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Pope Francis

Francis (born Jorge Mario Bergoglio on 17 December 1936) is the 266th and current pope of the Roman Catholic Church, elected on 13 March 2013. In that role, he is both the leader of the Catholic Church and Sovereign of the Vatican City State.

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Tight security is 'new normal' as Pope Francis heads to says Vatican spokesperson.
Pope Francis criticized for reference to concentration camps - Israel News Online.
Pope Francis tells us how to conquer hatred - Catholic Online -- 17:57
BBC News - Pope Francis: Europe migrant centres 'concentration camps' He meant as in "focused", obviously, or aging?
Papal Regina Caeli, with Pope Francis, from St. Peter's Square. Live Now online at
Pope Francis comforts sister of an elderly French priest slain by Islamic militants in Normandy church
It would be really nice if Pope Francis and the Dalai Lama both became vegans or at least vegetarians. This would...
Pope Francis is leading a drive against the anti-migrant policies of right-wing populists https…
Conservative opposition to Pope Francis spurs talk of a schism in the Catholic Church
In his latest column, Father James Keenan writes about a recent meeting with Pope Francis and moral theologians. http…
Pope Francis uses his Easter Sunday sermon to call for an end to the "horror and... by via…
I still respect Pope Francis, just wish the media didn't twist his words so much.
in crisis: . A priest:. 'We ask Pope Francis to do for Venezuela what Pope John Paul II did for Poland". htt…
According to Pope Francis and Ru Paul have the same level of world influence .
Greetings to all. Latest newsletter Second Sunday after Eastern includes homily of Pope Francis about Divine Mercy.
Pope Francis to make Fatima child shepherds saints.
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Bibles & Pope Francis book make 4 an ideal keepsake! available in all Veritas stores&online…
New post (Trump team exploring possible Pope Francis meeting) has been published on Stockmarket news - Forex ... -…
Pope Francis' prayer intentions for April 2017 - Youth via
What a coincidence.. O'Reilly is out at Fox news but is MIA in Italy after pictured with Pope Francis
Donald Trump would be 'honoured' to meet Pope Francis on Italy trip, says White House
Trump team exploring possible Pope Francis meeting via
Did Pope Francis raise a toast to his predecessors? 90 is a big birthday. Wonderful photo.
Delighted to be invited to participate in Pope Francis Catholic Elementary School Solemn Blessing and Opening Ceremony
This Pope needs to step down. Something is mentally wrong with him!
"The crucifix does not signify defeat or failure. It reveals to us the Love that overcomes evil and sin." ~Pope Francis I
Pope Francis' Beautiful Easter Message. Hello, this was just shared to me and I really find it inspiring to read and wort…
Pope Francis just opened a free laundromat for the poor in Rome
"How beautiful it is to think that Christianity is essentially this: God's search for us."
New shrine is reminder to shed attachment to money, says Pope Francis.
And sine went out the way I came in with the Pope
"Blessed are those who see God in every person, and strive to help others . to discover God."- Pope Francis.
POPE FRANCIS: Let us meditate with wonder and gratitude on the great mystery of the Lord’s Resurrection.
Donald Trump seeks to meet Pope Francis on Europe trip in May
President Donald Trump will meet with Pope Francis when he comes to Italy next month, sources from both leaders confirm.
I hope Pope Francis washed his hands after meeting Bill O'Reilly.
1) Pope Francis had no idea whose hand he was shaking. 2) Those who requested the special tickets for O'Reilly knew we…
I liked a video Bill O'Reilly's meeting w/ Pope Francis the day of his Fox News firing +Warships to
Pope Francis. I'm not even Catholic, and I love that dude.
Unfortunately the Pope didn't have time to hear O'Reilly's confession.
Bill O'Reilly briefly met Pope Francis in Vatican City. Hours later, he would be out of a job at Fox News
Pope Francis will meet with Orthodox leaders in Cairo.
Here's the O'Reilly-Pope Francis photo you have all been waiting for all these years.
Terror fears mount for Pope Francis visit as ISIS look to 'purify' Egypt of Christians
Pope Francis delivered Easter Sunday Mass sermon in Rome with a call for an end to the "horror and death" in Syria
Pope Francis performs Holy Thursday foot-washing ritual on inmates at a prison in Italy.
In sum, I share your concerns, but I'm convinced Pope Francis does too.…
Pope Francis' Good Friday prayer expresses shame for humanity's failings, hope for forgiving and loving
The lowest glass ceiling in the world:. Pope Francis says women will never be Roman Catholic priests | The Guardian
Pope Francis says it's better to be an atheist than a bad Christian
Pope Francis admits to WW3 against after France church ‘The world is at war’
POPE FRANCIS: Shame for people persecuted for colour of their skin or for social or ethnic group -- or for their faith in you. 5/5
POPE FRANCIS: Shame for the innocent blood, spilt daily, of women, children, migrants. 4/5
POPE FRANCIS: Shame for all the times when bishops, priests and the religious have scandalised and hurt (the Church) 3/5
POPE FRANCIS: Shame for all the images of devastation,destruction & shipwrecks which have become ordinary in our lives 2/5
“It’s hypocrisy to call yourself a Christian and chase away a refugee..."
POPE FRANCIS: Christ, our only saviour, we turn towards you this year with eyes lowered in shame 1/5
Pope Decries the Commonplace Devastation, Bloodshed of Today’s World: Pope Francis decried…
Instagram: Scenes from Via Crucis, or the Way of the Cross, with Pope Francis at the Colosseum tonight. It's a…
Pontiff in Good Friday service asks God for forgiveness for scandals in Catholic Church
See who is winning the TIME 100 poll for 2017. Rodrigo Duterte 5%. Justin Trudeau 3. Pope Francis 3. https…
In Easter prayer, Pope Francis laments suffering of migrants
I liked a video Pope Francis invites everyone to 5 minutes of silence today to discover God
Pope Francis lies on the ground to pray at a mass for the Celebration of the Lord's Passion on at St Peter's Basilica…
The Pope Francis has opened a free laundromat for homeless people in Rome
Pope Francis washed and kissed the feet of 12 Muslim, Catholic and Hindu refugees at the start of the Easter...
Pope Francis deplores suffering of migrants, victims of racism and persecuted Christians on Good Friday
Pope on Good Friday: Shame on those ignoring world atrocities - on
Solemn Mass of the Lord's Supper with Pope Francis -. Holy Thursday via
Pope Francis heads to prison to wash feet of 12 inmates Holy Friday:
I think it is hypocritical to call out Pope Francis when England profited more than anyone from taking for people.
He'll get his hand slapped by Pope Francis for his rigid Pharisaical approach.
Let us come to Him and let us not be afraid! . Let us come to Him and say from our hearts: “Jesus, I trust in. You!” . -Pope Francis
.has been appointed by Pope Francis to the Vatican department for communications. htt…
Pope Francis opens a new laundromat for the homeless to wash and dry their clothing.
U cannot be a Christian w/o practicing the Beatitudes. U cannot be a Christian w/o doing what Jesus teaches us in Matthew 25-Pope Francis
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【Breaking News from the CNN】. 《Pope Francis opens free laundromat for Rome's poor》: A Gospel Practice. 《Matthew ...
Must-see stops in Buenos Aires: Following Evita and Pope Francis, learning to tango
Pope Francis will go ahead with Egypt visit despite deadly ISIS bombings
Egypt : Pope Francis visit to Cairo – scheduled end of April – might possibly be canceled.
Make Pope Francis proud: Use new factsheet to keep from falling into anti-Muslim tropes in reporting. https…
Pope Francis prayer to those who lost their lives & those who attacked innocent worshippers. God bless
During the next two years, the Church will talk with young people at a Synod and at Pope Francis told them yesterday they…
I attended Holy mass today at the Vatican. Pope Francis makes me feel that we can all li…
Pope Francis' message yesterday for young people was filled with hope.
The Latest: Pope Francis, French president Then the brook, where is internation. BREAKING: Islamic State service say to your *** in my
Pope Francis condemns 'wars and terrorism' after Egypt bomb blasts via
“The dividing line between migration and trafficking can at times be very subtle” Pope Francis
Pope Francis remembers war, terrorism victims in Palm Sunday Mass at Vatican
Anti-Semitism rising across West as result of 'populism', Jewish leader to warn Pope
Pope Francis is supposed to visit this month. With such inability to protect fair to ask if visit w…
claims responsibility for Coptic Church bombings in bomb exploded near altar.
Pope Francis on Palm Sunday asks God "to convert the hearts of those who spread terror, violence and death."
Pope Francis calls on terrorists, arms manufacturers and traffickers to stop after explosion in Egyptian church kills as…
Pray for us in d Philippines dear Pope Francis we are in d brink of the Big One ( earthquake)
Pope Francis: prayers for victims of Stockholm terror attack- Prayers over Terror Victims
Palm Sunday is also Diocesan World Youth Day. You can read Pope Francis' message to young people here
Islamic bomb goes off -leader of the Catholic Church Pope Francis is due to visit Cairo later this month.
Pope Francis blesses a crowd of thousands at Palm Sunday Mass in St Peter's Square, marking the start of Holy Week
Pope Francis decries war, terrorism and weapons on Palm Sunday
On Palm Sunday remember this truthful insight from Pope Francis re Syria ⬇️
Pope Francis has blessed palm fronds & olive branches in St. Peter's Square at the start of Holy Week celebrations-- h…
If you still can't see the Sun Tzu/Clausewitz Holy War there is little hope for the world. . "Doctrine of Mental...
I support religious Freedom. by pointing out the flaws in other people and their beliefs. Pope Francis Jesuit Hight Priest of the Underworld
The Coptic Pope left church just before the bombing. Pope Francis had planned to visit him in Egypt soon.
“We must reject this exclusion and isolation, and not think of any group as ‘others,’ but rather as our...”
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.on Palm Sunday decries suffering from war, terrorism .
Pope Francis: "I pray for the dead & the victims. May the Lord convert the hearts of people who sow terror"
The church bombings, which killed at least 40 people, happened weeks before Pope Francis was to visit Egypt
'There is no perfect family': Transcendent Message of Forgiveness - Pope Francis
World Youth Day Pilgrims and all young people: Pope Francis has a challenge for you.
SCOTS TO SERVE VATICAN EASTER VIGIL. The Pontifical Scots College community will assist Pope Francis at the Easter Vigi…
Missed it? Pope Francis meets Britain's Prince Charles at the Vatican
The Attitude of the Catholic Church toward the Jews from St. Paul to Pope Francis - YouTube
The Big April Ask: Pope Francis seeks the views of young Irish Catholics
Prince Charles meets Pope Francis - and gives him Highgrove hamper to feed the poor
Pope Francis creates path for SSPX priests to celebrate marriages validly
Pope Francis says the cross is not a badge of belonging
Pope Francis to meet with UK imams in bid to promote moderate Islam
Pope Francis to meet British imams at the Vatican today
Exchange of gifts at the Vatican - Prince of Wales presents a hamper, for the poor, to Pope Francis
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With the blessing of Pope Francis, Chicago Cardinal Blase Cupich unveils new anti-violence initiatives
ISIS captive among new refugees welcomed by Pope Francis -via
Thank you Prince Charles for introducing me to His Holiness Pope Francis at the Vatican
Who said it better when it comes to dealing with Chicago's violence, asks Trump or the pope?
In interview, Cardinal Cupich discusses Pope Francis' call for nonviolence in Chicago
Don't forgot the Jesuit pope Francis and George Soros.
Commemoration of the Lord's Passion with Pope Francis vía
.Pope Francis is the first Catholic Church leader who took a step forward to mend relations.
.tells us why he's invited four UK imams to meet with Pope Francis
Prince Charles was urged by Pope Francis to 'bring peace to the world' during his visit to the Vatican
Following Jesus: courage and walking shoes needed! -Pope Francis
New Jersey: Muslim teen admits jihad plot to kill Pope Francis in Philly
creates path for SSPX priests to validly celebrate marriages via
We must not believe the Evil One when he tells us that there is nothing we can do in the face of violence, injustice and sin.…
Rwanda Gov promoted fake news each single day Pope Francis message was well received by Church in Rwanda
Pope Francis: ‘We have to think about’ married priests in Catholic Church | News | LifeSite petition signers@
The Prince of Wales & Duchess of Cornwall meet Pope Francis at the Vatican.
Pope Francis: There are economic powers that impose rules in order to benefit themselves
NEW: Pope Francis writes a letter to Chicago Catholics, urging culture of non-violence, holding up MLK and promising pra…
Pope Francis gives a wave to the media and walks past the Swiss Guard as he arrives for meeting with Prince Char…
Teen pleads guilty to trying to assassinate Pope Francis
Instagram: Pope Francis welcomed Prince Charles and his wife Camilla to the Vatican on Tuesday. The heir to the…
Pope Francis makes key appointment to sex abuse commission after recent controversy.
Pope Francis welcomes Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, as they arrive for a private audience h…
Pope Francis replied to cardinal Sarah and his ferocious attacks on the liturgical reform already a few months ago: bu…
Video: Pope Francis has arrived to meet Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall
"Non-violence is the only authentic response to violence" Pope Francis said about the Chicago anti-violence program https:/…
The Swiss Guard are ready for the arrival of Pope Francis and Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall
Teen admits plot to kill Pope Francis in sniper shooting and then set off bombs . Another homegrown terrorist
Pope Francis prays for Chicago violence victims in letter
Update your maps at Navteq
“It’s impossible to know what to get Your Holiness!” Prince Charles to Pope Francis as he handed him a basket full…
Pope Francis to Chicago: Let peace heal your city
Pope Francis to Prince Charles: Be a Man of Peace - National Catholic Register (blog)
Pope Francis is the most pro-Islam Pope in history. The jihad wants to kill him anyway.
“Lent is a good time for sacrificing. Let us deny ourselves something every day to help others.” Pope Francis.
In Vatican City The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall were received by His Holiness Pope Francis
Their Royal Highnesses were received by at the Vatican today. Read more:
Giulio Regeni family begs Pope Francis to shed light on student murder ahead of papal visit to Egypt
“A school’s mission is to develop the sense of the true, the sense of the good, the sense of the beautiful.”. Pope F…
Prince Charles gives Pope Francis gift of tea and chocolate during Vatican visit
Nature has healing power, as visionaries from Frederick Law Olmsted to Pope Francis have shown us:…
Pope Francis practising what he preaches and being a wonderful example to us all. May God bless him.
Eastern Rite Canadian bishop reflects on married priests after meeting Pope Francis
We love you Pope Francis. Pray for Theresa & Joe Hall please. We pray for you. Blessings be yours. You ar…
I think Pope Francis should excommunicate Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and Andrew Cuomo out of the Church.
Pope Francis sees hope for European Union, urges leaders to return to roots - America Magazine
Roman Catholicism is a huge heresy. They are the harlot church. Many believe Pope Francis is the False Prophet.
Retirement of Bishop Joseph Oudeman OFM Cap accepted by Pope Francis today. Archbishop Coleridge thanks Bishop Joe...
Pope Francis is accompanied by Cardinal Angelo Scola of Milan as he greets the crowd outside the cathedral in...
Please join me in a novena to St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church, for Pope Francis, all bishops and...
Jorge Mario Bergoglio AKA Pope Francis the satan worshipper should have been in Jail in Argentina along time ago...…
Pope Francis in Milan, March 25, visiting the largest diocese in Italy, led by Cardinal Angelo Scola. Click on lin…
Pope Francis on Friday warned European Union leaders the bloc risks dying without a new vision of the future...
'A Church fit for mission: Pope Francis' reforms' - Join us for our next Reframe talk at St Mary's, 25 Mar, 5pm, given by
Pope Francis; "Today, with the UK, we mourn the victims of of the attack in London 2 days ago"
This will really burn - also incls Pope Francis, Kasich, Bezos (washpost), Samantha Bee & the womens march…
Pope Francis gives the beautiful Church of Santa Maria Immacolata all’Esquilino, close to the Lateran, to the Society of S…
Pope Francis kissing the hands of David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger and...
Little girl swipes Pope Francis' hat in adorable viral video - Arab News
Pope Francis cites need for love and perseverance to address global water challenge
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Pope Francis: Don't treat the confessional like the dry cleaners.
I love Pope Francis! Look how joyous he seems when she filched his hat.
Pope Francis on Netflix: from the slums of Argentina to the halls of the Vatican
your resignation and submission to HGOHD is required dear Pope Francis
Reading again about Pope Francis visiting Chiapas and I'm so about this guy.
"The road from love to hate is easy. The one from hate to love is more difficult, but brings peace." Pope Francis
Girl steals Pope Francis' hat at Vatican greeting via
Pope Francis - General Audience - 3/22/17 I hope that our Lenten celebration is for you and…
Pope Francis' schedule for visit released
Hang onto your hat! While Pope Francis was blessing this 3-year-old girl, she was busy stealing the hat off his head.
Archbishop sends resignation letter to Pope Francis; speaks out against death penalty | CNC3
Pope Francis: “access to safe drinkable water is a basic and universal human right..."
At the same time, I do think Pope Francis has signaled some openings.
A sneaky little girl has taken the internet & the Vatican by storm after she attempted to *** Pope Francis' hat:
President Biya & Chantal Biya will pay an official visit to the Vatican, on 23rd March, 2017 as guests of Pope Francis
domain names
"May the Holy Spirit lead us on a true journey of conversion." - Pope Francis
EXCLUSIVE: Pope Francis would allow former leader of Order of Malta to be re-elected
Pope Francis has the sweetest reaction after little girl steals his cap
Christian crack heads! Wonder what (Pope Francis) feels about this kind of lunatic pandering by the Catholic league?
When the camera turned away, Pope Francis backhanded little girl and screamed "Never touch the skullcap!!"
3 year old Atlanta girl snatched Pope Francis' hat off of his head yesterday during a family trip to Vatican City. https:/…
True Charity requires courage: Let us overcome the fear of getting our hands dirty so as to help those in need | Pope Francis
Dennis Prager - Pope Francis and the Decline of the West
Pope Francis asks for forgiveness for church's role in Rwandan via
3-year-old Atlanta girl snatches Pope Francis' zucchetto right off his head during trip to the Vatican with family.
Little girl snatches Pope Francis' skullcap, eliciting laughs from the pontiff
Pope Francis kneels before a priest to confess in Saint Peter's Basilica at the Vatican -
Bishop Boulette will fit in line with Pope Francis' teachings of humility. His episcopal ring cost $8.
Very beautiful reception for President Paul Kagame, President of by Pope Francis at the Holy See
Pope Francis asks forgiveness for the "sins and failings" of the Catholic Church during 1994 Rwandan genocide
President received by Pope Francis at the Apostolic Palace in City
Pope Francis to meet & hold talks with President Paul at the Vatican. via
La Croix International -. Pope Francis plans to visit and India ... He said he would...
Jorge Bergoglio was elected Pope on March 13, 2013, He chose Pope Francis after Francis of Assisi.
Bishop Ayuso:"His holiness Pope Francis speaks of a 3rd world war in pieces", on spread of pockets of conflict throughout he world
LOL, you'll love this video by PJW. . Pope Francis... no words are needed.
A nice story about the Atlantic Bishops meeting with Pope Francis.
Pope Francis to visit Egypt on April 28-29: Vatican
Egypt says Pope Francis will pay an official visit to the majority Muslim nation during the final week of April.
The Vatican says Pope Francis will go to Egypt on April 28-29, visiting the city of Cairo - News Sentinel
“Let us take our Christian calling seriously and commit to live as believers.” (Pope Francis) O God...
Christian or not, we have to admit that Pope Francis is one of the good guys...
Oy... "Vatican for...exorcists despite [it] being frowned upon intellectuals"
So the Catholic school boys are leading the Devils at halftime. Pope Francis approves!
Can Catholics dissent from Pope Francis’ teaching on the family? Wrong question. |…
Here's what Pope Francis is doing for Holy Week
What the f**k is the matter with you? As a Catholic, maybe it's time for you to follow Pope Francis and Christ rather tha…
Pope Francis urges priests to use exorcists if they hear confessions indicating demonic activity
Pope Francis has a long-standing invitation to visit Egypt, issued by Pres Fattah al-Sisi when they met in 2014.
Pope Francis urges use of exorcists in cases of 'genuine spiritual disturbances':
The pope will make a historic visit to Muslim-majority Egypt after Easter.
"Pope Francis to Visit Egypt to Mend Ties With Muslims" by REUTERS via NYT The New York Times
Confession must be a pastoral priority, says
Pope Francis plans to visit Egypt in April, reflecting improved Vatican-Muslim dialogue after years of tension…
Pope Francis to visit Egypt in April as dialogue improves - The Telegraph - Telegraph -- 12:37
Paul Ryan is nominally a Catholic. Please share if you think Pope Francis should excommunicate him because of his...
16th March >> Pope Francis' Homily during Mass at Santa Marta: Damned are those who don't care for the...
Pope Francis appointed a protestant as editor for Argentine edition of "L'Osservatore Romano"
Pope Francis' strange blessing at Lutheran 'church' of Rome, where he invoked the Most Blessed Trinity but didn't m…
Is there going to be more democracy in the Church as Pope Francis consult his diocese for the next vicar of Rome?
“And now the concert begins!”: Pope Francis baptizes 28 babies in the Sistine Chapel
Pope Francis to share wisdom with EU leaders ahead of Rome summit
Decline of Religion : Pope Francis says Catholic Church may be forced to ordain married men via
4 years ago today I was interviewed for the news about Pope Francis but the graphic made it look like I was the new pope http…
Pope Francis says the church must study whether it's possible to ordain married men to minister
Pope Francis considering Egypt trip, says Vatican - Vatican City - The Vatican is examining the possibility of ...
The Cross is more than jewelry – it's a call to love, Pope Francis says – Vatican City, Mar 12, 2017 / 06:03 ...
There is a beautiful side to Pope Francis too. Let us pray that he spends more time doing things like this.
A letter to my Companion – Pope Francis | Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation via
my guess? Pope Francis is Both saint John Paul ii and papa Benedict spoke at length
Pope Francis signals he’s open to married priests, still no word on female priests though
Our Mother Mary is full of beauty because she is full of grace. Pope Francis
We are all sinners. But God heals us with an abundance of grace, mercy and tenderness. Pope Francis
Mary Kenny Nell McCafferty and Mary Harney are to make a joint statement in light of the forthcoming 2018 Visit of Pope Francis
Pope Francis is shaping up really well.
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Pope Francis urges families to have fewer children to make world more sustainable But no contra…
Pope Francis is considering ordaining married men to combat shortage of Catholic priests:
I wonder if Pope Francis is able to give right to priests' wedding...who is he...???
Pope Francis may allow married Catholic men as priests
Talking about priests shortage, Francis said that making celibacy optional is not a solution but signaled openness.
Did Pope Francis Really Call for Married Men to be Ordained as Catholic Priests? – I personally believe there i...
Pope Francis open to having some married men become priests
Pope Francis will visit Colombia September 6-11, in a trip that is being presented as a first step towards peace.
41actionnews "Pope Francis said he is open to married men becoming priests.
They belong in jail where they can spend a lifetime praying they don't get raped.
See our viz on favorability over time in this article on
Pope Francis, facing shortage of clergy, says he's open to married men becoming priests
Pope Francis will visit Colombia in September - Crux: Covering all things Catholic
⚡️ “Pope Francis says he is open to married men becoming priests”.
Pope Francis warming up to idea of married
.encourages us to help the homeless. Here's how we're doing it during our Centennial.
The Roman Catholic Church has an "enormous problem," Pope Francis told German newspaper.
Pope Francis said the lack of Catholic priests was an "enormous problem" for the Church...
Pope Francis open to married priests in Catholic Church
Pope Francis open to allowing married priests in Catholic Church via
Pope signals he’s open to married Catholic men becoming priests: ROME, Italy — Pope Francis has said he is open to…
Pope Francis defends right of Burma's Rohingya Muslims to 'live their faith'
Fake news? No, Pope Francis did not say priests may someday marry – News outlets are proclaiming that Pope Fran...
It is suspicious how Pope Francis gives his '2-cents' on climate change,politics, immigration,not much talk of Jesus htt…
Pope Francis discusses ordination of married men in response to priest shortage
Enrol your kids in downtown toronto schools help keep schools open. enrol today @ St. Helen, Pope Francis school, St Francis of Assisi,
Pope Francis' accent, style and tastes are those of a humble porteño
No idea! All I know was I was wrong, St. Pius X, Pope Francis and my confessor are right.
BREAKING: Pope Francis names Msgr. Mark Rivituso as auxiliary bishop of St. Louis
Congratulations to Msgr. Mark Rivituso, Class of 1988, appointed by Pope Francis as Auxiliary Bishop of St. Louis!
Hamilton Collection
I think one of the BEST ways, is to keep pointing out what Pope Francis says about him. That HAS to carry weight with them.
Our Thought for the Day for Tuesday 7 March 2017 is from Pope Francis from his encyclical letter on care f…
IDOLATRY: Pope Francis marks Feast of the Chair of St. Peter
Many orthodox Catholics share his view. Pope Francis is to Catholicism what Obama is to American values.
Pope Francis adds his voice to the many calls on Burma to stop persecuting Rohingya Muslims.
Why the need for spiritual exercises? Pope Francis explains
Pope Francis and the Curia depart Rome to begin spiritual exercises
Pope Francis at Angelus: I wish we would treat the Bible like our cell phone
Pope Francis: pray for persecuted Christians this month
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