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Pit Bull Terrier

A pit bull is a breed with a similar history, with origins rooted from the american bulldog and a pit terrier.

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Manhattan Center . MUNECA - A0997124. I am an unaltered female, br tiger and white Pit Bull Terrier mix. The...
This is Lotus. She's a 3-year-old Pit Bull Terrier. Her previous owner said she did well with cats and dogs in her prior home, but doesn't like to share food with other animals. SHE DID VERY WELL ON HER TEMP TEST WITH BROOKLYN, KOALA BEAR, AND KING.
Lucy Ann is a sweet girl, she needs our help. Pit Bull Terrier in Orange County, Ca
Las Vegas, Nevada Owner dump Not a full pit, definitely a mix. Looks like lab. - IDname is PEANUTBUTTER. I am a female, tan and black Pit Bull Terrier. The shelter staff think I am about 1 year and 9 months old. I have been at the shelter since Mar 18, 2014. For more information about this animal, call: The Animal Foundation - Las Vegas at (702) 384-3 ext: 131 Ask for information about animal ID number A768918
I am described as a neutered male, brindle and white Pit Bull Terrier mix. Palm Bay: Picked up at Deer Run. On 5 day hold at south shelter.
Pictures of FALENE a Pit Bull Terrier for adoption in Hampton Bays, NY who needs a loving home.
Colton is now available for adoption! This male Pit Bull Terrier is 1yr 1mth old. Learn more at
What a beauty. Raylie is full of life and loves to have fun! She is a American Bulldog/Pit Bull Terrier mix and...
Pebbles, a Pit Bull Terrier in TN, needs a home now! See her on
LOST: A Pit Bull Terrier on Feb 25, 2013 at Michigan Ave, Adrian. Please contact us if you have any information.
Staten Island Center . TRAVIS - IDI am an unaltered male, tan and white Pit Bull Terrier mix. The...
I am described as a female, brown Pit Bull Terrier mix. Merritt Island 2 female dogs on Easy St. Only on 3 day hold at North shelter.
A Bichon Shih Tzu, Pit Bull Terrier, Lhas Apso, & a Standard Poodle... it's going to be a busy day...
Come On Eileeen's Adventure Walk, 12/26/13 Hi Patricia, Thank you very much for sponsoring an adventure walk for a shelter dog. Because of you, Come On Eileen was able to enjoy some time outside by the river today! Eileen is a 2 year old Pit Bull Terrier mix and is just as sweet as can be. As soon as Eileen saw that she was about to get leashed up, the tail started wagging and she was easing her way out of the kennel as fast as possible. She led the way outside and everyone there working gave her some affection. She has been at the shelter for some time now, and everyone had grown to know her there. Once at the vehicle, Eileen hopped right in and made herself comfortable. I cracked the window a bit and she had her nose pointed straight out, taking in all of the interesting smells that she could along the way. We arrived at Belle Isle and started making our way across the pedestrian bridge. We spotted another handler from Canine Adventure and Eileen was happy to have fellow canine friend from the shelter t ...
FOUND: A Pit Bull Terrier on Dec 30, 2013 at Released. Please contact us for more information.
Sonny - Kennel Pit Bull Terrier • Adult • Male • Large Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter, Valley View, OH ~ly Sonny is a 2 1/2 year old Pit Bull Terrier male. This fun guy is spunky and affectionate. He would love to show you how enjoyable it would be to have him as part of your pack. Make sure you meet this sweetie in kennel Petfinder:
Snow is good with other dogs and loves to play. Spayed Pit Bull Terrier Mix • Young • Female • Large. Humane...
"Precious Pup" is a cute 6-month old female Pit Bull Terrier mix who came to the HSOV on September 21, 2013 after... http:…
Jazz is a super sweet girl and she does well with other dogs. Spayed Pit Bull Terrier Mix • Adult • Female •...
Manhattan Center . BELLA - A0984541. I am an unaltered female, black and white American Pit Bull Terrier mix.
Organizations that claim to be "no kill" yet refuse to allow pit bull terrier like dogs on their property need to be called out for deceiving the public.
Astro - American Pit Bull Terrier ID# 21389430 - male Age: 4 years Intake: 10/31/13 *Space is at a premium – please act quickly to save this soul – can be PTS at any time***...See More
Thor is said to be between 2 and 3 years old. Pit Bull Terrier Mix • Adult • Male • Medium. Athens County Dog...
I would like to share this with you. I apologize for forgetting to sign a couple posts.. Solid was my first Pit Bull Love. American Pit Bull Terriers Their love is like no other; their heart is pure as gold. Yet while going on a friendly walk, they're faced with stares of cold. They're so very close to human, in how they act and what they do. Unless you've known their devoted love, it's impossible to explain to you. They are greatly more MISUNDERSTOOD than any other breed. We tend to punish this loyal dog, instead of mankind's deeds. They are always and forever clowns, with a wish for center stage. Yet while displaying this sense of humor, most people disengage. They, oh, so want to make new friends, and run and jump and play. yet when they happily approach, most people shy away. Often I've seen children poke, or hop on for a ride. And when I felt they might get mad, they've only beamed with pride. I've seen these children yank and pull, with nary a reaction. Yet media's not interested, unless they've p . ...
Love is. Having your 100 pound red nose pit bull terrier laying on you .___.;
Pit Bull Terrier Pup Card - "Mikey": Seven-week-old Mikey is trying hard to stay awake after a morning of seri...
What breed of dog is that in your profile picture? Looks kind of like my Pit Bull Terrier...well same color anyway ;)
needed asap for injured Pit Bull Terrier dumped with injuries in - Nov 10 @ 1:23 AM ET
its been almost a year now that's I lost my favorite dog, she was the prettiest pit bull terrier mix I have ever seen in my life. I still love and miss you Zsa Zsa I know your having fun in heaven. And to another favorite dog the most adorable young man Mr. Mikey lee your were such a good boy never harmed anybody and you were just a happy cocker Spaniel just full of life, go and have more fun with your sister Zsa Zsa
I happy to know that "I" have a REAL Pit (Pit Bull Terrier)! Didn't know most I've seen we're "Wrongly Made" or "Back Yard Breed". A REAL pit should weight under 80 pounds not 150-190. Do your research, people be lying. A REAL Pit, should look like they on steroids. You may ave a Bully, Bull Mastiff or something but not a pit!
Chessa Benami Follow · September 18 DODGER - IDname is Dodger and I am a neutered male, white and brown Pit Bull Terrier. My age is unknown.See More — with Corey Carnegie, Vicki Bowen, LisaMarie RescueMe and 77 others.
WILLY Poor Willy looks pitiful, he is very thin, and has a few sores on his legs. But he loves being fussed over by the volunteers, and doesn't mind the dog biscuits he was given either! He seems to be a very sweet dog, and we hope he finds a home where he is cared for, and loved. Please come in and meet Willy. He will be a handsome dog with some TLC! 28 Willy- Pit Bull Terrier • Young • Male • Large For Pitties Sake has some skin irritation, a few sores on his body, and is in need of some good TLC from a kind soul. Bruiser is not sure of his surroundings, and is somewhat shy, and nervous. You can certainly envision what a handsome dog he was at one time, and could be again, with a good diet, and care. Please, ask to see the dogs in the garage too, they get overlooked at times. G-1 Bruiser- Pit Bull Terrier • Young • Male • Medium FOR PITTIES SAKE
I am an unaltered male, gray and white Pit Bull Terrier mix.
Zeppy, (aka Zeppelin) is a very sweet 5 month old brindle Pit Bull terrier who was found tied to a dumpster near Animal Specialty Center with a mangled leg. A good Samaritan found him and brought him to the hospital in the hopes that they would be able to help him, and ASC contacted AmsterDog to see if we could take Zeppy under our wing. At this time, we are not sure if he was caught in a trap or became entangled in something somehow, but his leg has to be amputated. Zeppy has already won the hearts of all the staff members at ASC, and despite his unimaginable discomfort, has been a wonderful patient, remaining affectionate and sweet natured. His surgery is scheduled tomorrow and we are in need of financial help for him to cover his estimated bill of 2150. Please consider a donation to his care, and please know that any amount, small or large, is so much appreciated! are sure that Zeppy will be just as lovable and wonderful as a 3 legged doggie! If you would like to FOSTER or ADOPT Zeppy, please c ...
My 9 yr old pit bull terrier ,,has a nasty rash on her tummy,,she is updated on all her shots,and prescription flea and tick medication,,she definitely has no fleas,,,I gave her a small amount of benadrll,,,any other suggestions,,until I can get her to the vets,,on Monday,she is not sick,thank you
Did you know ... While the Newfoundland and St. Bernard are known as the babysitting breeds, the Pit Bull Terrier claimed that title when our nation's west was being settled. The Staffordshire Terrier was a prairie dog used to protect children on a homestead from predators. These dogs have been famous for their love of small children. The likes of them can be found in Victorian era England and American etchings always among children.
IDam a male American Pit Bull Terrier. My owner says I am over 1 year old. I have the following characteristics: He's all black with a white chest and a little bit of white on the tips of his back paws / and a little bald spot on his back by his tail from chewing on it. I was lost on 11/6/13. I was last seen at 1512 S. Topeka.
I am an unaltered male, chocolate and smoke Labrador Retriever and Pit Bull Terrier.
Bruised Not Broken VENUS is looking for a new home. PLEASE read her story and SHARE! Thank you! Venus is a four-year-old Pit Bull Terrier-mix who weighs about 45 pounds. With loving eyes, a sweet demeanor and beautiful, black velvety coat, she is wonderful with other dogs, cats and children of all ages, as well as adults. Venus is shy at first, but warms up very quickly when approached in a calm and friendly manner -- she loves affection! Venus has had a very traumatizing past, you see. She was used for bait in dog fighting and dumped in the East River Park in the middle of the night. She was then brought to Manhattan ACC. But as you may know, the submissive dogs are used for bait, and Venus is no exception. She is incredibly sweet, and the volunteers fell instantly in love with her. I stepped up to foster her when she hit the dreaded "list" and when I saw how well she got along with the dog I already had, I decided to adopt her. But the road has been long for us. Venus loves to be loved, and to give love ...
I love and stand up for my Pit Bull Terrier! Prejudice does not exist in my home!
I have an idea. President Obama should adopt a Pit Bull Terrier.
---DUTCHESS---Pit Bull Terrier . Stark County Dog Warden . Canton, Ohio ~SRS~. Poor Duchess has been at the...
Another American Pit Bull Terrier was just registered! Submit your application here:
Home at last! Jersey - Pit Bull Terrier from is home safe & sound.Message from Owner: "A Good...
A veteran suffered from post-traumatic stress after his tour overseas could either be forced to move or give up his therapy dog, because Diesel is a Pit Bull Terrier.
Somebody had better adopt this dog if the owner doesn't claim him. Virginia Paws for Pits and The protector of the American Pit Bull Terrier should know about this. Any way to keep tabs on the shelter and make sure this boy is safe?
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Boone is a gorgeous boy! He is a white pit bull/terrier mix with such a sweet face. He was found as a stray and...
Clyde is a handsome boy! He is a young adult Labrador Retriever/ pit bull / terrier mix. He has beautiful black...
Meet Lucrezia our new addition. She is a purebred pit bull terrier. We call her Lu Lu for short.
Is your bully an amstaff, pocket pitty, or American Pit Bull Terrier, or any bully breed? Do prefer a size? Or is it just what your home allows? Because certain homes/apartments only allow a certain wait. ❤-Megan
Dogs, Dogs and more Dogs. Whew I had alot of dogs at work today. Mix breeds, Goldens, Springers, Labs, a boxer and the best of all American Pit Bull Terrier. I know I loved the golden girls but I need pit bull kisses.
Has only 88 shares LOS ANGELES - *RED ALERT URGENT* A1025376 Chico To watch a video of this boy, please click here: Chico is a strikingly handsome white and gray 5-year-old male Pit Bull Terrier.
*MISSING* Beautiful CEE CEE is missing from KALAMAZOO (Kalamazoo County). She was last seen near W. Main and Turwill. Cee Cee is a female American Pit Bull Terrier Mix. She has a brindle and white coat and flop ears. She was wearing a pink harness and a collar with identification. Cee Cee is a sweet girl who tends to be stranger shy. Calm actions and calm voices are recommended (a friendly dog may serve as a lure). Please help guide Cee Cee back to her adoring family! Spread awareness and contact 734.223.3929 with any information.
*MISSING* Handsome LANCE is missing from LIVONIA (Wayne County). He was last seen between Middlebelt and Merriman and between 7 Mile Road and 8 Mile Road. Lance is a male Labrador Retriever/American Pit Bull Terrier Mix. He has a white and tan coat. He is eight years old, weighs approximately 75 pounds, and was wearing a blue/black dog bone print collar with identification. Please help guide Lance back to his adoring family! Spread awareness and contact 248.990.8474 with any information. OP (9/20/13):
Wrongly & called bull, this totally adoptable American Pit Bull Terrier is Penny
FOUND: Found in Winston Salem, NC Found Pit bull Terrier: Gray and white. Corner of Ebert street and Geneva. No Microchip Currently at the Forsyth County Animal Shelter
I love how my 80 pound American Pit Bull Terrier is better behaved than my neighbors crazy & aggressive 10 pound Dachshund!!!
*RED ALERT URGENT * PUPPY ALERT* A1412800 MIKEY To watch a video of baby Mikey, click here: MIKEY, this poor little fellow cannot catch a break. MIKEY is a 13-month-old grey and white male Pit Bull Terrier. He is a little guy at only 35 pounds, and what a sweet heart of a dog. Mikey’s owner was arrested, so technically he isn’t an owner surrender, but he did come from a home where someone obviously cared for him. Poor Mikey! Like his owner, Mikey ended up in jail, too! Doggie jail with a possible death sentence if someone doesn’t get him out soon. But Mikey did nothing wrong. He is very responsive to human attention and affection, and is probably wondering why his owner suddenly disappeared. He is very sweet and attentive and still has a lot of great puppy qualities about him...very curious and energetic. He seems interested in other dogs, but not in an aggressive way, more like puppy inquisitiveness. Let’s not let this dog get a life sentence. He will make a great friend for an active person or f ...
Pets of the Week available for adoption at the Humane Society of Harford County include Corbin the American Pit Bull Terrier mix, a cat named Cat-in-the-Hat and Bun Bun the rabbit. The Humane Society includes pictures of all their available pets on their website. You can click here to see dogs, clic...
Catalina is a one year old Pit Bull Terrier female, who is playful and outgoing. She is housebroken, energetic and...
Persephone - Pit Bull Terrier. Wood County - Bowling Green, OH (bs). It would seem that this shelter is also...
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COOPER. (A1553245) I am a male yellow and white American Staffordshire Terrier and Pit Bull Terrier. The shelter...
CHEYENNE - IDMy name is CHEYENNE. I am a spayed female, tan and white Pit Bull Terrier mi
RESCUE NEEDED! (Location: Vets office) Orion is an adoptable Pit Bull Terrier Dog in Warren, OH. Ori
Meet FLORA. She is great with kids and all dogs and has a releaxed loving nature.
32 MASHA. Pit Bull Terrier. Medium • Young • Female. Yes, Masha is as sweet as she looks! This pretty girl is a...
***Images copyright JMC Photography***. Ramone is a male Pit Bull/Terrier mix and is approximately 8 years old.
Popeye is an adoptable Pit Bull Terrier Dog in Toledo, OH. Hello my name is Popeye! I am a 2 yr old
Sherlock (foster), a Pit Bull Terrier in OR, needs a home now! See him on
Not yet. She's a pit bull terrier, and in this part of the U.S., breed laws make them hard to adopt. :(
Benson is an adoptable Pit Bull Terrier Dog in Columbus, OH. Visit to find out h
Day 2 posting this sweet boy, Mayhem! he walks well on a leash, knows how to "sit", "down", climb a ladder and go down a slide! He loveloveloves people, especially children! He likes water, but a truly happy Mayhem is playing fetch with a squeaky toy! It's Independence Day! Why not get your very own American Pit Bull Terrier?!
Chato a 3 year old Pit Bull Terrier mix after our at the
When talking to somebody who owns a Pit Bull Terrier, it is unavoidable that the subject of pedigrees comes up. Pedigrees make up a very important aspect of breeding any type of animal, but especially so with high performance animals such as Pit Bull Terriers.   When it comes to breeding and raising puppies into full grown healthy dogs some people seem to have more success than others.  Anyone who has experience in the field will tell you that it takes a lot of time, money and patience along with plenty of common sense before any good results will come off.   Unmistakably, Gary J. Hammonds from Texas is one of the very few that can look back at a very successful career, breeding a high percentage of good dogs.  Some of the better known dogs that he bred are Frits Jansen’s Champion SPIKE which turned out to be one of the best producing dogs in Europe.  Ronnie Anderson’s Champion SPADE, Champion SMILEY and Champion GOOSE but the dog that Gary gained most fame with is without any doubt, the RUFUS do ...
Five years ago an Angel came into my life in the form of a Pit Bull Terrier from the South Central Los Angeles Shelter. Her ears cut with scissors, battery acid burns all over her back, broken tail, part of her tongue missing, had been bred several times and used as a bait dog but still had a smile...
*EXTREMELY URGENT NEEDS OUT NOW* NORTHWEST FLORIDA! $85 PLEDGED TO RESCUE! ELIJAH is an super sweet 1 year old, 60 pound, Pit Bull Terrier mix. Elijah is described as "very friendly" by the facility staff. Elijah deserves to be in...See more
13 Breeds of dogs insurance companies hate: • Akita • American Staffordshire TerrierAmerican Pit Bull TerrierBull Mastiff or Mastiff • Chow • Doberman Pinscher • German Shepherd • Husky • Pit Bull Terrier • Presa Canario • Rottweiler • Staffordshire Bull Terrier • Wolf dog/hybrid I have been bitten twice by dogs. The first dog was a jack russell and then a border collie. Both times I was running in the Knobs of Floyd County. The owners of these dogs let them roam with no control. I love dogs, but I understand why insurance carriers have taken this stand. Beware…your insurance company may not like your dog.
I am an unaltered female, gray Pit Bull Terrier.
My name is Bradley and I am a male, fawn and white Pit Bull Terrier.
I am a spayed female, white and brown brindle Harrier and Pit Bull Terrier.
Augosto seeks homeLeave a replyAugosto sean casey dog for adoptionAugosto is our 1 year old Pit Bull Terrier mix…Stop by the shelter and spend time with him to see if he is the right match for you. Augosto will thrive in his forever home and be your faithful companion. He will be responsive to posit...
Introduction The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a medium sized, Short Coated, Old-Time breed of dog, originally bred for bull baiting. In the early part of the twentieth century, the breed gained respectability, and it was accepted by The Kennel Club of the United Kingdom. It is an English breed of dog which is related to the Bull Terrier and its larger cousins the American Staffordshire Terrier and the American Pit Bull Terrier, the latter two being generally categorized as Pit Bull Terrier. They are also known as the “Nanny Dog” because of their affection for Children. They are the 5th most popular breed in the UK and have high entries in the Terrier Dog Group at Dog Shows. Today they are not used to fight they are a very Loving and high intelligent companions.     -       -     General   Other names: Staffordshire, Staffy, Staffie, English Staffordshire Bull terrier, Stafford   Origin: English   Breed Purpose: Bred for the sport Bull Baiting   Kennel Club Dog Group: Terrier   Cost of ...
Monty - Pit Bull Terrier Male - 3.5 years Monty is a sweetheart looking to find his furever home. He is 75...
Awh, I really want Pit Bull Terrier or rottweiler.. :3 And Sphynx cat! Omfg, I want one so bad o-o
ohh it's a miniature goat. They now have a goat, pit bull, lab, 2 Great Danes, terrier and cat.
Sierra Vista, AZ-Adopt Star, an affectionate Pit Bull Terrier looking for a forever home
I am a female, gray and brown brindle Pit Bull Terrier and Greyhound.
Nastashia needs some help, can anyone give her some advice?: "This past Saturday, I rescued a gorgeous dog from the shelter. She is about 1 and a half years old and sweet as can be. She is a Pit Bull Terrier mutt (I'm thinking she's part Greyhound but no one is sure). She had spent her entire life in the shelter. She does amazing with me & with the kids. She also gets along fairly well with my nine year old American Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Princess). My problem is with anyone else. She will love on my husband and do fine, but if he gets on to the kids or yells at the xbox (we're gamers hehe) her ears go back and she'll growl really low. Never shows teeth or anything. I had assumed her reaction was bc my husband is a large, loud person but when my Mother came over this morning, Tess (the rescue) would growl very quietly at my Ma. She (Tess) was not too happy with Ma getting near my youngest daughter (the old two were at school) and she sat between the my daughter and my mother. My question is, how do I ...
Meet Piper - this sweet Pit Bull Terrier is available for adoption through FurKid Rescue
Genome research has put the Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, and the Miniature Bull Terrier...
Regarding the Pit Bull Terrier ...or the American Staffordshire Terrier Docility and tractability have always been vital traits in a powerful dog that must be handled even in the midst of a dog fight; therefore, the Am Staff evolved to have a sweet and trustworthy disposition around people. (Dogs 101-Animal Planet)
Little Giant Ladders
VIA- Gunner's Gang Stamford, CT PLEASE SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! PIGGY Pit Bull Terrier: An adoptable dog in Stamford, CT Medium • Adult • Female Piggy and two other pit bulls came to SPBR from Manhattan, where they were seized in a dog fighting raid. The dogs were in tatters -- :( Over the next months, after surgeries and care, these dogs all lived to love again, and are now thriving at SPBR, looking for the most perfect of homes! We love our little Piggy as our own -- her snorts, her compact little body, her willingness to please -- she is truly an angel. Read more of Piggys story here -- -- Smilin' Pitbull Rescue eric
Thanks for sharing this, Miami Shelter Big, Bullies, Black & Been Around. This is Rock (ID # A1510640). Rock is an unaltered male, red Pit Bull Terrier.
~ Izzy is an Pit Bull Terrier Dog in As you can see in the pictu
Cookstown, Oklahoma Boy boast's about killing a Pit Bull Terrier without justifiable cause! He exclaims" For all you Pit lovers out there. Here's what happens when one shows up around my house." Please help share and let's get this reported and get some justice for this poor dog. Don't bother going to his page it now has been deleted.
"Angus" (has been sitting in the shelter since dec 28 2012!!! Way too long for this boy! he deserves a better life than this!! Please can someone open their hearts and home to this 60lb boy? Hill at Harbor Animal Shelter 957 N Gaffey St San Pedro, CA 90731 Direct Line: (310) 548-2632 email: gee.hill
The Admins of Protect Children from Pit Bulls And Other Dangerous Dogs believes that some breeds are inherently dangerous and pose a greater risk to society. "Inherently Dangerous" is not the same as "aggressive" or "vicious." We do believe that pit bulls, am staffs, ambulls, and their crosses are i...
I love this dog (maybe that's evident from the video). She's sweet and gentle, attentive, responsive, and just peppy enough to have a lot of fun with in the ...
American Pit Bull Terrier tries to find her sea legs via
Sadie. Sweet girl, very gentle. If only she'd sit for treats! She's very attentive, so I bet you could teach her ... come give it a try. Harbor Animal Shelter.
The ASPCA names the top 10 mischievous pets. See why these breeds landed on the list.
Simone came to us from a shelter where she was deemed by shelter staff to be ‘dog friendly’. The funny thing about dogs in shelters though is that they are frightened — their living situation has changed drastically and this usually results in behavior and personality that may not be true to who the...
I am putting together a transport for a 70lbs Pit Bull Terrier from Portland, OR to Renton, WA over the we...
I am looking for rare breeds I have not painted yet! please email me for a great deal!!
PetConnect.Us THIS BEAUTY WITH THE SOFT, GENTLE EYES THAT SEEM TO BE BEGGING US TO SAVE HER HAS ONLY A FEW MORE DAYS AT DEVORE. She is kenneled with another dog and doing fine with her. Someone from the shelter visited her today at my request. She said this girl is shy but loves to snuggle. She wants affection and attention and to get to live the rest of her life with someone who adores her. Please help find a home or rescue for this girl whose face melts my heart.
Heroic terrier SAVES her family from House Fire! Incredible Story! pls SHARE
Baby, a 10-year-old pit bull terrier, is being hailed a hero after saving her family from their burning home. Early Tuesday morning, Baby started barking at her sleeping owners, sisters Rhonda and Evelyn Westenberger, in their Lincoln County, Oklahoma, home. Then she pounced on them. "There were flames shooting down the hallway," Rhonda told KOCO. "If Baby hadn't woken Evelyn up, I don't think either one of us would have come out of it." This is a story I found about a brave Pit Bull that saved not only the family but other pets in the home.. Kudos to Baby! The women escaped unharmed, but their five other dogs remained trapped inside. Baby, once again, came to the rescue and led each pup to safety. "There was one hiding underneath the bed," said family member Charles Land. "Baby actually went in there grabbed it by the neck and drug it outside." The home was destroyed in the fire — fire officials believe the fire started and spread from the home's dryer — but, thanks to Baby, everyone made it out aliv ...
Katie is a great American Pit Bull Terrier looking for a home available at Forte Animal Rescue Details
DOG owner Mark Horsley has been summoned to court after refusing to have his pets put down.The 39-year-old was given an ultimatum by police early this year after his two Staffordshire bull terriers...
Fun Friday Question: In honor of the upcoming President's Day holiday, would your dog make a good "First Dog?"
Reunited ~Ava the Pit Bull Terrier from in Shawano County. Message from owner: Neighbor found her in...
Cesar Millan ha compartido el siguiente enlace y ha comentado esto: Leader of the Pack' is moving to Tuesdays! After this Saturday's episode "Rosie's Thorn," you can watch LOTP on NatGeo WILD on Tuesdays at 8pm. Rosie is a Staffordshire bull terrier, a breed lumped in with pit bulls and given a bad reputation because of irresponsible owners. Learn more about Rosie:
Soft its stuck in my head again.warm kitty...
CONTROL OF DOGS, THE LAW AND YOU. WHAT IS MENT BY DANGEROUSLY OUT OF CONTROL? Any dog is dangerously out of control if: • it injures a person, or • it behaves in a way that makes a person worried that it might injure them. The law applies everywhere the general public is allowed to go and anywhere your dog goes where it is not supposed to be. The maximum penalty for allowing a dog you own or are in charge of to be dangerously out of control is two years’ imprisonment, or a fine, or both. In addition, if your dog is dangerously out of control in its own home or garden then the police or anyone else that is worried about the dog being a risk could also seek a control order. If your dog injures another person’s animal, or an owner of an animal reasonably believes that they could be injured if they intervened to protect their animal from your dog, then an offence may be committed. If you do not keep your dog under control, your dog could be destroyed and you could be banned from keeping a dog. Or you ...
Pit bulls have a bad name, but not because of dogs like Baby. The pit bull terrier is being called a hero after saving her owners from a fire that ravaged their Wellston, Okla., home.
Bleu Jays hurler and pit bull owner Mark Buehrle will spend the summer away from his wife and kids because of Ontario’s ban on the breed. But that won’t stop him from continuing his efforts to raise public awareness about the dogs.
Are any of you have a dog on a gluten/grain free diet? What were the symptom(s) of the allergies? What are you feeding your four legged family member?
Found a dog in Brooklyn .. Not a drive I'm tryin to take
A recent study carried out on 6,000 dogs and their owners found out 33 of the most aggressive dogs, and also those which have good temperaments. The study involved collecting data from two different groups. The first group consisted of 11 different breeds and the second was an online survey mainly involving owners, including 33 breeds. The conclusions from both groups were similar. It looked at the different types of aggression such as towards other dogs, towards strangers and towards owners. Some of the results were surprising, below are the top ten most aggressive breed: Dachshunds Chihuahua Jack Russell Australian Cattle Dog Cocker Spaniel Beagle Border Collie Pit Bull Terrier Great Dane English Springer Spaniel Have you spotted your dangerous dog on this list?
Are you thinking of adopting an American Pit Bull Terrier but aren’t sure considering some things you’ve heard about them that concern you? Well, if treated and socialized properly pit bulls make great pets. Here are 8 reasons why: Friendly and affectionate. Pit bulls love to be with their people and are great cuddlers whether with people or with other animals. Most pit bull owners consider their pit bulls lap dogs…even if they are too big too fit! It is reported on temperament tests conducted by the American Temperament Test Society the American Pit Bull Terrier has a current passing rate of 86.4% -- compared to only 77% of the general dog population. “Family” dogs like the Golden Retriever scored 84.9% while Beagles even lower at 80.6%. Smart, eager to please, and easily trainable. Pit bulls love to learn new tricks and they pick up on things very quickly. They want nothing more than to make you happy. Because of this, they excel in sports such as rally and obedience. Moderate Energy Level. Pi ...
Dog hero-est story of the day: Pit bull terrier saves family & fellow pets from fire. Story is here:
strange conversation with a nurse yesterday about a dog commercial that was on tv in the background, that turned into a conversation about dogs. I explained my dog and of course she explained hers. I would have never guessed this mid 50s nurse to have two pit bulls. again I feel like the only person who does not trust these animals.
ALL THE DOGS in this album are URGENT! They could die any day! PLEASE SHARE, PLEDGE, RESCUE, FOSTER, ADOPT top save a life!! ANY dog that is NOT urgent but still needs a home, BUT JUST as important, are in the Fostered folder. The dogs in that folder, are JUST as important, because they are taking up space that another urgent dog could take! IF we cannot help the rescues, or fosters find a permanant place for the dogs they already have saved, that means another urgent dog will die because the rescues and fosters are full and these are the people who can help rescue the urgent dogs in need!! SO please do not forget the dogs in the fostered album too!! LINK HERE:
Brooklyn now at vet,n waiting for group to step p and take her.
Oh, statewide BSL legislation!! RHODE ISLAND. Statewide BSL has been introduced. H 5287 and S 178 would regulate all “pit bulls”, defined as any dog that substantially conforms to the American Staffordshire Terrier or Staffordshire Bull Terrier, or American Pit Bull Terrier standards. Dogs meeting the definition of “pit bull” must be kept securely confined indoors, in a locked pen, or muzzled. Contact the members of the following committees to oppose these bills: House Committee on Judiciary Committee on Environment and Agriculture
I had a phone call asking to help breed her NO WAY! STOP BREEDING STAFFIES!
even Helen Keller had an American Pit Bull Terrier for her best friend! This is Helen and her APBT "SIR THOMAS"
Do any of you have a pet that rides along? Tell us about them! If you don't tell us if you'd like to ride along with one!
Liam Fitzgerald took his Pit Bull Terrier called Dennis for a walk before work this morning, the dog attacked and nearly killed a postman, Fitzgerald warned him 'don't get so close next time' however witnesses claim that Fitzgerald ordered the dog to 'savage' the postman, who was actually stood 50 metres down the road.
OUT OF TIME!!! ** RED-LISTED ** Meet Racer! Racer is a cute, grey-muzzled fellow who is a friendly and nice dog with super cute ears. Racer is a strong boy, he pulls a bit on the leash, and he enjoys a lot of attention. Please consider rescuing or adopting Racer! No. A1367260 American Pit Bull Terrier Male 6 Years Old Weight: 58-lbs. Impound Date: 1/10/13
Samba is our American Pit Bull Terrier, she has been living with us for 7 years and now we wanted to capture one of those magic relaxed moments with her. "Moments"…
pretty pls? Tryin hard 2network this sweet pit i walk at shelter, there 4 a yr!
What exactly is a 'pit bull'? The term "pit bull" is a general term encompassing three distinct, though related, breeds: the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, and the Staffordshire bull terrier. They were originally bred as "catch dogs" for hunting and attacking large animals like wild boar, for herding livestock and for pit fighting. There's a myth that pit bulls have "locking jaws" that seize up when biting. Though pit bulls have strong jaws and, like most dogs, will hold onto their prey after biting it, there is no evidence that a pit bull's jaws are anatomically different from those of other breeds. Even fans of pit bulls acknowledge the breed is different from other dogs. "I tell people right off the bat, if you want a dog-park-type dog, a dog you can just run off-leash, please do not get a pit bull," Ami Ciontos, founder and president of the Atlanta Underdog Initiative, a pit bull rescue group, told A 2006 study from the Journal of Interpersonal Violence reveale ...
Only 2% of Dogs Die in Shelters Yearly By Christopher – June 26, 2012 Posted in: dogs, pit bulls New data released by the ASPCA, HSUS, and the American Pet Products Association‘s National Pet Owners Survey show that shelter killings are at an all time low in both whole numbers and percent of pet dogs in America. Down from a high of nearly 25% of all dogs per year in the 1970s, as little as 2% of dogs now find their end in US shelters per year, the majority of them are pit bulls. Despite both the human and pet dog populations in America rising, the number of dogs entering and dying in shelters has fallen steadily for decades. While this vast improvement hasn’t stemmed the degree of vitriol against “breeders” by those in the shelter/rescue community, a look at statistics shows that there is little foundation for their anger. The situation is getting better every year and very little of the past or remaining problems have anything to do with hobby breeders or people who buy their dogs. There are no ...
Bullet is an adoptable Pit Bull Terrier Dog in New Orleans, LA. This wiggly waggly guy was one of our many Katrina dogs. But what is so sad about little Bullet is that we're positive that he had a won...
Micro-chipped. Staffordshire Terrier / Pit Bull with not one speck of mean in him. 85lbs of sweetness, neutered MALE, short hair, GRAY with white chest and stripe on face. Please look at his photos; though there are many similar dogs, Theo has a very distinct shape to his big head, with floppy ears...
Another holiday without my boy; the passing of this day is very sad. 5 years ago my wee Lil Boy and I spent our first holiday together, how appropriate that is was valentines, being Theo' is the sweetest and best dog I have ever had. I so hope that that somehow my beloved Theo'dorable will be home soon as I miss him terribly. REWARD: GRAY Pit Bull, 85lbs of mellow sweetness. (NW of Lyle, WA) Please contact with any information; confidentiality respected. CASH REWARD: Upon verified scan of Micro-chip. Drop off arrangement during OPEN hours at shelter or vet optional. Staffordshire Terrier / Pit Bull, 85lbs of mellow sweetness. NEUTERED Male, sleek short hair. GRAY w/WHITE blaze on chest, toe tips chin and distinct stripe on face. Wide head, floppy ears & lips, big pillow like chest. Deep brown eyes,turn bloodshot red when tired. PICKED UP & taken away on August 3, 2012, NW of Lyle, WA. Location: Cimmiyotti Road. Cross streets Lyle/Snowden & Steve Graves Road Please share our Help T-Bone Home page and keep ...
In addition to compulsory microchipping, Defra also announced amendments to the Dangerous Dogs Act today. There’s unwelcome news for those who campaign hard against breed-specific legislation (BSL), which judges a dog on its breed rather than its dead. Defra secretary Owen Paterson said that after considering advice from the police, the ban on four breeds – the Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino and Fila Braziliero – will remain in place “to protect the public”. Paterson added: “The Government’s approach is one of tackling both deed and breed.” There is slightly happier news for dogs suspected of being banned breeds under the BSL law from a welfare point of view, however. Those dogs will be judged on their own merits and those who don’t present a risk to the public will be allowed to remain in their family homes while subject to court proceedings, rather than in rather uninviting police kennels. Powers will be extended to prosecute those who allow their dogs to be dangerousl ...
We'd like to know what you think of this one. New pitbull terriers and other dog breeds already classified by the Queensland Government as restricted breeds will be banned in the Moreton Bay Region in coming weeks. Moreton Bay Regional Council has amended its Animal Management Local Law and will no longer accept new registrations for restricted breed dogs, once the amendment to the local law is approved by the Queensland Government. The amendment will exclude new registrations of the following breeds from the Moreton Bay Region: · American Pit Bull Terrier / Pit Bull Terrier · Dogo Argentino · Fila Brasileiro · Japanese Tosa · Presa Canario Restricted breed dogs, including pitbulls, already licensed and registered with Moreton Bay Regional Council can continue to live in the region for the remainder of their natural lives provided they are housed appropriately by their owners in accordance with existing regulations and registration is maintained. The owners of existing restricted breed dogs are requi ...
SGT. STUBBY WAR DOG HERO! Meet America's first war dog, a stray Pit Bull/Terrier mix, named Stubby. He became Sgt. Stubby, was the most decorated war dog of World War I and the only dog to be promoted to sergeant through combat. One day he appeared at Yale Field in New Haven, Connecticut; while a group of soldiers were training, stopping to make friends with soldiers as they drilled. One soldier, Corporal Robert Conroy, developed a fondness for the dog. He named him Stubby because of his short legs. When it became time for the outfit to ship out, Conroy hid Stubby on board the troop ship. In order to keep the dog, the private taught him to salute his commanding officers warming their hearts to him. Stubby served with the 102nd Infantry, 26th (Yankee) Division in the trenches in France for 18 months and participated in four offensives and 18 battles. The loud noise of the bombs and gun fire did not bother him. He was never content to stay in the trenches but went out and found wounded soldiers. Stubby ente ...
Need advise!!! Our dog is 4 months old she is on a timed feeding at 7am and at 2pm we take her out side and she will not go to the bathroom. She pee and poohs everywhere. We are trying to kennel train her but no luck with that. Now she is starting to show aggression to other animals. What should we do?
love a Pit Bull (beast - for all Smartness that they condemn and prohibit want but know these dogs just from the press). What you can see on this photo is no exception or something... HERE IS THE TRUTH ABOUT THE "American Pit Bull Terrier"...!
Pit bull, bull terrier, german shepherd, or a great dane will be one of my first dogs.
Adopt Sunset, a Pit Bull Terrier in Mankato, MN: via IF I could adopt this cutie pie, I would!
Find more stuff on Surgeons removed 1,1 cm x 1 cm of skin from Sruli Recht. The skin was cleaned, scraped, salted and tanned and now i...
I been getting hit up like crazy today about a few top stud dogs getting asked to mandatory DNA their dogs with ukc or their papers are suspended? Does anybody know more about this?
By the end of World War II, however, these bulldog type strains were becoming extinct.[citation needed] Mr. John D. Johnson, a returning war veteran, decided to resurrect this breed.[citation needed] He found many of the best specimens of these working type dogs and started recording pedigrees and family trees. His aim was to produce a large farm guardian-type bulldog, reminiscent of the bulldogs of old.[citation needed] Later Alan Scott and several other breeders joined Johnson's efforts to resurrect and recreate the old time bulldogs. Johnson and Scott began to carefully breed American bulldogs, keeping careful records and always with an eye for maintaining the breed's health and working abilities.[citation needed] Initially Johnson and Scott had a similar vision and even traded dogs with each other.[citation needed] However in time there was a split between their visions and resulted in the two distinct types of American Bulldog.[citation needed] Alan Scott preferred a smaller more athletic dog with a ...
Ralphie is an adoptable Pit Bull Terrier Dog in CHARLOTTE, NC. Ralphie is a 4 month old red/brindle
My heart is breaking today..I never dreamed I go through this with my pit bull Harley,but twice today he's gone after two of my small dogs..He had My 16 yr old Mindy down my the neck,thank god my husband was able to kick him in the head to make him let go of her. A couple hrs later, he went after my 17 yr old Doxie as she was going out the door to go potty..Greg shut the door on his head..It's breaking my heart,but tomorrow,he has to go over the rain bow bridge..I can not bear to have him tear up one of my little dogs,or maybe worse a child...Any time any one come over with children,I lock him up,because I will not risk it..Now,I 'm worried about any one that may come over..This has just come on all of of sudden..I'v had very long talks with my vet and cried all day..Even thought of pulling his K-'9"s..But the vet told me he could still kill..He's a huge and very powerful dog..I do not believe all Pit bulls are this way..Harley had a very bad start from the time he was 7 weeks old, he was abused starved,l ...
MELANIE PFEIFFER, veterinary assistant Working in a veterinary hospital, you are exposed to all kinds of animal trauma. One of the more common ones is dog fights. I can honestly say that in three out of four cases, an American Pit Bull Terrier is involved. Many times, we are able to save the life of the afflicted, but yesterday, we were not. I propose that all owned American Pit Bull Terriers be registered and all breeding be halted indefinitely. How many mutilated faces, mangled limbs, butchered pets and even human deaths does it take to convince us that this breed needs to be phased out?
You say I'm "Just a Dog" then why would it be, if you spell my name backwards god is what you see I have many jobs, one is protecting your life or making sure your family's safe when that prowler is out at night I would chase down any man who hurt someone, I would protect you with my life until my job is done I search for drugs in many different places, I can pick them out of anything even though they come in many different phases I can sniff out a bomb that might be in your child's school, I would risk being blown up to make sure your child comes home to you If you're hurt in the woods or just lost and scared I will search as long as it takes to make sure your life is spared I am loyal to my master for they are first in my eyes, I will always stand beside them for we are partners till I die Of all these jobs that I do, my most important is protecting you, protecting your life with the risk of losing mine even though I have never met you So after all these things that you read, tell me when you look into ...   10% Off
Donations:If you would like to donate money for the dogs at the shelter please go to our Chip In Link: The money will go towards treats & toys for the dogs.***ONLY SERIOUS INQUIRIES PLEASE***Please do not say you can rescue a dog if you can't. These dogs have urgent deadlines to be adopted or they will be put to sleep. If you say you are going to adopt/foster and don't it could be that dogs life because everyone thought they were safe. If you change your mind that okay but please be respectful and cancel your appointment so we have time to try and find a new home.
• During the 40's and 50's the American Pit Bull Terrier was the number 1 family dog. • Pit Bulls are a bad choice for guard dogs due to their love of humans. interesting
Famous Pit Bulls- "Pit Bull breeds have become famous for their roles as soldiers, police dogs, search and rescue dogs, actors, television personalities, seeing eye dogs, and celebrity pets. Historically, the Bull Terrier mix Nipper and Petey from the Little Rascals, are the most well known. Lesser known, but still historically notable pit bulls include Helen Keller's dog "Sir Thomas",Buster Brown's dog "Tige", Horatio Jackson's dog "Bud", President Theodore Roosevelt's Pit Bull terrier "Pete", "Jack Brutus" who served for Company K, the First Connecticut Volunteer Infantry during the civil war, and Sir Walter Scott's "Wasp". Modernly significant pit bulls are: Weela, who helped save 32 people, 29 dogs, 3 horses, and 1 cat;Popsicle, a five-month-old puppy originally found nearly dead in a freezer, who grew to become one of the nation's most important police dogs;Norton, who was placed in the Purina Animal Hall of Fame after he rescued his owner from a severe reaction to a spider bite;Titan, who rescued hi ...
The canines in this album are in need of safe, loving, permanent homes. Please note the location and adoption requirements of each individual animal. Some are property of local shelters, while others belong to rescue groups as well as private individuals. You may contact the foster provider directly for detailed information about each dog.
EVERYONE SHARE AND LET'S GET THIS PRECIOUS DEAF BABY A HOME!!! Be sure to share the contact number near the bottom of his post! "Hello, friends. I am pausing from posting the rest of the adoptable dog photos right now to post an urgent case. This is Precious. This sweet baby is a case of the most irresponsible type of owner. She is a DEAF pit bull terrier, and she had her puppies taken away from her and sold at 5 weeks. She tested positive for heartworms, yesterday. Precious is nothing but a lover, and she could be a great dog for someone. However, Precious has little chance of being rescued in our shelter because of being deaf, being a pitbull, and being HW positive. She is on the EU for Wednesday so that this sweet baby won't have to suffer any longer, but we ask that you advocate now, more than ever, if you know of anyone who could give Precious a great home. She is a very special needs dog, but please share, in hopes that someone out there can provide a good home for this girl. If you are interested . ...
URGENT URGENT URGENT! URGENT! NEEDS OUT NOW! ** "MURFREESBORO, TN! - IDFemale, Lab/Hound mix. Under her ID she is listed a a brindle Pit Bull Terrier mix, but the shelter workers now feel she is not mixed with Pit Bull and she definitely isn't brindle color." "DOES NOT HAVE MANGE! She has a dry skin condition per skin scrapping done by vet at PAWS yesterday." Please share immediately far and wide!
Jack Palance 's mug means one thing: in his former life he was a proper Pit Bull Terrier.
What an awesome day! 13 adopted, 1 rescued, 3 sent to foster, and 1 adopted from foster! We had 6 adoptions from Petco and 7 onsite! A total of 17 animals saved today! Thank you to Apollo Support and Rescue for pulling a Pit Bull Terrier today!
Never own a Yorkshire terrier or any other small terrier breed because they'll run away from you in circles for a couple of hours and finally come to you...this is why I want to own a border collie so they listen to everything they say to me
A man has been charged after his dog allegedly attacked and killed a cat in Matraville last week. Police will allege the dog – described as a Pitbull-Straffordshire Terrier cross – was with its owner but unrestrained when it attacked the cat in its front yard on Jersey Road about 1pm last Thursday (10 January). Numerous witnesses alerted police and, following investigations, detectives from Eastern Beaches Local Area Command yesterday arrested a 32-year-old man at his home in Matraville. He was taken to Maroubra Police Station where he was charged with four offences under the Companion Animals Act: • Being in charge of dog uncontrolled in public place – dangerous dog; • Own/in charge of unmuzzled greyhound/other applicable breed; • In charge of dog attacks etc person etc - dangerous dog; and, • Set on/urge dog to attack/harass/chase. He was granted conditional bail to appear in Waverley Local Court on 2 February. Police are liaising with Randwick City Council about the destruction of the dog ...
Ginger Blossom is supr frndly + supr sweet! Meet Ginger, available in Philly PA via
This Saturday. I am goin to red wing to adpot a puppy and her name is brooke and she is American Pit Bull Terrier mix
Check out amazing Rocky! He is an adorable 11 month old Pit Bull Terrier mix who was brought to the shelter by a kind citizen. He is not microchipped so if you recognize him please let his owners know he is here and hoping to be reclaimed! TO ADOPT: PLEASE VISIT Arlington Animal Services, 1000 SE Green Oaks, Arlington, Texas 76018 Shelter hours: Weekdays (10-6), Saturdays (10-4). Closed Sundays.
Directed by Kenneth Castillo. With Danny Trejo, Steven Bauer, Alvaro Orlando, Oscar Torre. Based on a true story. A young boxer, Emilio, from the wrong side of the tracks with big dreams of winning the Golden Gloves boxing championship...
Awsome black American bulldog never seen one black didnt now they exist :)
URGENT..Another great Pit, a victim of Breed Ban in Independence. This dog is RESCUE ONLY due to breed -- no fault of her own, she's actually wonderful as most pit bulls are! Hoping to get sponsorship money for her. Sponsorship money encourages rescues to pull by making sure their pull fee and other expenses are paid for. If you can sponsor, please send us a private message/leave a comment w/the amt on her picture/leave a note on this post with the amt. Sponsor money goes directly to a reputable rescue that pulls her only! Biography: Very friendly and high-energy. She wants love, attention, and affection. Friendly towards other dogs. Loves to play, run, and interact. What more could you want? Let's get this PIT OUT into a city that does not have a breed ban.. RESCUE ONLY...Pits are first to go when the shelter gets!!! SNOW Animal ID 18857813 Species Dog Breed Terrier, Pit Bull/Mix Age 4 years Sex Female Date Found 1/7/2013 Location Found 633 S Ash Size Large Color White / Brindle Location Presidental Grea ...
What silly nicknames does your dog answer to? :)
Cammi, a 10 month old Pit Bull mix, is available for adoption here at Lake Humane Society. Cammi would make a...
Dogsafe demo dog, Gator, is an American Pit Bull Terrier. No breed discrimination at Dogsafe! Pic:
Heather needs some advice: Okay I need help my 2 year old Pitt has decided to do a personality change she has been escaping from her cage while we are out at work or asleep and has been doing poops in her cage while were gone even though we always let her out before we go anywhere. Does anyone know why she is doing this and if there are cages Pitt bull proof. She has been fixed for almost a year. Iam also 24 weeks pregnant.
Note: This section is currently a work-in-progress! Pit Bull, pit bull The ONLY true Pit Bull is the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT). This is the only breed name with the words
LOOKING for someone willing to save a life. Do you have room in your home and your heart for a friend? TUESDAY--TODAY!!! IS HER URGENT DAY--PLEASE SHARE ~~ CITY of HARTFORD SHELTER--URGENT FOR TUES. 1/15 ~~ Crosswalk aka Retriever/Pit Bull Terrier Approx. 2yrs.old...approx. 55lbs (when at full weight). Auburn-haired beauty! This sweet, gentle girl is in danger of losing her life today without some interest--please share. Hey! looking for an easy going, gentle friend? A companion to share walks without barking, pulling, or jumping on the leash? Crosswalk may be just the buddy you are looking for. Not a cat fan, but Very affectionate, great with dogs mellow like she is. A friend to every person she meets. Beautiful and well mannered. She doesn't want to take over your life, just share it with you. Email to set up a visit. ctshelterdogs
video is from 2010, but a marvelous piece showing the true nature of an American Pit Bull Terrier
CALGARY - A Calgary family say three pitbulls attacked their dogs, killing one, "without warning'' at an off-leash park. Shanese Best and her brother were at the park Monday with their dogs when the pitbulls attacked.
Apollo is out on the run! Of anyone happends to come across him please contact me! He's chipped, but doesn't have a tracker :( he was by the movie theatre last night; but that's all we know he needs to be home :(
We found Brownie the day I moved to Dallas and she has been with us since. We took her to the vet at Petsmart and they told us she is a pit bull/ terrier mix and is about 4 months old. We got the first Parvo shot and the Rabies shot. She is very energetic and rambunctious she loves to play fetch and tug-a-war, she loves to run and chase leaves!! She is very trainable always happy!! The vet says she will be about 40 LBS and that is just way to big for our apartment. Please let us know is you would like to take Brownie into your home or if you know someone who would love to have her!!
This buy it now is to help pay vet bills for Rufus the Cancer Pitty
How many of you have dogs that hate going out in the rain?
I can't wait till the day I can get a puppy. I can't wait to go out and pick out my new best friend.
How quickly and easily America forgets it’s heroes. For most of our history we had a National Dog. You guessed it. The Pit Bull. We chose it because it was faithful, reliable and trustworthy, and though it was extremely powerful it was also extremely tolerant. ( That’s why it became known as our nat...
I want ideas...cute, cuddly, easy to train, quiet, small pet? small dog or caged cats.go!
Astoundingly, for most of our history America’s nickname for Pit Bulls was “The Nanny Dog”. For generations if you had children and wanted to keep them safe you wanted a pit bull, the dog that was the most reliable of any breed with children or adults. The Nanny Dog is now vilified by a media that a...
Heehee.running like a baby from a Rooster! So vicious that Pittie is! :) ~Tracey~
I'm looking for American Pit Bull Terrier puppies...the oldschool traditional type NOT the large blue colored ones that are so popular now. send a message if anyone knows of any
These animals are listed as adoptable, ready immediately for their new homes. They have been altered and vaccinated and in most cases can leave the shelter the same day. Some of the animals have an "Angel Sponsor", they are available at the reduced adoption rate.
Dog-friendly Bonnie Boop for nearly 1 year! Looking for a home with large dog. Can you help?
Like if You Think Pit Bulls are Best Dogs in the World.
Sugarloaf is a 6 mo old female pit bull/terrier mix who is smart & eager to learn. Meet her at 184 Verona St
The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) recently released its U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook, which revealed that Vermont ranks 1st for pet ownership with 70.8 percent of households owning a pet. What pet(s) do you own? We'd love to know!
When we moved in they let me know that there were no restrictions on size, but I am sad that I just called and they told me we cannot have any pit, american Bulldog, Bull terrier, Rottweiler, or any mixed with them. I am so sadas we had just fallen in love with this dog breed. I guess we will have to continue on our search for our family member.
Times have surely changed. Thank god aadr/sdr/adba dogs still have to work and earn their trophies. What a joke that todays pet bulls get trophies for having the biggest chest/ head/ or extreme categories... Wow your dog is mix. Its part mastiff. It's a bandog, but it looks cool. It can't perform at a real working dog level. It can't run and keep a steady pace. It's slow. It's genetically a man bitter. Let's paper it a American Pit Bull Terrier. Smh...
Do you have any pets beside your Boxer?
Do you have any pets beside your Rottie?
Do you have any pets beside your Boston?
The American Pit Bull Terrier. The second is an American Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Not the same dog.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
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