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Pioneer Square

Pioneer Square is a neighborhood in the southwest corner of Downtown Seattle, Washington, USA. It was once the heart of the city: Seattle's founders settled there in 1852, following a brief six-month settlement at Alki Point on the far side of Elliott Bay.

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The usual cast of Portland anarchists, fascists & communists(all *** to burn American Flags at Pioneer Courthou…
Looks like Portland's living room aka Pioneer Square- could use some cleaning.
Don't let a little rain keep you from the hot and cheesy goodness of Chicago Style. Now serving in P…
Big Blue is in Pioneer Square today! Check the loading dock of the Isilon building for tacos out of the rain. 🌮
Pioneer square or the Seattle Art Museum
city of portland: please shovel pioneer square before friday. It is full of snow still and we need every brick to hold our loud dissent.
Elliott Bay, SAM, Pioneer Square, the rain, the five gorgeous days of the year, Trinity Nightclub, the Seahawks and the Mariners.
Join us and our allies this weekend for a pre-march outreach blitz on meet up SW Corner of Pioneer Square, an…
The opening scene is pioneer square!
hi! Is the orange line to Milwaukee still running? I'm at pioneer square and there's a lot if people wondering
there's just something so classic about a red mani 💅🏻❤ @ Pioneer Square Seattle
Route 522 bus 18 minutes late to Pioneer Square tonight. Not a good way to encourage ridership. Respond please.
Hey no MAX westbound @ Pioneer Square since 5:05p. Is there a shuttle or no service or.?
220 2nd Ave S (in Pioneer Square. Contact to make sure someone is around.
I just checked in at Pioneer Square 76 with Download today!
is the blue line running from pioneer square to Hillsboro?
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Former EWU cornerback shot 11 times after dispute in Seattle’s Pioneer Square - Tue, 17 Jan 2017 PST
We had the most amazing time helping Emily and Ali coordinate their May celebration at AXIS Pioneer Square. It...
Portland is literally shut down, there's NO ONE in Pioneer Square and the mall has like 5 ppl in it
you should do a fan meetup somewhere. Maybe pioneer square?
I slipped and fell on a downtown sidewalk right by pioneer square. it's shameful as ***
One positive to the incessant Seattle rain is it washes away the urine smell of Pioneer Square.
Me, with working phone: I know how to get to Pioneer square without gps. Me, w/o working phone: Am I even in Oregon? I'm not sure anymore.
Pioneer Square station is a owned and operated station. Not a Sound Transit facility.
for reference, the elevators at Link light rail/bus station, Pioneer Square. Seattle
I will be protesting with friends on Friday at Pioneer Square in Portland. Have to work Saturday tho but support the womens march.
Renovated office building on Capitol Square to be Named after Civil Rights Pioneer Barbara Johns
1 injured, 1 arrested in Pioneer Square shooting overnight
Man arrested after Pioneer Square fight, shooting
Always entertaining to see when people think they can stop me 😂 like yes okay I'll do what… (at Pioneer Square) —
Man arrested in Pioneer Square after fight ends in gunfire.   10% Off
check out this delicious capture from Il Corvo Pasta in Pioneer Square. . 📷 ig:rqtran88
1 shot in Pioneer Square, in view of police
The Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative spent giving out chowder, gloves, hats and socks in Pioneer Squa…
Most protesters leaving. Some protesters staying in Pioneer Square with drum circle. No sign of counter protest.
Protesters have moved from Pioneer Square area to City Hall. No major traffic issues at this time.
👀 Who scooping one of these vintage hats? At Ebbets Field Flannels up in Pioneer Square. Only 24 made. Hit the…
Pioneer Square is my least favorite place to Uber
Get FREE PARKING at Seattle's Original Art Walk this Thursday, June 2nd in Pioneer Square! . Park free at the...
Yes, this is happening across Pioneer Square. King Street Station was the same.
We will be in Pioneer Square at Occidental Park today 11-2
Opening date set for new store at 4th & Jackson, Seattle? Will be great addition to Pioneer Square!
2nd and Jackson and Pioneer Square is out
Come on down to Occidental Park for some good ole comfort food @ lunch from 11-2pm Pioneer Square
New York has Bryant Park. Portland has Pioneer Square. San Diego now has a world-class downtown public space too. http…
Entertain a baby all day? Dive bar hop in Pioneer Square all night.
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Hey community - what are you doing May 18th? Come hang at in Pioneer Square for the day!. htt…
What's the putt putt place called by pioneer square?
Guy is down here at pioneer square taking on any challengers in a larp off... come beat him!!!
"Early Spring" off EP by Versing fitting for this beautiful day in Pioneer Square. Love the…
Shooting another commercial project in Pioneer Square. Walking to set is the best!
hmmm I think the pregame activities are around pioneer square
Hey TriMet-train your rail ops in how to fix a door. Sitting at Pioneer Square for over 15 min FOR A DOOR ISSUE IS ASSINE
I'll be down at Temple Billiards in Pioneer Square , to chit chat today around 3pm if you feel like a little small talk.
A glass curtain wall office does not blend with Pioneer Square historic district nor convey wood industry HQ.
Just saw Portland mayoral candidate Sean Davis down at Pioneer Courthouse Square meeting voters and sharing his message.
omg it just hit me that I'm doing a square flake giveaway after exactly one year of making them thats so cool
Just a couple of Dudes > Photographed in Pioneer Square Seattle // Orange Anchor Photography
Avoiding rats while snapping this image in a random Pioneer Square alleyway //
Took the First Hill Streetcar ask the way down to Pioneer Square. 31 minutes, only two minutes faster than walking.…
make sure you bar crawl pioneer square, have dinner in the pyramid brewery, I recommend the calamari, catch a ball game
Pioneer Square Coffee Break is where it's at!
This one is for you the car sewer of Pioneer Square "plaza"
Big thanks to the association for hosting yesterday's lovely Pioneer Square…
65 deg & sunny in Seattle. There is a guy sunbathing in a Speedo in a parking lot in Pioneer Square. He is bright red.
Holding a secret book fair in Pioneer Square at the Quiznos!
35 days till the 17th Annual Global Cannabis March in Portland, Oregon at Pioneer Square!
Police Reports Illustrated: Renton man takes a bullet to the scrotum, allegedly.
Our favorite neighborhood teas are here at the Pioneer Square store today. Stop in and sample The Hidden...
I grew up in my dads office here in pioneer square. Every time I come back it brings a smile to…
Something's brewing in the alley in Pioneer Square! @ Cafe Nordo
Travel meeting today w/ I chose the meeting spot, in Pioneer Square. Let's go to Legoland!
No truck on Pioneer Square today. We're setting up for Taste Washington this weekend.
Be sure and stop by Pioneer tonight for dinner while you're out out in Fountain Square for First Friday.
Try the toy store on Pioneer Square.
I don't see the new Seattle Streetcar route from Pioneer Square to Capitol Hill. Any ETA on when it'll be supported in the app?
I rode from Pioneer Square to Capitol Hill and the trains were packed like New York. It’s glorious.
Just walked through Pioneer Square. In 9 business days, I'll actually be headed to see baseball!!
Day 1: New train from Cap Hill to Downtown/ID/Pioneer Square - this is going to change the…
Pioneer Square alley at dusk in Seattle, Washington • photo: Shelly Alexander on deviantart
Join us today at Quality Athletics in Pioneer Square to cheer in
Saltchuk takes new HQ space in Pioneer Square
Did you know that the Seattle Streetcar Network is piloting a line from Pioneer Square to Capitol Hill, with free...
Ride newest streetcar line from Pioneer Square to Capitol Hill and avoid driving - 26
Some sights from my day exploring Pikes Place Market and Pioneer Square in Seattle today with my sweetheart, Brenda Pickles
Will have to watch again. Love the local sights - South Park, Burien, Pioneer Square, Ocean Shores. I miss home. :/
Cafe Paloma + Turkish Coffee in Pioneer Square is a very charming experience...
Lighting of Portland's Christmas tree at Pioneer Square last night. @ Pioneer Courthouse Square
Need a place to get dinner in downtown Seattle / Pioneer Square tonight. Drawing a blank. Suggestions welcome.
Capitol Hill to Pioneer Square in eight minutes. You’re gonna be sleeping in late on Sunday morning.
Noted MT just had a girl ask which number Chancellor wears. If there is a murder @ Pioneer Square, bla…
Save Our Square: Knute Berger writes, “The rationale for saving Pioneer Square — promoted by (architect and ac...
This National Park is actually a museum in Pioneer Square. Awesome exhibits about history - and it's free!
Police say tonight's shooting in Pioneer Square is NOT connected to shooting at Union Gospel Mission on Saturday.
What's with the incredibly loud siren around Pioneer Square area? Sounds like an evacuation siren or other emergency.
We will be at Occidental Park in Pioneer Square until 2pm or sell out!
Maintenance is still ongoing, but Maximus/Minimus will be serving our Pioneer Square friends at Occidental Park...
Do you have a burger? If the answer is "no" then let us help you. We are at Occidental Park in Pioneer Square for lunch today
Join us for lunch at Occidental Park in Pioneer Square today from 11:30am to 2pm or until we sell out!
Depends - Pioneer Square is closer to the ballpark. Lake Union closer to pretty much everything else.
The Central Saloon sits in the historic Pioneer Square in Seattle. It's like many bars in the area,…
Apply now to work for Pioneer Square Advisors, LLC as in
SPD targets Pioneer Square area that has most calls in city - Jul 31 @ 12:32 AM ET
Great memories, my friend. And ensuing birthday celebration in Pioneer Square.
If you're down in pioneer square tonight, stop by 117 S. Occidental and see paintings by
My backyard in Locals call is The Living Room or Pioneer Courthouse Square.
We're playing a free show at Pioneer Square on Friday night before a screening of The Lego Movie! Music at 7, movie at 8.
Just one more sleep until Pioneer Square!!
VIDEO: SPD targets Pioneer Square area that has most 911 calls in city
Come to BWW at Pioneer Square if you wanna party 😏
Pike Place Market, Pioneer Square and the Seattle Art Museum are just a few stops to make while visiting Seattle this …
From passing fashion in Pioneer Square it seems the hipsters have morphed our beloved 80s Goth look into Nazi youth vampire.
I'm sitting in Pioneer Square. It's really HOT, sweaty.
New condo building coming to Pioneer Square - Gridiron Condos
New Condominium Project Announced- Gridiron Condos Coming to Pioneer Square: According to a recent article in ...
Our hotel deal of the day is Best Western Pioneer Square Hotel Seattle located in Book it today:
Watching practice from 7th floor office in Pioneer Square.
We have to admit we have a pretty nice view of practice from our 7th floor office in Pioneer Square.
Live painting surfacetheory all day today for group show in Pioneer Square. Come by!…
Reply from a man wearing pants in a Pioneer Square office with no air conditioning.
If you see the Z-Team near Pioneer Square, sing them a Sam Smith song and win tickets like these lucky listeners!
When your friend rents Pioneer Courthouse Square and throws a party to relieve medical debt. 8/1/2015
Getting my fill of Blue Angels today! Fun seeing them practice, from my office in Pioneer Square.
Busking is on today! These players these parks. 12-2pm . Hing Hay: Michael Dormann. Pioneer Square: Thaddeus Spae...
“Tilikums” parade in Pioneer Square during the 1912 Golden Potlatch.
Also, infinitely more orange-and-black and green-and-yellow sweatshirts in Pioneer Square.
Tour Pioneer Square, Seattle during your visit to the Emerald City. Every First Thursday Art Walk features...
Jay Tablet has a show on 08/01/2015 at 09:00 AM @ Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland, OR
Hundreds of union workers in the streets near Pioneer Square in downtown Portland.
Downtown Seattle’s Next Condo Project Could Be Coming to Pioneer Square: A few months back, our team was inter...
Feeling that LoveCityLove in Pioneer Square! Part of Pianos in Parks. Way to go Seattle.
After almost running out of data last week I'm pretty sure my phone now connects to all free wifi's near pioneer square
Can't believe it's only 3 days until the Dollar for Portland launch party at Pioneer Square! Let's…
Route 99 is temporarily rerouted out of the Pioneer Square area
Live free music this Saturday at Pioneer Square.
Working for me down in Pioneer Square. And by “working” I mean the usual 2 bars...
Bonus pic from yesterday because I love this building @ Pioneer Square
thanks! Nothing in sodo or pioneer square I'm guessing
We are excited to announce upcoming demonstrations by on 8/6 in Pioneer Square and 8/7 in...
Big Blue is posted up in Pioneer Square until 2pm today -- swing by and grab some tacos to eat in this sunshine! XO
Big fun weekend in Portland coming up! Con's flying a flugtag plane and Sunday we got a free show with at Pioneer Square.
You can get weed, Jimmy Graham jerseys, and clogs in Pioneer Square, but finding a place to buy chapstick is hard?
Pioneer Square - home to a multimodal transit hub, major sports stadiums and extensive history - learn more on Fri!
Hey RSVP for the Galvanize Summer Party on August 7th in Pioneer Square:
Calling all residents – join us on August 7th for a summer party at our Pioneer Square campus! RSVP now:
Pioneer Square is just like Faneuil Hall if Faneuil Hall had no people and closed at 6pm.
What with all the hipster gasoline-fired glue heating establishments in Pioneer Square these days. Duh.
Spotted in Pioneer Square, though King's Court is tomorrow.
The Pike Place Market Express in Pioneer Square is opening soon! This year it will be at the King Street Station.
We're by Pioneer Square & the Clink, in the loading dock, west side of 505 First Ave. S., by Railroad Way S, 11-1:30.
Woman arrested in Pioneer Square stabbing via
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Oh man dropped references to Cap Hill and Pioneer Square -- I'd totally forgotten Shadowrun takes place in Seattle.
Great photo of Seattle, is that Pike Place or Pioneer Square?
Big new lease 'galvanizes' old Pioneer Square building, and now it's for sale: A venture-capital adviser and s...
Jeff Stevens Seattlesplains the phenomenon of rain on Pioneer Square cobblestone for you in 79 syllables.
Even the trees of Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle are dressed up in blue and green. We LOVE our Seattle...
Do you or a friend work in The New England building located at 219 1st Avenue South in Pioneer Square? Are you...
Apparently there’s some sort of football game in Pioneer Square this Sunday. You may be interested in the sports bar down the street.
Beaverton Craigslist Ad - Pokemon Eevee Chibi Plush (Beaverton) $5 Good condition, used, but no notable damage. It is about 5-6 inches long at its longest. I can deliver if we meet around Portland State, Pioneer Square, Elmonica, or Tanasbourne.
Always love how the patches of grass outside CenturyLink are an impromptu dog park for Pioneer Square:
When in Pioneer Square ushered in a new era:
Tonight playing in Pine Hearts with +Pioneer Square solo @ Occidental Park 11:30am
Today was absolutely wonderful. Pike Place Market, Pioneer Square and the Underground Tour. Shared with my favorite cousin Kara Cordova Unger, and Eric, dad and Linda Smith Santman, and Chase Kingston. Thanks guys!!! It was a much needed adventure. Xo
happening all over Seattle tomorrow! Visit us in Pioneer Square for free tarot readings to channel your inner pedestrian.
Timber company Weyerhaeuser is moving from Federal Way to Pioneer Square, 800 employees affected:
Drivers protesting in today. Several blocks of backup around Pioneer Square and the Smith Tower.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Fire Festival returns to Pioneer Square this year for two whole days of firefighting culture, antique fire trucks, and history. This annual festival commemorates the re-birth of the Pioneer Square neighborhood following the Great Seattle Fire of June 6, 1889 that engulfed most of Seattle’s original…
It's that time of the year again... Much awaited India Day is finally here this weekend at Pioneer Square. Bollywood Movez Kiddos perform at 11:56. Adults perform at 5:15 and 7:39. We are so excited to dance for you. See you all then.
There's a riot going on in Pioneer Square...
National Moment of Silence at Pioneer Square in Portland. Photo via
Supporters of hold signs saying in Pioneer Square.
Appx 400 in Pioneer Square Moment of silence. via
National Moment of Silence for victims of police at Pioneer Courthouse Square.
This is the most full ive seen pioneer square since the last beer thing
Sup look in pioneer square for these dope Pabst vans pbr_usa CLUE:…
Another shot from Pioneer Square. We want Several hundred people gathered, see 3 media cameras.
Can't make it to the gathering at Pioneer Square today, so I'll observe my moment of silence here.
The Pioneer Square First Thursday art walk has been moved to September 5th this month, and Marianne Maksirisombat will be showing her giant art pieces (and some smaller ones) at Karass. Don't Move will be filling the space with live jazz, and the good peoples of Bon Voyage Vintage will be within shouting distance...
Y'all so Portland...all I see is White folks at the Vigil in Pioneer Square.
Life from Pioneer Square in for victims of police brutality.
Going to Pioneer Courthouse Square for Portland Passed 1 police car + 1 Sheriff truck in same block. Not sure if related to NMOS.
Veterans for peace came out to in Pioneer Square
If you're in dt portland swing by pioneer square now to support and those in Ferguson, MO.
No sign yet of vigil for Michael Brown. It's planned for 4 at Pioneer Courthouse Square.
I’m headed to Pioneer Square for the National Moment of Silence for Victims of Police Brutality.
Save the Date - Pioneer Square / Dancing in the Square / September 26 - Rain or Shine! Hope to you See You There, NPAIHB (Vendor space available)
Downtown DM&E redevelopment to be called Pioneer Square Awesome!
Headed into downtown for vigil at pioneer square.
at Pioneer Courthouse Square starts in 35 min.
PORTLAND! Come find me at Pioneer Square at 4pm!
Pizzeria Gabbiano opened this week! We can confirm: this is some seriously delicious pizza.
friends. at 4 pm at Pioneer Square. Come and join us.
Moment of silence for victims of police brutality planned for 8/14, 4:00 PM at Pioneer Square in Portland.
Today is our Flash Dance. Hopefully the managers of Pioneer Square won't throw me in jail as they hjae threatened to do.
A new wine bar pop-up in Pioneer Square aims to expand palates with obscure wines
Sitting at Pioneer Square public market listening to music, people watching and journaling. It's so…
Artist Mary Margaret Moore's show String fits in a suitcase that was stolen from Pioneer Square. Can you look out...
Performance sites in Old Sacramento range from the charming precincts of the refurbished Delta King riverboat (floating hotel on the Sacramento River), to the highly improbable Freeway Gardens— a parking lot under Interstate 5. Music is performed in the majestic California State Railroad Museum, in canvas tents along the Sacramento River, in the foliated courtyards of the Courtyard D’Oro and Firehouse Restaurant (and their cozy banquet room), in world-class hotel ballrooms, Laughs Unlimited and even below street level in the brick-covered Round Table Pizza Parlor and Pioneer Square. Plus, our biggest venue Turntable on the Green where you’ll be able to hear our headliners play! They’re all within the perimeter of Old Sac, an easy walk from venue to venue, so that visitors may sample any of the festival’s lively musical styles all in one area. Outdoor venues are covered from the sun but open to fresh breezes from the Sacramento River — and perhaps even infused with the spirit of Old Sacramento ...
Artists Ron Stocke & Derek Gundy guide students through on location sketching at various locales around Seattle. Learn the importance of capturing the energy, light, and structure of your subject before heading back to your studio to produce the larger painting. We teach these sketchbook workshops in pencil, pen, and watercolor. Please join us. Our first class at Gas Works Park is full, but there is still room in both our Pike Place Market workshop July 19th, and our Pioneer Square workshop August 9th. You can register online at or email or message us if you'd like to mail us a check and we'll provide you with an address for that.
I recommend visiting the Sculpture Park, Pioneer Square, Pike Place Market, Golden Gardens or Arboretum if you have a car.
We are only 2 days until the final vote and need your continued support! We are almost at the finish line to build a Publix grocery store at the northeast corner of Pioneer Trail and Airport Road. YOUR VOICE WILL BE HEARD! Deb Denys is the commissioner for that area. If you can email her letting her know you support the project that would be excellent!! ddenysif you can be in attendance at the meeting this Thursday, April 17 at 2pm at Volusia County Administration Building - 123 W. Indiana Avenue in DeLand that would really be great. We will have green t-shirts for all supporters to wear! And lastly, if you would let your fellow neighbors know what’s going on – this project is a win win for the community as well as the county! Thank you so much!! Citizens for Pioneer Square
I did it. I pulled the trigger! Just signed the lease and got the keys to my new 700 square foot studio at the Tashiro Kaplan building in Pioneer Square. It's a big step toward building my business. The space will serve as a work studio as well as an access point to meet with clients and buyers. I'll be spending the rest of the month setting up and will post my progress. Hopefully I can have you over soon!!
Pioneer Square is a neighborhood in the southwest corner of Downtown Seattle, Washington, USA. It was once the...
you should watch trying to give "free safety advice" in Pioneer Square. That should make you feel better. ;)
Is it weird that I feel like Pioneer Square is more sketch during the day than it is at night
Coincidence? Maybe . . about a week ago I recall getting a charge to go to court and face charges of assault and trespassing for a place called Oasis that happened last year in October 13th. Some days before today I hear some firemen in Pioneer Square were caught beating up some of my friends. Oh my have the tables turned on them? Oh no, I guess it's just a what? . . Oh, what a coincidence! Wow. . and to think they don't have any ANGER PROBLEMS right? What they charged me with was a reaction from the Seattle Police Department's racist whites who only "assisted" me in leaving a restaurant while I was only using their restroom. Prior to that, a black dude working there tried to grab my arm when I nudged away and told him that I can leave by myself. He got angry and said that I was in violation of his company's policy that I should have been a paying customer and should've asked to use the restroom- which dude would've said no if I didn't buy anything and he was only trying to help me- HELP ME? Real ...
I’m just saying that’s the first thing I think of when I hear Pioneer Square. That and Seattle Underground, and the public art.
Patrol log for the evening of March 8, 2014. The team members were Phoenix Jones, The Shade, Midnight Jack, Girl Scout and myself. Crazy night, very busy but I think we accomplished a lot. Three fights and a stolen purse. This was a night of firsts. My first patrol o.ut of colors, Girl Scout's first patrol as a full RCSM member, Phoenix' first patrol with his new shield (surprisingly effective), Midnight Jack's first patrol in his new steel-lined shirt and The Shade's first time kissing a girl. I'm kidding about one of those We began our patrol with a drive through Pioneer Square and rallied in Belltown around 12:30am. We walked down 1st to Pioneer but it was fairly quiet. A few clubs were busy and the rain had stopped. However, there was a pretty strong police presence so we decided our efforts were better spent elsewhere. On the way back, we checked 2nd to drive off any drug dealers. No one obvious this night. There was one fight we ran to break up and two bike cops appeared within a minute so we moved ...
We chose Front Desk for our new system, from our hood, an original Pioneer Square start-up with offices now on Capitol Hill. Seattle rocks. Keep it local, folks!
Josh Henderson is bring Quality Athletics to Pioneer Square (food, not apparel):
lies on a narrow strip of land between the salt waters of Puget Sound and the fresh waters of Lake Washington. Beyond the waters lie two rugged mountain ranges, the Olympics to the west and the Cascades to the east. It is a city built on hills and around water, in a mild marine climate that encourages prolific vegetation and abundant natural resources. White settlers came to the Seattle area in 1851, establishing a townsite they first called New York, and then, adding a word from the Chinook jargon meaning "by-and-by," New York-Alki. They soon moved a short distance across Elliott Bay to what is now the historic Pioneer Square district, where a protected deep-water harbor was available. This village was soon named Seattle, honoring a Duwamish Indian leader named Sealth who had befriended the settlers. The new town's principal economic support was Henry Yesler's lumber mill at the foot of Mill Street (now Yesler Way), built in 1853. Much of the mill's production went to the booming city of San Francisco, b ...
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Seattle Seahawks. This Tiger salutes the 12th Man and congratulations on a championship. Victory Parade on Wednesday with the Giselle Bundchen photo shoot right after the Parade in Pioneer Square.
Giselle Bundchen: "If the Glorious Seattle Seahawks win on Sunday, I will do a photo shoot in Pioneer Square wearing only a Seahawk Bikini. If Richard Sherman knocks that traitor dog Wes Welker out of the game, I will buy the first 500 Seahawk fans German Beer before the photo shoot". Denver fans, you hurt my Tommy, nothing for you.
Welcome new CHS advertiser -- born on Capitol Hill, now hiring in Pioneer Square
12pm Salt Room Yoga in Pioneer Square - Ashtanga. Quote of the day: "waking up this morning, i smile. twenty-four brand new hours are before me. i vow to live fully in each moment and to look at all beings with eyes of compassion." - thich nhat hanh
Hey for all you super Seahawks fans we have an extremely fun Vow Renewal give away!! Next Sunday we will be having FREE Seahawk themed Vow Renewals at our Wedding Chapel right in the heart of Pioneer Square after the play off game!! We will also be offering our Chapel package wedding on Sunday Jan 19th for only $112 (12th man price!!) Must be wearing Seahawks gear and KOMO 4 might be dropping by to come celebrate with us!!! BEAST MODE!!!
Want to keep your family busy after the holidays. Here is what going on in January. Art walk January 2, 2014 Head to historic Pioneer Square from noon to 8 p.m. for the very first First Thursday Art Walk of the new year, when art galleries throw open their doors to introduce new exhibitions and artists. Free. Free science museum January 2, 2014 Winter is a great time to visit the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture at the University of Washington. It’s free the first Thursday of every month, including today. Remodeling expo January 3 - 5, 2014 Get ideas for your dream home at the annual Seattle Remodeling Expo at the Seattle convention center. Speakers, vendors, and remodeling experts. Monster trucks January 3 - 5, 2014 Big trucks with big wheels make big noise at Monster Jam in the Tacoma Dome. Puyallup Home and Garden Show January 3 - 5, 2014 Get help for your home and garden at the Puyallup Home & Garden Show in the Showplex at the Puyallup Fairgrounds. Wedding show January 11 - 12, 2014 Live ...
Someone take me to Corvallis for the day & then to Pioneer Square in Portland to look at the big Christmas tree 😃
Fantagraphics Books is excited to be participating in the American Express Holiday Pop Up Shop in Seattle's historic Pioneer Square neighborhood.
Another cold day in Portland, and we woke up to a dusting of snow on the ground. There is a major electrical outage impacting businesses in the downtown core, near 5th Ave. and Pioneer Square, for a second day in Downtown Portland. The Multnomah County Courthouse and Pioneer Place Mall, not to mention other large businesses like The Standard, have had their doors shut. I can imagine the Mall, in particular, is fuming. Losing two days of sales during the holidays has to have a significant impact on retailers' bottom lines. And, while I'm no fan of over consumption during the holidays, I'm sure the closure is having an impact on many workers, so I hope PGE and the City can fix the problems STAT!
been to pioneer square but not the 5 point! Thanks man
hit up Pioneer Square downtown and the 5 Point cafe/bar. Great lil dive!
I really really think someone should pick me up tonight and we should go to the pioneer square Christmas tree lighting
Someone take me to the tree lighting tonight at Pioneer Square!
Holiday Parade is over, next event officers preparing for is the Pioneer Square Tree Lighting Ceremony, set to begin at 5:30pm
Pioneer Courthouse Square Christmas tree lighting set for tonight: The annual lighting of the Christmas tree i...
Looking for something fun to do today. Come and Hang out at Melrose Market and or Pioneer Square. Either way...
Just got a bunch of new outfits from Pioneer Square 😍
“Busy New Nike gear in our Pioneer Square store. Come see: 😍😍😍
Busy Loads of new Nike gear in our new Pioneer Square store. Come see:
Looks like I'm taking a solo trip to pioneer square this week. Anyone want to tag along?
Looking for something different? Check out our Pioneer Square holiday gift guide. Ideas for everyone on your list!
Our friends in Portland... be sure to check out the tree lighting ceremony in Pioneer Courthouse Square tonight
The tree lighting ceremony is tonight in Pioneer Courthouse Square at 5:30 PM. Make sure to arrive early early to snag a spot.
I wish I was in Portland today, Macys Holiday Parade and tonight the annual tree lighting in Pioneer Square. 😏
Pioneer Square Tree Lighting, Hillsboro 'Symphony of Light': free and cheap family fun: Pioneer Community Cent...
Pioneer Square owner Dr. Brian Wiebe with the award for best office building!
Dancers giving back! Big group of us went to the Union Gospel Mission in Pioneer Square tonight to…
Pioneer Square is pretty solid downtown Portland.. Lot's of food carts. The must see spots are in the Spring and Summer.
Tomorrow is the day the Pioneer Square Christmas Tree gets lighted up with Christmas lights. 🎄⛄ Who wanna go with me?...💁
Pioneer Square tree lighting planned for Fri. .
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Yes, it was a beautiful day in Portland, OR. Passed by Pioneer Square (photo). How was your Thanksgiving?
I would rather go to Pioneer Square for Black Friday shopping 😞
Off to the Fraser Valley Commercial Building Awards. Pioneer Square is a finalist!
Pioneer Square tree lighting planned for Fri.
Pioneer Square tree lighting planned for Fri.: Portland's annual Christmas Tree lighting is set to kick off th...
Pioneer Square getting dressed up for the Holidays! On a sunny/foggy, dry
What a great turn out at the Christmas lights. Pioneer Square looked great.
This will be displayed at Trabant Coffee & Chai in Pioneer Square for the First Thursday art walk!
is properly buzzing tonight. Sheep Street is packed and there's a big queue for in Pioneer Square
Life of Brian being shown in Meeting House Square in December
Attending the tree lighting at Pioneer Square tomorrow night? Come have a bite to eat before the festivities! We...
I am very upset about my seating options being stripped away from me at Pioneer Courthouse Square tonight.
Big Christmas tree at Pioneer Square lighting ceremony is Friday!!
Looking for unique holiday gift ideas? Take a look at our Pioneer Square holiday gift guide!
Walking to queen anne from pioneer square.
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Pioneer Square mall is literally 2 seconds away 😬
I still have to walk through Pioneer Square. Don't be jealous.
I accidentally pasted in the word bourgeois on Google Maps & got directions to an art gallery in Pioneer Square. It made me so happy.
FISA Court in Oregon: Pioneer Courthouse Square bombing case illustrates how FBI conducts surveillance (video)
Work beer... how have I never checked into this? - Drinking an ESB by @ Pioneer Square —
What grisly secret has been kept inside Volunteer Park? Who is lurking in an abandoned bank vault beneath Pioneer Square? Which Seattle neighborhoods were knowingly built over ancient burial sites? Why are victims from the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake roaming Seattle's waterfront? If you have ever wondered just how haunted Seattle's history is, then this is the class for you! For one night only, "Seattle's Haunted Hotspots" explores the spectral secrets of some of the famous (and infamous) cemeteries, mansions, theaters, and even towns that make the Puget Sound a destination for ghost enthusiasts around the world! Seattle's Haunted Hotspots North Seattle Community College Saturday evening, November 16th 6:00 - 9:00 PM Register now at: See you in class!
I work in Pioneer Square and live in Madison Park, so the commute takes an hr or longer sometimes :(
hey, it's me! C U on Pioneer Square in for free fitness class at 12:30pm!!
Beautiful rainbow over Pioneer Square yesterday. It looks like the pot of gold is at the top of the Smith Tower.
Klondike Gold Rush Museum in Pioneer Square run by Natl Park Svc closed
I think I found a way to fund the reopening of the Klondike Gold Rush Nat. Historical Park in Pioneer Square today!
A 'Celebration of Life' service for Troy Wolff (victim of Pioneer Square stabbing) is set for Sept. 22nd at 2 pm @ Shoreline Comm College.
The famous totem pole at Pioneer Square. :o)
On this day in 1907, UPS (as in United Parcel Service) started right here in Pioneer Square!
Interesting to see "Pioneer Square" now warrants its' own road signs on the Buckingham Road at the junction with...
I was sad when they built the new condo building there in Pioneer Square, but the results are kinda magical.
how does meeting at Pioneer Square tomorrow at 330 sound? is coming, too. So far it's us 3.
Free show at 88 Keys Pioneer square! Catch me soon get it here!
Is one Pioneer Square public toilet by the fall enough to stem the tide? Local business owner says no!
Join us in Pioneer Square tomorrow, buskers needed to provide the soundtrack for our civil disobedience outhouses!
Art is in the air at Pioneer Square
Never seen it before here. Glorious. — Drinking a Workhorse IPA by @ Pioneer Square Saloon —
There was this lady down at Pioneer Square who was in a bikini, tanning, it was really awkward
Welcome to the Pioneer Square hood Nice pics:
Work is done, have a happy Independence Day everyone! (@ Zynga Seattle Pioneer Square)
Final reminder! No First Thursday art walk in Pioneer Square tomorrow! Have a great Fourth of July weekend!
there's one on the 3rd floor at pioneer square mall in Oregon
OH: “Wanna try this Taco Del Mar out?”. Next time on Culinary Risk Takers of Pioneer Square…
Theres nothing like Pioneer Square on Seahawk Sundays but 12's travel well
We wish you all a very happy 4th of July tomorrow! . Store Hours-. Pioneer Square: Closed. Fremont: 6am-...
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Mm!“Today at the Pioneer Square farmers market...strawberries!
I've been enjoying the new little farmers market in Occidental Park in Pioneer Square on Wednesdays. Open till 2 today.
Today at the Pioneer Square farmers market...strawberries!
Peek inside Little Uncle's new underground restaurant in Pioneer Square:
Freshly picked at the Pioneer Square Farmer's Market :-)
Will your Pioneer Square location be open on July 4th?
Don't forget the Pioneer Square Farmer's Market is going on today in Occidental Park!
Look Inside the New Little Uncle in Pioneer Square (Photos by cc:
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