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Port Arthur

Port Arthur is a city in Jefferson County within the Beaumont–Port Arthur Metropolitan Statistical Area of the U.S.

Martin Bryant John Howard Cajun Navy Southeast Texas Alan Kurdi Peter Rogers Baymont Inn Thomas Jefferson High Lake Charles Janis Joplin Housing Authority

Cajun Navy asked to stand down due to the dangerous currents in Port Arthur.
Port Arthur please make this gran a priority navy
Port Arthur, Texas. Cody Hahn is with the Cajun Navy & they have boats ready to help tonight. Text him NOW if you need help. 832…
Cajun Navy, others have been pulled from Port Arthur. Is now a coast guard operation due to the speed and ferocity of the…
Port Arthur, Golden Triangle get to your roof and take a colorful towel, rag whatever. Here are numbers to call. Cajun Navy
This "Opinion Piece" is FAKE NEWS! Southeast Texas, is the Beaumont, Port Arthur, Orange area,…
Played high school football at Thomas Jefferson High in Port Arthur. One of the greats
FREE music!  . Hi linkedin friends in the Beaumont, Houston, Port Arthur, TX and Lake Charles, LA area! You can now g…htt…
SUPER excited to partner w/Super Bowl champ for his 5k Heart Walk, July 15, Port Arthur!
Actually if you knew anything Bun B and pimp C ain't from Houston they from Port Arthur
If you need someone to talk to hit me up. Charlie Raww . Port Arthur, Texas underground rap
*** I can't do none of that, Charlie Raww . Port Arthur, Texas underground rap
That's how it is when you get money 💰. Keep your eyes open mane.Charlie Raww . Port Arthur, Texas under…
Real emotions and it's you. I like it. Share everyone! Charlie Raww . Port Arthur, Texas underground…
2nd top comment on a David Leyonhjelm fb post is an account about Port Arthur being a hoax calling for an armed uprising. thisisfine.png
Had the opportunity a few weeks back to hold a basketball camp in Port Arthur, Texas. God can do a lot…
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
You know you are in Southeast Texas when within 15 minutes you pass through Port Acres, Port Arthur, and Port Neches.
Neighbors concerned after Port Arthur man accidentally shoots himself in leg via
Comfy?Happy?. now controls the massive Port Arthur refinery and all of its assets. sorry
Police answer shots fired call, find Port Arthur man who says he accidentally shot self in leg
Related: SAUDI ARAMCO now owns the biggest oil refinery in America (in Port Arthur, Texas). Does…
Saudi Arabia now owns our largest oil refinery in America, Port Arthur, TX. This deal went down after Trump met with Saudi prince.🤑😡
Texas and southern takeover...happy now orange voters?. In addition to Port Arthur, Saudi owned Aramco is...
Can you recommend anyone for this job in Port Arthur, TX?
The Train to Port Arthur. Russo-Japanese War in the Chinese harbor city where the Japanese sank the Russian fleet.
Peter Rogers also said Port Arthur massacre in 1996. were fabricated where does Hanson find these grubs they dont represent us
DPS reports a 19-year-old from Port Arthur dies at McFaddin Beach in Jefferson County after falling off the running board of…
Lincoln, AR & Port Arthur, TX kicking off quizzing at the SouthCentral JBQExtravaganza.
I take it you don't mean St. Marys hospital in Port Arthur, TX? Cuz it's a brisk wintery 64*F down here.
November 1957 Concordia College students and recipients of Mr. & Mrs. William Smith of Port Arthur scholarship gran…
5years ago, Elandon Roberts was playing football for Port Arthur Memorial. 5years later he's a champ. Big…
Port Arthur is where I'm from if you ain't from here don't come..
Orange, Texas CASA worker allegedly steals over $40k. Spent money on casinos and cruises. | Port Arthur News
in 1904, the Battle of Port Arthur (Russo-Japanese War) concluded in a Japanese victory
TDiH Japanese torpedo boats surprise dawn attack destroys the Russian fleet at Port Arthur in 1904, staring the Russo Japanese War
Former star Elandon Roberts (is being inducted into the Museum of the Gulf Coast in his hometown…
Began on February 8th, 1904: The Battle of Port Arthur.The opening engagement of the Russo-Japanese War.
Yup!! A lot of people don't know anything about Port Arthur.
great piece re: SCon See. Wonder when may consider commendation to Officer J Noble.. offduty at Port Arthur '96
1904 – War breaks out after a surprise Japanese torpedo attack at Port Arthur, China
Gun owners are still being punished for the Port Arthur massacre that happened 20 years ago
Absolutely brilliant episode about The Port Arthur Massacre. I learned so much from you two legends!
the Canberra Times letters page is always... interesting. Lots of angry conservative boomers. Published a Port Arthur truther.
Networking Event Invitation. The Hampton Inn and Suites in Port Arthur welcomes you to join them for their 2017 Client Appreciation Open ***
I liked a video from The Port Arthur Massacre Part 1 - Murder With Friends
I passed a sign in Tasmania that said "no shooting" did they have to put those up after Port Arthur???
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Hold that Tiger! Welcome to the LSU family Kary Vincent Jr. of Port Arthur, Texas
On Feb. 8, 1904, the Russo-Japanese War began. . See the collection:
Port Arthur, was *** on earth, for English and Irish convict/ slaves, but Norfolk Island, there they denied them water, as a punishment.
1904: Russo-Japanese War - Japanese forces attacked Port Arthur as a conflict began over control of Korea and Manchuri…
OPINION: Gun owners are still being punished for Port Arthur, writes
from in What are you going to find from Port Arthur
1904: The Japanese disable 7 Russian warships in a surprise attack at Korea.…
Any of my friends around Port Arthur or Beaumont have a beach house for rent this weekend for a friend? He's...
Today in 1904, Japan launches a surprise attack on the Russian fleet at Port Arthur touching off 575 days of war.
It's the anniversary of a surprise Japanese attack on the naval base of their great rival. . Not Pearl Harbor 1941, but P…
This is how it happens in Port Arthur. Signing day is second to none.
Then how's this . Janis Joplin of Port Arthur, Texas spurned by the boys in High School.
HAPPENING NOW: Crews responding to a rollover accident in the 2500 block of 9th Ave. in Port Arthur
ACTIVE SILVER ALERT for Edwin Davis, Jr. from Lafayette, Louisiana on 01-14-17, last seen Port Arthur, Texas. Loui…
website of Peter Rogers, One Nation candidate who claimed Port Arthur and Alan Kurdi were fake, now links to this..…
Update your maps at Navteq
One Nation candidate Peter Rogers is in hot water over Alan Kurdi, Port Arthur massacre claims.
Australian political candidate in hot water over Port Arthur massacre and Alan Kurdi claims
🏀Hardin Hornets & Lady Hornets basketball are on the road tonight at Bob Hope, in Port Arthur, Texas.
Today I spoke to the mother of Rasheed Edwards, the man who was killed in Port Arthur by the Baymont Inn and Suites…
Port Arthur police identify homicide victim as Rasheed Troy Edwards, 29, of Port Arthur
Reported shooting at Baymont Inn off Highway 73 in Port Arthur. Police searching for white Dodge Challenger leaving the scene…
Cheerleaders at Jefferson High School in Port Arthur in the 1930s.
Could the Russian fleet go via northern route to Port Arthur instead of via Cape of Good Hope?
An iconic image of rich heritage, this icebreaker was built in 1958 in Port Arthur. https:/…
Lala now has a day named after him! Awesomeness! "Mayor of Port Arthur, Texas declares February 5 ‘Shahid Afridi Day’ http…
Dont want nobody in Houston,Port Arthur, Beaumont,Orange,Baton Rouge,Lafayette, New Iberia,Morgan City,or New Orleans
Jail the mongrel.. don't forget Port Arthur was staged to disarm the people. Bryant was a stooge, wrongly convicted
If you’re looking for a nice house in Thunder Bay, on the Port Arthur side, someone I know is selling this one.
The story of a seance held to contact a dead miner at Port Arthur, Ontario, in 1923—conducted by Arthur Conan Doyle.
Martin Bryant is a White Christian Male from a privileged migrant background who blew away dozens of people at Port Arthur.
Dedicated to my beloved friend, Gerald Johnson. Long live the Thomas Jefferson, Port Arthur, Class of '69!. "The Doxology. Praise God from …
One of the officers who was killed was Port Arthur native Michael Smith, 55, a graduate of Thomas Jefferson High and Lamar.
I didn't know there's another Ayers Rock in Port Arthur.
Brother of man shot, killed by Port Arthur cops speaks out - Beaumont Enterprise
Australia changed its gun law after Port Arthur massacre- no mass shootings since 1996 https…
Is this gun control also? Tell me, please how we've avoided another Port Arthur?
Check out this article: Port Arthur, Texas Amends Smoking Ban -
Hanging out with roasting in Port Arthur, Texas
Demolition of the C.P.R station in Port Arthur on water street in 1976 built in the 1900s
Welcome to Port Arthur, Texas. I'll see you in a couple of hours!
.is getting roasted today in Port Arthur, Texas. and and Jimmy Johnson among the roasters. Should be fun.
Port Arthur, Texas Hosts $378.6 Million in Project Kickoffs for the Rest of 2016
Port Arthur, Texas Amends Smoking Ban: A complete smoking ban in Port Arthur, Texas lasted just about three w...
Check out my new blog post on accountability in Port Arthur, Texas-
Obnoxious odors may not be emitted while in an elevator. (Port Arthur, Texas)
hey Trace! Here is my experience with the at Port Arthur in Australia!
Judge Raquel West to see Randy Blanchard of Port Arthur in intoxication manslaughter case.
20 years ago I was in the USA hearing about Port Arthur. So awful, but I'm proud of how our country reacted; prevented it happening again.
I was at Port Arthur only 2 days ago, just the feeling there was awful it was so erie and upsetting
20 years since Port Arthur massacre I was in highschool then. Bless John Howard for our gun control since. Awful event for Tasmania :(
Represented the Jewish community and said a prayer for those who mourn at St Peters Eastern Hill for the 20th anniversary of Port Arthur
Why so scared of an inquest into Port Arthur?
Incredible to think 20 yrs since Port Arthur. Will never forget the awful news filtering through that afternoon. Love to all the families.
I was at Don College in Year 11 when the tragedy struck Port Arthur..and never forgot hearing a student lose her aunt/uncle
I hope we just let this Port Arthur day go by in private contemplation. Australian media has an awful habit of staging Grief Productions.
When we remember the Port Arthur massacre, we would do well not to focus on the man who perpetrated it.
My Aunt and Uncle were at Port Arthur on the 27th of April 1996, one day before the massacre.
Excellent schooling by Waleed Aly regarding that Port Arthur conspiracy guy. That movie sounds awful.
Corpus, Houston, Port Arthur, Lake Charles, and New Orleans. Will send you a map with locations momentarily.
William McInnes reflects on the legacy of that awful day at Port Arthur
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Port Arthur Mardi Gras with the rockin codyjohnsonband @ Port Arthur Mardi Grad
I need the Houston Raptors in Port Arthur April 29-May 1st
Memorial, Manvel to renew track rivalry - Kameron Martin and the Port Arthur Memorial Titans know exactly who t...
While not exploitative, new film on Port Arthur massacre will be a 'no-holds-barred depiction' via
Tell me. Since Australia banned guns after the Port Arthur massacre in ' many gun massacres have they had? Zero?
I kind of wish I was in Port Arthur Right now 😫😫
For my people back in the port Arthur and surrounding area.
Elite Nails on The color on my nails changed after 2 days but the same color on my toes did not... Something…
btw, if you used Port Arthur argument consistently against frivolous complaints, the Herald Sun letters pages would cease to exist overnight
Port Arthur voted no slaughterhouse in business park but yes we would love it somewhere else
Thinking about driving to Port Arthur this weekend just to get some JJ's... 🤔
Went all the way to port Arthur to bring his *** food 😒 better be lucky I love my brother dawg
So no Slaughterhouse in Port Arthur, im not surprised smh.
Congrats to tha Port Arthur TX. homies UGK for having one of . HipHop's Greatest Songs! . To read the story, click:.
STUD Port Arthur Memorial CB with another offer from tonight. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Martin is left handed and the shooter was right handed. Shooting from the hip too!
And another offer for the Port Arthur Memorial Titan.
TAS ordered a high capacity mortuary truck before the massacre. Why? What did they know?
is the latest program to offer Port Arthur (TX) Memorial CB Kary Vincent.
Investigate the Port Arthur Massacre. No one will touch it...
is the latest offer for Port Arthur (TX) Memorial 4-star CB Kary Vincent.
BS 2.0: Ruckman: The command and administration of the fortress of Port Arthur
Port Arthur was with a centre fire not shotgun
ARs are actually common for pest control in Australia yet we hear nothing of mass shootings with them since Port Arthur...
Saudi Threat to Sell U.S. Assets Could Hurt, but Mostly the Saudis: Photo The Port Arthur Refinery in Texas is...
you are unbelievable! never mentioned port Arthur, you keep dancing on victims graves to push your anti gun agenda
The worst mass shooting in last 20 years was the Port Arthur Massacre...
Council reacts to slaughterhouse issue -   Port Arthur City Council members had mixed reactions to the concerns...
nearly 20 years on from the Port Arthur massacre - nice touch 😏
. Totally agree. You don't have to be 'politically correct' but Port Arthur taught us…
Port Arthur might be small but it's nothing but big dreams out here 💯🏆
blocked so it now makes no sense but was an ad for a Gun . Sniper type . revolting. In the time of anniversary of Port Arthur!
Byron have a home in Orlando Florida & I'll have one in Port Arthur Tx!!!
Federal Group unveils conceptual pictures of its planned Port Arthur hotel development in
So the source of the Port Arthur massacre weapon was not Australian citizen! The source was Aust govt
The farmer handed the Port Arthur gun into Victorian police, who on sold Port Arthur gun into Tasmania
So police on sold Port Arthur gun from Victoria into Tasmania where the gun killed many people
Port Arthur gun was handed into police by farmer to police, who on sold gun in Tasmania
Martin Bryant having a good time demonstrating how he used his gun to kill 35 and injure 20 at Port Arthur, Tasmania
Amazing admission by NSW MLC Robert Brown that he supports semi auto assault weapon ban post-Port Arthur
Carol's account of what happened that day at Port Arthur is heartbreaking.
I've never heard from Port Arthur survivors before. Their memories are horrific. So chilling
20 years after Port Arthur - what's happened to gun control in Australia? now
Frmr PM John Howard had been in office mere weeks when first told of the Port Arthur massacre. "I was absolutely horrified.…
Walter Mikac lost his wife and two girls at Port Arthur. He writes about how he dealt with such unimaginable pain.
RME talk WOS winning State & who have the better women.. Beaumont, Port Arthur, or Orange: via
latest to offer CB out of Port Arthur (TX) Memorial. 4.38 speed
Port Arthur (TX) Memorial CB Kary Vincent adds a new offer from
Port Arthur (TX) Memorial DB Kary Vincent adds a new offer from the
We enjoyed at awesome day of worship at Kingdom Dominion Church in Port Arthur, TX.
“Port Arthur we acted on. The USA is not prepared to act on their tragedies.”
Excepting the old coast road to Port Arthur, the nearest Texas crossing that's not closed is LA 6 near Many
Port Arthur was facilitated by Howard Gov! Bryant was set up.
I wish Maganas in Port Arthur was open all year round
A tribute to the victims of the Port Arthur massacre 20 years on
Tony Farmer with the putback dunk, and Lee is out to a 15-10 lead over Lamar State-Port Arthur.
Jessica goes to Port Arthur and discovers old friend, played by Henry Jones, is incriminated in a murder. Murder weapon is plush cat.
20 years ago after Port Arthur, John Howard changed our gun laws and we haven`t had another mass shooting since. Anybody in …
The Parsonage in Port Arthur, has one of the creepiest of stories. Reverend George Eastman supposedly died in the upstairs b…
idk if I wanna come back to Port Arthur today or not 🤔
Asian fusion cuisine comes to Port Arthur...
Asian fusion cuisine comes to Port Arthur: Sake tacos at the Sake Sushi Bar & Lounge in Port Arthur. Taco Tues...
California utility Sempra presses on with Port Arthur LNG export project in Texas
port Arthur Texas Houston MLK g.p on top
nah they just tied with Port Arthur 👍
King Arthur of the usb cord and the stubborn port
Taking note of this conversation when Port Arthur victims are trundled out soon for their proclamations on gun laws.
Another to come? Remember Port Arthur, Oklahoma, 9/11... disarm the people then War for oil on lies
Port Arthur goalie grabs the ball outside the box. Player clearly unhappy and gets a Red Card. with a kick.
Penalty in the box. Port Arthur scores.
Port Arthur scores to even it up 1-1. 25 minutes left in the first half.
My mom is driving all the way to Port Arthur for target popcorn.
., Why don't you cover Port Arthur TX pollution and cancer concentration in that oil town?
I went to go get your CD in bestbuy port Arthur Texas they haven't put u on the floor yet so imma drive to Beaumont Tx
Shooters and Fishers Party advertised for registration in Tas. on 20th anniv. of Port Arthur massacre. Do they think memories have failed?
The speed limit along SH 87/SH 73 from West Port Arthur Road to Bridge City will be lowered Tuesday, February 23.
I gotta get back to Port Arthur soon, been away too long. Feels like I'm outta touch.
wins its first game of the Sun Chief Classic 6-5 vs Lamar State - Port Arthur
Launch of HMCS Rosthern at Port Arthur 1940.To find out more go to
I barely remember the Port Arthur massacre / I know that it hasnt happened since thanks to gun laws. Very pro-gun laws here!
My cousin coming dine from Port Arthur 💪
You have to jam UGK if your driving Port Arthur to hou. 🙏🏻 R.I.P to Pimp C
Ignorance is not bliss. Research the facts about the Port Arthur Massacre and then make up your own mind...
Australian PM John Howard is another. Highly right-wing but courageously passed our gun laws after Port Arthur.
Former worker for the City of Port Arthur, Joseph Soliz 52 has been arrested.
Port Arthur, Tx .y'all ready for some Mardi Gras action tomorrow night?!?!?
Nearly 20 years after Port Arthur, John Howard reflects on gun control.
I play ball for the Southeast Texas Titans. Pro team outta Port Arthur
Port Arthur teen creates Janis Joplin sculpture for museum via
Australia is a Misandric Hellhole thanks to John Howard and Our FORCED DISARMAMENT thanks to the staged Port Arthur "Tragedy"
A warning given to Tasmanian barristers about Martin Bryant and Port Arthur via
Port Arthur bad bidness for me, when I be here I get so lazy. I don't even get dressed properly, just be like whatever😑
Thanks Craig, spent time in Tasmania in 1984, Hobart, Port Arthur, Bicheno, Launceston
The sister of Port Arthur killer Martin Bryant has spoken out for the first time, telling the world she and her mother are also 'victims'
Port Arthur man found guilty in deadly Port Arthur shooting: Keenan Anderson shot and killed 29-year-old Marcu...
Keenan Anderson, Port Arthur man charged in deadly 2013 shooting at the Old School Shack, found guilty of murder. More to come.
when I was with HP I had up to Port Arthur so I would stay in Lake Charles after I left Lafayette and catch a movie at the mall.
Golden Triangle ABATE will have our Christmas Party at the Beau Reve on 4400 Atlantic rd. in Port Arthur, TX at 6 : 00pm on 12/18/15
New building gives FBC Port Arthur a new lease on life - The First Baptist Church of Port Arthur has been aroun...
Agree, but while I'm not a huge fan of John Howard I think he did the right thing post Port Arthur. Winding that back is wrong.
Port Arthur archaeological dig to unearth little-known facts about settlement's convicts
Martin Bryant massacred 35 people in Port Arthur. He was not a refugee.
A 2002 Honda Odyssey was just scanned near Port Arthur, TX 77642
Flooding at Dequeen and Thomas Blvd in Port Arthur. Photo from Amanda Faye Ceasar-Jackson
Internal Medicine or exp Family Practice Physician Hospitalists for San Antonio and Surrounding areas (Port Arthur)…
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Wind Power Eng. | Shermco Industries expands Gulf Coast footprint with new Houston facility and Port Arthur office
When you’re planning your Port Arthur wedding, your caterer can be a wonderful ally so schedule a consultation...
has offered 2017 Port Arthur Memorial DB Kid is a blazer.
has offered Port Arthur Memorial 2017 DB Kary Vincent (; was just offered by SMU earlier this week.
Come to Port Arthur Tx Jana but I can't come to FL right now.. 😞
Don't say 409 vs everybody because The only people that's gonna for Port Arthur is PORT ARTHUR ❤️
Tippin thru Port Arthur home of tha mf Trill
has a Process Controls Engineer opening in Port Arthur, TX -
C Mike port Arthur??? He is Beaumonts own. Beaumont has little to be thankful for give them C Mike and Kendrick Perkins !!
Ready to on the 3.72 MG in Read more here:
the wingstop in port Arthur straight
Capital One is hiring a Port Arthur Branch, apply now!
Evertime i hear dat Pac i spaz . Ckuz niggaz cant see me. At all @ Port Arthur, Texas
There's a opening in Port Arthur but still none in Nacogdoches? needs love too!
I need to sponsor a non profit in Port Arthur.
I bought my granny some Blue Bell all the way to Port Arthur! She was happy!
A journey through the dark histories of Port Arthur in Tasmania by - Beyond the dogline
Hardly ever when it's white perpetrators - eg Oklahoma bombing, "white powder", Port Arthur massacre etc
To add insult, the prison system dissected his warm brain looking for the black-spot of badness...
TER has the best SheMale Escort reviews in Port Arthur,TX. Click on
Waiting on the Port of Port Arthur to call me back. Took my drug test yesterday and they paid for my twic
4am in Port Arthur I'm out chea goin hard at the grind house.
Have any of you heard about Walter Mikac? He became widely known in the aftermath of the Port Arthur massacre where his 2 children +
Checkout my mixtape"J.O.B-Crown Me King"I swear its fire im reppin hard for I city port Arthur tx!!!.
Did you see on last night discussing Aus and the Port Arthur tragedy?
Port Arthur was in late 90s. Nothing has happened. The only worrying situation was the Lindt Siege last year.
prior to port Arthur we had a lot of mass M etc with guns or is that a coincidence
In Westside Port Arthur, born and raised. In the manors is where I spent most of my days 😎
Questions will remain, but family should have space to mourn - The Port Arthur News
was born today in 1925 in Port Arthur, Texas. .
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is 1st to offer 2017 Port Arthur Memorial CB Kary Vincent (son of former defender:
Port Arthur rapper hopes song shows community there are alternatives to gun violence:.
I wasn't even aware that this was happening. I hope we don't lessen our strict gun laws. Port Arthur has been...
Tasman Peninsula art exhibition at Port Arthur this week |
If the student section will drive 2 hours away to watch the Port Arthur game then they can drive 30. min to our UIL @ 1:15 at North Shore
"Janis Joplin’s Eulogy to the Graduating Class of Thomas Jefferson High in Port Arthur, Texas, 1960" by Chris Haven:
I greatly admire the Australian government for their quick reforms after the tragedy at Port Arthur. Bravo Zulu!
Justice of the Peace Marc DeRouen identifies victim of fatal shooting yesterday in Port Arthur as Quinten Hill, 35.
IT Manager at Gulf Coast Health Center (Port Arthur, TX): Job Description Our health center in Port Arthur is ...
I'm still on Laquita Port Arthur website Lol I'm famous
So ready to be in Port Arthur this weekend
You up in Port Arthur Texas. Out here in the country. 😊
Out here in the country. Up in port Arthur Texas.
Watch QB Arthur Brantley IV in Booker High School and Port Charlotte's' match-up on
Total hopes to start up Port Arthur *** in 2019
Fun times in rehearsals for Doubt. @ Lamar State College - Port Arthur
I ride for my city and foreva rep my side, Port Arthur, Texas playaa that's where I reside
Police search for suspect in man's death: Port Arthur police investigating the death of a man, whose body was ...
Port Arthur, Tasmania as /first penal settlement in Australia. First landing in Australia by Brits was in Tasmania Risdon Cove
"We have stories from people that are not making sense." - Port Arthur PD deputy chief on apparent double shooting
Driving to Port Arthur, sharing real-time road info with wazers in my area. ETA 5:27 PM using - Drive Social.
Hilton Kelley, EJ organizer in Port Arthur, TX, joined me today as I signed to reduce air pollution.
Air Permitting Leader at Flint Hills Resources (Port Arthur, TX): programs with TCEQ * Experience with Title…
Good morning I mean only that Port Arthur information indicates false flag
Do anybody know where to get a beer pong table that's in Port Arthur or Beaumont ?
.Do you mean that face appears in footage related to Port Arthur, or just that it was a false flag op?
Thank you. You may add to your list the Port Arthur massacre in Tasmania, Australia.
The fact that I've driven from Port Arthur, Tx to Hattiesburg, MS and still have enough gas to get to Jackson, wow. I love this truck
Police: Port Arthur shootings could be linked
Police: Port Arthur shootings could be linked via
"If anybody ever ask me 'You from Houston' No... I'm from Port Arthur... I'm from the Trill" -
I wish Nac had good seafood places like Port Arthur 😕
OPEN HOUSE. SUNDAY OCTOBER 4 11-2. TEXT 33193 TO 25678 for up to date price,pics and info. Contact me today for...
UPDATE: PAPD investigate shooting death - Port Arthur Police are investigating a shooting death of a man who was f...
UPDATE: Police say victim whose body was found in Port Arthur appears to have been shot
.- thanks 4 covering the Peace celebration. no mention of Rotary - Fort William, Port Arthur and Lakehead Clubs organized it
I have a friend in Fremantle who told me about Port Arthur so I read up on it. Great admiration for the lawmakers in Aus. 1/2
From a country that voluntarily disarmed after our first mass killing (Port Arthur tragedy) I genuinely want to know: why do YOU need a gun?
Here's our world exclusive pix and story on Martin Bryant 19 years on from Port Arthur
Could the gun used by Martin Bryant in the Port Arthur massacre soon be available once again in Australia?
160kg OF EVIL First pics in 18 years of Port Arthur gunman Martin Bryant, described by prison guards as 'porky pig'
Only if they had a *** that i know in Port Arthur texas with a studio
Texas judge's orders require to preserve scene, records at Port Arthur refinery
Bulldozer operator who died in Port Arthur refinery accident identified.. Related Articles:
Just watched John Howard and Andrew Denton talk guns laws in Australia since Port Arthur. A great conversation.
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Great paper Guy. Do you know Julia Clark's on Port Arthur photos?
ENOUGH! Australia fixed it after Port Arthur '96-America can too. Bravo Andy Parker for your new mission!
Australia and the reaction to the Port Arthur massacre should be instructive to us, but it never has been.
ICYMI: Port Arthur survivor calls for ban on rapid-fire shotgun
lmao at this conversation! 😭 born in Orange, Port Arthur raised.
get to know Port Arthur artist he believes he's the "3rd Coast Savior!".
get to know rising Port Arthur rapper, believes he's the "3rd Coast Savior". http:/…
Someone needs to write the alternative history of NSW and Australian politics. John Hewson's response to Port Arthur etc
For one day only, the Housing Authority of the City of Port Arthur, Texas will open the waiting list for Section 8!!!.
Taken on July 18. Had went back home to Port Arthur, Texas for the city's annual Alumni Picnic Bash.
Yeah, after Port Arthur, everyone was like "NO MORE GUNS" "NO MORE" . I know that from Jim Jeffries.
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