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Pierce Morgan

Piers Stefan Pughe-Morgan (born Piers Stefan O'Meara; 30 March 1965), known professionally as Piers Morgan, is a British journalist and television presenter.

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Good Riddance, I will not miss his lecturing or elite attitude,
I can't wait to re pierce my nose. 😄
Just watched "Remember Me" with Robert Pattinson and Pierce Morgan. It is based on 9/11. It is sssuuuccch a good movie. I recommend everyone watch it!
Take THAT Pierce Morgan! Go ahead. Tell your queen she's not allowed to do this.
Pierce Morgan is such a dumb F'in *** that even in his farewell show he still doesn't get it! WE HAVE A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO OWN AND USE GUNS! And his statement that he quotes; "If you are ever in a foxhole you want an American beside you" is because AMERICANS GREW UP USING GUNS AND KNOW HOW TO SHOOT THEM... Please go home Morgan and play cricket and stay home in the UK. we fought a Revolution to get free of your kind and I for one will never give up my guns! I will die Fighting those who try and take them!
Pierce Morgan will absolutely win Briton's got Talent. No doubt! Have you ever seen anyone else talk to thousands of viewers on television WHILE their head is firmly inserted into their butt? NOW THAT'S TALENT!!!
That's too funny. Hope your success rate continues. See if you can get Pierce Morgan on a hit list.
I was at a friends house ,lets call him jeff cos that's his name and I'm just licking chords on the guitar ,I think of my own choosing although that may have been a coincidence...then in his gruff little Welsh I'm been down the mines voice he starts to sing . .My god is a friend of your god ,your god is a friend to mine all gods get on good together ,that's in the nature of being devine that sort of thing happens sometimes ,in my life and its like I was stood next to Stewart Lee in a bar but he did that really cool thing and pretended that he didn't recognise me and even really , so admire my work but Like I could tell that's what he was thinking .even .but the song was so sweet ...and Stu's turning into Pierce Morgan anyway ...
wel I'd anyone is hangin around wvup & headed back to parkersburg, I'm in need of a ride. Corey won't be...
morgan called her mom and told her she pierced her bellybutton and said april fools BUT SHE ACTUALLY DID PIERCE HER BELLYBUTTON
Pierce Morgan has summed Felliani up for me
PIERCE's last words on his last show bfore he bowed OUT-»
Fox News should get rid of Bill O'Reilly. O'Reilly is Fox News' Pierce Morgan!!! O'Reilly is a narcissist!! There's only one good thing about Fox's 8 pm slot. It gives me a chance to watch another channel!!!
They're on a roll! Toilet paper drive in Kingston. We'll speak with organizer Morgan Pierce.
So glad that lunatic, Pierce Morgan is done with T.V. just hearing the man speak is enough to make you vomit.. Falls right in with the Fox News crowd!!
not sure about Crimea but CNN is definitely lost - canceling Pierce Morgan - refusing to cover anything but the missing plane
who is this *** you have replacing Pierce Morgan - shame on you for canceling his show
finishing my homework while my babies are sleeping! Corey made some dank baked steak earlier. I'm lucky I got...
it is a good thing that Pierce Morgan is off the air. He is so bad , hate him
I knew a guy in high school who liked to take a large sling shot and shoot large potatoes at buses and other cars. Maybe pierce morgan would want us to ban guns and potatoes. that guy i knew in high school is a wealthy venture capitalist today.
Yup pierce Morgan s buddy yee caught dealing illegal weapons funny no news coverage oh wait he is a democrat sorry forgot double standard
& I enjoyed the show this evening. Much better than that boring Pierce Morgan.
My love for you was bulletproof, but you're the one who never heard another Pierce The Veil song
CNN, we miss Pierce Morgan Live with or first cup of coffee in the morning... Michael whoever does not cut it for grandpa always said 'leave well alone'!!! Why couldn't you?!
They are trying out this guy on CNN tonight and is a welcome change from Mr. Gun Control, Pierce Morgan. I like his style.
Pls bring back pierce Morgan can't stand new guy. Hope he is temp give him razor
Not that I was much of a fan, especially when he kept repeating his views on gun control, but what happened to Pierce Morgan at 8:00 PM on CNN?
this is but they've replaced Pierce Morgan libelous I hope this is worth watching
Who the Fuq is this Smerconish guy??!!...I want Pierce Morgan back...smdh
If this is true, he needs to get on the same airplane with pierce Morgan and leave the country. Fox News needs to see to it.
CNN has an open spot at 9:00 PM, Eastern now that they have released the wonderful Pierce Morgan. Off and on for years I have asked CNN to stand up against FOX and hire a dominate, strong, opinionated and fearless talker who can destroy the lies Fox consistently puts out daily. There are a number of vibrant souls willing to take on Fox if CNN would grow a pair!! MIKE MALLOY for starters.Michael Moore...real gutsy, non-gentlemen who are tired (as I) of the wimpy, kissy, twits they hire. How about a few more suggestions? And how about sending CNN a note to get off the fence they've been on way too many years?
Morgan has promised she didn't pierce my ear in my sleep at the weekend but I am convinced she has
homework today, school tomorrow. now, finding a ride to drop Brooklyn off to my mom & getting to school?...
The International Court has finally sent the Japanese Whalers packing from the South Atlantic. About Bloody Time! Oh yeah and a side note that blabbering albino whale Pierce Morgan has been sent packing also.
Shout out to for bringing me and Morgan some food at our yard sale ☺️ love you!
Hi I'm Pierce Morgan and I'm going to have guns banned in the US! And by that I mean get fired from my job.
Client: "Was listening to Pierce Morgan signing off for the last time in the car before coming in and he ended with mentioning how we nee more gun control." Me: "Yeah, I'm glad he's gone!" Client: "Oh no, no..we need him!" Me: "WHAT?! You may need him, but I don't!" Client: " We need him to battle the NRA." Me: "In which I'm a member of." Client: "Oh no, they're responsible for millions of deaths!" Me: "WHAT?! Oh...kind of like how the automobile industry is responsible for millions of car accidents and McDonald's is responsible for millions of obese people." Client: (silence) Pierce Morgan...glad your gone!
Please join myself, Tammy Pierce Morgan Hannah Coffelt Cornelius and Amy Byars as we work together to raise money for these brave young souls. April 5 marks the 1 year anniversary of my precious angel Anabella receiving her new liver. Just click on our team page below. Stay tuned for upcoming challenges and fundraising events we will host in efforts to help support our cause. God has blessed each of us and our babies with another chance at life and now we want to do what we can to help support others.
Maybe Pierce Morgan can take you back to the UK with him.
with the departure of Morgan, it's like a revolving door there. How about bringing back 24/7 news and LA freeway car chases.
he is a year older than Pierce Morgan.who do you think is winning the aging contest?
My 9 year old saying bye to Pierce Morgan.:
Marvelesam so glad CNN finally fired pierce morgan.It was another case of a foreigner coming to america taking citizens job/holla
My new little sister was born today! Welcome to the fam Morgan!
He is the BEST! I hope he takes Pierce Morgan's spot!!
if u need me to explain legal and illegal to you i would be happy to. Maybe pierce morgan has dumbed u brits down
any chance in getting pierce Morgan on the next show and cutting the break line could call it your good deed for the year ??
Pierce Morgan gets owned by my girl Chelsea.
"[WATCH] Piers Morgan ends show with one final anti-gun rant via Pierce who?
The gun-control CNN MSNBC and Pierce Morgan want you to have.
suey_park I'm Father of Asian American Daughter so sad the way HP interviewer treated U. He is a Pierce Morgan wanna be Racism is ugly. out
Alexa, Luis, Marina, Pierce, Diana, Hernan, Kaylee, Morgan, Camila S, and the twins is there in Ultra
So long Morgan, wouldn't it be ironic if he was a victim of crime that involved a Cricket bat.?
I was never a big fan of Pierce Morgan
“So it looks like Pierce Morgan & Cannons fans can keep their chins up after making .
I hope Pierce Morgan goes back to Great Britain. We have enough talking heads here already. We don't need more.
CNN's Pierce Morgan cancelled my appearance on his show 3 times last Pierce Morgan gets cancelled! What goes …
Fans always want to bad mouth the club anytime we're down, those same fans would go cussing out Pierce Morgan for the same thing. Smh
Goodbye Pierce Morgan , you giant hot air balloon ! Not going to even remember you in history, final show has aired !
I want that Larry King/Pierce Morgan slot. Id be great 4 it lol
here's a cool little moment for you...Pierce Morgan and Keith Olberman got fired(whatever *** , MHP is still rocking.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Pierce Morgan, I have HAD it with you being all negative about Coach Wenger! .
Pierce Morgan is barely getting off TV? Son shoulda been dropped on site, especially after Janet Mock took him to task
Bill Nye the Science Guy on Pierce Morgan's show hey hey hey
In case you have not figured it out, the US Government and CNN and Hollywood are not just promoting the Catholic Church and Homosexuals, that they have drugging and murdering us, they are all deliberately pretending to be homosexuals while setting up and drugging and murdering Believers that object to their immorality, search Michael Obama and Kathey Griffin and Sandra Bullock for examples This *** Chelsea Handler with Sandra appeared on Pierce Morgan claiming a burgaler threatened her, and said she knew another powerful *** that would deal with the matter, but they set up believers that believe the Jewish Torah or the Koran and drug and rob and or rape and murder us While dwelling in the house of a friend named David in North Dakota, I witness to a man named John, and one day while driving from work to David's house, I heard a voice saying, "John is out drinking!" And refused to think evil of saying, the love of God thinks no evil, and when I got to David's house, David came out and said, "I thi ...
Ok I get a bit concerned when Pierce Morgan is using Bill Nye an authoritative voice regarding the Malaysian Air Mystery. Kind of like getting political commentary from Ron Burgandy.
After pierce Morgan looses his chat show on CNN they have him interviewing stars on the Red Carpet at the oscars
Just rubbed shoulders with Pierce Morgan Live from CNN !
wish you had practiced instead ... Your batting always fails in big matches .. Kholi pierce morgan calls you a Behan Choke!
I thought CNN got rid of Pierce Morgan? So why is his ignorant *** on my tv screen??? That's one person I absolutely cannot stand ***
I wanna order a piercing kit off amazon and pierce up my own ears and belly button. 😈
Wow turn off the it's not helping Pierce Morgan
Congrats , Organizing for Democrats,Battleground TX members,Unite Blue members, OFA members , BDD/Barack Obama supporters ,Wendy Davis supporters, online hacktivist , anons and friends who helped post we made Ted Nugent apologize to the President for calling him a sub human mongrel , now we need to force him to apologize for claiming to get Pierce Morgan fired , for his stance against guns. Get ready for round two , but for now Major Victory . thank you for all you have done and are about to do , repost and share this in your groups :-)
Just blocked by that bell end Pierce Morgan. What a toolshed.
to each their own! Nothing wrong with that, just wanted to voice my opinion ;)
maybe I'm just sheltered. That's just not my kind of music. Especially at an exciting event.
that was my favorite part so far! Beautiful song and she never wears shoes while performing.
can't decide if it's a scout master hat or a Canadian Mountie! Maybe Pierce Morgan can tell us.
Clarkson, I need you to help us in America, and punch pierce Morgan in the face please, sir.
Jordan's getting rid of his band t-shirts so I'm taking his Sleeping With Sirens and Pierce the Veil ones c:
Who ever the guy on the Red Carpet fo abc is a dud.. so was Pierce Morgan
Nice to see CNN give Pierce Morgan the boot. Conldn't happen to a nicer guy. He should pack his bags and go back to the UK. People got fed up with a Brit lecturing us on gun control and his anti-George Zimmerman views. Bring Larry King back.
Pierce Morgan don't give up your CNN show. You are great ...
This is a face of a man that told a Pierce Morgan joke.
Some say (about The Stig) "If he worked for CNN, he wouldn't get such pitifully low ratings... that his show got cancelled." Jeremy grinning can only mean one thing - its in reference to Pierce Morgan, a guy he admittedly, once punched!
Switching to ABC cause I can't stand Pierce Morgan's voice!
I was channel surfing and came across CNN and Pierce Morgan was interviewing Alfre Woodward, she looked so glamorous in that blue dress, I loved her persona, jus was in complete awe of her.
fires Pierce Morgan, now he's on Red Carpet. He should show them & pull a Stuttering John, then grab flight to London.
Pierce Morgan trying to talk to celebreties on the Red Carpet makes me wana walk through a glass door
Watching the precursor to the Oscars with the family. When asked as always Meryl Streep is everyone's hero. ♡ Question is what is Pierce Morgan doing? I thought he was fired from CNN?
Judy Garland was married 5 times, and died at 47. Wow! And I also didn't know that Liza Minnelli was her daughter. Thanks Wikipedia and Pierce Morgan I learned something today.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Pierce Morgan on Red Carpet snags LONG interview with ... Liza Minelli ??? Changing channel ...
Sweet Justice... Pierce Morgan has been relegated to covering the Red Carpet for CNN! Watch out he's auditioning for - LMFAO Selina Arce
lmao i was watching the cnn Red Carpet broadcast for like two seconds and PIERCE MORGAN WAS THE CORRESPONDENT LMAO
I need a new hair color & piercing in my life. lets make me blonde and pierce my tummy
*** is Pierce Morgan doing on still ? Some Red Carpet b.s. I thot that my daily hate mail to Ted turner personally had put your sorry *** on a boat back to *** you belong u piece of sT .
..and with Pierce Morgan no doubt. perhaps he can lecture Putin on gun control
CNN just cut out its coverage of the situation in the Ukraine so I can listen to Pierce Morgan talk about what will win best pictures. ***
keep sticking it to man full of self importance, pierce morgan ! Either that or stick his head back up cowells *** !
HUGE shout out to Morgan Pierce for the first pledge of 100 rolls, who is willing to match that? Maybe beat it?
Awesome job! The live stream has been great for those that couldn't make it to the expo! Big Ron to replace Pierce Morgan?!
29 people killed and over 100 hurt in China and guess what? NO GUNS were used. they used knives and sabers. I guess pierce morgan and his followers will demand we only use rubber knives from know on. to bad someone didn't have a gun to stop these creeps. these people can always find a way to kill, you can make a bomb out of almost anything. it is the crazy people who need to be eliminated
Based upon the knife attack that left 33 dead in the Yunan province of China, President Obama, the Democratic Party, and Pierce Morgan are calling for a ban on all knives in the US. They are working to present a bill that will only allow the use of plastic cutlery in the states. They plan to follow up this bill with a bill to remove all blunt objects from America bc they also pose a threat to be assault weapons.
Jeremy clarkson having a dig at pierce Morgan on top gear what a guy 👍
nice reference to Pierce Morgan tonight, well done
Kumbe Lupita doesnt follow Pierce Morgan..the way he's always praising her I thought they were BFFs..he aint part of the 67 followers:-)
Lol. They are booting Pierce Morgan because his belief on gun control has dropped his ratings so much.
I'm so Happy today ! Pierce Morgan has been fired! Yay ! Go home and don't let the door hit you on the *** when your leaving! Lol
why are you canceling my favorite show? Pierce Morgan is an excellent interviewer
Pierce Morgan does not interview, he merely gives his opinion.
Pierce Morgan got the boot from CNN... Thank God he was a scumbag.. Go back to England scumbag..
Pierce Morgan loses show on CNN... I could never figure out why people watched that ignoramus anyway.
Pierce Morgan should have been gone. Bye-Bye!
""Last night she recited . every reason she's fine." - Pierce The Veil"
Christie's Fall From Grace: Why He Can't Bounce Back Chris Christie was well on his way to becoming the next President of the United States. Loved by Republican moderates, conservatives and right wing alike and Democrats and Independents, Christie was cruising to be come the Republican nominee for president and would also cruse to victory in the general election, even defeating Hillary Clinton. Yes, even defeating Hillary Clinton. Christie established his broad based popularity by being the non politician - saying what was on his mind, "Get your *** off the beach", shouting down questions he didn't like from the public or the press, standing up to the powerful teachers and public employees unions and, what sent his popularity soaring, embracing President Obama when he visited New Jersey shortly after Sandy days before the Presidential election and calling out House Republicans for holding up Sandy relief money. Christie was the darling of the media, on Fox News and MSNBC and on late night network TV sh .. ...
Pierce Morgan didn't step down, he got canned.
CNN to fire pierce Morgan soon, better late than never I guess. He is a communist, very happy to see him go
I cant wait to watch Ted Nugent tear apart Sarah Brady and finally put CNN under. They really think by getting ride of that puke Pierce Morgan and replacing him with another anti gun moron will get their Ratings back up?
Michael and Clarence must be very worried about what is happening to Pierce Morgan.
facts, facts! the whoop *** is from a Pierce Morgan interview, not from the trial. And she didn't say TM went back TO whoop ***
RIP Pierce Morgan. so happy to see your anti-American blow hard pompous know-nothing British *** off of television again ;-)
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Jared Leto did an outstanding job in Dallas Buyer's Club, despite being straight. Also it's Piers Morgan not Pierce Morgan.
Why don't you report the real news & congratulations on getting rid of Pierce Morgan the smerkie redcoat pig.
All I can say is thank God they fired Pierce Morgan.May he go back to England and never return to America
You are not Pierce Morgan, just a sad person who needs to get a life.
Uncle Oscar Pierce's fever!Good to know Anna Kendrick&Benedict Cumberbatch would be among the Oscar Presenters!
Piers Morgan has written about me many times over the years. Well tomorrow in The Sunday Times, I've written about him.…
I think you guys should have a roman gladiator style fight to the death. Pierce Morgan with a plastic for you with an AK47
I sort of like Pierce Morgan now that he doesn't have a show.
One thing I really liked about the Bill Nye, Ken Ham debate was that it was very civil. Pierce Morgan is such a tool.
Really like Mark Cuban (ON pIerce morgan) .no wonder why I've loved the Dallas Mavericks for so long.inspiring
Terry Gross should replace Pierce Morgan. This may be the best idea I've ever had.
I want a new piercing but I don't really have anything left to pierce that I can hide from the rents :/
Did anybody watch Alex Jones on CNN with Pierce Morgan?
Just heard a rumor that Pierce Morgan, is being replaced by one of the most irritating women ever created.Rosie O'Donnell. When will they ever learn? That's like trying to patch the Titanic, with Juicy Fruit Gum! Pardon the inference.
Pierce Morgan and Katie Price aren't allowed to fly on the same plane because if it crashes, we'd have no one else to hate.
We need a reporter on the ground in Ukraine, How bout Pierce Morgan.
Pierce morgan literally can suck a ***
seperated at birth them two *** mate, Pierce Parry and Mike Morgan!!!
“u only have 1$ and the chips come out as 1.04$ and the cashier says it alright Owen n morgan
Finally Pierce Morgan has got whats coming to him!
If I were blind, I wouldn't like Loki. He as a person sounds like Pierce Morgan.
Today on Coffee with Conrad More on Jesus Jam Texas Joel Osteen and Pierce Morgan square off on Sin VIewer/Listener comments regarding Joel VS Pierce Three year old causes a rukus! Christian persecution in Benghazi Beach Links at
Pierce Morgan is going to disneyland.
Go watch the pierce Morgan interview against Alex Jones and the second amendment on you tube. ...greatness... Pierce wasn't ready
First CNN cancels Parker/Spitzer, and then it cancels Pierce Morgan. It's like the both the Beatles and Led Zep broke up on the same day! An extended 'Anderson Cooper 360' into Pierce's time slot - that's the only silver lining to this cloud. Hopefully Pierce can drop by and do some specials?
Pierce Morgan actually did a good job tonight with Roma Downey and her husband on. Not only did they talk about "Son of God," they also spoke about their marriage and faith. Talk about an unlikely couple, she's a Catholic from Northern Ireland and he was a British paratrooper. Very good show tonight; perhaps the only good show he's done. lol
Loved watching Roma Downey and her husband interviewed tonight on Pierce Morgan about the movie they produced "Son of God". I pray many see the movie and put their hope and trust in God. Roma stated that her dad told her when she was growing up, there is either no God, or it is all God. Of course she believed it is All God (and I do too!). I believe God has allowed this movie to bring glory to His Name, and bring Revival to our Nation and salvation to other people in other countries as well. As Syria is plotting attacks on the U.S. I pray people will wake up, understand we will all live someone forever, either heaven or *** God did send His Son to give us life--will we choose Him?
Is jay Leno taking over for pierce Morgan?
Watching Roma Downey and Mark Burnett on CNN Pierce Morgan. WOW !! I encourage all to watch. Easy, simple message. LOVE. Wether Christian or not. Liberal or Conservative. Yellow or Green... LOVE. So refreshing
I really do not care if Pierce Morgan, Katie Couric or Bethhany show has been canceled. First of all I got sick of Piers saying *** great Britain is, go back and get a show there. Katie is so rich from the today show do I really think she's gonna miss a meal. Bethhany really, Bravo will pick her back up without hesitation. If they all were Black then I would worry.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Jay Z, pierce Morgan, Prince Harry, and the queen are all arsenal fans!!!
Good bye Pierce Morgan. You will NOT be missed!
Send Pierce Morgan back to his country and in jail for crimes he commited while living there
Kristivoryapril Tibbs my Nubian queen when I wake up in the morning don't have my TV on no soaps no view no pierce Morgan oh I forgot he got fired by CNN bring back Larry King or jay leno
Marc Cuban on Pierce Morgan talking about technology: "I have to keep up with (the latest and greatest) technology, there is always some 12 year old trying to kick my *** "
Pierce Morgan going home just like his red coat ancestors... some of them
Maybe we should go to England and help them earn the right to own guns just to *** off pierce Morgan
Uncle ted got rid of Pierce Morgan on CNN see my post
I think it's ashame Pierce Morgan is getting canceled I know he can be arrogant n talks too much about gun control but he is a good interviewer ! My opinion
First Glen beck, now pierce Morgan.. The words and idea of a "training bra". How did that get past all the feminists ? I want to drive a bulldozer again, ENUFF cold windy wet weather! Daylight savings time only lasts 4 months- can we just not do it next time? Try putting hot sauce on your popcorn - the most intolerant people I know are straight people defending the "rights" of *** people against intolerant straight people, wish I could go to New Orleans In a couple of weeks- who will be the Republican nominee?
With Pierce Morgan's Show being canceled by CNN, Larry King says he'd be interested in coming back. Although, TV already has "The Walking Dead."
It has been far too long since I posted, mainly due to the flack I get for posting MY opinion on MY face book. However, all this stuff going on with Pierce Morgan has got me thinking again. In light of numerous posts ive seen on FB, it seems too many liberals are willing to pick up where he left off with gun control. So I will express my view now. In particular, allow me to address an article that is on the web. This article can be found at - It states that "if you read the article , it becomes clear that those gun loving fanatics who obstruct basic background checks are guilty of mass murder just as if they pulled the triggers" Ok! My turn. I'm an American and I am a gun owner. This, in the eyes of some, makes me a insane mass murdering lunatic, a terrorist, or some sort of anarchist. I am none of these. Ask my friends and family and they will tell you I am loyal and loving but I am also staunchly supportive of my Christian and political views. I am also fiercely protective of the ones I love (family ...
Pierce Morgan can be watched for free from home and can't get 50,000 nightly viewers. Joel Osteen can charge ten bucks a seat in an arena plus parking and travel costs and gets near that many every night!!! Imagine how many more would come out AND GET TURNED AWAY if it were free, since the events are nearly always sold out. Americans need to look at things like this and be reminded there are more of us than there are of them. They are just louder and make noise and whine more.
CNN is letting Pierce Morgan go.see ya!
Brittish Cousins! She is adopting Pierce Morgan who's deported
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The US finally awakes and starts responding to the atrocities taking place in Venezuela. 3 Venezuelan diplomate expelled. senator Rubio of Florida will be interviewed tonight on CNN ( not by Pierce Morgan thank God) ...
Huhuhuhaah get out of here pierce Morgan nobody wants u!
Pierce Morgan told the NRA "I'm not done with you yet" and used the hashtag "Guncontrolnow" in his latest weak effort - Lol Only a Brit on the wrong side of the ocean would be narcissitic yet dense enough to think that the NRA is worried about a guy who couldn't even keep his own pathetic show on the air (because Americans don't care what a foreigner thinks about American policy) - as if they were ever worried about him at all!
Pierce Morgan blames his failure on his hatred of gun s It is more likdue to his hatred for America Good riddance
Well who said the NRA is a waste of money, CNN cancels Pierce Morgan. It cost me some money but well worth it to keep our 2nd amendment rights still intact.
Pierce Morgan has been canned...yeah, I'm doing the happy dance.
I guess Pierce Morgan found out how strong Americas value of right to bear arms is. Go back to england you ***
You know theres more comments on Pierce Morgan, leaving a stupid TV show, than the Goverment cutting our Military down to third World Country Size, what a shame.
CNN pulling the plug on Pierce Morgan. He's no Larry King! You heard it here!
If you speaking against guns and use the phrase "romanticized narrative," I immediately conclude you are a mindless tool with no original thoughts of your own, who probably watches too much Pierce Morgan.
YEAH!! Pierce Morgan is fired. Sent him packing and back to England.
Good to see pierce morgan self opinionated pompous *** get his comeuppance
I'm so disappointed the Pierce Morgan show has been canceled on CNN :(
I have seen targets with bin laden, Saddam Hussein, Fidel Castro, several unmentionable govt leaders, but what I really want is a Pierce Morgan target. What a fund raiser for any second amendment organization! I would pay good money for some!
CNN seriously considers replacing Pierce Morgan with Glenn Beck or Michael Savage.
I really liked Erin Burnett until the interview with Uncle Ted Nugent tonight on CNN. I used to think she did good keeping neutral but she totally blew it tonight. She needs to go to Britain with Pierce Morgan when he heads home.
Toodles, Pierce Morgan. Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!
Pierce Morgan the Red Coat is more famous fired than he is with his own show.
Come on CNN, how can you drop Pierce Morgan Live and think we will ok it??
I am watching Pierce Morgan and Montel Williams on the homophobia going on in Arizona and I have to say, Thank you for speaking out about this injustice. To all of my friends or loved ones who are homosexual, I support you and I don't care what your preference is, you are a child of God and God does not make mistakes. What I don't like are BIGOT'S of any kind. Just sayin'! Also Arizona, you need to get out of the 1700, 1800 or 1900's. Any form of slavery will not be tolerated by the majority of people in this world.
Pierce Morgan is getting the can... I feel so lucky I'm going out to buy lottery tickets!
Just watched Ted Nugent put Erin Burnet and CNN in their place..When will they ever learn,they will NEVER win an Argument with him..He lays it out plain and simple,and they have a hard time swallowing the truth,especially when CNN wouldn't know the truth if it slapped them in the face..I especially liked his description of the president,and called him and Hillary out on their lies loud and clear!!Best 15 minutes of TV I've watched since he did the same thing to Pierce Morgan!Which I'm glad to hear,CNN has dropped him!!!Hope he has to go crawling back across the pond,begging for his old job back..
Ted Nugent is on CNN shoving Erin Burnettes flaming liberalism square up her *** Man, I wish he'd run for President.!!! He even called for the firing of Wolf Blitzer and Pierce Morgan...'s time to turn on Pierce it's not! Buh bye Pierce and take your gun hating English *** to the unemployment line!
Ted Nugent on CNN, He'd be a great Replacement for Pierce Morgan
To Pierce Morgan; quote from Quigley: We already run the misfits outta our country. We sent ‘em back to England.
Ha ha Pierce Morgan says the reason they are ending his show because of a failure to engage his audience. Kinda hard to engage your audience when you come from another country and then trash the new country's way of life. Sorry Pierce, your gone I still have my guns.
Pierce Morgan blowing up the newsfeed.. I can't believe he is relevant.
What takes so long these days to take action? Pierce Morgan given the kick in the *** by CNN over his behavior over gun control and harsh remarks directed at distinguished guests. Love it!
I'm very pleased to hear that the British Red Coat Pierce Morgan has tucked his tail and flew back to the land of bad teeth and bad food. Lmfao!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Pierce Morgan fired from his own show due to poor I the only one who saw this coming?
Just when you were about to lose all hope in humanity, CNN announces the cancelation of Pierce Morgan Live, and you know things will be just a little bit better.
Pierce Morgan cancelled! Finally.hope he takes his attitude and leaves the USA
Pierce Morgan is getting sacked, good maybe CNN is one step closer to becoming a decent news channel again, you know unbiased reporting and things like that, not some Englishman so conceded and condescending that he couldn't get a job in his own country so he has to come over here to educate us "savage Americans" you know what Pierce? Your dumb and maybe you getting kicked will gain CNN a new viewer, now if only we could get Nancy Grace off the
Pierce Morgan axed...blames his pro gun control advocacy. Really? I thought it was because he was ignorant.
Awww.Pierce Morgan lost his show.Dont let the door hit ya on the way out.
To be Noted; *2*24*2014 *3:16PM ESDT *10 If you scroll back approximately *3 years or a bit less, just when he firs started his interviewing selfish viewpoint show, at that exact time I strongly & repeatedly wrote here n requested that this rude British westerner PIERCE MORGAN, that one who I claim is a European USA/BRITISH U.N./E.U. Spy Infiltrator, who loves to insult n belittle the USA ways n her people, I just heard today.ITS DONE...HE HAS BEEN DEPORTED, CUT OFF N SENT BACK N OFF OUR AIRWAVES.This is good. Any others, let US/ME know, then WE wait for its manifestation. This is how words of intent n sincere energies work. No other way had they first been intended. Try it. *922 AHLIAH *117
Just spoke to the NRA ILA about Pierce Morgan they will keep a close eye on him and if he makes 1 move he is screwed
Can't stand pierce morgan but that yank who talks brave about his gun law wonder how brave he his without one stupid yanks that's why there's so much killing in the world *** like him or to be politically correct ***
I suppose you could call this a "good day". :-) Rep. John Dingell , D-Mich., the longest-serving member of Congress, to retire at the end of his term. YAY! And Pierce Morgan and Alex Baldwin are fired!
Pierce Morgan is getting kicked off CNN . YES ! SEE YA LATER ! Ya Redcoat. :P
How could CNN go wrong with Pierce Morgan? I mean, before joining he had been a talent show judge and worked for News of the world and the Mirror. The viewers fleeing must be bad people for not liking his oppinionated, ultra PC and liberal style.
Pierce Morgan got cancelled. Now I have to hack North Korean TV to get my fill of America-bashing.
So who should replace Pierce Morgan -- Katie Couric or Jay Leno?
No idea what's being said - can just read on the tagline beneath the interview on CNN that Pierce Morgan is asking Deepak Chopra about Woody Allen and Mia Farrow. Is this appropriate use of "smh" and/or *** "
Fun fact- (insert the name of the guy who plays Pierce Morgan) of Saturday Night Live & (insert the name of the actress that plays Robin on How I Met Your Mother are married in real life. The more you know.
*** Barbara Buono for NJ has got to be the biggest sore loser. got beat by a landslide btw and has the nerve to know try and get a national audience. I ser her and that other guy that noone would know about til now, talk about how all these investigations on christie are not politically driven, but when asked questions all they had to say is "Do you really want this guy to be in the oval office" What hypocrites lol. I'm glad Pierce Morgan mentioned it tonight that obviously shes so outspoken trying to bring names in cause she lost.
“If you had to go to war who would you want to watch your back. Piers Morgan or Phil Robertson”. Pierce
Pierce Morgan sounds like a really cool hipster musician or... exactly what he actually is.
Go home, Pierce Morgan. Nobody even watches you.
I don't care who you are. You will never understand the love I have for four Mexicans also known as Pierce The Veil.
Glen Beck on Pierce Morgan Live tonight was great!! In my opinion. Find the transcript.. CNN. Verna Martin, Alisia Robinson Hill, Miranda Benge Robinson
I think ole Pierce Morgan needs to be on the next thing blowing smoke out its engines back to the U.K.!!!
. The reason for the 1st amendment IS to protect unpopular speech. Pierce Morgan needs to go back to his country.
is on CNN in place of Pierce Morgan.
American Immigration law shouldn't be for Vile Brits like Pierce Morgan.
I am getting a real laugh out of these sissy suit and tie wearing city slicker T.V news hosts who think they are qualified to speak about us Outdoorsmen! I just had to turn off the goofs even on Fox they are out of their minds over Phil Robertson!!! Listen,,, any true outdoorsman knows that whatever A&E does, or whatever the Robertsons decide to do!!! Phil is still gonna hunt duck, call duck, film duck and live duck! Reguardless of what Poltroons like Pierce Morgan thinks! Let the city slickers have their say, and leave the outdoors to those of us who know it, live it, and love it and the Lord Jesus! If you want the Robertsons in their element turn on OLN and watch Duck Commander!! It's a better show ;)
Under normal circumstances, I would NEVER watch Pierce Morgan on CNN. However, tonight I've changed my mind because it is being hosted by conservative commentator S. E. Cupp with special guest Glenn Beck. He will get his highest ratings tonight for sure !
Hey, who watches the Pierce Morgan show and likes it? I would love to know?
39% of children think the three wisemen are Pierce Morgan, Sharon Osbourne, and David Hasselhoff
SE Cupp sitting in for Pierce Morgan tonight. This is what we call an upgrade.
Well it is now official--Pierce Morgan of CNN (Communist News Network) just announced that Phil Robertson is a Bible thumping bigot.*Isn't this an attack on another person? -Why isn't he banned?
I watched the "expert" analyses on both FOX and CNN last evening concerning the situation with Duck Dynasty. i only have a couple or three things to say - (1) Pierce Morgan's patronizing disgust for what was said made me sick. (2) Most people interviewed had no idea what the Bible really says. (3) Anderson Cooper was the most objective of all, in my view, and I appreciated that. (4) while all of these news segments were on, guess what was airing on A&E? - you guessed it - Duck Dynasty! Now, I don't care what he said because he was asked his opinion and he gave it. If we all have to worry whether something is politically-correct or whether it might offend someone before we say anything, then we have truly lost our freedom of speech. Did A&E have a right to do as they did? perhaps. But it was still stupid, in my view. But continuing to air the program while axing the main character over what he said - that is the very summit of unadulterated hypocrisy!
Im not a fan of Duck Dynasty and have never watched the show.In fact I think that the show is stupid and I think that we spend way too much time watching reality TV shows when we live reality every day.With that being said should I be drug in the dirt? Should I be stoned to death? Should I have my head cut off for exercising my right of free speech? I dont think so. I think we should not only boycott A&E but also CNN for allowing Pierce Morgan who is not an American to continue to trash our way of life. He has the right to have an opinion but he also has the right to go home to England if the US is so bad. I support the Duck Dynasty guy 100%.Whos offended? BS.
Pierce Morgan if you don't like Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" you can always go home pal.
Honorable HAM and HAM’S name is LOVED and honored by God throughout the Bible and the Islamic Quran in all the AbraHAMic religions (Judaism, Christianity and in Islam through the mighty name - MuHAMmad). Why and how Noble St. Nimrod? Because among many, many other Blessings, the greatest Blessing of all is that God sent His Only Begotten TRIUMPHANT Son, my BOLD Twin Brother, JESUS CHRIST into this world through a LOVELY Spiritually FAITH-FILLED HAMitic-Canaanite woman named Tamar who is the Blessed mother of the “HAMitic” tribe of Judah!!! (Gen. 38:24-30; Matt. 1:1-16). We have explained the Jewish law before that a “true Jew” comes only through a Jewish woman. Tamar the mother of the HAMitic tribe of Judah was NOT Jewish. Tamar was a beautiful, pro-active and righteous HAMitic-Canaanite woman!!! However, Jewish law or no Jewish law, the TRUTH stands that the Hamitic tribe of Judah, the tribe of King David, King Solomon and the Messiah Jesus Christ came into existence through a LOVELY, strong, p ...
Is it just me that thinks David Cameron and Pierce Morgan look so alike
Deon Govender the most annoying man in Durban. He's like our very own Pierce Morgan.
New personal best from Jackson to tupelo 2 hours and 37 min. Not running late anymore
S.E. Cupp sitting in for Pierce Morgan interviewing Glenn Beck sounds like... well
I think if Pierce Morgan wants to quote the bible, he should learn it first. He said if a woman isn't a virgin before marriage they should be Stoned to death. Phil Robinson stood up for the bible, his beliefs and his right to freedom of speech. So here's my right to freedom of speech. SCREW A&E. You should air only homosexual shows from now on. I won't watch that channel again.
Get rid of this *** on TV Pierce he is from England and does not know cultures why do you allow Piers Morgan to critique America. Fools
A word for liberals insulting Phil and his family over at Duck Dynasty: take in mind, this was a world class athlete your speaking about, not some hillbilly that's never left the farm or done anything but chase squirrels. He's an educated individual, someone who would have had success either way without a&e. he turned down the NFL when he was young because he wanted to start a business. Which turned out to be the right decision. He earned a bachelors, and his masters degree from a very accredited university. He was even ahead of terry Bradshaw on the dept chart as a QB in college. He was that good. He could have done anything in his life, unlike many of us, he had MANY choices. Yet he chose a simple life. HE CHOSE that life. He's not ignorant, and he is possibly more intelligent, and certainly more educated than many of the people (liberals) claiming he is otherwise. And even though it's not illegal what's happening to him, it's a shame. Tell me, why is it when a conservative says something that insults l ...
Hit up Bryan and Iris! At the shop ready to pierce u up!1114 Morgan ave I will be in today about 5pm
Ok people, I'm tired of laughing!!! No more Duck Dynasty post! You are probably the same people that blasted the Dixie chicks, bob costa, pierce Morgan, or paula dean!!! What happened to their freedom of speech! There is something called freedom of consequence! That's what happens when the people who pay the bills don't like what you say!
It literally just occurred to me that Piers Morgan and Pierce Brosnan are not the same person
Pierce Morgan shows his ignorance of the 2nd Amendment,& now of the 1st.Do we have to suffer his pomposity through the rest?
watching CNN 2day,dia was a heated db8 on Pierce Morgan's show pertaining 2 homosexuality. he all but painted it as a perfectly normal stuff dat should b seen as okay,evn religiously. while personaly,i dont supot stigmatization or dishin inhumane tritments 2 *** *** (corect dem wit luv & ur prayers),i (& d Bible) insist dat it is rong & ammoral. it is a contradiction of God's creation designs,it is d sin of sodomy,it is 1 of d tinz stritcly warned against in d Old & New Testaments and its morally bankrupt. I also pray Nigeria neva legalizes it. Indeed,endtym evils r bcomin 'normal' in our world & we must pray lyk neva b4 4 all of mankind
I believe Pierce Morgan *** donkey dong for a living that guy *** donkey dong. He is flat out retarded
Pierce morgan was talking about arsenal were going to sign suarez in January lol what a mug!
Homophobes, rednecks? Pierce Morgan allows certain ethnic guests to call people names but others have to walk the line
As I sit here with my sick baby girl, I am thinking (I know, scary right?!) Anyways.I am wondering why in the heck are we surprised in the way the "world" reacted to what Phil Robertson said?? Everything the "world" is going thru is written in black and white in the bible and there is no amount of Oprahs' or Pierce Morgans' that will ever change that! People, just stand firm in your faith, the rest I guarantee the Good Lord has already got under control =) We are instructed to love our neighbors, not their sins.we ALL sin! Worry about that and God will handle the rest!! *stepping off soap box*
Since all this came about because of an article in a magazine, did anyone stop to think he was asked a question and answered it. He has a right to his opinion and beliefs and the right to express them. We don't have to agree with them, but our country is based on the freedom for him to do so. Our men and women have died to give him that right and you the freedom to disagree. So stop trying to punish the man for his right and shut up and move on. Stop listening to *** like Pierce Morgan, he's not even an American and give the man the same right you have! And yes A & E you should be ashamed, that family has made you a pot of money, don't tell me you didn't know his beliefs before you put them on the air!
Pierce Morgan needs to carry his *** back to England where he belongs. He says he is Catholic and says that no where in the Bible does Jesus talk about *** or *** They told him he needed to go back and read his Bible.
That was Pierce Morgan's last show until the 5th. Sad day. Sarcastic or no.
Pierce Morgan appears to be less knowledgable on the bible than he is on the U.S. constitution did cnn blow their entire research budget or what.???
very, very well done on Pierce Morgan's show. Thank you sir.
A&E will not be on my tv until Phil comes back it's bullcrap that you suspend a man for something a reporter blew out of proportion but even if he said he hated homosexual that is his 1st amendment right. If anybody should be suspended it is Pierce Morgan for what he said ab Phil.
well I never cared for Star Jones before but I like her even less after watching her and pierce morgan on cnn a few minutes ago talking about Duck Dynasty. how she didn't judge people then calling them hicks and saying the only reason she would ever watch them was to make fun of them like she has any room to talk. they have done a lot to bring religion back and show morality. can't say the same about her.or morgan. I really don't like him. I was just changing channels and paused to get something.
I've never been a fan of Pierce Morgan and this is a prime example of why.
Pierce Morgan: "I'm a Christian, I'm catholic, but there is a lot in the Bible that is just ridiculous."(paraphrased) Pierce Morgan(what he actually meant): "I say I am a "follower of Christ," but I choose what I like in the Bible and I reject what I don't like in the Bible, I created a god for myself according to what I like him to be and laws that I like to follow. If you don't hold my views, then that just shows that your a bigot.
Pierce Morgan serves as a constant reminder why we left England.
I can't stand Pierce Morgan, and now Star Jones.
Pierce Morgan is going hard about the Duck Dynasty scenario.
Oy...this Duck Dynasty conversation is becoming ridiculous. *** relationship equated to bestiality and Black folks being "more happy" before they were introduced to welfare?! Watching Pierce Morgan Live and I actually agree with him & Star Jones.
Apparently Pierce Morgan is sounding off about Phil Robertson now. I thought we deported his *** a while ago. If not, why not??
I wish Pierce Morgan would get the *** out of the United States of America.
Ok. I'm tired of Pierce Morgan and CNN... From now on I'm watching Fox News!
Morgan:I might pierce my tongue Courtney:why don't we just cut it off so we don't have to hear any of your dumb ideas
We need to tell CNN to fire Pierce Morgan. If he hates free speech, go home.
S.E. Cupp replaces pierce morgan this friday
So here is my 2 cents on the Phil Robertson comments: like it or not, A&E had as much right to suspend (fire) Robertson in their employer/employee relationship as Robertson had to his opinion. The problem I have is with the hypocrisy in the media and on the left concerning such issues. Conservatives are routinely labeled as racist, bigots, homophobic bitter clingers, to include a sitting President (Bush 43) being compared to Hitler, republicans (200+ million) compared to the murderous Jim Jones and a recommendation that someone defecate in Sarah Palin's mouth without hardly any coverage, let alone an outcry. We even have private businesses (not publicly held companies subject to shareholders) being excoriated and sued because they do not want to participate in *** activities, the coverage of which creates a bigger issue than had they simply chosen to go elsewhere with their business. But here we have a man who during the course of an interview was stating his opinion concerning homosexuality, backed by sc ...
So to anyone who saw the comment about pierce morgan, ya that wasnt me!!! John Portscheller thought he was on his fb!!
Pierce Morgan - A Big *** says Phil Robertson has no 1st amendment right. That big *** needs to go back to England..
So this has been flying off the handle all day, my head swooning with opinions and arguments, over this stupid double standard with liberal thoughts.   A&E began this show KNOWING full well what this family was about. Where Phil Robertson stood on his views as a Christian, and with it came his views of life. Walking that narrow road.   I guess that road is less traveled, where living a life as we choose, seems to bring a wave of rejection, against our views and opinions on anything. Where speech is no longer free, unless of course, it parallels mainstream media.   The nay says cry about hate and judgement, when really it's not. It is our way of thinking and just our opinion on what we read in the cornerstone of our beliefs: the Bible. And when arguments start, or questions are raised on what is wright and wrong, the wrong are justified by changing the subject altogether, or just dismissing the question with no answer.   Just because we don't agree doesn't mean we are out of touch with the rest of the ...
Pierce Morgan is an *** and should be deported. Who does this man think he is? I think he is dangerous and his ideas certainly are. He obviously is not a Christian and has little respect for those who are. But isn't he fortunate that God loves him anyway..
Firing Phil Robertson is the culmination of an orchestrated search to knock his family down. The show was put on the air knowing that the Robertson's were a faith oriented family, that's why they had to sign agreements not to express their religious beliefs on the show, the only concession was the family prayer at the end of the show. No one ever expected that the show would become so popular. When it became the media and marketing sensation that it has, you started hearing the rumblings of the Progressives and those opposed to atomic families with a faith based core belief system that while not expressing it verbally showed the epitome of what has made America great. Instead of being lambasted as redneck bumpkins, they grew much bigger than anticipated. They have to be stopped, America can't be reminded of what has been the backbone of America since the very beginning. Phil Robertson expressed his agreement with the Bible in an interview in GQ (not a family oriented publication). It wasn't even during an ...
if Pierce Morgan thinks England and its laws are so grand.why is he here?.have I got the name right.does some show that other people watch.gary
Wow watching Pierce Morgan on CNN Corporate News Network just repeated the Elitists Status Quo to regulate guns just pushed me over the edge. The best moments of 2013 they show Alex Jones screaming at crumpet eater mr. Morgan. They just aired the segment and payed script commentators quoted. "There must be change on guns in America" Morgan says "yes we took away peoples guns in my country and there was no shootings since 1996. Yup sounds like Propaganda yet again
Just got asked to pull forward so the person behind me could wait as well. wouldn't be pleased!
I-55 frontage Wendy's is easily the worst I've ever driven through
We were watching the Pierce Morgan show debate Duck Dynasty Phil's Christian statement just now and my husband made a really good analogy. He compared certain people's reaction to Phil's use of The Word of God to watching demons scream out at an exorcism. Evil cannot stand silent when faced with The Word of God. God Bless Phil and his family for showing us just how much Christianity is under attack in America. Is there as place for Christian beliefs in the new America? Sin is widely accepted as normal on TV, but Christianity is considered subversive. How is God supposed to BLESS AMERICA when this is what we have become? SHAME!
Just heard Pierce Morgan say on CNN that parts of the bible were ridiculous!! Oh me oh my! Phil Robertson Duck Commander/ Phil Robertson bible commander! Go Phil!!
Sittin here thinking and can't help to have all this Duck Dynasty stuff on my mind a long with the upcoming Christmas season. The Lord above sent his only son down to this earth to die for everyone. That means everyone can make it as long as they have repented and live for God. It saddens me to see a Man of God like Phil Robertson come under scrutiny for his religious beliefs. Well I'm not in the spot light like him but you might as well throw me under the microscope as well. Phil done what most Christians are afraid of doing and that is putting the Creator, The Lord of Lords and King of Kings before the things of the world like A&E. He did not care and neither should the rest of us. We would be better off if we paid more attention to Jesus Christ instead of the World. What saddens me even more is to see SO CALLED Christians basically backing A&E for their decision. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Take a lesson from Phil and stand for what the bible says. It's plain, it's simple. There has been scrip ...
Does anybody else want 2 put a bullet in Pierce Morgan's head?.team Phil Robertson
Tense debate on Pierce Morgan about the *** lifestyle! All I say is that when people call wrong right and right wrong, it will not be long for Jesus returns. I am starting to realize that people will not disagree with something that is obviously wrong because their relatives, co-workers and maybe best friends are *** It's not wrong because I said it was wrong, it's wrong because the Bible says it's wrong. Romans 1 is clear and can not get much clearer. It is a perverse spirit, coupled with a spirit of witchcraft that's determined to take over the earth! This spirit is smart and knows that it will bring the judgement of God. I agree with the Duck Dynasty guy. Romans 1 also addresses those who agree with the lifestyle! I totally agree with the Word. It is the homosexual's right to live the way they want, also the adulterer and the liar and the prostitute, but that does not mean that there will not be Divine Justice! The wages of sin is death in some form or fashion! Just because man says it's ok ...
I would like to curb stomp Pierce Morgan
Pierce Morgan and Star Jones on CNN contributing to the destruction of "family" and "America"... It blows me away...
Now, Pierce Morgan thought he was a Bible Scholar and as soon as he got skinned alive he immediately took to spinning into something Phill stated about race. What he does not realize is that just because someone says I'm a Catholic or I'm a or I'm a, they just open their self up to get slaughtered, because 99% know just enough about the bible to dig their self a great big hole. Once they left the boat and the animals, Pierce drown.
Pierce Morgan...well I better not finish my thought on that subject!!! Let's just say it is not a compliment!!!
Now watching Dr. Michael Brown in CNN with Pierce Morgan tonight.
Didn't I hear somewhere that Pierce Morgan would go back home if Obuttbob's gun control legislation wasn't passed? Why is that *** still here harassing a God fearing man like Phil Robertson? Not that I'm a huge follower of fake "reality" shows, but this man simply exercised his 1st amendment rights. Go the *** home Pierce... you are not wanted here.
Pierce Morgan= what's wrong with the media in the world
Michael Brown is making Pierce Morgan look like the true *** that he is!!! I love it.
Did not know Pierce Morgan was Catholic. He is against the actions of Phil from Duck Dynasty. Interesting, I never heard more people talk over each other since last time I watched The View. At least the conversations are happening. May God bless the situation and bring more people His way. Great advertising for Duck Dynasty next season.
Pierce Morgan just quoted a sermon that Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" preached in 2010 and called him a religious bigot for his comments on homosexuality. Oddly enough the "quote" was actually a passage from Romans chapter 1. Therefore, Pierce Morgan (and many others) think quoting the Bible is a hate crime. "Blessed are you when others hate you and revile you."
Be sure to watch CNN's Pierce Morgan tonight from 9:00-9:15 p.m. as Dr. Michael L Brown will be discussing recent comments made by Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty on homosexuality and the GLAAD agenda. I believe that Dr. Brown will bring some much needed biblical opinion to the table. This should be good! Watch NOW!
Those of you that post horribly inappropriate things I want to say, thank you. Thank you for making me laugh my hind end off from the Christmas songs to the Pierce Morgan crap. Thank you. Lol!
pierce morgan can go back to England or were ever hes from !! he should mind his own business !! BUTT HOLE !
So today, we had enough to send KD Fouche all the way through... The spots were paid for in each of the other clubs... 4 in Forever More Gifting Club to Mark DeLanney, 1 to the Abundant Blessings Club to Walter Nelvis, and 3 to The Biggest Gifting Community to Pierce Morgan... KD currently has HHE Recovery for a couple of her spots and MT Recovery for a couple of her spots. This particular one had HHE Recovery on the list. However, I have not heard from Santa Lou Martinez yet as to if anything has been set up to start the recovery process. Therefore, I am waiting to hear from KD as to if we are switching the order of charities. Once I find that out, I should know where to send the charity and have her money sent out as well. On that note... CONGRATULATIONS KD... And whichever charity is chosen... Also looks like 6 more are needed and Chinwe Enyogai Craig will be going through as well... let's make that the goal for tomorrow... Still have Friday and Saturday left for the drawing and 32 names to choose from ...
yes they was an I thing its sad we can't say what we wont here in America an we are free don't think so pierce Morgan he need's to get a life
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