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Point Break

Point Break is a 1991 action film directed by Kathryn Bigelow and starring Patrick Swayze, Keanu Reeves, Lori Petty and Gary Busey.

Johnny Utah Luke Bracey Lori Petty Patrick Swayze Kathryn Bigelow Keanu Reeves Edgar Ramirez Total Recall Gary Busey Anthony Kiedis Delroy Lindo Teresa Palmer John Wick Zero Dark Thirty Long Kiss Goodnight Warner Bros Hurt Locker

It has a great Angela Bassett performance. Why do I love Point Break even though I hate pigs?
Keanu's next big hit was Point Break! Where he plays Johnny Utah opposite Patrick Swayze (this movie is beyond iconic ple…
Every one of her movies is freaking incredible. Point Break is totally underappreciated, K-19, Zero Dark Thirty...
sincerely hoping it was the original (classic) Point Break
I wanna say Point Break is a much better movie but the "nakedness" of Connie Nielsen makes it harder
Patrick Swayze was so underrated. Name an actor who could pull off DD, then Roadhouse, then Point Break, then Too Wong Foo
I hope it was showing the scene in Point Break where Utah confronts Bodhi on the beach during the 50-year storm
Dunno if that sounds smart, sounds like a Micheal Bay remake of Point Break with wing suits starring Megan Fox
Watched Victor Frankenstein and Point Break remake today. Oddly thematic. Dead things being brought back to life to disastro…
Bhodi and Utah ride again. The original Point Break is screening at the Vancouver Police Museum 2night. You're welcome.
Point Break in '91, then a League of their Own in '92? Lori Petty was have a good start to the 90s.
love your reference to Point Break, my favourite film too ... great to be associated:)
I forgot how amazing Point Break is. Thank you for being amazing
Point Break is my Long Kiss Goodnight is great. I feel like it's the forgotten or not seen by many awesome action movie.
1. Heat. 2. Point Break. 3. Ronin. 4. Long Kiss Goodnight. 5. True Lies (right now but maybe Die Hard WAV if you ask me…
If Bodhi became one with the sea at the end of Point Break, and Aquaman's trident can control the sea, then that means... My God.
Look, there's shared universe between John Wick 2, Hardcore Henry, Scarface, the Point Break remake, & Payday which is why cops aren't there
please don't tell me you think Point Break even holds a candle to Con Air
Down a break in the 5th set, Nick Kyrgios hits a tweener and wins the point. Amazing.
You can only get pushed so far until you break at some point.
Someone has two spots and suddenly it's an 'acne outbreak' making world news? Give me (and her) a break. 85% of us have…
The situation in this country is reaching a breaking point. Revolution will either break to leftwing populism or rightwing authoritarianism.
So over going to ad break and missing first point in Tennis coverage
Give her a break. When caught, I always make a point of forgetting where I parked the stolen car..…
Calculating how to convert a loss to break even point
I feel the same way about a White Men Can't Jump remake as I did about the Point Break remake. NO!
I just wanna break down and cry At this point
All 15 players for Aliquippa boys basketball scored as the Quips reached 70 points for the second time this season. https:…
Make sure to take a break when you're at a good stopping point. Good work, though!
I didn't even realise it at first but the main guy from point break is in it he bulked so much for the role
seriously though, just from a neutral point of view. Modi just needs Mayawati to break 50% in UP. In UPA she wld be a nobody
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
[The Miami Herald]Following her break-out year in 2014, which also saw her reach the Wimbledon…
Theresa May to set out 12-point plan for Brexit as she vows a clean break that does not leave the UK 'half-in,…
The turning point is here: Trump is openly against the EU and saying other countries will break away
Especially when it's Kevin Hart and the guy from the Point Break remake! Please!
I've gotten so good at masking how I feel, it gets to the point that as soon as I walk into my room, I break down
MUR 1-1 RUB 6-3, 6-0. Good forehand winner from Rublev to save the break point. .
BREXIT did mean BREXIT!. Theresa May unveils bold 12-point plan to completely break from the EU.
always bound to happen. If Point Break gets the treatment anything is possible. Too much copying going on in movies
bagels and hasn't faced a break point. Serving much more effectively than Monday
You can break yo back for a mf & dey will still point out your wrongs/flaws instead of the right things u do!
he reminds me of the old guy who stars as Patrick Swayze cop partner in the film Point Break! Imagine him: Hawaiian 🌺shirt n shades
Point Break (2015). Point-less remake of the 90's classic. More extreme sports this time plus Ray Winston's with a very wonky accent. 📱.
If I weren't me, I'd be a beach bum. There's story potential. Esp conflict around how to afford it. *Point Break*
Most non Christmas movie that we could find on demand. The original, not that sham of a remake. Johnny Utah! — watching Point Break
Johnny Utah and Bodhi from the original Point Break (1991) & Point Break remake (2015).
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My dogs in God's country,and yes, Utah is named after Johnny Utah from Point Break.
are you aware that has never seen Point Break?!?! I just made a Johnny Utah reference.right over his head! 🙄
The woman who directed Point Break, Strange Days, Hurt Locker, and Zero Dark 30 can sit anywhere she *** pleases.
Point Break, starring John Cleese and Richard Dreyfuss. Directed by Rob Reiner, music by Barry Jive and the Uptown Five. Budget: $20m
>tfw Payday 2 is in the same universe as John Wick, Hotline Miami (kinda), Point Break remake, Hardcore Henry AND h…
Efforts to re-float and remove the barge aground at Toker Point NT will resume after spring ice break-up.
No point in investing your time in someone who's eventually gonna break up you🚮
Even odds someone wearing that shirt would feel entitled to break into a rant mid-song, or otherwise disrupt, so I…
There's no point in stressing knowing life is always gonna try and break you.
Once you push me to the point I'm break I don't care anymore and I can be the most spiteful and vindictive person.
Failure is a break point between success. It means task is not done . U r a beginner not loser
Striking cook tells how the nation's richest university has put her 'at the break... http…
At a point it becomes a habit. Something we'd like to break away from, but have trouble to do so. Such is slavery
Domi not happy with a line call. Would have put her up break point but she was out of challenges. Unbelievable scen…
Lies break down at some point. Incomplete and noisy data is better than no data. No need to make solid conclusions if not warranted
Considering they only open up 6500 seats per game I doubt 9000 is the break even point
A break at this point is a good idea. Hopefully, this will lead to a repackaging of the provisions. No special deal for investors!
No point resting Zlatan with intl break coming up again. Rashford looks like he needs a rest though.
Point is, if you break up and the relationship meant something, it's okay not to be okay for a while. Wyl out, process your…
Ideally most barristers were on a tea break at this point...
One of my fav vixx's performance. Everything on point! Their dance break, outfit and makeup 😭😭 and that lenses omg https…
Set a break point, then read code and see events in the Chrome browser console? No Dartium? Oh man so happy.
If you haven't signed up to the free portal with SAS Aftershow fitness routines and nutrition advice, do it today! https:…
morning Geoff! I'm loving the current series of SASWDW & all the break point positivity! You signed up for battle ready prog?
Break Point: 9 Life Lessons from the Tennis Court In the tradition of Andy A…
You can't break bread with people who can't make bread point blank period 😏
This is the half way point on my usual run. It also happens to be the best place for a break; my smoke spot.
But that is not the point I made. My point was that you are more likely to break in GP compared to EC.
and you can use LLDB or a break point instead to avoid adding logs to your code.
I don't get why Terminator has to acknowledge Harlan Ellison but Fast & the Furious doesn't have to acknowledge the writers of Point Break.
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the only person I can see in Point Break is Anthony Kiedis
So stoked that Point Break is Trending... best bromance EVER! Jim Davidson and John Virgo were awesome together...
What's so interesting about 'Point Break' to me is that it's a study of testosterone and
Kathryn Bigelow hasn't directed a good movie since Point Break.
yes I know - so sad. I have always liked Keanu though since Point Break (I surf)
Between Tank Girl and Point Break, Lori Petty is basically my dream girl.
hmmm! I love Lolly, Lori Petty is just...😍 I've had a huge crush on her since Point Break!
Got to the episode of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK where they flashback to Lori Petty's backstory, disappointed it's not just Point Break footage
We talk Point Break over at and Greg works through his love of Patrick Swayze.
8 'Point Break' lines to live your life by
New live episode drops Tuesday at where we talk Point Break...get me 2 indeed!.
TIL the actress who plays Keanu Reeve's love interest in "Point Break" now plays Lolly Whi…
Kathryn Bigelow had me at Point Break, before I knew she directed Near Dark. She continues to be awesome.
What if the 'gang' is just Anthony Kiedis reliving Point Break.
.looks at Kathryn Bigelow's Point Break, which turns 25 this year:
"Woah, it's directed by Kathryn Bigelow?! I thought this was just another dumb surfer movie like Blue Crush."Rachael discovering Point Break
On its 25th anniversary, writes about Kathryn Bigelow's Point Break.
Point Break, which is AWESOME, had an unnecessary remake. The original was directed by the greatest female director: Kathryn Bigelow... 1/
I walk into Jo-Ann's fabrics, get stared down by old ladies like I'm Keanu Reeves in Point Break and Warchild and co. want to throw down.
yaaas my Point Break queen. Director Kathryn Bigelow set to shoot movie in Boston via
The director of Point Break, Kathryn Bigelow, is my future director
It's that. Casablanca, Point Break, Cool Hand Luke, When Harry Met Sally, or Bull Durham. It depends on my mood.
The backlash for the new Ghostbusters is ridiculous. Where were you guys when they remade "Point Break" and "Red Dawn?"
Way more to be positive about than anything about the Robocop/Total Recall/Point Break remakes. CALM DOWN
I’m allowed to be against terrible remakes of Robocop and Point Break and Total Recall, but if I’m against Ghostbusters I’m a misogynist?
Total Recall tanked, Point Break tanked, Poltergeist tanked, The Thing was a prequel, but what do i know?
Point Break may have shattered 's love of Keanu Reaves...and me.
I dont consider rotten tomatoes the be all-end all, but when Point Break receives a 9 out of 100 rating; guessing that one didnt pan out.
IMDB, and 2,000 Google hits, claim that there's a scene from "Point Break" in which Keanu Reeves's character ...
Starz out here showing Point Break like I won't ride this one all the way to the end with Bodhi and Johnny Utah.
Electronic Device Insurance
I saw that dirty look gave me as I decide to watch Point Break for the 412th time. Can't get enough of Johnny Utah!
have you seen the new Point Break? It's such a shame the second tier actors can be called Bode or Johnny Utah
Whoa this Point Break remake is even worse than you imagined. This is Johnny Utah but also my face right now.
the establishment is going to place her into the WH. It's Bodhi from Point Break. Switched it up from Johnny Utah
The new Point Break is wack. Patrick Swayze is using this for a weed plate.
Point Break's sand dune opening scene focused on how impossible the ride would be, but you could see the tracks from previous riders.
Strange Days & Point Break were on 2 Showtime channels at the same time tonight. Reminder: Kathryn Bigelow hasn't made a movie in 4 years. 😠
John Dines used same trick as portrayed in Point Break ("my parents are dead") to ingratiate himself with Helen Steel.
Point Break. I kinda wanna lick every one of Luke Bracey's tats
I highly recommend watching Point Break if you haven't already done so
.placing our chips on Bodhi.named after the Patrick Swayse character from Point Break
Today's bonus SpielbergPod is on Point Break. A great episode. Get it here: https:/…
go here to learn how to win a copy of Point Break or In the Heart of the Sea!
The original Point Break film was Co-wrote by James Cameron and Kathyrn Bigelow and someone actually thought they could do better?
Torn between a dislike for Tarentino's extracaricular BS but 7.9 on "Hateful Eight" & the unknown qty of Luke Bracey & a 5.3 "Point Break"
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
'Point Break' is a movie that I and all of my friends grew up loving, watch...
Can we talk about how handsome Luke Bracey is from Point Break
bombs: Jupiter Ascending, man from UNCLE, Pan, We Are Your Friends, Point Break, In the Heart of the Sea. 😥
Patrick Swayze had a magnificent head of hair in Point Break
John Wick is a masterpiece. there. I said it. best thing Keanu Reeves has done. better than Point Break even. do yourself a favour. see it.
Is there a better acting job in any movie than in Point Break?
I'm drinking & listening to the old Chris Rock episode while watching Point Break & SportsCenter & Dan Patrick Show lol
wait, maybe your taste isn't terrible. I've enjoyed her films: Zero Dark Thirty, The Hurt Locker, and Point Break. She's good!
She's not one of my heroes like the others but,Katherine Bigelow for Point Break (women make action) AND Near Dark (& horror)
10/10 Keanu Reeves in a Canadian tuxedo for the final scene of Point Break. Would recommend for the line "C'mon Compadre"
In bed watching Point Break. was the Kirsten Stewart of the 90s.
sure you don't mean 2015's Point Break with the Hollywood golden boy, Luke Bracey as Johnny Utah
this list is invalid without Point Break. Also missing Die Hard 2, Demolition Man, Total Recall and Fifth Element
So interesting to see RWBY grow and grow to the point that it is slowly eating my life and want to break everyone's leg for what they did :b
Thanks for the info. I'm currently not interested in the HTML5 stuff, so it seems it could only potentially break what I'm working on.
Waiting for Easter break and Term 2 break and then Raya break and then Summer break. I don't even see the point in going to school 😂
Sean with a 2 D point. Ian breaks to Dillon for a break 5-6.
will break the overall world record at some point soon. It's academic
All SACRED IDoLs stole pieces of my hearts I sit in the slums as reverent to Baptist EMPathetic Bank Robbery EUcharist Point Break Luters
Learn how to think, talk, and manage your creative income:
I liked a video from Pokemon break point opening
Visited Brasstown Bald, the highest point in GA, yesterday. How is your February break going so far?
Dance break - Embrace The point of no return via
Although I'm sure it's going to break my heart by blowing a fuse again at some point
Because I love having break downs to the point where I can't breathe and my sister has to calm me down
Watch The Revenge (DFA Records, Poker Flat Recordings) break down his live show setup in our exclusive interview!
VIKS TAKE THE DOUBLES POINT! They break in the final game at line 3 to win 6-3. The match at line 1 goes unfinished
Started packing up my apartment today to move out for summer break. actually how did we get to this point?!
We're getting to the point where actual violence might break out against the Republican and Democratic establishments. …
It's totally wrong, but I've sort of refused to see the new POINT BREAK. I genuinely love the first 1 & all of its Surfer-Heist 90s glory.
Everyone needs a break from me at some point in our friendship/relationship. This is what I've learned.
point break is just. awful. I'd rather watch a pensioner taking a dump.
Im just counting down the days till spring break at this point🌞
Deadpool was sold out, Point Break was on too late & I've been informed that dad's army is one I have to see myself… It was ZL or nothing.
Nothing gonna break me down to the point of no return to triumph and conquer LESSSGGGOOO
Win a trip to Austria with Point Break!
I was going to make that point but I am trying to take a break from angry atheists disping on my TL
I'm never upset over one thing, i tend to get upset over 8 different things and just fully break down at one point
Center online closing-out sale subliminal self desideratum break the seal tout ensemble types in point of…
The executive consultative: how against break out la notification honor point proposal commandant: sDEfbem
FOLLOW&RT to 1 of 2 GoPro's to celebrate the release of Point Break. T&Cs:
Trying to figure out who won that last point at - Nunez appeared to hit a winner to break on the deciding pt but it may have been out
My dream is to transform into Lori Petty in Point Break. Come at me, life coaches.
Johnny Utah faces crashing waves, towering cliffs and criminals. Point Break at ODEON now. https:…
Point Break is about agent Johnny Utah, he's an ex adrenaline junkie and now he's a cop. He goes…
Tonight we watch Point Break, in passive protest against the horror that is the remake. Go for it, Johnny Utah, go for it.
There is one and only Johnny Utah: . (Point Break - 2016)
Lori Petty changing clothes at the beach in Point Break tho
Maybe tell that the lady who Alex was paranoid was trying to kill her is played by Lori Petty from Point Break
2 ads on tv - one for Point Break the other for Soda Stream. Have I stepped back in time..?
You can hear me chatting Point Break, Darren Anderton and gunge on here if that floats your boat.
[Cinema] Movies to watch this week at the cinema: Point Break, Trumbo, Dad's Army, more... [Total Film News]
Guy in front of me on bus watching Point Break. Johnny Utah just jumped without a chute. Radical!
I got a Point Break, Krampus and Victor Frankenstein movie poster today!
Former Actors Ink student continues her Hollywood success in 'Point Break'.
Teresa, dude Point Break was great, plz keep doin what u do 4 us fans, cuz i'm tellin you (trust me?) Triple 9 is gonna be HUGE!
Patrick Swayze portrait (Point Break) by Aaron Springs at Red Dagger Studio - Houston, ...
I saw Point Break at 11:40am on a Sunday AMA
Luke Bracey as Johnny Utah and Edgar Ramirez as Bodhi in Point Break
The new remake of cult favorite actioner Point Break hasn't fared particularly well at the box office, but at ...
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Fun movie game: take a shot every time someone dies in Point Break 🍻
Free tickets for Point Break just cause I support my local movie theater. Shout to Movieworld!!
I'm at Pacific Theatres at The Grove for Point Break in Los Angeles, CA
Made it in time to see the previews! Lucky us! (@ Celebration! Cinema - for Point Break)
Point Break is a good movie. There is a character nicknamed because his mother was a Ute. There is a scene in the Wasatch Mountains.
stars Bob Burnquist, Eric Koston, Iouri Podladtchikov and Louie Vito are featured in the new ‘Point Break!’
No one said Point Break is a great movie. Who goes to the theater expecting a masterpiece every time out? Not me.
[exec addressing board about Point Break]. "This is it gentlemen, the day we all feared, it's the bottom of the well, no more ideas."
Don't you dare go see Point Break without watching the original movie first!
does Kiko Alonso have a cameo in Point Break? He remind me of Keanu in bill & ted's adventures
I don't know how to feel about the new Point Break movie. Remaking a Patrick Swayze flick hasn't worked out well so far.
I don't know man, no Busey, no Anthony Keidas, and no Swayze (the god)? Is this even a Point Break movie?
Remake of 'Point Break' movie shuns stuntmen in favor of extreme athletes | via Sports Interactive Network
I wonder if the new Point Break will also show a still frame shot of a butthole within the first few minutes.
If I were casting the remake of Point Break, and would be perfect as Bodhi and Johnny Utah.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
yeah same with "Point Break", I don't think Johnny Utah can save this one.
Point Break: A young FBI agent infiltrates an extraordinary team of extreme sports athletes he suspects of mas...
Check out the Point Break remake trailer. All your fave movies coming back to you this year!
I have literally no interest in a Point Break remake. Gimme something good Hollywood. Wheres my Attack of the Killer Tomatoes reboot?
you'd think they'd cast me as Johnny Utah for the remake of Point Break. Am I right? You know it
Can't remake Point Break! I refuse to watch. Only one Johnny Utah
Coby Fleener and Clay Matthews look like the real life guys the movie Point Break was based off of.
my suggestions are: Point Break, Dog Day Afternoon, The Town, Swordfish, The Dead Presidents, Reservoir Dogs in that order.
I've seen the new Point Break trailer like 5 times, and every time I'm shocked when I don't see Dan Cortese in it.
They remade Point Break and got Delroy Lindo in it? FAM, WHY?
I just saw a TV spot for the "Point Break" remake. Apparently it cost something $95 million. I bet $90 of that was to convince Delroy Lindo.
They remade "Point Break", the greatest *** love story movie of the '90s?. Oooh, Ray Winstone and Delroy Lindo are in it. Excellent actors.
I really want that Point Break remake to fail, BUT I am rooting for Delroy Lindo to spark a comeback in it.
My rad Tank Girl: Lori Petty as Lolly? WOW! I love her and it brought me good good memories! TG, Point Break and my youth! =]]]
Disappointing that they're giving up on Point Break, was hoping that with casting Edgar Ramirez it would have been great.   10% Off
I've never hated the idea of a remake as much as I hate the new Point Break. Seriously, guys. The original rules. Kathryn Bigelow FOREVER!
Week 2 of my Point Break (1991) by Kathryn Bigelow, with Keanu, Lori Petty, Patrick Swayze
I gotta tell ya Point Break still holds up. That Lori Petty sure is a rising star.
Dude, Lori Petty was frickin hot in Point Break! — watching Point Break
Lori Petty was a horrible casting decision for the movie Point Break.
thanks! bit of Point Break, bit of Bode Miller :-)
Passion and Poetry: Inside the New Point Break: . The new Point Break stars Edgar Ramirez and Luke Bracey as Bo...
Point Break is automatically a cooler movie now that I know Anthony Kiedis was in it. He was only in one 3 minute scene, but still though.
Is it just me, or has morphed into Anthony Kiedis' character in Point Break?
Point Break parody live stage play is fair use and entitled to protection as a derivative work via
2nd circuit says Point Break parody is entitled to copyright protection. Johnny Utah lives on... #
"Appeals Court Rules in Favor of 'Point Break' Parody Creator" by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS via NYT
Appeals court rules in favor of 'Point Break' parody creator
Whoa! Parody of Keanu/Swayze classic "Point Break" entitled to copyright protection. appeals court says.
Court: Parody of Patrick Swayze-Keanu Reeves movie 'Point Break' deserves ... - Daily Journal
Point Break was a great movie from Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves in Point Break is just... hotness.
He didn't direct Point Break, T2 or Last Boy Scout, and they all came out in '91
imma go to the Hurt Locker at Zero Dark Thirty for my Point Break
The Remake of one of my favorite movies. Point Break (2015) - Teresa Palmer, Luke Bracey Movie HD
Found a long-since lost crate of DVDs & CDs. When this match is over I'll mostly be watching Point Break & listening to Tatyana Ali.
When the first trailer for the Point Break remake landed it was heartening to see Teresa Palmer surfing the crest of a wave like a true
That awesome moment when you realise that Turtle from North Shore is one the ex-presidents from Point Break. My mind is blown 󾟚
Point Break is one of my favorite movies, the remake coming out December doesn't look bad... but I doubt it will be nearly as good
First Total Recall, now Point Break. Can't they leave some classics alone!
I can't decide what was more disappointing, the game or badmouthing American icons, Steve Harvey, Gary Busey, & Point Break.
See the wild and dangerous practical surfing stunts of Point Break
You need to hit and watch the ridiculous surfing in the new Point Break
See how the amazing -- and dangerous -- surfing stunts for 'Point Break' were shot
Wait, Leva Bates and Mia Yim did a "Point Break" entrance? Yo, give Blue Pants and Jade all the money.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Just found out Ray Winstone's playing the Gary Busey role in the Point Break remake and I've spent 5 minutes non-stop laughing because WHY?!
My Favorite Actor is Gary Busey He was in Lethal Weapon, Drop Zone, Predator 2, Point Break and Under Siege. He was a good actor ever.
Point Break. Watching Gary Busey inhale a meatball sandwich is the highlight of my evening.
$100 Gary Busey outlives the entire cast of Point Break. by
I told my personal trainer the body type I wanted was Gary Busey in "Point Break." Mission Accomplished!
Dear World, can we have a lil break from all the death? A month? Couple weeks? Btwn the news & my friends, I think you've made your point.
Back to 19k 1st break. Been knock down to 9k first 25 mins. Not gonna lie, that was my lowest point in my career lmao
did Kojima break into the studio at some point?
Never felt like I was "high and mighty" but at some point in life u do want better so u break away from certain things
I'm at that point. I'm gonna break away. Need some much needed self-care.
[] Buy it, use it, break it, fix it,. Trash it, change it, mail, upgrade it,. Charge it, point it, zoom it 🎶
If you could make someone a band break up or retire at a certain point and not be witnesses to their own artistic…
Is Doctor Who back on yet?!. This is the point of the break between series that I start to jones.
Sharapova and Dimitrov reach break point -
The point is to keep working through the process. Don't let it break you.
It's break point for Maria Sharapova and Grigor Dimitrov 💔
good point, is very useful. On hunt for "10 min tea break - what will inspire me" type sites too
"At a certain point, I just have to try not to think too much about certain things, or else they'll break my heart."
If Daryl dies at any point my heart will actually break
At some point today I'm either going to break down and start crying, or I'm finally going to snap and tell someone off.
What has the viability to do with the of a company? It is the Point-Of-No-Return in aviation!
What's the point of a 10 minute break
Mickey Avalon will be performing after Point Break Live on Thursday August 13th! . RSVP here:...
At this point I'm just waiting for robin and Ted to break up so I can see Barney show affection
Point Break (2015) FULL HD MOVIE click, visit, and search -> to watch / download full movie
Nothing like getting to this point and changing your mind. I think it's break time. 😲😰
Wasn’t Mr T BFFs with Hulk Hogan at one point? I pity the fool that has to break this news to him: via
"6 years later and 2 DUI's. Did Rush Limbaugh have a point about Mcnabb? coming up next after this break"
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One point pertinent to your piece: the Telegraph didn't break the story. Lifted from a local paper. So could have checked it.
How do you know where the breaking point is if you don't break?
Point Break - Freaky Time reached No.13 in UK only lasted a year
making a pinterest board filled with Point Break, Patrick Swayze, and SNK character looks
Everybody's "real" & everybody can point out who's "fake" ... The fake one is probably you & you can't realize it . Gimme a break
How dare they try to remake Point Break! How! Dare! They!
I wouldn't say I ever had any immersion to break at any point during the series. It broke in episode 1 and never came back.
Taking a break from agonising website stuff so having a coffee with. Tipping Point
fundamental break wherein dems don't believe there's a problem . Because there is not a single data point to say it is
I'm not educated in that situation but I do know that if you don't break the law to lead to that point there shouldn't be an issue
Alcon Entertainment & Warner Bros. Seek to License Indie Music for "Point Break" Film. Check out the trailer here!
Thank you for John Wick. Also, is it to late for you to stop the remake of Point Break? Yes or No (fires gun in air)?
True Story: The "Bells Beach, Australia" scene at the end of "Point Break" was actually filmed at my old surf spot in Oregon.
I could see a little Swayze in there, though. Not the Point Break one but the one from Dirty Dancing!
possibly Keanu Reeves best action film (Point Break is his best) a must for any action fan!! 5*
Point Break did not need a remake. Don't ruin a cult classic by making it a Hollywood disaster
Tom Sizemore in Point Break looks scarily like Bradley Cooper
I'm pretty sure all the $ for Point Break's casting went to Edgar Ramirez.
How dare you defame Keanu Reeves' version of Point Break
Check out the first trailer for the re-imagining of Point Break -
Point Break trailer sees Luke Bracey don tattoos as ...
My first problem with the new Point Break movie, beyond it's existence, is that they cast Luke Bracey as Johnny Utah.
Watch the First Trailer for the 'Point Break' Remake via
omg I didn't know Edgar Ramirez was in the -Point Break- remake!
The new "Point Break" trailer is here and it looks crazy vía
ICYMI: Watch the first trailer for the 'Point Break' remake plus a new featurette & photos.
The new Point Break preview fits the mold, but gives me a weird Vin Diesel in XXX vibe.
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