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Port Authority

In Canada and the United States a port authority (less commonly a port district) is a governmental or quasi-governmental public authority for a special-purpose district usually formed by a legislative body (or bodies) to operate ports and other transportation infrastructure.

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Was at work til 9:00 tonight. I've never been so happy to see the stinky, disgusting, smelly dump known as Port Authority Bus Terminal.
Wow can you and the Port Authority make this any worse?!? (@ Newark Liberty International Airport)
CMTV live in Newark. Turns out purchased a $5000 Port Authority bond in 2014. Refilling Samson...
Port Authority studying "feasibility" of building new bus terminal at existing Eighth Avenue site: h…
Port Authority moving ahead with $1.7b plan to extend PATH service to Newark airport
here i thought that Port Authority was unique in its pee odor but alas, i had never been to Newark's Penn Station
Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management at the Port Authority in Newark.
I'm attending Newark Airport Job Fair- sponsored by CAO and the Port Authority of NY and NJ
BREAKING: Port Authority officials suspended PATH train service on the Newark-WTC line and the Hoboken-WTC line...
Joe Rotterdam of the Port Authority on Toledo Express and Charlotte Douglas International at the Chamber’s Focus on…
Cliff Clavin fact of the day: Outerbridge Crossing is named for the first chairman of the Port Authority, Eugenius Harvey Ou…
Breaking: Bridgegate conspirator Bill Baroni, ex-top Christie appointee to the Port Authority, sentenced to 2 years in fede…
Port Authority of Allegheny County Chief Matt Porter in Austria for the Special Olympics World Winter Games…
It has taken an hour to get from the NJ side of the Lincoln Tunnel to Port Authority what is going on
Not close? It's 3rd on my list, behind Port Authority and Penn. At least Jimmy's is in Times Square. The McD's is a distant 4th.
One of our former interns, who is now a Port Authority police officer helped save this puppy from the tunnel. Way...
Port Authority says all flights booked at 3 NYC-area airports for Wednesday, expect heavy traffic
It's just TOO SOON to start smelling some guy's armpits on top of the average Port Authority stink.
Pot smoker busted with knives, gun and 106 rounds of ammo hidden in toothpaste tubes near Port Authority, police say
A plane fire was reported at JFK last night, but none was found and there were no injuries, Port Authority said…
Attorneys at JFK Terminal 4 told me they were forbidden by Port Authority police from holding signs like this.
I have ordered the Port Authority to reverse its decision regarding the JFK AirTrain. The people of New York will have thei…
HC Color Knight Walk/Run . Saturday, March 25, 2017 at 7:00 PM at Port Authority of San Antonio. . Join us for the...
Port Authority closer to agreement relating to redevelopment of area surrounding new Minnesota United FC stadium.
Port Authority approves preliminary capital plan with more than $30 billion in spending///
Port Authority approves long-stalled capital plan - The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey came to ...
Jersey City front and back page news: Tuesday Dec. 27: The federal government may probe 44 Port Authority police…
Lincoln Tunnel: Hudson wonder opened 79-years ago today. Port Authority tribute in photos
We're developing a 30-year master port plan for the Port Authority of New York New Jersey. Read the release:
Thank you for making my trip home full of pizza, Port Authority, and more pizza for breakfast.…
Semi-miraculously we found the Port Authority bus to the Newark airport at Times Square - in time!
Port Authority has not changed since Midnight Cowboy.
My driver never ended my trip when I got out of the car. Drove all the way from Port Authority to Long Beach…
couldn't handle the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation or the Port Authority when trying to rebuild the Twin Towers?
Pack of Coyotes at LaGuardia Airport to Be Trapped, Euthanized via Please…
A Pesky pack of coyotes? They are mother natures natural rodent patroller. Coyotes never get a break. 🐺
Authorities say an alleged bridge toll scofflaw racked up tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid tolls and fines:
Join us to celebrate the release of our new dessert wine. winemakers will be pairing with savory desserts…
same day as verdict the Port Authority issues a travel advisory:. LANE CLOSURES SCHEDULED FOR GEORGE WASHINGTON…
Baroni & Kelly convicted of scheme to misuse resources to punish Fort Lee mayor.Full release
.plans to kill coyotes. No good reasons; just a giant coexistence faceplant. /
yeah you have to look at the port authority& Samson
APE contends confidential port authority document is "passing off assumptions as facts"
I'm waiting for my bus in port authority and this tiny old lady in front of me has been farting the whole time!!!I will throw up on her.
port authority police apparently campaigning for on the job into / out of Staten Island
no major loss here.. Gov CC's team of dumb white port authority types can bury this loser next week,.. who cares? .. NEXT!!!
Chris Christie's former deputy chief of staff and a Port Authority appointee were convicted in the case https:…
Bridgegate, before it was "The Record & coverage of Christie, The Port Authority,…
Donald Trump & Prosecutors say the same thing: GUILTY, Christie knew about as it was happening
Christie is in charge of hiring people for a Trump administration. His 2 top Port Authority appointees and a top aide n…
NJ has been waiting for this moment since 2013. Ex-Port Authority exec and former Christie aide found guilty of all charges…
."We’re going to stop NJ Transit, the Port Authority & other places as a political dumping ground..."
We need to learn to coexist with other animals. HELP NYC COYOTES NOW:
🗽 Please don't kill coyote family of 8
Former NY/NJ Port Authority appointee Bill Baroni addresses the media after being found guilty in the Bridgegate Trial htt…
It is also home to the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station (now defunct), Port Authority of Singapore, SGH and Police Cantonment Complex.
Pretty Hate Machine saved me when the Port Authority went on strike while I was in college. I threaded those miles with that music.
Update: Climber on GW Bridge taken into custody; lanes on upper level gradually reopening, Port Authority said
Port Authority police are investigating a report Friday that a man climbed one of the towers of the George Washington Bridge.
Suicidal man who climbed George Washington Bridge tower nabbed: Port Authority police are……
Port Authority officer taken to hospital after crash
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Port Authority officer taken to after crash - Oct 26 @ 10:58 AM ET
Port Authority police officer taken to hospital after crash
So did his press secretary and another senior aid who he named - in that very press conference - as his top appoint…
Bus service traveling to/from Port Authority Bus Terminal, may experience delays/ detour due to alte...
Port Authority approves funds to replace Portal Bridge
No. Christie has said he didn't know until months later, when Wildstein left the Port Authority.
Checkout the of Port Authority's Silk Touch Performance in 16 exciting colors ht…
Day Group and Port do not have authority under Part 8,Class B of T&CPA Order 2015-permitted develo…
Authority Secures $400k in Savings from Efficient Measures at One WTC.
"The Port Authority, Mr. Wildstein said, wanted to end that privilege.". .
I don't think the Port Authority does a good enough job in anything th...
Indian Government to scrap Tariff Authority for Major Ports when it goes for an overhaul of the institutional...
Port authority security is extra tonight. Feeling safe
I don't believe her...I think the head of Port Authority, David Samson, knew about it. I do not believe Christie kn…
I walked from port authority to grand central and it was probably the worst decision of my life I encountered so many slow walkers
Anyway. That's my Port Authority rant. Even those who didn't make it and we're disheartened, I still love you. You're still amazing.
Port Authority desperately is in need of modernization. Most mass transit buildings in New York are.
In '12 at Port Authority HQ, I told D. Wildstein that I'd love to write a book about him. Offer still stands, Wally
held an approx $300,000-per-year job at Port Authority, but he still can't define what a "real" traffic stu…
The Port Authority Ralph Samson real estate deals seems more prosecutable than bridgegate. Is there nothing going on there?
my bus from New Haven was late so I will only have 15 min to find my next bus at port authority! How do I know where to go???
Port Authority cops make special delivery for N.J. couple
no I just went to port authority to meet her lol
Should Port Authority's new bus terminal remain in the same location?.
A couple is sitting next to me at port authority fighting meanwhile I'm just listening to them while inhaling a slice of pizza. 🍕😊
still at Port Authority Bus Terminal, next bus is at 10PM, 2.5hrs after the time that I booked
Should Port Authority’s new bus terminal stay in the same Midtown location?: The head juror on the design com...
the SECOND i get to the port authority i get into a fight !!! WOW
I could always eat a but not sure if it'd be worth the flashbacks to heinous delays at Port Authority…
Kelly testifies Christie brought up traffic study to her on 9/11/13 - told her Port Authority & Wildstein handling safety co…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
If *** was a place on earth it would be called Port Authority Bus Terminal
has me wondering about the And what executives get paid.
at the offices of Nanaimo Port Authority for business meeting
People here already think I'm homeless now they think I'm crazy too bc I'm rocking out to KP in a corner in Port Authority sitting on my bag
Port Authority is known for its private sector type salaries...Cops make 95K.. Executives make 150-300K
Port Authority balance sheet make my eyes water *** they so rich
waited 30 min downstairs to have some guy on phone tell me port authority told ONLY to pick upstairs at terminal C
Water for Gwadar: . The Gwadar Port project started on March 22, 2002. The Port of Singapore Authority was hir...
Bridge case culprit: Christie, aides used Port Authority as 'goody bag'
Testimony describes the Christie administration using the Port Authority to hand out money, jobs and gifts
Christie Talked Endorsements with Wildstein and Other Takeaways From the Bridgegate Trial Day 5 - WNYC https:…
New bus station @ 42nd St? How to plan. Thx 2 NYNJPA for agreeing to re-start process.
I could be traveling on the other side of the world and I'll literally always end up back at the Port Authority
The can and should be restructured, but reformers must reckon with fiscal reality.
T's Red Line up and running with $8.4M construction project finished via
They finally changed the "shot on the iPhone 6" ads in the passway between port authority and time square subway to an iPhone 7 ad
We are so close to port authority but there is no way I'm gonna make it to the Flea before it closes :(
where are all the busses in port authority. I've been waiting 45 minutes for a bus that runs every 15 minutes!
"Do not bring him to my house. He's garbage - he's a Trump supporter and he smokes cigarettes." My new hero, outside the Port Authority.
Tours of Ground Zero & burnt 9/11 steel to woo mayors to endorse Christie more extensive than we knew. https:/…
The Christie administration is said to have used the Port Authority to spread money, jobs and gifts h…
Happened to me, March of '97. 41st between 8th and 9th outside the bar across from Port Authority.
Port Authority revealed the five finalists the Bus Terminal redesign.
'Bridgegate' testimony: Christie 'had to be happy' with Port Authority plans
BRIDGEGATE TRIAL: The stunning lies told to keep New Jersey stupid–and who told them: Port Authority director…
How did Port Authority police lose control of the George Washington Bridge?
I'll always be a Twin Towers Guy, but the Port Authority's "next gen" HQ looks great.
Hmm: " The Oculus structure, built by the Port Authority, cost $483mn out of the overall $4bn budget for the hub" https…
West Side elected officials want the Port Authority to slam the breaks on the bus-terminal planning process.
Port Authority PD official says so far there is no confirmation shots fired, of a perp, & identified victims at JFK airpor…
This marked the farthest point of the former port of London authority,just before Teddington lock.
Port Authority Investigation indicates no shots fired at JFK Airport.
White supremacist Sam Hyde confirmed as JFK Airport shooter. Report any info you hav about Hyde to Port Authority PD ht…
safe travels stay out of trouble and Port Authority bathrooms!
Port Authority police say there is 'no indication' of shots fired at JFK Aiport after preliminary investigation
Port authority says no gun shells found, JFK terminal was evacuated out of (cont)
JFK airport appears to be false alarm. Port authority says evacuation due "abudance of caution" :
DEVELOPING: Police investigating unconfirmed reports of shots fired at JFK Airport, but no sign of any injuries
JFK under a Security Ground STOP after reports of Gunfire . Port Authority requesting assistance on scene. https:/…
STATEMENT: Word from Port Authority regarding JFK incident; nothing indicates that shots have been fired -
No evidence of shooting at JFK: Port Authority
Port Authority statement on security incident. No shots fired, no one hurt:
Preliminary investigation indicates no shots fired in JFK Airport terminal: Port…
If the Port Authority has a plan for attacks at its airports, it did not show at all tonight. No direction, no communication, just panic.
All-clear given at JFK terminal: Police are evacuating Terminal 8 at JFK airport in New York after Port Authority…
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Port Authority Bus Terminal is a mess — but politicians don't care via
Port Authority requests NYPD assistance at JFK Airport for incident.
UPDATE: "Preliminary investigation does not indicate shots were fired at JFK," says NY port authority.
Port Authority: Preliminary investigation finds no indication of shots fired at New York's JFK Airport -
UPDATE: NYPD says all terminals at JFK have been cleared and no shots were fired
UPDATE: JFK Airport now at a security ground stop:
Sign of anxious times? "At this time no gun shells or other evidence of shots fired has been found;" Port Authority
Port Authority says no indication of shots fired at JFK airport
JFK airport incident: Port Authority says evacuation out of "abundance of caution"
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DETAILS: NYPD was dispatched based on Port Authority's request for assistance. No actual confirmation of shots fired
Port Authority says early investigations indicate no shots fired at New York JFK Airport
NJT dedicated bus lane idea through the Lincoln Tunnel needs a revision. Badly. . going on 45 minutes from Weehawken to Port Authority.
Cincinnati Gardens sold to Port Authority of Greater Cincinnati for $1.2M - Cincinnati Business Courier
Newark mayor wants Port Authority to adopt local hiring policy for employers at Port Newark.
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Boston Logan issues duty free RFP and F&B: The Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) owner and operator of Boston…
if u do megabus you get in by FIT right near my work, if u take peter pan u get in at port authority
The Port Authority is very pleased to announce the hiring of Andrea Novak as the Senior Vice President of...
Jamie Fox charged with conspiracy to commit bribery
This dude just blew it out his *** in Port Authority and made zero attempt to hide it
has licensed the area from the port authority. This arrangement is similar to others made in our jurisdiction.
My mood is really dampened. Like *** these workers at port authority be on
A Port Authority haiku. Stranger on the bus,. I'm sorry I sat on you. I've had a long day.
Port Authority to decide fate of WTC Sphere on Thursday
Please let this rain wait till I get to port authority 🙌🏾
.reaches handshake deal with on LaGuardia rehab
Hoping for a speedy recovery for those injured this morning near the Port Authority Lincoln Tunnel. We saw lots...
Hoping for speedy recoveries for the 15+ people injured near the Port Authority/Lincoln Tunnel this morning.
Proud to partner with the Port Authority on rail renovations that will continue to drive reinvestment in the Delta.
Be in the know! Sign up for Port Authority alerts & advisories! Get important info fast!.
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the abortive attempt of Israelis to gain control of NY Port authority.
I love chick tracts; when I was in high school I used to pick them up in the *** tunnel" between Times Square & the Port Authority
Beautiful day to tour the harbour front with the Port Authority. Amazing
Anybody know what train connects with either the 112 bus at port authority or the nj transit train. I prefer...
Strong growth is expected to continue at the S.C. Inland Port in Greer https…
Chris Christie's political mentor pleads guilty to corruption
At this point, I even miss the disembodied Port Authority voice and the slightly sewery smell you sometimes get walking . onto Forbes Ave
"Easy to clean finishes" is something that the Port Authority shoulda thought of for the WTC PATH station
... too bad, Chili's is the only restaurant chain that could convince me to go to Port Authority
ALERT: appointed to man Nigerian Port Authority to aide weapon proliferation to the North over planned Islamization.RT fast
Surely there will be an agency making sure it all runs smoothly, some sort of ... port authority?
Official handover to the new MD, Nigerian Port Authority
Mpumi Dweba Port of Ngqura Port Manager on the show talking about the work Transnet Ports Authority's initiative...
Thinking about a new snapchat series I could do called "Bad Angle Port Authority Selfies"
-Christie's top 3 appointees at powerful Port Authority have all now been charged with federal crimes. . -Christie vetoed re…
Breast Cancer Awareness
The Port Authority Bus Terminal is like the Mos Eisley of transportation centers
before 5:00 pm Imma be at port authority as soon as I get more details tomm I'll let u know around 12 noon
Every time going into port authority
Former Port Authority Chairman David Samson pleaded guilty Thursday to bribery in New Jersey federal court:
Celebs and Port Authority cops raise money for families of fallen Dallas cops in Boomer and Carton charity so...
How you live in New York and don't know where port authority is ? How???
Elegant description of Samson's fall from sine qua non via
Former New Jersey Attorney General & Chairman of the Port Authority Board of Commissioners Pleads Guilty to Bribery htt…
you remember Doc Gooden's picture on the building by Port Authority?
"I hope they dance to my tune." A guilty plea ends David Samson's slow-motion fall from grace.
Great read by on the stunning, slow-motion fall from grace that culminated with David Samson's guilty plea
I remember that d. Strawberry milk tv commercisl, also D. Gooden picture on building by Port Authority
PATH is port authority not MTA. Separate website. And PATH is still spotty after midnight in my experience.
David Samson, Ex-Port Authority Chief & ally of Christie, pleads guilty to felony bribery of UA for his SC flights.
BREAKING: Ex-Port Authority Chairman Samson to plead guilty in United Airlines probe $UAL
Chris Christie confidant pleads guilty to federal charges, via
Dial 50 from any house phone to immediately notify the Port Authority Police.
Grab this week's for more on Newark's fight against the pollution. htt…
I just entered to win a Port Authority ARV $20 Ends 7/14
Top Christie pal pleads guilty to corruption scheme, while another is charged with bribery. Great account:
Ex-Port Authority chief pleads guilty to corruption uncovered by BridgeGate:
Bus moved 5 feet and broke down at Port Authority. Smh
How do you not name the newest episode "Praino vs. Port Authority"? Crossover police stories with WS!
David Samson, Christie Associate and Ex-Port Authority Chief, Pleads Guilty to Felony: Mr. Samson admitted in...
So the guy believed to pose the biggest legal threat to Christie in Bridgegate *won't* be turning on him
David Samson, as Port Authority chief, pressured United to reinstate route between N.J. and his second home in S.C.
He called it THE CHAIRMAN'S FLIGHT...Ex Port Authority Chairman David Samson forced United to create flight route to his va…
Chris Christie's ally who ran the Port Authority is expected to plead guilty to a felony tied to the bridge scandal
Scozzare, & at softball game vs port authority police
deal to be disclosed - Port Authority, Royal Caribbean lose Access to Information case - Gleaner
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Residents look to stall new Port Authority Bus Terminal:
Port Authority Bus Terminal, where the slightest inconvenience can cause you to despise humanity
Port Authority Bus Terminal is the most dysfunctional, unorganized, mess of a place
transit officials outline how final Sandy money to be spent: NJ Transit and the NY/NJ Port Authority will rec...
EXCLUSIVE: Pushing its industrial strategy, Port Authority set to redevelop Cincinnati Gardens, Gibson…
Logan is a station on the Port Authority of Allegheny County's light rail network, located in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania.
Does the Port Authority's new capital plan leave out the Gateway rail tunnel?
origin was Garden State Plaza destination was Port Authority it was the 163. The buses don't follow MyBusNow times.
Glad to see that our friends at NY/NJ Port Authority have had enough with TSA's incompetence. Changes are coming!
EAST ELMHURST: Reconstruction of LaGuardia Airport approved by Port Authority: See this story at…
Cuomo taps ex-aide to replace Rechler on Port Authority board: From left: Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Steven...
Sign at NYC bus terminal: “Due to the inconsistencies of Port Authority clocks, all buses will leave on cellphone time.”
How to Do Business with the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey Workshop May 12th RSVP:
.series on the Port Authority is superb. A true public service for NY and NJ residents
Port of Houston Authority weathers economic slowdown; diverse business…
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Bolt as builts today. And it's warm here at the Port Authority on Lake Erie
Port Authority OKs $5.2B to Upgrade Airports - Underscoring a renewed commitment to its core transportation mis...
Incheon Port Authority reported that container traffic for Q1 2016 increased 7.6%, rising to 579,495 TEU
, and I didn't know anybody. And I ended up living with this albino guy who was, like, cleaning windows outside port authority
Waiting for the food... gutom ng bitok @ Cebu Port Authority, Pier 1, Cebu City
I just checked in at Port Authority Food Deli with Download today!
I dropped my phone screen first in the port authority I'm dead
I got stuck in the bathroom in the New York Port Authority One Time They Closed One Part Of It
they did write the SSS hit piece when really they were targeting the Port Authority C. Pages has lost a lot of credibility
After I missed my bus last year and was stuck in the port authority for 7 hours I'm always at least two hours early to the terminal
Port Authority is Spending $1.3B to Raise the Bayonne Bridge 64 Feet. Why? - Jersey Digs
Those nights when you walk to your terminal at port authority and the bus is waiting with empty seats. BANG
Gov. Christie says he's OK with Bridgegate defense reviewing his phone: An attorney for a former Port Authority…
Fixing the Port Authority now is mainly about who’s charge
LOL! I've actually never been to port authority, but from what I've heard of it this couldn't be totally out of the ordinary
Walking thru Port Authority, see a couple sitting on the ground, at minimum in their mid to late 20's..making out like they're in 7th grade.
Avoid using New York Penn Station and just enter New York, NY. This will be the Port Authority in Manhattan. Thanks! -JT
WAVY Archive: 1979 VA Port Authority Security: A look back in the WAVY 1979 Archives. via
Check out Lot of 2 Port Authority Professional Tops 3XL Red and Green via
A simple change contributes to our regional equity challenge
Your MCM still live with his mom and makes you catch port authority
Port Authority exit is the latest blow for
The Port Authority is sitting on all this prime real estate -- but what can it really do with it? via
95 south under the apartments just prior tp GWB. Large Diesel spill.. NYPD Port Authority and FDNY on scene.. left lane closed
Port of Houston Authority ready to observe SOLAS container weight mandate /
Try MegaBus or Bolt Bus for cheap busses. Amtrack for a fast train service. Look up the Port Authority as well. ^EE
Sorry to hear this. You can report this issue to the Port Authority directly:
Scott Rechler's decision to leave turmoil-wracked PA puts Cuomo in a pickle, my story: via
Jodee told me that the "port authority" was going out of business but she actually meant the "sport authority". Lmao I was so confused
Hamilton fan urges Port Authority to name WTC transit hub after founding father.
😩 I need someone to pick me up from port authority
Grand Bahama Port Authority forging new relationships in Atlanta via - - ...
HAMILTON PORT AUTHORITY ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING - Is taking place this Thursday, May 5th - 4pm - at the Waterfront...
Following ambition to have on river Scheldt by summer 2017, Port Authority is launching int. market survey
Popular on our site: WV Public Port Authority issues notice of intent to Weirton group. .
United Airlines cuts top exec's pay by $1 million over Port Authority probe, via
one of 3 terminals at is operated by the Port Authority and handled the highest traffic in a month since its inception.
Port Authority exit is the latest blow for Cuomo | New York Post
Ex-cop gets $108G disability pension while training aspiring cops: A Port Authority cop who retired from the ...
United Airlines cuts COO Hart's pay by $1 million over Port Authority probe
Key NY lawmaker crosses Hudson River to urge Christie to sign NJ Port Authority reform bill and "get this behind us"
Christie urged to sign reform bill as Port Authority prepares for several multibillion-dollar projects.
Why *** s Kitchen and are afraid of the new Port Authority Bus Terminal coming to the West Side
YES DEF! I'm so glad you stopped by! Hope you made it safely to Port Authority~
Silverstein & Lowry . Michael Glassner Chief advisor to chair of . Port Authority of NY & New Jersey left JULY 2001>INTERESTING
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Port Authority gives a go to controversial apartment development at Castle Shannon T stop
"We basically keep the Port Authority around to do the dirty things we don't want the public to think about..."
That Penn Station / Port Authority question was a tough one. Worth it to learn I'm a Bodega Bagel
Father of man killed by Port Authority police arrested again
Yeah, that's why we have the Port Authority and federal taxes: architecture!. ::eyeroll::
Tensions are on the rise between Newark Mayor Ras Baraka and the Port Authority of NY and NJ.
Does anyone remember the Mayor of Newark speaking to creating a stronger relationship with the Port Authority at...
In Newark Uber fight, growing tension between mayor and Port Authority by
Port Authority by Conor McPherson opens tonight Runs thru Mar 13th. Fresh baked Soda Bread will be on offer!
Wasn't Lisa Raitt investigated for malfeasance when she was with the Port Authority? Sh Lisa. Dysfunctional govt is "sexy".
This'll help explain why the Port Authority has no $ left for the critical Hudson rail tunnel
Port Authority exec charged with corruption over free trip to Miami
Mayor Ras J. Baraka creates Newark office to oversee Port Authority & pushing for it to raise min wage to $15
mayor to create office to oversee Port Authority
This article suggests it's unenforceable because Port Authority is in charge of EWR
Newark mayor to create office to oversee Port Authority
VIDEO - Man pulls an air pistol on Port Authority officers at Jamaica AirTrain station: .
Newark Mayor Ras Baraka announces plans to create an watchdog to oversee the Port Authority.
Baraka asks Port Authority to OK $15 minimum wage, 'do right' by Newark residents
Baraka to create Newark office to oversee Port Authority
Port Authority arrests homeless man who threatened them with realistic-looking BB gun
Port Authority cops arrest mentally ill homeless man who threatened them with BB gun
Baraka to create new Newark office to oversee Port Authority
Subdued Opening Set for $4 Billion Transit Hub Called a ‘Symbol of Excess’. The current executive director of the Port Authority of New York
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