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Pleasant Valley Sunday

Pleasant Valley Sunday is a song by Gerry Goffin and Carole King, most famous for the version recorded by The Monkees in 1967. Goffin's and King's inspiration for the name was a street named Pleasant Valley Way, in West Orange, New Jersey where they were living at the time.

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"And he's so serene. He's got a TV in every room. Another pleasant valley Sunday. Here in sta…
🎼”Another pleasant valley Sunday. Charcoal burning everywhere. Rows of houses that are all the same. And no one seems…
Senior Class is hosting a Holiday Craft and Vendor Fair Sunday December 3 from 10-3 in the Pleasant Valley high sch…
Sooo, gonna go spend the weekend at a haunted bed and breakfast with Leslie and her family. Last time we did this,…
Weird. I was listening to the Monkees today as I swung in the hammock. What’s your favorite song? “…
"Pleasant Valley Sunday" popped up on my i-tunes, which reminded me of how much I loved Carole King on Gilmore Girl…
Peter Percival Patterson's Pet Pig Porky :-) Do you still perform it prior to Pleasant Valley Sunday Micky?
Same!! It is usually my go to Monkees album. I love Mike and Micky’s vocals on Door…
If you have not heard The Mike Church Show over the last 25 years you have no clue how much history you are missing…
You channeled my mother! We used to start humming 'another Pleasant Valley Sunday' whenever my mom went off. LOL
Here's Carole King's original demo of "Pleasant Valley Sunday". Really miss the guitar riff but am digging the chor…
Their best album, and one of the best by anyone ... featuring The Door Into Summer, Cuddly Toy, Don't Call On Me, S…
Dolenz. That's right. His voice is absolutely perfect on "Last Train to Clarksville," "I'm a Believer,"…
8) . - A little bit me, a little bit you. - Sometime in the morning (fun fact i watched Micky Dolenz per…
I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this version of Pleasant Valley Sunday and First time I heard it was right here…
Clubspartafm is Pleasant Valley Sunday - monkees. Tune in:
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The family and friends have a Pleasant Valley Sunday feel to it.
That cover is reminds me of "Pleasant Valley Sunday." Bright, bouncy Carole King melody, depressing Gerry Goffin lyrics.
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yeah, no doubt on a pleasant valley Sunday.
Jammin out to Monkees - Pleasant Valley Sunday on Now hiring!
Also, sometimes it will kill me with the musical choices all over again. The Monkees' "Pleasant Valley Sunday"! So good!
Groovy track from the 60s on WBOM: Pleasant Valley Sunday (1966 Demo) by Carole King.
So what does that make the Monkees' Pleasant Valley Sunday?
I have heard that the nurdy people play the best music, what's a pleasant valley Sunday anyway?
Another pleasant valley Sunday, rows of houses that are all the same & everyone seems to care.
on Underground Garage: I'm listening to Pleasant Valley Sunday by The Monkees.
hello, friends is on in my head and now I have the Monkees "Pleasant Valley Sunday"
Look! you can give the Maoist Monkees a Pleasant Valley Sunday by buying them!
Today's the 49th anniversary of the Monkees' Pleasant Valley Sunday, a song against keeping up with the Joneses
The Monkees ~ 'Pleasant Valley Sunday' from the album Nuggets - A Classic Collection from The Psychedelic Sixties [1967]
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The Monkees Pleasant Valley Sunday. Really need to listen to the lyrics.
I liked a video from Pleasant Valley Sunday | The Monkees | Lyrics ☾☀
Hey, Hey, It's a lesson on playing Pleasant Valley Sunday by -
pleasant Valley Sunday, the monkees written by Carol King.
"Pleasant Valley Sunday", a classic rock music block, is on now. Give it a listen: from 10p-12a EST
Tired and don't want to wait too long for your next song? Pleasant Valley Sunday on a early time for Karaoke fun...
we code named our plan to not be hungover today “Operation Pleasant Valley Sunday”
The Monkees - "Pleasant Valley Sunday" - have a cosmic one goodnight & Good Morning where ever you are . 😻👍🎸
We're looking at a pleasant Valley Sunday. Will we see a record high? Your Weather Authority Forecast on NBC 2 News at 6.
On the seventh day the Lord rested, but Wicked Wayz took it to church. A rare Pleasant Valley Sunday rehearsal.
Another Pleasant Valley Sunday. . Indeed. . Living in America--we are blessed to have Many. .
sounds like you're into something good! A nice thing to do on a Pleasant Valley Sunday
Pleasant Valley Sunday David Cassidy Teen Idol Tour 2013 via fan of all of them
- Pleasant Valley Sunday ->on the only station you'll ever need->
love sunday's with emmakledford @ Pleasant Valley North Baptist Church
has the Monkees & Pleasant Valley Sunday to wrap her week of picks at Vinyl.
. Carole King wrote Pleasant Valley Sunday. It all makes sense now. . Music, . art, . human existence. . It all makes sense.
So, no Pleasant Valley Sunday? Th' local church group down the street is trying hard to learn this song...
New print available on - 'Pleasant Valley Sunday' by Evelina Kremsdorf -
Pleasant Valley Sunday by The Monkees is in RWCMD Students Union. Download it now at
Iron Chef DubipR (Pleasant Valley Sunday edition): Brioche French toast with cinnamon and vanilla…
Lovin the show, Wedding Present version of Pleasant Valley Sunday - Classic tune.
Enjoy The Monkees - Pleasant Valley Sunday and other 1950s-2000 Oldies on .
"Another Pleasant Valley Sunday/Charcoal Burning Everywhere...". Pleasant Valley Sunday by The Monkees. Hope your day sizzles with fun.
switched on to another pleasant valley sunday. Made me smile and drowned out the snoring next to me!
The song Pleasant Valley Sunday, I remember it as a bubble gum song on the Monkees album, then I heard Carole King sing it.
I wish pleasant valley sunday didnt end like it does
Classic is playing Monkees - Pleasant Valley Sunday right now on
It's a Pleasant Valley Sunday afternoon shopping for sex toys at garage sales.
thanks to our friend Steve Anthony for playing Pleasant Valley Sunday by and 4 mentioning our upcoming disc
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Pleasant Valley Selfiestick Sunday. (shot with Sony wait for it. music: The Monkees.
In 1966, the successful songwriting team of Gerry Goffin and Carole King found themselves living in suburban New Jersey. The only problem is, they were city kids at heart. And with the counterculture brewing, they lashed out at the staleness of suburbia with “Pleasant Valley Sunday,” named after Ple…
Micky Dolenz & Paul McCartney just hangin' out. What is everyone up to on this Pleasant Valley Sunday?
HE PUT THE BOMP IN THE BOMP BOMP BOMP BOMP BOMP! Gerry Goffin, LYRICIST EXTRAORDINAIRE, 1939-2014 Gerry Goffin, a prolific and multi-dimensional lyricist who with his then-wife and songwriting partner Carole King wrote such hits as *"Will You Love Me Tomorrow," *''(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman," *'Up on the Roof" and *"The Loco-Motion," died early Thursday at his home in Los Angeles. He was 75.His wife, Michelle Goffin, confirmed his death. Goffin, who married King in 1959, penned more than 50 top 40 hits, including *"Pleasant Valley Sunday" for the Monkees, *"Some Kind of Wonderful" for the Drifters and *"Take Good Care of My Baby" by Bobby Vee. Goffin was able to pen jokey lyrics or achingly sad ones, and he did it for solo artists and multiple voices. Louise Goffin, one of his daughters, said her dad "wore his heart on his sleeve, and I am deeply blessed to have had a father who could so easily make the world laugh and cry with just a spiral notebook and a pen." King and Goffin divorced in 19 ...
R.I.P. songwriter extraordinaire Gerry Goffin whose collaborations with Carole King yeided such classics as Will you love me tomorrow? Some Kind of Wonderful, The Loco-Motion, One Fine Day, Up On The Roof, Don't Bring Me Down, I Wasn't Born to Follow, Pleasant Valley Sunday, (You Make Me Feel Like) a Natural Woman, Sweet Young Thing, and many others, including The Porposie Song, the centerpiece from The Monkees film HEAD. "Wanting to feel, to know what is real, Living is a lie. But the porpoise is waiting good-bye, good-bye..."
JUNE 10-This Day in Entertainment & Music History: 1966-Janis Joplin's 1st live performance with Big Brother & the Holding Company at the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco…1967-The Monkees recorded Pleasant Valley Sunday, a No.3 hit written by Carole King...1972-Veteran entertainer Sammy Davis Jr. finally scored a No.1 record with The Candy Man. This was truly a song of fate for Sammy. He openly did not want to record it, but did so as a favor to MGM Records exec Mike Curb. The plan was to include Candy Man in the film, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Davis said he would give the tune one take, "and that’s it!" Sure enough, in that one-time recording, Sammy nailed it. Candy Man was No.1 for 3 weeks and remained on the chart for 4 months...1974-The Who played the first of 4 sellout nights at Madison Square Garden in New York. Tickets for the shows sold out in hours...1975-The Eagles released their 4th studio album, One of These Nights. It became their first No.1 album...1984-In Dallas, Rush and O ...
Hearing that Micky Dolenz is gonna be at the Chicago Beatlefest has put me on a Monkees kick :P Hope he does Pleasant Valley Sunday
Cool to hear that Micky Dolenz will be at the Fest! I request Pleasant Valley Sunday!
Peter Tork "In This Generation: My life in the Monkees & so much more" The River Club Music Hall, Scituate, MA May 18, 2013 "Pleasant Valley Sunday" all righ...
Lyrics to 'Pleasant Valley Sunday' by my favorite band, the Monkees. From the fourth studio album, 'Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd.' Singer: Micky D...
Pleasant Valley Sunday. "Mr. Green, he's so serene, he's got a TV in every room" just sounded cool to me as a kid.
Playing my bass, learning some Monkees songs, great bass lines! Chip Douglas was their producer and Bass player. Pleasant valley sunday was written about plaesant valley way in East Orange NJ. Cool stuff.
(Pleasant Valley Sunday) Music Video - This is a song written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King, most famous for the version recorded by The Monkees in 1967. G...
pleasant valley Sunday was always mine Monkee song that got trapped in my head
learning about the Monkees and their song Pleasant Valley Sunday
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Forgot how good a song Pleasant Valley Sunday by The Monkees was.
Pleasant valley Sunday, day dream believer should get you this group,
Howdy and a very Pleasant Valley Sunday to you all, MondoBaldo Peeps! Just curious, is anyone hoping/wanting/wishing to take a nap today?
All four Monkees doing "Pleasant Valley Sunday" live in Birmingham, England 3-18-97. This includes Mike Nesmith who joined the group for a tour of Europe in ...
I love the use of The Monkee's Pleasant Valley Sunday on coverage.I'd like a job where you had to choose music for TV.
In the back of my head screaming "JUST ANOTHER PLEASANT VALLEY SUNDAY"
Another Pleasant Valley Sunday. Here in Status Symbol Land. Well, The Haute, actually. So more like Trailer Park Land.
Pleasant Valley Sunday by The Monkees suddenly just popped into my head...and I have no idea why
Pleasant Valley Sunday... on a very pleasant Sunday at An Bang Beach...
Spent the last half hour playing the intro to "Pleasant Valley Sunday". Pretty cool.
Oh, I do enjoy a bit of the Monkees! Pleasant Valley Sunday for me! :-)
did I win anything? ;) glad to see you on the dark side. FB was a bit too much like Pleasant Valley Sunday
Taking a small break from seminars - tuned up BBC 6 on plugs for guest dj - John Lydon (!!!) whose first play was Pleasant Valley Sunday by The Monkees (No kidding!) Back to work...break over
Hey, the Monkees are AWESOME. Pleasant Valley Sunday, Door Into Summer, Steppin' Stone, The Porpoise Song.need I go on? :)
Pleasant Valley good is that ?
Weddoes were excellent last night. Hit Parade set every bit as good as I remember. Favourite Dress & Pleasant Valley Sunday a bonus!
It does feel like a Pleasant Valley Sunday sometimes.
My blog's current track of the week is "Pleasant Valley Sunday" by The Monkees.
"Pleasant Valley Sunday" by Monkees was the no. 74 hit of 1967
Pleasant Valley Sunday is better than anything the Doors, Cream, or The Grateful Dead ever put out.
Are we all having another Pleasant Valley Sunday?
60s oldies but goodies from Marianne Faithfull, Cliff Richard; Monkees, Pleasant Valley Sunday
Pleasant Valley Sunday - Single Version by The Monkees on I totally love this tune
another fantastic song, I could've easily picked any one of 6 or 7 of their songs, Pleasant Valley Sunday and Stepping Stone VG
Monday Monday (Mamas and Papas) Tuesday Afternoon (Moody Blues) Friday on my Mind (Easy Beats) Saturday in the Park (Chicago) Pleasant Valley Sunday (Monkkeez) Are there no songs for Wednesday and Thursday?
FYI: the Lake Arrowhead Summer Concerts this weekend 6/7 - Catch a Wave - Beach Boys tribute band 6/8 - Paperback Writer - Beatles tribute band 6/9 - Pleasant Valley Sunday - Monkees tribute band with 80's Daze Friday and Saturday are evening concerts and Sunday is in the afternoon.
"Listen,the black man is going to rise up and kill whitey. It's going to be all Pleasant Valley Sunday." Alt universe Charles Manson
V happy to announce we will be appearing on the Monkees tribute EP covering Pleasant Valley Sunday :)
The Monkees - "Pleasant Valley Sunday" seeing how its a nice Sunday morning for a change !
Another Pleasant Valley Sunday, as a cuddling kitty Delilah makes me lazy.
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Laundry, sewing butterflies, Jays and Yankees on the big screen downstairs. "Another Pleasant Valley Sunday."
"TY Very nice! Be safe and have a gr8 day! "ty! another pleasant Silicon Valley Sunday! ... ♫
It is another pleasant valley Sunday...
- You may hear this at DCW on Friday - what's not to like? The Monkees - Pleasant Valley Sunday
At the risk of showing my age...the 45 of "Pleasant Valley Sunday" by The Monkees. Prize for oldest respondent? ;)
Just another Pleasant Valley Sunday kind of days!
i'm at work & hear Pleasant Valley Sunday quietly playing. i find it's coming from a computer of someone who's not even there. crazy/awesome
One Fine Day: skips Attleboro for a Pleasant Valley Sunday in Bel Air
March Happenings March 16th... This coming Saturday at 5:30 Adam will be Cooking Fish Caught by Boo Boo for the SouthWest Alabama Intergroup. Followed by our BIGTIME SPEAKER MEETING at 7pm. The event is free and will be held at Pleasant Valley UMC. Around the corner and across the street from Alano. & District 12 Business meeting will be at 3pm Sunday the 17th. We will be having a work shop by Christopher W. Bridging the Gap chair for Corrections . He is the Area chair of that committee and DCM of District 23.
It's SO HOT.35 celsius in Tongala, Victoria - how about where you are?
Easter Sunday is rapidly approaching. Easter is always a big day at Zeandale beginning early in the morning and lasting throughout the day. Schedule for Easter weekend: Friday night, March 29, 7:00 pm. Good Friday Service at Zeandale. The classic piece, Pieta, will be performed by the choir. Saturday, March 30. Breakfast preparation--cinnamon rolls, etc. Sunday morning, around 6:46, Sunrise Service at the Pleasant Valley Cemetery. Sunday morning around 8:00 am, the famous men's breakfast, women invited too, at Zeandale Church. Sunday morning promptly at 10:45, the choir will present its Easter Cantata.
"Pleasant Valley Sunday" and "I'm a Believer" got worn down when I was in 6th grade.
Where'd you hike this weekend? We took our three boys on a short (mileage, not time) trek around Boyd's Big Tree Preserve - what gorgeous weather we had for it!
THE BREAKDOWN December, 2010 Our annual Christmas celebration will take place at Scott Nissley’s place on Saturday, December 4th, starting sometime around 6:00pm. We will also have our annual white elephant gift exchange so bring something to give. We will see what will be exchanged and what will be kept. Fred and Venetta will bring the meat and the paper plates, flat wear and all. Please bring something to share along the lines of what you brought last year. We always have a great time and if you haven’t been to Scott’s place, it is a place to see. You will like a tour of the grounds. We hope to see everyone there. We will also want to discuss if we want to continue having meetings every other month and where we will have the meetings in 2011. PANAMINT VALLEY DAYS -Art Hastings The Panamint Valley run was great this year. I arrived on Thursday about 4:00 and was the first of our club to get to our usual place. There were some other folks in the place so we settled a little north of them. This year ...
First s'mores at Phillipson's tonight with Carrie's homemade marshmallows! OMG! Amazingly great! Thanks to Chuck and Nancy for dinner and a great time. The kids were so fun tonight. Luke smackin' that golf ball like a pro, Addie hit the ball out of the ballpark, Elise on the bike and Ryan kicking the soccer ball and Scarlet loving the pie. a very memorable first get together of the "summer"!
I am off tomorrow and Tuesday, which makes me happy. I'm going to paint my nails to make the pretty and have a good two days off Yay! Another Pleasant Valley Sunday Peace and Love
Rowlett, Tx Husky seen running down Pleasant Valley Rd, near Liberty Grove on the edge of Wylie/Rowlett /Sachse Sunday at 1 pm.
Another pleasant valley Sunday .plenty red today! I need something for skin so sore !! Lmao.
Sitting in my living room, I catch a glimpse of something running along the concrete wall at the bottom of the hill.a BOBCAT came skipping along, balancing and teetering .and watching a bunny closely. Bunny took off like a shot and bobcat went traipsing back into the orange groves. Sigh. Another Pleasant Valley Sunday!
Ah, Sunday. When I was young, even though my family were not church goers, Sundays were sacrosanct by the fact that all businesses were closed that day. I suppose gas stations were open. Actually, there was one store that remained open in my home town, in a lower rent area of Palo Alto. Yes, Palo Alto used to have some very modest neighborhoods. At any rate, adults would chatter about how irreverent this was, that anything should be open on Sundays. But that didn't stop them from heading over there if they were out of milk, toilet paper, booze, etc. But for the most part, Sundays were a time where everyone slowed down. Being in the blessed situation of the non-church goers, I could just lay on my back in the grass if I had a notion to do so, marveling at the blue sky and big puffy white clouds overhead, the peals of various church bells chiming in the distance. It was marvelous.
Song of the Day is Pleasant Valley Sunday by the Monkees best song ever especially on a Sunday.
Soccer Sunday! :) Candan's game got cancelled, so we're headed to Ladysmith to watch the Seaview kids' tournaments! :)
Morning everyone!! :) Groovin' it up with some tunes today! Which song would be best for today's Monkees sing-a-long? :)
Carole's 1966 demo taken from her "The Legendary Demos" compilation. It was co-written with her husband at the time, Gerry Goffin and went to Number 3 on the...
Name a song with 'Sunday' in the title.
Bible class Pleasant Valley w/Makayla Gomez my Granddaughter n Sunday School love it!
Just as I expected. It is going to be a remarkable day! Good Morning, and welcome to double digits in March! :-)
Waking up with No Doubts "Sunday Morning" in my head. What other SUNDAY songs can you think of? ; )
Good Morning, family!!! Its another Pleasant Valley Sunday! I hope that all of my friends in North America remembered to "spring forward" and move your clocks ahead one hour! Another reminder that Spring is almost here. Make it a great one, and stay safe! :) J.
Another pleasant valley sunday..havf a nice day!
Haven't been on FB much in the last week--been fighting some kind of crud isn't quite a cold, correcting papers for the last week of class, and dragging around. Finally felt like myself yesterday, so I cleaned the house and (hopefully) chased out the germs. We found a fish fry in Orlando on Friday, and went to Mass last night. Today, we're headed to EPCOT for a Mickey Dolenz concert. Wonder how loud I can sing "Hey Hey We're the Monkees"?
Training Day 75 10th March 2013 Long night short sleep! 7am stretch and gentle warm up, kit on, Barney and Ace in the truck and off to Whippendale. Garmin Watch on waited for signal, watch went off no battery left! Started slow, warmed up nicely and although still restricted, enjoyed a good 10.4k run in 46 minutes timed from truck due to no Garmin! Back in the car park I met Malarkey McBranagan, now in his late 60's early 70's he used to be a very good runner and sub a 2'45" marathon man! I have met him a lot over the last few years walking with his dog and collecting golf balls from the woods around the course, he always gets a full bag per dog walk! Anyway very pleasant post run chat about all things running then he informs me he only ran about 20 marathons in his life, never trained over 20 miles and he goes in hospital next week for his 2nd knee replacement! Encouraged by the prospect of my future fate, I had a quick stretch off, back home, quick shower and off to Wendover to meet Joel at 9:30 for ano ...
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Chicken farming done- the girl's yard is clean, new straw in the house and beds and they are having a lovely peck in the garden. Pleasant Valley Sunday.
Excited to preach in the main service this Sunday at Pleasant Valley Baptist Church. Please, Pray that God has me say just what He wants.
Never, ever take what someone says at face value. Always examine what you are told and why you are told it. Be leery when you see the masses accept whatever is told as if it were the golden truth, because that's how bad things happen. If you want an example, I'm sure the Jewish people can give you a pretty good one. Abuse happens when an individual's mind is in the crafty hands of a convincing wordsman. You will never see it coming if you are not looking . . .
The Pleasant Valley Historical Museum at 720 Las Posas Road in Camarillo is dedicated to the prese...
Beautiful day in sunny Florida!! Great day to see Mickey Dolenz at Epcot! Have a great day!!
A nice mention by Antenna TV yesterday for Micky's birthday ~ptfb team
What if you could find a place that is alive and exciting on Sundays - one that leaves you feeling wonderful and optimistic about you and your life? Well, look no further. You’ve found your Spiritual home and it’s waiting for you! Please join us for our Sunday Morning Services: Medi...
Song-Zor and Zam Artist-The Monkees Great Song I read about this song on this website I will be uploading many b...
You go check out a band -- possibly one including Yours Truly. What cover tunes do you hope they'll play? And . go
Sea, mountains, tall peaks, spitting llamas, jungles, and Lost Incan Cities. Where have you been these past two weeks? Every story has an end. Our Peruvian tour concluded last Sunday. It lasted two weeks; but in two weeks we saw a lot. We passed through many cities: Arequipa, Puno, Cusco, the Sacred Valley, and Aguas Calientes. Beautiful locations such as the Colca Valley, featuring the world’s deepest canyon. The cool glacial waters of lake Titicaca at 3,830 metres above sea level, where we visited three islands, and meet the strong indigenous people. Women carried babies strapped to their backs, while they held onto little baby alpacas in their hands. Strong men carried large sacks of heavy produce on their backs as they climbed the steep mountain steps to the villages. In Aguas Calientes we made our final trek to the rainforest. The rainforest is a jungle, and jungles are known as hot places. But not in Aguas Calientes, because it is a the last town on the way to the fabled Lost Incan city of Machu P ...
Cabin Fever. Need to goet out. Where should I go?
uhhh.what happened ? The last week and a half, its been beautiful down here in the valley of the sun. Eighty plus degrees, very pleasant. This morning (2:30) I walk outside to leave for work and its raining. No big thing, I like the rain. Its almost four in the afternoon and its still raining, and cold. My nap was interupted by thunder and lighting, and then a hail storm. And the chihuahuas still wanted to go outside for their business.
Hamilton Collection
Happy Birthday Micky, hope its a good one!!! Pleasant Valley Sunday and Sometime In the Morning, couldn't choose just one.
I'm not your stepping stone, but I AM stoned!
I remember him as "Circus Boy" from the late '50's and will never forget him as Mickey from the Monkees. Happy Birthday Mickey Dolenz! It'll be Monkee-time today on One 45 @ 1:45!
Leaving the house I spent half my life in (11 years) was harder than I thought.. ;_;
Hey Hey It's a Monkees Birthday! George Michael "Micky" Dolenz, Jr. is 68! My favorite singing Monkee! Began his show business career in 1956 starring in a children’s show called Circus Boy. He played an orphaned boy who is the water boy for the elephants in a one-ring circus. He was attending college in Los Angeles when hired for the "drummer" role in The Monkees. Micky said later that someone at Screen Gems forgot to contact his agent to inform him the series was picked up by NBC; he wound up learning about his new job by reading the announcement in Variety. He was not at that time a drummer. He needed lessons even to be able to mime credibly but eventually was taught how to play properly. By the time The Monkees went on tour in late 1966, Dolenz was competent enough to play the drums himself. He learned to play right-handed and left-footed. Dolenz had been a guitar player and a lead singer in two local bands in the los Angeles area before becoming a Monkee. According to Mike Nesmith, it was Dolenz's ...
It turns out the closure of Interstate 35 that we thought was going to happen this weekend has again been delayed. Most drivers won't even notice the closure, which is now scheduled for 10 p.m. Saturday, March 23, to 6 a.m. Sunday, March 24. During that time, the interstate between Interstate 435 and Missouri 152 will close in connection with bridge construction in the area.
Pleasant Valley Productions will be marching in the West Orange St. Patrick's Day Parade this Sunday. We hope to see you there
Please join us in celebrating our Risen Savior on Easter Sunday! The Easter Sunday Schedule is as follows: Bonfire: 6:30-7:00 am Sunrise Service: 7:00 followed by doughnuts and coffee All taking place at 85 Pleasant Valley Rd. (Future site of PGCC) Then we will go over to our present meeting place at H.H. & L. Fire Company. Easter Sunday Service begins at 9:00 am Please note the change in service time for that morning. See you there!
We had a blizzard yesterday here in Iceland. When driving to the office everything was white so no one had any idea where the road was or the round-abouts or even the next car. Everything was white and the hurricane strength wind blew the snow around. Visibility: "to edge of own car". Fortunately there were very few accidents. I love this weather!
"I'm a wildflower" so "Ready or not" I'm "Stuck in the middle with you".I guess I'm "flirtin' with disaster"as I go "Rockin' into the night". I tell my sweetheart "Layla" she looks "Wonderful tonight"I just hope I don't have to find "50 ways to say goodbye".So "Here I go again", "In The still of the night" knowing if I'm wrong I'll "Get it right next time" As I consider another "Pleasant Valley Sunday" I know that,at my age i'm still "Bad To the Bone" b-b-b-b Bad. YES I know! This would have sounded better if it rhymed. I'M NOT LOOKING FOR RHYME OR REASON. LOL :) Those who know me will recognize all the "referances" lol
Listening to the Byrds "Wasn't Born To Follow." Between that and "Pleasant Valley Sunday," Gerry Goffin and Carol King did some great below-the-radar pop songwriting.
Just another pleasant valley Sunday.oh wait, it is Tuesday!
4 overfill bins of clothes hung and waiting to be sold! Only 2 items had marks on that I didn't catch out of 323! Not bad! Hoping to only bring home a bin or less! I did notice my prices were much lower than a lot of the others on the floor! Makes me hopeful!
anybody else catch Carol King on Dian e Rheam's show yesterday. Made my day. ;-)
Just another pleasant valley sunday, in status symbol row.
Mr green he is so serene hes got a tv in every room. whos lyric?
MY GOD, MY GOD. IS SO GOOD TO ME! I JUST RECVD THIS EMAIL!!! You are invited to participate in the Kansas City Missouri Police Department Candidate Written Exam and Physical Abilities Test (P.A.T) for the Police Officer position. Both will be held at the Regional Police Academy, 6885 NE Pleasant Valley Rd, in Kansas City, Missouri. The Written Exam will be held on Saturday May 18, 2013 and the P.A.T. on Sunday May 19, 2013. On the day of the Written Exam, please report to the academy at 8:30 am with your valid driver’s license for registration. Please contact us to confirm your spot no later than Friday May 3, 2013.
The Super-G race event in Austria on Sunday was marred by an emailed death threat to star Tina Maze, who was put underpolice protection after receiving threats against her prior to the race.
The Characters - 2013 Monkees Convention. Words & Pleasant Valley Sunday with Dave Alexander from the Davy Jones touring band.
Pleasant Valley Sunday is on in Weis. Thought of you Krista Book Barlow :)
I need some help. There was a cover done of the Monkees song Pleasant Valley Sunday. However after some intense research neither Amber Rothwell nor myself could find proof of it. It was not The Mr. T. Experience, Wedding Present or Neal from Spock's Beard. It was more of a pop/punk Blink 182 wanna be or maybe from a compilation or possible a song on a christian band album. We know we've heard it and I can hear it in my head but I can't find anything about it. HELP!
Good Morning, family!!! It another cold Pleasant Valley Sunday here in the east! Hope everyone makes it a great one! Unfortunately, Andy Murray lost to Djokivic in 4 sets! Another great Australian Open in the books! One thing about the Aussie Grand Slam, is that the crowd has their favorites, and the players know it! The French is close, but its no Happy Slam! Back next year in Melbourne!!! The Sunday news programs are turning their attention to the problems in North Africa. The USA should simply invade South Africa, create the 52nd State, and monitor things. Just kidding, RSA!!! Be safe out there!! :) J.
Shelley Archives Presents Legends of Rock Live THE MONKEES RARE CLIPS (1966-1970) Hosted by Music Archivist Bill Shelley Thursday, January 31 at 7:30 p.m. Carte Blanche: FREE | Members: $6 | Students/Seniors: $8 | Nonmembers: $11 ABOUT THE FILM: In recognition of the death of performer Davy Jones of The Monkees, The Avon Theatre will present a special evening celebrating the music and fun that The Monkees brought to their fans. This program will blend song promos, ads, and live performances to create a salute to the group, with time at the end for fans to share their memories and insights. Some of the songs that will be included will be “The Monkees” the theme song for the show, “Last Train to Clarksville,” “I’m a Believer,” “Pleasant Valley Sunday,” Daydream Believer,” “A Little Bit Me, a Little Bit You,” “(I’m Not Your) Stepping Stone,” “Valleri,” and many more. Although Davy Jones, Michael Nesmith, Peter Tork, and Mickey Dolenz were hired for the television show to act ...
Adam's watching "Family Guy," and they start doing a chase sequence to "Pleasant Valley Sunday." Made my night.
The Monkees were the first and perhaps the best of the prefabricated sixties and seventies pop groups, ahead of the Partridge Family and the Archie's. made by t.v. executives to capitalize on the success of the Beatles. but because of writers like Neil Diamond, Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart,the Monkees made some exceptionally good pop records such as I'm a Believer, (I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone and Pleasant Valley Sunday. their first show aired Swptember 1966 and became an immediate hit. that same year their debut album went gold and and yielded 3 top twenty gold singles.I'm a Believer (by Neil Diamond), Last Train to Clarksville, and (I'm Not Your Stepping Stone. the first two went to t.v. show cancelled in late 1968. they split up and the 4 of them toured on their own as solo artists. tribute tours followed but never the same popularity.
Final major concert of the year tonight, The Monkees at UB. Only a 12-city tour and this is one of the stops, I find that amazing. Saw a great review from the first show. Pre-show dinner at Duff's with my Mrs., Mr. E.F. Ploetz and his Mrs., and the boy Eric, who at 22 could be in the running for youngest person at this show. Davy will be missed but can't wait to hear "Pleasant Valley Sunday."...
Carole King's original demo for "Pleasant Valley Sunday," which The Monkees later turned into a big hit. It doesn't have all the psychedelia that The Monkees' version does, but it's cool to hear how natural Carole sounds singing it.
Lee Philpott recommends Pleasant Valley Sunday by The Monkees. Listen to it now on Deezer!
Pleasant Valley Sunday by The Monkees on Android via -
The Monkees at the Pantages Theatre in Tacoma, Wa 7-8-11 playing Pleasant Valley Sunday with I'm A Believer and some Monkee business leaving (or trying to) t...
Listen Close: I don't think I have heard this one like this before. ♫ Pleasant Valley Sunday – Kurt Elling
Morning. On my 10.30 Double Play there will be Pleasant Valley Sunday & Take Good Care Of My Baby, can you work out the connection?
let's bicker about their best one then. I reckon "Pleasant Valley Sunday" or "She"
Hi Mate, curious as to your favourite cover version you've done ?. For me, it was ' pleasant Valley Sunday ' ! Cheers
I used to have this album. I believe Pleasant Valley Sunday was on it.
Not to be missed. Jo Lambert's bus journey home. Feel sorry for that little boy. via
Goodbye Davy, we sorely miss you and your delightful smile. We always wondered what Pleasant Valley Sunday would sound like if played by the likes of Moose, ...
another Pleasant Valley Sunday,here in Status symbol land..
Hi lovely fans and likers, hope you're having a pleasant valley Sunday. Just a wee reminder if you're visiting my...
Also Smart DJ in Windows 8 id a bit more awesome than Apple's Genius. Type in Monkees, Pleasant Valley Sunday begins to play.
I'm listening to Pleasant Valley Sunday ('67) by The Monkees on 60s on 6 at via
Teething baby kept us up all night. Total zombie today. In grocery store, Monkees' "Pleasant Valley Sunday" legit blew my mind.
Have you forgotten the Pleasant Valley Sunday sessions at Hobart Street, that was technically recorded.
I am in Pleasant Valley, Colorado, and it is Sunday. The weather is clear and very pleasant. Thus, it is a Pleasant Valley Sunday. I like that. :-) It is now time for a song. :-)
Another Pleasant Valley Sunday!!! Going back up the mountain after breakfast and a bit of cleaning!!! Last night went very well and now I'm gonna do some packing and do laundry and make homemade beef stew with biscuits and apple pear cranberry crisp for dessert!!! Well got get to my day so Exiting Stage Left as usual so Rush on everybody and I love you all!!
Another Pleasant Valley Sunday here in status symbol land...The sun in shinning, the birds are signing, and "This Week" is on in 30 minutes...I am on the clear liquids diet prior to five-year colon exam tomorrow...Yep! Ought to be in the mood for the Presidential Debates Monday evening! Got the Moviprep mixed and in the refrigerator to chill for tonight...Do you think it will look delicious by 5:00? (Why do I doubt this :-) I am become a real grouch in my old age...
It's another Pleasant Valley Sunday! Hope your day is great, friends and family.
Up and haven't gone to sleep. Listening to the Monkees box set. "Pleasant Valley Sunday"...
Good Morning, family!!! Its a rainy, chill Pleasant Valley Sunday here in the east! RSA and my Aussie friends are slowly stealing my summer! No worries, I am off work, and football is ON! Also, Happy Birthday to my friend Chris Sowers.the master of the purple shirt! :) Romney/Ryan 2012.
It was another Pleasant Valley Sunday, Here in Indiana today. Did any one go to church today. I heard that they were telling tales about a guy named Noah who built the unsinkable Molly Brown and transported the entire St Louis Zoo in it, and it didn't sink, Should have hired him on the Titanic. Does any of the men understand why the deacon was telling widow Jones to keep her window shades completely down? I would prefer she keep them completely up. She's a pretty hot number.
"Another Pleasant Valley Sunday" - A bonus edition of The Tom Sumner Program on Flint's News Talk 1470 WFNT Sunday morning from 11am to 1pm at Past Tense in Lapeer - then playing drums with The Whisky Brothers all afternoon as part of the Past Tense Fall Music Fest concert series. Woot!
This is probably the best quality video and audio of The Monkees Reunion at The Greek! Mike joins in for Listen To The Band and Pleasant Valley Sunday!
I'm in Rochester, Illinois tonight, listening to a local band performing an acoustic cover of Pleasant Valley Sunday with vocals that would make Micky Dolenz proud!
The weekly shopping is done, the lawn is mowed, and now I'm settling in for some writing time. Another Pleasant Valley Sunday!
With apolgies to the's m,y acoustic attempt at thir classic Pleasant Valley one-part harmony. : )
Pleasant Valley Sunday but in the awesomest way possible
Its another Pleasant Valley Sunday here in south NJ.sun is coming out! Well, family, today we say Fareweel and Adieu to the 30th Olympiad in London. Sad to see them end, great job done by our British friends, and a fantastic job done by TEAM USA! :) See you all in RIO...I hope to be there!
Voice is as good as ever! Song lacks punch of, like, Pleasant Valley Sunday. I haven't heard the rest. Just humble opinion.
On Sunday, Horse drawn wagon tours of Hopewell Township's Pleasant Valley Rural Historic District are offered to the public each year.
Whoa, Carole King co-wrote Pleasant Valley Sunday?! I mean, now that you SAY it, sure. But I didn't know.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Thanks to Jeff Cullen of Pleasant Valley Sunday Breakfast Radio who will be including one of my tunes on his show...
"pleasant valley Sunday" should be Weeds' new theme song. Same idea plus Tom petty smoked lots.
Can't wait to ride out at pleasant valley Sunday. Can't wait to be back on the bike! Gonna hit the new track in Carey next Sunday, looks pretty sick!!
I hate ‘Pleasant Valley Sunday’ because I AM proud when my roses are in bloom and they’re trying to make me feel bad about it.
Ten @ 10 - Guess the Year -- from Mary Landers Music is like a place holder in time; capturing the spirit, struggles and hopes of the moment. As we look back on milestone albums and the artists that produced some of the greatest music ever made, we remember the events and atmosphere that shaped those recordings and the world's reaction to them. Each morning at 10, The Drive's Bob Stroud will pick ten great songs from one great year that encapsulates that moment in time. Join us for The Drive's Ten @ 10 weekday mornings on 97.1 FM The Drive. We'd like to know what song you heard on today's Ten @ 10 that made you turn up your radio or just plain made you go "wow!" Courtesy of WDRV 97.1 FM The Drive Chicago What's your favorite song on the list? U2 -- Desire Bon Jovi -- I'll Be There For You R.E.M. -- Orange Crush Van Halen -- Finish What Ya Started Cheap Trick -- The Flame Melissa Etheridge -- Bring Me Some Water The Traveling Wilburys -- Handle With Care Poison -- Every Rose Has Its Thorn Steve Winwood -- ...
The Monkees back in stage again after 15 years?BAM. Let's go back to pleasant valley sunday!
Heard this on XPN a few months back. Hadn't realized Carole King was the songwriter.
Remember when Pete would sing Pleasant Valley Sunday on Two Guys & a Girl? Yeah, that was a real show. I was one of their four viewers.
Just a few lads from Liverpool, strolling some unnamed English lane on a beautiful summer day in August 1969. I think it was on "Pleasant Valley Sunday." ;-)
Not gonna go read comments by those shrieking ninnies, but I AM gonna crank some Pleasant Valley Sunday
This bus driver is blasting "Pleasant Valley Sunday" on his little boom box. I think this calls for an unironic
I dont get the point of playing the monkees 'pleasant valley sunday' in this episode. It doesnt really fit. But i guess thats the joke.
I just used to tag Pleasant Valley Sunday by The Monkees.
Makes my life seem like another Pleasant Valley Sunday :)
Another pleasant valley Sunday here in status symbol land.
Another pleasant valley Sunday... foggy and cold.
Looking forward to a pleasant valley sunday.
Happy least it wasn't Pleasant Valley Sunday...DEAL!
Am listening to The Monkees. 'Pleasant Valley Sunday', 'Words' and 'Porpoise Song''are amazing. I like the Monkees more than The Beatles
The Year is 1967-President Johnson formed a committe to study why there is so much violence in urban area's (still waiting for their report) 45,000 troops sent to Vietnam-The Monkeys sang Another Pleasant Valley Sunday -Here in statis symbol Land-speaking of the Monkeys, a new guy named Jimmy Hendrex opened for them---The Queen of Soul was "born" -- Areatha--singing Chain Chain Chain!! (which could be our national anthem these days) The Doors released their second album---Do you know this song? Beatniks & Poltics, nothen is new, a yard stick for lunitics, one point of view-well do ya? were ya there?
And in the Levi's store, what are they playing? Pleasant Valley Sunday. : )
I went to Cain Park last night for a concert that included five groups - The Buckingham's, The Grass Roots, Gary Puckett and the Union Gap, Mickey Dolenz (Monkee's fame) and The Turtles. Each group played 5-6 of their hit songs. Some had to search to fill that kind of set with hits. "Kind of a Drag", "Young Girl", "Happy Together", "Pleasant Valley Sunday", and "Temptation Eyes" were among the hits. If you are old enough, match the song to the group. Cain Park is a miniature Blossom Music Center in Cleveland Heights. The best part of the night was it is in walking distance from my apartment .
This weekend, we've got the "Piano Man" with Billy Joel In the Eye of The Storm. You'll also hear Page & Plant unplug a Zeppelin classic, Don Henley covers The Beatles, and we'll unearth the demo for "Pleasant Valley Sunday" by Carole King, which became a hit for the Monkees.
"Bob"'s awfully lazy this weekend. No E.T.I. again today. Enjoy this Sunday song written by Carole King and her husband Gerry Goffin. Carole's 1966 demo of "Pleasant Valley Sunday". 62 days of summer to enjoy.
Mickey Dolenz of the Monkees performs Pleasant Valley Sunday at Asser Levy Park in Brooklyn, NY. 7-22-2010
Pleasant Valley Sunday probably has to be my favourite song. So many just happy to go along with the status quo.
Also on July 10, 1967: On this day, "Pleasant Valley Sunday" / "Words" was issued as a single. To anyone...
Great cover versions: in an occasional series - "Pleasant Valley Sunday - The Wedding Present"
It's a Pleasant Valley Sunday on the Pleasant Valley Wine Trail! Come out and enjoy a beautiful wine filled...
on right now Carole King's demo of Pleasant Valley Sunday, stonking...
Full marks to Brian Matthew for playing Carole King's demo of Pleasant Valley Sunday. Fantastic.
Another Pleasant Valley Sunday: Yeah, this has gotta go. I’m inclined to condemn this installa...
Ditto. Not related to the seaborn, sea-borne goddess, but, my, ain't it good?
Writing and listening to The Monkees... Is Pleasant Valley Sunday about Charlottesville?
Hmmm.what's on my mind is that ya'll have a .yes ya already know ."Pleasant Valley Sunday" being yourself with family, friends, maybe someone new.who cares .just enjoy the heck out of it as I will be down at the "Falls" with my MOM!.luv to all me
?are you dozing&dreaming in front of tv? where are you rural that's not raining? ~:-) ! "Pleasant Valley Sunday" tomorrow?AJ
Song-wise, they never really improved on Pleasant Valley Sunday.
I just squealed over Pleasant Valley Sunday coming on Songza. There's not a problem here.
How we spent the "non-Art-Fayre" part of our weekend. New blog post at The Grumpy Penguin.
I would like to invite everyone to come to Pleasant Valley Sunday morning at 10 am for classes and then at 10:45 for worship. We will have Mike Pressnell as our guest speaker.
I have energy for one more. Im going to end this magical mystery "tour" with Pleasant Valley Sunday
THIS SUNDAY - June 17th (6 till 8am in Australia) - Jeff Cullen of Pleasant Valley Sunday Breakfast Radio will...
Good Morning! If you're not feeling happy today, try listening to this,Pleasant Valley Sunday:
It's like society learned nothing from the song Pleasant Valley Sunday.
Great version.have you heard Carole Kings latest albums?? its the demos of the songs she wrote.."Pleasant Valley Sunday" et
Order Miche Bag Online!
"Pleasant Valley Sunday" by the Monkees is better than all the Rolling stones & Kinks songs put together
Listening to Carole King's 'The Legendary Demos'. What a treat to hear her again - Pleasant Valley Sunday a cynical great Monkeys song
Woke up with 2 diametrically opposed songs in my head: Pleasant Valley Sunday (Monkees) and Down in a Hole (Alice in Chains). *** right?
Mickey Dolenz of the Monkees and Pleasant Valley Sunday... also at Riverbend in Chattanooga.
[Arkansas Blog] Clinton family unites at library for tribute to mothers
Another pleasant valley Sunday — and a day for mothers: No complaints here. I can never get enough good tomatoes...
Not to hot + not to crowded = pleasant valley sunday at Alma Aquatic Park.
Synchronicity while listening to Carole King autobio. (1) listening to when she first says the name Lou Alder, park, go to diner, open Calendar section to read feature story on Lou Alder. (2) drive home from diner and drive into intersection of Coldwater Canyon just as she says "Coldwater Canyon", (3) yesterday listened about Gerry Goffin writing lyrics to Pleasant Valley Sunday and then later that day drove to Camarillo exiting off Pleasant Valley Rd. it's like my life (woven with CK) is like a ... I dunno, some kind of tapestry?
If "Pleasant Valley Sunday" is actually stuck in my head right now, I might do something I won't be responsible for.
Listening to Carole King's demo of "Pleasant Valley Sunday" snapped me right out of my prickly mood...
Pleasant Valley Sunday Breakfast Radio throwing some airtime my way this Sunday - along with two of my fave...
Gracie is laughing at me singing "Pleasant Valley Sunday" to her. Well, singing the harmony vocals, anyways.
played the song 'Pleasant Valley Sunday' by The Monkees on
For the first time in a very long time I turned off NPR this afternoon to listen to Carol King's "Legendary Demos" tapes. It's great stuff if you've not heard her works before and so pleasing to hear them all raw. Particularly though, I really loved listening to her authored version of "Pleasant Valley Sunday" which was later made famous (or infamous) by The Monkeys. That would be the one cut I'd buy from iTunes, just because I've never heard her record that song. What an incredible song writer she is!
*My mom looking for my Monkees CD* Mom: Hey where is The Monkees Me: On the Last Train to Clarksville on a Pleasant Valley Sunday
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Green Change at Buy and Eat More Organic Food. Song of the Day: "Pleasant Valley Sunday" by The Monkees.
sun, a cold beer, Monkees on dvd and a week off + 2 days for the Jubilee! A Pleasant Valley Sunday! (in the Lee Valley!) ;-)
Pleasant Valley Sunday by the Monkees. The piano in this is amazing! Go Peter!! :D
I am trying to contact as many Linde/Larson/Oslin/Safsten relatives as I can re. the "Pleasant Valley Sunday School" book Neal and I scanned. If you are one of them, send me a message if you want the book. All you have to do is send me a thumb drive and an SASE bubble envelope. I will zap the book on the thumb drive, seal it and send it back - just print it out on good paper (the pics, maps, etc.) and take it to Kinko's - bind it and it's yours for free. It is available to everybody this way.
Sometimes you just have to skip across Commons Lawn to Pleasant Valley Sunday
I love this version of Pleasant Valley Sunday! So much cruiser than Monkees. :))
I had a "Pleasant Valley Sunday" hanging out with all of my friends!
Managed to finish mowing the backyard while it was still overcast. Will mow the front later. Feel very Pleasant Valley Sunday.
…And the neighbor has puked on my lawn. Another Pleasant Valley Sunday. *headdesk*
needs you soon. Do we ever have a chance to get you here? That'd be ultimate! Have a Pleasant Valley Sunday!
Yard work and the monkees pleasant valley Sunday on the iPod. Could I be more meta?
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