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Police Shooting

The Officer that was killed, was murdered by a 'Hispanic gang member'.. something other medias wont tell you
Police search for suspect after officer-involved shooting during attempted robbery in Brownsburg
Kingsport Police are looking for an 18-year-old murder suspect this morning. If you know anythinig about Anthony...
Police looking for suspects involved in Sunday night shooting
Police: Man who fatally shot Whittier officer a suspect in another shooting
Police release photos of 37-year-old they say shot and killed man at party in expensive No. Arlington neighborhood…
The murderer had recently been paroled.
'Very, very lucky to be alive': Bush bike track shooting 'unprovoked', say - Warrnambool Standard :
Police: Hunters who blamed immigrants in border shooting actually shot each other via
16-year-old injured in Newport News shooting via
Police investigate shooting incident in Luton
Unconfirmed report about gun shooting in Taman Pekaka just now. A woman is reportedly shot dead. Will wait for police updat…
Police search for suspects connected to shooting death of teen
Gunman who killed Whittier officer had fatally shot another man hours earlier, police say - LA Times
In wake of shooting, Portland mayor wants to fast-track police body cameras
.is following an overnight shooting in Peoria. Police arrested 4 people in connection.
Mayor Garcetti on the fatal shooting of a Whittier Police Officer
well remind audience Sweden riots were last night..the police were totally not shooting at muslims
Police in Barcelona thwart possible terrorist attack by shooting driver of truck loaded with gas cylinders as he drove at high speed
Police Chief Identifies Officer Killed in Whittier Shootout Calling Him 'the Best of the Best' via…
CBC TORONTO: Police investigate deadly shooting at Brampton motel
Peel Regional Police's homicide unit investigating fatal shooting at motel in Brampton last night.
Police investigate deadly shooting at Brampton motel
Police are searching for a female suspect, identified as Brittani Griebahn, in connection with the officer-involved shooting in…
Kingsport Police searching for suspect in overnight shooting - WCYB ---
Police: Parolee who killed California officer linked to other shooting
Yes, Riots in immigrant area. It started few hours ago. Police shooting at ri…
Des Moines police shootings --- possible weapon found, Des Moines chief talks about loss of officers
"We are a nation still defined by goodness, by heroes like Sergeant Beminio and Officer Martin" —Biden:
Confederate Flag waving white man kills 2 cops in Iowa. Can we call Confederate Flaggers an OFFICIAL hate group now?.
Similar police shooting trials unfold in 2 US cities
Just arrived on the scene of officer involved shooting in Salisbury. One killed after police say he fired at officers…
DES MOINES SHOOTING - Police department lauds public support as city reels after two officers were shot and killed.
While this Cubs win is extremely exciting don't let it over shadow the Urbandale ambush shooting of two police officers.
MP police just discovered it's difficult to pull off a fake encounter when everyone around is busy shooting the fake encou…
All Souls Day response to the shooting of two police officers in Des Moines
Prosecution says Tensing lied several times in police interview about fatal shooting - took place after he saw bodycam video.…
The Latest: White officer who shot black man free on bond
Trials for killings of blacks by police unfold in 2 cities Read More :
Police investigate role of victim after double shooting in Bellevue
tldr: With video evidence, cops less reluctant to use deadly force
Chicago police scanner: "Man standing in middle of alley shooting gun straight up into air"
WATCH: Ray Tensing's police interview about Sam Dubose shooting aired for first time
police shooting. Police believe 2 cops ambushed and assassinated by this man. Plz contact cops if see him https:…
IOWA SHOOTINGS OF 2 POLICE OFFICERS. "In the first shooting, the gunman fired more than 2 dozen rounds."
Prosecutor claims that police shooting of unarmed black man, Walter Scott is unjustified.
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Suspect in custody after federal officer involved shooting in Panorama City, authorities say - KABC-TV
Activists call for answers about fatal shooting of couple by Inglewood police
Obama & Clinton have tried to turn African Americans against our men & women in blue: Police Officer Shooting Death…
Off-duty VA officer shoots at person trying to steal his motorcycle, police say
INBOX: A US Park Police officer was attacked by a raccoon and ended up shooting himself in the foot.
Typically astounding reporting from on a man allegedly shot by police while looking for a parking spot:
Fallen officers: 52 shot dead in line of duty in 2016. Time for to
Dakota pipeline protesters say activist accused of shooting at police is a pacifist
Some people just assumed the suspect in the Iowa police shooting was black or Muslim – but the Internet isn't having it. https:…
PD: Hatcher is being investigated for his role in shooting, hasn't been forthcoming from hospital bed. Police waiting to ta…
Police shoot man suspected of killing his wife, son and shooting attorney
On hour ago, Jesse Jay Taylor became the 968th person killed by the police in 2016. -
9 men & a school boy now in police custody in connection with shooting at Robert Lightbourne High School in…
Statement by the Vice President and Dr. Jill Biden on the Shooting of Police Officers in Des Moine...
A man wounded from gunfire showed up at the Children's Hospital of San Antonio.
was shot by cops while having mental health crises. They shot her then lied in the report about it.. h…
Two people were wounded Thursday morning in shootings on the North and West sides, police said.
You not about to be in possession of my child, tell me you gone harm them, & I just blow it off. No ma'am. Me & the police…
Woman in Georgia exchanges gunfire with home invasion suspects; 1 suspect killed, police looking for the other 2.
Police in Washington State say Arcan Cetin has been arrested following the fatal shooting at Cascade Mall in WA y…
Shooting in Baltimore, 'multiple' people injured, says police
"Police-related shooting" . They've always been great at euphemisms
First five minutes, the congratulating themselves: Shooting Update via
Police shooting unarmed black people is not a "tragic event" it's calculated murder and documented abuse of power and fo…
Brunell Donald-Kyei: Trump silent on police shooting because he's waitin... via
Charlotte police to release video of the shooting of police chief says
NEWS: Suspect in fatal shooting of five people at Washington state mall captured - state police (via h…
Police: Baltimore mass shooting was "planned, premeditated act of retaliatory violence" for Labor Day shooting
Washington Mall Shooting Update:. - 5 dead, from teenagers to seniors. - Suspect still at large. - Police ask for help iden…
Press conference with updates on police shooting of Watch live on
North Carolina State University students just staged a die-in demonstration to protest the police shooting of
Charlotte shooting: Police release video and photo evidence - CNN
Charlotte police release videos of fatal shooting of Keith Scott – Los Angeles Times
Police: At least 4 dead at mall shooting in north
Police capture gunman in Washington state shooting that killed 5 (Source: AFP)
Police to release videos of shooting of black man in Charlotte
BREAKING: Burlington suspect captured by police after Cascade Mall mass shooting
Pressure rises for Charlotte police to release shooting video
Baltimore police: 3 shooters injure 8 people, including toddler, in attack
In addition to new bodycam video, police also released images of gun and holster Keith Scott was allegedly carrying htt…
BREAKING: Police confirm shooting with multiple victims in East Reports of 6 injured, 4 of those critical;…
The Charlotte victim’s wife filmed the police encounter. The video shows the moments before and after he was shot.
NewsOK - Police: Suspected shooter in Washington mall shooting in custody
I don't get why everyone's pinning this whole police shooting people on race?? Why not pin it on the education system.
BREAKING: Charlotte police release body and dashboard camera footage of fatal shooting of black man.
Suspect in shooting at Washington state mall captured: state police
Graphic warning: Here is the body cam video of Keith Lamont Scott's shooting released by Charlotte police
Charlotte police release video of shooting of Keith Lamont Scott via the Android app
Dashcam and bodycam videos from Charlotte police shooting released
Oak Harbor Police not revealing a motive for the shooting.
Charlotte police chief arguing video of shooting wld inflame situation implies it incriminate…
So, Charlotte Police Chief Kerr Putney has been LYING ALL ALONG. The videos show Keith Lamont Scott had his hands...
BREAKING: Charlotte police chief says he's decided to release video footage of police shooting of black man.
police, North Carolina release the dashcam and bodycam videos of fatal shooting of 43-year-old black man https…
EconomicTimes "Police capture gunman in mall shooting that killed 5
The FBI office in Seattle said it had no evidence the shooting was terror-related.
Authorities have said one of the attackers had a shotgun and the other two had handguns
Is this what justice looks like?. After days of protest, Charlotte police release partial footage of the police shooting of Kei…
Update: Washington State authorities say they’ve captured the man wanted for killing 5 at a mall on Friday.
UPDATE🚨. shooting, 3 suspects at large. Police say they are armed w/ handguns and shotguns!!
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The Charlotte Police shooting death of was completely & totally avoidable. Now I see why they didn't want to rel…
Suspect in Washington mall shooting identified by police as 20-year-old Arcan Cetin
“There is no definitive visual evidence that he had a gun in his hand and that he pointed it at an officer”
Baltimore police: 3 gunmen shoot, wound 8 in attack
Charlotte police release video of fatal shooting after protests
Shooting in Baltimore leaves several injured as police search for 3 gunmen
Janet Shamlian on MSNBC on Tulsa Victim of Police Shooting of Victim hands in air, no resistance, Excellent REPORTING/
your Police Shooting piece in my opinion is equal to that of prison piece after the Charleston Massacre. Distasteful
"Lawyers Provide Details in Police Shooting of Corey Jones in Florida" by FRANCES ROBLES and CHRISTINE HAUSER via …
"Without Release of Video, Police Shooting of White Driver Gets Less Publicity" by RICHARD A. OPPEL Jr. via NYT
Supreme Court Rules on a Police Shooting, State Taxes and Prisoners’ Lawsuits - -
Mistaken Identity Leads to Police Shooting in South Carolina; Sofia Vergara Celebrates Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
Two Probes, No Conclusions Yet on Police Shooting: Authorities as of Sunday hadn’t made a preliminary...
Police Shooting of a black man near 168th St & hillside Avenue just happened around 9:30pm. There's going to be a protest for this I'm going
Professor Griff & Zaza Ali discuss Police Shooting of Walter Scott and The Fear of A Black Planet
Police Shooting of Tamir Rice Is Ruled a Homicide - The medical examiner in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, has ruled that ...
Selma Protest Seeks Video of Police Shooting: Demonstrators in Selma want access to the video of a 2013 police...
Haiti - Video of Police Shooting & Killing Anti-Martelly Protesters on Nov. 18, 2014. Please share the Truth about UN Occupied Haiti... They shoot us, many of us are hit, our blood is pouring. We won't submit to this tyranny End US Installed Dictatorship in Haiti - Campaign to End the Occupation of Haiti Haiti: As Police Fatally Shoot Demonstrators at Massive March, Ruling Class Rivalry Bursts into View. Haiti: Relief and Reconstruction Watch. As a national uprising grows with the approach of one-man rule, fissures within Haiti’s ruling clique began to appear this week, auguring tumult in the days ahead. On Nov. In Port-au-Prince, the demonstration stepped off at 10 a.m. and traveled through La Saline, along Rue Saint Martin to the Péan intersection in Belair, and then to the Delmas Road. But at Delmas 32, uniformed government forces – some say policemen, others say National Palace security agents, still others say pro-government thugs dressed as policemen – fired on the demonstra ...
Clay, Conyers, Fudge Request Expanded FBI Probe in Police Shooting of Unarmed Black Teen in Ferguson, Missouri Letter to Attorney General Holder Requests Expanded Justice Department Probe into Civil Rights Violations, Alleged Pattern of Police Misconduct WASHINGTON, D.C. – In the wake of last Saturday’s tragic police shooting of Michael Brown, an 18-year old unarmed African American teen in Ferguson, Missouri, who was shot multiple times and killed by a Ferguson police officer, Congressman Wm. Lacy Clay (D) Missouri, joined by House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Congressman John Conyers (D) Michigan, and Congresswoman Marsha Fudge (D) Ohio have asked U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to expand the scope of the FBI investigation into the shooting, including a rigorous review of patterns of alleged police misconduct. In their letter to Attorney General Holder. Mr. Clay and his colleagues wrote: “In light of the foregoing developments, we ask the Department of Justice to investigate the shooting o ...
Police Shooting, Fuel Heist, Feed the Children, Petition in Toddler's Death and Trucker Speeding in Tracy Morgan Crash
Dogpile Trends: Canada Police Shooting - Three Canadian Royal Mounted Police were killed by a gunman and two more ...
Footage from the Frontline of Bronx Community Rally for the death of Ramarley Graham in Police Shooting. Protestors assembly on 229th Street with signs and l...
Police Shooting: Up north:One person was seriously injured when a Chicago Police officer fired on a suspect in...
Now police can't protect themselves??? Police Shooting of Black Man Increases Racial Tensions in Little Rock
My brother posted this on his fb page. For what ever reason, when he posted it, the usual "share" button didn't come up. Doug, like his dad before him, was a life long policeman. FROM DOUG PAUL: At the risk of ticking off some of my friends, I am making the following NON POLITICAL statement. This will be my final response to the semi automatic weapon controversy. Have at it if you will, but you won’t be hearing from me. I am nearly 69 years old and have been around all types of weapons and firearms all of my life. I had my own .22 rifle at age 10 and bb guns before that. I have been carrying concealed, with the exception of my active duty military time, 24/7 since I was 21. I retired in 2004 after 36 years in police work. For my police job in Mass. I was issued 2 weapons, both revolvers, one on and one for off duty/back up. We were ordered to carry off duty as well as on. I still carry under H.R. 218, every place that I go. I have been involved in a Police Shooting that was declared a good shoot. I h .. ...
Police Shooting in San Francisco Prompts Lawsuit The San Francisco Police Department has been hit with a lawsuit over the death of a Seattle man who was killed by police during a confrontation in July 2011. Police say the man fired upon them first, but witnesses give a conflicting report, according to the lawsuit, saying they never saw the victim attempt to fire or get rid of a gun. The suit also claims that once shot, police did nothing to provide the victim with medical attention, instead letting him die on the ground in obvious pain.
Questions Still Remain for Police Shooting of Luis Gutierrez In the Back in April 30, 2009: ~
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