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Pope Francis

Francis (born Jorge Mario Bergoglio on 17 December 1936) is the 266th and current pope of the Roman Catholic Church, elected on 13 March 2013. In that role, he is both the leader of the Catholic Church and Sovereign of the Vatican City State.

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Only leaders of Orthodox Christianity are still remaining true to Christian teachings. Pope Francis & Protestant leader…
It may shock some to hear that Pope Francis is on the front lines fighting against theocratic rule, b…
Pope Francis donates to FAO to assist drought and conflict-stricken populations in East Africa
Pope Francis: questions remain over his role during Argentina's dictatorship
Here's what Pope Francis and Justin Trudeau talked about
PA Archbishop Charles Chaput, THANK YOU for standing up for America and our against Pope Francis' unreasonable criticism. 🇺🇸✝️
First time in history. Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew personally present at Pope Francis installation.
Drama in the Vatican: Former Pope Benedict Lashes out at Pope Francis -via
Top allies of Pope Francis criticize religious Trump supporters Have the Swiss guard protect the world not USA
Close confidants of Pope Francis have written an article strongly criticizing American religious supporters of Trump http…
Vatican rocked by homosexual orgy . "Capozzi’s boss is Card. Coccopalmerio, 1 of Pope Francis’ closest supporters".
Pope Francis apologized for the mistreatment of *** Hindus abolished practices like Sati, when will you stand up aga…
Naumann: 'Pope Francis's job isn't to make a bishop's life easier'
Pope Francis announces all mentions of "father" in bible to be replaced w "zaddy 👅" beginning 2019
Dallas Cowboys owner Jones, Hall of Famers meet with Pope Francis
If dopey cardinals who voted Francis for Pope in 2013,had done homework they would have found a Peron in a cassock. .
"The great challenge facing us today is to learn once again how to talk to one another.” (Pope Francis)
“What need does the earth have of us?”. Pope Francis, Laudato Si': . On the Care of Our Common Home.
If Pope Francis is so concerned about migrants he should open the Vatican for them. He has plenty of room, food,…
Pope Francis clam up. You worry about pedophile priests and Americans will worry about the USA
Colonel Ralph Peters said tonight on Tucker Carlson's show that Putin is on par with Hitler. Here, Pope Francis explains Hitler…
There is a new way of becoming a saint, Pope Francis has announced
Have you heard of Catholic Women Preach? It's a response to Pope Francis' call for a broader church. A group of...
Pope Francis has created a new path to sainthood – but is it as radical as it sounds?
Hi xenophobes, . Is this your new thing? I'd love a painting of Jesus, the Buddha, or Pope Francis. Thanks!.
Pope Francis is behaving like a Latin American dictator - but the liberal media aren't interested.
Pope Francis on his Pontificate to date - Vatican Radio
Pope Francis needs to worry about his own house.
Pope Francis: Catholic Church in South Korea‐ Stop Promoting the Consumption of Dog Meat - Sign the ... via
Do you have a reputation for holiness? You might be Saint material, and I'm not talkin' Simon Templar!
Pope Francis on human rights and equality.
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If you think Pope Francis is making it hard, you ought to attend mass at my parish. Our pastor is a hug…
The press has used the often used Pope Francis as a puppet to spout their own ideology. This article is…
In other breaking news: Pope Francis said gluten-free bread is a no-go when it comes to communion. So, Catholicism is c…
My visit with the Pope: The Weeknd's manager SAL talks about his Vatican visit
Mary's got this. Unite in prayer with the Pope for this visit.
Pope Francis creates new path to beatification under ‘offering of life.’
“Let no man, woman, youth or child ever again be victim of human trafficking!” Pope Francis
No, that was the glory of the olive (Benedict). Francis is the black pope
How is Pope Francis making a real difference? This will give you a good idea.
Pope Francis is a strange man, has anyone seen the throne he has at the Vatican. It's like something out of *** 😬😬
I liked a video Why the only future worth building includes everyone | Pope Francis
The A - Z list of concerns with Pope Francis – The confusion caused by Pope Francis in the Catholic Church is o... https:…
Pope Francis is one of the biggest embarrassments to the Catholic Church in centuries. He should focus on rooting out p…
Pope Francis warns of a “very dangerous” alliance between the U.S. and Russia
Donald Trump and Pope Francis recently came out in support of terminally ill Charlie Gard.
Peter Andre weighs in on the battle to save Charlie Gard's life following Donald Trump and Pope Francis' ... -…
Saint Peter and Saint Paul, pray for us, for Pope Francis and for the city of Rome.
Pope Francis: The alliance between the US and Russia is dangerous
I'm gonna need you to educate yourself bc Pope Francis said "If a *** person is of good will and is in search of Go…
Here's the text of Pope Francis's amazing speech on unions, marginalized workers & the "sins" of modern capitalism. http…
Hold on a minute Pope Francis! Mary is Morning STAR, Gate of Heaven and also "STAR OF THE SEA?" What Mary is not for you Pope?
Questions about Pope Francis' handling of child sexual abuse by priests. Looks like a whitewash to me.
Vehicle price of Nepali President may exceed those of President Xi Jinping, President Vladimir Putin and Pope Francis .
One in 50 priests is a paedophile: Pope Francis says child abuse is 'leprosy' infecting the Catholic Church
After attack on Coptic Christians, Pope Francis says there are more Christian martyrs today than in ancient times
Pope Francis drops cardinal in charge of handling abuse cases after sex offence charges laid against George Pell
Pope Francis' right-hand man Cardinal George Pell is 1 of over 8,000 priests accused of pedophilia.
I am enjoying this international politics v local politics that is tearing the Catholic Church apart. I love it. 😍.
They do; the deaths don't stop. Why won't christians stop killing? .
Why Pope Francis just called labor unions “prophets”
Pope Francis: Labor unions are essential to society
Merkel and Pope Francis recently won awards given by the people who are trying to destroy us. They are in…
“Respect parents’ desire” – Vatican hospitals in Italy ready to welcome him
Pope Francis’ message of inclusion to guide US Catholic leaders at historic meeting…
Pope and protesters express support for Charlie Gard - Pope Francis (pictured) said in the Vatican today ...
Pope supports for parents suffering with sick child . via
Pope Francis (pictured) said in the Vatican today that he hopes doctors will allow the parents of 10-month-old C...
Pope Francis: Holy Father appeals for 'democratic solution' to Venezuela violence . Pope Fra…
“To prevent unwarranted fears and speculation detrimental to migrants” Pope Francis
Pope Francis is purging the church of its best doctrinal minds.
Pope Francis calls on hospital to respect Charlie Gard's parents' desire to care for him "to the end"
BELLWETHER: Vatican shakeup - behind the sweet smile, Pope Francis flexes his muscle
Even Pope Francis knows! Labor unions are essential to society.
Being a Christian isn't just about following commandments: it's about letting Christ take possession of our lives ~ Pope…
Pope Francis would stan Taemin because he's a devout catholic
Pope Francis called Sunday for the parents...
Pope Francis says authorities must respect Charlie Gard’s parents’ wish to care for him ‘to the end’
Pope Francis denounces treatment of migrants in Easter Vigil message via
Today in the world: "White House Visits, Move by Pope Francis, Attack in Venezuela" by BRYANT ROUSSEAU via NYT The…
Pray the today! "Jesus is the sun and Mary is the dawn announcing his rising." – Pope Francis
ICYM: In a statement released by the Vatican today, Pope Francis expressed his support to parents.
There are too many 'sour pusses' in church today,Bishop Gregory says quoting Pope Francis at
Our call today echoes what Pope Francis keeps telling us: Go out,encounter,engage, accompany!.
Chimamanda Adichie on the revolutionary humanity of Pope Francis
Pope Francis arrives in DC today. Here are the areas to avoid:
During today's message, Pope Francis reflected on the essential characteristics of
Friends, like to pray with Pope Francis today? Clicktopray is his official platform for prayer. Get the app!
Imo Catholic community defies Pope Francis, insists on removal of Bishop
Updated: Most "The Bachelor" marriages today are invalid, Pope Francis suggests
Pope Francis is the Barack Obama of the Catholic Church.
Today: Pope Francis replaces Cardinal Muller by appointing Archbishop Luis Ladaria as the new prefect for the...
Excellent discussion about Jesuits and Pope Francis by Dr. E. Michael Jones author of The Jewish Revolutionary...
Ghandi, Pope Francis, Dr. James Hansen, William McDonough... ill thing if 2 more
Cardinal George Pell, one of Pope Francis' top advisers, has been charged with sexual assault
Growth of the traditional Mass is not one of Pope Francis' surprises of the Holy Spirit? "Ten yrs of 'SumPont' " http…
Cardinal George Pell, a key adviser to Pope Francis, has been ordered to appear in a Melbourne court next month.
Pope Francis announces five new cardinals, including first from Mali via /r/worldnews
the steak was GREAT 👍🏼 thankful I dined in let his meeting with Pope F…
Pope Francis gets it. Caring for the ill is a way for you to bear someone else's cross, to experience kenosis.
Predators of Church continue unabated. Police initiate criminal char…
🚨BREAKING🚨 . Pope Francis should spend more time cracking down on perv/pedo priests than worrying about global warming & open b…
Forcing workers to carry on working in old-age.Pope Francis calls for new social contract for labor - Vatican Radio
Australian Cardinal and top financial advisor to Pope Francis charged with sexual assault
POPE FRANCIS top aide George Pell charged with historic child sex offences; he has vehemently denied the accusation…
Australia's top Vatican cardinal charged with multiple sex offenses
I dont think Pope Francis is a Christian.
The way francis and other look at children gives me the creeps,
Pope Francis tells five new cardinals not to become ‘princes’ but to serve like Jesus
Pope Francis calls on businesses to replace older employees with younger ones
Top adviser to Pope Francis, Cardinal George Pell, charged with child sex abuse in Australia
Pope Francis: The way of Christ is the way of persecution via
Here's some really great news from the Vatican.
Australian police charge aide with sexual offences, stunned
Pope Francis's financial adviser and top Vatican Cardinal George Pell charged with historic sex offences.
Australian cardinal, a top adviser to Pope Francis, is charged with sexual assault, Australian police say
Australian Cardinal charged with sexual assault is the Vatican's finance chief and an adviser to Pope Francis
Our Healthcare Lead discusses fake news, Pope Francis' PR power & more in Global Power Boo…
Heard of another Novus Ordo priest death today RIP and no one to replace him, seems that's what Pope Francis >
Wonderful! Cardinal Joseph W. Tobin, who was appointed by Pope Francis, welcomes and embraces the LGBT community.
Mrs Slater and Mrs Leyden received a papal blessing from Pope Francis the leavers' mass today to commemorate their…
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King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima attended a special meeting with Pope Francis at the Apostolic Palace
"Health is not a consumer good but a universal right, so access to health services cannot be a privilege" Pope Francis. Heed,
Missed it? Retired Pope Benedict XVI says he 'feels protected' by Pope Francis https:…
When you pray for the Holy Father, Pope Francis, don't forget to also pray for Benedict XVI, our Pope Emeritus. https:…
What does Bishop Tobin think about Pope Francis? Find out tonight at 5 in 's exclusive one-on-one.
Looks like Jerry and Gene made it to the Vatican. More on their trip to meet Pope Francis ➡️ http…
Watch Cowboys owner Jerry Jones present Pope Francis with a gold helmet at the Vatican.
Jerry Jones meets with Pope Francis today: Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and his wife, Gene, are scheduled to……
Mary Anne Sullivan from the United States has just submitted at petition asking Pope Francis to clarify Am
Pope Francis upholds legacy of two 'inconvenient' priests
Pope Francis: "I'm just here so I won't get fined."
When Pope Francis became our new pope he renewed my faith in so many ways
"The world tells us to seek success, power and money; God tells us to seek HUMILITY, SERVICE and LOVE." -- Pope Francis
For the Holy Father, for faithful priests, and for the truth about marriage, we offer up our grateful prayers.
Two years ago, urged us to fulfill our moral obligation to with
Pope Francis on St Joseph "you have to be patient with these carpenters: they tell you […] a couple of weeks and it ends up ta…
The Holy See announces that Pope Francis will visit and in January 2018.
encourages Chancellor Merkel to continue the fight against | America Magazine
We need more leaders like willing to & protect nuestro futuro y
Pope Francis institutes a World Day of the Poor as a concrete sign of legacy of Holy Year of Mercy. Celebrated annually on 33rd Sunday OT
Two years ago, my piece on Pope Francis and appeared in
The Eucharist is reminder of God’s love, call to unity - Pope Francis. For the story, go to
LIVE: Pope Francis opens congress on teen education
Pope Francis prays with 20,000 pilgrims for the victims of Portugal's deadly fire
Angela Merkel and Pope Francis agree to push multilateralism
Pope Francis will travel to Chile and Peru in January 2018
Pope Francis names two rabbis to Pontifical Academy of Life in historic first
Pope Francis. Let us pray for our Coptic brethren in Egypt who were killed because they did not want to renounce the faith.
The mafia may have to choose between 'the family' and the Catholic Church, if Pope Francis gets h...
To change the world we must be good to those who cannot repay us. — Pope Francis
Pope Francis guts Vatican pro-life academy of members chosen by St. John Paul II for their fidelity
Pope Francis expresses sorrow for victims of London Grenfell Tower fire
Pope Francis to visit Peru in 2018 via
Pope Francis called on people to meet refugees in order to overcome fear "Now more than ever we need to be
pope Francis is the False prophet mentioned in Revelation. Get:' The Book Of Truth', Dan:10:21 all given for now. 100% TRUE
Today Pope Francis' Laudato Si encyclical turns 2! Pledge to care for our common home and to ➡️
“Our advice is to make friends to followers of all religions.”. from Pope Francis to the Dalai Lama ― issued a...
Vatican: Pope to visit Chile and Peru, in January 2018 - The Vatican says Pope Francis will visit Chile and Per...
19th June >> (Video) Pope Francis at the Opening of the Convention on Families and adolescent education
Pope Francis calls for faithful to not only welcome refugees but personally learn from their stories. http…
Opening of Convention of the Diocese of Rome on Families and adolescent education, with Pope Francis. Live Now on
Some people have the Pope Francis, me I have the
“There needs to be a united response to the question of migration” Pope Francis
University began interfering with moderate views, not just months of 2025 Pope Francis died or needs from Nazareth, who led
Good video of 1996 Eucharistic Miracle of Buenos Aires in Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio's Diocese (Pope Francis).
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ALERT! "Theories of evolution & Big Bang are real & God is not a magician with a magic wand”, Pope Francis declares. ht…
Pope Francis sends well-wishes to Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew for his name day - Vatican Radio
📹 Pentecost Vigil with Pope Francis, for Golden Jubilee of Catholic Charismatic Renewal 3 June 2017 rom...
Pope Francis gives special greeting to sick and disabled at Audience – (Vatican Radio)  Pope Francis greeted ...
Pope Francis sends well-wishes to Patriarch Bartholomew for name day - Vatican Radio
Pope Francis appoints abortion supporter to Vatican pro-life academy
Pope Francis at Mass: Christian witness is salt and light - Vatican Radio
Pope Francis invited the Catholic Charismatic Renewal to Rome for our Jubilee Year Pentecost! Hear about it @ Prais…
Is it true that Pope Francis is ANGRY with Roman Catholic Faithfuls in Ahiara Diocese? and has THREATENED to suspend the PRIESTS?
Pope Francis, the current Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, has scorned feuding factions in the Diocese of Ahiara c
Saddened by the events at the Diocese of Ahiara in Imo State, Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church, has...
Pope Francis to meet with Huntington's disease patients, including University of San Diego Latin American……
[Audio]. President Michael D. Higgins on Pope Francis, ethics, Brexit and the Irish in Rome:.
Pope Francis north for college experience day for gr. 8s Making circuits, firefighting, horti…
Grade 7 and 8 volunteer firefighters from Pope Francis reporting for duty at Humber College.
"I entrust all child migrants to the protection of the Holy Family" - Pope Francis
Breaking: Trump claims he had a bigger electoral college victory than Pope Francis had in the College of Cardinals.
A word from Pope Francis on this wonderful Pentecost Sunday!!! :)
Spending Sunday in Piazza San Pietro listening to Pope Francis. Feeling just to be here.
You are calling Pope Francis a false prophet. He is a man of peace and I have never seen him…
Pope Francis is not claiming to be a prophet. Sure. There are problems in EVERY faith. I thi…
in case Papa Francesco's travel. Prayers for Pope Francis, you, & those who share gospel in human c…
You are going after Pope Francis? He's a good dude. Does this further your agenda or somethi…
.you CLAIM to be a Catholic. Perhaps you should read Pope Francis' encyclical on climate change:
Pope Francis would be so into what Whoopi did at the church in Sister Act. Like forget watching them sing. Papa Francesco would break dance.
Pope Francis greets well-known American family: Gomez, his wife Morticia and daughter Wednesday.
Sad day for the planet and humanity! Encyclical 'Laudato si' received by Trump from Pope Francis hands did not help
Pope Francis will not visit South Sudan in 2017 with Anglican Archbishop Justin Welby of Canterbury as he had hoped
Pope Francis appoints new priest for Nigerian Catholic Church - Premium Times Newspaper -
Trudeau asks Pope Francis to apologise for schools - BBC News
An example of being assertive without being 'bloody difficult'. Trudeau asks Pope Francis to apologise for schools -
..and in further news... Pope Francis declares he's a Catholic
BBC News - Trudeau asks Pope Francis to apologise for schools
Pope Francis calls on the UN to treat refugees with dignity and respect 
Yes, Pope Francis is fab compared to Trump but he's STILL CEO of history's most successful pedophile crime syndicate https…
Where Pope Francis and the First Family found common ground via
The Pope who selectively smiles. Hypocrite or Marxist or both?
The Pope & the President are closer on many points than people assume. By
Coptic Christians killed in bus attack are “courageous martyrs” -
Pope Francis names pro-LGBT priest as auxiliary bishop in San Diego
“If [friend] says swear word against my mother, he’s going to get punch in the nose. [...] can't make…
You expect the who hides putrid prelate Pell behind Vatican walls from his accusers, to do that?
I was wrong-it is possible to love more than I already did.
Wow! Maybe made a favorable impression on Pope Francis.
Jared and I were honored to join the President and First Lady in meeting His Holiness Pope Franci…
PM Justin Trudeau asked Pope Francis to apologise for abuse of indigenous children by Catholic Church.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urges Pope Francis to visit Canada to apologise to indigenous peoples
A common tactic among supporters of gender theory is to only highlight its most stupid and regressive critics
Pope Francis asks Melania Trump: 'What do you feed him?' – video. Well this is curious? She doesn't understand???
Justin Trudeau invited Pope Francis to Canada to apologize for the Church's treatment of aboriginal children
Justin Trudeau demands apology from Pope Francis: Justin Trudeau says he told Pope Francis it’s important for all…
At the Vatican today, meeting with Pope Francis to talk about climate change, migration and reconciliation – it was an h…
Oh please. Wake me up when the First Ornament uses her office to do some good in the world.
Trudeau asks Pope Francis to apologise to indigenous people for church's abuses
Democrats and their fake news media attacked President Trump for Pope Francis not smiling. He's not smiling with Trudeau eith…
Thank you Pope Francis for meeting with our Great President & First lady. Christians lead…
Pope Francis shares an important message about power and humility. Watch his full TED Talk here:
What prominent church leaders and Vatican watchers are saying about Trump's meeting with Pope Francis
Do you care whether Pope Francis likes or not?
President Cockholster they were not laughing and joking with you they were laughing at…
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Humility and tenderness in leadership is not a weakness. A gentle reminder from the supreme pontiff, Pope Francis.
Pope Francis asks First Lady Melania Trump what she feeds the president
“A person who thinks only about building walls — wherever they may be — and not building bridges, is not Christian". -…
Pope Francis on why leaders need to be humble. Watch his full TED Talk here:
Just In! Pope Francis takes tub soak in Holy Water after cringy meeting with clueless
Sean Spicer, devout Catholic, didn't get to meet the Pope. Even reporters feel sorry for him. via
In jest, Pope Francis asks Melania Trump if she feeds pastries to the president
I wonder who Pope Francis likes better...
Pope Francis really believes in climate change and maybe he wanted Pres.Trump to 👀his point of view to have a commo…
Pope Francis gifted Pres. Trump (who previously called climate change a hoax) a signed copy of his book on battling climate cha…
Pope Francis endures Satan's self-congratulatory babble by recalling times with a president he actually liked.
Today's visit with His Holiness Pope Francis is one I'll never forget. I was humbled by the honor. Blessings to all.…
The Rebel's Goldy worries that Pope Francis just doesn't have his heart in launching another Crusade:
Honor of a lifetime to meet His Holiness Pope Francis. I leave the Vatican more determined than ever to pursue PEACE i…
Donald Trump's laughably uncomfortable meeting and gift exchange with Pope Francis
Christians burn while Pope Francis worries about Climate Change, Meanwhile, President Trump continues to fight for persecuted C…
Pres. Trump met with Pope Francis and Sean Spicer, a Catholic who eagerly anticipating the meeting, wasn't with him
Sean Spicer, a steadfast Catholic, was eagerly anticipating the meeting with Pope Francis – but he wasn't present
Pope Francis worked briefly as a bouncer at a club in his youth (this is true), and let me just say this: the skills ai…
Sean Spicer didn't get to meet Pope Francis
The best of last night's late-night TV: President Donald Trump visited with Pope Francis at the Vatican
“The Eucharist gradually transforms us into the body of Christ & spiritual nourishment for others” Pope Francis
All the video I've seen of Pope Francis with Donald Trump the Pope always ends up giving this sideways "ugh" look when he looks away 😂
Pope Francis asked Melania Trump what she's feeding Donald
Trump still thinks Pope Francis died in the last season of Game of Thrones.
Obama's photographer trolls Trump with photo of Pope Francis
Watch the moment Donald Trump and Pope Francis exchange gifts as they meet for the first time
Pope Francis gave Trump a letter on climate change. Art by Eli Neugeboren
PERFECT example of CLASS & GRACE. & respectfully wear veils during audience with Pope Francis but did…
Pope Francis looks like he is doing this for Penance
Pope Francis gave Trump a copy of his encyclical on climate change during their private meeting.
Pope Francis really looks like he'd rather be anywhere else... I feel sorry for him...
Looks like Pope Francis isn't a fan of Jordan's king...
Pope Francis is one of my favorite people in the world b/c he brings so much joy & one family took the joy out of him ☹️…
Trump promised Pope Francis that he'd read the papal encyclical on the need to combat climate change.
"Can you please not post this on any social media? I don’t want my boss seeing.” - Pope Francis
Pope Francis with different heads of state during their visits at the Vatican. . Something seems...different 🤔
"I leave the more determined than ever to pursue PEACE in our world."- Pope Francis.
Pope Francis lives in Casa Santa Marta, a guesthouse, outside the walls of the Vatican. . Now, what d…
Worth noting the the day before meeting Pope Francis, Trump unveiled a budget that guts programs for the poor
The stark contrast between the black & white clothing is almost symbolic. Pope Francis is the light of the world & today h…
Pope Francis looks Miserable! Something tells me that Trump stinks like that old man spicey cologne…
Can I get a historical mashup of that time Pope Francis met Augusto Pinochet?
New Trump, Pope Francis set aside their previous clash to broadcast a tone of peace at their Vatican meeting
All I could think when I watched this was how much I love Pope Francis...And, that Speaker John Boehner resigned...
The president walking through Clementine Hall on his way to meet Pope Francis
.and Rev. James Martin preview Trump’s meeting with Pope Francis
'Not Christian': Three key issues Donald Trump and Pope Francis disagree on, as they meet in Rome
What will come out of Trump’s meeting with Pope Francis? breaks it down with Rev. James Martin…
Pope Francis offers his deepest sympathy & heartfelt solidarity to all 'affected by this senseless act of violence' in Ma…
Luv it! I have fantasies of Pope Francis showing up in Paul Ryan's office for a "wee talk " esp. re Ayn Rand!
Pope Francis: "Listen, Callista, technically divorce is not cool around here, but sometim…
Eccles is saved: Pope Francis affected by ransomware virus
Pope Francis gives TED talk urging world leaders to be a bit more 'humble'
Poor Pope Francis is going to have to deal with this fat *** and his scary wife.
“Jesus Christ is always waiting to be recognized in migrants and refugees” Pope Francis
In my Sunday column, if Pope Francis and Trump want a breakthrough in their meeting on Wednesday, here's one.
Pope Francis to name 5 New Cardinals. With these he has appointed half of the Cardinal electors. https:/…
Shifting the paradigm a bit more: Pope Francis Calls Consistory to Create 5 New Cardinals
Peace must be built on justice, on integral human development, on respect for human rights, on the protection of creati…
While all of these would be interesting, come on, guys. Rushdie vs Pope Francis would be epic.
I wanna see pope Francis get owned by Sam Harris for being illogical, while we're in this key
Pope Francis to create 5 new cardinals
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