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Planet Earth

Planet Earth is a 2006 television series produced by the BBC Natural History Unit. Five years in the making, it was the most expensive nature documentary series ever commissioned by the BBC, and also the first to be filmed in high definition.

Snoop Dogg David Attenborough Aziz Ansari Donald Trump Daily Mail Lionel Messi

Someone just told me to prove that Clinton is a rapist LOL Welcome to Planet Earth, big guy.
Pinters! starts tomorrow! Everything in The Big Top focuses around Planet Earth. . Find out more here…
Pro-tip: Hotel guests will complain about practicing trombone but not about a loud TV. Crank up the Planet Earth and rock some long tones.
What on Planet Earth is Ivanka Trump doing on a panel with Angela Merkel and Christine Lagarde?
NBA or Planet Earth?. How AI drove to study great white sharks off the coast of South Africa:
Move over, Attenborough: Alex Jones was born to narrate Planet Earth.
the best band on Planet Earth in the 80's,now and always will be.😍. Duran Duran rocks our ordinary world!😘✌
Ed Balls is up against the Baby Iguana from Planet Earth for a BAFTA. . Who can forget his scared little face as he made his lucky escape.
Sending waves of Sacred Fire Purifying Love, Mercy and forgiveness to Planet Earth, all her Kingdoms and all the... https:/…
Yo this is amazing. the capybara watching his croc buddy die in Planet Earth lines up PERFECTLY with Ricky gettin sho…
"Migrations". Footage courtesy of the British Broadcasting Corporation's Planet Earth through…
I have 100 things I need to be working on, tons due at the end of today, but I just can't stop watching Snoop Dogg narrate Planet Earth.
There's a whole planet out there. Where would you go? 🌍.
I don't think republicans watch planet earth.
The Planet Earth episode on caves got me trippin
going back to ice âge, Uh?Be remembered as the one who ordered the Death warrant of planet Earth & it's inhabitants.
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Very relevant and just remember you voted for him I didn't and you deal with not me call me when everyone on planet…
Headline: "Trump DECLARES WAR on PLANET EARTH!" EINSTEIN: "If you LIE about SCIENCE, you are a LIAR"
Planet Earth II is awesome and all, but in this episode they're doing a segment on these birds who live in the city and spend most of their…
Thankfully while China may imagine itself as the middle kingdom, it isn't the world or planet earth! :-)
. Stop saying "the planet", Earth will be OK! Issue is Mankind's Habitability on Earth!
So I guess Planet Earth II is the final season.
RSS has responsibility of making planet earth Nishchhal. & for this Achieveing Hinduttva is the 1st step. so very imp mission
. are fun to watch. Hard to believe these people live on planet earth .
Every planet in our solar system is named after A Greek or Roman mythological God or Goddess, except Earth. 👀
Hi. Trying to play Planet Earth II 4K and every time I start playing it freezes. I have to quit the app. Did reinstall. Ideas?
Pop into Horsham Family Footwear to see a huge range of Planet and Earth shoes!
'Captured in stunning 4K Ultra HD detail, Planet Earth II is an immersive exploration of the islands, mountains,...
Your action demonstrates how little regard you have for Planet Earth. Do you think your $$$ will buy you a new planet?
Astrophysicists want to send nanocrafts to orbit a nearby Earth-size world. Here's how they plan to do it: .
Nukes, Global Warming and Donald Trump are equally dangerous for planet Earth 🌏.
We have this one life, this one atmosphere, this one earth, this one habitable planet that we are certain we can live on
I'm looking forward to this. This reminds me that I need to watch Planet Earth 2
Planet Earth leads field with nine Bafta Craft nominations-Times of News
okay FUKCING LINDA thought she was the best waitress on planet earth and the smartest btich cause she was in NURSING SCHOOL and we were LAZY
For here Am I sitting in a tin can Far above the world Planet Earth is blue And there's nothing I c…
I have a feeling this is happening to the entire planet. One day: "You're from EARTH? Man, that only lasted, what,…
I liked a video from Live Footage of Every Planet In Our Solar System Plus Earth's Moon
All kinds of crazy new camera tech puts you alongside the animals in Planet Earth II via
We need to protect our planet. Not because of potential children we may have, but because dogs live here. Dogs deserve a…
New Slogan: "If you buy you support the destruction of Planet Nice Job creating an innovative climate,
"How inappropriate it is to call this planet Earth when it is clearly planet Ocean," - Arthur C. Clarke
Destiny 2 plot just leaked: Cabal race finally invades Earth & the Last City to cleanse the planet of the scourge of shotguns once & 4 all.
Wow... a 'death warrant for Planet Earth'... for a slight increase in a colorless, odorless, trace gas necessary for life…
How you know you live in tech echo chamber:. 10x as much noise about Internet reg’n vs change affecting *future habi…
What's on TV: 'Planet Earth II,' 'Review,' 'Legion' and 'Walking Dead' finale.
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three things I have learned from watching the new Planet Earth series:. 1) birds *** way too fast . 2) . 3)
.just signed a death warrant for Planet Earth. Erased climate protections that were already too weak. Supp…
Trump the Terrible Signs Death Warrant for Planet Earth -- https:…
They discover a planet very similar to the Earth (+ VIDEO)
Guru ji ki poorn blessings with Capt. Amrinder Singh to ensure what for Sikhism the most alive religion was given to Planet Earth. teentlk
Ultra High Definition View of Planet Earth from the International Space Station via
Lonely sloth looks for love on new Planet Earth
"Because you* watched Chef's Table", I've been recommended Black Mirror, John Wick, Homeland and Planet Earth?? Hard huh. For sure. *me
How BBC makes Planet Earth look like a Hollywood movie:
📷 Planet Earth, photographed by astronaut Wally Schirra on the Mercury-Atlas 8 mission, October 3,...
I bet $10k the ostriches in Planet Earth wouldn't find water after betting $8k the snow leopard mom would die now theyre gonna break my legs
Thanks to Planet Earth for the person that is John Mayer
LeBron James erases Courtney Lee off Planet Earth with picture-perfect chase-down block -
Maybe do a search on your cable provider for the BBC or Planet Earth l & ll. Comcast is…
Assad is just the sort of monster that George W Bush was labeled a war criminal for removing from Planet Earth.
.the massacre, there was the Planet Earth massacre in DC (shows clip from "Mars Attacks")
Wishing you all, wherever you are on Planet Earth, a wonderful new week. Blessings and love to all.
The animal beef on 'Planet Earth' gets me everytime 😂😂
I'm sure this is like every person's dream but I just want to join the Planet Earth caravan and go with them all the places & take pictures.
yes! The earlier singles were Planet Earth, Girls on Film and Careless Memories.
DEMOCRATS are the most Racist, Bigoted, Xenophobes on Planet Earth! They try to hide the guilt by projecting it on to us!…
On what planet is Selena "Steal My Best Friend Man" Gomez badder than Kim Kardashian West? Cause it *** sure can't be…
I looked for evidence, but the FAQ is comical "If you love Earth, you should love Boom because it makes the planet more local"
who says reincarnation is only limited to life on earth. We could have been an alien flower on another planet.
Betchurrr *** I'm gonna eat all 20 pancakes I just made and watch planet earth II gbye
Godfrey has no intention of visiting planet earth any time soon.
Could Earth ever become a planet-wide city like Star Wars' Coruscant? by
when you're watching Planet Earth and u don't want the predator to starve but u also don't want the prey to die
Gene Cernan told powerful stories on the mysticism of space, staring back at The Blue Planet. Earth was the only life he co…
I just watched planet earth and the episode started off great!!!
So many beautiful woman on planet Earth and I just want three of them 😏💕😂
Dear Friends ,congratulation to event,culture do possibility, I need to help me to divulgate3 my cause in favor to Earth Planet.
Soon we will return to a planet where nobody on it has walked on anything but this Earth. RIP Gene Cernan
Notify your dealer: Planet Earth II comes to the U.S. on February 18 via
Planet Earth is blue and there is nothing I can do
Planet Earth is blue, and there's nothing I can do!
I love Planet Earth and related stuff like that, miss when National Geographic Channel and Animal Planet were filled with it
Do nature shows like Planet Earth have a responsibility to talk about human-caused threats to biodiversity?.
Five NYT reporters on this 2nd Ave. subway byline, no mention that it's Planet Earth's most expensive subway
the only acceptable narrators of Planet Earth after David Attenborough are Snoop Dogg or MC Devvo
Hey don't tell the White Genocide folk but Planet Earth is proof that God really really really believes in Multicultural…
Rob Palmer on Lionel Messi: "He's like that iguana who escaped the other week on Planet Earth"
Winter Solstice? Date varies each year. Planet Earth's natural inclination is incontravertible...brilliant days on the Falkland Islands.
Marshawn Lynch narrating his Beast Mode run lines up perfectly with Planet Earth...
VIDEO: narrating 'Planet Earth' is the best thing you'll watch today.
idk how the world will cope if and when David Attenborough dies, Planet Earth is class
its catch up on my TV tonight watching Tom Hanks on the Norton show, Michael McIntyre show and Planet Earth , i love David Attenborough.
HEADS UP! Look at this graph: current sea ice extent on Planet Earth and the red line is 2016.
Simon Le Bon: "Let's do a song called Planet Earth then if there's ever a TV show called Planet Earth we'll be quids in". "Aw ***
NOW Lynch'em sounds like she might live on Planet Earth instead of DeepSpace inside her head.
I just realized Lion King in live action is just a Planet Earth episode
ON AIR: with talking all things TV including an amazing new episode of Planet Earth
Planet Earth is a live action Fantasia
Good morning world!! Welcome to another day on beautiful Planet Earth!!
here we go with the - gearing up for another amazing week live & direct on Planet Earth :)
Flamingos 💕 Planet Earth is making me want to go back to the Bolivian salt flats 🌏
Would give my left nut to be a Planet Earth cameraman with big Dave
Planet Earth.. is in imminent peril. - James E. Hansen
whilst watching Planet Earth 2 I remembered the League of Nations offered the Jews Madagascar. Imagine the eco destruction
If Lionel Messi was an iguana on BBC's Planet Earth. The Commentary at the end kills it 😂
Seth Rogen is my *** tho !,one of the best actors on Planet Earth...
Set the Planet Earth iguana chase to the NFL Primetime music. Feel great about it.
Planet Earth has got to be one of the most fascinating things I've ever seen, unbelievable!! David Attenborough you absol…
..besides, on BBC David Attenborough's new Planet Earth series started tonight! Lovely respite from the drama;)
The first track from the soundtrack has been released ahead of the show's debut on Sunday. 🎼
I didnt know that a beautiful creature like this lives on the planet earth. Imma kill myself
I don't care what anyone says, this is the hottest track to ever surface planet earth
Planet Earth II premieres Sunday, yet the US doesn't get it until January.
Anyway abeg. Those kinda stories are nonsense to me. "My house was far" ehn but it's on planet earth ba? "he stole my money" atm love.
spending time w/ my bestfr brings me back 2 Planet Earth. she means so Much 2 me
From swimming sloths to lions in Botswana, this is Planet Earth II
Meanwhile Humans, on planet earth, busy playing God God oh my God game...
I just want someone to come over, get drunk and watch planet earth with me.
NASA Confirm׃ DECEMBER, 2016 is NIBIRU PLANET X is real and heading to earth ,Please share!: via
Just wanted to make something clear - if you're kidnapped, we would be the worst possible rescuers on planet earth. https:…
Is it nori??? I mean daehyun? Cuz if yes i'm off to dig my grave and bid goodbye to planet earth 😭😭😭
The most rated TV series on IMDB is back. 10 years ago Planet Earth changed our view of the world. Now they take...
Remember - Planet Earth Series II starts on Sunday! BBC 1 - 8pm! The first episode is 'Islands' - don't miss it! Great for all…
Trivia:What is the closest planet to Earth? . MARVOREE SanaSaGGV
OK let's come back to planet earth 😂😂😂
With the American Elections on Tuesday, has every right to bill itself as 'Possibly the last sane days on Planet Earth?' Blimey!
Has there been budget cuts? Why are they filming Planet Earth in hotel bathrooms now?
Sir David Attenborough introduces us to more cute creatures of the animal kingdom in Planet Earth II
"Earth's wealthiest inhabitants fled the planet to preserve their way of life.".
I need space. But theres not enough space on earth for me to chill out. I need to be on a whole other planet. Away from all the bs
We smoke what the earth have grown. We smoke what god has put on the this planet for you and me. 😋✌️💨
Sir David Attenborough is the coolest dude on planet earth II
How to get an Indonesian Komodo dragon out of your bathroom: Planet Earth II's camera crew came ..
actually lowkey beefing that the UK gets planet earth 2 starting this week and the US has to wait till the end of january 😒
The BBC has released the official trailer for its new documentary series Planet Earth II, which took ten years to...
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November 4th 2016: enters into force - An historic day for the planet! . Take action! Find ur solution…
voyage in world war 3 with the lead character sneaking into NASA and leaving planet Earth. Wait, dm
There are so many people doing weird stuff right now on planet earth.
Here's something constructive to do instead of going through 's pinterest while des…
Hearing astronauts describe earth from space gets me every *** time. OUR PLANET IS AMAZING. And it's amazing that we are here and exist.
I missed Earth. There were no trees, grass, or dirt in space, but it was still preferable to being stuck on the same pl…
Check out: Lefth Robinson Erotica Writer, Humanoid on Planet Earth--- Smut to the extreme! 18+
Have beautiful Friday to the planet earth from 3 sec ahead of the planet earth 🌏 luv and peace ✌️
MEL IS TAUNTING ME WITH KIT KATS I'm so sad. I deserve all the kitkats on planet earth. This is so rude. I'm OFFENDED.
From the return of Jeremy Clarkson, The Gilmore Girls and Planet Earth to the epic series The Crown – mark these...
- Could you say Global warming is a little overreacted as Planet Earth is currently getting out of a Ice age. It's going to warm
the First Earth Day was 1969. I remember many thought it was the Great but Late, Planet Earth. Sad.
Stop burning the biological library of alexandria - the Amazon forest - that regulates State of Planet Earth global…
The Wild Boys are ringing in 2017 at on Planet Earth! Can't wait to Come Undone and create Careless Memories…
I would personally like to thank Great Britain for giving us the BBC and the BBC for giving us Planet Earth. In ca…
Who the *** wants to take years off their life heading to mars and back? Planet Earth is home we can still save it!
Planet Earth circa 2016: The view last week from Santa Monica pier of wildfire over L.A. https:/…
Climate Change?. In the entire history of Planet Earth, the climate has NEVER been static.
Space Shuttle Endeavor crew captured this shot of the ISS against the backdrop of Planet Earth (2007)
subtitles accidentally used on Planet Earth is maybe the best thing I've ever seen
Netflix glitch causes episode of Planet Earth to be rebranded with subtitles from Aziz Ansari’s standup special
Aziz Ansari's standup special is the perfect BBC 'Planet Earth' commentary:
A Netflix glitch had Aziz Ansari narrating 'Planet Earth' and things got weird
There are two kinds of individuals on Planet Earth who do not have beards - women and youth.
Dear Luv,Happy Bday from ur WORLDWIDE family!ZOOM IN the map 2c from where on the Planet Earth we shout https:…
One great way to endure the open garbage fire that is Planet Earth is to attend a live Eddie Izzard performance. Highly rec…
For those unaware: BBC America has been airing a new show from the creator of Planet Earth. It is called The Hunt, it is narrated by David …
.hasn't warned us Planet X/Nibiru is headed straight for Earth:.
: 'Thulla' refers to most honest and efficient Policemen on the planet Earth.
So stressed out moving house is the worst when you're the least organised person on planet earth
This is my poetry, a theory of Aliens visiting Earth and asking what we have done to destroy the planet.
Greetings awesome people of planet earth. Incoming transmission from Surviving My Past: “You are awesome , Have a great day!” - end message
As humans... From earth. The planet is rotating and moving into the awakening phases, moving into a Christ era
Forget about Trump or that fat North Korean kid being a threat to the planet. Hillary C & 2 menopausal women.Good luck Earth!
“When you drink water, be conscious that you are drinking a part of this planet.”
“When you eat something, be conscious that you are eating a part of this planet.”
“When you breathe air, be conscious that you are breathing a certain aspect of this planet.”
The lightest thing on planet earth should be offensive. Coz even the weakest of weak can take it.
If were an animal, it would look like this:
Meanwhile back on Planet Earth.we had a future once.
A satellite 1 million miles from our planet captured the moon 'photobombing’ Earth
I got the driest phone on planet earth son
Which planet are u from because definitely you not from planet earth. We live in different situations and circumstances. Grow up.
Activate the in your and send it daily to planet Earth.# RT
Food Network are the biggest liars on this planet Earth
. our cute phamily™. Literally the most amazing people on planet earth, thank you all for being so amazing ilysm.❤️
I'm so over planet earth. Let's make art on Mars.
Lionel Messi is far superior than any other professional footballer on planet earth. His statistical data speaks f..
I know planet earth is about to explode. kinda hoping no one saves it, we only grow from anguish.
I've drunk so much coffee this morning I've pretty much matched the resonant frequency of planet Earth's magnetic field.
The distance of Planet Earth from Sun is 14960 kilometers. Neat-o!!
Oceans dying right now, still no response from the humans of planet earth. More barbie, Mate? https:…
The aliens are here doing a documentary of planet Earth. There looking for extras doing acting as aliens. There...
Here is my tribute 2 the greatest booty on planet Earth
There's something so bizarre to me about turning 14 acres of Earth into 14 acres of a fictional planet.
We´re billion of people living on -Earth- planet who lent us its body to live an experience and learn from it!! :)
And what about the David Cameron from Planet Earth?
I'd like to make myself believe. That planet Earth turns slowly
Teenagers,the most misunderstood people on the planet earth and are treated like children but expected to act like adults.
NASA, at least be careful when retouching; planet Earth should be curved, not the ISS Solar Panels ... https…
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“Whenever you are confronted with an opponent. Conquer him with love.” . ― Mahatma Gandhi~Good Morning Planet Earth!
the invisible ones of planet x/NIBIRU are on their way back to earth to do some fixing
Earth was a boring planet then God sent Modi and his followers. Now, it's entertainment touring the world.
Most frightening news to ever hit planet earth. Say your goodbyes to loved ones. And note the date 7:11.
Black ppl are the MOST lit ppl on planet earth, i swear to God 😂😂😂 part 60
Since Earth is the third planet in our solar system,isn't everything on Earth technically a third world problem?
Bernies ahead of his time & highly evolved human being. Planet Earth doomed if we don't change our course. https:…
. At least she used a lower-case "earth" (primitives did not know what a planet was). "Land" is a better word, floating on water.
"Planet earth is blue and there's nothing left to do" - David Bowie
Just woke up from a nap so Planet Earth it is 🤓
Ricardo develops transportation tool for sustainable European cities...
Global warming implicated in dinosaur extinction - The Guardian: The...
General environmental exposure limits beneficial effects of radical ...
Shut up Rupert. Dressage has no place on planet Earth let alone the Olympics. Load of toffy rubbish.
Snoop narrating Planet Earth is one of the most iconic things of 2016 this far .
Order Miche Bag Online!
Were the level of oxygen in atmosphere only a little higher, the Earth would soon turn into an uninhabitable planet ht…
My style & my own way of life. Wonders & colors of the world... Planet Earth...
Planet Earth and the International Station, as seen from the Space Shuttle Atlantis in 2007.
Who on Planet Earth would want Christopher Walken as Vision?
Much Love, Peace & Gratitude. TY for your Presence Here. Amazing Time to Be on Planet Earth!. Pic via
Cosmic Conflict Good and Evil wage War for Planet Earth by Ellen G. White
Putting my stake in the ground: Hillary will be president, if no newsworthy events occur on Planet Earth over the next 6…
Ancient Canaanites, Moabites, etc., left the Holy City and entered into Asia (Planet Earth).
The Big Sexy Train is my favorite ride on Planet Earth
Samina Baig, she set foot on the highest point on Planet Earth, the summit of Mt. Everest.
I just learnt that the We Will Rock You musical was written by Ben Elton. I’m not going, not after his Live from Planet Earth show. Ew.
The Future of Planet Earth ~ David Icke with Jordan Maxwell: The Future of Planet Earth ~ David Icke with Jord...
Many from his fanbase expected a rock album from him at this point. In return, they got 'Planet Earth.' They were unsatisfied.
We call it Planet Earth, but it could have been called Planet Ocean. No blue, no green. Happy
Check out Boatsetter's petition to change the name of the place we live...Planet Earth, now Planet Water.
Prince's 2007 CD "Planet Earth" was given away free by the Mail on Sunday. But the Daily Mail
Yeah, Planet Earth. Thanks for reminding me that I once bought a copy of the Daily Mail.
=== News - 1 new result for [save earth] ===. Action, not symbolism, will save Planet Earth. Daily Pi… Read more at
I really want to do a slower, stripped down version of Planet Earth. If only I could play piano worth a ***
Earth Day 2016 is this Friday the 22nd🌍! If you wrote a love letter to Planet Earth, what would you write?. Dear...
"I am Graalnak of the Vroon Empire, Destroyer of Galaxies, Supreme Overlord of the Planet Earth. Ask Me Anything."
Planet Earth: Nope I was wearing my force field shield
Our World in Data. A one stop shop for empirical research and visuals on everything Planet Earth 🌎
Last one of these also...sharing with Chris. - Drinking a Samuel Adams Scotch Ale @ Planet Earth -
I added a video to a playlist RICHARD MOORE: Pulsating Universe and Planet Earth | Thunderbolts
It lowkey upsets me that I have to watch Planet Earth on the BBC channel and not Animal Planet
Careless memories by Duran Duran is new to me, although the hook does ring a bell. Only reached number 37 as follow up to Planet Earth
Would love to see a Planet Earth style nature doc about suburban wildlife like squirrels and chipmunks narrated by Sir David Attenborough
And I'm floating in a most peculiar way. And the stars look very different today. For here . Am I sitting on a tin can. Planet Earth is blue
Woah. BBC Nature on filming a new snow leopard sequence for the new Planet Earth: "Hunt for the Grey Ghost" [ ]
Can Davis save Planet Earth? The Zarion-Saving Mankind. Fast paced, keep you on the edge.
Planet Earth(1986), The real Planet Earth series before the Sigourney Weaver(love her to death) version
Forty two years on Planet Earth and I just now find out there is a But then of course I don't live in Wales!
Every day and a different canvas filled with many of Planet Earth's beautiful moments. One life live one Planet
Planet Earth had much dearth. All its lords were Sith. Everybody cried there -. Except for Duncan Smith.
Confirmed: a new season of Planet Earth is coming!
Eric Bennett | Planet Earth on Instagram: “Photo tip: Winter is a beautiful season to shoot but...
Monday morning motivation for the start of a new week on Planet Earth
This is what Jupiter's 'Great red spot' would look like from the surface. Planet Earth could fit inside this storm. https:/…
UK's "area of interest", like US & NATO, is Planet Earth and beyond. They need periodic "Russian threat" stories for their con game.
Barcelona have evolved beyond other football teams now. They should be representing Planet Earth against aliens or taking …
So much more enjoyable than Planet Earth 🙃
Planet Earth is so 2000s. European Space Agency announces plans to build a 'Moon village' by 2030
Apparently people really want to see the “Dogg Father” narrate ‘Planet Earth.’
Now this is more like it, great show tonight (Joe Dolce aside) with some of my fav songs, Planet Earth, Once In a Lifetime, Reward
Believe my word 'Try India'. It's The Happening Place on Planet Earth.. You got lot of scope in Bollywood.
Thousands are signing a petition calling for Snoop Dogg to narrate Planet Earth
There's a Petition for Snoop Dogg to Narrate a Season of 'Planet Earth' - so of course I signed it.
Did Earth's water come from another PLANET? Collision that created our moon 4.5 billion years ago sa ...
Astronauts How has seeing Earth from space influenced your outlook on human impact on our plane…
Gravitational Evidence of 9th Planet 10 Times the Mass of Earth! Report upcoming @
Our time on planet Earth is finite.
Easy. That would be who never whines about it. He just leads the most powerful nation on planet Earth!
These guys in my chem class named their trivia team "Caucasian invasion" thank you for summarizing the history of planet earth.
Snoop Dogg narrating Planet Earth is the most iconic thing 2016 has seen so far 😂😂😂
Shrink shrink blinkity blink tried2 make me think wanna goto my sink & vomit clean it up w/ comet earth is my planet
anyways you should watch some documentaries like planet earth/ life. Those are good af
Wow 🙌🙌..This is so Cool ...Look at This time ! Before the storm 😱 💨💨💨
Become a friend of the earth and join the movement to protect our planet and all its inhabitants.
The planet which is similar to Earth Kepler 42b
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It takes about 2.9 seconds for me to go from "this is the best day ever" to "I want to stab every person on planet Earth.
Planet Earth to Janet Yellen: Yesterday’s FOMC statement underlines how out of touch the Federal Reserve has b...
Scientists find strong evidence that the Earth was hit head-on by a Mars-sized planet
Save this earth it's the only planet with chocolate
Just wanted to let you know that whiplash was one of the best movies I've seen In my 20 years on planet earth.😱
It seems the communion on the moon, with the backdrop of space and planet Earth, must have been something special. I love it!!!
If your Customer is on Earth, Your brand MUST be on (+FREE Strategies)
Bronze Age, Stone Age... Plastic Age? Study asks: are we in the geological age of plastic? https:/…
Four of the most privileged creatures on planet earth right there.
today's update for iPhone *** Won't open. Reinstalled. doesn't have any info. Planet Earth needs
"We can see man’s influence on our planet & ocean from space, how we change the surfaces of the earth."
I will donate 9.2 quadrillion tons of iron & nickel to Planet Earth if Donald Trump agrees to debate me. Also if he doesn't a…
10 reasons why BC is the most Instagrammable place on earth:
Thank you for blessing planet earth with dear little Freddie, I hope you and Briana experience lovely and memorable moments
good night everyone...I will take care of Planet…
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