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Police Officer

A police officer (also known as a policeman or policewoman, and constable in some forces, particularly in the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth nations) is a warranted employee of a police force.

Philando Castile Capitol Police Ohio State Santa Clara Crystal Griner South Carolina

Can you recommend anyone for this Police Officer ( Huntsville CBOC) - AL
What's it like being a Police Officer? You respond to a call & get fuel thrown at you & are set on fire by a perp.
Join us from 10:00am - 2:00pm and learn about our Communications and Police Officer careers!
Republican Women of Gregg Co back the Blue on this National thank a Police Officer day 2017. A special thank you...
Officer Emerson is a community leader. Watch me praise the police
A police officer who shot and killed this 24-year-old black man was just found not guilty of murder in St. Louis
Ex-police officer cleared over murder of black man after saying ‘I’m going to kill this…
Another former police officer has been found not guilty of shooting and killing a black man.
Forceful, pained statement from in response to not guilty verdict h…
Protests erupt in St. Louis after former police officer acquitted on murder charge -
White former St. Louis police officer acquitted in black suspect's killing
We are now accepting applications for Police Officer with and click the link.
This police officer was & will always be a shame to He is a frustrated man.
Former St. Louis police officer Jason Stockley found not guilty of 1st-degree murder in 2011 shooting of black motorist Anthony La…
Christy Byers, police stenographer hall of famer. Look--she recycled her Darren Wilson exclusive from 3 years ago.
Update: Protests erupt after former St. Louis police officer acquitted of killing black man:
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It's events like this that remind me what I love about being a police officer. Thanks North Verdemont Elementary School!…
St. Louis police officer Jason Stocklely shoots and kills an unarmed Black motorist, plants a gun in the car.Found not g…
As a kid this button saved my life more than any police officer or fireman ever did.
Tomorrow is Nat'l Thank a Police Officer Day so my family made up 500 goody bags filled with gift cards & candy to give out…
CNN falsely claims the use of racial slur by St. Louis police officer acquitted of murder
A St. Louis judge finds a former police officer not guilty of murder in the 2011 shooting death of a black motorist
St. Louis police have consistently killed people at the highest rate in US. Not a single officer has been held accountable.
I'm so proud of my mates applying as a Police Officer for college! And I do hope they won't do any abuse in the system 🙏
This might be a great fit for you: Police Officer - LA
Can you recommend anyone for this Police Officer - TX
We're Read about our latest opening here: Police Officer - AR
Can you recommend anyone for this Police Officer - OH
8/28/17 Press Release - DWI in Berkshire; AUO, Fleeing a Police Officer and other charges in Candor.
3 years in LVMPD Explorer Program then hopefully I get into the Academy to become a Police Officer
LAPD rejected Me because of my School Loans from University at Buffalo, but apparently Police Officer can Pedophile Cadet and keep Job?
Breast Cancer Awareness
V pleased to attend Royal Court to see Julian Blazeby sworn in as a Police Officer. He will serve as interim Deputy Chie…
Can you recommend anyone for this Police Officer - NC
"What do you think is the hardest thing about being a Police Officer in the City of Chicago"🇺🇸
"I don't know." That's the same answer the Police Officer gave the Therapist of an Autistic youn…
OPD Lt. Scott Smith receives the Police Officer of the Year award from the Florida Police Chiefs Association for re…
East Dundee, Illinois is accepting applications for Police Officer until 7/26/17.
Can you recommend anyone for this Police Officer (OPEN CONTINUOUS) - PA
Incredible selfless action by Police Officer who instinctively stepped forward to confront terrorists in order to save lives…
Police Officer stabbed in Neck at Michigan, airport identified as Jeff Neville
City of Lake Forest, Illinois this is your to apply for Police Officer by 6/18/17.
Sad state of affairs when police officer is automatically assumed guilty & a person (often with a record) is automatically assumed innocent
The officer who killed was found not guilty. Watch this video and tell us what the jury didn't see https:…
Philando Castile shooting: Officer Yanez acquitted of manslaughter, dismissed from police force .
Honours for brave Westminster police officer and pensioner who tried to save MP
After deliberating 5 days, jury finds officer Jeronimo Yanez not guilty in killing of Philando Castile.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
"Of all of the stops, only six of them were things a police officer would notice from outside a car." via
I hope Congressman Scalise has a full recovery & realizes a black *** police officer saved his anti *** voting life.
A shooting and terror attacks in Jerusalem. At lease 3 injured.
Minnesota Officer Acquitted in Killing of Philando Castile And another one.
Castile had complied with police, and informed the officer of his permit for a firearm. The officer shot anyway.
I've concluded white people are not rationally or morally capable of sitting on a jury where a police officer is the defenda…
They want a separation agreement with officer Yanez to transition into work outside of the police force possibly anywhere…
Minnesota city says it will dismiss police officer acquitted in the shooting of .
Former dominatrix fights to keep job as New Jersey police officer
BREAKING: Jury: Minnesota police officer not guilty in shooting death of Philando Castile -
Philando Castile was one of the clearest cases of murder committed by a police officer...and his murderer wasn't convicted
The police officer who shot and killed has been found not guilty
Steve Scalise is an anti-LGBT white-supremacist. Crystal Griner, a Capitol Police officer who helped save his life, is a…
Racial bias is when a mostly white jury can sympathize with a police officer for shooting a black man reaching for his ID…
WATCH LIVE: Family of Philando Castile reacts to acquittal of Minnesota police officer in shooting death
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Capitol Police officer David Bailey, who was injured in Wednesday's attack, throws out the first pitch
Minnesota officer fired from police force after acquittal in Philando Castile shooting - ABC News - via
Again. Jury just found the officer who murdered in cold blood not guilty. . Expected. Infuriating. https:/…
Practically impossible to convict a police officer in the US for killing a Black man who poses no threat. Outrageous https…
was shot dead by a police officer while reaching for his driver's license. Jury acquits killer cop. Syst…
Let us be clear, every police officer in the U.S. has a green light to kill, especially African-Americans, with no accountabi…
Thrilled to see DS Nigel Hatten awarded QPM: fabulous officer, detective and man. Congratulations.
Dr. Sava gives an update on Rep and Capitol Police officer Crystal Griner.
From the time he began driving at 19 to when he was killed by an officer at 32, he was stopped by the police FORTY-SIX times.
Jeronimo Yanez the Minn Police officer who killed Philando Castile was found not guilty! The more things change the more…
I love that MY DAD is still PROTECTING & SERVING the People although he's Retired Police Officer! ❤…
Philando Castile *told* police officer he had a gun and a legal permit — got shot. The 2nd Amendment clearly does not inc…
Police officer who fatally shot Philando Castile during a traffic stop last July is found not guilty on all counts.
NEW: City of St. Anthony fires Officer Yanez, says "public will be best served if Yanez is no longer a police officer i…
Police officers escort fallen officer's daughter on her first day back to school. So touching and beautiful ❤️
Police officer who killed Philando Castile found not guilty.
LATEST: Minnesota police officer fired from the force after acquittal in Philando Castile shooting. https:…
Chicago police officer arrives just in the nick of time to rescue a dog that fell into Lake Michigan in Chicago.
A jury on Friday found the Minnesota police officer who fatally shot a black motorist during a traffic stop last... htt…
+ the laws that allowed the police officer to escape justice? The laws are where we need to focus if we want this to end +
1,155 people killed by police in 2016. 13 cases where officer was charged . ZERO convicted to date.
Jury Finds Yanez Not Guilty on All Counts in the Shooting Death of Philando Castile-- Racism lives. (Via KSTP)
NEW: Philando Castile's mother reacts to not guilty verdict against police officer in the death of her son: "I'm mad as *** right…
I met . He is taller than I thought. He is still my favourite Police Officer west of Victoria Park Avenue.
Today there will be a memorial service for the fallen Police Officer, PC Alfred Smith at 12 noon on Central Street. All welcome!
This shows given the resources we have what an outstanding job Police Officer's in England & Wales do. Via
Police in Paris say a man attempted to assault a Police Officer near Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris and has been shot and injured by Officers
One day in terrible rain storm, Police Officer was changing a tire for an Old Native American and her…
The Grandview Heights Police Div (OH) is hiring for the position of Police Officer. For more information, visit...
Met a Police Officer with an Awesome Beard in London Gatwick Airport via /r/beards
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RCMP Corporal Troy Bennett of the Happy Valley-Goose Bay Detachment is the 2017 RCMP Police Officer of the Year. https…
Police Officer of the Year award winner is Cpl. Troy Bennett, Happy Valley-Goose Bay Detachment. Con…
I know only because I was a D.C. Police Officer, and Study For Homeland Securi…
The City is accepting applications to fill vacant full-time and part-time Police Officer positions.
A NSW *** Liaison' Police Officer has determined that emails from homosexual activist, Gary Burns, threatening... https…
“You will not have my hate”: watch the eulogy to the Paris police officer killed last week via
I received N26m from NSA office for Fani-Kayode, says police officer
Sacramento police officer seen on video throwing a jaywalker to the ground
Great Job by Hamden Police Officer Justin Martin as he saves man from jumping from 6th floor balcony.
Ok so a police officer was shot today in my city and its pretty sad when something like that happens but can everyone kindly stfu bout it
Police officer charged with punching a 73-year-old casino bathroom attendant because 'the water was too cold'
So saddened by the shooting of the Delaware State police officer. Praying for his family and all DE troopers 💔.
- US police officer responds to noise complaint by doing the salsa
It sickens me that Americans refuse 2 stand up & say enough with the attacks on our Police officer's I will…
Attorneys spar over venue for Officer Jeronimo Yanez’s trial in shooting of Philando Castile
Louisville police officer and Good Samaritan rescue two men from a burning car. "They probably would have died..."
A police officer is is attacked once every four days in East Kilbride
Be on the look out: An Edgewater woman tells that she was stopped by a man who claimed to be a police officer.
Police officer in Tamir Rice shooting: "I didn't know it was a kid"
Police officer tagged as mastermind in kidnap-slay of South Korean arrested, detained
Draupadi couldn't be harmed thanks to Krishna, officer saved from every possible disgrace thanks to Police but harassme…
UPDATE: Police say a Delaware state trooper who was shot outside a convenience store has died. https…
The term social roles refers to roles each of us play within various social groups, for example teacher or police officer
hi I really want to become a police officer but I'm only 4'9-4'10 am I to small/short to be a officer ?
Philly police officer charged for killing pedestrian in NE Philly crash.
Bitter Truth🤕. Anti-Terror ops r planned/lead by offirs.Why there was not a 1 police officer with CRPF Jawans in opn…
All the time lately.. word of advice... don't say it near a police officer...
This Police Officer Went On a Routine Call and Got the Surprise of a Lifetime
Adorable photoshoot shows Florida newborn paying homage to his firefighter mom and police officer dad. htt…
Look at the BEASTS that we are dealing with. A serving police officer says he will kill 200 people if Buhari dies? May God del…
The French police officer killed by gunman in Paris had responded to 2015 terrorist attack.
Body cam captures police officer grabbing man as he jumps from building
.Not even four months into 2017 & Columbus, Ohio Police have killed 5 people & shot 8 people…
Awesome story about a great officer going the extra mile for a family in need.
Trauma-affected police officer asked colleague to investigate death before suicide via
If you're a police officer or firefighter and you purchase your uniforms.Trump wants to take away ur deduction
Listen to the emotional goodbye of the husband of a police officer killed in the Champs Elysees attack.
Eric Frein has been sentenced to death for killing a Penna State police officer. Details on Action News at 11.
Supreme Court decides that unarmed man shot in the back by a police officer is not entitled to trial
Standing ovation for Officer Goering-Jensen of the Omaha Police Department - just awarded Officer of the Year.
Incredible to see the highest ranking Police Officer in the UK speaking about her same-sex relationship https…
Homewood, Illinois Police Dept is accepting applications for Police Officer until 5/30/17.
Southwark Bridge needs a Police Officer, pedestrians at risk
. NJ Police Officer called into the Joe Piscopo show dangerous environment NJ bail reform has caused.
What happened to the Police Officer like,. Sheriff Andy Taylor(Andy Griffith) ?.
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We are testing for the position of Police Officer from May 1-30, 2017. For more information or to apply, go to…
Police Officer who shot at Governor Joho's Bodyguard was caught on camera
Break out your nice resume paper, we're hiring:. Assistant City Manager. Associate Planner. Police Officer. Rec. Aide.
POLICE - Laquan McDonald death: Police Officer indicted on 16 new charges
Name: Oliver Sykes. Age: 27 years. Occupation: Police Officer. Mental state: 467263. "Some people are born to be hunter…
As a Police Officer, I can say with certainty, many Police Officers don't know firearm laws and don't trust the public with guns
Good Boy, that Michael Brown.Never attacked or assaulted the store clerk or the Police Officer that brought down…
🚨Police Officer in the. is not an. easy task 😢 🚨 😢 🚨. Why we don't want them in. United States Of
Army National Guard is now hiring 31B Military Police - Police Officer.
Police deputy beaten with metal bar by boyfriend.
Fran and I just asked an police officer where the liquor store was and he said "drink it up ladies"
I'm a police officer and an officer on our department shot a guy in the *** with a taser!
As a former Police Officer; If Russia tapped the Democrats, they are tapping
Police officer is explaining how receipts and video cameras work.
Let he who has never hospitalized a police officer over poor phone reception cast the first stone.
Officer Paige talks about trust issues between the police and the community and how to improve it.
A Santa Clara police officer has arrested for domestic violence, the 4th time in that department in the past 2 years ht…
Nevertheless and kept her sign from being confiscated by the police officer
Cleveland police officer accused of raping girlfriend resigns
Lawyer Tried to Trip Him Up in the Court Room, a Police Officer Gave the Best Comeback EVER
Police allege IT worker at Washington Post was impersonating ICE officer
The Chalan Pago couple is accused of possessing crystal methamphetamine and distributing the drug.
perhaps. But I'd also argue a lot of gun owners show better judgement and training than your average police officer.
SC: Hanahan police officer arrested on suspicion of domestic violence Story by
Police Officer Hibbert said he'd rather run w/ the kids then after them
Hanahan PD release statement after officer arrested for alleged domestic violence incident. https:/…
Timmonsville police officer arrested on charges of domestic violence, placed on leave without pay ht…
Midland, TX officer arrested for domestic violence and interference w/ officer has resigned.
Santa Clara police officer arrested on domestic violence charges
Connecticut police officer featured on reality TV show arrested for domestic violence -
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Newark police officer Timothy Hansel pleads not guilty to domestic violence charge after being arrested over…
OH: Martins Ferry police officer arrested for domestic violence Story by
Louisville Metro Police officer arrested for the second time in weeks (for domestic violence violations)
Ghulam Hussain of died of police torture in Officer Mukhtar Shah sending death threats 2 fami…
As yet another Officer arrested on he is the 7th in 2 years, Think about that
Montgomery police confirm officer 35-year old Clarence Doniver was arrested over the weekend and charged with domestic violence.
Clearwater police officer arrested on domestic violence charge
BREAKING: Columbus police officer arrested this morning for domestic violence | |
police searching for suspect in Richmond officer-involved shooting. https:…
Denver police officer disciplined for running over his 4-legged K9 partner at Denver airport: via…
Kissimmee police officer arrested for domestic violence
Westminster, SC officer arrested for 2nd degree domestic violence.
Clearwater police officer resigns after being arrested for domestic violence.
Is there a culture of cover up in the Grand Rapids Police Department? WOOD TV8
Hueytown police officer arrested on domestic violence charge
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JUST IN: CPD Officer Leroy Wright was arrested by the Chattanooga Police Department on Domestic Violence charges. https:…
On just one station - a Dennis police officer, arrested on the job - charged in a domestic violence case. More on a…
Vancouver police officer arrested for domestic violence appears in court.
Cleveland police officer arrested, jailed for a serious assault on an ex-girlfriend.
Bham police officer residing in arrested for domestic violence Story:
Pic sent to me by a police officer who bought my book. How ironic that bookstore had my book next to the Cop Hater in Ch…
Jack Haley Jr. meets Police Officer in Just One More Time for the Camera
Currently at the Police Officer's Club. It's a dry run of the march slated for Jump up day. Heading right to Emanci…
On Tuesday Year 5 learnt all about stranger danger and keeping themselves safe from the lovely Police Officer, Claire…
Recruitment closes at 4pm tonight! Don’t miss out on your chance to become a Police Officer: https…
Can you recommend anyone for this Police Officer - MI
REMINDER: Application period for Police Officer and Crime Scene Investigator kicks off January 23rd! via
Rahm:762 Chicago Homicides starts when YOU FAKE NEWS *** left out Ferguson's Michal Brown strong arm robbery/Assault on a Police Officer
Treat a Traffic Cop or Police Officer with & u will be amazed how Friendly they can be.
On Friday Dec 16th, the police department held our annual Christmas Party/Awards Banquet. 2016 Police Officer of...
Obama and sumbag Josh Ernest will say nothing of another Police Officer being shot.
The Perry Township Police Department (Dublin, OH) is building an ongoing list for the position of Police Officer.
. Rafael Ramos wasn't first Police Officer assassinated after p…
Just heard second Police Officer died from being shot in Americus Ga. So sad, thoughts & Prayers with the families!
Russian police officer arrives at his workplace (security camera footage)
"When a police officer is killed, it's not an agency that loses an officer, it's an entire nation" -Chris Cosgriff. We'…
The officer responded to a shoplifting suspect -
This is the hero Ohio State police officer that saved countless lives today
Trouble and to protect medical units from above also known as Angels from above. Became Police Officer for 10yrs, j…
have a chance to surrender. The way I look at is the police officer is the one with authority we give them, so we should demand
P.E.I. police officer apologizes for online post that he would play Nickelback song as punishment for drunk driving: https:/…
alert! officer offers to take in that was thrown into traffic...twice! Thank you https…
Future Officer? Heck, future of the Kansas Police Dog Association!!! Way to go little guy!!
The police officer who shot has been stripped of his powers.
Police officer facing tribunal after removing kitten from drug user's home...
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As the son of a retired 40+ year police officer, I'm sick of hearing all the garbage. This interview says it all!!
No. Anyone who has EYES and watched that video can see that was murdered by a police Officer that lied…
A police officer saw me in my rotc uniform tonight and came up and said he was proud of me for what I was doing😇
I might as well be a police officer because when ever I change lanes to get behind someone they slow down at least 10 mph 🙂
Prayers for the family, friends and fellow LEOs of fallen Police Officer Jake Gutierrez
Police in Nakuru recover stolen vehicles from slain gang’s hideout in Lanet
was a retired police officer from Jefferson Parish so we all know how this ends smh.…
Missouri lawmakers are proposing bills that would make attacking a law enforcement officer a hate crime:
Witnesses say police officer who fatally shot attacker at Ohio State University "saved lives today." https…
Here's a video from 2004 of my dad when he was a police officer putting someone in a "never-ending headlock" lol
Chief Frank Wyant: Punish Police Officer for shooting dog - Sign the Petition! via
Son of murdered police officer given teddy bears made from dad's uniform
Powerful photo of a police officer and a young boy embrace each other at a Ferguson Protest.
An Arizona police officer punched a woman while attempting to arrest her on warrants later discovered to be invalid
💙💙 "If you kill a police officer, you should be put up for execution" ~ .. I agree 100% - NO EX…
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Meet Alan Horujko – the heroic young police officer who saved lives at Ohio State by taking action
Ruben Reyes, 38, is accused in the slayings of four fellow gang members and a San Antonio-area police officer.
The memorial continues to grow at Tacoma Police HQ for fallen Officer Jake Gutierrez.
Oshawa-area police officer disciplined after taking cat from drug user’s home:
Another reason why Blue Lives Matter. Prayers for these brave heroes
So an African American man bumps into an off duty police officer while crossing the street and the officer grabs...
I want to be a police officer so i can actually protect citizens
The police officer should get the death penalty. There are other ways to go about tryna control someone. A taser?
How racist AF is the US? A jury can't agree that the police officer in this photo did something wrong shooting an unarmed m…
Today’s lesson: if you point a gun at a police officer, you will get shot. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Merica.
A fmr cop should know the danger of date rape drugs. Today, Robert Smutek was sentenced to 8 yrs for dealing them. https…
California police officer takes a teen under his wing after spotting him walking home at night:
Officer once jailed for DUI and making his child drive is up for promotion – report
The jury in a South Carolina police officer's murder trial is unable Christmas
mark is currently being interrogated by a police officer because he referred to the E-Z pass in our rental car as "the E in our vehicle"
UPDATE: Two male youths bailed after officer stabbed
no one is above the law. Not a politician,a priest, a criminal, police officer. We are all accountable for our actions…
Friends, a jury is deadlocked as to whether a police officer is guilty of murder for shooting a Black man who was runnin…
was 1 of 1,228 black people killed by police since 2013. Officer(s) have not been convicted of a crime in 99.6% o…
When I gave police the license number, the officer said "oh yeah, we know him."
Kensington police officer apologizes to Nickelback for… on
The Washington police officer who was killed last night brings the total to 132 officers so far this year. https…
Deliberations to resume Monday in murder trial of former South Carolina police Officer Michael Slager h…
Another terrible tragedy takes the life of a police officer yesterday. .
Can you recommend anyone for this Police Officer - IL
See our latest WA and click to apply: Police Officer -
- reporting that MN. Police Officer charged with manslaughter in Philando killing.
Since no one else from HRC campaign will, . I want to apologize to this Police Officer . & I hope he doesn't sue us…
Police Officer who fatally shot Sylville Smith has been fired after sexual assault charges:
Police Officer 3 Roel Elarmo reiterated the guidelines in serving of a search warrant and warrant of arrest.
Discussing current events in Milwaukee from the perspective of a Police Officer.
See our latest SC and click to apply: Police Officer -
We're at St George's Shopping Centre for another hour talking Police Officer recruitment
Donnie, My Uncle Augustine Belmonte was a most loved Police Officer and shot in line of duty, he always cared abou…
Hancock Park's 🏡 L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti home. Protest 😡 black people community. Police Officer shot him 5-time hi…
Medical Examiner: shot in the back & neck by DC Police Officer, death ruled homicide. https:…
Please don't blame media of making the Law Enforcement community and every Police Officer look bad. Don't blame...
Police Officer jobs available at the University of Iowa Department of Public Safety.
Police Officer, Suspect Fatally Shot in New Mexico: A police officer in New Mexico was shot and killed in an ...
Wow to be a Police Officer in Florida all it takes is 48 hours of college an 4-6 months training . Amazing an im here doing a year
When I become a Police Officer all I'm gonna do is help my city..
Police Officer - Tampa International Airport - Tampa, FL: Responds to calls and investigates prob...
Man Charged in Shooting of 'Ambushed' Police Officer in Missouri via
well I have officially gotten pulled over & by the nicest police officer ever who laughed at me and my too good for drugs hat :-)
If only every department could afford to have all of these! Interesting article!.
A police officer arrested 2 kids yesterday, one was drinking battery acid, and the other eating fireworks. He...
North Miami shooting: Police accidentally shot man, says union
Volunteer at your local Red Cross. Fire Department. Ambulance service. Become a reserve police officer. Help at the libra…
like the loss of the fallen Police officer's families?
MT If you see a Police officer, thank them for their service & protection.
Somewhere out there today, a senior police officer will attend a management training course & spend the rest of the we…
to be short I basically told a police officer I gave alcohol to babies and he dropped me lol bye
In half of the states in America, it takes at least 5 times longer to get a cosmetology license than it does to become a pol…
Why teaching Police Officers medical tactics is so important, Great article.
Police brutality needs to end. This police officer is no exception. We need to spread awareness
Police officers under investigation in death of Ottawa man identified.
The female police officer or the puppy? 😍😂👍🏻
Happy to know my "Duty to Care" of a police officer "in distress", is to call an ambulance whenever I feel like it, or not!
Investigation finds Wisconsin police officer had sex on the job nearly 100 times: A Wisco...
I'll betcha you won't see the Mother of a slain Police Officer on that stage in Philly this week.
Wrestler turned police officer turned drug dealer Jadish Bhola named as kingpin of drugs in Punjab
As a police officer are you not trained to handle escalated situations!!!
George Zimmerman was not a police officer. However he was a neighborhood watchman and asserted himself as if he held a position of authority
I hope this goes A Dallas police officer arrives home after a 15 hour shift Thursday night.
The DNC just honored a criminal thug who tried to kill a police officer.
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