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Polar Express

The Polar Express is a 1985 children's book (ISBN 0-86264-143-8) written and illustrated by Chris Van Allsburg, a former professor at the Rhode Island School of Design.

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trains run by our apartment 24/7 and i have never seen a robbery, stowaway, OR the polar express...this is an OUTRAGE
well that's the way things happen on the Polar ExpressπŸ™„
Literally such a child, all I listen to is the Shrek and polar express soundtracks 😭😭
Then you gotta hop on the Polar Express
Apart from Final Fantasy: Spirits Within we had Polar Express, Beowulf, A Christmas Carol and Tintin.
Tom Hanks in 'Sully' looks exactly like his character in 'Polar Express'
Tom Hanks in Polar Express is me with group projects... Imma be Santa, the conductor, and the ghost you just sit there plz
Celebration day! Polar Express this morning, pizza party at lunch, and our holiday party this afternoon!…
Making Tyler breakfast for lunch and watching Polar Express. It's gunna be nothing but a lazy day watching Christmas movies 😌
Polar Express off, It Happened on 5th Avenue on
Wendy Williams looking like that girl off Polar Express 😭😭
Why does Wendy Williams look like the girl from Polar Express fat sister
Gingerbread houses, Grinch Day, and the Polar Express - it was a fun and busy morning in the Lower School.
What could be more fun than pizza, popcorn, and the Polar Express, in your PJs, at school? Thanks 3rd grade teachers fo…
No offense but the Polar Express is the worst christmas movie
Out to a breakfast with Britt since Mama and the girls are at movies watching Polar Express, thanks to Adam Hall...
Dr Fagen getting ready to read the Polar Express to Pine Forest Elementary
Don't forget about this evening's USO Fort Drum Presents "The Polar Express." Thank you to Davidson Auto Group for…
The tours kick off with a reading of the holiday story "Polar Express." Bosse said many of the children come...
Gary Richards covers Believe from the Polar Express movie. Merry Christmas to all!
We are so happy to announce Harris Comfort will be sponsoring the Polar Express showing on Christmas Eve @ The...
I promise you Kennedy Meeks on UNC and the girl from Polar Express are brother and sister
We’ve teamed up w/ to give you the chance to WIN Magical Family Treats + 4 Tickets to Polar Express. See our…
Thanks for having us on the Polar Express today, Arcade & Attica Railroad Corporation! We'll tell you all about it…
Why is Tom Hanks always commanding vessels? Commander in Apollo13, Conductor in Polar Express, Captain Phillips, Sully in new airplane movie
When Blu-Ray 3D came out the movies used to sell it: Cats vs. Dogs, Yogi Bear, Polar Express, Legend of the Guardians the Owls of Ga'hoole.
& then found the 'on' setting & wow ! Tested it on 'Polar Express' and the sound was awesome (roll on 5.1.2l, and the pic was crystal clear.
I liked a video from Polar Express Yourself
tbh I hate movies that look like this. like that newer 'christmas carol' or like 'the polar express'. I hate it
White guy at my job said "you are so beautiful. You look like an older version of the young black girl from polar express movie" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ whaat!!!
I had a dream last night that I went to a Christmas party and josh was there and we watched polar express together
I'm actually afraid that one day I'm not gonna be able to hear the bell ring in the polar express
cheers! And that sad looking kid from polar express
Did you guys know played Billy in the Polar Express???
All Aboard the Polar Express ! - Hey everybody !! This past weekend the boys and I had the...
Siara : you look like that girl from the North Pole . mean the Polar Express
The train conductor on the commuter rail punches a ticket like on the Polar Express and it makes me chuckle every single time
On the real life Polar Express, John Dickerson is the annoying kid who knows everything and asks all the questions.
Going to ride the Polar Express (@ Chicago Union Station in Chicago, IL)
Nothing makes you feel better quite like some family time, puppy love, and the Polar Express
Trying to find an appropriate Christmas movie for today. "Polar Express" or "Twister?"
Make sure to join us TODAY for our POLAR EXPRESS TODDLER TUESDAY! The children will listen to the Polar Express...
I watch Polar Express every year. *** sometimes during the summer. I love that movie.
The Bristol Dance Academy presents A Magical Night on the Polar Express at The Paramount Center for the Arts...
We had a very magical day. We watched the Polar Express in the Learning Commons. We also drank hot chocolate πŸŽ…πŸΌ
The magical Polar Express experience. Have done the Grand Canyon Railway a number of times. Would li
Watching the Polar Express is magical, but watching Jada watch the Polar Express is even more magical πŸšŠπŸŽ…πŸ»πŸŽ„
That magical music at the end of Elf and all throughout Polar Express makes me so emotional
NICA!! Christmas Eve!! I watch the Polar Express, go to church, sing in the choir, eat good food w/ the fam!!…
Sat FREE community Cinema. A young boy embarks on a magical adventure to the North Pole on the Polar Express.
Today we took a magical trip on the Polar Express with our tribes! Thanks to conductor
Polar Express magic...amazing and magical...
Magical lunch aboard the Polar Express today! Decor was
Travel to the North Pole in style with the Polar Express 3D at the Pink Palace!
Catch the Polar Express: From the City of Flowood. Be advised, this movie is in the Nature Park, not Winner's ...
Hop on board the Polar Express at the Pink Palace in 3D!
'Polar Express' comes to life - Livingston Daily: Livingston Daily'Polar Express' comes to lifeLivingston Dail...
This morning, Mr. Allen Bordelon '79 visited St. John Bosco School where he read the Polar Express and presented...
Trying to mount a comeback at the half, Four Christmases down to Polar Express right now.
I love Arthur Christmas & quite enjoy Fred Claus, but my favs are Polar Express & The Grinch!!
Not my photo, just came across trains!! Mimi, Daddy, and Chase in front of the Eastern Flyer yesterday...the Polar Express was su…
Made it back to Walnut Ridge in time to take the kiddos to the Polar Express!!!
A$AP Rocky is making his annual appearance on Polar Express. Go check him out on ABC Family
First 11 months out of the year: life is a train wreck. In December: life is a Polar Express wreck
of Journal Star's "5 Things" for this weekend - Holiday Classic on the Giant Screen: The Polar Express & Home... https…
Help your kids get into the holiday spirit with 'Polar Express' PJ party
Both Darryl Sabara (The Polar Express) and David Krumholtz (from the first two Santa Clause films) are Jewish, but I guess that both films
the Polar Express and a Christmas Story to name two.
Has anyone else noticed that the Polar Express is shot and paced like a horror movie? Bc.
Christmas horror movies shouldn't be a thing. The scariest thing about Christmas should be the puppet scene in Polar Express
There is a Polar Express train in Bryson City that serves you cookies and hot cocoa while you're in your pjs. I MUST GO
We're all about the holidays in Bryson City, Swain County, North Carolina! Home of the Polar Express, winter...
My dad got mad at me because I watched Polar Express before thanksgiving
Taking the Polar Express, some recognizable stops along the way. This is custom so the addresses are…
All aboard! The Polar Express 3D begins at IMAX on November 27! ❄️
Just waiting to watch the polar express really
Hamilton Collection
I just wanna watch the polar express πŸ’—
Take the kids to the most magical train ride at St. Louis Union Station,The Polar Express':
Do ya'll remember in Elem. School around Christmas we would let us wear pajamas, drink hot chocolate and watch the polar express in class πŸ˜‚
Rehearsals for polar express experience couldn't have gone any better!…
You're Invited to be our Special Guest Reader for our 4th Annual Polar Express Night 12-15-15πŸŽ„πŸŽπŸ“š
The Polar Express is my favorite Christmas movieβ„οΈπŸŽ„
Polar Express is my ALL TIME favorite Christmas movie. πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ‘Œ
two best Christmas movies are elf and the polar express
Wife told me we should watch polar express. I almost maxed it's too early . Has to be in December or it won't hit me like it's supposed to .
The Polar Express is by far the best Christmas movie.
When invites me to a screening of polar express in my own room πŸ™ƒ
Can the polar express come back out in cinemas in 3D pleaseπŸŽ„βœ¨
The Polar Express is coming to the Enter to win First Class tixs via
The girls are excited about their surprise... They have their tickets to board The Polar Express!!!…
Why do I even have Netflix if it doesn't have Elf, The Grinch, or The Polar Express?!
From now on I'm going to have the polar express theme song play in the background whenever I do something cool
The Polar Express Opens: Dec 12, 2015 only 20 Days! Preorder your tickets at
Getting ready to ride the Polar Express
We want to report that The Polar Express Train make $792, 100% of which will go to the Red Cross local flood victims f…
I'm so excited to watch polar express tonightπŸ˜„
Listening to the Polar Express soundtrack on the way back to the Fort because we're less than a week away from Christmas season and YEAH
The Polar Express is one of those movies, it just doesn't matter how old you are who you are to absolutely love it
my dad really brought us to the polar express event in STL I'm deaaad
All aboard! Next stop, the North Pole on the Polar Express!
So excited!! Me and Beller are going to the North Pole on the Polar Express!! Christmas music blaring in the...
I just finished watching the polar express and I wanna cry :(
Polar Express my favorite Christmas movie of all time
The "Zemeckis CGI", it was meant to be shot similarly to Polar Express and Mars needs Moms.
Family movie night! Starting a new tradition. . Tonight is Charlie Brown Christmas with Polar Express on deck.
RailPark members get early registration for Polar Express! Now through Nov 10th.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Jonathan Kennedy , Rochelle Dean serving up a morning menu- Polar Express kicks off Saturday at State Museum Good...
Experience the magic of the Polar Express at the this Holiday season! Enter to win tickets!
I found the front of the Polar Express, my second Fergus, my OG Conductor's Shed, more cargo, three sheds, a buffer, a BP engine.
Miss Rumphius, ManiacMcGee, Polar Express, Rainbow Fish, Where the Wild Things Are, Fancy Nancy, and what are you doing for
National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, Home Alone 1 & 2, Scrooged, Polar Express and Elf are the must watch ones
Rob Zemeckis had that weird kick where he made nothing but CG mo-cap movies (Beowulf, Polar Express, Mars Needs Moms). Blergh.
Dreaming of watching A Christmas Story, Polar Express, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Please! I can haz?!
idk tbh I rlly liked eminem, A$AP Rocky, and Danny Devito in the Polar Express
I have modest goals. One of them is to be the guy who is on the mic at the Polar Express.
Nothing says summer like the Polar Express!
I do not care how old I am, I will always love watching The Polar Express ❄️
the only name you find out in The Polar Express is his sister, Sarah. not him or the kids he meets on the train.😳
***NEW POLAR EXPRESS WITH VISIT TO FATHER CHRISTMAS SCREENING ADDED***. Due to all screenings selling out this...
What's your favourite thing about Christmas? β€” Watching The polar express
"Lean, can I have a blanket?" .. "no, this ain't the Polar Express around here Anna, get ya own stuff."
Please tell me why lauren looks exactly like the girl from polar express
The Polar Express is one of my favorite Christmas movies
"What's that thing called when you have different emotions all the time? The Polar Express?" A quote by Liv Sallaz
When you play Christmas music on your stereo and you end up watching polar express w hot chocolate with ur friend ..
-- then back down at Emma. "Thank you for deciding to take me somewhere, Polar Express."
Cameron jumped up on Emma's back and soon wrapped his arms around her neck. "Nah, I'm calling you Polar Express."
Joined last night by actor Eddie Deezen. Talked Grease, Polar Express, Tom Hanks and baseball .
I just sectioned my hair and look like a mixture of Harriet Tubman and the girl from the Polar Express
Peyton Manning sounds like the Santa Claus from the Polar Express πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚
escape sounds like equal parts Shawshank Redemption, Great Escape and Polar Express.
Train Is Recording a Christmas Album: Hop Aboard the Polar Express: Train will be bestowing holiday wishes on ...
Do video game engines have a future in movie production; full CGI movies (think Polar Express or Advent Children)…
Nevada Northern Railway in Ely NV runs its Polar Express train from Nov. 22-Dec. 27
2014 is almost over! Looking back.This year, I took on a new job at iHeart Media Tulsa working for 7 radio stations! I hosted all of the Route 66 Biker Rally Events! I worked on 4 feature films, 1 short film and 3 local TV commercials! I DJ'd 86 gigs to include lots of weddings! And...I took on a community issue and helped with the Polar Express! Pretty crazy and exciting year. 2015...get ready, I'm comin for ya! Happy New Year everyone!
The my little pony figurines I got her. It sounds like she's playing "Polar Express" with them. :) Also using MagnaTiles and...
did Tom Hanks die? Big, Mr. Banks, Cpt Phillips, That Thing You Do, Polar Express, Castaway all on in past 4 hours
waiting for that Polar Express to come scoop me up πŸšžπŸ‘€πŸ™Œ
Now it's time for hot cocoa, cookies & the Polar Express. A must have in this house. β€” watching The Polar Express
Did anyone else notice the star of the Polar Express is Dustin Gallington
It's Christmas dessert and movie time with the kiddies...first up: brownie whoopie pies and Polar Express.
How does the Polar Express not have it's own amusement park ride at Disney or Universal??
As 'Polar Express" pulls in, Norwalk aquarium gets into the spirit:
The polar express has to be my favourite christmas film πŸŽ„πŸš‚πŸŽ…
Does it make me a bad person if I don't like the polar express?
The kids have their tickets ready! Today, Elfis brought them the Polar Express movie, book, Santa…
Snuggled up on the sofa watching the polar express Chris Powell
Polar express to start off this morning πŸŽ…
Polar Express, National Lampoon's Christmas Vaca, Elf, Scrooged and Home Alone are all on today. I know what I'm doing
See u all on the polar express tonight :)
Watching Elf and The Polar Express on Christmas Eve is a mustπŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸ‘Œ
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Fina watch the polar express until I back to sleep .
Christmas Eve and I haven't watched a single Home Alone movie, the polar express, or the grinch. No wonder it doesn't feel like Christmas.
I think I'm the only person who hates the polar express
It being Christmas Eve and raining... I'm tryna snuggle up with bae and watch Polar Express.
Countdown to with the Polar Express! Visit our site for a special note from author, Chris Van Allsburg:
The Polar Express is bae when it comes to Christmas movies 🚊
Polar Express. Last of 18 Xmas themed films this month. Left this one to last cause of them memories x
love watching the polar express on Christmas Eve πŸŽ„πŸŽ…
Polar Express is the best Christmas movie, hands down
Polar express make my *** cry. Especially when the little black girl sing 😌
Hi I'd like one round trip ticket for the polar express please & thank you πŸŽ„β€οΈ
I just really want to watch Polar Express and Love Actually all day and eat a massive bowl of fruit salad.
Polar Express on Christmas Eve! Too much influence from this girl -
"Sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can't see" -The Polar Express All of us here at Benco hope that your Holiday's are filled with smiles, celebration and the little things that fulfill your life!
The end of Polar Express gets me every time. 😭
Friday after next, polar express, the Grinch, & this Christmas are my favorite Christmas movies πŸŽ„
I'm literally sitting here crying because of the Polar Express. I don't even like this movie I think I'm pmsing
Cant watch the polar express without thinking of spanish class what a shame
The Grinch and the Polar Express are a must watch on Xmas eve πŸŽ…
I'll be boarding the Polar Express tonight who's with me
Polar Express has to be watched on Christmas Eve πŸŽ…πŸš†
Why am I crying watching the polar express...
Laying here watching The Polar Express . I'm Lonely , Sick , and Cold 😒😒😒😒 . This day couldn't get any worse .
Waiting for the polar express to pull up at my house any minute 😊
I've always hated that ticket inspector on the polar express
The little speech at the end of the polar express is really cute
"When your watching Polar Express then ASAP Rocky makes an appearance
When you're watching polar express and ASAP Rocky makes an appearance
Still waiting for the polar express to come get me. . Merry Christmas Eve!
It was the best movie Christmas Ever!!. The Polar Express!!
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when ur watching the polar express and ASAP rocky makes a sneak appearance
Waiting for the Polar Express to pull up at my crib any minute.
Is it weird that the polar express makes me cry lol
ive never seen that either! But watching it later with my mum;) THE GRINCH,ELF AND POLAR EXPRESS ARE MY FAVES!
Relaxing before work watching polar express with jack, cant wait for tomorrow morning.i cant believe jack will be six years old already.
Well polar express was full so we fetched the Santa to us πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸŽ
Second annual Holiday Decorating event. This year's theme, Holiday Movies. Polar Express, Charlie Brown Xmas, Silver Bells, Rudolph The Red Nosed Rain deer, The Grinch , from all of us at Rehab3 at Marsh Brook, have a safe and healthy holiday.
"Santa's coming, SANTA'S COMING!" "Every time a bell rings an angel grows its wings" "Why this is the Polar Express of course!" And so many more quotes come from this Christmas season, and the movies created specifically for it! Merry Christmas Eve to all!!
Spent Christmas Eve with Old Monk, and Polar Express, recommended by Diana ( only recommended the latter :P )
It's a Grinch and Polar Express movie type of day! Lol
Noah and Bryor have yet to see the Polar Express. Conveniently our movie theater is showing it today and tomorrow for $1 :) They are going to be psyched!
Watched Polar Express last night for the first time after a laughter filled catch phrase boys against the girls... girls won! But the challenge is still out there! Also had our first family pictures taken!! So excited to see the final product! I am so blessed and happy to have my daughters, sons and grand baby Emmett home!! Bring on the snow, food, drinks, and more family and friends!!
Well, my Christmas Eve was good today, but not really cause stupid exam during Christmas -.- yeah f*** that. Now if you excuse me I gonna watch the Polar Express to celebrate 10 years Anniversary.
Ethan is beyond excited for Christmas. He is adamant that Santa is bringing him a Polar Express train set. (I have it on good authority that he is!). But the one thing that scares Effie? He's worried the Grinch will come and try to 'steal' Christmas. So what is a little man to do but sprinkle green Grinch magic dust on the front porch to keep the Grinch away! I'm positive we are now safe from Grinch!!
Chillin with my babies having a Polar Express day with hot chocolate and pjs
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I know it's a little early for Christmas songs, but I was looking through my movies and found The Polar Express. Anyways, hope you like the video. Thanks for...
I'm ashamed to say I've never seen Polar Express, The Grinch, Star Wars, or most mainstream films😢
We had a wonderful time on the Polar Express!!!
The Polar Express (2004) This is the story of a young hero boy on Christmas Eve who boards on a powerful magical train that's headed to the North Pole and Santa Claus's home. What unfolds is an an adventure which follows a doubting boy, who takes an extraordinary train ride to the North Pole; during…
Pajama day at AADC with hot coco, marshmallows, Polar express movieπŸŽ¬πŸ“Ί
Had an awesome family night and crammed in even more than we had planned!!! Home cooked meal, played banana grams, looked at Christmas lights, (impromptu) volunteered at church, back home to mail Christmas cards to our favorite lighted houses. Ended the evening with Polar Express and Michael BublΓ© Christmas special. BLESSED, BLESSED, BLESSED!!! Carmelo Mangindin Carson Mangindin Maya Mangindin
Truffles wants her ticket for the polar express
Photojournalist Tim Carson takes a ride on Bristow's Polar Express. This story aired on the ONR on OETA-The Oklahoma Network. For more information, go to the...
Christmas Eve dinner. tonite at are house Carrie Saxon Smith Donnie Dashawn Baptista Terance Bort Darrien Bort Bernie D Korczakowski...And then church with Bernie parents.And of course A Christmas Story and Polar Express on tv all nite..Have a great day everyone...
Magical holiday moments that make memories: candlelight strolls at Canterbury Shaker Village, skating at Strawberry Banke Museum, holiday performances of the Nutcracker at The Palace Theatre, the unforgettable journey to the North Pole aboard the Polar Express, even holiday shopping! Take 2 minutes and feel the excitement and energy of a holiday captured in our latest film by Earl Studios! Enjoy...
I have 4 adult tickets and 1 child ticket for the polar express train ride for sale if interested. We have a sick child and won't be able to go if interested inbox me
Can we discuss how in The Polar Express we hear very few in any names at all. Also the ghost/conductor/narrator have the same voice at one point and the narrator refers to the kid as himself in the past tense. I dont care if its true but im making myself one *** of a grim backstory. It's almost as if theyre alternate futures for himself - the ghost is the him that never got on the train so he doesn't have a ticket but he always regretted it which is why the ghost "rides for free" and claims himself as the king of the Polar Express. Then the conductor is the version that went on the Polar Express but never wanted to leave because he was too overjoyed at the concept of Santa being real and all the festive joy coming back to him so he wanted to share it with future children. Obviously Santa being the lovely man he is wanted to give the guy a job so he doesn't get bored so he became the conductor. Then finally the narrator is the version we see throughout the movie and returns home; now telling us his story. ...
ABCFamily has Christmas movies on all day! I am so excited! Christmas Vacation, Elf, Home Alone, Polar Express! Pumping myself full of coffee then it's baking time! I feel so very lucky to not have to work during the holidays! Have a blessed Christmas Eve everyone!!!
Busy day ahead, Christmas cutout cookies to make with the kids, cleaning, watching the Polar Express after a lasagna dinner made by my husband, and working that Santa magic after everyone has gone to bed. Yes, even my grown children still love that we keep these traditions alive! Now to workout before the hustle and bustle begins!
Happy Christmas Eve!! The children have been in the Christmas spirit for the last few weeks. :) All week long, they have been having their own little Christmas party here. They've been drinking hot chocolate while watching fun Christmas movies (e.g. the Polar Express & Rudolph!) in their comfy pajamas. Also, they've been enjoying Eggnog, Christmas cookies, fun fruit platters, and all sorts of other festive goodies! For the last couple weeks, all of the children have been busy working on fun Christmas projects, writing letters to Santa, and talking about fun Christmas traditions they do with their families. :) Overall, it has been a super festive and fun December! The staff and faculty wishes you and your families a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. :)
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The Christmas Eve show, tonight, runs from 5:30pm to 11:30pm. Christmas Eve is a special show, where for this night, and this night only - we run a special reading of "Twas the Night before Christmas" in our show. This reading is done by a good friend and local media personality - Don Patrick. This year, Don has been transformed into a talking Christmas Tree as he reads the classic story :-) (Don, never imagined you as an animated tree but it works well and looks good) Songs for tonights show: Polar Express - Tom Hanks Do you wanna build a snowman - Frozen Twas the Night before Christmas (Don Patrick) So this is Christmas - John Lennon Blue Christmas - The one, The only - Elvis Merry Christmas to all~ And to all, a Good Night~
Isaac is watching Polar Express for the gazillionth time while eating breakfast. As I'm in the kitchen making coffee, he says excitedly, "Mama, Mama, come here, I have to tell you something! " I dash in, and he says a bunch of gibberish I don't really understand. I ask him to repeat it, and he says, "Have you ever heard of Curl Secret? It's really cool, hair goes in and curls come out. It's called Curl Secret!" (In case you don't watch the channels we do, there is a commercial of a spinning gadget into which you thread sections of stick-straight hair and it spits out curly yet remarkably untangled hair). I start laughing and he says, "It's not funny, it's really cool, it's awesome! "
The Polar Express Movie Clip - watch all clips Buy Movie: click to subscribe The children find a lon...
The kids loved their new gifts from Lolly! They are already on the couch watching the polar express! LML πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸ’•
Watching "The Polar Express" with my girls. I do believe they love this movie being we watched it last night too. Love these precious moments.
Fan theory: Chuck Nolan passes out from heat exhaustion on the island and hallucinates the entire Polar Express movie. Discuss.
So we all got in our pajamas, boarded a train to the North Pole, got hopped up on cocoa and sugar, picked up Santa, read the Polar Express book and came home. Just your average night.
Twas, a Day before Christmas, and all through the house. The dogs have stopped barking, after getting scared from the cats toy mouse. I was watching Polar Express on the big screen TV, munching on a bag of potato chips, but kinda frowning because I had no more dips. My daughter was excited that Santa would come the next day. Bringing her the gifts she wanted, that she asked for last May. This year we have learned a lot that is for sure. Never give up hope and things will definitely endure. So it's time to get Santa's cookie ready for tonight's ride. And yes I will be eating those cookies right by his side.
If you want to see Parker get upset and cry, put "Frozen" in the player. If you want to see him get giggly and wiggly with excitement, put "The Polar Express" in the player. We are watching "The Polar Express." But as Poppa Bobby said, "How many times have you watched that movie, Parker?" He can almost recite the lines before they are said.
When I was little girl I saw the Polar express as a result of I love Santa and Christmas.
Excited to follow the star to an amazing orchestra playing music from the Polar Express!... (@ Coventry Cathedral)
Watching the Polar Express with cake and cheese nibbles for breakfast - can't say i'm not trying on the christmas front :p
Watching polar express with the girls xxx
Gifts are mostly bought - still need one. Came home last night in middle of a Christmas movie being watched by my parents and my children :) I joined them for the second half and then Mom and I started cooking for Christmas dinner. Today, we will enjoy Christmas Eve service with other believers at a church in town. Then home for dinner, Polar Express, and hot chocolate. IF B gets to come home tomorrow, then we will have Christmas dinner tomorrow instead of tonight.
ONE MORE SLEEP TILL SANTA! Now, after saying this...there is nothing more heartwarming than the excitement we see in children this time of year. It's a mystical time of year when we share stories of The Polar Express, Santa, Frosty and Rudolph. We also share the story of Joseph and Mary and the birth of Jesus. When my children were small the message was simple. It's Jesus' birthday and this is why we share gifts with everyone we love. Just like on your birthday when you get gifts from people who love you. It's the truly blessed that can keep this spirit alive all year long. I have struggled through the holiday season the past 24 yrs. For those of you who know my life can be most difficult. After he had been missing for 4 long days, and by the grace of God, we found my father who had taken his life. My mother had recently passed away and we believe his grief was just too strong. (I was also told by Teresa, who was only 6 yrs old...that God must have wanted Papa to come be with Ommie) M ...
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Christmas has begun within the Bell household. Santa's cookies are baking in the oven, Christmas music is playing, and we are watching Polar Express. As many of you know Christmas is my favorite time of year and for others they hate it. I find the answer I receive when I ask why they hate it is, "I don't have money for presents". I want people to realize its not about the presents its about the memories. The smell of cookies baking in the oven, the family members you are surrounded by, and the love shared. Christmas time is a important time to remind our children its about giving not receiving. As you spend this Christmas with your loved ones or extended family sit back and take it in life is short. Remember gifts are materialistic items that are disposable but memories last a life time.
Boy! Am I ready for Christmas?!?! We had our classroom holiday party yesterday. My friends and I were able to swap mittens and Mrs. Hoch gave each of us something special to bring home with us. We also had food. Monday was just as awesome at school. We read the Polar Express then watched it while drinking some yummy hot chocolate. This is my girls FIRST CHRISTMAS WITH US! That means it's coming close to our first year anniversary of having Kiki with me. Lots have changes have happened over the last year. Kiki is most definitely the biggest and by far best. I am wrapping her presents with treats inside so she will tear them open. We just have to make sure she doesn't eat any paper!!!
Good morning! Justin is off to catch The Polar Express.
Only on Christmas Eve morning do we get hot chocolate and brownies for breakfast while watching Polar Express.
Polar Christmas movie ever!
Polar express with my two beautiful granddaughters .
Help! Does anyone have a Blu-ray DVD copy of Polar Express? Just found out that the copy that we had secured just fell through. We need this for our charity event this coming Sunday. Does anyone have one or know where I can get one?
I grew up watching Home Alone and Polar Express every Christmas and I'm very thankful for those memories.
Until recently I thought Pineapple Express and the Polar Express were the same filmπŸ™‡
I just went in the Polar Express in Heber City, UT. Pure awesomeness!
Just hanging out, watching Polar Express, normal night at kilt (@ Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery -
Michael Jeter from Polar Express died??😱. but when??? like huh?
. lol .. I seen Polar Express once.. it was eh.. not the greatest.. it's a train, it takes you to Santa land..
Can the Polar Express be real? Because I want to meet Santa Clause & drink hot chocolate on a train πŸŽ…
Plot Twist: The Polar Express is really a train sent by the illuminati taking children to visit Satan, who is indeed Santa Clause
The look on the children's faces as the Polar Express pulls into Neverland Ranch
Congratulations to the winners of our Flash "Polar Express" Giveaway -- Dusti Paige Pierce, Cindy Johnson, and...
For nearly10 years now, we've made the short trek to the beautiful North Carolina mountains and just a stones throw from my hometown of Asheville to enjoy a magical Christmas weekend and Polar Express train ride to the 'North Pole'. Whether we could afford it or not, whether it snowed, rained,was 70 or just miserably cold we have kept up the tradition of 'I Believe'. It's a cookie decorating, puzzle party, by the fire kind of weekend that warms my soul and allows reflection of how God has blessed us.
We took a ride on the 'Polar Express' in Saratoga Springs tonight. Went to the North Pole and got to meet Santa. Lol
Another first for our kindergarten class and for Mrs. Cara ChristieUttinger and Mrs. A., getting on board the Polar Express. Thanks ErinWall, Margie Swisher, and Santa for making this a fun filled day at the North Pole!!!
Polar Express is the new Home Alone but nothing touches A Christmas Story
Riding on the Polar Express train to the North Pole to meet Santa!
Our pre-k students took a ride on the Polar Express today! Can you hear the ringing of the sleigh bell?
Getting ready to go on the Polar Express in French Lick.
Don't miss the Polar Express by Mary Paula Hunter's Jump! Dance Company (featuring my daughter :) ) this weekend at Nathan Bishop!
Dennison Railroad Depot Museum still has availability for the Polar Express.
Chisholm Trail Elementary Choir entertained visitors at Polar Express night. More photos at
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All aboard the Polar Express! Today we had lots of fun learning about the Polar Express and the North Pole. πŸŽ…πŸŽ„πŸš‚
12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS MOVIES continues tonight! Here is a rough schedule for the next few days: Sunday 14: multi claymation feature with The Year Without Santa Claus, Rudolph's Shiny New Year, and Nestor the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey. Monday 15: Prancer, with Sam Elliot and Cloris Leachman Tuesday 16: claymation double feature Frosty the Snowman and Frosty Returns. Wednesday 17: replaying by popular demand- Polar Express!! All movies are starting at 8:00 and are free for customers.
Polar Express train ride at Union Station. What a truly magical and fun evening last Wednesday
oh wow! How brilliant is that! btw - Just done our tree and watching Polar Express
Fun fact of the day: Tom Hanks plays 5 characters in the Polar Express; also, Jamie says she has a lot more respect for him now & he's a GOD
My son and I hit the "Polar Express" at the IMAX at the Indiana State Museum today! We also purchased the museum...
A great day with great friends in Bryson City to ride the Polar Express!
Getting ready to ride the Polar Express! (@ Great Smoky Mountain Railroad in Bryson City, NC)
Watching the Polar Express while drinking peppermint tea by our Christmas tree. What could be better? πŸ˜ŒπŸš‚πŸŽ…πŸŽ„
We just boarded the train in Bryson City, NC. Mac's first trip on the Polar Express!
Two great shows coming to the West Plains Civic Center! The Polar Express is being presented free of charge, no ticket required! Tickets for "Bah! Humbug!" are on sale now at the civic center box office or by calling 256-8087!
β€œPolar Express for the Kids. for the folks”
A MAKING OF A CLASSIC: THE POLAR EXPRESS The journey to this wonderful timeless classic began with actor Tom Hanks who approached the author of "The Polar Express" Chris Van Allsburg first about bringing the Polar Express to the big screen. With the authors blessing then approached director and friend who has worked with Hanks on several other projects Robert Zemeckis to adapt and to direct the film. They were both determined to make the film as faithful to the book as possible. They realized it couldn't be a live action movie in the traditional sense so as a solution they turned to visual affects genius Ken Ralston. it was decided the film would take cue from the wonderful illustration from the book and use new technology to give the visuals elegance as if it were a moving oil painting. It was the first feature length motion picture to be shot in "performance capture" which is a process where the entire film is shot digitally with live actors who are later replaced with computer generated characters. Th ...
I just tried on both pairs of pants and my sweater I bought myself and they all fit and actually look really good. The peach truffles I bought at Pepperidge Farm are very delicious and the oatmeal bread made a fantastic turkey, bacon, stuffing and cranberry sandwich. The pajamas I bought for little billy to wear on the Polar Express event on Sunday night are so cute. But better than all of this was the company I spent the time with, including our driver Byron. Great Black Friday, stress free. I guess limo rides are the thing to do on Black Friday. lol
Why Chris Van Allsburg, author of Polar Express, Jumanji, agreed to design Ballet's new 'Nutcracker' |
Chris Van Allsburg is going to be in town TONIGHT! Jumanji! Polar Express! Check it out and meet him for free:
Props, Nate. Nat Turner though. . Polar Express has to make the soundtrack
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
During Jungle Bells, the Rio theater will be playing an abv. version of the Polar Express in 4D! And Ice Age will be playing an Xmas version
The Fourth Annual Polar Express Event is brought to you by volunteers of the Positive People of Fort Smith. It is a COMPLETELY FREE community-wide event featuring readings of the classic "Polar Express" story in a vintage dining car, cookies & hot chocolate, visits & photos with Santa, trolley rides downtown, and Christmas Carolers. Admission: FREE
Check out the FREE Hometown Christmas: The Polar Express at First Christian Church in Evansville on Dec 12.
Harry Potter: The Complete 8-Film Collection (DVD)NOTE:Disc-3 starts playing with a preview of Polar Express and preview of Elf movies and then the actual movie Harry Potter -The prisoner of azkaban plays.
Txt β€˜POLAR’ to β€˜68683’ to win tix 2 Polar Express on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad this Sun., 11/16 at 7pm! Contest ends 11/13 at 9am!
The polar express actually makes me believe in Santa when I watch it
Be sure to come out this Friday, November 7th, to Waxhaw's First Friday! From 5:30pm-8pm learn all about trains. Participate in the scavenger hunt and enter to win 4 tickets to The Polar Express Train Ride in Spencer, NC! Many other great events going on that evening as well. Waxhaw is the place to be Friday night!
The Polar Express has always been one of my favorite Christmas movies πŸ˜πŸ™Œ
The polar express is my favorite Christmas movie.
You know christmas is soon when the polar express comes on
Finished watching polar express. Almost done with studying and then I'm hitting the hay πŸ˜ͺ
The Polar Express lowkey my favorite Christmas movie.
The Polar Express and hot chocolate sound good to me every day, morning evening all the *** time always β˜•οΈ
**Share & Comment** that you have and be one of 3 winners selected. Each winner will receive 2 - Polar Express & Santa too! tickets. Winners will be selected November 12, after 6PM. It's time for the 3rd Annual - The Polar Express & Santa too! presented by Hubb's Corn Maze! We do this event only one evening each year. It is the Saturday after Thanksgiving. November 29, 2014. Limited tickets are sold only online in advance. No tickets will be sold at the door. Tickets have sold out early during our previous two seasons. It is an outdoor event. Visit our website - for more information and to order tickets. This is a wonderful event that we are thrilled to do each year. Join our family as we start the 2014 Christmas Season!
Can't wait to watch Polar Express bc somehow it's my fav ❀️
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snuggled up in bed eating Vocelli's wearin nothing but sweatpants & a bra & watchin The Polar Express.. I can't even express my happiness rn
Polar Express taught me how to believe
I love December and Christmas time! Lol idkk why I just wanted to watch the polar express πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
waitin on Santa Claus series, Polar Express, and Grinch
Polar express Is probably my favorite christmas movie of all time. πŸ‘Œ
All for $12 richie rich n polar express dont have a case
Have you seen the movie the Polar Express? Was it on a 30' screen? Outdoors. If answered no to any of these questions, or you want to see it again. You get a chance early in December. Stay tuned for more info
GIVEAWAY-- 2 TICKETS TO HOPEDALE POLAR EXPRESS Share our Page & Like Hopedale Polar Express to be entered to win! (Valued at $72)!
heard business is not booming. Want to send the polar express?
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