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Pied Piper

The Pied Piper of Hamelin is the subject of a legend concerning the departure or death of a great many children from the town of Hamelin (Hameln), Lower Saxony, Germany, in the Middle Ages.

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Proud to announce Pied Piper (as an Azure customer (Azure dashboard from last night's episode…
"Clubbin' featuring Joe Budden and Pied Piper" by Marques Houston in
looking like Dustin Hoffman.featuring Steve Mcqueen,use his Millions.Obama is Free.he doesn't Dance with Pied Piper
R. Kelly dead *** called Himself the Pied Piper of R&B like the Pied Piper ain't lure kids away from their parents forever…
of CBRE with Jared from Pied Piper - building out a cyber security niche of national recognition. Congra…
I'm sorry but IMHO Tom is like the Pied Piper taking very good people on a journey they may regret. Se…
DW calling Dale Jr the Pied Piper is like Scott Goodyear explaining the weight jacker
Would happily follow Lana Del Rey into a cave, Pied Piper-esque, at this point
I hated when R. Kelly came out with that "Pied Piper" persona. Never looked at him the same.
the Clinton Campaign produced the 2015 Pied Piper strategy giving Trump $2B free airtime to give Hillary an easy win
*** demo is cray cray. Reminds me of Valley's, Pied Piper demo.
Pied Piper played his fiddle rats followed 2 Weser River & drown. He wasn't paid so took kids never seen again Thes…
Sat Feb 4, head to the Main Stage at Surrey Arts Centre for the musical retelling of the Pied Piper of Hamelin!
b/c her inner-DNC circle used the Pied Piper strategy, CREATED the Trump campaign, and then failed to compete with it.
Someone told me that 'R. Kelly' Anne Conway the Pied Piper of Misinformation may also join in...
Excited to know of Pied Piper of Lovers. Ever seen Maxfield Parrish painting in Palace Hotel bar?
Perhaps it's because with Repos, the ants go marching two by two. No dissent, no critique, just blindly following the Pied Piper
A trail of tears and dripping stupidity follow trumpeter like the Pied Piper of Manhattan right off the pier into t…
Next week on - 5 episodes of Pied Piper with David Munrow in intervals of In Concert. Indulge in nostalgia or…
it's okay. I once said that the Pied Piper came from Hamilton and that Muhammad Ali had fought George Formby
Brilliant idea! Edith Craig as Rosa Bonheur as Pied Piper of Hamlin? What about casting? Cicely Hamilton as? Christ…
Larry Hagman was my best friend for 35 years. He was the Pied Piper of life and brought joy to e
NOW, in the mix with DJ Renay on Pure Rhythm Radio - FREE...
yeah, it's entertaining the country like the Pied Piper entertained the rats.
For an organization struggling w/charges of systemic rascism, do you think endorsing the pied piper of bigots is a wise thing to do?
I'm sad that any American follows this narcissistic buffoon. He's the Pied Piper of extremists and racists & lacks all ethics.
Pied Piper lures sheeple to headphones devices? Fools will be fools.
Trump is like a pied piper leading the easily-entranced straight into the gates of *** and they're still smiling, obliviously
I feel sorry about these wonderful people being sucked in by this PIED PIPER.Sorry folks...!
Chase pests out of your home with Pied Piper Pest Control!
Im not sure id put usher in the same room as The Pied Piper or The Purple one ever.
UKG Lovers, next Sat we are back at Shoreditch with & Tickets only £8
WE ARE LOOKING FOR A MUSICAL PIED PIPER / SUPERHERO! ✨... We have an incredible opportunity to EXPAND our music...
Now that the Pied Piper of Birtherism has admitted it, how long will it take to convert the 64% GOP believers?
Jared: (pivoting) What if Pied Piper was an app that could attract rodents? ...for purposes of extermination or to feed your pet snake.
The image of Sanders as a malevolent Pied Piper who turned millennials against Clinton is both delusional and insulting t…
will be like the pied piper when he leaves...! Taking all the rats with him.! What a wonderful day that will be 😀
Have some shame . Die of shame Atishi. What n who r u defending. Gone mad after pied piper AK. People r dying u insensitive.
Trump leads the media around like the Pied Piper who by trade was a rat catcher but later turned to misleading gullible children!
a few short stories in the year 2009 -two of which were The Iron That Turned Steel and the other was The Pied Piper and Mayor
owned the media today. He's like the pied piper for bloodsuckers.
I am glad that you said that about the press. They followed the pied piper
Honey I'm the RL pied piper of nut jobs. I even married weird.until I got smart enough to divorce it;)
amazing how Kejri managed to draw out gutter rats. He is the *** Pied Piper 😄.
Trump is playing his supporters. They are nieve and being mislead like the pied piper leading the children from the village. Their so sad!
Siri is following me. Which makes me the pied piper. Only it’s a corncob pipe. And there are no pies.
it's diversion & you've all followed Pied Piper Donald.He doesn't wanna discuss things where his inept nature would b seen-so-DIVERT
Sure, with more than 40 NASCAR race wins under his belt, the “Pied Piper of Daytona” is unde
It's Pied Piper Parade time on Saturday, Sept. 17. Sections of Lake St, Church St, Queen St & William St will be closed fr…
Heading downtown tomorrow? There will be some road closures related to the Pied Piper Parade
is a 2016 Pied Piper. He blows his flute of lies and the rats just follow him. Maybe because he looks like cheddar cheese?
MSM *** this ridiculous Pied Piper had you dancing to his tune = promote his hotel. Hrs of breathless TV coverage - 1 min of
Trump has been the Pied Piper of bigotry for years. Now he says it wasn't a flute he was blowin'. It was Putin.
The Pied Piper of SanFran! 😍 U must've freed thm of all the negative vibes thru d positivity of yaa soulful music
my thoughts exactly. Left out so much evidence but wants to be the pied piper of the case. SMH
UR only *** bag pied piper 4 stealing zealot's $$$ w/promise 2 make a stupid movie!
It was literally like watching the pied piper but with underage girls
and the *** follow him like the freaking pied piper! Say it aint so Joy
And the Pied Piper orders his band of gullible journos to follow behind...
It's so strange that he calls himself that... given the actual story of the Pied Piper
Pied Piper Parade is tomorrow! Kids registration at 10am, Parade is at 11am .
The media is following hind the Pied Piper as ordered.Wish media would have refused to go in.
Trump is playing America like a flute. Who knew the Pied Piper was orange.
"The truth is I actually really like it." - Zach Woods (Jared) on the Pied Piper jacket
We are after the same outcome. We all want Jeremy to be our Pied Piper.
I think my wife's trainer may be the Pied Piper.
the pied piper didn't make the kids kill their parents, and I don't think he was an African drug lord
On the decks tonight at alongside DJ Pied Piper and .
He was just playing Pied Piper all along, just keep the kids from going to Trump. That was his job. It's a play.
oh my god. He might have some competition for the npc children who are now gonna follow Matthias around like the pied piper
NowPlaying dj pied piper do you really like it - dj pied piper do you really like it 07:03
is the Pied Piper of Hamilton available?
Pied piper Bernie delivers loyal anti-establishment supporters to the heart of corrupt DNC betrayal!
This is actually a dream come true. Never get tired of Pied Piper cosplay and fan art. Great work!
is this that thing that Pied Piper was supposed to make?
I see all these Pied Piper and Hooli references, I really need to watch SV.
did you use Hooli for the livestream? Shoulda hit up Pied Piper...
I have a theory about their pied piper and his name is...👀😉
where is Pied Piper when you need them? Sure could use that mid-out compression algorithm for this livestream ;)
Terrible live stream. Where's Pied Piper when you need it...
In her overwhelming desire to become Pied Piper of pro *** mates, Barkha falls deeper, with egg on her face >>>
Should have been using Pied Piper, instead
If the guys from Silicon Valley hired the guy from Mr. Robot:. the Pied Piper app would end social disparity, and save space…
Yes, he should be ashamed to show his face. Pied piper with young clueless ppl following him.
It is the duty of the Railways to clean up the Railway Yards and maintain the facility by clearing the bushes and -
pied piper of says check out these 6 dope FCC maps! Thanks
Trump is the Pied Piper of *** Never have so many been so proud to be stupid
Amazing team 👌🏻like Silicon Valley hope pied piper real application and try it 😂
Trapped In The Closet Chapter 5 (or whatever chap that was the Pied Piper of R&B coming home to his cheating wife) is my favourite chapter.
Most, if not all, of Pied Piper's problems could have been avoided had Richard listened to Amanda when she said it looked engineered.
Pied Piper is dying all because Richard refuses to delay it or make it simpler. Meanwhile Gavin hired Barker. S3 Ep9
Wastes his & the nation's time on idiocies like MonkeyBath. Pied Piper leading the nation to drown (5)
Pied Piper failure demonstrates the value of Warning: Contains Silicon Valley spoilers
Hartley is the Pied Piper, the canon *** villain turned ally. I feel like Cold would exploit his daddy issues thoroughly
agree on this point, now share with FOX (not) News disciples. So many following the pied piper. Oy.
Wanted: A Pied Piper to drive rats out of Central, Egmore: If the details of an all-India…
Would say Pied Piper but he is a good boy now so it's either Captain Cold or Trickster (Axel Walker)
'He was the Pied Piper of pubs': Tributes paid to North Tyneside landlord after sudden death
Can't think of one. Also forgot the show had a Harry Potter look-alike in Andy Mientus, who played Pied Piper.
Fan of Here's why running a good beta could've saved Pied Piper https:…
never forget, before Richard Hendricks became CEO of Pied Piper he was fired by Stratton Oakmont for cleaning out a fish bowl.
I'm off to see Entice - Fonti & Mighty Moe / Pied Piper & MC DT at Proud Camden, London. via
can we get Andy Mientus back in The Flash s3 or LoT s2? We need more Pied Piper, is freaking awesome
Pied Piper compression code shown on Silicon Valley Series
Exactly. He's Obama 2.0. Scary how he's like The Pied Piper. Hide your kids.
this DELUSIONAL right-wing media Pied-Piper fool will led Republican rats into political oblivion.
.Well, it seems he's viewed more as a Pied Piper Wizard by his fans.
A game starring The Pied Piper, set in the Greek myths
This morning's jaunt has brought me to a convoluted route of readings that started with the Pied Piper of...
Remember the pied piper of Hamelin. He led a bunch of rats to their deaths in the river. Sound remotely familiar?
R kelly: the pied piper of Rnb is possibly the best thing I've heard today! ribs!...they hurt! 😂
Just like the pied piper, led rats thru the streets. We dance like the marionettes, swaying to the Symphony of Destruction.
A social strategy for the hottest in Silicon Valley:
Street Fighter, but with The Pied Piper as the main character
I was previously coinvested with in Pied Piper. Laurie Bream just loves it when I describe my erection to her.
Pied Piper's technical debt is scary accurate to real companies...
Of course he isn't a victim. The Pied Piper was never the victim.
A educational game starring The Pied Piper, set in the Wild West
This just furthers my claim you guys at LTT are literally Pied Piper from Silicon Valley.
Bernie Sanders is just a modern attempt at the Pied Piper. Nothing but a pipe dreamer is Bernie sanders
R. Kelly concert in Indianapolis rescheduled from May to September:
Electronic Device Insurance
Darn pied piper fanfics. Idk why but i want more.
For anyone wondering the Silicon Valley Pied Piper code is completely meaningless number manipulation.
The latter. Looks like this puppet's been getting some coaching on how to be a good slave & pied piper.
Trump is the authentic pied piper. As president, how many people will he lead to their doom? Perhaps millions.
DRAGN fly 91352 .com it's time to put young people ahead American young people and it would be the Pied Piper
[Spoiler] Added episode 15 captures for the Korean drama 'Pied Piper' (2016/04/27)
"So thanks Bernie…you ran a good race& now you can hop onto Hillarys pant suit & become the latest kept progressive champion…the Pied Piper"
You'll have all the young people being thankful for the concert and you'll be the Pied Piper think about it
If they come to your concert you have thousands of them being thankful for your concert you'll be the Pied Piper
is the Pied Piper of Hamlin whose childish followers leave only scorched earth and burning bridges…
Agreed!!! Hope you are back to playing Pied Piper again soon!!! 💕😀❤️
Ted Cruz- the pied piper to the NRO frauds - & the rats have no idea how to disembark their sinking ship
I was more of a blue ranger sl*t but I'm so beyond proud of you. I need more of the Pied Piper
As a kid I was obsessed with the Green Ranger and today I'm musing that if I can't ever play him, playing Pied Piper is pr…
Watching the first episode of Silicon Valley season 3 was hard because I could not binge watch it. Netflix has spoiled me. Pied Piper rules!
Haven't seen the latest episode of Silicon Valley, but unless Pied Piper has pivoted into being a chat bot app, it's no longer r…
'Silicon Valley' recap: Pied Piper gets a new boss: . As the smartly droll HBO comedy kicks off its third seaso...
Now playing Pied Piper of Hamelin on Flame On Radio Kids also available on the Tunein mobile app
Its the Pied Piper of Pop Culture, Ross Marthews (in studio w/ and
Nu op Juize: Isley Brothers ft. Pied Piper - What would you do? (CD)
Photos of the Pied Piper completed for the Muscogee Creek Nation Council House.
Robert Browning: the Pied Piper of Hamelin: the complete text.
Louie Spence is currently filming. a 'celebrity taxi programme' with. Paul Danan and DJ Pied Piper ...that should be a scream!
You Sir,are, the Pied Piper of Fools, yet, your giving Hill-Billy a good show before her Coronation of Inevitability
Andy Mientus to Return as Pied Piper on "The Flash" | Comic Book Resources via
The Flash: Andy Mientus' Pied Piper to Return for Alt Timeline Episode. The Flash‘s next time jump will bring...
An upcoming time travel episode means the return of Pied Piper
Huaaahh Jo Yoon Hee as SWAT team for Upcoming drama Pied Piper *credit: joyoonhee's instagram*
"Pied Piper can think he's better than us by fightin' on the side of angels, but he ain't. Deep down he's still a Rogue."
Pied Piper of Mindless Rats in a Drowning Pool via
Website Builder 728x90
We don’t have to goose step to the Pied Piper of Trump or Havana Ted…or even Rainbows and Unicorns Bernie…but use a little common sense.
Cool - love that guy! He's called the Pied Piper of the Lincoln Highway 😍
I got the for "Clubbin'" by Marques Houston feat. Joe Budden & Pied Piper on
The truth behind the Pied Piper is brutal. Leading kids away true. Rats fabricated. Actual German town of Haml sold them all. podcast
The wildest thing about R. Kelly is that he called himself the Pied Piper. The Pied Piper. The Pied Piper.
Thank the gods of metal, Pied Piper had the cable I need.
Milo's charming like the Pied Piper of Hamlyn: mainly to rats and children.
Meet the man behind the didgeridoo, one of Church Street's favorite performers
as long as the Pied Piper of the 1st intermission holds court, fighting is here to stay
The pied piper has tried for years to expand his audience.
It's always fun to remember something: There are very few bad people in the world. Just lost folk. I'm their pied piper.
*** wcw's got fingerbanged to Pied Piper adlibs smh
The Pied Piper is back with Lil Wayne and Jeremih for new single “Switch Up”
Oh the pedo pied piper did the remake -_-
Great! Enough of the *** cliffhangers though...when is Pied Piper gonna' hit it big, snap necks and cash checks?
Rocking out on stories & sunset w pied piper stylee on top of the multi-storey w
Quick someone call the pied piper, or train more exterminators!
Clinton was a Pied Piper with a Saxophone. A MoFo in plain sight who got away with it
Just like the Pied Piper remember the Pied Piper?
I wanna see Pied Piper back on The Flash and Deathstroke & Boomerang back on Arrow. Maybe throw a little (A LOT) of Huntress in there too
For some odd reason, I was reminded of Pied Piper.
Feedback indicates UKIP are collecting Labour voters faster than the "Pied Piper" Labour eradication looms!
24 hour NON-STOP radio - 'Pied Piper' by 'The Scribes' Listen at:
Were you in the Pied Piper at Dashwood School in 1978?
let's face it, the pied piper of Hamelin is a pretty dark tale, a man who abducts children because he didn't get paid !
Reddit on Yahoo's NFL stream, "The Yahoo! stream was Pied Piper. My stream of the Titans game is Hooli."
The pied piper of Hamlin couldn't have been better than Eddie Vedder. I can follow his voice to my graveyard and still be happy.
That's a lovely picture, pied piper for cats
Is leading the more 'Emperor Has No Clothes' or 'Pied Piper of Hamelin'?.
This Tom and Jerry cartoon is called "Pied Piper Puss"
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
the Pied Piper of Tower Hamlets. Do you invoke these Irregulars in your crimefighting?
Happy birthday to the Pied Piper of Hamelin herself 😂😂😂, love ya!
We've gone all cosmopolitan at Pied Piper selling lovely goodies to Dubai, Norway and Australia and that was all in one day :-))
snake oil con man pied piper of dim wits gop & likes joe and his kiss ups trump was f$&ng BEGGING our of ego
HOLD UP Hold Up hold up, hold up a second. You are telling me the Pied Piper of Hamelin is REAL?
Tim Payton and his Pied Piper crew expects WC players to sit on the bench and wait to play in the COC. They expect a zero bank balance
The older I get the more uncomfortable I feel thinking about the way the story of The Pied Piper of Hamelin ended. F'ed Up is what that is.
They are led by a stupid, dishonest, fat pied piper who live in Sandton in a multi million rand house and drive expensive cars.
Dale Earnhardt Jr isn't the Pied Piper of Talladega any more
Artful Dodger and Pied Piper tonight but missing Mike Skinner at Cirque 😢😢😢
More than a Minute: Mike Watt's Enduring Punk Career: by Chris Parker Mike Watt is the Pied Piper of punk rock. He…
super moon: Sailor Moon Super S: Black Dream Hole: An anime variant of the Pied Piper story, this one-hour movie pits
Serena Kern set to release new song Pied Piper
Jack Dorsey to become a ceo of Pied Piper
Alex Jones Dave Mustaine "Symphony of Destruction". Just like the Pied Piper. Led rats through the streets. We...
I heard The National Enquirer has hired the Child Catcher on $1000 a day & are just waiting on a CRB check for the Pied Piper
Bill Clinton get on that sax and start playing it and then leads yall into a river of doom like the Pied Piper 😭😂😂😂
"Where are the children? Some of new neighborhds look like the Pied Piper marched thru" by Renee Loth
I remember that show! My favorites were Eric Idle as the Pied Piper and Christopher Lee in The Boy who Left Home...
I don't watch Game of Thrones, but I'm so nervous something bad will happen to Pied Piper in the Silicon Valley finale.
Why won't people stop fronting and just let Richard found Pied Piper for God's sake
Richard Hendricks and the guys at Pied Piper take just as many L's as the characters from Game of Thrones 😔
Will the real Pied Piper please stand up? (analysis of prev winners) via
You can actually watch Pied Piper's Condor Cam live stream
So honored to speak at SCBWI with Rebecca Davis, Editor at Wordsong & the Pied Piper of Poetry, Lee Bennett Hopkins.
has anybody mentioned Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull for the Pied Piper yet? Surely!
Nope you are all wrong. Ian Anderson IS the Pied Piper...
Ian Anderson would make a good Pied Piper with PJ Harvey as a female version
The story of the Pied Piper is loosely based on the life of Jimmy Saville.
I will love it if you read my piece on Keegan's famous rant. Love it. Includes a reference to DJ Pied Piper
"I mean, come on, Richard. As far as Pied Piper is concerned, he's as pointless as Mass Effect 3's multiple endings."
Answer on by Evan Colvin to Why did Hooli sue Pied Piper?
Pied Piper - can summon the bubonic plague to infect bad guys with his magic flute
If I didn't have a flight (and qualms about touching suspicious sausages), I would totally Pied Piper all the dogs at this breakfast place.
Akshen dropped the R. Kelly on em tho. Pre-Pied Piper era too. WO.
Rich? He only got rich by being smart. It pays to follow the pied piper.
Leading a DND party as a bard is like playing the role of the pied piper
I am the Pied Piper of children. I love this lil guy!
gerard you should really watch The Flash because you kinda look like Andy Mientus (Pied Piper) 🌝
Lucky for opposition that they APE & a pied piper is taking them to a cliff
The pied piper of RnB playing on my radio. I aint mad.
Changing my name to Piper so I can be known as "the pied piper"
Why? Are you the pied piper of Scotstoun?
"Are you trying to say 'bros before *** '". The Pied Piper bros of return April 12th:
Hanging around with the most interesting man in the world @ The Pied Piper Inn and Pub.
I don't know. Apparently I am a cat Pied Piper.
Given his musical talents, could he rid us of the floppy haired *** Pied Piper of Hamelin style?
The way version of pied piper made everyone spazz...
Some of you might not know but I am actually the pied piper
You don't hire the pied piper to hunt dragons. You hunt dragons with fire and iron Spears.
Will Pied Piper get funded or join the startup graveyard?. Preview
JCR says, 'Things are in motion! Stay grounded!!' The poster child for Pied Piper Syndrome has spoken. Giant bag of nothing!
Bots, bot, and more bots. I seem to be some kind of 'Pied Piper of Hamelin' for silicon based lifeforms.
ISIS is Jim Jones, David Koresh, and Obama on a massive scale. Pied Piper movements that bring in blind, devoted adoration.
Hamline Pipers... Pied Piper of Hamelin... . Man that took me way too long to figure out.
.This Pied Piper fooled One&All !But surely no one expected this Liar 2 join hands wth
Want to know what the Pied Piper team have been up to since TechCrunch? Season 2 of starts 20 April
GOP. You have to be brainless, clueless and just not able to think for yourself to be a Democrat. OB i…
I liked a video The Flash vs the Pied Piper
I added a video to a playlist Crispian St. Peters - The Pied Piper - 1966
Now Playing - 'Pied Piper' by 'The Scribes' . Tune in now to
UKIP are gathering Con/Lib/Lab voters faster than the "Pied Piper" UKIP well on course to win GE. it ON!
Pied piper - garage nation should be good tomorrow💃💃
Foolish woman with so many foolish views. How on earth can she have so many followers. The Pied Piper springs to mind.
yes, like the Pied Piper to death in a river of debt and undeliverable promises.
A barefoot executive, a street smart marketer and the Pied Piper of Faceb by Jim Donovan, author-speaker-coach
"When I first heard music I was transfixed, I just fell in love with music, the real Pied Piper was rock'n'roll. . John Lennon 1974.
.boss on Pied Piper intro: He's the 'evil Harry Potter':
It's the pied piper of r&b & Id like welcome you all to the chocolate factory
Definitely not like the pied piper, more like the acc. Unless its a mighty fine piece of *** then we stalk that too
from Marques Houston - Clubbin' featuring Joe Budden and Pied Piper (Album Version)
The Pied Piper is leading all the divs that are stupid enough to believe him to their doom. Wake up.
...looking forward to your Pied Piper's run on the !
Captain Cold and Heat Wave were extremely entertaining to watch. Also liked the set ups for Firestorm an…
Pied Piper of dog walkers Kirsten of DogGoneWalking with seven dogs out for a stroll.
- You R so correct. Bunch of lemmings following the pied piper. No on knows where. I don't wanna find out.
Promo for The Flash "The Sound and the Fury" Debuts Pied Piper: On episode 11 of The Flash, entitled "The Soun...
My story on the Gators' needing a major recruit to step forward. Florida Gators Recruiting Needs a Pied Piper
We are the pied piper that have people played to our tunes.
Jonathan Gruber is now writing speeches?. It's official, Mr Gruber is Pied Piper of morons.
Haan you told me. Modi is the new pied piper. Nobody can work under Rahul.
I found myself laughing through the speech, not at Obama but at his glassy-eyed devotees blindly following this ridiculou…
SOSAC wish all the best to Wednesday Players for the pantomime Pied Piper of Hamelin at the Palace Theatre from Weds 14th -18th Jan
yep :) Dominic Purcell as Heatwave, Wentworth Miller, & as Pied Piper !
GENERATION X MANCHILD (still smoking!) did ya "x" skillz get mastered by someone and you played the pied piper aka he finished you off like mary jane "x" and like the video game killer instinct??? well thats the price you pay aka one life to live, the name of the game is mastering another who fell off his game!!! like "sumo hung" versus jean claudes "timecop" the outcome of that, timecop punishing and mastering sumo hung in a super hollywood generation x master knockout surprise aka timecop wooped sumo hung with special effects and everything! and the this type of story goes on and on.thats why i never completely lossed aka i stay at home my whole life(enables me to win for life) and don't plan on losing and getting mastered defeated like a street fighter generation x poster person! well eventually you get mastered if ya slip off your game thats what the "x" world is about! mastering the "evil" person(s) and being the hero, teaching "x'd" out lessons to those who fall off and surrender!
Millions follow his pied piper songs simply because they do not know God’s truth.
Watching Man Johnny Depp is on his R.Kelly, pied-piper
Jools is the Pied Piper of the lonely
so intelligent aren't they. Sometimes too. Mine are. Follow me around like pied piper
Best believe somebody's paying the pied piper All the pain inside amplified by the fact
Update your maps at Navteq
GOD is gonna let him continue to break Gods' Rulez leading his followers all to *** like a pied piper... dumbing the dogs DOWN
The Black Demon King of the Rapperz Jay Z... the pied piper leading the black rats all to *** .. well he goes to *** later!!!
Does this mean you are the Pied Piper? Was a flute in your other hand?
Happy New Year to you all! We are excited for 2015 kick starting with our pantomime "The Pied Piper" in February.
Boris is probably the most dangerous politician in the UK. Because he is genuinely funny.That pied piper will lead you into the river Thames
Yup - the fools followed the Pied Piper down the road to ruin
"I don't think I could say Pied Piper is a proprietary site. Oh, I just did,… 📺 Watching Silicon Valley Season 1 —
The Pied Piper takes care of the rat infestation in Hamelin, but when the mayor refuses to pay what he promised, he takes his revenge, leading the village's children away just as he had the rats. Like him, you are dependable and never go back on your word, but we think you're probably a lot nicer to…
Top night at Soho Hull going home and being good. Saving it for Pied Piper tomorrow. . XO SMASHING NUMBERS AT...
‘Robin’s Winter Adventure’, performed by the Pied Piper Theatre Company brought a young boy’s incredible journey with a feathered friend to life. The child
DEAR APC DELEGATES, We have few days to the APC presidential primaries where thousands of you from across the country are expected to meet at the Africa’s third most populous city Lagos and elect the party’s presidential candidate through modified direct primaries. There is no doubt that the APC is the only party that Nigerians and the rest of the world await its presidential primaries for a reason that every Nigeria’s political enthusiasts know. This is the most important election of our lifetimes, is not just a cliché, but the truth. Indeed our country is in serious decline as our liberties are taken from us daily and our federal government continues to grow into what Hobbes called (in his book) a Leviathan. Many people are fed-up and want to get involved for the first time in politics. They want a fundamental change in government, they want a government for all, responsive and action government that will improve their standard of living and bring an end to insurgency in the country, provide jobs ...
Where are the leaders? I don't see any I see a lot of followers though it explains why you all dress act and think the same even the way you talk what you watch you're the mice but who's the pied piper misleading you?
Info about our upcoming Bremen Town Musicians and Pied Piper performances!
Our Junior High Basketball teams are in action tonight against the Haskell Indians. Girls will play at Haskell, Boys will play at Piper Court. Games will begin at 5:00 p.m. at both locations. Come out and support the future of Pied Piper Basketball!
Eating a sandwich as I walk in a lonely London cemetery has made me the pied piper of grey squirrels
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A new favorite: Dave Brubeck Quartet - Take Five (Pied Piper NuJazz Mix) by on
kejriwal's ideas are as fantastic as unification of indian and Pakistan. You are also a pied piper in that sense.
surprised one of your fans haven't got you one considering you're the "pied piper of Lancaster"
TGIAF!! 05/12 at 4.30pm will be signing copies of Revolution & Pied Piper of Hamelin! More info
Time to play those notes like the pied piper
I hope the pied piper turns up soon.
The Pied Piper that I wrote and Chris Riddell illustrated
Walt: They came running like I was the Pied Piper. Bry: I saw them as rodents. Classic Bry Johnson. is almost over!
Pied piper Walt needs a new theme. Thankfully, Ernie knows how to sell comic books
"Just like the pied piper let rats through the streets."
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