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Pirate Party

Pirate Party is a label adopted by political parties in different countries. Pirate Parties support civil rights, direct democracy and participation, reform of copyright and patent law, free sharing of knowledge (Open Content), data privacy, transparency, freedom of information, free education, universal healthcare and a clear separation between church and state .

European Union

True, everyone agrees with me that the Pirate Party's abolishment of Finnish Daylight…
So it's X-com but half your party are the most annoying *** feasible?
Being a pilot, I have always had a focus on aviation for the pirate party, here is me struggling with a new experience.…
Happy Hallowishes Dessert Party at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party now open for booking
You can have a FAIRY party or a PIRATE OR SUPERHERO party
There isn't yet an active state party in Colorado, but if he agrees with our platform (
You are well aware of the history of the Catalan Pirate Party ;)…
Guest: Adult Beach Party and Pirate and Mermaid party - Cape Parks and Rec - Coordinator Stephanie Buehler
Thank you to for opposing the politics of hat…
Sure did need you guys for the BHS pirate after prom party 🎉🎊
The Honeybees love sandwiches! We are finding out our favourite sandwich filling ready to go shopping for our pirat…
We have a kids & party here on the 8th of July... Get a ticket here -
The whole party drinks and shouts at their mate on a TV above the bar, who's failed to discover the sil…
Would you please cross the floor and take over the Tory Party?
Invitations in the making for a special 9 year old. The entire party is pirate themed. Complete…
For the love of Jack Sparrow and pirates everywhere!
I've just posted on my Blog about: Pirate Party Ideas o
I'm honoured to be hosting this for a very worthy cause join us if you can…
But needed to go cap in hand to a Political Party whose military wing allegedly shot a dad down in front of his kids 5 - 6 w…
✨ Oakey doakey and Ahoy me hearties - here we go!! The official party poster for our pirate shenanigans is up...
Euro-lite. They have a pirate political party too which is dope.
Everyone has an alter ego. is a pirate that likes to party. . Moorilla's Alter Ego launches at https:…
Im actually pretty pumped for Skull and Bones (the non-Xbox pirate game) and I was expecting Mario and Rabbids to be some odd party game
I threw my son a pirate birthday party last night and I SWEAR HE HATES ME
I'm ready to be a Pirate in Skull and Bones! I'm gonna party like it's 1721!
Now add Mario to Skull & Bones and you have Mario Party Pirate Land!
Join us for sunny skies, 80 degrees and calm seas for the Pirate Party this Friday at Sunset Grille!
Annoying Christian Democrat voter is in the Pirate Party, lol
After seeing the demise of the german Pirate Party, I'm not that suprised by the (a)political views of nerds like Notch, McMillen and Blow.
Pirates Only Button Pirate Christmas christmas by MiniLifeRings via When you party with these guys.
The Gamut performs live for our members during their pirate's feast. Catch them again at 10:30 for the fre…
I'll be at set for my next pirate party!
We love getting cards, emails and drawing from the children who have enjoyed our parties! :)...
real points conveniently left out of the press, left undiscussed by the Pirate Party: Aaron Swartz.. info court control on lineage data etc.
It's not the Labour party most people hate, it's those who destroyed it. The kind of people for whom the sick and dying are…
Arrggh - it's Pirate Guild Night tonight - live music from Gene Rutt, it's a "Rat Pack" kind of party...
“Bitcoin will do to banks what email did to the postal industry”. – Rick Falkvinge, Founder of the Swedish pirate party
ARG you ready to plan the best party on the block?
Opinion polls put Pirate Party as number three in Germany at 13 percent. Voters not bothered by lack of clarity of its political agenda.
DNC=citigroup, Google etc. So they will not be the party of freedom. That is what the Pirate Party is for.
It's called the pirate party. I won't vote for any candidate that does not agree to advocate the pirate party platform.
If you're in the area, I'd love for you to join me at the launch party for DAUGHTER OF THE PIRATE KING on Feb 28! http…
Will soon get to download a heap of friends torrented movies and music.. the best kind of pirate party
Project Digital Boundary Defense: Submission, Pirate Party of Norway to the Norwegian Parliament | . https…
Finland: Interview with Tapani Karvinen, from the Pirate party
We're not talking of the Israel/Palestine conflict. We're not talking about the Pirate Party winning seats in Iceland.
Norway's Pirate Party responds to parliament's suggested "Digital Patriot Act" more bad ideas from politicians
A great way to kick off 2017!! A fantastic fun pirate party weekend in the North Pacific - and it helps to...
Rick Falkvinge, founder of the original pirate party and head of privacy at joins us...
Project Digital Border Defense: Submission by the of Norway to the Norwegian Parliament
Intelligence Service of wants to copy everyone's data - because terrorism. What *** There's no terror.
Today I taught smols how to flex, man I'm gonna miss those guys, that was a fun party to be in
think we need a Pirate Party like Iceland? Where are Rhinos these days? Natural Law Party, Yoga Flying?
."The Pirate Party despite the favourable polls seemed to lose supporters at the ballot box...
Iceland elections leave ruling centre-right party in driving seat
Iceland's election:. Prime minister said he'll resign. Anti-establishment Pirate Party tripled its parliamentary seats.
Iceland now has the parliament with the highest proportion of women members – more than 47% – in Europe.
Globalism is pinned down in the corner about to receive a KO.
Things making news in The Pirate Party is gaining momentum & funding. ☠🇮🇸
Iceland's Pirate Party makes massive gains in election
And now it is all about the coalition math in
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Iceland set for coalition haggling after Pirate Party advances in snap vote
Pirate Party grabs seats in Iceland's parliament, but not full control via the Android app
Iceland went to the polls today. Vote being counted now. According to polling the Pirate Party founded by may win…
Pirate Party surge falls short in Iceland election That's too bad
Pirate Party surge falls short in Iceland election
In Iceland an anarcho-populist party just took a chunk of their Parliament.
The Pirate Party embodies the actual spirit of the American Revolution. Iceland is a microcosm of America. We can learn from…
Bill Belichick dressed up as a pirate at Halloween party when he was with the Patriots.
Iceland's Pirate Party prepares for power as polls suggest election triumph. A new home for Ed Snowden?
Tom Mason and the Blue Buccaneers Bring the Pirate Party from Nashville to the World |
Lib Dems, Labour and UK Pirate Party have expressed concern over Lauri Love's extradition to the US:
Learning all about Steampunk style for the Racine Art Museum's fundraiser, Pirate Party: Steampunk Style, on 10/15.…
Swedish kids.. they started Pirate bay, Pirate Party and new religion :)
Pirate Party of San Francisco is signing up a crew, July 11th, 6:30pm, Zeitgeist, 199 Valencia Street via
apparently the Pirate Party has more votes than Palmer United
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Birgitta Jonsdottir is leading the charge in Iceland for the Pirate Party and talked to ABC's Lateline program...
Follow the Pirate Party now, to get all of the IT security and info, free education links and unbiased news daily! https…
Ahoy! Your favourite pirate in-training will love this theme party, with all the details taken care of by Alpha's!
so excited to see you in concert this summer! Your book The Only Pirate at the Party was amazing! Keep on being fantastic!
Wish we could have this for our pirate party. (
final thing I remember reading is the tiger dinner party but there might be more pirate rubbish after that I'm forgetting
Join us tomorrow evening for a PIRATE pool party! Aarrgh! ALL are welcome 6pm-8pm, games and fun at the indoor...
I'm tired of both of them now. Bring on the Canadian Pirate Party! Arrggh!
Aye matey, let's get that pirate on the spit and get this party started! We do theme parties.
Look I need the bandana back and I need my pirate hat back so stop d* around Party City and Max order it
Now its time for my political platform. this is based off of the pirate party in sweeden its called The REAL Pirate Party™
Iceland's Pirate Party secures more election funding than all its rivals as it continues to top polls
Come listen to members of Podemos, the 5 Star Movement and the Pirate Party at our conference on May 13th
Hey maybe we can buy Tom Mulcair an eyepatch and he can run for leader of the Pirate Party...sure thing with that beard!
Iceland's Pirate Party like the Robin Hood Tax Agenda- like a Freedom from Indenture Liberty Party of early USA?
Arg! Ahoy Matey!! It's a Pirate Party! We've got the cutest pirate fabric for your little guys and what great...
Iceland pm resigns. Pirate Party is on for leadership. Amazing times. 😂 it begins.
Pirate Party of expresses its condolences to the German people and government on the passing away of *** -
A Pirate Party!. Seton Hall upsets top-seed Villanova 69-67, winning its first Big East tourney title in 23 years.
...and the Pirate Party in Iceland surges ahead to 42%. Kudos to all colleagues!
should fly me from Invercargill to attend his pirate ship party. Yar, shiver me timbers and yo *** *** :p
This little boy is turning two Saturday and I won't be there to go to his pirate birthday party. 😩
I promise the iceland pirate party yet again if you win and instead of "reforming" patents abolish them
Work like a captain, party like a pirate
Caribbean drinks to themed music and Pirate props, it is time to bring in 2016 in style.
The 4 followers to join my NY pirate ship party:. I invite 2 more followe…
2016 will be the Year of the Pirate!. 10 years of Pirate Party https:…
Rihanna takes to the significant seas on a party pirate ship in Barbados... -
With the formation of the pirate political party I understood that Constitutional Rights & National Security must develop in tandem.
Don't forget about our Tiny Tots event tomorrow! :)
Hey anyone that's been on a Disney cruise line, during the pirate party do you have to bring your own pirate costume???
Culminating task in our mystery unit - a murder mystery pirate party!
still offering our free 5pm Thursday tour, but we will close at 6pm to the public for a private party.
Granny just made Christian's vest for his Jake and The Neverland Pirate Birthday party 󾌳󾌳󾌳󾌳 Super Excited!
Two weeks? In other protest party news, what is going on with Iceland and the Pirate Party?
Will Tovey, representative of the UK Pirate Party takes the floor for Proposition
Murder mystery party to end our mystery unit. Get your pirate on!
Please citizens, educate yourself on the Pirate Party movements before disregarding it.
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Think something like the Pirate Party: . Provide ways for internet citizens to push for tech-savvy govt. policy.
Almost half of youngsters (18-29) in intend to vote for the Pirate Party | https:…
My little nephew had a pirate b-day party so I did my best to dress the part!
Homeland-Laura, at protest: "Who are you guys? Chaos Chess Club, Pirate Party, Tactical Tech?". Chaos Chess Club?!
More pirate party crafting with thanks to the amazing resources
Once a year I get to be the Dead Pirate of Amsterdam. What an awesome party again!
My roomies threw me the most amazing pirate themed bday party. . htt…
Pete 'The Pirate' Wicks hosts his official birthday party with us at Grand Elektra tonight!. Get…
Wer hält den Vortrag "A political community and the *gates that (almost?) broke it: the decline of the German Pirate Party"?
I feel like I AM the only pirate at the party.
The Pirate Party has been kicking the Snooper's Charter back for years. Want privacy protected? Then join our crew.
Iceland's Pirate Party has more support than the government.
special thx Election Results for Pirate Party of Switzerland: 0.94% of total ballots via
The Pirate Party in Iceland continues to gain support, causing a revolution in the local political arena.
hi baby it's Sarah van Ness . I have a pirate costume . I'm going to a Halloween Dance party tonight . I love you .
Im going pirates and im making isabela from da so i can be pirate queen B)
A Pirate-Palooza Party for all ages. Use this for Talk Like a Pirate Day, or any 'ol day you feel li
"We're Pirate Party Korea.We don't have Left/Right Party,BUT we have Pirate Party! We want democracy like liquid,basic in…
you wanna know what's EMBARRASSING my high school grad party was pirate themed we had skeletons & everything
The birthday cake for our boy's pirate party. Yummy white cake with chocolate filling.
Plan the Perfect Pirate Birthday Party!! 4 great tips to start! Ontario, CA
It's a real smartie party dispute me hearty! There is nothing posh or drunk about these two, still there is...
Check out this great item: Pirate theme birthday party digital Invitation. Customized.
A1 Planning to hit for a Pirate cruise followed by a party at a friends house!
One week until my annual costume party! Stoked to do steampunk. Gotta finish my costume and decorate with husband's pirate hat w/gears
Pirate Party storms to success in Icelandic polls -
not surprised to see the Icelandic pirate party still in the lead in the polls. 34%!
Last night halloween party I started as a stripper, to a fairy, to a peacock, ending the night as a pirate!
speaking of B&N, would you do me a favor & buy book, read it, let me know if it's good?.
Rick Falkvinge Founder of the Pirate Party. Worldwide speaker on net liberty and the right to privacy. Stockholm, Sweden
Fundy Royal no longer has Pirate Party candidate
Live music tonight from the talented Jim Bailey at 10pm. Tomorrow is our Pirate Party with Dj Tony spinning the best of the 80s.
Pirate Party at the Phoenix in Coventry tonight!
Shredded Wheat patented 122 years ago. UK Pirate Party is 6 years old and wants to reform the patent system
"Pirate Party on the Beach" is this Saturday, June 13th starting at 1pm at Indian Trail Beach, 228 Indian Trail.
Really like the Pirate Party manifesto - not just about copyright reform:
Just listed vintage world map bunting in our folksy shop! Great for a pirate birthday party! Take a look...
When you have a really bad day and have to work a pirate party at 7 😄🔫
So who has got their costume ready for next Friday's Pirate party?
Black balloon - canon balls and swab the deck with sponges between two buckets! Pirate Party Ideas!
suggests to vote for on Parliamentary Elections
*** I wanna go to a pirate party. Sounds fun! Lol
I'm available if you're interested - lay Christian Pirate Party candidate for (and avid Church Times reader :))
Very stoked to announce i will be performing at The Pirate Party in Lolo Hot Springs, Montana this summer!! So...
We argh proud to share with you the phase I lineup for The Pirate Party :: July 31st - August 2nd :: 2015 ::...
. Then you can vote green, lib dens, or pirate party if you so chose. . Just the same as voting UKIP.
They're currently enjoying a romantic holiday together in the Bahamas.
Saw the recent interview with Pirate Party - actually Something New were first crowdsourced manifesto
Tailgate party on my boss' pirate ship for Jimmy Buffet this Saturday??? Sure why not! 😜
You could use this for a party 10% discount off all using code B4THMUMS
Pineapples...check, sea shanties...check, eye patch...check, jolly roger...check. Pirate party for our new topic tomorrow afternoon!
Hay chubs are u want dance with me or something? Come n join us at private party adventure pirate 2015
Made In Chelsea's Stephanie Pratt and Josh Shepherd enjoy luxury Bahamas holiday on a superyacht... and show o...
I'll turn up to check out a meeting. Much as with the Pirate Party it's part of a contemporary trend worth investigating.
Would you vote for the Pirate Party? I voted Yarrr I would in the poll! Have your say:
I like the Greens :) it gives me great hope to see them and Pirate Party making waves in politics#
I'm looking forward to reading that part. It's already applying to this other book I'm reading on the Pirate Party.
A member of the Pirate Party has a major role in making changes to the European Union's copyright law This is awesome
Still time to party like a pirate on your tankard & book a holiday Caribbean Cruise for you & your crew!
Impromptu pirate donut party at Krispy Kreme. ARGHHH
Essie's is having a pirate party! Spiced rum on special, and a ship's hold worth of special pirate drinks. Costumes and badassery, ahoy!
Who's planning to go out this weekend?! What better place than Ranchmans?!? If you want a guest list for today or tomorrow let me know! Tonight's our second pirate party!! $4 Bud, Fireball, Burt Reynolds, Captain Morgans Spiced and Silver Spiced Rum!
We are at the Pirate Party at Kiana Lodge!
I've got my pirate party wardrobe ready, my effects are gathered and in order. I think the Buccaneers Ball will enrich us, ecumenically, spiritually and grammatically, tomorrow night! Avast me hearties yo ***
Djing the Captain Morgan party at whiskey dix tonight!!!
I feel like an endangered species at pirate party
Work like a Captain. Party like a pirate!
Bree Meyer Daley we are having a pirate party!
TONIGHT in honor of National Talk like a Pirate Day, come on down to Daylight Mind (best Oceanside experience in Kona) for a little Pirate Party. Cocktails. Food. Tango. Live Performances (including bellydance with Stephanie Bolton with an evening night cap of Pin Up Burlesque at 9pm).
Come see us at the pirate party at Buds N Suds tonight!
Abby tells her teacher this afternoon that her daddy (me) is a pirate and is having a pirate birthday party.
In Jacksonville? 9 things you need to do this weekend;
Pirate fans will party on da north shore tonite !
How will you kick off your weekend in Downtown Jacksonville - at the Pirate Party at Treaty Oak Park? How about the Jax Soul Series with Chrisette Michele at Ritz Theatre and Museum? Or live music at Jacksonville Landing?
Having a great pirate party with and :D
It's almost 7PM .. time for the NCI Beach Party & T00B racing. Everyone welcome, get a free pirate outfit
The Pirate Party is murdering itself at the time. Very sad. :( Could be good partner for the left party.
First date party! And finally got a picture with my favorite ΦΜ @ ΣΦΕ Pirate Party
Had a fun time with Mike Zarycki on talk like a pirate day! We went to a pirate party !Arrghhh!!!
Photo: solarpunks: Artifact from the Future: The UN has teamed up with the global Pirate Party, a political...
I don't know much about Pirate Party, I was watching the most stupid spanish tv show :) I am less intelligent now...
Having fun at pirate party at station park with Payton.
Avast there ye lubbers an salts! Tonight be the pirate party at the Bum Steer. We'll be singin chanteys or Hearin' em on the radio anyhow. Specials on grog an' grub. Winsome lasses and hearty salts. Tracy Perry be your bar wench an' Kristen an' me self yer DJ/karaoke hands. Pull on into port and party with us!
And there vows are pirate themed?!?! How tacky. It's like a Halloween or costume party.
Walking to a party with a case. Let the pirate festivities begin. ARGH
Join us at The City Bistro starting at 10pm tonight and let's show those Ram's how the Pirate's party!
The pirate bride is low balling the other brides hoping to tip the scores in her favor.She loved the food & party=5 really?
PIRATE THEMED PARTY TIME. Meet me at party-3476 on Artix server! :D
Almost ready to start our pirate party! We've got amazing balloon masks from Tulsa Balloons for photo ops!
((Come join DJ Gemmikins down at the Forbidden Oasis on Arcadia for a Pirate-y Beach Party! MU on Gemmikins!))
In 3 hours, Pirate Loot is going to set sail! We just broke $55k and the party is just about to get started at Card Kingdom!
Ar! It be Talk Like a Pirate Day and me crew canna' git any larger! We need more grog for a true raiding party!
Aarrr! It's a Pretend City Pirate Party for ya mate! Check out the photos:
They need to give him something to do though...Party Pirate don't give Vince any ideas lol
He might don't something like that's soon. He'll be a Party Pirate. Lol
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Come celebrate talk like a pirate day with me! Set sail to 'nd party with the aqw crew!
It might be the night before the big game but u need to go see and at tonight. PARTY LIKE A PIRATE!
I hope you'll join me at tonight for a HOOK'S REVENGE pirate party! Come, or walk the pla…
Huge crowd at the Boys & Girls Club Ultimate Tailgate Party! Pirate Radio is a proud supporter!…
The pirate party has received more bitcoin donations to support their politicians than any other political group
Feeling a little strange after the pirate party I've waited for in 2 years... sad that it only lasted a few hours. But it was fun! :D
Log into and get a FREE 4-Star Pirate Seafood Party Card to celebrate Enjoy!
This is exactly why I bring all my stuff to college. There's a pirate party finna happen and I am fully prepared. Arg~
Less than an hour till my pirate party! Kiddo just woke up from a nap, hope that means he can stay up late and play!
Party safe at the Pirate Dry Dock this Saturday!
There is a pirate party right down the street.
Enter to WIN some Pirate Booty and celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day 9/19 via
.My friend Ann O'Malley has a great party dedicated to International Talk Like a Pirate Day
Getting my all set with my costume for tonight's party! @ Grand…
Tomorrow night the Randy Dandies @ the Ready Room. But first pirate party!
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Pirate Party lights up Relakks, first commercial darknet -
I'm heading to a pirate party myself. Are you heading to Mizzou?
Grab yer buxom wench and walk the plank to Chateau Vino's Pirate Party!
The Pirate Party supports Greens, and what chance is there of their being a Pirate Party candidate? But you are right.
"As Vice Chair (and former Chair) of the US Pirate Party..." . An actual Q from the Reddit AMA with Wu and Teachout .
Is the Pirate Party already at an end? | People & Politics -
Pirate Party to focus on 'social consequences' of digital revolution | The Parliament Magazine (
{WINTER SPECIAL} Enjoy a $50 discount off a Jedi Master, Superhero or Pirate Party booking for the months of...
Another crazy weekend ahead! Friday 6/20 @ Connolly Station in Belmar. (End of School Year Bash) Saturday 6/21 @ Captain Hooks in Seaside Heights for their Pirate Party!! We are on from 1-4pm, and don't forget to dress up! We will be sporting our finest pirate gear and so should you. Arghhh! Saturday Night 6/21 @ Rellas in Brielle. Let's get Shipwreck'd!
Ahoy, mateys!. We've been on a little treasure hunt to find the perfect props for a stylish Pirate Party! Check...
Could a Dan Adams victory give the Pirate Party a chance at winning the 19th Assembly.
Activists bemoan absence of active Pirate Party in India - Times of India
In two weeks time citizens of all European Union member states will vote on who should represent them in the European Parliament. In Finland the local Pirate Party has a true Internet star on the ballot with Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Sunde, who kicks off his election campaign today with a little b…
We are looking forward to another great year of events at the Sandbar. In addition the the Annual Sandbar Party, we will also be doing (2) "Float In" Family Movie Nights, ND Tailgate and the annual Labor Day weekend Pirate Party. All of these events are privately funded and only happen because of your generousness donation. Donate $20 and we'll send you 2 Diamond Lake logo stickers! These look great on your car or boat! **Coming soon we will be offering the Flyover Pictures from last years party available with a donation. Just click on the "Donate" button at the top of this page and PayPal securely process your donation. Or click here to donate 100% of all donations are used to ensure the continuation of the following events. These event is only possible because of your donations. 2014 Sandbar Schedule- July 5th Annual Sandbar Party with The Sandbar Bums July 26th Family Movie Night "Float In" August 16th Family Movie Night "Float In" August 30th ND Tailgate August 31st Annual Pirate Party Thanks for dona ...
Just completed my postal vote for the local & European elections. As tempting as it was, I didn't vote for the Pirate Party ⚓️
domain names
Couldn't be more relevant to the current discussion of the European Elections: small minds discussing the one-man political show that is Nigel Farage; average minds focusing on the past successes and failings of rival parties; meanwhile, there are only two who immediately pop to mind as focusing on ideas and policy above all else - the Green Party and the Pirate Party. It's a shame that neither really has much of a chance...
Take part in the Pirate Party at the Cutty Sark - Superbreak
Brae Mate uhrrr Trans Pacific Partnership (13 countries) i don't go supermarket anymore - I put in brief submission (Greens & Pirate Party website form) against TPP (like just register ur displeasure 20 min) really needs to be challenged for internet privacy/ freedom, medications, & worst of all the Corporations can sue OZ govt for lost profits when OZ introduces new laws eg the recent tabacco advertising law - no branding on pakaging - tobacco already sued cost us Taxpayers millions in legal bills - TPP would wind up OZ beholden to rampant Corporate legal sue of us $. They would likely win law due to TPP. Tobacco co recently lost their case - TPP we would lose & either pay very hefty cost of loss of their profits!!! or have to rescind OUR law!!! ) speak up - petition is ok but simple submission - all politicians need to hear is there is widspread opposition & threatens their hold on power - that's all
Funfact for my otherplacian friends: all the major Swedish political parties (except for the Christian Democrats, who were replaced by the Pirate Party) are currently competing in a StarCraft 2 tournament.
I know a lot of folks have been wondering and I have had to keep people hanging because I honestly did not know but it is Official, done deal I'm going to Cancun May 1st - 7th with the best extended Family of people anyone could hope to be associated with. I want to thank Patrick ParasiseBash McKinney & Elina McKinney for putting me in contact with a sponsor for the upcoming Paradise Bash Cancún, Quintana Roo May 1st-7th event where we will be celebrating Khloë Terae's 21st Birthday having a blast, reuniting with friends & making new ones. *** Magazine / Jason Michaels THANK YOU, so much for sponsoring me for this trip. 22 more days - yea:-) I IS NOT TOO LATE BOOK YOUR TRIP TODAY. TV Show Filming, Photo Shoots, Fashion Shows, Casting Calls, Magazine Shoots, $50,000 International Finals, Costume Party, Khloë Terae's Birthday Party at Playboy Cancún, Monte Scroppino Originale MX Pool Parties, Paradise Bash Parties at Mandala Beach, The City Cancun and *** Magazine's Pirate Party aboard a private ship! . ...
Press Release - Pirate Party to stand Euro Candidates in North West Region
Interesting voting statistics coming out of yesterday's Florida Congressional District 13. Jolly (R) got 48.43% of vote Sink (D) got 46.56% of vote Overby (L) got 4.08% Jolly squeaked by with 1.87% more votes than Sink with the Libertarian candidate in the race. However, IF Libertarian Overby had not been in the race, and IF those votes had gone to Jolly, the Republican's % margin over the Democrat would have been increased to 5.95%. A couple of big "if's" but still reminiscent of what Ross Perot did to George H. W. Bush in his loss to Bill Clinton. Something to think about when evaluating minor parties in elections. (I still miss Florida's "Pirate Party" and especially the "Real Food Party!")
I'm at a pirate party and my friends dressed up as jack sparrow🙈
Rick Falkvinge is the Founder of the Pirate Party Bulletproof Coffee SUBSCRIBE: FULL EPIS...
Pirate party time without a costume
ϟ INDIGO THIS THURSDAY ★ PRESENTS THE PIRATE PARTY ϟ You sailors asked for it, and now you got it - we be putting on an INDIGO Pirate Party this Thursday….& not only that, we’re also throwing in a Bestival ticket giveaway for good measure! Already announced on the Bestival lineup are the likes of Foals, Disclosure, London grammar & Major Lazer ✩ TIMES ✩ Open: 10pm - 3am ✩ COINS & GOLD ✩ £3 Tickets/ Guestlist Before 11pm £4 Standard GET YOUR NAMES ONTO THE GUEST LIST NOW - JUST CLICK THE LINK BELOW!
Did Jax rescue the girls he brings to Stassi's pirate ship party from a shipping crate?
If you needed a reason to host a themed party, this coat is it
Fractured fairy tales and a pirate party, mateys, at this week.
ESCOLA PIRATA: (quem quer traduzir?) Uppsala Declaration Policy Copyright Copyright is well out of touch with today's cultural landscape. It has evolved into an obstacle to creativity, particularly grass roots creativity. We need at least these changes to copyright law: - Copyright is commercial Copyright only regulates commercial activity. (Local law usually defines "commercial activity" in sufficient detail.) Non-commercial activity is never regulated by copyright law. - Sharply reduced monopoly term Copyright is a limited commercial monopoly that expires well within one generation. The exact term is left to the local pirate party. - No media or hardware levies No levies to compensate for copying should be permitted - but we allow for government scholarships or similar, which are not compensation. This way, it's obviously unilateral, and the copyright lobby doesn't have the implied right to accept or reject. - Parliament writes copyright law, not the lobby Technical measures that prevent consumers from ...
Aarrrgh, an awesome order of pirate party supplies leaving Miss Mouse HQ today. Full of gorgeous items from the...
Princess and Pirate Party has been postponed until April 12th because of weather.
Ahoy, its Kayden's 2nd birthday! Finally got to go all out with a boy theme! Loved this pirate party
/writes it down Tre Tre should throw himself a pirate party :O
Asha and Thanny got invited to Javan's AWESOME pirate party on Sat for his 5th Birthday! Asha was sooo excited to be a pirate!
I am SO doing this for my pirate party!
The 1-2 February 2014 was the General Assembly of Pirate Party Norway (PPNO). They made use of a few different digital tools to run their general assembly. The entire meeting was live-streamed on youtube (day 1 and day 2 enabling people to follow the meeting without being present in Kristiansand. Th...
Polish Pirates Hold Primaries for EU Elections: The Polish Pirate Party has decided to go to the elections for...
today is WISH: I wish WDW still had the Pirate and Princess party!! A la Feb 2007
A bus dance party last night led to Amos being head-butted in the eye by Liz. Hence him wearing a pirate eye patch tonig…
Second Annual Princess and Pirate Party Has been postponed until April 12th due to weather
Hugely excited for the Pirate party with ticket giveaway for
Don't forget that our very first Pirate-Palooza Party is tomorrow, Tuesday at the Glenvar Library from 6:00-7:30...
Warning to all my friends. I'm going to have a half birthday party to make up for my real one. It'll be pirate themed😄
Booked my little mans pirate party while I was up at jumbo jungle... It's not till May but I don't want my baby to turn 2 👶 :'(((
We have just received some lovely feedback from our recent princess and pirate party in Saltaire: Thank you so much for the amazing Pirates and Princess party for my daughter's 6th birthday. All the children had a great time, and the grown ups were very impressed too! Would highly recommend you to everyone xx To enquire about availability and for a full price list sending out please email info
A new proposal for the programme: The Pirate Party in favour of the dissolution of NATO
Thanks so much for featuring our pirate party magazine, just spotted it! :)
Unicorns & wizard sleeves, hammer pants & make believe, pirate ships sailing off to sea. Will you come party with me in my castle?
It's funny, I've been reading some articles written by Pirate Party people, and the "anti-copyright = leeches" thing comes up alot
Why didn't anyone tell me there was a Pirate Party? I bet their caucus meetings are incredible with eye patches and parrots
Tonight!! Unicode poetry workshop at the temporary gallery of the the israeli pirate party
Yo *** *** Come in for an adventure this Sunday from 11am-3pm. Join the Urban Pirates for an games, crafts, storys...
The Emergence of a Freedom of Information Movement: Anonymous, WikiLeaks, Pirate Party, Iceland: via
Cannot deal with an excited 3 year old all day as he cannot wait for his birthday pirate's tea party tomorrow
We're all set for our Pirate Party this afternoon at Cherubs Mansfield Kids Club!
Looking like a *** because let's get ready to party pirate style yay
Local author reads her first book at MWR Princess and Pirate Party - Dolphin
Love pirates? We've just added a new performance party for 5 - 7 year olds - Pirate Laugh-a-lot & the Stolen Treasure
Juan n I are looking into a big pirate party. Here's the thing. It would be in April n in Annapolis. I want everyone to come. They take everyone out on a ship, dress the kids up, then go back to the pirate room for the cake n Ice cream. It's about three hours of non stop fun n games. I will give an update. So far this stands out among other ideas. This will be his big party and the date will be in advance so I hope that everyone will make plans to show up. Let me know what y'all think so far.
*** Republican's Ad Poses Test for Party - Carl DeMaio is one of three openly *** ..
The treasure chest was filled with things that Dora needs for the pirate party, but Swiper has swiped the treasures. Will Dora find it in time for the party?…
Wanted - outfit suitable for a pirate party - unisex / girls to fit 22 month old please!
There is a political party in Germany called the Pirate Party
To me it means a child tantrum when others assume my middle girl would like a fairy puppet and not a pirate one at a party.
. Reports are confused as to whether their triangle hats are tea party patriot types, or pirate hats.
I'm genuinely shocked that we can get 8 different pirate party ranges. Good for you though!!
Happy Half Term everyone! Don't forget it's our Pirate Party this Saturday!
Pirate Party wants 'fair deal' for independent candidates .
Successful trip to the range. Pirate outfit sorted for cousins bday party for William and a lunchbox for school sorted 😃
Thinking of having a party for my birthday. Any ideas welcome
only if you can vote for PIRATE party! Perhaps U think all pollies are PIRATES any way?
All aboard at Mulch Island for the Pirate Party, informations and videos here: http:…
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