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Pig Roast

A pig roast or hog roast is an event or gathering which involves the barbecuing of a whole hog (the castrated male pig or boar, bred for consumption at about 12 months old).

halfway through this shift, then a small nap, work, pig roast and BG.
Double birthday party weekend. A pig roast bash tonight and bbq tomorrow. Home alone and enjoying it!
Had fun riding around and hanging out with Gaylan tonight. Cant wait to do it again tomorrow after the pig roast!
The is rocking. Pig still in the bathtub. 12 hrs to roast. Maybe I'll see it on the other side tomorrow.
We have 17 different rums from 8 different countries behind the bar for tomorrow's party & pig roast.
Becoming a roast pig as I walk to inter.
This little piggy went to the fire pit. Pig roast tomorrow.
““Anyone want to buy pig roast tickets? 😄” no.” K then. 😒
“Anyone want to buy pig roast tickets? 😄” no.
Anyone want to buy pig roast tickets? 😄
Getting ready for the pig roast with the boys. 💛🐷
It was a pig roast day at the OTC. Which means it was the best day!
Happy ramadamadan with a roast pig.
Got the ready for the pig roast tomorrow! See u there!
Obama has declared August muslim appreciation month... Let's all get together for a pig roast! http:/…
Pig Roast tickets are available. Players and coaches will be selling tickets around town.
I'm so excited for the pig roast tomorrow! 👍
If anyone wants to dig a big hole and luau roast a pig call me up
Nice Pig&Lamb roast good times!! @ Fairview Village Clubhouse and Pool
See us Sunday at Funky Buddha Brewery # pig roast…
2 days until Roast. Need some good for it. All the
Such a sick night with my main man at the pig roast !!!
UPDATE: Drinking absinthe tonight and going to the cafe for a concert ,waking up at 8am tommorow to watch a pig killed for Sundays pig roast
Now the whole pig is in my Pig Roast Box. Just about 2 hours in and 1-2 more and this bad…
Pig races today at Albany Ck SS fete - main feature is the Tim Mander Crackling and Pork Roast Charge. Which little piggie will win?
Come out for this Sundays Pig Roast from 5-8 PM!
youre set for life! The roast suckling pig melts in your mouth! And the tiny pancakes...oh yess!
Tomorrow - get to a Luau Pig Roast and Tequila Fest. Sunday's hangovers are Saturday's blessings
Just remembered I saw a spit roast coming out of work tonight. NOT THAT KIND. An actual pig, being roasted at the end of cadogan st. Odd.
You have to! Patio, beers, pig roast. They’re getting the pig from the same place Old Major does. Slaughtered two days before.
Nothing says pig roast like a beer...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Dear Friday, I can't wait 'til your gone & Saturday is finally here. Everyone should know someone who throws a big'ol Pig Roast every year.
Hog roast today with the parish. Not for Peppa pig fans. Had great time with our extended family.
If it did, numbers 10 and 11 would have whole roast suckling pig with an apple in its gob inside an organic cob.
Was anyone else aware of the pig roast and social or whatever tmrw night up longhouse? Lol
All you can eat and drink pig roast ...
Dinner plans made! Pig roast, tonight only at Joannes Stadium. First pitch at 7:05pm against the
Hey Pig Roast every weekend during the month August!
Dont know if i wanna go to this wedding tomorrow, my neighbors pig roast, or chill with a buddy if possible..
Main Street Live! this Friday night is Motorcycles on Main from 7-11. Pig Roast, Rock Music and Bike Games. Free...
Thinking about a Pig Roast...Pork on the BBQ, Bacon with your Eggs? Think about this: Pigs have long been...
Please join us at our 2nd Annual Summer BBQ, Pig Roast & Clam Bake! Should be a great event supporting Al Graf's...
Raffle prizes for today's Cigar Event & Pig Roast!
Yup! In addition to our annual Luau & Pig Roast we're viewing the USA World Cup match, including screens in the...
The Frankfort Colts Athletic Association will be having their 2nd Annual Band Bash/Pig Roast on July 12th from...
Brigantine's Christmas in July Hawaiian Luau and Pig Roast is not to be missed!
Hope to see everyone at Gotham City's Hotel tomorrow! We're busy getting ready for the Pig Roast! Tickets are still available, so see a bartender to purchase one. Ticket cost is $10 ~ Incudes 2 bottles, cans or draft beer and all the food you can eat! Pig, Filling, Slaw, Baked Beans, Mac. & Potato Salad, Pickled Eggs, Deviled Eggs, Chips & Pretzels, etc. You must present your purchased ticket to get a wristband.
Friends! We are very pleased to announce that Averkiou will be appearing live at the Junkyard on July 4, with Whiskey & Co., Sunshine State, and a smattering of others TBA! This will be our first show in two(?!) years--and our first in almost five years with Sir Chad Darby back on the bass! There will be kegs of beer! A Pig Roast! Water Sports, if that's your thing! Join Us!
Big Kahunas Pig Roast/Cigar Party On June 7th, Catering at their 10th “TentEd” an initiative started by Iraq War veterans Zack Bazzi, Scott Quilty and Patrick Hu. The event is open to the public over 18 years of age and features Celebrity Chefs from Big Kahunas Catering. When purchasing your tickets you will be eligible to win $1000’s in prizes, eat authentic island style pig roast, and enjoy cold drinks! For more information about TentEd, visit: fall, TentEd’s Zack Bazzi spent considerable time volunteering in refugee camps. From this experience, he saw an opportunity for a small team to make a rapid and meaningful impact. With strong backing from the veteran community and supporters looking for a way to help out, TentEd is making this vision a reality. Zack will be returning to Iraq in mid-June to purchase and deliver much needed supplies. • Event Date: June 7th • Time: 12:00pm to 9:00pm (Pig Roast will start being served at 2:00pm • Location: Holy Smokes 279 S. Willow Street. Manchester N ...
Saturday , May 31 . The DHS will be hosting a Grand Re-Opening of the Davisville Historical Society Museum & Gift Shop with a Celebration Picnic & Pig Roast from Chuck & Janie Held's 'The Nutty Pig Farm' and Music by the band- Spirit of '76 with Poco's Rusty Young sittin' in. We'll have plenty of fixin's to go with the $8/plate. ALSO, if you are crafty or have merchandise, you can set up a table or tent any size you want for only $5 just bring your own table & set up in the morning. DHS Members can set up a table for FREE.
The Sons of the American Legion, Dunellen Squadron 119 is hosting a Pig Roast and BBQ on Saturday, May 17 from...
This year is unbelievable of chefs line up. Tickets are still available. My schedule is packed with eating, drinking and with chefs! No other place I would rather be. Hope I see some you there my foodies friends! Excited for these new restaurants: - Giada De Laurentiis’ first-ever restaurant, GIADA - DB Brasserie of Chef Daniel Boulud A few public events I will attend: - Master Series Dinner: Global Gourmand with Nobu Matsuhisa Nobu Las Vegas - The Night Market - East Meets West - Mario Batali Thomas Keller Buddy Valastro Justin Quek Tetsuya Wakuda from Singapore’s Marina Bay Sand The Venetian Las Vegas - Michael Mina's Pig Roast & Beer Garden Michael Mina Pub 1842 - The Grand Tasting - Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis at Caesars Palace will feature more than 50 award-winning chefs and more than 100 of the best wines and spirits from around the world. Caesars Palace - Celebrity Chef Brunch - A Mother's Day Weekend Celebration - Shawn McClain , Jean-Georges Vongerichten Masa Takayama and Jean-Philippe ...
Support the Tyler Trahan Memorial Golf Tournament June 7th 2014! . Come to the Pig Roast, Auction/ Raffle! . At the...
Mo found me earlier and asked why I was not at the Pig Roast. Well Southern Tier Harley Davidson did not send me a postcard this year on it. I should have remembered it is the day before my birthday. Ok well I missed the pig but the sale prices will continue, besides they supposed to give me a discount for my birthday.
Pig Roast @ Marsaxlokk Asc pitch and watch Fireworks Display at a great location Price € 25 and OPEN BAR, Maltese platter starter
Happy Birthday Ford Mustang! We are planning a HUGE Party for this Great Car.and You Are Invited When: July 18/19 Where: Mackinaw City Who: Anyone who loves this car as much as we do or if you are looking for a great weekend of fun. Great Music from Michelle Chenard, Magic Bus and Lookin' Back. Beer Tent, Pig Roast, Bounce Houses, Craft Show, Vendors, and a Parade of Mustangs across the Mackinac Bridge.Mustangs, Mustangs and more Mustangs .We Love this Car. If you are a Mustang owner and would like to register go to
Well my fiancé passed her intervew .so I'll be going back to the philippen to pick her up . N get married. Love you baby n see you soon ok . Get the pig roast ready ok
a 75$ (probably cheaper now) diy device to roast a whole pig. Everybody wants that now you where just way ahead time
Pig Roast plans are cooking! Well, not just yet...but we're getting hungry for some good food and fellowship. Hope to see many smiling and hungry faces on May 3rd :) Please if you are able, consider bringing a folding chair. Picnic tables, etc will be set up under the tent. Pass the word and invite your friends as well!
u mean like the pigs u eat on Christmas Eve like roast pig that's what I eat on that day
American favorite PIG ROAST party is extremely inhumane. We demand that US stop
Okay, that's fine. Scratch the pig roast and the kegs of beer then. Let Rod know but I'm sure he can help us with something else. Linda Meier is donating the utensils, plates, cups, and napkins. Debbie Lynn Bishop will head up the pot luck. Tina Trader will still take care of other beverages and ice.
Annual "Great Friday" party@ our Penthouse this weekend, mariachi band, midget, pig roast, kegs... Let's get weird
Time for prayers and bed! Been a slow but draining day. Lots of things to plan for. Got a cook out to be announced later for the church. A large pig roast for a friend and his family.Got a ham to smoke and a dinner this week. And manage house and farm. All. Fun but draining. Night all and God Bless.
What was the last thing you ate? — The PG answer is roast pig. The MC answer has to do with my sister.
wow. what a day. I facilitated our Native Nations guests, along with Alena Paisano from Laguna Pueblo - 30 people from 11 communities from all over. Their projects are amazing, gardens, outdoor classrooms, farmers markets, greenhouses, Elder and Youth, language immersion, traditional foods, procuring blue corn and Bison, including traditional foods all the time instead of just special occasions. So many times I heard, "if they grow it they will be excited about eating it". I really look forward to working with the cohort on capacity building over the next year. My heart is so full I feel so blessed, but my head is going to explode. We went out to a pig roast reception at Sustainable Food Center's gardens (shelters built by "Stoner Construction") with some really fun TX music and great food ... Conference starts tomorrow. I facilitate my Region of AL, AR, LA, MS, TX participants of about 100 folks with my 5 State Leads first thing. What a great crew. I love my work. WADO.
Pig roast fast approaching and my facial hair is still nonexistent,
Hi everyone! Please come and invite your friends and family! We are throwing a fundraiser for Naples Little Bunch! Tickets will include food (pig roast and more), music by the finest (Aaron Lipp, the Henrie Brothers, Andy Webster, and Nick Fargnoli), dancing, a bounce house, a silent auction, and so much more! See you there!
Pig Roast RSVP here! Please comment below and don't forget to include wife/kids/significant others. Give it a like if you are coming but feeling more adventurous and plan to sample the potluckyness.
Still thinking about Otto Petersen. I can confidently say for as hard as I try, I will never be as awesome as he was in this lifetime. He was the epitome of a great comedian and a great ventriloquist. He didn't care what people said about ventriloquism being antiquated or his comedy being too dirty. He just did it. And if someone didn't like it, oh well, twenty other people did. This is my second post cause I am still shocked. I was blessed to work with him at Pips and again on the Pig Roast. He appeared on my show on YouNow as well. But as I said, I will be lucky even if I am an eighth as cool as he was.
Next Saturday pig roast and BBQ; families and children are welcome. Click the link for details
GAME TIME! Six weeks from now is Memorial Day weekend, and the IHM Festival has several games for the adults! Euchre, BINGO, and 50/50! In the Euchre Tournament, all players play for themselves. ($10 each, +$1 per bump; 50/50 cash split with top three winners and the house.) Sign-up starting on May 3rd. The tournament takes place on Sunday evening, May 25, after the pig roast dinner. Come and have fun with others who love this game too! B-14! BINGO!! Come and play from 2:30-4:30 on Monday, May 26th. FREE and all ages are welcome to join in the fun! The 50/50 will also be back this year! Be on the look-out for the wheel on the festival grounds!
I am back in Arizona tonite. Lots of things to do. Jerry and I had a great time together in her world. I will be here thru the pig roast for Megans graduation. More later.
I just had a sudden craving for ccdt pig roast. Mostly the broccoli salad. Katie Peek made it best. And those potatoes. Ahhh Lisa Iwamoto Schroepfer & I would be the first in line as soon as it was set up. RIP pig roasts
Just spoke to my best bud Ann and a pig roast is planed at the Glen Gardner VFW June 7th. So make you calendars everyone. They are having a trick tray also so donations are welcome. Thanks everyone hope to see you then. If interested in helping or donating let me, Ann Felter or BJ Kiley know. Thanks!
June 29, 2014 Motorcycle & Classic Car Poker Run and a Pig Roast Dinner Afterwards Dinner is $20.00 Poker Run $5.00. Some of the proceeds raised will be donated to Blake's Corner. Please contact me for tickets ahead of time as they have sold out in years past!!
I must say that and the pig roast where my faves
A little something for my favourite do it yourselfer... Anyone for a pig roast???
Would love to borrow or buy a Corn hole game for the pig roast this weekend. Any suggestions?
I'd love to go to a pig roast...but I want to be the one to hunt it...can't wait to go pig huntin'...I want to get me a man killer!
Mark your calendars...New Oxford Twins PIG ROAST, Saturday, May 17 at New Oxford Social Club pavilion. See your favorite New Oxford Twin for tickets or for more info.
JOIN us to bring on the Spring this Saturday with the Zone Bike Spring Fest & FREE Pig Roast!
you guys should come up on Saturday, it's the pig roast at the heights it's so much fun!
Here is the Highlight Reel of The Pig Roast with Otto and George The Pig Roast w/ Otto & George Highlights:
Here is The Highlights of the Otto and Georges Pig Roast The Pig Roast w/ Otto & George Highlights:
Time to get excited for the Luau next week!!! Pig roast, Limbo, Volleyball, DJ and Warm weather in the forecast!! Heck yea!!!
J E Rees & Sons Open Day at church bank Llandovery Is on tomorrow Wednesday 16th 1-9pm Special on the day offers from all manufactures Pig roast from 3pm onwards Meet Llanelli Scarlets players to talk too and sign autographs, Well worth a visit, Manufactures reps for expert advice on all types of machines, For further info contact us on. 01550 721810 / 07974 674647 /
I'm HUNGRY! Good thing I'm going to a good ol' Texas Pig Roast tonight at Austin's Sustainable Food Center's new headquarters! Just have to figure out how to get there!
For the amount of times I am called pork chop, pork roast, and a ham, I strongly believe I was a pig in my past life 🐷
Now I am going to have to look. I like slow-roast most things just for the ease factor.
you know how you were doing a curry on Saturday please read blog on slow roast spiced lamb before you decide!
oh man HAM is delish in all forms including pig roast
This was finally going to be the pig roast summer! Gonna have to put that one on the "back burner"
You haven't missed the chance to reserve your spot for our kick off pig roast!!! Due to the cooler weather...
The ice cream from Chesapeake Bay Dairy in Pocomoke, MD was a big hit at this years Jamboree and Pig Roast!! Thank you John Adams!!
I know I'm late, but RIP to Otto Peterson. Loved him on O&A and Pig Roast was awesome.
Why yes, I *am* interested in setting up a photobooth at your *** wedding w/ a pig roast. Is that even a question?
I hope the cops don't ever come threw a party I'm at cause I'll roast a pig
Thank you to everyone who came out for our Pig Roast BBQ & Dance this past weekend!! It was alot of fun thanks to Whiskey & Circumstance & The Bad Apple String Band! We hope to see everyone at our next event happening possibly in May, check back for details!
Scott Richardson, Richard Sorensen,Brad Layton, Cheryl Gordon Hastings, Steve L. Malan, pig roast in June, I'll keep you posted on the dates and invite the OLD Weber High group. Gonna be fun.
Pig out on this lean man's roast pork that wont add unwanted inches. By Jason Atherton of the
July 12th 2014 will be our 5th annual pig roast.
There were 32 sailors at the "pig roast" last weekend. We had the "pig" cooked off site this year. In other words, the pulled pork was purchased at Heaton's Barbeque in Princeton, KY. It was excellent, as were the sides of baked beans, slaw and potato salad. Thanks to all who contributed great additional sides, bread and deserts. The Riddle Cup is coming up next weekend. Check the website and book early so the committee can best plan for the crowd. Thanks. Tim
Now this would pass for the pig roast Lisa lol hint hint. But with Courtney birthday in mind
Hey Everyone. We have been discussing the idea of having a dinner on Saturday night. It would consist of a pig roast, beef on a bun and salads. the cost per person would be around $15.00 . my questions is. would you guys be interested in this option? It would have to be a pre paid ticket so we could cover the costs and it would have to be paid during registration. Can you just leave a comment with a Yay or Nay? Thanks so much!!!
Saturday come out to the first of many customer appreciation pig roast at Fat Daddyz! Hopefully mother nature will be nice and we can party on the patio.
Come on people - you know you don't want to miss this party. Good food, good fun and all to benefit The Light Factory. Tomorrow is the last day to buy your ticket. April 16 is the last day to buy a ticket for the Golden Hamiversary CSCA Pig Roast, maybe the last one ever held. Join us for a day of fun and games, award-winning BBQ, live music and a Dunk Bob Dill water booth*. All for $38 ($40 for XXL) that also gets you a David Palmer original commemorative t-shirt. really gonna dunk Bob .. but we do love the mind picture of it.
Its time to kick off the 2014 version The Old Salts Pig Roast. The first planning meeting will be at 1700 on Wednesday 30 April at the Submarine Veterans Club in Groton Ct. This is the most important of the planning meetings so Maximum participation is requested.
Please remember, exhibition will start at 10 AM and the show will not start before noon. Please be prompt so we can keep the show moving along and have our pig roast at a decent time. Hope to start the pig roast at approximately 6, but will be an hour after the show ends (to allow us time to set up and tally points)
Good morning west coast coffee time, today is my second day off getting ready for this pit pig roast next weekend, its all coming together 4/19 Graeagle Ca. today we getting the hot dog cart tow hitch put on the Subaru..
Goin to knox to get all supplies for annual bike blesding n pig roast .
The idea of throwing a summer kicker Pig Roast is titillating in my mind.
More Alpha FRG related events: Don't forget there will be a pig roast potluck on Torii beach on Friday! 1 o'clock at Pavilion one, should be lots of fun!
Great team of engineers building our pig roast with Marc Frederic Rajesh Yadav
Set this date and make it a mandatory ride. July 12th 5th Annual Keri's Ride for Mutual Ground. KSU 10:30 from Batavia VFW. Ride to Fat Daddyz in Seneca. Then ride back for a Pig Roast after party at Brown Pub in Hinckley ..Bands, vendors, prize awards. All proceeds go to Mutual Ground in Aurora, a shelter for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Lets join together and raise money for a good cause. More details to follow. Just make that date available!!!
Wow someone told me today that Mike Kennedy from the UMWA down in Virginia is coming up for the Pig Roast. Kenny Perdue the President of the WV AFL CIO also said he would try to make it. I think this will be a good event.
We (Pres & VP) attended a meeting of the WWW planning committee along with the organisers (Blake Emmons, Don Clark and Jim Grant) where a few key issues were settled. The first is the pig roast we are putting on will only be for the bikers, vets and their aids. This will be staged at the Slave Lake Inn, rear parking lot (TBC) with a small stage for some entertainers. The second item we had clarified was the use of the WWW logo on the show and shine award plaques. There will be ours as well as theirs in each top corner of the plaques. We may be able to swing this for no cost to the club (TBC). The bike rodeo will not be held at the EG Whalstrom school and are going to try for the track field at the Roland Michner High School. The rodeo is going to be Saturday followed by the pig roast. Poker run on Sunday followed by a bike blessing. The show and shine will be on Monday. More to follow as things transpire Les Shandruk NGMA President
What's better fried chicken or pulled pork? I say pulled pork, ain't nothing better than a pig roast and all it's fixins. Yum!
Sorry to hear Otto has passed. The Pig Roast was a blast shooting with him, he was so funny! May he rest with the angels.
If you want to go to the pig roast and camping make sure you let me know.. Call.. Text something. I will be getting a 75lb. pig. That will feed 50 people. Does anybody have a roaster that they can bring if needed?
I would like to set up a Bon-fire/cookout for somewhere around my birthday (may 30th)...I'd like to get an idea of how many people would like to come...and depending on the amount, will determine the amount of food! I'd love to get enough for a whole pig bring in my 30th day...if y'all could like this if you think that weekend would be good for y'all that would be great, or if later would be better let me know!!! I would just like to cook for a bunch of friends, and family, and be able to relax around a good sized bonfire with some friends and family!!
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What i would do for a pig roast. i really wanna have a bonfire and pig roast. Or pheasant mhm dreaming.
UPDATE ON PIG ROAST (4/26): Buses will now be leaving at 3pm and 4pm. Our game will start right after the girls game, around 1230-1pm. Tickets are $15 and Tshirts will be sold for $12. See you all there
I have howard township opening day pulled pork sandwich from scotty's pig roast. $8 each. Opening day is saturday April 26th. This is to help youth baseball in niles. Message me if u want some
I wish I could have a non-wedding, or something similar, just so I could have a pig roast and mud bog rolled all into one with everyone I love :)
Left over pork from the pig roast in our deep freezer? SCORE! :D
In search of pig roast company did grad. Party June 29th. Let me know if ya know a guy who knows a guy that can roast the oink out of a pig!
Christopher Keeper, don't know if this gets close to last year but still pretty good idea, pig roast is already on my mind.
July 5th Albrecht's 5th annual pig roast is gonna b EPIC jus lettin every1 kno now.. I jus booked CASE RACE n COLD SWEATS 2play the party.. Eric Albrecht will b cooking the pig so make sure u r there gonna b a blast now.. So nice 2have good friends.. George Snyder Chris Vanderhorn.. Hopefully I can get Ryan Pote n MONSWOON.. Derek Lillemon their will b reminders trust me..
To celebrate this glorious spring we will be hosting another Cuban style "Pig Roast Pub Party" here at the Radish this Sunday (4/20). Tickets are limited, so contact us ASAP if you are interested in attending. Besides slow roasted pork, there will be Southern Americana inspired accompaniments such as our Creamy Prosciutto Mac and Cheese, Slow Cooked Bacon and Brown Sugar Baked Beans and our signature Maple Mustard Slaw to start with. Throw in some Jalapeño corn bread and whatever else gets us excited before then and you've got the Roaming Radish spring celebration of All that is piggy goodness. Behold the Power of Pork... Oink Oink
Question for my fb friends - especially those who have had a wedding in the family the past few years in the Hudson area. We are in the beginning stages of planning a wedding reception at our place for next year. We are looking for an inexpensive caterer - possibly BBQ or pig roast. Do you have any suggestions on a good place to do flowers in Hudson? How about wedding cakes? Tent rental? Do you have any suggestions or comments (good and bad) about your reception-planning? Anything else you can help with is greatly appreciated.
So. Who wants to have a pig roast this summer?
Ok,here are some more updates for this year's Pig Roast. Tickets: Adults:$30 Kids 6-10: $10 Kids5 & under: free Live entertainment will be provided by: The Tyme Band, Hangin' With FOG,and OZ Blue Coal BBQ will be on site smoking whole hogs. We will again be having games of chance: 50/50, instant bingo, and the wheelbarrow of cheer. We have decided to add a money wheel this year as well. Please share this post on your page or with a friend and help us to get the word out about our event.
Saturday is going to be our first Customer Appreciation Pig roast - Mark your calendars see you here!!!
Fantastic Members of ASDA! We want YOU to help make the Inaugural ASDA Student Appreciation Pig Roast (on May 17th) a feast of gigantic proportions! If you are interested in helping to make this incredible event go off without a hitch, please sign up in the google doc below and attend a brief meeting on Friday 4/18 during lunch in B28. If you have any questions prior to the meething, please contact Stephen Fabiano. Hope to see you there!!!
You mean at a Pig Roast, the pig doesn't come from the grocery store... really?
Less than two weeks away from the second annual Pig Roast for the USO!!
Say goodbye to winter at our Annual Luau & Pig Roast, April 26.
Pig Roast this Saturday April 19th! No better way to relax on Easter weekend than at the beach. Come out and enjoy the fun. Same song and dance: 60 pound pig Homemade sides Dj and Karaoke Corn hole tournament Remember chairs go fast so come early and beat the traffic. Easter weekend is a busy time for the beach.
Check us out for that Island Style Pig Roast & Island Cuisine for any Occassions. SERVING CENTRAL TEXAS (est. 1994)
This party is going to be a blast, come out and party with us and don't forget about the lamb and pig roast too.
Looking for a caterer/pig roast suggestions for an event for around 100 people, already have a venue. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
What a great weekend! I spent all weekend in my yard working to get ready for the pig roast; ) I'm sorry I didn't have my phone and sorry I didn't miss it at all! Im thankful I was able to do it. Best therapy in the world for ME! Thank you GOD for letting be able to do it and my foot! Love to all
Please please register and reserve your sites!! Everything MUST be prepaid!! Share with your friends and family!!! Pig roast and poker run VLOG and paypal button ready!!
Annual Luau & Pig Roast April 26. Watch us roast the pig.Pre-party at 2pm.buffet around 5pm or 6pm.DJ & dancing until 10pm. Pre-pay and save at:
Am in total shock and deep sadness about the passing of my long time great friend the legendary Otto Peterson of Otto and George I meet Otto in sep 1989 at Britney's a small club in Staten Island the first time I tried comedy he was a great friend from that moment on we performed countless times at the legendary pips comedy club in Brooklyn and New York comedy club in NYC I was on his show the pig roast as well he was a great inspiration and a friend I truelly love you will be truelly missed the comic community has a huge whole in its heart right love you for ever Otto you may be gone but you will be a part of my comedy forever rip Otto
Flyer for the Pig Roast on Friday May 2nd.
Went to a pig roast on saturday and all the way to our friends house my 3 yr. old granddaughter was singing old mc donald had a farm , with a oink oink, well you know the rest, needless to say she thought we were going to see a pig lol, when it was time to eat ant they unveiled an entire 150 pnd. pig cut in half she let out a scream and yelled " OH NO , they cut the pig in half " when i made her plate she would not eat the pig, tho we made her feel better but taking her out to the pasture and letting her pet the horses.
Good morning! (and a good morning it appears to be!) Just wanted to let all of you know that it appears as if we have been spared from the fire!! I just returned from a drive to Saxis and verified that currently, all the flames are out and all the firemen have returned home to their families! Once again, thank you for all the prayers and posts! We had an absolutely wonderful weekend for our 10th Annual Pig Roast and Jamboree sponsored by Ocean RV Center and will be giving you some updates later today!
So I really need to plan my wedding for next summer I know I said this summer but I just did not have the funds to do so and the other nightmare.: ( but I don't know we're to begin and its exiting and overwhelming I want it in coral and I want to have a pig roast I need an ordained minister I need to get a guest list together I know with my griffes family and everyone up north will possibly go I just need that very large guest list lol so I know how much food to buy lol you know I love you.guys and I know it's not just griffes can I have some help plz:-)
If you attended the pig roast/luau on Saturday, tell us what your favorite part was?!!
What do you get when you put The Niteflies and The Oinkmaster together? Yup, the Ultimate Summer Bash!! Treat your friends to a Huli Huli Island Pig Roast and Live music from The Niteflies. Ask us about package deal.
Get ready to pig out on Wall St. Plaza! Introducing The Pig & Pint: A Hoedown & Pig Roast hosted...
This Saturday will be VetsRoll day at Rascals in Loves Park!!! Please join us from 1:00 - 7:00 for a $10 Pig Roast (pulled and BBQ pork), great atmosphere, raffles and 50-50s and one of our few Rockford area fundraisers!! See you at thd beautiful Rascals on Saturday!!
SAVE THE DATE!!! The 9TH Annual Cruisin' "4" Critters Poker Run & Pig Roast to benefit the Manchester Animal Shelter is on Saturday August 2nd, 2014. The Poker Run will start at Manchester Harley-Davidson and end at The Alpine Club on the West Side of Manchester, NH. There will be a pig roast, live music by the band Outburst, horseshoe tournament, corn hole tournament and raffles!!!
Sunday, Today... I'm playing the afternoon Pig Roast at the Islander-Resort Islamorada from 1 to 5. It is an all you can eat for $16 right on the water. Grab a beach towel and come relax with some laid back island tunes and incredible food by Andy Niedenthal. It's a great way to ease out of the weekend and into the week. Cheers!
It's been a rainy day in Okeechobee but even the rain can't dampen the spirit for KOA Care Camps. The Winter Putt Putt tournament for Care Camps was postponed until next Thursday. But the Pig Roast went on as planned thanks to Jim and Cathie Cornwell and Debbie Allen who hosted this event. A little rain wasn't about to cancel this event so we moved the pool music into the Shanty and the pig roast went on as planned. Great food for a great cause.
BAZOWZA! Spoiler Alert (THIS IS LONG BUT WORTH IT) It's finally here!!! Santa Fe Wilmington will be open for you to gaze at. For the GRAND RE-OPENING we will be doing something pretty crazy. Javier has 20 jars. Inside some of the jars are great prizes. Inside some jars are nothing. You can expect to have a chance to win a high five, a $100 gift card, a free appetizer, Javier's gently used Tahoe (I think that was a joke), a Happy Hour party in our new Bodega!, a coupon for a car wash by Jeff Brown, the first ticket to our Pig Roast, and/or much, MUCH more. Every guest opens a jar, every guest wins, except the ones that don't. So, get in here and open a jar that we are opening now to stuff prizes (and smiles) into these jars for you to open for our opening. Get it?
Great fun, great food an great people tonight at the Central Market Harvest & Pig Roast!
Next Sunday Oct 6th calling on all to join the 2nd annual John Falcone Memorial ride and Pig Roast. Come out and...
We would like to thank everyone that came down to the West Warwick Eagles club yesterday for the Pig Roast. The event was a success. Glad you enjoyed the food. Thanks again.
Do not miss Flea Marqueta's El Boar-rio Pig Roast in East Harlem on Sunday! Great write-up on
Good Afternoon, Mary & I attended RCBCs Crab Feast / Pig Roast this past weekend as did 400 or so other people. The campground was open for another week-end. We enjoyed the crabs, the pork, the live music and the DRINKS as well as the camaraderie of the members of RCBC, yet again. I am sure you remember me telling you about out ride into RCBC at hi-tide and seeing vegetation just a few feet off the starboard side - LOL - well, Mary & I pulled out of RCBC this morning at 8:30, about 3 hours before low tide and had a bouncy ride out and got to see the wall and vegetation up close - never saw my depth finder read 1.5 feet before - and don't want to again - LOL - thank goodness for soft- bottoms - no vibration afterwards and it was an enjoyable ride from that point on. As for events... In the mood for some seafood? This upcoming Saturday has NPBC Closing their season with a Crab Feast and QCYC will host their Seafood Night, and next Saturday, RYC (Essington ) has their Closing Day / Crab Feast. In the moo ...
Haven't seen the Hogs so quiet since we went shopping for the main piece to my pig roast
Hey LA! You better be ready for inaugural Thai Food Festival, this month!
Just about 2 weeks until our Stein Hospice Pig Roast! Please support this fundraiser with us. We are going all...
Pickle factory pig roast success! No piggie left, but tons of potatoe salad. Help!
Coming home saturday for the Pig Roast?
Dogfish Head Tap Takeover & Pig Roast at in Norwood on Thu Sept 12th
Me and my sis rican80sgirl banged up at my pig roast!
PHOTOS: What's the deal with last week's Here's the deal:
A pig roast for a wedding dinner,shiiit alright.
It's a Tiki Dinner and Pig Roast on the Patio!. Tuesday, September 17 at 6:30pm. Our award-winning mixologist...
Join us this sunday 4 a SUPER PIG ROAST a collab btwn team and
But a pig roast ticket from! $5! September 27th, at 4:00 before the football game against Bishop…
Rockwell should have a pig roast instead of a corn roast.
Inaugural Pub Screw - Pig Roast & Beer Tasting with 50+ beers on hand! Saturday, September 21st. Get tix now!
Who wants a DECA pig roast ticket? It is $5 and if you're in Marketing 1,you get extra credit.It's before the football game on Thursday at 5
Come to anniversary party for dinner 6-9pm & get $2 off a Black Joe Lewis ticket. Double deal. Pig roast in t minus 2 hours!
PIG ROAST! Join us 9/15 1-4pm for all the pig and all the draft beer you want for $30! Please RT!
Pig roast tonight at the farm :P get to see some people I haven't seen in forever!
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Pig roast beer dinner by jeremiahmbacon and beerexchange featuring and one of our…
You had me at "all you can eat Ecuadorian roast pig."
Trying to get a mechanical bull for the pig roast & a few other things 1 guess with who is trying to put the kabash on it. YEP
Lotsa fun at the Pig Roast thanks to - now for Tiki Seminar!
Now that I have this pig roast to go to. I hope nothing else exciting happens and that cool people come to it!
Photo of a pig roast at this past weekend's NPFA benefit at SoNo MarketPlace.
Thanks to everyone at Valley Creek who helped make the Lake Elmo Days Pig Roast a blast!!
beau jus said he was headed over ther so I guess they gonna pig roast ya
What a weekend - one award that we're SO proud of, a fab market, a pig roast and a BBQ in a hail storm, bliss!
Your pig roast wedding is on Yom Kippur. Pretty sure that's not kosher but I'm gonna defy 5000 yrs of tradition …
pulled off their pig roast with flying colours! Pig was delicious, the tuna was the food surprise of the night however, wow!
Thanks to SONO Marketplace for the great times on Saturday.
Awesome game yesterday, hope you had a blast at the pig roast kickoff party! Looking forward to Thursday .. we...
Getting excited about Will be entrusted with the pig roast again?
Lou's Tavern pig roast benefits Oradell tot in remission from cancer.
Today is the day! Pig Roast, Wine tasting, Marshmellow roasting! Fundraiser to benefit Hunterdon 300th Celebration
Bikers organize massive counter protest to Million Muslim March on 9/11/13~~~ Hey... Where's the pig roast?
LAKEWOOD-Pine Lake Park was once again the scene for the Jackson Township Police Department PBA 168′s annual Pig...
The 5th Annual Pig Roast went amazing! Thanks to everyone who made it happen :)
It's the Welcome back pig roast picnic today from 11-2 at the EB!
I died on the bus today remembering when you drunkenly stroked that baby's arm at the pig roast
Why isn't Libby going to the pig roast 😡
Even though I wouldn't even eat much at the pig roast, I want to go so badly😞
Off to the American Legion Post 15 Pig Roast & Luau! Join us today from 3-6 at 25405 97th Pl S, Kent WA 98031!
On air with giving the scoop on our 6th Annual Pig Roast!
Friends and Family Fall Fest September 22nd at Country Gardens Events with a pig roast with all the fixin's and...
My parents want me to go to a pig roast with them. Not sure they thought that one through..."
Ready for annual Pig Roast? Tune in to this morn to get the deets!
Pig roast on sunday is gunna get greasyyy
Wahoo! Dirty Girl Farm is having a Pig Roast on August 31st in Andes, NY (in the Catskills!) We're going!
Thinkin about doin a big pig roast for the million Muslim march in September
Pig roast for my birthday, check ur invites
Nik volunteers to be the MC at a local pig roast. Steph educates Kat on the intricacies of Wicca.
LOL my phone doesn't bless pig roast
Dude just said 'I'll turn this sausage fest into a pig roast" by snatching up 3 PYTs. That an ice cold pimp game.
A pig roast is sad cause you can tell they killed it while it was eating an apple
I know it conflicts with the demo in Cummington but, pig roast on Saturday down here on the farm
POSTED NEW EVENT: Lorussopalooza (Mag Music Fest) Lots of live music, camping and pig roast just $35.
How good is that pig roast gonna be tomorrow
I'm excited for this pig roast Saturday 😋💃
The pig roast is on! Chef Matt Paul is roasting up whole pigs for this Saturday's 20th street block party. We...
is having a Pig Roast tomorrow starting at 5:30pm! Join in the back to school fun
Finally got my iPhone back since pig roast
pretty upset ill be missing the pig roast tomorrow. Throw the head in the fridge for me of there aren't any takers
Some men get so jazzed at a pig roast, you'd think they killed the pig themselves.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Students in line for the pig at the Pig Roast 🐖😄
Me being really nice to strangers/coworkers led me to being invited to a pig roast at OU cause they want me to join their "brotherhood"
so I got to get my wisdom tooth out right before my brothers annual pig roast end of the summer party ugh stupid tooth
I'm already hype for this Pig Roast tomorrow!
I'm gonna destroy this pig at the pig roast.
The 2nd annual Big Orchard Shindig is on! Mark your calendars for 10/5's pig roast with the & folks!
We're hoping to stream some life NFL games at the Pig Roast, but we need someone who has the Direct TV NFL Sunday...
Follow Tony Smotherman Travelin Hunter on FB and @ this is 1 awesome looking pig roast
This Sunday we're having a roast fundraiser for the Heart & Hands Mission to 2-6pm. and
How about we all go the the million Muslim march on Sept 11 in DC and have a pig roast with all the trimmings
check out his 4square. Hes trying to say hes in Michigan! Lmmfao! Pig roast
Only days I'm putting effort into my outfits are tomorrow for the first day of school and Friday because of the pig roast .
School kick off pig roast Friday should be fun (:
Few things have remained as pure and uncomplicated as Shaving and a Pig Roast.
No labour organizations represented this year at Flaherty's annual CEO pig roast
Order Miche Bag Online!
Don't forget about the Pig Roast this sunday! Get your share and then go back for more!. Unlimited food and a...
There's a pig roast in bridgewater and Dayton
- Pig Roast and Peach Festival at Reformed Church of Bound Brook
lol I think were shooting the pig next weekish. Nothing like a pig roast.
We hope everyone had a great time at the Pig Roast @ Luau!
We're having a Pig Roast maybe you can tell your followers?
My big homie/sponsor is throwing a pig roast event @ Sofritos on aug 25th outback in the cabana bar .…
The guy on the radio is talking about a pig roast then he says "speaking of pigs, here's Miley Cyrus" lmfao
awe :( that's okay, we'll hang out sometime before you start school okay? Are you coming to our pig roast?:D
bit inconsiderate isn't it really ordering a pig roast when I'm attending
La Caja China Came in cant wait till the pig roast...
I'll be back for pig roast if I can make it that long without visiting
My dads getting way to excited for my birthday. I mean who orders a pig roast for 18 people?!
Tables, stage being built for the Zin release pig roast & bocce party on August 31st @ the Bar 11 Petaluma
Save the date - August 18 for the Brown Stone Pigs Roast hosted by Social Magazine!
Who is ready for a weekend full of awesome mtb riding, prizes, and pig roast! We are! - get registered
Where is the funniest place you have ever fallen asleep? — The pig roast
3 days!! Friday we would leave Saturday and Sunday we would come home. Wayne and Joan are having a pig roast Pam and my pa are
the 3rd annual SGT. Jimmy car show /bike ride and pig roast is coming up Sept.14th view the flier at
Pig Roast Saturday at 6 pm at YAH!! Tix $10 on sale now and at the door. Dance to the music of the Ramblin Band.
Pig Mountain is happening 8/24! 14 Chefs, 14 Pigs get ready for the ultimate summer pig roast. .
I hate you both. pig roast next Saturday you can come!
Thanks to all the xtown fans & sponsors who came out for the Hawaiian golf outing & pig roast with special thanks...
Wel, its a pig roast, so there will be lots and lots of pork, and then all my parents' friends are bringing food.
Here's Chef carving up one of the piggies from our Pig Roast with 5 Rabbit Brewery. What a great night!
Holy Cross Council 10617, Ottawa. Preparations underway for the parish pig roast: Saturday, September 28, 6:00 pm at the parish hall.
Come & networking at 4:44 @ 4C Pig Roast on Thursday, August 8 at Bridger Kitchens located at 7540 Pioneer Way...
Can't wait to see how many times the cops show up to the pig roast😈
My parents are throwing a big pig roast, over 100 people go and they let me invite friends this year! Dez didn't tell you?
from a 60s party for my parents' 60th birthdays to a pig roast/toga party for JD. can you people stop having landmark birthdays? thanks.
Tavolo - Tuesday Tunes & Drinks for Two: Dinner with Wine, Pizza & Beer, Pig Roast for Six & More ...
My parking garage smells like a pig roast
Saturday August 17 @ 12 noon is chowder BBQPig roast 5pm plus more
We will be having our summertime pig roast this weekend. In honor of the sterling farm tour day. More details to follow
"All my bags are packed...were ready to go! You know who you are! Thanks for the site! See you there! Pig roast time
This pig roast thing they're eating on TV right now is absolutely revolting.
Mel's Pig Roast Golf Scramble photographer. Had so much fun for such a great cause!
watching someone eat a pig roast as their wedding cake and now I don't believe in love.
Pig roast tickets are limited and go on sale tomorrow at noon we just added face painting and live art…
“First year the groupies are missing the pig roast in years So sad. We've changed
How's mom? — She misses you and you're camping with us Labor Day and for the Pig Roast. No choice.
Next Sunday 8/11 don't miss our Pig Roast Benefit for Beczack Enviro Center, Yonkers waterfront 3-8pm:
Aug 24 is the pig roast! Come out for amazing food and live music. 7:30pm at church.
Men, don’t forget to sign up or the pig roast men’s day! details here-
how was the ATO pig roast? You didn't mention it on air today.   10% Off
Pig roast tickets go on sale tomorrow limited amount get yours quick
in other news pig roast is Saturday hope to see ya there
I'm actually scared my dad got a pig roast for my party 😁
Reminiscing about pig roast with my mom...
Off to a Pig Roast today organised by the Rotary Club of Royal Wootton Bassett and District, the exciting part of...
We have tickets for Sunday's Pig Roast at Tinley Park Tribes on Sun. Aug.11th. Tickets only $25! Go to to buy ur tix!
Anyone know of a place in or around Tampa, Wesley Chapel ..that does a Pig Roast? ...I'm watching the Cooking channel and I want some lol
I usually fill my cabinets with unclaimed dishes after the pug roast by this time I got air flower dress in a flower bag, a Coleman lantern, a yellow cup, thermos with reminents of some pretty strong liquor and several cool towels!! If I sell these in a garage sale, do u think I could recoup the pig roast costs?
We had a blast at Judd & Sue Fells Pig Roast yesterday, the food was awesome, the company was awesome,so nice to connect with people you haven't seen in awhile. Thank you all so very much. Lots of love, Ted & Marty
I have 15 tickets left for the annual BBQ / pig roast July 13 at the rocks on king , come on out and have a good time
Thank you Robbie George for a fantastic pig roast .
Spinning tunes and having a pig roast stampede party at the Riverbend Station. Come on down for good eats and sweet treats. Plus after nine karaoke with a great host in Grant Griff Nicholson!
6 more days till i get hitched everyone.check out your events section for Joel and Angie's wedding to get any details or just message me if you have any questions about where you need to be and when. we have a free shuttle bus running up and down the mountain so you have a sober ride to and from the event. COME HELP US EAT THIS WHOLE ROAST PIG!
We went to a pig roast last night at the Rebellion Ciderworks ( owned by nephew Derek Kellogg). The pig was cooked to perfection (which isn't always true at a pig roast) by my brother Scott. He did a great job! We had a good time.
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