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Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin , born Pietro Cardin, is an Italian-born French fashion designer who was born on 7 July 1922, at San Biagio di Callalta near Treviso.

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The new fashion for men, straight from France, . Dior, or was it Pierre Cardin?🤣
Double OO Cat, the Frenchy is double agent, he is wearing Pierre Cardin night visions. My guess is goin…
Father's Day is coming up, and we have a great range of Pierre Cardin, Morrissey and Milleni…
Check out how designer continues to drive innovation through
That's useful to know. I'm going to return mine - can't see too clearly through 'Pierre Cardin' !!!
Festival attire is literally anything from glitter to Pierre Cardin tees apparently
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Was drummed out of the USSR commie party, you know the one w/ "Members…
I found a Pierre Cardin thrift store shirt that looked like 70s wallpaper, I wore tha…
Pierre Cardin gold tone and black enamel modernist pendant/Art via
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- "I have a name, I have to take advantage of it." - Pierre Cardin -.
"�The dress is a vase which the body follows. My clothes are like modules in which bodies move.� Pierre Cardin"
Pierre Cardin: biography of the iconic fashion designer via
forgot the vest today, but how about a handmedown Pierre Cardin 80s tie fro…
I'm sure they'd be proud to lay claim to it, but I'm thinking more Ralph Lauren, Armani, Pierre Cardin
Got an email off sports direct encouraging me to buy some Pierre Cardin clobber 😄😄😄
Scorpio Worldwide targets millennials with new Pierre Cardin collections
Scorpio targets the younger generation with Cardin brand: According to Scorpio Worldwide, the Pierre Cardin brand……
Pierre Cardin celebrates 70 years in fashion:
Pierre Cardin celebrates 70 years in fashion with a retrospective show at Vanderbilt Mansion.…
Our Pierre Cardin Writing Collection brochure can be viewed online
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The Preservation Society of Newport County has brought a Pierre Cardin exhibit and fashion show to Newport, and...
Cocteau's 'Beauty and the Beast' features outrageous fairytale costuming by Christian Berard and Pierre Cardin.
Had a vintage Pierre Cardin tuxedo jacket I didn't know what the fuq to do with, so I busted out…
Have a lovely night!. 1969 Pierre Cardin . from pinterest
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Insanity!. Pro-Erdogan columnist: People who buy Pierre Cardin, US Polo, Cacharel would have financed coup attempt.
[Pierre Cardin SLIM neck dress men blue with s
So who will tell Pierre Cardin that they have to stop their 90% off sale?
Hi thrifters . Naa me daghan new stock sa bags .. naa pud branded like . Anne klien,. Pierre Cardin,. paco rabanne,...
Pierre Cardin. Comfortable in beauty . Mulai Rp 52.000. shop now.
That Xhosa fathers and Pierre Cardin kind of love. ❤
Look at what my fat dad brought, not even Calvin Klein, or Pierre Cardin.but Pierre Klein
i absolutely love Pierre Cardin's retrofuturistic designs
Pierre Cardin . black and white animal print . low back . via
Fashion is art too. 1970 - Pierre Cardin & Raquel Welch in Cardin by Terry O Neill
French fashion icon and international businessman Pierre Cardin was designated UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador in...
marks 70-year career with Paris fashion showز.
Before his retrospective 70th anniversary show, declared that his fashion house is up for sale.
There you go Porky, send me some money over and i'll get you some pierre Cardin attire for cheap
At 94, Pierre Cardin stages his 70th anniversary show
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We undress men and women, we don't dress them any more.
French fashion designer Pierre Cardin aknowledges the crowd at the end of a retrospective…
Looking forward for pierre cardin's handbang hehehe
Found my clothes that I bought from pierre cardin back when they were trendy smh
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remembering the old fashion days with Mr. Pierre Cardin, the new ones…
I was very lucky, I was part of the post-war period when everything ha...
It a Pierre Cardin Tanga sort of a day today 😊 featured in NBC s Science of Love
I see some suit epap overly...Pierre cardin
My name is more important than myself.
Pierre Cardin SLIM neck dress men blue with stripes at
the swag of John Paul Gautier back at the Pierre Cardin
The only one who is alive today and still being talked about is Pierre...
Donald Trump was endorsed tonight by Merle Norman, Olan Mills, Oscar Mayer, Palais Royal and Pierre Cardin.
📷 Jeanne Moreau poses in studio in Mata Hari costumes designed by Pierre Cardin, photographed by Jack...
Pierre Cardin puts his bizarre Bubble Palace in the South of France on sale for £300m | Daily Mail Online
New season Pierre Cardin suits are now available at Dolce Cavallo 14 Riverside
sorry for buying a plain black Italian suit with a red tie from Pierre Cardin man sorry for being sick
Bag woman hobo to shoulder PIERRE CARDIN black in real leather Made in Italy N73
Vintage photo of Cardin Pierre smiling. -
Vintage photo of Pierre Cardin sitting. - Pierre
like ya mattress, frozen snickers wrappers and Pierre Cardin briefs
Soweto's Finest red 'Sbhujwa' high top by Pierre Cardin available at Studio 88 and across Southern Africa
The Soweto's Finest 'Sbhujwa' black low cut by Pierre Cardin available at any Studio 88
Salute to the tinder dates tonight, brought to you by Pierre Cardin for men
Rare Vintage PIERRE CARDIN Briquet lighter in Original Box with Case and Papers
Set of Pierre Cardin men neck dress and pocket handkerchief (Slim style) at
Retro Pierre Cardin striped black silver necktie via
Pierre Cardin joined the architect Lovag in close creative collaboration
Italian Leather Handbag for Women by Pierre Cardin - Italian Leather Handbag for Women by Pierre Cardin
Made exclusively for Mia Farrow by Pierre Cardin for her first starring film role "A Dandy In Aspic".
Announcing | Which would you rather? Hot air balloon ride or coffee with Pierre Cardin?
Arp-inspired anti-design sculpture lights by Serge Manzon for Pierre Cardin for sale tomorrow. Check it out here!
Celia Hammond and Patty Boyd in Edward Mann Dot and Moon Helmets, Pierre Cardin, 1965. Photo by John French.
Ha ha ha . They were from Moss Bros without the Pierre Cardin shoes 😳
Get special privileges at Pierre Cardin & Byford - Mall Ciputra World Surabaya by showing your hotel…
ONE WAY TICKET TO UNDERGROUND The trip won't need details of itinerary The plane won't be a British/Spore AIRLINES but.AIR JANAZAAH The luggage not only allowed 30 kgs. but no matter how heavy they weigh.. We don't need to pay the excess luggage, free of charge. Our dress won't be a Dior/Pierre Cardin suit/outfit anymore,but only cotton shroud... We no longer need perfume but only the camphor and attar... Our destinations won't be Jeddah or Heathrow airports, but the GRAVEYARD DON'T WORRY ABOUT DELAYS, the flight IS ALWAYS PUNCTUAL. DON'T WORRY about BOOKING THIS TRIP, it HAS BEEN BOOKED the day you became A FETUS in your MOTHER'S WOMB.. This TRIP COMES WITH "NO" WARNING. A r e y o u p r e p a r e d.? (Imagine Today is YOUR LAST DAY/by Moh Chetty/edited) LikeLike · · Share
Paul Ryan looks like a sweet Eddie Munster in a green Pierre Cardin tie tonight. I just wish he made better decisions.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
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Satisfied with my buys from Pierre Cardin garments sales, whereas Sis bought kiddos clothings & bedsheets as well!
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what do you call it when your friends coerce you into buying Pierre Cardin bras? Pierre pressure
Mimi clearly broke up with me during the cookout. I knew it wasn't Pierre Cardin
Mr McNoah, that list should include 'Pierre Cardin' and Versace. We have our own way of sensible pronunciation:-D
Pierre Cardin“Carvela “Chuck Taylors "What is the name of the shoes you wearing right now?"””
Nice price these underwears for men at 799 bob !
Is that Pierre Cardin? I knew it, I knew it wasn't Pierre Cardin.
Pierre Cardin CS1933: Today's watch is one from another of the famous designer brands. This model i...
Oh and I got Pierre Cardin bras today!
I just got my Londales and Pierre Cardin
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Now where can i get new nib for pierre cardin pen here ?
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Model in wool dress tied with a soft leather bow by Pierre Cardin,1963.
Once upon a time there was a shepherd looking after his sheep on the side of a deserted road. Suddenly a brand new Porsche screeches to a halt. The driver, a man dressed in an Armani suit, Cerutti shoes, Ray-Ban sunglasses, TAG-Heuer wrist-watch, and a Pierre Cardin tie, gets out and asks the Shepherd: If I can tell you how many sheep you have, will you give me one of them?" The shepherd looks at the young man, and then looks at the large flock of grazing sheep and replies: "Okay." The young man parks the car, connects his laptop to the mobile-fax, enters a NASA Webster, scans the Ground using his GPS, opens a database and 60 Excel tables filled with logarithms and pivot tables, then prints out a 150 page report on his high-tech mini-printer. He turns to the shepherd and says, "You have exactly 1,586 sheep here." The shepherd cheers,"that's correct, you can have your sheep." The young man makes his pick and puts it in the back of his Porsche. The shepherd looks at him and asks: "If I guess your profession ...
At Pierre Cardin, we take care of the quality of our construction. Each piece is carefully embroidered…
Photo: Happy 92nd Birthday to Pierre Cardin Find out more about him hear
"My name is more important than myself" Pierre Cardin celebrates his 92nd bday today
How gorgeous are these Pierre Cardin canvas satchels available at Mundaring Shoes
And once upon a time Pierre Cardin designed the outfits
Happy birthday to I 🎂 and the same day born pierre cardin HBD to you
One word: Plastics. Ben Braddock's torment lives on at the Pierre Cardin store in Paris.
“My old designs are so popular now.I must have been on to something.” Pierre Cardin
Check out Set of Pierre Cardin men Skinny neck dress tie and pocket square Brown stripes via
Suits, Spring 1960. On the left, the blue suit is by Pierre Cardin. It would be just a couple of years before...
Pierre Cardin 1959.ahead of the game
Geezers clearing up in their Dads Pierre Cardin jumpers!
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Pierre Cardin. I can't resist. And I'm so happy that I bought it just now. Thank God for the *** sales 😍
History of fashion [edit | edit source] Long fashion is the privilege of the aristocracy. For the first time the term appears in the expression "new fashion" (la nouvelle mode) in 1482 to denote a change in the clothing of the elite of society. In 1549 the phrase becomes "being in fashion" (être à la mode). In XVI century appeared the first fashion magazines and newspapers, but only in the XIX century, they began to offer low prices. Gradually, then fashion is built so that it becomes an image of the whole society. Around the middle of XX century appear names such as Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Nina Ricci, Pierre Cardin and others who revolutionized fashion. In XXI century fashion attracts mostly younger generation has a tendency to seek and find their own style, guided mainly by motives of convenience.
We were so excited to find this picture today Mia Farrow wearing the Pierre Cardin dress that we sold at auction!
We were so excited to see this picture of Mia Farrow in the Pierre Cardin dress that we ...
Mia Farrow is wearing a gown by Pierre Cardin and photographed by Bill Epperidge at Frank Sinatra's town house...
Setting up for this afternoon's lunch at Pierre Cardin's historic Palais Bulles!
Does anyone know anything about pierre cardin furniture, I have a table I want to sell don't know where to start
I'm giving away: Pierre Cardin Pen and Pencil Set. Check it out -
Photoset: turecepcja: Installation - Megan Mosholder Pierre Cardin’s rocks in the Secret Garden, vernissage...
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Just as Donna Karan has DKNY, Michael Kors has MICHAEL, and Marc Jacobs has Marc by Marc Jacobs, Harvard has HBX.
Only in an Iranian press briefing one can see Pierre Cardin laptop case that perhaps cost more than the laptop itself 😉
Pierre Cardin watch 15 pounds brand new churchdown
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Visited Pierre Cardin's castle in Lacoste today - beautiful but strangely sterile.
actually BBs aren't all that common. Think Pierre Cardin is the worst. Or you can try fossil. Also very hardy but a bit young-ish
Photo: lavoilette: Model in bouclé sheath with interesting neck design by Pierre Cardin, photo by Georges...
Explore the historic Palace of Bubbles, a design wonder from Pierre Cardin, at tomorrow's Lunch!
2 pairs of brand new Pierre Cardin black mens jeans. Still with tags. Waist 34, leg regular fit. Selling instead of returning. £15 for the 2 pairs :)
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5 piece Pierre Cardin luggage. Like new, no tears, zippers all work well. Large suitcase, medium suitcase, carry on bag, toiletry bag, and garment bag (picture of it hanging and folded) All pieces fit inside large suitcase for storage. Very nice set. $50
Pierre Cardin 2 piece luggage set! Large suitcase has been used 1x and has some airport abuse signs on back but inside is perfect! Small suitcase still has tags these were purchased separately and small suitcase retails at 100 by itself! 80 obo for set!
A beautiful jewellery gift set at an incredible attractive priceOver the last half century, Pierre Cardin has accumulated every role as a visionary designer.He was born in 1922 near the city of canals and high art, Venice. Pierre studied art in Paris and in a relatively short time found himself a...
Deodorant Stick 2.5 oz, Men. Launched by the design house of Pierre Cardin in 1972, PIERRE CARDIN is classified as a refreshing, subtle, oriental fragrance. This masculine scent possesses a blend of fresh and spicy, a scent that lingers, very male. It is recommended for romantic wear.
no it was fashionable from Pierre Cardin and I'm very upset as I always used to wear :(
MY DAD IS GONNA LOOK BETTER THAN ME ON MY PROM. He's got Pierre Cardin t-shirt and Tommy Hilfiger tie. Never had something like that 😭
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Pierre opens a new designer cinema in
Photo: The other day in Lacoste, France home of Pierre Cardin and Savannah College of Arts and Design.
Cardin Cocktail Bar (past the timeframe.. but so cool) 1970's Cocktail bar designed and manufactured by Pierre Cardin, France. Lilac perspex and tinted plastic unit with molded bottle storage. Clear lucite support with three chrome castors. Lifting lid with chrome metal detail.
"Space age outfits in silver vinyl by Pierre Cardin, on display at Fashion... via
Had some respite time this morning... went to our local Goodwill ... bought 3 long sleeved men's shirts, one of them a Pierre Cardin, for the "big" price total of $5.24 ... just finished taking them apart for a quilt .. going to have a major "Ties That Bind" event about the middle of next month ... going to tie as many quilt tops as possible for Jericho Road Ministries ... it always seems there are never enough quilts with designs that men prefer, so will concentrate on making more tops like that before we gather together.
Now I have a thought today: Hit the Steinmart jackpot guys should all run before the good stuff is gone. They have a 50% off all red dot going today and tomorrow.I got a killer purse originally $119 for 15.83! Also, they have blue line items.I got 12 bracelets, originally $29.00 for 74 cents a piece! Yes that is line marked down and then 75% more off! (great little presents for the girls at church for Cookies with Santa!) Also- Pierre Cardin underwear with the coupon, originally $25/pair, you can pick them up for about $2.50 RUN FOREST RUN
So going down to Florida my plane was delayed two hours bc all air traffic was stopped at BWI for the incoming flight with VP Joe Biden. I finally arrive at almost 12 midnight. go to get my bags and some ninny took one of my bags. Had to wait almost 2 hours for this ninny to bring my bag back to the airport. Really the only thing that was the same was the color, how do you think that you could walk off with a Pierre Cardin with black markings and think it was your no name brand with white trim. the airlines gave me a 50 dollar voucher for my next trip...that was sweet. It was Suzanne Neff that was talking their legs off that I think that it is why they gave me the but had a really really fantastic time with my girls Jenny Lazar and Suzanne Neff and families.
Slavery Prison System : Corporations are paying prison ers from .17cents to the highest paid which is $2.00 an hour. Thisis a limited list of businesses that are making profits in the BILLIONS off this basically free labor: Texas Instruments, Motorola, Macy's, Microsoft, Target, Pierre Cardin, Boeing, Nordstroms, Revlon and more. Support the Safe Parole Act!
i would say some of them include: Ermenegildo Zegna, Hermes, Harris Tweed, Pierre Cardin, Ralph Lauren, Brioni.
The Love of my Life! My Brother Michael A. Ellis .R.I.P Today is that red flag day that never seems to get better over time. I miss my only brother like yesterday and it has been 23 years! My BEST BUD EVER! The man that taught me how a gentleman should treat a lady! My Protector, my confidente! Also the one that teased me the most (to thicken my skin), lied on me...walked me to school, made sure I was dressed appropriately for a date, took me out to dinner, PUMPED ME UP! when I was down...Assured me that I would grow up one day to BE SOMEBODY!!! Michael could make you laugh at yourself...he took joy in making others happy and showing kindness even in the smallest of ways. He was always clean, dressed well and told me to always treat yourself with something nice on pay day, even if it was a pair of socks...and boy did he have a snazzy sock drawer..Calvin Klein, Pierre Cardin. On my birthday he always bought me Godiva Chocolates and Red roses! He attended Tuskeegee University, he was studying to become an E ...
This is exactly how it starts: BREAKING NEWS.French government resigns; Manuel Valls named new prime minister. "French Air force spotted over Texas". Due to the loss of of the French culture in Texas since being settled by René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle in 1685, the newly established French government announced today a major foreign policy shift that it would no longer allow the continued dilution of legitimate French claims to its territories. President Vladimir Putin wearing Pierre Cardin underwear speaking astride a proud bare back horse appeared with his fishing pole at a hastily convened press conference in Anchorage, Alaska- a previous Russian territory.. said, "The Russian people condemn this obscene power play regarding bombastic French territorial claims; the Russian people no longer can sit by to allow blatant foreign aggression of a major world power to intimidate what once was a small Republic. Russia is mobilizing all support necessary, military and otherwise to protect the sanctity ...
There's more about Armani, Pierre Cardin, Vivienne Westwood, Matthew Williamson and many others contributes in "home has become fashion".
On my way to the Hamptons Auctions to see my friend. Some Items can't be sold in Queens. The Botkier bags are not 4 sale but everything else is... Givenchy, Dior, Christian Louboutin, Mark Jacobs, Pierre Cardin, Gucci & vintage items are. This is 1 of 2 lots. This Is Not Yard Sale level
I guess you don't know train etiquette, I get off first then you get one. And who is wearing Pierre Cardin? That went out with solid gold Figaros and pinky rings.
Hamilton Collection
Pierre Cardin jewellery box set In a white box with satin lining and a little mirror ideal for traveling 4 pairs of silver coloured earrings for pierced ears Brand new unwanted present £5 Pick up from Frimley
Permission to post. Dear Value Customer, Greetings, we have newly arrived laptop Toshiba C50 Core I5 with dedicated 2GB video graphic card it’s reasonable price we are giving to you. Please call back or email us for the inquiry of this model we are giving you best price for it. These are the specification below. TOSHIBA C50 Core i5 Specification Processor: Intel® Core™ i5 3230M System RAM: 4GB DDR3 Hard drive(s): 500GB SATA Screen Size: 15.6" LED Graphics card: 2GB VGA Dedicated Networking Ethernet: 10/100/1000 LAN Bundled OS: DOS Networking WiFi: 802.11b/g/n Other Features: Webcam, Bluetooth, DVD writer Multi Drive, HDMI, Card reader, English keyboard Color: Glossy black Office 106 COMPUTER BUILDING Bur Dubai, Dubai (Near Admiral Hotel, Opposite the Pierre Cardin Showroom)
Pierre Cardin matching bathroom sinks, toilets and a bidet. 4 sinks (with pedestals), 3 toilets and a bidets. Retro and rare. Make me an offer.
Pierre Cardin attended the festival and cut ribbons to open the festival Many European and overseas Vietnamese attended the Vietnam's sea festival held at Pierre Cardin Fashion Centre in Paris yesterday. The festival was held to promote Vietnamese
wearing evening gowns by and for September 1957
""A fascinating story which Morais tells colorfully and well. It is no hagiography; neither is it a hatchet job.
Pierre Cardin is a phenomenon, a unique figure in both the fashion and the business worlds. The son of impoverished Italian parents who emigrated to France, he began his tailoring career in wartime Vichy and his fashion career by sewing for Paquin and Dior. In 1949 he opened his own couture house...
My book of French fashion designer, Pierre Cardin, one of the unsung 20th century greats:
Can't find my Pierre Cardin lighter smh
Traditional & Designer Inspired Fragrances to choose from:   (M) indicates for Men (W) indicates for Women (U) indicates for Universal (Men & Women)   Type* - Name trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective manufacturers and/or designers. These versions are NOT to be confused with the originals and our distributor has no affiliation with the manufacturers/designers. Our interpretation of this fragrance was created through chemical analysis and reproduction and this description is to give the customer an idea of scent character, not to mislead, confuse the customer or infringe on the manufacturers/designer's name and valuable trademark.   -   O de L'Orangerie Type* (W) O Oui De Lancome Type* (W) Oatmeal Cookie Yankee Candle Type* Obsession by Calvin Klein Type* (M) Obsession by Calvin Klein Type* (W) Obsession Night Type* (M) Obsession Night Type* (W) Obsession Plus Type* (M) Ocean D'Argent Type* (W) Ocean Dreams Giorgio Type* (W) Ocean Lounge Type* (W) Ocean Wa ...
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Pierre Cardin won 250 coins from the Daily Lucky Pudding and wants to share the winnings!
Fashion Models wearing evening gowns by Pierre Cardin and Pierre Balmain for Marie Claire France, September 1957
This is a true real Pierre Cardin suit case slight damage to catch on one strap that goes around the top but otherwise good and very lockable still as said true designer Pierre Cardin so priced realistic damage not noticeable at all I would like 85 Ono it is cheap size about 1 meter by1.1/2meter lots of room and pockets plus suit section on wheels not torn and clean
Check the luggage, it's vintage 'Pierre Cardin' Got a hundred stacks buried in the 'Jardin'
Kaufman's. Dat was back wen I had mad Perry Ellis Pierre Cardin & Eddie Bauer... You *** was wearing "Boss"
Is fake Pierre Cardin the new fake Burberry or do chavs know something I don't?
Now this is to douse any form of tension .MY OGA AT THE TOP. The trend "my oga at the top" has gone like the striking of the wind As the funny frenzy seems to have gone like a pop But despite its brain and mind Still ponders Who is the oga at the top? Could he be that handsome rich brother Who wears pierre cardin suit on a girogio armani tie Whose strides are always calculated and confident in that suede shoe of prada Though he is pompous as a result of his mammons,walking condescendly on nybody with a sigh Could he be that spiritual being? Who was made with all precious stones As a result craved for his makers throne Until he was casted down from heaven because of his flawful sin Is he that militant leader who was acclaimed to have undergone ressurrection Who kills humans like he is slaughtering rams Like those illiterate ancesors who just think of there farms Saying education for erudite elite must have restriction Is she that fat,dark,un-dexterous boss of yours Who has conical customized tr ...
yes still using both of them. but nike last long sia!! been using since sec 1! Pierre Cardin i use few months then useless 💩💩💩
u use before ah nike and Pierre Cardin? Nike exp leh!!
Ohhh, but I want Nike ones!! I'm using Pierre Cardin ones thou. But if thin not very worth it leh!
size8 redherring top from debenhams. new but without tag. slightly to big for me.£20 (was £32). new with tag xl pierre cardin polo shirt £6. north watford
Bizarrely have you tried Pierre Cardin? I know.. but I was in the same boat & I found a pretty good one in there... 70% off too!
Pierre Cardin Stripe Crewneck Knitted Top The Pierre Cardin Stripe Crewneck Knitted Top features a very smart striped pattern and fine knit construction, with stitch detailing under the arms for durability. This Knitted Top is very versatile and can be adapted to formal or more casual wear. Mens Str...
I find it pretty hilarious that Pierre Cardin has sale throughout the whole year in Dubai! Like seriously?
WHAT'S YOUR ZODIAC SIGN FRIENDS??? Well here is mine what is my new zodiac sign what is my element CANCER SIGN! The nature of Cancer sign people discloses by the moonlight, which is extremely becoming to their changeable emotions. Along with good mood Cancer sign may suffer from severe melancholy. Fears of Cancer sign people pursue them day and night. Sorrow and uncertainty make Cancer sign aspire to loneliness. People of Cancer sign can keep secrets and sympathize with other people. Cancer sign heart is very gentle. People of Cancer sign love their home and water. Colors of Cancer signare white, light blue, dark blue, silver, and pale-orange. Stones of Cancer signare pearls, emerald, and moonstone. Metal of Cancer signis silver. Talismans of Cancer signare clover and heart. Cancer career Cancer sign does not strive for popularity. However, Cancer sign always needs more love, money, and fame. Cancer sign is very reasonable and practical. Cancer sign likes to save money and make provisions. Cancer sign peo ...
Pierre Cardin watch in box, like new, great condition. Nothing's wrong with it. Also tells the date, and comes with a leather wallet. $25 obo
Vintage Pierre Cardin frames from the 70s! I see you.
If that ''Chat Room'' bird doesn't know the difference between ''Pampers'' and ''Pierre Cardin'' boxer shorts we have problems!!!. ;---)
''They're not 'Pampers' darling, they're white 'Pierre Cardin' boxer shorts''!!! ;--)
New stuff ! Pierre cardin only bra big size . Let me know ya if you want :*
That outfit you got on is really nice...Pierre Cardin?
Pierre Cardin's bubble house on the Cote d Azur
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Gerard Depardieu,Andre the Giant,Eric Cantona,Pierre Cardin,Man from Delmonti,Miss Duffy the French teacher at Sneyd,Jean Valjean,jaques the bread carrying stripey top wearing bycycle dring frog leg eating wally.your boys are taking 1 *** of a beating.
Roberto Capucci was born in Rome December 2nd 1930 . The value of Capucci as a designer is recognized around the world and in all fields, in fact, at the age of 26 is considered the best of Italian fashion designer, particularly appreciated by Christian Dior , who called him publicly in an interview with Vogue " the best maker of Italian fashion ", for the absolute originality of its creations. Dresses many celebrities and showgirls, among the most famous clothing that is worn by Rita Levi-Montalcini on the occasion of the awarding of the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1986. Innovations: Among the "business" of the designer memorable ours should certainly be included the creation of the "Box Line" that marks a revolution in terms of technical and stylistic. Precisely for this September 17, 1958 in Boston receives the Oscar Fashion - Filene's Young Talent Design Award - as the best fashion designer with Pierre Cardin and James Galanos. Acclaimed with much enthusiasm by French critics in 1961 for ...
Jean Paul Gaultier (French: [ʒɑ̃ pɔl ɡotje]; born 24 April 1952 in Arcueil, Val-de-Marne, France) is a French haute couture and Pret-a-Porter fashion designer. Gaultier was the creative director of Hermès from 2003 to 2010.[1] In the past, he has hosted the television series Eurotrash. Contents [hide] 1 Life and career 1.1 Gallery of selected past designs 2 Collections and labels 3 Perfumes 4 References 5 External links Life and career[edit] Gaultier never received formal training as a designer. Instead, he started sending sketches to famous couture stylists at an early age. Pierre Cardin was impressed by his talent and hired him as an assistant in 1970. Afterwards he worked with Jacques Esterel in 1971 and Jean Patou later that year, then returning to manage the Pierre Cardin boutique in Manila for a year in 1974.[2] His first individual collection was released in 1976 and his characteristic irreverent style dates from 1981, and he has long been known as the enfant terrible of French fashion. Many ...
We are having a HUGE garage sale next Saturday, November 30th. Some of the items for sale are a couple of outdoor propane heaters (only used once with tanks), a huge reverse projector screen (got this off craigslist-brand new, worth thousands), a treadmill, a propane BBQ grill, an old Pepsi machine (as is, not sure it works, but a great fixer upper-found it on craigslist), working PS3 game system with some games and two controllers, a huge selection of men's designer neckties (Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Claiborne, Kenneth Cole, Donald Trump, Tommy Hilfiger, Pierre Cardin, etc), a huge selection of aquariums (all sizes from 10 gallon to 80 gallon), 2 TVs, vinyl records of various singers (33's and 45's), books, videos, DVD's, autographed basketballs items from Steve Nash and Grant Hill, Sean Elliott NBA-Star Poster frame), Roger Craig autographed football, 2 Jack Hamm (Steelers) autographed footballs, autographed golf club of David Duval with letter of authenticity, autographed framed picture of Mike S ...
"Photo: Fashion by Pierre Cardin for L’Officiel magazine, 1960s. love this
got some for myself mate, even pushed the boat out for a Pierre cardin one too
Jony Ive is the new Stark is the new Pierre Cardin, soon forks, umbrellas, etc.
Did you know- Pierre Cardin designed dresses for the 1946 film La belle et la bête (Beauty and the Beast)?
I'm at hassu concept pierre cardin royal hali
You can buy our new Pitcherwits magazine from Paypal and receive a FREE Pierre Cardin Pen/Pencil Set. Just £20
Chapeau Pierre CARDIN - can't decide between flowers or hat? Choose this..
as well as pioneering licensing tat (which every fashion brand now does) Pierre Cardin was also a great designer
Pierre Cardin in France in 1922. We're so excited to have so many of his designs in our upcoming auction!
One of the wonderful Pierre Cardin pieces for our auction: a Coral Lace Mini Dress, C. 1970
photo by Richard Avedon. Wearing Pierre Cardin's sacque coat of rose brocade.
Vintage perfume corner: A shocking creation from the house of Pierre. Cardin: As a devotee of chypre fragrances...
LOL, all the guys in my frat are wearing white t-shirts and im wearing a white Pierre Cardin oxford button down.
dabble in everything.Has worked for Pierre Cardin;drops names like Greta Garbo & Louis Vuitton with complete nonchalance.Quite the character
Photo: the60sbazaar: Pierre Cardin checks out the dresses on his models 
I sat next to a designer of Pierre Cardin and a designer of Cacharel. The first designer was more humble.
Patronized Pierre Cardin today & told the promoter that the cut was terrible. Last thing I want is a bra that insults nature's gifts to me.
African kings in Louis V suits, Audemars watches, Pierre Cardin shoes. just give up, dude. U might as well release a mixtape.
Colour My World. Perfect seamless collection in new and vibrant colours from Pierre Cardin…
Perfect gift for the man in your life!. Vintage Pierre Cardin Money Clip Dollar Sign by 3249VintageRoad via
Those offers at Pierre Cardin tho... *_* (at Sarit Centre) —
Preview of shoot 1 "My names is more important than myself" -Pierre Cardin
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
A little dose of Pierre Cardin to remind you fall can still be colourful!
I just know. when my brother bought us a land telphone with brand Pierre Cardin .
On that note, peep the Pierre Cardin shorts I picked up at the thrift
I have a black belt in Pierre Cardin
This authentic Vintage Pierre Cardin snakeskin clutch, in great condition is available in our warehouse shop for £29 http…
Discount on Pierre Cardin for today 2000 for ladies watch and 2500/- for gents 2 in one watch so hurry up!!!
1970s Cardin Coffee table:coffee table by Pierre Cardin
We will be launching Pierre Cardin First Copy watches by tonight... stay tuned!!!
mind he scratch up them new boot-ahhhs dere T.. they Pierre Cardin right 😏😂😂!!!
I'm wearing a new Pierre Cardin jumpsuit.
Pierre Cardin nin"No Herrera? "So what's the meaning of all these Mr Moyes!""
So glad Venice is deprived of this atrocity. (Dezeen) Pierre Cardin cancels Palais Lumière skyscraper
I wash with my soap , I wear my fragrance , I eat my food ... I live on myself . Cardin
Pierre Cardin cancels the 60-storey Palace of Light skyscraper, due to criticisms how the building would fit into the Venetian landscape.
Public opinion cancels Pierre Cardin's proposed Venice Skyscraper. What do you think?
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Pierre Cardin cancels plans for Venice skyscraper: "a victory for the people in the defense of the historic skyline"
Pierre Cardin scraps plan for Venice skyscraper
Vast skyscraper near the historic Venice skyline gets abandoned before being built
254m Palais Lumiere planned next to the historic & protected city of won't be built. Surprised?
Glad Pierre Cardin scrapped his Venice design. It looked like a Fritz Lang style top hat
Reader comment: "Always nice to hear that mediocre architecture has been cancelled"
Pierre Cardin scraps plan for Venice skyscraper: Fashion designer had described 60-storey projec...
Dear Pierre Cardin and Rodrigo Basilicati: would be perfect for your Palais Lumière skyscraper.
we don't value Pierre Cardin much in Dubai - his label is perpetually on 75% off - so no Dubai is forever safe from this joke.
Pierre Cardin grows eyes and a brain via
Reader comment: "I doubt they'd allow this carbuncle in Dubai, never mind Venice"
Pierre Cardin's own house is pretty ugly as well
Good thing that this Ugliness by Pierre Cardin won't be build via
Pierre Cardin cancels Venice skyscraper | News:  public and governme... Read more:
Pierre Cardin cancels Venice skyscraper: . News: public and government opposition has forced fash...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
To build or not to build a skyscraper in Venice?
Pierre Cardin cancels vast skyscraper behind Venice A victory for the people as the ministry of culture follows...
Pierre Cardin cancels vast skyscraper behind Venice-. Can hardly believe they even considered it!
July 7, 1456---Joan of Arc is posthumously acquitted of various crimes including, heresy and witchcraft, by Charles II in recognition of her service to France. 1815, With Napoleon Bonaparte defeated at Waterloo, the Allies march into Paris. 1865, Mary Surratt is the first woman executed in the U.S. for her alleged role as a conspirator in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. 1876, Jesse James holds up the Missouri-Pacific train and robs it of $15,000. 1946, Italian-American educator Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini becomes the first American citizen to be canonized as a saint by the Catholic Church. 1952, On her maiden voyage, the ocean liner "United States" makes the fastest-ever crossing of the Atlantic to date. 1989, Compact discs out-sell vinyl albums for the first time. BORN ON THIS DAY: Fashion designer Pierre Cardin (1922), Country music legend/hall of famer Charlie Louvin (1927), Folk legend Donna Ann Mennell (1937), Beatle Ringo Starr (1940), Actress Shelly Duvall (1949), and Figure skater M ...
So what happened to Phat Farm, Sean John, SOHK (School of Hard something something ...), DADA, Donnay, Mecca, Nautica and also Tommy Hilfiger and the likes that stood tall amongst all the other designers in the late 90s to the early 2000s? Class is really class. Its always permanet. Kudos and big ups to Prada, Calvin Klein, Versace, D&G, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren (Polo), Pierre Cardin, Channel, Armani, Lacoste and the likes. They are still standing tall. .
Miucia Prada apparently has said the vintage is dead ! She is quite right since most fashion house and Prada at the first place have been using almost all the vocabulary of the vintage. Where we are going for the next step. We are now on 2012, Futuriste as Pierre Cardin, Courrège and Paco Rabanne once pictured was about year 2000 on their mind. Since fashion business become a multi international. A lot of money have been used to reinvented the collection. So much energy the studio has been spent working to make the vintage become something new. There was so many details invented to make the vintage cloth become something diferrent from what it was. Now the vintage is over, the future has left us behind we only have one thing left Which is «OLD » Old, old fashioned became something terribly interrsting, sexy, full of energy. So in contrary of the word « old » a few years back. As costumer, I could kill myself just find back the old paire of made in US Converse. And I think I am not the only one whe .. ...
I can see this next Henry County election...Its going to be more like a Beauty Pageant Here comes the current County Judge Executive wearing a suit by Michael Andrews Bespoke of New York City...Dress shirt by Pierre Cardin ... shoes by Rockford related to money and people of influence in Henry County cannot do no wrong, controls local news reporting and covers for his friends sweeping things under the rug. He's been your County Judge Executive for years now...a Vote for John Logan Brent means the rich will get richer, businesses will continue to leave and the poor will have no jobs, no future in Henry County.
Try 'Cross' ballpoint pen. Was Rs900 at Office Depot. Ink pen, try Pierre Cardin. Inexpensive but good!
That's the power of love. Biff Tannen 👇 Pierre Cardin 👆
people remix songs of just about anything! im listening to demi lovato - skyscraper. Pierre Cardin has some legit skill. this is raw
Pierre Cardin’s House the blends flexibility, harmony, beauty and balance. Know more at:
it was a fake, super baggy Pierre Cardin... with one of them labels stitched onto the sleeve. Moesh
What is your favorite clothing store? — pierre cardin like DUH
MAJOR moment...Pierre Cardin, Portrait of a Woman with a Velour Helmet, c. 1960
I just bought: 'Pierre Cardin: 60 Years of Innovation' by Jean-Pascal Hesse via
Can someone please tell me *** is up with the Pierre Cardin adverts. I find them so distressing.
I bought mine at Parkson. Pierre Cardin brand if I'm correct. The very pretty top & bottom set kind, lol
Very Pierre Cardin that kaftan looked to be on Megan exiting the villa!
Hello viewer, I have improved the sentence on Pierre Cardin and the product is now £15/30. This product is 100% guaranteed!
The rounded shoulder is back for Fall '13, who said it ever went away? Pierre Cardin ACCORDION SLEEVE JACKET 1984-88
Scott's wearing 3D glasses and a pierre cardin shirt. I'm still in my pjs cos outside is too much for me to handle right now.
Fashion History: Did u know that Pierre Cardin first introduced the bubble dress in 1954?
£40 for 6 Pairs of Pierre Cardin Boxershorts (£87 value) - 12 Pair Option for £65 @
What a pleasant surprise. A Pierre Cardin hand bag. Even tho not the one I really want, this is good enough. Thank you, Mom {}
Slick Rick with the Pierre Cardin suit and alligator shoes pulls one out.
Look what I found on PIERRE CARDIN set of 4 Cotton blend DESIGN men'
Am so getting myself this pierre cardin jewelery set
Raquel Welch in space age fashion by Pierre Cardin, 1969.
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