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Popeye Jones

Ronald Jerome Popeye Jones (born June 17, 1970 in Dresden, Tennessee) is a retired American professional basketball player in the NBA.

Seth Jones Donovan McNabb Sam Cassell Murray State Darnell Nurse Mario Elie Tyrone Hill Nashville Predators Joe Sakic Avery Johnson African American

When you look in the mirror and realize your face looks like Popeye Jones...
judging by the MP/FGAs ratio, Tristan is more of a Popeye Jones than any of those other guys
VIDEO: Myles Turner shoots 3s, learns from Popeye Jones
Popeye Jones led the team in win shares in 93-94. That team went 13-69.
I could guess the top 10 for weeks and NEVER get Popeye Jones.
BRUH! Do you know how much $$$ Popeye Jones would command in today's NBA salary market? PJ Brown? Maaan, what?!?
Loved watching and broadcasting a bit of the Hoopalooza Alumni game this past Saturday. Great stories from Marcus Brown & Popeye Jones!
Fool said the mane looks like Popeye Jones. Mane.
truthfully, that was the part that hurt the most... *** called me Popeye Jones... JihaD
I been underrated like a young Popeye Jones
I'm angry Amy that Popeye Casey Jones Jehovah was killed at age 63 by Anthony King and his younger twin Sara Mullins kid
Thoughts in my head from this morning's message:. A hike is just a walk!. I was a husky kid!. My dad had Popeye arms!.
boi stop, more of a popeye jones. Google him 😀
Pretty sure that's Popeye Jones. What did I win?
Sitting watching the movie "Popeye". I remember my stepdad Benjamin Barnes(RIP) taking us to see this movie when I was 12 years old.
Sitting watch the movie "Popeye". I remember my stepdad taking us to the movies when I was 12 to see this.
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Wingzone or Popeye' the decisions that can really change your life
on my way to an awards show after party last month, we stopped at Popeye's for a tackle box bc no one had time for appetizers.
Yeah. People brought him up to me when I was talking about Popeye Jones. Like, Popeye freakin' Jones.
Random: Popeye Jones is the ugliest person in NBA history, right?
Popeye Jones illegitimate son at in Murfreesboro
Just saw Popeye Jones at Speedway and it was so much going on
I'm giving away: POPEYE JONES ROOKIE. Check it out -
Great show today. Thanks to Steve McCadams and Popeye Jones for joining us today!
I went to college with Popeye Jones. Nice guy.
Mom Jones be eating spinach with Popeye The Sailor Man
It won't be a patch on Popeye's spicy chicken on Nantwich Road!
Is he in the same league as Ken Bannister, Dennis Johnson, Jason Kidd, Popeye Jones, Paul Mokeski and Sam Cassell?
Mavs teammates Lucious Harris, Jamal Mashburn and Popeye Jones go shopping for shoes, from Oct. 1995:
I want to see Popeye Jones, Anthony Mason, Sam Cassel, Scottie Pippen in an ugly-off.
they just followed Tracy McGrady, Paul Pierce, and Popeye Jones too. BLOCKBUSTER.
Hamilton Collection
I been fuvkin with the Wizards since the Popeye Jones and Etan Thomas days lol
Finally finna have this fantasy draft today. All I need is Popeye Jones at QB Tyron Lue at WR, Sebastian Telfair at RB and start St. Louis D
Note from Racer Athletics. Dear Racer Fans - Just a few days remaining to reserve your spot at RacerHoopaLooza 2014! Seats are limited so please contact us today! You will not want to miss this night of Racer Basketball History. Players and Coaches from all eras will be returning to Murray for this special event. Come hear Racer legends Isaiah Canaan, Popeye Jones, Jim Jennings, Bennie Purcell and Guest of Honor Coach Cal Luther. HoopaLooza 2014 is honoring Head Coach Cal Luther and the 1964 team which was the first Murray State team to reach the NCAA Tournament. Come meet former players and coaches and learn how this team started 50 years of excellence and numerous NCAA appearances. Then on Friday, grab some friends and join us at Murray Country Club for a team golf scramble. Come as a team of four or as an individual. Each foursome will play with a Racer legend or current member of the Racer coaching staff. For additional details visit Thursday, August 7th - 5:30 pm - Reception, Dinn ...
Drafts Billups then trades him 50 games into his rookie season for Kenny Anderson, Popeye Jones and Zan Tabak, Awesome!
Popeye Jones technically is too ugly to be allowed on South Beach without a permit
NBA cameramen should know better than to pan down a bench with Popeye Jones sitting on it, jeez. Like Young Frankenstein
you can't forget: Popeye Jones, Jahidi White, or George Mureasan
The schedules aligned, and assistant Popeye Jones was able to watch his son play in an NHL game last night:
Advantageous schedule affords Pacers asst. the chance to watch son’s NHL game
Popeye Jones tells media Predators D Seth Jones has 'concussion-like syndrome'.
I had no idea that Seth Jones was Popeye Jones' kid. Crazy. Still mad at Popeye for wrecking Dirk's ankle that one time in 2002
Can we take a moment to appreciate Seth Jones' dad's name is Popeye?
Video: Seth Jones suffers ‘concussion-like’ syndrome on Sunday: "Popeye" Jones gives the update from an Andrew...
Popeye Jones was up in the press box between periods. He's an assistant with the Pacers. His son is the Predators' Seth Jones.
Popeye Jones has disclosed that status of son Seth to FS Tennessee in that he has concussion like symptoms, David Poile and co none please
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Still laughing at what Popeye Jones said "concussion like syndrome"
Apparently Popeye Jones said Seth has a "concussion-like syndrome” in an interview on the Fox broadcast
So Seth Jones’ dad Popeye just said that Seth has a "concussion-like syndrome” during his interview with FS Tennessee.
Aw, poor Popeye Jones. There to see his kid play, and Seth Jones's broken.
Popeye Jones on the broadcast! Not exactly eloquent, but very funny.
Popeye Jones on the Fox Sports Tennessee broadcast at intermission. Too bad he had to watch Seth get hurt.
Popeye Jones is looking a lot like Brutus these days
Popeye Jones a little too much spinach?
Popeye Jones looks like he's been eating nothing but Popeyes since he played in the NBA.
What a bummer that Popeye Jones is rarely able to see his son play & now Seth Jones is hurt. That really ***
Popeye Jones is in attendance and got to see his son get obliterated by Andrew Shaw live and in person!
Former NBA player Popeye Jones is on hand at the United Center to watch his son, Seth, play for Predators vs.
Annd, as I write that about Popeye and Seth Jones, I'm hearing Seth Jones is out for the rest of the game vs. with an injury.
I'm quite certain the Sloth character in Goonies was inspired by Popeye Jones. The ghost of Rocky Dennis thinks he's ugly.
DID YOU KNOW: Nashville Predator Seth Jones is Popeye Jones' son. I did not.
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Knicks are Muresan, Tyrone Hill, Sam Cassell, Popeye Jones all in one Ugly.
“Nah. Snell might be the ugliest *** ever to out in a uniform.” Can't forget Sam Cassell and Popeye Jones and Eric Williams
Thats right. But still. He getting checks though. Now he getting them like Tyron Lue, Popeye Jones, Darvin Ham, & Robert Pack
Was the last Raptor to wear 54 (Patterson’s No.) Popeye Jones? Anthony Carter had No. 25. that Salmons is wearing
I'm sure I have more votes in the All Star game than Popeye Jones right now 🙌
I wanna know *** happened to the Popeye's in Cahokia!!!
This is at least the Popeye Jones of quarters.
And his girl looked like Popeye Jones. No diss.
I credit Popeye with my development too. What up Popeye jones basketball camp summer of 1996
Credit him, but also Popeye Jones & now Roy Rogers. Roy works very closely with him.
It's been too long since I've had Popeye's. About 1 week to be exact
you and Skip make the same facial expressions Popeye Jones
Patrick Patterson is the 6th player to wear (Ed Pinckney, Popeye Jones, William Cunningham, Damone Brown, Zendon Hamilton)
A hairdresser in Spoons called Tamagotchi thought me and Dave were a *** couple. And she was hanging out with Tom Jones and Popeye
Me tomorrow before finals when i pump loads of caffeine into my blood
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Well it looks like both my teams are winners tonight and funny thing is they are both lead by Jones' blood...funny, I have been a Pacers fan all of life and a predators fan since they established in Nashville even sporting the same proud blue and gold for both but I have ever felt more pride as I have this year with Popeye Jones and Seth Jones representing!
Is Popeye Jones a bench coach for the
Popeye Jones sitting over on the bench lookin CRAZY
I see popeye jones still looks retarded
Watching the BEST of both Sports. GO Pacers and Popeye Jones and GO Preditors and Seth Jones.
Seth Jones said he talked with his dad about playing at MSG. Popeye said it was one of his favorite places to play...
Most I've seen out of Danny Granger at practice. Running conditioning drills with Popeye Jones.
Julius pepper looks like a mix of Popeye Jones and the goonies sloth
Kobe won't get another ring with this roster. He needs Pau gone, another star and Dj Mbenga or Popeye Jones to come out of retirement.
notes from Assistant coaches Dan Burke, Nate McMillan and Popeye Jones rotate scouting:
Tyrone Hill and Popeye jones are two of the worst players we will ever see
Stoudemire, Camby, Popeye Jones, Tabak, McGrady, Carter, etc... Got to meet them all and more... Cool times
"Bojangles was lookin sad earlier, Popeye was live as *** lol"
So is his real name Popeye Jones? Or it is a nickname?. Because if his mother gave him that name, she needs smacked. Lol
I bet Luis Scola always laughs when he hears the name "Popeye Jones."
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I never knew that Seth Jones from the Nashville Predators is the kid of Popeye Jones that played for the Wizards (asst. coach for the Pacers now).
Popeye Jones...that's a helluva name there, bud.
Hot or not? Former pro basketball player Popeye Jones:
Real talk--- who had a better nickname in 90's basketball, popeye jones or bimbo coles?
I'm so old that when I saw box score for Thunder game with "P. Jones" I thought "Wow, Popeye Jones is still around?"
I dunno but didn't he want to be Seth Jones agent at some point (obvious relationship with Popeye)? That sounds weird to say
The Bulls aren't getting Melo they're getting Popeye Jones and A.C Green?!?!?!?!
Lmao !!! Just met Popeye Jones, and said he look like "Devo" from the movie "Friday"
Who was the ugliest dude to hit the NBA? Tyrone Hill, Sam Cassell, or Popeye Jones
Sam Cassell, Popeye Jones & Tyrone Hill in the NBA ugly Hall of Fame
Popeye Jones was just behind me at the Walmart check out. Pretty cool!! Just took me back 20+ years. I sat behind him in Music Appreciation class. No mistaking those ears.
A Roy Tarpley ref can't be far behind. “Did Panger just name-drop Popeye Jones? Yep, my night is complete.
South Fulton's McKenzee Pane reached her goal with a best-ever final round in the Class A-AA State Golf Tournament Wednesday in Manchester. Find out where Pane and Red Devil teammate Justin Johns ranked at the end of the event in Thursday's sports section. There's also news on Dresden native Popeye Jones being inducted into the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame. UT Martin's stadium renovation has been pushed back a year, but this year's Skyhawks are gearing up for homecoming Saturday with a critical game against Jacksonville State in Ohio Valley Conference play. All that plus weekly favorite ‘Remember when?’ is a part of your local newspaper today.
Pacers hire Popeye Jones to fill out coaching staff - Indianapolis Star
Thrill for me to speak w/ all-time scorer Jeff Martin & rebounder Popeye Jones today.Article Wed. Their thoughts on Aug15 Hoopalooza
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The Davey Johnson bobble head looks like Popeye Jones.
Just to let yall all know... RACISM is STILL VERY MUCH ALIVE... AND A PART OF US CULTURE... Paula Deen was last week news... here go a new story... Seth Jones... some of you remember his dad... Popeye Jones from the NBA and Wizards at one point... Seth is the rated Hockey player in the U.S. for Hockey his size is crazy 6'4 220... Imaginge Lebron James big *** skating on ice throwing everybody all ove...r the place.. Now it is NO secret that Hockey is THE ONLY sport prodominantly WHITE in 2013... Seth was slated to be the Draft pick of the NHL draft... He would have been the first African American EVER taken in the draft... and the like the first in the Top 20... EVER!... Word is Colorado(who had the first pick) was getting alot of backlash from fans and supporters to NOT draft him because of one thing... HE BLACK... He is without question the best talent in the draft... backlash from fans and supporters = Loss of revenue... He has already received hate mail and racist driven mail.. and hasnt even stepped ...
I thought Jose Bautista had big ears until I was reminded of how big Popeye Jones's ears are!
Russell Thompson kept trying to tell folks (particularly Gina Miller and Bill Jones of Ch.21/11) that Popeye Jones' son Seth would NOT go number 1 in the NHL draft to the Avs like they were predicting (he went 4th to the Predators)..maybe Russell should be doing the shows instead at least when it comes to hockey !
Popeye Jones's son and McNabb's nephew being drafted into the NHL today. Would love to see more kids w/ these genes choose hockey @ yung age
Get this - The just drafted Seth Jones, who is the son of Popeye Jones, who hails from Dresden, TN. Cool!
Seth Jones, son of former great Popeye Jones, selected No.4 fourth overall by Nashville Predators in draft. Somewhat surprising
Wait, Popeye Jones' kid is a hockey player, and was taken 4th overall in the
Popeye Jones' son may be the best amateur hockey player in America. Now that's crazy. Shout out Seth Jones
“BEST Popeye Jones photo (son probably going first in the NHL Draft).
is the best league! Popeye Jones son, & McNabb nephew both selections today.
Popeye Jones' son Seth was the 4th overall pick
Seth Jones falls in NHL Draft to Nashville at pick number four. He's the son of former NBA player Popeye Jones.
I heard about Popeye Jones' kid possibly being a top draft pick, but the McNabb thing is news to me..
Popeye Jones' son and Donovan McNabb's nephew go in the top 7 of the NHL Draft.interedasting
Ex-NBA player Popeye Jones' son Seth could be 1st African-American taken in Black kid from Texas top pick in …
Popeye Jones's son selected 4th overall in the NHL Draft.
I think he's from Frisco (born in Plano). Son of former NBA player Popeye Jones.
Popeye Jones' son Seth goes fourth in first round of NHL draft
So Popeye Jones' kid & Donovan McNabb's nephew were just drafted in NHL top 7 after PK Subban won Norris? I'm not saying...but I'm saying...
Popeye Jones' son and Donovan McNabb's nephew in the top 10 overall picks? A good day for hockey...
Popeye Jones son and Donavon McNabb's nefew both drafte in top 10 in the
Seth Jones becomes the highest drafted player from the state of Texas. overall to Nashville Predators. Son of NBA C Pop…
Good convo with Popeye Jones, great guy
Gotta love when the top 7 picks in the NHL draft feature Popeye Jones' son and Donovan McNabb's nephew.
Here's Popeye Jones on his son Seth Jones falling to No. 4 ...
Should be a steal for the Predators. Seth Jones, son of ex-NBA forward Popeye Jones, widely considered top prospect in draft.
Donovan McNabbs nephew was just drafted 9th overall in the NHL draft?!? Brooklyn Nets Coach Popeye Jones son goes 4th overall...
Donavan McNabb > Popeye Jones. Darnell Nurse is a good pick for the Oilers.
2 black people selected in the first round of the NHL draft. Popeye Jones son. And Donavan Mcnabb's nephew. I'm uncomfortable with this   10% Off
Darnell Nurse, nephew of Donovan McNabb, and Seth Jones, son of Popeye Jones, have been taken so far
.is the son of former NBA player Ronald “Popeye” Jones and led all WHL rookie dmen with 56 points.
Congrats to former Murray St great Popeye Jones whose son Seth Jones was just picked No. 4 by Nashville Preds in dr…
Portland Dman Seth Jones, son of Nets assistant coach Popeye Jones, taken 4th by the Nashville Predators
A second black guy picked in top 7 of NHL. Darnell Nurse is nephew of Donovan McNabb. First guy is son of NBA's Popeye Jones!
Ok. Popeye jones' son got drafted fourth And Donovan McNabb's nephew seventh. Yes I'm talking about the
The NHL has to love the added attention of relatives of Popeye Jones and Donovan McNabb being drafted today.
Popeye Jones and now Donovan McNabb.but how does Barry Larkin feel about all this?
“Jerry Jones would do what it takes to get Seth Jones!! Seth Jones will be the Popeye Jones of the NHL
Popeye Jones was a standout basketball player at Dresden and Murray State who parlayed his talents into an 11-year NBA career. His middle son Seth is about to go pro, too — but not in basketball. See why ice is nice for this teenage phenom. It was a big day for Pat Summitt, who saw the premier of a new ESPN film about her and learned of plans for the "Pat Summitt Plaza" at an entrance to the campus. A current Jackson Generals player hopes fans get out the vote for his "Future" in baseball. All that, Oregon's penalties, the Grizzlies' draft and the Railroaders' latest ... today in The Messenger's sports section.
Hopefully by now everyone knows NHL lottery pick Seth Jones is the son of NBA'er Popeye Jones. But probable 6-8 pick Darnell Nurse's Uncle is NFL QB Donovan McNabb. Top that off with Max Domi(Tie Domi's son) and Kerby Rychel(Warren Rychel's kid.) This draft isn't short of bloodlines and interesting stories.
Today I was told that I kind of look like Tony Parker. I can't hate, definitely glad she didn't say Popeye Jones or Chris Kaman.
Seth Jones, son of ex-NBA player Popeye Jones, could be first African-American taken No. 1 in the draft
Ah. I remember the Mavs on 2002. Nick Van Exel, Steve Nash, Popeye Jones. Lakers fans also remember their 2002 team. Kobe, Shaq, Fish, Brian Shaw. Heat fans: We had a team in 2002?
Chauncey Billups was on the 2000 Nuggets. he played less minutes than either Cory Alexander or Popeye Jones.
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loved the interview with Popeye Jones today! Great story about Joe Sakic!!
Kupchak, Jerry Sloan, Danny Ferry, Tim Hardaway and Flip Saunders and Popeye Jones seem to have biggest presences.
Wait. Wait. The Avalanche are going to draft Popeye Jones' son?
Popeye Jones played SS when his Dresden High team played us in state baseball playoffs.
Wonder how many hoop fans know the first pick in NHL draft will be son of former Murray State and Dallas Mavs star Popeye Jones?
It just cracks me up that he's Popeye Jones' kid.
Latest visit to Toronto already paying off: Reminded former Celtic Popeye Jones' son is going to be picked first in NHL draft
The prospect of the 2013 NHL draft is the son of Popeye Jones, former NBA player, and Jay Z wants to represent him. Interesting dynamic.
Who would have thought that Popeye Jones' son would be the top pick in the NHL? Didn't see that coming.
While the won't likely get Popeye Jones' son Seth, they could draft Donovan McNabb's nephew - Darnell Nurse.
Im done...the first pick of the NHL draft is Popeye Jones's son. Lmaooo
No. 1 pick already a lock?: Basically, the hockey world has Joe Sakic to thank for Popeye Jones' son Seth play...
how can u forget a name like Popeye Jones! lol
Popeye Jones' son is about to be the 1st black player to go in the NHL Draft, hopefully ESPN can make that a story
Who doesn't know who Popeye Jones is
I would have added Popeye Jones son, but a lot of people don't know Popeye... I could say the guy that might sign with Jay-Z LOL
Avalanche have the pick in the draft. Looks like they'll take my boy & son of former NBA player Popeye Jones, congrats kid!!
THIS JUST IN: I just learned that Seth Jones, son of former Dresden, Murray State and NBA standout Popeye Jones,...
you see NBA legend Popeye Jones has a kid who may go overall in the NHL
Tomorrow 1:26:41 pm meet me at the Popeye's on jones
So Popeye Jones' son is the projected 1st draft pick .Of the NHL draft? Wow Thats so Dope!
Avalanche win NHL Draft lottery. BTW Seth Jones lived in Colorado for 8 years where his dad Popeye got advice from Joe Sakic
Popeye Jones, a.k.a. the ugliest basketball player to ever live, birthed a son, who is the likely overall pick in the NHL Draft. wat
And Popeye Jones' son is the number 1 rated prospect in the NHL draft who knew ...
Jay-Z says he wants Roc Nation Sports Agency to rep top draft prospect and son of assistant coach Popeye Jones, Seth Jones.
get 1st pick of NHL draft. Now grab Popeye Jones' kid, hire Patrick Roy and let's kick some frozen ***
Huge lottery win for the Colorado tonight. The Seth Jones-Denver ties with him & his father Popeye make it too perfect.
The top NHL prospect is Popeye Jones' son and he may sign with Jay-z? What?
Popeye Jones' kid might go first in the NHL draft? Well, ***
Popeye Jones' kid is the projected pick in the NHL Draft?? How awesome is that
the first Texas-born hockey player expected to go overall, Seth Jones (Popeye's kid) will likely be a Colorado Avalanche.
Popeye jones son is project to be the daft pick in hockey wow lol
You guys should get Popeye Jones on the show.
yep, the son of Popeye Jones is the presumptive number one pick in the NHL draft...
Interesting that get No. 1 pick. Popeye Jones, the father of top prospect Seth Jones, played in for
Congrats to landed 1st overall pick in draft. They can pick D-man Seth Jones, son of Popeye, who grew up in Denver area.
That's an amazing story about Joe Sakic telling Popeye Jones to have son take skating lessons now hes going to be drafted # 1 by Joes' team
NHL Prospect Darnell Nurse is the nephew of Donovan McNabb. Seth Jones, also a prospect, is the son of Popeye Jones. Both African-American.
.OT just zoomed in on PJ Carlesimo, Mario Elie, and Popeye Jones. Im riled up now!
I didnt know Mario Elie & Popeye Jones are assistants for coach P.J.
Brian Shaw, Quinn Snyder, Mario Elie, Popeye Jones may get look unless D12 & CP3 go to ATL. Then heavy push for Phil Jax
Is that Mario Elie and Popeye Jones on the Nets sideline?
Interesting how former player, Popeye Jones son, Seth, is a top prospect for the next
Wait, so you're telling me Popeye Jones son is one of the best hockey players in the country?
BTW, you following the Winterhawks? Hit a game this weekend, didn't know Popeye Jones kid is playing for them.
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lol nah Popeye Jones son they jus showed a commercial
Popeye Jones' son is like a SERIOUS NHL prospect. You know what that means? Somebody had sex with this dude…
Popeye Jones' son is the NHL prospect?
to Popeye Jones son gonna be a top pick in the upcoming NHL draft.
I aint seen popeye jones since 98 lol.
I kinda forgot how ugly Popeye Jones was!
Popeye jones's son plays for the Blackhawks
How in the *** did Popeye jones even let his son get introduced to hockey??
Popeye Jones son play for the Blackhawks
Popeye Jones' son is a hockey player. Didn't pick up basketball.
Sometimes you just gotta thank God you don't look like Popeye Jones
I met popeye jones at a bar one time, *** look like a bigass caveman
Popeye Jones has a son that plays NHL Hockey? Random.
Listening to 105.5 when I you interrupted the interview w/ Popeye Jones as they were talking about Seth.
Who's going to get Popeye Jones's kid?
Stars now have enough picks to make my Archie Manning draft day power move by Popeye Jones a reality?!
Popeye Jones' son might be the top pick. the the NHL draft?! o_O?
Can the Stars just draft Popeye Jones' kid. That would be awesome
B.K. nets asst Popeye Jones son pick in NHL draft is that correct..?
My defense a 88 and my Offense a 7... That make me a 63 overall like Popeye Jones
don't tell me your Popeye the Sailor Gyal
Gotta make this run to Popeye's before it closes. I got a Jones for the bird.
Convinced my daughter and nieces to watch Popeye, the movie..."Auntie, is this movie old?" I give them about 10...
Popeye Jones is da ugliest mf' of all time...
get ya Popeye jones lookin *** outta here, smellin like mad sheep ***
worst haircut by far, but go look up old school players ken "the animal" bannister, Popeye jones, and Paul mokeski...
Wow...Popeye Jones looking a bit scary in that last shot...
At the Jazz game with my brother and nephew trying to get autos. We saw Popeye Jones!
ya...Popeye Jones' son...he's built like Deron Williams but plays hockey
Mentally I'm Rod Strickland with the handles, reality I'm more like Popeye Jones.
I added a video to a playlist Popeye Jones Looking Crazy in Blowout Loss
one reason to see a winterhawks game their best player Seth Jones is popeye Jones' son. Yes that popeye Jones.
wait, Popeye Jones the former NBA player?
Man, I'd do a thousand cold ones with Popeye Jones if given the opportunity.
Seth Jones (son of Popeye) and his Portland WInterhawks teammates during a Jan. 2013 game:
The number one prospect in the NHL draft Seth Jones is Nets assistant Popeye Jones' son
do you Seth Jones is the son former NBA player Popeye Jones? That's good NBA and NHL knowledge.
Seth Jones is the son of Popeye Jones.
Popeye Jones son would look good in the orange and black. Great fit
wow! You got ears like Popeye Jones getting boy
This Murray State alum loves the Popeye Jones reference.
Popeye Jones on bench as a Nets' assistant. His son Seth, a 6'4" D-man, is projected to be a top two pick in NHL draft this summer.
Calvin Booth, Sam Cassell, Gheorghe Muresan, Tyrone Hill, and Popeye Jones are the UGLIEST NBA players off ALL TIME *in Kanye voice*
NBA father Popeye Jones tried to put a basketball in his hands, but Seth chose a hockey stick instead. He could be skating in the NHL by next season, leaving the Hawks after just one year
my *** Popeye Jones gonna eifel tower some *** tonight
Dickie V compared Reggie Johnson to Warren Sapp. Figured he'd go Popeye Jones but Morgan St. isnt on the floor
you should do a Popeye Jones or Jerome Williams one next!
Somebody smack PJ Carlesimo glasses off and give Popeye Jones some spinach. Neither has subbed Gerald Wallace in game
- Popeye Jones was the ugliest ever, Sheldon Williams is just behind Sam Cassell and Olden POLYNICE
To the dumba-- that said popeye is his real name. Learn how to read before you post things. His name is Ronald not popeye
Did you know. For the first time in NHL history Two individuals of African decent may be drafted in the Top 30 prospect draft 2013 !!! ( one can be 1st overall ) Set Jones ( Son of NBA player Popeye Jones ) and Anthony Duclaire ( Laval , Quebec - Haitian ) are the Two candidates... If you didn't know, now you Know !
I kind of wish Seth Jones' dad, Popeye, played hockey instead of basketball
looks like Popeye Jones' son on the USA hockey team 😊
Who will the Mavs send to the always-awkward draft lottery? Popeye Jones? One of the Sasser brothers?
“Is that Popeye Jones on the Nets coaching staff?” - second ugliest player in NBA history
is that Popeye Jones on the Nets coaching staff?
The Brooklyn Nets assistant coach's name is 'Popeye Jones'. Its not a nickname. That is all.
I wonder if popeye Jones looked that crazy when he was a baby. Thats the only reason y I could see his parents naming him popeye
Popeye Jones does such a better job at the halftime interview then P.J. Carlisemo
Wait. Nets asst Coach Popeye Jones always gets the YES walk off halftime interviews?
The coaches name for the Nets is Popeye Jones.
Woah Popeye jones was straight death staring Sarah kustok in that interview
Popeye Popeye Jones is an ast coach with the Nets? Wow, where did the time go?
PS - Popeye Jones is the greatest name ever.
does that mean Popeye Jones in March?
Digging Seth Jones highlights during First Intermission of USA-Czech Republic. I can't over fact he's son of former NBA player Popeye Jones.
BOOM! And this is how we watch the rest of the World Juniors. Double or nothing if it's Popeye Jones' kid.
When I heard Popeye Jones kid played hockey all I could think about was if he had his dads ears? If so, how does he get his helmet on?
According to a recent article on NetsDaily, Avery Johnson wanted Popeye Jones to be his replacement as head coach...
Watching this U-20 Ice Hockey World Championships. The fact that Popeye Jones' kid Seth is great at hockey continues to be awesome.
In fairness, the only guy I know playing in this game is Popeye Jones' kid.
Brooklyn Nets assistant coach Popeye Jones, a good friend of the show, has a son who is a top hockey prospect.
I just realized his dad is Popeye Jones from TN - Seth Jones Is a Rising Hockey Star
It's hilarious that I'm seeing Popeye Jones on my tv right now
Its Seth Jones adopted?? He looks nothing like Popeye Jones lol
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*** told me i play like a fat joe johnson nd a slow rajon rondo 2day wen i was hoopin... Lmao i told him he play lik popeye jones in 2013
Rumors: Bobcats to make a run at DeMarcus Cousins? + Avery Johnson wanted Popeye Jones as interim coach?
Seems unimaginable that would promote Popeye Jones when they had PJ, an asst with three rings in SA and three stints as head coach.
Did Avery Johnson want Popeye Jones as his replacement with
No hangover no headache no nothing *** I'm Popeye jones lol
Good to see Popeye Jones' son has set himself up to be a top 3 pick in the NHL draft
Confession: I have no idea who Coco Jones is. I woulda guessed sister of overweight former NBA center Popeye and I woulda been wrong.
Just found out that the assistant head coach for the nets name is popeye jones 😱
So they fired Avery Johnson for Popeye Jones? Popeye tho? lol
They call me Popeye Jones in the block
Well onto the next pj, Popeye Jones
Someone is showing his age lol The Nets assistant coach is named "Popeye Jones" LMFAO
These Popeye Jones HT interviews are ,.uhm...I can't find the words
Popeye jones on TV looking like a dope head b
only a guy named Popeye Jones can rock a tie like that
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JaVale McGee was the worst dressed Wizard of all time..i saw Popeye Jones get fresher then him
So Popeye Jones' son is an awesome hockey player?!
Been getting up 4-5am to watch U20 World Championships. Great hockey from our future stars.POPEYE JONES son Seth is one Em
is that the same Popeye Jones that used to have the scariest nba profile pic of all time? I had nightmares...
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