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Poonam Pandey

Poonam Pandey (born 11 March 1991) is an Indian fashion model.

Rakhi Sawant Salman Khan Mulayam Singh Yadav Rahul Yadav Ishant Sharma Alok Nath Shiney Ahuja Sherlyn Chopra Veena Malik Ankit Goyal

8 wickets I still had hope that Poonam(yadav) (Shikha)Pandey will win match for us...Butt...!
Shikha Pandey. Sushma Verma. Poonam Yadav. Names many in India learnt today and will never forget again. 2/2
U kidding Alvin?Was he the one who wanted to become the panty of Poonam Pandey when she decided to strip?
If life gives you Poonam , make it 'Raut' not 'Pandey'.
Sir poonam pandey is not playing th e match
If life gives u a poonam.make it RAUT not PANDEY.
If life gives you Poonam make it Raut not Pandey. .
If life gives you oppurtunity become punam raut not poonam pandey
Fabulous bowling by goswami,gaykawad,poonam,pandey all the very best you all bowlers done...
Amartya Sen is as much of a economist as Poonam Pandey is a actress FSB
Madhu Kishwar will now have a say in JNU academic policies. What next? Poonam Pandey to head the Ministry of Culture?
Yummy deep cleavage of POONAM PANDEY and AKANKSHA PURI at a party Watch here
Poonam Pandey has a special Holi gift for her fans!
Should ask them why were they seeing Poonam Pandey's pic 😉
where can i see the uncensored version?? I believe tht poonam pandey shld never be censored..she shld be enjoyed uncensored..
A notification from YouTube about Poonam Pandey's new video 😍 . Oh Yeah !! Now I can say ..this is Happiness ✌…
Poonam pandey bikiny scene this holi 2017: via
When parents see my comments under poonam pandey's pic !!
Poonam Pandey in BOLD outfit at the RED CARPET of Mirchi Music Awards 2017! -
As far as Pandeys are concerned, Manish Pandey now goes ahead of Chulbul Pandey, Chunkey Pandey & Poonam Pandey in term…
Kejri & Poonam Pandey captivated the imagination of millions of indians with their promise to expose. and they have nothin…
Oppo, Vivo, Gionee are Rakhi Sawant, Sherlyn, Poonam Pandey of mobile world. Everyone talk abt them but no one buy them
Imagine if u were Poonam pandey . Believe me,ull go to coma for next 5-6hrs😂,don't blame me later ;P
Sorry Sunny is too bright for they exposed Poonam Pandey :)
. We will expose BJP,. Its just like Poonam Pandey in Adds of Saree & Suits.
You are providing option like to have sex with Rakhi Sawant and Poonam Pandey when There is Ema Watson Available.
is stooping below Poonam Pandey's level
poonam pandey, Thank you for the follow. So happy you are sharing my journey.
Help me in undressing. Click for Poonam pandey Videos-
i have changed my Name to POONAM PANDEY FAN so plzzz dnt forget me mam plzz plzz plz
Poonam Pandey finally with her dream co star
Poonam pandey is a startup from silicon valley.
The BIKINI PIC posted by will SURPRISE you!; SEE INSIDE to know Why?
Poonam Pandey: My new Fridge's it guys??: My new Fridge…
Poonam Pandey doesn't have clothes to wear because she's urban poor.
I Am Afraid ,what if Poonam Pandey Takes a Clue from this Protest & Protest against Indecent Exposure !
Mr. is the Poonam Pandey of politics.
Kejriwal is poonam pandey of politics who can do anything for publicity
ohh yeah BTW the very same underaged boy was been accused of searching poonam Pandey . did u know that 😜
*Poonam Pandey Nude Pic during world cup when India won*.
5 reasons why birthday girl Poonam Pandey continues to rock Bollywood!
India vs Australia live: Rishi Kapoor, Poonam Pandey, Preity Zinta, Arijit Singh wish our national cricket team go
Poonam Pandey is an Indian model and film actress, known for her works in bollywood, and Telugu cinema.She began...
Dear Shweta Bhatt, u wont be able to win against Modi in Maninagar even if Poonam Pandey promises to strip on ur win. Narhari Amin BJP
And then Baba Sehgal will compliment you, just like Poonam Pandey did.
Poonam Pandey and Emran Hashmi after watching the trailer of "Kya Kool Hai Hum3"!!!
Poonam pandey's pic and my right hand
Poonam Pandey Strips Down in Public... watch now free
Arundhati Roy is as famous as Poonam Pandey
Poonam Pandey does a seductive dance for FIFA World Cup
This is Poonam Pandey of sandalwood . Karma only
Let her show her talent. It's like Poonam Pandey and cricket. Lucky charm funda 😉
Now waiting for Poonam Pandey to post nudes with flood helpline numbers.
Bhai poonam pandey hoti to extra cleavage hota
interesting, Poonam Pandey has proven her point.
Us Chennai folks need to pull a Poonam Pandey to get the centre/national media's attention me thinks
Sexy Actress Poonam Pandey in Holi celebration functions at Zoom Tv..
. You look more hotter than Poonam pandey
Cops: do you know how fast you were riding?. Poonam Pandey: I suck at math when I get in.
oops I thought it is heroine Poonam Pandey
if you think Poonam Pandey can become India's own Nikki Benz.
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Poonam Pandey has now promised to strip if Anna Hazare breaks his fast and stops the Hunger strike.
New post (Poonam Pandey steals the show at Kunal Ganjawala's music launch for film The Strugglers) has been...
. u knw what, you r a hybrid of Rakhi Sawant & Poonam Pandey!!. 😂
Five Points Why is better than Rakhi Sawant, Poonam Pandey. . :-o . :-o :-o. :-o :-o...
After indian babas are started joining Instagram​ to follow Poonam Pandey, Sherlyn Chopra and Veena Malik.
Radhe Ma is Poonam Pandey stuck in Alok Nath's sanskars
Poonam Pandey could not be remembered by Shakti Kapoor
Zoya Akhtar's upcoming movie was initially offered to Poonam Pandey. But then, somebody added 'dhadakne' to the title.
Rahul Yadav hs been called many things-maverick to Poonam Pandey. In his own view though, he might be Jobs thrown out of Apple?
Poonam Pandey. Poonam Pandey: Even though Poonam Pandey is known for all sorts of sensational antics to promote...
Photo: Poonam PoonamSultry beauty Poonam Pandey sizzles in a sexy black bikini!
Poonam Pandey was too excited about Land Acquisition Bill until someone told her that it's English wala land.
3rd rated if you want publicity taken lessons from Poonam Pandey without hurling abuses
Poonam Pandey for the prime minister 😂
1)When you watch Poonam Pandey's yoga lessons.. 2)When ur wife catches you ..
"Poonam Pandey" Dogy Style HOT Yoga - Video Out - 2015!. Check Out the Video to know more. Subscribe Now to...
Find d odd one out:. Rakhi Sawant,Poonam Pandey,Rahul Yadav,Kim Kardashian. You're right. P. Pandey! Her cheap theatrics are less frequent.
On the occasion of World Yoga Day (June 21), Poonam Pandey decided to show the world her unique yogasan.
For a second I looked at her DP and thought for a second that Poonam Pandey has become uglier. ..😂😂😂
Model rape case: Don't know Sunil Paraskar or the victim, says Poonam Pandey -
Sanchar Express brings to you some of her Poonam Pandey's latest photos where the babe exposed her assets...
Rahul Yadav has become Poonam Pandey of the Business World.
Why is Larissa Riquelme absent in Hottest Paraguayan fan. Poonam Pandey copied her stripping after victory promise during WCs.
Nepal too needs some diehard cricket fan girls analogous to Poonam Pandey!
Ok if this is really true, Poonam Pandey can learn a thing or two about publicity from Rahul Yadav.
Poonam Pandey's yoga video now has more views than the Bajrangi Bhaijaan trailer. Chalking this one up as a victory for hu…
Respect Poonam Pandey - Ugly duckling should take lesson from her on how to promote self
Vipul Kumar is following the Interest "Poonam Pandey" on -
commented "We can't ignore the fact that Poonam Pandey is dam..." on the Discussion
Poonam Pandey Hot yoga on Youtube view. . . Beats the Trailer of BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN :p
I respect Poonam Pandey - she doesn't hurl abuses and also doesn't promote herself this way
Indian Model Poonam Pandey: I'll continue posting bikini pictures even in my 60s: We bring you a gist from Ind...
i used to think PuPa aka poonam pandey was pootna
"poonam pandey introduces the 'hips don't lie' aasan!" on Rediff iShare
Download wallpapers of Lustruous Poonam Pandey's sensuous wallpapers for your desktop or own use.
On next year's list will still be the same Namo, Salman, Arnab and Poonam Pandey. Rise Rise!
pandabro famous avnum na poonam pandey Mari ethavuthu try pannu,pls don't do Saguni Velai by creating fights.
You should have to tell on that day Poonam pandey will surely upload her images.
in india Poonam pandey has those similar rights. ;)
Nice way to promote International Yoga day Poonam Pandey
That's your misinformation. Gita was plagiarized from Islam google=Phulgenda Sinha's Gita As It Was # Poonam Pandey
Pooja Bhatt's 'Cabaret' and Poonam Pandey's 'Helen' to clash for biopic on the ... ...
Thank God for just one Rakhi Sawant, Poonam Pandey and Dolly Bindra. Thank God.
must have accidentally /purposely landed on Poonam pandey's timeline.
Is it true that Poonam Pandey has wooden boobs? :D
Update your maps at Navteq
Today is the day, when we came to know about the existence of Poonam Pandey.
Poonam Pandey gets ready for bikini shoot
Hi still on 1K followers? Telling you try Poonam Pandey style.. Secular style is not working anymore
India won against South Africa also. I think Poonam Pandey should be given chance to be nude at least this time if Ind…
My point of view : Poonam Pandey should participate in next season of 'India got talent'. Just to prove a point.
is so hot these days that even Poonam Pandey has stopped trending! 👻😛
Aryabhatta the great 'invented zero'... Kareena invented 'zero figure'... Poonam Pandey invented 'zero sharam'
Since now mannequins cannot wear lingerie, Poonam Pandey can wear it and stand in windows displays. Alternate career.
If Kim Kardashian married Kanye West from Los Angeles , Poonam Pandey will marry Vitthal-Kanye West from Latur
Poonam Pandey is very upset of India not winning World Cup, as she also lost a fair chance of getting nude.
is just like Rakhi Sawant poonam Pandey n KRK. Only controversies n no point at all.
"poonam pandey s sexy image earns her a breast enhancing commercial" on Rediff iShare
Controversy Queen Poonam Pandey Reacts on 'AIB' knockout Controversy - FULL VIDEO. Check out the video to...
"revealed hot poonam pandey icc cricket world cup plan exclusive" on Rediff iShare
"hot poonam pandey &amp Rakhi Sawant love virat kohli watch now" on Rediff iShare
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Poonam Pandey to Cross All her Limits for BOLD Scenes in Bollywood
poonam Pandey as news anchor on Aaj Tak is also feasible some day 😁
Shobha De on times now , come on she is poor TRP , get Poonam Pandey or even a Rakhi Sawant will do better than her .
Poonam Pandey sheds cloth to cheer Team India
If Rega Jha's account is verified ! . What's the problem with Poonam Pandey's account !?
Poonam Pandey and French actress Christie Bourcq at Marathi Music Launch Poonam Pandey and French actress Chris,,,
AAP has won, Rohit Sharma scored a ton... What else for the day.. Kapil Dev brushing his teeth ? Poonam Pandey going to temple ?
Maybe Anushka shud try setting incentives for Virat to improve his catching like Poonam Pandey usually does ;)
A quick tip to improve Virat's catching performance in the slips: Anushka... babe.. u shud try setting targets for him like Poonam Pandey does for the Indian team wnning the world cup. ;)
Indian Actress Poonam Pandey Hot Navel, Cleavage, Bareback pics in sari (saree). Click to see more Bollywood, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, Telugu Actress Hot Pics
Aaj Tak News - Breaking News, photoshoot for breast cream,
quite gross you people. FFS. . I googled hoping another poonam Pandey and got a shock of my life.
Poonam Pandey on cracking the social media celebrity angle in India – Yahoo India
"Poonam Pandey home wifi" nobody will bother to connect but to find her apartment
u post to poonam pandey :P u r her 'fan'?
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I salute my motherland... . Woman is praised here... Where poonam pandey poses nude... Sad news . Relationship...
A2) We came to know that you don't like Poonam Pandey :P
Poonam Pandey was named when her mother had loose motions. Coz poonam.
Youngistaan for Oscars then Poonam Pandey for Mother India remake
Click Like & Share if you enjoy her body. Poonam Pandey Hot Cleavage In Bed With White Top
In our country. Mulayam Singh Yadav is secular,. Poonam Pandey is Sanskaari,. Salman Khan is virgin and. Ashok Dinda is bowler.. :p
What happens when Poonam Pandey tries to ride a Bike?   Poonam Pandey on Bike, sounds excit
You are a Poonam Pandey fan if you comment on a girl's pic "Hey looking very quit".
Mona Singh and Poonam Pandey are cousins kiya? They look like..!
OMG Poonam Pandey on Bike suffers HOT Wardrobe Malfunction! Must see this ->...
Brexelant has unveiled a new television campaign that sees Brand Ambassador Poonam Pandey in the sexy appearance http:/…
Poonam Pandey and Kashmeera Shah Voice their Opinions on Deepika and TOI Cleavage Controversy!
If you don't want Poonam Pandey to strip... tell her to Strip when Arsenal win the league.
Poonam Pandey sexy girl., I love him a lot.,
hey pls remove me from ur list pls ! I don't like poonam pandey !
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Poonam Pandey says she wanted to Join the Army. Sounds like Mayawati wanted to take part in the Miss World Competition.
Just read somewhere that Poonam Pandey is the brand ambassador for a new breast cream.
"poonam pandey is up for some competition, can do kim like photoshoot" on Rediff iShare
. Q: Did you hear about the conceited wannabe Poonam Pandey? . A: She screams her own name when she comes 🍼
We Indians don't believe in coz our PM is not Rakhi Sawant or Poonam Pandey
"Are Cucumbers.. Raddish..carrots on the menu in the movie Daawat-e-Ishq ?" ~ Sherlyn Chopra & Poonam Pandey
lm sure Mangal Pandey's soul mst b fuming in anger evry time his great granddaughter Poonam Pandey upload her cleavage pics.
its high time for Poonam Pandey to do .
Poonam Pandey's bra is actually not bad. I respect people who recycle old towels to make new things
Am just waiting for Poonam Pandey to take the Everybody else might automatically stop after that.
I nominate Poonam Pandey and Ayesha Takia for the Ice Bucket Challenge, with a white t-shirt and no bra.
Meet Bollywood's new Poonam Pandey | CLICK here to see...
Ankit Goyal is following the Interest "Poonam Pandey" on -
Ankit Goyal is following the Interest "Actress Poonam Pandey" on -
Unseen Pictures of internet sensation 'Poonam Pandey' | CLICK here to see...
Prasanna Ds is following the Interest "Actress Poonam Pandey" on -
Dear Sun..please stop acting like Poonam pandey ...she is paid for being hot...
Poonam Pandey loves flaunting it all the time! Guess what!
Like every fad,the comes to India. People are eagerly waiting when Poonam Pandey agrees to take the challenge
Why Poonam Pandey loves to flaunt her cleavage:
Pradeep Sinha commented "choice between devil n deep sea ...???" on the Poll
just wonder why hasnt poonam pandey volunteered for the yet :P
Lost and Found :- anyone has Poonam Pandey's address!?
Poonam Pandey standing poised with an ice bucket hoping someone will challenge her.
Hansika Motwani and Poonam Pandey to compete for Salman Khan?
When Poonam Pandey was born, the doctor said "Mubarak ***
Ram Sene slap the bathtub in which Poonam Pandey filmed herself ...
Poonam Pandey's future daughter- Mom I'm going out with my friends. PP- Beta yeh kya itne bade kapde pehen ke ja rahi *** Have some respect.
Veena Malik is Poonam pandey of Pakistan... And. Pakistan is Poonam pandey of this world...😜😜😺
or why i want to BE bra of poonam pandey ;)
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Poonam pandey has promised that she will wear full dress on the day when Rahul Gandhi will say something sensible !
KRK, Rakhi Sawant nd Poonam Pandey belongs to the Same Class of No Class.
Paoli Dam did it in Hate Story, Poonam Pandey did it in Nasha, it is obscene and they are blamed for vulgarity.Wen Aamir does it in PK,(1/2)
they would protest against Poonam Pandey's wardrobe, as terrorism.
Shiv Sena MPs took Roti, Kapadha and Makaan promise way too seriously. After feeding Roti to a person who was not interested, they will make Poonam Pandey wear Cloths and Offer Home to Arvind Kejriwal :P ~ Copied.
They would ask Poonam Pandey why she hates them so much.
poonam pandey would have been Mute.
Bollywood staar Poonam pandey cheers for FIFA world cup 2014 live
Going step by step on the promise of Roti, Kapda, Makaan, Shiv Sena to next forcibly dress up Poonam Pandey ji.
Poonam Pandey Boobs pressed by RJ Rohit at an interview in Radio City Studio. Poonam Pandey shows her Boobs to the camera and attends the interview ...
Poonam Pandey's clothes would be mute..for obvious reasons :P
I added a video to a playlist Poonam Pandey-Hot & Bold Star
Sorry. That was supposed to be "I am not. Ok?" Missed my period like Poonam Pandey.
"Selfie" was invented by Poonam Pandey in her secret bathroom.
Poonam Pandey looks hot in a bold red outfit during an event. more of : Poonam Pandey
Other names doing the round for are Alok Nath, Shiney Ahuja, Nisha Yadav and evergreen probable Poonam Pandey
If marries Chunky Pandey and unlike hard core feminists changes her name, she will be known as Mrs Poonam Pandey…
Poonam Pandey can't find true love even after showing off her boobs on the internet. Nobody else has a chance.
The Kick actor has whizzed ahead of the Khiladi Kumar, as fans still want the former to host Bigg Boss 8 In a recent poll, we asked you, of Salmaan Khan and Akshay Kumar, who you’d rather want hosting the 8th season of India’s most controversial reality show, Bigg Boss. Well, the verdict’s out. We received a total of 1,290 votes and the Dabangg Khan turns out to be the clear winner with 921 votes (71%), there by, beating the Akki who’s got only 368 votes (29%). As we have already told you, season 8 of Bigg Boss is going to hit the television screens sooner , this year. Yes, instead of October, the high voltage reality show is going to come out in August. While the makers have been approaching various celebs right from Alok Nath to Poonam Pandey to Shiney Ahuja to enter the glass walled house, there has been major confusion as far as the host is concerned. After Salman announced last year that he won’t be returning to host the next season of Bigg Boss, speculations were rife in the media circuit ...
- Yes bro, Luks lyk sumbody tryng to run out Rakhi Sawant n Poonam Pandey in publicity.!. Soch nikal di usne court me :D
Media: STUART BINNY has Best Figures for India. Poonam Pandey: Shut the F**K up Please...!!
Poonam Pandey poses with naga sadhus at Kumbh Mela By The sensational babe visits the Kumbh Mela and poses serenely with ...
Poonam Pandey’s leaked photo from 'Nasha' goddess of hotness...
watching Nasha : Poonam Pandey hot debut film
Hello hope u r not another Poonam Pandey.. Do it for Fans..
"Vaughan is poonam pandey of England :P"
Vaughan is poonam pandey of England :P
He is looking a bit tense in commentary box now. Should arrange a call to Poonam Pandey
Watch & Suscribe Enjoy The hottest scenes of Poonam Pandey officially on our channel and and stay connected with us Presenting here the Poonam Pandey ...
Remind me, Did Poonam Pandey really keep to her promise?
Stripping queen Poonam Pandey's nude picture from her upcoming bold film Nasha has went viral. Watch the video and post your comments below. Subscribe ...
Poonam Pandey: No, it's fake. It's not me in that MMS. Reporter: Which MMS?. : Ohh! Abhi tak leak hi nahi hua? Oops..!! 😉😆
Poor Poonam Pandey has only one set bikini!
Check out the full Song video 'Laila' from the upcoming movie 'Nasha' introducing Poonam Pandey and Shivam Patil. ► Tera Nasha Hot Song Video -
Life is getting deeper from preity zinta's dimples to Poonam Pandey's cleavage.
Dear POONAM PANDEY after knowing bout ur new scandal jus wanna say that...we all know thr is a situation of unemployment in d country.but its not as pathetic as ur disgracefull acts to enter bollywood *** on,the country is changing 2wards betterment so ur acts should too.have sum empathy towards its integrity.shamefull...
I'd reconsider front-back-side snapshots if it's Ford Models or ANTM audition. It seems there are many Poonam Pandey sucker every where. LOL
Who is the cheapest Bollywood actress - Veena Malik / Rakhi Sawant or Poonam Pandey?
Had Poonam Pandey be the owner of Punjab she would done like Sourav Ganguly.
What if Poonam Pandey is actually a succubus o_O
someday I might consider following Poonam Pandey but not that Shivam guy ffs.!!!
Oops Poonam Pandey Show her Nips :p :O. Must see->
For which team is Poonam Pandey striping for...?
Only Poonam Pandey can do this, A century and remove all clothes,! . That's a bumper prize for all lover
Poonam Pandey Drunk and doing striptease see more @ like Best Groping Videos
Meet Black Singles 300x250
if poonam pandey becomes a cheerleader. Then she would be rather busy stripping off her clothes.
Poonam pandey can be "Who wants to be a cheer leader on a day like this!
SO what are KRK or Poonam Pandey going to do if Sehwag gets his century i wonder...
*After the very 1st controversy*. An uncle in the our compartment:Beta Poonam Pandey ko jante *** . Me:*Blushing*Han vhi model. U:I'm her chacha
screw poonam Pandey...even I hate wearing a boxer in this climate 🙈🙈
If you fix Poonam Pandey's face on Sagarika Ghose's body.. She will look like Poonam Pandey.
What is the difference between IRCTC and Poonam Pandey?? One doesn't open and the other doesn't close..
"Teacher, you look like Poonam Pandey and Rakhi Sawant today." Seriously, what an insult.
I will not wear anything till got hanged to death~ Poonam Pandey
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