the first major of federal govt workers https…
NRLCA President Dwyer - Postage Rates to Drop as Exigent Rate Expires, ... - .
If you ever find a lost driver's license, just drop it in a mailbox, the postal service will deliver it back to the right person.
With Mail Innovations, UPS says, "We have your money, the Postal Service has your package. Good luck!".
A small courier company out of Canterlot. Not as big an operation as the postal service but still fairly busy. (
On this day in history: 1970 the U.S. Postal Service experienced their first strike!
Hi, When checking out it would be nice to know what sort of postal service to expect,sometimes the right person has to be in
Domestic backer copies of Asphodel have been SHIPPED! Also: I'll probably soon be murdered by an employee of the US Postal Service.
Tomorrow, I will become an official employee of the United States Postal Service! I start orientation on Monday.
The US Postal Service has restored direct mail to Cuba via /r/worldnews
Find out how these furry felines helped the UK's Royal back in the 1800s.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
I'm sure it's back to blue gloves & masks for all the postal workers again, extra checks on mail, slower mail service, all that goes w this.
Portland expects high demand for Postal Service parcel, set to become the city's next neighborhood.
Such Great Heights by The Postal Service from the album Give Up
Australia's postal service, which manages official passports, to use blockchain to store identities
Postal Service to sell collectible Denver Broncos envelope...
Postal Service seeks to improve in the Bronx .
"Stagecoach Mary" Fields was the first African American woman hired by the U.S. Postal Service.
Economist Dean Baker on the Washington Post's bizarre beef with the Postal Service. via
You can make this up! Muslims demanded and got the US Postal Service to issue Islamic stamps for 2016! .
Americans outraged as the incompetent Postal Service unveils Muslim Postage Stamp
US Postal Service celebrates 'Star Trek' and space with new stamps via
U.S. Postal Service shows off new 2016 'Star Trek' stamps
If the U.S. Postal Service provides basic banking services waiting in line will take forever.
I know what ain't been a major key 🔑, the *** postal service!!! Slowin me up!
You can also print the form. You will then have the option to email, fax, or send through the postal service. - Dee
Update your maps at Navteq
New planetary discoveries stamps are coming!.
Postal Service gets geeky with Star Trek and NASA stamps
PRC Chief Robert Taub on the Near Future of the Service
Star Trek: USPS Unveils 50th Anniversary Stamps - In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Star Trek's televis...
The US Postal Service's 2016 stamps are out of this world with & our New Horizons mission. Take a look:
Postal Service geeks out with space stamps for Pluto, planets, the moon and Star Trek via
Scottish heroines of WWI are to feature in a set of stamps issued by the Serbian postal service:
.2016 stamps are out of this world w/ Pluto & + solar system & more:
yes y'all are definitely real!! Now for the postal service to send me my box!
Advocates push for the U.S. Postal Service to offer basic banking
celebrates 50th anniversary with four new U.S. Postal Service stamps
Watch us deliver 150,000 signatures to the Deputy Postmaster General of the United States The U.S. Postal Service was est…
.brother, i get letters every week. often from inmates and seniors - two of the US Postal Service's most reliable customers.
Busiest day of the year for workers at the U.S. Postal Service
Postal Service predicts this will be busiest mailing day for Christmas
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Busiest Day of the Year for U.S. Postal Service: The U.S. Postal Service predicted Monday, December 14, would be…
Congressman John Lewis will host discussion about your U.S. Postal Service
"Invented by a postal service worker named Victor ...: . Sa...
What is the most boring job you can imagine? — working postal service. walking mail from door to door seem so boring
Trump should do expose of postal service.put back under fed control.shut Saturday.take real $3 billion profit dump in social security.
Check out this car ad of "our" privatized Austrian postal service. A box with legs is how they view their employees.
What is with the India Postal Service? Diwali cards have reached almost everyone already. Took months last year. Very confusing.
I love when a postal service goes "ESTIMATED DELIVERY: November 13. May arrive before or after.". THEN WHY WRITE THAT
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT:. The U.S. Postal Service’s first suggested deadline for mailing packages — by way of...
'Black Record' does not contain any explosive device. We need to make that clear to the US Postal Service, by...
well I'll have to stick with the Finnish Postal service but GOOD LUCK and it may be worth them taking a look.
As in consideration of recognition online arcane ads yet technique against postal service my humble self?: zrksI
We have many postal solutions, which may save your budget - without comprimsing your quality of service.
Shoutout to for playing The Postal Service like I requested.
Woman successfully sues Beijing postal service in gender discrimination case
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Italian Postal Service doesn't deliver to and limited packages delivery to
When's the postal service album gonna be turned into a musical
Hi,can one renew postal box service through mpesa
Have a small business & work from home? why not use our virtual office facilities - we provide telephone answering & postal address service
Quite an interesting idea for helping to revive the postal service.
Some facts you should know about the Postal Service
How Sanders Plans to Transform the Service and Help Millions in
I reviewed my delivery today but I was wondering, why wasn't it shipped by a UPS or United States Postal Service because a
Thank you, U.S. Postal Service for losing Sam Bradford's 4-year, $18 million/year contract extension in the mail.
Well that was painful. . There's a plus and a negative side to having a postal service at a 711
How Bernie Sanders Plans to Transform the Postal Service and Help Millions in Poverty
your recent story refers to Canada Post as "money-losing postal service" but it's making profits! may we email you …
U.S. Postal Service to dedicate stamp to U.S. Coast Guard at ceremony in San Diego this week https:…
.Our showcases the first African-American woman to work for the US Postal Service: Stagecoach Mary 📬 🏇💙🇺🇸
US Postal Service: OMG! I have been going back and fourth with the USPS for almost a month. I ordered a PO box onl -
Post Office Jobs: How to Get a Job with the U.S. Postal Service by Dennis V. Dam
Right now, over 40 Federal agencies have ARMED divisions including the Social Security Administration and the Postal Service!
Postal Service's IG tests them on Information Security Awareness, results were not promising.
.talks with president about the fight to save the Postal Service and president's race.
Works in the Secret Library of Congress: US Postal Service bungling delivers Flat Stanley to ISIS.
.reporter asked the Postal Service if Davis is still collecting his $105,000 a year salary. USPS spokeswoman Karen->
Postal Service will not issue religious stamps. by Dr. Jim Denison, Christian Press Columnist...
She used to be the *** public relations regional editor for the U.S. Postal Service.
Woman hit by US Postal Service truck Downtown, Texas & San Antonio. Witnesses say she was crushed by truck when it stopped on top of her.
who rely on the APO system for their US Postal Service mail. Fix your system--it's an easy fix.
“We propose the abolition of the governmental Postal Service. The present system...
Reads like the slogan for US Postal Service. Ok. Now in traveling prayer mode again. Up,Down,Left,Right. Center. 🙏
US Postal Service office on MLK Blvd. shut down due to suspicious package.
US Postal Service CFO Joe Corbett says fixing health case with Medicare will eliminate half of excess liabilities.
i'm gonna say this one more time. listen to Against All Odds by The Postal Service.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
US Postal Service Sales reps need to know the service performance for their customers. No one knows the full picture for the customer.
Looking for in Sacramento, CA? United States Postal Service is now
Anyone got some info/experiences on good couriers/postal service for delivery furniture, needing put this in action
US Postal Service looking at better price change timeline ignoring what the law requires. Structural changes...
I thought this said UPS and that you were taking a stab at the postal service for some reason
MTAC member suggests making it easy for customers to reach the right person in US Postal Service. Cochrane will take it on.
Jim Cochrane says his goal is to fill the US Postal Service mailbox.
Bring back brand managers says MTAC member. US Postal Service CMSO Jim Cochrane says he is building out product management.
United States Postal Service is now looking for qualified applicants in Huron, SD.
Be the first to apply for this in Medford, OR. United States Postal Service is
US Postal Service CMSO asks what he should do.
Would you like to work at United States Postal Service? A new opportunity is now available in Milton-Freewater, OR. …
'Internet of Postal Things' could boost service, cut costs, generate new business, USPS IG...
Ohio must have an AMAZING postal service.
US Postal Service looking to double half billion postage from political mail.
"For generations, the Postal Service was embraced as an American treasure." A treasure is what it is.
US postal service wants me to pay them a dollar to change my mailing address I AINT PLAYIN YOUR GAMES USPS
US Postal Service reports $586 million net loss this spring, improvement from last year:
US Postal Service has iPad tool to measure ROI and break even for direct mail.
Get a new from United States Postal Service in Sacramento, CA.
We use a variety of shipping carriers to deliver your order including United States Postal Service (USPS) and UPS.
Searching for in Valley City, ND? Send your to United States Postal Service.
United States Postal Service just posted a new in Medford, OR.
National letter writing month US Postal Service partnership with Scholastic very successful in recruitment.
service at store 0957 postal office was extremely rude. Laughing at a customer is never appropriate.
Don't miss this opportunity! United States Postal Service is now in Hampden, ME.
United States Postal Service would like you to work for them in Ardmore, OK.
Apply for a at United States Postal Service in Ardmore, OK.
New position available at United States Postal Service in Milton-Freewater, OR.
Check out this new opportunity! United States Postal Service is now in Sacramento, CA.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Your is over. United States Postal Service wants to you in Ardmore, OK.
with a new at United States Postal Service in Ardmore, OK.
Now we'll just have to hope the postal service won't try to steal those!
1st there were smart phones, then there were smart mailboxes. USPS & the Internet of Things, via
American Greetings card company. Made in China. Will never waste money again. Postal service would not take it even.
Customer Service Professional, Glasgow, £9.00 per hour: The leading postal service provider in the UK and Eur...
New start here at United States Postal Service in Huron, SD.
Postal Service Suffers $5.5 Billion Net Loss in 2014 - The Postal Service had a net loss of $5.5 billion in FY...
Jason Gillespie has aged worse than Postal Service
FedEx/UPS are profitable than U.S. Postal Service and I also understand why it's failing!
Happy Birthday to the US Coast Guard - The U.S. Postal Service commemorated the U.S. Coast Guard on its 225th anni...
According to the U.S. Postal Service, the five most common street names in the U.S. are Main, Maple, Second, Oak, and Park.
Investigators from the FBI, Indiana State Police & Postal Service were seen outside Jared Fogle's home
National Labor Relations Board to rule on Staples, Postal Service deal via
Commercial: "What you think of when you hear US Postal Service?". Me: "Cliff Claven on Cheers that's what."
How the Postmaster General and CEO of the USPS is preaching innovation and digital disruption to save the Postal Service.
Do you care that the US Postal Service will end Saturday mail delivery?
Postal Service will seek new location in Old Greenwich
New DJ set from last night: Lots of indie/classic rock this time Hall and Oates, Fun, Kings of Leon, Postal Service
The chickens come home to roost: After red states tried to kill the Postal Service in 2006, now they complain.
“Congress once again tries to save the Postal Service: be sold to UPS or Other providers
asks Postal Service for answers in Holmes Beach
Postal Service backs off plan to suspend Saturday delivery service
Postal Service moves ahead with delivery fleet contract
The National Labor Relations Board has cited the Postal Service for failing to bargain with...
thanks 4 giving cliff clavin a job. pretty sure the US Postal Service pension plan isn't what it used to be.
. took time to learn more about the Postal Service by getting 1st hand experience
I loved their email delivery service that would print out your emails and send them to you by postal mail
The incompetence of the US postal service knows no bounds
I have RAGE at the United States Postal Service right now.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Aha, it's fine :) Just our postal service doing what they do best, unfortunately...
Wait. are you working for the postal service yet?
Front and back doors open. Postal Service spinning. Taking a break from house projects to watch vs. Sweden.
That will make it easier not to talk about it. Ever hear of the band Postal Service?
Man convicted of stealing metal from selling it to scrapyard
Sorry to hear this. If the item has been mis-sorted then this will be corrected by the postal service in Denmark and forwarded
Health Care cut Vets services cut Education cut Postal service cut Coast Guard service cut Taxes that pay for all that cut
Gotta come here till I get my UPS account fixed (@ U S Postal Service) on
I'm just glad I got to see Postal Service live.
This new Death Cab for Cutie is solid but it just makes me wish for another Postal Service album.
The express shipping is only good if you live in the countryside coz they use normal postal service.
So great! A stamp already! “Oprah Winfrey to Honor Maya Angelou Legacy at Postal Service Event
Bitcoin will do to banks what email did to the postal service.
Looking for a job? The US Postal Service is hiring City Carrier Assistants to deliver mail.
I said the same thing when we started the U.S. Postal Service.
Thanks Waiting since Nov 2014 - terrible SA postal service. And y'all threw in an extra one... Wow!
Postal service quality in Europe exceeds EU objectives
It took the South African Postal service 6 months but it's finally here. It is the most badass…
A U.S. postal service worker was caught on camera tossing a package on a porch in the Oklahoma City. CNN affiliate KOCO reports.
Has the recipient tried to contact the local postal service for more info rather than just visiting the Post Office?
The US Gov has spent 421% more on federal salaries than on postal service money orders this fiscal year -
Drunk ordered a shirt and somehow combined my home and school addresses and now the postal service is very confused
Does the U.S. Postal Service have an unfair competitive advantage?
The US postal service, or how to forget that decolonization happened
Inbound no longer to be sorted at U.S. Postal Service processing and service center on Old Potash Highway in...
US Postal Service lost this piece of history that Tina is wearing. MORONS!
“I am not permanent And the only thing keeping me dry is ... Where I am...". ~The Postal Service “The…
I understand the Bangladeshi postal service is gearing up for the rush next month.
England's postal service is called "Royal Mail." Why am I an American again...?
*** US Postal Service. Why you gotta do me like that?
We'd recommend you contact the sender Nathalie as they may need to submit a claim with the sending postal service.
GOOD MORNING Her & her friends might be the reason the postal service isn't doing your o…
The Postal Service got some real issues
U.S. Postal Service worker sentenced to 18 months in prison in workers comp via
Once again it's time for the Postal Carriers Food Drive. Help NWCSA refill its pantry and you'll be helping your...
Is the US Postal Service experiencing an existential crisis? Kevin Kosar thinks so:
I back the album though and as long as Ben sings it will sound like Death Cab/postal service.
What are you doing for weekend? Don't forget to get your cards here and use our postal service to post …
Mitt Romney: Vote for me so I can destroy the US Postal Service and you will have to answer to me when your letter doesn't make it there.
Inbox: Senate India Caucus Co-Chairs Mark Warner & John Cornyn call for Postal Service to issue stamp in honor of the holiday of Diwali.
FedUPS uses the Postal Service for the "last mile" on rural deliveries they don't want to make themselves.
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