Pink Floyd & Jerry Sandusky

Pink Floyd were an English rock band that achieved international success with their progressive and psychedelic rock music marked by the use of philosophical lyrics, sonic experimentation, and elaborate live shows. Gerald Arthur Jerry Sandusky (born January 26, 1944) is a retired American football coach. 3.3/5

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Is it too late to make a Jerry Sandusky/Pink Floyd joke?..probably.
Jerry Sandusky can look forward to more than 400 years worth of Pink Floyd lyrics and it's not because he's stranded on a desert island and has Dark Side of
Who says inmates don't have a sense of humor? After Jerry Sandusky was locked into his cell at the Center County Correctional Facility, the inmates sang a famous line from Pink Floyd..."Hey, teacher! Leave those kids alone."
Jailed thugs locked up alongside serial child molester Jerry Sandusky ridiculed him during his first stint at Centre County Correctional Facility in December, singing lyrics from a Pink Floyd song: "Hey, teacher! Leave those kids alone!" according to a report.
The brick in the wall by Pink Floyd is a song meant for Jerry Sandusky.
Its official, Jerry Sandusky has ruined Pink Floyd's Another Brick In the Wall for me. "If you don't eat your meat, you can't have any pudding!!!"'s just so wrong...Hey! Teacher! Why couldn't you just leave those kids alone?!
Disgraced ex-coach Jerry Sandusky was shamed upon arriving at prison by inmates singing rounds of the lyric "Hey, teacher! Leave those kids alone!"
I heard that when Jerry Sandusky first got arrested that his cellmates were singing Pink Floyd's famous line "hey teacher, leave them kids alone"...that is kinda hilarious!
Hey teacher,leave those kids the welcome that Jerry Sandusky got from inmates at Centre County Correctional taking lines from Pink Floyd's The Wall
Heard that the other prisoners welcomed Jerry Sandusky on his first night in jail. They all got together and sang him a Pink Floyd song. The song of choice" Hey teacher, leave them kids alone", rather fitting I think!
Glad to hear that fellow inmates are now taunting Jerry Sandusky with the Pink Floyd lyrics "Hey, Teacher, leave them kids alone..." It is just the beginning for the sick *** Forget the suicide watch on him and just put him in population so a few Ving Rhames look alikes can tend to him.
Breaking News Jerry Sandusky was mercilessly taunted for HOURS during his first night in jail back in December -- when his fellow inmates chanted Pink Floyd "s famous lyrics ...
She just said on WDVE the first night Jerry Sandusky was in jail... All the inmates sang out loud "Hey!! Teacher!! Leave those kids alone!!" ..(Another Brick in the wall by Pink Floyd). HA!
the coach from penn state "Jerry Sandusky" who was jailed for child abuse, was sung to sleep last night with a jail house version of Pink Floyd s "the wall". the inmates thought it only fitting to sing the chorus "hey teacher leave those kids alone!", i guess he is not going to get an easy ride in jail !
Jerry Sandusky spent his first night in jail last night. Turns out his fellow inmates new exactly who he is. it was reported that as the lights went out they started singing Pink Floyd - "The Wall" "Hey Teacher, Leave those kids alone!" Sleep well Jerry!
Jerry Sandusky 'serenaded' with Pink Floyd lyrics by prison inmates, report says - Crimesider via
I heard that for Jerry Sandusky's first night in jail the fellow inmates kept singing Pink Floyd's "Teacher leave those kids alone" Evidently they sung it all night to him. Just thought it was worth back to work...
I think this was so damm funny. On the way into work this morning the local radio station was talking about Jerry Sandusky and his first night in prison. He is in a isolation section of the prison, but the other inmates can still see him. Well apparently after the lights went out the inmates started chanting Pink Floyd's song We Don't Need No Education through out the prison. I hope Sandusky gets his just rewards in prison for what he did.
Inmates taunt Jerry Sandusky with Pink Floyd lyrics, ‘Hey, teacher! Leave those kids alone!’ Former Penn State football coach and convicted pedophile Sandusky was sent to sleep to the strains of 'Another Brick in the Wall, Read more:
Jerry Sandusky was MERCILESSLY taunted by inmates singing Pink Floyd... "Leave Those Kids Alone!"
lol @ jail via "Inmates taunt Jerry Sandusky with Pink Floyd lyrics"
Jerry Sandusky was welcomed to jail by fellow inmates singing lyrics from Pink Floyd's Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2) while he was awaiting trial. He has now been convicted on 45 of 48 counts of child sexual abuse and sent back to the same prison facility. âAt night, we were singing âHey, teac...
Jerry Sandusky was serenaded by his fellow inmates last night after lights-out with a rousing chorus of "Hey teacher, let those kids alone" from Pink Floyd's "The Wall".LOL
Complete *** think! Pink Floyd is good! Like Taylor Swift! Root for Lebron! Listen to Justin Bieber! Love Micheal Jackson! Think Zepplin is great! Think that Bradley beat Manny! Listen to RAP! Believe that politics matter to us walkin around the steet small people! That there's any good left in our fellow humans! Jerry Sandusky is innocent! Tim Tebow will ever be a quarterback! Golf will be ok without Tiger! Mushrooms come up,straight out of the ground! Because i like Christmas lights,I don't believe in Christ! Believe that R.G.3. will be a good quarterback! Think that Child support is due to them!
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