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Pierce Morgan

Piers Stefan Pughe-Morgan (born Piers Stefan O'Meara; 30 March 1965), known professionally as Piers Morgan, is a British journalist and television presenter.

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Pierce Morgan was nearly forgotten until now, his last stand.
.Who knew Pierce Morgan was a racist? Learn something new every day
Don't hold your breath for that interview. :) Same thing happened last week with Pierce Morgan.
Pierce Morgan should have done a fact check he is Ignorant! Apologize Pierce!
And life begins.Morgan Harrison Pierce 8lbs. 12oz. 19 3/4 in.…
Guest author, Morgan Pierce, Sr Director of Product Mktg & Content on our blog
next it will be you being interview by pierce brosnan aka Morgan πŸ˜‚
simon and recently she went to pierce Morgan's daughter birthday party i believe
Morgan is about to pierce her cartilage with a tack and I'm so excited
Some days are just good good days and today was one of those days. Meet Pierce...a handsome 9 year old who was...
Yes Pierce Morgan seems to call out the left as well now πŸ‘
Slow jams is the worst. I would rather listen to Pierce Morgan stutter
ineouldnpay money to watch you take on Pierce Morgan.
I hope 1 day that Pierce Morgan comes across a maniac with a Gun. I bet he will want 1 then.
I want to punch pierce Morgan on the face
I'd have thought Morgan would be chopped. Last season Morgan 28 games Pierce 42
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Pierce Morgan might be *** - just don't know - but I have it on good authority that Piers is not!!
Katie Hopkins and Pierce Morgan. 2 of the most hated people in the UK πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
My mom just invited my friends over Saturday lol πŸ€”
nah that's pierce Morgan, an ugly, mayo rat.
Pierce Morgan still an *** , no wonder they took his show away!!
I'm sick of all British talk show hosts, Trevor Noah, Pierce Morgan, Trisha Goddard, etc. Send all of their *** back to Great Britain
We sat down with to talk about our new album and how we're in it for the long game. Check it out!
I love Pierce Morgan on GMB He talks sense ..Most of the time His jokes are awful..But funny I think Suzanne needs a personality check πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Pierce Morgan believes 65 Million people in the UK Don`t think, he should sacked from breakfast show,he includes, kids. babies,What a pratt
please Pierce Morgan staying Looking forward to Sept but not in a hurry as I will become a yr older lol - loved pierce calculation
I've told Pierce Morgan to die one too many times. I quit. That was my last time.
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Love pierce Morgan on breakfast telly says it as it is just like me
get your cartilage done and let me pierce your 2nd whole, that's that I done :) except for Morgan pierced it for me
Chrissy Teigen cyber bullying Pierce Morgan is my new favorite thing.
Guess being a news outlet you failed to realize nobody listens to Pierce Morgan anymore.
you forgot Alex Jones on Pierce Morgan greatest interview of all time!!!
They wont move. That *** limy *** Pierce Morgan swore he'd leave if a gun vote did not go the way he wanted...
'Criminal Minds' has said goodbye to one of its finest
Short Stop is closing in & moving to a new location – in the Pierce County town of Milton:
oh yeah I really trust anti-2A liberal *** like pierce Morgan to tell me as a conservative who I should vote forGoCRUZ
would you believe pierce Morgan, Hillary Clinton, mitt Romney, newt Gingrich, and so many more? I guess not
I have no respect for Pierce Morgan
Never thot I would love anything Pierce Morgan said, but u can't ignore the TRUTH!
Pierce Morgan needs to stay in Britain!
Remember how homophobic/transphobic Pierce Morgan was about Derrick Barry in 2008? Is he getting away with that sort of hate now?
pierce built like morgan A. Pinky toe
Hallelujah! Pierce finlly makes sense! . PIERS MORGAN: Isn’t it time we listened to Trump on terror?Β  via
kinda scares me to hear pierce Morgan agree with the US people.
- surprised to find myself agreeing with Pierce Morgan!
Pierce Morgan is on side of NWO control what in the heck is he doing? If he switched sides for Trump then he awoke
Pierce Morgan do us all a favour and shut up
Pierce Morgan is a joke, but he speaks the truth about . .
I had a lot respect for Pierce Morgan, but now that's out the door.
crap. Never thought I would agree with pierce interview
Pierce Morgan can't even hold onto a job now we're gonna listen to him about Trump
Pierce Morgan is a *** and he is well aware who trained these animals and how they got to Syria & suppliers
Pierce Morgan would agree with you ; Trump Win ,Tump Won POTUS CERTAIN
putting me off GMB having to listen to the pompous overbearing obnoxious Pierce Morgan
agree with Pierce Morgan. You are the only one that has a plan to beat ISIS. Whether GOP likes you are not we need you.
Wow listen 2 Pierce Morgan in our side now!!!
i just feel your pain cause I had to do that one time 😩
Since when was Pierce Morgan a news broadcaster
2 hrs later...there's only so much pierce Morgan ya can take!!
Lindsey Morgan accepting her Queen of the *** title
i'm confusing you with Pierce Morgan nowadays.
okay i don't think y'all know how ready I am for the new pierce the veil album...its BEEN 4 YEARS SINCE IVE BEEN HAPPY…
Fell back asleep this morning to pierce narrating visions of cody in a Morgan freeman voice
Where's Pierce Morgan's big foul mouth when the team wins in big matches like this? What a lame, moronic fan he is
Pierce just woke me up by playing Green Day I'm moving out
Robin Bailey quoting pierce Bronson not piers Morgan just dissolved any advice being offered to Madonna
I'm sure Pierce Morgan must be chuffed about the way England started
Are you gonna build a wall to keep your little english buddies like Pierce Morgan out of MY country. MINE!
Can't stand Piers Morgan. Is his name Pierce or Pies? Make up your *** mind
I prefer watching good morning Britain when Pierce Morgan isn't on there, it's less judgemental πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
you follow pierce Morgan that says it all bud we are worlds apart on views it's ok to disagree
Thanks Morgan Pierce for following me! Check out if you want to connect further! :-)
Hey! This Friday I'm supporting the very awesome Pierce Brothers at Jack Rabbit Slim's and there's a $10...
next republican debate on March 21, 2016. Can you have moderator of Meygan Kelly, Pierce Morgan, Jay Leno & Rosie O Donnell.
Pierce Morgan to Prince - don't go to you wouldn't last 5 minutes with police.
Mr. Pierce takes everything I say out of context and makes me seem like an *** πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ IM not really this mean
Victoria Morgan Pierce you very often post about laundry probs so I thought you'd like this. Alli Vaughan...
I started a white house petition to deport UK's Pierce Morgan for comparing US gun deaths to the UK's. Got 167K signatures. CNN canned him!
Pierce Morgan's got such a big mouth
The guy who made is a complete lift weight, this guy is the reincarnation of Pierce Morgan
fine yes Morgan I'll pierce urs too!!! stop begging me geez!!
Morgan Freeman eating cookies on stage at the Oscars is all of us
Pierce Morgan pls give your guests time to speak. I want to hear points of view on Europe.
Morgan Freeman narrating the Best Picture award just seems appropriate somehow.
Trump wants to win the WH so he can position himself above Carnegie, Rockefeller and Morgan. He has no clue about the Const…
Pierce Morgan your my hero you were best journalist in United States ever I admire you and Susan Boyle and Simon too!
According to accountants, Morgan Stanley Pierce Draper and Kramer, nobody knows if Leo wins except everybody
Even Pierce Morgan saying Sturridge bottled out of penalties...did he not see the player was not fit to do so?...
enjoy the game today mr pierce Morgan?
Lmao this pierce Morgan guy is brutal πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Pierce Morgan must have climaxed just now...
Word is Pierce Morgan's people aren't as enthusiastic about it anymore.
Why do I always get Pierce Morgan and David Cameron mixed up?
Nice to know that people like this Pierce Morgan exist in every other continent. Carry on.
the world needs a Pierce Morgan equivalent of this
Pierce Morgan's Wikipedia page is an enlightening read.
The Pierce Morgan case: known as a MSM-Lib guy in America, as a nasty Tory in Brittain.
I wonder when Pierce Morgan will grow up, πŸ˜’. But den again do I want him to?
Girls 3A State Tournament: Panthers swish past Morgan and into semifinals
YES.Meanwhile read what mr Pierce had to say about Trump & your personal person
FINAL: Pine View knocks off Morgan (67-57) to advance to the 3A semifinals against Snow Canyon.
Well all Piers' are *** Especially Pierce from Saints Row and of course Piers Morgan.
ur friggen so sweet to us. I'm coming down in April, better be seeing you sugaβ™₯️β™₯️
Morgan Pierce, Why Alfred, speaking about moving the Alfred Mouton statue.
i am with pierce morgan. Grow up. Be reapectful of yourself and others.
When Ben is right he's one of the best. Ruthless. His destruction of Pierce Morgan was classic.
would be great to see jiroud score then the camera man pan across to pierce Morgan's face lol
I ❀️ Pierce Morgan! I love watching him on GMB, the things he comes out with!!! Lol
Morgan using gmtv to promote his pal trump piersmorgan
Apple doesn’t care about our freedom, they just want to be cool. via MT: Pierce WHO?
theres that crazy clown that's a gun nut that does UFO shows who attacked pierce morgan on CNN just like the guy on ur show
We finally managed to get rid of pierce Morgan only to let that *** John Oliver into America. God *** it get rid of them all.
on Gmb television this morning pierce Morgan let all the pro eu's speak with out interrupting!- cont
"I can't come to work, Pierce Morgan was on tv praising 'the sharp and sassy' Ricky Gervais and I became violently ill"
Can Pierce Morgan keep his mouth shut and let other people talk
Dexter Morgan and Lumen Pierce should not be shipped because I miss Rita but it's so hard not to
NPR? Listening to NPR is like listening to Pierce Morgan. Jerry Springer is more entertaining.
okay I'm off Monday so text me what time you want to go and we can sign up
Hibbing has 126 AJ Bethea going for first 132 Morgan Fuenffinger going for first. 138 Ray Pierce going for 5th. 1 of 2
glad to see Morgan's keeping a lid on it
Is miles jupp related to pierce Morgan . They look like brothers
Pierce Morgan and Gareth Cliff are cut from the same cloth or trash bag if I'm being honest.
My god, pierce morgan is an arrogant dolt
it's great ! Love to see Pierce Morgan and Suzanna drop in too ! Well done on win. We love you Philip & Holly
Don't sweat it pierce morgan. After all we've have seen parliment have all out slug-fest before.
Thanks for following, did you get a chance to check out any songs yet?
Pierce Morgan giving the middle finger
My dog was badly injured when a stick was impaled in her throat. Shut up Pierce Morgan you have no idea what you are saying!
Agree with pierce morgan on the dogs issue. Throw them a stick if they want a stick.
must admit I like pierce Morgan.. I not all like I don't
Funny, it how we Americans feel about Pierce Morgan.
I'm such an *** really showed me, Pierce Morgan!
Never thought id agree with pierce Morgan ... Let trump into uk!!
Jack Dromey wants to ban Donald Trump ,Pierce Morgan ripped him to pieces this morning, Another government ***
get rid of pierce Morgan he makes my blood boil sorry to say I shall be turning over my tv
i tel u man, or Pierce Morgan. D ones dat can & shud wil b feelin inferior or scared, dis is wer Soyinka shud rise. Morn bruh
Remember when I met Pierce The Veil and I didn't breathe afterwards for a solid minute because 2012 Morgan was back to life
Why ? We have to put up with Pierce Morgan !
They're gonna clean up your looks. With all the lies in the books. To make a citizen out of you
Because they sleep with a gun. And keep an eye on you, son. So they can watch all the things you do
Because the drugs never work. They're gonna give you a smirk. 'Cause they got methods of keeping you clean
They're gonna rip up your heads,. Your aspirations to shreds. Another cog in the murder machine
So darken your clothes or strike a violent pose. Maybe they'll leave you alone, but not me
We throw red carpet out for Putin, King Salman & Pres JinPing but want to ban Trump?. Pathetic hypocrisy. My column:. https:…
Why is Pierce Morgan wanting Trump to be allowed in the UK. Trump is the type of guy who would want him deported for talking about gun laws.
Breaking Pierce Morgan doesnt like our guns so he went back to Britain to kiss the queens *** just to ban against Trump. Typical CNN dummy!
It means we agree that Pierce Morgan is a *** :)
Can someone tell me why Pierce Morgan is still in GMB? Fed up of seeing his face every morning
Lmao wherever pierce Morgan is there's a debateπŸ˜‚
I absolutely love Pierce Morgan on good morning Britain! So glad he is back! I love how he's not afraid to challenge anything!
I love pierce Morgan he doesn't give a toss about what people think he is my inspira
Pierce Morgan's unbiased support of Donald Trump is disgusting.
or the person who thought it would be a good idea to employ Pierce Morgan.
I think you should ban pierce Morgan
please get rid of pierce Morgan . He thinks he is funny to be honest he annoys me . So i don't watch gmb. Sticking to sky news
Still not over mcr's break up and never will be
You the guy who humiliated himself on Pierce Morgan's show by losing your temper while defending GEORGE ZIMMERMAN?
when Rihanna told pierce morgan to grow a *** πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ fave
it sounds like the time Alex jones yelled at pierce Morgan for an hour. I hate pierce but jones didn't do himself any favors
Pierce Morgan should be absolutely FORCED to take in refugees and pay near total income to pay for it.
depends...Is Pierce Morgan still on the air ?
Pierce Morgan presenting the travel awards this evening!
Kale was 50p a bag a months ago and now since Pierce Morgan mentioned it it's now nearly Β£2 in some places *** ??
I don't know who is a ticklee: Nyxon, Ludella Hahn, Whitney Morgan, Tomiko, Cheyenne Jewel, Jolene Hex, Agatha Delicious,
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Pierce Morgan I just listened to you talking to our good sherrif. Your a piece of crap because you didn't let him talk! Your a fool!
You know it going to be a good day when you get a parking spot at pierceπŸ™‚
I think you can safely bet that if Pierce Morgan thinks one thing, Obama probably thinks the opposite.
The name originated when a lady working at the Academy awards' office remarked:"It looks like my uncle Oscar Pierce."!
PSA: just because my name is "Morgan" that does not automatically mean I am a male. Please stop guessing on emails and writing Mr. Pierce.
Asking the office when Pierce Morgan is 69. Didn’t go down well. Just feel we need some balance.
He could be Pierce Morgan as he's a right numptey.
No Preksha, Europe & USA media too has done the same. Check Pierce Morgan TL he too speaks like BAR. All defending Islam.
I usually agree with you, not this time. I think it is Pierce Morgan, aka Pierce Moron. Hence, the ratings.
"Still waiting for Morgan Loga and Ryan Blanchard to get together again 😏"
- Your Ex BF, Pierce Morgan, will blame this all on the guns while he is cowering in a corner.
yes , pierce Morgan used to tout that all the time
Pierce Morgan just can't help himself. . . .
why on earth have you got that moron Pierce Morgan back presenting your show? I certainly will not be watching!
Paul Pierce in his "Cross Colour, clothes you've crossed over Then got totally Krossed Out and Kris Kross".
Morgan lowkey roasted Pierce on his birthday postπŸ˜­πŸ˜‚
I wish Morgan was here so we could jam to sleeping with sirens and pierce the veil together
Should I let Morgan triple pierce my ears
Happy 18th birthday Morgan I love you so much, your finally legal! Can't wait to see you this weekend
Omg Pierce Morgan is in my flight YIKES
SEC leader in TD catches: Drew Morgan, 9 TD. Last WR to lead the SEC in TD grabs: Jarius Wright (2011) https:/…
After watching interview with Pierce Morgan, i think its time they got someone less sleesy in such a chat with a legend, he is not up for it
The guy looks too much like Pierce Morgan.
We don't. As long as you forgive us English for Pierce Morgan.
2. Morgan wants to be a coroner so she can pierce John/Jane Doe's ears and put their body in a bag
How can pierce wear two completely different shoes to workπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I made Pierce Morgan over 2 years ago and it's still under-appreciated
Trumpet players Kevin Pierce and Morgan McNeil play taps for the Spillane Veteran's Day Assembly.
The End of an Era. Mix coming soon about Kobe, Duncan, Dirk, Pierce, KG, Vince, TMac era. πŸ€
That was a typo. It was supposed to read "Pudding" Pierce Morgan.
# Pierce Morgan I did not like you before but I'm changing my mind
But what about Pierce Morgan's whiteness? HUH?! Who's gonna care for the white man Deray!?
how did Pierce Morgan get to be... Such a *** bag?
"If I were you I'd put that away. See you're just wasted and thinking about the past again. Darling, you'll be okay." …
I β™‘ Pierce Morgan. So the haters r saying Donald Trump bombed. I would like to see those critics on SNL. Go Trump!
How many smoked duck lardons n chocolate trifles will be quaffed at this game by the Pierce Morgan types?
. Pierce Morgan hasn't got a nice gesture in him. Phone hacker, etc etc.
Honoring Army SSgt Morgan D Kennon, died 11/7/2003 in Iraq. Honor him so he is not forgotten.
Right in the feels, man. I bet you follow Pierce Morgan too. Savage af.
Pierce Morgan wouldn't let Dr. Ben Carson go near his brain, but he'd probably let Bill Clinton go near his wife & Hillary near his wallet.
He would need to perform Microscopic Surgery in Pierce Morgan case
I would like Rachel Welch now to kick Pierce Morgan (is that is name/) RIGHT BETWEEN THE BALLS.
S/O to first year Morgan Pierce on winning the Fall Finale! Whiteman 2, Dengel 3, Gathje 4
pierce Morgan doesn't need to worry. There is nothing to work on.
Pierce Morgan is a total waste of skin, ***
Pierce Morgan must be surprised see his team arsenal defeat Bayern just like millions of other arsenal fans with good tactical football
The Force Awakens? Sorry, but Star Wars has sucked for 40 years via Who cares what Pierce Morgan thinks
Lemme get this straight... Pierce Morgan still has a job?
Pierce Morgan is back to his old and boring tricks, the same tricks that he has been employing for 40 years.
- no. been busy modeling Morgan Pierce.
10 more. JP Morgan fires10 Analysts for cheating. And we trust these people with our money?.
Martika Pierce Larry now we know where the horn came from lol thumbs up for Carol and Morgan!! β€” watching The Walking Dead
Jedi master Morgan kicking as always
really enjoyed this episode. Guess we know what jss means. Jedi master Morgan kicking a$$ as always
Btw... This started as a Pierce Morgan reference. But as I said a while back... It only matters when race is involved.
a tiny bit of frost on the grass at Walter Pierce Park in Adams Morgan this morning. Not much, but it was there.
happy birthday Lindsay Morgan Pierce!! you're finally sixteen! I love & miss you so much have a good day
Come let me pierce you like I'm Morgan.. The pipe may just shift more than one organ..
Pierce Morgan's itv . Warwick Davis . always loved him since movie Willows, . superb guy and dad. star
Just watching pierce Morgan life stories Warwick Davies, small in stature but a giant of a man –  10% Off
Checklist Time!. 1) Not US Citizen: βœ“. 2) Has Sense of Superiority over US Culture: βœ“. 3) Might as well be Pierce Morgan: βœ“
Congratulations JCHS cross country girls for getting first place at Morgan County and to boys for finishing second out …
They all are, I meant Pierce Brosnan not, do follow back
Congrats to Sarah Zander and Pierce Morgan for making Second Team All District!
nice reply. Pierce Morgan should mind his business.
- a bit chilly. I'm about to get some food then resume giving hands to Space Pirate Morgan Pierce.
I'm pretty sure you are Mary- Morgan Pierce with or without whoever it is.
well done with your interview with Pierce Morgan. Brave girl! Sometimes we need to experience bad stuff to appreciate good.
I don't know why I always spell Piers Morgan's name as Pierce! I almost always have to confirm...
I respect ur country's policies & don't belittle ur govt or soveriegnty. U can have Noah & UK can have Pierce Morgan. Dont want'm
After reading Pierce Morgan's piece on Lamar, people truly underestimate the type of thick skin Kim had (and has after her sex tape)
Olivia had Sarah Morgan pierce her helix with this soli…
Pierce Morgan once again trying to troll this morning
hi Ranvir who is Pierce Morgan replacing next month on GMB? X
The only complain against the Brits I got is you won't keep Pierce Morgan at home... ;)
pierce morgan only gets TV time for ONE reason, he is anti American gun ownership
I realise that BBC have Danny Cohen leaving & ITV conf Pierce Morgan on GMB-but new Muppets&ModernFamily is my biggest TV story of the day
- made some more progress on the space pirate Morgan Pierce... now he had ears and hair...
Ha ha. He's not funny. Is he doing a Pierce Morgan? Trevor Noah wonders why Republicans aren't 'pro-life' on guns
100% agree with what Pierce Morgan just said about David Cameron and the country as a whole at the noment.
schwarzenegger . I want to see Jason Statham do a parody of Pierce Morgan's show on CNN - where he…
Man is quite chirpy lately. Why don't you have alex on Live or are you afraid you'll get a Pierce Morgan whopp…
Back hurts Pierce Morgan really tired but going to Walmart to get some chocolate
"oops, sorry, I thought you was Pierce Morgan."
So, I just found out that Pierce Morgan is on the air interviewing people. .
yeah, but i hear they are very angry people infact they want to Pierce Morgan
can we suspend Pierce Morgan as well to equal out this injustice!?
Oh Clarkeson. Running out on dinner invitations based on punching Pierce Morgan?
Love Love studying Esther. Love Jana Pierce (Young) & love Mango tea. Combining them on a rainy morning is an absolute oasis.
LMFAO!! PIERCE ko"" He wants to be piers morgan so bad" Lmfao Sorry , I pick my role models better ."
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you should follow pierce Morgan. Would make a good collaboration. His biggest fan. The two of them make a good couple!
If yah gine pierce yah nipple make sure them like sunrise and not sundown
after I tone my belly I want it pierce
Both teams have annoying fans I.e., Pierce Morgan
A great local cause all started by a friend of mine Morgan Pierce via
Arsenal. Come on. We know you want Pierce Morgan to off himself as much as the rest of the world does.
Monreal didn't read the script. Arsenal were supposed to throw the game so Pierce Morgan would off himself
Tonight, We might see Pierce Morgan get the Electric chair if lose
Arsenal, I ask of you, please forfeit this match. Pierce Morgan has offered to electrocute himself. You can have the next league meeting.
Wenger is really piecing u off, why not wait till d day he leave bfore u support again
big man, just watch that plank Pierce Morgan on giving it large about Big Jonny spotting, you should have piled in on him πŸ˜‚
Please unfollow pierce morgan for at least 3-4 avoid spamming of ur time line
i bow down to you O revered one. πŸ™. Spectacular extraordinary prediction. Brace yourselves, pierce morgan KP rants on their way.
Well that lifted my spirits. Hate that insufferable *** Moviebob is the pierce Morgan of gaming.
Piers Morgan says he knew Lupita's dress was fake since Oscar night...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Add Roy Hodgson to the list with Pierce Morgan, Michael Owen, Gary Neville, Danny Dichio and Tony pullis
Is it just me or is Howie Mandel becoming Pierce Morgan?
Admin Kc i'd rather shag pierce morgan than my mum, shagging your mum is the first sign of. being a swindon fan so no thx.
you've been sent 3,809 pictures of Pierce Morgan!?
Schultz still on msnbc TV. I Just see it as Dems having a longer bench. Pierce Morgan is a UK hybrid of GOPbiz w/ Dem social issues
nah him and pierce Morgan on it next week, Dimbleby said last night, lol
*the letter reads, "$7,000,000 for the death of Morgan, a magmortar, don't screw up"
I agree, Pierce Morgan is absurd. He's an 1/8th the man Larry King is!
Totally pumped for girls night tomorrow! πŸ™ˆπŸ’
I lost respect for Jennifer when I saw that February 9th 2012 interview with Clive Davis & Pierce Morgan she puppet
Joey Barton on question time next week with pierce morgan thats a must watch?
Joey Barton and Pierce Morgan on Question Time next week. That should alleviate fears that the BBC is dumbing down.
Pierce Morgan and Joey Barton on question time next week aha, definitely worth a watch!
Pierce Morgan and Joey Barton are on next weeks question time? LOL
tbh my fav interview with the boys was during 1DDAY with Pierce Morgan he asked hella good questions
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
》》"What is she piercing? "Martha Karua the Pierce Morgan of Kenya ""
greetings, Alan! I'm a fan. But please advise: does it bother you when Pierce Morgan mocks you or do you see the funny side?
Paul Pierce could be in 4 separate pieces and nobody would believe he's hurt
Time for your England to burn Pierce Morgan , not to worry I will save the best for last USA
Had a lovely couple of days with Pierce Morgan, nice to have a catch up, hope to see you again soon. With Tracey pierce Xx
Mikaila basically forced me to let her pierce my cartilage
Pierce Morgan is a massive wanker, lose some weight u gimp
Why do we keep hiring British people to report our news? We don't have enough Americans? Glad Pierce Morgan is gone.
Oliver isn't the only one in Bring Me The Horizon. Vic isn't the only one in Pierce The Veil. Danny isn't the...
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