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Point Break

Point Break is a 1991 action film directed by Kathryn Bigelow and starring Patrick Swayze, Keanu Reeves, Lori Petty and Gary Busey.

Johnny Utah Kathryn Bigelow Patrick Swayze Keanu Reeves John Wick Luke Bracey Total Recall Lori Petty Anthony Kiedis Long Kiss Goodnight Zero Dark Thirty

Bells Beach -. Although the final scene of the film Point Break is set at Bells Beach, the scene…
Good to know a fellow librarian solved the puzzle that allowed Point Break to finally be shown on the big screen ag…
Struggle of being a student: Cramming papers during a break to the point wherein everyone in the room is fast asleep and you're wide awake 😬
Bryant 15, Brown 17 - End of 1Q - The Bulldogs fought back from a seven-point deficit to battle back and trail by j…
🏈Here is our Weekly Team giveaway!!🏈 Guess total point score in the Falcons/Cowboys game, closet to total without goin…
I'm not done w/ music, but am taking a needed break from it. It may seem like I've already have taken a break. Basi…
After playing Persona 5, and reading the spoilers for it, not only it makes me want to play the game more, but it a…
It meight be like a limit break but it could also bring down the party and lead to unpredictible gamer fails. So good point.
in London: Ruby on Rails Developer (Senior), £70k Break into Fintech! role at Ta
do you guys plan on making Point Break or Predator prints? I think they would be awesome! Also, do y…
You missed the point.Probably because youre so smart? I would break a guy into pi…
Imma just do me at this point. I need a break 🤕💔
Good point - looks like the sign is covering a break in the skirting board. A mouse hole?…
Their endzone play works for the break 13-14 game point for them
He got close to Lorenzo and had to break a few times during corners :( I just wanted to see if Dovi…
Today is the day Steelers break the 30 point mark. I’m feelin it
Yea and more importantly, GSW will break up. No point trying to beat them now. It’s useless
That was a sweet volley to give Belarus a break point up
Democrats and Republicans forget that many voters of color did not vote for Senator Hillary Clinton, but voted agai…
They break again with this zone. We worked it almost all the way up the field that time. 8-14 Game point
And she just hit a winner to save break point, thank you.
get a lucky break with DE Everson Griffin listed among gameday inactives. Griffin is…
You get into a point in your life where looks don’t make the cut no more, their personality and how they are, are the things…
Well, you could do Reagan, pull off mask to Swayze (Point Break); then pull out big b…
I took a break for awhile during WotLK for a bit as Ulduar was the hot raid. I went back and…
Roger did not face a single break point ! This is very promising!
They break again. We're still running hard as we just barely missed 2 D's on that point 7-12
At some point you have to take a break from thinking about the future, and enjoy the present
Not a Bernie guy, but he has a point. We need an increase in minimum wage. A hard working Walmart em…
Well now I have to break my feigned ignorance and point out that's it's the Duomo in Milan, which M…
Bae Caught me reading a break up text from a sidechick. . Bae:Babe What are you reading?. Me:I'm reading food recipe. Bae:So…
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.shot 70 percent in the first half to build a 36-point lead at the break and never let up in Saturday's win ov…
My issue isn't with configuration - the point is most code is not closure compliant and advanced optimi…
Here's how to get a get a quick view of your monthly financial performance.
“My white privilege is so hurt by a coffee machine company, I will break the expensive device just to prove a point” https:…
When your ex says “you will never see someone like me" the answer to that is “but that's the point of the break up"
A welcome email is the point where you can quickly communicate the value of your product and can make or break a...
Federer doesn't face a break point all match, beats Sock 6-4, 7-6(4) to start his campaign at the
Marquette forces the turnover and gets out on the fast-break. A pretty alley-oop pass from Howard to Elliot as the exclam…
My 'break room' habit has gotten bad. Case in point; I was picking up fast food the other day & I said to…
Well Shawn is active right now and Justin is at break so its bound to happen at some point, until J…
Oh that's a good point. This would be a great talking point for som…
Me, shouting down the TL after watching Point Break: Don't ever say Katheryn Bigelow didn't give you anything!
Break Machine had a THIRD hit? Even the second one was stretching things to breaking point.
I totally do but my point is why should some people get a break and others don’t. Yeah, Cam isn’t the POT…
If information scares you, or if research = "fear mongering" to your little mind, please take a break from my...
Most of my professors seem to be missing the point of Fall BREAK
Did BD Robin and Regina break up at some point or a... — They didn't break up, they just had a fight.
What's the point of a 'coffee break' in a 3 hour seminar, if you only give it at the last 45 mins...
Okay then what your problem break his arm defending you you kill the *** for rape your point is
The Point is underway with Boomer and They break down some of the story lines from the first night in the
Break legs tonight - will be along to see it some point, hopefully with the other boys!
Yea, but need a break once in awhile too. Sometimes I wish I'd just be at that point now like I see…
Getting to the point were you have to break it on purpose.
You can only be so strong for so long until you reach a point where you break physically, mentally, emotional.
I will NEVER get to the point in my life where I need to take a smoke break for work, school, etc.
Isn’t the point that criminals by definition break the law so go ahead and pass all the gun laws you want it won’t change anything.
$IMUC still holding. tremendous accumulation today.we should break to the upside. Pivot point 42c
This is hypocritical to the point of absurdity. And all so they can pass a tax break for the only people who don’t…
My point exactly no drinks or food allowed in the building and some people had drinks and when the security came in during our break
Drink driving IS illegal and people DO break that law, literally all the time.this is literally the point of th…
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But you saying it’s not his fault because they were on a break.that’s the WHOLE point.
Took a 3 day break from the books today back at it and work on this power point...
It's okay everyone needs a break at some point. Tio zach loves you and you're still beautiful miss…
Ignorance is a direct threat to public safety. When will you be removing yourself? Okay let's…
He is an actor, known for Assassin's Creed (2016), Easy Money (2010) and Point Break (2015)
It's a bit like that film Point Break.
Next time you point a finger. I might have to bend it back. Or break it, break it off 🎧
At this point Cam Newton is just an easy story. Always saying something dumb. He has a "break glass in case of slow news day" sign on him
if you have a bf/gf and you’re tempted to cheat on them at any point BREAK UP WITH THEM! that heart break won’t be a…
I liked the original Point Break -- doesn't mean I care about the further adventures of Johnny Utah and Bodhi.
On my lunch break, watching part 2 of Noclip's Witcher documentary series. The Witcher 1 at one point almost came to console.
I'm at that point where school is about to make me or break me lol
Once you know your break-even point, you can begin working to tip the scales ...
What's the point of the International Break?. An old blog that seems apt to re-visit given is upon us.
Tiwa Savage was on point👌. Her words r frm d bible. The word of God is d standard for a healthy marriage. BREAK God's wor…
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At the point where taking a break from hw means just doing hw for a different subject 😭
SHOT! Kvitova! Tremendous stretch forehand keeps her in the point and she has a look to break Wozniacki at 0-30.
Would take too much energy to break down. I stand by my point that SFV cost too…
It's maddening having to reread sentences and paragraphs multiple times before I can digest the meaning 🙃 did I break at som…
We might want to come back to the UK at some point - don’t break it!
Behind the scenes badassery on the set of Point Break. Love the shots with Swayze, Anthony Kiedis and Kathryn Bigel…
"Fear causes hesitation, and hesitation will cause your worst fears to come true.". Anthony Kiedis in 'Point Break'…
Point Break, Speed, The Matrix Trilogy, Constantine, John Wick - . Which is your favourite Keanu movie?. http…
Happy 53rd Bday to Keanu Reeves!. He just keeps getting better!. Point Break,Matrix,Dracula,John Wick
Happy birthday to Keanu Reeves. He gave us John Wick, Matrix, Bill and Ted, Constantine, Speed and Point Break. Some of my faves.
So never mind. I never saw Point Break and I will shut up now. (See Grosse Point Blank though. It was good.)
Speaking of Kathryn Bigelow how many Maple leaves would you give Point Break?
🏄 Point Break on 35mm at was stunning. Kathryn Bigelow best to ever do it 🏄‍♀️
If i see a girls makeup and it's on point, imma tell her it's on point. Sorry not sorry. Time to break the norm of thinking that's weird.
Wait no I don't overthink in the shower.. that's the whole point of taking a shower is to not think and take a break
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
You are ignorant and your mind is actually "Point blank!!!" take a break from stanning and read a book, do research…
My new account name basically describes me at this point of break
Fushi after you go through Lavos fight where you left the video off there is a save point. So you can take a break.
Abanda has to work on her break point conversions.
Two appliances from attended an AFA - maliscious breakage of break glass call point
most of my mutuals I've had for a long time are people who hated me/ blocked me at one point and now it's like we can't break it ever lol
Serious question what's the point of the clash blaster? I tried it in turf war and legit could not break 500pts inked.
Double break back point for Djokovic, c'mon Rafa
Yo its free bowling till two at break point who wanna go right flippin now
I posted an 8 point plan tomthe league to get through the just over 2 week break!
--point of our little break is to control our hormones as well as make Nadia happy.
At that point I went to break and didn't know what happened until after I got back and a manager was giving her a refund/discount
Yo, somebody point me to some up and coming and Also even J.K Rowling is talking politics. Where is the break from this?
To solve the mess created for the last 70 yrs and u expect result in 3 yrs.…
Lol ... I mean re-naming a classic like scissoring is almost worse than remaking Point Break
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Like 2 days after mine snapped my brand new dog (at that point) jumped on me while I was sleeping an…
And the point of this hooey is? Some young Russians,who live under Putin, are giving me ad…
You stole Kyrie's wave like Keanu in Point Break. He lost his board, you'll lose in the finals
I never understood the point of throwing dirt on your ex after y'all break up, like you dead loved that person, so why…
Chris Pratt and Anna Faris, Rachel and Peter, I'm rewatching New Girl and at the point where Nick and Jess break up. EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE.
They, The Nationals, used to be the team that would break your heart, now they break records t…
So much. To the point if certain places that are incredibly politically hostile to each other now break out into civil war I will now care
Somebody has been watching point break again
Must be watching Point Break...the original ofcourse.
I didn't realize Point Break came out in 91
Also Point Break which is one of the best action movies ever.
They all break up anyway. There's no point in watching 💅🏽😴
Me: I'm really tied I'm going to bed. (Point Break comes on). Me:
I'm really offended to the point I lose sleep when I see a Muslim woman all covered up. I even break down a…
Such a good point. We sometimes just give in, and then become jaded adults. Must always try to break the cycle.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
EUR/INR in comfort mode at 74.50-76 with firm base at 74.15-74.50 (ahead of 73.15 make or break support point) trying for hold at 75-76.50
--girl, I am going to go after the physic. Oh she won't take much to break either. Just one little to…
Man, the online 'ad' game is such a game it's hard to break it down seriously at this point. I thin…
The point of the opposition is to break the ANC from within. Gulible and power hungry members like the current deputy are already recruited
Yeah very bad lol trying to break even at this point
he had his sleeves rolled up today and I know this because it was a discussion point in the break room conversation
Going to -Force myself to use for I'm all in at this point so I've deleted my shortcuts…
Yeah that's a good point. Rip needed those sets in order to break free, if only for a second, from quicker…
This is crazy! Can the haterz not c Javi jus wantd to out her to the point of go-n WAY overboard! This w…
I've lost my mom at one point. That never stopped me‼️... Am i suppose to break my back for the next *** that I lose ? 💀
I'm trying not to break, but I'm at my breaking point. 😓
It's gotten to the point where when I break out it's not even pimples anymore, it's just colossal volcano bumps on my face...
Big break point for Polansky! Krajicek picks up a breakpoint as well!!
my heart is so hurt right now. I wouldn't think they would break up at this point
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Smooth progress for Nick ... not a single break point faced & 4 breaks of his own as he ousts Troic…
First 3 that came up: . Judgment Day . Silence of the Lambs . Point Break
I think it’s definitely on my most rewatchable top ten along with other classics like other arthouse…
On Monday,at 6th day, A Taxi Driver passed the break-even point. After 4.5M veiwers,it is the black.
Yep. That's exactly my point. In no way did it constitute a break, and its historical r…
Don't go to the auto shop in eagle Point if you don't wanna be charged an arm and a leg just to break down
They have to break thru on this. We are well past the point where nipping tucki…
It has a great Angela Bassett performance. Why do I love Point Break even though I hate pigs?
Keanu's next big hit was Point Break! Where he plays Johnny Utah opposite Patrick Swayze (this movie is beyond iconic ple…
Every one of her movies is freaking incredible. Point Break is totally underappreciated, K-19, Zero Dark Thirty...
sincerely hoping it was the original (classic) Point Break
I wanna say Point Break is a much better movie but the "nakedness" of Connie Nielsen makes it harder
Patrick Swayze was so underrated. Name an actor who could pull off DD, then Roadhouse, then Point Break, then Too Wong Foo
I hope it was showing the scene in Point Break where Utah confronts Bodhi on the beach during the 50-year storm
Dunno if that sounds smart, sounds like a Micheal Bay remake of Point Break with wing suits starring Megan Fox
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Watched Victor Frankenstein and Point Break remake today. Oddly thematic. Dead things being brought back to life to disastro…
Bhodi and Utah ride again. The original Point Break is screening at the Vancouver Police Museum 2night. You're welcome.
Point Break in '91, then a League of their Own in '92? Lori Petty was have a good start to the 90s.
love your reference to Point Break, my favourite film too ... great to be associated:)
I forgot how amazing Point Break is. Thank you for being amazing
Point Break is my Long Kiss Goodnight is great. I feel like it's the forgotten or not seen by many awesome action movie.
1. Heat. 2. Point Break. 3. Ronin. 4. Long Kiss Goodnight. 5. True Lies (right now but maybe Die Hard WAV if you ask me…
If Bodhi became one with the sea at the end of Point Break, and Aquaman's trident can control the sea, then that means... My God.
Look, there's shared universe between John Wick 2, Hardcore Henry, Scarface, the Point Break remake, & Payday which is why cops aren't there
please don't tell me you think Point Break even holds a candle to Con Air
Down a break in the 5th set, Nick Kyrgios hits a tweener and wins the point. Amazing.
You can only get pushed so far until you break at some point.
Someone has two spots and suddenly it's an 'acne outbreak' making world news? Give me (and her) a break. 85% of us have…
The situation in this country is reaching a breaking point. Revolution will either break to leftwing populism or rightwing authoritarianism.
So over going to ad break and missing first point in Tennis coverage
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Give her a break. When caught, I always make a point of forgetting where I parked the stolen car..…
Calculating how to convert a loss to break even point
I feel the same way about a White Men Can't Jump remake as I did about the Point Break remake. NO!
I just wanna break down and cry At this point
All 15 players for Aliquippa boys basketball scored as the Quips reached 70 points for the second time this season. https:…
Make sure to take a break when you're at a good stopping point. Good work, though!
I didn't even realise it at first but the main guy from point break is in it he bulked so much for the role
seriously though, just from a neutral point of view. Modi just needs Mayawati to break 50% in UP. In UPA she wld be a nobody
[The Miami Herald]Following her break-out year in 2014, which also saw her reach the Wimbledon…
Theresa May to set out 12-point plan for Brexit as she vows a clean break that does not leave the UK 'half-in,…
The turning point is here: Trump is openly against the EU and saying other countries will break away
Especially when it's Kevin Hart and the guy from the Point Break remake! Please!
I've gotten so good at masking how I feel, it gets to the point that as soon as I walk into my room, I break down
MUR 1-1 RUB 6-3, 6-0. Good forehand winner from Rublev to save the break point. .
BREXIT did mean BREXIT!. Theresa May unveils bold 12-point plan to completely break from the EU.
always bound to happen. If Point Break gets the treatment anything is possible. Too much copying going on in movies
bagels and hasn't faced a break point. Serving much more effectively than Monday
You can break yo back for a mf & dey will still point out your wrongs/flaws instead of the right things u do!
he reminds me of the old guy who stars as Patrick Swayze cop partner in the film Point Break! Imagine him: Hawaiian 🌺shirt n shades
Point Break (2015). Point-less remake of the 90's classic. More extreme sports this time plus Ray Winston's with a very wonky accent. 📱.
If I weren't me, I'd be a beach bum. There's story potential. Esp conflict around how to afford it. *Point Break*
Most non Christmas movie that we could find on demand. The original, not that sham of a remake. Johnny Utah! — watching Point Break
Johnny Utah and Bodhi from the original Point Break (1991) & Point Break remake (2015).
My dogs in God's country,and yes, Utah is named after Johnny Utah from Point Break.
are you aware that has never seen Point Break?!?! I just made a Johnny Utah reference.right over his head! 🙄
The woman who directed Point Break, Strange Days, Hurt Locker, and Zero Dark 30 can sit anywhere she *** pleases.
Point Break, starring John Cleese and Richard Dreyfuss. Directed by Rob Reiner, music by Barry Jive and the Uptown Five. Budget: $20m
>tfw Payday 2 is in the same universe as John Wick, Hotline Miami (kinda), Point Break remake, Hardcore Henry AND h…
Efforts to re-float and remove the barge aground at Toker Point NT will resume after spring ice break-up.
No point in investing your time in someone who's eventually gonna break up you🚮
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Even odds someone wearing that shirt would feel entitled to break into a rant mid-song, or otherwise disrupt, so I…
There's no point in stressing knowing life is always gonna try and break you.
Once you push me to the point I'm break I don't care anymore and I can be the most spiteful and vindictive person.
Failure is a break point between success. It means task is not done . U r a beginner not loser
Striking cook tells how the nation's richest university has put her 'at the break... http…
At a point it becomes a habit. Something we'd like to break away from, but have trouble to do so. Such is slavery
Domi not happy with a line call. Would have put her up break point but she was out of challenges. Unbelievable scen…
Lies break down at some point. Incomplete and noisy data is better than no data. No need to make solid conclusions if not warranted
Considering they only open up 6500 seats per game I doubt 9000 is the break even point
A break at this point is a good idea. Hopefully, this will lead to a repackaging of the provisions. No special deal for investors!
No point resting Zlatan with intl break coming up again. Rashford looks like he needs a rest though.
Point is, if you break up and the relationship meant something, it's okay not to be okay for a while. Wyl out, process your…
Ideally most barristers were on a tea break at this point...
One of my fav vixx's performance. Everything on point! Their dance break, outfit and makeup 😭😭 and that lenses omg https…
Set a break point, then read code and see events in the Chrome browser console? No Dartium? Oh man so happy.
If you haven't signed up to the free portal with SAS Aftershow fitness routines and nutrition advice, do it today! https:…
morning Geoff! I'm loving the current series of SASWDW & all the break point positivity! You signed up for battle ready prog?
Break Point: 9 Life Lessons from the Tennis Court In the tradition of Andy A…
You can't break bread with people who can't make bread point blank period 😏
This is the half way point on my usual run. It also happens to be the best place for a break; my smoke spot.
But that is not the point I made. My point was that you are more likely to break in GP compared to EC.
and you can use LLDB or a break point instead to avoid adding logs to your code.
I don't get why Terminator has to acknowledge Harlan Ellison but Fast & the Furious doesn't have to acknowledge the writers of Point Break.
the only person I can see in Point Break is Anthony Kiedis
So stoked that Point Break is Trending... best bromance EVER! Jim Davidson and John Virgo were awesome together...
What's so interesting about 'Point Break' to me is that it's a study of testosterone and
Kathryn Bigelow hasn't directed a good movie since Point Break.
yes I know - so sad. I have always liked Keanu though since Point Break (I surf)
Between Tank Girl and Point Break, Lori Petty is basically my dream girl.
hmmm! I love Lolly, Lori Petty is just...😍 I've had a huge crush on her since Point Break!
Got to the episode of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK where they flashback to Lori Petty's backstory, disappointed it's not just Point Break footage
We talk Point Break over at and Greg works through his love of Patrick Swayze.
8 'Point Break' lines to live your life by
New live episode drops Tuesday at where we talk Point Break...get me 2 indeed!.
TIL the actress who plays Keanu Reeve's love interest in "Point Break" now plays Lolly Whi…
Kathryn Bigelow had me at Point Break, before I knew she directed Near Dark. She continues to be awesome.
What if the 'gang' is just Anthony Kiedis reliving Point Break.
.looks at Kathryn Bigelow's Point Break, which turns 25 this year:
"Woah, it's directed by Kathryn Bigelow?! I thought this was just another dumb surfer movie like Blue Crush."Rachael discovering Point Break
On its 25th anniversary, writes about Kathryn Bigelow's Point Break.
Point Break, which is AWESOME, had an unnecessary remake. The original was directed by the greatest female director: Kathryn Bigelow... 1/
I walk into Jo-Ann's fabrics, get stared down by old ladies like I'm Keanu Reeves in Point Break and Warchild and co. want to throw down.
yaaas my Point Break queen. Director Kathryn Bigelow set to shoot movie in Boston via
The director of Point Break, Kathryn Bigelow, is my future director
It's that. Casablanca, Point Break, Cool Hand Luke, When Harry Met Sally, or Bull Durham. It depends on my mood.
The backlash for the new Ghostbusters is ridiculous. Where were you guys when they remade "Point Break" and "Red Dawn?"
Way more to be positive about than anything about the Robocop/Total Recall/Point Break remakes. CALM DOWN
I’m allowed to be against terrible remakes of Robocop and Point Break and Total Recall, but if I’m against Ghostbusters I’m a misogynist?
Total Recall tanked, Point Break tanked, Poltergeist tanked, The Thing was a prequel, but what do i know?
Point Break may have shattered 's love of Keanu Reaves...and me.
I dont consider rotten tomatoes the be all-end all, but when Point Break receives a 9 out of 100 rating; guessing that one didnt pan out.
IMDB, and 2,000 Google hits, claim that there's a scene from "Point Break" in which Keanu Reeves's character ...
Starz out here showing Point Break like I won't ride this one all the way to the end with Bodhi and Johnny Utah.
I saw that dirty look gave me as I decide to watch Point Break for the 412th time. Can't get enough of Johnny Utah!
have you seen the new Point Break? It's such a shame the second tier actors can be called Bode or Johnny Utah
Whoa this Point Break remake is even worse than you imagined. This is Johnny Utah but also my face right now.
the establishment is going to place her into the WH. It's Bodhi from Point Break. Switched it up from Johnny Utah
The new Point Break is wack. Patrick Swayze is using this for a weed plate.
Point Break's sand dune opening scene focused on how impossible the ride would be, but you could see the tracks from previous riders.
Strange Days & Point Break were on 2 Showtime channels at the same time tonight. Reminder: Kathryn Bigelow hasn't made a movie in 4 years. 😠
John Dines used same trick as portrayed in Point Break ("my parents are dead") to ingratiate himself with Helen Steel.
Point Break. I kinda wanna lick every one of Luke Bracey's tats
I highly recommend watching Point Break if you haven't already done so
.placing our chips on Bodhi.named after the Patrick Swayse character from Point Break
Today's bonus SpielbergPod is on Point Break. A great episode. Get it here: https:/…
go here to learn how to win a copy of Point Break or In the Heart of the Sea!
The original Point Break film was Co-wrote by James Cameron and Kathyrn Bigelow and someone actually thought they could do better?
Torn between a dislike for Tarentino's extracaricular BS but 7.9 on "Hateful Eight" & the unknown qty of Luke Bracey & a 5.3 "Point Break"
'Point Break' is a movie that I and all of my friends grew up loving, watch...
Can we talk about how handsome Luke Bracey is from Point Break
bombs: Jupiter Ascending, man from UNCLE, Pan, We Are Your Friends, Point Break, In the Heart of the Sea. 😥
Patrick Swayze had a magnificent head of hair in Point Break
John Wick is a masterpiece. there. I said it. best thing Keanu Reeves has done. better than Point Break even. do yourself a favour. see it.
Is there a better acting job in any movie than in Point Break?
I'm drinking & listening to the old Chris Rock episode while watching Point Break & SportsCenter & Dan Patrick Show lol
wait, maybe your taste isn't terrible. I've enjoyed her films: Zero Dark Thirty, The Hurt Locker, and Point Break. She's good!
She's not one of my heroes like the others but,Katherine Bigelow for Point Break (women make action) AND Near Dark (& horror)
10/10 Keanu Reeves in a Canadian tuxedo for the final scene of Point Break. Would recommend for the line "C'mon Compadre"
In bed watching Point Break. was the Kirsten Stewart of the 90s.
sure you don't mean 2015's Point Break with the Hollywood golden boy, Luke Bracey as Johnny Utah
this list is invalid without Point Break. Also missing Die Hard 2, Demolition Man, Total Recall and Fifth Element
So interesting to see RWBY grow and grow to the point that it is slowly eating my life and want to break everyone's leg for what they did :b
Thanks for the info. I'm currently not interested in the HTML5 stuff, so it seems it could only potentially break what I'm working on.
Waiting for Easter break and Term 2 break and then Raya break and then Summer break. I don't even see the point in going to school 😂
Sean with a 2 D point. Ian breaks to Dillon for a break 5-6.
will break the overall world record at some point soon. It's academic
All SACRED IDoLs stole pieces of my hearts I sit in the slums as reverent to Baptist EMPathetic Bank Robbery EUcharist Point Break Luters
Learn how to think, talk, and manage your creative income:
I liked a video from Pokemon break point opening
Visited Brasstown Bald, the highest point in GA, yesterday. How is your February break going so far?
Dance break - Embrace The point of no return via
Although I'm sure it's going to break my heart by blowing a fuse again at some point
Because I love having break downs to the point where I can't breathe and my sister has to calm me down
Watch The Revenge (DFA Records, Poker Flat Recordings) break down his live show setup in our exclusive interview!
VIKS TAKE THE DOUBLES POINT! They break in the final game at line 3 to win 6-3. The match at line 1 goes unfinished
Started packing up my apartment today to move out for summer break. actually how did we get to this point?!
We're getting to the point where actual violence might break out against the Republican and Democratic establishments. …
It's totally wrong, but I've sort of refused to see the new POINT BREAK. I genuinely love the first 1 & all of its Surfer-Heist 90s glory.
Everyone needs a break from me at some point in our friendship/relationship. This is what I've learned.
point break is just. awful. I'd rather watch a pensioner taking a dump.
Im just counting down the days till spring break at this point🌞
Deadpool was sold out, Point Break was on too late & I've been informed that dad's army is one I have to see myself… It was ZL or nothing.
Nothing gonna break me down to the point of no return to triumph and conquer LESSSGGGOOO
Win a trip to Austria with Point Break!
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