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Police Tip

Patrick Halliewood Ellis

Police Tip: discovering my neighbor Donald Jones/Sharon Howard graduated from DC's McKinnley HS/both have relations with Rodney Hader
Police Tip: the Hungarian Owner of the Watergate Hotel in Washington DC is the grandfather of my adopted mother's nephew S Ford's daughter
Police Tip: alleged I was born at the Florence Crittenon Home for unwed/teenage mothers on Reservoir Road NW Washington DC
Police Tip: do my adoptive mother's family Stan Ford Allen Ford G Dean L Dean have relations with Chuckaman/D Jones?
Police Tip: suspects leaked out I and kids who attended my high school @ Gateway Monroevile PA Jeffrey Moon Alonzo Glover are rats
Police Tip: Gateway high school Monroeville PA school-mate may not have died in a fatal car accident in Florida in December 2010
Police Tip: people responsible for framing me/my son have relations with Congressman Chris van Hollen Senator Barbara Mikulski/Ben Cardin
Police Tip: discovering my name is listed as Selena Gail Robinson/Mary Owens Robinson in Albequerque New Mexico via Been/Verified in 2012
Police Tip: the Volpe Brothers Paul Howard Pat Pete Tom began appearing on my job in Wheaton md, 2012
Police Tip: North Braddock PA bar owner Joe "Peppe" Demarco was born in Pennsylvania/has brothers/relatives in Philadelphia/Maryland/Florida
Police Tip: Joann Calabria's house is across the street/Joe Demarco's bar is less than half-a-bloc from my house in North Braddock PA
Police Tip: I was never introduced to the owner Joe "Peppe" DeMarco of Joe's Bar near my home in North Braddock PA or any DeMarco
Police Tip: centering-around my neighbors/residents in North Braddock PA/my adoptive parents/their families allegedly illegally assuming
Police Tip: I look forward meeting Lucky Luciano's relatives/confirming illegal use of my identity/in federal investigations in their family
Police Tip: did the federal government investigate allegations Patrick Halliewood Ellis works for a crime lord known as the President, white
Police Tip: has the federal government investigated alleged illegal use of my identity by Patrick Halliewood Ellis on my job in Rocville MD
Police Tip: alleged Risograph technician Patrick Halliewood Ellis from Southeast DC is referred to as the son of a drug baron/federal agent
Police Tip: I am still waiting to meet with former FBI Director Robert Mueller after hearing allegations Bob is my relative/as a citizen!
Police Tip: how could former FBI Director Bob Mueller ignore my pleas for help hearing allegations about my Kemp Mill neighbors/residents
Police Tip: how former FBI Director Robert Mueller ignore my pleas for help discovering in 2014 my sister has relations with Nick the Blade
Police Tip: alleged my fake-sister Seleta, the technician Patrick Halliewood Ellis, cousin Stan Ford, have the same father/uncles/aunts
Police Tip: alleged my neighbors's children on Kenbrook Drive Silver Spring MD are related to/work for Patrick Halliewood Ellis
Police Tip: did FBI Director Bob Mueller question my employer why Patrick Halliewood Ellis was sent to my job as a tech after I was hired
Police Tip: did FBI Director Robert Mueller investigate employees Clemmie Solomon/facilities PE worker Phyllis just promoted to supervisor
Police Tip: does FBI Director Robert Mueller have relations with my neighbors Rodney Hader Jason Feinman Eric Jones Art Williams Stan Ford?
Police Tip: was FBI Director Robert Mueller questioned how I was implicated in a FBI investigation at my mother's bank in Pittsburgh PA?
Police Tip: did the government question former FBI Director Robert Mueller why the FBI has yet to contact me?
Police Tip: did law enforcement investigate if I was mistaken for my estranged cousin Selene Butler seen with Patrick Halliewood Ellis
Police Tip: did law enforcement investigate allegations made about Risograph technician Patrick Halliewood Ellis who began working on my job
Police Tip: powerful individuals who had relations with Bruce Lee/Brandon Lee are responsible for my father's death (Paul Castellano)
Police Tip: identity theft suspects alleging they're my relatives have relations with Michael Jackson Robin Williams James Gandolfini featured in NBC s Science of Love
Police Tip: confirmed late-70's Caucasian man with blue eyes, Paul Howard driving a light blue Buick Marquis is my father's nephew
Police Tip: alleged my identical twin sister was adopted by a Washington DC family and I was adopted by Joyce Ford/Eddie Robinson-
Police Tip: alleged Risograph technician Patrick Halliewood Ellis knows/has relations with my estranged dad Eddie Robinson whom I rarely see
Police Tip: did Patrick Halliewood Ellis' employer have relations in Benghazi, Lybia, or with US Ambassador Chris Stevens & the Navy Seals
Police Tip: individuals allegedly illegally using our identities illegally have relations with Monica RM Brown Steve Hobson Brenda Lattman
Police Tip: I reported this elderly woman's allegations in my April 12 2012 complaint to Attorney General Eric Holder/never heard of a Mafia
Police Tip: alleged service tech Patrick Halliewood Ellis from Southeast DC is my sister Seleta's brother/cousin-
Police Tip: Brian Wheeler is from Pittsburgh PA/both FBI Director Webster/Brian Wheeler graduated from Missouri University-
Police Tip: DC-native Sharon Howard who can pass as my identical twin graduated from Erica Jones' father's high school- McKinnley in DC
REWARD: R150K for info to arrest killers who shot at Kelly Khumalo’s home. Police Tip-off ✆08600 10111
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