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Police Academy

A police academy is a training school for new police recruits, also known as a law enforcement academy.

Michael Winslow Steve Guttenberg Citizens Police Academy Blue Oyster Bar Writers Police Academy Punky Brewster Bubba Smith Private Benjamin Bill Clinton

Our cadets are spending 24 hours locked up in the cells to raise money for their trip to an American police academy htt…
Ex cadaver helps 1st school be howling success:
What year did you graduate from the police academy?
We couldn't agree more. Everyone should watch film, VISAARANAI.
she also graduated from From IDF Jewish police academy = evil mentality just like the IDF Jews in Israel.
They don't train you for this at the police academy
Eric Hernandez instructing on Fire services and first aid & CPR with Citizens Police Academy (In Spanish)
Congratulations to all the Police Academy graduates from Vanc.Island
There are others they're doing and in the past they did Police Academy which also got axed
Congratulations to all the Police Academy graduates.
Police academy early in the morning ..
Demond said he gonna join the police academy if football don't work out 🤔
This week, 29 residents completed our latest Basic Citizens Police Academy course! Congrats to the members of Class 26!…
Looking up Cadet programs run by stations but I think the only one is in the town that holds police academy and that is an hour and a half-
Art conference! t. Zehne s: t. Police academy's th join the word for this direction
Like go join the police academy if u wanna be real law enforcement 🤔🙄
Honored to be part of the Citizens Police Academy of
Congratulations to Police Officers Demetrice Phillips and Nathan D. Lamkin who graduated from the Police Academy...
Nothing my children ever accomplish will compare to the vocal hilarities of Michael Winslow in Police Academy 5 Assignment Mia…
The NYT obituary for George Gaynes, who starred in “Punky Brewster” and "Police Academy" /…
PO Bianca Bennett shared her Police Academy adventure & love for the with us at Today we mourn he…
I get the feeling our president thinks Frederick Douglass was the guy in Police Academy who made the noises.
Jennifer hudson's hair! That bit in Police Academy when Capt Harris gets his head stuck up a horse's ***
Reasons to watch Police Academy- Bubba Smith, and Michael Winslow. Do they make it good? Not really, but they sure help.
Co-starring his Police Academy cohort Michael Winslow, this is a potential Steve Guttenberg classic. Definitely not…
Barry Bannan looks like a trim version of the lad with the daft voice from the Police Academy films
Police Academy, Land before time, The never ending story, national lampoons..
My 11-week Citizen's Police Academy class ended last night. Read my wrap-up in today's
Citizen’s Police Academy changes attitudes of graduates
Congratulations to the 2016 Citizen's Police Academy graduates! We had an amazing group who for 9 wks learned about their…
The Merrimack Police Department is now accepting applications for its Citizen’s Police Academy. The academy...
to Graduates of Citizen's Police Academy and thanks to Maumee Police Division!
Chief Robert Lenahan addresses the UPD's first Citizen's Police Academy. Sign up for our spring semester now on our website!
Assistant Chief, Larry Zacarese, instructs the UPD Citizen's Police Academy in our Emergency Operations Center..
The Citizen's Police Academy learns how to respond to active shooter situations
The Carbondale Police Department wraps up the last session of the Citizen's Police Academy tonight.
School Resource Officer Barry Bayles talks to the class at Citizen's Police Academy tonight.
Congrats to the graduates of the 36th Citizen's Police Academy. We appreciate your interest and hope you found the…
Next Citizen's Police Academy is set for March 11th, 2017. For more information and to apply online:…
A big congrats to 34 new grads from Police Academy. TY for your commitment to public safety!
Khmer Times Prime Minister Hun Sen speaking on Thursday at Police Academy on the topic of…
At first glance, I thought it said "Steve Guttenburg". And I thought...hmm...1984, Police Academy...why not, Mahoney?"
Another successful tour of the Kane County Adult Justice Center by our fall Citizen's Police Academy.
But you have kind of have a professional obligation now to watch, I'd say, first 4 "Police Academy"s. (weird title to pluralize)
"Honey, can we watch Police Academy?". . "I'd rather watch that great Steven Spielberg movie!".
Citizens’ Police Academy, Week 4: How to save a life
The atrocious Police Academy: Mission to Moscow (1994) 4/10 is the 7th and last of the series, of which film…
Today Citizen's Police Academy toured our emergency vehicle operations course, and the willing got to drive! Great group l…
BPD will be hosting a Citizens’ Police Academy beginning on October 27th at 1800 hours. We would like to get a...
Germantown Police Announce Citizens' Police Academy: Register now for the next GPD Citizens' Police Academy.
Westport News - Citizens’s Police Academy, Class 2: Putting on the drunk goggles
Just saw a "COP: Citizens On Patrol" sticker on a car. Did this exist before '87, or is life imitating a freaking "Police Academy" movie?
A primarily female Police Academy reboot. Airplane!, with Sean Hayes in the Julie Hagerty role.
Yeah and Gronk stole his dance moves from the Blue Oyster Bar scene in Police Academy
Leslie Easterbrook in Police Academy, 1984...had a -- you just wanna caress your lips on her face}|{
Pretty sure Police Academy reboot starring Jenna Fischer, Angela Bassett and Betty White is now happening
Bill Clinton: 1st US president to have watched all 6 Police Academy movies back-to-back.
Police Academy stock just jumped 300% I can Michael Winslow now, cha chang, no seriously I hear him.
For the record: Bill Clinton's favourite "Police Academy" movie is the first one
Excited to be going to Writers' Police Academy & learning how police work crime scenes, etc. Maggie Dove's going rogue.
trying to figure out which movie to watch for my annual birthday movie celebration. it's usually Ghostbusters or Police Academy
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Citizens' Police Academy starts on Aug. 25th. For more info:
27 cadets graduate from the FCC Police Academy today at 3 p.m. Congratulations and stay safe!
A reboot of "Police Academy" where a bunch of bumbling misfits become state-licensed murderers
3 of our Police Academy grads are now with Congrats to Officers Matt Shideler, Joe Wu & Kyle Lackman!
Great to be Police Dept. Citizens Police Academy class Graduation, congratulations!
Experiencing the all the fun of being an officer at Police Academy- day 3 with
How long do you have to go to the Police Academy to become a cop? 3 weeks?
hope it's a scene for a new Police Academy movie!
Angela Eagle reminds me of the pipsqueak-voiced woman from Police Academy. But without the gun.
Even a Police Academy apologist like myself stops watching after "City Under Siege."
Detail of my page of GW Bailey aka Capt. Harris from Police Academy for Jerks of the 80's.
Big shoutout to my cousin Daniel Dennis for receiving the Outstanding Graduate Award from the Police Academy. You...
20-30 Contracts to send out before I go to bed... Police Academy on TV. 5 Bottles of San Miguel in the fridge.
Do you remember the theme tune to Police Academy?
I can't wait until I can share Police Academy with my kids: Michael Winslow made that movie a classic
And further implied that everyone is constantly, unfairly piling on Police Academy star Michael Winslow, probably because racism
Fun game: X may never be like Y, but it won't be the fault of Z. X=sex; Y=Fly Fishing; Z=Police Academy star Michael Winslow
And now the black guy from the 'Police Academy' movies. A robot. Michael Winslow, anyone?
1986: Sixty Minutes met vocal violinist Michael Winslow best known for his role in the Police Academy films.
Bubba Smith in Police Academy should be a more prominent role model for recipients of awards
Michael Winslow (from Police Academy) doing an amazing impression of Led Zeppelin. If you have not seen this 2...
Met Gala is not academy awards o biko. There's always a theme behind it; hence the way people dress pliss eyin fashion police e rora o.
I just got so sick to my stomach over this police academy thing that I can't even deal right now
is now accepting applications for the January 2017 Police Recruit Academy! Application acceptance...
Why are there seven police academy movies
I assume "justice involved" doesn't mean they're enrolled in the police academy. :)
or Key and Peele are making it into a movie 😬😬😬
Suffolk to have most diverse police academy class - News 12 Long Island
Spending the day at the Atlantic Police Academy tomorrow!
We need a flashback episode to when Jake and Laura were in the police academy..
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
PD announces most diverse class of new recruits. 🚔👮🚨
Boy said he's ready for the police academy 😂
I wish they would have made more police academy movies.
Fitzy and gbedema putting in work at the police academy
About to have a mental breakdown realizing I'm not going to be able to talk to Steve everyday while he's in the police academy
So Corpus Christi has a comedy club and Michael Winslow from Police Academy is coming in June. I could use a good laugh.
Police Police Academy. (Phoned that one in. I almost added a 3, but I'm a slacker, dammit.)
Pretty amazing that my mom graduated at the top of her class in the police academy and she's only my size. I love women
Mother-son duo sworn in as Flint Police officers: First the police academy, now a mother son duo...
IUPD Capt. Greg Butler will retire after 22 years of running the IU summer police academy.
Chief James Craig is addressing the graduates of the Citizen's Police Academy, saying they are part of the solution.
Chief Craig congratulates the 2016 Spring class of the Detroit Police Citizens Academy.
With the support and generosity of we are proud sponsors of the Citizens Police Academy.
Enjoyed visiting w/ Ripon Police Youth Academy today! I love seeing students so committed to community!
New Haven police implement CrossFit into training for officers, recruits at academy
working on a Police Academy-style Hollywood script of Leicester's year. Begins in pre-season, "…
WPD accepting applications for the 2nd Youth Police Academy. Visit this link for an application.
Good luck to those recruits starting the 2016 Police Academy!! You have a great (long) summer ahead
The Phantom Policeman. Attack of the Cops. Revenge of the Police. A New Cop. The Academy Fights Back. Return of the Cops.
Well here goes not having a life... Police academy, work, working out, and umpiring baseball almost everyday this month and next.
Feeling nostalgic - Vince Neil on the set of Police Academy 6
How disappointed must studios get when they think they hired the sound effects guy from police academy and the foley artist shows up?
I was an extra in "Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach.". So was Here is the footage:
Suffolk announces large police academy class: Suffolk officials announced one of the largest police academy classes…
so they showed sth about the police academy in KS on RTK and my uncle, who passed away before I was born was on that picture
At 5&6 on I'll show you what it takes to be a graduate of Central Shenandoah Police Academy. http…
After I finish the police academy in going back to the H.
Was ranked third for the police academy last year, didn't get selected to continue because of my age, they told me they would reuse the ...
Applications now being accepted for our Youth Police Academy. Find out how to apply:
The citizens academy recently graduated its first class in years. Here's what some of them had to say:
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Shout out to one of my bestfriends for starting the police academy…
Wonder if she'll take him into custody. Training doesn't stop at the academy!
we also had, Galaxy Rangers, Denver the last dinosaur, James Bond Jr, Dinosaucers, Police Academy, Transformers, GI Joe . 😂
Moments from the Youth Leadership Council trip to the Police Academy.
Had a great time talking with Theresa Shortell, Asst Chief and Commanding Officer for NYPD Police Academy!
Fullerton College's Police Academy faces new scrutiny with claim filed - OCRegister
Fullerton College's Police Academy faces new scrutiny as claim is filed
An evening in with watching Police Academy, a film that in older than both of us - if you'll believe that!.
Just looked at a slideshow of celebrities who have died in 2016. For some reason, George Gaynes of Police Academy fame was in there 3 times.
At this rate the only celebrities left alive will be Keith Chegwin, Madonna and that funky one from Police Academy
Having only seen TV edits of many 80s comedy movies, which ones should I revisit for a shock? Police Academy? National Lampoon's Vacation?
14. Too Tall Jones dabbled in boxing as a player. Bubba Smith became famous for appearing in the "Police Academy" movies.
Yep The Blue Oyster Bar sign which was in the Police Academy movies!
Turn up the volume and just listen to this, absolutely love it!!. Led Zeppelin Official vs Police Academy
If you love the song from Police Academy at the Blue Oyster Bar. Check out our story with
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
A big Thank you to the Fresno City College Fire and Police Academy for making Tri Tip Dinner for the Advisory Committees. Great job!
"Mulcair is a talented politician" just like Steve Guttenberg was a great actor, who happened to make Police Academy & Three Men and a Baby.
So I just saw Police Academy for the first time ever. Absolutely terrible in so many ways, but Steve Guttenberg is freaking adorable.
Watching 'Police Academy' for the 2nd time today. Steve Guttenberg, you are my hero!
That Cruzan Chocolate lady or whatever looks like Michael Winslow from Police Academy
Forgot how totally adorable Steve Guttenberg is in the original Police Academy.
Michael Winslow is flippin crazy on this 1󾓶󾓶󾓶. One of my fav Police Academy characters󾮟
Police Academy's Michael Winslow is still amazing with that voice!
Gasp! What was that sound?!. Sigh, it's only Michael Winslow from Police Academy.
Steve Gutenberg didn't make it to Police Academy 5 Assignment: Miami Beach. I guess he got gunned down by some criminals between sequels
Got excited when I heard we were doing a Police Academy episode, but then no one was interested in my Steve Guttenberg pit…
The Citizen's Police Academy offers the community an in-depth look into the operations of our department.
Police Academy was just Private Benjamin for boys.
This week in 1989 'Police Academy 6 City Under Siege' was released in Cinema's 🎬
Someone else out there must also have felt the disappointment of missing 1989 Police Academy film but then joy of catching 1973 Magnum Force
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Donald Trump's 80s Themed Cabinet Dream Team. * Hulk Hogan. * Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds. * the Police Academy sound eff…
Tonight on MBC Max. At 3.00 p.m. Police Academy. With a sharp decline in the number of active police officers, the...
Private Benjamin, kind of. All the Police Academy movies.
The 'Police Academy' stuff was all hyper-slapsticky.
Hanging with the good guys at the San Angelo Citizen's Police Academy.
*searches for movie, i.e as compelling as Police Academy, not as complicated as Inception. Settles for Under Siege 2. Dark Territory.
to see if I could apply for the police academy 😁 thank you I love you 💙
enjoying this event , how about other film tie ins yes ev1 wants Star Wars , but till then . Police academy & airplane b good
Fire cadet tops police academy's Class of 2016
Public debate with Safer Neighbourhood Board, and Police on 22/03/16 at City Academy - get involved!
Understand & experience how West Mercia Police protects local people from harm & improves residents’ quality of life
Sunnyvale, CA. Police Officer Testing in Honolulu. May 7-11. $98,000 annually after the academy.
Court hears murder accused’s words to police after incident that left schoolmate dead
I just need 8 more credits or another year in the military to qualify for police academy like I'm so close 😩
Great input with George Salter Academy at Wednesbury Police cells. Covering Great school
Hamilton Collection
Top 1 of Philippine National Police Academy "Masundayao Class of 2016" will joined the Bureau of Fire Protection
S/o to him though. We're still cool till this day & he just graduated from the police academy. 🙆🏻
fashion police academy awards on E! is such a horrible disgusting show they literally degrade women all day
I liked a video from MARTIAL ARTS at POLICE ACADEMY
Norwalk Police on Instagram: “Pathway's Academy students listening to a presentation
Erin has Nadia's acceptance letter to the police academy and now Jay has Terry's. 😳😭😫
Morning from moi 🙋 and Commandant Eric Lassard on the set of Police Academy 23 🚔
Belleville junior police academy set for July
Dayum I'm getting convinced to join the Police Academy
Citizen Police Academy off to a great start this evening! Fall session open now! Check the city website for info.
Truck bomb kills nearly 50 at Libyan police academy
Up to 20 jobs at Fort Largs Police Academy could be "civilianised"
make sound effects kind of like that guy from Police Academy. Now, I say "kind of" because there's a distinct difference.
Getting accepted into the Chicago Police Academy is basically the kiss of death on
A spokesperson already for the Police Academy. So handsome
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LOL as soon as I read this all I heard in my head was the theme music to "The Blue Oyster" bar in Police Academy!
addressing Gilbert Citizens Police Academy Class Opening night of class for week 1.
Deputies Gallacher & Henry teaching Wildwood Christian Academy Students about the roll of a police officer.
We were at the 36th Grand Alumni Homecoming of the Philippine National Police Academy yesterday in Silang, Cavite. https:/…
my uni shares campus with the police academy and , so many attractive cops in training i just A
I heard that if you watch all seven Police Academy movies in a row, Steve Guttenberg calls to say 'thanks' and you'll be…
Citizens Police Academy classes underway in Springfield WATCH at:
9 months til he's graduation from police academy, and 14 months until we say I do
Now. Five new HPD officers graduated from the 300 Police academy
Why does everyone who wants to get into the Police Academy die on this show?!
So Jay's friend got into the police academy and then was tragically killed? Umm, Nadia, much? Quite the parallel.
EEEK!Saturday nite with the Police Academy gang...
glad it's not just me! Take Phoebe, throw in a dash of fairy and you're basically at Bobcat Goldthwait in Police Academy :D
Scott Morrison belongs in the cast of Police Academy. Cory Bernardi can follow him around like Proctor.
George Gaynes, Star of 'Police Academy' and 'Punky Brewster,' Dies at 98 via goodby John Van Horn
Behold your lord & savior, your Police Academy guiding light, Steve Guttenberg.
Too many deaths tied to Police Academy now. Hightower, Tackleberry, Steve Guttenberg's career and now Lesard! So sad.
. To others, he was Cmdr Lassard from Police Academy. But to me, he'll always be John Van Horn in Tootsie... "Does Jeff know?"
BBC News - Police Academy star George Gaynes dies at 98 - Waow from New York opera to film a full life indeed
If you have always wanted to see a movie starring Ron Pearlman AND Christopher Lee see "Police Academy: Mission To Moscow."
Today i discovered Steve Guttenberg got the Police Academy cast back together for a film called 'Lavalantula' and I may cry tears of joy.
But if that wasn't a big enough deal, Police Academy should always trend because of Steve Guttenberg. Steve Guttenberg is always relevant.
RIP George Gaynes, star of 'Punky Brewster' and the 'Police Academy' films, who has died aged 98. https:/…
will always be known for "Police Academy", but I'll always love him as 'John Van Horn' in "Tootsie" :(
Steve Guttenberg posted some Police Academy reunion pics from the set of his latest movie.
RIP George Gaynes, 98- wooer of Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie and Police Academy's always bewildered Commandant Lassard. https…
RIP George Gaynes. Such happy memories as a kid watching this hilarious man in Police Academy.
"I'm very proud to be a woman, Dr Brewster!" RIP George Gaynes, the hapless John Van Horn in Tootsie, Lassard in Police Academy & much more.
Wasn't he also the dude who got a hummer from Steve Guttenberg in Police Academy?
EGYPT'S Police Academy has expelled 40 students for allegedly belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood
Wonder if feels like Steve Guttenberg dropping out of Police Academy just before the franchise went off the rails.
.Citizen's Police Academy is a great experience. I highly recommend it.
Be 1 of 20 citizens to attend the Citizen’s Police Academy on Feb 12th. https:/…
Read about how I get briefly locked in jail in this new Citizen's Police Academy blog post:
LRPD is hosting it's first Women's Citizen's Police Academy. Details are in the link.
Writers’ Police Academy video training day Evidence collection, Miranda, and more.
3 spots remain for the 10 week Citizen's Police Academy. Classes start on 2/17 @ 630 pm . Call 296-2458 to sign up
The City of Allentown Police Department proudly announces the second annual Citizen's Police Academy scheduled to...
Chatham-Kent Police Service is now accepting applications for the Citizen's Police Academy. Applications due Feb. 19th.
Did Toyota get the writers from Police Academy to write Prius 4???
I added a video to a playlist Police Academy Funny Beatbox
Want to learn about MNPD investigative units, aviation & canine? Apply today for the Citizen Police Academy
Citizens academy gives insight into how Colorado Springs police officers work
If I don't get this Union job I'm going to the police academy
I will continue to get into shape and I WILL finish the Police Academy. Nothing or nobody can stop me from achieving that ✊🏼👮🏼
How’d they do that? New details in PSP Academy cheating scandal
Police Academy would be a brilliant series of films if they hadn't ruined it with 4-7. 1-3, especially 1 & 3 are great
Great read on how a Citizens' Police Academy can help improve relations! .
Thank you to the Durham Police Academy for inviting us to provide you all with a Home Buyer Seminar. Thank you...
And training for the police academy begins..🙃🙃
The Police Academy gave me a tazor for signing up 😏
Strongly thinking about going to police academy school 🤔
just got my official offer letter... So hey Blaine I got in the police academy!
Yes. Had been drinking at a police academy event, then bar, was on his way to see a woman not his girlfriend or baby-mama.
Santa Rosa Police Department has an important message for you! Citizen Police Academy starting in March.
Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol has taught us yes
Rookie Blue - Season 1 At the police academy they trained together, argued and c...
He testified the department trained him to do that in the police academy?
Experience to lead the way at St. Lawrence County Police Academy
I liked a video Police academy 1 funny scenes
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
All the Police Academy movies are on Netflix? My weekend is booked.
If I flirted with you this year, I'm sorry. I don't want these lurk problems cuz apparently my whole tl just finished …
Then after that start applying for either the CHP academy or the police academy
Brian Maura graduates from the Police Academy Following in the footsteps of his dad. A great football player,...
If, it makes you feel better she sounds like Bobcat from Police Academy... a man with a shrill voice.
Brian Maura Graduates from Police Academy Following in the foot steps of his dad. Great football player, will...
after college so awhile if I don't get into police academy
People did go to a Police Academy marathon.
State police investigating suspected cheating at its academy
Just had a former player ask me to be a reference for his application to the Police Academy. Super proud moment in my life.
Hollering, minus the Larvelle Jones from police academy sound fx kit buddy had
NYPD killer cop partner didn't perform CPR because he cheated on test via
Looks like that Bobcat dude from Police Academy
I tried to become a police officer but was kicked out of the Academy because they already had a black guy that made weird sounds.
Excited but sooo scared to apply for Police Academy tomorrow 👮🏼
Day 1 of the police academy. Interested in being a officer? Follow
Citizens Police Academy applicants needed!. As of today, Friday, February 05, 2016 we have 25 persons signed up...
Brown recognizes scholarship applicants to police academy
ast month the first recipients of my ‘Buffalo Police Department 21st Century Scholarship Program (BPD21C) entered the Police Academy at ECC.
Refresh my memory. Did Shawn Douglas go to the police academy.
I mean, I wouldn't turn down sex with Ryan Reynolds, I would just rather have pizza and a Police Academy marathon with him.
A big THANK YOU to the Mansfield Citizen's Police Academy Alumni Association for the generous donation that made...
Apparently Theresa May's all time favourite film is Police Academy - now she's bringing it to life.
Salem police academy must have the abridged program.
JJ graduated from the police academy pretty fast.
Launa, Migs, and Aidan off to youth judo provincials - on tomorrow in Kamloops. Police Judo clinic tonight at Aberdeen Judo Academy - 7 pm!
yeah I know I'm going to the police academy. By looking forward to it
Just a few weeks left to turn in your LCPD Citizens' Police Academy app ht…
he's in the police academy now. Don't you know once you do that you're instantly top secret?
U, Shack could be the new police academy movie stars
Can we talk about the fact that they made 7 police academy movies?
maybe police academy like you always wanted ? Poker is best for part time not full time. I hate seeing poker destroy people
New University Police Officers Justin Courtade and Derek Wiebel just graduated from the Zone 9 Police Academy.
Hudson N.H. Police Department Citizen's Police Academy - Class 17 -Applications are being accepting for the next...
The 3rd Annual Natick Police Youth Academy will be held July 18-22 this year. If you have a child between 12-14...
We need to talk about racism on the ground and start training police before they enter academy.
Can't believe out of all people I'll be going to the police academy in a year and a half 😁😂
Why doesn't this generation have a Police Academy movie of their own? Michael Winslow is the best
Most of me watching Police Academy has been making bad Michael Winslow noises and then giggling.
Hmm.which of my 7 Police Academy movies should I get Michael Winslow to sign...?
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