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Pinewood Studios

Pinewood Studios is a major British film studio situated in Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, approximately west of central London.

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I'd love to visit Pinewood Studios. The sets that have been built there are incredible.
(L-R) Film Directors, Jim Groom (and Tony Kaye (History X) at our head offices at Pinewood Studios
Business is booming for Pinewood studios
Deciding what films we want to see at the Pinewood Cinema
working in Pinewood Studios, looks like PAB came in handy after all... 😳😂
"What is New Zealand?" .. they say... "it's just a movie studios located in a secret location... kinda like Pinewood but with sheep".
A force to be reckoned with: Pinewood Studios. via
Pinewood Studios expansion beginning to take shape
Buckinghamshire: Pinewood Studios expansion beginning to take shape
Pinewood Studios expansion beginning to take shape: Ecological work has also been carried out to stop nesting ...
Pinewood Studios expansion beginning to take shape...
The expansion of is starting to take shape:
Wet wet Morning downsouth. Just the way I like it. @ Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios
Such a special day today visiting RED U.K. at Pinewood Studios. I judge Alan and John harshly for not…
Heading to this week showcasing on UK industry stand Hall 3.2
We are on the Pinewood Studios website!.
And, and there's also a Nigerian Bo105 there ex Pinewood Studios! :/
!!! going to pINEWOOD STUDIOS TODAY. What. w h a t
also I might be registered as an extra for pinewood and universal studios , how exciting is life
Finished working at Pinewood Studios yesterday. After 2 months of working with some achingly talented…
Quick gym session before driving back to Pinewood studios 🎬
Don't miss the new series of Would I Lie To You tonight, recorded at Pinewood Studios!
Sid James and Christine Rodgers on the set of the film 'Carry On Cabby' at Pinewood Studios in 1963.
Master the latest F5, F55 & F65 features at our free DMPCE workshops. Sign up here:
Off to Shepperton Studios today. Got to remember not to call it Pinewood.
Pinewood eyeing up studio space at Limerick hub: PINEWOOD Studios, home to James Bond and Harry Potter, is eye...
Film make-up and hair academy to start at Pinewood Studios
If any1 in Pinewood studios sees this pic u posted~then it's no guess who's gonna B the next James Bond arch-rival villian
at Shepperton Studios’ exciting new programme includes an exclusive Mad Max weekend! Find out more
Don’t miss out on the action! Rogue Nation, partly shot at Pinewood Studios, is in Cinemas today! h…
"Pinewood Studios was home to the new Star Wars film. Now the force is strong with young apprentices..." - Nick Boles
Morning! At Pinewood studios early today filming X factor promo. Feel like someone has pickled my eyeballs
is the first movie completed by pinewood studios in Fayetteville, GA
First film completed at Pinewood Studios. We will have more on the economic impact of ANTMAN
Going to be hanging out/working at Pinewood Studios next week. That was a pleasant text to receive
Know a Brit interested in Our friends at offering training. The...
History of Pinewood Studios celebrated in TV documentary
They obviously think it is good PR and we all know their PR stunts are rubbish I won't mention Pinewood Studios !!
Fun school trip to Pinewood studios today so no live salmon as I don't have a tank
Pinewood Studios yesterday for SKY show with Lee MacK. Met some fun people. Had written some some stuff but not used.
Want to launch your career in Join for three days of creative and logistical training: http:/…
Before and after: Black Narcissus. Top is the floor of Pinewood Studios. Bottom is an gorgeous matte of the Himalayas
Generic Pinewood Studios photo. Hopefully the first of many times I'll work at this iconic location.
Day two of no delivery. Apparently there was no one at PINEWOOD FILM STUDIOS at 5.30pm
Last day of recording at Pinewood Studios today. Time for some R&R!
From the article:. “Ant-Man,” which filmed this year at Pinewood Atlanta Studios, employed 3,579 Georgians and...
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Whenever I get time off I gravitate to my old haunts to escape the city. This is Black Park by Pinewood Studios...
On Sunday, will attend screening of Marvel's 1st movie filmed @ Pinewood Studios in Fayetteville
Don't forget Develop Live returns in October with a blockbuster event at Pinewood Studios
So excited for today 😄 Free tickets to watch Lee MacKs show at Pinewood studios later 🎉🙌
Just saw through the keyhole with Keith Lemon 😍 hilarious 😂 @ Pinewood Studios
Movie fanatic so I must share this one - Pinewood Studios, the home of movies like the Avengers, Superman, Hugo...
Locations Assistant Training for Film & TV Drama - London and Pinewood Studios.
Just secured a 5 day presenting course at Pinewood studios for Al and me in August. Found the offer on CCP and only limited spaces free 😊😉☺️
Today is probably the only day anyone would rather be in Pinewood Studios than London.
The Pinewood Atlanta Studios was opened here in 2014; it is owned and operated by the noted Pinewood Studios of London, United Kingdom.
Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios, Iskandar Malaysia together with Imagica International Asia are holding a...
Just got back from Pinewood Studios from a recording of Duck Quacks Don't Echo! Lee MacK was absolutely hilarious as always!!
Filming Lee MacKs " Duck Quacks don't Echo" at Pinewood Studios. Forget Bond. The home of…
Working on a superb permanent account manager role based at Pinewood Studios for an amazing PR business, do you...
14-18 year olds wanting to get into film, check out creative summer school at Pinewood Studios!
There has been a shooting at Pinewood Studios. The whole thing was caught on camera. Sir Anthony Hopkins was doing Macbeth.
I did my work experience at Pinewood Studios on James Bond, Die Another Day!
Catching up with Jonathan Ross at Pinewood Studios. He's great at this kind of thing.
Perhaps someone should ask Pinewood Studios to see if they have permission
Last weekend, we did a little video shoot (vid coming soon) at Pinewood Studios on a set constructed like a...
bell can you open a branch in or around the pinewood studios area. Warm regards Ricki Godden
Consortium behind film studio potential see this site as perfect. Pinewood Studios full to bursting.
I'm at Pinewood Studios to talk to LEP chairs about 'developing an entrepreneurial ecosystem'
Marian Sudbury, Director Global Operations, talking on UK's FDI model at the LEP conference at Pinewood Studios
The candidates hearing result at Beaconsfield election at Pinewood Studios.
Well Col, I am off to Pinewood Studios, no I'm not the new James Bond, just talking about Entrepreneurial Unis
Instead of rats, we were plagued by these (with a Vengeance) working on The Listener at Pinewood Studios:
Had a picnic lunch at Pinewood Studios Atlanta. Beautiful day. :)
J . Arthur rank from hull and one of the original owners of studios !
Photo: Whilst the A7Rii impressed enormously at the Sony event at Pinewood Studios yesterday it was the...
Did anyone see the documentary about on the 6th? Pinewood: 80 Years of Movie Magic
developonline: Got something to say on that subject? Email to pitch a talk.
Been looking forward to this: takes place at Pinewood Studios this year
Full details at where we'll be updating the programme as it takes shape.
Tickets available now. Limited VIP tickets include a tour of Pinewood Studios
Got something to say on that subject? Email developliveto pitch a talk.
Develop Live returns this October with a blockbuster event at Pinewood Studios
Hi. We have a permanent main facilities at Pinewood Studios but we also run classes in Central London
Making a man fly, at Pinewood Studios 1977
Jonathan Ross behind the scenes at pinewood studios,the whole of skyfall was filmed there,it's great how they make it look so realistic.
Teaching at pinewood studios this week amazing place and they are shooting the new bond movie at the moment
I added a video to a playlist Working in Games: Sound Design at Pinewood Studios
it's a course run at Pinewood studios mate
Widow of legendary Pinewood Studios cinematographer shares memories of husband's career:
our studio in the UK - Pinewood Studios in Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire -
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Lovely to have visit Pinewood Studios and expansion site with Pinewood's CEO Ivan Dunleavy
John Wittingdale visits our home of Pinewood Studios!
Photoset: Audrey Hepburn photographed with husband Mel Ferrer at Pinewood Studios, 1955.
Julie Christie, break in filming on the set of ‘Farhenheit 451, Pinewood Studios, 1966.
Check out our new green screen flying space permanent set up at Pinewood Studios extreme rigging ltd workshop 32 next to the U stage
In case you haven;t already seen this amazing VLOG I made of my TV Presenting training at Pinewood Studios...
Great photo of Roger Moore & Barbara Bach posing at Pinewood Studios with the Lotus Esprit
Uh oh going to Pinewood studios today :D Crazy seeing how the underwater filming works.
Some wire work on the green screen at Pinewood Studios for the epic upcoming feature film
Join at Pinewood Studios with Sony Artisan of Imagery Jason Lanier. Book now!
summer work now to Oct available award winning lighting company at Pinewood film studios make contact.
We have some summer work at pinewood film studios in our assembly team for our film, broadcast and photographic lights.
Hi *** hi *** it's off to Pinewood Studios I go! 1st day assistant trainer with Wilma & Donna…
🚶🏻(because no emoji for woman walking) @ Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios
Good *** day. Coming to a or near you soon. @ Pinewood Studios
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Satisfaction indeed before take off . @ Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios
He was at Pinewood Studios. We had a rather natty little day trip there to see some Tudor buildings coming to life for HRP.
Seeing the Beauty and The Beast set in Pinewood studios is making me so excited to see the movie :D
At Pinewood studios for the day, and just received the best email I've had all year!! God is GREAT!!
For a reason of course... im at Pinewood studios for a day course 😊
If you’re heading to the on 29-30th April, make sure you pop by and pay us a visit on Stand F9!
Avengers is now in UK cinemas! Shot at Shepperton and Pinewood Studios and worked on by Pinewood Digital
the Airship shot was a model done on the back lot of Pinewood studios! My favourite Bond Location!
Pinewood films to setup studios in Wales. Midlands needs cross party lobbying to win BBC fare funding
is filmed at Pinewood Studios outside London or in BBC Television Centre in London?!
at Pinewood Studios, 1966, on the set of 'Modesty Blaise'. Photo by
In pinewood studios doing some filming with my Australian co star
Matt Dawson at Scannapeal at Pinewood Studios courtesy of DMC . 'Life is a team game' so true
Free careers coaching up for grabs from BSkyB or Pinewood Studios finance gurus. 16-18 year olds. Closing date 8 May ht…
Wishing all those attending our Gentleman's Sportsman's Dinner at Pinewood Studios a wonderful evening.
Master continuous LED lighting with Rotolight and photographer Jason Lanier at Pinewood Studios (Sponsored)
Star Wars: Episode VII is due to begin filming in May this year at London's Pinewood Studios.
Watching at Life is sweet right now. @ Pinewood Studios
Come learn how to use continuous lighting with me and Rotolight at Pinewood Studios in London on May…
Come learn how to use continuous on location lighting at Pinewood Studios in London with me on May 13, 2015!...
Make up for film in the Pinewood Studios 4,5 million liters water tank
An excellent day at Pinewood Studios hosted by with talks from and on the Luts…
Director Michael Feeney Callan at Centroid studios in Pinewood Pictures learning the ropes of motion capture for...
Working at Shepperton studios for the next couple of days.. Vocals :)
Hello 7am! I'm off to pinewood studios... Ah I'm nervous! Never done freelance vocal stuff before!
Learn about the the history of filmmaking at Pinewood Studios—from "The Prince and the Showgirl" to 007's...
I’m off to Pinewood Studios in the morning 👍
Here's the website link to my little bit of Pinewood Studios...
today unveiled Bond’s stunning new car, the on the 007 stage at Pinewood Studios.http:…
Just sold a jumper to the Pinewood Studios! Perhaps Bond will be wearing a 'Yum Yum Space' jumper in his next adventure!
Talking design with the lead designer on the new Bond film at Pinewood Studios today...
As Star Wars Geeks, we're curious about this. Star Wars Live-Action TV Series Rumored.
really proud of you for going all the way to Pinewood Studios on your tod! Keep up the good networking
Off to Pinewood Studios.. Hopefully I'll see someone famous 🙏
Pinewood Gardens is just gorgeous. The bridge from Pride and Prejudice 😍 @ Pinewood Film Studios
RajinderS is thinking of a at Pinewood Studios - Heatherden Hall
Lighting Demonstration LIVE Presentation at Pinewood Studios on May 13th in London with the all new Rotolight...
I liked a video from Live Lighting Demonstration Announcement at Pinewood Studios w/
A live-action TV series is in the works to possibly debut between films:
School plays have certainly come a long way since I was at school - Pinewood Studios would've been proud of that effort by Yrs 3 & 4!.
.Incentives in Dominican Republic and studios highlighted via
Miss this? New Star Wars spin-off starring Felicity Jones will be shot at Pinewood Studios
Cult 90s film The Crow will be remade at the Pinewood Studios in Cardiff, the first minister announces.
First two productions at officially announced as The *** Executioner and The Crow
The Crow - The cult film is to be remade at Pinewood Studios, Cardiff. http:/…
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Brilliant news, loved the original with Brandon Lee: The Crow cult film remake at Pinewood Studios
The Crow remake is ON at Pinewood Studios. NO! Brandon Lee is Eric Draven.
"Jonathan Ross on the history of Pinewood studios, art lite or simply artless.
These beauts are off to pinewood studios baby! To be used in the 'Eddie the eagle' movie!
First day as a cabby, what an embarrassment. Guy wanted Pinewood Studios and I took him to the wrong place. Oakwood moment.
Major Award winning Physical Special Effects Company moves in onto the lot at Pinewood Malaysia Studios.
At Pinewood studios for tonight's lottery gig 😁
"To ameliorate costs, the government started subsidising individual productions, provoking Pinewood & other studios to appeal to Brussels"
"The home of Pinewood studios and Dr Who, and garnering a worldwide reputation for excellence in the creative industries" -
I was at Pinewood studios filming the "Even Better" video with & U2 lookalikes The Doppelgangers see
of course.. Stoke Park looks the part with that palacial clubhouse *and* is very close to Pinewood Studios
Learning Through the Lens FREE Film Education Event at Pinewood studios 25 March or book here:
Win two tickets to a screening of Jersey Boys with Pinewood Cinema at Shepperton Studios! Competition closes 18/02
Not sure if Pinewood Studios is a very good example of an urban area!
I have been to recordings before. I once went to one at Pinewood Studios It went on past midnight, walked out at 10 Too long! 💤💤
Creep Records, studios and store has been relocated to Philadelphia for a while now. But the deed to 2 Pinewood...
Pinewood Studios is growing. Did you know that Simboya Entertainment Group has a program with on set production...
Want to be a paid Film & TV Extra in Liverpool? We're coming from Pinewood Studios to register you!
. He's filming the sequel to Ghost next week in pinewood studios.
The next moving to be shot at Pinewood Atlanta Studios in Fayette County! Take a Southern Hollywood Film Tour to...
Don’t miss in UK cinemas now! Partially shot at Pinewood Studios, and directed by Matthew Vaughn http:/…
Construction for 5 new stages is underway at Pinewood Atlanta Studios!! More studios means more productions for...
At an early morning breakfast meeting (@ Pinewood Atlanta Studios in Fayetteville, GA)
I'm on the set of the jungle epsidoe at Pinewood Studios. So much work yet to be done!
in oct say Dr strange to start filming May pinewood studios according 2 is in pre production
Great fun at the Pinewood Movie Studios Raising Over 1 Mil for Fayette County Charities!
Construction of Phase 2 at is underway!
Pinewood Atlanta Studios is growing! Look at all that awesome new stage space under construction!
Enjoying the chance to meet on campus with Georgia Military College before checking out Pinewood studios rentals
Lots of activity at today including a fire truck from studios - thinking a certain Mr Bond is in town 😍😍😍
Looking forward to seeing Rich Hall tonight at Pinewood studios 😄
Join us at Pinewood Studios on 1st March for Show from 11-3.
What an amazing day yet another container into pinewood studios record sales day and in january!
The BSC Expo 2015 will take place in just 4 days from now on the 30th & 31st January at Pinewood Studios. If you...
Major new Hollywood drama to film at Studios
Major new Hollywood drama to film at Pinewood Studios Wales
British cinema friends, are you attending the ? Located at Pinewood studios, it should be a fantastic event.
Work experience at pinewood studios in February half term.. Thankyou very much
They've huge tanks at Pinewood, which is convenient for London and the wedding video will be 👌
Pinewood Studios is like a ghost town on Sundays but still absolutely brilliant.
Shout out to our members who attended Chapman/Leonard's event last night at Pinewood Studios Atlanta!
man takes second prize in Hollywood competition at Pinewood Studios
Representatives from Pinewood will be at the 2015 Get in touch to schedule a meeting
Thanks to all who came out to our Grand Opening and Product Showcase event in Atlanta Pinewood Studios!...
Gerry Anderson's family scattered his ashes at Pinewood Studios today. It was his favourite place.
Hamilton Collection
looking forward to Exhibiting at Pinewood Studios on 30/31st of January
Had an amazing time in Pinewood Studios doing a 5 day TV Presenting course ! Was great to meet everyone involved ;)
Come and meet with at the BSC Expo at Pinewood Studios on 30/31st January.
It is not a goodbye, more likely; I'll see you soon! @ Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios
Me focusing on creative industry sector. Pinewood studios!!!
Where are you working now? — in pinewood studios at the commissary
Sony "Denied" the Spider-Man is joining the MCU report. But both the Spidey-Summit and Avengers 2 Reshoots are at Pinewood Studios Right now
Will soon see Pinewood Studios in Belfast I hope. How are you Angie?
*** that's awesome! . I checked it out for Film and it has links with Pinewood studios which is awesome ;-;
Pinewood Studios which have made a substantial investment here in our state down in Fayette County,” . via
Mortdecai, starring Johnny Depp and partially shot at Pinewood Studios, is now released in UK Cinemas
Getting ready to open our new office at Pinewood Studios Wales.
pls tell me you're on your way. I'm alone and freezing in Pinewood Studios car park! my car will not ignite
Meetings in London this morning then on to Pinewood Studios for some clearing.
Did you miss the WEB Spotlight video on our Pinewood Iskander Malaysia Studios project?
Last day here! Clearing props day 😅😴😴 (@ Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios in Nusajaya, Johor)
And that's a wrap!. Thank you Malaysia. ❤️. @ Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios
WOAH !!! "where the magic happened @ Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios
good luck to those on 30th jan for TV screenwriting at pinewood studios. J
Check out the brand new trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron, shot at Pinewood and Shepperton Studios
The staff of T&T will be students at the Film Academy at Pinewood Studios this weekend!
Pinewood Cinema’s second venue at officially launches this weekend!
A new rumor floating around about the first upcoming "Star Wars" spin-off film is a juicy one: It may be focused on legendary "Wars" character Han Solo, and "Breaking Bad" alum Aaron Paul may also star in the flick. Fan site Making Star Wars reports that sources close to the "Star Wars: Force Awakens" production at London's Pinewood Studios have dropped some details about the first planned "Wars" spin-off, and it's some decent scoop. According to the site's sources, Han Solo is set to take center stage for the flick, and its filming will directly overlap with production on "Episode VIII," which is also set to shoot at Pinewood. Whether or not the spin-off and "Episode VIII" will share any of the same plot remains to be seen, though if they're shooting somewhat at the same time, it would stand to reason that some events from the spin-off could be referenced in "Episode VIII" (or ...
Tax breaks that drove film production out of LA have led the Pinewood Studios company to new, far-flung Hollywoods
Pinewood Studios development approved (SBI - State Bank of India)
Sony Pictures, MGM and EON Productions announced today that filming has now begun in London's Pinewood Studios on the 24th James Bond movie, SPECTRE.
LONDON, UK, December 4, 2014 – 007 Soundstage, Pinewood Studios, London. James Bond Producers, Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli today released the title of the 24th James Bond adventure, SPECTRE. The film, from Albert R. Broccoli’s EON Productions, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, and Sony Pictures Entertainment, is directed by Sam Mendes and stars Daniel Craig, who returns for his fourth film as Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007. SPECTRE begins principal photography on Monday, ...December 8, and is set for global release on November 6, 2015. Along with Daniel Craig, Mendes presented the returning cast, Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris, Ben Whishaw and Rory Kinnear as well as introducing Christoph Waltz, Léa Seydoux, Dave Bautista, Monica Bellucci and Andrew Scott. Mendes also revealed Bond’s sleek new Aston Martin, the DB10, created exclusively for SPECTRE. A cryptic message from Bond’s past sends him on a trail to uncover a sinister organisation. While M battles political forces to keep the secret s ...
The title's Spectre, just Spectre: new James Bond movie named Sam Mendes, the director of the 24th James Bond film, has revealed the movie’s title and cast at a press conference in Pinewood Studios – to a generally positive reaction The 24th Bond movie will be titled Spectre after the evil global terrorist organisation first introduced by Ian Fleming in the 1961 novel Thunderball, it was revealed today. At a live-streamed press conference from Pinewood Studios, producers also confirmed previous reports that the new film will feature Christoph Waltz and Léa Seydoux among the supporting cast. The introduction of Spectre, an acronym for Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion, marks a definitive return to old school 007 territory on behalf of Bond production company Eon and studio Sony, though it remains to be seen how the new incarnation will be realised. Eon only regained the rights to use Spectre in 007 movies last year after resolving a longstanding dispute with ...
Today at Pinewood Studios Director Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig announced that the 24th 007 film would be called SPECTRE. Joining Daniel Craig, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Whishaw, Naomie Harris and Rory Kinnear are Christoph Waltz, Léa Seydoux, Monica Bellucci, David Bautista and Andrew Scott. They also unveiled the new Aston Martin designed specially for the film, the DB10. SPECTRE is out on 6th November 2015.
Bond mania is back after the suave superspy's next adventure, Spectre, was announced on Thursday at a photocall at Pinewood Studios.
First visit to pinewood studios last night, another fun night w/ this guy
Can DRAX be the next Great BOND Henchman?: There was a lot of news that came out of the Pinewood Studios press...
Anova 2 is “first equipped a based at Pinewood have
Great eveningStudios watching New sitcom Brotherhood being filmed
After months of filming at Pinewood Studios in Fayetteville, "Ant-Man" will be wrapping in the next few days.
It's a Wrap!! Congrats to Pinewood Atlanta Studios and all the vendors and production crew at the Pinewood...
Photo: Monica Bellucci, Lea Seydoux and Naomie Harris attend the ‘Spectre’ photocall at Pinewood Studios in...
Here's the cast of all lined up at the 007 Sound Stage at Pinewood Studios. Filming starts on Monday.
Lea Seydoux - Photocall for Bond 24 at Pinewood Studios in England - December 4, 2014
I cant wait to start my new job at Pinewood studios next year!
It’s official! The new Bond title is Spectre! Announced live from Pinewood Studios. Release set for 2015
"SPECTRE", the new 007 movie featuring the Aston Martin DB10 will be based at Pinewood Studios and on location…
Aston Martin has unveiled the DB10 during the 24th James Bond movie announcement yesterday at Pinewood Studios in London.
Aston Martin DB10 – James Bond’s stunning new car is unveiled on the 007 stage at Pinewood -
New James Bond Film called Spectra Shooting at Pinewood Studios. Who will be singing the title Song?
Off to Pinewood Studios... as you do.
Pinewood acquires Shepperton Studios site and buildings
a Walk On for a TV Promo: Males 20-50 with Tattoos/Beards | Filming at Pinewood Studios on Sat 13th Dec:.
The new Bond movie was revealed yesterday - watch the revelation as it happened at Pinewood studios with
Watch the live stream of the Announcement from PInewood Studios.
New Bond coming Preparing Golden Bike just in case we get call
Sam Mendes and Barbara Broccoli stood on the stage at Pinewood Studios today and announced and the cast
James Bond's past is coming back to haunt him. The next film starring the suave super-spy has been titled "Spectre," director Sam Mendes announced Thursday morning during an event at Pinewood Studios outside London.
Aston Martin, on the sidelines of the announcement of the 24th film of James Bond, at Pinewood Studios in London, presented the DB10, which adopts an evolutionary
In case you've missed the news the announcement for the new Bond24 film 'Spectre' has today happened at London's Pinewood Studios! The star studded film sees Daniel Craig returning as 007. New additions to the cast include Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista as Mister Hinx and Sherlock's Andrew Scott as Denby. The new Bond girls, meanwhile, will be The Matrix's Monica Bellucci and Inglourious Basterds' Lea Seydoux. The biggest casting news, however, has to be the fact that Christoph Waltz will indeed star in the film. AND there's of course a brand new Aston Martin on the bill. Click below to watch the announcement in full!
The film’s director Sam Mendes unveiled the new Aston Martin DB10 at a live event at Pinewood Studios in the United Kingdom today.
Bond 24’s cast and title will be announced at Pinewood Studios at 11am on December 4. Daniel Craig, Ben Whishaw,... http…
Stars of the new Avengers film, Age Of Ultron, will quietly re-assemble in London early in the New Year to shoot some extra scenes for the Marvel blockbuster. Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Robert Downey Jr (Iron Man), Mark Ruffalo (The Hulk), Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye), Paul Bettany (The Vision), Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow) and Tom Hiddleston (bad-guy Loki) have all been asked to make themselves available over a two-week period in January to film additional scenes at Pinewood Studios. [ 210 more words. ]
Multi-million dollar film to be shot in Pinewood Studios next year: Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia S...
Water stage at Pinewood Studios. Biggest special effects screen I ever did see
4 days left to bid on a tour of Pinewood Studios, all to raise money for Save the Children!
Trailer for Netflix's ‘Marco Polo’, partly made at Pinewood Studios in Johor, is now out l via
Pinewood Iskandar eyes foreign investments in film production!
Just back from gig at Pinewood Studios. Here's my guitar next to the original Darth Vader helmet!
Celebrity get me out of here LIVE from PINEWOOD STUDIOS 📺
Fun school trip to Pinewood studios today :D *backflips out of your hand*
Day of meetings and clearing in pinewood studios
Salad Selection: Simple, excellent salad selection at Pinewood Studios run by Genuine Dining
is setting out what makes special: home of the Paralympics,Pinewood Studios & entrepreneurial heart of England
Great visit to Pinewood Studios Cardiff- fantastic asset for TV & film production in Wales & creative in…
Pinewood Iskandar capable of offering up to 11,300 jobs. NUSAJAYA: Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios (Pinewood...
All the milk floats are at Pinewood studios. It's where they go to die.
Thanks to Eliza Claire I had the pleasure to visit Pinewood Studios,. and shoot with her a great wedding of Sian&Paul.
A New Adventure Begins. I'm on a plane to the Dominican Republic to pre-scout for a film. Visiting Pine wood...
Photo: Nerd Alert! Here’s Gogo getting in between Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford at Pinewood Studios in...
> that's cos it was filmed in Black Park, Buckinghamshire as well as Pinewood Studios.
That jungle thing starts tonight live from pinewood studios
The next Star Wars is scheduled to be shot at Pinewood Studios via
Judi Dench and Director Sam Mendes in M’s office set at Pinewood Studios for SKYFALL
Our spot in the Pinewood Studios coffee shop. Last scene wrapped. A huge thank you to the amazing Tim Kent
On this day in music history: November 12, 1984 - "Arena", the fourth album by Duran Duran is released. Produced by Duran Duran and Nile Rodgers, it is recorded at The Oakland Coliseum, The Forum in Los Angeles, CA, Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, Canada, and Wembley Arena in London from December 1983 - April 1984 (live tracks) and Maison Rouge Studios in London in July 1984 (studio track only). Recorded live during the bands' "Sing Blue Silver" World Tour, the ten track album will also include the newly recorded studio track "The Wild Boys" (Pop) produced by Nile Rodgers. The video for the single will be an elaborate short film directed by Russell Mulcahy based on the William Burroughs novel "The Wild Boys: A Book Of The Dead". The clip is shot on the 007 Sound stage at Pinewood Studios in London at a cost of over one million dollars, making it one of the most expensive music videos made to that date. The original LP is packaged in a gatefold sleeve (designed by Assorted Images) with a bonus photo booklet ...
Ed Vaizey announces scheme to help teens get jobs in gaming at Sony, Ubisoft and Pinewood Studios -
Daniel Radcliffe popped in to Pinewood Studios where Star Wars VII is filming, though he denies he has a cameo role
Just went to see GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. A lot of fun. It works for the same reason Star Wars worked yet the story is not quite as good and the characters are not quite as well written. But just by a wee bit. But this film must have cost several million dollars more...well, 166 Million dollars more officially. Looks like it was shot at Pinewood Studios, Shepperton, maybe Australia and in LA. Looks like it directly employed thousands of people and indirectly perhaps millions. there is money in show business. A few years back, Cornell practically shut down its performing arts department and reduced the filmmaking division in favor of more money for scientific research grants, new buildings for IT. new massive foyers for science, IT, and engineering buildings because there is just no money in the performing arts. For a bunch of BIG BANG loving egg heads who run this institution..they sure don't seem too smart at times. Alas... jgh PS: AXANAR's cast and story has tremendous potential to tell a ...
Hannibal showrunner Bryan Fuller has snapped an image of Mark Hamill on the set at Pinewood Studios...
Pinewood Studios boost for Malaysia Iskandar investment zone
Theatre 7 at Pinewood Studios has been renamed the JOHN BARRY THEATRE in memory of York's legendary Bond composer
The entrance of pinewood studios has a sign that reads 'loose lips sink star ships'. This makes me happy.
a lot us on your network are suddenly (in the last month or so) having trouble getting signal around Pinewood Studios in Bucks. Help!
Away day at Pinewood Studios, ah why not?!
It's amazing. First day at the iconic Pinewood Studios! Another small step and all that!
I'm off to Pinewood studios today, we have a quarry next door lol :-) .
Pinewood Studios doubles its profits: Pinewood Studios has doubled its profit, its end of year figures show.
Pinewood Studios wants to double the size of its site to attract Hollywood's biggest names to film in the UK. Pinewood says if it does not expand there will be 'economic and cultural consequences'.
boost investment zone -- Story by after a tour of the facility last week
Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios opened its doors in June and marks the first of Britains Pinewood Studios in Asia.
I want to give a plug to Hanna Brothers catering, my neighbor at Pinewood Studios Production Centre. They serve lunch Monday - Friday from 12-1. It's all made fresh from scratch and rarely the same thing twice. Buffet is open to the public and just under $14. It's really terrific so please come enjoy. There's no telling if the public will be allowed once production of Ant Man starts next month so enjoy while you can.
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