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Pop Idol

Pop Idol is a British television and the main music competition which debuted on ITV on 6 October 2001. The aim of the show was to decide the best new young pop singer (or pop idol ) in the UK based on viewer voting and participation.

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My first ever pop idol, an amazing voice and fantastic performer. Another star we've grown up with who's gone now. https:/…
After voting for all those years ago on Pop idol i finally got to see him live tonight. Amazing night with fam…
Chinese pop idol Kris Wu helps boost sales on its major market via
Chinese pop idol helps Burberry get back on song
Chinese pop idol helps get back on song.
Gordon Brown becomes Prime Minister of an independent Scotland after winning a celebrity revival of Pop Idol
Some lad off Pop Idol's just had a clear round on Celebrity Mastermind, answering on WWF in the 90's
I got Hezbollah mixed up with Rick Waller from Pop Idol. The fatua ***
The Man from Laramie was also a No 1 in 1955 For Jimmy Young, Not only a brilliant DJ But a Pop Idol of the 50's
Ladies and gentlemans, THE BEST IDOL IN THE WORLD. My vote is for as Favorite Female Artist - Pop/Rock at the
I would like to request that Eliot gets a pop idol and school outfit. Also wish you can make another young male fighter.
When Funko Pop finally creates a pop figurine that represents your idol in one of his best…
15 years since Pop Idol launched. Don't you think we should do a reunion tour and show the X Factor how it's done?
Wit happened to One True Voice aff Pop Idol? Class gig they played at Hillpark for the troops
Katarina Johnson-Thompson's life-changing Pop Idol moment posted by BBC News.
I'm only interested if it's in a garage: Katarina Johnson-Thompson's life-changing Pop Idol moment
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Heptathlete Katarina Johnson-Thompson reveals three surprising facts about herself, including the Pop Idol moment that changed her life.
Sulli has gained more followers on Instagram in the last month than any other K-pop idol. Controversial queen! 🍑
A middle aged man at Starbucks had a Sub Pop sticker on his laptop and he was groovin' to the death cab for cutie that was p…
160518 MBC Every1 Weekly Idol with AOA cuts have been uploaded by ALL THE K-POP channel.
Every K-Pop fan each time they see a sexy pic of his idol. Cada kpoper cuando ven una foto sexy de su bias.
Lineup around the block for Justin Bieber's Toronto pop-up shop
Scott Parker's 'snowboarded' is up there with Pete Waterman telling a Pop Idol contestant they've put a real 'spaniard' in the works.
Sam Nixon not getting through to the final of Pop Idol 2 was the first time I realised democracy was heavily flawed
What a way to celebrate 15 seasons of We're obsessed with this pop medley.
Not been so invested since Will Young on pop idol! Such an incredible talent - you absolutely deserve a second crack. Good luck
These 2 guys singing the winners single on 😁 feel like I'm back in 2002 choosing between Gareth Gates & Will Young on Pop Idol!
you were amazing in the show and how lovely it was to meet you after. We have been fans since pop idol a…
This boy right here became a great artist, Prince of pop, grammy and diamond award winner and also a great idol
Father John Misty Proves to be a Pop Idol: Oakland – “I want to be a pop idol.” That is Oscar Wilde’s first an...
American Idol was created by Simon Full as a spin off from the show Pop Idol
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Think music as over-produced as a Pop Idol act but heavy metal performed by three Japanese teenagers. BABYMETAL in a nutshell.
Shame on Adele for ripping off Michelle McManus's Pop Idol finale performance
America Got Talent tend to focus more on other talents because things like Pop Idol and the Voice exist. Go for the voice. Xx
Pop Idol star Gareth Gates is mad about the musicals - Derbyshire Times
Pop Idol star Gareth Gates comes to Workington -
X Pop Idol Factor is still a thing? I thought ITV pledged to cut dead-weight shows that bombed in ratings figures for fresher content?
my fave k-pop look: "I'm gonna try to avoid looking like an idol at the airport so I'm gonna wear a beanie/shades and my hair sorta done"
Whenever I hear 'hit me baby one more time' all I can picture is Darius on Pop Idol 😂😩
this is the Darius version from Pop Idol isn't it?!
Hello Man you it's Amazing, I love your work in make it pop, you it's my idol, I whis luck for you in the
Oh gosh, seeing "Eye of the Tiger" on has just reminded me of that man who performed the song on "Pop Idol 2"
not only have u made me switch to radio 2 I'm now wishing pop idol was back
Sorry some might not agree with me but this man was the worlds best pop idol ❤❤❤
those vids I sent last night were my pop idol auditions 🙊
More cool Japanese culture at ! Char meets the pop idol sensation, ! Do you like idols?
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If an alien asked me what a pop idol is, I'd show them Loyiso. 😏
Photo op! During your visit, have your photo taken on the sofa from season 4 of American Idol!
Mmatema is the real deal! The full package* A true perfomer & that's what S.A needs as a pop idol*
Which idol group is the best in KPOP? EXO or BIGBANG? via chuutalk IKON 1100
Musa over brandon over again. Siphelele is not a pop idol. Good singer yes, but no. 😑😑😑
Kanye West -- I Want to be the Last 'American Idol'
Koufuku is a pop type idol even tho i think she could be cute or sexy too!! Buut her main brand is Happy Rainbow for sure
you truly are a top guy !! You have the personality the heart the talent !! World's greatest pop star and idol to us fans !! ❤
So I started watching Show by Rock!! And I have no clue what is happening. It's like furry pop idol Tron band.
Off to watch a one-woman show by none other than... Wait for it... Pop Idol winner Michelle McManus! This can go one of two ways.
So has teamed up with 15 years since Pop Idol and Rik Waller still can't catch a break
14 years on from Pop Idol, things don't get easier for Rik Waller as Cheryl Cole is named the face of Greggs.
Craig Cooper, 28, from Southampton, who weighed 19st 7lb, was bullied for resembling the overweight Pop Idol s...
Sam Nixon, Will Young, Gareth Gates: Where are the Pop Idol finalists now ... ☱ Sam Nixon ☱ …
If I go in for Pop Idol, I want to win. Only winning is success. You can't keep redefining your terms, it's illegal!
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[MYDOL - KPOP STAR LOCKSCREEN]. MYDOL is a lock screen that your K-POP STAR IDOL constantly sends you messages
and she could've ignore the Zayn hashtags buts he didn't so I defended my idol
Cried my eyes out and hid under a pillow for a good three hours when Will Young won pop idol over Gareth
can u guys just stop arguing, I'm just trying to get my point across. I'm defending my idol
never said I was and I'm defending my idol
What else you gonna do on a Saturday .. Sit in your arm chair and *** off to pop idol 💪🏿
I'm finally watching the American Idol finale. Pop music is weird you guys.
American Idol's pop-punk performer Jax got the axe as she was eliminated from the show on Tuesday night. That left Tennessee soul singer
Nik Kershaw the legendary 80's pop idol and composer is interviewed by
S-LINE NEWS American Idol - "American Idol" has been cancelled and season 15 will be the last. In honor of the pop...
Mentally unstable woman resurrects several people, takes up acting, decides to become a pop idol http…
'American Idol' on the way out after moving away from pulse of pop
Wrote a bit about Idol's impact on radio
this is a clip from Grace's pop idol party when she dressed as you. Poor audio sorry x
Forgot to share: My obit on Americal Idol; the phenomenon that eventually slipped out of pop culture conversation.
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Please contact for the request of DJ. J-pop, J-Idol, Anime-song and Allmix. works: Bookings: pandakeiko
The not-so-obvious ways "American Idol" had a profound impact on the pop world:
A former teen idol was caught selling illegal kombucha with his cult:
.'s is currently on iTunes Pop Chart! Let's get it to 👉 http:…
Lmao, Michelle McManus of Pop Idol just won me a Pointless answer. Thanks babe 💗
The former Pop Idol judge, 53, was arrested again today after voluntarily attending a central London police station in connection with an
Pop Idol's Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban stand up for Tyanna Jones
I always confuse Laura Whitmore, the TV presenter, with Sarah Whatmore from Pop Idol. Everyone remembers that world famous singer, right?
–What yr did Will Young win Pop Idol, John Prescott got an egg thrown at him in Rhyl & Gabrielle released Out of Reach. O&F x
Pop Idol winner Will Young: 'X Factor is too self-aware'
Will Young: 'Pop Idol was cheesy, but X Factor is too self-aware' - Digital Spy UK
American Idol is an American singing competition series created by Simon Fuller and produced by 19 Entertainment, and distributed by FremantleMedia North America. It began airing on Fox on June 11, 2002, as an addition to the Idols format based on the British series Pop Idol and has since become one…
Hmmm...some rather 'competitive' tug-o-war action at this mornings Godalming Boot Camp session that nearly caused a riot! It case you are wondering, that's Ben aka 'Darius from Pop Idol' getting rather excited/into it! We should do a cross-venue 'Tug-O-War competition' social thingy with emphasis on the social part! How much fun would that been with a skin full of booze and after smashing the BBQ!!
Popstars, Pop Idol, Popstars the rivals, Fame Academy, all of that reality TV ruled back in the day
Jennifer Hudson won American Idol and went on to win an Oscar. Michelle McManus won Pop Idol and went on to win a hot …
One day, they're gonna show that clip of the final of Pop Idol and Gareth Gates will win!
Nineties pop star Gareth Gates has admitted the fall out from his relationship with Katie Price put an end to his solo career, during his first appearance ON 'The Big Reunion' on Thursday. Gareth, who sprang to fame after losing out to Will Young in the finals of 'Pop Idol in 2001', confessed that l...
Today in music history- February 21, 1981- Dolly Parton started a 2-week run at on the US charts with '9 to 5', the singers first Metallica released their third album, the highly influential album, Master of Puppets, considered by many in the metal community to be the best metal album of all time. This was the last Metallica album with bassist Cliff Burton who was killed when the group's tour bus over-turned in southern Sweden while touring to promote the album. 2004- Simon Cowell was set to appear in a new episode of The Simpsons. The TV Pop Idol judge would play a nursery boss who gets punched by Homer Simpson. 2008- A computer expert was jailed for two years for electronically stalking Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington. Devon Townsend worked at a US national security laboratory in New Mexico, where she used a computer to track Bennington, she admitted to obtaining family photos, accessing e-mail and voicemail, and threatening his wife Talinda. 2008- A US music aficionado sold his collection of more ...
Pop Idol star Gareth Gates has opened up about his fling with former glamour model Katie Price, on TV show The Big Reunion.
Review++ Used Dj Gear SEE MORE REVIEWS : Dj Gear On the web Entrepreneur: To Be, Or Not To Be "To be, or not to be." I'm quite positive that Shakespeare wasn't talking about getting an on-line entrepreneur, but what about you? Used Dj Gear. What Is That Nourishment Label Genuinely Declaring? Does the details on a nutrition label confuse you? It did me until I determined to learn what it all means. Simon Cowell to Create Leisure Company Simon Cowell is likely 1 of the most well known faces in the planet, he shot to fame when he appeared as a judge on the very first series of the hugely successful Pop Idol, he then went to The us for American Idol and returned again to the United kingdom immediately after the next time of Pop Idol to start the X Factor, he is almost certainly the most popular judge in the environment and also appears as a choose on Britain's Received Talent. But it is now rumoured that Simon Cowell will be joining forces with Topshop operator Sir Philip Environmentally friendly who ...
Her voice provider is the artist Dahee Kim (member of the K-Pop idol group 'GLAM')
“Did this for fun and got Minah. I was hoping for Yuri, but Minah's my Girl's Day bias, so it's cool. :Dd
He makes my heart stop just from a pic of his face... lol. via
“Lol! Luhan. An unexpected outcome, but I'm not disappointed. I do tend to squeal over his cuteness. X"3
BBC Radio 4 - The Bottom Line, Pop Idol and Big Brother.something you maybe interested in??
Have you ladies found your match yet? - Pop Quiz: Which K-Pop idol is my perfect valentine? (For Girls)
For the Female Idol quiz, did you end up with who you wanted - if not, who did you want?
. On Pop Idol you said you love reptiles, so what's the best: Paul Hogan's Crocodile Dundee or Jimmy Nai…
ISA TV Instagram Update: Valentine's Day from our K-Pop idol group U-KISS! 💕 They give us their tips for valentines day! Win a signed Valentine's Day card autographed by the group when you comment below with your romantic tips! 💋 VALENTINE'S DAY EVERYONE! :)
15.3hh by pop idol, jum jum, concorde, wolfgang, burgraff, voltaire! Black mare 6yrs.brought as a project for my daughter whos got pregnant, and my sons to big, too busy with his youngsters, im due a operation so reducing stock.big loose jump, was broken lightly as a 4yr then put in foal, carried the foal as 5yr and lost it, we rebacked her and due to commitment with sons horses and daughter getting pregnant nothing was done being ridden and ready for someone to finish the job, good conformation and movement with excellent breeding , bargain at £2, 500
2 What a fantastic night we have in store for you.. With entertainment by the AMAZING. "LUCINDA O'CONNELL" She is an absolute SUPER STAR...Lucinda has sung in front of Prince Charles and was a finalist on the TV talent show Pop Idol .. and performed at Benidorm Palace.. plus we have a Fabulous 4 course menu..A Flower & a Glass of Cava for the Ladies. Call now to book.644 543 316
A K-pop idol, or Korean pop idol, is a popular K-pop celebrity that have trained hard for many years [1][2][3][4][5] after having passed various stages of auditions held by South Korean talent agencies such as SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and Cube Entertainment. According to...
what are some of the psychological characteristics of k pop idol fans? what are the characteristics of Korean Popular song lyrics?
Hey everyone, Just a reminder, tomorrow we will have a soran bushi workshop at club. If you would like to participate it is recommended to wear something comfortable. If you decide you like the dance and would like to perform with us at international days please tell us so we can add you to the soran bushi group list. Today we met with some of the Japanese students and some of them are interested in performing with us as well. We are meeting in AE266 at 4:30. On that note, this is for all the girls in the club. Some of the Japanese girls are wanting to perform their own dance as well, it will be to Japanese Pop Idol music, possibly to a AKB48 song. If your interested in that please come talk to either Jenna or myself and we will give you the contact info. The last thing I'm going to include in this reminder/update is an event thats going to happen at the Kamloops Japanese Canadian Association. On February 25th Raiden Taiko will be hosting a Taiko Drumming event. It will start at 7PM and will go until 9PM ...
Today, many Japanese entertainers have multiple skills to add value to their profession. For Ayaka Wada, a member of teenage pop idol group S/mileage, art is her favorite subject, regardless of whether it will eventually become her second career.
Just out of interest, K-Pop idol wise, who do people think I fit, in terms of voice? Male or female. Because I really don't think I fit anyone. o___o/
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Happy birthday Robbie! Even in your 40s already, you'll always go on being my English Pop idol. Love you!
Download Tattoo Designs Name Nathan - Designs Name Nathan Appear Beautiful This Wintertime Seem Wonderful This Winter season If you experienced dry skin, it surely receives even worse for the duration of chilly weather. Simply because you have to offer with dry pores and skin yr round, even though, you often searching for methods to hydrate your skin. Tattoo Designs Name Nathan. Classification of Awards and Trophies If you are in search for awards and trophies, 1 important step is to have some data about its classification. No matter whether you prepare to give out trophies for a athletics levels of competition or a pageant, or recognition awards for your company's corporate party, it is a great preparing to know your possibilities perfectly. There had been distinct types of awards supplied in advance of the present day times. Gothic Intimate Novels Gothic fiction was a portion of the Romantic movement which was involved with solid thoughts of passionate appreciate or powerful dislike. There was usually a ...
Trivia Question ~ A "Bobby soxer" is a 1940s term denoting the over zealous fans of which pop idol?
Today's LGBT artist for the '3 At 3' is the original Pop Idol - Will Young!
These days, many K-pop idols are heading their career paths in acting as well. Jewelry’s member Yewon has been casted for MBC’s upcoming weekend drama “Hotel King.” Yewon will play a quirky and bubbly role of a front desk staff at the hotel. She dreams to escape the mundane life by meeting her princ...
WHATS ON AT THE KEPPELS Tmorrow is quiz night and irish bingo with a gallon af beer up for grabs, also poker night is starting from 7pm :) Friday is round 3 of pop idol and its not to late to enter for a £250 prize for the winner and a possible £1000 for the overall winner at the finals also its valentines day this means soul and motown and tasty cocktails so bring your better half and enjoy a night at the keppels :) Friday the 28th feb race night starting from 8pm raffels races food grat prices sure to be a good night :) And remember carling only £2.65 a pint and John smiths £2.40 BARGIN
That Chico has done well since pop idol he's scored for Swansea tonight!
Today’s smart quiz: At the American Music awards in 2002, what pop idol was dubbed artist of the century? Tune in tomorrow morning to Pat and Felicia for a new question and for your chance to win!
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With Iman watching this.. Iman is the next k-pop idol, akakaka.. Iman-ah gaegon hae boja :)
Considered to be one of the strongest candidates for the trophy of the Eurovision Song Contest beforehand, Safura managed to deliver, with the help of a world-class team behind her. She finished fifth in Europe's favourite TV-show in Oslo. Who is she? Safura started to sing at the age of three. At six she had her first stage performance. And ever since, she has taken part in various competitions. She is the winner of Azerbaijani talent show Yene Ulduz which is the equivalent to Pop Idol. Safura graduated from musical school where she played violin, though she always dreamed about playing saxophone. And if you want something very bad, you go ahead and do it. So now Safura is the only female celebrity in Azerbaijan who can play this tough instrument! She had a dream team backing her on her way to Oslo, including some of the biggest names in the industry. For example she had the same choreographer as Beyonce! "Thank you, guys, for everything -- for all those comments and letters, for kind word of support, fo ...
PUP San Pedro - POP IDOL Season 4 HOW TO VOTE: (LIKE and SHARE... DAN PATRICK SOLAYAO) STEP 1. Like the Official Page STEP 2. Hit LIKE to VOTE for your favorite POP IDOL 3. Share the PHOTOS' LINK of your favorite contestant to your friends. Thank you... and God Bless...!
Another reason for tourists to visit Dubai The InterContinental Hotel Dubai Festival City will be the venue for the upcoming Emirates’ Festival of Literature, which will take place in four weeks’ time from March 4-8. Patron of the annual event, which has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years, is His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai. Over 300 sessions, panel discussions, workshops and master classes will be available to visitors with sessions being conducted in Arabic, English and French. The 2014 Festival’s main theme is Metamorphosis, one of the great themes of storytelling from the earliest days of the written word through to the present. Festival organizers have also confirmed that several favorite events from previous years will return, including Desert Stanzas, the Murder Mystery Dinner, the George Orwell Lecture, given this year by Jeremy Bowen, the Watani Debate, and the Quick Pitch with Luigi ...
Is starting to wonder if Australians have an equivalent programme to relocate to the uk? If anyone ever makes money on bargain hunt? Of perfection should really be called deception? And why is nicky chapman on tv twice a day, doing nothing pop idol related? Only 9 more months of daytime tv to go.agh!
Bobby Vee still has the infectious smile, bright eyes and boyish good looks of his 1960s pop idol days, when he scored such hits as "Take Good Care of My Baby," "Rubber Ball" and "The Night Has a Thousand Eyes."
As the Lunar New Year season break ends, it’s high school graduation time for some K-Pop idol stars. What an exciting period of life it is for these idols! SPEED’s Sungmin and 5Dolls’ Hyewon graduate from Anyang Highschool of the Arts on the 7th; VIXX’s Hyuk graduates from Hanlim Multi-Arts Highscho...
Just listened to Pete Waterman on Radio Two. What a tremendous guy and so open with his thoughts and opinions. I know that Blubber Model, Michelle McManus, won't be happy to hear him openly broadcasting that her win on Pop Idol was a Simon Cowell fix and Pete walking off the final was not a set up, but Pete leaving in utter disgust at her win.
Pakistan Idol Pakistan Idol is an Pakistani rIt is the 50th addition to the adaptation of series called Idols format based on British series by the name Pop Idol and first adapted by Poland as Idol and then globally in 50 countries with in the decade and has been very popular since its inception, the most successful adaptation of series is of American Idol which led it to its thirteen seasons and has achieved many accolades and positive response. The concept of the series is to find new solo recording artists where the winner is determined by the viewers in Pakistan. Winners has been chosen by viewers through telephone, Internet, and SMS text. For first season the show will declared its winner after its journey of three months. Pakistani Idol employs a panel of judges who critique the contestants' performances. The judging panel for the first season consists of country singer Hadiqa Kiani, singer/actress and comedian Bushra Ansari, and rock singer Ali Azmat. The show is originally hosted by television and ...
American Idol is now one of the American Reality Singing competition and has become one of the most successful Shows in the history of the American Television.It launched its 13 year Season today .Tonight ,the show unveils its new fun -loving hermonious Trio Judges in on an episode put together by producers who are also brand new. How did the American Idol start? American Idol was created by Simon Fuller based on the British Show Pop Idol in 2001 ,which was in turn inspired by Pop Stars ,a show TV producer Nigel Lythgoe saw in Austria and brought over to Britain.Using the idea from Pop Stars of employing a panel of Judges to select singers in audition ,then adding other elements such as telephones voting by the viewing public. When the show debuted in Britain in that year of 2001,Lythgoe was the producer and Simon Cowell was one of the judges ,and it was a big success with the viewing Public. In addition to that,Fuller and Simon Cowell attempted to sell the Pop Idol format to the United States in 2001 ,b ...
Morning :D Golden years part 1: Will Young won Pop Idol, Brazil won the world cup, and in the charts - Oasis, Darius and Coldplay. Tell me the year?!? Gregor x
Simon Fuller: an amazing life and in fact, in my opinion, the biggest boy in modern Britain. Meet the boss of 'pop idol' shows! At some point he grew up in Ghana, West Africa. Simon Fuller (born 17 May 1960) is a British entrepreneur, artist manager and television producer. He is best known for being the creator of the Idol franchise, which was first seen in the UK under the name Pop Idol and created number one rated shows in other markets as well, including American Idol in the US. The franchise has been sold to more than 100 countries around the world. Fuller is also the co-creator and executive producer of the Fox TV reality shows So You Think You Can Dance, Q'Viva, and other U.S. and European TV shows. Fuller first came to significance through managing the female pop group the Spice Girls. He is currently the manager of performers and entertainers including David and Victoria Beckham, Annie Lennox, Sir Bradley Wiggins, Steven Tyler, Lewis Hamilton, Andy Murray, Carrie Underwood, David Cook, Will Young ...
Terry Sullivan’s guests on this week’s Sticks radio show are Gareth Gates (runner up in the very first “Pop Idol in 2002 and playing Prince Charming in Cinderella at the Alban Arena and Jennifer Ellison who many of you may remember as Emily Shadwick in C4’s Brookside plus lots of festive music inclu...
Breaking News Gareth Gates best known from the Pop Idol show is appearing on stage with his band at West Sands on 14th June 2014 at 7pm We are offering weekend breaks and holidays for these dates check out our Availability and Prices page. Share this: Pin ItShare on TumblrEmailLike this:Like Loading...
Only 1 million votes??! When Will Young won Pop Idol he had just over 5 million votes and Gareth Gates, the runner up, had just under 5 million. Why do I remember? Made a poster for my classroom showing how to calculate the percentages. Just an excuse to have a picture of Will Young on my wall!
Is it the final of Pop Idol tonight ? I think Gareth Gates has got it in the bag .. I might vote for him ...
Crowd surfing: check Spring Harvest 2001   Dance on the dining room table: check 25/11/2013, 16 Aldrens Lane, Lancaster   Acquire middle names: check Casaria, Cairo, Rohanna. Changing name by deedpoll in January.   Pretend to be someone else for an entire evening: check A lot of fun.   Head home after a night dancing when the sun is just coming up: check All of Extrav week 2005   Travel alone: check Paris, 2011; Oban: 2011; Orkney, 2012; every time I visit the family   Sort out a pension: check   Go blonde: check More cos the dye faded from ash brown to blonde.   Own a sword: check 21st birthday present.   Set off a fire extinguisher: check As part of the fire safety training at work. J   Watch the LOTR trilogy in one sitting: check, check, check, check Done this a few times now.   Get a proper grown up job: check, check, check 3 jobs.   Left home: check Been living in Lancaster for the last 11 years…   Appeared on television: check 1 second on the 2nd series of Pop Idol   Started a novel: ...
Thanks to Taughnee, you now have to read 10 things that you (perhaps) didn't know about me. YOU HAVE TO. 1. I am left-handed & left-footed and play drums left-handed, but everything else (guitar, uke, cello) right-handed. It is far less hassle. 2. ...but without much effort, I can write backwards with my right hand. 3. I have been arrested twice, and in a police line-up as a lookalike once. 4. I suffer with headaches almost every Sunday, and have done for practically my entire life. 5. My single biggest fear is neurological diseases. Utterly terrifies me. 6. I am not afraid of heights, but I have pretty bad vertigo. Even seeing heights on TV or in video games affects me. 7. I have never, ever been under the full-time employement of anyone. 8. I once (actually, twice) auditioned at Sony to be in Mark Owens' backing band. In front of one of the Spice Girls' managers. 9. I was asked to audition as a 'preferred candidate' on the first series of Pop Idol (predecessor to the X Factor). I did not attend. 10. I r ...
Is Khaya Mthethwa a gospel singer or a pop singer?..ndi confused mna..yintoni ngoku se phunga iitea no Solly Mahlangu,did he win Gospel Star or Pop Idol?
Bradley Wiggins teams up with impresario Simon Fuller for "global cycling venture." Pop Idol on Bikes maybe?
Nrk Since we launched the original 'Pop Idol' in England, I've remained close with Simon Fuller. Working as executive producer on 'American Idol' for its first seven years not only was an inspirational journey into the heart of American pop culture, it opened my eyes to the untapped potential of the incredibly dynamic young people in this world.
Indian Idol: Indian Idol is an adaptation of the Pop Idol format. It started airing in India with the first season in 2004–2005 and followed that with second (2005–2006), third (2007) and fourth (2008–2009) seasons. In February 2010, Sony Entertainment Television announced the launch of the Fifth season. The Fifth season of Indian Idol started airing on Sony TV from 26 April 2010 and concluded on 15 August 2010, when Sreeram Chandra, participant from Hyderabad, India was named the Indian Idol 5. In addition to a recording contract with Sony BMG, the winner of Indian Idol 5 was awarded a one-year contract with Sony Entertainment Television worth 50,00,000, a Suzuki GS-150R motorbike, a Tata Winger Platinum car and a chance to be a playback singer in a forthcoming movie of Yash Raj Films, said a press release issued by Sony Entertainment Television.[1] One of the Top 5 Contestants will also be given the opportunity to become an RJ in Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM. Indian Idol 6 – started from 1 June 2012 an ...
Robbie Williams wins Pop Idol gong at Q Awards as he prepares for album battle with Gary Barlow vi…
I had a dream last night that they bought Pop Idol back and Jennifer Nettles and Amanda Burton were the judges ...
Melissa Aldana's Monk win feels like when Will Young won Pop Idol
I remember when I had a ps2, I had games like pop idol. That was so live 😭
I need a new artist/pop idol while is out doing the sooo mainstream tv show thing...
For the 5 people who probably remember Rik Waller from Pop Idol 2001, he now works as an exam invigilator...
Sssh, I'm trying to watch that Pop Idol final I recorded and didn't get 'round to watching...
Someone audition for pop idol with me
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“I don’t think there’s any pop idol that I care about more than I care about Britney, because that was the first CD I …
'Idol' Kelly Clarkson and 'Voice' Adam Levine sell out Amphitheatre -...
I was thinking similar. Bony's touch is heavier than Pop Idol winner Michelle McManus.
PLOHM FILM QUOTE:"Finland is the only country in the world where you can win Pop Idol with Metal!" Kimmo Kuusniemi (Presenter&Sarcofagus)
"I don't think there's any pop idol that i care more about than Britney cause that was the first record i bought" Miley…
SNSD is ranked 5 on Sisa Journal's top 10 most influencial entertainers in 2013. The only k-pop idol group on the list.
she's singing at Bernard Hopkins next fight. Pop Idol for bone idle.
For now, it looks like I'll have to make my dreams come true though K-pop Idol on FB. XD
can you be a K-pop idol for a day? Just like Big Bang's GD, and please don't pick PSY. :D
when Will Young spoke back to Simon Cowell on Pop Idol
Something that'll always leave me wondering... Seeing a K-Pop idol at a rave...
To be a k-pop idol you must know how to do archery.
Some ppl crave that famous that idol Like status... Look at what a certain show is called pop IDOL..says it all really.
I mind the days I used to think Gareth Gates was beautiful in Pop Idol. Just seen him there the now. He's still beautiful.
been going since you were still in school prob. Before x factor. Pop idol I'd have give you.
There I am engrossed in me soaps when I'm met with the shocking news that Pop Idol starts tomorrow. THEN, I'm told football is on next! D':
It is disappointing that despite the escalating situation in Syria, America is still ranting about a prodigal pop "idol".
Playing the Pop Idol game cause I'm soz
And guess who's birthday it is in Japan right now?. You guessed it! Our super pop idol sensation Hatsune Miku!!...
i've just realised that we didn't elaborate on the Portuguese pop idol story.
there is a real K-pop idol roleplaying as themselves and people call them OOC..
I am to good to be a pop idol, Coz every body knows that I'm a famous rapper, Wasting all ma dollar I am a real player.. .
and The Voice is huge in the US but we only had one series of Pop Idol and The Voice is a flop here. X Factor is huge in the UK but not US.
SPICA needs more love! They deserve to win~ they have the most powerful voices in k-pop idol girl groups!!
"Anyone going to Darius at South tonight?" Why you going to see that guy from pop idol?
130510 Eunhyuk & Junsu - Favorite K-Pop Idol BFF’s, ‘Like Family’. Idols are human beings too, and all human being
"is the sound of a Harajuku pop idol slicing open her stomach on the technicolor pages of a glossy magazine spread."
To be fair, I HAVE played XF winners' songs but stopped at Will Young... oh that was Pop Idol wasn't it? (*Pete teases Wayne*)
Never watched American Gothic just bc of Shaun Cassidy connection but pretty creepy. But guess if anyone'd know horror would be 70s pop idol
If you had to live on the planet with only one K-pop idol, who would it be?... — WHO ELSE BUT SHINEE ONEW. Harhar
I really don't get all the Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kanye and other urban pop idol references... And my life is supremely bette…
shame on you Prior.colourblind was by Darius Danesh who featured on Popstars and Pop Idol but not Xfactor
oh yeah lol we need more pop idol vids like this on YouTube ! 😃
when u was younger did you vote Gareth or Will Young in the pop idol final?
Was it Top of the Pops or Pop Idol that Gareth Gates won?
Contrary to what Ant said in Pop Idol once 'with your pasty celtic suffer from moonburn!'
el Rey del Pop We are the world... ;)
Why did gary barlow say were looking for a pop star. Did no one tell him is Not Pop Idol Its X factor
Watching pop idol series 1 on DVD I remember it as it was only yesterday My fav was Rosie Ribbons, I wanted to marry her HA how times change
On a similar note something that blew me away a little while back. It's more than 11 years since Will Young/Gareth Gates were on pop idol!
I met Will Young, probably at the height of your crush, in Amsterdam, maybe year after Pop Idol.
Will Young deserves his title of Pop Idol champion
Hol' up, let's get it straight, DANIEL AINT THE FIRST K-POP IDOL THAT HAS BEEN IN PRISON/JAIL! *** did THAT come free, let's be serious now
Bradley Lindsay cried when Gareth Gates lost the final of Pop Idol
Forever resenting Will Young for winning Pop Idol in 2002. He killed off any prospect of happiness in my life. Now I'm all bitter & angry.
Why go to pop Idol if u can't flippen sing man *** lmfao kwakwakwa!
Pop Idol's Gareth Gates headlines great weekend for T-Fest via
Someone tell me why I set up my playstation 2 to play Pop old am i?
he wouldn't even have made it past the auditions in Pop Idol
k-pop idol who will had birthday 2 days more? :D
Think you're devoted to your pop idol? Think again!
It's also from the days of pop idol...
'There's a parakeet in the house tonight' I would watch Pop Idol if it was like this:
Omg just saw Sam from Sam and Mark in TopMan, I'm fan girling! Totally voted for him on Pop Idol 😍
Wendy crazy if she think I'm gonna name my child after a teen pop idol
Stop saying Justin isnt Kidrauhl anymore. He's just growing up & I really dont think its easy, to be the biggest pop idol of our generation.
Watching copycats with the kids cos mark is hot!! Well should have won pop idol! I'm still paying the fonebill debts!
Dun't care if someone hates me or not but Hyuna shouldn't be a K-pop idol -.- she's a horrible singer!
day and come out the pop idol singer died of an overdose. You know I do not want that to happen I have fear if I have much
Billy Ocean always cheers me up, he is my pop idol
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
The first k-pop idol I heard from is actually Rain.
Your my pop idol and my first love too I've always loved you pete no matter what x lol
I just want to be an Asian pop idol
Does anyone else think that if Cheryl Cole didn't find fame on pop idol she would have ended up on Geordie Shore!
I miss my pop idol karaoke machine.
Even better! Remember Brendan Kilkenny?!! I used to see him on the bus all the time. Pop Idol scissor kicks man!!
Busting out some :D can't believe I was 6 when he was on pop idol!!
Seriously? Wow. Doesn't seem 5mins ago he was on Pop Idol or whatever & age 18!
tbh i think that not every fanboy of a pop idol can be *** I'm hetero and fighter. Does it cares? *** no really
Patently not. The man has a ponytail. I'm picturing Darius from Pop Idol pre-makeover.
Teenage pop idol duct tapes are a thing.
~Here Ya Go Bev. . Sorry U Missed It Back Then. . LD **Davy Jones Dead at 66** Davy Jones of the Monkees died of an apparent heart attack on 29th February 2012 aged 66. The singer had been on a solo tour this month and had complained of chest pains the previous evening and was admitted to a hospital in Stuart Florida. Jones was born in Manchester, England and started acting as a child, though he got his big break in 1965 when he joined The Monkees. The group had a hugely successful television series, and a slew of hit songs in the late 1960s. At their peak in 1967 they sold more records than the Beatles. In September 1965, The Hollywood Reporter ran the following advertisement: "Madness folk & roll musicians, singers wanted for acting roles in new TV show. Parts for 4 insane boys." The Monkees were born. These were the days when the seeds of Pop Idol and X Factor had yet to germinate in the mind of a five-year-old Simon Fuller. So, where did these four cheeky, floppy-haired wannabes come from? Englishman ...
Will Young and Gareth Gates to renew their 'Pop Idol' rivalry by taking part in a charity rubber duck race in Hampshir…
Palestinians back Mohammed Assaf to win Arab Idol final By Yolande Knell BBC News, Gaza City 22 June 2013 Last updated at 09:04 In a crowded open-air coffee shop in Gaza City excitement builds with the opening credits and catchy theme tune for the television talent show Arab Idol which is being shown on big screens. There is one reason: Mohammed Assaf. A few weeks ago, the 23-year-old student and wedding singer was a virtual unknown. Now he has become a Palestinian hero. He has made it into the final of the contest, the Middle East's version of Pop Idol, which is shown on the MBC channel and watched by millions across the region. "It's very rare for a Palestinian from Gaza to participate in such a programme," says Abeer Ayoub who is campaigning to encourage people to vote by text message for Assaf. "I love that it goes against the stereotypical image and shows Palestinians are engaged in art, music and singing." Mohammed Assaf gives catchy performances in a range of styles Assaf gives rousing performances ...
Gareth Gates has sold millions of records since he became the Pop Idol runner up in 2002. He has made a name for himself in the world of musical theatre (Joseph, Les Miserables, Legally Blonde and Loserville) and is now starring is a concert version of the hit 70s show Boogie Nights and working on n...
IN WHICH OUR HERO LOOTS THE SUPERMARKET LIKE HE DID LAST SUMMER About 40 years ago I was a scruffy fourteen year old who lived in the same cottage that I live in today, and baffled most of the people around him by his obsession with strange animals and music that nobody else around him understood. Nothing much has changed over the past four decades, (except for the fact that I am forty years more decrepit) but the other night, in the back room of a pub in Brighton, I had a weird flashback. Back in about 1973, I was engaged in an untimately unwinnable (by either party) war of attrition with my parents (particularly my father) mostly about rock music. I was convinced that the new vibrations from the ubiquitous pop music that I heard all around me were ultimately going to lead to a new age and a new consciousness (ultimately they would lead to Pop Idol and Simon Cowell, and Les bloody Miser-ubbybloody-les, but we weren't to know that). Whereas my father was convinced that this frightening new culture in whic ...
South Korean pop sensation Psy is slated to perform "Gentleman" live on an episode of "Dancing with the Stars."
【invited to the concert of AKB48, and he's impressed at the top-notch pop idol performance!!!
Álbum de fotos: sekaiichimame: Day 17: A k-pop idol you wish was your older sibling - Bang Yongguk He’s one...
Looking for Ottawa dads with awesome talents... we've got a big prize up for grabs:
My former hairstyle wasn't like pop idol Limahl!!!
A day where I was frankly embarrassed at my knowledge of past pop idol contestants. who knew a brain could hold so much crap trivia?
What's your dream job? — To be a k-pop idol under SM Entertainment, or just be at least EXO's Manager Noona /cri...
Politics goes pop in 'Arab Idol' show
britney is the queen of pop and you even said she's your idol at the 2009 MTV music awards.
What this boils down to is "Achievement unlocked: Voted on Pop Idol"
this bloke wouldnt have to go on Pop idol or XFactor, another good song
Pop Idol Gareth Gates is now available through Hireaband
Are you a dad with a secret talent? You could win a week at our cottage club with CBC's Pop Idol competition!
While this is a good point, I don't completely agree with it. Even though my OWN band has gone through the "get into the garage and make noise" etc stage and we have ALOT to owe to that time, the fact is that the music industry is run by people, who by nature are imperfect. There have been people on American Idol who have had stage presence, voice, looks, the entire package, and have been super comfortable like they've been doing it for years. And chances are that they have. Kelly Clarkson or Adam Lambert didn't acquire their vocal abilities/showmanship JUST before auditioning. They had them for years, and the show was their chance to finally be able to show the world and make a career out of it. These guys had been trying for years to get noticed by labels and A&R people, but were under the curse of poorly visioned executives and bad businessmen at the low tier of the music industry who couldn't identify their potential. These shows are designed to find worldwide selling artists, in other words "POP Star ...
hello are carmela I never stop dreaming of you I think of you always are my idol you do not change it for any other pop singer
okay, I'll make that quiz. so, what's your favorite singer? what's your idol? please, don't j-pop!
Have you heard Lauren Alaina's new song, "Breakdown"? Watch her perform it on the Opry stage and if you're in town for CMA Music Fest she'll be back on the Opry Friday, June 7!
I wish I can start my life all over .. and become a K-Pop Idol TT__TT or at least be Korean :')
I love it, remember when I sang it at pop idol? Oh dear
w coz they met k-pop idol in s'pore now he want rapping too LOL
Yui! The j-pop idol that I like..her songs are the best!
The website for Japanese Kpop fans, Kpop Drama Info, recently revealed the result for top 100 idol group’s members popularity ranking on May 2013. Each person could only vote one idol per day. From the result, TVXQ’s Changmin topped the poll with...
Duran Duran, Billy Idol, a-ha, Tears For Fears, Depeche Mode, A lot of 80s pop lol from my mom.
BOKSBURG - I'm looking forward to performing for you all at Trotters Pub & Grill this Saturday! R40 adults, R20 kids!
Queen guitarist hits out at BBC talent show
Happy birthday to the only K-pop idol who shares the same birthday as me - EXO-K's leader Suho :)
K-Pop fans who went "who is this Son Hoyoung guy?" Better you guys started learning about first generation idol... -_-
where the *** is kim jongdae he's the only not here //FROWNS AT THEM ALL//
CLICK HERE: - To view the top 10 of the 'Top 100 K-pop Idol Group's Members'
eTribez powers Pop Idol (in France! Congratulations on you new website!
Tulisa Contostavlos has confirmed that she has left The X Factor.There have been rumours for months now...
"I'm just securing my boobs" "Are my breasts uneven?" "Honey, your boobs are gonna pop out" My idol, everyone.
"Reply 1997" will focus on the extreme fan culture that emerged in the 1990s when idol groups took center stage and K-pop was blossoming. Moving back and forth between the ’90s and today, the story centers on the life of Seong Si Won, who idolizes boyband H.O.T, and her 5 high school friends.
crap!!! There's nothing more entertaining than delusional people who think they can sing.otherwise pop idol would have flopped
The 65-year-old Queen guitarist described the struggling BBC1 show as “vile” and the
GOOD. Now get rid of the other crappy shows Big Brother, X Factor, Pop Idol etc and the world will be a better place
[PHOTOS] the cool & free-spirited artiste, explains why he is not your typical K-pop idol. Do you agree?
IDOL Magazine review new fragrance {intangible}
The K-Pop stage hasn’t been this jam-packed with fun idol group dances in quite some time, so for this week’s...
VOTE KYUHYUN!! >> K-POP Star Poll | Which Idol who takes selcas with fans' phones is the sweetest?
Former AKB48 idol Rina Nakanishi, now known as Riko Yamaguchi, has delivered on her promises to both pose nude and have sex with men on camera for the
The point is that by saying that she lost the Oscar, she made Jack say that she won an Oscar -- because she enjoys when someone else points it out. That's why she says afterwards -- "And don't you forget it!"
Simon Cowell has added former Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland and Latin artist Paulina Rubio to the cast of his competition show “The X Factor.”
The Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek shows and tells how "Light My Fire" came to be. At The Booksmith in San Francisco with author Ben Fong-Torres.
You ever want something That you know you shouldn't have The more you know you shouldn't have it, The more you want it And then one day you get it, So good t...
michael jackson the king of pop is the best senger of the world he has given us a new age of music I paid'll always be your most devoted fan and your all gröster you will always remain my idol I have loved thee you michael jackson
"3am Spiritual" from the forthcoming Smith Westerns album 'Soft Will' out June 25th on Mom+Pop (in Europe on June 24 via Co-Op). Avail...
Taylor Swift's disgusted reaction at Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's kiss backstage at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday, May 19 did not dampen the mood for the Canadian crooner, who walked away with the award for Top Male Artist, and used the opportunity to thank Jesus Christ.
"White Wedding" is a song by Billy Idol that appeared on his albumBilly Idol (1982). Although "The Big 80's: Episode I"[1] of VH1's Pop-Up Video trivia show claims Idol wrote the song to voice his displeasure with his sister's fiancé (who impregnated her before marrying her), on an episode of VH1 St...
Cosplayer and J-Pop idol... the stunningly beautiful Enako from Panache!
And all you have to do is watch the Xperia Transfer video created by the lovely Mr Dom O’Brien who is a Sony ADM for the Brighton, Southampton and Portsmouth area to Enter.
This is Chapter 6 of The Promised Land, Change/Challenge/Growth. This chapter will show you how to utilize the challenges you face to grow through the process of change. In doing so you unlock your God-given promise to make a difference within yourself, others and the world around you. In essence...
18-year old Airi Suzuki (鈴木愛理), Hello! Project's poor-little-rich-girl (her father has earned over $8 million playing golf) who happens to be in her first year at Keio University while maintaining her idol life as the ace in the group C-ute. In Japan she is regarded as H!P's most popular member.
OUT NOW As the official soundtrack to Hardwell's Miami aftermovie, "Never Say Goodbye" already proved to be a surefire favorite amid ...
Any Melodies here? Add Korean Pop Idol RolePlayers' trainee, Il Hoon! He's new & he updates his profile about BTOB. He needs more friends too~ Thanks in advance! Add the other BTOB members as well! Their leader, EunKwang & Changsub~ ^__^
Like and share the fan page of one of our hosts, judges and supporter for our events Rhianna Floresca . Rhianna will be the host for the OTAKU CHOICE AWARDS on May 24, judge for the group and individual cosplay competition and the host for the Cosplay Idol Finals. See you at Pinoy Otakufest (Festival for Pinoy Pop Culture) 2013. More info at Thanks everyone and also thanks for the support Rhianna!
Can't believe some of you are just being thirsty and not requesting for your idol. Shame.
Aaron singing one of his pop idol's songs. any guesses?
This applies to art too. Just have fun.
An emotional farewell, plus David Cook,, and Harry Connick, Jr.! Check out more American Idol Top 4 results photos, here:
there are lots of people with the same message. All I ask is you consider not making a pop star your idol.
*** not even? I guess your not coming to see me when I become a big famous pop culture idol 😂
1. Cher’s full name is Cher Lloyd. 2. Cher was born on 28th July 1993. It was a wednesday. 3. Cher lives in Malvern, Worcestershire with her mom, dad, brother and two sisters. 4. Cher auditioned for The X Factor twice before. 5. Cher studied performing arts at Dyson Perrins CE Sports College in 2009. 6. Cher won the title of “Best solo female artist” in 2008 at the Pop Idol’s competition in Worcestershire. 7. When Cher was little she was in a car crash, and got a tiny little scar on her forehead. 8. Cher is a huge fan of Nicki Minaj. 9. Cher’s favourite subject in school was drama because she could be whoever she wanted to be. 10. Cher was 14 when she had her first kiss. 11. Cher likes to watch My Super Sweet 16 basically because of all the brats and to see how the other half lives, as she said in a video diary. 12. Cher’s boyfriend’s called Craig Monk. 13. Cher said the tattoos that hurt the most was the ones in her fingers.  14. Cher loves reggae. 15. Cher is afraid of the dark. 16. If ...
【 INFO 】 Taeyeon is the 1st female K-Pop idol who has reached 500k followers on Instagram
Send Breezy your own birthday message here:
''UNCONFIRMED COUNTRIES'' In these cities are not set official dates are just options SM Entertainment to add to this world tour...
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