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Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brendan Brosnan, OBE (born 16 May 1953) is an Irish actor, film producer and environmentalist.

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Like Freaky Friday, except it's Pierce Brosnan and Bronson Pinchot switching careers.
This week's Pierce Brosnan award goes to Victor Sen Yung as Frankie in "Flower Drum Song"
Daniel Craig is never gonna fill Pierce Brosnan's shoes as the next James Bond!
Pierce Brosnan did Pan Parag. Jackie Chan did Kung Fu Yoga. Vin Diesel did lungi dance. . India, destroying one global i…
Yes BUT Pierce Brosnan is Irish/American, Sean a Scot and Timothy Dalton Welsh AND George Lazenby was Australian...
Pierce Brosnan acted mt Johnson in Jos in the 1980's too.
If you don't think Pierce Brosnan is the best James Bond, then your opinion means nothing
Stephen Fleming looks like Pierce Brosnan...Very handsome like a James Bond movie actor
The guy thought Piers Morgan was still on CNN. And I was trying to get him to say Pierce Brosnan.
Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig. These are the people who have portrayed James Bond.
Confrontation: James Corden was drawn into an unexpected row with Sir Patrick Stewart at the Gl…
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Sun, sea and sand: Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye Smith, his wife of 15 years, hit the beach on…
If America was the movie Mrs. Doubtfire, would obviously be Robin Williams & would be Pierce Brosnan.
Need another movie review. . Worth watching? I see Pierce Brosnan and he's hot.
James Corden brands Pierce Brosnan the rudest celebrity but has he forgotten about his 2010...…
Looks like a scene from Dante's Peak, sans yung Pierce Brosnan.
You’ll never know if you can do it unless you try. Godspeed. Treat yourself to the Pierce Brosnan Bond Marathon all da…
Omg when you realise Robinson Crusoe is supposed to look like Pierce Brosnan and not Gabby from Blazing Saddles…
My last hot take: Pierce Brosnan was the best James Bond, and it's not his fault they followed it up with 3 crappy movies.
This week's Pierce Brosnan award goes to Mark Lester as Oliver Twist in Oliver!
Size, not rudeness, issue. James Corden says Pierce Brosnan is the rudest celebrity he ever met via
The anecdote about Pierce Brosnan at a U2 concert has disturbingly similarities to American Psycho.
James Corden names as one of the rudest ... -
I had no idea Pierce Brosnan was Irish! I seriously thought he was English, until now.
. James Corden talk show host said Pierce Brosnan is the rudest celebrity .
Pierce Brosnan enjoys beach day with wife in Hawaii
Pierce Brosnan was "rude" to James Corden, and now I've never been prouder to be Irish.
Pierce Brosnan is such a sexy older man, can't even deal
James Corden reveals the rudest celebrity he has evet met
Give it 5-10 years, an Oliver Stone made Christopher David Steele film will come out featuring Pierce Brosnan.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Watch James Corden call out Pierce Brosnan for being rude to him at a U2 concert
As long as Pierce Brosnan isn't singing it.
Pierce Brosnan is trending on Google. Read the latest here:
So the rudest man in showbiz publicly accuses Pierce Brosnan of being rude? That's rich
📈 "Pierce Brosnan" is trending today on Google United Kingdom (10+ searches)
James Corden has branded Pierce Brosnan as one of the rudest celebrity he's ever met.
James Corden names Pierce Brosnan as one of the rudest celebrities he's ever met
Breaking News : Pierce Brosnan to come in a new movie 'The Adventures of Peter Paan and Captain Thook'.
Wow. I hadn't even heard of Sing Street till Pierce Brosnan introduced it on stage! .
Pierce Brosnan introducing Sing Street is all I needed.
Pierce Brosnan introduces Sing Street as a nominee for Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy.
Pierce Brosnan presents the final best motion picture (musical or comedy) nominee ... Sing Street!!!
That’s cool Pierce Brosnan is presenting Sing Street. Go see this movie if you haven’t yet. It’s on Netflix. - S
Pierce Brosnan introduces the wonderful film Sing Street as final entry to the best film musical/comedy category!
Pierce Brosnan should have been in Sing Street.
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Pierce Brosnan introducing Sing Street is my everything.
Love the golden globes! Pierce Brosnan is presenting Sing Street. It's an awesome movie. I got it for xmas. Definitely check it out:)
the Tim Cook apple era is a lot like Pierce Brosnan playing Bond, better than no Bond but he still ain't Connery
Pierce Brosnan. . Sean Bean cameo'ing as Richard Tice. God knows who plays you, Wiggy!
listening to Jason constantly say Larry in had me confusing Pierce Brosnan with Bronsan Pinchot. Better movie?
Or any actor singing in the movie version of Mama Mia. Especially Pierce Brosnan and Collin Firth.
barring Stanley Baker in *** Drivers or Pierce Brosnan in The Fourth Protocol, maybe. But he's up there.
Congratulations to Pierce Brosnan who has won the award for European achievement in world cinema at the European Film Awards. http…
Saw good movie tonight I.t.with Pierce Brosnan ! 👍
The Winner Takes It All - Meryl Streep n Pierce Brosnan, my awesome actres all the time
"Pierce Brosnan plays a good Bond, though this is his second and only movie to feature him. The rest are either Roger Moore or-
Why is Pierce Brosnan on the cover of a Joey Barton book ?
The fact that Pierce Brosnan as James Bond was my first ever crush explains so many things about me.
Pierce Brosnan is the world's top assassin but can't kill Milla Jovovich. He & Roger Rees try to blow up the Times…
Made eye contact with Pierce Brosnan in Grand Central, all life goals officially achieved
Piers Morgan & Pierce Brosnan are the two people from EU who are getting the limelight due to two things that...
Deeply shocked by 'deceptive use' of image, says actor Pierce Brosnan. .
You are Pierce Brosnan, and that Pan bahar dabba you are holding is your current job.
Modi supporters understand Pierce Brosnan. They voted for pan masala after being told it was 'breath freshener' too.
'I thought it was tooth whitener': Pierce Brosnan apologises after appearing in advert for chewing mixture linked…
An ad for a breath freshener in India has left Pierce Brosnan both shaken and stirred my quick piece for LA Times
Pierce Brosnan: 'Distressed to learn of Pan Bahar's deceptive use of my image'
Pierce Brosnan demands removal of his image from India ad
Pierce Brosnan is sorry for role in controversial Indian ad for Pan Bahar
Little hard to believe that Pierce Brosnan wasn't aware of what Pan Bahar is. Dear Bond, kindly Lie Another Day.
Pierce Brosnan responds after viewers are left outraged over his ad campaign
Pierce Brosnan orders ‘pan masala’ brand to remove his image after prompting criticism in India.
Pierce Brosnan thought he was endorsing a, "tooth whitener.". Pan Bahar does whiten your teeth. They fall out. Then you get…
Unlike Pierce Brosnan, Ajay Devgan can't say he was misled to do Vimal Pan Masala ad, he actually looks like someone c…
Here’s what Pan Bahar has to say to trolls who couldn’t stand Pierce Brosnan in their ad
Anybody who believes Pierce Brosnan didnt know what he was endorsing is a simpleton. Havent we heard this from our own star…
Pierce Brosnan : I'm sorry but I just endorsed Pan Bahar because of initials matched.
Pierce Brosnan says that he didn't know before association that Pan Bahar kills people. . Modi will say the same about…
Sad 😕Pierce Brosnan says Pan Bahar violated contract, claims he didn’t know what he was selling via
Pierce Brosnan should know that we don't need ANYONE'S permission to make them endorse for us. He should feel happy - at…
So pierce brosnan saying he didn't know what he was selling is as good as pablo escobar saying he thought he was selling ta…
Pierce Brosnan says he didn't know reality of Pan Bahar before he signed up to advertise. Sounds like a Delhi resident wh…
Pierce Brosnan says abt Pan Bahar that he didn't know what he was selling. . Also, Kejriwal before becoming CM didn't…
Pierce Brosnan has condemned the "unauthorised and deceptive" use of his image to promote an Indian mouth freshener https:…
Why Pan Bahar has taken on a James Bond air with Pierce Brosnan
Pierce Brosnan endorsing Paan Bahar,. now Waiting for Bradd Pitt to Endorse !!
Look at this & tell me Pierce Brosnan isn't suit boot walla Shammi Kapoor.
Ok so I will just say this. Shammi Kapoor for Pan Parag >>>>>> Pierce Brosnan for Pan Bahar
Very well knows that it's a Pierce Brosnan movie, still expects Daniel Craig to appear... Sigh..
That time I got to chat with about Pierce Brosnan, Brian Krakow's current hot…
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Pierce Brosnan is Mike Regan, a successful, self-made man in I. T. - now showing at Screening schedule...
Pretty sure Pierce Brosnan and Sean Bean had a bit of a set-to on this thing in Goldeneye
I.T. - John Moore: Mike Regan (Pierce Brosnan) is a successful, self-made man who has it all: a gorgeous wife...
Every high has its price. URGE starring Pierce Brosnan & Ashley Greene is on DVD, Blu-Ray & Digital now.
9. Pierce Brosnan was great in Mamma Mia and SOS is my favourite song from it.
we're not attractive enough passengers as Pierce Brosnan to have that kind of honour :(
Which parade? I wont open my eyes and let one blue eyed pierce brosnan cajole my cousin. I kuku tell you to bring wife come.
Saw No Escape the other day. Owen Wilson was terrific. Pierce Brosnan's Bond expy was a better Bond than most.
'Urge' trailer gives us a bleach-blonde Pierce Brosnan and we're not sure we like it
.Pierce Brosnan saying "guns" in Viet was worth the price of admission alone. That made me hysterical. Ditto his singing.
I'm an actor first and foremost. My producing credentials are just to say, 'Yeah, I love t
Be good to people, be kind to people, show up, read the lines, hit the mark, and go home.
Pierce Brosnan has been around, his fingers smelling of his fish and his chips
The best thing about this trailer is the mobster vaping of Pierce Brosnan 😘
The Danish filmmakers are a unique breed of filmmakers, with the Dogme films and Lars von Tr
Hamilton Collection
Which Irish actor won the battle of funny superbowl ads... Liam Neeson or Pierce Brosnan?
Tom Hardy should be James Bond cause he'd be a perfect balance between Daniel Craig's hard-edged 007 and Pierce Brosnan's suave af 007.
The Daniel Craig James Bond films suck and are lame while Pierce Brosnan (Goldeneye esp.) was the best Bond.
Pierce Brosnan is the best Bond. Daniel Craig barely beats Lazenby.
If Daniel Craig doesn't want to be James Bond again, I vote re-instate Pierce Brosnan.
I liked a video from I.T. Official Trailer (2016) Pierce Brosnan, Stefanie Scott
. Pierce Brosnan, Sean Connery, Cary Grant, Jason Statham. I too old for him, but Sam Heughan.
Donald Westlake wrote Pierce Brosnan's second Bond movie and they didn't use it. ***
Tom Sizemore and Pierce Brosnan play two alpacas in an animated buddy cop film. Mayhem ensues.
On the set of with my castmates, beautiful Selma Hayek and handsome Pierce Brosnan
"What's New Scooby Doo?" is the Pierce Brosnan of Scooby Doo shows and "Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated" is the Daniel Craig.
Like his dad, Ricci had movie star good looks. He reminded me a little of Pierce Brosnan. Rest in peace, Ricci.
"Robert Rapoza has constructed an action hero worthy of Pierce Brosnan or Liam Neeson" https:/…
"The deadliest James Bond was Pierce Brosnan who killed an average of 33.8 pple per movie" Nothing compared to Steven Seagal.
But I digress, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig. Brosnan for the charm & swagger. Craig for the (brut) swag ... amidst the storm.
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Rob Lowe, Rupert Everett, Peter Greene and Pierce Brosnan were for the part of this film's suave villain
yep, but there is Pierce Brosnan, pretty similar
Who's this Pearce Bronson of which you speak? Did you mean Pierce Brosnan of James Bond fame?
so I'm torn: I'm not sure if Cale looks more like Pierce Brosnan or Billy Ray Cyrus from a distance.
Pierce Brosnan was announced as James Bond on this day in 1994. How many Bond films did he appear in?
Pierce Brosnan is like 63! He looks fine. Britney Spears looks fine. Russel Crowe looks fine. They're doing great.
Who's best James Bond. I love Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig 😎
If Judi Dench accepted Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig were the same guy then who am I to argue?
is the best idea since Pierce Brosnan! Daniel Craig was so bad I refused to watch yet I loved Bond. Excited!
Tom os good tho but he' s not the same he reminds me a lot of Daniel Craig. I want Jamie as a Pierce Brosnan again😂
I didn't mind the grittiness that the Pierce Brosnan movies had, but with the Daniel Craig movies they kind of pushed it.
I haven't watched a James Bond movie since Pierce Brosnan. I *would* watch the *** out of Idris Elba
Well, you're right. He's no Roger Moore or Sean Connery or even Pierce Brosnan. In fact he's just a cut above Jason Statham...1/2
No, you don't. George Lazenby is Australian and Pierce Brosnan is Irish.
you left off Pierce Brosnan and George Lazenby.
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.I don't think Sean Connery, George Lazenby or Pierce Brosnan were English either, were they?
Idris Elba as James Bond? No way, voice and diction is wrong for the role. I have same opinion of Pierce Brosnan and George Lazenby.
May 16th: Brosnan! Pierce Brosnan! born on this day. Best known as James Bond and Remington Steele and...
in 1953 Remington Steele (AKA Pierce Brosnan) is born in Drogheda. Happy Birthday Pierce.
In those last 6 eps of Remington Steele (actually 3 double eps), can you detect Pierce Brosnan's bad mood ;-)?
He is precious!! Love the name.My boy is Remi short for Remington Steele,stole it from early80s show starring Pierce Brosnan.
Pierce Brosnan was a great James Bond, all the films good. Though everyone knows I like him a lot ever since Remington Steele.
James Bond in The World Is Not Enough - with Pierce Brosnan and Robert Carlyle - Grimsby Telegraph
hehe well you have Jonathan Swift, Pierce Brosnan, Hill Of Tara, Johnny Logan, Riverdance, Adian Turner and Gabriel Bryne!
Ok, totally out of sync. Tomorrow Never Dies, 1997 with Pierce Brosnan. Yes, the bonkers media baron one
It's Pierce Brosnan worse than George Lazenby can't stand this *** Can't blame you
The reboot should have a Pierce Brosnan and/or Jeff Fahey cameo. And we can all forget the crappy sequel.
Not seen Momma Mia! in any form but saw movie soundtrack today (25p). Might go back for "SOS" by Meryl Streep/Pierce Brosnan
Liam Neeson, Pierce Brosnan, Niall Horan, Colin Farrell, Aiden Turner... all Irish and more famous than any YTer I know of
I met the ladies who used to run his fan club cuz they also ran Pierce Brosnan's fan club. They couldn't stand him.
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"He smells like what I think Pierce Brosnan probably smells like" 😂😂😂
I'm watching my second Pierce Brosnan movie in one day. Weird.
Yo who is low rent Pierce Brosnan? Likes to blow stuff up... possibly for MI6? .
A supercut of old ladies burning their legs off to rescue Pierce Brosnan - what do you mean there's only one movie that does that?!?
I tried my hardest to make pierce brosnan 007 the face is the hard part
I'm not gonna get this Pierce Brosnan Bond collection, although he is the best Bond.
Clive Owen would be a fantastic James Bond. Any man who does it will have t...
Watching 'how to make love like an english man,' Pierce Brosnan though..
James Bond Movies - Part 6. Ready or not, here comes Pierce Brosnan! ...
A bad Pierce Brosnan Bond film does not exist.
pierce brosnan is the ultimate gilf there I fckin said it
Dante’s Peak! When the acid is dissolving the canoe but NOT PIERCE BROSNAN’S SHIRT-WRAPPED ARM HE PADDLES WITH YAS
Is this in any way inspired by Pierce Brosnan's appearance as James Prawn on Muppets Tonight?
Looking forward to working with Pierce Brosnan on Down Syndrome Ireland
RIP pier morgen. killed by seein a *** he will be missed by One lady who misheard n thought it was pierce brosnan https…
Pierce brosnan got seriously old no more pretty boy rolls and wifey lost some weight glad for her mean ***
When I'm feeling out of my depth, I think of Pierce Brosnan singing in & I remember anything is possible https…
we successfully fought LNG in Oxnard CA with Malibu's (Pierce Brosnan) help in 07. Keep at is Exxon.
I will forever be a Bond. It's a small group of men who've made this role. ...
"When people don't believe in you, you have to believe in yourself." - Pierce Brosnan
Hollywood needs to make more movies for adults. By which I mean more movies in which Pierce Brosnan wears…
I would too!! Let's hope not! Pierce Brosnan was older. And Sean Connery was quite a bit older.
Remember: The Fame Game! Someone went looking for Pierce Brosnan on it. Gas. .
I remembered that I looked in thriller November Man with Pierce Brosnan, Luke Bracey. She was great.
I've been lucky enough to kiss three James Bonds on screen: Pierce Brosnan,...
No Escape - John Erick Dowdle: Owen Wilson, Pierce Brosnan, and Lake Bell star in this action-packed thrill-ri...
see to me, Pierce Brosnan can't be James Bond ... lol. he is Remington Steele
The movie 'Mister Johnson' starring Pierce Brosnan (James Bond) and Nigeria's Hubert Ogunde was filmed in Jos, the capital of Plateau State.
Hubert Ogunde, Nigerian actor, playwright and musician, once appeared alongside Pierce Brosnan (James Bond) in the movie 'Mister Johnson'.
I really liked this one. Pierce Brosnan, back in his Remington Steele days was my first crush...along with Tom Seleck ;) ♥
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Me: Wow, you're Pierce Brosnan!?. Pierce B: Yes, I am. Me: Cool!. Pierce: what do you think of that Daniel Craig *** . Me: What?
Pierce Brosnan is definitely top 3 James Bond actors - maybe top 2 but I've an awful Grá for Daniel Craig
The Birth of the American Power Suit: Brought to you by Pierce Brosnan a.k.a. Remington Steele
Pierce Brosnan was a good Bond, but he was nothing compared to Daniel Craig
There is 1 more Expendables movie left: Alec Baldwin,Steven Seagal,Gerard Butler,Pierce Brosnan,Daniel Craig (007 crossover)
Daniel Craig is the to Pierce Brosnan's David Cameron when it comes to Bond enjoyment. GL
I don't care what anyone says. Pierce Brosnan is the most Bond of any Bond.
...if Tom is Bond we're heading back to the Roger Moore/Pierce Brosnan days. Nothing wrong with then inherently but a bit passé
I'd go back to Roger Moore or Pierce Brosnan for the next so that can be played properly & not as a thuggish PC drone.
How many Pierce Brosnan fans do we have here? :). Image credits:
Also you need to see Shattered with him and Pierce Brosnan. It's epic. Also Law Abiding Citizen. ❤️🙌
Pierce Brosnan was the best James Bond actor .. Hands down but Daniel Craig is still bless doe
make you do my bidding. That Pierce Brosnan, who does he think he is?!
I like my men how I like my Bond films, Pierce Brosnan.
Original Brioni suit piece, worn by Pierce Brosnan in THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH
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love how Malcolm McDowell playing pierce brosnan dad lol
Pierce Brosnan and Meryl Streep sing "S.O.S" in "Mamma Mia!" via
A class of teenage girls with Pierce Brosnan and a dog, what could possibly go wrong?
as Pierce Brosnan put it in Mamma Mia . "My sentiments exactly" 😏
When Pierce Brosnan came to the museum formerly known as the National Museum of Photography Film and Television
LAMBETH: Pierce Brosnan is accompanied by mum Mary as he shoots an ad in Madrid - Daily Mail
Fame is like a big piece of meringue - it's beautiful, and you keep eating ...
Suited and booted Pierce Brosnan is accompanied by his doting mother Mary as he shoots new advert in Madrid. …
I love the ukulele. It's got a beautiful, melodic tone to it. There's somet...
I was a pierce brosnan fan .. But Daniel Craig was badass James Bond y'all.. No time for gadgets.. Mfana waziwindi..💪
My mother was the prettiest woman in the town. He was a bit older than her.
Hyped to bring our actual dads, Bill Clinton & Pierce Brosnan to Margate on 23 April!
Pierce Brosnan is legit the best James Bond though. Daniel is a distant 2nd.
I try to be as disciplined as I possibly can. I try to live a fairly kind o...
Liam Neeson , Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig are my favourites!!!
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RIP Frank Kelly, best known for playing Father Jack but he was also in the awesome Pierce Brosnan movie
Do we think this guy is perhaps a bit too young for you to ogle the same way as you did Steve McQueen and Pierce Brosnan?! ;-)
Also, it was a nice basic plot that worked out very well and good performances from Owen Wilson and Pierce Brosnan.
Alas, it seems Pierce Brosnan beat you to being the first Irish James Bond. You can be the funny/loud one, though!
Pierce Brosnan interested in Slackwater Clowes and the RiverLock Cherry Run. Mark Fuhrman interested in acting roleThe Arcineaux Defense.
please go watch the Thomas Crown Affair with Pierce Brosnan immediately
If there is ,...a new Bond, wonder who it will be . Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan , were 3 of my favourites,& Daniel Craig👍
If I was to rank best James Bond character, I do consider a tie between Roger Moore,Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan. They are all great.
The "Thomas the Tank Engine" franchise has been narrated by Ringo Starr, George Carlin, Alec Baldwin, and Pierce Brosnan.
Pierce Brosnan done it right when he was James Bond. Daniel Craig - not so much
I know Jason Bourne is prone to bouts of amnesia... but is he actually Pierce Brosnan too?
Pierce Brosnan is Anglo-Irish which only leaves Daniel Craig.
I honestly can't get used to Daniel Craig or whatever his name is as 007 , I was comfortable with Pierce Brosnan 😰😪😢
They had a Sean Connery. Now they have a Pierce Brosnan. But they need a Daniel Craig.
I've not even seen a full James Bond movie since Daniel Craig was cast but I don't like him. Pierce Brosnan any day 😌
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Tome Jones, Pierce Brosnan, Jack Nickelson, Glen Close, Danny DeVito, Mike J Fox, SJ Parker - what are you waiting for!
Daniel Craig as the red, Pierce Brosnan as the blue... Sean Connery as AkaRed.
On reflection, the islanders are surely envious of Tommy Tiernan, Pierce Brosnan, Dylan Moran and Francis Beaufort (and Hector!)
Mine has to be Pierce Brosnan but I've come to really like Daniel Craig though. Tough and Brutal and only seductive when he needs to be
I don't like Bond movies but how do you go from beautiful Pierce Brosnan to Daniel "the human baked potato" Craig
I really like Daniel Craig but Pierce Brosnan is the best James Bond
I know Daniel Craig was an Ok 007 ,but i totally love Pierce Brosnan and Sean Connery .Those Guys were smooth Spies
the sky is blue. Michael Moore is morbidly obese. Daniel Craig isn't as good of a Bond as Pierce Brosnan. :P
Pierce Brosnan holding son Chris at the beach in 1974 via /r/OldSchoolCool…
Hollywood star Pierce Brosnan gives exclusive interview to ;) http…
I never knew Pierce Brosnan was so good looking.
it used to hold the opening gala of EIFF. Pierce Brosnan chabbed some Marlboro lights off me at the Thomas Crown Affair premier.
But srs why was Pierce Brosnan allowed to sing in Mamma Mia
Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan pictured on the set of their film, “Mamma Mia!” in Greece,… http…
Sean Connery is popular because of James Bond. Same as Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan & Daniel Craig.
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odd movie on TV. "around the world in 80 days" with Pierce Brosnan as Phileas Fogg & Eric Idle as Passepartout Ô_Ô
Clarke Peters from "The Wire" is also in this movie, & so are Christopher Lee & Pierce Brosnan. Frankly, it's all almost too much.
Survivor, starring Pierce Brosnan & Milla Jojovich. James D'Arcy also features, why has he not been considered as 007?
Which version? There's the original one back in the day. Then the one from '99 w Pierce Brosnan & Rene Russo. 😍
My Doctor Who fandom makes me want Matt Smith. Fun Fact: in 1995/96, Pierce Brosnan and Paul McGann almost flipped roles
Pierce Brosnan returns in another action movie, only this time he is the villain the Watchmaker in SURVIVOR,...
the message in this movie actor pierce brosnan plays JACK ABELHAMMER-JACK IS WHAT TEY CALL ME pierce nailsabelhammer
Versasca Dam, Ticino is famous for the Goldeneye Bungee jump - Pierce Brosnan jumped into its depths-220 m altitude in a 7.5 sec free fall.
Weird, there’s no images of Pierce Brosnan saying “enough foreplay” on google. Probably for the best…
but don't you find Mamma Mia's spandex-clad Pierce Brosnan equally intoxicating?
Pierce Brosnan's movie, The Matador, has a scene where tree falls on house that gave me the shivers.
My mom's random hated celeb is Pierce Brosnan.
Daniel Craig is a better Bond than Pierce Brosnan... There! I said it!
Pierce Brosnan/Daniel Craig Bond films are my favorite. Such amazing writing.
Oh! Totally fell in love with Pierce Brosnan when he was in Remmington Steele. Oops! Showing my age!
can't be any worst than Pierce Brosnan Bonds. Those sucked major ***
Pierce Brosnan's sharp tongued Hammond in has made top 25 quotes of '15!
nothing with Pierce Brosnan in deserves that much air time
Let's not go overboard. You're talking Pierce Brosnan, Seth.
underrated aspect of Mrs. dfire-ink wasn't even dry on the divorce papers and Sally field is already dating Pierce Brosnan 😔
The Foreigner, starring Jackie Chan & Pierce Brosnan, is filming in Greenwich on Sun. First at ORNC then Rose&Crown http…
"I realise how precious life is, probably because I've seen how it can be taken away." - Pierce Brosnan
Thought I saw Pierce Brosnan. Then I remembered I was in Manchester and not Tomorrow Never Dies.
Almost just swiped right on a guy on Tinder until I realized he was using a picture of Pierce Brosnan.
Or No Deal. Bond, Pierce Brosnan as himself and his wife at Toby Carvery.
btw Michelle Yeoh at that talk/session she had at the Singapore film festival that Pierce Brosnan was a wonderful man
"Some kind of beautiful" streaming on Netflix". Watch Pierce Brosnan watch Salma Hayek slowly undress to my song
On the other hand Pierce Brosnan and Cillian Murphy never sound Irish to me.
I think most people watch if for young Sean Bean and Pierce Brosnan.
GUESS WHO I AM GAME. Congrats to Mark who correctly guessed that it was of course Pierce Brosnan.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
lol, yes. But I don't really remember anything much about it. Only that it was Pierce Brosnan?
No, Pierce brosnan is born in Israel on may 16th 1952.
He looked and sounded like a Bourne or Bond, but more on the Daniel Craig end vs Pierce Brosnan or Sean Connery.
❤ d article. Only 1 JB who can gv him competition is Pierce Brosnan. Article hv me Goosebumps😍 loved f aish part
Donald Trump's policy towards Muslim Americans as explained by Pierce Brosnan
Get pierce brosnan of, he's rude and no wonder she's giving you daggers, try getting a course in presenting and how not to be rude
I'll watch the latest 007 with my bf. :) To be honest, the most favorite James Bond for me is Pierce Brosnan. Hehe. :P
Like that lady from one of the Pierce Brosnan 007 movies
remember when Pierce Brosnan sang in Mamma Mia!?. yea
It stretches my imagination to believe Pierce Brosnan's character could possibly find the Sarah Jessica Parker character appealing.
Daniel Craig is definitely more bad *** but Pierce Brosnan has more of the James Bond swagger!
I'm an artist, so I love the design of -Pierce Brosnan
Pierce Brosnan played a hired assasin, Milla Jovovich as the victim. Never thought this could be that good. Survivor 2015.
When choosing a baby name here are your best options: Throwing darts, characters from Pierce Brosnan films or Lamar Odom bong hits
Nee dude. Pierce Brosnan by a mile.
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Tim Dalton and Pierce Brosnan are white, and SUCKED as Bond. Your point is invalid.
Pierce Brosnan & Halle Berry would know the answer better let's Die another day over that.
Catching up with - the Pierce Brosnan/Piers Morgan mix-up is one of the funniest things I've heard in weeks.
Lauren Bacall and Pierce Brosnan and Streisand what a find!! Such a…
Pictures of the week including Pierce Brosnan at for via
Pierce Brosnan also worked during his formative years as a fire-eater.
Box Office for November Man, No Pierce Brosnan done? I remember when he was bankable, "sexiest man alive" in 90's
Pierce Brosnan in Some Kind of Beautiful is love 😍
The movie with Owen Wilson & Pierce Brosnan "No Escape" was deep. Trust, you'll probably want to stay on your country's soil for a while.
I miss Pierce Brosnan as James Bond tho. He was badass as *** idgaf
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