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More than two years after he was tragically killed, “American Sniper” and Navy SEAL hero Chris Kyle is being awa ... http…
Independent bookstores are becoming centers of political resistance - Business Insider UK
remind me why you have political apparatchiks spruiking When did you last have an political
SHAME: Busloads of Illegals Shopping at WALMART with EBT Cards? - The Political Insider
Parsing the silence of Sally Yates, the new hero of Georgia Democrats | Political Insider blog
there's only one political party leader who you can rely on 100% to look after our NHS
How do we know this guy isn't just another political elite insider who will continue to push globalist agenda !!
PS, the political insider is notorious for spreading false news. Do you have a second source for this?
Agreed Joe. Followed BC 4 Insider Canes stuff & all I see is looney left political rants. Like leftist are perfect🙄
Does Trump have the political capital to take on the elites in Washington? He's surrounded by corruption.
Actually, its two wins.. ANOTHER court yesterday let a case go fwd b/c of CNN fake news harmed his business. Politi…
The loud little handful want us to hate each other. Don't listen to them.
NO MORE CLINTONS, we had enough: Chelsea Clinton talks about possible political career
What it sais is local cops are getting info on residents for political and social insider ideologies--this implies police are getting intel
The Trump campaign needs to really double down on a very focused msg about Hillary Clinton as the ultimate corrupt political insider.
Great another political insider non journalist to obscure the news!
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CONFIRMED by Experts! Voting Machines in Maryland, Illinois Rigged to Support Democrats - The Political Insider #
Ted Turner: From one billionaire to another, Donald, I prefer Hillary | Political Insider blog
Liberal MP who lost his seat at election given new $160,000 job representing Senate President
"Hillary is an insider, supported by powerful insiders, attacking Americans who have no political power." . I WI…
This is WHY we support Trump, he's not a corrupt political insider! America is being destroyed from within, we can'…
the point is that he is a political insider. He knows most of these people.
nope. She's a political insider who's just a corrupt
Don't know abt local LE enough 2 speculate. But someone who is aware of some random political field office + time = insider
by political count 46 bodies close to the Clintons. If Trump?
i never said. Political openly wondered. Read before you react.
“The vast majority felt she should be prosecuted..." -- even senior FBI officials thought Crooked was guilty. . https:/…
Conservatives no longer trust Fox News for “fair and balanced”. - The Political Insider
"this is a bad night for the establishment" "the ultimate political insider". Iowans
Get an insider's look at political and corporate consulting from a seasoned professional. Frequent guest on Fox News, CNN…
The 'Republican' in this new political ad is actually a longtime Democratic donor.
"Political Insider"? and you allow The Fixer Christopher Pyne to spruik for Libs?? What Mark Riley not available? Pathetic.
regarding Jack Ellis in this Political Insider today, I’m going into the Democratic Primary too.
Hillary Clinton moves Atlanta event from Ga. State to City Hall | Political Insider blog
Vincent Fort flips from Hillary Clinton to Bernie Sanders | Political Insider blog
Political Insider: Does the Jersey City Recreation Department discriminate in its hiring?
A Trump vs. Sanders election would be more interesting than a Political Outsider vs. Political Insider election, IMO.
Obama’s executive order on guns is political theater - Business Insider
Political Gains for Russia Outweigh Military Success in Syria - via
Insider: "I'm voting for Bernie Sanders": Michael Bennett the rare pro athlete to take a political stance https…
Obama’s executive order on guns is mostly political theater - Business Insider
A good breakdown of today's top political stories. has Political Insider.
Questions are infused with insider knowledges, including the stuff of the people' socio-political contexts
‘Mosquito’ parties going all out at Sarawak polls: The motley of small non-aligned political parties is not ex...
In your Political Insider piece you mentioned Obama "perhaps taking away gun rights." What rights is he trying to take away?
Political gains for outweigh military success in
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Tune in to at 6:30 tonight to hear Prof on Political Insider
Go inside the beltway with Mike Lofgren's THE DEEP STATE & our Political Insider Sweeps!
Call Sen about spending bill this week!
Call your nliSen about spending bill this week!
The survey says: Jimmy Carter has had ‘the best post-presidency’ | Political Insider blog
Political Insider: Blucher bows out of Sarasota County commission race
House Republicans set up vote to allow Confederate flags in national parks | Political Insider blog
Judge in ThisStateRules if Pledge ViolatesRights of Atheists-"One Nation, Under GOD!"-Political Insider via
As I was saying, Political Insider are a bunch of RW liars!
This is from an article from POLITICAL INSIDER:. Barack Obama thinks he knows more than Jesus. Literally. At...
Obama Uses Poverty Summit to Stick it to Fox News, Megyn Kelly FIRES BACK! - The Political Insider via
In the real life what George Stephanopoulos did is like insider trading Used his soapbox 2 broadcast his political agenda Got paid 4 it
BREAKING NEWS: 113 Members of Congress Fight to STOP OBAMA in a BIG WAY! - The Political Insider via
Now Obama Wants to Rewrite the Words of Jesus - Unbelievable! - The Political Insider via
Judge in State Rules if Pledge Violates of Atheists - "One Nation, Under GOD!" - The Political Insider via
Political Insider: Meekhof in Ind. on prevailing wage: Sen. Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof this week testified ...
Political Insider: No mileage issues for Buchanan, Rooney - Don’t expect to see U.S. Reps. Vern Buchanan or Tom Ro...
Political Insider: When the music stops who sits in two 31st District Assembly seats?: I’m sure everyone is still…
Want to see former President Bill Clinton tomorrow? Here’s where | Political Insider blog
And that's not all from CNN says Jason Carter leading race for Governor! Political Insider blog
Political Insider: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal to attend Sarasota GOP rally this month
Political Insider: GOP points finger at Schauer spending Michigan Republicans again are blowing their campaign finance whistle on Democrat Mark Schauer’s gubernatorial campaign. This time, the state Republican Party is claiming Schauer violated state election law by making illegal candidate-to-candidate expenditures by propping up the unchallenged candidacy of his running mate, Oakland County Clerk Lisa Brown. A complaint filed Aug. 13 with the Bureau of Elections alleges Schauer broke the law by printing thousands of yard signs with Brown’s name on it this summer before she was formally nominated for lieutenant governor at the Democrats’ convention last weekend. “Until she becomes his nominee, he can’t spend (money) on advocating for her for lieutenant governor of Michigan,” said Eric Doster, attorney for the Michigan Republican Party. Doster contends Schauer should have split the cost of any campaign literature and T-shirts advocating for Brown’s candidacy prior to the convention with Brow ...
Political Insider: Campaign committee worthy of thy name
GA EPD rejects Earth Day by easing restrictions on development on the coast | Political Insider blog
Political Insider: Ex-Secretary of Defense Panetta in Sarasota next week
Looks like I will be casting my subversive GOP primary vote for Barge insteadDavid Pennington: A ‘true patriot’ would back religious liberty bills | Political Insider blog
Police seek three Georgia freshmen in desecration of Ole Miss statue | Political Insider blog
Forget Kasim Reed – Al Roker shifts his weather criticism to NYC Keep reading on the Political Insider blog here:
Hey did u have to many Wild Turkeys last night too?You were RepSteveSmiths patsy.This makes my day :)
Read this you fools.I told ya I'd be LMAO at you today.RepSteveSmith is FAKE!
Republicans consider a more prominent MLK presence at state Capitol | Political Insider blog
Han Matthews, President of the Canadian Aboriginal Mining Association, joins us in the ABC Political Insider...
Just saw this on someone's TL. Can't believe the coincidence, but asked Q's. Unreal & very confused!
Political humour, creativity frm grassroots "Kangkung now hot topic in comedy and satirical humour:
Stirring the pot ahead of first GOP Senate debate | Political Insider blog via SEN
We're trying to end political cronyism and insider greed at the Capitol with a citizens' initiative. You can add...
In-flight WiFi outside the USA: The complete guide
The 6 political personality types: know your "jagoan's" personality
A new Latino political outreach firm launches in
A couple of days late, but I finally read this week's Political insider -
doing a segment on Gosselin twins freezing up on TV. How's that for highbrow political insider stuff?
Bersih not represent any political party but Nancy is in politic. So who is politicking?
Brazil’s flash mobs by teens turning political: Flash mobs at shopping malls by thrill-seeking underprivileged...
Another example people of how the media and political spin can fool you. Always do your research and be very...
Perkasa and Isma: Do they really deserve ‘applause’? - Koon Yew Yin: Recently a political commentator who is a...
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honest q: does election of Terry McAuliffe undercut Dem attacks on Gillespie as consummate Washington insider and political fixer?
Cracking the door on medicinal marijuana in Georgia | Political Insider blog
Range political insider tells me there will be "a thousand ... at least" at today's PolyMet EIS forum.
Political Insider: activist & serial litigant Robert Davis loses quest to kick out of office
Political Insider: Fulop remains above the fray, for now
Political Insider: Most of Florida delegation backs spending bill
Political Insider: Buchanan has back surgery - U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan expects to miss at least one week of votes ...
only works if you never want to be political insider again, and only get TV appearances on MSNBC
Interesting...With Common Core at stake, the GA Chamber steps in | Political Insider blog
A window into insider struggle over corruption in by & its political import due to subsidy cuts
Political Insider: Gov. Deal to announce he’s ready to boost education spending by $547 million next year.
Campaigning in slums and dressed like a gas station attendant, ordinary man changes political landscape for 1.2...
Cultural ethical dilemmas in business- from bribes paying to political affairs
​Schism in EU? Intelligence co-operate with Syria amid political freeze
U.S. Sen. Rand Paul met with about 15 Atlanta community and business leaders today to give his vision for the future of the country, with a focus on education. Keep reading from AJC Political Insider here:
State School Superintendent John Barge is trying out a new message: "It's time Georgia had a real education governor." Get your daily jolt from the AJC's Political Insider at:
State House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams vowed today that there will be a 'concerted effort' to cajole Gov. Nathan Deal into expanding Medicaid in Georgia. Learn more from AJC's Political Insider at:
President Barack Obama's formal nomination last week of a slate of six judges to fill longstanding federal court vacancies has not quelled the fury of Georgia Democrats and civil rights leaders over the lack of minorities in the group. Get your daily jolt from AJC Political Insider here:
Political Insider: In with new carpet at the Capitol, out with Great Seal of
Did you see the Political Insider's story on Susan Colvin? Seems strange to retain her.
Might be underestimating KJ. His political career is probably on the line if he doesn't present legit counter-offer.
Pretty disappointed in DW Ulsterman charging for his "anonymous" sources. First - this is a battle for the...
Erick Erickson’s endorsement of Mark Sanford for Cong. Desperate times, desperate measures. Only way
Political Insider: Scott aims to cut port regulations to spur economic growth
Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed says he was wrong to oppose
The State Board hearing on the DeKalb school board is Feb 21. Hopefully their decision will begin a new day.
Gives me a bit more confidence in Thurmond. “Why DeKalb school board may be toast...
Also: GPB begins the search for Chip Rogers' No. 2.
Your daily jolt: The debate over the Falcons stadium takes a neighborly turn.
Buffett always has used his insider connections to reward his political friends-How much will John Kerry make from this?
Political insider: Rep. Dingell celebrates Polish heritage by distributing paczki by the dozens
Rank corruption in contracts let out by charters run by Rahm's political cronies
Cong Paul Broun is so proud of his foot-in-mouth disease
I thought put together a pretty good op-ed piece for the AJC, then I read the comments. So much Kool-Aid:
his reversal seems a political calculation ATL Mayor Reed on why he now supports marriage equality
A plug for Georgia Horse Racing Coalition billboards in today's AJC Political section!
A little plug for Georgia Horse Racing Coalition Billboards in today's AJC Daily Political Section!
The examines why DeKalb school board may be toast regardless of Michael Thurmond's rescue mission.
Why the DeKalb County school board may be toast, despite Michael Thurmond as superintendent.
ATL Mayor Reed on why he signed onto Mayors for the Freedom to Marry
Civil disobedience was my way of saying that our economic and political system had failed us -
Political Insider: Rubio’s really long question of Kerry - For the second day in a row, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio had a ...
Political Insider: Scott takes education plan on the road - Florida Gov. Rick Scott is taking his proposal to boost ...
Michigan is about to pass Right to Work Legislation – funny thing is – most people don’t know the real issues. Mark Brewer, Michigan’s Democratic Chair and Ed Sarpolus, Pollster and Political Insider, join the FCTC Team to discuss the issues. The biggest revelation – Governor Snyder – according to the guests – the Governor is fearful of Richard DeVos’s political might and money – and is supporting the bill to avoid backlash when it comes to reelection. Catch it all on the podcast!
Hudson County - Political Insider: Storm caught county with radio station still an idea |
What a sharp-tongued Joe Lowery said over the weekend | Political Insider via
Sandy and the need to fund weather forecasting The arrival of superstorm Sandy emphasizes the necessity of providing resources for weather forecasting, which can save both lives and money, write J. Marshall Shepherd and John Knox, who are both in the geography department at the University of Georgia. "Such investments pay for themselves multi-fold through saved lives, property, and dollars from needless evacuations and other planning costs," they write. "The best estimates are that taxpayers reap $5 or more from every $1 spent on weather forecasts." The Atlanta Journal-Constitution/Political Insider blog (10/28)
Political Insider: County moving to pay big bucks for property after missing ... - The Jersey Journal
Political Insider: Evening of WNY theatrics took me back to the bad old days - The Jersey Jou
Political Insider: Vern Buchanan must give up $84,000 in donations
O MY!!! :-) Analysts: 36th Congressional no longer likely GOP seat Posted: September 21st, 2012 | Author: Erica Felci | Filed under: Political Insider | Tags: 2012 election, Mary Bono MacK, polling, Raul Ruiz This hasn’t been the best week for Rep. Mary Bono MacK’s campaign. First, a Democratic poll showed challenger Raul Ruiz has pulled within three percentage points of Bono Mack’s standing with voters. Then, a 2006 email re-surfaced that showed Bono Mack thought it was “funny” that a talk radio host described squalor in the east valley a “Third World toilet.” Now the latest blow: Two political watchdogs have re-evaluated the likelihood of her re-election this November. Both the non-partisan Cook Political Report and Larry Sabato out of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics had previously determined that the 36th Congressional District was a likely Republican seat. Now they’ve switched the ratings to say the district leans Republican, indicating Ruiz has a greater potential f ...
Your morning jolt: James Earl Carter IV and the ‘poetic justice’ behind the Romney video | Political Insider
Political Insider: RPOF chairman Curry in Sarasota County - The head of Florida’s Republican Party is coming to Sara...
Political Insider: Russell calls an "anarchist," speechwriter retires & more via
John Boehner: Joe Biden-Paul Ryan debate will be 'greatest show on the planet' | Political Insider
Political Insider: Rick Scott in Sarasota Friday - Florida Gov. Rick Scott is expected to be in Sarasota County on F...
Political Insider: John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi give money to area congressional race
Political Insider: Sarasota Republicans bring Donald Trump to the doorstep of the GOP convention
Political Insider: Premier Christy Clark: Could she be anymore disconnected with voters?
Political Insider: On October 21 the BCNDP and Adrian Dix will get a chance to define themselves!   10% Off
Political Insider: What might keep 10th District seat empty; the Jersey City comeback kid?: This is from my "Wha...
Political Insider: Raul Ruiz, Mary Bono MacK seek that one vote to win primary -The Desert Sun
Political Insider: Trio who Weier hired get laid off, Legislative leaders laid off three staffers earlier this month, reportedly because of budget constraints.
Political Insider:Welcome to Political Insider -- Your source for breaking news on the state Capitol and Arizona politics. Visi t the blog here. Meet the Political Insider Mary Jo Pitzl covers politics and the state Legislature. As an avid composter, she knows...
Political Insider:Rumors have run rampant over the past 24 hours or so that Russell Pearce was going to bow out of his bid for Mesa's Legislative District 25 Senate seat. Pearce, the author of Arizona's controversial immigration law Senate Bill 1070, lost his Senate...
Political Insider: Don't believe the rumors on Russell Pearce (at least not yet)
Political Insider: HCDeadO's schizophrenia is showing - The Jersey Journal - Join talk at:
Political Insider: Russell Pearce is being likened to one of Arizona’s most liberal congressmen by his opponent in the District 25 state Senate primary. The former Senate president, who lost his seat in November when Mesa voters elected fellow Republican...
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