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Pope Francis

Francis (born Jorge Mario Bergoglio on 17 December 1936) is the 266th and current pope of the Roman Catholic Church, elected on 13 March 2013. In that role, he is both the leader of the Catholic Church and Sovereign of the Vatican City State.

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Bishop Boulette will fit in line with Pope Francis' teachings of humility. His episcopal ring cost $8.
Pope Francis asks forgiveness for the "sins and failings" of the Catholic Church during 1994 Rwandan genocide
Bishop Ayuso:"His holiness Pope Francis speaks of a 3rd world war in pieces", on spread of pockets of conflict throughout he world
LOL, you'll love this video by PJW. . Pope Francis... no words are needed.
A nice story about the Atlantic Bishops meeting with Pope Francis.
Pope Francis to visit Egypt on April 28-29: Vatican
Egypt says Pope Francis will pay an official visit to the majority Muslim nation during the final week of April.
The Vatican says Pope Francis will go to Egypt on April 28-29, visiting the city of Cairo - News Sentinel
“Let us take our Christian calling seriously and commit to live as believers.” (Pope Francis) O God...
Christian or not, we have to admit that Pope Francis is one of the good guys...
Oy... "Vatican for...exorcists despite [it] being frowned upon intellectuals"
So the Catholic school boys are leading the Devils at halftime. Pope Francis approves!
Can Catholics dissent from Pope Francis’ teaching on the family? Wrong question. |…
Here's what Pope Francis is doing for Holy Week
What the f**k is the matter with you? As a Catholic, maybe it's time for you to follow Pope Francis and Christ rather tha…
Pope Francis urges priests to use exorcists if they hear confessions indicating demonic activity
Pope Francis has a long-standing invitation to visit Egypt, issued by Pres Fattah al-Sisi when they met in 2014.
Pope Francis urges use of exorcists in cases of 'genuine spiritual disturbances':
The pope will make a historic visit to Muslim-majority Egypt after Easter.
"Pope Francis to Visit Egypt to Mend Ties With Muslims" by REUTERS via NYT The New York Times
Confession must be a pastoral priority, says
Pope Francis plans to visit Egypt in April, reflecting improved Vatican-Muslim dialogue after years of tension…
Pope Francis to visit Egypt in April as dialogue improves - The Telegraph - Telegraph -- 12:37
Paul Ryan is nominally a Catholic. Please share if you think Pope Francis should excommunicate him because of his...
16th March >> Pope Francis' Homily during Mass at Santa Marta: Damned are those who don't care for the...
Pope Francis appointed a protestant as editor for Argentine edition of "L'Osservatore Romano"
Pope Francis' strange blessing at Lutheran 'church' of Rome, where he invoked the Most Blessed Trinity but didn't m…
Is there going to be more democracy in the Church as Pope Francis consult his diocese for the next vicar of Rome?
“And now the concert begins!”: Pope Francis baptizes 28 babies in the Sistine Chapel
Pope Francis to share wisdom with EU leaders ahead of Rome summit
Decline of Religion : Pope Francis says Catholic church may be forced to ordain married men via
4 years ago today I was interviewed for the news about Pope Francis but the graphic made it look like I was the new pope http…
Pope Francis says the church must study whether it's possible to ordain married men to minister
Pope Francis considering Egypt trip, says Vatican - Vatican City - The Vatican is examining the possibility of ...
The Cross is more than jewelry – it's a call to love, Pope Francis says – Vatican City, Mar 12, 2017 / 06:03 ...
There is a beautiful side to Pope Francis too. Let us pray that he spends more time doing things like this.
A letter to my Companion – Pope Francis | Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation via
my guess? Pope Francis is Both saint John Paul ii and papa Benedict spoke at length
Pope Francis signals he’s open to married priests, still no word on female priests though
Our Mother Mary is full of beauty because she is full of grace. Pope Francis
We are all sinners. But God heals us with an abundance of grace, mercy and tenderness. Pope Francis
Mary Kenny Nell McCafferty and Mary Harney are to make a joint statement in light of the forthcoming 2018 Visit of Pope Francis
Pope Francis is shaping up really well.
Pope Francis urges families to have fewer children to make world more sustainable But no contra…
Pope Francis is considering ordaining married men to combat shortage of Catholic priests:
I wonder if Pope Francis is able to give right to priests' wedding...who is he...???
Pope Francis may allow married Catholic men as priests
Talking about priests shortage, Francis said that making celibacy optional is not a solution but signaled openness.
Did Pope Francis Really Call for Married Men to be Ordained as Catholic Priests? – I personally believe there i...
Pope Francis open to having some married men become priests
Pope Francis will visit Colombia September 6-11, in a trip that is being presented as a first step towards peace.
41actionnews "Pope Francis said he is open to married men becoming priests.
They belong in jail where they can spend a lifetime praying they don't get raped.
See our viz on favorability over time in this article on
Pope Francis, facing shortage of clergy, says he's open to married men becoming priests
Pope Francis will visit Colombia in September - Crux: Covering all things Catholic
⚡️ “Pope Francis says he is open to married men becoming priests”.
Pope Francis warming up to idea of married
.encourages us to help the homeless. Here's how we're doing it during our Centennial.
The Roman Catholic Church has an "enormous problem," Pope Francis told German newspaper.
Pope Francis said the lack of Catholic priests was an "enormous problem" for the Church...
Pope Francis open to married priests in Catholic Church
Pope Francis open to allowing married priests in Catholic Church via
Pope signals he’s open to married Catholic men becoming priests: ROME, Italy — Pope Francis has said he is open to…
Pope Francis defends right of Burma's Rohingya Muslims to 'live their faith'
Fake news? No, Pope Francis did not say priests may someday marry – News outlets are proclaiming that Pope Fran...
It is suspicious how Pope Francis gives his '2-cents' on climate change,politics, immigration,not much talk of Jesus htt…
Pope Francis discusses ordination of married men in response to priest shortage
Enrol your kids in downtown toronto schools help keep schools open. enrol today @ St. Helen, Pope Francis school, St Francis of Assisi,
Pope Francis' accent, style and tastes are those of a humble porteño
No idea! All I know was I was wrong, St. Pius X, Pope Francis and my confessor are right.
BREAKING: Pope Francis names Msgr. Mark Rivituso as auxiliary bishop of St. Louis
Congratulations to Msgr. Mark Rivituso, Class of 1988, appointed by Pope Francis as Auxiliary Bishop of St. Louis!
I think one of the BEST ways, is to keep pointing out what Pope Francis says about him. That HAS to carry weight with them.
Our Thought for the Day for Tuesday 7 March 2017 is from Pope Francis from his encyclical letter on care f…
IDOLATRY: Pope Francis marks Feast of the Chair of St. Peter
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Many orthodox Catholics share his view. Pope Francis is to Catholicism what Obama is to American values.
Pope Francis adds his voice to the many calls on Burma to stop persecuting Rohingya Muslims.
Why the need for spiritual exercises? Pope Francis explains
Pope Francis and the Curia depart Rome to begin spiritual exercises
Pope Francis at Angelus: I wish we would treat the Bible like our cell phone
Pope Francis: pray for persecuted Christians this month
Lent isn't just about penance, it's also a time of hope! -
Its important the HolyFather understands & helps people through the confusion & disappointment they are experiencing h…
POPE FRANCIS: Jesus is the faithful friend who never abandons us. Even when we sin, he patiently awaits our return.
On page 49 of 176 of The Name of God Is Mercy, by Pope Francis
Pope Francis calls for renewal of sacred music tradition
Thank you for this Pope Francis quote, I needed this reminder, God bless you and have a good week
“Don’t forget what would happen if we treated the Bible as we treat our cellphone...?"
is Catholic, but not Pope Francis Catholic, he's a "church militant" Catholic
Pope Francis has a special message this Lent, and here it is:
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Treat your Bible as lovingly as your phone, Pope Francis says - CNET -
This really is quite a good article. Francis is relentlessly inspiring and challenging
Pope Francis: Read the Bible as often as you check your cellphone
“When there is this welcoming, accompaniment, integration, there’s no danger with immigration"--Pope Francis.
The cardinals are afraid the Pope is splitting the Roman Catholic Church.
Pope Francis has revealed that one in every fifty Catholic priests is a paedophile, it has been reported
Pope Francis: “Consult your Bible as often as your cellphone”
Pope’s Sunday Angelus: ‘Do you read the Bible as often as you check your phone?’... -
In the words of Pope Francis, "We must always consider the person." 💕💕💕
Can't emphasize enough how disturbing this is.yes, I mentioned before but this needs serious attn.
Opinion: President Trump and Pope Francis are the world’s most famous populists. But they are in conflict.
Pope Francis’ dismantling of Vatican pro-life academy is devastating if you know how important it was
Analysis: In a new letter, Pope Francis tells activists to stand up to populists
Pope Francis: ‘consult the Bible as often as your cellphone’ §RV
Give money to the homeless, Pope Francis said. Is it that simple? It is.
Pope Francis has become a source of division | Opinion | LifeSite
Pope Francis urges the faithful to consult the Bible as often as they might consult their cellphones for messages:
The ride of a lifetime with Pope Francis on the popemobile
Pope Francis gives interview to 'homeless' magazine... -
Pope Francis, (Pause) “I love you Francisco! Stay sharp on the basketball court okay? I’m coming for that rematch!
Some great thoughts for Lent from Pope Francis.
Joint Declaration of Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia [Voltaire Network]
Pope Francis meets with the new Prelate of Opus Dei today.
Pope Francis meets Instagram CEO at the Vatican to discuss "power of images."
Pope Francis: Christians build bridges, not walls.
Pope Francis born 12/17/1936 is a 🐷 in Chinese astrology.Its going 2 be a very emotional year for him
My question is why is Pope Francis being so nice? Bishop Fellay should think twice about his decision to join the R…
Amazon: Pope Francis: Living Lent with Love: Encour... by Sr. Chris Koellhoffer I.H.M. for $0.99 via
San Francisco just sent a powerfully defiant message to Pope Francis:
How tolerant, Pope Francis would get along well with Chris Cuomo for his lenient treatment of pedophile offenders. htt…
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Pope Francis has become the first pontiff to visit an Anglican church, in Rome. Bishop Robert Innes praised the Rom…
first. It's the foundation of our religion. Pope Francis should have been more anti trump in public
"Is better to be atheist than a bad christian", Pope Francis. . Who will tell that to Kaczyński and .
I just read what Pope Francis said about the "double life" that most Catholics live. I am drinking Carling Black Label, a local SA beer!
Pope Francis: better to be an atheist than a hypocritical Catholic
Pope Francis suggests it's better to be an atheist than a greedy Christian
Pope Francis says it is 'better to be an atheist than hypocritical Catholic'
The editor of Dorothy Day's diaries writes that she and Pope Francis are kindred spirits, read more here,
Pope Francis espouses true Christian values, so naturally the Elmer Gantry Chowder & Marching Society has its knick…
Big excitement this Sunday as Pope Francis comes to the Anglican for the first time!
World hates Christians - Same reason it hated Jesus /Church has more martyrs today than first centuries Pope Francis ht…
Pope Francis is right. Health care should not be a privilege only for the wealthy.
“Jesus, Mary and Joseph knew what it meant to leave their own country and become migrants” Pope Francis
Pope Francis on Trump: Building walls 'is not Christian'
Pope Francis rebukes Trump: 'No religion is terrorist' via
I realize you can't but perhaps Cardinal Dolan should advise the Vatican Cardinals that Pope Francis needs to step down.
Cardinal Dolan confirms he signed leaked letter to Pope Francis: provides more details | News | LifeSite
Pope Francis on the Special Olympics: "The most beautiful victory is to overcome oneself" via
“Let us not fall into denial. Time is running out,” Pope Francis warned. “Let us act. I ask you again—all of you,... h…
Stop hurling insults and listen, Pope Francis tells politicians
Pope Francis meets delegation from ADL | | Jewish Community Voice of Southern New Jersey
In a private meeting with indigenous peoples’ representatives, Pope Francis stressed the need to reconcile...
Pope Francis appears to back tribal land rights in Dakota Access Pipeline fight
Pope Francis — not naming names — makes appeal 'not to create walls, but to build bridges'
Talk first to the Greek-Catholic Nationalists behind the violence. Empty gesture. 'Pope for Ukraine' via
Native Americans opposing Dakota Access get a boost from Pope Francis
Pope Francis: Preach with courage, prayer, and humility - Independent Catholic News
Pope does more to recog Indigenous land rights & free informed & prior consent than Indig Justice Minister https…
Pope Francis: God does not have favourites - Independent Catholic News
Tell us your opinion of on LGBT issues
Pope Francis: Native peoples' "right to prior and informed consent should always prevail." http…
Pope Francis weighs in on Dakota Access Pipeline conflict
Senior Catholic Cardinals defend Pope Francis after attacks from Conservatives.
Let's hope it can shame them to back wrong in every way, when you have a chance to make up for...
Masons in the Knights of Malta.Pope Francis clearing out the masons?
As we prepare our Open Letter to Pope Francis in the Roman Newspaper, we ask your continued financial support
Pope Francis says Indigenous people have rights over their lands
Our Thought for the Day for Thursday 16 February is from Pope Francis
Pope Francis clearly pulling off a violent club?
Pope weighs in on Dakota pipeline dispute: Native people have rights over their lands
hey Pope Francis, can and do responsorial psalm for mass at St Peter's basilica in the Vatica…
Pope Francis defends Standing Rock Sioux's right to defend their ancestral lands.
.weighs in on Native people have rights over their lands ✊ cc
Pope Francis: Indigenous people should have final say over their land
“As one human family, we are all migrants, journeying in hope” Pope Francis
Pope Francis says native people have rights over their lands
How the Vatican's communications director is changing how Pope Francis talks to the world
Pope Francis is right. The federal government must start treating Native Americans with the respect and dignity they deserv…
Pope Francis declares that indigenous peoples must give their permission before any use or exploitation of their ances…
Pope Francis: Native people have rights over their lands
Pope Francis today appeared to back Native Americans seeking to halt part of the Dakota Access Pipeline:
Pope Francis & Speaker of hard left NYC Council helped FALN terrorist Oscar Lopez-Rivera get presidential pardon.
Pope Francis and Fozzy Bear - via Vintage Fr Dwight Longenecker at his best. Well worth reading.
Pope Francis lives in a high walled city, but blames Donald J Trump for building a wall between US and Mexico,...
After Stubbs and Rod Stewart last time, I wonder if the SFA managed to get Gerry Adams and Pope Francis lined up to make the next draw?
Today asks where in the world Pope Francis's political magic might strike next in 2017.
Francis on 'Anyone who wants border walls isn't Introducing City WALL https:…
Pope Francis targeted by 'fake news' posing as official Vatican paper: via
Pope Francis, get out of Venezuela. You're making things worse! See: h…
Hey John, what's your take on the NY Times piece on Bannon, Pope Francis & Vatican? Seems far-fetched to me??
Pope Francis named by eyewitness as child trafficker From the White House…
if Pope Francis told me he is a sinner I still want to make my own decision
Pope states should not be identified with
By Pope Francis says health care not a business but a service to life.
Bannon has his fingers in extreme conservative groups world wide. He is the one stirring the pot hoping for a...
"Current levels of production are sufficient, yet millions of people are still suffering and dying of starvation." – Pope F…
Pope Francis & the Leo Frank Club (ADL) of the 'Jews'-only B'nai B'rith masonic lodge celebrate their common values. http…
Feb. 11 is a special day. Most of these comments come from the Pope Francis of Rome. We all know those who are...
We are are ardent Supporter of America and Israel, our love for them flows naturally, no regret no apology. Pop…
Where in the world could Pope Francis move the political needle? via
Pope Francis targeted by 'fake news' in Catholic spat via
I get that does not like +Burke (or the Church, or priests, or Jesus), but this is unhinged.
When will the rest of the progressive Christians be targeted? Now conservatives are after the Pope.
Pope Francis Targeted by 'Fake News' in Catholic Spat "Polluting germs of selfishness, envy, malicious gossip."
According to Pope Francis, the recipe for a happy marriage can be found in the words "May I" -Thank you" - and "I'm sorry."
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Without women, there is no harmony in the world, says
Pope Francis: Message for World Day of the Sick - Vatican Radio - Vatican Radio
Pope Francis heard about this man’s deportation case. Now, a court is hearing about it. - The Washington Post
Pope Francis' way of teaching kids to pray.
One year after Pope Francis' visit to Juarez - Las Cruces Sun-News
I'm curious about the wearables and other ways. Pope Francis specifically mentioned receiving a hairshirt!
"Pedophilia is not the problem if a person of good will with that tendency is seeking God in accordance with Church teachings" Pope Francis
Amoris Laetitia-- The Joy of Love: On Love in the Family by Pope Francis
Pope Francis: ‘Liberation Theology Good for Latin America’ - but KGB invented this HERESY via
On page 145 of 264 of Amoris Laetitia, by Pope Francis
Pope Francis offers latest criticism of President Trump: “A Christian would never say ‘you will pay for that.’”
Pope Francis just stood up for 'the most oppressed people on earth'
Pope Francis on Wednesday issued a fresh rebuke against Myanmar over its repression of the Rohingya minority group. https…
Pope Francis defends right of Burma’s Rohingya Muslims to ‘live their faith’ | The Independent
Pope Francis defends right of Muslims to ‘live their faith’
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Pope Francis: "A Christian can never say 'I'll make you pay for that.' Never!"
Pope Francis says Rohingya Muslims are targeted simply for living "their culture and their Muslim faith."
Pope Francis getting in on the action.. .
"We must restore hope to young people, help the old, be open to the future. spread love. Be poor among the poor." -Pope Francis
Pope Francis repeats his encouragement for breastfeeding - La Leche League GB
Heil to the Pope: Pope Francis Is the Anti-Trump via
"Sport favors a universalism characterized by brotherhood and friendship among peoples, and peace and harmony among nations." -…
From Religion News Service - In a new video, urges compassion for refugees, people on the margins:... https:…
THT - Anonymous posters criticizing pope appear in Rome
Why do u call him "Francis" when he is NOT legitimate pope? He's a fraud. Benedict XVI is still Pope (flawed resignation)
Pope Francis appears to criticise capitalism during a speech at the Vatican on Saturday.
He may be the head of the Catholic church. His opinions mean zilch to me.
Francis should be excommunicated, sent back to Fascist Argentina.
Pope Francis! We are so happy to live life with Jesus. Have confidence and follow Him,praying everything. gratitude,love,pray
POPE FRANCIS: Take action! Live life to the full! And when others see the witness you give, they may ask: why do you live this way
These actions of have been on my mind. What are Christian beliefs? How does one act? What does one say? https:…
Pope Francis should not have allowed Muslim Quran prayers from Vatican via
New posters go up in Rome in support of Pope Francis.
taps top aide as delegate to the Knights of Malta -
who needs hbo's young pope when u have Pope Francis Vs. Cardinal Burke
Grand Master of Malta, Matthew Festing, will resign after Pope Francis asked him to do so http…
Donald Trump has dissed Pope Francis, 5 living US presidents, two Federal judges and now our USA itself 🇺🇸…
Pope Francis has become a source of division
By Rome wakes up today to find the city full of anti-Pope Francis posters.
But I sense the same spirit in the defiant attitudes toward Pope Francis whether in the Womenpriests movement or the anti modernist trads
As a true Catholic Let me enlightened you To the truth it is the responsibility of to show Prudence…
So a catholic blocked me for pointing out a fact about pope Francis
Signs appearing all around Rome calling out Pope Francis on his hypocrisy.
Pope Francis was a nightclub bouncer before he was Pope.
Pope Francis in beautiful new video calls us to welcome the refugee and marginalized
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Pope Francis seems to be an angry man. Pray for him
Posters accusing Pope Francis of attacking conservative Catholics appeared around Rome this weekend and were swiftly covered up by city aut…
Conservative criticism of Pope Francis intensifies after his intervention in Knights of Malta order https:…
“Capitalism knows philanthropy, not communion”
Maybe it’s time to stop saying that Pope Francis is unruffled by criticism...
Romans turned their back on Pope Francis two years ago, when Mass, Audience and Angelus numbers plummeted. Too overtly Lef…
Conservative criticism intensifies against -> Pope Francis. May God have Mercy on your Soul!
.Using God's name to promote violence is blasphemy …
Francis has mired the Church in an internal conflict without modern precedent. Now spilling onto the street.
.just threw shade at Trump in the classiest way possible
More controversy for Pell as new book claims he financially aided priests jailed for child sex crimes in Italy. https…
Famed Anaheim White House Restaurant erupts in flames; owner saves rosary given to him by Pope Francis ht…
One of 2 high school students arrested for bringing gun to school known to police for making death threats against Pope Francis in 2015
Pope Francis washes the feet of Muslim migrants, says we are ‘children of the same God’
Pope Francis: "You CANNOT reject refugees and call yourself a Christian.". Pick one. Both cannot be true.
Jesus Christ is always waiting to be recognized in migrants and refugees, in displaced persons and in exiles. - Pope Francis htt…
you can kill with your tongue, the apostle James says so, not me, and you can kill with a sword." Pope Francis
When Piers Morgan, Pope Francis, John McCain, and J.K Rowling agree on something, and you're on the other side, you're…
Angela Merkel has spoken out. Justin Trudeau has spoken out. Pope Francis has spoken out. Even Theresa May has spoken out.…
"It's hypocrisy to call yourself a Christian and chase away a refugee or someone seeking help." Pope Francis. Let all wh…
Pope Francis: You cannot reject refugees and call yourself a Christian
Closing of the Holy Doors marks the end of the Church's Year of Mercy. Pope Francis asks God to open our eyes&hearts to th…
Devout Catholic Arnold Schwarzenegger is warmly greeted by Pope Francis in Vatican City https:/…
Pope Francis' Prayer for Nature from encyclical Laudato Si / Praise Be to You which calls for action to curb human-…
Pope Francis is a grave danger to the unity, liberty, and orthodoxy of the Holy Catholic Church.
"if it was up to me, i would vote Pope Francis for the president of the Southern Baptist Convention"
Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill Joint Declaration Speaks Of "New World" The head of the pagan Roman Catholic...
Why can't Pope Francis see this? He might listen to Cdl Burke instead of George Soros
MT Pope Francis with Israeli President Shimon Peres. is the one wearing a yarmulke.
Tsai Ying-wen to Pope Francis: Together for non-violence and the status quo across the Taiwan Strait via
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I think Pope Francis just resigned :-)
Pope Francis warned against populism, saying it could lead to the election of "saviours" like Hitler. but th…
Vigil at Christ The King Cathedral Chandigarh India for peace in the world at the invitation of Pope Francis.
"At a time when our human family is beset by grave humanitarian crises demanding far-sighted and united political...
BREAKING: Three bishops launch ‘spiritual crusade’ urging Pope to rebuke Communion for adulterers.
Pope warns against rise of leaders like Hitler as Trump becomes President
Pope Francis warns against rise in populism by via
Pope Francis warns against rise in *** - BBC News
Pope Francis warns against rise in populism .
Beware of populist leaders- Pope Francis analyse Trump and Hitler similarity
Ironic: Pope Francis never criticized actual military dictators in Argentina, but denounces elected leaders for speculative…
I’ll judge Donald Trump after we see what he does: Pope Francis.
Pope Francis on ‘We will see how he acts. Being afraid or rejoicing beforehand is unwise’
I don't understand what's he's doing. should have an audience with Pope Francis ASAP
Pope Francis says 'wait and see' on Trump - AOL News
Since Pope Francis is a communist that has already compared Trump to Hitler, I'm thinking he isn't going to like him very m…
Pope Francis urges world to 'wait and see' on Trump
Pope Francis won’t judge Trump before seeing what he does
Pope Francis warns against populism, citing Hitler. should warn about pedophile priests who suck young boys ***
Pope Francis won't judge Trump before seeing what he does - New York Post
"...being afraid or rejoicing beforehand because of something that might happen is, in my view, quite unwise." -Pope F…
"Hitler did not steal power," the pope said. "He was elected by his people and then he destroyed his people.".
Pope Francis Compares Donald Trump to Hitler via Young children get abused in house of God. Sort it.
Pope Francis Compares Donald Trump to Hitler. [Also said Jesus Christ failed on the cross ... so ...]. |
Pope Francis says he will judge Trump after seeing what he does as president
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