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Pine Knob

Pine Knob is a downhill ski area in Clarkston, Michigan.

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I'll be at Pine Knob tomorrow, hit me up if you wanna chill.
totally unique 360 lid, Pine Knob Pilsner! Try it at a game!
Anyone want to go snowboarding at pine knob today?
working at Pine Knob has got to be the best possible job ๐Ÿ‚๐ŸŽฟ
Finally out of work , now I'm Pine Knob bound ๐Ÿ‚
The fact that my sister cried because she wanted a new iPad & she got one the following day but I ask to go to pine knob & cant just b/c. ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ
Has anyone went to holly or pine knob yet?
Got Foo Fighter and Royal Blood tickets at Pine Knob this summer!! Even though it took a *** hour to get
Chili cheese fries at pine knob are legendary
Pine Knob isn't as fun as it used to be
Going to pine knob solo is getting old...
Anyone want to hit a few runs at pine knob with me tomorrow?
When we are downstate, Mt Holly or Pine Knob. Up here, Snow Snake is closest. The up to Boyne.
I remember when they came to pine knob, they were big for a bit!! Happy birthday Jakob Dylan 12-9-1969-1970??
If you are interested in working as a ski/snowboard instructor at Pine Knob this season, let me know!
Anyone wanna drive me to pine knob after school tommorw ??๐Ÿ˜ˆ
Who wants to board wednesday at pine knob? ๐Ÿ™‹
hey u guys down to meet up at pine knob on wednesday? Im going with 4 other friends
or every day BUT Friday at pine knob
So sore from pine knob today... Idk how I'm gonna get up tmrw
Pine Knob is still the best, no questions asked
Once this winter I'm going to snowboard down pine knob at 4:00 AM spinning steel wool and it's going to be fantastic af Anyone else want in?
Literally spent my whole weekend at pine knob
He risks his life every day he is on patrol...saved a woman being beaten & raped at what used to be Pine Knob.
I want to go to Pine Knob so bad I think I could cry๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ‚
Pros of working at pine knob: fries Cons of working at pine knob: fries
Who wants to go to pine knob at 3 or 4
Love watching other people go down the hills at pine knob๐Ÿ˜ป๐ŸŽฟ
If any of you fine people are bored come say whaddup at pine Knob on this swell morning.
I remember seeing Doug when he was with wllz back in the day at pine knob.
excited for pine knob Monday with . ๐Ÿ˜Š
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I was trying to find someone to go to pine knob with me, Then I realized I have almost no friends.
Sean White and Logan White successfully took on the treacherous slopes of Pine Knob today in the harsh winter of the Murder Mitten ๐Ÿ—ป๐Ÿ‚
Why doesn't anyone go to pine knob anymroe
Quick nap then headed to pine knob. Hmu if u wanna go
pine knob I think but I'm not sure yet
Thank you to everyone who came out to Jumbo Chimps @ Columbus Jazz and Ribs Festival - Columbus, OH and The Deeptones with Puzzled Pieces!!! We had a great time playing for you. Thank you The Deeptones for inviting The Puzzled Pieces and for an amazing night of music. I also want to thank Pine Knob for finding my phone and Palace of Auburn Hills for sending it back to Ohio after Phish. I appreciate your efforts and upstanding service.
I have no idea what a Pine Knob is, but Bill Withers is a legend.
The life of a Rock Star! (said tounge in cheek LOL)! After a great gig on Friday, I checked out of the Carlsbad by The Sea Resort yesterday after soaking in the jacussi with 2 cups of coffee for an hour - I then hit the road... (on the road again) on a beautiful sunny California day for Newport Beach - Costa Mesa area for a great meeting with Director/Producer Steve Tatone with the Play Me documentary movie. What a COOL GUY! and a REAL Neil Diamond fan like myself! In fact we were both at the same ND concerts one weekend at Pine Knob in Michigan in 1977! If I had any doubts at all, meeting him has left me feeling nothing but excited about being a part of this motion picture! After that, I drove to Sherman Oaks (on the road again LOL!) to work with my lead guitar player, and have to say it again, the guy is a real pro, and an incredible player, a nice guy - and best of all NO DRAMA. YEAH! Then after that back on the road again last night to L.A. for an 8pm apt. with my medical savior Dr. Tony Chung wh ...
I seen Neil Young in 1982 at Cobo Arena & Simon & Garfunkel at the Dome in 1983, & James Taylor @ Pine Knob in 1983.T
Get Ready. American Pickers were in Pine Knob today. Getting ready to upload photos and video. Stay tuned!!!
Obituary James Randall Young, Sr., of Lexington, husband of Judy White Young, passed away Sunday, March 9, 2014, at his residence. Born in Henderson, KY, and raised in Pine Knob, KY, he was the son of the late James Owen and Vera Mahurin Young. He was a member of the Yeaman Church of Christ. Jim was a very humble man, and loving father, husband and grandfather. He was also a very well respected member of the financial services industry in Kentucky and considered an expert by many. In addition to his wife, survivors include one daughter, Sheila Young (Frank) Steinbrenner, Louisville; two sons, Tony (Sheila) Young, Corydon, IN and Randall (Angela) Young, Lexington; one step-son, Shannon White, Falls of Rough, KY; one step-daughter, Stacy White (Pat) Elmore, Elizabethtown, KY. 10 grandchildren: Lauren and Rachel Baynham; Sarah Knox; Caleb, Lucas, and Joseph Young; Audrey and Landon Young; Logan and Jordan Elmore; and three great grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his first wife, Sarah Anita Bullock Y ...
I got this picture of me at Pine Knob, near Detroit--never seen the photo before, thank you, Larry Hussar==How the years do fly by--me with Lena Dunham on Girls- me and Yoko--seems like yesterday--
I Call it Pop. I can show you where Iโ€™m from on my hand. I still call it Pine Knob. I only know of one real Corner. 10 minutes is a valid answer for โ€œhow far is it?โ€ I eat Coneys for any meal. I drive in all weather like itโ€™s 75 and sunny. I can say Paczki correctly and I go to Hamtramck to get them. I watched every single Lions game in 2008. Barry Sanders is the greatest running back to ever play the game. Steve Yzerman is the greatest leader any team has ever had. Gordie Howe is a badass. Nicklas Lidstrom makes playing defense look very easy. Sparky was a badass. 1968 and 1984 mean baseball to me. If I hear someone say โ€œDetroitโ€ I instinctively say โ€œBasketball.โ€ The Bad Boys were badasses. Greenes, Tel-way, Bates, and Hunter House, are little white tiled burger heavens. I go Up North religiously. Mackinac Island is pretty freaking awesome. I say G-Rap, K-Zoo, The D, Flint town, EL, Sag-nasty and A2. I know what a Chaldean is. I get angry at foreign cars. I wear t-shirts when its 40 out. ...
Sitting in pine knob parking lot watching South Park
Need to go to pine knob so I can stop sucking at snowboarding ๐Ÿ˜…
Anyone trying to go to pine knob tomorrow ?!
Havin such a great time w/ my friends at pine knob, but wow it got so cold all of a sudden
*** we don't even have to go to pine knob, I'll snowboard behind a snowmobile if we wanna get redneck
If I don't work tomorrow who wants to go snowboard at pine knob??
โ€œI want to go snowboarding. this year. โ„๏ธ๐Ÿ—ปโ€ me you my dad next weekend pine knob. ๐Ÿ˜„
I really wanna go to pine knob, then I remember I suck at skiing.
shakes hands with the crowd after the show at the old Pine Knob Music Theater backโ€ฆ
Pine knob today was prime. Too bad I didn't bring my twin tips
Pine knob with Hope she's better at snowboarding than driving
Pine knob is about to be on point today ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘Œ
Now onto snowboarding and the snow is looking mighty fine:) wo knob
Just pulled all the ski equipment, organized and packed back up!!! Ready to find some time away to head to Pine Knob!!! Looks like Wednesday is my first night off work- anyone ready to hit the hill with me?
Some boarding at pine knob Thursday?
I'm goin to Mt Holly or maybe pine knob & you're coming!!!
Pine knob employed some good looking staff this year ๐Ÿ˜
Early-mid 70's... After dad's softball games, the teams would go to the Novi Inn for drinks. Some times we'd get permission (and a couple of bucks) to cross over Novi/Grand River to get burgers at Dave's. (I'm sure someone's mom or dad was watching us like a hawk) Good times. Bates will always be Dave's, just like The FARM will ALWAYS be The FARM. Same with Pine Knob...
I've never been to pine knob! How long does it take to get there?
I wish I could be at pine knob right now. ๐Ÿ˜ช
Anyone skiing today? Heading to PIne Knob for a couple hrs.
Trying to go to pine knob td or tmrw
you down to go to pine knob with me an I'm driving it will a lot of fun
Having holly and pine knob within 40 minutes of my house is going to be really dangerous for my bank account.
Anyone interested in hitting the slopes tonight, either Pine Knob or Mt Holly?
Ski club Sunday at Pine Knob.come out and see me starting at 3:00! Fresh snow on the hill!!!
Time to board it up, pine knob here I come! Along with
Such a beautiful day here at pine knob, to bad I have a torn ACL and MCL right now I'm gonna do great
Who wants to hit up pine knob with me this week?
That fresh gnar gnar breh at pine knob
For real though who wants to go to pine knob around 3
yeah I know. Should we go to Mt Holly or pine knob?
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So is anybody gonna be at Pine Knob?
Anyone trying to go sledding...or to pine knob? I have until 6pm (when I leave for work)...hmu!
Every one come to Pine Knob, me n Cadle will be terrin up the bunny hill
I always end up going to pine knob on the days when no one else does๐Ÿ˜ณ
Anyone going to Mt Holly today or pine knob??
Off to Pine Knob for a little skiing today in the beautiful snow and a roast in the oven for dinner! It's a good day
Holla at me next time u hit Pine Knob, Shed Readi Tooparti Amin, Rico Alexander, Gerald Thompson.
Does anyone wanna go to pine knob or play some pond tomorrow?
I great sledding experience at a closed pine knob!
What a good session at pine knob tonight.
Just made its from Metro Airport to Pine Knob in record time...1 hour and 38 minutes!
The parking lots at alpine and pine knob are the best lots to drift after a good sesh on the slope
So maybe this year when I beg my sister to go to pine knob with me she will actually go...?
To the lady at Pine Knob who thought it was appropriate to wear a thong skiing tonight I will be sending my daughter over to your house to explain to her that it is not a "jock strap".
I would do anything to go to pine knob or Mt Holly tomorrow.
My mom just told me she went sledding at pine knob with her friend last year ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ญ
Did anyone see me fall at pine knob? Around 8:45. I can't remember what happened
oh cool. I've only been to Bittersweet and Pine Knob.
Anyone trying to go to pine knob tomorrow?
Pine Knob in the next few days anyone?
Anyone down to hit up pine knob tomorrow?
I think I'm going to start going to Pine Knob instead of Mt. Holly.
Nick: there were some hot girls at Pine knob today. Me: did you talk to them?. Nick: what do you think?. Me: yeah. Nick: *** no
Redeemer Church of Clarkston WILL hold its regular worship service on Sunday morning at 10:00 am at Pine Knob Elementary School in Clarkston. The roads should be clear. Get up a bit early and join us for coffee and pastries at 9:30 am.
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Redeemer Church won't let a little snow stop us from gathering to worship Sunday morning at 10:00 am! Join us at Pine Knob Elementary School, 6020 Sashabaw Road in Clarkston Sunday morning!
...As I look out at all the snow, watch it fall, and listen to the insulated silence it creates, I've missed it after 6+ years, and I can recall squeezin into my dark pink Columbia ski pants and jacket, filling a 20oz plastic pop bottle with Jack Daniels, and going buzzed skiing at Pine Knob at night.on a school night! .high school. Them's were the days! Lol -I want to get another ski outfit, I bet it would look pimp on me!! Lol
Just dropped devin n robert off at pine knob for a day of snowboarding cant wait to see the pics of robert(its his 1st time)hes gonna bust his butt lol
Looking forward to skiing Pine Knob tomorrow!
Ok I worded it wrong. We are going "snowboarding " lyric wants to go snowboarding at pine knob. Not skiing mom !!! Either way. Put something under our boots and let's go! :)
Think I will go walk around ON top of Pine Knob for my b day :(
This is my only warning to the Drivers of Southern Michigan. I am heading To pine knob to go skiing clear the roads because I have four wheel drive a love of driving in snow and my car is most likely cheaper and stronger than whatever you are driving so SLOW Drivers stay in the slow lane.
Have to use up my free Pine Knob ticket on Thursday! Who's down for a little board-to-snow contact?
18 (just found 3 spares) painted pine knobs for wardrobes, dressing tables , cupboards. Lilac with pink glitter hearts (used were on daughters bedroom furniture) good condition ยฃ7
Tomorrow is your birthday and I find myself sitting here early this morning missing you so much. I remember growing up and how we played Lego's, Hot wheels and Barbies. How we rode our bikes around the neighborhood, swimming night and day in the back yard pool, crying because you convinced me Jaws lived in our pool. How we made mail boxes for our bedroom doors so we could send each other mail. How I would call you John, Wayne, Anthony, Bartholomew Stewart and we would giggle. How I convinced you that climbing in the dryer would be like a carnival ride. How we would explore Mikes room when he was away. Walking to school, up to the Plaza, Hot Fudge Sundaes at Kresges and movies at the Civic. Bates and Greens Hamburgers. Church on Saturdays followed by a trip to Burger Chef because they had the burger bar. Pizza nights, colored popcorn when we went to the Drive Inn, running around Dads work and climbing on Construction equipment. Walking the trails at Kensington Park. Exploring in the "ditch". End ...
Catch us tomorrow afternoon at Pine Knob.
Remember the "status symbol" of the 1970's was the Mt. Brighton, Mt. Holly, or Pine Knob ski lift pass that would be hung from the zipper of your jackets? The more you had, the higher the "wow" factor.
Thinking about going snowboarding at Alpine Valley, Mount Holly, or Pine Knob tomorrow. Who's down to come with?!
The Ski Club will be starting TODAY, Friday, December 13th! A parent from OCS will be selling memberships and lift tickets from 4:00 - 7:00 p.m. each Friday at Pine Knob in the ski club room.
To all Grosse Pointe skiiers and supporters we will be starting ski team at Pine Knob on Sunday, December 22nd
I just may lose my mind. The kids have asked to join ski club. Living five minutes from Pine Knob, they see the hill all the time and want to do it. We already do hockey three days a week and cub scouts generally one night every week or two weeks. Yet it's so hard to deny them something that would replace a night in front of the tv or on the Wii.
This stray dog has been seen lately up and down Pine Knob Rd between Stickney & Whipple. Reports are that it's non-aggressive, just hungry. Can we get a dog rescue crew out there to help save this guy?
Who is trying to go to pine knob tonight?
Its NOT called Pine Knob? Love It, Only a Michigander would Understand it (SMILE) :-)
Pine Knob/Mt Holly took second in today's NASTAR trials :)
OK, the beautiful cold and snow is here, who wants to hit the slope's either friday night, saturday during the day or sunday night, Pine Knob is 100% open!!
If I pack my snow gear will anyone take me snowboarding at pine knob?! I'm terrible, but I'd love to go! You must be patient and willing to laugh at me fall epically and help me up afterwards
Clarkston Community Members: Pine Knob Elementary would like to invite you to their building on Wednesday, December 11, from 9-11:30 a.m. to take part in a morning of learning about Cultures of Thinking. Visitors will have the opportunity to view and ask questions about routines in classrooms and truly feel and see the culture of our school community as we tour the building. In addition, we will highlight how staff and students are using thinking routines as a tool to build reasoning with evidence throughout the curriculum as we step into a few classrooms. Pine Knob looks forward to sharing this learning experience with you!
Piera Munaco Victoria Buonanno Sheldon Setser wanna go sledding at pine knob this weekend if we get a lot of snow?
In December 1997 I attended the Pine Knob Ski School Instructor hiring clinic and was accepted into a life and second family that had ever changed my life. This past weekend 16 seasons later my beautiful and talented daughter, Sierra Mize , also attended the 2 day hiring clinic and was accepted as a Junior Instructor into our kid's programs!!! I couldn't be more proud of you peanut :.) You have come a long way from the days of sitting behind the Ski School desk waiting for me to finish a lesson so we could hit the snow and practice our pizza turns. I only hope that you will receive as much joy and inspiration as I have as an ambassador of this great sport of ours! Congrats sweetheart!!
Sooo who's up for Pine Knob tomorrow???
Letter I was given was P Something I like: Pizza Something I hate: Pumpkin pie Someone I know: Pamela Vespa Somewhere I've been: Pine Knob Like my status and I'll give you a letter, its something to do!
recorded from the soundboard at Pine Knob, Clarkston,MI April 15, 1980. I do not own the copyright to this.
Watching Ladysmith Black Mambazo on the Africa Channel...Saw them back in 1987 at Pine Knob performing with Paul Simon and Marian Makeeba as part of the "Graceland" tour...
Practice Tomorrow will be at pine knob starting at 3pm ending at 5:30pm please see the post below to ensure that you bring all necessary equipment. and as always contact me early if you need a ride.
Going to the santa brunch this morning with my parents, brother, and sister at the pine knob mansion. Been so long since I've been to the santa brunch. I was 12 years old when I went to the pontiac silverdome. If I remember correctly it may of been hosted by my moms work at the time.
My first concert was Huey Lewis at Pine Knob in 1985. I worked his concert tonight and he sounded just as good.
Johnny B: Michigan Runners Kahtoola Mountain Run! 8k on the ski slopes at Pine Knob
I was given SY by G Matthew Mapes..."Like" or "Comment" and I'll give you a band. BAND I WAS GIVEN: Sonic Youth DO I LIKE THEM: Yes, I love them. I've loved them since I was 12 and heard "Daydream Nation" and wore oversized Smashing Pumpkins tees and treasure troll earrings. SEEN THEM LIVE: 5 times; favorite time was "A Thousand Leaves" tour, most memorable was on our way to see them and the Stooges was the Great Blackout of 2003, needless to say the show was rescheduled and we drove around stealing lipstick from Meijer and got caught drunkenly siphoning gas, 3rd memorable time for the blackout reschedule show I had a few vodkies and went head over feet tumbling all the way down to the bottom of the hill at Pine Knob whilst wearing a dress. FAVORITE TRACK: Cotton crown hoarfrost, Karen revisited, washing machine, the diamond sea, Death Valley '69, teenage riot, confusion is next LITTLE KNOWN FACT: um...they like Lydia Lunch? PERSONAL TAKE: I love them and I will for always; thousand leaves is really mysti ...
Going snowboarding at pine knob tomorrow
Its been a while since I played this..and I've already been assigned a bunch of singers/bands, etc.. So here goes. Band I have been given: Steely Dan courtesy of Matt Bunkelman. Do I like them: I love them, No, I Lurv them.I lurf them.. Have I seen them: 3 times but way back in 1993 & 1994. The first show was unforgettable. Detroit Palace of Auburn Hills The KICKOFF Show on their tour, and the first time Becker and Fagen had been onstage in so so long.. So it was a special special show. The 2nd time the show was in Chicago(Poplar Creek) with my Buddy Steve Mitchell.. We had a blast.. and the next morning I took a train to Detroit to see them in Clarkston at Pine Knob with my Brother. those two shows were so amazing that they used a few of the tracks from both those shows on their "ALIVE IN AMERICA" album which came out like a year later. I like to think it was because they could hear my righteous whistling.. I have a very prominent whistle, deafening, really, if you're standing near me... I ...
LMS of u going to Pine Knob or want to go with me?
Wait... Pine knob is opening tomorrow...
Aww yeah pine knob is opening tomorrow or thursday. Gonna be shreddin some gnars
yeah just let me drive nine hours home to pay a lot of money ski pine knob. See you tomorrow!
Pine knob might open tomorrow, so looks like I'm busy this weekend
I'm not sure if holly or pine knob teaches lessons though but u can always check lol
Pine knob scheduled to open tomorrow! Get stoked!
Pine Knob is making snow finally snowboarding
Just so you know . Pine Knob is Making snow and has a 6 Inch base...
Pine knob opens tomorrow and ill be over an hour away. Road trip?
Pine Knob Wine Shoppe. We are proud to say that we are OPEN for business again to serve our great community.
$545 for a season pass you can gargle my ball sack pine knob. Has the hill improved since back when they used to only cost $300?
working outside at Pine Knob this year ๐Ÿ˜โ„๏ธ
I wanna go to opening day at pine knob ๐Ÿ˜ค
Pine Knob has started making snow!!! Excited to announce that Special Olympics ski team will be starting on Sunday, December 22nd! featured in NBC s Science of Love
JerryGarcia is now spinning Standing On The Moon [Live at Pine Knob Music Theater, Clarkston, MI, June 20, 1991] by Grateful Dead (Download
Blowing snow at pine knob right now?!?!? I need to be there ***
Time to Petex my snowboard and wax this bad boy for this upcoming season about to be another great year at pine knob
Tim Hourigan I'm going to be at my parents house for Thanksgiving and if Pine Knob is open I'm going to go snowboarding for a couple hours that morning. Seeing if you want to go with me. Was in Florida all last winter so you know how excited I am to go ride. Thank you for writing me that positive letter to me while I was in Florida. Miss you buddy.
Skiing fans will rejoice. Just learned Pine Knob was making snow last night. Ready for some powpow?!
Pine Knob and Holly are making snow ๐Ÿ˜€
Clarkston, Michigan. Pine Knob is testing their snow machines this morning, snow everywhere!
Pine Knob has been snowmaking. This makes me happy. Even though that place ***
The fact that the snow stuck is making me so happy. Is it time to go to Pine Knob yet?? ๐Ÿ˜โค๏ธ๐ŸŽฟ
Pine knob better start making snow today
Sooo how many more days til pine knob opens?!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜
So now that it's snowing I can go to Pine Knob when I go home right?
Pine knob is blowing snow in November... That doesn't seem normal
They are making snow at Pine Knob *** yeah it's almost time for pond hockey
Pine knob just reminds me of drifting in big Al's jeep
Mom said pine knob is supposed to open Wednesday ๐Ÿ˜
I can hear pine knob making snow from my house.
Drove up to Pine Knob tonight, they're making snow!
PINE KNOB AN BOYNE ARE BLOWING SNOW so who's up for snowboarding this week
Labeling soaps to Kid Rock's Rebel Soul Album.I was there.Pine Knob Best Night Ever 6!
For November 11 ~ 1794: A treaty (7 stat. 44) is concluded at Canandaigua (Konondaigua), New York, with the "Six Nations." The United States acknowledges the treaties signed by the Six Nations and New York. Boundaries are established. The Six Nations will not submit further land claims. A wagon trail is established from Fort Schlosser to Buffalo Creek on Lake Erie. The Indians receive $10,000 in goods now. The annuity agreed to in the treaty of April 3, 1792 is increased from $1500 to $4500 in goods. The treaty is signed by Thomas Pickering for the United States, and by fifty-nine Indians. 1865: Medicine Bottle and Little Shakopee, two of the leaders of the Santee Sioux uprising are executed at Pine Knob. They both had escaped to Canada, but officials there aided Americans in their kidnapping, and return to the United States. (From Phil Konstantin's website)
Pine Knob thanks it's Veterans today and everyday.
I was just reminded of something...that I am forever thankful for the time spent raising Samantha. We didn't have a lot, but we had what we needed to make life manageable. We had the horses to ride, 4H, MIHA, Lincoln and its events, Sydney, Puma, some wonderful family and friends. Going to old Tiger Stadium sitting in the family sections with gloves. Pine Knob with Alabama and Bare Naked Ladies. Wouldn't change much, if anything, cause the end results are amazing!
Our little town of Bartow had a big night tonight-they brought in "The Little River Band" for a charity concert to benefit the veterans. It was held in the band shell in the park across the street from our complex. Sat in our golf cart & drank wine coolers! It was like Pine Knob, but better! Had a great time & the band was great!
We had a tremendous Deeper Life Women's retreat this weekend. Our speaker Chrysta Black took us straight to the heart of God. (Chrysta looked so familiar. Then I remembered where I had seen her.Chrysta played/ sang with Michael W. Smith's band when he and Stephen Curtis Chapman visited Pine Knob... one of the first concerts after his family's tragedy. It was neat to tell her how much that concert meant to us in a time when doubts hung heavy on my heart... Stephen talked about reaching for God when he questioned everything he ever believed. And yet God showed himself deeper than even the deepest doubt... and that our God is the rock of ages... I remember I felt like Stephen was articulating my heart song ) Some things you never forget. And as a bonus... I also just happened to meet meet a woman this weekend who Jeff's Grandpa-- Dr. Bovee's office cleaning lady took to church and subsequently led to Christ.
To my Pine Knob friends, Savannah York, Joanie Curtis Powell, Scott Belcher, Jason Hayes, Shannon Riggs. It's great seeing all your cute pictures with smiling faces. I wanted to say hello, and I love you!
For my DM friends, here are a couple of good mini-interviews with Martin. I'm pretty sure that Pine Knob (DTE) shows up around the 1:21 mark. Awesome night!
wow ,seen him promoting this album,pine knob before it was DTE centre
Summer 1990 at Pine Knob, when it was still called that and not some corporate sponsored crap name. Just after the Bonnie's Grammy sweep. Hard to tell from the picture, but my hair was ridiculous-middle-of-my-back long. The incredible Charles Brown opened the show. TOMORROW is my dear Bonnie's birthday!
What about the old Bad Company and Yes concerts at Pine Knob! Remember when Sheryl Crow opened for Neil Young!!! Man those were the good old days!! I've seen all good people!!! Dan Tremblay are you out there!!!
Lake Orion is awesomeland. Quit your saying that there's nothing to do here. We have DTE, The Palace, Pine Knob, numerous parks and lakes...
Love how you refer to it as Pine Knob
Kid Rock was tight. Ended up pavilion with the homies and couldnt ask for a better night at pine knob
Kid Rock was hands down the best show I've ever seen at Pine Knob.
Can't even get off the highway because of Pine Knob๐Ÿ˜
In other news - 36 years ago Bob Seger sold out 8 shows at Pine Knob and now Kid Rock did it- so he came out and sang two songs! Awesome! :)
It was 36 years ago this week that Seger wrapped up his own eight-show Pine Knob stand. "Feels like 136," cracks Seger.
Was just caught in the middle of a brawl on the stairs at Pine Knob.
Thank U for 2 great Hometown shows at Pine Knob this summer.. U hav not lost ur touch. Onstage or off
"Pine knob fries sound so good right now๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‹"
Pine knob fries sound so good right now๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‹
Rockin all us drunk fools at pine knob!
Pine Knob. Lawn tickets are pretty cheap.
wasn't there but I will be next Monday at DTE (pine knob) in Detroit
Finally made it to pine knob to see Kid Rock. Yes I said pine knob
ZZ Top and some guy named Kid Rock @ Pine Knob Amphitheater
Kid Rock at pine knob on a great summer night. Warm up act is rockin'
Cant wait to get outta class and head straight to Pine Knob everyday ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
I mean where were you after leaving pine knob? Don't answer that I am also a lawyer...
also the crime rate is low and we have a solid school system. Also we have pine knob and dte right here.
The houses on the Eagle Course at Pine Knob. MONSTERS!!!
Kid Rock has been playing a handful of dates at Pine Knob err DTE. You need to hit up a show. Last 2 are Monday and Tuesday.
Now on to Pine Knob to shoot another family session. :). Am feeling pretty blessed for someone not feeling especially great.
Cant even imagine how amazing it feels to be up on that stage with thousands of fans screaming your name. Pine Knob last night
Ugh guys it's not DTE it's Pine Knob
Kid Rock pays tribute to Uncle Ted Nugent. Pine Knob going crazy.
How about some to celebrate his record setting stand at Pine Knob!
Yep. Let's go to Pine Knob. Today is nice outside.
How can I see ZZ Top at Pine Knob, and having nothing to do with Kid Rock? It's not fair, I tell ya...
planning some fun activities for next week. On the agenda: ZZ Top/Kid Rock at Pine Knob and the zoo.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Djing a wedding at the Pine Knob Mansion!
I hope your team is aware of the BS Stub Hub is pulling w/the Pine Knob shows! $75 for a $20 for every seat tour! I'm beyond sick!!
only at Mt Holly. They're kind is rarely found at pine knob
Listening to a recording of the first show I went to back 90's at Pine knob. Those guys knew how to do it right
two times at Pine Knob in one week. Now that's cool.
If you told me 20 years ago when this came out, this kid would sell out 8 shows at Pine Knob with ZZโ€ฆ
Pine Knob Wine Shoppe is like the greatest party store in the history of party stores since they renovated. What a selection
Thereโ€™s so much to say about the Kid Rock show at the DTE Energy Music Theatre (or, yes, Pine Knob) on Wednesd...
I get to hang with these sexy men at the lookout @ Pine Knob
Saw Kid Rock at pine knob tonight. He did a nice job but only 1.5 hrs. I think we coulda got a better effort
great show tonight at Pine Knob (DTE). Love the shirt. Tried to get a picture of it, lights too bright. FCancer!!
I love how Kid Rock calls it pine knob
Pine Knob is one of my all time favorite venues.
Bisq is now spinning Scarlet Begonias -> Fire on the Mountain by Grateful Dead 1991-06-19 - Pine Knob Music Theater - Clarkston, MI (1991-06
Sneaking onto pine knob and climbing to the top to star gaze >>>
My 1st concert...pine the 80' mama taught me well! Still thank her daily for passing on these records...
with at pine knob on September 21st... IM THERE
It was at the Palace. Pine Knob couldn't contain that level of sparkle. . Think Gowman, but more.
Happy Jerry's Birthday! This one is from Pine Knob here in Michigan. Enjoy the brilliance!
Here's another one for ya - also taken at Pine Knob, MI this year - Doug struttin' his *** :-)
Here's one for ya - taken at Pine Knob, MI this year - lovely backdrop, wouldn't ya say :-)
Kid Rock finale at Pine Knob with MBZ-- see you there
Are you ready for us Friday night at Pine Knob?
I saw open for at Pine Knob in Detroit in the 90s. unexpected but great, actually.
This may be the first summer since 1989 that I haven't been to Pine Knob once.
I don't care what anybody says, it's not DTE, it's still Pine Knob
Just drove by cops on pine knob AND at freedom, speeding both times... DIDN'T get pulled over
People will be sliding down the hill so hard at pine knob
I say we throw it back at wiz and ASAP and make the mudslide like our parents did when dte was pine knob.
You call it DTE I call it pine knob
Went -3 for 4 par 3's today at Pine Knob. Safe to say that was the only bright spot of the day
Sorta sad that i'm not going to a concert at Pine knob this year, first time in 4 years
wiz khalifa tonight at Pine Knob...
Season pass for Pine Knob this winter?
New issue of the News-Gazette out tomorrow! Look for LPD updates; updates on Nolin and Rough River Lakes algae; Pine Knob Theatre; and more!
I know like two songs lol. And a rap show at pine knob sounds lame.
may I ask " who opened for the sow at Pine Knob? That man was amazing!!
July 29th-In 1988, performed with Tiffany at Pine Knob Music Theatre in Clarkston, Michigan.
If you call it DTE, kys. It's Pine Knob. It will always be Pine Knob.
absolutely looking out at Pine Knob. Love seeing him every *** time.
Can't wait to see at Pine Knob with
Five finger death punch concert was awesome and got to do the pine knob mud slide
Whoever decided to sell white castle sliders at Pine Knob, thank you
Mailman_ is now spinning High Time by 8.27.80 (1980-08-27 - Pine Knob Music Theater)
Heading out to Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival at Pine Knob here in a bit. Who else is going?!!! We're...
โ€œI wish I had seen the original INXS in concert.โ€. I did! At Pine Knob in Michigan when I was in 9th grade
174yrd hole in one today @ Pine Knob. My mulligan shot but still a slam dunk off the tee! I'll take it!
Joe Kocur is in the house at DTE Energy Music Theater aka Pine Knob
Happy Birthday, Gloria! Remember going to the Jackson Browne concert at Pine Knob on your B-Day, so many moons ago?! You brought Sloe Gin - OY! It reminded me of cough syrup (-:
Going to see LL Cool J, Ice Cube, Public Enemy, and more tonight at Pine Knob. Apparently we have an extra ticket. Wanna join us?
Would love to get this shirt! Best summer concert venue. Even Joe Elliott of still calls it Pine Knob.
Forwarded by Robbie Rist to John Borack, to Alan Haber, to Dan Pavelich, to me. Give it a whirl. 1. If you could be in any other band, who would it be? Queen. Really, Roger Taylor is responsible for creating drum tracks to anthems! 2. Whatโ€™s the one song you wish youโ€™d written? Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. 3. Whatโ€™s your one vice? Cigarettes. 4. Whatโ€™s the best concert youโ€™ve ever attended? J. Geils Band at Pine Knob. 5. First album you ever purchased with your own money? Double Vision by Foreigner. I already had some Beatles and others as previous Christmas and Birthday gifts. But, that was my first purchase with my own money. I was 9 years old. 6. First rock or metal song you learned to play or sing? 99 by Toto. I don't think I ever REALLY learned how to play it correctly back then, though. After all, we're talking Jeff Porcaro! 7. Whatโ€™s the weirdest rumor you ever heard about yourself? 44 and un-married, so I must be *** Um...No, I'm not. Just very selective and waiting for the woman ...
Received my copy of Black Sabbath's new album today. *** happy to see it's title is my favorite number: 13. Great tickets still available for their show at Pine Knob. I'll have to check out the set list. Best available at $145 US per.
"Test your memory and your love of live music by listing 50 artists or bands (or as many as you can remember) you've seen in concert. List the first 50 acts that come into your head. An act you saw at a festival and opening acts count, but only if you can't think of 50 other artists. Oh, and list the first concert you ever saw (you can remember that, canโ€™t you)?ย  Should you choose this challenge, here's what you do:ย Copy this note. Click on โ€œNotesโ€ under tabs on your profile page. Select "write a new note" in the top corner. Paste the copy in the body of the note. Make your list. Change the number at the top, and add your title. Once you've saved, don't forget to tag friends (including me) on the right." 1. Herbie Hancock/Chick Corea- first show at Pine Knob 2.INXS I do believe was house x5 4. Neil Finn x2 5. Finn Brothers 6. Crash Test Dummies 7. They Might Be Giants x5 8. Peter Gabriel x3 9. Orb 10. Barenaked Ladies x4 11. The Wolfgang Press 12. Cocteau Twins 13. Xymox 14. Phish (YIKES!) 15. Dic ...
A late 87th birthday salute to comedy legend Don Rickles.Many years ago he + Joan Rivers . shared Pine Knob...he insulted me...YAY
White smoke in the parking lot at Pine Knob -a Pope Bubba *Songs From St. Somewhere* show to be annou ... wait ... what? Sorry. Never mind.
BOB SEGER & THE SILVER BULLET BAND in Green Bay tomorrow night, for you lucky people going to the concert, you are in for a treat, I've been lucky enough to attend 23 concerts from 1980 to his tour 6 years ago. Most of the concerts were in Detroit, The Palace, Pine Knob, Joe Louis also the Breslin Center & my 1st & last at Cobo Arena, nothing like a Michigan croud! I know alot of Yoopers will be at the show! Just make sure you have your dancing shoes on, cause you will be on your feet for most of the show. Alto Reed will "steal" the show playing his Sax, Bob may be getting old, but he can still Rock, Have a great time Folks, "ROCK & ROLL NEVER FORGETS" & ROCK ON!
WINTER FUN SPOTS: All but 3 runs at Mt. Holly, and 2 at Pine Knob are open!! 15 trails, 9 lifts @ Alpine Valley in White Lake, and Mt. Brighton is definitely running! Seems 100% is kickin at Nub's Nob & 28 slopes at Caberfae in Cadillac-ac-ac-ac-ac. Yes, Boyne Mt. has 54/60 open and Highlands has 53/55 slopes open! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? A certain shade of snow?
Rise and all you scum suckers who ways to go play in the snow tonight... Mtholly/pine knob
Nothing like being at Pine Knob at 1AM on Christmas.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
pine knob is 5 minutes from my house and a ripoff. Don't do it. Never been to Mt Holly but I hear its the same
Who's wants to go to pine knob with me?๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŽฟ๐Ÿ‚
if I do not go to pine knob by the end of the week, I may cry.
Hoping to hit up pine knob by Friday โ›„๐Ÿ‘
Gonna be at Pine Knob from 9 to 1 tomorrow if anybody wants to hit the slopes with me!
yah so it's prolly not happenin tomorrow but Thursday we can go at like 12 and then hit up pine knob after
Work tomorrow, pine knob all day Thursday.
where do u wanna go? Probably pine knob and idk well I'm going to boyne soon but anytime afterwards
The fact that I'm at pine knob is making Christmas even better
Anyone wanna go to pine knob Friday it's like $60 for the lift ticket an rentals
Snow now falling in Mena. The transition will continue today from west to east. Yakoubian
yeah i can hang out! Im coaching at pine knob all this week from 9am to about 3pm but im available besides that!
Pine knob should be open on Christmas day
I need to know if the terrain parks at pine knob are open I need to use my new gear
can't wait to spend this Pine Knob gift card and hit the slopes soon
Oh I'm not sure where we're going yet! Either there or Pine Knob or something
you should meet me at pine knob in Friday!
And it also needs to be Friday so I can go to Pine Knob and snowboard. ๐Ÿ’œ
Pine Knob looks sweet with the lights on
Anyone trying to sled down pine knob?
Pine knob people must be happy it snowed, now their break will be worth something
Yo this girl I'm working with smells like one of those used rental ski boots they give u at pine knob ๐Ÿ˜ท
Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday. Snow Sharks wish you a peaceful day filled with family time, gratitude, sharing and merry making. We'll see each other soon on the slopes of Pine Knob Ski Resort!
look, we have bunch of snow. We could have gone today to Pine Knob, so everything could be open
Hitting up pine knob soon with my boy who else wants to come?
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