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Plymouth Rock

Plymouth Rock is the traditional site of disembarkation of William Bradford and the Mayflower Pilgrims who founded Plymouth Colony in 1620. It is an important symbol in American history.

Plymouth Rock Assurance Native Americans New England Standing Rock Pilgrim Fathers Old Glory

Boycott interview set civil rights back abt 10yrs; add that 2 Trump's chaos & 🇺🇸 is almost back 2 Plymouth Rock
oh wait. I forgot the Plymouth Rock crew was horrible af. Nvm.
The Big Pilgrim (taco of the month) from is so *** delicious it will make your Plymouth Rock 🤘🏻🌮
writing contracts that two adults agree on, well first of all AMERICAN HAS ALREADY BEEN THAT WAY, from Plymouth Rock to 1916 all
What kind of music do pilgrims listen to? . Plymouth Rock! . (Happy…
Let's make Thanksgiving great again. Let's put the Rock! back in Plymouth Rock
We have arrived! Plymouth Rock at JCE! If you use your imagination and tilt your head just…
Perpetually internalizing the fact that my current GPA is more disappointing than Plymouth Rock
Ugh. Just make solo Batman movies like he's Bond till the end of time. Marvel landed on Plymouth Rock first. Move on.
When the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, they knelt and gave thanks unto Almighty God for preserving them. .
Good eve.Could you music inaidof local ht…
Good eve.Could you music inaidof local
Get you tickets for Rock Glory this is for our
Can't go ourselves? Let's support those who can. From Plymouth Rock to Standing Rock via
Some days are kick *** and some days I'd rather be a starving pilgrim traveling to Plymouth Rock. Today is somewhere in between.
should check in at Plymouth Rock next, you Imperialist Colonizer.
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Long ago the very first furries of Plymouth rock wanted to draw some pretty big characters but they didn't want to get in trouble so they ma
What's the only kind of thanksgiving music... Plymouth Rock
Massachusetts organizer Bruce Taub is heading from Plymouth Rock to Standing Rock. Give material support:…
Where the Mayflower Pilgrims really landed in America...(hint: not Plymouth Rock) via
News flash, I've been to Plymouth Rock. There were Pilgrims and there were Indians.
Did you know this is where the pilgrims first landed in Massachusetts and not Plymouth Rock?...
they made a staircase out of Plymouth Rock fragments???
Tidbit Tuesday:. When the pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock this area was occupied by the Cat Nation (Erie). It...
Student writing rhetorical analysis of a portion of Malcolm X's "The Ballot or the Bullet" titled essay "The Scars of Plymouth Rock"
Me, thinking earlier: Not only did Plymouth Rock land on our forefathers, today, the Standing Rocks of North landed on everyone.
No that can't be right, the Mayflower landed at Plymouth rock...I think you're looking at the map backwards.
yes, it has been race all along. White privelege is over. Amazing as they have had their boot on our back since Plymouth Rock.
Here are 15 helpful tips from our friends at Plymouth Rock Assurance on how to keep your garage clean and...
If you're a Patriot's fan, you're gonna want to check this out!
Thanks comey for setting democracy back to Plymouth Rock! God will not have mercy on ur soul b/c the devil with the bad combover is ur god!👹
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And we've often rewound the clock,. Since the Puritans got a shock,. When they landed on Plymouth Rock :D.
I don't remember Plymouth Rock being a piece of Canadian real estate.
Our first time to see Plymouth Rock :) Better late than never 😍💕.
I hear you. We were going to go to Plymouth Rock last week but said…nope. Screw Christopher Columbus!!
"We didn't land on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock landed on us!".
Plymouth Rock! Most places in New England are named after English cities or towns. (Like "New" England, for starters).
Heading to sacrifice rock and burial hill in Plymouth for a private paranormal investigation
A Plymouth Rock ~ Great with children and pets. Super Gentle!
I am an Americanized-African but you're standing atop of Plymouth Rock preaching love the police.
K.Dot: "Like brother Malcolm said, we didn't land on Plymouth rock.". Jay:
You know...Plymouth Colony...Turkeys, Plymouth Rock and Thanksgiving and all that.
Claims Adjuster Defined | Plymouth Rock. A claims adjuster is the person ...
Pretty sure your back pain stems from your posture at work? Here’s how you fix it. .
It's Plymouth Rock Night at Stop by for a pic with Otto and a chance to win an Apple TV!
Plymouth Rock is literally just a little rock... Actual photos to…
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Absolutely ingenious. Best joke at 's expense I've seen lol via newyorker
We didn't land on Plymouth rock, Plymouth rock landed on us. ✊
Happy birthday to my first friend in the world the BIG SIS! Here we are setting sail for Plymouth Rock!
America’s Oyster King Farms Next to the Real Plymouth Rock via
Before They Landed on Plymouth Rock: Where Pilgrims Walked on the Cape. Cheers to Pilgrims&Pie. Happy Thanksgiving!
New fitness classes in Plymouth let you workout to rock and metal music
Plymouth for rock tour In November please x
It is a story of all of us Daily Cartoon: Friday, February 19th via
If only Donald trump was born 500 years ago via
If only Donald Trump was around about 500 years ago!
TRUTH Occupy Wallstreet dug Burnie up he didnt fall on Plymouth Rock they fell on him
The pimple on my nose is actually Plymouth Rock.
We didn't land on Plymouth Rock. Plymouth Rock was landed on us..
Daily Cartoon: Friday, February 19th: Buy New Yorker Cartoons»See the rest of the story at newyorker.comRelate...
We didn't land on Plymouth Rock, we rocked the back of a Plymouth
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We didn't land on Plymouth Rock but mamma bear will crap on it, if they tread on Old Glory!
Nothing is private. We've been getting spied on since the day we landed on Plymouth Rock. Stay frosty👻
Heather: let's go on a road trip for spring break... Disney World!!!. Me: I was thinking maybe Plymouth Rock?
Hey Stanley! Fun fact: Pilgrims stopped at Plymouth Rock because they were running out of booze! ⛵️🍻
I think oldest colony... Plymouth Rock in New England?
And on this day Jesus died as he stepped foot off the Ark at Plymouth Rock. Was buried and Native Americans placed fish in his grave.
Was the spot where the Pilgrims first landed is called Plymouth Rock? Answer here:
Plymouth Rock today is the same size as a car _!
So.. . The Malcolm X Plymouth rock speech at Thanksgiving dinner again this year, or Nah? . I wanna make sure the in laws stop coming over
Reminder: 17 years after the landing of Plymouth Rock, the Pilgrims helped annihilate the entire Pequot tribe.
Taste the hypocrisy: The pilgrims at Plymouth Rock were refugees via qz
They sadly didn't make it past their American Idol: Plymouth Rock audition.
Virtually ever Empire story and meme from Plymouth Rock to today, is a lie.
In 2012, I went to Plymouth Rock. Got thrown out for temporary graffiti.
Dressing up like pilgrims arriving at Plymouth Rock and getting crunk…
The pilgrims at Plymouth Rock were refugees by on
recreate the landing at Plymouth Rock in full cosplay
Rock Choir members from Newton Abbot and Plymouth are performing in aid of the Mustard Tree Foundation at House...
The pilgrims at Plymouth Rock were refugees via
What kind of music did the Pilgrims like? Plymouth Rock!
If you're opposed to Syrian refugees you really don't understand Thanksgiving
Two refugees were the Boston bombers
The Pilgrims took the Mayflower to visit Plymouth Rock and read to Native Americans!
"The pilgrims at Plymouth Rock were refugees"
*** Hope you didn't make that dude cry for not knowing Plymouth Rock.
Dear American hypocrites, the pilgrims at Plymouth Rock were refugees
do we really need an official rock (Roxbury Puddingstone), historical rock (Plymouth Rock), & explorer rock (Dighton Rock)?
The pilgrims at Plymouth Rock were refugees
out of 102 that made it to Plymouth rock 54 died the 1st. winter the women laid over there children to keep
Q. What kind of music did Pilgrims listen to? A. Plymouth Rock!
Update your maps at Navteq
"Plymouth Rock & Roll," the third book in the Clancy Parker Mysteries, is available just a few hours early:
my brother dressed up as the Plymouth Rock because "what are all these tourists for if there's no attraction"
Hempstead Jobs Junior Gas Scheduler - Plymouth Rock Energy - Woodmere, NY: Timely and accurate entry of gas no...
If the people who landed at Plymouth Rock were so brutal and thought of as murdering interlopers, here's a...
We should all go to Plymouth Rock this wk. do thanksgiving how they did it back in Lord of the Rings days.
it's as tradition as Plymouth Rock itself, there's no arguing
So the Russian jews were at Plymouth Rock and they felt left out?? 2nd grade crap assignment from teacher
As poultry go the Plymouth Rock is an attractive hen!
Try Plymouth Rock insurance company my mom pay 179 a month for 3 cars and 1 has full coverage
Did you know the Rock is mostly legend and myth? (@ Pilgrim Memorial State Park in Plymouth, MA)
Slowly working our way home, believe it or not. (@ Plymouth Rock in Plymouth, MA)
Drove south from Boston to Cape Cod. Stopped along the way to see Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower II a replica of...
Kind words from a parent of a child in our Plymouth center: . "You guys rock! I just caught My lil man...
MarkOrmrod: Getting ready to rock it at .
Check out The 2015 Halloween Scramble at Plymouth Rock Golf Course is going to be a blast!
All purpose parts banner
Yes checked tiles Plymouth Rock they are the black witches no allowed to be here ref Arthur Miller The Crucible
We're here this Saturday. Plymouth Guildhall: loads of stands selling off goods at rock bottom prices! Grab a...
Adam Mormon didn't make foundation tablets at Plymouth Rock
INside? i was looking outside except not plymouth, i was looking outside santa maria rock. 🗯🤔
there are other turkeys in the Plymouth Rock man.
Catch the last showings of the next Wednesday 28th in Bristol and Plymouth!.
Massasoit statue of Great Sachem looking over the Plymouth Rock. So many thoughts about what on earth…
Listen to Do You Like Worms (Roll Plymouth Rock) by The Beach Boys on While on Tour de Bronx.
We're heading over to Plymouth, Massachusetts today, to look at the big rock. But here a few photos from our...
playing a rock show in Plymouth tonight, been looking forward to this one ✌💀✌
Extra hour in bed, the sun is shining and Rock Salt for brunch...can life get any better?
Would like to see the Plymouth Rock from Mad max next .
The Plymouth Rock, it's hilarious how big our minds become of this story, it's really just a small boulder.
looking rough w this native after a long ride on the mayflower @ Plymouth Rock
we can start calling the Pepsi center Plymouth Rock
Fun times on the Mayflower II, at Plymouth Rock, and in Plymouth Harbor.
Last night my uber accidentally pinned my destination to Plymouth Rock and my driver just said "I think this may be too far for me"
Anyone wanting some serious music with a rock/metal edge should head to the Junction in Plymouth…
In OCT 1587 the 1st Filipinos explored CA. Setting foot before the Pilgrims and Plymouth Rock.
they had a period after every word. "The. Pilgrims. Landed. On. Plymouth. Rock." Brutal!
We didn't land on Plymouth Rock, the rock was landed on us!
America should be a place for refugees. That's how we started. Plymouth Rock much?
Mine is Sarah Ambrose; very Plymouth Rock! Appropriate for an Asian American historian who wants to challenge status quo!
Sunset behind the harbor in Plymouth. @ Plymouth Rock
Views from Plymouth Rock; A Sketch of the Early History of the Plymouth Colon...
You and your ilk benefit from white supremacy daily. And have since Plymouth Rock
The wait is over! Plymouth Rock Pumpkin Spice candles are back in stock after a week of being sold out.
Ladies and gentlemen, we continue our tour-diary with day at The Junction in Plymouth, UK. René's T-shirt is...
I agree! I bet the Native Americans who were here when the Pilgrims hit Plymouth Rock wish they'd thought the same!
Like, say, the Pilgrim Fathers, shipwrecked on Plymouth Rock... So hilarious.
&& clearly he's a lunatic for still talking to me. I would've been lbs aye lol Plymouth rock landed on us
America has a long history of drawing in refugees going back to Plymouth Rock. Let it remain so
Because when Jesus said, "Upon this rock I will build my Church," obviously he meant Plymouth Rock.
I remember some immigrants were religious refugees who came to a country and took it over...PLYMOUTH ROCK. Muslims doing same
and they named the place of their landing Plymouth Rock, saying: For God's sake and for liberty, help us, Oh You, our Creator.
Good luck to Plymouth Pom on their first soccer game performance! We know you guys will rock it!!!
Plymouth Rock via on tomorrows big show
Btw everyone Plymouth Rock wasn't the first place founded on the continental United Sates. They lied to us in elementary school
Fun Facts: The big stone milemarker set at the crossroads in Bk6 is a reference to the Plymouth Rock. (w/ 16 & 20 chiseled on it!)
When you arrive on Plymouth Rock in 1620 and you're just excited to see the New World
Man charged with trespassing, stealing coins from Plymouth Rock via
Why do we need permits to do anything? Imagine having to get permits to land at Plymouth Rock.
We're excited to be attending this Saturday's Run to the Rock in Plymouth, MA. They're offering a 5k,10k and...
Sold! Thanks to the buyer/referrer of 60 Plymouth Barred Rock Hen Photograph paper from my shop!
We didn't land in Plymouth Rock . Plymouth Rock landed on us 😂
can't wait to see you guys live in Plymouth with You guys rock!
I would say Braxton Miller is more of a Plymouth Rock
"New York-Alki" "From Plymouth Rock to Alki Point". "Honoring pioneers on the American shores of the…
Thanks for the favorite. If you're single and looking to settle, congratulations, you just found your Plymouth Rock.
This dude asked me for a ride around the corner. Boa we ended up on Plymouth Rock
Still time to register for the Run to the Rock via
"It is a pity that instead of the Pilgrim Fathers landing on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock had not landed on the Pilgrim Fa
Okay, so one is a Cheshire Blue, another a Plymouth Rock and the other a cross Rhode Island Red...Ah well.
We are now authorized to sell the AARP Massachusetts Auto Insurance Program from Plymouth Rock. Ask me about it!
Today we met "Otto" the Plymouth Rock Assurance mascot. Plymouth Rock is one of our auto insurance carriers. We...
I proffer that there has never been a "true" separation of church & state since the Puritans landed at Plymouth Rock.
Nitpick:. Columbus got lost and landed in Central America. Puritan genociders landed on Plymouth Rock.
Sad to say, but Hate has been winning here since Columbus landed on Plymouth Rock.
What a Great Friday at the beach. Cant wait to see the winners of the Hampton Beach Sand Castle Event. Thanks Plymouth Rock for coming!!!
Well, Haye hasnt fought since the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock, so who knows what he has left lol, but Id guess ur rite
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The award for most underwhelming historical landmark goes to: Plymouth Rock!!
There is more time between today and the founding the NY Stock Exchange (1817) than it's founding and the landing at Pl…
“What's more American than Plymouth Rock, and Old Glory all together? 🇺🇸
Because they cannot stop the pizza!! "We didn't land on plymouth rock, Plymouth rock landed on us!"…
French script highboy Plymouth Rock and topcoat
Plymouth Rock is the biggest disappointment in the entire state of Massachusetts
"he show starts at 4 p.m. at the Plymouth Rock Assurance Arena and is free "
that's awesome! giving Pet Sounds, Plymouth Rock, Smile, and some others a listen this afternoon!
Talkin about we taken his country & world *** ingrate Plymouth Rock landed on my ancestors *** RW
Three weeks today Plymouth Brethren...Friday July 10th...a return to the Junction, Mutley Plain for us. Support...
you could do them this afternoon. lunch at the Plymouth Rock Cafe is definitely worthy of fireworks
What kind of did the Pilgrims listen to?… Rock!
there is no one I would less want to be than the guy dressed in a rock suit from the Plymouth Rock truck
Great day at TD Hampton Beach Master Sand Sculpting Competition T&M and Plymouth Rock. Great team. Come on down
Plymouth Rock was awesome yesterday! Last day in Connecticut, but I will be back in two weeks!
Plymouth Rock Chickens – One of the Better Choices: The Plymouth Rock breed of chickens is a…
all-girl, all energy 60's BritMod madness! Friday 26th, £5!
True or false. The pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock because they ran out of beer?
Driving black, walking black, swimming black and praying black can get you killed Plymouth Rock did land on us.
Plymouth doesn't do rock n roll on a school night! Next time we will get you down on a w/end!
The Mayflower where it all began for the pilgrims @ Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower
My 26y/o sister just said Sacagawea was an Indian woman who ran at the pioneers but also made peace at Plymouth Rock with the pioneers 😐
Hmm maybe ya boy's who settled at Plymouth Rock were mentally ill too.
There's been a landing at Plymouth Rock
This me telling them my famous speech about how we didn't land on Plymouth Rock.Plymouth rock…
Devastating gratuity and pointers on account of backyard white plymouth rock apprenticeship: YIGrndO
I added a video to a playlist Plymouth Rock chicken (Rocks, Barred Rocks)
"You know you're from Shawsheen when your history teacher asks you where Plymouth Rock is and someone says Boston"
FAMILY FUN DAY with The Magic Tree House and Plymouth Rock is 1 – 4 p.m. today (Sunday) Visit
What happened at Plymouth Rock and is it haunted.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
whenever you have time just go online and get some quotes so you can compare it to what you pay now, try Plymouth Rock 😊
I have USAA its only for members of the military but geico and Plymouth Rock gave me really good rates too
Hows Boston? Hows Bean Town. Is there a Plymouth Rock near by to visit? Visit Red Rose Diner in Towanda PA
Plymouth Rock rooster, an American original, aren't I a handsome boy . . . Down on the farm in the
New Plymouth was great. Ready to rock it in Hamilton tonight
I wonder if the original settlers on Plymouth Rock said "hello" before brutally murdering an entire race ☺️
Plymouth Rock preceded modern day Rock and Roll
Plymouth Rock is another example of misogyny in the music industry.
Idc if it's Plymouth Rock I'll find you 😘
(Now here it is w/ the link) IF YOU GO: Plymouth Rock Assurance Jazz Fest
Yup. Plymouth Rock landed on us and crushed everything, including our hip fluidity.
that is Louisa, she is a Barred Plymouth Rock
But I am talking before the origin of the USA, the original white "Plymouth rock" group.
Plymouth Michigan, who's ready for a rock show!
With all of the issues about putting a new face on why not use locations? Hoover Dam, Twin Towers, Sears Tower, Plymouth Rock?
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
thar Plymouth Rock one. Answer was mad vague and evaded the answer
Check out "PLYMOUTH ROCK" in the Mad Max Movie Vehicle Showcase -
Speckled Sussex, barred Plymouth rock and Americana welsummer x
Pilgrims on the Mayflower stopped at Plymouth Rock rather than continuing on to Virginia because they ran out of beer. …
Yo! Remember when Europeans “migrated” across the Atlantic and crash landed on Plymouth Rock looking for “better opportunities…
Gotham Whale sighting at Plymouth Rock memorial, Plymouth MA. . -Attending whale watch mapping workshop with...
NAW! Further you get from Plymouth Rock the more the language deteriorates. We are right. Everyone else is wrong.
Wow! So blatantly racist. Guess with your last name your ancestors came on the mayflower and were the 1st on Plymouth Rock?
I don't recall the guys at Plymouth Rock being avid Christians in fact they were out in the middle of nowhere to get away from the C
"We didn't land on Plymouth Rock , it landed on us " - Malcolm X
Meet the cars of Mad Max: Fury Road . Plymouth Rock. Built around the desiccated remains of what appears to be a...
Congratulations Max Donovan on your first feature film role, "GOOD KIDS" as Young Plymouth Rock.
We didn't land on Plymouth Rock my brother , Plymouth Rock landed on us
yes. I still use that Plymouth Rock line. Not sure about the smiling when he was killed. That was a little too dram…
."We didn't land on Plymouth Rock!! We landed on spikes at the bottom of a pit after an uppercut!"
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*** men been eating *** since the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock, but now it's "new" because straights doing it. http…
Why is Plymouth Rock so small? Many chips over the years - our last hefty chunk goes on loan to the State House.
Barred Plymouth Rock and Sexlink. A dozen hens and one rooster each. @ Buddy and Stephanie's
Ramones, Guns n' Roses, Foo Fighters and T.Rex music all ready for my drive to Plymouth tonight! :D
Couldn't decide which hat to rock so might as well @ Plymouth, Minnesota
the pilgrims came to America on the Mayflower and chiseled Stratton Oakmont into Plymouth f'ing Rock!
It's a thumbs down for Purple Rock from KP, but he didn't have a strong opinion on the race. Cathryn Fry does, as she naps Plymouth Sound.
musicatenation: Check this band EdgeOfTheBlade1 go on their
I got nothing else. However, that was a pic of a piece of the plymouth rock
Check this band go on their page also!
Plymouth Rock is the 8th wonder of the world
"If I owned a jewelry store in Plymouth, it would be named Plymouth Rock.". -
Laney is our Barred Plymouth Rock chick. When we brought her home she was a cute little black fluff…
Shoutout to our girls varsity soccer who have tied and shutout both Canton and Plymouth! You ladies rock 💪🏼⚽️
Our newest baby. Plymouth Barred Rock chick. On our way home today, and she took a nap. 🐥💛
If Benjamin Franklin didn't get struck by lightning that day at Plymouth Rock he wouldn't have invented the atom bomb, to end the Civil War
./ no I have not been there since 1628,,my ancestor and name sake came to The Plymouth rock
tbt to that time I was Plymouth Rock
And any of y'all trying to say that we in turn don't have a right to white culture, remember, Plymouth Rock landed on us.
Plymouth Rock, the site where the pilgrims landed in 1620, is located in what US State?
If you've never been to Rock Salt in Plymouth then you're nuts... The Duck was exquisite!
[Plymouth Rock]. Cape Cod Bae: Please don't come over. Pilgrims: We're doing it anyway. Bae: I have an indigenous boyfriend…
Here's the event for the show at the Junction, Plymouth on July 10th with Morass Of Molasses. Feel free to add...
Just how prevalent is "texting and driving?" The folks at Plymouth Rock Assurance New Jersey did a study. Here's...
Brattleboro, 1880: Big egg campaign opens for season with specimen by one of Wm. A. Conant’s Plymouth Rock hens; measured 6 1/8 by 7 3/4 in.
Time for some lunch, not launch, at Plymouth Rock Cafe at Then, back to
available on 'Chick - Plymouth Barred Rock' by MM Anderson -
It seems that suddenly, the Mayflower landed ON Plymouth Rock?
im ready for indigenous theory to stop being centered around north america like columbus landed on plymouth rock& not T…
We didn't land on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock gave us both sets of genitals! ~ Malcolm XYYZ
true from day 1. The nazi repug MFN *** began at Plymouth rock! Why weren't the kochSUCK ers thrown overboard!.?
lol I used to rock my moms 96' Plymouth voyager
One of our four new girls adopted this week. A sweet Plymouth Rock hen!
A cuddling couple of barred Plymouth Rock birds won January’s Cutest Bird Photo Contest. Enter your photos at
respond. The pilgrims LANDED on Plymouth Rock. They did NOT RIDE it.
Get together into the aim on st. patrick's sidereal year at thine reek grilled white plymouth rock: gLv
.Abraham landed on Plymouth rock where he almost slay his son Ismael. .
What kind of music did pilgrims listen to? . Plymouth Rock
"I will fundamentally transform Plymouth Rock into . -
Purple, Orange and Gold trim inside? Leopardskin fur walls. Discoball. Kilos of crackrock the size of plymouth rock?
The outsail methods till pay out in plymouth rock cerebral tabes yep: rSLX
Captain had 2 visits from me today! Such a sweet boy that LOVES our walks!. Dog Walking Plymouth, MN. Rock Star...
Wednesday afternoon addiction symposium. Learned that the Mayflower had more beer than water. They went to Plymouth Rock to get more beer.
Spring is only ten days away and we couldn't be more excited! To celebrate the season here are quick tips.
You see my brother, we didn't land on Plymouth Rock. Nah nah nah, see PLYMOUTH ROCK LANDED ON US! Can I get a amen?
The first mixtape was recorded on Plymouth Rock, I guess.
What happens when an Oriole try's to fly into Plymouth Rock..
That moment you step off a boat onto Plymouth Rock
RIP John Ross. If hoops were Plymouth Rock, he'd be William Bradford.
I AM licensed to offer LIFE INSURANCE and FIXED INDEX ANNUITIES in SOUTH CAROLINA! SC is my biological and historical Plymouth Rock:)
First group of hatched sea monkeys. Now known as the Plymouth Rock colony.
Job Opening: Description Plymouth Rock, founded in 1982 by Jim Stone, former Massachusetts Insurance Commissioner, is a privately held insurance company that writes personal and commercial lines of business in the Northeastern United States. Today, Plymouth Rock, with more than $1billion in premiums underwritten and serviced, is comprised of a group of companies that were started or acquired to expand product offerings, channels of distribution, and the geographic footprint. With more than 800,000 policyholders, Plymouth Rock writes insurance through more than 800 independent agents. The Plymouth Rock Group employs over 1,600 people and is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. General Purpose of Job: Our specialized team of QMA’s make proactive outbound calls in an effort to sell personal lines insurance products for our partnering agents throughout the state. Candidates must possess a positive attitude and a strong work ethic in an effort to prepare customized quotes for our prospects. We are looking ...
Headed to the 1st annual Macy's Thanksgiving Parade @ Plymouth Rock
On This Day - 21st December 1118 The birth, in London's Cheapside, of Thomas à Becket, Lord Chancellor of England, Archbishop of Canterbury and martyr. 1620 The Pilgrim Fathers arrived at Plymouth Rock , Massachusetts aboard The Mayflower. Passengers & crew increased to 103 after 2 births on the voyage from Plymouth, England. 1804 The birth of Benjamin Disraeli, first Earl of Beaconsfield and British Prime Minister. He became the first Conservative Prime Minister in 1868, but was defeated at the next election. He was Prime Minister again in 1874 with a substantial majority. 1842 Pentonville Prison, Islington, was opened. Pentonville became the model for British prisons. A further 54 were built to the same design over six years, and hundreds more were built throughout the British Empire. 1844 The Rochdale Pioneers commenced business at their cooperative (now a museum), on Toad Lane, Rochdale, thus starting the Cooperative movement, often referred to simply as the Co-op. 1846 Robert Liston, Scottish surgeo ...
she settled like Christopher Columbus did on Plymouth Rock!
Excited! My Plymouth Rock chickens are hatching.. Lots of peeping and fluffy little faces this morning. Can't quite work out why so keen to introduce a new breed (or even any more hens) to my pen?!! Totally irrational but Cath Hodg you probably 'get it' :)
My condolences, to every family, and especially parents. Who lost loved one's violently! But this issue is so much bigger then policing! This goes back to Plymouth rock! The killing of 99% of this lands citizens! The un-GODLY act of slavery! The constitution (written by Old White men!) Only to benefit old white men! No representation for any other group! We've been exploited every way imaginable! Somethings gonna have to give here! !! In this country, American Blacks (the children of the slaves) have to hold this government accountable! Let's take the USA to court not about one or two individual cases! But about the hundreds of years of the Blacks and now "people of color have been wronged by this country!
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