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Port Mann Bridge

The Port Mann Bridge is a steel tied arch bridge that spans the Fraser River connecting Coquitlam to Surrey in British Columbia near Vancouver.

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- Car with a flat tire on the Port Mann Bridge westbound at the west end on the shoulder. Tow truck on scene ^NR
while the Pattullo is under construction the port Mann bridge should be free
- Clearing a stall on Hwy 1 eastbound east of the Port Mann Bridge. A tow truck is on scene ^NR
How much happier can paying the Port Mann toll really be?
6:57am All clear of an accident westbound after the Port Mann Bridge
6:48am Clear of a stall westbound on the Port Mann Bridge
6:35am Stall westbound on the Port Mann bridge, mid-way across
6:30am Two-car accident westbound just as you come off the Port Mann Bridge
Eastbound Port Mann Bridge through lanes, mid span debris in right lane. Keep to left lanes.
7:06am Stall eastbound on the Port Mann Bridge
if only 😭😭 we can just drive off the port Mann bridge tomorrow morning 🙃🙃🙃
8:00 is now closed. It will re-open at 5am tomorrow - use Queensborough/Alex Fraser or Port Mann bridge as alternate route
Surrey - westbound Hwy-17 Sfpr near Port Mann Bridge stalled vehicle in the right hand lane
11:40am All clear of the accident westbound on the Port Mann Bridge, still heavy volume
11:23am Westbound still slow from 152nd Street to United Blvd because of an accident west of the Port Mann Bridge
10:34am Accident blocking two lanes westbound on just after the Port Mann Bridge
Next on was scheduled to depart at 4:08pm but i see it on a Port Mann bridge should be there shortlySorry for the long wait. ^jkd
$140 Month excluding gas tot ravel into Vancouver for 20 workdays. per month on Port Mann Bridge excluding 6 months, 840.00.
No rum, but I have enough enough Long Islands to have you doing donuts across all 10 lanes of the Port Mann bridge.
Great Heliocopter trip w/ Sky Heliocopter over Pitt Lake and Port Mann Bridge for the KMS Crew
TransLink considers raising tolls on Golden Ears Bridge by five cents as Pattullo repairs divert traffic to that crossing and Port Mann.
You do NOT want to be westbound port Mann bridge to Vancouver. Burnaby Lougheed side is okay.
there is a man walking across the port Mann bridge, eastbound. On the actual traffic lanes.
9:35am Watch for a person walking across the Port Mann Bridge eastbound
Highway 1 Both directions - Expect Delays - Collision on Highway 1 Eastbound on Port Mann Bridge. Two right lan...
- The stalled garbage truck which was on the Port Mann Bridge has been moved to Hwy 1 eastbound at 160th St. Expect delays ^NR
The operators of the Port Mann Bridge are reviewing their disability exemption, after hearing the concerns of a Mapl…
Storm clouds over the Port Mann Bridge. Love Spring in BC
sending me collection notices for using Port Mann bridge. It is not possible that it was me. How can I fight this?
Driving over the Port Mann bridge is liking driving through abstract art...
award of Merit for Transportation & Bridges is Mcelhanney for Old Port Mann Bridge Deconstruction
Like Port Mann Bridge or even wider and no transit lanes. Results will be predictable as cycling and transit remain poor.
Millions of tax dollars spent on the Port Mann Bridge, and now you get to pay a Toll to sit in backed up traffic.
TRAFFIC: Big delays for the Port Mann Bridge and west-bound Hwy. 1 because of a crash near Brunette. Stay with for updates.
Great post about how to cycle over the Port Mann Bridge
What happened? Related to the Port Mann Bridge lane closures around the same time?
What was the police incident on port Mann bridge eastbound today during afternoon commute?
W/B and E/B on Port Mann Bridge lane closures. W/B lanes closed from 108/152 on ramp
Port Mann bridge is backed up, police mid span seem to be checking all the cars.
focused on sand vs the beach eh $3.5B for Massey or port Mann bridge are 1000x what bike lanes cost
But $3billion for Port Mann and $4Billion for Massey bridge gets thumbs up, without a business plan.
New Port Mann Bridge didn't solve traffic wait times - it only shifted them to elsewhere in will do the same
Finally took a walk over the Port Mann Bridge.
6:16am Watch out for a vehicle EB mid-span on the Port Mann bridge in the right lane. Police are on scene.
basically picture West Side Story if it were set on the Port Mann Bridge
Just curious, how does billing work if you drive a rental across Port Mann Bridge?
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Accident in westbound at the west end of the Port Mann Bridge in the left lane
New Massey Bridge to be carbon copy of the Port Mann Bridge, with 10 lanes and a toll.
sometimes forgets that the BC border extends beyond the Port Mann Bridge
Fee for unpaid Port Mann Bridge tolls 'illegal,' man says in civil claim
Driver sues over ‘criminal’ late-payment fee on Port Mann Bridge tolls
Surrey - collision clear to right westbound Hwy-17 Sfpr near Port Mann Bridge
6:39 There's a crash on westbound near the Port Mann Bridge - now off to the side
Contest - Sept. 17th to Oct. 12th. Taking the faster Port Mann Bridge with TReO helps you beat...
e/b - stall on the Port Mann Bridge, east end.
From it takes 30 min to the Scott Road Station by car. Faster to use the Port Mann Bridge to Vancouver.
I was right behind this guy, he was weaving back and forth after we passed under the Port Mann Bridge, so I dropped back a bit
Why build a new Pattullo Bridge when the Port Mann Bridge is losing $$? We can only afford one bridge for now.
Upcoming FOX series filming at old Sony building near Port Mann Bridge today via
Fog on the mighty Fraser River under the new Port Mann Bridge. View from Coquitlam
The view last night riding across the Port Mann Bridge. The sunset was…
Just a reminder, the tolls on the Port Mann were increased this week
I checked in at Port Mann Bridge on
Good shot there of Highway 1 and the Port Mann Bridge a well as Douglas Island.
A great shame of Vancouver is there is a bridge called the Port mann bridge. But no one has made a towing company called Port-Mann-Tow
Increased toll rates for the Port Mann Bridge have officially come into effect.
Check it out -- our Local 67 members worked on Port Mann Bridge in Vancouver!
Cycled over the Port Mann bridge for the first time ever today. Only three years after it opened.
If I had a towing company that serviced the Port Mann Bridge exclusively, I'd name it Portmanntow.
Bridge tolls going up August 15 via
Get ready to pay more to cross the Port Mann Bridge
Don't forget the tolls for the Port Mann bridge goes up tomorrow!
Port Mann Bridge tolls go up tomorrow
Toll rates on the Port Mann Bridge will be changing on August 15, 2015
Port Mann Bridge tolls going up August 15 via
question!! . Port Mann tolls and Golden Ears bridge tolls are both TREO? So paid in the same place??? So confused...
EB down to one lane across the Port Mann Bridge. Lane closures start at 7PM
Beautiful BC Day view from the top of the new pedestrian bridge on the Port Mann Bridge.
Tolls on Port Mann Bridge to increase by 15 cents per crossing on August 15th!
Look up for a second the next time you drive across the Port Mann Bridge ✨
Really? Tolls are going up for the Port Mann Bridge.
Toll rates for the Port Mann Bridge is set to increase on Aug. 15th
Just a heads up that tolls are going up August 15th by 3 nickels for the Port Mann Bridge. Brace yourself for the...
It's time to demand the Government of British Columbia, Todd Stone, Christy Clark, Port Mann Bridge & TransLink...
A toll increase will hit drivers using the Port Mann Bridge in August
Port Mann Bridge toll hike called business as usual
That's how you entice more drivers to cross the tolled Port Mann Bridge?
Port Mann Bridge has nothing to do with Translink or the referendum. Provincial highway, privatised crossing.
Tolls are unfair: Port Mann Bridge tolls to rise as drivers return to B.C. crossing - British Columbia - CBC News
Port Mann Bridge tolls going up August 15 Stupid move. Pattullo just got busier.
Exit 48 EB to 152 St in Surrey moves before Port Mann Bridge this weekend
Port Mann Bridge cost $820 million and its longest span is 3x longer than the longest span on Sheikh Zayed Bridge.
Don’t try this at home folks. Crews hard at work last night blasting bits of the old Port Mann Bridge
How soon until we see 10 lanes open on the Port Mann Bridge? When will the project be complete?
WB will be reduced to 1 lane just west of Port Mann Bridge. Lane closures start at 7:30PM
Cloudy flight over the Port Mann Bridge in the Eye in the Sky.
He wants a Port Mann style bridge for a city with harsh winters? Figures.
Barn owls chicks rescued from old Port Mann bridge
12:59 WB watch for DEBRIS as you head to the Port Mann Bridge. There is a large pylon in the right lane just before 152nd
- accident W/B on the Port Mann bridge. Centre lane. midspan.
I saw a motorcyclist illegally drive onto the closed exit ramp just before the Port Mann Bridge heading WB. Where does that go
.. The NDP are clueless. Carole James said NO to the new Port Mann Bridge?? WHAT DID THE NDP EVER DO
Gratitude Challenge Day 4. 1. I am grateful for the Port Mann Bridge which speeds up my commute. 2. I am grateful...
fire on scene on the Port Mann Bridge with an MVA. Avoid the bridge
First experience over the Port Mann Bridge stopping at 156th street. So far so good!
3:27 CLEARED the crash WB on the Port Mann Bridge.
2:44 Reports of a crash WB on the Port Mann Bridge blocking the right lane closer to the east end.
Surrey - vehicle with flat tire eastbound Hwy-17 Sfpr at Port Mann Bridge
Do you drive both the Golden Ears and Port Mann Bridge? Make sure you are set up for combined billing:
Coquitlam - collision off to left shoulder westbound Hwy-1 Trans Canada Hwy west of Port Mann Bridge
TI Corp. hit with third lawsuit over Port Mann Bridge 'slush bomb' incident
bus commuters finally given option to travel over new Port Mann Bridge
More people will take a Broadway Subway every day than the Port Mann Bridge or Massey Tunnel.
The Pattullo Bridge will be closed this weekend! Use the Port Mann Bridge or the Alex Fraser Bridge to get to the event!
Turn your Golden Ears and Port Mann Bridge bills into one! On September 1, combined billing will be available
Rotten tomatoes to Treo for doubling the charge for us to use the Port Mann Bridge. Now my daughter and I have to pay an extraordinary amount just...
you guys have nothing on the website as to why there is no access to Port Mann Bridge in Coquitlam
westbound in accident CLEAR from west of the Port Mann Bridge.
12:05 westbound - multi-car crash just west of the Port Mann Bridge. Reports of single lane traffic debris on the highway
More than half of Fraser Valley residents are using the Port Mann Bridge as usual and paying the toll.
Opposition to the Port Mann Bridge toll has increased markedly in Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Almost a third of drivers in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley will do their best to avoid crossing the Port Mann Bridge after the full toll kicks in next year, according to a new poll.
22% of Lower Mainland & Fraser Valley residents did not use Port Mann Bridge in previous 12 months.
Congestion around Port Mann Bridge should ease with opening of more lanes: Highway 1 contractors have a specia...
Port Mann Bridge tolls might rise later than expected
Cape Horn interchange looking eastward toward new location of Port Mann Bridge
When in fact he's prez of BCTF. You followed that up saying the new Port Mann Bridge goes to Port Moody when it's nowhere near
10:55am Two-car accident eastbound on on the Port Mann Bridge
8:27am Watch your speed eastbound east end of the Port Mann Bridge
Remember the Port Mann Bridge ice bombs? Well it will cost ICBC $400,000
Port Mann Bridge. Also what I'd imagine the inside of a dandelion spore would look like.
Grey drive to Vernon with mittoorg. @ Port Mann Bridge
11:17PM-EB crash at west end of Port Mann Bridge.
How did Pay By Phone know my car crossed the Port Mann Bridge? I wasn't in it and neither was my phone.
HOV lanes east of the Port Mann Bridge are on a full 24-hour schedule extending to 202 Street in Langley:
of the David & Goliath of bridges! Port Mann Bridge into Vancouver BC - an incredible sight.
Propose putting a world class, first of its kind farmer's market on the 1964 Port Mann Bridge for the Summer!
First time over the new Port Mann bridge for a short stopover and Mom and Dad's. Very cool!!
I seen him standing on top the Port Mann bridge in his speedo
Police Radar coming off the Port Mann bridge at 12:30AM? lol
Another solution: An escort service over the New Port Mann on icy days like Chesapeake Bridge?.
Lower Fraser Fisheries Alliances - no Fishery this weekend for communities above Port Mann Bridge info contact staff
Why is Burnaby against everything...Canada line, the Port Mann bridge, etc.
to 1962 before the original Port Mann Bridge was finished
The Canadian Shield March 15, 2013 Volume V, Issue _ Remember March, the Ides of March remember; Did not great Caesar bleed for justice' sake? - William Shakespeare Julius Caesar _ I Left My Heart in North Vancouver (or was it just a triple by-pass?) I shan't forget the day in 1968 when I arrived with my family in Vancouver like pioneers, albeit by tired Lincoln rather than covered wagon. When we topped the rise above the Port Mann Bridge over the mighty Fraser, the metropolis of Greater Vancouver lay spread out before us. "Behold," I beheld to my sons, "Vancouver - the gem of the Western Sea. The key to the Orient. The veritable Northwest Passage, sought since Copernicus as proof of the round earth, the provenance of spices, silks and gold." "It's warm here," said my 10-year-old, "We won't have to play hockey." His reference was to our former tenure in Winnipeg, an arid, seasonally permafrosted town, impaled like a frozen moth specimen in mid-continent at the confluence of the Red and the Assiniboine Riv ...
Heading over the new Port Mann Bridge. I'm exited. I need to get out more.
Port Mann Bridge tear-down is underway with workers pulling up the asphalt on the Coquitlam side.
The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a steel through arch bridge across Sydney Harbour that carries rail, vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian traffic between the Sydney central business district (CBD) and the North Shore. The dramatic view of the bridge, the harbour, and the nearby Sydney Opera House is an iconic image of Sydney, New South Wales, and Australia. The bridge is nicknamed "The Coathanger" because of its arch-based design.[1][2] Under the directions of Dr J.J.C. Bradfield of the NSW Department of Public Works, the bridge was designed and built by British firm Dorman Long and Co Ltd of Middlesbrough and opened in 1932.[3][4] The bridge's design was influenced by the *** Gate Bridge in New York.[5] It was the world's widest long-span bridge until construction of the new Port Mann Bridge in Vancouver.[6][7] It is also the fifth longest spanning-arch bridge in the world, and it is the tallest steel arch bridge, measuring 134 metres (440 ft) from top to water level.[8] Until 1967 the Harbour Bridge was Sydn ...
Experts say cable sweeper and de-icing to solve Port Mann Bridge ice challenges:
Port Mann Bridge to be rename with a corporate sponsorship? Why not? It will help out the toll a lot
If our government did sell the brand-name rights to the new Port Mann Bridge, who would make a good buyer? The _ Port Mann!
Engineers working on the Port Mann Bridge in Vancouver have identified possible solutions to prevent further incidents of snow and ice buildup on...
Solution found for Port Mann Bridge ice bomb problem. Check out the video
First invoices going out to users of new Port Mann Bridge on News1130: Who pays 4 a bridge thats not finished?
Engineers offer solutions to ice problems on Port Mann Bridge | Canadian Consulting Engineer |
Good news commuters! Solutions to snow and ice buildup on Port Mann Bridge cables
Solution found for Port Mann Bridge ice bombs problem via
Manually operated brushes that scroll along Port Mann Bridge cables to be installed.
As expected and promised, a fix is found for the Port Mann Bridge's ice bombs
The B.C. government says cable sweepers will soon be installed on the new Port Mann Bridge to prevent another falling “ice bomb” fiasco, but taxpayers won’t be on the hook for the cost.
Water-repellent coatings and mechanical ice-scrapers are in the works to prevent a repeat of last month’s ice bombing on the Port Mann Bridge.
Port Mann Bridge to be featured in upcoming Top Gear challenge! I can't wait to meet Clarkson. James May will drive a Veyron over me in ice.
The new Port Mann Bridge is backed up this morning due to a multi-vehicle accident.
Gee, this privatization of public transportation (Port Mann Bridge) is working out great, huh? Congratulations "free enterprise"...
The company that runs the new Port Mann Bridge has ordered daily de-icing to prevent a repeat of the mayhem that was Thursday morning’s rush hour, when 40 vehicles were involved in collisions.
The Crown company that operates the new Port Mann Bridge has admitted it failed to properly de-ice the crossing before slippery conditions contributed to dozens of crashes Thursday morning.
Traffic is in a bind across the Port Mann Bridge as reports emerge of as many as 20 vehicles involved in accidents. News1130 reports three accidents involving about 20 vehicles have slowed traffic to a crawl.
Eastbound traffic on Port Mann Bridge returning to normal after mult collisions. Expect delays; avoid if you can. Down to two lanes.
With the second weather-related issue on the brand new Port Mann Bridge, will you avoid crossing the bridge?
TRAFFIC ALERT: Traffic is a mess on the Port Mann Bridge this morning. There are to separate accidents, involving about 20 vehicles. Traffic is moving, but very slowly. It appears fog has frozen to the bridge deck.
Just sold in North Surrey - amazing home on Greenbelt. Anyone cross the Port Mann Bridge this week? What do you...
Question of the day: Is the government taking adequate leadership regarding the problems on the Port Mann Bridge? Vote at
Give us the old 1964 Port Mann Bridge back. New 2012 $3.3 billion dollar Port Mann a winter death trap and failed design.
The head of the Crown corporation that built the Port Mann Bridge says the company is reviewing yesterday's closure of the multi-billion-dollar span after snow and ice fell from the bridge's support cables, injuring two people and damaging several vehicles.
Drive BC says the estimated opening time of the Port Mann Bridge is 6 p.m.
RCMP say they have received reports of approximately 5 vehicles being hit by ice and snow on the Port Mann Bridge, and two people have reported injuries
UPDATE: Port Mann Bridge at least 40 car windshields smashed out by falling ice, at least 2 injuries, 1 serious, closed ufn
Port Mann Bridge is closed both east and westbound between 152nd and the Cape Horn until further notice. ^ah
This may or may not come as a surprise: Increase in Pattullo Bridge traffic since Port Mann Bridge toll began.
A new poll shows not all drivers are happy with the Port Mann Bridge tolls - and many are planning to make significant changes to their driving routes.
Port Mann Bridge tolls sending drivers to the Pattullo - via
8:16am Watch your speed both directions on United Blvd west of the Port Mann Bridge
Like this POST if you think Kiewit Corporation should ADD 'Coquitlam' to the 7A and 7B exit off the HWY before the Port Mann Bridge!
The new Port Mann Bridge in Coquitlam, B.C., has opened to eight lanes of traffic, slashing commute times of up to an hour for some people.
The new Port Mann Bridge officially opens today. It's time to say goodbye to 14 hours of congestion and hello to more time doing the things you love. News release:
Eight lanes of the new Port Mann Bridge will open Saturday and commuters are hoping the change will finally ease traffic volume.
A pic of an empty Port Mann Bridge (the old one) taken by in the Airpatrol
Bridging the gap between old and new. @ Port Mann Bridge
5:15PM - 1 EB is slow from the Cassiar Tunnel to the Port Mann Bridge.
Did anyone know that the new Port Mann is the now the widest bridge in the world! Nutty
12:55PM - -There's a stall WB on the Port Mann Bridge.
Near death experience on the Port Mann Bridge. Scared the scrap outta mom and I. Good thing she's a good driver and quick thinker!
9:13AM - - Watch out for water pooling SB at the south end of the Port Mann Bridge.
This is apparently the widest bridge in the world - the Port Mann. Still charging $2.00 to drive on it.
Mmm, A story abour developers and political gain in the story of the Lion's Gate Bridge? New Port Mann Insular?
Already over 200,000 registered users for the new Port Mann bridge.
Little Giant Ladders
+200,000 vehicles registered with TReO, the electronic tolling system for new Port Mann bridge,
Remember to your for Port Mann bridge before Nov 30 for the promos. for 1 free trip REGEB1
Suggest a Food truck pedestrian mall on the Old Port Mann Bridge?
TReO is the easy, electronic, and efficient way to cross the new Port Mann Bridge. Register your vehicle now.
Don't forget to register you vehicle for the new Port Mann Bridge! Do it before Nov. 30 & receive 20 free trips!
3:43 PORT MANN BRIDGE accident reported eastbound on the side of the bridge.
Goodmorning ! , it is beautifully calm at 12 * C , we live by the port mann bridge and the traffics already going , trucks are so noisy too, having coffee and watching the global news right now ,... and have a good morning ! ,...
Register before November 30, 2012 and receive a $30.00 credit = 20 free trips across the new Port Mann bridge!
Bridge rapid bus to begin on December 3
Hang in there, a faster Port Mann Bridge is coming. And that’s thanks in part to TReO’s open road tolling system. Learn more at
Port Mann - crews have cleared the accident westbound before the bridge
Port Mann - collision westbound at the east end of the bridge in the left lane
December 3 is reportedly the date when TransLink will begin operating the Port Mann Bridge rapid bus.
PORT MANN BRIDGE westbound Hwy 1 slow from 200th in
There are a host of reasons why registering your vehicle is a good idea. TReO is an open road tolling system. That means no stopping at a booth to pay.
Why does it seem that construction on the Scott Rd. Skytrain station is taking longer than it takes to build the Port Mann Bridge?
Hmm the toll on new Port Mann bridge is $4.20
will the new Port Mann bridge be lit at night like the Alex Fraser bridge?
Here is the website to pre-register your car for the toll on the new Port Mann Bridge. Do it by Nov. 30th for 20...
3:00 PORT MANN BRIDGE update: potholes fillers CLEAR from the bridge deck, westbound. Slow from 160th
2:40 PORT MANN BRIDGE crews are filling potholes on the bridge deck. The westbound right lane is blocked.
Vancouver's Port Mann Bridge is the widest bridge on the planet!
Good news for Port Mann Bridge Rapid Bus to start December 3rd!
1/3 way home from beautiful drive along and an incredible trip along the Port Mann Bridge
The province of British Columbia has yet to announce an opening date, but December 3 is reportedly
Now a little snuggle with the old side (@ Port Mann Bridge)
New Port Mann Bridge will be a dream come true
According to after you sign up, you have to drive over Port Mann Bridge b4 new transponder will work on
Check out this little munchkin I styled to "Hang in There" Mann Bridge
What website do you go on to register your car for the Port Mann bridge??
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Hmmm .. An entire lost NHL season is worth exactly the same amount as a brand new Port Mann bridge .. Not sure if that means anything ..
Makeup and Hairstylist EMAN worked with JARMAIN PRODUCTIONS for the TReO Hang In There Campaign, to promote the construction of the new Port Mann Bridge.
Made it to River Rd. I guess if Port Mann is a Toll Bridge now, this Alex Fraser volume will become a constant o_o
Who is exempt from paying tolls on the new Port Mann Bridge?
What will traffic be like in New Westminster when the new port mann bridge opens in December
Do you know Why there is different rates for vehicles that use the New Port Mann Bridge or should it be the same rate for all vehicles
Do you know if the New Port Mann Bridge will be free once it's payed off
Did you think it's right that not everybody is going to pay for the new Port Mann bridge and only the people that use it
Did you know if your are handicapped and you are not on income assistance you don't qualify for a free car pass for the Port Mann Bridge
Did you know About 172.000 vehicles use the port mann bridge every day
If you are a courier and drive over the Port Mann Bridge 5 times a day it will cost you about $8.400 a year
If you drive to work and have a big truck and use the Port Mann Bridge it will cost you about $5.400 a year
If you drive to work in your car and use the port mann bridge it will cost you $1,080 a year that's if you pay $3.00 per direction
First time driving over the new Port Mann Bridge. Not looking forward to tolling :( @ Port Mann Bridge
who's going to look after port Mann bridge!! featured in NBC s Science of Love
Driving to the coast some time soon? Reg @ by Nov 30 & save + get a $30 cr Port Mann toll bridge. U can also reg by ph:604-516-8736.
We're only a couple months away from the opening of the new eight lane Port Mann Bridge, but it's taken over three years of construction to get us to this point. Watch this time lapse to see the bridge get built in less than one minute!
6:17 PORT MANN BRIDGE watch for a stalled truck in the eastbound right lane, on the side.
Going over the new port Mann bridge exciting!
Port Mann Bridge video just uploaded August 18 2012 to you tube channel (portmannbridge)
when is the westbound part of the new Port Mann bridge going to be opened? How many lanes will be opened up?
Gorgeous sunset in Pitt Meadows looking west towards the new Port Mann bridge.
Supposedly the widest bridge in the world? @ Port Mann Bridge
3-4km east of port Mann going wb towards bridge...
More than 100-thousand drivers have pre-registered for the decal giving them cheaper access to the Port Mann Bridge, when tolls take effect
New Port Mann Bridge video just uploaded to You Tube channel (portmannbridge)
More than 100 thousand sign up for Port Mann bridge deals
- stalled semi W/B on Hwy 1, just west of the Port Mann bridge. right lane.
7:20am - COQUITLAM - REPORT of a stalled semi on Highway One in the westbound right lane just west of the Port Mann Bridge
10:30PM - - There's one lane closure EB on the Port Mann Bridge from midspan to the Surrey side until approx. 5am.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Last day working as a line cook, and last day dealing with port Mann bridge traffic.
The true irony is the the Port Mann was replaced even though there is nothing wrong with the old bridge. The tunnel... needs help.
I'm wondering if all my problems in life can be traced back to my getting Peter Mansbridge and the Port Mann Bridge mixed up since childhood
A milestone is reached on an exciting project we worked on, the as they officially open three lanes
A ticket and a fender bender since commuting via the Port Mann bridge. I think it's a sign
I hope checks out the new port mann bridge. I built it just for you. Ill be the guy with my pants down doin the windmill
7:45 police have someone pulled over on westbound before Kensington. Backed up almost to the PORT MANN BRIDGE.
6:22 PORT MANN BRIDGE -accident reported westbound in the left lane, on the side.
Unsurprisingly to regular readers of this blog, traffic on the Port Mann Bridge in Surrey, BC peaked in 2005, and then fell modestly but steadily through 2010... That said, there's no telling what this means for...
Yesterday headed acoss the new Port Mann bridge to Abbotsford for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with family. Today Thanksgiving dinner with my Mother at The Poppy. Thing I am most grateful for this year. MY MOTHER IS KNITTING ON HER OWN with no assistance from me. WAY TO GO MOM!
Drove across the port Mann, but eastbound. So I drove right beside the widest bridge in the world
Went across the new Port Mann Bridge today. Impressive!
First time going on the new Port Mann bridge. Have they started tolling yet?
Worked with some of these Brothers on the New Port Mann Bridge!
Drove over port mann bridge for the first time! :)
Another amazing summer like day in Happy thanksgiving! @ Port Mann Bridge
Driving on the new port Mann bridge ... Aweh yeah buddy !!
I was probably more excited than the average person to cross the new Port Mann Bridge
The new Port Mann will increase your property value if you live close by the new bridge or why 1 because their will be no more traffic jams
B.C. truck drivers not included to receive toll discount on Port Mann Bridge. ‏with reaction:
Port Mann Bridge just uploaded some videos of the old on & off ramp being removed Coquitlam side on my YouTube channel ( bcnewsvideo )
don't know why I find driving on the new Port Mann bridge so exciting ..
First venture over the new Port Mann Bridge.
Port Mann Bridge did you know this project created over 8.000 hrs of employment
Driving over the 'new' bridge. Hot *** it looks pretty awesome... (@ Port Mann Bridge) [pic]:
Just drove across the mew Port Mann Bridge. Wow. Off to Christina Lake
Widest long span bridge in the world New Port Mann Bridge in British Columbia Canada
Port Mann bridge has nothing on the gong show at the Massey Tunnel.
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