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Pima County

Pima County is a county in the south central region of the U.S. state of Arizona. The county is named after the Pima American Indian tribe which is indigenous to the area.

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Photos clearly show more people are at the Pima County Young Dems meeting tonight than at Trump and Obama inaugurat…
Trump is estimating that 1.5 million people showed up to the Pima County Young Dems meeting tonight. UUUGGGEEE!
v.interesting - Pima County Sheriff had a contract w/ Geofeedia (had data access cut off by platforms)
needs a rightaway where Nat American Res abuts the border. There is major traffic thru the Pima county both drugs and kidnap for sex trfk
Our Tucson office is proud to support AAED at the Southern Luncheon discussing Pima County today...
Pima County Fairground & RV Park. We like this one. It's just plain ol' fun!
Pima county says it's closed still. I guess they're just going to wait til spring.
- Ride sharing recommended in the name of air quality -
- check it out...Pima county, AZ. I voted...brought 2 pieces of ID - never had to show ANY ID at all.
How big of A problem is homelessness in Pima county?
Pima County sees 20 percent drop in homelessness
Two of my favorite things 'Blunts & Boobs' ... DM us for delivery in Pima County…
this commercial is playing several times of day here in Pima County AZ!
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Pima County Sheriff's Department Officer Graves's friends and family.
I wonder if I'll have a date to the Pima County Fair this year ?
Pima County Juvenile Court is accepting applications for a Court Interpreter position:
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Details of Monsanto deal with Pima County are released
In honor of National Compliment Day, we just want to say, "Looking good Pima County!".
I'm ready to unite with Pima county music video for public records request
Please send messages to unite with Pima county music video for you are my life is with you and I am healing more an…
In 1980 found 8 bodies in Pima county. By 2005 200. Walls and militarization of the border leads to death.
The Pima County Housing Center hosts the first of three financial literacy workshops.…
Pima County delays vote on Monsanto tax incentives | Government and politics
Pima County delays vote on Monsanto Foreign Trade Zone Status. What the supervisors will consider in February is...
SPECIAL >> Lyft is giving you $50 ride credit Enter this code: DUSK *** Pima County
Lloyd Construction Company will be placing a bid to build Monsanto's Greenhouse & Property in Pima County...
It's very early.. And it looks like Pima County ballots got in mailboxes earlier than elsewhere across the state
The Pima County Attorneys Office participates in Paint Pima Purple Day to raise awareness and help stop domestic...
I wish the Pima County Fair came more than once a year :( 🎡🎪
The County Line has a show on 10/22/2016 at 03:00 PM @ Pima County Fairgrounds in Tucson, AZ
Hansen: 2016 Pima County Sports Hall of Fame class nothing short of impressive
Waiting in the green room. I'll be on KVOI w/ Buckmaster @ 12:45 show sharing how I'll make schools better in Pima County
Winds picking up. Watch for dust & poor air quality in dust-prone areas. Be sure to check Pima County air quality @
Will Pima County represent on Thursday? We hope so!
The Alumni Career Lab impacts 60,000 people in Pima county. Article via
Vector Space Systems brings manufacturing facility to Pima County
While you are figuring out whom to vote for in Pima County, I thought this would be helpful... :)
Despite an HR investigation, bullying claims against are rejected by Pima Co Deputy Administrator: -
Exactly. Pima County: medical pot--1000 ft from all those! Pinal County: 1500 ft for med pot. No one talks about that!
The drama in Pima County continues. It also continues to mirror the same issues that have plagued Pinal County.
Knowledge is power. Pima County is ranked No. 12 in the nation for…
Did you know? Domestic violence killed 25 people last year in Pima County alone. How you can help end the silence:…
Endorsed by . Thank you. With your help, I will serve ALL of Pima county &
Reminder:If you use to go to/from Tucson, prepare for on SR83 in Pima County Oct18-20 for w…
Pima County: 8 new employers, 3,500 jobs possible in months ahead via
I liked a video Behind the barbed wire: One night locked up at the Pima County Jail
Also, found out today that Pima County has the deadliest border in the US with 2,700 migrant deaths since 2001.
Focusing on the PHUL workout program for the next 2-3 months (@ Northwest YMCA Pima County Community Center)
Suspect caught in diamonds store heist: The Pima County Sheriff's Department has arrested one suspect in connection…
Dem reps fill out test ballots to test Pima County ballot counting machines. R's did it Tues. at 5
A victory in Pima County! Judge Richard Gordon ruled in favor of preserving the ballot images from being...
Council Member Fimbres motion to give $25k from litter fees collected by the city plus match from Pima County to fund homeless work program.
Vote for Kim DeMarco in Pima County District 3 and get back to ethical conduct and transparency…
And all of us Democrats in liberal Pima County—Tucson, population 1 million.
Pima County's International Walk & Bike to School Day is celebrated this Friday! Be careful & watch for families walking & bik…
and Pima County (Tucson and surrounding area) will only get Blue Cross bare bones plan - reflection of our economy
One of Pima County's best club sandwich is at the Bisbee Breakfast Club in Marana
Here's how Pima County is looking to prevent voter fraud...
Congratulations Captain Charles Williams!! 35 years of dedicated service to RMFD and the residents of Pima County!!!
New exhibit honors Mexican ranching families and vaqueros, first of its kind in Pima County!
.just did a story about it yesterday. Here's a link. I hope it helps!
How Pima County is looking to prevent voter fraud
no one in Pima county has access to obamacare. I wouldn't call that a success either
I'm so glad I got to see this awesome band live. @ Pima County Fair
"It is not rigged in Pima County" - election director addresses rigged election claims
There is a camera in the room so people at home can watch ballots get counted in Pima County on election night…
Pima County Elections Director: Upcoming election is not rigged
Pima County's medical examiner told just how dangerous Fentanyl is on Friday.
Good Morning. CASA of Pima County is out at Brown Mackie College for their community open house. There are food...
Special Thanks to Sheriff Chris Nanos and Pima County Sheriff's officers for the great welcome to all our...
No Need to Wait on Vaccines: The Pima County Health Department is encouraging parents to immunize their children…
Pima County supervisors limit length pedestrians can stay on median
Don't text and drive in Pima county anymore they can pull you over and fine you $100 now themoreyouknow
Pima County passes ban on texting and driving
Not a fan of his political stance on 2A or the deal his company made with Pima County Board of Supervisors.
JUST IN: Pima County has banned pedestrians standing in medians. How do you feel about the measure?
In Pima County Arizona, you are now breaking the law if you text and drive. Please DO NOT DO IT!!
I heard report today on TV13 new Pima County Cell phone Ordinance prohibits devices to be on while driving. Pls clarify
Pima County in Tucson has banned texting while driving. Love this! . Every single day while driving I notice...
Pima County Board of Supervisors take action - unanimously passing a texting and driving ban. Very proud of our...
County approves ban on texting while driving: In a unanimous vote, the Pima County Board of Supervisors banned…
Should be the law of the land. Good job Pima County.
JUST IN: Pima County has banned texting while driving.
Pima County Board of Supevisors unanimously passes ordinance to ban texting and driving
of site minus Pima County polling locations.
Texting and driving could soon be banned in Pima County
Arizona Bilingual at the shadow day with Pima County Sheriff's Chris Nanos, welcoming all winners from the...
Do you think the proposed ordinance will end panhandling in Pima County?
Pima County leaders to vote on panhandling ordinance: Pima County leaders are set to vote Tuesday on an ordin...
Kicked off the curb? Pima County leaders to vote on panhandling ordinance today
Pima County leaders to vote on panhandling ordinance
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Pima County leaders to vote on kicking panhandling to the curb
Pima County set to kick panhandling to the curb
Pima County leaders set to kick panhandling to the curb
Today on Anna Henderson Candidate for LD 7. On the Daily Double Gary Davidson on the Pima County budget.
Coming up at 5 on we're hours away from a vote on what to about panhandlers in Pima County. has the details
VOTE YES 123 Drop off your early ballots or vote at Pima County polling locations tomorrow
Pima County ME says office collected 225bodies of those who tried to cross the US/Mex border https…
Pima County’s polling locations not listed on secretary of state’s site
Is a link to Pima County on the state site too much to ask?
Pima County's polling locations not listed on secretary of state's site
Pima County's polling locations not listed with secretary of state
Pima County accredited for Part 10 allow from US Fish and Wildlife
Man charged with DUI and manslaughter of former Pima County supervisor Ann Day - Arizona Daily Star:
Ann Day, former supervisor for Pima County, killed in high speed crash
This is how we spend tax $$ in Tucson!. Pima County seeks dismissal of Goldwater Institute lawsuit via
Pima County seeks dismissal of Goldwater Institute lawsuit: He said the incentive packages are based on costs...
Pima County seeks dismissal of Goldwater Institute lawsuit
Pima County responds to lawsuit over agreement. Targets Pima, ignores similar deals.
Congrats to all Pima County and City of Tucson Women in Government winners honored today! https:/…
Substance abuse,mental health issues &failures to appear in court are biggest drivers of Pima County jail population|
“There can be bias in the system, even when all the actors are well-intentioned” Pima County's plan to
Grant to Pima County, elsewhere aims to lower incarceration, via
Pima County receives prestigious grant to reduce jail population
Unlike the Presidential Preference Election, the May 17 special election is open to *ALL* voters registered in Pima Cou…
Pima County supports Possible F-35 reserve role good news. Any mission, any aircraft
Pennington BP 2016 Organizer PDEQ, formed in 1989, serves Pima County by protecting public health & the environment.
So I decided to skip Coachella and go to the Pima County Fair and watch Nelly and Post Malone. For that I think I'm smart and cool. 😎
(Pima County) awarded grant to improve jail conditions via
We are very excited to be able to have a booth at the Pima County Fair this year and to be sharing it with FCRB!...
So the people who Underwrite PBS are donating to PIMA County Jail to decrease the # of Prisoners... BRIBERY ???
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Each and every sale in April will benefit Books to the Rescue Pima County
Pima County Department of Transportation will hold 5 meetings to discuss safety improvement projects, like...
Can't wait to start my trip down to Tucson for the Pima County Fair for the next few days ❤️😁
Congratulations, to the Pima County LEPC on your newest member! He represents our partners at Southwest Gas.
KLPX-Day @ The Pima County Fair! Razor will be out at Beerfest Noon 4 on Saturday, then listen to Saturday Night...
Gradymusic has a show on 04/16/2016 at 11:00 AM @ Pima County Fairgrounds in Tucson, AZ
Pima County Public Library is offering a free SAT/ACT Readiness Workshop! Head to for info!
I had no clue until just now that Pima County Fair is going onto is weekend 😳
Pima County will try to reduce jail population with the help of a $1.5M grant: by
Pima County has been awarded a $1.5 million grant to reduce its jail population and address racial disparities in...
Hey Great Grins Families! The Pima County Fair begins tomorrow, we wanted to share the link below with prices and...
N Pepa's here! April 17th at the Pima County Fair. We will do one last tomorrow, so stay...
Bring friends and family out to the Pima County Fair beginning tomorrow! -
Purchase 10 Pima County Fair ride tickets for just $15 and bring your receipt to the fair to redeem by tomorrow! https:…
Post please drop it before the Pima County Fair
Nelly is going to the Pima County Fair. *** I'm gonna go crazy 🤑🤑🤑🤑
I'm so excited for the Pima County Fair🎡🎢✨
My mans gonna be at the Pima County Fair😭😩
County gets $1.5M to lower jail population: Pima County seeks to lower the number of inmates by 18 ...
There are 261% more women in Pima County jail today than 20 years ago.
Pima County gets 1st vets' cemetery this week|For more,watch tonight @ 6:30
BREAKING: Mark Napier has alerted that he has filed paperwork to run for Sheriff in Pima County and as a Republican
Tucson's in Pima County. Their sheriff is Chris Nanos, who is primarily backed by Democrats. Pima County is a Blue County.
VIDEO: Burglars steal Star Trek items in Tucson: Pima County Sheriff's deputies are looking for two men who entered…
Whether it's 2018 or 2020, Pima County supports - any plane, any mission chooses for DM.
I can't wait for the Pima County Fair... Just so I can get a turkey leg
.reports EVERY Pima County district would apply money to help teacher retention/recruitment.
It was great to meet my future bosses in Oro Valley, Pima County yesterday. Thank you, Oro Valley Chamber.
Travel warnings for Rocky Point prompts pushback from Pima County
NYPL, DC public, Lawrence Public Library, LAPL, Chicago, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Pima County, Christchurch all have good blogs!
candidate says the Ward 2 race is about what the incumbent HASN’T done (30:00)
There's an overflow of animals at the Pima County shelter & they will be doing FREE ADOPTIONS oct 1st through the 3rd. Adopt and save a life
Pima County Sheriff's deputies are looking for a man who robbed multiple Circle Ks.
Missing Nashua woman ID’d in ’81 Ariz. cold case: The Pima County Jane Doe has a name. Arizona police have con...
New drug drop off location in Pima County.
We believe in strengthening the community. We believe in the 2015 Pima County Bonds.
Thank you to Community Partnership of Southern Arizona (CPSA) for the two decades of service to Pima County.
October 3 Forum . Why you should. Vote No on Pima County Bonds. Come and learn about the Pima County Bonds that...
forensic audit of Pima County spending
Interview tomorrow at 840 am and then my polygraph test for Pima County at 2 pm good day!
Pima County blames and sues state for property tax increase
Get ready to vote! Coverage of races, Pima County bond questions and recall at
Missing from the bonds: Prop 426-7 90% fail rate for accelerators benefits private business family.
Recent statistics from the FBI rates Pima County as the most dangerous county in the state. The latest crime...
TUCSONANS - We urge you to vote YES on all of the bond questions and especially on Proposition 428: projects...
Situational Awareness at Pima County helps simplify operations
Interesting Article On Prop 426 regarding the Oro Valley Accelerator. Wait until you see who is on the...
Here is another reason not to vote for bonds. Bomd advisory committee member and his son will be on the...
'Jane Doe' identified after 34 years of mystery: For three decades, Pima County Investigators called a woman "...
Pima County blames state for property tax increase
Pima County blames state for property tax increase
Pima County blames state for property tax increase -
Pima County Supervisors make $76,000 a year and are allowed to use a county car to go almost...
Tune in to KVOA tonight at 10pm for a story on how your tax dollars pay for County Supervisors in Pima County to...
Pima County voters asked to approve $16.9M for flood control
Police identify New Hampshire native in Arizona cold case: Pima County Sheriff's detectives now...
Judge Davis praised Pima County's officials for their work addressing racial and ethnic disparity. Said we are living in exciting times.
I liked a video All Access Pass: Women working inside the Pima County Jail
Pima County Board of Supervisors approve raising property taxes
.News 5: Bridges over Pima County. One in particular is drawing attention among safety inspectors.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Great presentation on both sides of Pima County bonds to League of Women voters this a.m. I conclude: Vote YES on Bonds.
county says to blame for property tax increase. says the same. Why? at4
Deputies on the lookout for school zone violations: Pima County Sheriff’s Department deputies cited more than ...
Tonight! Pub-Style Trivia, music, great food and friends! Raise funds for Pima County Food Alliance while testing...
Bicyclist killed in collision in Tucson area: The Pima County Sheriff's Department has identified a bicyclist…
Thank you, Citizens of Pima County, for your support of these…
wow and we can't get Pima Mine Road fixed from I10 to Asarco Mission Mine , that is the worst road in Pima county! !
Orange Grove reopens after fatal crash: The Pima County Sheriff's Department has cleared the crash scene and O...
Pima County leads the way in keeping kids out of jail. There are alternatives. .
Pima County library Bookbikes looking for more books - KVOA Tucson News
Pima County woman who reportedly ate tainted cucumbers dies
Vote no now, ask for more affordable propositions: Fair enough; if the citizens of Pima County are investing our hard-earned dollars,...
A new $54 million Dollar Thank you, Citizens of Pima County.
Number of crossers released to ICE is down: Pima County jail officials now l...
Still south of Tucson in Pima County, but moving north.
Pima County Search & Recovery Divers assisting Sahuarita PD in search for firearm.
Sahuarita PD and Pima County Dive team are searching for a firearm from 4th of July party:
& Pima County dive team searching for evidence in July 4 shooting near Sahuarita Lake
Well I must be back in Pima County now.
Pima County won a $400,000 EPA grant to conduct environmental assessments on brownfields.
Pima County Sheriff investigators have been known for corruption as well in Tucson. TPD refused to assist PCSO due to this.
Pima County Board of Supervisors, Pima County Department of Health: Stop Spay Abortions at Pima Anima... via
Eliminating that wasteful spending will go a long way towards reducing Pima County multi-million dollar budget deficit .
Last customer of the day at another great Thanks, Pima County Libraries and
There are 99 projects included in the Pima County Bond Election. One is Joaquin Murrieta Park
On the scene of two hikers being rescued by Northwest Fire and Pima County Sheriffs office
The City of and Pima County has been ranked as a top bike-friendly city, second only to Portland, OR. .
Passed my Oral Board!! Final step is the psychological test, Then off to the Pima County Sheriffs Academy! 😆
Ross can you please see my video I made about R5 at the Pima County Fair my YouTube channel is Serena Mun... — sure
Drug overdoses in Pima County cause more than 300 deaths per year: Via
Child Care Provider, Pima County: Provide quality child care for the Arizona Kith and Kin Project participants...
CASA of Pima County was the first program in Arizona! We are looking for people to help us share our history.
Judge for a day gets ready to assume her post at the Pima County Superior Court for mock trial.
❤ You can look up any property at the County Assessor
Kitchen Cops: Staying clean means good hygiene: Tucson- Pima County Health Inspector's are tasked with making ...
The fans that went to the Pima County concert in AZ in April sang "Feel Good", and they put our recording in the song
Dozens of pools closed in June by Pima County
Steller: Mexico's 'dedazo' operates in Pima County appointments
- Tim Steller gets it right when it comes to the issue of political appointments in
Thunderstorm advisories for Pima, Gila, Pinal counties: Strong thunderstorms head into Pima, Gila and...
❤ You can look up any at the County Assessor
federicoguti10: ReportSpeeders: Thunderstorm advisories for Pima, Gila, Pinal counties
ICYMI: Only on a night on patrol with a rookie in the Department. Video: http:/…
ICYMI: There will be a new Sheriff in Pima County starting August 1
Board picks Nanos to replace Dupnik as Pima County Sheriff -
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Chief Deputy Chris Nanos giving interviews after his appointment as Sheriff of Pima County effective August 1.
Caseworker Heather Miller in Pima County gets compliments on her dedication to the job and a Shout Out from DCS!
A DCS Shout Out to Pima County caseworker Heather Miller for her tenacious pursuit of help for a constituent!
Property taxes increase in Pima County. Someone sure looks happy about it! .
This week is the 315th Anniversary of Kino's Blue Shell Conference at San Xavier del Bac and Pima County will...
Gastrointestinal bug at senior living facility: The Pima County Health Department is working wit...
just Pima county. Mother Nature is harsh. Sacrificing it all for a chance.
All these people going to the Pima County Fair is just making me more antsy for the State Fair to come to Phx 😩🎡
Our CEO and founder, Mike Hammond begins a 6-year appointment to the Board of
are you playing at the Pima County Fair or are they talking about someone else?
Pima County Fair grounds is full of hoochies
went to your concert at Pima County Fair in AZ. Awesome !
your DWTS performance was amazing. Holy snickers! R5's concert at the Pima County Fair was my 1st! oh my gobbles you're so awesome!
I'm just tryna go to Pima County Fair this weekend 😈
why am I in soco and not at Pima County Fair
Day 120 - Spending an evening with friends at the @ Pima County Fairgrounds
I'm very bummed that is going to be at the Pima County Fair on Thursday when I was just there yesterday. And can't go back.
Why is everyone performing at the Pima County Fair complete trash
Wishing I could meet after his concert at the Pima County Fair on Thursday 😭😍
Viewer reports has taped off SUV due bee swarm at Pima County Fair. BE CAREFUL.
Daddy/daughters date...just me and the girlies. (@ Pima County Fairgrounds in Tucson, AZ)
Went to the Pima County Fair yesterday with !! Thanks for letting me tag along!
We had a great time at the Pima County Fair today with
Also today interesting meetings at Homeland Security and the Pima County Detention Centre in Tucson
Learn about cool, high-tech jobs at the County's Youth Career Expo May 6. Registration deadline: May 1, so hurry!
This month, we cover the historic Courthouse, a Tucson gem.
To all my Tucson Cats, I will be @ the Pima County Fair this Friday from 9-10 playing some tunes @ the Central Park stage. Hope to C U there
Going out to the Pima County Fair today going to see and
R5 singing a bit their new song 'Feel Good' at the Pima County Fair in Tucson.
Taxes on an average Pima County home could go up $70 per year for 12 years if an $815 M bond proposal is approved
Website Builder 728x90
There should be better artists at the Pima County Fair this year.
[PICS] doing soundcheck today at Pima County Fair in Tucson, Arizona! (creds. to & ht…
[PIC] playing Hacky Sack at the Pima County Fair! (They're all matching like in old times! 😍😭)
Coming up at the end of this hour's 6-pack I will have tix to see Tesla @ the Pima County Fair. - Razor
"Hang me upside down and tell me something I don't know" - our tow truck driver about the Pima County Fair.
Come see the Groove crew including the one and only Rascal, tomorrow at the Pima County Fair from 5-7pm. We will...
for the one at the Pima County Fair?
Come out tonight to play poker with NICA at the Pima County Fair:
I'm told Pima County Health officials and Atria Campana del Rio employees are in a meeting discussing flu-like symptoms at…
Land and history: Pima County out to preserve Marley Ranch - Home - Green Valley News via
Bringing Special Guest to TUCSON ARIZONA for the Pima County this Sunday,,, freak live on stage! Go…
M5Comparing low birthweight in El Paso County to Pima County (AZ):Pima County is less than El Paso at 7.2%
I am voting Wesley Mehl for the Central Arizona Water Conservation District Board in Pima County and you should too!
Karyn Prechtel, SIRLS alumna (class of 1999) and Deputy Director of Public Services for Pima County Public...
Pima County is seeking sewer fee increases that would raise average monthly residential rate from $40 to $45.
Pima County library announces Southwest Books of the Year for 2014 and OU Press published two of the eight winners!
Pima County wants to raise sewer rates.
From back in 2006 when I was Pima County Sheriff
Just when you think it can't get any worse...first they Waste Water Department only gives taxpayers 24 hour...
Most likely going to see you at the Pima County Fair!
CPR Opportunity this Monday with the Pima County Fire Department! It begins at 6 pm in the Rancho Del Lago Clubhouse!
David Nail will be performing at the Pima County Fair this year! FREE show with fair admission!
Pima County deputies are investigating a deadly motorcycle crash on east side:
I liked a video from Pima County Sheriffs Connected to TRILATERAL COMMISSION & CFR
“quote this and add what county you live in (mine is Pima) Apach…
We're at the Crossroads of the West Gun Show this weekend - Pima County Fairgrounds, Tucson. Sat. 9-5, Sun. 9-4
Happiest year for County animals-kill pound-Pima Animal Care Center offers free pet adoptions to good homes.
Cold Tonight with a Hard Freeze Warning for central and eastern Pima County and southeast Pinal.
A broken heater and reading do not mix. It's a chilly 50-60 degrees in the Pima County Main Library via
Lemmon Highway closure: TUCSON - The Pima County Sheriff Departmet has closed the Mt. Lemmon Highway this afternoon… h…
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Pima County Sheriff's deputies have closed Catalina Hwy. due to overcrowding. One vehicle will be allowed up, for each one that comes down.
Today in history: In 1868, the contract was signed for construction of the first Pima County Courthouse.
Since the 2000 census there has been a 52% increase in Pima county residents over age 85.
iNWS Alert New event. Frost Advisory from 1/1/2015 1:01 AM to 9:00 AM MST for Pima County. More info… Read more at
CD2 Update: Republican Martha McSally takes legal action to try to toss ballots from Pima County voters.
At 1:48am (AZ time) Wins Pima County & is LEADING by a handful of votes with a few precincts out
Republicans poised to win House seats in Pima County Dem districts &
One good thing to come out of the election today was Prop 415 was passed in Pima County. Will do so much to help the animals of PACC!
It's obvious that the voters of Pima County like cats and dogs more than humans.
Please, get a prop. on the ballot to help the homeless in Pima County.
Wow. GOP on its way to some suprising pickups in Pima County. Clinco losing in & Fernandez down in
I liked that one -. Square salary against Huckelberry the Pima County Malfunction Administrator.
On the bright side, Prop 415 passed, so we'll be taking better care of our animals in Pima County.
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