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Political Science

Political science is a social science discipline concerned with the study of the state, government and politics.

International Relations International Studies Associate Professor African American Lord Christopher Monckton

Exercise for Political Science students: Hand them a copy of their constitution and tell them to realistically improve on it.
Obviously a graduate of the Robert Mugabe School of Political Science,
Full and/or Associate Professors of International Relations. Department of Political Science, University of Minnesot…
Literally have every single Political Science professor in the department writing me Letters of Recommendation for grad/law school. 😩🙌
and Professor of Political Science at Vanderbilt (formerly at Princeton) has law degree from Yale. She was
Floyd Shivambu is a BA Masters holder. Sadly, he doesn't act like he passed PLs of Political Science. Ulambile.
2 Assistant Prof job openings in Canadian Politics & Political Theory in the Dept. of Political Science at UBC:
Prof Sanjay Pandey speaking on Naga issue in JNU today at Refresher Course in Political Science
Proud to say that I was accepted to Southern New Hampshire University's Political Science program concentrating on Campaign Leadership! 😊😊
Political Communication is the most interesting sub-field of Political Science. Proud to dedicate my life to it.
U offers degrees in Political Science, Public Affairs, & Emergency Management and Homeland Security.
BA in Political Science, MBA, working on PhD in Management and Strategy
Opportunity to write/edit study material for Political Science, History, & Public Administration. . Professors,...
guess if this quack had a degree in "Entire Political science" ?
Why science needs progressive voices more than ever on mock-neutrality and speaking wit…
A Lesson in Political Science: On Merging Black Cashboxes into the Kremlin’s Common Cash Funds
Practices that are considered barbaric in the West are quite common in Russia: envelope wages, all-cash real...
Women all over the world must come together n . n all concerned men must support them.
Studying the Effects of Political Risk on FDI Inflows: Case of Egypt.
In troubled times we need to do science and engineering differently. thinks is a good model. https…
Why science needs progressive voices more than ever - The Guardian
Thinking about changing my major back to Political Science and becoming a lawyer after all...this injustice has got to stop
What the past few wks indicate is that History needs to be a compulsory GCSE & Political Science on the curriculum.
The big data explosion sets us profound challenges - how can we keep up?
Happy that I wanna pursue a major in political science and law bc I don't want my posterity to live in a nation like this
best believe I'm running for president ...I'm going to school as an Business Management and Political Science Double Major
Why science needs progressive voices more than ever
UK social science will be dealt a serious blow by Brexit
This is exactly why I want to go to school for law and/or political science so that I can be a voice for the black community.
Depressing account of impact of Brexit on social sciences research. The negatives just keep piling up. And for what?
Political science has been hip to this effect for years, media takes its cues from political leaders
Never let them tell you that political science isn't an actual science. Dream big.
The crisis of Brexit could give some properly dodgy people a chance to capture UK science. We can't let them.
I'm at Faculty of Political Science - in Phra Nakhon, Bangkok
Alberta, Government of (Edmonton AB): "Human Resources, Political Science or related field, with a…
Question to ask in Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) is - what happened to Ruby Rai Arts girl who said Political Science is for cooking?
That moment when you're pondering on whether to join a Political Science class but you remember on show.Oh Noo!
Who is DU30: He graduated in 1968 w/ a BA Political Science at the Lyceum of the Philippines University in Manila.
In Nitish Kumar's Bihar -- students being taught cooking in Political Science, have some shame and resign. .
Assistant Professor of Political Science at Northeastern University in Boston, "There is no doubt will lose
Dr Lao, Chair of the Department of Political Science, will serve as Director of the Institute of Philippine Culture.
Check out the new CCBC Political Science page!
AS Political Science, AA Business Administration, one semester from AA International Studies.
Bachelor of Political Science + French right now, i'll be pursuing a Juris Doctor of Laws in a couple years tho
Taking a Political Science class for a May-mester class was a terrible idea.
Lord Christopher Monckton presents "Political Science - the heavy cost of government by preconceptio…
I'm the President of the Political Science club so if you don't care for politics but care about policies that may affect you, join!
To be Fair, maybe he is unaware. After all, he was just Faculty of Political Science, not "Entire Political Science"
Was inducted into the National Honor Society for Political Science, Pi Sigma Alpha, today. I am so proud of myself.
Kiran K G, student of Political Science has been selected for the Andhra Pradesh Higher Education Summer Fellowship
What can you do with a BA? Former US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice has a BA in Political Science
Tel Aviv University invites you to study in Israel in a unique 1 year Political Science and Political...
I'll be attending Alcorn State University 💜💛, & will be majoring in Political Science
there's no point of going to a college like Cal Poly Pomona/ UC Riverside if im pursuing Political Science major.
Inducted into the Zeta Rho chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha National Honors Society in Political Science 🎓❤️
Heh, neat! I was a double major in Political Science and Math/Computer Science.
Pisa, Rectorate and Department of Political Science, in front of Arno River
Do you offer internships for foreign students/journalists? Am studying Political Science & African studies in Germany. Thanks!
The economy is ailing, businesses are collapsing, the cedi is depreciating and u appoint a Prof in Political Science
Ph.d. scholarship at Department of Political Science, specialization in: Personalization of Politicians. A New…
Check out this upcoming event organized by the Department of Political Science!
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The University of the Philippines Department of Political Science . in cooperation with the Social Sciences and...
On 29 March I'll be lecturing at the Department of Political Science of about the
I'm at Department of Political Science and International Relations in Famagusta
Reviewing a R&R piece for Canadian Journal of Political Science - the authors' response letter is so Canadian nice, as one might expect.
Call for papers: Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Political Science presents it's 10th Annual...
The Sport of Politics by Christopher Malone. Department of Political Science. Hunter College, University of New York.
Position: Instructor Pool - University of Oregon, Department of Political Science - US, Oreg...
Postdoctoral Research Officer - London School of Economics and Political Science - Department of S...
On the new role of cities: the latest from in the Department of Political Science:
Political Science department seminar with Lindiwe Mazibuko tomorrow
Political Science way back when at the Academic Resort of Alcorn State University
Meet Cooper and his parents Holley Hansen/Stephen Nemeth! Coop serves in Political Science
Brock's own from the Department of Political Science talks inflation and budgets with the
Opportunity for: London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE): Professor/Associate Professor in Data Science - London, UK …
NBF Peshawar office display at Political Science department started from today at Peshawar University
The Department of Political Science and the Asian Center at the University of the Philippines, Diliman in...
Media: Need sources for the next round of Tuesday primaries? Department of Political Science can help
PhD scholarships at the Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen (UCPH) via
Introducing one of the newest additions to the Department of Political Science, Professor Leonardo Baccini!. 1)...
LNT is a rule without basis in science originally adopted for political reasons …
Follow for studies on the political economy of race relations, quantitative social science
I have a PhD in Anthropology and am doing research on political science at Stanford. Thanks for the advice though.
I just always feel for political science students :p
I have two degrees in Political Science, a BA and MS. I have loved politics since I was a boy. Sadly, the 2016 primaries have turned me off.
Interesting article on how policy and evidence relate
This video sets aside doomsday alarmism and political axe-grinding to look at the science behind the history …
Eleanor definitely does, I think it's in political science. And I think she graduated with honors too. Idk about Sophia
Well that's not really up to me. The infinite complexities of political science are beyond my scope.
Political correctness vs good science:
Im to have so many political science social media friends
I would respectfully suggest you read some political science books but I very much doubt your mind would be open enough.
Top political science influencers one should follow
you read Shermer's work? I think reason/science overcoming political ideology is next MAJOR step in the arc
Best thing about When we trade, cooperation, science will carry on. We won't be tied to a EU Political Union.
Let's do about 4-5 of these Political Science current events I was supposed to be doing for the last 2 months 🙂
The story of global-warming is a story of science fiction conjured up to advance a quasi-marxist political ideology.
What good is political science if it flubs the biggest development in America in decades? https:/…
I applied for Political Science with an emphasis on International Studies but I'm probably gonna change my major 😅
true. More interesting with socio-anthro though. Didn't like political science that much
We need a political party devoted to science and reason. Currently, both parties only agree with the science when it fits their ideologies.
Why the EU matters for universities
Using for requires constant interaction between both. The politics of evidence-based policymaking
Math of Election, I passed the exam when I studied Political Science. The electoral system is a joke.
We are at a very strange moment in American history where virtually an entire political party is rejecting science. https:/…
why is political science everything I love
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I'll teach you, but please first sign up for the class. Political Science 103. Cost : $3200
"Oh so you're a political science major! I guess you wanna be a lawyer!" I really look like I'd be down for 4 more years of school
Please open a political science book sometime. Govt healthcare isn't communism, it's medicare for everyone. Even UK & Aus have it
Donald Trump’s Opponents Say. Any of these student protesters majoring in math or do they all study pseudo-subjects like Political Science?
lol, FOX? All they do is SUPPORT the Conservative Republican agenda. Political science. I read and watch all sources.
Political science is not an area of Neil's expertise.
University of Birmingham - Department of Political Science and International Studies (POLSIS) Location:...
Vacancy: Lectureship in Political Science and International Studies at the University of Birmingham
An observation as I follow politics because I was a political science minor along with theatre and film. I did a lot in undergrad. X_X
Joseph Van Horn is a phd student in political science. . Joseph Van Horn is voting for Donald Trump.
Let's save the world from junk science and political agendas.
Good article by Cambridge MP setting out the evidence & facts. Why the EU matters for universities: htt…
I just had a debate with nana over the presidential election Thinkin about changing my major to political science because I won
especially in the context of a political science/social science/academic setting. Our department in particular.
Today we'll highlight Pearl T. Robinson,Associate Professor of Political Science,International Relations,& Africana Studies
At the end of the day, I realized I'm loving Political Science and FUNPOLS is probably my favorite Political Science course 😂
Heading to for this & China University of Political Science and Law initiative
NOW: Ed Miller, prof. of Political Science at UW-Steven's Point tells us about some of the debates around healthcare on the campaign trail.
Mafia… (w/ firda, Naufal, & 4 others at Faculty of Communication Institute of Social & Political Science) [pic] —
I need to review that 166 pages for my pre final test tomorrow in Political Science subject 😩🔫 *** week.
After graduating college in 2001 with a B. A. in Political Science and Spee...
American University of Armenia AUA Political Science and International Affairs Program & Turpanjian Center for...
Chair of Political Science at CUNY Corey Robin: the last time South Carolina voted for a Democratic presidential c…
Spiderman is a Political science student who missed . He is now dying
Some shrewd political science there. Does he write for the Beano?
I'm happy that I passed my political science test 😎
SAME! Except mine is about political science :(
Lil puffs himself as an expert in polling methodology and political science. He's just a loner.
These issues are addressed by here See also Ju…
Vacancy - Established Professor of Political Science and Sociology - …
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Celebrating 50 years of the Australian Journal of Political Science! Special issue:
UK regulates Cameron's way: killing publicly-funded political campaigning. Scientists are concerned too
oh.bless.your.heart. if only you spent as much time studying Economics,History,and Political Science as you did contouring.SHUTUP
I as many Political Science reject this "immoral actions are often necessary in order to…
Anyone taking Political science with Kennedy? Need someone to study with :(
Combing through the archives of the Political Science Reviewer reminds me what an invaluable role plays in our movement
I've known Rubio for years, and studied political science & German in college. Your comparison is wrong & horrible.
I'm trying to rekindle my passion for political science.
Especially politics, I can read about politics all day. But last semester I did all my research briefs for political science last minute 😂
I finished all my political science homework I'm good for 2 weeks ☺️
This whole world Left/right political thing, along with the Islam thing, is the stuff Science Fantasy novels could be based on.
EU framework for is good news for UK scientists & patients
Learning lessons from science fiction: What can teach us about political risk.
Um, no. A recent survey of scientist found 93% think EU a "major benefit" to research. Read: htt…
Great idea. Its a mistake to think the objectivity science needs to be successful means it isn't social or political
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looking to get my masters in political science or International Relations. Gotta save up some $ first tho
3. If youre still not convinced, go to school and get a political science degree like myself and study up on the subject
You're better off with a business, Econ, philosophy, or political science degree in my opinion
Major in political science and minor in public policy
Latest issue of Australian Journal of Political Science is an overview of 50 years of the journal
. Above that He has claimed MA in political science. Via Fake affidavit to EC. A criminal offense. liable for prosecution
For the record, political science research suggests you're engaging in post hoc rationalization.
I wonder what my old political science professors even teach now. Do they just walk in and show Beyond Thunderdome, "end …
That's why I connected so well with this guy in my Political Science class.
Stephen Hawkins boycott hits Israel where it hurts...
as a political science major do u at all Heres a cool vid of n his supporters
as a political science major and honors student, I wholeheartedly endorse this.
My political science TA just emailed the class calling us out on how horrible we did on the last quiz and how wrong our answers were 😂
We is the Party just dropped our first single. Support the cause and scope these mad sounds out
ASU Prof. David Wells to speak about issues surrounding elections tomorrow, 6-7 p.m. in the San Carlos Room
Papers you can't procrastinate on: political science 😩 been staring at a blank screen for 2 hours and just typed 2 sentences lol
Very nice review of et al. on political bias by
My mom -"you have to go to class tomorrow, be responsible" little does she know I haven't gone to political science in a month
Badgers are on board w/ | Website listing female polisci experts aims to address implicit biases htt…
Should've took a political science class instead of this philosophy crap
Learn to engage with buddling terrorists in the form of students? Wow! New form of political science, eh?
I still enjoy International Relations/political science, and global governance studies. Nothing has changed.
Read academic articles on political science to reverse this
You need to go to school, learn that judiciary chapter in Political Science. I hope you live in a democracy
"Agree. Hippies, Jesus freaks & other political science deniers aside, we're looking at Hillary vs. The Donald in November." kit's dad.
One way to do it is to have free criminal justice and 'local' political science degrees.
the revolution is happening now or next election it is in all the cards. Basically all political science shows
Willy is a Political Science professor here at South Carolina State University he knows how to
.just realized the issue belonged to Deil S. Wright, Alumni Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Political Science
Newsworthy: Prof: NH polling historically volatile - Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science...
Meet the Bros of Beta Rho: President Savannah Ping. PC: 46. Senior. Major: Political Science. . As a leader she demonstrates what's possible
ok fair enough I will contemplate that whilst I stare at my masters in Political Science and my Law Degree. Carry on.
IK majors in Political Science at Oxford not in economics !.
"I would much rather risk the former. This, to me, is not a tough call.". John McAdams - Marquette University/Department of Political Science
. Lalu holds Bachelor of Laws & Master in Political Science from Patna University
I study Political Science at the illustrious North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
Big job: Professor of Political Science & Head of Studies-Global Affairs at Yale-NUS via
The Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) has designated the UP Department of Political Science as Center of...
Dept. of Political Science Ohio University Master of Arts in Political Science (funding available)
Participants of International Relations Program in Dept. of Political Science at attended 🇵🇰🇨🇳 CPEC📺🎥📸 Forum https:…
(3) So if an African American studies major is stupid, so is English, Sociology, Political Science, Communications etc.
A major in Music Business with a minor in Political Science and/or African American studies would be PERFECT.
Political Science final today, I figure, I should pass as long as I DON'T choose as ANY ansewer lmao
Global Studies & Political Science at 20. Masters of Public Policy & PHD by 23. Future senator & businesswoman
Like everyone else on social media right now, I have also suddenly gained a PhD in Political Science and International Relations
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Looking forward to finishing up my last three classes at Thomas Edison State College for my major in Political Science
I'm learning & Political Science & Philosophy is my focus. Economics too
Political Science or philosophy could be gorgeous if you really get into it...speak your mind type of major...your voice mat…
Opening remarks by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the Faculty of Political Science of the Belgrade…
Theatre and Political Science student speaks at 5pm today about her experience working w Syrian refugees
Research Preregistration in Political Science by Jamie Monogan and via
or fail to acknowledge that a general embrace of science and reason led to clear political advances in the WEST. You must
mike there is!,Ive studied political science &i wish i could tell ppl all so they can understand better what &why this is happening
Most of my friends are studying law , economics , political science … nothing related to arts … and then there's me :) :)
I fail horribly at my political science class.
I wanna meet my husband when they put us together in political science class or something cute like that 😌🙏🏼
IMO has much more to say about than political science. Cognitive biases and group dynamics to take just 2 areas.
Today I went on a dinner date with some of my friends that are studying economics and political science and trust me I left that place (…)
I think so too, as long as they aren't nasty and mean customers :/ What are you going to do after political science ?
I am too *.* Wow political science sounds good, but complicated ! It's my last year, and after that I'm going into tourism.
Little Giant Ladders
I'm just in high school, so everything! next year I want to take Political Science
Reading my political science book is so difficult when I'm high
After a couple semesters of Political Science, Watching people talk politics on here is almost laughable
This is for my political science project. Do you think legalizing prostitution will help stimulate our economy?
Political climate failed our view of science. The high price of via
Since i'm majoring in political science my grandpa thinks he can only talk about politics with me...never a HOW WAS UR DAY? ALWAYS POLITCS
Studying for this political science test I have on Monday
I would LOVE to study political science but what should I do with it? and I'm not even smart enough for it
And this is exactly why I wanna major in political science and be a part of the government. Theses *** don't know what they're doing.
I majored in history and political science. You are absolutely right.
Thinking about majoring in political science now
Unless you have your bachelors in political science don't talk to me about politics.
Donuts* watch me bring a cake to Political Science. We are going to make that class a party!
When are political science 100 - 305 level classes going to be required to be taken by every single college student in the US? Smh
I don't I blocked him months ago. If he wants to be a political commentator he should act in a civil way. Not rocket science
...I should probably study for my Political Science exam on Monday.
The ethos of India wins the election: Every student of political science will ...
Calling all law students and political science enthusiasts - join our summer working bee!
Ireland's is coming to a country near you!!! after €1m investment, nice one!
I really wish our high school offered a current events or a political science course.
Every time I see Towles majors in Political Science, I remember how much I despised Political Science.
A political science professor snapped this photo of Trump who waved quickly before getting in the car.
Jack Greene: Opinion and political gain have replaced science objectivity far too frequently.
*colleen and Andrew arguing about computer science and political science* *colby interrupts* "polysci is political science!"
I am sick of studying political science
Evidently didn’t pay attention in political science class. Its not like they are hanging out in a *** bunker.
These 2 books i've read this fall the equivalent of an Ivy League Political Science course. Going to read both again
Can political science departments pool resources to have a guy on standby following Rudio & refuting Huntington?
Congrats to who was a Political Science Major while at
Lol Mark was like I want to take political science because I like government and science.😊🔫
Let’s not put all our funding eggs into the research council basket
Major in Political Science on the pre-law track with a minor in African American Studies
Tom Veit, Political Science `93 & Life Member, is the new chief marketing officer of the USL
When I change my major to African Studies and Political Science
I'm pretty sure that was referring to degrees in Gender Studies, Political Science & similar fluff.
Double major in Political Science and African American studies . Concentration in civil rights, minor in nonprofit
Political Science with a minor in African American Studies☺️
Legal Management, Journalism, Political Science, Development Studies are some of my options. Maybe that could help you 😁
New Book Title by Dr. Melanye T. Price, Assistant Professor of Africana Studies and Political Science at...
that "UST AB to offer Communication Arts and Political Science in 2016" article 💔 journ po pakisama
Community College Jobs is looking for a POOL - Political Science in apply now!
Call for Papers: Politeia - South African Journal for Political Science and Public Administra...
I added a video to a playlist Labor and Freedom Full Audiobook by Eugene V. DEBS by Political Science
The University of Jordan conferring Honorary Doctorate in Political Science on Sh. Pranab Mukherjee in Amman,Jordan
The University of Jordan confers Honorary Doctorate in Political Science on President Pranab Mukherjee
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Modiji did a MA in Political Science. Since he's comparing Badal with Nelson Mandela, you can gauge the "depth" of his knowledge.
Find this &More Assistant Professor of Legal Studies: Chico, CA - The Department of Political Science inv...
Postdoctoral Fellow in Political Science oriented towards Research on Global Energy Politics and Climate Change
Happy to be back in Academic environment. Department of Political Science, Bayero University Kano
Happy to resume office today as a lecturer Department of Political Science at Bayero University Kano.
Interested in Grad School, or Law School? The Political Science department is holding an information session...
Students in FHSU Leadership Studies, FHSU Department of Political Science, and History are visiting the Truman...
Toyin Abe is a senior lecturer in the Department of Political Science, Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti. He...
Francis Fukuyama gives a lecture on Monday October 5th at the Department of Political Science, University of...
When your political science teacher casually mentions that he's not registered to vote 😒
Oh my, he had to drop out of his University of Oslo political science course...
A new wealth-creating agenda for the Labour Party
Why is my political science professor roasting the bible rn lol
The most gorgeous guy ever is in my political science class n I don't have the guts to talk to him 😒
A great Leadership Lunch today with Political Science alumni! Thank you to Mr. Bob Tweedy, Chairman of Useppa...
domain names
Some current industries will have no role to play in a sustainable future, creating potential conflict between...
CO2 climate impact is radical political and environmental activism, not science.
While discussing the 2012 presidential election in my political science class, this guy asked who Mitt Romney was.
Puerto Rico's Statehood Movement (Contributions in Political Science S.) by Edga [link removed]
United States Consul at Work (Contributions in Political Science S.) by William [link removed]
Right now needs more Urban Sociology graduates than Political Science ones. Given our most pressing issues, we should train skills
In political science and we are all ranting
Curbing Unethical Behavior in Government (Contributions in Political Science S.) [link removed]
Political Mythology and Popular Fiction (Contributions in Political Science S.) [link removed]
And now here come the political science majors
Someone just asked me to tutor them in our political science class and idk that makes me really happy 😍
My political science class is so boring I can't
My political science professor may be my spirit animal
SO GLAD I only have to spend 18 of my 120 credits here with all of these typical close minded political science students
ye Nust me political science parhtay hein shayad.
Please don't forget to come out tonight for our first Fall 2015 Political Science Academy meeting at 7:30p @ Prof. Dave Robertson's home
to help me sell political science 101 book. $90 with access code. Brand new just unwrapped.
Seeking political clout and treatment funds, some who battle substance abuse no longer want to be anonymous.
The Department of Political Science mourns the untimely death of one of our students. Edward Romano died...
does europe have a future? @ The London School of Economics and Political Science…
I'm honestly really excited to take a political science class
What’s the danger of arguments about human capacity and behavior?
"Now, you guys get the chance to be corrupt politicians!! Yay, Political Science majors!!" -my actual American Politics professor
and don't do Law or political science. It'll turn your in to a vermin.
Today my political science professor said that Joe Biden is the prime minister of the United States
lol I didn't go to my political science class either 😂
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