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Pit Bull

A pit bull is any of several breeds with a similar history, with origins rooted from the bulldog and a variety of terriers.

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LOST DOG ALERT! South side, Indy – US 31 and Edgewood Ave. Lucy is a white, female Pit Bull mix, with brown spots.
Reunited ~ Chronic the Pit Bull from in Portage County. We are happy to report that Chronic is...
"in the 80s they blamed German Shepherds, in the 90s they blamed Rottweilers. Now they blame the Pit Bull. When will they blame the humans?”
Taco, Pit Bull (3), Prospect Park, BK, NY • "Kids are never afraid when they see him. It's the adults that are scared of him…
Democrats freaking out over Sheriff Clarke because they know he would go out after Hillary like a rabid Pit Bull.…
Moxie, Pit Bull mix (5 y/o), Astor Place, New York, NY • "She was found tied to a tree in Central Park."
"Johnny Ringo, a 2-yr-old Pit Bull at a shelter in Gardena, CA, needs a home
Coffee tastes better from a Pit Bull mug! . This is one of our favorites! .
Ringo, a 2-yr-old Pit Bull mix at a shelter in needs a home
Reunited ~The found Pit Bull from in Dane County. This girl was taken to the Dane County Humane Society...
A review of Flashdance, 1986, Adrian Lyne (dir), starring Jumbo Red the Pit Bull, Jennifer Beals, and Michael...
You "humanly" euthanized the hero German Shepherd & Pit Bull dogs when people/rescue were willing to hel…
Dog Humor: My Pit Bull has a simplified approach to pest control: if it's smaller than a bread box, eat it.
Idk who's playing at the game tomorrow But I p sure it will be better than the year Pit Bull played.
I feel very comfortable that Michael Cohen is heading up the Trump Voter Fraud Division... he's a Pit Bull
***CODE RED** PARIS can be added to the euthanasia list due to Temperament. She is a 3 year old Pit Bull mix,...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Meet the Pit Bull who traveled with his humans on the first US cross-country road trip ever in 1903!-->
Chris Tomlin became the 4th artist to receive this award after Justin Timberlake, Garth Brooks & Pit Bull
Pit Bull takes man for walk, not the other way around: If you th.. RB
Kudos to the Montreal SPCA for legally challenging the BSL/ Pit Bull ban bylaw recently enacted in the city of...
Pit Bull teaches baby how to play fetch - Rumble
So we got sorta tricked into taking a Pit Bull (turns out it wasn't a Plotte Hound after all). But we love it, it's a huge baby
Can we consolidate Pit Bull and Sean Paul into one hype machine?
Oh snap! "Trump goes to Mexico like a Pit Bull and comes out like a Chihuahua!" Rep. Antonio Villaraigosa
I liked a video from Elle the Pit Bull - The 2013 American Hero Dog Awards Winner
The kind of people that say J. Cole is a trash rapper are the kind of people that still listen to Pit Bull and Lil Wayne…
Just thinking Mark Kelley's Pit Bull is more dangerous than my gun.
Great review of NC author bestselling new book "Pit Bull: The Battle Over an American Icon"
Arnold, Pit Bull mix (2 y/o), Available for adoption from Bone given by Sarah Poole •
Miko sweet Pit Bull who needs out due to BSL! $100 pledgeSee him on
REO Speedwagon & Pit Bull? Did that really need to happen ABC?
The great pit bull debate: When humans think they should phase out a creature because of the actions of humans. How about phase out stupid?
This is strait up ADORABLE!!! I hope this helps people see its not the breed that makes Pit Bull bad its the OWNERS!
Pit bull singing to JG wentworth commercial . .
Bessie is a female Pit Bull Terrier mix who needs a new best friend!
Professor Green's film on dangerous dogs (featuring my pit bull Hazel) will go out next Tues 21st on the BBC 3 online channel, from 4pm.
Re pit bull ban debate: I've seen stats on number of attacks vs other breeds, but never stats on % of pit bulls that attack people.
Heroic pit bull saves owner from oncoming train.
Owners killed or seriously injured by their own pits:
Our organization is founded BC of fatalities like this:
Pit bulls were bred for activity banned in 50 States:
I wonder if that dog considered walking off the set in protest of Hollywood pit bull stereotypes
and your pit bull, Orchid, is beautiful ahhh
Ain't no smile like a pit bull smile (cause a pit bull smile don't stop).
Brown and white Boxer and Pit Bull Terrier. Male 2 years old.
Blue and white Pit Bull Terrier. Spayed female 1 year and 6 months old.
Tan and white Labrador Retriever and Pit Bull Terrier. Male 3 years old.
Brown and white Pit Bull Terrier. Male 7 years old.
Blue and white Pit Bull Terrier. Female 3 years old.
Great job questioning the 2 about unbound delegates on the RNC. U were pure polite pit bull. U R a great role model!
Even Redd, the pit bull, knows the cat runs the show: via are the real deal in a house. They make the laws.
You ever sleep on the floor and your pit bull is laying on the bed and rolls over and falls on top of you and then just stares? Same.
Hi! My name is Pinkman. I'm a Male Terrier, Pit Bull/Mix. Adopt me at:
my dog is a pit bull / lab mix. I am well aware of the selective hearing. :/
ps4 controller, and when I shut my alarm off I looked outside and someone's loose pit bull was on my porch
Home at last! Unknown - Pit Bull Shepherd mix found in is home safe & sound. Message: Owner found...
Pit bull saves family cat from two Coyotes
Happy winners of European Championship and PIT BULL Show in Bialystok with their prizes - Our...
Pit Bull Found With A 6-Pound Chain Around Her Neck-please adopt or donate if you can... Roxanne is a rock star:)
PSS: Montreal, Quebec City to impose pit bull bans; and all of Quebec may soon follow: Pit bulls could end up...
Aww! How cute is Kash? This Pit Bull Terrier is waiting for a forever family on
Brown and white Pit Bull Terrier. Neutered male 10 months old.
Got a Pit Bull outta control? Feed it Bolton Beef Jerky - & it will leave your best friend satisfied and satiated.
Pit Bull advocates out of control:. Ban the breed. End the deed.
Pit Bull ban has sparked so much anger that police r concerned 4 the mayor's safety.
8"x8" Lead free rhinestone iron on patch. The biggest muscle on a Pit Bull is its heart. $11.99…
Pit Bull Poll: Should Animal Services GM be Fired for Condoning the Adoption of a Pit Bull with a Violent History?
I wonder how Pit Bull and Flo Rida feel knowing that every song they will ever release will become a bar mitzvah/s…
Very sound advice in this informed article. Don't judge by breed, whether Staffie, Pit Bull, Rottweiler or...
Just had 2 call the dog warden someones Pit Bull is on the run and I was riding my bike he tried to attack me, if I wasnt o…
Keep an eye on our page today as we will periodically be posting live. UC Davis Picnic Day: Chako's Pit Bull...
it was a Pit Bull event put on by the Bryan & Amanda Bickell Foundation. Best night of 2016, and maybe even my life.
Charles, Pit Bull (3 y/o), 7th & Ave A, NYC• "He'll bark on command if you say 'Lion!', like DJ Khaled on Snapchat." https:/…
Early this afternoon Major Brabham was driving along Highway 17-A in Moncks Corner when a Pit Bull puppy darted...
Did the people who run the World all get drunk at a meeting of the Bilderberg Group and decide to make Pit Bull famous and/or ubiquitous?
.and his rescue Pit Bull look like quite the happy pair!
Just don't buy a grown Pit Bull who was trained in the inner city to fight dogs.
Layla is an adorable and outgoing 4 year old Pit Bull mix. She does great with kids and other dogs. She loves to...
Offers $5,000 Reward to case of Pit Bull found hooded, taped, and dead, wrapped in a carpet in Yolo County.
Reunited ~Lily the Boxer mix and CJ the Pit Bull from and Eau Claire County. Message from the dog's...
Pit Bull may do many things, but one of them will not be "rocking" the stage at the Grammys.
Tigerlilly is a beautiful 6 year old female Pit Bull . . ID Needs out now. San Bernardino City Shelter...
– Meet Kilo, a 6 months 1 day Terrier, Pit Bull / Mix available for adoption in ARLINGTO
– Meet tag in tray, a 2 years Terrier, Pit Bull / Boxer available for adoption in ARLING
– Meet tags in tray, a 1 year 6 months Terrier, Pit Bull / Mix available for adoption in
they need to get Vicente Fernandez and Pit Bull and JLo that will be the ultimately the best half time show
Does Animal Planet Puppy Bowl generally have Pit Bull puppies as part of their program?
Lucky is a 1 year old male Pit Bull mix who came to the shelter as a stray. Lucky is not good with cats and is...
Hi! My name is Tyler. I'm a Male Retriever, Labrador/Terrier, Pit Bull. Adopt me at:
Hi! My name is Krimbo. I'm a Male Mastiff/Terrier, Pit Bull. Adopt me at:
Not seen in the pictures:a Plott hound, a Mastiff mix, a Pit Bull and a Chihuahua, just waiting for either kid to drop some food.
If you are a Pit Bull lovin' foodie, then you do not want to miss this New York Bully Crew Event at Dock's Clam... http…
Moose the Pit Bull is a big hunk of love. Find out what makes this sweetie’s tail wag:
– Meet Ponyboy, a Terrier, Pit Bull / Mix available for adoption in PHILADELPHIA, PA
Pit Bull, Doberman, Bull Mastiff mix . My game is gunna be exkra skrong
Man kills a Fox, then kills young Pit Bull, that chased it! We need to IDENTIFY this man so he can be charged!! ht…
Watching the Dog Challenge - inform the commentators that Pit Bull is not a breed & the canine breed is one of "Bull Terriers"
I promise I think Wendy Williams was tweeking on Pit Bull's NYE show!
MarKristin: Elton John vs. Pit Bull - who would you pick?. .
Needing to find these pups homes by January 15th. Only $20. They are a mix of Pit Bull and Jack Russell Terrier.
LOST DOG ALERT! East side, Indpls. New York and Beville Ave. Chico is a male Pit Bull mix. Have you seen this...
Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, Market Wizards, Inside the house of money, Pit Bull: Lessons from Wall Street's Champion…
One of our volunteers is working on some Pit Bull and English Bull Terrier themed "ugly" Christmas sweaters. None...
Rebecca Hardy jumped a fence in Port Huron, Mich., where she was mauled by 2. Her death ruled a Suicide by Pit Bull
Having a pet is a good way to teach children about death. Like the time my 6 year old found the Pit Bull eating the baby.
Any one want a baby Presa Canario mixed with a Pit Bull??? Hmu if you do 🐶🐕
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
FOUND DOG ALERT! Lafayette, IN - Wea School Rd. Male, blue and white Pit Bull. Who knows this handsome boy?
Found Dog: Male dark brindle Pit Bull picked up by KCASE near North Park and West Hopkins. No collar or tags or...
Steve O is a great two year old Pit Bull mix that is available for adoption at the Front Street Animal Shelter .
Michael Vick's former Pit Bull has finally won:
– Meet Penny, a Pit Bull / Mix available for adoption in GOLDSBORO, NC via
Lil Bit, Pit Bull mix (5), STL, MO • "We had a 'Lil Bit' of room left in the house, but a lot left in the heart."
Jackson, a young Pit Bull mix at a shelter in Southgate, needs a forever home URGENT
Need to buy me a couple pit bull puppies
Twizzler, a young Boxer/Pit Bull at a shelter in Texas City, needs a home URGENT
Kaisch was like a pit bull out of the gate...WOOF!!!
Anyone wanna buy them before I got a Pit Bull now!
Pit bull singing to JG wentworth commercial .
Axle is a male Pit Bull Terrier/Border Collie mix who wants to be your buddy!
Chocolate and white Pit Bull Terrier mix. Male 1 year.
If you see a big black pit bull or a small grey dog just south of baeslars, please let me know.
Dallas, a Pit Bull Terrier in OH, needs a home now! See him on
😩 I just want to tag you in a million pit bull pics
Family in shock after pit bull attack -
Pit bull puppies don't look like puppies 😐😂
House shopping is so sucky when you own a very large pit bull 😫
EVERYONE I NEED YOUR HELP : Time to lift the pit bull ban - Sign the Petition! via
put the run on a doberman, a rotty & a pit bull. Separate incidences. Had this insane sounding growl if she felt threatened
Oh God I love animals. I love everything about them. Their stories break my heart.
Washington K9 involved in pursuit attacked by pit bull.
Blind pit bull abandoned on bench learns how love feels
Florida police officer helps rescue three pit bulls from sewer drain
Dog cries out when she realizes her family is gone … again
But the truth is that I am one of those people. Who will tell you that the Pit Bull is the great American dog breed for you and me
FOUND IN ROAM MOUNTAIN, TN. Momma and Missy (our names) may be Pit Bull blends. They were found near Tiger Creek...
My French bulldog has been attacked 3 times by Staffordshire terriers/Pit Bull mix,so no I'm not a great fan of those breeds
Pit bull snuggles up to a baby turkey, on The Feed! via
Young ‘warrior’ celebrates year after pit bull attack
Win a trip to Italy & compliments of Fontana Candida wine!
What better way to kick off Pit Bull Awareness Month! Come see us this Sunday at the…. Pitbulls + Pumpkins Fall...
You want your pg's to not only make teammates better and make open shots but to be a pit bull on defense..2018 Travis A…
Neighbor takes revenge on pit bull for crossing his yard
Check out - The world's largest collection of fun and RT
Boy hospitalized after being attacked by pit bull: Police say a 9-year-old boy has been hospitalized after a pit…
Mya needs our help. Share her story.
how long does a pitbull live:The Avg life span for an American Pit Bull Terrier is 12-14 yrs@
how long do pitbulls live:A healthy American Pit Bull Terrier can live as long as 12 years @
This handsome boy is Rosco. He is 1 year and 8 months old and is a Pit Bull Terrier mix. If you would like to...
Wtff this vicious *** pit bull creeped up on me. in the middle of the night, whilst wearing my headphones
Neighbor takes revenge on sweet pit bull for crossing his yard
Scorpio is a male Pit Bull Terrier looking for a forever home!
Dog named luck may not live up to his name for much longer
Dragged me back to bed about 16ft n thinks it's a pit bull do not attempt to touch the Jax- saved me from me more...
A206042 I am an unaltered male, black and white Pit Bull Terrier. OFF HOLD: TO BE ANNOUNCED. EMAIL ADOPTION/RESCUE... h…
Pit bull, Loyal dogs only.. What you got?
ACE. (A1725965) I am a male white and brown Pit Bull Terrier mix. The shelter staff think I am about 1 year and 6... h…
I can't sleep so have a picture of my precious pit bull
ADOPTABLE pup at Riverside County Shelter in CALIFORNIA I am a neutered male, blue & white Pit Bull
*** your Pit Bull only a King 󾓑 could handle this Beast,.,AMEN RA My KINGS!!!
He's not a monster.. He's just a Pit Bull. . There is NO such thing as bad dogs, only bad OWNERS. . Love ALL animals❤️ http…
After a Monster Taped her Mouth Shut, this Pit Bull is Doing the Unthinkable
The Belmont County Animal Rescue League (BCARL) is bringing Jay Jack to St. Clairsville for a two-day, Pit Bull...
Home at last! Pit Bull and Jack Russell Terrier Mix found in are home safe & sound. Found...
Watching "White Fang" with the girl. During White Fang's losing battle with the Pit Bull, Clara is becoming very...
*** there's a pit bull in my pool side do I try to feed it or will I die
Think I found a pit bull puppy that I wanna adopt!!
Girlfriend catches Wayne Bryson having sex with pit bull [caught on camera]
I've wanted a pit bull for so long I'm pretty sure I ask my dad like everyday & just hope he comes home with one someday
My pit bull is trying to lay next to me on the couch and ended up pushing me off. ***
All I want for my birthday/Christmas from my dad is a pit bull. I'm not trying to wait till I move out
Wayne Dyer: The Power of Intention: Intention is generally viewed as a pit-bull kind of determination propelling one
My pit bull just threw a temper tantrum by stomping in place and huffing. He's literally like a 5 year old human baby.
Pepsi is a female Pit Bull Terrier in need of love!
THE GRAY FACED LADY ON 1000 THREAD COUNT TERRITORY : when your pit bull "pit balls" in your spot and…
I've just posted on my Blog about: Sleeping with Duke the pit bull tonight
Reunited ~Rufus the Pit Bull mix from in County. Message from the dog's owner: "He is home...
Pit Bull and American bulldog mixed. Very good with kids
Now SHU gets artists/tickets for concerts like Pit Bull. The Boss at the Hall must have been an awesome time.
A petition of more than 2,000 signatures has prompted a city in Canada to reconsider its Pit Bull ban.
Canon City Police Department: JUSTICE FOR BOB! . Press charges on attacker of Bob the Pit Bull! - S... via
Trump's 'Pit Bull': Meet lifelong Democrat who voted for Obama & volunteered for Dukakis
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Beautiful Bonnie is up for ADOPTION. She's a 9 month old Registered Cane Corso / Pit Bull cross. Spayed and up to...
Home at last! Pit Bull found in is home safe and sound. Found and reunited 07-15-2015. Welcome home!
I liked a video from Dog Rescue: Pregnant Pit Bull with 9 puppies - Please share so we
Does everyone see what this says? The PIT BULL saved her... Yes that's right. The evil horrible Pit Bull saved...
These three babies are waiting for forever homes. They are St Bernard/Pit Bull mixes and they are already huge at...
Someone just requested Pit Bull at the bar. Was that you,
Meet 7 year old Chita! . Chita is a happy-go-lucky, loving Pit Bull mix girl who just wants to cover you in...
We've gone from Pit Bull to Carly Rae Jepson.. Way better.
Where's Waldo? At DeKalb County Animal Services! Waldo is a wiggly 2 year old Pit Bull mix who can't wait to find...
This party is pretty cool and everything, but it'd be a lot better if you played some Pit Bull.
A larger spider I will have at HorrorHound this weekend. Partial Canada Goose skull and Pit Bull vertebra/claws. http:…
Reunited! Cane the Pit Bull is back home safe and sound.Message from owner: A Good Citizen had both dogs and...
Special thanks to Fox 46 and Jessica for showing off Elsa, helping us promote our Pit Bulls, and our Pit Bull...
LOST DOG ALERT! South side, Indpls. S. Talbott and Orange St. Duke is a black and white, male Puggle/Pit Bull...
A448778, a 4-month-old Lab/Pit Bull at a shelter in Moreno Valley needs a home URGEN…
Great news! Blue the Pit Bull from Phoenix, AZ is back home! Message from owner “Humane society found in” Lost...
VIDEO: Pit Bull told to "Stay!" while Daddy takes out the trash. Sorta works...for a while:
If I could pick a famous person to never have dinner with, Pit Bull would be a close second to Kanye West.
Singer Duffy & TV personality have saved the life of a homeless Pit Bull
Duffy and Daisy Fuentes help rescue a Pit Bull from OC animal shelter via
It’s all about fun with Pearl! . This one year old, Pit Bull / Shar-Pei mix has more energy than the Energizer...
A young Pit Bull's heroic deed could end up an "Old Yeller" type tragedy since his rabies booster was overdue:
Reunited ~ Coco the Australian Shepherd/Pit Bull mix from in County. . The neighbors found her...
Pit Bull "aggressive" shot and killed by caught on dash cam...
New post ((12x12) American Pit Bull Terrier Puppies - 2015 Calendar Reviews) has been published on Pit Bull
Judge Judy: A Teen brings his mother to the court and a Pit Bull out of Control (01/27/2015 Recap) -...
Some good news for your Sunday. Some Adoptions! . Adoption. A24323117 Charles Dog Terrier, Pit Bull 2yrs M. D-3515... h…
When a Pit Bull is Classified as a Service Animal | Property Management Insider
The following is basic breed information for anyone who is interested in acquiring a Pit Bull. And for those who already have one or more and would like to learn more about the breed, or simply for anyone who would like to understand these great dogs… on. This page discusses the most notable traits of Pit Bull type dogs, including the potential for dog aggression. You will learn here that while Pit Bulls make great family companions while in the right hands and living situation, they require intelligent, responsible and dedicated ownership. Unfortunately too many people obtain these dogs for the wrong reasons or have little understanding on the inherent traits this breed possesses. It is unfortunate that one of the original purposes of the APBT was (and still is for many) dog-to-dog combat, but it’s a fact that can’t be denied or ignored. It’s very important that every potential Pit Bull owner, understands the selective breeding that took place to make these dogs of today and the inherit ...
Jenny McCarthy on one channel, Pit Bull on another. Going to go stare at a garbage can until midnight.
Pit Bull , that's OK, we're doing the big 1, the D drop at Cadillac Square Detroit. Coming down? Dress like ur ice fishing!
8 Pit Bull lies some people believe. . They are uneducated. . (The Humane Society for Hamilton County (Indiana)...
otay, mommy just managed to getz all ob us in one picture togefer. so here iz foster doggy Billie (da black one), sis Sable (golden girl), and sis Bella the Pit Bull from death row to Happy Family Dog
For every Pit Bull "type" dog placed in a forever home, 599 are killed. Approximately 800 dogs & cats are killed each HOUR in the United States because there are not enough homes for them! Please SPAY and NEUTER! If looking for a pet, please rescue instead of buying from a breeder or a pet store
Here we have Daffeny, Zayla, Charlie, Hutch, Drew, Big Mac, oatman and Hawkeye. They are all residents at the Saratoga County Animal Shelter, They all really need homes for the holidays. Zayla has been there the longest and way to long. She is the fetch champion. They are all very loving dogs with a variety of personalities and energy levels to choose from. All appear to be house broken and know basic commands. Some know more than others. please spread this around and lets see if we can get them homes. The Saratoga county animal shelter is in Ballston spa NY, they are open 10am to 4pm Monday thru Saturday. Saratoga Dog Lovers, For the Love of Dogs - Saratoga Springs, Klara Fisher, Pit Bull Station, Pit Bulls and Parolees, Pit Bull lovers, Tia Maria Torres of Pit Bulls & Parolees, Pit Bulls, Can We Get 1 Million Pit Bull Lovers?, The Unexpected Pit Bull, Just Doggie Loves Pit Bulls, Change of Heart Pit Bull Rescue, I Love My Pit Bull, I Love Pit Bulls, Rottie Empire Rescue
MAC PACK HELP NEEDED. This is Murdock, he is around 2 1/2. He wandered into a southeast Missouri town extremely chewed up by something, another dog, wild animal, fighting dog. We are not sure what cause his injuries but they are severe and all over him. The kind hearted chief of police of Parma brought this injured, bloody Pit Bull mix to our shelter. The staff took him immediately to the vet to get his wounds inspected and cleaned. Murdock is on medications for pain, treatments for cleaning the wounds, and meds to stop any possible infection. Mom was there taking photos of the dogs for and my aunt Tracy who works at the shelter asked mom if I could help Murdock. MY SHELTER Humane Society of Southeast Missouri ROCKS!! The staff kept talking about how much they LOVE his sweet soul and mom knew instantly the answer to help was yes. Murdock melted on moms lap in the play yard and just wanted to be loved on. The rare mom/Murdock selfie is him just wanting to be near mom. Murdock is good with oth ...
Let's overturn Boonville's Pit Bull ban! The City Council will be discussing repeal of the ban on Monday December 15th at 7 p.m. In the Old City Hall 512 Spring St Boonville MO. It is located across from the Post Office. We need people to show up and voice their concerns. Most city councils give each person 5 minutes to talk. If you care about the loss of your freedom that is known as BSL, show up! If you don't care because it is "just a pit bull", watch out because your dog may be targeted for death next!
On Sunday, two-year-old Gabrielle Looney was bitten on the face by her mother's boyfriend's pit bull.
OC mall apologizes after Santa rejects girl with autism over service pit bull, Pup-Cake.
A California mall Santa and elf were fired after turning away a young girl with autism who had a pit bull service dog.
Drastic conditions call for drastic faith! Get like a pit bull, latch on and don't let go!
"In opportunity after opportunity after opportunity, your client has violated the law. . ."
Mall Santa turns away autistic girl, her pit bull service dog
So a pit bull injured a kid but instead of being killed is serving a life sentence in jail, taken care of by inmates:
Mall Santa fired for turning away girl, 7, with pit bull service dog
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We found a pit bull puppy this morning in Dallas, GA. Anyone missing this cutie?
Don't judge my pit bull and I won't judge your children.😒
Mall Santa turns away autistic girl and her pit bull service dog via
New post: Moreauville, LA will officially can its controversial Pit Bull & Rottweiler ban
So much money that my pit bull got a diamond choka 😦
Evans pit bull did not wanna cuddle this morning
MISSION VIEJO, Calif. -- A Santa Claus in a Southern California mall was given a lump of coal and a pink slip after allegedly turning away an autistic girl because he was afraid of her pit bull ser...
Duchesne County man accused of threatening couple who killed his pit bull in self-defense
Pit bull attacks weather man with kisses and doggie-lovin' on live TV
Jim Carrey: "The little guy...what's his name? Alexis? Yeah, he's fun to watch. He's a little pit bull.".
A mall Santa refused to see an autistic girl and her service dog because the dog is a pit bull. The child waited for half-an-hour, but Santa wouldn't see the little girl even if the dog was removed...
Coyotes Were Seconds Away from Killing Their Cat. Watch What Their Pit Bull Did About It! Another Pit bull has become a hero! Jack is a rescued Pit Bull; he lives with a loving family who also has a rescued cat named Kitty. One day, two coyotes attacked Kitty. One had her by the neck, and the other…
Last week, Santa Claus and a helper elf from The Shops at Mission Viejo in California turned away a 7-year-old girl with autism and her service dog, a pit bull named Pup-Cake.
Way to go Efraim! Mr. July in the Real Men Rescue Pit Bulls Calendar!
A Camdenton homeowner that was ticketed for violating the city's pit bull ordinance by housing two American bull dogs may be able to keep her two family
So Channel 7 I guess called the shelter today to do a story on Hubert. This is the same channel who ran that bogus story of the pit bull "attack" earlier, right? Even if we take that off the table, I have a question for you Channel 7 (and 4 and 5 and the Herald etc), where were you for the past year when Hubert had no one interested in him??? The only local press came after the Huffington Post article and even that came a year into his wait. I have an idea for the local press, all the local press, do a story on Ferdinand or on Hercules or on Rosa or on Hunter or on Fern -- dogs, pit bulls, that need the exposure to get adopted and stop riding the coattails of Hubert. You weren't there for him when he needed you, so fly.
Mickey, a Pit Bull Terrier who was almost given a death sentence after he attacked and mauled a 4-year-old Phoenix boy in February, is the subject of a new 24/7 jail reality show.
This will make you cry - watch as a Pit Bull puppy is reunited with the man who rescued him from life as a bait dog. (Via:
Is The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills's Kim Richards giving up her beloved pit bull? Her sister Kyle Richards stopped by to give us the latest. Get more:
The American Staffordshire terrier is really a Pit Bull. .
Maverick PFFFT.We all know Goose was the cool one. Okay, so he can't fly a fighter jet but he's still pretty darn cool. This studly dude goes by the call sign "Goose", and who doesn't want to meet a dog with his own call sign? Goose is a 2 year old Terrier/Pit Bull mix who is looking for a new crew. He is the most handsome boy around and would make a most loyal companion for some lucky person. He is dog and cat friendly with a nice medium energy level. He is also crate trained and house trained. Goose likes to go for walks (neighbors...hide your squirrels) and does really well on leash. He would also be a great jogging partner! Goose is currently learning basic commands such as sit and down, and would benefit from continued training*. Goose also loves all people. Goose was lucky enough to attend the timber challenge and he just laid around and let people pet him and rub his belly. Goose can be very playful, but when he's done playing and tired, he wants to be your best snuggle bud. Goose would do best in ...
Here's three reasons to not watch it, Iggy actually won something, Pit Bull is not only there, he's hosting it, and all the performances
Well as promised, Torque finished off the year with a bang placing 7th overall in Division 2 at World Cup Asia. An Event like this cant go un-noticed without saying some huge thank yous to our Paintball Family, Community and Sponsors. Firstly to one of our sponsors WASP Paintball Mandurah and home club MPPC - Thank you for giving us a place to call home, to train and for all your fundraising efforts to help us with paint costs at WCA, for the people behind the scenes of Wasp Mandurah - Steve our Coach for your guidance and help with Markers and gear, Janeene for organising our Flights, Hotels, fundraising and just anything we need!!! Rob our Pit Bull for making sure we are prepared and on that field and to our Pit Crew and helpers at WCA Shannon, Maddie, Tammara and Harry - I know we can be a pain in the A--- but we really do appreciate everything you guys do for us!!! You are our Family!! To the Aussie contingent and teams STK Australia WASP KREW Insidious Australia Western Wolves Paintball Girl with ...
I liked a video from Pit Bull survives a fire, and then left behind by his family.
WILLOW - IDMy name is WILLOW. I am a spayed female, black and white Boston Terrier and Pit Bull...
Home at last! Wolfie – German Shepherd and Vinny – American Bulldog/Pit Bull mix are both home safe and sound.
I knew about this, I just wasn't expecting to see it on a pro-pit website. Military Bases Ban on Pit Bulls and Pit Bull Mixes Thank you for visiting our site. Military bases do not allow Pit Bulls or Pit Bull mixes to live on base. Therefore, It's the Pits (ITP) will consider military families but there will be guidelines that must be met and we will decide on a case by case basis. Since ITP does rescue mixed breed dogs some of our dogs will be allowed in base housing. We would like to extend an invitation to FOSTER one of our dogs at your home off base, while waiting deployment or transfer. Since our pitties need foster homes, and you want a pittie in your life, Fostering is a win-win combo. You'll have full responsibility of caring for your foster, while all medical costs would be taken care of by the Rescue Group. Our doggies need your love and devotion - there's no greater feeling than helping a pittie by giving them a temporary home, while preparing your foster dog for their next assignment - a per . ...
That's why I said I can only feel sorry for his ignorance. He sees a Pit Bull and automatically assumes "monster". :(
Please send positive thoughts to Super "Monster" Elle the Pit Bull. Her momma found some bumps on her and a new...
Major Monster and Stoney Boy the Pit Bull playin around
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Help a lonely Pit Bull find a home by helping White Rock Dog Rescue on Saturday the 25th, 10am-2pm.
Pit Bull put down after DNA test nabs him as the attacker. Ban the breed. End the deed.
Hector the Pit Bull was one of the dogs saved from Michael Vick's dog-fighting farm and has spent the last 7...
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