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Pixar Animation Studios

Pixar Animation Studios, pronounced , is an American computer animation film studio based in Emeryville, California.

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Pixar Animation Studios looks like a cool place
"Creativity is about problem-solving -- it's far more than expression." -- Ed Catmull, president of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios
Now at BYU's forum with Ed Catmull, co-founder of Pixar Animation Studios & President of Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios.
Currently cheering myself off with disney/pixar/dreamworks/other animation studios short films. Paperman will always be my favourite 💞💖
One day imma work with DreamWorks, Pixar, or Walt Disney Animation Studios
Brave was good but it was so mild for a pixar movie it felt like it was a disney animation studios movie
No, just Walt Disney Animation Studios; the "official" list. We'll do Pixar later, starting with Luxo, Jr.
President of Pixar Animation Studios discusses the misguided view of creativity
From Disney Pixar Animation Studios, “Inside Out” introduces you to the little voices inside your head! Coming to UK cinemas July 2015…
ICYMI: How to get a job at Pixar Studios
Is it me or is Pixar lost the mantel to Disney Animation studios & Dreamworks over the last few years?
Today you will want to follow as we head to Pixar Animation Studios to learn about Inside Out and Lava!
Well..I semi-agree. Pixar > Disney Animation Studios > Dreamworks, but it WAS a good movie:P
Which common desktop item serves as the mascot for Pixar Animation Studios?. Lamp. Stapler. Paper clip. Post-it note
will take us to the most extraordinary location of all—inside the mind. Join me live on Monday from Pixar Animation Studios
I can't wait to see a the words Walt Disney Pictures presents a Pixar Animation Studios film on a screen😍
domain names
The Making of the Year 2072: In the movie the incredibles shot behind the scenes at pixar animation studios.
Big Hero 6 was a Disney animation studios film not a Pixar one
TopMovie No.99. Brave. Pixar Animation Studios, the creator of Toy Story 3, w….
Proud of Katherine Sarafian, a producer at Pixar Animation Studios :)
22 Rules for perfect storytelling from Pixar Animation Studios.
Just got a LinkedIn invitation from Lenny Peterson who is Director of Production at Pixar Animation Studios... O_O How? What? Why? mpgghghss???
Ed Catmull, cofounder and president of Pixar Animation Studios, has listed his Hawaiian home for $20.138 million,...
Ready to talk math and movies with Tony DeRose at Pixar Animation Studios.
TopMovie No.34. Up. From the revolutionary minds of Pixar Animation Studios a….
I'm going on a really kickass media trip next week to Skywalker Ranch and Pixar Animation Studios to preview...
"I work at Pixar Animation Studios, makin' movies.and I sing on YouTube :) " vai se fud
It was announced in mid-November that Jim Morris was now the President of Pixar Animation Studios 😃
Shortly after leaving Apple, Jobs bought what would become Pixar Animation Studios from Star Wars’ George Lucas for $10 million.
Is Moana the next disney animation studios feature? If that's the case, I think Pixar has 3 films releasing between now and then. WEIRD.
I liked a video from On The Verge: inside Pixar Animation Studios with Monsters
Remember this amazing movie?. Ed Catmull, a Utah Alum and also the co-founder of Pixar Animation Studios was...
Idikoko Ventures has better animations than Pixar Animation Studios I tell you
It really bothers me when people mix up Pixar and Disney Animation Studios. Yes, Disney owns Pixar. But Pixar makes their own films.
Being at Pixar Animation Studios seems to be like a fun time to be at.
Steve Jobs was one of the founders of Pixar animation studios, helping to produce Toy Story and A Bugs Life, among othe…
Good evening friends (Though lengthy... it is worth reading) This is a prepared text of the Commencement address delivered by Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios, on June 12, 2005. am honored to be with you today at your commencement from one of the finest universities in the world. I never graduated from college. Truth be told, this is the closest I've ever gotten to a college graduation. Today I want to tell you three stories from my life. That's it. No big deal. Just three stories. The first story is about connecting the dots. I dropped out of Reed College after the first 6 months, but then stayed around as a drop-in for another 18 months or so before I really quit. So why did I drop out? It started before I was born. My biological mother was a young, unwed college graduate student, and she decided to put me up for adoption. She felt very strongly that I should be adopted by college graduates, so everything was all set for me to be adopted at birth by a lawyer and his wife. ...
Pixar: Sequels Draw Bigger Role in Company’s Future: In its 19-year history, Pixar Animation Studios has large...
Highlights including the world premiere of Pixar Animation Studios', "Toy Story That Time Forgot," and the return...
by Pixar, the film was co-written and executive produced by Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios' chief creative officer
The Muppets Predicted the Future! Toy Story 4 is ON! - Nearly two decades after Pixar Animation Studios created...
me too!!! It's actually from the newest edition of Wired Magazine and the cover story about Disney Animation and Pixar Studios
Big Hero 6, is computer animation, and Disney studios is run be John Lasseter... he is the genius behind Pixar
Pixar is making another Toy Story and KyoAni is animating panties. How far the big animation studios have fallen.
FFS Pixar leave the money on the table & come up with new stuff that people originally loved you for. Like Disney Animation Studios does now
This weekend Disney/Pixar Animation Studios debuts its really fun looking Big Hero 6 (reviews) that follows ro...
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
'Toy Story 4' is officially in the works - Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios announced Thursday that a fourt...
John Lasseter will return to direct Pixar Animation Studios' "Toy Story 4" that Disney will release on June 16, 2017. Tom Hanks and Tim Allen will reprise their roles as Woody and Buzz Lightyear. W...
Co-founder of Pixar Animation Studios and original Toy Story director John Lasseter will be returning to direct.
Not to mention total creative bankruptcy. Pixar "we're all about story" Animation Studios is bowing to investors.
Disney Announces 'Toy Story 4' For 2017: "Toy Story" was the first feature film made by Pixar Animation Studios, in…
I liked a video from The History of Pixar Animation Studios
Pixar Animation Studios officially announces Toy Story 4 to be released in 2017.
Toy Story 4? Take a hint from Disney Animation Studios, Pixar. Let it go.
Monsters, Inc. is a 2001 American computer-animated comedy film directed by Pete Docter, produced by Pixar Animation Studios and
Nearly two decades after Pixar Animation Studios created the world’s first computer-animated feature film with...
Disney owns Pixar and John Lasseter runs both animation studios. That's not a good excuse this time.
Nearly two decades after the world's first computer-animated
We waited years for Disney Animation Studios to get its groove back, and now they have it, Pixar have inherited 2000s Disney's worst traits.
Matt is a character designer who works for Pixar Animation Studios. He has designed for Brave,…
From Pixar or just Disney Animation Studios? The former would likely only do it if they had a good story to go with it.
Pain is temporary, 'suck' is forever! So always go for Quality! Animation Studios
We hereby nominate Animation Studios as the 8th wonder of the world!
Bill Cone: Bill Cone is a visual development and background artist for Pixar Animation Studios, and is also a ...
TIL that when the Walt Disney Corporation bought Pixar Animation Studios for $7.4bn in 2006, the transaction inadve…
Taken at the Pixar Animation Studios only moments ago! Good night from The Lamp!
20: In 1986, he bought Pixar Animation Studios, which he later sold to Disney and became its single-largest shareholder.
I liked a video from Walt Disney Pictures / Pixar Animation Studios
Up is a film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures about an elderly man and a Boy Scout.
2006:Disney's acquisition of Pixar Animation Studios is completed - Pixar is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company.
"Ed Catmull, president of Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios, shares some of his formative career...
Disney Store Introduces Cars Artist Series: Now available at Disney Store, the Cars Artist Series Collection is a brand-new collection of finely detailed die cast cars designed under the guidance of renowned artists from Pixar Animation Studios. The collection captures authentic automotive styling details and celebrates the beloved Cars franchise. The first featured release includes both 1:18 and 1:43 scale vehicles designed by Jay Ward, Cars Legacy Guardian and Pixar creative consultant, who drew inspiration from traditional hot rods and land speed racers of the early 1950s to drive home the thrill of the race.
Day 9 ; Pixar Animation Studios and shopping. super sad that we're leaving San Francisco today 😔
What a way to top off the last day of our USA trip! A last min surprise visit to the one and only PIXAR animation studios!!
EMERYVILLE, CA – (May 29th, 2014) Representing years of research and development, Pixar Animation Studios today announced a series of important...
Hi everyone! I am the organiser of START 2014, a digital design conference in Singapore, happening next week 26-28 June 2014, just came across this talented group, and thought this conference/ masterclass may be interesting to you! 9 international and Asia artists skilled in various art forms including illustration, graphics, concept art, character design, game design and digital art, will present original content and ready to inspire, at the Conference and masterclass. The event will see a stellar line-up of international and local artists from some of the world's most prestigious entertainment companies including Lucasfilm's Industrial Light & Magic, Pixar Animation Studios and Imaginary Friends Studios. The speakers who have worked on video games (God of War, World of Warcraft, Street Fighter III, Dota 2), Hollywood movies (Transformers, Iron Man, Wolverine, Spiderman, The Hobbit, Wall-E, Cars) and comics (Dark Knight, Poison Ivy, Bat Girl, Captain America, Hulk); will come together to share their expe ...
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
I get that people like Pixar, Disney and Dreamworks are how people view modern animation, but there is a whole world beyond those studios.
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Lessons from a 6 Tips from Pixar Animation Studios via
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Artists from Pixar Animation Studios are teaching a 3-day class in London. Learn Story Development, Character Design & Animation. Register now!
Did not know about this, interesting read! - Did Pixar accidentally delete Toy Story 2 during production?
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In the entire Walt Disney Animation Studios/Pixar output, only four films feature children are raised by a set of two parents. Name Them.
Do not forget! Sometimes standing wisdom and fulfillment of a life in the middle of a book. Pixar Animation Studios:
. So both under Disney but:. Cars was a Pixar Animation Studios movie. Planes from DisneyToon Studios & Prana Studios.
This is the place where they make magical things 💡 @ Pixar Animation Studios
does your son have any connections to any animation studios? has he contacted Pixar?
: Get the latest on upcoming and films:
Awesome! Good luck with college. Do you want to work for Disney or Pixar or some kind of animation studios? Practice makes
COO resigns as growth lags Formerly the chief financial officer at Pixar Animation Studios!
NEW MASTER CLASS SPEAKER! Alex Woo Story Artist, Pixar Animation Studios USA Alex is a story artist at Pixar Animation Studios. He has worked on the films "Ratatouille", "WALL-E", "Cars 2", "1906", and Pixar's upcoming "The Good Dinosaur". He is currently working on Pixar's 2015 film. Alex has a B.F.A. in Film/TV Production from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. He also directed and produced the short film "Rex Steele: Nazi Smasher", which won a 2004 Student Academy Award. get to know Alex's work from his blog: will be one of our 5 masterclass Shi Fus! He will be imparting kungfu only at the Masterclass, so sign up soon to be a disciple.
What are YOU going to bid on? Register today to reserve your seat! Luncheon guests will have exclusive access to our fabulous silent auction and incredible deals, and support our life-giving services at the same time! -Pixar Animation Studios: Exclusive tour and lunch for six of infamous Berkeley animation studio - Universal Studios: Tickets and 'Front of Line' access for four, with giant gift basket of goodies to Hollywood's landmark attraction -Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino: Two nights, dinner and spa package included in this luxury Las Vegas getaway package -Sheraton New Orleans Hotel: Two nights near the French Quarter, Bourbon Street and in the heart of downtown New Orleans -Marin Luxury Cars: Experience legendary performance and luxury in a Jaguar for two days! -Marine Mammal Center: Private Sea Lion Release Party and lunch for eight - Price Family Dealerships: Exclusive tour of vintage car collection and lunch for six -Savor Oakland Food Tours: Walking and tasting tour of Jack London Square for two ...
April 1 – You are invited – No charge: “Wall-E” The film is presented free and is open to the general public by First Tuesday Social Justice Films on April 1, 7:00pm, and hosted by the Unitarian Universalist Church of Oak Cliff, 3839 W. Kiest Blvd., Dallas, TX. Popcorn, refreshments provided. Audience discussion follows. Wall-E is an animated romantic science fiction film that tackles such issues as consumerism, nostalgia, environmental problems, and waste management. Wall-E, a robot designed to clean up a waste-covered earth, falls in love with Eve, another. The two go into outer space and embark on an adventure that changes their destiny and the destiny of humankind. The film is seen as a critique and an examination of the impact humans have on this plant and the risk to our civilization and Earth. Produced by Pixar Animation Studios and directed by Andrew Stanton, it was released by Walt Disney films in the United States and Canada on June 27, 2008. Wall-E was met with critical acclaim, sc ...
Steve Jobs The United States of America Introduction Steve Jobs is creative Apple co-founder, he is known for his transforming multibillion-dollar industry every few years. First personal computers with Apple II, Macintosh; then film with pixar; and thereafter music distribution (iTunes) and mobile handsets (iPhone). Known for egotism, wearing blue jeans with black mock turtlenecks." Steve Jobs, the Chairman, CEO and co-founder of Apple Inc., claims to be a leading manufacturer of electronic devices including the Macintosh Computer (MAC), iPod, iPhone, and the music and video software itunes. He remained CEO of Pixar Animation Studios before it was acquired by Disney in 2006. Besides being a prominent business and sales wizard, Steve Jobs is credited with many of the electronic inventions now patented by Apple. Birth and Parentage Steven Paul "Steve" Jobs, an American businessman, was born on February 24,1955 in San Francisco. He was adopted by Pau and Clara Hagopian) Jobs of Mountain View, Santa Clara Co ...
Bob Iger announced that Pixar Animation Studios is working on new Cars and Incredibles films:
Steven Paul "Steve" Jobs (/ˈdʒɒbz/; February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011)[3][4] was an American entrepreneur,[5] marketer,[6] and inventor,[7] who was the co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Apple Inc. Through Apple, he is widely recognized as a charismatic pioneer of the personal computer revolution[8][9] and for his influential career in the computer and consumer electronics fields, transforming "one industry after another, from computers and smartphones to music and movies".[10] Jobs also co-founded and served as chief executive of Pixar Animation Studios; he became a member of the board of directors of The Walt Disney Company in 2006, when Disney acquired Pixar. Jobs was among the first to see the commercial potential of Xerox PARC's mouse-driven graphical user interface, which led to the creation of the Apple Lisa and, a year later, the Macintosh. He also played a role in introducing the LaserWriter, one of the first widely available laser printers, to the market.[11] After a power struggle with the ...
Watching 300. Glad to be back visiting old friends (@ Pixar Animation Studios -
Roger Gould of Pixar Animation Studios says "story is king!"
Looking forward to the keynote address by Roger Gould from Pixar Animation Studios.
Currently watching THE INCREDIBLES (2004, director Brad Bird) from Pixar Animation Studios... ahhh nostalgia...
John Lasseter, the writer, director, and chief creative officer at Pixar Animation Studios was once a Jungle Cruise skipper.
Daydreaming about warmth and patches of grass @ Pixar Animation Studios
Floyd Norman - The 1st Black Disney Animator. He worked on the Walt Disney animated features Sleeping Beauty, The Sword in the Stone, and The Jungle Book, along with various animated short projects at Disney in the late '50s and early '60s. More recently he has worked on motion pictures for Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios, having contributed creatively as a story artist on films such as Toy Story 2 and Monsters, Inc. for Pixar and Mulan, Dinosaur and The Hunchback of Notre Dame for Walt Disney Animation, among others. He continues to work for the Walt Disney Co. as a freelance consultant on various projects. Norman has also published several books of cartoons inspired by his lifetime of experiences in the animation industry, Faster! Cheaper!, Son of Faster, Cheaper!, and How the Grinch Stole Disney. He is currently a columnist for the websites and
Best Storyboarding in an Animated TV/Broadcast Production: Congrats to Daniel Chong – Toy Story of TERROR! – Pixar Animation Studios
27 years ago Pixar Animation Studios opened, Iran Contra scandal was in the news, the Challenger was lost on lift off, Top Gun was released, the Bangles were "Walking like and Egyption", Baby Jessica was in the well, Simply Red were " Holding Back The Years, the Acura Integra was introduced, Nintendo dominated the toy market, Average new home price was $92,000, We had not lost many loved ones who would soon depart so, so too soon. 27 years ago we were blessed with the birth of our passionate , artistically talented, effervescent bundle of joy.Ashlee ( with a "y" at the time ) Perkins . Seems like yesterday. Amazing.
If any of our talent need better headshots or updated headshots please let us help you. Many photos are rejected insistently due to lack of professionalism. We can't send anything less than L.A. style headshots to clients like we have. For example we are submitting talent to Pixar Animation Studios right now. Email questions to amber
THIS DATE IN HISTORY JANUARY 19, 1993: Production begins on Toy Story Production begins on Toy Story, the first full-length feature film created by the pioneering Pixar Animation Studios. Originally a branch of the filmmaker George Lucas’s visual effects company, Industrial Light and Magic (ILM), Pixar first put itself on the map with special effects produced for films such as Young Sherlock Holmes (1985), which featured the first fully three-dimensional digital or computer-generated image (CGI). In 1986, Pixar became an independent company after it was purchased by Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Computer. The fledgling company’s inaugural product was the Pixar Image Computer, which the former Disney animator John Lasseter soon used to produce an animated short film, Luxo Jr. The film won Best Animated Short at the 1986 Academy Awards, raising Pixar’s profile considerably. Lasseter won another Oscar in 1989 for Tin Toy, an animated short featuring a mechanical drummer named Tinny maneuvering a ...
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’: Science and Technology Council Internship Program is now live on SoConnect, apply by 1/27! 2014 host include: Dolby Laboratories, DreamWorks Animation, Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Animation Studios. Check out more info by logging into SoConnect!
Just mailed Our Book to Virgin HQ, The Banff Centre, Google Inc, Apple HQ, Cat Mihos (Neil Gaimens literary agent), TED Conferences LLC, Random House Canada, The Ellen Degeneres Show, The Hayden Planetarium, The Vinyl Cafe, Robert Munsch, Indigogo HQ, Walt Disney Animation Studios, How Stuff Works, Cartoon Network, BBC London, The CBC, Laika Studios, Pixar Animation Studios... If anyone would like to commission me for a large or small art piece, please let me know, I am taking commissions right now. I need some cash flow to make another set of books and mail it to the Random House Offices in Australia, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, India, Germany, Columbia, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Spain and the UK. I figure if I send it to them all, someone will know who I need to talk to so I can use the Dr. Seuss versions of the book. Will Have a new video explaining the book by tomorrow as well... Now lets see what happens...
Curiously, the holiday film I’m most looking forward to is SAVING MR. BANKS, the behind-the-scenes story of author P.L.Travers, Walt Disney and the making of the movie musical MARY POPPINS (based on Travers’ books). A fascinating subject. However (and there’s always a however with me), I’m even more interested in this picture because I met one of the real-life pop culture creators portrayed in it: Richard M. Sherman, one of the fabled Sherman Brothers responsible for its songs and score. It’s the first time someone I actually know has been depicted in a film---the second if I count our friend David Gerrold (whose award-winning story/expanded-into-a-novel THE MARTIAN CHILD was adapted into the movie of the same name; however, John Cusack played not Gerrold but a fictionalized, twice-removed-from-reality Gerrold doppelganger). Let me (semi-briefly) tell just those of you here about my Sherman encounter. Back in May 2008, I made my fourth visit to Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville, CA (near San ...
Ten Secrets that Made Steve Jobs' Presentations the World's Best And How You Can Use Them to Astound Your Audience Genius. Legend. Visionary. These are but a few of the superlatives that have been used to describe the late, great Steve Jobs. But beyond his business acumen, the man behind Apple ® computers and Pixar Animation Studios was perhaps the greatest keynote speaker of our time. There are more than 57,000 links to his presentations on YouTube. What made his presentations so amazing that people all over the world want to see them? More importantly, how can the rest of us learn from Steve to inspire our audiences the way he did? In his excellent book, The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: How to Be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audience, Carmine Gallo takes us behind the scenes and offers Steve's ten secrets that you can use for presentations that will inform, engage and, yes, astound your audience. "My presentation was supposed to knock your socks off. I guess I got carried away." Buy SmartDraw ...
i went on and copy and pasted this:LEGO, the LEGO logo, DUPLO, LEGENDS OF CHIMA, MINDSTORMS, HEROICA and the Minifigure are trademarks and/or copyrights of the LEGO Group. ©2013 The LEGO Group. All rights reserved. Use of this site signifies your agreement to the terms of use. TM & © DC Comics. (s13) TM & © 2013 Marvel & Subs. STAR WARS™ and all characters, names and related indicia are © 2013 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All rights reserved. © 2013 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved. Nickelodeon, SpongeBob SquarePants and all related titles, logos and characters are trademarks of Viacom International Inc. Created by Stephen Hillenburg. Cars™ © 2013 Disney Enterprises, Inc. and Pixar Animation Studios. Hudson Hornet is a trademark of Chrysler LLC. Mack is a registered trademark of Mack Trucks, Inc. Mercury is a registered trademark of Ford Motor Company. ™ & © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Harry Potter Publishing Rights © JKR. (s13) © 2013 New Line Productions, Inc. All rights ...
Wall-E and Eve, first meeting. 'Wall-E', by Andrew Stanton, Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures, 2008
Can you change it from Sony Animation Studios to Pixar Animation Studios?
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Global Illumination & Slim on Monsters University. With Davide Pesare from Pixar Animation Studios. Starting at 10:00
KATANA and Pixar RenderMan Collaboration - Anaheim, 23rd July 2013 - The Foundry and Pixar Animation Studios today...
I would like to be the artistic director at Pixar Animation Studios , I know there is long way , but I'll get there :D !!!
the end of a fun day hanging in the bay with my handsome hubby! ❤😊✌ @ Pixar Animation Studios
Amazing Amazing amazing day. Got a private tour of Pixar Animation Studios and I will do what ever I can to work there. So happy I cried lol
Coming August 2 and 3, two artists from Pixar Animation Studios will be coming to Singapore for a 2 day story and animation masterclass.
  It has been over ten years since the last Monsters movie came out.  I even remember going to see it with my cousins and my mother.  When Monster University was released, it brought back so many wonderful memories of going to see the first film.  Last weekend, I sat down to view the latest release from Disney/ Pixar Animation Studios, Monsters University. Set thirteen years before Monsters, Inc., Mike Wazowski (voiced by Billy Crystal) has aspirations of becoming a top-notched scarer.  He flies past each of his Scaring Major peers in terms of knowledge in the art of scaring.  But when James P. Sullivan, “Sully” for short (voiced by John Goodman), interferes with his chances of making the grade and impressing his professors, it becomes an all-out war for academic supremacy.  But when the two are kicked of the Scaring program from an unfortunate turn of events, the two must work together to find a way back into the Scaring program, by entering the Scare Games with a group of misfits of the Oozma ...
My cousin is giving us a tour of his office today. (@ Pixar Animation Studios - w/ [pic]:
What are some mind-blowing facts about Pixar Animation Studios?
I'm gonna go buy some JuicyJuice just so I can win that trip to Disney Pixar Animation Studios 😋
Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Start of Pixar Animation studios, The birth of Mr. Sherk, I agree some good stuff came out of that year :P
Pixar Animation Studios & The Walt Disney Company take web design to a whole new level with
review of The Blue Umbrella...the latest gem from Pixar Animation Studios.
"Five years per minute of movie produced" Not that I didn't appreciate Pixar's work already, but... Wow! (via
To celebrate we rang the NYSE Closing Bell at Pixar Animation Studios with help from
The Entire Games Industry needs to watch this - inside Pixar Animation Studios with Monsters University
Nemo Seagull is overlooking BART strike traffic with the news chopper @ Pixar Animation Studios
"The crew of a Pixar movie works on it for a total amount equivalent to a 500-year career for one person."
Wow! Each minute of a movie takes 5 career years to produce. Mind blown.
Juicy Juice just told me if i collect them all i can win a chance to go to pixar animation studios WHERE IS THE JUICY JUICE
I want to work at Pixar Animation Studios, not at Kaiser Permanente for the rest of my life
Story & Animation Masterclass, following with instructors from Animation Studios!... INFO:
On The Verge: An in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at the Pixar Animation Studios with Monsters University.
Tip: For Monsters University, as with any Pixar Animation Studios movie, always stay in the theater past the end of the credits.
Unlike those of other websites, our Top Ten lists are created from the empirical data of our global rankings. Pixar Animation Studios has become synonymous with all-ages CGI storytelling featuring big ideas and bigger heart. It’s a brand trusted by families to inspire their children and warm th
How did Nathan Fillion first get into Pixar Animation Studios? Through the friend of a friend. Someone he works with on the ABC detective series “Castle” grew up in Emeryville, Calif., the Bay Area home of Pixar, Fillion said in a recent phone interview. And that guy had a friend who worked at Pixar...
I liked a video Meet the Experts: Pixar Animation Studios, The OpenSubdiv Project
I'll give you a hint as to where I am! @ Pixar Animation Studios
Anyone fancy a trip to the Pixar Animation Studios? It looks amazing!
Just passed by Pixar animation studios
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On this Day in Automotive History - Jun 9, 2006: "Cars" released On this day in 2006, the animated feature film "Cars," produced by Pixar Animation Studios, roars into theaters across the United States. For "Cars," which won the first-ever Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, Pixar's animators created an alternate America inhabited by vehicles instead of humans. The film's hero is Lightning McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson), a Corvette-like race car enjoying a sensational debut on the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) circuit. Arrogant and foolish, with talent to burn, McQueen thinks of himself as a one-man show. After he refuses a tire change during the prestigious Piston Cup race, McQueen blows a huge lead, setting up a three-way tie-breaking race with The King, a longtime champion, and Chick Hicks, an intimidating competitor with a chip on his shoulder. On the way to the race site in California, however, McQueen goes off course (and off the interstate) and ends up in Radiator Sp ...
Welcoming francescamaree, the newest student to Monsters University. @ Pixar Animation Studios
Thank you Pixar Animation Studios for hosting College Track's Annual Benefit and supporting our…
Got invited last-minute to a screening of Monsters University! @ Pixar Animation Studios
Animation Lookback just uploaded the 5th chapter in their examination of Pixar, Cars 2 and Brave! WATCH:
The Pixar animation studios, CA is pretty rad. Wish I knew someone that worked there :(
10 Pioneers in 3D Computer Graphics 1. Ed Catmull Texture Mapping, Anti-aliasing, Subdivision Surfaces, Z-Buffering Because of celebrated status as one of the co-founders of Pixar Animation Studios, Ed Catmull is probably the most well known computer scientist on this list. Anyone who's spent any amount of time following or reading about the Computer Graphics industry has almost certainly come across his name once or twice, and even folks uninterested in the technical side of CG may have seen him accept an Academy Award for technical achievement in 2009. Aside from Pixar, Catmull's greatest contributions to the field include the invention of texture mapping (try to imagine an industry without texture mapping), the development of anti-aliasing algorithms, the refinement of sub-division surface modeling, and pioneering work on the concept of Z-buffering (depth management). Ed Catmull was truly one of the first computer scientists to really begin laying the groundwork for a modern computer graphics industry ...
Fun, true fact: there are as many Air Bud movies as there are movies released by Pixar Animation Studios. Do I applaud or cry? Not sure.
"I was inspired by a little lamp in a short film by the Pixar Animation Studios," Gerlinghaus recalls. "The way it moves makes us think that we can read its emotions. It acts like a living thing. I wanted to build a robotic desk lamp like that."
You could win a $10,500 trip to California for a behind the scenes tour of Pixar Animation Studios, one of ten $5,000 scholarships, or millions of instant prizes.
In the next few years (2013-15) Pixar Animation Studios of the Walt Disney regime, will be producing multiple...
CDMDePaul Animation students Great tips for how to get a job at Pixar Studios!
Inspirational stuff @ Creative Breakfast listening to Mark Andrews, one of the leading creative talents at Pixar Animation Studios.
Black tie dinner party and special screening of Monsters University at the Pixar Animation Studios?!
Join us and Pixar Animation Studios, to learn about the OpenSubdiv Project -
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inside of Pixar Animation Studios. Found on instagram.
I can't believe they actually let us in... preedathong @ Pixar Animation Studios
Oh, you know, just hangin' out with Buzz & Woody and the rest. @ Pixar Animation Studios
How many acts of violence are there in the Pixar movie "Brave?"
i am very proud to announce my new character development career with Pixar Animation Studios
If I can work with Blue Sky Studios or Pixar, definitely will choose animation
I liked a video from Animation Lookback: Pixar Animation Studios part 3
Lunch date with Daryn! Excited to see the new Monsters U stuff up! (@ Pixar Animation Studios) on
Make sure to register for this free webinar on April 23rd to learn more about Pixar’s Animation Studios’ GPU...
From 2011: A Rare Look Inside Pixar Animation Studios with and more via
Pixar didn't make Wreck it Ralph.Disney Animation Studios did.
Pixar Animation Studios shows its school spirit at "Monsters University" press day
Toffee Talk hopes to make it in the micro kitchens at Monsters U this summer! @ Pixar Animation Studios
Monsters U press event by I just love Pixar people.
Here's a peek of what press day was like at the Pixar Animation Studios for Monsters University.
How do you become Head of Story on a Pixar movie or short?
Toffee Talk goes to Pixar today! Monsters University coming in June! @ Pixar Animation Studios
On this day in 2006, The Walt Disney Company announced the acquisition of Pixar Animation Studios. Who’s your favorite Pixar character?
My Teacher and Inspiration Steve Jobs _ Steve Jobs was always described as an innovator, a visionary; and rightly so. He dropped out of college at the age of 21 and started Apple with his friend Steve Wozniak from his parents' garage. Apple's first product was not a runaway success but Apple II helped the company in getting noticed. Steve Jobs became a multimillionaire by the time he turned 25. He also graced the cover of Time magazine at 26. In a surprise turn of events, Steve Jobs was ousted from Apple in 1984 when he was 30. He did not waste too much time sulking about being unemployed and went on to establish NeXT computers. In 1986, Steve Jobs bought the computer graphics arm of Lucasfilm, Ltd., and this company is knows today as Pixar Animation Studios. In the meantime, Apple struggled to keep pace with the changing times and decided to bring back Jobs in 1996 by buying NeXT. Steve Jobs returned as the CEO of Apple in 1997 and took the company to unprecedented heights. Over the years, many people ha ...
Matthew Luhn began his career at Pixar Animation Studios as an Animator on the first CG movie, Toy Story. He'll be in April.
I think that's my dream job. Pixar animation studios! It'll happen!
Artists from Pixar Studios are coming to Auckland to teach a masterclass in character animation & story...
Over the last year, a fast-growing and nearly deafening debate in the film world is that of Pixar Animation Studios vs. Walt Disney Animation Studios. For a long time, the two heavyweight fighters ...
this' true, thought it was Pixar at start. Disney's animation studios are starting to catch them up in the storytelling department!
New battle started: Marvel vs Pixar Animation Studios. Make your choice right now!
Looking for a kids movie to watch? "Brave" Produced by Pixar Animation Studios
A fun movie to watch tonight - "Brave" Produced by Pixar Animation Studios
Over 70% of tickets have sold for the Masterclass with instructors from Pixar Animation Studios
My favorite movie animation studios are Dreamworks and Walt Disney/Disney-Pixar
Wy don't Pixar Animation Studios can't make their own Steve a jobs movie? Why wait for others?
A brand new international posters for Pixar Animation Studios latest film Monsters University has been released...
Too cold to go out to go the theaters? "Brave" Produced by Pixar Animation Studios
This movie just won an Oscar - "Brave" Produced by Pixar Animation Studios
Looking for "Brave" the movie? "Brave" Produced by Pixar Animation Studios
It's too cold out so watch a movie - "Brave" Produced by Pixar Animation Studios
It's family movie night tonight - "Brave" Produced by Pixar Animation Studios
Wreck-it Ralph is not a Pixar film. It's Disney Animation. Same company, different studios. What's third now?
Photo: And the Oscar for Best Animated Feature goes to… (at Pixar Animation Studios)
*cough* not done by Pixar made by Disney animation studios *cough*
So what if they don't allow visitors. We were there, and that's good enough. @ Pixar Animation Studios
Located in California, Pixar Animation Studios has created acclaimed animated feature and short films for over 25 years
Andrew Stanton wrote all three Toy Story movies at Pixar Animation Studios, where he was hired in 1990 as the...
is coming to Get your resume in by March 8
so why buy Pixar if they've already got their own animation studios?
Harding alumnus assistant editor at Pixar Animation Studios, will speak in chapel today. David worked on Brave & Tangled.
Pixar Tech Dir Stephan Bugaj '90 talks about his road from to the entertainment biz w
Job opportunity: Pixar Animation Studios is coming to Chi at Pixar Animation Studios - Greater Chicago Area
There's a reason Joyce is sought after by animation studios (he's worked at Pixar, DreamWorks and Blue Sky) and why he's a fantastic artist.
Congrats to Stephan Vladimir Bugaj '90 and team at Pixar Animation Studios for their Oscar for 'Brave'
Snow day movie for the kids - "Brave" Produced by Pixar Animation Studios
January 2006, the Walt Disney Company announced its $7.4 billion purchase of Pixar Animation Studios.
Monsters University is an Pixar Animation Studios film distributed by Walt Disney Pictures
Pixar Place The park’s newest section includes many of the original soundstages used when the park hosted actual production facilities. Today, Pixar Place resembles the Emeryville, California campus of Pixar Animation Studios. The sole attraction is Toy Story Mania! Pixar Place is also home of Luxo Jr., a 6ft talk audio-animatronic version of Pixar’s desk-lamp mascot. The moving character performs shows throughout the day and evening. Sunset Boulevard This was the first expansion to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, opening in July 1994. The focal point is The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. This is located nearby to Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith. There are 2 outdoor amphitheaters for live stage shows. The covered Theater of the Stars host Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage. The open-air Hollywood Hills Amphitheater is home to Fantasmic!
Academy Award-winning director Brad Bird ("The Incredibles") and the amazing storytellers at Pixar Animation Studios ("Cars," "Finding Nemo") take you into a...
Disney Interactive has unveiled a new ambitious gaming initiative titled Disney Infinity. This platform, which will kick off in June, will allow players to create stories and enjoy games starring characters from The Walt Disney Company (Pirates of the Caribbean) and Pixar Animation Studios
next year for halloween im being the bouncing 'i' in Pixar. I'll hop everywhere.
My dream is to work at Pixar Animation Studios!!!but true!!
Golly sir! Now that is some high quality, Pixar Animation Studios level of caricature artwork - I love its bold, stark lines!
i really love Pixar animation studios
I would kill to work at Disney Animation Studios or Pixar Animation Studios. One dream that will never happen.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I'd love to work for Pixar animation studios
I don't wanna go to Disney World, I just wanna go to Pixar Animation Studios. Someone sort that out for me? Thanks.
Pixar Animation Studios is my dream place to work.
Nope its produced by Pixar animation studios, a subsidiary of Walt Disney
I want to go on a studio tour of Warner Bros, Pixar, Disney animation studios, and Paramount Pictures
Photo: Obligatory one year anniversary photo. (at Pixar Animation Studios)
My friend will be the first I take to Disney•Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville, CA if I get the internship.
Did you know Pixar Studios has a research group that publishes papers on animation?
Monsters University - The sequel to Monsters Inc and you can tell it'll be another winner from Pixar Animation Studios.
I rented and I'm watching the Monster Inc. A Pixar Studios animation movie. The Original Dvd disc has a interesting features.
The Blue Umbrella (Saschka Unseld, 2013)Pixar Animation Studios new short film (to be shown befo…
The Pixar Story (2007), a documentary about one of the most prolific animation studios today
News Corp. not only owns neocon FOX News, but over 27 television stations and over 150 newspapers. Time Warner has over 100 subsidiaries including CNN, Time Magazine, and The CW. Just six corporations own the vast majority of media outlets in the United States. Through years of relentless mergers, acquisitions and consolidations, a handful of corporations have been able to dominate most of what Americans read, see and hear on a daily basis and some STILL think they are getting the truth. SMH As of 2011, the largest media corporations in the United States in terms of revenue and profit are: General Electric, Walt Disney, News Corp., Time Warner, CBS and Viacom. Walt Disney – or more specifically Disney Media Networks – controls a staggering amount of media outlets. In the field of motion pictures, they own Walt Disney Pictures (which includes Pixar Animation Studios), Touchstone Pictures and Hollywood Pictures. They then distribute these films through Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment while distri ...
Of late, Disney Animation Studios has done some of it's most creative, ambitious work, and Pixar some of it's safest, least inspired.
Pixar Animation Studios: Why has Pixar never done an adaptation of an existing story? - Quora
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An adorable tattoo of the lovable robot Wall-E designed by Pixar animation studios
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