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Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is an American franchise of fitness centers based in Newington, New Hampshire.

Stockton Blvd Terre Haute

PSA: please DO NOT wear tiny/torn body building tank tops that show 90% of everything when you are skinnier than a slim-jim
Honestly, If I move then I'm gonna miss the cute guy at Planet Fitness who jokes around with me, the most πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
70th Independence Day Radiant Institute of Management and Science celebrate it with all the staff member fitness pl…
Gotta get planet fitness formation.tour.2016 @ Baltimore, Maryland
Judgement-FREE ZONE PLANET FITNESS won't use Direct Express to join Fast track Supreme Court might not live tell about it
Planet Fitness showers makes me realize exactly how I want my shower when I get older😣😍
What's going on in today? ' marketing strategy, 's healthy food line... read more :…
Who's tryna go to the 24 hour planet fitness rn??
No it is Planet Fitness, its just closed early on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays
Your man crush works out at planet fitness
What would an Executive Order directing Planet Fitness to accept Direct Express as standard of payment and payment due PAYd
My friend said you need to come back to Planet Fitness, I told him i wanna go back to Bank of America. Priorities!
Might as well use my last month membership at planet fitness before I dip that place
Wow they playin 23 by Miley Cyrus in Planet Fitness this early Jesus lol
I went to Planet Fitness yesterday, 3 people working there, only 9 people in gym.
Day break at planet fitness. Time to head home and chow down.
Planet Fitness Glute Machine - How to use the Glute Machine at Planet Fitness
Yesterday we got banned from going to planet fitness πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Let's go workout at planet fitness together!!! β€” Dude I'm so down! 😊
Who ever made the full body enhancement machine for planet fitness is the real MVP πŸ™Œβ™₯️
Idk how guys concentrate at Planet Fitness if you can't make any loud noise in the gym?!, That's CRAZY! Glad I don't go…
You'd have to use that planet fitness card a lot less if you stopped eating microwaved obesity.
i put up 6 plates at that Planet Fitness rack bench yesterday- 315. and 280 2day at the YMCA on the real bench...
Planet Fitness parking lot leaves teen startled - 18-year-old Erin McCarthy was attacked as she left the gym wh...
Working hard at Planet Fitness down 14 lbs
Planet Fitness is a judgement free zone but literally half the people in this gym are developing back problems by the second
VIDEO: Teen employee at Planet Fitness punched 39 times in New Hampshire gym parking lot
I find it cool how a lot of couples go to planet fitness together πŸ‘«
anybody down to go to planet fitness rn I can get 1 guest in for free lmk
My friends ... stay alert ... this happens more than it should.
Who needs planet fitness when you can go bathing suit shopping. That is a workout on its own
It throws me off that guys at Planet Fitness wear lower back belts for BICEP CURLS
Try and tell me your planet fitness isn't better than this facility
Looking for someone to accompany me during my late night workouts at planet fitness!
Does anyone go to Club Fitness? Is it worth paying more than Planet Fitness or should I just stay with PF?
taking my 3 year old daughter to planet fitness and not letting her leave until she sets off the Lunk Alarm
the massage chairs at planet fitness are what I look forward to every time I go
Tappen abusing the Planet Fitness unlimited tanning
I guess Wednesdays are sexy man candy night at planet fitness okurrr
SEE IT: Attacker punches teen 39 times in New Hampshire Planet Fitness parking lot - New York Daily News
I mainly work out at home but sometimes planet fitness
someone get me a Hershey bar pls, I'm going to planet fitness you can meet me there or leave it at my door step ..❀️❀️😌
im just going to take a moment and be thankful I no longer work at planet fitness lmao
Okay hi, if I get a planet fitness membership will u go with me like every other day?
People that go to Planet Fitness in Milford: that lunk alarm thing in Planet Fitness's really exist?? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
The best part about having ur black card at planet fitness is u can lie and say ur working out but ur really tanning&using the hydro massage
Scenario: you meet a fit chick at the bar. You ask her where she works out and she says Planet Fitness. Wyd?
Just left planet fitness.. this song gave me motivation to run an extra mile.
I liked a video MY HONEST THOUGHTS ON PLANET FITNESS (as a gym owner)
Terrifying moment woman is punched 39 times and thrown to the ground via
Police in New Hampshire looking for a man who assaulted a teenager at a gym parking
Lmao anything that isn't GoodLife or LA. And Planet Fitness & Fit For Less are also trash.
The guy with the Planet Fitness Staff shirt working out at LA Fitness
My honest thought on Planet Fitness (as a gym owner)
Caught on video: Woman punched 39 times in Planet Fitness parking lot
Liv and I are at planet fitness and she looks like she is in pain and I ask how much weight she's using on the leg press and she says "40"πŸ™‚πŸ˜‚
I made this man at Lifetime sign some paperwork with a Planet Fitness pen. I'm claiming this as a small victory.
Planet Fitness? More like fitness entire lifetime of sin and hard drinking into one hour of guilt-ridden weight lifting
Well, our gym closed today...looks like I have to finally sign up at Planet Fitness πŸ™
I miss having a personal gym when I had my own apartment. Feels so dirty inside Planet Fitness.
Getting my planet fitness membership on Monday when I get out of school πŸ’ͺ🏾😌
I can bring someone free with me to planet fitness
My sister want to start working out with me but she wants me to switch to Planet fitness with herπŸ€” not gonna like kind of tempted to switch
Planet Fitness is kicking my *** in shape ... next stop ATA worlds let's go.
Bout to go see what Planet Fitness is talkin bout πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ’­
Where is the planet fitness going in bowmanville?
Happy Sunday y'all β€” feeling fabulous at Planet Fitness
You go to golds though i go to planet fitness
Does anyone goes to planet fitness ?
Tired as *** Not much sleep. But still in here. @ Planet Fitness
Planet fitness tomorrow for my member ship
Let me get my abs in like on page..amazing work. @ Planet Fitness
My planet fitness $35 charge was supposed to come out in May & it just came out of my account so rip me
Planet Fitness lady watching rerun of Deal or No Deal on her treadmill TV is getting more belligerent: "Oh you BETTER take that Deal!"
The should be doing ads for Planet Fitness: "We Lift Things Up & Put Things Down."
Here @ Planet Fitness, a woman watching her treadmill TV has said "Take it!" like 20 times. She's watching an old episode of Deal or No Deal
"Brian died", was my wake up text. Blinky the homeless junkie who sits in front of Planet Fitness is back from...
No more planet fitness for me back to my real gym so I can actually know my bench press max again
Looks like someone's been working out at Planet Fitness! :)
Maybe Planet Fitness will be loaded with some gals. πŸ‘€
1st day back at Plant Fitness and i'm already over the planet fitness-esque shenanigans
Planet fitness is where all the bodybuilders go
I go to planet fitness a couple times a week. It keeps my back and shoulders from getting sore while I type.
Sos someone order a pizza to planet fitness
Need to renew my Planet Fitness membership
Family Selfie for the 5k. Fueled by the best nutrition on the planet!!!
Planet fitness is the weirdest gym I've ever belonged to. Today I walk in and there is cake everywhere to eat.
I'm still dying at Brian telling us how he got banned from Planet Fitness πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚
Every fitness article on the planet now is about
Morning crowd at Planet Fitness testing my patience. "Oh honey you look exhausted" yeah Carrol it's called effort!!!
For all the people who smugly asked "where all that great art and music" was from those opposing Trump, the bands are at…
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Idk if I wanna get my planet fitness back. Or join the LA club
When is mandarin gonna get a planet fitness
Who goes to planet fitness ? I honestly need someone to go with 😈
Why Grass-Fed Is One of the Fats on the Planet, -
Need a new gym in Bedford to go to? I used to be Planet Fitness but the drive is too much lol
Greenville- Accident w/ injuries blocking Wade Hampton Blvd at Rushmore Dr, in front of Planet Fitness
Does anyone know anything about the Planet Fitness in Crowley? . Is it worth it?
Jesse Turner from Siggno is at Planet Fitness rn. 😍😍
A little Alejandra Guzman to get this workout started. @ Planet Fitness
I was being extremely lazy this week πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but at least I made it!!! (@ Planet Fitness - Inner Harbor) on
Changes coming to Northgate Mall: Macy's is leaving, but mall officials say Planet Fitness, Durham Library, Measurement Inc…
Parked outside the plaza with Planet Fitness gym Temple Terrace. Way to show out patriotism.
Planet Fitness's John Mahoney and Local Musician, Renee Stakey LIVE in our Business Spotlight Segment on...
Jenny McCarthy making out, purple Planet Fitness top-hats, Bubba Gump shrimp. These are my nightmarish first glimpses of…
I liked a video Connor Murphy Trains at Planet Fitness
Theyre opening a Planet Fitness real close to me on William Cannon ill try to go, I go home and fall asleep early πŸ˜•.
How to I link Planet Fitness to my profile? I have both Virgin Active and Planet Fitness memberships.
West side of Cincy general observations: more front porch gatherings, a lot of pit bulls, and Planet Fitness stickers on many cars.
I will be at Planet Fitness today from 3-7pm! Come hang out and let's get a work out in!
Anyone down to come get a workout in with me in the next hour at Planet Fitness?
Planet Fitness looks like a smoothie shack
Today... Cross Lanes at Planet Fitness parking lot from 11-2...
Guy at Planet Fitness must be killing his workout in his express shirt AND skinny jeans
Gucci lost all that weight in jail doin pushups playin spades and jackin off and yall *** got full Planet Fitness memberships and still fat
Check out this photo of Planet Fitness - El Paso - Far West on
Interested in investing out of state? This absolute NNN Planet Fitness in Arizona might be right up your alley
So now she wanna take a look at planet fitness
I know planet fitness is a judgement free zone, but when a couple is practically making out while working out its kinda hard not to.
Planet fitness wants to put a bible verse on the outside of the gym but allows transgenders to use whatever bathroom. Everyo…
Should I get a gym membership at planet fitness or blast fitnessπŸ€”
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Your mom works at planet fitness and I work at BK. I can bet we make the same amount.
Your mom works at planet fitness πŸ™„ you live with her in a apartment AND you're 20+ and you have 500$? Hm
Love going to Planet Fitness these days πŸ’ͺ
yeah, I know what ya mean. Planet fitness did that to me and I feel like I was signing over my soul so I backed out πŸ™ƒ
Just got a gym membership at planet fitness... Holy purple 😁
Some guy in cargos at planet fitness yelled at Alexa and I. A guy wearing cargos. At planet fitness.
Breaking records on the elliptical 18hrs this month & counting @ Planet Fitness
Who's gonna be at planet fitness at 3:30-4?
When bae says "she's working out at planet fitness"
I know some Planet Fitness locations give pizza from time to time...
Thank you planet fitness for the tootsie rolls at the front desk. πŸ™πŸΌ
Have fun at your cookouts today, while you drink high calorie beers. I'll be at Planet Fitness. You have diabetes (type 2)
I was told I was the reason Planet Fitness was created today... πŸ˜¦πŸ€”
Put in a good workout with the bro planetfitness @ Planet Fitness -…
Eating to cool the planet - are you ready for a climatarian diet?: Β Every year or so you can count on a major...
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Working out at planet fitness for about 10 minutes and the power goes out... I think this is a sign
Bruh I have to go to planet fitness tomorrow πŸ˜‘
Who has a membership at planet fitness & wants to meet me there?
I really need the planet fitness in Morgantown to be 24/7 πŸ™„
Planet Fitness has pizza and tootsie rolls
Why tf is there a *** at planet fitness working out in his underwear
I have a membership to gold's gym AND planet fitness now. Am I skinny yet
No problem! Glad we could help! We are located in the same parking lot as Planet Organic. We are beside Orange Theory Fitness.
There needs to be a Planet fitness up the block because I'm tired of going to Fordham smh
Ain't nobody at planet fitness. Neither am I.
(just like the creepy lady that just happens to be at planet fitness at the same time as me EVERY DAY)
what's the deal with planet fitness? What's the prob going on?
lmfao let's check out planet fitness V
Okay it's obvious all the *** people go to planet fitness in midtown πŸ’―
You ever notice that Planet Fitness's colors are basically Globo Gym's from Dodgeball?
Update your maps at Navteq
So sweaty im just slowly sliding off equipment at planet fitness
Anyone with a Snap Fitness or Planet Fitness membership want to workout tonight ???
I can't wait till that planet fitness opens down the street from me! Thank Godmow I don't have to drive 15 mins from my house no more πŸ€—
Does Planet Fitness have a nap time room??
Y'all be wanting *** .. & the guys at Planet fitness be wanting girls , lol y'all better slide up here πŸ˜‚
Ever been in kicked out of a Planet Fitness? I can say I have. more like
I need to reopen my membership for planet fitness
Reached a new level of douchebaggery today when I tried working out at planet fitness in flip flops before the manager asked me to leave.
Boutta see what's good w planet fitness
You were asked to leave Planet Fitness? Did your muscles scare people?
Hbd to a Sea Isle native and Planet Fitness enthusiast
w/Blair Thomas at Planet Fitness in Aberdeen, noon till one; 1500 LLC points and WXCY Swag with
I might try Zumba again. Have you been back to Planet Fitness? I'm thinking about going today.
I just checked in at Planet Fitness - Lakewood - Colfax Ave. on and earned the Gym Junkie badge!
Planet Fitness, they're the only ones who wont judge me for finishing a workout and crossing the street into Bob Evans.
I hate Planet Fitness so much. Why did I get the annual membership, the buy out fee is ridiculous. I just want to go back to xsport πŸ™„πŸ˜©
Some of the people at Planet Fitness are highly questionable
feeling energized at Planet Fitness - Richmond Heights, OH
Planet Fitness - White Bear Lake on Sam and I working out
listening to Gloria Trevi at Planet Fitness - Woodhaven, Mi
Planet Fitness of Benton Harbor to Host Danni Allen, Winner of Season 14 of NBC's The Biggest Loser
Thus begins a new week and another day at the gym. @ Planet Fitness - Sacramento, Stockton Blvd, CA
I'm about to breakup with Planet Fitness, because I've been in a secret relationship with Fitness Connection...
Planet Fitness giving out free pizza and bagels is like Betty Ford rehabilitation center having margarita Mondays.
After that whole stone thing at 4am. Doubt I visit the bronzing beds though! @ Planet Fitness -…
Runners! Register now for the Whitehall Food Truck and Fun Festival 4 Miler Presented by Planet Fitness - July 30th!
Like we always do around this time.@ Planet Fitness, Oak Lawn, IL
Nice day out here in the old neighborhood. @ Planet Fitness - Sacramento, Stockton Blvd, CA
We are working hard to stop violence. Instead of taking selfies at Planet Fitness, maybe you have some ideas o…
Cleaning my room, washing my hair, and laundry. I should be done by 5 pm lol and make it to Planet Fitness lol!
That post work road dip is fatter than the average Planet Fitness member on pizza Monday
What a great example of what we all want to feel!! Blue and Challenge is here and I'm a Plexus Baby and attending Planet Fitness and making…
I work out so much harder and longer at my own house w this total gym 1400 than compared to when i go to Planet Fitness
highly recommend Planet Fitness off Lake Mead and Boulder lol
Planet Fitness on airline is a chocolate factory 🍫
Recorded LIVE from our studio! Planet Fitness rebound bodes well for Soul Cycle IPO via
Burning off gallons of gin. β€” listening to Lenny Kravitz at Planet Fitness - Manhattan, Washington Heights, NY
Dunkin Donuts at the power center. What is this Planet Fitness??
Planet Fitness Celebrates National Pizza Day... Planet Fitness provides free pizza to its members on the first Mond…
Look who signed back up at a gym.. @ Planet Fitness - Lake Forest Park, WA
Inside Elizabeth's new Planet Fitness (PHOTOS) - The health club on Newark Avenue will be open 24 hours a day, ...
So proud of me, sweat out the cold. (@ Planet Fitness in Palm Coast, FL)
Congratulations to the very brave Mike Boots of Clay, who won the year's membership to Planet Fitness! He...
Planet Fitness, Inc. Initiated Coverage by Roth Capital (Ranked 80th) to Buy with 18 PT $PLNT
Planet Fitness to open Western Avenue gym in February
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Something is going on at Vestavia Hills City Center near Planet Fitness. Multiple patrol cars fire trucks and personnel searching.
Five things you didn't know about Planet Fitness in Blackman Township
Oo back at the gym today. Unfortunately it's Planet Fitness causr your boy has gotta pay the bill/rent.
he has Netflix but no Planet Fitness at the North Pole.
I rated Planet Fitness - Mobile (Dauphin St.), AL on Get it at and use sponsor code timothy
Yes, a Planet Fitness will be coming to Terre Haute soon.
One of our new members, Planet Fitness, is featured in the Tribune Star...
Planet Fitness coming to Terre Haute's south side in February: The center will contain more than 100 pieces of...
Heard some very disturbing news this out at Planet Fitness?. say it ain't so.
New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and Planet Fitness have come to an agreement that will put an end to...
Planet Fitness halts unlimited tanning at NY gyms: The agreement comes after Attorney General Eric Schneiderman had thre…
Planet Fitness opens new location in Whittier - The San Gabriel Valley Tribune
Legg day with my brother. sonnyhoward01 @ Planet Fitness - Colorado Springs, Austin Bluffs, CO
Planet Fitness to open in Los Lunas in 2016 - Valencia County News Bulletin
Father and son morning fitness. Warming up to greatness @ Planet Fitness - Decatur (Wesley Chapel), GA
Order Miche Bag Online!
Planet Fitness is the Denny's of gyms
Counting down the days until Planet Fitness opens up! I need back on track. πŸ’ͺ🏼
feeling fabulous at Planet Fitness - Fort Worth, Wedgewood, TX
What kind of hellscape has eight television channels going and baseball isn't on one of them? Come on Planet Fitness.
Finally hit 23 miles. Time to change up the work out. @ Planet Fitness -…
Looking for tips on centers in Anyone know Planet Fitness in East Orange? Thoughts?
Planet Fitness...Guy must be a cage fighter.
Get it tight all night and ride space mountain @ Planet Fitness - South Toms River, NJ
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