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Police Station

A police station or station house is a building which serves to accommodate police officers and other members of staff.

Runaway Bay Town Hall

Please do not share any detail with such callers. Report the matter at your local Police Station for necessary action.
1913 Hollywood Fire & Police Station on Cahuenga Ave., just south of Hollywood Blvd. website
Here, I made a better video of the West Covina Cop slamming Baseball-Man outside the Police Station 😂😈🚔. ht…
I added a video to a playlist West Covina Officer Tackles Man with Baseball Bat at Police Station
gives us an excuse to show you Special Constable F. Stone at Police Station during
Looking forward to meeting tomorrow in Llandrindod Wells . At our new venue Police Station, N…
WhiskeyAngelz reached wood skill badge in exploring the Police Station building!
Flooding in Runaway Bay, police station evacuated -
[the police station is not large. he shuffles over to the lil kitchenette area and sets some water to boil.] Don't mention it.
Politicians meet top copper to discuss proposed closure of Police Station
Gleaner: Flooding in Runaway Bay, police station evacuated
I liked a video Harassed by police for filming Dallas police station
Kashimira police station is looking for a murder suspect.His photo has been relased by the Kashimira police. Help t…
Car blast kills 6 at police station in Somalia's capital
Man enlists the help of two cops who draw guns on him at a gas station as part of his wedding proposal:
What is funnier than this GIF? A Bhakt has filed complain in Police Station against KV for this. Charge is ... Forgery
Several police vans spotted at train station after
Training just isn't enough. When women come to the police station they need to be immediately seen by a specially trained D…
. Terrorist PKK attacked deadly car bomb attack on Turkish police station. and civillians
Romsley & Hunnington Residents, Mobile Station will be in Romsley Monday 12th and Wed 14th December, come and see us
Car blast kills 16 at police station in Somalia's capital.
Police have released video footage of woman being assaulted at a Berlin metro station. Authorities are looking for the perpetra…
sir we watching the Chennai 28 innings 2 again and again pakka mass ur transformation on police station is mass waiting for 3part
This amateur video shows flooding in Runaway Bay, St Ann. The police station there has been affected and has since been…
Several police vans spotted at Derby train station after Derby...
Personnel of this Police Station conducted symposium regarding RA 9262 at San Juan National High…
Hanif Abbasi who is busy these days barking against IK should be thrown to jail for attacking Police Station. Wonder why media is silent?
Am unable to sleep coz of Police brutality to our women n children in Mumias who never raided th Police Station for guns…
Vancouver City Police in front of old City Hall and Police Station, 1903 B/W from
Just few months ago Hanif Abbasi attacked a Police Station in Where was this police than?
0435926xxx: Caller said "Hello John Cummings from Cry(?) Police Station. Just getting contact with you and I'll(...(
Police Station staff of New Delhi District taking the Swachhta Pledge & doing their bit to keep the surroundings clean.
Filming this evening at Police Station. David Tennant and Lenny Henry taking a cup of coffee.
Few were arrested but got free by Taliban Khan while storming on Police Station. State had no problem then.
.No worries! Mitchell is on University Ave. Across the street from the WCU Police Station.
I will not allow one wheeling in Punjab- Shahbaz Sharif. I will keep releasing one wheelers from Police Station- Hanif Abbasi. Sherrr
Paul Golding of relaxes after a busy day signing at Police Station under his Bail Conditions.
DRAMA at Lang'ata Police Station as ex-cop strips, dons sack demanding reinstatement by IG Boinnet; he became a pastor
On Sunday we have a stall outside Lewisham Police Station so come and say hello.
Newly GYM opened in Malakpet Police Station for fitness for staff.
Being in a police station is awkward as ***
I'm in reporting for my station group this week on the deadly police shootings.
You tell me to choke you during sex, we're both putting on our clothes immediately & heading down to the police station to sign an affidavit
Surveillance video from a gas station across the street shows police arriving. Can't see crash due to angle of cam. https:…
Four killed in Kazakhstan police station shooting
Marijuana taxes will cover a majority of city's new $7 million police station, library, city hall and rec center:
(TheDiplomat) 6 Dead in Police Station Attack in Almaty: The incident in Kazakhstan's old capital is being de...
looks like Sheshadripuram police station Road
Pokemon Go leads man with warrant to police station |
TRAFFIC ALERT: A289 Pier Road, Chatham Waters. Broken down vehicle at junction with Chatham Waters and Medway Police Station.
Learn CPR on Saturday at our stand at the Open Day at Fettes Police Station in between 11am…
Police want to speak to this man after fuel was stolen from a petrol station in…
His family went to the police station in order to get further information. I ask all friends in Turkey to be careful.
Funeral set for Houston-area police officer killed in chase - Bryan-College Station Eagle
Rail worker attacked by black in 'violent and unprovoked' assault at station
BLF coordinator yerushka chetty before being locked up in Brooklyn police station. It's all about the R26billion
Wanted man arrested after Pokémon Go leads him into police station
leads man with warrant to police station Massachusetts in a nutshell LOL!
I'm surprised a police station hasn't been blown up yet
A guy playing Pokemon had a warrant and was playing near the police station and got recognized then arrested.
"The message is insidious: us vs. you." Designing a police precinct that recognizes
Amazing how little coverage of armed revolt by settler group afraid govt will give up occup'd territories
Police looking for two females who assaulted a man in his 70s at Norfolk petrol station and stole his bag
Armenia: Hostage standoff in Yerevan enters second day: Authorities in Armenia called on gunmen holed up in a police station in the c...
Every social media and news station: . 1. Pokémon . 2. Taylor Swift . 3. Police shootings . What a time to be alive.
Police with rifles in front of Istanbul's Vatan police station - cars parked in yard to prevent helicopter landings
4 killed in police station attack in Kazakhstan via
Passengers were trapped inside the peak-time train near Shepherd's Bush station, west London, for 40 minutes before train…
What would you do if you found a celebrity's phone? — I think i'd take it to the police station after i'd try to l…
No, i dont think you are doing that, i have a case with Panti Police station since last year October is still there
more police than southern staff on London Bridge Station tonight..
I wonder if this will get the news coverage that Charlie Hebdo, Paris, Brussels, Orlando & Nice did
A *** playin Pokemon Go was on they wanted list and walked in front of the police station and they got his *** lmao 😭😭😭
Suspected Islamist militant kills five in Kazakhstan
5 killed, 7 injured in Almaty terrorist attack on police station
BLF members at Brooklyn police station holding cells. Making best of a bad situation R26billion.
Will the local police station be able to tell me if there's a warrant out??
I'm having the most fabulous evening. At the police station.
Police looking for Escalade after fatal gas station shooting
Suspected Islamist militants kill five in Kazakstan
Eighth person in Bog Walk crash turns up at police station - Latest News
2 gunmen staged a deadly attack on a police station in Kazakhstan
PHOTOS: Airport Police Station work shop up in flames
Blowing himself on the bike.It was happening in the front of the Police Station,Solo, Central Java, Indonesia
Mason Hall students got to visit Fire and Police Station on their big field trip!
Long Island, Bahamas bounces back from Hurricane Joaquin with a new new Police Station. via
Precincts 1, 2, 3, 4 & LeSauk Township: Vote at the LeSauk Township Hall next to the Police Station
Heroine Swathi Reddy Fight with Her Mother in Banjara hills Police Station | iNews -
A car has disappeared from car wash in Voi.KBP619V,Silver in colour. Please report to nearest police station if seen http…
I reside at andheri rto and the police station was amboli station
I live on writers block, next to the grammar police station.
How about we have a nice hot bowl of soup, then go to the police station, ok?
No way have I got to go for a taped interview at the police station on Sunday for this monstrosity. Talk about wasting feds time 😂
Please share your neighborhood and police station details.
That NECA police station assault Terminator figure is so sick. One of my favorite scenes of all time
Great phrase: Turkish negotiator got "treatment which would make the 3rd degree in a Harlem police station seem like a club dinner."
Every public building should have solar panels on its roof: every courthouse, city hall, jail, firehouse, police station,…
Can we please get this guy off the streets? If you see please contact your local police station
Tech Guy has been in Canada 72 hours & he's only driven on the wrong side of the road once. In a parking lot...across from a police station!
This near the station? just saw a ton of police fly by...
Bhandup station west is occupied by hawkers creating nuisance to rly commuters, courtesy rpf and local police, rly officials
Norristown: Outbound train is experiencing delays due to police activity near Miquon Station.
Went to the police station and then neuqua. Neuqua happened to have heavier security than the police station.
Waiting at a police station for Kanjo to release an illegally detained lorry, officer telling me how sweat Dik Dik meat is.
I grow marijuana behind a police station, I think the plants like the shade there
Know where your polling station is for the Police & Crime Commissioner election on May 5? Full list here: https…
Nice to see work you've done framed and on a wall. This is at Des Moines police station!
At Ramble Police Station, and see a woman reporting a physical assault that happened to her. As in bandaged and bruised. . Really sad.
REALLY gonna chop down hundreds of beautiful trees for a *** police station?? Ew
S/O to the dude smoking a blunt in the campus parking lot right by the police station.
Take it ? It will take u to heaven before u take it to a police station
We are now hiring solicitors, paralegals and police station accredited representatives. Apply here:
Meridian sets up safe spot at police station parking lot for public to exchange goods bought online.
Madhya Pradesh woman walks into police station with attacker's genitals
Dalits pelt stones at Nimapada police station demanding arrest of rape accused
Only in beeston would they knock down a police station to build an Aldi.
The police station toilet was stolen. They have nothing to go on.
Very sad. The nearest police station will be vital
Police report Kilimani police station: incidences of muggers and pickpockets are on the rise especially around valley road…
Police hunt two black men after rape of child near Turnpike Lane Tube station
Ciara getting called out at the police station is reminiscent of Aiden's first in town
Walcott: Welbz where we going?. Welbeck: Police've been robbing a living for too long. I've had enough! https…
Traditional Monday Flag Raising in front of kamuning Police Station spearheaded by Station Commander PSUPT PEDRO...
Folk who had incident with 'City Power' on Honeysuckle. Please go to Police Station as Perps have been aprehended
Not ready for the ques I'll be standing in tomorrow. Town Hall, The Bank, Police Station to certify stuff 😥
just down from the Police Station in Los Cristianos. Always got Stoke games on. 🍻🍻
I told the young man to keep kwayeet cus it's not Scotland Yard but Oju irín Police Station were spending the night .
but Police Station & Council are sat on Kensington High Street
Police Station refuses the demand of a march for March 8, International Day, for "security reasons" ht…
It's easier from the Police Station if you are not sure of your way from Moor Street
Hi guys. Don't suppose you know what is going on near DLR Poplar station do you? Big police presence.
Chaos at Liverpool Station. Police, handcuffs, shouty man on ground. I think we need a CNR team.
Security forces defused a bomb close to a police station in Region. .
and awareness reaches Women's Police Station in Gulbarga / Kalburgi . Thanks for your Support.
it was crazy at the train station...police dogs and lot! Penned us all in! Saw gervis there
MCP supporters have gathered at Kanengo Police Station calling for release of Msungama
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
The moral became high in Brooklyn Police station after hours without food whch undermines our Rights.
Mumbai cops struggle to solve the mysteries of the English language: A team from the Colaba police station was...
Our local police station just put up a "In God we Trust sign" outside their station. :) Citizens paid for it. :)
Officers searched the teenager’s home in Glasgow and arrested him on Tuesday, before he was interviewed in a local police s…
13 female students have been arrested with no charges at the Brooklyn Police station
Police investigate armed robbery at York Street gas station.
Admin: appears at Coimbatore police station over ' Beep song ' issue
Naggalama police station will become the political Mecca of Uganda. We about to start doing pilgrimages
Definitely not going to da mint, not partying behind a police station on a dead end street 😒 FOH
"Aftermath." Painted at a construction site, fast-food street, and police station. http…
We had to remain strong bcoz tat Police station at Brooklyn is horrible . .
remains detained at Naggalama Police Station, hours after he was arrested outside his Kasangati home as he attempted to…
I'M ON THE SOUTHSIDE TONIGHT and class is inside the police station auditorium located 5105 S.…
Closing police station to go on sale at £385,000
Folks...Nigerian nationals SHUT DOWN a South African police station today in Vanderbijlpark. SAPS are looking rather pathe…
Man fatally shot across from police station in Western Addition - SFGate.. Related Articles:
DID YOU KNOW police have launched as art competition called to brighten up Ely Police Station
Fight breaks out between Caraway, Price at KHVN station in Dallas; police at scene
Always a pleasure. Do you have any photos of the police station on Voorburwal for my book?
ugh I'm going to be in the police station for who knows how long...
During an inspection visit AlFaqa' Police Station, H.E Maj. Gen. Al Mazeina, encouraged staff members to maintain excellence in the delivery
NEWS: wants to move Police Station to a central location closing the one in Railway St.
We have a Police Station in Santa Catalina Park, next to the stage. Come if you need us, or call 112.
Police Station shooting: I wonder why he was shot at and not tasered?
In Pak, School has been turned into Police Station. In Japan, watch what happened.
2 Lakh Muslims attack Police Station in West Bengal - Time for Hindus to vacate the state
finally go to Court and finally got arrested! This is his mugshot photo at the Police Station today!
So which police station in Devon did you report yourself to?
."I have a challenge for Lahoris. Go to any police station in the city. You will not be mistreated"
Yes but which station did you go to?
Which local police station in Devon did you report your criminal acts to?
It's goin' down. listenin' to Madison County Sheriff and Huntsville Police on
Have you gone along to your local police station to hand yourself in? As part of the protest?
Feel like such a criminal needing to go to the police station 😅
. Very long read bt haven't read any judgment as exhaustive as this on rape on false promise of marriage
You may have to visit a police station in person to file an FIR. Online available FIR facility only in Delhi
That was lego. Took me 2 hours 20 mins to build a tiny police station and tiny police car. :-(
Window smashed at pumpkin cafe station overnight; suspect identified by police
It's clear to me that those talking have yet to walk into any police station in this country.
What a wonderful day. Had a catch up sesh with got pickpocketed, and had my wallet returned to the police station. Goood
PNP personnel of this station intensified police visibility.
Bingley Flood Support Group are meeting 9:30am today in the Scout Hut opposite the police station
i still can't believe that, I told my mum she said you need to go the police station!
Police dance at train station to win hearts and minds in Uighur Muslim region
Malwani police let molestation accused flee from station
A line of Insignias ? Get yourself down to Newtown Police Station, I think they breed there ;)
Q430: Which station do I have to report a road traffic accident/collision to?
Watching fruitvale station made me realize how many people die at the hands of police, most black people.officers don't even get charged
24 hrs after murder of 2 engineers in Darbhanga, Bihar, the police suspended Bahera Station House Officer Ramashankar Singh
The Police in Izmir torture the kurdish child M.D. in police-station.
Somebody scoop me from the police station cash provided
Massive landslide hits Myanmar jade mine: An official from Hpakant's police station who requested not to be na...
Armed army and police patrolling railway station. The atmosphere has changed hugely in 24 hours.
Some guy stole something at pearl ridge today and ran right out to where the police station is 😂😂😂
If feminists have a problem with our patriarchy, they must go report us to the nearest police station!!
Darbhanga double murder case: Bahera Police Station SHO suspended:.
Man shot, killed by officer after throwing rocks outside Phoenix police station
Rowlett police say they're searching rubble for victims. No power at police station. Getting help from surrounding cit…
Nazarene Church across road from ASDA/Calder - next to Dewsbury Police Station. Thankfully Calder has gone down a bit!
Course seva ! The participants did a wndrful job by thankng 4 our sfty 2 womens police station.
Thanks to all staff & police had a great day, hassle very entry good attitudes, needed lift after very wet 2hr drive to Seymour Station
Children are being collected from the police station where they spent the night, community shelters have been…
Thanks, kindly contact police control room at 100 no. or concerned police station in this regard.
Police close one station every week via
donations to fire station rather please. The police station is in the middle of all the chaos at the moment.…
He was held at the Florida police station for reckless driving and released on bail of a R1000 on the same …
Fokaidhoo Police Station holds awareness session on Penal Code.
This is amazing.Good work. Please reach out to the Police Station on Ago-Palace road,the guys there need some orientation!
In Peshawar visiting the Police School of IT and a Police Station. The progress in last 2 years speaks for itself. https:/…
Shorbagy spent half of last night at the Police Station as his Rolex and Passport were stolen from his hotel room.
Today is the day! Join us from 10am at the Market. Light switch on is at 4.30pm at the Town Hall (Next to Police Station) Merry Christmas!
Pistorius Reports at Police Station for Community Service: Oscar Pistorius arrives a...
PBG Police have Officers patrolling Police Station and City Hall -Rally for Corey Jones set to begin at 10am
...The police govern vehicle's with no MOT. You may wish to report this to your local police station. (2/2)
Our very own to when we painted the Area G Police Station during…
Electronic Device Insurance
Asian an old Gateshead police station, as se to open on Quayside
Kwinana local police patrolling Wellard train and bus station as part of an ongoing operation.
Norton petrol station closed after early morning raid: A NORTON petrol station remains sealed off by police ta...
How to get rich:. 1) Steal a baby and return it to the police station for the reward. 2) Repeat 3-4 times a day.
Is this Britain's dumbest shoplifter? Thief's CCTV complaint to police via
Or can she just go to her local British police station and have them sign/stamp the letter? What exactly does she need?
Two men charged in relation to shooting of
FDC Spokesperson Semujju Nganda moved from Kira Road Police Station to an undisclosed location.
E-Fit image released after 2 men were assaulted Station Rd Can you help?
Men seen fleeing stolen pick-up truck after train smashed into it
Morley Police are conducting foot patrols of Morley Bus Station, car parks and bus routes today
I guess I really need to make a visit to police station in Korea this time. 😓😂
Police release description of CT station shooter
Makhura: We are going to allocate land for a new police station before the end of 2015
NBS journalist's camera has been hit by a police officer as they man-handle journalists around Kiira Road police station
Heading to the police station today!
Police claim rats invaded their station and ate rolls of bhthat were to be used as exhibits in Kwale -
JD Wetherspoon has submitted plans to convert the former town police station in Lutterworth, One wonders how many drunks spent a night there
yor investment in world all cvl uniform COAS head quarter in deep ocean fleet ship station of dod IG=inspector general police
Mom, mom I am going to Police station, someone is saying mean things on internet behind my back :(
MP fury over Lochinvar police station closure
Roopa is waiting in the Peenya police station since 7.00 pm today & donly answer she gets is "Sahebru roundsge hogo…
2 killed in blast at Egyptian police station in El-Arish, North Sinai
PNP Pers this station conducted police presence at COMELEC Office this municipality.
Can you help? Police looking for two young men after vehicle struck by train in West Lothian.
The tragedy of a 26 year-old rape victim burning herself alive in front of a police station in protest at the non-provision of justice 1/2
It's to early to go to the police station 😴
Ashtabula Police are looking for a black male suspect they believe robbed Duke & Duchess yesterday morning.
thirdly, I've reported you to the cyber crime cell and on my way to the police station now anyway.
This boy was found by a friend and is looking for his parents -- he is at Karachi's Clifton police station .
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
I guess we won't see Mmusi addressing media outside court, police station after filing case against Murray & Roberts htt…
Future joint police, fire and ambulance station co-location - a source of savings?
She told me she was at the police station and what not. and when you tell them they are attention seekers they fl…
And all this happened at the Pretoria CBD police station.
Hanging of the 23rd National Children's Month Tarpaulin at Guiguinto Police Station
The wife to Hon. Semujju has said she isnt leaving the Naggalama police station until she sees her husband
Beautiful job scoring Cookie's emotional moment at the police station, i loved it
'SHARE' TO HELP: Police trying to identify man found near Rogers Park Red Line station
If Naggalama police station was a boarding school, one of the dormitories would be named after Besigye. They'd probly call …
A U.N car followed the police convoy that carried from Naggalama Police station to Kiira station
Do donuts in front of the police station. Cops love donuts.
. Police tussling it out wit journalists at Kira Rd Police Station,insist they should be as far away as possibl…
Is this your dog? Handed in to Police station. Can you help find owner? Call 101 ext 460130
Digvijaya Singh to appear before SIT in Vidhan Sabha recruitment scam case, statement to be recorded in Jahangirabad (Bhopal)…
Mount Olive police looking for man who allegedly stole cash from vending machine at Budd Lake NJ gas station.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
bhoomi poojan of open shade at Meghwadi police station by MLA funds ...14.10.15
Fresh stock of shed alarms for sale at St Leonard’s Police Station £10 each. Also on sale at Howdenhall Police Station. PC Dickson
Class Castle visited early Roman Church remains near the Police Station this morning, as part of their Romans study
Ferguson, Mo at Police Station one year later of the murder of Michael Brown Jr. . And they still out there . No...
Where to put the new Police Station, Courts, and City Hall
Sure about the new Police Station she was to report to.It had changed from Caledon to Elsies River. She had an appointment with Tata
In Colombo at a certain Police Station there is a Green Police Sergeant he act as if he is the I inspector General of Sri Lanka Police.,
Community Event: Mobile Police Station - Tomorrow, 3:30pm-4:30pm in Tenterden at Tesco
Is he from name, city? This lost Child is in Police Station from last 40 days
Personnel of this station rendered police presence along Roxas-Magsaysay St.
PIA-6/AKLAN: The Kalibo Police Station is presently conducting "Oplan Sita" centered on motorcycle owners with...
Swansea Sound: Port Talbot Police Station Set To Close: End of an era for Port Talbot Police Station which is ...
NEWS: - The chancellor's expected to slow the pace of welfare cuts >>>
Police are searching for an armed robber who held up a service station at Erina. Details at 6
Hello Sir. As an interested stakeholder in Konza, please include a physical post office in the tender for konza police station.
Update your maps at Navteq
been in the ER almost all day, back to the police station Friday.
personnel of Burgos Municipal Police Station has complied the requirements of Section 6 of Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007
The Police Station and the Fire Station in Klamath Falls, OR Are Right Next to Each Other via /r/funny reddit
Earlier my sister was misbehaving and my dad was like "umm here's the police station and I'm about to drop you off" 😂
elder Dtr was due to go to uni to study law. Work experience at police station made her join …
eve teaser gets slapped around by school girl in UP police station. or a product of selfies et al.
If this boys were kidnapped, why there's no cases of missing children from their local police station.
Viral video: Dabangg girl beats eve teaser at a UP police station.
CambridgeNews published New police station set to be built in Cambridge to hold 20...: A new 20 cell police st...
From the water slides of Atlantis to a police station in Peru, there's never a dull moment when you travel w Marion.
Scott didn't reply. Instead, he called the police. Four officers came, and 'escorted' Isabel to the police station.
FLASH - Butterworth Session Court today has acquitted & discharged Mat Sabu over his remarks on attacks on Bkt Kepong police station in 1950
Viral video: Girl thrashes harasser inside UP police station
I hereby relinquish my right to remain silent by noisily filling your squad car with farts on the way to the police stat…
Something's wrong with Donovan McNabb, said folks from Philadelphia to Washington to the PHX police station where he grinned in his mugshot.
On my way back from the police station, be on soon.
Pers of this station rendered police assistance during the release of 2nd quarter pension of senior citizens
The power of one person: Baltimore police order stations to stay open 24/7 after citizen complaint.
Inside police station, schoolgirl thrashes boy who harassed her via
can Garrett get a beer at the police station
Girl from UP's Pilibhit district beats up an eve-teaser inside a police station; officers don't in..
"A penn state administrator walks in to a bar...". "Joe Paterno doesn't walk into a police station...". We like to have fun here
Family of 17-year-old killed by police at station is 'not going to stop fighting'
Arrest in case of sex assault near MARTA station: MARTA Police are hoping newly released ...
2 years ago today, I got arrested on the beach and had to be picked up from the Avon police station by my parents 😂
CCD Ashoka Pillar, I went to Jaynagar Police station they told me to visit Siddhapura Police station, I went sidhhapura PS,
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