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Piers Morgan

Piers Stefan Pughe-Morgan (born Piers Stefan O'Meara; 30 March 1965), known professionally as Piers Morgan, is a British journalist and television presenter.

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Arsene Wenger! . Piers Morgan! . Prince Harry! . Can you hear me... your boys took one *** of a beating! .
Is there anything worse than Piers Morgan and Caitlyn Jenner on a tv show together
I huffed and I puffed last night and still couldn’t blow Piers Morgan away
Must be where Trump goes on holiday. Take his pal Piers Morgan with him to compare buttons
Donald Trump status as utter moron is confirmed by English reporter Piers Morgan.
I did not expect to begin 2018 agreeing with Piers Morgan
You know you're doing something right, when Piers Morgan disapproves. . 😂
Happy New year to everybody except from the Queen, Piers Morgan, Thierry Henry, Huggy Jnr. and Barry Ferguson
In a Jimmy Savile,Rolf Harris or Max Clifford kind of fall?. I hope Piers Morgan will be right behind…
I liked a video Sam Harris and Douglas Murray Discuss the Tommy Robinson Interview with Piers Morgan
Couldn’t agree more. There are only two things worse. To work for FOX NEWS. Or grow up to be Piers Morgan.
Piers Morgan says the viewer saved him from cancer
BREAKING: viewer saves Piers Morgan from his own career.
Piers Morgan reveals a sharp-eyed viewer could have saved his LIFE after they spotted potential ...
Piers Morgan saved from cancer by eagle-eyed viewer - First published on: DailyM…
The 10 worst things Piers Morgan has said in 2017 -
Bagagist Ent. Piers Morgan has told how he was saved from cancer after an eagle-eyed viewer got in touch when...
Piers Morgan dodges cancer after eagle-eyed viewer flags up something unusual about his appearance.
Gillian Nuttall, from Oldham spotted something on Piers' chest
How a serial killer may have saved my life.
Piers Morgan calls Dinesh D'Souza DUMB, Watch how he responds via
Wicked, thanks! Although, I'm not sure I can really trust any list that includes Piers Morgan...
Piers Morgan 'saved' from cancer after viewer spots tell-tale sign
Piers Morgan thanks TV viewer who saved him from cancer
Piers Morgan credits viewer for saving him from cancer.
And you all made fun of Piers Morgan for doing his show shirtless for years...
Piers Morgan saved from skin cancer by vigilant viewer who alerted him of blemish on his chest
“Oh the irony of a serial killer inadvertently helping to save my life..."
'Sit here like a man' Piers Morgan confronts convicted killer
Piers Morgan says viewer saved him from cancer by spotting mark on his chest
Telly couple Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan for epic Big Brother debut?
My brother is CERTAIN the pigeon lady in Home Alone 2: Lost In New York is Piers Morgan
Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid's Fiery Feminism Row!. . Stop making me agree with Piers feminists :(
Piers Morgan praised for impassioned anti-terror speech on Good Morning Britain after brutal Westminster attack ...
I was (I think) pleased that Piers Morgan gave Susanna Reid a copy of Women and Power for Xmas on GMB (following it up, of…
Ashes! Piers Morgan taunted in THIS private message from David Warner after Aussies win Ash…
Nah, for me it has to be the one between the fake kolo Toure and Piers Morgan. You know the one Piers 😂…
You're saying he's closer to himself there Dan. i.e. Piers Morgan = Nobody.…
I didn't much like being called "the n word" either... But let's focus on Piers Morgan feeling uncomfortable about me s…
Emily Ratajkowksi brilliantly schools Piers Morgan on feminism
Martin Lewis takes swipe at Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan in startling outburst…
Piers Morgan: Trump keeps his promises. Lib media hate it
Adam like Piers Morgan thinks only their opinion matters.They also had affairs on their first wives…
Piers Morgan trolled by Australia stars David Warner and Steve Smith after Second Test win ~
Every single time I watch Good Morning Britain, the passive aggressiveness between Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid is unbelievable
I think Piers Morgan’s own mum would choose Lorraine Kelly over Piers Morgan tbh
Kezia Dugdale's spokesperson explains why the politician snubbed Piers Morgan, in favour of an interview with Lorra…
Only if we put Piers Morgan in there as well
It sure would be terrible if it turned out that Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones and Piers Morgan were next...
The guy seriously worries me. You know you doing badly when even Piers Morgan thinks your a moron.…
So this gets proven fool. And he blocks. Such a small town act by the Piers Morgan of India. And V…
Piers Morgan continues to be a feckless moron.
"Things only Piers Morgan couldn't realize" for 1000, Alex.
Welcome to the UK, where kiss *** buddy Piers Morgan is more likely to condemn Trump, than the Prime Minister.
Piers Morgan, the voice of reason.good on you
I’m blocked by Collymore, Piers Morgan, Neil Ashton and Ollie Holt👍
Just watched my tapes Killer Women with Piers Morgan!! Amber Wright- Seath Jackson story! My heart aches for both p…
Haven’t been a fan of CNPatBuchanan since Crossfire, but Lou Dobbs, Piers Morgan, James Carville, Lewan…
James Blunt has pop at Piers Morgan, Toni Kroos Likes it. Piers has a go at Kroos. Kolo Toure jumps in. Morgan responds to…
Lord Alan Sugar claims Piers Morgan has piled on weight after they bet £5,000 on who could…
He didn't say shots were fired ge said people told him that. People need to get a life!! He was there…
In my opinion Olly Murs was wrong to spread unverified information about Selfridges. Piers Morgan is wrong a lot. L…
What interests me is that he hasn't apologised, hasn't admitted he was wrong. As a "c…
Piers Morgan telling someone to be careful about what they publish when a lot of people read it.
I actually like people like Piers Morgan, someone brave enough to say what a lot of people are thinking. So many th…
.brilliant gag from on this week's I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue's Uxbridge English Diction…
anyone see Piers Morgan talking bout Jedism or whatever its called if it makes ppl happy y not
Delicate flower is that there Bermudan employee Piers Morgan.
You know. When you quote Piers Morgan as a source for quantifying your arg…
Piers Morgan maybe nothing happened but butt out and in todays situation and wverything gone on in re…
Literally the first time piers morgan has ever been against creating needless panic by spreading false information. https…
Just me or does anyone else really hate piers morgan
Don’t get me wrong...i think piers morgan is an absolute 🛎🔚 but completely agree with him on this. Who…
Piers Morgan is the definition of the word *** !
Imagine Piers Morgan complaining about fake news !
Piers Morgan’s lecturing Olly Murs about causing a fuss over something that didn’t actually happen.
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Is this where I drop a Piers Morgan joke?
Piers Morgan is an imbecile with a side of stupidity
Piers Morgan looks like an uglier, more arrogant version of Jeremy Clarkson
"Troublemaker" Olly Murs mercilessly TROLLED for his reaction to Oxford Circus 'gun shots' - and even Piers Morgan…
Piers Morgan lecturing people on spreading misinformation is giving me the heebie jeebies.
I found this to be a very interesting flashback. . EPIC! Piers Morgan BAITS President Trump, Gets OWNED instead
I wouldn't wish this feeling on anyone. Not even Piers Morgan.
Upon realising I now live in a society where Olly Murs is the go-to, trusted source for news & updates during a pos…
during any crisis I immediately check with Olly Murs and Piers Morgan to get the latest update.
Well just to inflame the UK/US divide his debate with Piers Morga…
Really piers Morgan . were you there then ???
the Mail article and the one in the Sun were equal in total *** represented - much…
I don’t often find myself agreeing with Piers Morgan but uh...
Twit of the Year 2017 Round 1 Group 5 featuring the boy wonder, Number 5 seed Owen Jones, that one watt light bulb Abi Wil…
Piers Morgan desperately trying to sound like the voice of reason too, wish he'd take up golf or something…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Piers Morgan put me at risk when I was serving in Iraq with his I will never forgive…
Piers Morgan will always try to have the last word he wasn't there wonder if he would have tried to m…
I always feared the day would come when I agreed with piers morgan
What, you mean you have Piers Morgan and Olly Murs in custody🤨
.just reminded us all that he was doing Gender Fluid waayyy before Piers Morgan was getting all angst about it h…
slams after Oxford Street panic - A massive bell end thing to do, in that sort of event why…
Blocked by Piers Morgan because of a mental health row? You're my new hero.
Depends which books? Books by dan brown, Katie price, Piers Morgan and Russel brand can all be safely disposed of.
yeah but i follow Donald Trump and Piers Morgan and gate both. Echo Chambers and all that…
I know you don't like Jack, but, while we're giving credit where, etc.: "Piers Morgan - wh…
Worst part of is that Piers Morgan, Katie Hopkins and other professional trolls now have more of a p…
Here is what England / London has been importing and accepting as the norm. FYI I cannot stand Piers Morgan. Sadiq K…
Piers Morgan: Trump and Mugabe believe in elephant hunting | Daily Mail Online
Sunderland job now as desirable as an evening with Piers Morgan
Piers Morgan , Do u know anything about " Taquiyya" and " Kitmaan " ? . Google these words u wud know. Wak…
This actual angers me Piers Morgan is a *** & has too much to say about anyone and everyone she had sex on tv who act…
PIERS MORGAN: Trump and Mugabe BOTH believe in elephant trophy hunting - Daily Mail via
Is Piers Morgan still a Trump supporter? Yes or no?.
*NEW COLUMN* . When it comes to elephant trophy-hunting, Trump's as bad as Mugabe. . Shame on you, Mr President. .
Don't be daft millet.Mind you,I'd do better than Piers Morgan v Brett Lee.
BREAKING NEWS:. Morgan 2, Sugar 1. . Media confirm me as winner of mouth-off on with…
*NEW: The only people who'll be pleased by President Trump's support of elephant trophy hunting.are his sons. . My new…
A clever & wealthy businesswoman in my eyes is a great role model for young children. So what if she had sex on TV? It's h…
Piers Morgan Drops Truth Bomb: Trump’s Asia Tour was a Triumph for Him and a Failure for the US Media -
Piers is the problem here, sex is something that is put on tv all the time when children won't see…
*NEW: . You've just given the green-light to trophy-hunters, poachers, & terrorists, Mr Trump. . This is a terrible decisio…
I turned on Good Morning Britain and Piers Morgan was on it.
It is the same Tony Blair, yes. Are you the same Piers Morgan, who, in that very same war, pu…
Giles Coren? When he has such competition as Trump, Piers Morgan, Katie Hopkins and Kim Jong Un?
Piers Morgan is a fat degenerate who has probably never seen a *** since the day his mama pushed him out of hers. T…
Update your maps at Navteq
Corey Graves feuding with Piers Morgan is the new Jerry Lawler vs. Andy Kaufman.
Piers Morgan is right, it's not Christmas yet it's Nov. For gods sake, leave it where it is, it comes round soon enough
Piers Morgan: If we were truly a liberal country, we’d have more tolerance for a complete *** like me
Piers Morgan claims Good Morning Britain co-host Susanna Reid 'wouldn't mind' if he was paid more than her ...
Its Eamonn or Piers Morgan or Ben Shepherd equal 💕 to all of them xxx
Piers Morgan reacts to the news that Simon Cowell has fallen down stairs.
what a refreshing change with Richard Madeley having decent debates instead of talking about himself as Piers Morgan does- can he stay?
Gina Miller is becoming more aggravating then Gemma Collins and Piers Morgan combined.!!
Having Jack Osborne giving musical advice on is like Piers Morgan giving advice on not being a ***
Piers Morgan's absence from Good Morning Britain explained after he sparks concern with viewers of the show
Piers Morgan applauded for 'shredding' Remainer Alastair Campbell in explosive Brexit row
Susanna Reid watching Piers Morgan and Lord Sugar arguing on is my spirit animal
Gad is somehow worse than Piers Morgan. Scientists need to study this.
Viewers criticize Piers Morgan for questioning Mariah Carey about Las Vegas shooting on "Good Morning Britain"
Would Piers Morgan shut up and let people answer questions!
Piers Morgan forced to abandon Mariah Carey's 'surreal' appearance on Good Morning Britain due to shock Vegas attack
it's a rare occasion that I agree with something that comes out of Piers Morgan's mouth but this is bang on the tru…
Piers Morgan is talking sense.. end of the world ahead?
when even PIERS MORGAN gets it, that’s when you know
Carey was prepared to talk about her holiday tour as she lounged beside a Christmas tree when Morgan broke the news
It's ironic that on a day many people are rightly calling for gun control, Piers Morgan & Katie Hopkins are having a fi…
Piers Morgan of all people can admit this guy was a terrorist then media what are you doing
I can’t believe what I’m seeing. Piers Morgan is really saying it as it is?¿!?¿?
Didn't think I'd ever agree with piers Morgan
Piers Morgan awkwardly asked Mariah Carey about the Las Vegas tragedy while she laid in front of a Christmas tree:
the one and only time I'll ever agree with Piers Morgan
That awkward moment when you agree with something Piers Morgan says.
Here's a *** espousing his idiotic opinions from atop a soapbox constructed out of dead bodies. Should change his nam…
So confused. What have you done with Piers Morgan though?
Can't believe I'm agreeing with Piers Morgan on something
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this is horrible. sack those who did not stick the script. no brownie pointa for Piers Morgan and
I can’t believe I’ll say this: Piers Morgan is right.
Piers Stefan Pughe-Morgan, this is the best thing you've said in your 52 years of existance
wow can't believe Piers Morgan said something not stupid that I agree with right now
Since 7am piers Morgan's TL has been rammed with right wing white trash claiming the Muslims were at…
let's not pretend the UK does not have it's own problems with racism(Piers Morgan anyone?).
Mariah Carey Reacts to Vegas Shooting Live on TV, Piers Morgan Slammed for Asking About the Tragedy
Wait did Piers Morgan just say something I agree to?
So for the first time in history I agree with piers morgan😂
Classy as ever. Katie Hopkins or Piers Morgan her script writer today?
if you think Piers Morgan is a gammon faced c**t.
I don’t like it when I agree with something Piers Morgan says, but this is a valid point.
I rarely agree with anything piers morgan says but he has a point here
Be fair. Is there really any way to hate Piers Morgan TOO much?
Piers Morgan is really getting on my wick
"claims Piers Morgan".Piers was out late, odd as he has a Breakfast TV show to "present".
I used to see Ms Susanna Reid on the sofa with Ben Shepherd but noticed that she's on a three day week now like Piers Morgan.
Piers Morgan replaces Strauss. Stokes takes to the ring to face Rio Ferdinand.
Andy Coulson was jailed for phone hacking Piers Morgan wasn't , you have to be consistent
Mate Prescott calling out Piers Morgan for phone hacking on Good Morning Britain is what you need on a Monday
Piers Morgan causes offence in the Good Morning Britain studios by calling Susanna Reid and Charlotte Hawkins ‘au…
Piers Morgan mock headbutts his colleagues Susanna Reid and Charlotte Hawkins after they threaten his with physic…
Strictly Come Dancing's Charlotte Hawkins teased by Piers Morgan over THAT curse
Piers Morgan winds up Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain by branding her and co-host Charlotte Hawkins ‘autocuti…
Piers Morgan and Charlotte Hawkins nearly come to blows on "Are you inciting violence?"…
Piers Morgan tells Charlotte Hawkins to ‘take out’ Debbie McGee on Strictly
Now I'm mad that I have to agree with Piers Morgan!
Let's make an agreement to stop reposting articles about Piers Morgan and Katie Hopkins.
The slow-motion Julian Assange-Piers Morgan mind meld has been fun to watch
Donald Trump follows Piers Morgan. That’s all you need to know. of a feather covfefe together.
Liberals are upset at Piers Morgan for questioning who can say *** but are quiet about BLM kidnapping & torturing handic…
Piers Morgan wants to be black so bad...Im talkin Djimon Hounsou black.
BOMBSHELL: Piers Morgan is a Trumpy man & Russian-linked propaganda is Making America Dumb Again! .
Deadbeat dad Piers Morgan continues to be a deplorable racist. That’s not news. Next.
There is only 1 person who annoys me more than Piers Morgan and his name is Brad Gilbert 😐😖
Jim Jefferies’ battle with Piers Morgan on Bill Mayer’s Real Time
Oh, thaaat's why he's trending. Why do we still let Piers Morgan talk to people?
Piers Morgan is jobless, and desperate. You can't tell me one of the only people to interview Rachel Jeantel believes racism…
Osama Bin Laden was an Arsenal fan. Piers Morgan is an Arsenal fan, but now this is just taking the ***
This from Piers Morgan about Jeremy Corbyn and Hector Bellerin is amazing 😂
Piers Morgan ruining interview with Frank Bruno, by making it about his meeting with Mike tyson. GMTV definitely now The Piers Morgan show
Piers Morgan bumps into Jeremy Clarkson at the GQ Awards via
Ironically, I've heard it said that Piers Morgan can cure heterosexuality in women.
'Shut up you old bigot' - Piers Morgan in angry exchange with Dr Michael Davidson, who offers medically discredited *** conver…
Hopefully, the admin doesn't use Piers Morgan to argue against the O-1... /grin
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Why do we give platforms to people like Piers Morgan and Katy Hopkins? Is it for balance or just to get people talking.
Piers Morgan gets flashed by The Talk's Sharon Osbourne as discusses
Just been into Burger King & asked for 2 whoppers. They told me that Mrs Browns Boys is hilarious & that Piers Morgan i…
Piers Morgan backing Conor? There's only two guys in the fight but somehow McGregor will finish fourth.
Just coincident, he could have screamed Piers Morgan or Gary Lineker,
I'm watching a dvr of this morning. Scott said "if u don't like this report I'm Piers Morgan." U said "…
Ben Shapiro may not be my favorite person, but dang Piers Morgan is really stupid! 😂😂😂
I hope she arrives just in time, and takes Piers Morgan with her.
In the battle between Piers Morgan and Ben Shapiro, there's no side to choose.
BINGO. It's so uncomplicated. They wanna say they can go make friends with Piers Morgan and Bill Maher.
Donald please get yr followers to follow me I want to beat Piers Morgan with followers to make him pay £5…
Piers Morgan really just needs to be cut off from society.
There's no other way to put it Piers Morgan is just a fn *** y these brits have to open their big mouths about o…
It's comforting to know that Piers Morgan's future is behind him...g'bye Piers
Two important pieces on free speech . on the right. on the left. https:/…
All purpose parts banner
Limited tickets folx. -even Piers Morgan can't get one. He IS strugglin that hard😹💜🐾
Ben, Piers 'Mrs Bucket' Morgan actually studied after high school-a 12 month journalism course which he now equates…
Sounds like Piers Morgan talking about the founding fathers
INSOMNIA SUFFERERS. Make the best of a bad situation by phoning Piers Morgan at 3am to call him a ***
So when's the next Piers Morgan beatdown? I never tire of those.
careful ogling Kim K's nudes with that profile pic, Piers Morgan
When piers morgan the one who got to judge wether or not someone had talent or not, cant even get a solid read on reality
🤔 who you lying for? You support Trumps policies and call him a friend. We see you. ht…
Oh Piers, and I thought we had found common ground on free speech.
I liked a video Piers Morgan: Media determined to bring Trump down
There’s No ‘Nazi’ Exception to the First Amendment via
Shocked to discover that a living genius, Brian Wilson, only has 61.4k followers on here and a moron, Piers Morgan has 5.9m.
No offence but why does this person look like a mix between Piers Morgan and David Cameron .
Piers Morgan angry about the press getting hold of phonecalls through illicit means. What a time to be alive.
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at Stamford Bridge to meet a Piers Morgan lookalike
Piers Morgan patiently waiting for his turn as White House Communications Director via
Piers Morgan going nuts at J.K Rowling cause she lied about trump.. the man that hacked a dead girls phone lol jump in the bin square head
You're a Chelsea fan and best pals with Piers Morgan you utter muppet
Brian, what is your point in defending Trump and insane Piers Morgan? Trump walked by the…
It's sad when Chelsea has 2 reply 2 Piers Morgan who just looks 4 other pal's oversigh…
Chelsea will forever be remembered as the woman who got schooled by Piers Morgan.
Confident that Piers Morgan, President of Mansplain Island, will not hold himself to t…
It shouldn't, Piers Morgan is a *** who is attributing Donald Trump to Jed Bartlett.
‘Delete these lies’! Piers Morgan rips J.K. Rowling for spreading about Trump
Neither Nigel Farage or Piers Morgan will read this & hence wont change their future behaviour, but they should!
Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid are replaced by Richard Madeley, Eamonn Holmes and Jeremy Kyle who will host Good Mo… http…
Jeremy Kyle, Richard Madeley and Eamonn Holmes will replace Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain this summer
All of these people are guest hosting Good Morning Britain in Piers Morgan's absence:
Piers Morgan doesn't listen to anyone who has a different opinion than him. He pisses me off, u guys don't even want him back
I shall miss Piers Morgan, the show is better…
That 5% is probably made up of Piers Morgan, Katie Hopkins, Michael Gove, Nigel Farage and Tony Blair ..etc
- Piers Morgan makes my blood boil. GMB is so much better without him. The show is brilliant when Ben is on instead
wait is there really a place called Morgans Pier and a man called Piers Morgan?
I added a video to a playlist Wisdom or Madness Ben Shapiro vs Piers Morgan
What's the chances of Piers Morgan getting killed on GT? I can hear James saying "Does that mean he's not coming on then?" 😂
Piers Morgan tried to insult Virender Sehwag, here is how the former Indian opener destroyed Morgan:
Piers Morgan's Killer Women: 'Pretty' teens can commit murders too - wake up via
I don't often agree with Piers Morgan, but on this, he's 100% correct!
Susanna Reid gets into the Royal Ascot spirit as she enjoys day out with Piers Morgan
i'd like to know the pay difference between Piers Morgan and the far more capable Susanna Reid
Oh yeah, and that show Piers Morgan did with Amanda Platell. Even they've forgotten that disastrous dog egg.
Not sure if I'll be more excited when Sol Campbell dies or Piers Morgan. At least Piers death will be sooner.
Now we know where Piers Morgan goes to get examined.
I'd have loved to Brian, but Piers Morgan gives me a nose bleed if I…
I just watched 11 minutes of garbage. Larry Elder is stupid and I hate Piers Morgan
Jennifer Aniston considers return to TV and slams Piers Morgan in interview |
Brian Howe is the David Mellor or Piers Morgan of Pompey.
Piers Morgan: 'Schoolchildren must be tested/compete'. Finland has Europe's best schools, no tests 'til 16 . http…
Piers Morgan once got Brian Lara out. Batting is the long game, Tone...
Piers Morgan seems to have Manic-Muslim Depression. His Islamic views are as up and down as Jeremy Paxman on…
Killer Women with Piers Morgan viewers actually DESPAIR over 'hiccup girl's' sentence - and here's why http…
Piers Morgan completely ERUPTS after saying Kate Garraway is like "a killer woman"
The press will lose to Donald Trump, Piers Morgan writes
have u seen any of the Piers Morgan killers series? I saw one a couple of weeks ago.
Piers Morgan faces a Brett Lee over – video
Jim Davidson is still alive and Piers Morgan. Just wait...
Met 2 Arsenal Defenders met Anthony Joshua and Piers Morgan and now the Beckhams this is insane lool 😂
More than Tommy Robinson, Katie Hopkins and Piers Morgan put togethe…
Piers Morgan interviews are useless. He talks over his guests spouting out his unwanted opinions. All about me me me https:…
Piers Morgan is a attention seeking moron! The Mayor of London has no jurisdiction on this issue.
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Can you start with that moron Piers Morgan. Deport him to Mars! Any crater will do!
Piers Morgan names and SHAMES MPs refusing to appear on GMB | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV |
Good Morning Britain is the Piers Morgan "I read it on the internet so it must be true" show.
Piers Morgan got thumped by a kid with a balloon on Happy hump day one and all
Susanna Reid shuts down Piers Morgan on live TV and his reaction was priceless.
I wonder how many would come if Ben Shepherd was interviewing & not Piers Morgan? Questions need to be answere…
Tommy Robinson was put on gmtv as cannon fodder and he wiped the floor with that smug faced ignorant *** Piers Morgan
Piers Morgan. is a PC Moron,. One in a million. of PC Morons. with an ideology. brain by-pass. syndrome: why. mus…
Tommy Robinson tells Jonny Gould why Piers Morgan and mainstream media are wrong on terror | talkRADIO
The Home Sec in the UK has responsibility not the Mayor of London. Piers Morgan is a…
"Let's play a game. Hands up who's met Piers Morgan this week?"
Piers Morgan is the world's biggest ***
I'm still laughing about how hurt he sounded when Piers Morgan asked him a question. That was comedy gold.
One must always remember the REAL Piers Morgan...
'Piers needs to be nil by mouth. Permanently.' chats to on
Trump's media enemies know that bashing him makes big money but CNN's desperation to get him has cost them dear.
Imagine getting a dream job and then having it ruined with Piers Morgan being your co-Anchor.
Rival breakfast news presenters Piers Morgan and Dan Walker have waded into round two of a row about their progr...
Piers Morgan 2017 vs Piers Morgan 2010. By the way Piers Morgan searches his name, so hi Piers Morgan, if you're reading th…
And soon after this interview Piers Morgan ran back home to his safe space
Who actually cares about Piers Morgan, apart from Piers Morgan? Constantly respo…
Donald Trump (69%) and Piers Morgan (64%) are the most likely to be in Slytherin, according to Harry Potter fans
.Why can't the travel ban keep Piers Morgan out of US?
Piers Morgan is my mcm after this .
Ahhh. Well i would not be surprised if piers morgan is the UKs fake news.…
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