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Point Blank

In external ballistics, point-blank range is the distance between a firearm and a target of a given size such that the bullet in flight is expected to strike the target without adjusting the elevation of the firearm.

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I'm here to watch Lee Marvin walk. Other things too, but no one walks like Lee Marvin in Point Blank. Don't try. Find another way.
If you want to watch an all-time great movie, Point Blank is on TCM at 12:15. Best Lee Marvin movie ever in my opinion.
At 11:15 is showing Point Blank. Great movie with Lee Marvin & Angie Dickinson was the basis for Payback the awesome Mel Gibson movie
Point Blank. This is the best take on Richard Stark's crime icon: Parker. Lee Marvin has presence & Boorman's dire…
Tenchu, Prince of Persia and lightgun games - Virtua Cop, Time Crisis, Point Blank, Jurassic Park Arcade -- all of 'em! 🔫
Coretta Scott King was right! He didn't deserve this job. Point Blank!
the Lee Marvin film Point Blank is seen on the marquee of the Optic Theater (533 S. Main Street, Los Angeles) in the Ro…
Yesterday was Lee Marvin's birthday. Coincidentally I revisited Point Blank the day before and *** what a movie.
From The Dirty Dozen to Point Blank, we look back at 10 of Lee Marvin's greatest films http…
Hi Martin are they any closer to getting the daily DJ live shows up on the Point Blank player?
For me, only one: MUSKETEERS OF PIG ALLEY. Non-voted-on faves: The Birds, Paris is Burning, Roger Rabbit, Point Blank
Angie Dickinson and Lee Marvin in '67's Point Blank. .
John Vernon gettin real handsy with Angie Dickinson in '67's Point Blank. I believe they called her coiffure "helme…
[SNY: NYI Point Blank] Islanders look to cook up same home recipe
ANNOUNCER: "Next on Fox Movies, Lee Marvin and Angie Dickinson in 'Point Blank'...". (buzz) WAGSTAFF: Break?
[SNY: NYI Point Blank] Former Islander Miro Satan says Halak is getting better with age
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Watch house legend talk setups, remixing & creative block with in this brand new intervie…
Usher's new album point blank refuses to download on my phone. I'm probably not missing out on much anyway
What I think? You want to advertise your merchandise? YOU GON PAY ME. POINT BLANK PERIOD.
Because you are awesome with Weapons, Would a Flare gun kill you at point blank range ? *ncis s12e2*
BMW on Call point blank refused to be affiliated with them.
The final part of our NI Form series looks at incorporating the innovative instrument into your live performances:…
Just realised it's Point Blank FM. Bloody love this cafe. Best bacon and egg sandwiches and radio station in London!
My mama prays keep me protected... just witnessed a man get shot point-blank in the head
We asked for reform point blank told no way,why the change of heart now? Too late me thinks
I have just received authoritative information from Pak Govt They have point blank refuse offer of taking Kashmir along with Bi…
Loving the new gears ultimate beta!!. Quick Feed back; a lot of point blank shots missed or go right though
feels other wise. Your assumptions are all wrong with me dude. She makes it very tough for me to see him point blank! Smh
Devils advocate, they cant know he has a medical condition and going up to check on him point blank is dangerous 1/2
Jeremy Corbyn, 1st party leader of any party in living memory to refuse point blank to do live conference interview
I love the boys so much. They're my gate to happiness when I'm down and just period point blank.
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I have eyes, at point blank rage I can see if someone has a gun,
People make time for who they want to make time for. Point, blank, period.
I seriously do not understand the point of these "blank" messages! And that too from random people!
Halak just robbed Tavares point blank
No kinds of concerned with a relationship. What's meant to be will be. Point blank period
Tell me what you really want from me? Point blank, no discussion. Closed mouth. I'll give it to you, no interruption.
I know I'm late but sheesh that pest control by game is a problem. Dude is not one to test on the microphone point blank.
I don't need anyone. If you're in my life I appreciate you. Point blank.
And India will shot point blank on those who takes up guns...thats the way they should be dealt with
If you gown you not gone be petty point blank period
Shooting at the Colonial Motel. Victim critical & suspect on the loose. Sources confirm man shot in head at point blank ran…
I swear Elzhi is one of the most criminally slept on cats ever in hiphop point blank.
Y'all *** need to stop talkin out your neck point blank 🙄😒
Stop making utterly false comparisons. If anyone is point blank aiming a gun at a cop (or pretending to) they are getting shot.
Hillary had Alicia Machado loaded like a weapon and fired point blank. Trump didn't see it coming.
Donald trump can not be our next president. point. blank. period.
Black women are amazing. Point blank period!
lol yea. But bottom line point blank, the way police officers handle "crime" is unruly & disgusting. I'm sure you see that
If we date and you cheat on me imma beat yo *** Point blank
Where some. people see coincidence, I see conspiracy. That's my job.” . ― Anthony Horowitz, Point Blank
TRICK SPOTLIGHT. Point Blank. This routine was created by one of Craig and Russell's favourite magicians Greg...
“The worst time to feel alone is when you’re in a crowd.” - Anthony Horowitz, Point Blank (via...
Linda / Dave Stewart is playing Al Jarreau - Easy on Point Blank 󾌰󾌰
Lee Marvin's sharp rusty brown sports coat with orange shirt in Point Blank
Point Blank was a favorite of mine w Lee Marvin. may work?
Lee Marvin and Angie Dickinson during the shooting of 'Point Blank' (1967) Directed by John Boorman.
The cooler than cool Lee Marvin in 'Point Blank' (1967) dir by John Boorman
I added a video to a playlist Keenan Wynn, Point Blank (1967), Lee Marvin
And the winner for Friday was ... Point Blank!
Point Blank in full effect Today Slick & Tizik *** (welcome to friday)
Kush might be the hardest rapper in Pittsburgh. Point Blank.
very much enjoying Point Blank, Lee Marvin is the real deal. Angie Dickinson easy on the eye.
Turkey Time! Spring is in the air and we here at Point Blank, have gobblers on the brain. We thought we'd kick...
Turkey Time! Here at Point Blank, we've got gobblers on the brain! We thought we'd kick off the spring season...
Check out Point Blank new video OVA ft cl'che availablealso itunes,Google play & all Onlinestores
From M Squad, to Point Blank, to Cat Ballou; etc, he was simply the best! Happy Birthday Lee, RIP.
1924 Lee Marvin was born in NYC. actor from Cat Ballou, the Dirty Dozen & Image from Point Blank.
My work shoes make so much noise. I sound like Lee Marvin at the start of 'Point Blank'.
I've always inexplicably liked Lee Marvin as Walker, walking & walking in Point Blank. And walking some more.
- Fear No Evil feat. Hawk, Lil' Flea, and Point Blank on
Watch breakdown his track Emotional in our exclusive track masterclass ::
Being in a relationship hella changed my perspective too. Parties are for single people and *** point blank 😂✊🏼
Nick Saban is the best in the business. Point. Blank. Period.
If you feel like you did nothing wrong then we don't need to have any sort of contact, point blank.
Nobody is the next Michael Jackson. Point. Blank. Period. The man started when he was 5, if you're 6 it's already too late …
This year all about me point blank period I'll be selfish idgaf you with it or against it 💯
Yall dudes be messing up yall selves cause when I cut you off aint no coming back . Point blank
its alot of stuff i let slide.. but , my girls 👭 you fw them then , you fwm 💁🏽 POINT BLANK 💅🏾
Shotgun Sniper - kill 10 enemies with shotguns from long range. requires Open Wide! 5 - kill 750 enemies with shotguns from point blank range
The relationship I'm in will definitely be my last. Point period blank... If it doesn't work out I guess I gotta get a dog.
Nobody is the next Rihanna. Point. Blank. Period. The woman started when she was 17, if you're 18 it's already too late like c…
Nip that in the but right now... Best friend or not, nothing is hid from me when it comes to Bianca Marie . Period point blank
Any of my *** get hit! I have to jump in. Point blank period!
someone please use two of those bullets. One for her, the other for trump. Point blank range please.
Showing mofos better than I can tell em. So it's best not to come for me point blank. if you know what's good for ya. 😊
ur mediocre...if I have never heard of you then ur lame. Period point blank 😒
I don't like when my family is disrespected & idgaf about how you feel towards me when I'm defending them. point blank.
You people make way too many excuses for yourselves. STFU, step the eff up, & grow up. Quit being a little b!tch... Point blank
Future, Travis, Young Thug, even Drake. Their successes wouldn't have been as monumental this year without Metro. Point bla…
Point Blank- Written by B Springsteen. Music - Marlowe's Theme. Narrated and produced by Hank Beukema
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A Roomful of Cool: Lee Marvin, Steve McQueen, John Boorman Celebrate at the 'Point Blank' Wrap Party - via
September's Complete Boorman festival comes to a close. Aside from Zardoz - The Emerald Forest, Excalibur and now Point Blank.
Complete John Boorman winding down with fab blu of Zardoz; Point Blank closes then more Meryl.
Point Blank : Learn how to use Native Instruments' new format via our la... http:…
I had a 'much older man' crush on Lee Marvin. 'Point Blank' is one of my favourite films.
Warren Oates hanging out with Lee Marvin at the wrap party for 'Point Blank' (1967).
Point Blank Safety Services for when you have a concern, or a need to contact Point Blank, it will be one call...
I've not seen his one yet. Love the John Boorman story about Lee Marvin hating the crappy first script for Point Blank and >
Why is Point Blank the perfect 'gran and go' preworkout drink?
A relationship is nothing without trust and respect.. Point Blank. When the "good" times roll around they aren't good.. They're fake.
Had a really fun workshop at Point Blank tonight, and was happy to have such an attentive group! Next stop is Beat Lab Academy this Friday
Point Blank, give them a like. First gig yesterday, futures bright Jodie and PJ!
Steve Hardin, who played with Point Blank, Glen Campbell and Steppenwolf, and wrote hits for Glen Campbell and...
Point Blank (1967) - John Boorman | | Action & Adventure top 10 horror movies of all …
Tony, Brett Brown sat right in front of Howard Eskin and said that they would take BPA. Point Blank.
No.What a coincidence you should mention Point Blank. It's on TCM this Friday 3am. Plan on recording it. Cheers!
Photo: 20th-century-man: Lee Marvin, Angie Dickinson / production still from John Boorman’s Point Blank...
Philip Addison, NPP MP aspirant for Klottey Korle constituency is on Point Blank
Interview with John Boorman: At the Guardian, Xan Brooks interviews John Boorman, director of Point Blank (196...
No! Unfollowed by accident we're sorry - send us a DM :)
you're brave! I saw who was in ours and refused point blank to join in!
Are you hate Japanese Language. Anyway I'm sad.. I want to send DM..
If you're annoying I don't wanna be your friend, go away, point blank period.
Cause if you did you'd act right period point blank blank
Claire Haas got inside water and drew an ejection but Stelnicki blocks her shot from point blank range! Still 4-2 Ignatius ove…
Keenan done told me the realist thing ever yall be lurked that's my *** he gone ride with me point blank period
Jay-Z is the G.O.A.T. It took me till 2015 to make up my mind on that, but he is... Point blank.
Point blank period curry better what els he have to do 2 show he a better player then harden 😎
We are NOT sisters don't confuse that again my mom is not ur mom ur dad is not my dad point blank none of your blood runs thru my veins 😂😂
Rational ground promoting transmitter accessories july be met with point-blank the thingumadoodle they deficit because propaganda!: LmOaHP
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Tell me what you really want from me, point blank
Watch ’s Ganesh Singaram show you how to sit vocals in the mix -
Man shot point blank in Penang caught on CCTV -
If you go back to someone that is constantly cheating on you , your not a ride or die .. You dumb ✋🏽 point blank period
Point Blank Shot 25/09/2009 Kidnapped Hostage and is shot in the forehea... via
Bike week needs to be shut down, point blank period. Too many shootings occur during this time.
If say you going to do something do it. ...point blank period stop with the excuses
They are Latino of African descent. Period. Point blank. End of discussion.
If i have to invest in a 120 to 200 dollar pair of running shoes then so be it . . But i have to take care of my stability ...point blank
If you can't hold your *** down while he doing time you ain't no "RIDER" period point blank 💯
"The less mics the better for recording drums" >>
soldier pepper sprays Palestinian family in the face at point blank range.
I think too highly of people... Point blank period .
@ Point Blank - The Best Of Me - rated 4 out of 5 heard by 57 listeners
Now is showing you how to add vinyl hiss and crackle to your drum beats! >>
Here's our latest article from with local business
If you ever think you have the right to say it, guess what??? You're racist. Point, blank, period.
That's a point. But she has no other label. We can't call her anything else. I've tried but drawing a blank.
Listen to Fi FIGHTER (S.S.D.) Pt2 feat. CHECKMATE by Mr Point Blank on
I wanna know happened. Point blank period.
Adam Abdul Rahman, a deputy secretary of the NPP in the Greater Accra Region is on Point Blank
DD tonight for the Salem contingency of @ the Point Blank trade show, with my boy Les.
If like me you love 'Point Blank' here is the Director John Boorman and Steven Soderbergh doing a commentary.
Just realized the thematic reason for sequencing "Cadillac Ranch" after "Point Blank," AMA
do you like Point Blank w Lee Marvin?
Honestly, I want Daredevil made circa 1968 with John Boorman right after he did Point Blank w/ Lee Marvin.
Sunday 25th January 2015 Ricardo "Gladiator" Welch Added Newsday Story By Corey Connelly WAS MARCIA HENVILLE MURDERED??? Two weeks after the passing of veteran journalist, Raoul Pantin, the local media fraternity has again lost one of its own — this time tragically. Marcia Henville, 51, a well-known journalist and host of the gritty television series, Point Blank, died early yesterday in a fire at her upscale Fidelis Heights home in Santa Margarita, St Augustine, almost opposite the Hugh Wooding Law School. However, up until news time, it was unclear as to whether Henville’s death was murder or accidental. Henville’s friend and cameraman on Point Blank, Sheldon De Shong, claimed her death was not an accident and was awaiting an opportunity to speak with the police. “I know exactly what it is was going on with her,” he said, “And I am just waiting to get an opportunity to talk to the authorities to let them know who I believe is behind this based on a number of discussions that we would have ha ...
Point Blank live on with and on King Faisal's latest injunction.
Clip of "Point Blank" (1967) by John Boorman, starring Lee Marvin (as Walker)
Happy New Year Members. Auctions Are Back - Current Auction Ends Weds January 7th The current auction includes folded One-Sheets and Lobby Cards with highlights that include Key Largo lc, Apocalypse Now 1sh, Pinocchio 1954R 1sh, Point Blank 1sh, the Human Jungle 1sh, Man in Blue 1sh, original release lobby card from Dawn Trail (1930), Everything is Thunder 1936 1sh Gaumont-British, Harlem on the Prairie 1sh, 2 Tom Mix lobby cards from Just Tony (1922), Argentinian 1sh for A Night of Terror (1937) Basil Rathbone, an Italian export poster for Night of the Generals and much more. Because we are just restarting auctions after a 3 month hiatus, as of this message, very many items are still at just $2.00 we have already listed a number of items for our auction that Ends on January 14th including 7 lobby cards for Sunset Boulevard (low grade), the Wrong Man 1sh, Australian 1sh for Wild Wild Planet, Son of Dr Jekyll 1sh, a lobby card for toy Wife with Luise Rainer (best card), Argentinian 1sh f ...
Jeremy, Andy and Spencer, those people were a bunch of racist ignorant & disrespectful pieces of crap Point Blank
I think someone's been watching John Boorman's Point Blank. Nice though.
Is still a thing? Because I'm about to watch the great Lee Marvin and Angie Dickinson in John Boorman's "Point Blank" (1967).
yeah, that's the reprint. I used to have the original, where the cover ripped off James Coburn in Point Blank...
Point Blank - can't believe the madness at Makerere University! What has become of one of Africa's best institutions?
BEST FOXTEL MOVIE: Point Blank, TCM, 10.05. Lee Marvin, Angie Dickinson in a psyched-out, clued-in thriller from 1967
Megatron is a Freak of Nature . We know that . But Brandon Marshall is the 2nd Best Receiver in the League . Point Blank .
Great French film poster for John Boorman's Point Blank. I love this movie. It's hard!.
...based on Richard Stark's The Hunter...which was also source material for Point Blank.
Point Blank trailer-1967 Lee Marvin,Angie Dickinson-dir. by John Boorman, based on book by the mighty Richard Stark
Watching John Boorman's Point Blank on Blu Ray. It looks great; my favorite Lee Marvin film.
LIVE TONIGHT at the Corydon Moose Lodge from 8-11PM!. Shout out to Magnolia Road for playing an awesome set last night at Point Blank!
MES-Virginia hosted a Ballistic PPE Seminar at the Norfolk Police Department range on June 26, 2014. Members from various Hampton Roads Fire and EMS agencies attended. Presentation and Demonstration of body armor by Point Blank reps: Darrell Peetz, Michael Beaver and Bill Burns. John Clarke from RFLX Training spoke on realistic training that is available to help Fire and EMS personnel survive an active shooter incident. MES Rep. Chuck Wilkinson
Darren Lee, Way Off - Broadway Theatre - He Kissed - Point Blank - the Mouth of a Short Haired, Blonde Female - in a Show. He can Relate.
Unseen photos from Point Blank: John Boorman blocks out the scene with the actors.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
The toughest actor ever must be Lee Marvin. Here he is in John Boorman's strange and excellent "Point Blank".
Point Blank has Lee Marvin getting revenge, for blogathon
The Propaganda Secretary of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) Richard Quarshigah has blamed the worsening energy situation in the country on the increasing use of mobile phones by Ghanaians. Speaking on the Point Blank segment on Eyewitness News, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Keta explained that high rate of mobile phone usage in Ghana could be contributing worsening energy crises. Ghana is currently under-going a load-shedding exercise due to inconsistent gas supply from Nigeria, the shutdown of Bui Dam plant, and a drop in the generation capacity of the Aboadze gas plant. The erratic power supply is affecting the ailing manufacturing sector and increasing the cost of doing business in Ghana. Sharing his thoughts on the matter, Mr. Quarshigah questioned whether Ghanaians have considered the possible causes of the challenges the country is saddled with. He recalled that a few years ago, most Ghanaians were not using mobile phones “but mobile phones cannot be used if they are not charged. ...
I know we have discussed the blurred lines between Noir and Horror genres. Here is a film that for me, lies somewhere in that mysterious cinematic vortex between Horror and Film Noir: "Jacob's Ladder" (1990) Starring Tim Robbins, Elizabeth Pena, Patricia Kalember, Danny Aiello, Matt Craven, Jason Alexander, Eriq La Salle, Ving Rhames, and Macaulay Culkin. Perhaps this is another re-thinking of Ambrose Bierce's story, "Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge".I was actually thinking about "Point Blank" (1967) when this film came to me... With its profoundly disturbing imagery, and truly marvelous, slightly over the top performances by all the principals, as well as a brilliant cast of supporting players, this is one of those deeply disturbing movies that you almost wish you could forget, but cant. Art Director: Jeremy Conway. Cinematography by Jeffrey L. Kimball. Production Design by Brian Morris. Music by Maurice Jarre. Directed by Adrian Lyne. Truly an unforgettable nightmare of a film, and a tragic one. The endi ...
Dear Carl's Jr. I am an American here in America trying to live my fabulous life that The Lord has provided for me. Something has occurred that is preventing myself from living my life. Today, I, Veronica Pop, went to your fast food restaurant during my lunch, which lasted one hour. I decided to try something different instead of my 6 chicken sandwiches that I usually order for myself. Today, I order chili cheese fries and a small diet coke. I always enjoy the service and things at your restaurant. The cashier kept saying "my pleasure" after everything I said so it was kind of weird but that's not the reason behind this. I am currently typing this letter while I sit on my toilet for the 50th time the last past 3 horrible hours of my life. Your chili cheese fries made a marked in my stomach and my life. My stomach hasn't been feeling too well. I have been taking medicine and nothing works. Point Blank! YOUR CHILI FRIES GAVE ME DIARRHEA! I don't want my money back or anything! I just want Carls Jr to know t ...
I On Beat Mon May 12 First notes for the week: In honor of our fast approaching summer, DiamonJacks is having their first pool party Friday, complete with Bushrod Jenkins. CMT tells me they will have a pool opened shortly, with a bar and live music. Does this mean I'm going to have to carry my swimsuit when I go dancing ? This could get interesting ! From the casinos this week you have The Billy Holt Band, The Robert Ivey Band, The Bluebirds, Shinebox, Broadband and severl other bands to choose from. Concerts & Such this week : Fri, Paul Rodgers of Bad Company & Point Blank @ Hirsch Memorial Fri, HipNaughty @ Margaritaville's Paradise Theater 9pm Of Interest: Thur, Matthew Davidson Band, Windrush Park @ Provenance 6-8:30pm Thur, WAM (Wine, Art, Music) Wine & Food pairings, live music from the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra, visual art from Joshua Chambers 5:30pm @ Boomtown's 1800 Prime, Fri, Red River Entertainment District with Red Thread 5pm Fri & Sat, UNSCENE Downtown S'port, Arts Market, Food Tru ...
Two and a half minutes of Point Blank's "My Soul Cries Out" - a moving instrumental written in 1995 by Point Blank guitarist Rusty Burns in tribute to his father, Robert Burns. This is from their May 2, 2014 performance at the 2014 Dallas International Guitar Festival - Dallas, Texas.
THIS MAY 16-18th.. Point Blank, TEXAS... One Night Stand Against Ovarian Cancer... Join us in raising funds for a great cause. Proceeds go to MD Anderson in Texas for Ovarian Cancer research. Iron Cowgirl Fan Page to ROCK, along with CrossTown Renegades!! ALSO... Still a couple spots open for vendors!! Contact Ruth Helton.
Upcoming events at The Red Lion. 16th May - Cherry Suede - playing all the tracks from the albums Crossroads (bonjovi) and Reckless (Bryan Adams) 31st May - Stella and the misfits 13th June - DogDay Afternoon 4th July - Jackhammer 23rd August - Lady Monsoon 27th September - Barfly 11th October - Point Blank 1st November - Cherry Suede - back by popular demand!!! * NEW YEARS EVE * Stella And The Misfits Ticket entry only!!! Times and ticket prices to be finalised. Tickets will be sold on a first come, first served basis Limited tickets available.
I need myself to be Happy Again. When will you be Happy Again? Night smiles will wake up the Younglings. Bold days will Generate the Throwbacks in town. Air force ones shoes once makes you look Cool. Birkenstocks sandals sweep the beaches as the sun rise to light up the world. Till then All of me loves all of you. The faces that i have seen and through skin deep, i look for little things Failed at names but Greatness to sense and sensibility. My disabilities much to me being Handicap for my imperfections. Those small Little Things I Do. Hugs and Laughter and Smiles are simple. What can you do about it? Don't be a stranger to these, reasons are Point Blank. It Shoots you Straight to reality. What do you do? Thoughts of it lingers. Like mix Hybrids of Trance and Sick Bass Beats. One Mind never think too much. Nothing Hammers like a Migraine on an Egoistic Skull Head. We all Have Gone and Done It Before it even happens. It is Written. It is Unwritten. Never Fail to make you Crumble. Please You are Strong to ...
We love you Bobbi Kristina Brown...Point Blank & Period! You are thee absolute best &will always be our song bird!
Tom Hardy as Ronnie & Reggie Kray? Yay! In a film by the bloke who 'remade' Point Blank? BOO.
Not familiar with the Diamond-Phillips movie, but ordinarily he should NEVER be mentioned in the same breath with Point Blank. :)
Watching the original "Point Blank" starring Lee Marvin in top firm. Directed by a young John Boorman.
Point Blank is a free to download and play online multiplayer first person shooter, Join the largest free to play gaming community in the Arab world
BODY HEAT (Lawrence Kasdan, 1981). In the revival of the noir cycle who affected America in the Seventies and the Eighties, Body Heat represents one of the many post-modern noirs released, with different results, in those years ("Harper"; "Point Blank"; "Taxi Driver"; "Chinatown"; "Blade Runner" among them). It is one of those nostalgia-movies who took inspiration by the classic Film Noir (chiefly "Out of the Past" and "Double Indemnity" in the case) but the ambitious process of reliving again an entire cinematic era and an out-of-date historical and cultural mood (and not simply remaking a movie) brought it to became only an anacronistic "pastiche". Speaking of which I want here to recollect the definition of the term given by Frederic Jameson: "Pastiche is, like parody, the imitation of a peculiar mask, speech in a dead language, but it is a neutral practice of such mimicry, without any of parody's ulterior motives, amputated of the satiric impulse" (Postmodernism or the Cultural Logic of Late Modernism ...
Joe Goddard Remix Masterclass LEAF 2013 - If you're a regular on the Point Blank networks, you'll already know all...
I liked a video from Frag Movie Point Blank - L11
"What's the point of telling the truth to a liar"
My header really better than yours. Point. Blank. Period.
still no home for gross point blank? Miss ya show
I'm actually beginning to think that colleges won't accept me point blank. 😑
I can't believe u gonna let ur 4 yr old son shoot my lil girl in the face point blank with a bb gun.
Ok so I'm going to get something off of my chest. I'm a very laidback and caring person. I have a big heart...maybe too big sometimes, but I have gotten wiser about who I give my big heart to. I know who is genuinely by my side. I care for those people immensely and I hold them close to my heart. But if your a person that likes to start an argument or even if you're just a negative person, I will not have that in my life. Point blank. I can not stand negativity and will not put up with it. I feed off of positivity and motivation. Anything less is irrelevant
I could keep sending pictures bt I think u get the point lmbo. those in the world that claim their "jewish" are liars point blank
the last is the past and yesterday iz history itz time people worry about they present time and plan for they future I thank the man upstairs for waking me up and blessing me with another day on his earth.a lot of ppl take they life for granted when little do they know you only got one life to live I don't knw bout everybody else im just speaking for me in mines WE WILL NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS WITH ANYTHING IF WE FEEL WE NEED OR DESERVE BETTER WE GOING TO GET IT.point blank so everybody make that goal an be better then you were yesterday love live life proceed and progress.GM FB world.KINGEDWARD
There is a thing called faith, and there are facts backed up with evidence. I support what can be proven with evidence.. point blank.
Aku bukan into politics sgt pun. But this is just plain dissapointment. Just point blank dissapointment.
Although the season is over, Bisonettes killed this year! Point blank.
Capricorns are the best. Point blank period.
I love how these men sit back nowadays on their lazy *** while the woman out there bustin their *** all I got to say is you aint. No man at all u still a lil *** boy that needs someone to take care of your *** period point blank!
fides in Grayson. He then turns Lucy into a vampire as punishment. Mina asks Grayson point blank if he loves her, his response is
We have decided to extend the length of our ticket give away to Point.Blank, AFK, JPhelpz W/Local talent...
Need to surround myself around ppl who actually strive for a better future point blank all others are dead to me so by all means please do the honor and delete yourself. Tnx ♥
If you let someone change you, you aren't mature. Point blank.
I dont chase. If u dont want me, u dont want me. If you do, meet me half way. Point blank
Particular the point-blank entrain tires forasmuch as yours cycle: aQpVV
But if yu are that curious yo man is still safe I don't talk to him he just like me point blank
Got hit point blank in the face with a ball
If I'm not okay with something then i just ain't POINT BLANK PERIOD.
No one is going anywhere point blank period
I don't care how attractive you look.if you have an ugly heart , your UGLY...point blank period!
he's mine point blank period when U see him know that's me baby, we both single but we got an understanding
"Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace." . Point. Blank. Period.
To all you racist out there this is point blank made.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Strolling down my news feed and every other status is somebody HATING.. Whether it's on Boosie.. Section 8.. Or tax money.. Just hating.. Well 1st of all you don't have to be RATCHET to like BOOSIE.. Ppl who LISTEN to Boosie frfr know that Boosie is more than just a rapper.. He's an ARTIST!! WHY DO YOU THINK HIS FAN BASE IS SO BIG??!! Next I applaud the ppl with good job who don't need government assistance but PLEASE quit talking down on the ppl who do.. So what if they use the system that's them!!! Blame the government cuz they made it so that tax money pays for it.. Lastly come on ppl we do this EVERY year.. Can we please change it up for ONCE??!! Geesh.. Let ppl be happy about they tax money and get worrying about how they spending it.. What kinda car they got.. If it's a lemon.. If it's gone get repo'd.. If they just buying J's or been buying J's... I'm saying all that to say this.. If you make a status about it you are HATER PERIOD POINT BLANK!!
You wassup me . imma punch you . point blank period.
You don't hurt people you love. Point blank period
Just know if you're "too busy" for me I'll make myself unavailable point, blank, period. I'm not investing my time into your next weeks.
Good my family I have come to decision that am not going to let people get to me. They can take it or leave it. Point blank, enjoy yaw day.
I won't force nobody to do something they don't wanna do...point blank period
My prob is i don't give af point blank in the period..I stay to myself. Think what u want 💁
R those freckles on yo face stp looking like a bad guy the Mag 5 up u in the air like a bad vibe point blank knock the brains out of em
Point Blank Singapore is full of Indonesian players.
Love cannot be found where it doesn't exist , there s difference between being patient with someone or wasting your time!!""" Point blank.
youre just jealous cause I miss point blank qs but get kills anyway
Some female r sooo stupid!! They give they money to A MAN who could care less but them. Don't get me wrong I do have a heart and I will Let u borrow money .but I'm smart about it u not takin my pay check ...and u not gone just come around when u broke point blank period ...if u ain't bringing nothin to Tha table I ain't bringing nothin to Tha wallet 👌 .. # just a piece of advice if he ain't doing nothin don't u do nothin keep your heart in ya body and not in Your draws plain and simple keep ✊💯
Friday Forum: Jon Rundell Track Masterclass - This Friday we've got a special not-so-Live masterclass with one of ...
point blank he got the hispanics LOCKED, and the sound is still what the common culture likes so the spill is automatic
For someone with a broken heart... Stop holding on to the person who has let go of you. I want you to say this to yourself right now. It's my fault, yeah its my fault. By saying those 3 words you just gave yourself the power to move your life on. The power is no longer in that persons hands in that situations hands. The ball is now in your court. It's no longer about what they do or what they didn't do. It's not about what you choose to accept. I want you to tell yourself it's my fault that I've been trusting their words and ignoring their actions. You don't have to take what they give you people. You should be deaf to what they say until their actions give you a reason to listen. The only apology you should accept is the apology that comes without words. I want you to tell your self it's my fault that I keep giving my all to a person who gives me nothing. Be used by God not by people. Your heart should never been in a place where it's not appreciated. Stop taking punches for someone who hasn't thrown one ...
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2014.03.04 (Qaisar, Afghanistan) - Sunni hardliners roll up on a checkpoint and machine-gun seven local cops at point-blank range.
Imma be here for you regardless you like it or not . Cause "I" don't do people grimy . Especially people I love . Point blank.
People that get between other peoples relationships are pathetic, point blank 👌
I dont care how old you are, if you dont respect me, i'm not respecting you. Point. Blank. Period.
Eminem is an Uzzi on the microphone period point blank.
Well today is the day if you really f*** with Ariel Myers like you say you do then come down town to Rensselaer County Court and show some support and love he was a friend to many people he looked out for all his peoples so his people should look out for him, But if you can please make it down to the county court once again for Ariel because he's a good kid and don't deserve to be where he's at. Please Come show youR respect point blank. That is all we ask of ya'll if you was really his friend or mans someone he rocked wit. Proceeding starts at 10 o'clock on the dot please today is the last day for his trial...
Mad AF dawg I feel like busting a *** head tf open I don't play when it comes down to my money point blank and my girl ain't picking up DA phone smh...
Didn't get no sleep point blank period
Duke Energy is getting paid way too much for ppl electricity to be going out!!! Point Blank Period!!! Trees should've been cut Wires & cables tripled Whatever!
NTV's Point Blank is gonna be good this Friday. Rebel MPs, Kanyeihamba, tear gas..
Point Blank will be rocking the stage Friday night March 14... this is going to be a KICK *** Show !
Tucked between my copies of Point Blank and The Killers, I watched Prime Cut for Lee Marvin's birthday. Lee Marvin plays a Chicago enforcer sent to collect a debt from brutal midwest hood, Maryann, played by Gene Hackman. Sissy Spacek's film debut. It just occured to me how different Get Shorty would have played if Lee Marvin had been cast as Chili Palmer (and made a few years earlier). ;)
Where are my Wreckless Klan fans at? Although it is the only album that they did it is a underrated as well as powerful album to be real. Then there is my Sarah Hyland from Modern Family. A little PSK-13, Ice Lord, and Point Blank is what I need to hear and deuces to this throwed lil mama
Probably fewer than 2% of handguns and well under 1% of all guns will ever be involved in a violent crime. Thus, the problem of criminal gun violence is concentrated within a very small subset of gun owners, indicating that gun control aimed at the general population faces a serious needle-in-the-haystack problem. -- Gary Kleck, "Point Blank: Handgun Violence In America"
Had a movie day today, watching some of the DVD's that come with my TV magazine every two weeks. Liked The Fighter with Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg, also The Crazies, a remake of a Romero movie from 2 or 3 years ago that was originally from the 70's. And then there was a french movie called Point Blank (no, not Grosse Pointe Blank, what is actually one of my favs with my favorite actor, John Cusack), and I have to say it was a bit pathetic, but not bad at all.
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Gary Kleck, Ph.D. is a professor in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Florida State University in Tallahassee and author of "Point Blank: Guns and Violence in America" (Aldine de Gruyter, 1991), a book widely cited in the national gun-control debate. In an exclusive interview, Dr. Kleck revealed some preliminary results of the National Self- Defense Survey which he and his colleague Dr. Marc Gertz conducted in Spring, 1993. Though he stresses that the results of the survey are preliminary and subject to future revision, Kleck is satisfied that the survey's results confirm his analysis of previous surveys which show that American civilians commonly use their privately-owned firearms to defend themselves against criminal attacks, and that such defensive uses significantly outnumber the criminal uses of firearms in America. The new survey, conducted by random telephone sampling of 4,978 households in all the states except Alaska and Hawaii, yield results indicating that American civilians use ...
Very influential. Walter Hill said Point Blank's script was a revelation to him. Inspired his spare style.
In your status list 10 albums that stayed with you. They don't have to be the "right" list. Just the ones that come to you first. 1). Abacab - Geneis 2). Old Man - Neil Young 3). Bad Weather - Poco 4). Goody Two Shoes - Adam Ant 5). Relax Don't Do It - Frankie Goes to Hollywood 6). Grey Ghost - Henry Paul Band 7). Green Grass and High Tides - Out Laws - 8). Do You Feel Like We Do - Peter Frampton 9). True - Spandau Ballet - 10). Nicole - Point Blank -
LONDON – Keanu Reeves, star of Universal’s “47 Ronin,” has nixed any chance of toplining a remake of “Point Blank,” the cult 1991 surfing action movie. Directed by Kathryn Bigelow, helmer of Oscar-...
Read Darwyn Cookes adaption of Richard Starks THE HUNTER.Really phenomenal and inspiring stuff-especially for somebody with a cartoony arty style like me.My only knowledge of Stark(Donald E Westlake) was through the films Payback,Point Blank and Parker.Now tempted to check out the prose books but got Cookes adaptions of the other Parker books THE SCORE, THE OUTFIT and SLAYGROUND to look forward too. Really recommended.Thanks to Fraser Campbell for the recommendation. Now PLEASE someone do the same with Gregory MacDonalds FLETCH books!
Today in Rock History - December 10 1925 - Blues guitarist, Eddie “Guitar Slim” Jones, was born today. 1967 - Soul and blues singer, Otis Redding, died today. He wrote most of his own material including "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay" which he had recorded only a few days before his death. He was inducted in the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1994, and in 1999 he posthumously received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. 1974 - Drummer for The White Stripes, Megan Martha “Meg” White, is born today. 1976 - Stone City Attractions presents Robin Trower, Target, and Point Blank at the San Antonio Convention Center Arena in San Antonio, Texas. 1978 - Stone City Attractions presents Triumph and Godz at the McFarlin Auditorium in Dallas, Texas. 1980 - Stone City Attractions presents Le Roux at the Bijou Club in Dallas, Texas. 1982 - Stone City Attractions presents ABC at Cardi’s Club in Austin, Texas. 1994 - Stone City Attractions presents Al Jarreau and Nnenna Freelon at the Laurie Auditorium in San ...
I remember after turning it in, getting the call to create a spinoff and going back and changing Point Blank to make it work.
Point Blank is giving away its Monster Timestretch plug-in for free: Between offering a variety of in-depth co...
Mubashir Luqman your journey of media from Point Blank to Khara Such is inspirational courageous and dignified. Great Stuff. APML LIKES IT.
Video: holybinders: Great scene from Point Blank with Angie Dickinson & Lee Marvin
Assault Rifle: "In its original meaning, this term denoted a "selective fire" military rifle capable of either fully automatic, 3-5 round burst, or semiautomatic fire, firing ammunition of intermediate power. Recent journalistic usage has altered the term to refer to rifles capable only of semiautomatic fire, but which are military in appearance or lineage (i.e., adapted from military guns)." Gary Kleck, Point Blank
Loved screening of John Boorman's "Point Blank" starring Lee Marvin last night at the Grand. Great film, great vibe!
Im sorry Deitrick Haddon was totally off telling Pastor Wilson to expedite - in Pastor Wilson's church!. Wow! What gull. Then, my man picks a bible fight with Bishop Clarence E. McClendon . Bra, these cats have forgot more bible than you have studied.You stubborn, stiff-neck, unsubmitted.PRIDE.PRIDE.PRIDE. God wants that character broken.He was off. He needs to submit himself under authority. Period. Point Blank. Ill bet he has heard this before.
Today in Rock History - September 20 1946 - Vocalist for Manfred Man’s Earth Band, *** Rogers (Michael Oldroyd), is born today. 1947 - Styx drummer, John Panozzo, was born today. 1966 - Extreme’s guitarist, Nuno Bettencourt, is born today. 1968 - Soundgarden bassist, Ben Shepherd, is born today in Okinawa, Japan. 1971 - Peter Frampton quits Humble Pie to start his solo career. His debut album, Wind of Change, follows the next year. 1973 - Singer and songwriter, Jim Corce, died today. His singles, "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" and "Time in a Bottle" were both number one hits on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. 1975 - David Bowie’s, “Fame,” is No. 1 on the charts. 1976 - Stone City Attractions presents Point Blank, Fools, and Jay Boy Adams at the Civic Center Auditorium in McAllen, Texas. 1995 - Stone City Attractions presents BB King, Jimmy Vaughn, Johnny Spacek, and Rodney Warner at the Sunken Garden Theatre in San Antonio, Texas. 2010 - High school gym teacher from Jacksonville, Florida, Leonard Skinne . ...
What!? You've got to get on that. Point Blank with Lee Marvin & Angie Dickinson is insane!
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Forrest Whitaker in Ghost Dog or Lee Marvin in Point Blank that's how I see myself when I improv
Oh, what the *** I'm going Point Blank instead. Need some double-crossed Lee Marvin in my life.
Point Blank - John Boorman takes pulp fiction and turns it into an operatic piece of art. Lee Marvin's on top form and it still feels fresh.
Good little interview with Michael Caine on TCM2 and he loves Lee Marvin and Point Blank! And a clip of Charles Laughton as Captain Bligh
So, tomorrow I'm off to Sheffield's Tramlines Festival to panel for Point Blank's Elevator event. New work in South Yorks, excited.
Now, get me an Angie Dickinson picture from Point Blank and now we're talking!
This case has really gotten.heated!!! I make kids know how some people really really feel about us as African Americans. I am a realist and this is how I feel: New gun law in effect= come near me and mine and I WILL stand my ground! Take it as you may but; it is what it is simple as that! Point Blank amd the Period!
When I was a kid growing up in Jones County, one of my dreams was to be in a band. I played with a cool band in high school, then we went our separate ways. I moved to Hattiesburg , one reason being that I wanted to be a part of the music scene. I got involved with the Hubfest , where I served as entertainment chairman for 16 years. I had the privilege of playing in different bands with three of the members of Titus Hale , my boyhood heroes: Chris Barker, Larry Royals , and Ron Liverette. I also played with local legends Michael "Toad" Nicholas, Buckey Cole, and Dusty Vines. I played in a band with former FX members Darren Fitzgerald and Phillip Blackwell. I even had a brief stint in a band called Point Blank with the Great James Beau Edwards. On the coast I worked in a band with Robert Gronkoski of the band Biloxi, and "Brill" David Morris of David and the Giants. All these guys were and still are my musical idols and I want to thank them all from the bottom of my heart for making a dream come true for a ...
Awesome Day of Music Yesterday for a Really Good Cause !! I Went to Key's Lounge and Stayed Most of the Day and Night for the Benefit for Shannon Day. Got to Hear a Lot of Great Bands in one Place at one Time !! Saw a Lot of Old Friends and Made Some New Ones. Rusty Burns and Point Blank, Seven, with Bubba Keith, Donny Hyles, Ovid Stevens, and Wade Johnson. Donnie Pendleton sitting in with These Guys, Big Mike Richardson , Kevin Davis, Matt Mabe, Jeff Dazey, and so Many Great Players. Was Truly an Awesome Finish to a Fabulous Weekend !!
Off to London. Point Blank and top Show.exited much!? :-D.have a good en' peeps! Xx
Watching Catfish.. These people are stupid. Point Blank stupid and need a hug. You have to be lonely as *** to have a online relationship that only takes place online or on the phone for multiple years. These people don't even skype.
For all those "cool dudes" out there, you know it's ok to grow up & start acting your age, believe me the kids will still look up to you & respect you! So stop acting like you 20 when you're 30 because 30 is NOT the new 20's! 30s' 30 Point Blank!
Agness Nandutu's lighter side of things in Point Blank.
Learn how to DJ and perform with Ableton Live online at Award Winning Music School, Point Blank, based out of London UK.
[GM Red] Alien? Jason? Death? It's time to bring them, at ang iba pang mga astig na headgear sa Point Blank, to life para isali sa Level Up! Live 2013 Headgear Competition! Awesome in-game items are at stake and the winners will have thei...See More Level Up! Live 2013 – Headgear Contest LU! Live 2013 will be held at the World Trade Center Metro Manila along Roxas Blvd. in Pasay on July 6.
Lee Marvin is phenomenal in Point Blank. Relentless. John Boorman's on top form, too.
The most satisfying part of reading Lee Marvin bio Point Blank by is learning that he couldn't breath out of his nose either.
Watching the incomparable Lee Marvin in "Point Blank." Not sure I like the editing, but I LOVE the shot selections.
Point Blanc is the second book in the Alex Rider series, written by British author Anthony Horowitz. The book was released in the United Kingdom on September 3, 2001 and in North America on April 15, 2002, under the alternate title Point Blank.
Just uploaded Nova 104 Rock and Roll Show # 2 Aired January 19, 1980. Mastered from of a cassette recording of the actual broadcast this show contains music from Point Blank, Eric Clapton, Bad Company, Led Zeppelin, Foghat, Jethro Tull, Deep Purple, Rare Earth, The James Gang, Queen, Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band, Trapeze, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush and more. Check back at for more shows in the future.
Condense Milk, Not Names! While we're on the subject of condensing: It's safe to say everyone's heard of Texarkana, and maybe Lake Texoma. But unless you live close to Austonio, you might not be aware it exists. One would think Austonio would be between Austin and San Antonio. If one did, then one would be wrong. It's between Houston and Dallas (Houston County). There was a recent movie called Happy, Texas, and indeed there is one. The movie was shot in some other state, though. Speaking of shooting, there are towns of Gun Sight, Gun Barrel City, Point Blank and Cut and Shoot. There's the modest trio of Elysian Fields, Utopia and Paradise. There's Munday and Friday and Keene's Post Office is open on Sunday*. There's Telephone, Telegraph and Energy. There's Coffee, Coffee City, which is almost as good as Hot Coffee, Alabama, and other food names include Raisin, Oatmeal, Rice and Noodle.
Point Blank, Texas - Notable people George Tyler Wood, second Governor of Texas Port Aransas, Texas - Pirates of Port Aransas Port Aransas was a location of pirates in the early 19th century. From about 1800 to the early 1820s, the Gulf Coast was a haunt of pirate ships searching for riches. Capt. Jean Lafitte and his buccaneers spent time on the Texas coast, Galveston owed its start to him and Mustang Island was one of his favorite haunts. Capt. Jean Lafitte used Mustang Island as a place to make camp and, according to legend, a place to hide their treasure. Local lore tells of pirate treasure buried in Port Aransas. The treasure chest is supposedly marked by a Spanish silver dagger. It is believed the dagger is laid on its side with silver spike driven through the hilt, securing the location
Eyewitness News Headlines: Asiedu Nketia's interview with Richard Sky on Point Blank makes headlines in Philip Addison cross examination. Three Psychiatric hospitals to shutdown in the next 48 hours due to the lack of adequate finances. The BNI has preferred new charges against former NPP constituency Chairman of Ayawaso West Wuagon, Omari Wadie. Join us with your thoughts.. ++ 97.3 Citi FM/
Question to Tullytowners: What kind of band would you like to see in the park? We've had: "Seven Band" (top 40/classic) Fabulous Greaseband (name speaks for them), "One Foot in the Grave"(classic rock).and "Point Blank" at the town picnic.Some bands being discussed-- "Daisy Jug band", "Monday Blues Jazz Orchestra", "Jah People"(reggae) or maybe some Country Western like "CB Radio". What do you think ?
Just watched The Outfit with Robert Duvall based on the Stark novel. Pretty good interpretation, but still like Point Blank better.
Nxt Sat June 1st its goin dine at Club 84 in Mexia, Texas! OG Point Blank live in concert! B-Me Enterprises in da...
CPS Parents and employees of a closing school...I could of told you from my time speaking to the Chicago Board of Education last year, that asking, begging, pleading, rationalizing, questioning, debating or anything of the such is a BIG WASTE of TIME. They don't listen and do what they want. Period and Point Blank. You might as well pony up the cash and head for the Private or Charter Schools. Sorry to see your school close but I knew it was going to happen.
Confira as regras do jogo Point Blank aqui.
Point Blank on TCM last night. Gets better every time. Lots of Canuck power: John Vernon, Lloyd Bochner, Sharon Acker
Point Blank on big widescreen Lee Marvin lean sharp & mean gets even.Angie Dickinson in one of her great roles after Rio Bravo.
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Point Blank (1967) - A hallucinatory crime film that is a stand out of the genre. Lee Marvin is an unstoppable brick wall.
Ian Dowie drops acid, oh no it's Lee Marvin in 'Point Blank' that film is ber-SERK
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band - Point Blank at Capital Centre in Landover, Maryland on November 24/1980
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