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Piers Morgan

Piers Stefan Pughe-Morgan (born Piers Stefan O'Meara; 30 March 1965), known professionally as Piers Morgan, is a British journalist and television presenter.

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'I looked through Private Eye's vast archives on Piers Morgan, and found something interesting' h…
The problem with Piers Morgan... my latest for On "Brexit means Brexit" and tautological thinking
Piers Morgan wants to be able to use the word 'man'. E.g. "Piers Morgan is a man who hacked the phone of somebody carin…
Mayim Bialik says her Piers Morgan flashing haters should...
03-02 gives Piers Morgan a 'feminist' show of her own
Think social media harassment of bad? It all began with the mates of Piers Morgan in the tabloid press
As a Welshman even I have to concede that Brian is a credit to England.Piers Morgan is another matter
Brian, you have 154K followers, Piers Morgan has 5 million. Shut up.
or when Jim Jeffries is given a pass for his deplorable comments because he also happens to hate Piers Morgan
Piers Morgan dukes it out with Bill Maher and Jim Jeffries on HBO's "Real Time"
Still, I apologise for my dad He's not a fan of Piers Morgan so I don't know what he was thinking.
Given Trumps discriminatory views, why did ask his apologist Piers Morgan to front their awards…
Churchill quote in latest on POTUS & press, is spot on. Key the press live up to Churchill's point-->https:…
Cringe levels nearing Piers Morgan levels. "Look! Look at the savages!"
The British Parliament should discuss what to do with Piers Morgan. He's also an embarrasement to the queen
If you're interested, i'll be on tonight at, blimey, I don't know, about 6.30pm talking about Piers Morga…
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they thought Piers Morgan was insulted there, this was another level
Save the answer for your Piers Morgan interview.
Piers Morgan is going to be very annoyed he didn't think of this first...
Piers Morgan quits RTS awards after criticism Yeah!
Piers Morgan, what an *** Dissing, J K Rowling, and accusing the owner of that bookshop of harassing him, such a git. :)
send him over, we could do with cheering up, we'll send them Piers Morgan
I'm just envious Joey. You're far more interesting than I am and, like Piers Morgan, you somehow keep being offered work
Total disgrace that felt he had to pull out of hosting TV awards because of politically correct outrage ht…
A free press is vital to democracy, but a permanently outraged, hissy-fit press isn't doing its job. My column:
Piers Morgan pulls out of hosting duties at RTS Awards via
PIERS MORGAN: President Trump needs to slow down and calm down via
'becomes the latest victim of the liberal left. These people hate anyone else with a different opinion. http…
Piers is right, Blair unashamedly plunged a 10 foot knife into back of Jeremy Corbyn by calling for another EUref... https…
What has happened to Piers Morgan? Dude, let talk some sense into you on guns & I'll take back every bad thing I've…
The perfect Piers Morgan story arc. Beautiful. by
Cambridge Analytica added to Piers Morgan & Milo as thing Brits may need to apologise to US for. Terrifying article: https…
You can't keep waging war with your media, judges & spies, Mr President. Time to focus on more important things. .
[final round of word association gameshow]. host: your time starts NOW. me: total *** factory. wife: piers morgan. [balloons f…
From COMMIES in UK: Piers Morgan quits RTS awards after criticism
Piers Morgan quits RTS awards after criticism Now this is what Liberals do. They blackball.
Piers Morgan quits RTS awards after criticism no crazy hysteria is an dissociate of enemy of American people
I let Piers Morgan out of Rivington St onto Curtain Rd circa '97. He didn't thank me. I knew it'd come back on him at some point.
Piers Morgan quits RTS awards after criticism A former tabloid editor agrees w/Trump about "fake news." Decline
Piers Morgan quits RTS awards after criticism
Piers Morgan pulls out as awards host coz of silly noise Ruthless towards people that refuse to hate President Trump
Seeing Jim Jeffries destroy Piers Morgan was EPIC and well deserved! .
Piers Morgan, the 'Fake news' expert. The man who tried to disgrace British Troops, while editor of the leftie rag, 'The Daily Mirror.
good morning my loves, good luck today, you have Piers Morgan back, I love realistic people!
Freedom of speech; entirely not what LBC are implying. Piers Morgan; still a weapons grade bellend who should be in a bin,…
How much do I love that Piers Morgan thinks of himself as a "diverse voice"? I'm glad you asked. I love it quite a bit https:/…
Piers Morgan pulls out of role as awards host because of 'silly noise'
Piers Morgan pulls out as host of television awards after campaign to oust him following his support for Trump.
SHOWBIZ: Piers Morgan pulls out of hosting RTS Awards over 'silly' campaign
Piers Morgan pulls out of awards show over 'silly' campaign to ban him
Piers Morgan quits as Royal Television Society host after online backlash from fans
I would pay to have Jim Jeffries follow Piers Morgan around to call out his crap like Jiminy Cri…
Jim Jeffries vs Piers Morgan . An Englishman & an Australian arguing over America.
I can't help but think Jim Jeffries set the anti-fascist rhetorical tone last week vs Piers Morgan.
Hey pls stop peddling me videos of Bill Maher's shows. I just watched it once to see Jim Jeffries tell Piers Morgan to eff off!
I could add MANY more ~ Piers Morgan, Paul Nuttall, Combat 18, too many! 😱
For any that that saw Jim Jeffries v Piers Morgan via YouTube, you need to see to see the whole show. It's even worse.
Comedian Jim Jeffries flipped off the a-hole, Piers Morgan on Bill Mahr tonight. Way to go Jeffries!!!
Reminds me of what Jim Jeffries said to Piers Morgan: "Hitler didn't kill the jews on the first day: he worked up to it"
People like Piers Morgan, Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttall should not be given media time when they lie knowingly.
Paul is dumb like wood, hah hah... Piers Morgan's little boy toy.
Piers Morgan. Seriously, Paul... do it. Otherwise you're just a bully too cowardly to actually get in and fight on your own
I'm also worried that Paul likes Piers Morgan. This is worse than when he revealed how he butters crumpets
Piers Morgan's Life Stories with on ITV now is wonderful. Great interview so far.
Is there a Piers Morgan stand at Arsenal? Nah, didn't think so. But there's a John Green Stand at 😎…
The internal struggle I'm having right now. The life story will likely be amazing because it's Boy George, but PIERS MORGAN blegh
So it's happening, Piers Morgan is completely defending Donald Trump over Russia. Can you imagine if that was Hillary. what a hypocrite.
NewsThump | publishes 'exclusive' photos of Hogwarts teachers...
Killer Women with Piers Morgan, tonight at 10pm on TV3. Tonight we meet two female murderers, both of whom killed s…
Wow this is coming from Piers Morgan !!
My Prediction today. CFC FANS: 😂😂. MUFC FANS: 😂😂. PIERS MORGAN: Wenger has lost it. AFC FANS: at least we participated, some didn…
Ngl, this reads like a white guy playing devil's advocate in a 2nd year politics class. .
Arsene been making Piers Morgan sound solid regarding football/Arsenal for over a half a decade now.
Did Piers Morgan have a meltdown yesterday? I think I missed it
If I ever see piers Morgan it is defo on sight
Am I the only person amongst my mates who likes Piers Morgan?
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. Piers Morgan won't be watching Sky Sports News anytime soon, hehe
NEWS! Piers Morgan publishes ‘exclusive’ photos of Hogwarts teachers urinating on students held in detention…
Piers Morgan 'to go undercover at Hogwarts'.
it was actually just an @ reply explaining JK Rowling's incredible trolling of Piers Morgan to someone
This is Piers Morgan's new column so you don't have to click on the Daily Mail
America's top security adviser lasts a yuge three weeks !. Trump expert Piers Morgan advises "Get used to it" Exactly...
JK Rowling and Piers Morgan are in a political argument consisting of nothing but Potter references. This is the worst thi…
Piers Morgan was great on tonight. Fellow liberals would do well to listen to him...but they likely won't. 😁 https:…
Piers Morgan is like Basil Fawlty trying to manage a Trump Hotel in Yemen
Kind man explains Piers Morgan to gorilla.
It's like being with the west baptist church and Piers Morgan
14) When asked what he thinks about Piers Morgan, Trump will look puzzled & say he doesn't know who that is.
Here's Piers Morgan moaning about whining celebrities in a column he uses solely to complain about people who have upset hi…
Piers Morgan is essentially just Katie Hopkins with a smaller ***
Are you really on the same side of the fence as Piers Morgan; Nigel Farage and Katie Hopkins?…
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Piers Morgan, who has failed at everything and was driven out of America, thinks being a provocateur is good for his business.…
I have met the man behind and he is a decent guy. The other person in this dispute is Piers Morgan.
More from Paddy French on Piers Morgan and his connections with the Daniel Morgan murder suspects
Piers Morgan has a *** I assume you're not referring to the one up his bottom...
Hi. Just so you know, i'm not a computer program. It's me typing stuff. Piers Morgan is a *** JK Rowling is incredible…
Frank Bough got the sack for liking a bit of Slap and tickle. Piers Morgan just deserves to be slapped. Bring old Frank back to breakfast tv
who is this Piers Morgan? tell me someone, I know he was judge in singing competion, but who the fck is he to talk about Meryl Streep?
thank you for being a voice of reason and standing up to the foul Piers Morgan. You write about magic but he is in a dreamworld.
. vs. Piers Morgan. It's like having to choose between donuts & the flu.
The saddest thing about Piers Morgan is that he wants to be a supervillain, but he isn't smart or competent enough.
Australian comedian Jim Jefferies blasts Piers Morgan for his views on Donald Trump:
Piers Morgan said Jim Jefferies Trump tirade,"was losing his audience." Said a guy who's now broadcasting his show via C.B. Radio
Jim Jefferies lights up that *** Piers Morgan on Bill Maher and it's fantastic! via
Piers Morgan was blasted for defending Trump on ‘F— off’
Bill Maher and Jim Jefferies tell Piers Morgan to "f-off" over use of alternative facts
Little Giant Ladders
Piers Morgan trawling google to find dirt on Jim Jefferies. Nowhere will you find that he hacked a young dead girls phone,…
Piers Morgan told to ‘f— off’ over Trump defense by Australian comic
.is systematically humiliating Piers Morgan in front of millions
matt monro - the impossible dream via Keep fighting ! yer only up against folks like Piers Morgan !
The only kind of travel ban I would be in favor of is one that permanently keeps Piers Morgan out of our country
I ❤️ JK but Piers Morgan is just feeding off all this press he's getting bc of their feud,it'd annoy him more to just pretend he's not there
.Piers Morgan would be at the Daily Prophet talking up the glorious, enlightened regime of Voldemort.
Dear Bill Maher, getting your feelings hurt by Trump doesn't make him Hitler. Piers Morgan is right. The left has lost i…
Sometimes there's a feud & it's very hard to pick sides. Then there's vs Piers Morgan.
Think one of the TV channels should get Piers Morgan & J.K Rowling to go head to head live on air..Think of the ratings!! My money's on JK!
Piers Morgan exposed as Trumpster fraud by Bill Maher and Co. on
Piers Morgan gets cursed out by comedian on Real Time with Bill Maher after defending... by via
Bill Maher and Co. shame Trump apologist Piers Morgan on 'Real Time':
Love how the left thinks Jim Jefferies destroyed Piers Morgan on Bill Maher. He looked like moron
Piers Morgan is a tool. Bill Maher is a tool. Both perptuate Islamophobia. One owning the othr is like Frum owning Trump. The *** with both
I liked a video Piers Morgan & Jim Jefferies: The Lesser of Two Evils | Real Time with Bill Maher
the Bill Maher clip from yesterday where he attacks Piers Morgan gives me all the feels.
See Bill Maher and Jim Jefferies rip Piers Morgan for defending Muslim ban on
Giving Piers Morgan the finger on national television makes hero of the day
It’s been a good day for watching Piers Morgan get dunked on in public
"Piers Morgan slammed by Jim Jefferies after defending Donald Trump on talk show Real Time with Bill Maher" -
who could fail to enjoy j k Rowling threatening to burn Piers Morgan alive. We're priveleged to live in…
Comedian Jim Jefferies tears into Piers Morgan for defending Trump via
No matter how bad things get, give yourself some credit that you didn't let yourself become Piers Morgan.
Piers Morgan tried to take on Jim Jefferies over Trump. It went horribly wrong
Watching this moment for a second time is just as great as the first. = win. Piers Morgan, not so muc…
Watch comedian Jim Jefferies blast Piers Morgan for defending Trump on ‘f— off’
Piers Morgan has never read Harry Potter or watched Star Wars. Probably explains why he can't see who the real bad guy is…
Piers Morgan CRACKS; unloads on 'sniveling, sickening, cowardly' liberals for their treatment of Ivanka
Our comedian of the year Tells Piers Morgan to "F**K Off" on Explosive Episode of Real Time. Watch:
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Welp, Piers Morgan finally met his match with J.K. Rowling—and lost. BIGLY
Totally on board for turning February 11 into let's trash Piers Morgan Day.
Watching taunt Piers Morgan is the most fun I've had Saturday morning since I was a kid watching Bugs Bunny drag Da…
For real though, I bet Piers Morgan would feel a lot differently about Trump if he was an American tax payer. Not that easy to chill out.
The fact-free, amoral, bigotry-apologism of celebrity toady Piers Morgan is, of course, why it's so delicious to see him to…
Waking up to J.K. Rowling brilliantly kicking Piers Morgan's *** is how I would like to start every morning, please.
TV moment involving Piers Morgan being told off — that J.K. Rowling says was “as satisfying as I'd always imagined” https:/…
In defense of Arsenal fans, they also have Nick Hornby, who almost cancels out Piers Morgan.
the saddest thing about a lapdog like Piers Morgan is that his demonic master doesn't really know he's alice.
Piers Morgan would let the war criminal Tony Blair finger him!!
I see Piers Morgan is doing the Katie Hopkins thing of 'saying it how it is' when it isn't like that at all.
Please enjoy this clip of going to town on Piers Morgan on Real Time.
Piers Morgan interrupted every single idea in the full segment. He deserves all of the insults.
That was such a great moment. Piers Morgan is a soulless sniveling jerk.
How lovely to see your Father Tony speaking on Piers Morgan programme 👍👌
I love custard and I hate Piers Morgan.
Wanted to say Bob Geldof or Piers Morgan but missing corner on the triangular love links there. I'll go Prince Andrew.
If I could have dinner with 3 celebrities, living or dead. I'd have Russel Brand, John Terry and Piers Morgan. All dead.
Piers Morgan and 'heartbroken' Duncan James lead a host of celebrity tributes to Tara Palmer-Tomkinson
Ellis you ever seen Good Will Hunting? . - " yeah that's the one with Matt Damon and Piers Morgan??".
great player & capt. Angered me Piers Morgan's spiteful remarks yday. All because his pal KP was dropped
First John Bercow rubbishes Donald Trump (to which Piers Morgan has a meltdown), then Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttall get egge…
I love you Grace Dent! More that you called out the horror that is Piers Morgan(although I share your Beckham view)
Piers Morgan blasts David Beckham, "real heroes don't use charity work to get knighthoods".
If David Beckham had a steady diet of cocaine and fresh grilled tiger meat, I'd still prefer him to Piers Morgan
Got to say that David Beckham drawing the ire of The Sun and Piers Morgan makes him more of a hero in my eyes than I ever t…
Piers Morgan asks Barry Gibb how It feels to outlive your brothers! Quality interviewing right there
Piers Morgan red-faced as Adam Hills reveals REAL reason he appeared on
For horrific crimes committed in a past life I'm debating with Piers Morgan on tomorrow on ITV at 6.3…
I added a video to a playlist Piers Morgan to Omarosa: "You're not a celebrity" - The Celebrity
Piers Morgan is the white version of
couldn't have squeezed Piers Morgan in there somehow?
last choice would be practitioners of British style shout-interview, i.e. Piers Morgan and Jeremy Paxman.
.Also Trump said on Fox News that he likes Piers Morgan more than he likes you. And Aaron Banks. He said you're an ***
Toby Young, Lee Hurst, Piers Morgan...all cut from the same cloth.
Who is this Piers Morgan don? Why does he have so much confidence to talk crud all day? Hes famous for being Alan Sugars opp.
Y’day Piers Morgan, today Lee Hurst - I’m reckoning if this 90s revival continues Mark and Lard will reform to call Mary Berry a bell end.
With every day that passes I wish more and more that Brett Lee had bounced that plonker Piers Morgan properly at full pace!
Wouldn't be shocked if Alan Sugar & Piers Morgan were secretly doing a ting, they're so obsessed with each other lmao
Piers Morgan's feet are a horrorshow. You know what they say about men whose feet are a riot of corns and blisters…
People I won't be interviewed by when I'm famous :- Piers Morgan, John Humphrys, Michael Gove, Jake Humphries, Donald and Davey Stott.
Piers Morgan: 'Like Trump, Alan Sugar would make a great Prime Minister'
Piers Morgan: ‘Like Trump, Alan Sugar would make a great Prime Minister’
Hopefully 2017 is the year where we lose people like Trump and Piers Morgan and not people like David Bowie and Alan Rickman
Piers Morgan and Iain Duncan Smith are both drowning and you only have time to save one. What kind of sandwich would you make?
I hear Piers Morgan is going to ban Ralph Fiennes from Good Morning Britain for murdering James and Lily Potter.
On the subject of awful men upsetting equally awful men remember when Jeremy Clarkson apparently punched Piers Morgan
Imagine if Jeremy Clarkson was only ever allowed to punch Piers Morgan. The world would be happier, and we'd still have old Top Gear.
At this point, even Alan Partridge would be thinking Piers Morgan had gone a bit over the top.
Piers Morgan is a meaner version of Alan Partridge.
Piers Morgan hits back at Ewan McGregor again in ‘Good Morning Britain’ rant
I propose: Donald Trump and Piers Morgan vs. Shia LaBeouf and Ewan McGregor. Bare knuckle. To the death.
I’ve got a dictionary here, Mike, and it doesn’t mention Piers Morgan anywhere.
So, Piers Morgan hasn't massively over-reacted to Ewan McGregor's refusal to appear on his TV show has he?
Piers Morgan says Ewan McGregor is *just* an actor. . That's unfair, Piers. . That's like saying you're *just* a phone ha…
"Ewan McGregor's the man who climbed in the loo.". "Yes.". "I'm glad he refuses to stoop to Piers Morgan's level."
Ewan McGregor: "I don't want to appear on your show.". Piers Morgan:
this guy made a movie with convicted child rapist Roman Polanski but can't be in the same room as Piers Morgan?
Piers Morgan's column against Ewan McGregor is like "he likes Roman Polanski! he moved to America! he's a *** " pls what u doin
Piers Morgan accuses Ewan McGregor of being a 'paedophile-loving hypocrite' after interview snub
Jeremy Corbyn tells Piers Morgan he CAN win an election
Also you'd think Piers Morgan would think twice before accusing other men of befriending sex offenders.
I was googling why Piers Morgan and Jeremy Clarkson hate each other yesterday dw xoxoxox
whenever Jeremy Clarkson does something weird I just remember when he slammed Piers Morgan in the face.
Can Jeremy Clarkson swing Piers Morgan a left hook again
Ugh. Piers Morgan is like Jeremy Clarkson without the charm. Vile.
Piers Morgan is such a sleaze ball that even Jeremy Clarkson punched him.
I only agree with Jeremy Clarkson on two things, one being how much of a wanker Piers Morgan is. He's an utter *** womble.
Ewan McGregor canceled an interview with Good Morning Britain bc he's against Piers Morgan's sexist comments. This is a ma…
Ewan McGregor refused to appear on Good Morning Britain because of Piers Morgan
Tell you what: if Jeremy Clarkson will go punch Piers Morgan for us again, we'll petition the BBC to take him back.
Piers Morgan, Jeremy Clarkson and Nigel Farage walk into a bar. I'd love to tell you the punchline but I downed my pint and left IMMEDIATELY
I'm envious of Jeremy Clarkson. If only because he got to punch Piers Morgan in the face.
Piers Morgan going full crying titty baby over Ewan McGregor cancelling on him because Pier's an *** only further proves he's an ***
Seriously, now Piers Morgan is trying to throw shade at James Roday for supporting the women's march. Morgan is a b…
Ppl say Piers Morgan should be sacked a'la Jeremy Clarkson. Clarkson punched sum1, but Morgan only punches his own face, metaphorically.
Ewan McGregor pulls out of Good Morning Britain interview in row with Piers Morgan
say what you want about Jeremy Clarkson, but he did punch Piers Morgan one time so he's not all bad
So Ewan McGregor refused on principle to appear on Murdoch TV with the loathsome Piers Morgan - Jeremy Corbyn howev…
Why is Piers Morgan surprised that his wife fancies Ewan McGregor? Banging Albert Steptoe would be more appealing for her, than slimy Piers.
Piers Morgan, Newt Gingrich call for Madonna’s arrest after Women’s March speech
This, from Piers Morgan, may be the most heartbreakingly pathetic thing ever uttered by a human being.
Oh man, MLC wrote a snarky article about Piers Morgan and I've never been so torn since that time he was punched by Jeremy Clarkson
nah i can't stand Jeremy Kyle, him and Piers Morgan are the biggest condescending *** on daytime TV.
The Burj Al Arab Hotel cost so much to build and run that it will never make a profit! ~Piers Morgan on Dubai Documentary
@ the 2003 British Press Awards, Piers Morgan was punched three times by Jeremy Clarkson. ive never been so conflicted over a celebrity feud
Piers Morgan floats ‘Men’s March to protest creeping global emasculation of my gender by rabid feminists’
Piers Morgan performs the unenviable task of explaining Trump to British people.
Maybe if we all just ignore Piers Morgan he might just go away because he's clearly making these comments to make people angry...
Ravi Shastri: Ben Stokes won Man of the match. Kedar Jadhav won man of the series. Piers Morgan: If KP is playing, he would h…
Piers Morgan. A Trump supporter and a "friend" of Trump. Don't be like Piers. 🤔
David Attenborough would study Piers Morgan, and conclude that his species is actually 100% Toad.
On a personal note. As far as I'm concerned Donald Trump is not a legitimate president, just as Piers Morgan is not a legit…
I know this won't come as a surprise to many of you but Piers Morgan really is a first class, sanctimonious bell-end.
Piers Morgan is trending and I didn't even have to look to know it's about him feeling emasculated.
. What if this is a psyop?. Do you believe this is authentic "Piers Morgan"?. (or is he collecting souls ...)
Piers Morgan ripped apart by Anushka Asthana over Women’s March comments
Women: Please do not touch us without consent, pay us equally for equal work & respect our reproductive rights . Piers…
Very sad to hear about Piers Morgan. Nothing's happened to him, I'm just very sad to hear about him.
Currently on the Piers Morgan March For Oppressed Men. Amazing turnout so far!
Nigerian military killed over 20 unarmed celebrating Inauguration ... Pier…
I'm imagining the great heights Piers Morgan might have reached, had he not been emasculated by the feminists.
Why does Piers Morgan still exist? (Better yet, I'm so glad Nick Offerman does.)
Why does Piers Morgan have a career
we have Piers Morgan and Burnley have Alistair Campbell..?! Does every team have some clueless minor 'celebrity' supporting them?
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I'm planning a march with the singular goal of trying to emasculate Piers Morgan
They're all out. Piers Morgan, John McDonnell, Michael Gove, Paul Nuttall & Diane Abbott to come. Nick Clegg seems positively wonderful!
'I'm a feminist...not a rabid feminist' says Piers Morgan on - how very David Brent
Pay no attention to anything Tomi Lahren, Sean Spicer, Piers Morgan or Richard Spencer says. They're not real people. Do…
Piers Morgan: This generation is so soft. Toughen up!. Also Piers Morgan: Why is it called "Women's March"? Sexist!! h…
Imagine being Piers Morgan. You're there, making coffee. Suddenly, a women has an opinion and your gonads are stolen by…
I agree with Piers Morgan. I am a woman and I don't agree with your march at all. Trump is president now get over it.
Very disappointed every time that I see Piers Morgan trending because it is never for him dying
Pretend to be Piers Morgan by continually reminding people that you are friends with someone they hate.
Who would like Piers Morgan to list all his mates besides Trump and Pietersen so that we can avoid having to listen to th…
Heselhurst?? Get this egocentric clown off my screen. Please!. If I had to choose, Piers Morgan would win. How bad is that?
Piers Morgan is the stand in turd for when Alastair Campbell can't make it
in British terms the inauguration will be like watching Dr Who regenerate into Piers Morgan
I do not care about what any of the following think about anything: Trump, Kellyanne, Bernie, Michael Moore, Piers Morgan, Jeff Wells.
Apologies to . Just tried 60 seconds of Piers Morgan and Richard Arnold banter on
Rob Schneider and Piers Morgan trying to explain to John Lewis what MLK believed is ... something.
'Backstabber' Michael Gove cornered by Piers Morgan in brutal interview
After Michael Gove interviews Trump and Piers Morgan interviews Farage, really looking forward to Katie Hopkins intervie…
I'm not all that keen on Piers Morgan. However he just called Alastair Campbell "the great sexed up dossier king", and I like that.
Piers Morgan comes to blows with 'snarling' Alastair Campbell on ITV over Blair and Trump
Help me, I'm starting to like Piers Morgan
Piers Morgan is a *** sometimes but Alastair Campbell helped cause so much of what is wrong with our country. I know who…
Piers Morgan is the worst!! also, by far the worst Arsenal supporter out there!
Raw Story reports that Piers Morgan calling for the head of SNL producer Lorne Michaels, or they'll be *** to pay.
'The great sexed-up dossier King': Piers Morgan clashes with Alastair Campbell on Peston on Sunday after accusing……
we live in a world where someone as pure as Debbie Reynolds died before Piers Morgan
The guy thought Piers Morgan was still on CNN. And I was trying to get him to say Pierce Brosnan.
On my timeline praising Trump presser, so far:. Piers Morgan - sacked for fake photos;. Brian Coleman - sacked for assault. Charming company.
Says the clown who can't spell Piers Morgan. Pierce? Seriously?
Piers Morgan launches his charm offensive at Charlotte Church.
Charlotte schooling Piers Morgan made my day. (Her version of Fauré's Pie Jesu, at age 11, is on my iPod playlist.)
"Meryl, I still love you dearly, but you had a chance to bring your country together last night and you blew it."
Mr. Woods, did you see that? Leftist journalist saying Meryl as a hypocrite. by
Piers Morgan RIPS for giving Child Rapist Roman Polanski a standing ovation at the Oscars in 2003 h…
Not usually a huge fan of Piers Morgan but this article in response to Streep's speech last night nails it on the...
PIERS MORGAN: Sorry, That anti-Trump rant was easily the worst performance of your career
Gino I'm so ashamed of you. You retested piers Morgan of all people. That Limey *** wants us to live like Limeys
For Hollywood stars to lecture Trump about disrespect & violence is laughable hypocrisy. My column:
*NEW COLUMN*. Sorry, Meryl, but that anti-Trump rant was your most hypocritical performance since cheering Polanski. https:…
Meryl - that anti-Trump rant was the worst performance of your career [Piers Morgan]
Very impressive take on the much talked about Meryl Streep speech.
Meryl - that anti- rant was the worst performance of your career via
I agree with Also, *** has frozen over, and a pig just flew in my window. .
What has happened to Piers Morgan? Did he go to jail and get turned out by a conservative prisoner or something? https:/…
NEW: Meryl Streep had a great chance to unify America. Instead, she poured oil on the divisive flames. My column:
.was not as enamoured with Meryl Streep's speech as everyone else https:/…
Interesting to hear this perspective from Piers Morgan, of all folks . via
At the 2003 Oscars Streep leaped to her feet and gave child rapist Roman Polanski a standing ovation.
FLASHBACK: Streep gives standing ovation to Polanski...
Piers Morgan accuses Jeremy Hunt of letting NHS return to the 'dark ages' via
The fact that Piers Morgan writes in the Daily Mail says a great deal; quite possibly the most bias and malevolent newspaper in Britain
Der is Pierce Brosnan Who got fooled into doing chutiyapa. Then der is Piers Morgan who knws that he's doing chutiyapa but…
Piers Morgan goes mad - 'This Liverpool man wanted his team to LOSE against Plymouth' 😲😲
For once, Piers Morgan actually has a point
Kevin Pietersen is currently batting so I'm unfollowing Piers Morgan for a few days.
Piers Morgan cannot believe his luck that criminality at the Mirror Group will be swept under the carpet…
You are an inspiration Warwick, loved the show tonight with Piers Morgan.
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