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Piers Morgan

Piers Stefan Pughe-Morgan (born Piers Stefan O'Meara; 30 March 1965), known professionally as Piers Morgan, is a British journalist and television presenter.

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Piers Morgan couldn't find his spine if you gave him the Hubble telescope
Piers Morgan has a problem with everything that doesn't conform to his standards.
In the work canteen, Piers Morgan on the box talking about decency and the like - hilarious.
. accuses Susanna Reid of ‘fat shaming’ his ‘double chin’ after his top button bursts off live on TV
Piers Morgan really gets pressed like a panini over black women and their lives. Like anovaviwa navo
Imagine being as afraid of anything as Piers Morgan is of women.
Have to admire how Piers Morgan ignores silly talks and still communicates sense to these confused women.
Piers Morgan's button flies off shirt in huge GMB wardrobe malfunction
Piers Morgan is right..Hate him or love him..Someone has got to tell the truth
Piers Morgan jokingly calls for Good Morning Britain to be re-named in tribute to him
So Amber Rose and Piers Morgan no finish dema banter
Piers Morgan,saying to a member of Conservative 1922 committee that Theresa May lost the G.E.! No she didn't Piers, she lost eight seats!
Lmao piers Morgan really tackling Amber for her nude post.
How are we letting trained jihadis back into the UK without knowing where they are? Sadiq Khan grilled by Susanna Reid and P…
**NEW:. You're a deluded & discredited dead duck, Prime Minister. . Time to waddle off. .
Of all the nastiness here today Piers Morgan having a go at Jack Monroe's rheumatoid arthritis has topped it all. Just v…
Piers Morgan can't differentiate between someone not liking him (for obvious reasons) and an actual church being se…
So lovely of to check i'm feeling well with my growing bump🤰🏻He does have a heart ❤️😉. I'll add Piers & Morgan…
Piers Morgan and 50cent are my favorite celebrities no chill whatsoever lol
I'm happy Piers Morgan dragged Amber Rose. Has e dey hot he dey give am👏👏. I saw the picture and I was like 😱😲. NONSENSE!
Piers Morgan got too much free time to be telling a grown *** woman what she can and cannot do with her body. Amber Rose d…
Piers Morgan was pretty straightforward! You can go butt-naked, you can put up a *** show, don't just mask it under women e…
Can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm with Piers Morgan on This one
Although they have caused me harm i am not comfortable watching the PM suffer, she is clearly having a br…
3 ways to get Piers Morgan's attention . 1. Post nudes . 2. Mention him using 'your' instead of 'you're' . 3. Support Wenger
Piers Morgan apparently has a problem with Amber Rose’s NSFW photo:
Why does piers Morgan still have a job?
Been Shapiro demolishing Piers Morgan on the 2nd Amendment is glorious.
Today, Piers Morgan reminded me of that late `hack` great Derek Jameson - the last of th…
Piers Morgan reminds me of the late hack Derek Jameson - the last of the hot metal men- not in looks but in personality.
Piers Morgan is on my telly. *** !!. What happened to Wincey Willis and Anne Diamond. . What year is this? Can you still buy Adidas Kick?
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You know the world's topsy turvy when I find myself completely agreeing with a Piers Morgan column.
**NEW: . Theresa May's woeful incompetence has made this country a very dangerous place. . My new column: .
Piers Morgan corners London mayor on 400 jihadis he let loose in his city &the mayor!&
The fraud of the War On Terrorism is blatant. The London Mayor does not have the money to protect Londoners, but...
.Theresa May’s weakness with Islamist extremism has made Britain a dangerous place ht…
Piers Morgan asks London Mayor Sadiq Cuck about 400 jihadis still in London. His answer is ridiculous.
Piers Morgan clashes with imam who denies there is any extremism in British mosques
WATCH: Terrorism enabler Sadiq Kahn get grilled by Piers Morgan. Khan clueless about whereabouts of 400 jihadis . https…
Is he Piers Morgan and Ken Dodd's love child?
Ariana Grande got oasis to play with Coldplay and Piers Morgan to apologise, bloody miracle worker, bet she could make…
Trump said it during an on-air interview with Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain.
Piers Morgan is being hailed a 'hero' after today's 'Good Morning Britain' interview.
Good Morning Britain viewers hail Piers Morgan a 'legend' after he repeatedly grills MP and Muslim Imam about Londo…
Piers Morgan apologises to Ariana Grande after criticising her via
Finally something nice that has come out of Piers Morgan's mouth.
Tory Karen Bradley redefined carcrash this morning - outright refusing to answer Piers Morgan on armed police cuts http…
Ariana Grande made Piers Morgan act human, Coldplay merge with Oasis, 6 inch heels seem a breeze, and the world join in un…
Looks like Wenger has turned Piers Morgan into a feather duster.
Waiting for Piers Morgan to run on at Headingley to ask if Moeen Ali has shopped a terror suspect today yet.
People I don't want to hear from:. Tommy Robinson. Nigel Farage. Katie Hopkins. Julia Hartley-Brewer. Piers Morgan. Just gi…
I do not understand Brits. I saw the attack Piers Morgan for speaking out against the Islamic attack
If you can't feel 'angry' after the slaughter of children, when can you? My column about the Manchester bombing: .
Honestly expected better from Piers Morgan. Glad to know his idiocy is not being spread around like wildfire.
Who's piers Morgan and why is she lying to the world
Lemme just whatsapp ISIS and tell them to chill out Piers, one sec
Watch the reaction Piers Morgan gets from these PC harpies for even the mildest of requests from Muslims. Pathetic.🙁.
**NEW:. I was told I shouldn't be 'angry' today. Well sorry, when ISIS target our children - I get f***ing angry.
When ISIS chose to attack our children last night, they crossed a line that none of us should accept them crossing. https:…
**NEW: . Time for Muslims to expose, name & shame radicalised members of their communities BEFORE they kill.
The straight white male community can & should do more to root out *** like Piers Morgan. You should encourage them…
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Politicians are calling for calm because they are too blame because they have sat back & done nothing
If Piers Morgan wasn't such a 'gun control' sycophant, he'd be tolerable, for the most part.
.I’m sick and tired of everyone treading on politically correct eggshells when it comes to terrorism
Fair play to piers Morgan he is going mental on television about the attack
**NEW COLUMN**. This child killer was someone's son, friend, colleague. Muslims must do more to root out terrorists. https:…
Piers Morgan goes BALLISTIC at Diane Abbott over nuclear weapon silence: ‘Say yes or no!'
Maths may not be her strong point but I'm sure Diane Abbott knows Piers Morgan is ONE giant tool
I think I missed my calling as a professional *** like Piers Morgan
Paul Weller: "I'm not going to go on 'Piers Morgan's Life Stories' and talk to that c**t"
Piers Morgan unimpressed with David Beckham's acting debut: 'The Oscars are looming'
J.K. Rowling and the ‘50 Shades of Grey’ author both completely own Piers Morgan
Zoë Ball ‘devastated’ by death of partner Billy Yates What 'Man up' does Piers Morgan
When asks a question, Piers Morgan makes sure he gets an answer...
What an absolute peach of an article! Piers Morgan with the W.
LMFAO, to think that Phil Neville, an *** is making Piers Morgan look like an even bigger *** Life is f…
domain names
My evidence put to Piers Morgan at the inquiry
is like having a persuasive Piers Morgan reside permanently in your head, only you don't know.
If I could just put Eamonn Holmes, Piers Morgan and Nick Ferrari in a room, close the door and then blow it up my...
Piers Morgan asks Susanna Reid if she has been drinking on Good Morning Britain after on-air gaffe
Tucker and Piers Morgan slam Media for ignoring Christian genocide in the Middle East.
Ruby Tandoh hasn't destroyed Piers Morgan. She's shown herself to be, in the words of the great Norman…
Unlike Ruby Tandoh, Piers Morgan is well known amongst people, who've never heard of
Piers Morgan: ISIS war on Christianity ‘ought to be dominating cable news’
I have no direct experience of Piers Morgan but I love the phrase "sentient ham"
GMB asked Ruby Tandoh to come on the show. Her 'sentient ham' response was brutal
A massacre of 45 Christians in Egypt hardly registered in western media; & ask why?
Piers Morgan wrote a great piece everyone should read!
Ruby Tandoh says she'd 'rather die' than speak to 'sentient ham' Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain
"Piers Morgan is a boil on the butt of journalism." - 😂😂😂
PIERS MORGAN: Domestic US airlines are worse than Con Air
Piers Morgan slams mainstream media for ignoring ISIS attack on Egyptian Christians via
So, what do you really think about Piers Morgan?
well said. Send charlie to america and give this baby every chance he deserves.
US domestic air travel is plagued with a record of delays and cancellations that would disgrace a third world country - Piers…
I feel exactly the same way about Piers Morgan! 😂
Never thought I'd agree with Piers Morgan but this shows how BIG BROTHER the world is becoming.
Piers Morgan slams mainstream media for ignoring on Egyptian Christians
Ruby Tandoh tells Good Morning Britain producer 'she'd rather die' than speak to 'sentient ham' Piers Morgan
Never thought I'd find myself agreeing with Piers Morgan, but surely minuscule chance of life trumps no chance?
Fair point. If the church had been in London or Paris or Berlin, Western media would have given it more coverage. https:…
I'd rather fly with Con Air than United. My new column:
Piers Morgan is right connect :NPR distracts and ignores sponsored by el Gezirah voice…
Media are ignoring genocide against Middle East Christians, says
Piers Morgan is a grown man blowing bubbles
Piers Morgan: war on Christianity 'ought to be dominating cable news' - Washington Times
Okay gang, protest is going nowhere, and Piers Morgan was a little too much for me, so I'm gonna watch Star Trek Voyager on Netflix
Basically being led by the Piers Morgan & Jeremy Corbyn of protests.
California and Scotland, both having an over inflated carbon footprint, i wonder, this must have been sign…
No they wont be sacked thats the point they just get zero hours work so no wages. They are not employed just abused.
Same reason Piers Morgan does and CFC do !
careful eating Trump's *** with that profile pic, Piers Morgan
Piers Morgan showing, once more, that he is a sychophant for Trump. That nominee was stolen from the Democrats, out…
ha, in that case he deserves piers Morgan... I could understand if he doesn't speak to him...!
Piers Morgan? He isn't a very intelligent man. If he were, he would B a…
Hitwise reports 'incredible' growth in UK online news consumption: - via:
viewers to get a break from Piers Morgan as Eamonn Holmes steps in for Easter week
Piers Morgan should suffer, helplessly, in perpetuity
I wish we did have MPs like the one plays, one that isn't afraid to lament Piers Morgan still being alive. I'd vote for them.
Just shouted *** at my box & it came up with Piers Morgan Life Stories & Good Morning Britain. Yep, d…
Piers Morgan is my favourite man ever
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Piers Morgan tried to wack me on the sly
Have to say I hate piers morgan w such a passion. with 2015 me running close 2nd . but mostly peirs
Female version of Piers Morgan, only more off her rocker!
Dame Edna's total disregard for Piers Morgan will forever be my favourite TV moment.
's Eamonn Holmes to replace Piers Morgan on
How many days a week do you finish on the sofa and want to punch piers Morgan on the chin? 😂😂
this is going to be u n I'm going to h8 u
Louise Mensch has zero compunction about lying to serve her own ends. Ask Piers Morgan
I followed him during his spat with Piers Morgan, who is an a**e
I hope all goes well tomorrow for you and your sister. The only downside is if y…
Piers Morgan good journalist, great job on CNN anti guns, but his obsession with Trump has been a…
Eamonn Holmes will replace Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain as he returns to breakfast TV
Trump fan Piers Morgan to be replaced - This Morning - will ratings rise or fall? Where will Morgan go next - Fox N…
At least a little good news Post artical 50
Piers Morgan:. Hacking phones. Lied about Gooners in Copenhagen. Lied about…
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Nothing fake about my outrage. Like I said, I will be this appalled even…
Piers Morgan said this? That is SO hard to believe. Stand up for America & enlist at Patriots o…
Piers Morgan is being replaced on Good Morning Britain by a breakfast TV legend.
Oh No i prefere Piers Morgan i think !
N.Y. developer buys pier sites of Dave & Buster's, Morgan's, with eye to apartments
Not to be outdone by Cristiano Ronaldo unveiling his statue today, Piers Morgan has unveiled his too. The likeness is…
Jamie Oliver is just the Piers Morgan of chefs really isn't he 💤
The target has been reached! Piers Morgan is wearing a Spurs shirt and shutting up for 24 hours
could be worse I could be Piers Morgan!
Good Morning Britain fans have applauded hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid for their coverage of the London terror
Piers Morgan, a man who interviews Coronation Street actors for a living, on if he will allow Scotland to have another refe…
British presenter and columnist Piers Morgan blocked me as I straight out told him I don't like him. And I really don't…
Piers Morgan's birthday is in 10 days
Is Yvette Cooper REPLACING Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader? MP REFUSES to answer Piers Morgan on GMB
Pity! I once bumped into Piers Morgan at London Zoo, I know this horrendous feeling 😫
teaches Piers Morgan a valuable lesson in via
Stephen Hawking is going to space!. Short video (where you have to look at Piers Morgan):.
My opinion on the situation, and life in general - if you agree with Piers Morgan and his methods, you're an utter moron.
Piers Morgan is a complete Moron... don't give this *** air time.
Piers Morgan & Professor Stephen Hawking celebrate in front of mathematical proof that Morgan is world's biggest *** …
Charlie Higson failing to hide his contempt for Piers Morgan on ITV.
So, Charlie you've recently hit Piers Morgan in the face with an anvil, how do you come up with your ideas?
Piers Morgan & Susannah Reid presenting the Ultimate News Quiz at Plaisterers Hall
Compare Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah's couch to Alex Jones yelling on Piers Morgan show. Have you watched My Scientology Movie?
Why does Piers Morgan call people a failure? He went to America and came back a bigger flop then Francis Jeffers, a…
WATCH: Richard Arnold storms off GMB live on air AGAIN amid Piers Morgan rant
Good Morning Britain fans in hysterics as Richard Arnold ‘outwits’ Piers Morgan with ‘in the closet’ joke
love Richard Arnold and Piers Morgan banter gmb
Penn & Teller - Talks About Being ATTACKED by Piers Morgan - INTERVIEW by Kevin Durham ...
I hope Wenger announces that he's staying on as manager until either he or Piers Morgan dies
I think more blokes have had an Owen Jones in the morning than a "Piers Morgan". I'll leave it there...
where's the link then? I done the research it was claimed by Piers Morgan
Piers Morgan to Janusz Misogynist Mikke "You are the greatest advert for Britain leaving the European Union that I have ever encountered."
Piers Morgan and Robbie Savage are the personification of what's wrong with modern football IMO
Who is the worst celebrity fan? Piers Morgan or Tim Lovejoy? It's really close but I think Piers edges it.
British journalist and former CNN host Piers Morgan said during a recent interview that the media's
I legit feel if Wenger was to meet Piers Morgan, he'd give him a right hook. . That's if he isn't too vexed to even meet up with him.
I know, she is almost as bad a Piers Morgan, I really hope those 2 never have sex and produce off-spring!
Does anyone have a spare 'safe space' that we can offer to Piers Morgan? I'm not convinced he's going to be able to cope with
Theres a rumour going around that you're jealous Piers Morgan didn't check you out!. Don't shoot the messenger.
Piers Morgan is like the R Kelly of pissing all over his career
this is like when everyone was lionising Piers Morgan for saying that shooting people was bad /o\
I dream of a world where I can say Piers Morgan and people will reply 'who?'
So sorry but this Piers Morgan gif is going to give you nightmares!
The final say has already been said Lord Forsyth, we said it you do it!
Louis Tomlinson finds an unlikely friend in after being arrested at a Los Angeles airport:.
I just think it's so dangerous putting *** like Piers Morgan in positions of influence when he manipulates facts to…
Piers Morgan has jumped to Louis Tomlinson's defence amid airport drama: 'He was treated appallingly'
Doesn't actually have an argument, relies on provoking people, backs self up with nonsense... Piers Morgan dat u
If smartphones had been around in 2004 then Piers Morgan getting lamped by Jeremy Clarkson could've been the original Richard Spencer meme.
his name is Piers Morgan saved a click
What goes on in Piers Morgan's head:
Sandi Toksvig will replace Piers Morgan as RTS programme awards presenter
Piers Morgan ALWAYS has to comment on something that doesn't concern him in the slightest. Why is that?
Piers Morgan is to far Right for the average liberal... if thats not proof they have gone insane idk what is.
The Killers lyrics. Piers Morgan on Tv. Only Connect questions. My Louise Mench sexual fantasies. Things that make more s…
for Once piers morgan has said something right. amazing.
Piers Morgan has to be one of the biggest troll in the world. bc koi hi celebrity hogi jis se isne panga nahi liya.
how about replacing Arnold with Piers Morgan??
Brilliant article by with an added bonus getting slammed by Jim Jefferies on https:…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Speaketh Piers Morgan, that well known supporter of women's rights.
Hugh Grant to make dig at Piers Morgan in love actually 2
Is the media's treatment of President Trump unfair? via
it's either Gideon trying to get his pics back or Piers Morgan sniffing for a story
What if Wenger's only staying at Arsenal because he knows how much it annoys Piers Morgan?
you know how Sam has Limbaugh and Alex Jones to take the *** out of, please can you start of Piers Morgan
Apart from being the most egotistical sportsman I've ever known & using Piers Morgan has his mouthpiece, what's wrong with our Kev?
.Piers Morgan, persistently and desperately clinging to relevancy and authority. Please ed…
Gawd, Piers Morgan is a special kind of stupid
can the answer not be kill piers Morgan?
Coyle, Martinez, 'Arry, Howe, O'Neill and Henry. Piers Morgan proving he knows nothing about football (again). Embarrassing.…
📰 Mel C of the Spice Girls and Piers Morgan defending Louis.
She did the Piers Morgan. Cross the pond to a place where your lack of all credibility precedes you ever so slightly less.
Piers Morgan barely even let Bey talk when he interviewed her. And he low key tried to come for her cause queen didn't…
's Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid got very heated about Emma Watson today
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Piers Morgan has to be the biggest wanker out there. There's no way another person can be that detestable. Toby Young: Hold…
Dear you're a very good actress & smart, impressive young lady. So cut the hypocrisy about feminism. . https:/…
Surprise surprise, Piers Morgan has something to say about Emma Watson's Vanity Fair shoot 🙄…
And piers Morgan will have to be renamed BELLEND
Glad Harry feels the same as me towards Piers Morgan
great article by Porky's press officer.Mr Mike Parry!!! Self publicist to match Piers Morgan!!!
Quite. It is OK for the Brexit/Trumpards to post anti-Muslim hate all hours. But call Piers Morgan a tw
Piers Morgan's slow morphing into 21st century Bernard Manning is complete...
'I looked through Private Eye's vast archives on Piers Morgan, and found something interesting' h…
The problem with Piers Morgan... my latest for On "Brexit means Brexit" and tautological thinking
Piers Morgan wants to be able to use the word 'man'. E.g. "Piers Morgan is a man who hacked the phone of somebody carin…
Mayim Bialik says her Piers Morgan flashing haters should...
03-02 gives Piers Morgan a 'feminist' show of her own
Think social media harassment of bad? It all began with the mates of Piers Morgan in the tabloid press
As a Welshman even I have to concede that Brian is a credit to England.Piers Morgan is another matter
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Brian, you have 154K followers, Piers Morgan has 5 million. Shut up.
or when Jim Jeffries is given a pass for his deplorable comments because he also happens to hate Piers Morgan
Piers Morgan dukes it out with Bill Maher and Jim Jeffries on HBO's "Real Time"
Still, I apologise for my dad He's not a fan of Piers Morgan so I don't know what he was thinking.
Given Trumps discriminatory views, why did ask his apologist Piers Morgan to front their awards…
Churchill quote in latest on POTUS & press, is spot on. Key the press live up to Churchill's point-->https:…
Cringe levels nearing Piers Morgan levels. "Look! Look at the savages!"
The British Parliament should discuss what to do with Piers Morgan. He's also an embarrasement to the queen
If you're interested, i'll be on tonight at, blimey, I don't know, about 6.30pm talking about Piers Morga…
they thought Piers Morgan was insulted there, this was another level
Save the answer for your Piers Morgan interview.
Piers Morgan is going to be very annoyed he didn't think of this first...
Piers Morgan quits RTS awards after criticism Yeah!
Piers Morgan, what an *** Dissing, J K Rowling, and accusing the owner of that bookshop of harassing him, such a git. :)
send him over, we could do with cheering up, we'll send them Piers Morgan
I'm just envious Joey. You're far more interesting than I am and, like Piers Morgan, you somehow keep being offered work
Total disgrace that felt he had to pull out of hosting TV awards because of politically correct outrage ht…
A free press is vital to democracy, but a permanently outraged, hissy-fit press isn't doing its job. My column:
Piers Morgan pulls out of hosting duties at RTS Awards via
PIERS MORGAN: President Trump needs to slow down and calm down via
'becomes the latest victim of the liberal left. These people hate anyone else with a different opinion. http…
Piers is right, Blair unashamedly plunged a 10 foot knife into back of Jeremy Corbyn by calling for another EUref... https…
What has happened to Piers Morgan? Dude, let talk some sense into you on guns & I'll take back every bad thing I've…
The perfect Piers Morgan story arc. Beautiful. by
Cambridge Analytica added to Piers Morgan & Milo as thing Brits may need to apologise to US for. Terrifying article: https…
You can't keep waging war with your media, judges & spies, Mr President. Time to focus on more important things. .
[final round of word association gameshow]. host: your time starts NOW. me: total *** factory. wife: piers morgan. [balloons f…
From COMMIES in UK: Piers Morgan quits RTS awards after criticism
Piers Morgan quits RTS awards after criticism Now this is what Liberals do. They blackball.
Piers Morgan quits RTS awards after criticism no crazy hysteria is an dissociate of enemy of American people
I let Piers Morgan out of Rivington St onto Curtain Rd circa '97. He didn't thank me. I knew it'd come back on him at some point.
Piers Morgan quits RTS awards after criticism A former tabloid editor agrees w/Trump about "fake news." Decline
Piers Morgan quits RTS awards after criticism
Piers Morgan pulls out as awards host coz of silly noise Ruthless towards people that refuse to hate President Trump
Seeing Jim Jeffries destroy Piers Morgan was EPIC and well deserved! .
Piers Morgan, the 'Fake news' expert. The man who tried to disgrace British Troops, while editor of the leftie rag, 'The Daily Mirror.
good morning my loves, good luck today, you have Piers Morgan back, I love realistic people!
Freedom of speech; entirely not what LBC are implying. Piers Morgan; still a weapons grade bellend who should be in a bin,…
How much do I love that Piers Morgan thinks of himself as a "diverse voice"? I'm glad you asked. I love it quite a bit https:/…
Piers Morgan pulls out of role as awards host because of 'silly noise'
Piers Morgan pulls out as host of television awards after campaign to oust him following his support for Trump.
SHOWBIZ: Piers Morgan pulls out of hosting RTS Awards over 'silly' campaign
Piers Morgan pulls out of awards show over 'silly' campaign to ban him
Piers Morgan quits as Royal Television Society host after online backlash from fans
I would pay to have Jim Jeffries follow Piers Morgan around to call out his crap like Jiminy Cri…
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Jim Jeffries vs Piers Morgan . An Englishman & an Australian arguing over America.
I can't help but think Jim Jeffries set the anti-fascist rhetorical tone last week vs Piers Morgan.
Hey pls stop peddling me videos of Bill maher's shows. I just watched it once to see Jim Jeffries tell Piers Morgan to eff off!
I could add MANY more ~ Piers Morgan, Paul Nuttall, Combat 18, too many! 😱
For any that that saw Jim Jeffries v Piers Morgan via YouTube, you need to see to see the whole show. It's even worse.
Comedian Jim Jeffries flipped off the a-hole, Piers Morgan on Bill Mahr tonight. Way to go Jeffries!!!
Reminds me of what Jim Jeffries said to Piers Morgan: "Hitler didn't kill the jews on the first day: he worked up to it"
People like Piers Morgan, Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttall should not be given media time when they lie knowingly.
Paul is dumb like wood, hah hah... Piers Morgan's little boy toy.
Piers Morgan. Seriously, Paul... do it. Otherwise you're just a bully too cowardly to actually get in and fight on your own
I'm also worried that Paul likes Piers Morgan. This is worse than when he revealed how he butters crumpets
Piers Morgan's Life Stories with on ITV now is wonderful. Great interview so far.
Is there a Piers Morgan stand at Arsenal? Nah, didn't think so. But there's a John Green Stand at 😎…
The internal struggle I'm having right now. The life story will likely be amazing because it's Boy George, but PIERS MORGAN blegh
So it's happening, Piers Morgan is completely defending Donald Trump over Russia. Can you imagine if that was Hillary. what a hypocrite.
Hamilton Collection
NewsThump | publishes 'exclusive' photos of Hogwarts teachers...
Killer Women with Piers Morgan, tonight at 10pm on TV3. Tonight we meet two female murderers, both of whom killed s…
Wow this is coming from Piers Morgan !!
My Prediction today. CFC FANS: 😂😂. MUFC FANS: 😂😂. PIERS MORGAN: Wenger has lost it. AFC FANS: at least we participated, some didn…
Ngl, this reads like a white guy playing devil's advocate in a 2nd year politics class. .
Arsene been making Piers Morgan sound solid regarding football/Arsenal for over a half a decade now.
Did Piers Morgan have a meltdown yesterday? I think I missed it
If I ever see piers Morgan it is defo on sight
Am I the only person amongst my mates who likes Piers Morgan?
. Piers Morgan won't be watching Sky Sports News anytime soon, hehe
NEWS! Piers Morgan publishes ‘exclusive’ photos of Hogwarts teachers urinating on students held in detention…
Piers Morgan 'to go undercover at Hogwarts'.
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