Pippa Middleton & Karl Lagerfeld

Philippa Charlotte Pippa Middleton (born 6 September 1983) is an English socialite and the younger sister of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Karl Lagerfeld (born Karl Otto Lagerfeldt on 10 September 1933 in Hamburg) is a German fashion designer, artist and photographer based in Paris. 3.0/5

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Designer Karl Lagerfeld Disses Adele Again: She's 'Roundish' Maybe it's just not fashionable to be apologetic? Outspoken designer Karl Lagerfeld, who followed his infamous Adele diss last year for being "a little too fat" with a harsh Pippa Middleton putdown ("I don't like [her] face. She should only show her back," he reportedly opined), is hardly repentant about his cruel declarations. In promo clips for CNN's Fashion: Backstage Pass, the notoriously opinionated and eccentric designer appears unapologetic about his insults. When host Anita Cho asks him, "You did not like the face of Pippa Middleton?" He replies, "No, I think her sister looks better," referring to older sis Kate. As for his fat-shaming of Adele, the 79-year-old Lagerfeld offers a limp clarification: "I never said that she was fat, I said that she was a little roundish. A little roundish is not fat. But for such a beautiful girl, after that she lost eight kilo [17.6 pounds], so I think the message was not that bad," he tells Cho. The desi ...
Karl Lagerfeld isn’t apologizing for his previous remarks against Adele and Pippa Middleton – in fact, he’s standing by them. In a...
A list of things Karl Lagerfeld hates: Children, fat people, big animals, carbs, Pippa Middleton, water...
Earlier of present month, it was disclosed that Karl Lagerfeld, the fashion designer was not stroking any fondness for the sister of the Duchess of Catherine. He said that he truly loves amorous beauties likeKate Middleton, but leave royal sisterPippa Middletonon burst.
Karl Lagerfeld hating Pippa Middleton is the oldest news in the world.
Karl Lagerfeld doesn't like Pippa Middleton's face' has to be one of my favourite headines ever. (Not really. But it's ace).
Karl Lagerfeld didn't mince his words when he declared he didn't like her face. But Pippa Middleton has ignored the Chanel designer's cruel comments to attend a film premiere in London tonight.
Pippa Middleton is ''devastated'' by Karl Lagerfeld's cruel taunts about her looks. The legendary Chanel designer caused controversy last week when he said the party planner - the younger sister of Britain's Duchess Catherine - should
Pippa Middleton upset by Karl Lagerfeld comments. Trying not to retaliate...
Pippa Middleton is reportedly upset with fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld's comment on her looks.
Legendary Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld caused an uproar last week when he said Pippa Middleton - the sister of the beautiful Duchess of Cambridge Catherine Middleton – should
Karl Lagerfeld doesn't like Pippa Middleton's face. That's it.
Khabar Network//: Jermaine Jackson backs off in family feud; Karl Lagerfeld has issues with Pippa Middleton
Karl Lagerfeld doesn't like Pippa Middleton's face. So there.
Karl Lagerfeld said that he didn't like Pippa Middleton's face, & she should only show her back.
Whatever Karl Lagerfeld has to say about Pippa Middleton should be taken to heart he's the man behind CHANEL he knows beauty and style
"Karl Lagerfeld disses Pippa Middleton's face" - headline of what my mom's reading. Hahha and she agrees with it
"I don't like Pippa Middleton's face" says Karl Lagerfeld. > I don't mind it, but I do prefer her ***
Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld is mean to Pippa Middleton - New... Goo
Karl Lagerfeld: 'I don't like Pippa Middleton's face' via
Oh, Kaiser. Karl Lagerfeld is certainly not know for his restraint when it comes to language, and the fashion designer was particularly candid when describing Pippa Middleton in recent marks.
Karl Lagerfeld on Pippa Middleton: 'I don't like her face' | The Sun |Showbiz
Fashion-weirdo Karl Lagerfeld says Pippa Middleton is "ugly"? Just a reminder, this is Karl...
Karl Lagerfeld is horrid *** Let's not mince words, since he never does. In his latest round of published biting commentary, he opened fire on Pippa Middleton, saying, "I don't like [her] face.
Karl Lagerfeld : Pippa Middleton is not beautiful, Adele is too fat, Heidi Klum too heavy and Victoria Beckham is a perfect woman! Takut la I dengan dia ni...
Fashion mogul Karl Lagerfeld has a new lady to pick on -- Pippa Middleton. The outspoken German icon, known for his lightening-white hair and sunglasses, didn't sugarcoat anything when he talked about the looks of Prince William's sister-in-law. After praising the beauty of Kate Middleton, Karl blun...
As fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld says Pippa Middleton should "only show her back", take a look at some of the German's most outspoken quotes.
Karl Lagerfeld reportedly said that he preferred Pippa Middleton's *** over her face, making him the first man in history to ever make such a statement.
Karl Lagerfeld, never one to mince words, has revealed that he doesn't much care for Pippa Middleton's FACE.
The designer, 78, said Pippa Middleton should “only show her back”, saying she “struggles” with her looks.
Karl Lagerfeld has suggested that Pippa Middleton should lessen her public appearances beside her royal sister Kate Middleton because he doesn't like her face.
So Karl Lagerfeld (Chanel) doesn't like Pippa Middleton's face.Hm.He needs to take off those 'Goofy' shades! I could sit around and Look at Pippa for Years and Years!!!
I see Karl Lagerfeld has insulted another known British girl.1st he insulted Adele calling her fat and now he reckons we should only see the back of Pippa Middleton as she's not attractive enough to been see from the front!Whats the matter with him he can talk we should see the back of him too!
First, he went after Heidi Klum. Then, he insulted sweet Adele. And, NOW, the klaws are out again! This time, he´s gone after Pippa Middleton, saying he doesn´t like her face!! The...
Hmm. Why is California raisin head Karl lagerfeld complaining about Pippa Middleton's face?
Who just slammed Pippa Middleton's looks? We'll give you three guesses...
By Verena von Pfetten, Styleite Eminently quotable though he may be, has Karl Lagerfeld gone too far in his latest critique? U.K. tabloid The Sun reports that the 78-year-old designer has expressed a distaste for the face of Pippa Middleton, sister of Du …
Karl Lagerfeld the fashion designer says Pippa Middleton has a nice *** but should cover her face! Has he stared in his own looking glass lately?
Karl Lagerfeld is well-known for voicing his often controversial opinions, and the latest victim of the Chanel creative director's vitriol is none other than Pippa Middleton
Karl Lagerfeld is at it again with the nasty talk. Only few months after sparking outrage by calling Adele “too fat,” the fashion designer is courting new controversy by tucking a truly mean slam at Pippa Middleton into a compliment for her sister.
Karl Lagerfeld does not approve of Pippa Middleton's face but does approve of her *** Not afraid to express himself
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