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Council security patrols used to work with Police & services, tip out alcohol & keep…
When it's your first time getting pulled over by the police ht…
I submitted a tip to the NY times detailing it & have contacted the police & FBI as well. Shown them evidence, police anyways.
Free tip for potential muggers:. Next time you mug someone, only ask for HALF of their money. Police will never believe 'em. You're welcome.
Police on tip can't even get a wood
Okay, the nurse angle is just the tip of the iceberg. So...who's policing the police? And are they victim of a kind…
So you recognize that not getting a tip is innocuou…
Dude, someone got stiffed on a tip not killed by po…
This entire thread: Arrest of nurse is tip of iceberg. Goal was to cover up police involvement in causing a wreck.
First tip in controlling the police so they dont control you via
Behave like a rational human being now or forever justify killing a kid w a toy gun. Tip or no tip.…
Get out of there?! Call the police - anonymous tip so you don't get arrested for trespassing??
We have severe problems in police departments across the country that must be sorted out. This is just the tip of the iceberg/one example.
It's amazing when you can be in spaces where you don't need to police your blackness... I can get amped to Tip Drill while ea…
Unreal that! Tip of the hat and massive respect to this woman! Some police think they can do whatever they want!
If this is the one I recently read an update on; her body was found after an anonymous tip l…
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Amerikkka!! Where are the "All Lives Matter" people? Tell me again why I shouldn't fear the police that I pay with my taxes???
Not ex police officer.. police civilian. Read back I put the informat…
So is this prolli y police did not immediately shoot him? Hey cops pro tip maybe stop shooting young black men & sh…
Pro tip: the police can't pull you over if you behind them. If they're going 70 so am I let's get it!!! Teammates!! Gang ga…
Pennsylvania state police go so far as to warn people about creepy clowns, offer resources to report them:…
Update: . Neighbour just got fined R4000 for washing his car (an undercover notifies the police). . Tip: Use the 2 bucket system pls
😂😂😂, they going to a room. She gone tip you later for not calling the police!
The incident w/ Nurse in Utah is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to police brutality. Don't let your anger stop there
hello police I have an anonymous tip: you're cute
The entire police department just ordered coffees and sandwiches and didn't tip me lmao
I wonder was Wayne just unfortunate a police car was in the area or did someone tip them off??
It looks like a set up by the press. A honey trap. Not condoning drink driving but did som…
This is TIP if the Iceberg. 000s ordinary ppl wo wealth have been wrongly convicted. Families need answers!
Evictions: Locals furious as US Fund seizes shop in Rethymnon under police protection TIP:
17 . There's a tip. Jihadis often keep weapons in mosque. Police loath to raid 'em. Farhad Jabar got his pistol at Parrama…
"Unofficial" Special Olympics of Indiana, Texas Roadhouse, and Police Tip a Cop Fundraiser in Terre Haute tonight..$2,…
Police Tip: ID theft suspects for some reason dropped the names of Chuck Norris, Steven Seagal, Jackie Chan, Jet Li…
Police Tip: after I was rehired at Montgomery College as a temporary administrative aide on the Takoma Park Campus…
Police Tip: requesting arrest warrants are issued for former FBI Director Robert Mueller and his group of FBI Agents ie Pat/Pete @ 50/grey
Police Tip: former FBI Director Robert Mueller/Mueller's agents are aware I do not know what the mob or Mafia Organ…
Police Tip: Montgomery College Maryland did not have knowledge Patrick Halliewood Ellis known as Chuckaman began wo…
Police Tip: I rarely see my adopted mother's cousin Darryl "Fish" Ford from Braddock, Pennsylvania; Darryl/Fish liv…
Police Tip: Risograph Technician Patrick Halliewood Ellis pic--began working on my campus at Montgomery College af…
Police Tip: it was easy for alleged federal agent/drug lord known as Yellow to use Southeast DC-resident Patrick Halliewood Ellis as a cover
Police Tip: does technician Patrick Halliewood Ellis have relations with my adopted dad Eddie Robinson/Florida man Jeff Moon/George Lucas
Police Tip: does Patrick Halliewood Ellis have relations with my former neighbors Erica/Eric Jones, Jason Feinman & Art/Mae Williams?
Police Tip: I do not know alleged mob drug dealers/federal agents 1/2 aka Montgomery/PG County Maryland @ Mike and do not support them...
Police Tip: Clint Eastwood starred in 1966 movie, the Good, the Bad & the Ugly ie sad Hill Cemetery @ Gate of Heaven Cemetery Aspen Hill MD
Police Tip: unknowingly setup illegally in US Federal Investigations to bust up a drug ring/to fight corruption @ Eric Holder Jr/Obama et al
Police Tip: not sure what former FBI Director Robert Mueller has been instructing President Obama/Eric Holder Jr to do; they can answer that
Police Tip/19: alleged my adopted grandfather Paul Wallace Ford Jr had relations with former FBI Director J Edgar Hoover and he benefited...
Police Tip: alleged DC-native Patrick Halliewood Ellis and a North Braddock Pennsylvania resident Derek "DJ" Nelson where I grew up are the
Police Tip: alleged Hispanics/Mexicans (New Mexico Plate: MEXICO) are employees at Montgomery College/Frostburg State University in Maryland
Police Tip: next door neighbor Jason Aaron Feinman and neighbors across the street from my home ie Donald Brenda Erica/Eric Jones...
Police Tip: Philadelphia Pennsylania man Peter Matthew Ash (28) whom appeared to know my neighbors Donald Brenda Erica Eric Jones...
Police Tip: Pittsburgh Pennsylvania man Clayton James alleged undercover federal agent allegedly was murdered to keep my identity a secret
Police Tip: 5 months after I relocated to Maryland from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania they sent out around me a religious Catholic African man
Police Tip: alleged former FBI Director Robert Mueller sent alleged undercover FBI Agents to my job after I was hired at the college in 2000
Police Tip: did former FBI Director Robert Mueller investigate who sent a medical doctor from NIH in Bethesda to become the dean of
Police Tip: requesting an investigation centering-around alleged undercover federal agent Patrick Halliewood Ellis & his superiors on my job
Police Tip: I began discovering my fake-fraternal twin Seleta Robinson is the daughter of alleged undercover federal agent/DC-drug lord
Police Tip: alleged US undercover federal agent/drug baron aka God is responsible for fatal shooting of Russian Mob Boss Grandpa in 2012-
Police Tip: alleged feared crime lord/drug baron referred to as "God" aka the Godfather assumed my identity as an undercover federal agent.
Acting on tip, Newark police seize handguns: Police seized three guns overnight.
Police investigate tip that radical group wants to harm officers. Police in Philadelphia are investigating a tip
Pro tip to the police dept. of :. You can melt all tensions and clear the road by leading the protest and holding BLM signs
Pick a US city, look up complaints against the police. Whatever made the news is just the tip of the iceberg. It's worse than you think.
Ahh - it was actually the first time since uni that I have interacted with the police media team. Thanks for the tip =)
.More like the tip of the spear. If this doesn't qualify as an Orwellian police state, then please inform what DOES.
Acting on tip, Newark police seize handguns...
And I keep hearing calls for understanding, for listening, for conversation. Always with a lil’ tip toward “PoC need to u…
Police Tip: discovering my neighbor Donald Jones/Sharon Howard graduated from DC's McKinnley HS/both have relations with Rodney Hader
Police Tip: the Hungarian Owner of the Watergate Hotel in Washington DC is the grandfather of my adopted mother's nephew S Ford's daughter
Police Tip: alleged I was born at the Florence Crittenon Home for unwed/teenage mothers on Reservoir Road NW Washington DC
Police Tip: do my adoptive mother's family Stan Ford Allen Ford G Dean L Dean have relations with Chuckaman/D Jones?
Police Tip: suspects leaked out I and kids who attended my high school @ Gateway Monroevile PA Jeffrey Moon Alonzo Glover are rats
Police Tip: Gateway high school Monroeville PA school-mate may not have died in a fatal car accident in Florida in December 2010
Police Tip: people responsible for framing me/my son have relations with Congressman Chris van Hollen Senator Barbara Mikulski/Ben Cardin
Police Tip: discovering my name is listed as Selena Gail Robinson/Mary Owens Robinson in Albequerque New Mexico via Been/Verified in 2012
Police Tip: the Volpe Brothers Paul Howard Pat Pete Tom began appearing on my job in Wheaton md, 2012
Police Tip: North Braddock PA bar owner Joe "Peppe" Demarco was born in Pennsylvania/has brothers/relatives in Philadelphia/Maryland/Florida
Police Tip: Joann Calabria's house is across the street/Joe Demarco's bar is less than half-a-bloc from my house in North Braddock PA
Police Tip: I was never introduced to the owner Joe "Peppe" DeMarco of Joe's Bar near my home in North Braddock PA or any DeMarco
Police Tip: centering-around my neighbors/residents in North Braddock PA/my adoptive parents/their families allegedly illegally assuming
Police Tip: I look forward meeting Lucky Luciano's relatives/confirming illegal use of my identity/in federal investigations in their family
Police Tip: did the federal government investigate allegations Patrick Halliewood Ellis works for a crime lord known as the President, white
Police Tip: has the federal government investigated alleged illegal use of my identity by Patrick Halliewood Ellis on my job in Rocville MD
Police Tip: alleged Risograph technician Patrick Halliewood Ellis from Southeast DC is referred to as the son of a drug baron/federal agent
Police Tip: I am still waiting to meet with former FBI Director Robert Mueller after hearing allegations Bob is my relative/as a citizen!
Police Tip: how could former FBI Director Bob Mueller ignore my pleas for help hearing allegations about my Kemp Mill neighbors/residents
Police Tip: how former FBI Director Robert Mueller ignore my pleas for help discovering in 2014 my sister has relations with Nick the Blade
Police Tip: alleged my fake-sister Seleta, the technician Patrick Halliewood Ellis, cousin Stan Ford, have the same father/uncles/aunts
Police Tip: alleged my neighbors's children on Kenbrook Drive Silver Spring MD are related to/work for Patrick Halliewood Ellis
Police Tip: did FBI Director Bob Mueller question my employer why Patrick Halliewood Ellis was sent to my job as a tech after I was hired
Police Tip: did FBI Director Robert Mueller investigate employees Clemmie Solomon/facilities PE worker Phyllis just promoted to supervisor
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Police Tip: does FBI Director Robert Mueller have relations with my neighbors Rodney Hader Jason Feinman Eric Jones Art Williams Stan Ford?
Police Tip: was FBI Director Robert Mueller questioned how I was implicated in a FBI investigation at my mother's bank in Pittsburgh PA?
Police Tip: did the government question former FBI Director Robert Mueller why the FBI has yet to contact me?
Police Tip: did law enforcement investigate if I was mistaken for my estranged cousin Selene Butler seen with Patrick Halliewood Ellis
Police Tip: powerful individuals who had relations with Bruce Lee/Brandon Lee are responsible for my father's death (Paul Castellano)
Police Tip: identity theft suspects alleging they're my relatives have relations with Michael Jackson Robin Williams James Gandolfini
Police Tip: confirmed late-70's Caucasian man with blue eyes, Paul Howard driving a light blue Buick Marquis is my father's nephew
Police Tip: alleged my identical twin sister was adopted by a Washington DC family and I was adopted by Joyce Ford/Eddie Robinson-
Police Tip: alleged Risograph technician Patrick Halliewood Ellis knows/has relations with my estranged dad Eddie Robinson whom I rarely see
Police Tip: did Patrick Halliewood Ellis' employer have relations in Benghazi, Lybia, or with US Ambassador Chris Stevens & the Navy Seals
Police Tip: individuals allegedly illegally using our identities illegally have relations with Monica RM Brown Steve Hobson Brenda Lattman
Police Tip: I reported this elderly woman's allegations in my April 12 2012 complaint to Attorney General Eric Holder/never heard of a Mafia
Police Tip: alleged service tech Patrick Halliewood Ellis from Southeast DC is my sister Seleta's brother/cousin-
Police Tip: Brian Wheeler is from Pittsburgh PA/both FBI Director Webster/Brian Wheeler graduated from Missouri University-
Police Tip: DC-native Sharon Howard who can pass as my identical twin graduated from Erica Jones' father's high school- McKinnley in DC
REWARD: R150K for info to arrest killers who shot at Kelly Khumalo’s home. Police Tip-off ✆08600 10111
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