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Police Force

The police are a constituted body of persons empowered by the state to enforce the law, protect property, and limit civil disorder.

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It's incredible how stupid and *** becomes the Police Force of any city as soon as Jessica Fletcher lands there.
Kale Kayihura helping the Citizens, Police Force and UPDF victims for further medication.
Well Done to the Police Force for (hopefully) catching the culprits of the frightening Good Samaritan Motorist case.
Deputy Commissioner Nick Kaldas addresses the media about his retirement form the NSW Police Force.
The Tower is Peel Tower after the founder of the Police Force...Robert Peel who was born in Bury the main town nearby
Lets work with our Police Force for a better Nigeria. https:/…
Mo. Mayor James Knowles III needs to resign today. He doesn't want to change the racist culture of the Police Force in Ferguson.
Brigadier-General Sitiveni Qiliho will continue as acting Police Commissioner for the Police Force.
premiere at Metro with cast and distinguished members of the Police Force.
ICYMI- Police Force recently launched a new mobile app to help citizens anonymously report...
"The appointments and special promotions done in recent times in d Police Force by IGP Solomon Arase are from Southern Nigeria" -
LM Khaute appointed Director General of Police, Manipur and Head of Police Force . Date : 31st December, 2015. LM...
1) Police Force should trained just like special forces. Part of army!.
The EU makes bad decisions for Britain. They fix all the things that aren't broken, such as our Army, Police Force, Fishing Industry etc...
will he be given a state funeral as being a member of the Police Force of NSW
City of Big Rapids9-11 Recognition of our Local Fire Department and Police Force
If the Police Force of any authority puts its own safety above that of the community then the community should be armed and given CsOs n gun
Crimewatch is a tad embarrassing for a the Police Force really. Imagine needing Kirsty Young to solve your crimes for you!
I would recommend you read Radley Balko's book, Rise of the Warrior Cop:The Militarization of America's Police Force
NSW Police Force & Quakers Hill LAC celebrate 100yrs of Women in Policing today at Stanhope Gardens. Terrific event
DTN Libya Unrest: Ukraine Launches Western-style Police Force: The first 2,000 recruits of a new Ukrainian pol...
This Saturday from 10am to 3pm Police Officers from the Lachlan LAC - NSW Police Force will have their mobile...
This was killer from Mbabazi 👉👉 "Is Gen.Kayihura the IGP Force of Uganda or the IGP of the Police Force of Yoweri Kaguta Mu…
When I was in Class Four !. one of my UncleJoined Police Force as a Sub Inspector !. Today He is a Circle...
Now democraticaly elected govt. is ruling the Delhi State . This state also must have its own Police Force as that of other Indian states
We def don't want another 5yrs of cut backs of Rescue Services,Police Force,Armed Forces,NHS.etc😈
Jo-Ann Miller's right. Should not be QLD Police Force because Service is what it's about but why not follow Victoria and just be QLD Police?
In March alone, the United States Police have killed more civilians than the UK's Police Force since 1900.
A crime committed within the UK - sadly, Scotland still in UK - can be dealt with by any Police Force.
Good news for Lincolnshire. As a County, its Police Force has been underfunded by successive Governments for...
The Democrats last felt shame when Bull Connor's Police Force were filmed turning dogs and hoses on Freedom Riders
NSW Police Force are reminding revellers to plan their journey and stay safe ahead of the Future Music Festival...
Hey Can you settle an argument? Wondering if you wear the old Victoria Police Uniform or does you sleeve say 'Police Force'?
Jokowi is engaged in a life & death political struggle between PDI, corrupt Police Force and KPK (Indo's Chan/Sukumaran 5th order
George Benson released to pursue a career in the Police Force after being accepted into PNG Police Academy. .
P.Yamin is the commander of Police Force .Not the home minister. President may explain 2 the ppl the kind of terror Nazim i…
Do Not Allow Officer Baback Andalib-Goortani to return to the Police Force via
Ever wondered why German Sheperds are used in the Police Force?. German Shepherds are most...
"A hero's funeral is about grieving, not grievance," NYC Commissioner Bill Bratton addresses his Police Force
Well I wonder how long this will stay up, Rebels Motorcycle Club, Rebel and Proud of It, Rebels Place, Rebel Son, Cliff, it seems that you must do as they say? Gemma, I bet like my page this gets remover! I cannot see anything because I told fuddbook straight ... I thing the NSW Police Force needs to train Women Hunt Too to be trained as snipers and to let them shoot the *** down! The Sydney Morning Herald - shame shame shame you have so many left wing people there...,, The Advocate newspaper, The Advertiser, The Huffington Post, Sammy .. Freedom of Speech is dead on fuddbook, Syd, you notice any of your post pulled. I have had THREE pulled so far . Elvira be careful because fuddbook hates antimudslingers
If you have not already been alerted, a police operation is underway in Martin Place, Sydney's CBD. The public has been advised by the NSW Police Force to avoid the area.
THE BOMBSHELL! Please watch the public address first, before you read The BOMBSHELL. The BOMBSHELL must be read. Sorry, but it had to be in writing. NSW Police Minister Mike Gallacher, NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione and NSW Mental Health Minister Jai Rowell, I want to see you address the allegations forthcoming. Detective Senior Constable Stephen Brown from the Kuring Gai LAC - NSW Police Force, the only Intel I found on you, was a Ray Hadley radio interview that included your partner Detective Sergeant Malcolm Donald, a women by the name of (withheld) and NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione. You were being commended over the recovery of Jewellery that had been stolen sometime ago. This is totally unrelated to the issue I have with you, I only wanted to see what decorations you had and if you are a cop who makes any type of impression at all. The reason why Im putting the spotlight on you, is because I have reason to believe that you Detective, are one such Police Officers who has either ...
As Earth is currently in the shifting of the ages, our world order is also shifting, shifting out of the Old World Order to a New World Order with a new world system. The Old World Order has kept the collective human race divided and at war for thousands of years. It has divided governments, religions, cultures, economies, and peoples. The old order is the main cause of so much problems in our global society. The Old World Order must be otherthrown and replaced with a new order for our world. The New World Order will merge everything into one. A One World Government, a One World Religion and Church, a One World Leader, a One World Monetary System with a One World Currency and a One World Bank, a One World Military and Police Force, and a united human family living in a One World of peace and unity. Once the New World Order is established, we will have world peace and unity. A One World is a united world. We are all one human family, and the human race must come together and unite in peace as one! - Daniel ...
The Obama Administration has his community organizers involved in these protest. Bottom line Nationalize our Police Force
valid point. But, remember that the Police Force, DSS, Nigerian Army, Navy and Air force are all federal & GEJ is the C-in-C.
I thought the Police Force is supposed to be the law keeper in Nigeria not law makers. Suleiman Abba is interpreting laws in his own way!!!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Officer in Shooting to Quit City's Police Force: Darren Wilson, the officer who fatally shot 18-year-old Michael…
Delayed on the road between Bauchi and Abuja because Police Force is seeking a bribe...
There is a fault in the recruitment process into the Nigeria Army and Police Force, the main ingredient -...
In 2 years I'll be completing the police academy & with 10 years in the Police Force with a 4 year degree I'll be doing fine.
Just like every other thing that's wrong with Nigeria, the Police Force is sick & needs an overhauling.
Is the NPF still Nigeria Police Force or now PPF (PDP Police Force)?
Katrina Foley wants a strong Police Force in the City of Costa Mesa
EBC Radio Jockland about 1/2 hour ago. She said Scotland best placed 'cos it had a single Police Force. Oh the irony!
*** PLEASE SHARE *** On Monday, the 10th of March 2014, at around 6:45 am, a robbery took place at the residence of the well-known Dr. Dennaoui. Three masked men used extreme violence to enter the home and rob the occupants of the house and then took off with a large sum of money. In the video footage obtained from the crime scene (see below), the perpetrators can be seen walking the victim into his house under the threat of what appears to be a firearm. One of the perpetrators in the video (the first one to enter the house) is seen walking with a noticeable limp. We are asking anyone who recognized any of these three suspects to contact the Police Force of Sint Maarten at +1 (721) 542-2. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can contact us at our tip-line 9300. You can also contact us by sending an email to our CID department at tipswhere the information will be handled anonymously.
My speech on the occassion of the 52nd Independence Anniversary celebrations It is with great pleasure and honour that I welcome Your Excellencies and all the distinguished guests to this occasion as we mark 52 years of Uganda's independence. I greet you and congratulate you on the 52nd anniversary of Uganda's Independence. As we celebrate this day, the whole of Uganda is peaceful and has been so since we ended the removal of the 40,000 rifles from the cattle-rustlers in Karamoja some six (6) years ago. Earlier on, in 2005, we had defeated the terrorists of Kony. This is therefore, the first time in 114 years that the whole of Uganda has been peaceful. Even, during the time of the British, cattle-rustling in Karamoja, using guns from Turkana and from Ethiopia, was going on. On account of the strength of the UPDF and the growing strength of the Police Force, this peace will not be disturbed. Use this peace to create wealth for your families as we have guided you before. On the side of the economy, it w ...
An emotional outburst that represents the 'silent majority' by an ordinary lady in Hong Kong. I agree with her views! We need a stronger Government like Singapore. It is a OK to have peaceful demonstration but when it gets out of control and start blocking roads and government buildings the protesters should all be arrested. We need 'law and order' and not in HK when the Police had to cowed to get permission to move in anything they want into their own building. This will never happen in Singapore or any strong Government without foreign force behind any protest to grade it as a 'revolution' when is merely a 'demonstration'. We are grateful to the HK Police Force for such restrain for the sake of peace BUT if force need to be used to clear the protesters after ample warnings given it is understandable.
[PLEASE SPREAD] In the past few days, thousands of people in Hong Kong have been assembling at Admiralty, where the Central Government Complex is located. Most of them raised both of their hands to show HK police and the public their determination in keeping the demonstration peaceful. Starting from 5pm 28th September 2014, live broadcast of HK media shows that HK Police used disproportionate armed force to disperse demonstrators. Confronting weaponless and well-behaved citizens, HK Police held up signs stating "Stop charging, or we use force", "Warning, tear smoke" and "Disperse or we fire". Worse still, HK Police dared to shoot rounds of tear gas canisters at the protesters. This is by no means appropriate or reasonable with regard to the nature and the factual circumstances of the protest. Rather, this exposes the cowardice of the HK Police Force and the HKSAR Government. This is an abuse of power because there is no riot to any unbiased individuals. We should not tolerate this kind of unjust measure a ...
**UPDATE** Reports about an alleged plot to kidnap a person from the streets of Martin Place in Sydney's CBD and execute them by beheading. LATEST - Terror Raids: * 22 year old Omarjan Azari refused bail after being charged with conspiracy to prepare for a terrorist attack. Prosecutor alleges he had "a clear imperative to commit an act to shock, horrify & terrify the community." Lawyer Steven Boland says that allegation is based on "one phone call." VIDEO: Night vision - Counter terrorism raid Australian Federal Police statement: "Fifteen people have been detained in relation to serious terrorism related offences during a major NSW Joint Counter Terrorism (JCTT) operation in Sydney today. More than 800 officers from the AFP and NSW Police Force conducted 25 search warrants across Sydney this morning in the suburbs of Beecroft, Bellavista, Guildford, Merrylands, Northmead, Wentworthville, Marsfield, Westmead, Castle Hill, Revesby, Bass Hill and Regents Park. Fifteen warrants have been undertaken at Sydney ...
and what is the function of the Police Force... What a Country.. Nigeria..
Nigeria Police, The best Police Force in the world! u guys need to get rid of the few bad eggs though. Thanks NPF u guys r great!!
Hey why are you still addressing yourself as Police Force? Remove the word *FORCE* or get prosecuted.
Media reports that members of the public can join in the search for a missing child on the mid-north coast near Port Macquarie by calling the SES are incorrect. The search is being coordinated by the NSW Police Force and they have not placed a call for public assistance. Thank you.
Man approaches teenage girls, commits lewd act – Northmead Police are appealing for information after two teenage girls were approached by a man who also committed a lewd act at Northmead yesterday. About 3.20pm (Thursday 11 September 2014), two 16-year-old girls were walking through a reserve on Allambie Road when a man approached them from behind and made lewd comments. The girls turned around and saw the man committing a lewd act. They ran to a nearby children’s play area and spoke to a member of the public, who contacted police. Officers from Parramatta LAC - NSW Police Force were alerted to the incident and conducted a patrol of the area, but did not locate the man. Detectives would now like to speak with a man who they believe may be able to assist with inquiries. The man has been described as being of Caucasian appearance, aged between 30 and 40 years old, 185cm to 190cm tall, with short dark hair. He was last seen wearing a brown t-shirt and yellow hi-visibility trousers. Police are urging any ...
Please read this to know the origin of Police Force in Nigeria... The British started with Northerners, & illiterates as Police Officers!
Policewoman, Kim Tihen, who straddled Mr. Davis and cuffed him before her fellow officers beat him badly enough to cause a concussion, is now a member of the City Council of Ferguson, as reported here by a member of Daily Kos. Ferguson Police Force reminds me of Amityville Horror.
People ask the Question What ever Happen to the KKK look at your Daily News their on the Police Force that's where they Started and they never Left STAND YOUR GROUND African Americans SPEAK UP
The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has offered to assist Saint Lucia with the development of a policy on the use of force by members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF). The policy would set the framework on how force is used by law enforcers.
Why police militarization, racial profiling, and excessive force are not just problems for Ferguson, MO.
//I wanna start a new one in DMs where her brother knows jake from the police force and they work as a team
Police using deadly force are rarely convicted
There's always a suspect who runs away with the cash according to Kenya Police force each time there's a robbery .
Darren Wilson's former Police Dept. had so much tension between white officers & black residents, it was disbanded.
Darren Wilson, the officer who shot Michael Brown, went from one troubled police force to another
When hospitals make certain mistakes they are mandated by law to report it to a government entity. Why is the police force any different?
Man foundi n Thika with severe cuts on his body. DO YOU KNOW SOMETHING? Contact police force urgently!
or Get Pulled Over. Police out in force through Labor Day weekend.
.First? Really? Anyway, the militias are needed because Blacks don't trust mostly White police force.
Darren Wilson’s former police force was disbanded for excessive force and corruption: Time to disban…
JAIL..The trigger happy..Abusive.Violent Maniac.! Jus Him..d rest of d police force has nothin to do w/ this Just show sum justice!!
DID YOU KNOW???: "The small city of Jennings, Mo., had a police department so troubled, and with so much...
Just submitted my resume for the Ferguson Police Dept. Chief Jackson was ecstatic to have two celebrities on his force.
Wilson learned policing in a troubled department via
"Ok sick I got dibs on Bradford... Manziel. Micheal Sam. And my defense is the fergeson police force"
How police are trained in deadly force. Split-second decisions.
had the entire police force & apparently the prosecutor's office behind him. What is he running from, other…
I wish the fashion police was a real police force
Give me ONE REASONABLE REASON why the entire police force chose not to write a single report on the murder of Mike Brown. Ju…
There's a guy on my newsfeed arguing that police need the right to use lethal force on unarmed suspects.
The People of Have the Power To Recall the Mayor & FIRE the ENTIRE Police Force.
at this hour--security officers at University Hospitals being sworn as official police force--40 officers
We can expect this to continue after all NY City is a major hub for the Murdering of BLACK MEN by their ***
April 3, 2014 One Florida town has been hit by corruption and it is so bad, the entire police force has been fired. The most corrupt city in the state has been exposed for its unlawful ways during a recent audit. All cops and elected officials in office have been let go or will be…
Our police force needed to preserve our laws & peace, one without the other is Anarchy, which le…
Federal Law Requiring Annual Report on Excessive Force by Police has been Ignored for 20 Years
How can liberals be against the militarized police in MO with all the violence but cheer the same force at Bundy ranch over…
Police force 'faces going bust': The Devon and Cornwall police for could "go bust" unless big changes are made...
Its time the people flexed their power.
Ferguson officer's first job was on police force disbanded amid racial tensions and probe ~
Darren Wilson’s first job was on a troubled police force disbanded by authorities - The Washington Post
Disgraceful how uneducated our police force is. High School which is Primary school in civilized countries, and academy training 22 weeks.
This shameful act by BJP MP will DEMORALISE Police Force! How can a demoralised police force m…
Darren Wilson: the next right-wing hero turning into embarrassment? ala &
I ask my friends in Bermuda to think about our police force here, and how lucky we are. Not every officer here is perfect (Lord knows), but neither am I --- and compared to the US, our police look like angels, and MOST officers are helpful and caring MOST of the time, despite having one of the toughest jobs there could be. There's a tonne of videos going around FB right now showing cruelty by US police . . . It makes me cringe, remembering how they treated people while I was in the US. So when you see one of Bermuda's finest, remember, on his worst day, he's better than some of those US cops on their best day. Cut him some slack, help him out. Keep Bermuda's Police the way they are... good cops.
AND WHERE DID WE ALL GET THE NOTION POLICE WERE ALL WHITE MEN? It ain't the freaking 60's anymore. The police doing all these things you accuse them of, many are black officers. In Prince Georges County where I work and school, I would be interested to know the ratio of black to white officers knowing it is the blackest county in America The prisons are filled with our Nigerian and Ghanaian brothers as Wardens who are called "Correction Officers". Yes whites love to join the police force and the ratio does not show the true ratio of blacks to white in some counties. However, it is time we stopped thinking of POLICE=WHITEMAN, criminal =blackman. Blacks Police Officers brutalize white men too. (check youtube) So when you hear "blacks are more likely to be arrested by the police" do not think racism all the time because a lot of the arrests are by black Police Officers Rume Ima Niboro Michael Dedon Kwame Kyei-baffour Blessing Victor Meteke Hilda Avwenagha
The intensive militarization of America’s police forces is a serious menace about which a small number of people have been loudly warning for years, with little attention or traction. In a 2007 paper on “the blurring distinctions between the police and military institutions and between war and law e…
"A community pushing back against a murderous police force that is terrorizing them is not a 'riot.' It's an uprising. It's a rebellion. It's a community saying We can't take this anymore. We won't take it. It's people who have been dehumanized to the point of rightful rage. And it happens all over the world. Uprisings and rebellions are necessary and inevitable, locally and globally. This is not to say that actual riots don't happen. White folks riot at sporting events, for example. Riots happen. But people rising up in righteous anger and rage in the face of oppression should not be dismissed as simply a 'riot.'" Delete me.
ROCO CUP 8 Results and Motions See the attached spreadsheet for the results. Motions: ROUND 1 HS: THW abolish all laws against libel College: THW ban plea bargaining ROUND 2 HS: THW ban all sports with the objective of inflicting physical harm on an opponent College: THW place graphic warning images on fast food and junk food packaging ROUND 3 HS: THBT the police should be prohibited from the use lethal force College: THBT the composition of the police force should reflect the racial diversity of their jurisdiction ROUND 4 HS: TH regrets charity campaigns designed to be viral (e.g. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge) College: THBT it is immoral to donate to animal charities while charities that address human suffering are still in need ROUND 5 HS: THBT the Philippines should withdraw from the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) with the United States College: THW arm the Kurds in the fight against ISIS ROUND 6 HS: THBT development aid should not be given to countries with substandard women's rights record ...
All we asked is a simple written assurance to the patients saying the hospital will take care of all their treatments free of cost. They were all infected by the carelessness of hospital. But the Stanley hospital responds with the use of police force to remove all the volunteers from the venue.
Seriously? Seriously? No I am asking is this for real? Are we that unintelligent now that meme's like this one get passed around. No shootings in Japan, hmmm that may have something to do with Japanese officers do not carry firearms, and correct me if I am wrong but I believe the same is true in Great Britain. So the argument is because two countries do not arm their police force that the U.S. has too many officer related shootings. I am (not) sorry but I stand with the men and women of the police department. I refuse to believe that the majority of men and women who take an oath to serve and protect are just doing it to kill people. The only thing that saddens me is that YOU believe otherwise.
SURVEY: Fear and excessive force I'm bothered by the disconnect in our society and the lack of folks' desire to "lean not on their own understanding" I took a good long look at all of the videos, commentary, bystanders, similar videos, and thought-- what key questions can generate an honest dialogue surrounding excessive police force? And here's what I came up: 1) When it comes to your loved one's safety, how afraid are you of the perceived "bad sections" of your town and the strangers that live there? 2) To what extreme are you willing to defend yourself against a person who robbed you (be it in your house, in public, or place of business)? 3) Are you brave enough to be a police officer and police the worse part of your town? 4) Name one policy change you would recommend that could prevent or simplify deadly police encounters?
We don't have an army. Just an overbloated police force that wear army fatigues.
67% of Ferguson, MO's residents are Black. 95% of its police force is white. There are 5 white men and 1 Black man on the grand jury investigating Michael Brown's murder, but men make up less than 46% of St. Louis County. BTW, there are only 3 Blacks on the grand jury. HOWEVER, historically, only 10% of Ferguson's Black residents vote in ANY election. So, riddle me this; in this day-and-time where EVERYONE is able to vote, generally, unimpeded, who's fault is it, truly, that there's the climate in St. Louis County of racism and bigotry and, ultimately, Michael Brown's murder? Wesson may have pulled the trigger, but our community is just as complicit in that young man's death as any racist bigot. As Morgan Freeman, playing Joe Clark in the movie Lean On Me, said the first time he left Eastside High School, "You get what you deserve".
Following a rock fishing tragedy earlier this year, the Marine Area Command - NSW Police Force has been working closely with the friends and family of the victim to promote safety messages to the rock fishing community. The people involved wanted to help prevent further tragedies of this type from occurring. Using their own resources, they put together a video of safety messages in consultation with the Marine Area Command. Recognising the popularity of rock fishing in the Chinese community, the video has been produced with Chinese language support. It will be launched at the upcoming Moon Festival (7 September) hosted by the Fairfield City Council. See the video (5 mins) below:
One of the issues swirling around Ferguson, Missouri is the lack of representation of minorities on the Police Force, on the School Board and on the City Council. If you are not happy with your representatives in your local area or in Congress etc etc - VOTE on November 4, 2014!! Let your voice be heard at the ballot box!!
“I don’t believe that the military should do civil duties; I don’t believe they should participate in elections. Equip the Nigeria Police Force – which is supposed to be closer to the people – for elections. The militarisation of politics is the fault of the people. The reason is that somehow, there is this thing in the people; they seem to think that for things to work out well, you have to go to the extreme. You have compromised your Police Force, so the next one that has not been compromised but would soon be compromised is the Military. Train the Police and they would be able to handle elections. We did it with the Police. I used to be a returning officer in the 50s and 60s. There was no military presence in elections; we used the Nigeria Police and it can still be done.”- General Ibrahim Babangida, former military President.
POLICE REFORMS: The timeless ritual for solution. IN what appears like a ritual for virtually every government in Nigeria, the Federal Government has once again, constituted a panel to make recommendations for a better Police Force. This move has once again raised this pertinent question: Does Nigeria need another police reform committee? CHARLES KUMOLU writes. THE time was 5.00pm. And the setting was Lekki Phase 1. The dramatis personae were three civilians and two members of the Nigeria Police Force, NPF. At the centre of the drama was a 27-year-old Akwa-Ibom State born construction worker, Udeme Akwa-Jackobson. For Jackobson, Thursday, April 15, 2010, would go down in history as the day he came face to face with death. Narrating, how his encounter with death, which could be described as a tragicomedy happened. He said: “I was not the only one there; so how come the police attacked me? I believe there is a spiritual undertone. I was in front of my house chatting with some friends about sundry issue .. ...
Arrest Officer "John Doe" Ferguson MO Police Force for Michael Brown's murder. Let's have some equal justice in Ferguson America.
If it is in Nigeria, the head of the Police Force will make excuses just as they did with the Army charade the other day
thank you though, for your kindness. All branches of military, police force...anyone in extreme jobs...have my heart.
Bill Maher on point calling out excessive force by police and asking why the Tea Party people aren't making a...
Chief constable of Police Scotland urged to 'get a grip' of new national force | via
beats U.S. attorneys in federal use of excessive force case
Siren and then silence. Sometimes campus police are a force for good
2 poachers, including a member of the Central Reserve Police Force have been arrested in the Kaziranga N.P. area
Lucknow gang rape, murder: Akhilesh's police force is far too compromised
Great!.If mightybstate police cant give protection,what about small cities with less pol.force? totally women unsafe anywhere in India
This police force is using Snapchat to connect with young people
This is the kind of police force the .wants in control of every black community - stop and murder
Totally forgot our platoon got pulled over this morning, by the police, for singing cadence while running.. Air Force rules smh 🙈
Jamaican Police Commissioner quits after extrajudicial killings by Jamaican Constabulary Force totals 1,325 from 2009-2013
GOA IS NO MORE A FUN PLACE TO RELAX AND ENJOY .RSS/BJP RULES WARNING:NO FENI ANYMORE FOR FOREIGN/INDIAN TOURISTS On Goan Beaches. What the Heck is Going on Here. GOENKARS Love Beach Picnics. They will be FINED and Arrested??? Mr. Parulekar clarify your vague policy...Please Tourism Minister .Explain! GOA won't be a fun place. TOURIST BEWARE, Drinking on GOA BEACHES can be arrested and fined! Those indulging in liquor in the open will be arrested and will have to pay fine of Rs 5,000 By TEAM HERALD | 19 Jul, 2014, 07:54PM IST - PANIM: The Tourism department has banned drinking liquor on beaches and warned violators they would be arrested and penalised with a fine of Rs 5,000 ahead of the new tourist season. Officials said tourist police force has been instructed to ensure that people follow laws, ensure safety of women and that beggars and stray hawkers will not be tolerated. The department has already declared ‘drinking’ as a nuisance under Goa Tourist Places, Protection and Maintenance Act 2001. Simi ...
And even w/ the police force. Of Sanford, trying to help him say the right things, George Zimmerman still told 1 proveable lie after another
Still trying to figure out why our police force needs this~ I mean really what happens around here…
Don't make me force you to watch Tokyo Gore Police with me because really, you don't want to. Even I hate it.
Real Time host Bill Maher accused conservatives on Friday of ignoring the increase in reports of excessive force...
Police force a son to rape his mother
Our govt created a fighting force outside of the military FBI or local police by 1700 who are they to attack?
unbearable to watch a father of 6 have his life taken like that. Totally unjustifiable force by the police, senseless loss of life
There was NO justifiable reason the NYPD had to use that much force against Police brutality will never en…
Accused corrupt police officer who allegedly sold AFP secrets before being dumped from the force freed on $1 mil...
'Public sensitization' needed. Police can start by putting up posters to inform, will also help reiterate faith in the force.
Program teaches teens about police force: They're not quite ready for the police force yet, but teens interested... htt…
Every day, Maher said, stories come to light of another incident involving excessive force. Specifically, he...
Ephemeral arm of the law: This police force is using to connect with young people via
Cant wait till the day I make a movie on our corrupt police force in America
Were the police using excessive force? Maybe. But I think he put himself in that situation.
I have the utmost respect for the Kokomo Police Force
Yes that's me and the question every 1 be asking I ain't in the police force & don't ask how I got the vest
Father of bank robbery suspect says police's use of lethal force was justifiable.
Raid in was conducted by Elite Force & Military Intelligence. 1 Shaheed is from Military Intelligence. No loss o…
The Brampton is police trying to force me to give up my rights as a tenant to another white tenant.Telling me directly that's what I must do
It was 31 years ago today when CHiPs ended its 6 season run in 1983. What TV police force would you like to serve...
peels were the 1st name for the police, named after Robert Peel the founder of the police force.
Welcome ceremony from police force.!!.
To be honest I think I can out run most of Americas police force
In the US, people can be rejected from joining the police force if they are too intelligent.
We have a Police force because it is packed with a pool of slow thinkers who lack strategy & imagination (D materials)
"the backlash will have unfortunate repercussions for the police force and the town of Rochdale." Just staggering: http:…
Staten Island man named died of brute and unlawful police force: (3min) . Check the comments. Get Angry.
Did you know that no govt. agency tracks police use of deadly force?
3, that's how many people have died this month due to police brutality/ excessive force... How many of those have been arrested? 0
Virginia to hire 20th police officer: VIRGINIA — The city’s police force will reach an optimum 20 officers in 2015.
You have to bribe to join the Kenya police force. Our (losing) fight against Al Shabaab starts there.
.Is this the reason many Muslim groups and Sachar committee wants more representation for Muslims in p…
Rapes are not stoping by any force peoples next door neb.did not help police youth donot use them to punish Rapiests
the Nara have run the best police force in the county for generations, alongside the akimichi and yamanaka
Resist this police state. We hope to see the police chiefs have some human decency. this is a force of illness that evil and righteous
just talked about the excessive force police is using ever since our military has returned from Iraq & Afghanistan
How true that few of the Police Force in Surigao del Norte are Protectors of illegal drugs?. One of the reasons...
I'm doing a really good job, says police crime-tsar Ann Barnes despite string of controversies including making...
Guns, high kicks and crossbows. Posters for a new Hong Kong action flick? No, these are recruitment posters for...
Weekend 99p . A gunman is killing paedos. The MCR public think he's ace. The police don't have a clue. …
Katt Pulls Gun on Heckler! Police Respond in Force! - Katt Williams has a history of erratic behavior.
for police management taking off. Just spotted fith force procurement proposals from the last few months.
I would like to thank everyone In the Military, police force, firefighters, and Paramedics. You protect and keep this …
95% of the Spanish police force is made up of young, attractive, and fit spaniards in tight uniforms 🇪🇸
"11 chilling facts about America's militarized police force
I have got a job. I am a cop now Police wala hun yar. Jald he Inshalla Elite Force Join karunga. Pray for me
State Police will be out in force this holiday weekend working to keep people safe
The only decent well train police force in ms
Terror suspects arrested at Forest mall released on police bond. . The Joint Anti-Terrorism Task Force on Friday...
Exclusive: Second police force used belt on faces -
Happy 4th to the prison-industrial complex, the militarized police force, and the surveillance state! 💗
11 chilling facts about America's militarized police force
the Italian mob has been covertly running the police force and the politicians in Chicago for years now.
we are proud of our police force. . KP police is the best in Pakistan.
Happy birthday to the greatest country on earth! Back to back world war champs and the worlds police force, who could argue?
Sonoma Co. DUI Task Force in force over holiday weekend via
Hoax bomb threat to train: Police, fire and rescue force and bomb squad carried out a thorough search of all t...
Then cord members should not complain if the police use excessive force to protect the kenyan people against hooligans.
Tariq abukhdair, 15 years old, before and after he was beaten by Israeli special police force in
Police appeal for information after girl followed - Panania Police have appealed to the public for information after a teenage girl was followed by a man at Panania on Thursday. About 1.05pm on Thursday 19 June 2014, a 16-year-old girl alighted from a train at the railway station and walked to the top of the stairs. She walked past a man who was standing near the stairs. As the girl walked away she became aware of the man, who followed her as she walked along several streets including Anderson Avenue, Marco Avenue, and Wilson Street. The girl reported the incident to her mother when she arrived home a short time later. She reported the matter at school the next day and police from Bankstown LAC - NSW Police Force were alerted. Bankstown Police have received other similar reports and have appealed for the community to be vigilant. The man is described as being of Middle Eastern appearance and approximately 30 years old. The man had a large amount of stubble and black hair, which was closely shaven. At the ...
"In my 21 years on the police force, this is still the story I tell people." Lessons From the End of a Marriage
How were nine Nazgul able to roam through the Shire? Do the Hobbits have no police force of any kind?
After his Police force killed civilians in Lahore, the CM Punjab still adamant to not to resign! Moral integrity gets …
Omg this rookie should not be on the police force who academy did he pass to get this job tf
The police step out in full force, WITH THE CHOPPER!
If people think the commissioner of police a run the force..ha...think again... of the reason why i would never join the police force...
Whole Arlington police force in my front yard .
report on the Albuquerque police department from tonight's edition of
Tuesday as to why the police hitting Rodney King 53 times wasn't excessive force. He'll say anything for attention.
Teamwork, this is the foundation of the police force
I disagree. This is something I've read a lot about. Drug war+ militarization of police forces have bred a more violent force
FBI and NYPD team up to create federal cybercrime task force: The New York Police Department is teaming up wit...
correct. I also believe, and I think the stats back me up, that the police force is recruiting more bullies than it used to...
Did you know Collinsville has the highest paid police force in the entire state of Illinois?
How the *** did Duncan get into the police force?
as in WWE shield not the police force
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
I swear to god that the police force doubled since school got out. They're everywhere
It seems that the Isle of Man has lost the plot since I've left. Reducing the police force while crimes have increased? Great idea there.
This Guy Needs To Immediately Resign from the Police Force. A Plano Police Officer pulled over a local man for an...
Religious intolerance and discrimination alive and well in South Australian police force.
Need for speed the most exciting part was when uv got the whole police force after you & you one man , escaped 😂 even with the helicopter 😩
# fraudchat and I have come to respect to Police force, and starting to realize there not all bad. You know who you are, THANK YOU.
I guess 30 years on the police force wasn't a long enough time for this officer to bother reading the 1st...
Deputies Respond with Show of Force to Hoax in Rancho Santa Margarita
There's nothing like a militarized, trigger happy police force to make you believe your nation's future is bright.
The Victorian police force is being used as a ‘‘political weapon’’, Read more:
Boy...last summer, was busy spending time having his police force arrest elderly citizens for singing!
OpEd: If the US is a police state then the DHS is its national police force, with all the brutality and corruption
Infront of our village: Full-force Media, cameras, reporters, police, minions & traffic. arrest day
Hm. We must have the best police force in the world.
Former area police officer pens book about experiences on the force
Via 132 Marijuana plants seized - Hulbert police, drug task force officers arrest three people on cu...
I love my job but I would love to get a job with the police force as an animal officer
Slaves made up the police force of ancient Athens.
Gnomeland Security would be an awesome name for a police force in Middle Earth...
Out of 5200, 1400 Police Officers assigned to patrol & investigate. That's less than 30% of entire force. Explaining is imperative
Seattle is home to the worst police force in America
Dang the hospital stepped up the police force 😖
Does anyone in know why the new police commissioner Vaki was suspended from the force in 2009?
NSW Police Legacy is a charity dedicated to the welfare, care and financial support of police families following the death of a serving or retired police officer. Each year, to raise money, the charity hosts a Blue Ribbon Ball which celebrates the proud traditions and history of the NSW Police Force and reiterates the invaluable offerings of the charity in an appeal for donations and support. We designed the prospectus for the event this year outlining the charity’s work, how they assist families, it’s internal hierarchy, the objective for the Blue Ribbon Ball and details of the various sponsorship opportunities. Check it out!
Stacy's Jewellery (Continued from 18th June 2014). CHAPTER TEN As soon as we were alone, Idia began to narrate the entire events leading up to their accident. “We were in Benin again to see Chief Priest Itsekure, and as had happened the last time, he and the police men had an argument over his request that I be brought into the shrine. The officer in charge of the team bluntly refused because, according to him, in all his years of training in the Police Force, he had never heard that a native doctor carried out an investigation on behalf of the police. He said to make matters worse, the native doctor was recommended by the complainant who had never bothered to pay a visit to the Police headquarters or the police stations where the suspects were kept to give her own written statement as should be, rather she insisted on using the police to take the suspects to see spiritualists which was a big risk. He added that since she had a good relationship with native doctors, and she knew the solution to the prob ...
Nasarawa State Police Command on Thursday withdrew a case it had instituted against a correspondent of Daily Trust Newspapers, Hir Joseph. Mr. Joseph was on May 13, arraigned in a Lafia Magistrates’ Court II for allegedly anchoring a news where his newspaper alleged that some women police in the command participated in the protest. The protest was organised by various women organisations in Lafia, the state capital, following the abduction of the over 250 school girls on April 14, in Chibok, Borno. Maidawa Adam, a Superintended of Police, announced the withdrawal of the suit at the resumed hearing of the case. Mr. Adam told the court that he had been directed by the Commissioner of Police in the state, Ibrahim Idris, to withdraw the case. He said that the command had realised the need to sustain the cordial working relationship between the Nigerian Police Force and the media, being the fourth estate of the realm, and urged the magistrate to grant the application. The counsel to the accused, Mohammed Dan ...
National Industrial Court in Jos on Thursday ordered the Inspector-General of Police, IGP, to immediately reinstate George Ozioko, who was compulsorily retired from service in 2009. Mr. Ozioko, an Assistant Commissioner of Police, had sued the Nigeria Police Force and the Police Service Commission after he was initially absolved of complicity in a suspect’s case but was later retired. Justice Rabi Gwanduh said that his retirement was unlawful because Mr. Ozioko was earlier tried on the same matter by the Police in 2008 and set free. The judge said that revisiting the same offence a year after amounted to witch-hunting and declared his retirement unlawful. Mr. Gwanduh held that a person cannot be punished for the same offence twice, according to Section 169 of the Evidence Act. “The claimant has been reinstated, he ought not to be punished a second time for the same offence, the respondents are in error. “By the preponderance of the evidence before the court, the claimant has proved his case against ...
Woman charged after drugs located in home - East Maitland Police have charged a woman after locating prohibited drugs in a home at East Maitland today. About 3.50pm today (Thursday 19 June 2014), officers attached to Central Hunter LAC - NSW Police Force executed a search warrant at a unit on Narang Street. Police located and seized 31 plastic bags containing a drug believed to be cannabis and five bags containing what was believed to amphetamines. A 56-year-old woman, one of the occupants, was arrested at the scene and taken to Maitland Police Station. She was charged with five offences relating to possessing and supplying a prohibited drug and dealing in the proceeds of crime. The woman was granted conditional bail to appear at Maitland Local Court on Monday 21 July 2014.
- A war relic was found today at block 79 Marine Drive. The relic, a hand grenade, has since been removed. No danger was posed to the public, the Singapore Police Force says.
We have come up with this video clip for foreigners visiting our islands. We urge you to share our video so tourists can have an insight into our local regulations and traditions. Video Script: Hi, I’m Superintendent Sharon Tanti and on behalf of the Malta Police Force, I will be giving you some advice which you might find useful during your stay. Whilst we hope that you have a pleasant and fruitful experience in Malta, it is in everybody’s interest that you stay safe throughout your time on our island. In Malta we drive on the left-hand side. This is most probably different to what you are used to back home, so be extra careful when crossing the road, as you might be looking the wrong way. Also, avoid walking through tunnels, as they are not meant for pedestrians but for drivers. Beware of pick-pockets in crowded places. Take good care of your belongings such as mobile phones, wallets, hand bags. Do not leave your personal stuff unattended especially at the beach or in the clubs. Whilst on the sub .. ...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Nyanya bombing: Ogwuche’s extradition process on, says Envoy The Sudanese Ambassador to Nigeria, Amb Tagelsir Ali, said on Wednesday the extradition process of Aminu Ogwuche, the suspected mastermind of the Nyanya bomb blasts, would be completed soon. Ali told newsmen in Abuja on Wednesday that both Sudan and Nigeria had similar standards guiding an extradition process. Ogwuche was arrested in Sudan in May following the joint efforts of the Nigerian Army, Department of State Services, the National Bureau of Interpol based at the Nigerian Police Force Headquarters, and the Sudanese security operatives. He said, “There is an agreement between Sudan and Nigeria. It was supposed to be revisited in the last bilateral meeting that took place in Khartoum. “The extradition treaties always got a sequence of procedures that has to be taken care of, about 17 or 18 procedures that have to be dealt with before a person can go back to his or her country. “It is very important to wait until the procedures are fi ...
Paedophiles 'flocking to dark net' Tens of thousands of paedophiles are using the so-called dark net to trade images of sexual abuse, an investigation by BBC News indicates. One site receives as many as 500 page views per second, its founder says. Figures from another site suggest Brits are heavily involved in producing and distributing illegal obscene images. Britain's National Crime Agency warned in its 2014 threat assessment that abusers were turning to anonymous sites and encryption technology. The dark net is the term used to refer to parts of the internet that are hidden and can be hard to access without special software. One of the most popular products used to access such areas is called the TorBrowser. Paedophiles use chat rooms on the dark net to share illegal images It allows people to use Tor, an "onion-routing" system which makes a PC's net address untraceable by bouncing the encrypted data it sends through several randomly selected computer servers on a volunteer network - each of which remo ...
Police modernise to maintain public safety Chief Constable Gary Roberts has today announced a major programme of modernisation of the Island’s police force to maintain community safety in a new era of reduced budgets and challenging financial targets. Neighbourhood policing is to continue, but there will be a rationalisation of the Constabulary’s management and local services. Two police stations will close and the total number of officers is reducing by 11 per cent. The Chief Constable said: ‘The Isle of Man is a very safe place and the changes I have announced have been designed to ensure that the Constabulary’s shrinking budget does not threaten this. I would, though, sound an important word of caution - it is my professional opinion that further reductions could not be absorbed without there being a real threat to public safety.’ The modernisation programme will see significant changes being made to call handling, to command and control and to the tasking and management of Police Officers. S ...
Funminiyi Afuye, the Ekiti State Commissioner for Integration and Inter-Governmental Affairs, along with 11 others, has been charged with the Nigerian Terrorism (Prevention) Amendment Act. The charge stems from a recent political demonstration back on the 8th of June, where one man was killed, and scores arrested in what started out as a peaceful assembly by members of the All Progressives Congress in Ado Ekiti. The federal terrorism charge, considered very serious by Nigerian legal experts, is dubious, say critics of federal officials in Abuja, because of its timing. On the 21st of June in Ekiti state there is a hotly contested governor’s race, where tens of thousands of voters there are expected to cast their ballots. What is also curious in the timing of this charge of terrorism is that for some, it looks like a legal game of intimidation and harassment.’ Funminiyi Afuye, had instituted a civil rights suit, and sued the state Commissioner of Police, Mr. Felix Uyanma, and the Mobile Police Commander ...
Today we wish good luck to our members of the Alice Springs Police Force undergoing trials for the tactical response group. We've watched them train the house down for six months. Their dedication has been truly inspiring!
Civil Defence Corps Parade Policemen, Others for Vandalisation Plateau State Commandant of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), Vincent Bature has arrested and paraded five petroleum pipes lines vandals with over 160 jerry cans of oil. Among those paraded were two members of the Nigeria Police Force. Parading the suspects Thursday in Jos, Bature said the NSCDC is determined to get rid of petroleum vandals in the state. The commandant said the security personnel involved in the vandal activities have been handed over to their organisation for appropriate sanction and stressed that the culprits would be charged to court. He said the suspects were arrested in Tarya village of Bassa Local Government Area of the state.
Kwara NBA Alleges Brutalisation of Member By Police Nigerian Bar Association (NBA),Ilorin branch on Tuesday alleged that one of its members was brutalised by the Police. The association Chairman,Barrister Mobolaji Ojibara said a member of the Bar, Barrister Taofiq Sanusi was stripped last Friday by some overzealous officers of the Nigerian Police; beaten to a state of stupor and almost had his eye blinded. Ojibara disclosed this at a special court session in honour of Justice Joseph Ibiwoye of the state High Court who died in April this year. "Permit me, my lord, to also use this opportunity to reiterate the commitment of the leadership of Ilorin bar under our watch to uphold and protect the fundamental human right and dignity of all its members. it is in this regard that the Nigerian Bar Association, Ilorin branch condemns in the strongest possible terms the acts of intimidation and persecution of the members of the bar in the cause of their professional pursuit by the police and calls on all members of ...
Evelyn Primas telling the jury her story. Black, single mother joined police force in 1978 and rose to commander.
17 June, 2014 For Immediate Release GABUNGAN BERTINDAK MALAYSIA PRESS STATEMENT ON KELANTAN MASS RAPE INCIDENT On 20th May, news reports of a 14 year old girl raped by up to 38 men in Kelantan emerged. More than 3 weeks after this horrific incident, proof of the tidak apa attitude, apathy and callous indifference of Malaysians has never been more clear. In any other civilized country this horrific event would have brought about national condemnation and soul searching. The country’s citizens would be up in arms calling for action. The country's leaders – from the highest up - would have been indignant that this happened on their watch. They would have put aside their busy agenda and taken the lead in expressing remorse and shame. Their calls for better protection of our children would have been the loudest and their steps in ensuring despicable acts like this shall never happen again in the firmest language. For years, the civil society organisations in this country especially the women groups, have . ...
Changing the name from Police Force to Police service sin't sufficiant enough. Ploice system/structure must be changed.
The results are in from a NSW Police Force road safety operation over the long weekend. There were 600 major crashes reported across the state and two deaths. A total of 4208 drivers were charged with speeding and 272 charged with drink driving as part of Operation Stay Alert. Police say the number of people breaking road rules was down this year, but reminded people about the importance of seatbelts. "Unfortunately in a number of these serious crashes it is believed seatbelts were not being worn. We need people to listen to the message - seatbelts save lives," Acting assistant commissioner Stuart Smith said.
Just finished a 5km…'run/jog/walk/stagger'... in the gym at Goulburn Police Academy, mixing it up with some of the 700 newest NSW Police Force recruits in training. (walks off treadmill trying not to grimace too much!) M E D I C !!!
Thanks to the New South Wales Police Force from the Christie Family. Maureen, Michael, John and particularly Peter Christie wish to thank the NSW police Force for its efforts and the professional manner in which they have dealt not only with the apprehension and subsequent charging of the alleged attacker of Daniel Christie on new Year 31st December, 2013, but the empathy, respect, caring and love they demonstrated and continue to demonstrate towards us at a time of great upheaval. The community should be extremely proud of the NSW Police Force, and thankful to all law enforcement agencies throughout Australia, and reflect often on their selflessness and dedication to a job that many of us would simply find too hard. We applaud the dedicated people that tirelessly underpin, repair, and maintain our civil order and health services under great stress and often abusive or violent situations. These fine men and women have also felt a sense of loss, as they have done previously with Thomas Kelly and far too .. ...
As our state representative, Jim Cantwell, posted today, he "attended a touching ceremony for Bob Quigley, a thirty year veteran of Marshfield's Police Force, the former Resource Officer at both Furnace Brook Middle School & Marshfield High School, a Veteran with ten years of service in the Army, and an all-around terrific person. The Massachusetts House of Representatives had a moment of silence in Bob's honor before we adjourned on Wednesday, but I'm certain he'd be most proud of the thank you'd from students at Furnace Brook Middle School that lined Forest Street this morning. With many thanks Bob for your service to our community and our country." Fitting tributes for a wonderful person, citizen and friend to our community. His absence will be felt because his presence was profound. Thank you, Officer Bob Quigley.
Well boy... Where to start bai ? Smh... First off... Dana Seetahal comes out and implicates the AG... Shortly thereafter... Dana Seetahal is murdered... Coincidence ? Then... Shortly after Dana has been murdered... Volney comes out and says that where he previously implicated the AG in the Section 34 scandal. He was making it up... Coincidence ? Second... Mark Bassant... Hats off to you for raising the hornets nest... It can only mean that your hard work has gotten the police\gangsters concerned that you were getting too close... It speaks volumes that a hit has been put on your head while Ian Alleyne is still on tv every week night... That said the Police Force in Trinidad and Tobago have to be some of the dumbest most incompetent people on the face of this earth... Third... That Documentary that has gone viral recently... I finally watched it... And I am appalled at the reaction that it is causing among the populace... So what allyuh really thought was going on in Trinidad bai ? Were people so blind to ...
President Goodluck Jonathan has asked Inspector general of Police, Mohammed Abubakar, to proceed on compulsory pre- retirement leave. This was conveyed in a letter issued by the Secretary to the Government of the Fedration, Anyim Pius Anyim but signed by the President. The IG has been instructed to hand over to the most senior office in the Police Force, Suleiman Fakai, who is the deputy inspector general of Police in charge of Finance and Administration. Abubakar became Inspector General of Police on January 25, 2012 and his tenure is supposed to expire on July 30, 2014, when he would have put in the maximum 35 years in the Force. He had applied for an extension of his tenure, but was turned down by the presidency. Fakai will step in an acting capacity until a new Inspector General is announced.
No fear of anyone breaking into our house. Every time I glance over at the security camera monitors there is a police car sitting at the stop sign. Benefits of living in the same neighborhood as the entire Shediac RCMP Police Force :D I better not do anything wrong because they have me surrounded, even when they are not working :D lol
Meetings later this week with Campbelltown City Council, the Australian Sports Commission, the Australian Drug Foundation, representatives of the NSW Police Force and NSW Sport and Recreation are expected to have a favourable, long-term impact on the SWS Touch Association and our permanent future in the Campbelltown area and new incentives launched to promote the game, and encourage community pride from participants of all ages. Details of the meeting outcome will be released at weeks end.
Overnight, Detectives from Taskforce Maxima made an additional arrest relating to a joint cross border drug trafficking operation resulting in the arrest of participant of the Rebels Criminal Motorcycle Gang. The joint operation commenced in November 2013 by Ballina detectives from NSW Police Force. It targeted the drug trafficking activities of the Rebels criminal motor cycle gang, Ballina Chapter. These investigations identified the offenders were trafficking dangerous drugs on the Gold Coast. A joint investigation with members of Taskforce Maxima then commenced. The initial enforcement action on January 28, 2014 included search warrants being executed on the Gold Coast and in Northern NSW and the interception of a vehicle suspected of transporting drugs from New South Wales into Queensland. A search of this vehicle located a quantity of drugs, ammunition and other drug paraphernalia. Subsequent investigations in relation to the items located in vehicle have identified additional offences. Consequently, ...
"check it out via Dun & Bradstreet or any of the other places which records the setting up and performance of the 160,000,000 commercial companies world-wide. When you do that, you will discover that, for example, the House of Commons is a commercial for-profit company (number UC2279443), The Labour Party is a commercial company which trades under the name of “Allister Darling MP”, The House of Lords which is the highest court in the land is a private company, the United Kingdom Corporation Ltd. formerly known as the “United Kingdom plc” and which never complied with the law which requires it to file it's financial records, is also a private company. The Ministry of Justice D-U-N-S Number 22-549-8526, Directors: Lord Falconer of Thoroton is a private company set up in the year 1600. The Bank of England is a private company, as is every Court and every Police Force and even the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry is a company and not a person." your 9overnment is a corporation. its a fa ...
I answered "Sgt. Nicholas Angel" in the You're in the Police Force -
Police Force and National Intelligence & Security Agency are officially under the Mayor. The President endorsed it.
Former South African police commissioner, George Fivaz is tipped to take up the PC post for the Police Force.
Good luck to my niece, Kayleigh with her passing out parade this evening for the Police Force. Many congrats to you and well done kiddo x
One of the very serious mistakes may by LKY is to replace older people by younger people in the civil service and the political field. He considers that older people, except himself, to be "dead wood" and that younger people would be better able to cope with the future. He forgot that younger people lack experience, and with it, lack courage. Furthermore, the generation of people brought up through his education system is not able to think creatively and are unwilling to take risk or to take responsibility. In many parts of our public sector, the younger leaders are not able to identify critical problems, and are not able to find the solutions. Look at our Police Force, Land Transport Authority and many other government agencies. It is quite sad..
Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA) Incidents and Statements involving Garo National Liberation Army: 2014, 2013, 2010-2012 Formation The Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA) was formed in 2009. Since its formation, the GNLA has been involved in killing, abduction, extortion, bomb blasts and attacks on Security Forces (SFs). In the current situation, the State Government is still examining the activities of the outfit before declaring it an outlawed group. The outfit is believed to have around 70 active members, of whom 45 have completed training. The law and order situation in the Garo-dominated areas has deteriorated after the outfit was formed. According to media reports, the Central Government is considering to ban the outfit. Objectives The GNLA is fighting for a 'sovereign Garoland' in the Western areas of Meghalaya. Leadership The outfit was formed by a former Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Meghalaya, Pakchara R. Sangma alias Champion R. Sangma, after deserting the Police Force. He is the ...
Remove Martin Richards as Chief Constable and ask an outside Police Force to investigate corruption and gross misconduct inside Sussex Police Force A complaint made against Arun District Council in 2002 that a paedophile ring was operating within the council offices appears to have been interfered with by the Chief Constable who appears to be friends with the ex-Chief Executive of the Council. When the same council then used false documents to bankrupt the author of the statement, Sussex Police failed to take any action. Instead it appears that they actively encouraged the bankruptcy court by writing at very specific hearings denying any ongoing investigation or at the very least minimising their involvement - leaving the defendant in this case looking as though he was either lying or attempting to delay the court proceedings. The judge in the matter eventually lost patience and granted the bankruptcy order. The man's £500,000 home was then sold for little over half price to the best friend of one of the ...
My Great Grandfather Thomas Seery born (probably) in Westmeath 1828, appointed to the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) on 16/05/1853 with Service Number 17083, allocated to Tipperary 08/10/1853 then to Kerry and promoted 01/12/1853. Thomas resigned to emigrate to Australia and paid the sponsorship Deposit for Michael Seery also in the RIC for travel to Australia where they both resided in New South Wales (NSW) and became police constables in the First NSW Police Force in 1862. It is curious that Thomas's son James Patrick Seery became a Senior Police Inspector in that force and his grandson (myself) also attained that rank and became the fourth generation of Police Officers in the family. I desire to find out how closely related the original Thomas and Michael from Roscommon-Westmeath were as they may have been brothers raising large families in NSW Australia
...why we need IPCMP to Reform the Police Force
Nic6047842 Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki gives a speech to mark the 90th anniversary of the foundation of the Police Force in the capital Baghdad, on January 9, 2012. The force, which has apologised for acts committed during the rule of now-executed dictator Saddam Hussein, held ceremonies in major cities across Iraq. AFP/PHOTO/AHMAD AL-RUBAYE. (Photo credit should read AHMAD AL-RUBAYE/AFP/Getty Images) 2012 AFP
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Uganda Police...World's funniest Police Force. These guys spend most of their days standing and walking about in the dusty streets of Kampala and around Ugan...
Eh, I guess Rakutsu isn't just 'Brawn' if he managed to get into the international police force.
How many more scandals before the Metropolitan Police is disbanded and a new force is rebuilt from scratch?
Trust shaken, reform needed, in Hollywood Police Department
The force was strong with this one..
Force him outside, the police will take him down. Get them out of here.
A landslide of answers! You are of course correct :) The special police force in Japan's Late Shogunate period was named the Shinsengumi
Text of LASPO s139 - Establishment or alteration of rehabilitation periods - in force 10 March - see
Con't or if they are reporting an emergency to a police force, fire department or ambulance service. (ie calling 911).
I went to Edmondson Heights Elementary School. By 5th grade, we had our own police force
Yesterday Singapore Police Force introduced *** New Satki Technology..But What we think will end up showing...
LASPO amendments to Rehabilitation of Offenders Act coming into force 10 March:
River police building Wapping first force to wear uniforms...
I personally think the Met is so damaged it should be dismantled and London's police organized into a new force
Why is our police force only around when they can benefit from something? Why is it so hard to get in touch with...
Update your maps at Navteq
Just quoting from the BBC here. I think we may have reached a tipping point with our police force.
If P M Nawaz sharif is serious about Islamabad Security failure,He must sack all the TOPBlack Sheeps in the Islamabad police force.
Provincial watchdog to review use of force by Toronto police
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