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Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut (corporately known as Pizza Hut, Inc.) is an American restaurant chain and international franchise that offers different styles of pizza along with side dishes including salad, pasta, buffalo wings, breadsticks, and garlic bread.

Taco Bell Papa Johns Papa John Hurricane Irma

Pizza Hut is under fire restricted workers' Hurricane Irma evacuations, in violation of the chain's guidelines (YUM)
Pizza Hut is owned by Yum Brands (They may have a local management problem...
Im making sure there's no stuff crust next time you order Pizza Hut 😤
Pizza Hut managers threatened to punish workers evacuating for Irma
A Pizza Hut told employees fleeing Hurricane Irma they could be punished for skipping shifts - The Washington Post
I don't really like pizza tbh lol but I rather eat Pizza Hut
Boycott pizza hut stand with workers 👍
This was Pizza Hut Saturday when we ran out of stuff crust and pan crust pizzas ☹️
Just dipped Dominos pizza into Pizza Hut garlic sauce.. Deff think I just broke some type of pizza law..
The only thing he can manage is an unlimited Pizza Hut buffet. Laughable that he even thinks he can have a…
Florida Pizza Hut manager threatened to punish workers evacuating for Irma
Pizza Hut threatens evacuating Florida employees. The issue was "addressed" w/the mgr? How about FIRED!
Guys, if you think this only happens at Pizza Hut, you are sorely mistaken.
Pizza Hut manager accused of threatening to punish workers fleeing Irma
Pizza Hut manager threatens employees who missed shifts to escape Hurricane Irma
Pizza Hut threatened to punish employees that evacuated during Irma  via
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Maybe you're right. In any case, great job defending Pizza Hut. They need heroes like you.
FL Pizza Hut threatens workers - Hurricane Irma caused massive destruction to Florida. But before the storm mad... https:…
A told employees they could be punished for skipping shifts
Pizza Hut says "Our Priority is the safety of our team" Doesn't look that way from the rules its low-wage workers fac…
"At least I can't go any lower than managing a pizza hut"
'I just spent $200 on pizza': Furious customers slam Pizza Hut after online ordering glitch via
What if no fuel or traffic impeads a return. Telling cop *** off I work Pizza Hut will win what?
Pizza Hut wants its minimum wage employees to risk their lives for corporate profits. (
A FL Pizza Hut manager threatened to punish employees who missed shifts by evacuating too early for Hurricane Irma
Employees at Jacksonville, FL Pizza Hut were told they'd be be punished if they missed shifts due to evacuations
📷 mylifeasaserver: Pizza Hut, Jacksonville FL. Showing how little they care about employees. Followers,...
Just found out Pizza Hut in Bury St Edmunds sold my Coeliac son onion rings that weren't gluten free and said they were. Not happy at all!
I'm dumb, I misread lol, what I'm trying to say is; international had Pizza Hut and US had Taco Bell
WATCH: Pizza Hut manager uses kayaks to deliver free pies to those housebound from Hurricane Harvey.
Dedicated delivery! How these Pizza Hut workers got food to Harvey victims via
Newsworthy: Pizza Hut Manager Organizes Free Delivery... - Shayda Habib, manager of the Pizza Hut in Oak Lake, ...
I suppose but I like it a bit more subtle. Case in point: Pizza Hut over time led to Chicken Cottage.
Tomorrow, we're at Pizza Hut on North Avenue where you can meet Casey Golden and Ryan Vilade from 11:30-12:30. https:…
The best decision I made today was going to Pizza Hut instead of Papa Murphy's.
One from each place. Son is dominos, daughter and I were Pizza Hut. John's at work, he gets no pizza!
How many pizzas did you order? And, the Pizza Hut is for the kids & Domino's is for you and John?
I feel like Pizza Hut is irrelevant these days but they were like the original gangstas of pizza
Like honestly if Stars Hollow turned out to just be Pizza Hut, I'd be so in.
I love all the pizza chains - Papa John's, Pizza Hut, Domino's - so I'm probably not the best judge. Never…
Outraged that Pizza Hut have taken the raspberry and white chocolate cookie dough off the menu
Me and chanelle came to Pizza Hut to get white chocolate and raspberry cookie dough. and they've DISCONTINUED IT!…
Nothing gets me psyched for some Pizza Hut quite like seeing Roger Staubach get his head ripped off.
Likely around the corner from the Long John Silvers KFC. And the KFC Pizza Hut. And the Taco Bell Long John Silvers…
Fred Martin has purchased the vacant Friendly's, Pizza Hut and White Castle on Arlington Road. A new $5 million investment…
: Thin crust: Pizza Hut weighs on Yum China growth - he firm, which spun off from Yum Brands Inc late l...
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Ok, so I've done Man vs Food at Pizza Hut and now going on Space Mountain.. don't call me Mystic Meg but I think I can see what will happen.
Couldn't be worse than the creamed corn one I had in a Pizza Hut in Taiwan.
Sadly, I'm not kidding about the creamed corn pizza being a real thing in Japan. Pizza Hut ha…
Last minute Raya shopping at Subang Parade with my 6yo daughter. Hungry, she asked to stop at Pizza Hut. The waitress refused to serve us!
Love working with my aunt she got Rita's and Pizza Hut in the cut
... the hot dog shoppe and primantis and Pizza Hut and long John silvers and the O and dominos & DQ an…
The old Pizza Hut in town is now a church and that would explain why all the communion wafers are slices of pepperoni.
i am the king of deals when it comes to pizza. today's deal: 1 medium 3-topping pizza from Pizza Hut: $6!! 😎
Happy birthday to my bff!! Mr. Jag and the Jabba the Hutt to my Pizza Hut. Love you moonie you're the best person e…
The Great Sphinx of Giza is not located in a remote region of the Egyptian desert; it stares directly at a Pizza Hut and…
The secretive billionaire who makes cheese for Pizza Hut, Domino's and Papa John's:
Hi Maha! We checked & there are several pizza restaurants open at 12 & after like Papa John's, Pizza Hut and others in Riffa areas:)
Woodburn, - Pizza Hut - - Besides your smile energy and reliable set of wheels here s ...
WTH!!!Pizza Hut, Dominos, and Papa John's are not Italian restaurants and they make millions selling pizza and pasta!😲
Fargo, - Pizza Hut - - skills/requirementsThe good news is that your training wil...
Little Giant Ladders
petition to make the American Apparel space in Royal Oak a Pizza Hut / KFC combo
Literally the only chains we have . Maccas . KFC. Pizza Hut. Dominos . Subway . Red Rooster…
Ok I know I just woke up but I already want a cheese stuffed cheese bread from Pizza Hut
The Kings Avatar advertises Mcdonalds more than Code Geass advertises Pizza Hut lol
She's probably got me saved under Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut just lost its 4-year win streak as top pizza chain to this rival - CNBC
Papa Johns is clearly better than Pizza Hut
Update: I ordered Pizza Hut bc I hate myself but I also love myself too much to feel guilty about it
I love deep dish dinner box from Pizza Hut 😂
Dominos, Pizza Hut, Papa trash in that order might even put little Caesars pizza pizza headass before PJ
Pizza hut cashier asked me if she can owe me 15$..Mi seh no. Give her 74$ n tell her to give me Bills. Better I owe her 1$..
Pizza Hut is No. 1 in market share — but that's about to change $YUM via
Probably just cause... Pizza Hut supervisor pepper-sprays employee after argument
I already ate my meal prep a few hours ago like a good healthy *** but now I have a killer impulse to order Pizza Hut help
Me waiting on that Pizza Hut delivery guy to pull up at my gate
cheating Pizza Hut - GETTING 50 FREE CHEESESTICKS with this really works too 😂. http…
As valuable as an expired pizza hut coupon
Man dem fi easy still.. pizza hut is the preferred pizza place
I think i got food poisoning from pizza hut. Send help 🤢😖
Coming from Pizza Hut smelling like a large stuffed crust with salami and bacon
Pizza Hut in Philly with my little sister and her family ❤️
Papa Johns definitely is better than Pizza Hut 😭
Don't ever let a Pizza Hut finesse you. Pizza is $10 no matter what.
I added a video to a playlist Homemade Pizza ala Pizza Hut
Maybe in Spingebobs world but in reality, Pizza Hut beats Papa Johns no doubt. 😅
I've given Pizza Hut so many chances yet they continuously screw up my order!
Pizza Hut losing market share to Domino's, Papa John's via the App
Crown Point Firefighters and Pizza Hut team up for "Touch the Truck"
*** really out here thinking Papa Johns is better than Pizza Hut? 😓
Maybe some buffalo wings .. onion rings , pizza rolls , Pizza Hut cheese sticks with sauce and a burger
"I feel like an extreme couponer" . -after she scams Pizza Hut for two free cheesesticks using different emails online
Colchester teen Pizza Hut worker locked up after stripping man and stabbing his lung in Braintree | Essex Live
Pizza Hut used to be good but they started putting too much sugar in the sauce it's trash now
State of the Pizza Union, per John Schnatter:. Papa Murphys - "losing". Pizza Hut - "losing big". Dominos - "on fire". Papa Johns - "solid"
People can barely forgive Pizza Hut for not bringing ranch they paid for but ANOTHER unarmed colored person is killed and it is forgivable?
So is McDonald's, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut.that clearly doesn't bother you. :(
Trump is Dominos because he's trash, Hilary is Little Caesar's cuz she's Hot-N-Ready, and Bernie is Pizza Hut because he's a crowd pleaser!
is as as I buy Pizza Hut or Little Ceasars
I'm extremely picky when it comes to pizza. Best bet is a local place. Dominos & Pizza Hut are trash.
I ate 3 Pizza Hut pizza slices, a huge bowl of Frosted Flakes and a whole Otis Spunkmeyer muffin and I'm still hungry.
I'm working on my coffee table tome, Businesses That Used to Be a Pizza Hut. To be followed by B…
so nothing on DK oh wait a minute thats Negative reporting for SSB Big DJava the Pizza Hut standing over ye with fist in Air
Mikhail Gorbachev starred in a Pizza Hut commercial in the 90's.
Definitely about to get a new job on Pizza Hut *** ❗️
Pizza Hut tastes like microwaveable pizza. It's a slightly better lil caesars
Maybe not Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut or Burger King but concurred
idk how Domino's adds up north of the Mason-Dixon, but down here in Georgia, ain no way in *** it's better than Pizza Hut. PLS.
So today I have had Pizza Hut, aunt Anne's and chip shop chips. Today has been a good day.
I've tried every pizza place in Alice & Pizza Hut still comes on top 🤤🍕
A cinema in Bristol now offers Pizza Hut, pies and Krispy Kremes
Bristol cinema becomes first in UK to offer Pizza Hut, pies and Krispy Kremes as film snacks
It's funny Pizza Hut sent me a free pizza coupon for delivering my pizza early 😂 I never got nothing for all the times they be late af tho
hi friends!! please come out to Pizza Hut in Jeff City to support the JCHS lit mag. I'll give you a big ole hug if…
Can we list the places Paul Heckingbottom has been spotted?. Pizza Hut. Greggs. McDonalds. Any more?
eating pizza with coke at Pizza Hut
Families that order pizza from chain pizza places (Pizza Hut, Papa John's, etc) need to be on FBI watch lists immediat…
I've been waiting 2 hours for this *** Pizza Hut. Good news I called &I complained now it's free! 🙏🏾
If you've ever wanted to order pizza by tapping your shoes - now you can
I just had a whole pizza cinna sticks and breadsticks and a Pepsi to myself for free: The perks of your best friend working at Pizza Hut😊🙌🏽
.made sneakers to help order you order pizza. Read the full story here:
Think Pizza Hut is necessary for today
A personal pan Pizza Hut pizza from Target is always the move 🙌🏻
No really, Pizza Hut is making sneakers you can order pizza with
Pizza Hut shoes mark the latest in easy order innovation via
Pizza Hut or Hotbox.. Hotbox won purely because they have Coke products.
I am still a regular to the Pizza Hut buffet! 😏
I could just blow pizza hut up right now.. lol
Pizza hut time couldnt wait til tomorrow for pizza friday
Tattoo appointment ✅. Tint appointment ✅. Pizza Hut ordered and on the way ✅
Pizza hut is the worst pizza in van wert.
ranking of how depressed the clientele is inside australian owned chain restaurants:. 1. Pizza Hut Buffet. 2. Pancake Parlour. 3. Red Rooster
YAY. I'm hired by Pizza Hut. I got the job :D
Just ate pizza hut. Grease will be on my fingers for days now
Just ordered 10 ranches from Pizza Hut because all I wanted was garlic knots and that didn't meet the requirement for delivery...
Pizza Hut reveales bizzare shoes that let you order with your feet. via
The boyfriends been gone all day so that means face masks, Pizza Hut cinnamon breadsticks and the smell of this lovely candle I made
Eating Pizza Hut is being a monster, where's the dominoes at lad!
I seriously NEED these in my life My obsession is SERIOUS
Nah I lied to trigger my mate Adam. Actually had a Philly cheese steak pizza from pizza hut. I'm no monster 🙄😂
Pizza Hut made shoes that will order pizza via
doesn't matter where we are, Pizza Hut *** regardless.. even half off I'd rather have my boy Papa John
I swear im watching this ad forum but look at this
if anyone wants to know Pizza Hut is having 50% off online orders ending tonight
Pizza Hut: Hey, can I take your order?. Me: Yeah, I'll have a large with Pepperoni, Ham, mushroom, and Pineap-. Orisa:…
.made "Pie Tops," with a button on the tongue to order pizza, for March Madness:
A wonderful invention makes it possible to order pizza through high-top shoes...
Lehtera on his goal: "Ville Nieminen once told me, 'If you want pizza, you go to Pizza Hut. If you want to score goals, y…
.new ordering ease: pushing a button on a pair of Pie Top shoes
No one who works at a KFC, Taco Bell, or Pizza Hut qualifies - only corporate HQ. is fair pay and union r…
Pizza Hut makes sneakers that order pizza with the push of a button
Those Nike's sure do know how to order a pizza.
Pizza Hut debuts Bluetooth Pie Top sneakers with one-click ordering for NCAA March Madness via
Newswire: Pizza Hut introduces shoes that order your pizza for you
Yeah Pizza Hut *** I don't want to see it compared to dominos ever again.
When you're having fun at the club & she texts you "Have fun tonight, btw Pizza Hut called earlier she says she has chlamyd…
Don't forget, March 4th Saturday is Pizza Hut Fundraiser Day. Purchase a Pizza with Coupon Code 1033 and Pizza Hut will Donate to the Birds!
I want to order Pizza Hut delivery while in Pizza Hut
wow I have never in my life heard of a national pizza chain not offering delivery because there drivers called off wow Pizza Hut
Now the Pizza Hut delivery boy calling about the ranch ! THE WINGS ARE GONE BOY
Pizza Hut worker: "Is this gonna be delivery or carry out?". Teo: "yeah" 😂😭😂
Well it forced out of a job. Why wouldnt it be as stigmatizing for
Pizza Hut the best pizza place idc what anyone else says
Joe just set a reminder on his phone to "remind me at 8pm to buy Pizza Hut"
.are giving away FREE pizzas on Sunday…but there’s an embarrassing catch
mama dawn can i have Pizza Hut tonight??
Its probably cheaper for me to order pizza hut delivery than to pick up. Due to the fact that I've had a dozen X Golds.
Pizza Hut part in Pizza Hut ( in Al Nahid sharjah street with my friends — eating pizza at Pizza Hut, Al Nahda...
I'm steve from pizza hut how may I help hou
Pizza Hut don't deliver to our area. Wahh. And Domino's ***
Pizza Hut! It's because I've been dieting and I couldn't enjoy it 😕
East Coast Pizza (NY/NJ) pizza is way better than ANY dominoes, Papa Johns, pizza hut.
I ordered two pizzas from Pizza Hut. I got four pizzas from Pizza Hut. 🍕 lol
short explanation = Target Cafe sells some Pizza Hut items, but is not actually a Pizza Hut. They're their own restaurant.
.incorrect. Target has a cafe, & Pizza Hut sends the stuff to them to sell as part of Target's menu items. It's what I did.
eating eating lunch at Pizza Hut Fortress Stadium Lahore
you are correct, sir. It's Pizza Hut ingredients, but made at Target! 👍🏼
looks like a Pizza Hut personal pan pizza but better
oh I don't know ... there is always Pizza Hut!
I was there when the Tilly's I worked at first opened its doors, when my Sports Bar Pizza Hut opened theirs, & now For this New Nike store🤗
it's a meme 😉 check my actual Pizza Hut order and it will make sense 😂
that the Pizza Hut ad showed a pizza with pineapple on?
JSQUARED: 6pcs Spicy Tangy Wings for $1 with Any Pizza Purchase at Pizza Hut
PIZZA HUT: sorry but we do not deliver pizzas at 9:00 AM. ME: i'm calling the cops
Same store sales strong for KFC, Taco Bell but work to do on Pizza Hut says $YUM CEO Gregg Creed on Q4 earnings
the guy is a mess, he has been around Hollywood to long.
Any pizza at Pizza Hut is only £10. ANY! How is there still sadness in the world?
This is a basic Capricciosa according to Pizza Hut. 😂
nope going to resist the urge to punch the little man bun *** eyeballing me at Pizza Hut
Can't believe we sat up until midnight waiting for Pizza Hut to deliver. We eventually found the pizzas this mornin…
Mr M wants Pizza Hut so we have just made a Supreme into a basic Capricciosa to get the deal. Seriously, no Capricciosa?! Outraged. 😜
Wow someone is really calling Pizza Hut rn
A ten dollar dinner box from Pizza Hut would go right now.
Came through tonight really. Going to sleep happy ❤️I hate you Pizza Hut
I literally hate commercial pizza. I wanna burn Papa Johns and dominoes right up. Pizza Hut trash as well. Beggars o…
tastes like 80's Pizza Hut. I hope you made allowances for an arcade cabinet of Adventure Island.
Paul Pierce is trying to copy a Pizza Hut coupon code
Little caesars pizza over Pizza Hut & dominos! 🍕
Pizza Hut is trash, Domino's is trash, Little Caesars is trash.the only pizza that ever mattered is Papa Johns
lol can't order dominos, don't wanna order Pizza Hut so I guess I'm getting Papa Johns
with the best pips (@ Pizza Hut in Naga City, Camarines Sur)
Phillips Seafood & Pizza Hut closing 6PM today to make way for construction of upscale gastropub The Loc…
I think it was the mean fiddler. But always remember that night for the hairy Pizza Hut afterwards
the one I worked at in college (Pittsburg State) had a drive up window and it was a stand alone Pizza Hut
That's where they get ya! I think Pizza Hut is almost $5. Why do I have to walk down the street to get my pie?
it's good, not as good as Pizza Hut cookie dough tho! The kinder milkshake is well good!!
Such a fun family disco, Rosie's trolls themed party, Pizza Hut and movie night then today at mums for a roast 💜👌🏼
I'm Theo Huxtable when I go home but when I come out the door I'm 2Pac. I'll drag yo *** from here to Pizza Hut.
So far Paul Heckingbottom has been sighted in Pizza Hut, The Alex up Royston & McDonald's. . Absolutely mint. Like a pro…
why do I have such a hard time choosing what cookie dough flavour to order from Pizza Hut 😩😂
Ahmed Musa the shift manager at Pizza Hut in Willesden, does not care about the 45 minute delivery policy. horrible service
I want Panda Express, Sonic, Wendy's, McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Taco Casa, Taco Cabana, Jack n The box, Chickfila, if it exists I want it
KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Long John Silvers, A&W, Pasta Bravo, Wing Street, and East Dawning are all owned by the same people.
Of all the things that give me diarrhea Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza from Pizza Hut is my favorite
Lord y'all check out the Pizza Hut on memorial ave!🙄🙄🙄 smdh! Staci Hamlett Cardo Rose Carla C Hall Teresa...
Had sex on the salad bar at Pizza Hut. .again
I live for the free salad bar at Pizza Hut
Sis them living good , in the states eating Pizza Hut for lunch now they at Golden Corral . Cool
Pizza Hut, give me three good reasons to do it.
They hit awesome billcams, everyone knows them and want them in, and we're Pizza Hut, you ha…
A huge thanks to McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Walmart & Kroeger for making sure our students had food while stranded at TBHS. .
Tonight is my annual tradition with my oldest friend - Muppets Christmas Carol & Pizza Hut & Baileys. This year It's A Wonderful Life too 🐸🔔
Pizza Hut on This place *** The delivery is so slow, and when you call to find out the ETA you get the ru…
Omg Will Horton from Days and that Pizza Hut commercial is now whacking it to Rodrigo Santoro on Westworld. I'm cracking up.
Pizza Hut fundraiser tomorrow. Dine in, delivery, or carry out. Just mention MNHHS Boys Basketball! Thank you for your…
Basically, Pizza Hut just backed out on the ad agency at the last minut...
Pizza Hut in Fairview Heights is hiring for several positions, but needs Drivers! Apply here:…
TFW you're first brilliant idea in your new marketing job at Pizza Hut was posting under the hashtag
Pizza Hut will pay Jason Fisher $50k to be its first NCAA championship all-access professional traveling journeyman.
Wayne Campbell: The contractor knows I will not bow to any sponsor. *Eats pizza from Pizza Hut box*
remember that Yum Brands (KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut) are a spinoff of Pepsico. Boycott them too. Two stocks should suffer
Trumps resume- home alone 2, wwf, Pizza Hut commercial, president of the United States
Pizza Hut is giving away an Xbox One S every hour during the holiday season - Digital Trends
I just entered to win an Xbox One S from Pizza Hut. Don’t miss your chance! NPN. 18+ See Rules
oh he fired his own gun, not a Pizza Hut gun? ***
*** Rick Pizza Hut. That *** is setting up his family for life if they handle it right. *daps*
asif your moaning. Can buy me a Pizza Hut any day lad 😂
Team Member - Pizza Hut (Beech Grove, IN): Working at Pizza Hut is about making hungry peo...
I really just ordered this pizza from Pizza Hut and these mf didn't put any marinara sauce on it
Pizza Hut is kind of the Winchester Speedway media center.
Yum Brands Inc said its KFC and Pizza Hut businesses in China suffered no lasting brand damage after political...
Come on guys, we all know that Papa John's would never announce the NX when Reggie used to work at Pizza Hut. . It's common se…
I just ordered a Bacon Stuffed Crust Pizza and a Pepperoni Lover's® online from Pizza Hut! - so I ma…
I got noided once . 5/10 very average experience up until that guy came and took pizza hostages at pizza hut
Shout out to Pizza Hut, window side delivery!
You know you got Indian parents when you say you're going to the Pizza Hut but gonna end up in TDS anyway.
I love that Grilled Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza Hut commercial with the alien.
how Pizza Hut is still in business will forever remain a mystery to me
I hope y'all don't be sleeping on Pizza Hut Alfredo !!
I finally have a full day off tomorrow. No school, no babysitting, no Pizza Hut. Just me and boredom 😊
Cravvving Mountain Dew.😩😩😩 Finna have Pizza Hut deliver me one cause I don't wanna get up again.
BTW national pizza month, if you have a pizza hut acc they'll send you a 20% off coupon
Gresham PD says a Pizza Hut driver was tased by a group of teen girls early Friday morning - PD says they made off with $64 w…
I enjoy the pizza Hut alien commercial. The pizza not so much. all day.
Tonight it's a Pizza Hut get down here at the n8or's residence. .
Adam was walking home from work & stopped by my apartment while still wearing his pizza Hut uniform. He brought me a pizza yesterday
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Papa Johns is so much better than dominos and Pizza Hut
Third time not a charm! I love pizza hut but I will never order online ever again. 3rd time the restaurant has messed up!
The homesick alien makes me really sad. Why can't he go home and why is he stuck doing an ad at work!? Is Pizza Hut home!?
Favourite place with favourite people💕 @ Pizza Hut, Juru Autocity
Important question, did you have Pizza Hut pizza for lunch at school, if so how much were they?
Just had a girl come to my Pizza Hut in brosssrd who asked me how close she is to the Olympic stadium... Hard times
There's a pretty good Pizza Hut near John Knox's house just off High Street. If ya hungry.
Help i want food but i dont wanna get up, will pizza hut deliver to my bed?
Considering her pudgy cheeks, she could do with some less Pizza Hut in her diet.
Im at da pizza hut/Im at da Taco Bell...the combination made my eyes bleed
Just ordered Pizza Hut... they were calling my name 🙄
I shaved today and I look like the third-worst little league shortstop waiting for the go-ahead at the celebratory Pizza Hu…
that sad alien pizza hut commercial is literally me . I will fiGHT
Ditched the party to stay in with buddy . We high af and Pizza Hut on its way 😘😘
I don't understand why we have pineapple at Pizza Hut. It's not a topping and doesn't belong on pizza
he was getting paid big for Pizza Hut Commercial . via
Laughing my *** off bc I just took shots with my coworkers at Pizza Hut 😂🍕
Trump was in a Pizza Hut commercial via
Theres so many people at pizza hut rn smh
Just tipped the pizza hut guy in beer. My boy. ✊🏽
You think pizza hut would deliver to my bedroom window if I asked told them to?
Wow...Pizza Hut driver shot with stun gun, teen girls run away with pizza via
Text me your number. I got a new iPhone yesterday, I lost all my contacts, only ones I have now are my mom and Pizza Hut
I've been working at Pizza Hut since 9:40 am this morning and I barely got out 🙂
I'm jealous af rn who tf is dominoes, Pizza Hut plz save me
Just had to walk to meet Pizza Hut with my food and they forgot my wings ☹️️
This robot-made pizza in Silicon Valley should terrify Domino's and Pizza Hut
A REMINDER:. Gareth Southgate starred in a Pizza Hut advert after his penalty miss in the Euro 96 semi-final.
"You guys... I ate a whole can of Pringles yesterday. And I dipped them in ranch. And at Pizza Hut wings.". -
Every time I go to the gym I have to drive right past a Pizza Hut, Tim Horton's and Taco Bell and put my will power to the test.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Pizza Hut, lil Caesars, Papa Johns and Dominoes are all trash *** pizza spots.. That ain't even real cheese, it's like havin cafeteria pizza
Y'all so sleep on Papa Johns , Pizza Hut good too but they *** do not comprehend well so ...
Debus (with destyayu, Derry, and Marta at Pizza Hut) [pic] —
NASA can take pictures of Jupiter but pizza hut won't deliver to my house when it's only 5 miles away
Why not a pizza hut to celebrate exam results😂
Di culik enold 😄😄 (with Muhammad and Citra at Pizza Hut Green Terrace) —
Dear Pizza Hut,. I hate you. Those *** garlic knots must be filled with cheese and sprinkled with crack. I can't...
No more Pizza Hut for me...start my new full time job Tuesday. And they already throwing me all kinds of OT!
⛵️🌞 - I always call you boy from Pizza Hut lol, but you seem chill and you're a cute white boy , maybe I'll see you again at FE lol
were having Pizza Hut tonight and I'll be at the fair tomorrow. That's the menu for the weekend. Lol
Italian taste (with Syeikhan, Ifeh, and 3 others at Pizza Hut - Banjarbaru) [pic] —
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