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Superdelegates have been around for Democrats since 1984. What they've done.
Clinton reaches too far on immigration claim: He backs plans to build a ...
Clinton reaches too far on immigration claim: Sanders supports "comprehe...
Yes, most of the $$ Clooney raised for Clinton really goes to downballot races. Here's how: https:/…
Funny, I've heard Hillary people say the same.
Dopey why don't you stand up to the biggest deceiver of them all: Clown Trump? You don't like Truth. SAD
Dopey Clown Trump got a Master of Deceiving Ppl from Trump U. Got Liar of the Year award.
600,000 registered Texas voters do not have valid rated mostly true by PolitiFact
Virginia restores for 200,000 ex-felons. Pols love this topic:Accuracy varies. https:…
Number of fatal marijuana overdoses in the U.S. in 2015: Zero. Same for 2014.
"Bernie Sanders passed more roll call amendments in a Republican Congress than any other member." from 1995 to 2007 https:/…
Bernie Sanders is at war with the truth.
Donald Trump said again Thurs. on Fox that the delegate system is rigged. A primer:
Clinton reaches too far on immigration claim - PolitiFact
Hillary Clinton is fundraising for down-ballot Democrats. Bernie Sanders is attacking her for it.
Trump calls Colorado caucus system 'rigged' but there's no proof rules favor anyone
.Get this clown outta here. Putin's Stooge Trump calls others liars. Named Liar of the Year. OUT!
.As soon as they shut down other account for misleading the nation! GREAT DEAL! h…
Bernie Sanders ad ignores fact that members of Congress can't be paid for speeches
Prez candidates on guns 1: Did Bernie Sanders flip-flopped on liability for manufacturers?
.Koch thinks is going to lose and he is looking to Hillary to help him get Federal owned land.
Are the 'overwhelming majority of violent criminals' Democrats? Ted Cruz said so via
Hillary Clinton says Democratic debate moderators have not asked any questions about abortion
Bernie Sanders says he polls better against GOP candidates than Hillary Clinton via
.takes most Maine delegates at state convention. See our tip sheet on the GOP delegate process.
Why are we spending $4.9million per prisoner only costs $34k/person/yr in federal prison
Andrew Jackson was the only US president to fully eliminate the national debt.
Bill Clinton: Glass-Steagall repeal had nothing to do with financial crisis | PolitiFact
Michael Bloomberg: NRA used to support more background checks
The No. 2 owner of Fox News is Prince Alwaleed bin Talal:
Trump ad touts "a wall on our southern border that Mexico will pay for," uses footage of a Morocco-Spain border. https:/…
Trump ad shows migrants at 'southern border.' They're actually in Morocco. Pants on Fire
It seems like you are not one for facts but I'll give you some. 1.5 MM gun related deaths since 1968
Is Ted Cruz, born in Canada, eligible to run for president? | PolitiFact
For his part, never actually jumped on the birther train; that would've been especially stupid:
first TV ad shows migrants 'at the southern border,' but they're actually in Morocco
.Wrong. Btw u can thank a fetus 4 ur immunity to MMR
Smart guns are back in the news. No, they don't really fail 20% of the time. (
Donald Trump incorrectly says Ted Cruz has had a via PolitiFactTexas
The public's safety and their support of background checks.
I dunno gun stuff..this is so confusing to me
This is all I've found No case filed
. She did flip-flop on TPP:. But if she's against it and acts accordingly...
. PolitiFact determined the Repeal of GS was contributor to financial crisis:.
In election season, I want to remind everyone of the free tax credit you can get for political contribution.
Reminder: called for Wall Street accountability a year before the crisis. http…
regulate these banks before they crash our economy again. End of story. Needs to happen
He voted against it bc it didn't go far enough: htt…
Obama: "A violent felon can buy (a gun) over the Internet with no background check."
Regular media already botch gun issues badly, so you would expect PolitiFact to be bad... but wow. This is bad.
.Has a History of Raising Taxes and Lying About It! Can we trust him? .
Rand Paul says the Fourth Amendment 'was what we fought the Revolution over' via
I'm not a legal scholar but this is what I found..glad u bring this up as it shld be settled:
Since I'm not an attorney this is what I found:
maybe he's evolved but here's proof. Trumps willing to split vote.
Police kill more whites than blacks via
did you miss the debate the other night? He talked about it.
Prior to Benghazi, were there 13 attacks on embassies and 60 deaths under President George W. Bush?
Dan Gelber: After Jeb Bush's tenure "Florida’s graduation rate was dead last and remains near the bottom."
100% Correct. Trump says the '$5 billion website for Obamacare … never worked. Still doesn't work' via
True. I thought this was a good read.
Did George W. Bush 'borrow' from Social Security to fund the war in Iraq and tax cuts? via
President Obama has partially or wholly kept 70% of his promises.
Rick Scott 'oversaw the largest Medicare fraud in the nation’s history,' In Texas from SMU? Now he's hiding US Water?
Jeb Bush selectively recounts details of Iraq and ISIS.
Ppl spreading mis-info about being a 'draft dodger', he was not:.
I’m lib as *** but no, they didn’t. Hilary is the first Sec to really use email personally.
If Rubio doesn't become President, he MUST go back to writing "Official Senate Biography" was so creative http:…
Sen. Marco Rubio said his parents 'came to America following Fidel Castro's takeover' of Cuba via
I want to too but that quote is misattributed.
Mike Huckabee says Social Security imperiled by dramatic decline in wage-earners via
Tax share paid by corporations fell from 33% to 9% since 1952. via
All very good and interesting, but we need some new rules for an effective and RELEVANT congress: via
& just as she is ok with not helping Veterans
Demagogues lie and twist the facts -- Cruz knows a little something about lying to get the crowd "roaring".
Gillespie ad falsely tags Warner with PolitiFact's 'Lie of the Year' award
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Politifact rates Gardner OTC Birth Control "Mostly False" what else is Gardner lying about? . .
Koch Business Model : David Perdue’s company closed plants and moved jobs from Georgia, to China! ...
95 out of 100 poorest counties in the US are in RED states.
"ad trying to tar for supposed links to terrorism: . / Pants on f…
Fact-checking the Sept. 28 news shows via
Braley lacks commitment to vets; he said false about missing hearings, Politifact says true: …
Is Congress shirking its duties? A primer on recess and adjournments, from
LZ Granderson: Obama has bombed twice as many Muslim countries as Bush via
Ten fact checks about climate change.
The Ernst campaign is recycling a debunked Romney attack from 2012 on Medicare.
Seen this meme about members of congress and their crimes? It's Pants on Fire!
What Obama said about Islamic State as a 'JV' team... One ISIS two OBAMA
.PolitiFact: 10 factchecks about climate change Never Forget, most popular story of the week
10 factchecks about climate change ICYMI, most popular story of the week
The "attack" said was false about him missing Veterans votes was rated True by Politifact:
False! Ingraham claims current Congress adjourned earlier in election year than any previous Congress
Crist says Scott pleaded Fifth 75 times 'to avoid jail.' Half True.
Fact-checking the Sept. 28 news shows, talk about Syria via
Limbaugh says Obama administration planned the influx of children at the border http…
Below is a list of Obama’s documented lies so far with the most recent lies first. If you see I am missing a lie just add in your comments. Lies During the Fifth Year “If you like your health insurance plan, you can keep it” “The NSA is not abusing its power” “I said benghazi was a terrorist attack from the beginning.” “the foreign intelligence Surveillance court is transparent.” “First of all, I didn’t set a red line,” said Obama. “The world set a red line.” nbcnews Lies During Fourth Year “The sequester is not something that I’ve proposed. It is something that Congress has proposed.” “Mitt Romney raised nursing home fees eight times.” “Mitt Romney called the Arizona law a model for the nation.” “Planned Parenthood provides mammograms” Spero News “We got back every dime we used to rescue the financial system” B ...
I apologize for this posting. This is bogus and intended to be satire. Christians For Michele Bachmann is a FB satire page. I checked Fox News Archives,,, and and found NOTHING about Rep. Michele Bachmann endorsing any ideology of the late Bigot/Pastor Fred Phelps, on Fox News. Thank you Lynnette Long Fisk-Shimmin for correcting my mistake. I do not want to share anything that is not correct and verifiable. There are disinformation groups, working overtime, on both sides of the political spectrum. I do not support any of them. Given the state of politics in America right now, there are plenty of lies and shameful acts on both sides, to go around, as is. Thanks again Lynnette, I will be more diligent with my facts and sources.
Are taxes on plane tickets higher than booze, smokes and guns? Afraid so. via
SPCA - 'most' serial killers and people who engage in domestic violence start by abusing animals via
Same-sex marriage foe says latest research has “shattered” claims about ...: "It's true some people claim that...
Trump says: When is South Korea going to start paying for the money we are spending to protect them? In response:
Fred Thompson says under Obamacare, premiums could go up by the cost of a new Ford Explorer. That's $30k plus. False. a background check should lead to criminal charges.
Knowledge is often your only defense against reckless greed.
cite your source.. The program was approved initially by the Bush administration.
Maybe this will help you with the accurate story
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
FACT CHECK PolitiFact | Romney says only Obama has cut Medicare
Yes, it's true... 90% of Americans support universal background checks.
NH Democratic Party claim on ACA savings/health effects rated "half-true" by
Obama's 47%: This will blow your mind Walmart informs its 1.2million low wage employees how to get assistance.
Rick Scott, former healthcare CEO, faces questions about past
270,000 Americans have been killed by guns since 9/11 Will trolls blame this on culture/Religion?
Ex-Sen. Fred Thompson says Obamcare could raise premiums enough to pay for a new Ford Explorer
GOP Pledge-O-Meter: Review entitlements and prevent expansion of unfunded liabilities
: [Begin to phase out state tax on retirement income]
Booker latest Democrat to exaggerate gun violence statistic
Did Wyden write the 'first bipartisan tax reform bill' in 25 years? - PolitiFact
NH Dems say Obamacare is already helping people save money and live heathier
.Can you please update on "Blackburn's Bill" allowing purchase of ins. across State lines?
PolitiFact | Medicare and Social Security: What you paid compared with what you get via
CBO: Entitlements and interest on our national debt will swallow up 100% of tax revenue by 2025:
All purpose parts banner
An amazing story to end your night: "Jeb Bush's story of the mom who inspired him to help the disabled"
PolitiFact | Faulty data from the Virginia Department of Education gives state public schools a black eye
fearmongering: 'a Florida teacher' says Dominican student takes free school aid before returning home
If 8M+ hadn't left labor force since Obama became POTUS our unemployment rate would be at or above 11%
Ok I did some research. According to the source was originally claimed by Mark Shields on Dec. 21, 2012, edition of the PBS NewsHour. He says "You know, Judy, the reality is -- and it's a terrible reality -- since Robert Kennedy died in the Ambassador Hotel on June 4, 1968, more Americans have died from gunfire than died in … all the wars of this country's history, from the Revolutionary through the Civil War, World War I, World War II, in those 43 years. ... I mean, guns are a problem. And I think they still have to be confronted." The research shows according to the Congressional Research Service and a website keeping tally on the recent war deaths called website showed that in all the American wars: Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Mexican War, Civil War (Union and Confederate, estimated), Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Persian Gulf War, Afghanistan War, Iraq War Equaled to 1,171,177 deaths. (not counting smaller incidents like ...
Glenn Beck continues to refuse to let facts get in the way of a good story. Says First Lady Michelle Obama has 43 on her staff while Nancy Reagan had just 3. Beck rekindled a falsehood about the size of Michelle Obama's staff, comparing the first lady to Marie Antoinette, and citing her large staff as evidence that the Obamas are "out of control." The reality is that Michelle Obama has a staff of 25, not 43 as Beck claimed. Nancy Reagan had a staff of about 15 (not 3, as Beck claimed). The size of Michelle Obama's staff is similar to that of her immediate predecessors (including both Bushes). And she did not just hire a new personal shopper. (from On his radio program, Beck asked a researcher to find out how many people are now on Michelle Obama's staff. Beck then immediately supplied his own estimate. "It's like 43," Beck said. And, Beck said, "They just hired a personal shopper who is going to coordinate all of her purchases and look for discounts if they're available." "Forty-three peop ...
says Ohio's economic turnaround began in early 2010 while he was still governor. via
Coalition to Stop Gun Violence misfires on attack ad about U.S. Rep. John Barrow. Pants on Fire!
Wow, they (R) really have control of the South! This is a newspaper from the South. What a trip, not anyone of these is true! Scary, Scary! The enemy is so sick & twisted, he's using (mostly conservative) politics to encourage hatred, bigotry! I can teach anybody how to debunk all the bogus political fb postings using Non-partisan websites: - - - If you don't believe me, call both parties local legislation for yourself!
Protect Families First claims children typically try at age 12 | via | read more:
This is Awesome! This comment from a complete stranger was on a posting! I had to share this gentlemen's (David Line) comments because America is waking up to Republican Brainwashing Policy! This means research the truth like me and this stranger named Dave did! - David Line- no it is true look it up do the math for once instead of reading the republican sites, the republicans may get sick when they find out they followed the anti Christ!!!. I was one of them till I did some real checking it out !!!, and opened my puppet republican eyes . had to admit i was blind , now I am a democrat and proud of it!!!.
Politifact rated the claim that Obamacare is a “government takeover of health care” as the “2010 lie of the year”:
Ok ppl helping my daughter write a paper on the second amendment so i need proof or evidence that guns are not the problem also some of you're opinion and facts on the issue and go!
A rumor has been floating around the internet that one of the provisions of Obamacare that we will find out about now that the bill has been passed, as Nancy Pelosi hinted, is that it will require Americans to have a microchip implanted in their bodies that will contain their medical information and be listed in a Medical Devices Registry. The claims that I have seen center around two different sources. The first is an FDA publication titled “Class II Controls Guidance Document: Implantable Radiofrequency Transponder System for Patient Identification and Health Information.” This document can be viewed online at: document is dated 2004 and says in the “background” section that it is intended to help manufacturers “comply with the requirement for class II special controls.” It goes on to say that this will enable them to “market their device without being subject to the premarket notification requirements….” In other words, this is not a secret government plan; it is a document that gives ...
Poor Little Perky Babs Buono: she just can't seem to get a break--or tell the truth.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Fact-checking claims on guns and gun violence
Is it true? Fact-checking claims on guns and gun violence
Healthcare tax penalty lower than insurance cost. True. But you don’t get insurance with penalty… dur!
More Americans killed by guns since '68 than in all US wars ever. (NRA will probably call for more wars.)
'Fact-checking [mostly US] claims on guns and gun violence' (with links to annotated posts on each individual claim)
Bondi said national studies show businesses are already raising prices and cutting jobs because of the health care law
200,000 more Americans have died from gunfire as civilians since 1968 than have died in US wars since 1776
Health care's tax penalty is lower than cost of insurance, says Rep. Ron DeSantis of FL. True.
Ron DeSantis: The tax penalty that the government imposes if you don't buy health insurance "is lower...
Frosh Rep. Ron DeSantis says health law penalty is less than the cost to buy insurance. True.
For most of the last year, the weekly index stayed in negative territory, averaging about -20 throughout the...
.says VA officials "decided not to bid" on his electric automobile plant. rates that FALSE
An additional $500 per student will be taken out of the classroom to cover state employee pensions in OR this biennium.
PolitiFact | PBS commentator Mark Shields says more killed by guns since '68 than in all U.S. wars via
We've been checking a lot of claims about guns and gun control lately. Here are the latest:
Did 2nd Amendment authorize armed civilian militias for defense of nation Under Govt orders instead of permanent army?
PolitiFact | Fact-checking claims on guns and gun violence via
He resembles someone I have heard of
Re-post since it seems to have disappeared: Just listened to his inaugural address: Obama is a traitor who hates the Constitution, embraces pseudo-science, sings the siren song of statism, promotes class warfare, promotes voter fraud, cares nothing for the rule of law — unless it furthers his Marxist agenda, prefers capitulation and weakness to courage and strength where America’s enemies are concerned, has declared war on the First, Second..., Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments, will redistribute our wealth at the point of a gun, will shut down what is left of our fossil-fuel energy sector, will continue his practice of crony capitalism, will suffocate future generations in debt that can never be repaid, will continue to grow and expand the power of government, and will destroy what is left of our property rights. As he himself promised, in other words, he is transforming America. If you have the courage, remember well the lesson of history: Once lost, liberty is redeemable in only one currency — ...
I am so very proud of being an American today! I am so happy to have the president we have. I am so thankful for his intelligence - not a wealthy young man, he graduated with honors in all the schools he attended, got scholarships, graduated from Columbia University, and Harvard Law School, where he majored in Constitutional Law, and practiced law while also teaching at the University of Chicago Law School. I am proud of his kind heart that knows that this country works because of its workers, and wants a fair slice of the opportunity pie for them. I am so thankful that no matter how much he has been unfactually deviled, he has never struck back in anger - because he knows that if this country is going to move forward it has to be through working together. And I am especially happy that this man is half black - a person of color. It makes the words of that most wonderful document, the Constitution of the United States of America, ring true. I know that many people in this country believe that he was elect ...
Making a list of all the good things Obama did: Done
Since Shields’ comparison was otherwise accurate, with about 1.4 million firearm deaths to 1.2 million in war, we rated his claim True.
Ok, back in December, right after the election, the liberal named their lie of the year. It was "PolitiFact has selected Romney's claim that Barack Obama "sold Chrysler to Italians who are going to build Jeeps in China" at the cost of American jobs as the 2012 Lie of the Year." Now today, the president of Chrysler/Fiat announced that Jeeps will soon be manufactured in China, ostensibly only for a Chinese market. He claimed when the charge was made by Romney that they had no plans to produce Jeeps in China. So, who's the liar now!!! Politifact, when will you apologize to the American public and admit that your only goal in all of this was to skew the voting to Obama. The UAW is also complicit in taking these jobs from North America and farming them to the slave labor camps in China. Boy aren't we proud of our unions and government today!
PolitiFact | Alan Grayson says more Walmart employees on Medicaid, food stamps than other companies
Ready for this? Foreign aid makes up all of...1% of federal expenditures. One. Percent.
Top story: PolitiFact Oregon | Must cars stop if a cyclist dips a wheel into a cros… see more
You might want to use Pollitifacts verifiable numbers for your next comedy routine.
Wisconsin’s pension system is only one in country that’s fully funded And Walker can't wait to raid it
Chain email says Obama administration plans to use international treaties to ban all U.S. weapons via
New law is " 'The Oregon pedestrian revolution' -- legally speaking, pedestrians no longer need to enter the...
Website Builder 728x90
.rules Chain email's statement Pants on Fire!:
How does compare to Oregon in this example?
Big kudos to for Politi-fact on bikes in crosswalks, as it's very important for driver education.
ATL Mayor Reed "Loving cpls,regardless of orientation,should have the right to marry" via
"Atlanta mayor shifts on same-sex marriage" - will join Mayors for Freedom to Marry.
I hear this claim all of the time. It is false.
Cory Booker files paperwork for US Senate; how's he done against the Truth-O ...
Politifact finds Governor Scott's claim that Medicaid expansion would cost Florida more than 26 bn to be false.
semi old story, but I couldn't help myself
AIG says it has repaid the government, plus profit
PolitiFact | Do members of Congress have to pay back student loans? Yes. via
Did the House GOP keep its campaign promises? By Molly Moorhead Published on Thursday, January 10th, 2013 at 11:37 a.m
I won't be sifting through garbage. Here's a decent nonpartisan source, if you care about facts
ICYMI, we fact-checked anti ad that says he ruled out military action on Iran. Mostly False.
From PolitiFact Texas, chain email says 11 states have more people on welfare than in jobs. Pants on fire!
Hamilton Collection
Did you know that ObamaCare Increased coverage for Clinical Trials?
Obama earns a Compromise on promise to create a prison-to-work incentive program
Promise Kept for Obama: Health care law increased coverage of clinical trials.
PolitiFact Ohio checks claim that members of Congress retire w/ full pay after 1 term. Pants on Fire!
Whenever Republicans try to cut funding to Planned Parenthood, it always raises howls of outrage from the left that they’re waging a war on women’s health services. Nobody ever wants to talk about what Planned Parenthood actually does with our tax money. But with the new year, the required annual re...
my friends ...PLEASE factcheck stuff, please please please. at NON-partisan sources...and cross check...its not really that difficult. if something you see online sounds outrageous , chances are that its have been made up, or changed...FACTCHECK!! rant over peace
1st obama gives them a raise, second they do not have to pay for any NSF checks they write, now this!!! What the heck?!?! rates Republican claims as false twice as often as Democratic claims, while the Washington Post Fact Checker column faults the two parties about equally.
Please be aware that this is absolutely not true. Please, please always check facts to verify validity. As verified by and, this is the factual information. "Is it true that members of Congress, their staffers and their family members do not have to pay back their student loans? Not true. Some congressional employees are eligible to have up to $60,000 of student loans repaid after several years — just like other federal workers. But that’s not the case for members of Congress or their families." Rated "Pants on Fire" by
Fiscal Cliff WasteJanuary 09, 2013 Many Americans breathed a sigh of relief when Congress passed a bill to extend many of the tax cuts and delay sequestration in order to avoid the fiscal cliff. However, would Americans be quite so satisfied if they realized the wasteful government spending that was...
The Atlanta Journal Constitution and today released an analysis of Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed's recent embrace of same-sex marriages, calling the change of heart a “major reversal of position” and a political “flip-flop.”
Gov. Rick Scott is using a questionable state "study" as evidence that the federal health care law will cost the state billions of additional dollars.
You’ve heard the litany of twisted health reform clichés at backyard BBQs, cocktail parties, and family functions.
"Some claim it doesn't contribute to the federal deficit, but it does." How do you get your hats on with your heads so crooked?
A bipartisan group of 85 health coverage organizations wrote to Gov. John Kasich saying anything less than accepting the full expansion of Medicaid would cause people to drop or skip coverage, endangering their health.
I'm outraged. It's time for this to stop
For those of you who have not tried to file your taxes yet here are some fun facts.the irs is not accepting any returns until jan. 22 and you can no longer leave with your return on your emerald card..there is a 10-14 day waiting period after you file...thanks to the fiscal cliff hold up. Thoughts?
Pretty excited about the extra hundo the Gov. is taking out of my paycheck now. Surely I didn’t need it. Looking forward to seeing the creative ways they’re gonna waste it on projects and programs I could give a chit about.
What is POLITIFACT.COM and who runs it.? POLITIFACT.COM is operated by Liberal reporters at the Liberal newspaper Tampa Bay Times. It is owned by the Times Publishing Company.
PLEASE...always check out things before you post to make sure they are true! Snopes, Google, whatever it takes. I have seen way to many incorrect things being posted this week more than most. OK - I'm off my little Greta soapbox now!
U.S. ranks number one in gun violence compared to other affluent nations on a per capita basis.
Wake up? Every day, roughly 35 people in the US die from gun violence. 86 if you count suicides.
Not exactly the award you want to win:
I found this online that explains it better than I can in 140 characters. :)
PolitiFact says lied about budget P.
"The U.S. gun homicide rate is 20 times the combined rate of other western nations."
Reader feedback to our Lie of the Year: Heavily negative, and passionately so.
PolitiFact says lied about budget P...
The US gun homicide rate is 20 times.. 20 TIMES.. all other wealthy western nations COMBINED. Has been for a while.
Info on gun violence in 2009 per CDC
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Over 1600 killed in mass shootings from 2007-2009 (-> no action.
A closer look at politics that effect us.
and know all about the They've been getting pushed off it for years!!
Of the 87 gun deaths/day in the US, only 24 are homicides. 51 are suicides. How is this not a mental health problem?
Interesting stats about gun violence in the U.S.
Lie of the Year: the Romney campaign's ad on Jeeps made in China
Yes the Hitler fluoridation is a myth, like they all turn out to be.
US gun homicide rate among highest in industrialized world: ~15 times that of 22 other high-income countries combined.
In a world filled with 24/7 news channels and pundits spewing out misleading information based on their particular views, there has been a great need to really find out what is true and what is an all out blatant lie. There have been several "fact-checking"...
YES! The Pulitzer Prize winning rates this statement as true: "We have more people working in clean and green energy than in oil and gas in this country."
Some would say thank God Obama won, and there is new democratic blood in the Senate. I say thank the people, who think and read. People who seek out the facts and the truth. Thanks to Real Americans that knew you can't buy Democracy. During the run up to the election, I talk to, otherwise rational people, who, simply covered their eyes and ears and believed the lies, and week lies at that, Romney told and the flip flopped on. How they did not see the anger and hated that dripped from every word Paul ( smart *** ) Ryan. My republican friends, especially those who are closet racist, will do not believe it; but they are so lucky that they lost. I don't care if you make way over the $250,000. Romney was never on your side. I would like to suggest that my republican friends, take a quite time, to make a list of what you thought Romney would do and fact check it. Fact , , There are more if you just look. I not comparing any republican to Adolph Hitler, But I do compare Americ ...
Re-posting this. Some may be interested in the information sources that I find invaluable or ridiculous. Ask me for advice on how get any of these resources. Rachel Maddow, The Young Turks, Chris Mathews, The David Packman Show, ProPublica, NPR, Moyers & Co., The Jimmy Dore Show, Moment of Clarity, The Best of the Left, Democracy Now, Slate, Washington Week, PBS The News Hour, Face the Nation, Meet the Press, Morning Joe, C-Span C-Span C-Span, The Colbert Report, Real Time with Bill Maher, the Daily Show, The Professional Left,,, And then listen to Limbaugh, Hanity, Beck, Savage, O'Reilly, Fox News, David Brooks, Fox & Friends. Listen to both sides of the issues and see who uses evidence to come to conclusions. It's even good to go to foreign sources like and for a decidedly non American take. I would even recommend some skeptic and philosophical stuff to get your crapdar working. I left out The Majority Report with Sam Seeder above. These and some of the above ...
One in eight Ohio jobs is connected to the automobile industry. Obama backed the use of government funds to rescue General Motors Co. and Chrysler Group LLC, while Romney was proposing that they go through bankruptcy with private funding. Mike Jackson, chief executive officer of AutoNation Inc. (AN), the largest U.S. auto-dealer group, has said it was a “fantasy” that private financing was available. “It’s counterintuitive to think that voters in states where the industry was saved would vote for Romney and his ‘let them eat cake’ -- go bankrupt -- approach,” said Steffen W. Schmidt, a political science professor at Iowa State University in Ames. Romney has been criticized by officials at both General Motors Co. (GM) and Chrysler Group LLC for ads suggesting that the companies are pushing growth in China at the expense of the U.S., a non-partisan fact-checking organization, said an ad suggesting Chrysler was shifting U.S. jobs to China from Ohio “strings together facts in a ... - Neither Obama nor his health care law literally "cut" a dollar from the Medicare program’s budget. Rather, the health care law instituted a number of changes to reduce the growth of Medicare costs. At the time the law was passed, those reductions amounted to $500 billion over the next 10 years. What kind of spending reductions are we talking about? They were mainly aimed at insurance companies and hospitals, not beneficiaries. The law makes significant reductions to Medicare Advantage, a subset of Medicare plans run by private insurers. Medicare Advantage was started under President George W. Bush, and the idea was that competition among the private insurers would reduce costs. But in recent years the plans have actually cost more than traditional Medicare. So the health care law scales back the payments to private insurers. Hospitals, too, will be paid less if they have too many re-admissions, or if they fail to meet other new benchmarks for patient care. Still, the overall Medicare b ...
Subject: Voter Manipulation The internet is used by both skilled publicists and hate groups to influence the gullible and those too lazy to check facts. I recently met with a family friend in her late 70s. She was incensed that Michelle Obama cost taxpayers a fortune for a) hiring a huge staff and b) taking a European Vacation in 2009. Neither of these stories is true. In 2009 a story was circulated from a hate group that Michelle Obama had hired an “unprecedented number of staffers”. This February Glenn Beck took the story and inflated the number to 43. The truth, according to both and, is that Mrs. Obama has the same size staff as Laura Bush. The second story concerning the First Lady’s vacation was also false. The truth is that the Obamas paid for their own personal expenses, not U.S. taxpayers. Yes, the government paid for Secret Service protection but they also do so for former presidents, former vice-presidents, and major candidates among others. Voters looking for ...
Thompson: I didn't make any $ on 9/11 contract Our item on Baldwin claim that he made $3M
Convenient list of Romney's biggest lies from PolitiFact.
Obama said he didn't propose the sequester, Congress did. Mostly False.
Romney lies so much, has been rated "pants on fire" 19 times, ...
Most cynical lie of '12 MT Romney ad: Obama sold Chrysler to Italy to build Jeeps in China. Pants on Fire!
List of Romney lies so bad that politifact rates them "pants on fire" grows to 19
Fla. GOP official said Obama team offers free cell phones to voters. Pants on Fire!
Looked at '' today. Rmoney's "pants on fire" lies far out number Obama's!
Out of the cradle endlessly lying. It should come as no surprise that the Romney campaign is waging a deceitful campaign by running false ads that Chrysler and General Motors are shipping American jobs to China. The very first ad that team Romney put on the air was one in which which he quotes President Obama out of context. The ad uses a sound bite from Obama's 2008 campaign: "If we keep talking about the economy, we're going to lose."The only problem with this apparently damning clip: Obama was quoting his Republican opponent John McCain at the time., the Pulitzer Prize-winning fact-checking Web site, rated the advertisement “Pants on Fire,” its most deceptive rating possible.
** There’s 21 congressmen and senators that have been convicted of felonies that still get their retirement, even in jail. They don’t have to wait until they’re 65."
Shirley Kufeldt of Conover, a volunteer pumping gas with Americans for Prosperity, wholeheartedly agrees that the President is responsible for current high prices, but wasn’t sure why either. "I don't know, I just want to go to a gas station and have prices that are a lot more realistic. I’m not a politician, I’m not an engineer, I don’t know…” Even the gas station's owner said, he's in the dark. "I really don't know more than what we read in the newspaper or see on the TV, I really don't know any more about it," said Tim Murphy, owner of the Mobil station on North Mountain Road in Wausau. Volunteers with Americans for Prosperity pumped gas for 300 cars. They discounted 15 gallons worth of gas for each driver, down to $1.84 per gallon. says the organization was founded by David H. Koch of Koch Industries. has given statements made by the group mainly “false” “mostly false” and “pants on fire” ratings, and zero “true” or “mostly true” ratings. To ...
As an proud Jeep owner... believe NO ONE who tells you that Jeep is MOVING jobs to China. Its simply not true... its a political distortion of the facts. Chrysler Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications Gualberto Ranieri emphatically denied the possibility U.S. production would be affected, writing in an online posting, "Let's set the record straight: Jeep has no intention of shifting production of its Jeep models out of North America to China." The political ad saying that they were has been rated "Pants on Fire" by the independent, fact-checking group The fact is that Jeep and Chrysler is looking into the idea of setting up factories in China to build cars for the CHINA market ONLY. Those cars would NOT be imported into America. Truth is that Chrysler is ADDING 1,100 jobs in Ohio this year. Search out the truth. Ignore politics.
To my friends who care about the TRUTH please go to and go to PANTS ON FIRE.DO yo see anyone you know? All you good God loving people have you forgotten "Thy shall not LIE".just saying
The danger of disinformation is always the same, in an election or in any other aspect of life, namely that people will make bad decisions based on bad information. And seeing the chance to profit by those bad decisions will motivate liars and cheats to lie and cheat all the more. Please don't vote with decisions based on lies. check out
The Jewish extended family is one of the loveliest, comfiest, most rewarding aspects of the heritage. It’s also a complicating factor in one Ohio family.
I have been listening to some Republicans (the one's that know how to put together a logical sentence and not use the word "ain't") and was thinking about switching my vote. Then I remembered what I had initially set out to do which was putting together a scorecard of the truths versus lies. I put that scorecard down a couple of weeks ago after stating I would vote for Obama and now can't find it. So I am openly cheating to finish out the run here. Many new political ads on both sides are using as a trusted source to find out fact or fiction regarding what the candidates are saying. I will use this as well as it is a tool that both sides are agreeing that is a trusted source. As always I invite everyone to do their own research and make their best decision based on their beliefs, not those beliefs that have been pushed on them by a third party (i.e. Rush, the General Media, parents, or Big Bird). rates things that both the Presidential nominee and their ru ...
Three of my favorite sites during this election season:, and These are great sites to check the validity what seems to be mostly crap that is being posted. We each owe it to ourselves to be an educated voter, even if that sometimes conflicts with our political beliefs. Wouldn't it feel better going to vote knowing you have your opinion based in fact than in political hyperbole?
Just did a bit of statistical comparison from some data of Obama and Romney (it’s a slow day of recovering from opening night festivities) and found something interesting… and concrete. While there’s truth that “all politicians lie” and in fact the percentage of their statements have an equal amount of “Half Truth” ratings (27% apiece), the overall “True” or “Mostly True” percentages favor Obama at 45% to 31% while the “Mostly False” or “False” statements favor Romney with 33% to Obama’s 26%. And when it comes to all out “Pants on Fire” – the biggest lies of all – Obama had 2% while Romney had 9%. Can there be any actual doubt as to who the biggest liar is in this race? Just saying…
This is to all who think that barry is the cream of the crop! I found this list of 5 pages, 83 broken promises that barry made to you all (me included). If you like you can see them in more detail at I do have to say that based on what he didn't get don't, I'm very happy! Maybe this is a good reason for me to vote for him! Thank God he was on vacations and golf outings! He could have done a lot more damage! So here is the list from the promise keeper himself! 1.Increase the capital gains and dividends taxes for higher-income taxpayers 2.Expand the child and dependent care credit 3.Provide option for a pre-filled-out tax form 4.Create a mortgage interest tax credit for non-itemizers 5.Require automatic enrollment in 401(k) plans 6.Require automatic enrollment in IRA plans 7.Create a retirement savings tax credit for low incomes 8.End income tax for seniors making less than $50,000 9.End no-bid contracts above $25,000 10.Create a $60 billion bank to fund roads and bridges 11.Repeal the Bush ...
For those of you playing along at home, Obama has 70 'False' or 'Pants on Fire' entries on vs. Romney's tally of 50. Neither one of these guys is completely on point with information.
As we all know, election day is right around the corner. First and foremost, I would like to encourage everyone to get out and vote and let your voices be heard. Secondly, I would like to suggest looking past party line voting, as this 2 party system we have employed consistently fails us and only hurts the general population. Ask yourself, if you feel this country, or you individually, are better off than you were 4 years ago. Unemployment 4 years ago in December 2008 was 7.3%, currently 7.8% (remember we were promised less than 6%) 4 years ago 30 million people on foodstamps, currently 47 million (15% of the population and also a record high) 4 years ago Obama called Bush "unpatriotic" for adding $4 trillion to our national debt over 8 years, Obama has already added $5.5 trillion in less than 4 years. 4 years ago we were promised "Hope" and "Change", along with many other promises that have come up short. Look for yourself at under Obamas broken promises, there is over 5 pages of them. So ...
Republican friendly "Fox News" fails ridiculously on the Pulitzer Prize winning
Can you tell that I love this website! It's awesome!
Michael, I am not going to change the way you think or who you vote for. I would just like for people to really investigate the truth about accusations made on either side of this election. was founded by Walter Annenberg, a staunch republican and conservative until the day he died. The reputation for is as the cleanest most unbiased Fact Checker in this Country as judged by a vast majority of pundits. and are the other two credible fact check websites used by professional all over the country. There is no question according to the foremost economists in this country that the stimulus passage has kept our economy from being far worse that it is. It would have been better if more money had been given to the stimulus. In regards to the "stimulus" issue and others, your resource, was founded by a Tea Party radical of the same name and in no way represents the truth, only the radical right's point of view. Of course GM is selling cars in Chin ...
was Martin Luther king jr a Republican?
Check out the facts on You will be amazed at what is thrown at us. The truth meter is fun with the Pants On Fire for the worst whoppers. is good too, but not the same fun as Pants on Fire.
I think every voter owes it to themselves to take one hour out of their lives before voting to search the site. They are the swiss of our political balogna and swiss sandwich we find ourselves in.
Breaking news for all of you Romney haters! His famous "47%" quote is accurate according to( and, his fact is established by Tax Policy Center. So before you all start hating you need to actually get the facts. It is clear both lie however, the websites tend to show Obama as more of a liar and half truth teller than Romney.* has been keeping track and puts candidate Obama's list of promises at a staggering 506, of those they say the president has kept 122, or 24 percent. Coincidentally, of the 25 selected as the most significant promises, says Obama has followed through on six, for a 'promise-kept percentage' of 24 percent. Read more:
Checking up on facts from before the early voting to be sure of which candidate to elect to presidency. Hmm : Obama as President has never visited Israel: True You could see how well he had prepared his dodges of the truth by his answer of his visit before his presidency was so self serving, professing his compassion and understanding of their struggle. He has such good manipulating truth coaches. He only fooled those who have not kept up with his actions and speeches that have been putting America down and building the Iranian Islamic countries up. They are anti-Israel and he has shown great favor to them.
Some non-partisian advice. Go to and go to the tab labeled "People". There you can look up exactly who said what, how often they were truthful, partly honest, or flat out lying on specific statements to see if you're voting for the candidate based off the facts. Well worth a serious look through. I just saw you can look up the statements by just one individual. Very cool and informative. They even give summary charts for each candidate. Neat.
"Thanks to the development of everything from nuclear weapons to drones, comparing today’s military to that of 60 to 100 years ago presents an egregious comparison of apples and oranges. Today’s military and political leaders face real challenges in determining the right mix of assets to deal with current and future threats, but Romney’s glib suggestion that today’s military posture is in any way similar to that of its predecessors in 1917 or 1947 is preposterous."
Everyone this morning is posting links to organizations like and What did we do before we had Fact Checkers for debates? It can't be that politicians used to tell the truth.
Beverly Beach It is good to see so many comments on both sides of the political spectrum - and there was no name calling etc. Congratulations. Shon Harris presented facts -- truthful facts as to his reason for voting for the person. Also, congratulation. It is nice to see someone with solid sound reasoning. and are two locations to get facts (Not Rush, Glenn, or Sean) These men make millions for their stations and themselves spewing lies and hate. See and search the name. Many of you would enjoy doing a political test -- www.political This maps out the political spectrum according to ideology. Very informative. My sister in law, found out she was really left of center. She is pro Romney. Actually, her husband's uncle is married to Mitt's aunt (or vice versa). The point is we need to understand the evolving of political ideology and most people really are in the same category. Shon's information is also a good reason for not going back to what h ...
Heard a whole lot of half truths and some actual lies and some full truths in tonight's debate. Go to and find out who said what and whether it was the truth or not. This is non-partisan fact finder not sponsored by either party.
10:52 pm Michael LuoFact-Check: Romney Investments and Outsourcing Mr. Obama accused Mr. Romney of investing in companies that shipped jobs overseas. Is this true? In short, yes. Bain Capital, the private equity firm Mr. Romney founded, whose funds remain a big part of his portfolio, has invested over the years in a variety of companies that moved jobs overseas, as detailed in a Washington Post article that ran this summer. The attack line Mr. Obama used in the debate is actually a tweak of a stronger one the Obama campaign had previously used on Mr. Romney, accusing him of being more directly involved in shipping jobs to Asia and elsewhere through Bain, as opposed to being a mere passive investor. Fact-checkers, including, and the Washington Post’s Fact Checker column, had questioned the more direct line of attack on outsourcing, because most of the companies cited by the Obama campaign were investments that occurred after Mr. Romney had left day-to-day management of Bain i ... has some interesting "facts" showing half truths and all out lies on both sides. Very interesting.
My advice to my Romney supporter friends.DO NOT go anywhere near right now!
So far, has awarded Romney two "Pants on Fire" ratings so far. I love instant fact-checking while watching these debates.
Election help: Great sites for the nonpolitical or confused.
Those people receiving deceiving e-mails in these last few days of the election process need to check things out and not react like "sheep". Check your questions at Be informed!
For the love of god, FACT CHECK THE DEBATE tonight, please! ( (NYT and Washington Post will all have real-time fact checking tonight.
Happy, Happy, Happy...but real tired of half-baked, half-true, political chain email that could easily be verified through,, or Passing along information that is full of holes, doesn't make the sender look real smart. Before you send it...check it out! Otherwise, you're just venting at someone else's expense. Pass THIS along.
[From] If the spring of 2012 showed the Ryan-Wyden romance fading, late summer was the break-up. On Aug. 11, 2012, Ryan was tapped as Romney’s running mate, and within days, Romney was hailing his VP nominee’s Medicare plan as bipartisan -- and naming Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore). The Post wrote that Wyden was "apparently displeased about his sudden prominence as a validator of the Republican ticket." "Gov. Romney is talking nonsense," Wyden told reporters, according to the Post. He explained in detail his two main objections to Romney’s proposals in an interview with Ezra Klein, who writes the Post’s Wonk Blog. Repealing Obamacare, he said, would undo changes to Medicare that are necessary to transition to premium support. Secondly, Romney has proposed turning Medicaid, the health care program for the poor and disabled, into a block grant to the states and rein in spending. That change, Wyden said, "would do enormous harm to those people whose protection was at the center of the white ...
If you use (aka Tampa Bay Times) I automatically dismiss the statement its supporting. Try
Viewers, beware. Presidential dates, sad to say, aren’t always exercises in scrupulous political honesty. Fact-checkers usually tag dubious claims a day or two later. But here, drawing on three of my favorite truth-squadders --,., and the Washington Post’s Fact Checker -...
In a spot of GOOD news, if you have student loans: (Taken from Capped student loans as a percentage of your income above living expenses should kick in next year. "Previously, the government had paid private banks fees to provide federal loans to college students. The new law got rid of the middlemen, freeing up $68 billion over 11 years for Pell Grants and other programs. It also changed loan repayment terms. The government already had in place an "income-based repayment plan" that let students cap payments at 15 percent of their income above living expenses, and forgave remaining debt if they made those payments for 25 years. Under the new law, payments dropped to 10 percent, with debt forgiven after 20 years, or half that long for some public service workers such as teachers. The changes apply to new borrowers as of 2008 and haven’t kicked in yet, though they will by early next year, said Jason Delisle, an education budget expert at the New America Foundation who worked on the Republi ...
Read on, my straight couple friends, regarding The Sanctity of Human Life Act, which was co-sponsored by Paul Ryan. This bill would make invitro-fertilization next to impossible in the United States. So forget trying to have children within a loving marriage if a medical problem prevents a couple from doing so via purely natural methods. I can tell you by experience that two very young members of my family would not be here today if it were not for the assistance of this procedure. This is another example of how the Romney/Ryan ticket is too extreme for America. But don't take my word for it, read what the experts have to say at, which is not run by any of the campaigns. It is run by the Tampa Bay Times: Medical questions Even though the Sanctity of Human Life Act doesn’t specifically address in vitro fertilization, experts we interviewed said the law, if passed, could lead to severe restrictions on its practice. In vitro fertilization was pioneered in the 1970s and is commonly used by so ...
Taken from an earlier conversation, ...I ran a check on The Domain name is owned by Times Publishing Company, CEO Paul Tash, Formerly St. Petersburg Times, Tampa Florida. Which also runs the Poynter Institute, (Journalism School) which Receives funds from the Knight Foundation (Knight Ridder Publications founders, James L. and John S. Knight Founders, Founder of Knight Ridder Newpapers, HQ in San Jose, Now owned by McClatchy, HQ in Sacramento. The Times is a respected newspaper, with several recent Pulitzer Award Winning writers, and is also called by other News papers, "a liberal newspaper" My question is how can I trust any so called "real newspaper" if their "Fact Checker" is just the same group of people that write the stories in the first place? Oh Yeah, and who also have a "liberal agenda".
It's amazing what Pres. Obama has gotten done. (See or
If truth is important, consider the following: rates statements of politicians on how truthful or false they are. According to the site, President Obama's comments are half true to completely true 73% of the time. 27% of his statements are mostly false to out-right pants on fire. Joe Biden's true-to-false statements are calculated at 67% true to 33% false. Mitt Romney's are running 57% true to 42% false ( can't even get his numbers to add up properly!). And Paul Ryan, the biggest liar of he bunch is running at a 56% true to 44% false ratio. I know some people don't care about the truth when it comes to politics. However, for me, the measure of a person is whether or not I can look him or her in the eye, and trust that the words coming out of their mouths have some kind of veracity. Any of you who claim that values matter, tell me this: Do you honestly think that the people who are documented to have told you a lie almost half of time are the ones that you can trust t ...
So a Republican friend of mine was asking her friends to give her just 10 reasons why she should vote Obama. This is one of the responses. I thought it was just to good not to share. Samuel Leon: Presented for your review, here is just a fraction of items from the list at of campaign promises kept by Pres. Obama. I recommend visiting their site to review the complete 7 page list, it is impressive A SAMPLE OF CAMPAIGN PROMISES KEPT BY President Obama: No. 4: Extend child tax credits and marriage-penalty fixes No. 16: Increase minority access to capital No. 33: Establish a credit card bill of rights No. 36: Expand loan programs for small businesses No. 37: Extend the Bush tax cuts for lower incomes No. 38: Extend the Bush tax cuts for those making less than $250,000 (couples) or $200,000 (single) No. 48: Close the “doughnut hole” in Medicare prescription drug plan No. 51: Require insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions No. 53: Give tax credits to those who need help to pay he ...
Proposal: Grant money for to run live checks during speeches for the broadcast networks during elections. Screw it make it a mandatory service for news sources. This means you O'Reily, Megyn Kelly, Rachel Maddow, Piers Morgan. Regardless of who you broadcast for I do not have time to read the retractions that you post on the internet, or spend the time looking for them.
from, Clinton said that Ryan attacked the president for "the same amount of Medicare savings that (Ryan) had in his own budget." Clinton is correct that the Ryan budget plan included cost savings that were part of the health care law. Just recently, the Romney campaign backed away from that plan, saying Romney’s plan would restore the spending that the health law is set to curtail, such as extra funding for private insurers under the Medicare Advantage plan. Still, Clinton was right about the Ryan plan. We rate his statement True.
I can't say this enough. FACT CHECK THE GOP ADS. The newest lie that is continuing even though, The Washington Post, The New York Times and President Clinton who signed the bill have said that: President Obama HAS LIFTED THE WORK REQUIREMENT ON WELFARE RECIPIENTS!!! The other constant lies is that the president has taken 716 billion dollars out of medicare to pay for Obama Care. NOT TRUE. What has been done when the affordable care act was passed it TAKES FRAUD AND ABUSE OUT OF THE Medicare Advantage INSURANCE and SAVES SENIORS 716 BILLION DOLLARS OVER TEN YEARS. The GOP won the House and seats in the Senate BY LYING. FACT CHECK! They lied in 2009 ads saying the president raided medicare to pay for Obama Care. IT WORKED. DON'T LET LIES ELECT A PRESIDENT.
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