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Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd were an English rock band that achieved international success with their progressive and psychedelic rock music marked by the use of philosophical lyrics, sonic experimentation, and elaborate live shows.

Roger Waters Dark Side Comfortably Numb David Gilmour Atom Heart Mother Syd Barrett Nick Mason Richard Wright Storm Thorgerson Another Brick Trevor Plouffe Brit Floyd Zabriskie Point Soft MacHine Joy Division Denny Laine Jimi Hendrix

Cut for time:Queen, XTC, Morrisey, Sheeran, James, Pink Floyd, Monkees, The Jam, and loads of other artists you love. It's…
The John Harper Time Machine travels to 1979 (Robert Palmer, Pink Floyd and Nic Lowe, among others) for Saturday...
“Pink Floyd in 1968 (from left) Nick Mason, David Gilmour, Rick Wright and Roger Waters. Photograph: Michael Ochs ……
The London Philharmonic Orchestra's rendition of the great gig in the sky by Pink Floyd is absolutely beautiful
Great meme.if only there was a firing squad. apologies to Pink Floyd
If you had a time machine, to which Pink Floyd concert would you set the controls for?
Smash Mouth, Tower of Power, & a laser show set to the music of Pink Floyd are some of the highlights.
Listen to Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here by Ulviyya Ali on
I'm an 80's-90's music kinda girl, but I'm pretty open minded. I can go from Willie Nelson to Lady Gaga to Pink Floyd lol
Im more of a led zep / Pink Floyd / the cure / faithless /ect etc .. although u can't beat a bit of ph…
On this day in 1968, Pink Floyd released their fourth UK single 'It Would Be So Nice', written by Richard Wright...
Oh ... sounding like Pink Floyd, Prince, & Jon Bon Jovi have had some beautiful musical bab…
too bad you ruined a great show with an anti-police video during Pink Floyd. Remember who is paying for tix,
iTunes USA:. 102. The Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd. 103. Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz - Miley Cyrus. Encontro do ro…
Great interview with Roger Waters of Pink Floyd on "The Big Interview."
I agree . Roger Waters had some awesome licks during the early days of Pink Floyd.
>> “The Occupation of the American Mind” with Pink Floyd's Roger Waters - WATCH FULL INTERVIEW - YouTube
Pink Floyd's Roger Waters on why US musicians are terrified to condemn Independent
My playlist goes from lil uzi to moon hooch to Pink Floyd to sublime to fall out boy so don't give me the aux
On this week's episode of Jenga Vision: and I talk iPhone surveillance, stadiums, robots and Pink Floyd.
Classic Albums Live does Pink Floyd, second time seeing this and it's on point every time!
Nick Mason's favorite Pink Floyd favorite also. The only Floyd LP to feature all 5 members. Amazing LP... h…
Trevor Plouffe with some Pink Floyd walk-up music
Also Trevor Plouffe keeping things classy with Pink Floyd on the walk up tracks. I see you
Trevor Plouffe can stay his walkup is Pink Floyd!
I think Trevor Plouffe's walk up music if Pink Floyd. Total "I'm coming from Minnesota to NorCal move".
Answers at the meeting included Pink Floyd's The Wall, a Mary McCarthy short story & the first balloon crossing of the English Channel.
It's like Elton John and Pink Floyd had a love child. . Pure Comedy by Father John Misty ♫
I mean I have biographies on Keith Richards, Tom Waits, Billie Holiday, Pink Floyd, Joy Division, Jimi Hendrix... so why not Gucci Mane?
Pink Floyd drummer puts McLaren F1 GTR into the wall: There's been a lot of talk about walls……
.Harry Pearce on designing an identity and a distinctive logotype for Pink Floyd Records
Hope the Pink Floyd drummer had insurance.
Percaya atau tidak, band yang sonically futuristic, experimental, progressive and psychedelic like Pink Floyd, started out a…
All in All it's just Another Brick WALL (Ouch!)
.Do you like Pink Floyd? What's your favorite album by them? Mine is 'The Wall."
I just smoked marijuana and put on Pink Floyd's The Wall. Your move 21st century.
19. Dark Side of the moon, Pink Floyd
As with most things, there are choices. Earlier, it was Incubus. Now? It's Pink Floyd. Either way...
Looking for the perfect Pink Floyd guitar tone? This new music shop is for you
Unknown - Pink Floyd - Hey You NOW PLAYING LISTEN LIVE and on.
Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason crashes his £3m McLaren at Goodwood
Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason crashed his fancy race car over the weekend:
I'm guessing most people in that generation did. My dad has never been shy about admitting to his 'Pink Floyd' days ;)
TJ Kirk looks like he really wants to explain to me all the ways in which i don't ~truly~ understand Pink Floyd
Can you imagine the sleeve of Pink Floyd's Animals without the bright pink pig?
Pink Floyd to release unreleased song on vinyl for record store day. find out @
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Owen, N. K. (2017) I hate everything and I just want coffee: The life of a student. The Sleepless Journal, (8), 11, 142-158.
It's been too long since I've been able to cruise on a rainy night to Pink Floyd and zepp.
I've always been mad, I know I've been mad, like the . most of us...: estoy escuchando a Pink Floyd
Going to see Pink Floyd may 30th in St Louis mo.
I added a video to a playlist Money - Pink Floyd + Lyrics
What's your age and what's era of Pink Floyd do you prefer?
How is Pink Floyd's THE WALL not on Blu-ray? That's the only Wall I want to see in the next four years.
If you eat donuts for the entire time you ltsten go Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd, you probably shouldn't.
44 years ago, pink floyd released the Dark Side of the moon, it remained In the charts for 741 uninterrupted weeks. Still a m…
Pink Floyd released The Dark Side of The Moon on this day in 1973. It was in the charts for over 1500 weeks.
Listening to Breathe (In the Air) by Pink Floyd, on the album: The Dark Side of the Moon [Explicit]
New York Presbyterian has released a list of songs people can use to properly time CPR chest compressions.
Pink Floyd kind of night, thinking about you.
From 87, Pink Floyd - Learning to Fly. Taken from the groups first album without Roger Waters, A Momentary Lapse of Reason…
Liam Finn singing with Pink Floyd in a TV theme style, produced by Giorgio Moroder
Phil Jax goes old school and signs "Money" by Pink Floyd.
no you'd need Molly lolol. That realm of music is like Jim James and Pink Floyd and my morning jacket
back from the flea market with some nice Pink Floyd - Meddle and Patti Smith Group -…
📷 Paul and Linda McCartney with David Gilmour of Pink Floyd at a Zeppelin concert via reddit
Rock Calendar 3-10-73: Pink Floyd releases Dark Side Of The Moon in the US. It charts for 741 weeks, longer than any other album in history.
"Arnold Lane" (b/w "Candy and a Currant Bun") (EMI-Columbia) by the Pink Floyd was released in the United Kingdom o…
Did you just say that Def Leopard ripped off Pink Floyd? Better question: Which came first? David Coverdale or Sammy Hagar?
Happy 71st Birthday to David Gilmore of Pink Floyd! May you have many more!
My night consisted of mio shots, bad IHOP service, and Pink Floyd
I'm a white guy with dreadlocks who has a pet snake and refers to Pink Floyd as "the blues".
Who am I kidding... how many students have even heard of Pink Floyd?
Also disturbingly like something Gerald Scarfe might have drawn for Pink Floyd!
girls be posting selfies of themselves wearing Grateful Dead/Led Zeppelin/Pink Floyd shirts.. ladies, do y'all even listen to 'em???
Pink Floyd performed the music at the Miss Teenage Brighton Contest, 1967, at the Sussex town's Top Rank Suite.
Pink Floyd is vastly overrated garbage. Eagles? Pfft. Walsh did better with the James Gang.
1990 Cindy Lauper & Pink Floyd in Berlin performing the Wall in front of 350k ppl. I'm somewhere up front. ;) \m/.
All in all it was just a brick in the wall... Pink Floyd @ Berlin Wall Memorial
And it's not just w them, it's the same w Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Doors, Pink Floyd, Joy Division, Nirvana, the Beastie Boys 😭
thanks for the follow! My dad John Smith loves Pink Floyd! We came to see them in Earls Court when I was young! 😍
hmm. wonder if they ever made a blue ray of Pink Floyd's Pulse?
Listening to Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd, on the album: The Wall
Pink Floyd's song Comfortably Numb explains me perfectly. Can't stop listening to it 💉
I'm just not emotional like that anymore idk why Comfortably Numb like Pink Floyd or something
.you were great in Pink Floyd's The Wall
Noah Hawley's (FX/tonite) "is what you’d get if ThePrisoner & an early Pink Floyd album had a baby together"
TV REVIEW: is what you'd get if “The Prisoner” and an early Pink Floyd album had a baby…
and if my kids grow up not liking Pink Floyd, I'll be a more disappointed father than Billy Ray Cyrus.
Legion creator Noah Hawley on Marvel cameos, Pink Floyd, and why his superhero series might drive you mad
Pink Floyd's The Final Cut - an album that I fear is about to experience renewed thematic relevance. A requiem for…
My yoga teacher played Pink Floyd's "Darkside of the Mood" for the duration of short form ashtanga. featured in NBC s Science of Love
"The grass was greener,. the light was brighter, . when friends surrounded, . the nights of wonder". - High Hopes, Pink Floyd
The first time I heard Pink Floyd my eyes lit up, goosebumps and all. I couldn't comprehend how amazing the instrumentation was.
Honestly, I was never a big Pink Floyd fan...until now. Respect to
Check out Free shipping Roger Waters In the flesh tour book Pink Floyd via
Roger Waters bashes Donald Trump, but Trump’s kids are (were?) Pink Floyd superfans
Roger Waters of Pink Floyd got something to say now!
Today in 1967, filming took place for BBC's Tomorrow's World, which included Pink Floyd jamming at Mike Leonard's house in H…
Casa blanca cierra pagina en español All in all it's just Another Brick in the wall (Pink Floyd).
A very happy birthday to Guy Pratt, who has played bass with Pink Floyd since 1987, and is a stalwart of David Gilmour's sol…
Dylan, obviously, but Nashville Skyline. I'm also finding comfort in Pink Floyd, Nickel Creek, and Ministry.
Adele - One & Only. Not sure why, but here we are. I just hear Pink Floyd's Richard Wright on keyboards, somehow. It's nice.
Nice to find a Pink Floyd lover . Pic of David Gilmour at the Royal Albert Hall in Sept last year .
One of my fave remixes/hacks ever is this Pink Floyd's Hey You done by Vitamin String Quartet
1996 – In a ceremony at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in Manhattan, N.Y., Pink Floyd are officially inducted into the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame.
Happy birthday to Professor Stephen Hawking, who is 75 today, and on Pink Floyd's Keep Talking and Talkin' Hawkin':
Pink Floyd's 1970 album Atom Heart Mother was released on this day. The. iconic cover features a cow called...?
Today in 1968, David Gilmour did his first rehearsal with Syd, Roger, Richard and Nick as Pink Floyd became a short-lived fi…
Hey: a horror musical with a Paul Williams score vs a Pink Floyd film by Alan Parker? The are trying to conjure Bugsy Malone!!
Pink Floyd's Roger Waters channeling a little ? I think so
If you ain't heard Momentary Lapse of Reason or Atom Heart Mother, you ain't heard Pink Floyd
Hallelujah! I feel the same way about Pink Floyd-oh I've tried to like their music. Does little for me.
The Machine. A little Pink Floyd to bring on the storm! @ The NorVA
~Don't expect any musical numbers (except for maybe a little Pink Floyd) from NBC's ballsy and beautiful new...
Listening to Pink Floyd. When I was little I thought the 3rd line to Another Brick in the Wall was "No Dukes of Hazzard in the classroom".
6 January 1967 - The Small Faces and Pink Floyd are in London. The Who are in Morecambe. The Spencer Davis Group...
lol my girl's music taste should go from Celso Piña to UGK to Brad Paisley to Kid Cudi to Los Tigres Del Norte to Pink Floyd to Steve Aoki
My little brother loves listening to Pink Floyd. Kid's going somewhere. 👍
🎶 the-korova-milk-bar: Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd ripped from vinyl
bring the ultimate Pink Floyd experience to on Wednesday 18 January.…
Ron Geesin's new book The Flaming Cow is published today, looking at Ron's collaboration with Pink Floyd on the track Atom Heart Mother.
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Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother. Surprisingly, I have never heard it before.
Listen to Pink Floyd - On The Turning Away by Ahmad Hamed on
isn't that the cow whose was on the album cover of Atom Heart Mother by Pink Floyd?😅
1971 – At London’s Abbey Road studios, Pink Floyd begin sessions for Meddle, the follow-up to their 1970 album Atom Heart Mother.
between Rush and Pink Floyd. Both when I was a kid, heard Rush on the radio and Pink Floyd's Atom Heart Mother.
So many great science fiction songs in the '60, before the big '70s wave: Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Byrds, CSN's "Wooden Ships"...
Read more about making of Pink Floyd's Atom Heart Mother in my interview with composer Ron Geesin…
The Atom Heart Mother Suite by Pink Floyd is 23:41 of pure joy
Pink Floyd started their 1970 Atom Heart Mother tour on this day, with a show at Brighton's Big Apple.
Chris Webber is solid. Fratello is good. But going from Mike Gorman to Marv Albert is like going from Pink Floyd to Smashmouth
I'm gonna have to play this every day until new year's dawn. . The Final Cut - Pink Floyd.
6% battery. Churchgate to Borivali. Eddie Vedder and Pink Floyd. What a trip.
so it looks like the mysterious Pink Floyd girl is a cocktail waitress that was at party where Cole, Archer, AND Alexander attended
Revisiting Roger Waters' break from Pink Floyd on its anniversary:
bruh I'm watching Brit Floyd do a tribute to Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb and this guy is killing it on the second guitar solo
let's get stoned and listen to Pink Floyd's album the Dark Side of the moon?
Scott Page from Pink Floyd started following me so that's pretty cool
Join Brit Floyd April 7th @ Merrill to celebrate Pink Floyd's music . Tickets on sale at noon today:…
Hi, sweetness. Sorry I missed you while you were here. Sounds like a remake of a Pink Floyd song. I'm sure you killed.
Wish you could've seen Pink Floyd live? Brit Floyd will recreate their Division Bell tour in Hershey.
X. Chord notes :. D F# A. D F# B. D F A --plus add the CD G B. There you have the genius of Richard Wright writing 'Us and Them'. Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd wit emojis dis took so many hours y'all
Told my dad I'm listening to Pink Floyd a lot more and he said "ah *** now i have to go check your room for pot" 😂
They fully connected with their audience by writing the biggest political prog rock album since Pink Floyd did Animals.
Pink Floyd built their rock opera masterpiece, brick by brick, on this day in music history: ht…
Pink Floyd would be NOTHING if Alan Parsons wasn't behind their engineering.
I love 'Wish you were here' one of my fav with 'Comfortably Numb' . This is a Pink Floyd afternoon
Bir oynatma listesine video ekledim: Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb
Pink Floyd is like a marriage that's on a permanent trial separation...
favorite bands of all-time (random order):. Beatles. Pink Floyd. U2. Descendents. Bad Religion. Smoking Popes. Weezer
Our sound's been described as "Rod Serling holds a group therapy session with members of Pink Floyd and Soundgarden"
TGIF Soothing Freeway to Home Riffs w/ Pink Floyd's David Gilmour and the Late Rick Wright (on Key Board):
Light Family we are in Pink Floyd starting with Live at Pompeii. A Mega-Wave of unadulterated PACHAD energy is on t…
on Rock Bar Creation of Pink Floyd seg 1 by Hosted by Craig Bailey
Hosted by Craig Bailey - Creation of Pink Floyd seg 1 :: Tune In:
🎵When I was a child I had a fever,. And the only prescription, is more cowbell🎵. Pink Floyd feat. Blue Oyster Cult.
NOW: The distant ship is calling with the music of Pink Floyd. Floydian Slip with Craig Bailey,
Robert. Pink Floyd inspired tattoo done by Kate at stay true tattoo St Thomas
Are you feeling better post Trump? The man is half Scottish, so we are also embarrassed!! Listen to some Pink Floyd...
lol. She cited: The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Queen, Bruce Springsteen, Pink Floyd and Mariah Carey as her biggest m…
.update: Wagner, Schubert, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, and Kendrick Lamar have all gotten a mention in this paper
Today we remember Storm Thorgerson, who (with his colleagues) was responsible for most of Pink Floyd's iconic album covers and other images.
It won't be the same as watching Pink Floyd in Australia, but I'm off to see the Australian Pink Floyd in Blackpool!
TIL: Storm Thorgerson, the artist who designed the album art for Pink Floyd also designed album art for ACDC, Led …
Pink Floyd made their US debut when they played at Winterland Ballroom 49 years ago today.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon is playing at the bar in Penn Station and the Cubs are three innings from a WS championship
Storm Thorgerson interview 2007. He was the person that showed them to Pink Floyd a…
how on earth can that be called Rock n Roll? Absolute tosh. Where’s Led Zep or Pink Floyd?
Across the Universe continuing with tracks by Coral, Second Sky & Pink Floyd.
Tagged by Daughters of Darkness and better sorry than safe-Halestorm. Marooned-Pink Floyd . Urgent-foreigner…
“Can you remember who you were. before the world told you who you should be?”. Ph:©Storm Thorgerson. (Pink Floyd's Gra…
Art and symbolism in the album covers of Pink Floyd by Storm Thorgerson..
Steel Pulse in the morning . J. Cole in the afternoon . Pink Floyd in the evening . Ryan Adams at night .
2343 - Just can make out a bit of "Shine on You Crazy Diamond"          by Pink Floyd but mostly in the noise
Pink Floyd...Trey songz...2009 lil Wayne and Big L on the playlist as I walk to the cemetery to write...hope everyone has a blessed day fam
I swear I hear The Beatles, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Bruce Springsteen and ABBA, all wrapped in one on Lady Gaga's new record.
Led Zepp still chilled, Pink Floyd gotta be the weirdest (and Lit too)
1966 Pink Floyd, The Move, Denny Laine, Soft MacHine at launch for the International Times, at London's Roundh…
On this Day October 15, 1966: Pink Floyd (who were paid £15 for the gig), The Move, Denny Laine, Soft MacHine, Yoko…
No one writes like Dylan... 1960s was the best music this world ever saw - Dylan, Beatles, Led Zepp, Pink Floyd.
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Listen to Bennett Built a Time Machine by Spock's Beard on I'm sure if I compared sounds: Yes, Pink Floyd, Rush all resound.
My favorite song is Wish you were here by Pink Floyd. It makes me think of loved ones that have passed & I always shed a tear…
Just a little Pink Floyd & Jack Johnson played during lunch at are my kind of people!
Imagine if Syd Barrett had stayed with Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd's "Shine on you crazy diamond" is a timeless & addictive trip of musical ecstasy.
I grew up with the music of the Beatles, Elvis Presley, Pink Floyd and Deep Purple! Love remains! This is…
What screams "trump is a pig" more than a giant balloon pig with trumps face at a pink floyd concert.
The new MOJO ’60s is on sale in the UK now. Vol 7 of our swinging spinoff stars Early Floyd, Sandy, B.B. and more https:/…
Pink Floyd Star In MOJO ’60s Volume 7: Latest issue of MOJO’s Swinging Spinoff is on sale in the UK now. Earl...
Glad to have been listening to Roger Waters play Pink Floyd songs instead of this joker. 🐷…
Pink Floyd amongst the all time greats.after Waters left..
. Amazing how Pink Floyd's Roger Waters had three lines in 'Mother' that sound like the inner brain speak of a certain.
People who've said "Roger Waters needs to stop voicing his political opinion" clearly have never heard a single Pink Floyd song
Not a much of a Pink Floyd fan, but this is too *** funny not to share.
Don't accept that what's happening is just a case of other's suffering, or you'll find that you're in the turning away. - Pink Floyd
Far from it. A simple realist. I'm not wild about Pink Floyd - Miles Davis ok?. (It ain't Stanley)
Harry talking about his Pink Floyd t-shirt and album Dark Side of the Moon
Theres no better feeling than smoking weed and listening to Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon.
Pink Floyd - Us and Them. Dark Side of the Moon...
Dark Side is my least favorite album of Pink Floyd but Time is my favorite tune off that album.
- Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd. Name an album you love!
I can't believe Pink Floyd removed the audio track from The Wizard of Oz - Dark Side Of The Moon sync ups. ALL OF THEM! It was awesome!
Me gustó un video de Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon: Brain Damage (HD Master Vinyl
Vladimir Putin thankyouiamalso turning in Robert Plant ofThe Band Led Zeppelin stophimand Pink Floyd and the wall and Dark Side of the moon
if you're a Floyd fan def check out Dark Side of the moon 1974 live wembley. . Also check out Pink Floyd's Amsterdam rock circus.
“And if I show you my Dark Side, will you still hold me tonight?” - Pink Floyd, The Final Cut (via...
Ever heard of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Vroom??? XD
Pink Floyd ... Il see you on the Dark Side of moon ... Night zzz
Dark Side of the Moon isn't even Pink Floyd's most complex album, it's The Wall.
Mood: Pink Floyd cover band, . Dark Side of the Moon
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Pink Floyd isn't a big fan of Donald Trump
At London's Olympia this day in 1967, Pink Floyd headlined Christmas On Earth Continued, finally hitting the stage at 5am!
Pink Floyd's Rogers Waters projected the Celtic fans display for Palestine onto the big screens at his concert in Mexico C…
7th caller in, just need correct answer for "next line" in a classic rock song. Today's was Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb.
Finally an article that mentions the Pink Floyd - Doctor Strange link in regards to Benedict's rock performance :P .
Benedict Cumberbatch sings Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb" with David Gilmour in front of a crowd of 5,000:
Did you see Cumberbatch sing Comfortably Numb with Pink Floyd's guitarist? Are you aware of Floyd's history with Dr. Strange?
Benedict Cumberbatch singing "Comfortably Numb" with Pink Floyd's David Gilmour in concert tn:
Batteries in Battersea? Apple is moving into London’s iconic Battersea Power Station. What would Pink Floyd say?…
Pink Floyd , hey you . floyd waters gilmour wright mason
All the hits and more as Darkside bring Pink Floyd to Redditch's Palace Theatre -
Listened to Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" album this afternoon. 😎🌚 It fits into Unit 2, so class will listen to it. 😎😎😎
Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd, Tompkins Square Park by Mumford and Sons and Roots Bloody Roots by Sepultura
misschien Another Brick in the wall van Pink Floyd
I just used Shazam to discover Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2) by Pink Floyd.
All in all you're just Another Brick in the wall. -Pink Floyd
DO: walk to work listen to Nine Inch Nails DON'T: walk to work listening to Pink Floyd's Ummagumma
I also got an amazing b&w portrait of Pink Floyd for my dining room, & bob dylan, jimmy hendrix, led zep, the whole bunch
TONIGHT: The best Pink Floyd show in existence! Doors 7PM / Show 8PM. »
New official 2016 video for Pink Floyd's "Grantchester Meadows" featuring 1970 studio performance and local scenes.
Pink Floyd playing on my PlayStation with my new Home Theater. Life's God ❤️❤️
Pink Floyd just came out with a new single: using System.Hype!
People always think new music sounds like Pink Floyd.
Radio city music hall 1973 mar 17th 2cd by Pink Floyd, CD x 2 with zorro800 - Ref:117165473
Can someone make a Pink Floyd hammers style animation with the new airpods?
MC: Coming up on FM96:. Marilyn Manson. New USS. Pink Floyd. + more. Listen live
📹 jd-morrison: Pink Floyd - Grantchester Meadows (new video from the upcoming box set)
Meatloaf + Beauty and the Beast is the new Pink Floyd + Wizard of Oz
Watching my dad run a jack hammer while we rock out to Pink Floyd is gonna be the highlight of my day😂
My musical interest ranges from Hank Williams to Bob Dylan to the Beatles to Pink Floyd to Bad Company to Bon Iver to the Beastie Boys. 🙇
A massive Pink Floyd exhibition coming to London's Victoria and Albert Museum in 2017
My favorite thing is when no other cars are at Eaton Hill at night and I can just listen to Pink Floyd in peace👌🏼
I liked a video Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb - Full Band Studio Cover by Alex, Chris, Lily and
Pink Floyd trivia! Roger Waters, Nick Mason, and Richard Wright all initially met as architecture students in...
My absolute favorite movie of all time is Pink Floyd's 'The Wall.' Nothing compares to it.
It's still quite weird to think that in another life in Brighton, I served Pink Floyd's Dave Gilmour his flat white every Saturday morning.
David Gilmour looks over Alan Parsons during the mixing of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon at Abbey Road Studios ht…
Dave Gilmour of Pink Floyd actually 'discovered' Kate and put her forward to EMI.
When I was 5 I only knew that 3 bands existed. Pink Floyd, no doubt, and the Beatles.
I liked a video from Another Brick In The Wall - Pink Floyd - Igor Presnyakov -
Thomas' dad is playing Pink Floyd on his acoustic and I am so happy
Random music in Albi town square 2: A Pink Floyd covers band fronted by an Ian Astbury-a-like
The Woodman was blamed for the formation of Pink Floyd with local Syd Barrett spending more time in our pub then...
Pink Floyd the Early Years. 27 discs of shockingly tawdry Syd Barrett songs. I'll pass.
Pink Floyd's new box set includes unreleased Syd Barrett tracks, recording of the band's moon landing performance
Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd rarities to be released for first time in 27-disc box set via
I really want to hear this new 'Syd Barrett' era Pink Floyd bootlegs and unreleaseds box set. I will not be able to afford it but sounds ace
... plus tunes from Barry Ryan, Chickenshack, Gordon Giltrap, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd and much, much more. All on
Today in rock history Thursday 28th July. 1944 – Blues guitarist Mike Bloomfield is born in Chicago. 1945 – Rick Wright of Pink Floyd is born
What do Dale Earnhardt and Pink Floyd have in common? Their last big hit was the wall
I have a range of tastes. Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, Taylor Swift;)
Nick Mason recorded the sound effects for Pink Floyd's Heart Beat, Pig Meat track from Zabriskie Point, on the streets of Rome.
My musical (vinyl) chain is being yanked tonight. 😕 From Jaco Pastorius, to Lynard Skynard and now Pink Floyd.😱
July 14, 1982,The movie Pink Floyd's the Wall debuted at the Empire Theatre in London's Leicester Square. . Check...
The soundtrack album to Zabriskie Point was released today in 1970, and included some Pink Floyd tracks which were unavailable elsewhere.
I added a video to a playlist Pink Floyd - Astronomy Domine
David Gilmour returns to Pompeii with refigured Pink Floyd classics. Our review
Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii - is a 1972 concert documentary film, by the English Psychedelic rock band Pink Floyd.
Pink Floyd filmed a concert in Pompeii's amphitheatre in 1971. This month, David Gilmour plays 2 shows there.
No big surprise that Chris Grayling reveals himself as a Pink Floyd fan. Comfortably Numb is his default position
Pink Floyd headlined a free concert in Hyde Park on this day in 1968
Pink Floyd the wall and the Beatles white album
Syd Barrett performed his first gig since leaving Pink Floyd, today in 1970 at London's Olympia, with David Gilmour part of Syd's band...
Michael Eavis said he intends to "work on getting Pink Floyd together again" at Glastonbury. ht…
On radiohhh_com BLUE "Us and Them DEMO (Richard Wright's solo piano demo) EDIT" by Pink Floyd from 'Dark Side of the Moon [Immersion box set
This new has me amped! Love the Pink Floyd sample, love the Tupac and I noticed the Jack Nicholson Joker laugh at the end!
Pink Floyd is always good. I am sitting here listening to Stevie Ray Vaughn
July will be a great month for all classic rock fans with critically acclaimed tribute acts to both Pink Floyd &...
to host Genesis & Pink Floyd tribute bands this summer
I'll give it up for Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd, they were pretty bad/ill-produced even by extremely relaxed psychedelic standards.
Calling all fans, have you booked your tickets yet for Darkside's acclaimed Pink Floyd tribute show:
Don't forget brilliant Pink Floyd tribute coming this Saturday, heard great stuff about these lads, and they've a light show an everything!
The Floyd Effect the UK's top touring Pink Floyd tribute band bring their full lighting and effects show to The...
Anyone going to see the Pink Floyd tribute band at town hall tomorrow?
At a Pink Floyd tribute show and there's a guy with a shirt on, these guys are truly going to take over the world soon
thank you etc. Have we discussed the Pink Floyd tribute show in a couple weeks?
Watch a Pink Floyd tribute show at Aggie Theater this Friday! You'll "Wish You Were Here!"
Morning Paul, today's is 1979, the year Pink Floyd had the Christmas No 1 :-)
Our new album IDENTITY is released TODAY. Compared to Pink Floyd, NIN & QOTSA. Get it here: http…
did you noticed it was edited ? No Rutland week television and pet seabass Norman or shine on you crazy diamond by Pink Floyd
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