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Pie Jesu

Pie Jesu is a motet derived from the final couplet of the Dies irae and often included in musical settings of the Requiem Mass.

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Pie Jesu or Pee in my Soup? We don't really know we just like dancing😋
please contact Marie Osmond. She wants to sing at inaugural ceremony. Song Pie Jesu.
Totally serious! My one had like Pie Jesu from Faure Requiem and stufd
the only thing i've done today is become absolutely obsessed with Pie Jesu
Pie Jesu has been stuck in my head al day
Wonderful performance of my Pie Jesu from May
Brava, Julia! And by the way, I'm loving the recording of Pie Jesu on the choral section of your site!
Can't help wondering if he asked Charlotte Church to sing Pie Jesu.
Here's that same shy woman I posted yesterday singing a simply lovely rendition of Pie Jesu in the next round on...
Good🌅morning. Peace, love and joy. Celtic☘Women Pie✝Jesu
Charlotte schooling Piers Morgan made my day. (Her version of Fauré's Pie Jesu, at age 11, is on my iPod playlist.)
Charlotte Church. Less church and far more town hall. Pie Jesu off.
Perhaps The Donald was hankering for some Pie Jesu. Maybe he was gonna pull some moves to Crazy Chick. Possibly he…
. Thank you David! I did my own prayer too. . Pie Jesu - A Prayer For America .
Singing a beautiful arrangement of "Pie Jesu" with the Chamber Choir. .
Pie Jesu is the sweetest song I've ever heard in my life 😭
I added a video to a playlist Oxford Camerata - Requiem, Op. 48 (Pie Jesu)
Sister of groom mashed up Pie Jesu & Coldplay's Yellow on the piano. Threw in a little electric. Gonna be awhile b4,that 1 gets topped.
.Sure! They're wonderful to sing with/write for. A Pie Jesu I wrote for them last year:
Turning to something more soothing. Anna Netrebko - "Pie Jesu" via
isn't this the little girl that sang "Pie Jesu"?
And 's Pie Jesu a powerfully moving lament on such a day as this.
I added a video to a playlist Pie Jesu - Requiem - Faure
this will have you flat on your face! Pie Jesu - Live Performance by Mozart - (Andrew Lloyd Webber)
Stunning Pie Jesu our students are delivering a jaw dropping performance tonight thank you Dr. Maclary
My wife singing Pie Jesu from the Faure Requiem ❤️
Thank you so much Jorge. I really live singing Fauré's Pie Jesu .•*¨*•.¸¸♬
Quiet time: I will be singing the Pie Jesu from Duruflé Requiem on Remembrance Day at Holy Innocents & St John…
When you walk into church with a sinus infection and the music director tells you you're singing the soprano solo i…
Pie Jesu - Robert Shaw and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Chorus - Faure Requiem
I added a video to a playlist requiem pie jesu Gabriel Faure.wmv
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Will miss SCD tonight, as LFD is singing Faure Pie Jesu at a concert in Upton. Will probs discover something in my eyes!
Pie jesu: joins & Symphony Orchestra for Requiem http…
Pie Jesu, also known as The Pie of Jesus.
Pie Jesu . For my family. For our global family.
Me after I'm done listening to pie jesu and libera me and I realize there's more of the requiem left
"Recordare, Jesu pie, Quod sum causa tuae viae: Ne me perdas illa die.". I know Dies Irae and I've listened to it...
Fun fact: "Pie Jesu" does NOT mean "Jesus Pie" (aww) but "pious Jesus." Text asks Lord Jesus to grant eternal rest to those who have died.
Saint-Saens, Faure's teacher, once said of Faure's Pie Jesu, "Just as Mozart's is the ONLY 'Ave Verum Corpus,' Faure's is THE 'Pie Jesu."
Sang Faure's Pie Jesu at All Souls Mass last night so here, have some tidbits about that, Webber's version, & some other light music trivia
Teaching singing today & working on Pie Jesu with a student. It made me think of you, Paul & the day we shared last November X
This evening at 6pm in the chapel :) I'm singing the Pie Jesu with a stunning cellist and I can guarantee there wil…
St Mary's choir is performing Mozart's Requiem, along with a specially composed setting of the Pie Jesu by James...
Here are our boys singing Pie Jesu with the organ in St. James's Weybridge. Starting to sound really good!!
Very moving All Souls Eucharist yesterday. Well done choristers and choir for the Faure. Joella (pie Jesu) & Euan (Libera me) were superb.
Charlotte Church, Orchestra of the Welsh National Opera & Sian Edwards - "Pie Jesu" from Requiem -
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Another fave of mine is Anna Netrebko 😍😍 her rendition of Pie Jesu gives me the most life. Yeses.
What the doctor ordered – ♫Requiem: Pie Jesu by Cambridge Singers, from
I added a video to a playlist Kathleen Battle - Pie Jesu - Requiem - Gabriel Fauré
Boys only evsong tonight. Was so lovely. All voices blended beautifully and Durufle's Pie Jesu was incredib…
's Caroline now singing Pie Jesu as part of the Faure Requiem.
Sopranos are about to fight each other for the solo in pie jesu
I added a video to a playlist IN A CHURCH SOPRANO PERFORMANCE PIE JESU
Please ignore the machines in the background, I recorded this in the lab. Best clip I could get (end of Pie Jesu)😅🤗
If I sang Pie jesu and put it here would anyone watch?
I'm still working on a short recording of Pie Jesu. Apparently, I need to start singing more because my breath regulation today is awful 😣
I want to own every version of Pie Jesu ever.
He was rubbish!! It wasn't even his voice on that snowman thingy.. I could sing a mean Pie Jesu 😇Xx
Pie Jesu by John Brunning accompanied on Guitar by Vasilis Bessas 🎶 .
that's really nice to know - I will be thinking of you, especially during the Pie Jesu ;-)
She also hummed the Titanic song. Pie Jesu by Andrew Lloyd Webber
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Pie Jesu - Britannia Building Society Fodens Band. ~ Tune in now at
I know.what happened to the sweet little girl who sang Pie Jesu?
I just used Shazam to discover Fauré: Requiem, Op.48-4. Pie Jesu
My mom wants me to sing ALW's Pie Jesu at my graduation dinner aka goodbye @ any musical integrity I ever had
My solo this morning went well, and I'm super excited for my solo/duet next Sunday now! Pie Jesu.
Laughing at the irony of my vocal coach giving me Pie Jesu as one of my pieces this semester.
A really beautiful job of Pie Jesu up there with
Can you post a snippet of the divine Pie Jesu sop duets? more luscious than Lakme
(also needing out) listen to Gabriel Fauré's requiem too, specifically Pie Jesu and just cry
A thing I do like: Catherine Bott singing the "Pie Jesu" from Fauré's Requiem.
I mean, I don't even LIKE operatic singing and got me listening to "Pie Jesu" like
laudate dominum and pie Jesu are my go to relax tunes as well as warm ups
here's link to or Hard to believe how perfect her "Pie Jesu" is, or "Sancta Maria".
Requiem, Op. 48: Pie Jesu by Gabriel Faure, Accentus,and Laurence Equilbey is beautiful. Love this kind of music. :') :')
Eyebrows is to a pretty face as the "Pie Jesu" is to Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Requiem".
High af twerking in my kitchen while eating peanut butter pie
2016 goal: to be able to sing Pie Jesu with as much strength as it should have
I know its probably too late, but if you could throw in 'pie jesu', any version will appreciate it
I added a video to a playlist Sarah Brightman - Pie Jesu - Cover by Samantha With Love!
Right now on are the delightful singing version of Pie Jesu. What a start to Sunday morning. Bliss.
Listening to Pie Jesu by Serenitatis Gregorian Chant For Meditation, on the album: Gregorian Chant for Meditation Chant Music for the Soul
I liked a video from Pie Jesu. Minnesota Boychoir
This is the artist I'm listening to:. John Rutter - Rutter: Requiem: III. Pie Jesu
Watch perform "Pie Jesu" and subscribe to this incredible young soprano! :-D FANTASTIC!
Pie Jesu by Jackie Evancho from the album "O Holy Night - EP" - Listen: - iTunes:
just wanted to say how amazing you were last night! Your rendition of Pie Jesu wow!!!
I legitimately never thought I'd go to a drag gig and hear a queen SLAY Pie Jesu, but that's before I knew 💕
I liked a video from Charlotte Jaconelli - Pie Jesu
I'm listening to Pie Jesu by Irish Tenors (Holiday) on
Just been listening to singing Pie Jesu. Love it! Should never have given up the classical music!!
Only christian folk song I care about is "pie jesu dominae" by the great bad Monty Python on the album the Holy Grail.
Me singing the Faure Requiem version of "Pie jesu".
Listening to the Pie Jesu from Fauré's Requiem. My spine, oh how she tingles...
I liked a video Faryl Smith and Katie Marshall sing Pie Jesu by Branning
Just heard singing on John Brunning's Pie Jesu! Beautiful and perfect for a relaxing Sunday morning.
Singing Pie Jesu as a duet with Concert 🎼 ht…
Singing Pie Jesu as a duet with Concert 🎼
this is my favourite version of Pie Jesu! I have the CD and it's wonderful, thank you for playing this 😄
This afternoon's music was sad synth, followed by Duran Duran, followed by Fauré's Requiem. (I almost wept...that Pie Jesu movement, oof.)
This is my jam: Pie Jesu by Jackie Evancho on momachex's Favorites Radio ♫
Bobby Hill performed Pie Jesu for the pope.
play some AMIRA WILLIGHAGEN and think/pray about it. "Pie Jesu"
why does news in haikus sound like Pie Jesu I'm calling u out c'mon John
had minutes to prepare to sing for and he was AMAZING.
one time my mom was joking and she called pie jesu pie jesus. like. a slice of pie that kind of pie LAlfm
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What song is currently your favorite? — The version of Pie Jesu from Gabriel Fauré's Requiem. Yes it's because of H…
Andrew Lloyd Webber - Requiem - Pie Jesu by Jaden Cornelious and Sarah L... via
Now playing: Pie Jesu by Sarah Brightman and Paul Miles-Kingston on & via TuneIn app
Alison I action at the LRSN/Brown & Co breakfast this morning . . inging the high bit of Pie Jesu. . . not really!
Oh you must, must, MUST! Pie Jesu in heartbreakingly beautiful here and the 4 motets are fab as well.
My daycare kids always request to hear Marie songs especially Pie Jesu and How Great Thou Art for song & dance time
iTunes best selling song: Pie Jesu - Jackie Evancho
Excited to sing Pie Jesu again today...and to get my Cosette back on! 🇫🇷
Shem my Uber driver was having a bad day, so I bought her a pie. Got all sorts of blessings and Praise Jesu's after that.
My cat eats fruit cake and listens to Pie Jesu
Website Updated: Pie Jesu under Midknight Melody/A Festive Alleluia is available for Knightengales.
Jesu 😱"Woza Pakistan, woza! Do your thing. Serve the world's most overrated greatest chokers their humble pie."
Listening to the fantastic Hayley Westerna singing Pie Jesu Live. Interrupted by thought of Blair McD as castrato!!
Loved recording 's 'Pie Jesu' with the Grammy Award winning Tenor Paul Phoenix ht…
I'm listening to Pie Jesu by Mary Margaret May on
My Monday morning song! One of my favourites to sing. Andrew Lloyd Webber's Pie Jesu
A new favorite F. B. Conti - Pie Jesu ad te refugio by Abchordis Ensemble on
What did you think of Sheridans performance of Pie Jesu ??? He is an amazing singer, youngest soprano in the world right now
Remember when her from Big Brother transformed the choral classic 'Pie Jesu' into a funky, slinky R&B slow jam? Those were the days.
'Pie Jesu' by to remember victims of Omagh Bombing. Interview & performance by Anuna cc
Fun fact: band members Olivia and James took vocal coaching in Florida and were taught pie jesu and other opera based songs by Ms. Falcone
My favourite song of Andrew Lloyd Webbers' Requiem is Pie Jesu & made a great video of him singing
Enjoy! Pie Jesu, Requiem, Gabriel Faure by Vladimir Drozdoff on SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds
How a Jewish Israeli soprano found holiness in front of the Pope. (Including video: "Pie Jesu" by Gabriel Fauré.)
Next on Sarah's guest Leanne Benjamin chooses the Pie Jesu from Faure's Requiem (pic: Bill Cooper)
Last night on My Life in Music, we played Gregorio Allegri's followed by Andrew Lloyd Weber's Pie Jesu ~Requiem.
I'm singing for a remembrance mass on Sunday. Need to kick this cold first. Thinking of Faure's Pie Jesu and definitely Abide with Me.
This is my Demo track of John Brunning's 'Pie Jesu'. I'm accompanied by Vasilis Bessas from Aquarelle Guitar Quartet h…
Pie Jesu for trumpet trio by Valter Valerio & Pao…: I'm n love with this piece
The devil sent you here to test me ! But I know my LORD so I prayed Pie Jesu !
don't forget a hanky during 'Pie Jesu' sung by our very own
i was expecting to FINALLY see Pie Jesu in HD
SO going to get the DVD. Fingers crossed that Pie Jesu and Someone Like Me will be included.
I hope sammen finner vi frem, pie Jesu and someone like me will be on the DVD *-*
tried staying awake and the lady singing pie Jesu was so good she put me to sleep lol
Advent daybook, 2: Pie Jesu, give us rest. {see blog link in my Bio}.
Deeply moving rendition of 'Pie Jesu' by at Ceremony http…
.nag-voice lesson ka rin po ba of how to sing a classical song? kasi you can sing Time To Say Goodbye and Pie Jesu perfectly.
I just fast forward the cringeworthy bits (ie pie Jesu music montage with wedding). Never did* (*do) that with West Wing!
true. We just play Pie Jesu on the cassette player and that makes everything ok
Thank you Hugh. I am so happy you like my Pie Jesu. I have a new one on my EP.
I shall keep a keen eye out for it, Pie Jesu just made me melt
Hayley Westenra - Pie Jesu (live): Good version of Pie Jesu by Hayley Westenra.
So I was listening to Pie Jesu and thought I'd give it a go. Turns out I can sing opera. I'm being deadly serious, what do I do? :')
I love getting my Pie Jesu party trick out
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I don't know why I bother 7.30 mass and no fu*ker turned up. Sat there singing Pie Jesu by myself.
my version of "Pie Jesu." Just a little something I recorded for fun. I hope you like it.
“yeah lol” foolish africans. Forgotten about the meat pie and plantain! Jesu 🙆
The urge to sing Pie Jesu while drink is very strong.
I want to compose an SATB arrangement of Durufle's "Pie Jesu" SO BADLY.
Have a great day! Leave you with 'Pie Jesu' from the Rotary concert :-)
To our brothers and sisters in Kabani. Pie Jesu is Latin for Faithful Jesus. May you rest under the shelter of His wings tonight. We are praying all night.
I sing pie jesu in my dreams as I fall asleep
Oh I had a dream about this one bomb pie Jesu
Thank you for sharing my song, Pie Jesu, Bill! Much love and affection to you! ~Nancy
I guess I'll just give up on finding a good Youtube of "Pie Jesu."
Pie Jesu - Jack Topping & Danielle Louise Thomas: you both made it great, one of my favourite ones!
Danielle is posting Pie Jesu now as her own which is what I want! :)
Never got the love for Pie Jesu as a concert plum, myself. Much rather hear Skye Boat Song or You Raise Me Up, or Torches.
Mezzo and fellow liverpudlian, Jack Topping sing "Pie Jesu" in aid Of :
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
"Pie Jesu" for John Carter Brown from the Requiem, Op. 48 - The Oxford Camerata -
sometimes im able to watch Pie Jesu and sometimes im just "ugh no"
PIE JESU - Live (Webber / Brightman) cover by ANEEMA: via Beautiful interpretation of PIE JESU by my friend
Someone is sending me a whatsapp message of them singing a mashup of Baby one more time by Britney and Pie Jesu
just wondered if you sang Pie Jesu today at charity event?
Doing a throwback to tenth grade- singing pie Jesu at the Christmas cabaret
I liked a video from Faure Requiem Pie Jesu solo by Felicity
OMG! I hope you feel better soon! . While you are in the hospital, a song by "Pie Jesu".
My inner catholic came out today as I jammed to Pie Jesu by the Celtic Women
Zealand Soprano, Marlena Devoe to sing Pie Jesu by Faure in MacMillan's, Requiem
Vivian Hsiung's beautiful recording of the Andrew Lloyd Webber "Pie Jesu". via
Pie Jesu on panpipes. Yes you're in House of Coffees Potchefstroom.
For the Children of War, We pray to the Lord: Pie Jesu (Andrew Lloyd Webber):
Charlotte Jaconelli ~ Pie Jesu: via Beautiful version from the the debut album of Charlotte Jaconelli.
Pie Jesu domine, Dona eis requiem. - Monthy Phyton and the Holy Grail
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Now a classical song. Part of the Requiem by sung by Sarah Brightman & Paul Miles Kingston "Pie Jesu"
George Clooney, Amal Alamuddin get marriage license; he'll wear Armani: Amal Alamuddin is one pie...
Pie Jesu, qui tollis peccata mundi, dona eis requiem. . Merciful Jesus, Who takes away the sins of the world, grant them rest
pie Jesu one of my favourites too, never fails to stir my soul
This setting of Pie Jesu somehow empathises with an emotive nerve that the beauty of love & kindness exposed earlier…
So touching and beautiful. Then a Bob Dylan record after the Pie Jesu. Now that is cool!
Have you head any of the songs of Requiem? He composed new melodies for select latin church songs. Pie Jesu is from Requiem.
I sang a soprano aria today, which is something I never thought I'd say (Pie Jesu from Fauré's Requiem, since you were wondering).
My cover of pie jesu is now uploaded on YouTube ! I apologize for my sound I have a cold but I plan on doing a new one ! Thanks .
From the Last Post to Pie Jesu sung by Samantha Readman to the piper, the service was truly moving
Katherine Jenkins singing Pie Jesu is sooo amazing
Please play "Pie Jesu" by Charlotte Jaconelli or "Lascia Chio' Pianga" from her album SOLITAIRE. Her rich soprano is perfect. :)
Back from singing Rutter's Pie Jesu for service in Wool. I nearly had the Deacon in tears praising I have "the gift from God"
Singing Rutter's Pie Jesu for tonight in Wool. A beautiful scene of poppies, war monuments + British flag with bird poo drops!
Historically. And in so far that i have been able to perceive it. The Pie Jesu is a song for the unbroken voice.
Morning! This is Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Pie Jesu" I sang it at a commemoration on Saturday 🇬🇧
New in stock this week: Pie Jesu from Requiem by Karl Jenkins!
“"Pie Jesu" . Lovely as usual, Katie. A shame so many people were talking!!
Thanks Chris. I'm so happy you like it. I'm looking forward to recording 's Pie Jesu this month. It is beautiful.
Good morning! This is "Pie Jesu" from WW1 Commemoration event at Easton on the hill. Rutland. Hope you like it :) .
The Sixteen / Academy of St Martin in the Fields - Requiem: Pie Jesu
Anna Netrebko - "Pie Jesu": via -later you hear this which draws you to follow it-.
The blessed Jackie Evancho sings such an angelic performance of "Pie Jesu" you'll think you are in heaven! :)
Please play Charlotte Jaconelli's new album. Unbelievably beautiful. "Pie Jesu" "That's All I Ask Of You." on and on.
Charlotte Jaconelli performs Pie Jesu on QVC: via Beautiful. Congratulations Charlotte on "Solitaire".
TONIGHT, we are honoring our beloved Pastor, Fr. Justin MacCarthy, with a tribute concert as he celebrates both his 50th Anniversary of Ordination and retirement from his long tenure as our matchless shepherd at Our Lady of Guadalupe Roman Catholic Church, La Habra. The concert is FREE of charge and starts at 8:00pm and will feature the Gloria Dei Choir at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, the AMAZING Charles Welling as organist, the Spanish Choir of OLG, the cantors singing solos, ALW's Pie Jesu duet, and a special surprise.
OLR Easter Vigil service beautiful, welcomed 4 adult baptisms & six confirmations to the parish. Ode to joy when the choir sings "Pie Jesu."
Please join us for worship this Thursday for Maundy Thursday Communion & Tenebrae. Following communion the Chancel Choir and instrumental ensemble will present "Requiem" by John Rutter which focuses on themes of life and death. The work is recognized as one of the major pieces of modern choral music literature. The seven sections of "Requiem" form an arch-like meditation on the themes of life and death, concluding in a powerful musical assurance of eternity with God. The texts are taken from Latin and ancient Greek as well as English texts from the 1662 Book of Common Prayer Burial Service. The first and last movements, Requiem Aeternam and Lux Aeterna, are prayers on behalf of all humanity. Movements two and six, Out of the Deep and The Lord Is My Shepherd, are based on Psalms 130 and 23 respectively. Movements three and five, Pie Jesu and Agnus Dei, are personal prayers to Christ. The central Sanctus movement is an affirmation of the divine glory of God. This service is deeply reflective as we focus on ...
FRIENDS! Please join us at First Presbyterian Church for Maundy Thursday service April 17 at 7:00 pm. Hear a moving performance of Rutter's Requiem and remember why we celebrate Easter season. PS - RJ is singing Pie Jesu.
"A Night of Musical Delights and Treasures" rewarded all of us in attendance tonight at Unity Fellowship, a showcase of the talents of Heather Sreves, Jugendlich-Dramatisch Soprano, accompanied in some songs by Charles Hopkins, with Linda Gilpin as accompanist, featuring such diverse works as "Amazing Grace," "Pie Jesu," "Panis Angelicus," "Climb Every Mountain," "You'll Never Walk Alone," "One Kiss,""Simple Little Things," "Mi Chiamano Mimi" from "La Boheme" by Puccini, "Ava Maria" from "Otello" by Verdi, "You Raise Me Up," and "Eternal Life." Her family, friends, and we of Unity Fellowship all cheer her on as she goes to New York in a few day for an important operatic audition.
Andre Rieu his orchestra choir and the soprano Carla Maffioletti (Brazil) and Akim Camara (Germany) sing Pie Jesu. Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber.
It's unfair, I know, but I compare all to her! - Pie Jesu, National Memorial Day Concert: via
Recorded on November 6, 2011 using a Flip Video camera. Me and Miss Robin singing our duet Pie Jesu at the Marian Anderson Guild! (:
Here's one for Aled Jones at Christmas. Who Ate All the Pie Jesu?
Pie Jesu, which Andrew Lloyd-Webber wrote for his later father in his Requiem is hauntingly brilliant
there's a woman on come done with me singing pie Jesu!!!
I should have learnt this a long time ago that Pie Jesu was by Andrew Lloyd Webber. I thought it was by some composer.
I just walked in on my mom listening to Pie Jesu. I don't know if I am more shocked or impressed!
I've decided I want Pie Jesu to be played at my funeral.
I liked a video Emma Kennedy Singing Pie Jesu from John Rutter's Requiem
In bed listening to Pie Jesu, it's a jam
In my Latin test all I wrote was Pie Jesu Qui tollis peccata mundi I got half a mark for effort don't hate ok
The ludicrously talented singer is at Cornmarket again. If she breaks out Pie Jesu again I might cry.
next time I meet Marie I'm gonna ask her to sing a bit of pie Jesu it's my absolute favorite Marie song!
Andrew Lloyd Webber's Pie Jesu is the most. Angelic song I've heard... Get goose bumbs every time I liste. To it!!! o:-)
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Pie jesu for the 75th time today. New found respect for the polystyrene dog covered with sand.
I still can't believe I sang Pie Jesu the other day.
A bit of Schindler's List followed by Pie Jesu - goes with this strange afternoon.
S.Augustine,pray for us. The Doctor of Grace. Read his life and learn better what grace can do for anyone who wants to love God. Pie Jesu!
Well done. Unchained Melody inspired choice, in fact all have been great from Pie Jesu to the Prayer to Somewhere. Spot on.
Pie Jesu - Lord, have mercy. This is beautiful.
I don't know but I really find Gregorian chant enchanting. "Pie Jesu"...
Anybody have Lloyd Webber Pie Jesu they could scan/email me? My copy's in a folder I've lent out, need it for friend's wedding on Saturday.
"Pie Jesu" by Future of Forestry. Any day of the year.
My soundtrack: ♫ "Pie Jesu" by Charlotte Church, Sian Edwards & Orchestra of the Welsh National Opera
Pie Jesu/o mid bambino carp medley by ... I've never seen anything like this
one of my quirks is that when I'm annoyed but not trying to show it I start singing the soprano in pie jesu
Pie Jesu man at the Oval. Hilarious. Saw him in Sydney 2010.
Just got complains about my pie Jesu. The cheek!
That moment you show up early to rehearsal and your punishment is listening to Susan Graham sing the Pie Jesu...
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
We know it when we hear it...authentic beauty...Pie Jesu Forte Tenors America’s Got Talent Audition
Guys from Puerto Rico, South Korea and New York meet online and bring down the house with a glorious "Pie Jesu"
Those are my two personal favorite by her. But also Time To Say Goodbye is amazing. And Pie Jesu.
I was absolutely blown away by this rendition of "Pie´Jesu"….and on "America's Got Talent"!.
Gabriel Faure's requiem mass- "Pie jesu" is my favorite piece in that mass. i LOVE it.
I added a video to a playlist Sissel - Pie Jesu
pie jesu. How the time it flyeth. And I didnt get my omelette until 2009.
Here's a vid I took of the lovely at Tatton Park singing "Pie Jesu" :
It never fails. I can't hear Webber's Pie Jesu without crying.
Coffin enters church as organist plays Pie Jesu.
11 years old. singing in the city Nida , Lithuania June30, 2013. Ave Maria, Panis Angelicus, Pie Jesu.
15 years on, its still touches me :'/ Pie Jesu: via
Merciful Jesus, Father, who takes away the sins of the world Grant them rest. "Pie Jesu" of the beautiful classics I've listened to...
Jackie Evancho gently touches my heart with Pie Jesu via
I know. They always do though. Also the Fauré Pie Jesu.
Can't stop replaying Pie Jesu.. Its just so heavenly ♥
I just looked at the English translation of Pie Jesu & I think it's my new favorite song 💕🎶
And a pic of with her vocal coach performing a beautiful duet of Pie Jesu.
::googles pie jesu domine:: Oh. that's what it means.. thank you internets
Pie Jesu - Agne G: via A beautiful performance from the talented
It gave me goosebumps, so gorgeous! “it's just such a pretty version of pie jesu
Gratitude to Acosta and colleagues for such beautiful & heartfelt performances, in MacMillan esp. Leanne B's Pie Jesu solo deeply moving.
How many arrangements of Pie Jesu are there and why do I have to hear literally all of them?
Please Jesus help me with this Pie Jesu
Pie Jesu such an amazing voice - such variety of artists this season
u won´t find her cause she never uo loads things. But we r with the Pie Jesu song. hopefully we will upload it son!! =)
I just posted a Video Score of my Choral Work PIE JESU for SATB Choir and Piano. YouTube and Soundcloud!
On Youtube there is a vid of the little girl singing Pie Jesu but not with Katherine
Afternoon rehearsal for Faust's Pie Jesu - Beautiful space!
Dona eis requiem... "My Day has been made . . . Pie Jesu . ."
Had pie jesu on repeat for about seven hours
Just loved at Tatton Park last Sunday ; here's a vid I took of her singing "Pie Jesu"
Thank you for the Pie Jesu. I very much love Reqiuem and Sarah Brightman.
For all fans my vid of Kath singing "Pie Jesu" :
Each time I hear a Pie Jesu, I think of a talented young man who lost his life while just in high school. Praying for his family now.
Congrats mz famous "Eh, eh Pie Jesu now has 1,012 views :O"
With 7yo Eve Ozmen, winner of Crawley's Got Talent, who stunned us with a lovely rendition of Pie Jesu.
I liked a video Pie Jesu - Sung by Alexandrea Dea and Denny Adianto (The Choir Immortal)
Apparently Kate has Calvin Harris on her playlist for the Royal birth. Would have expected more Pie Jesu a la The Royle Family birth scene.
In keeping with family tradition, I hear Charles sat with Kate on the toilet floor as she went into labour, listening to Pie Jesu.
picnic concert tonight with guests Favourite for me, Pie Jesu
Nut uh. Now I shall recite upon the finer points of Pie Jesu xxx
Wow...the glorious setting of a glass of champagne & singing Pie Jesu
pie jesu was beyond words! Would you be to dedicate anything to Lee Rigby tonight? Would mean a lot to everyone x
these guys on AGT sang Pie Jesu aka my fav classical song of all time and it was perfect bye
America’s Got Talent with their rendition of ‘Pie Jesu’.  
Pie Jesu is so overdone. I can't enjoy it anymore.
Unexpected Pie Jesu this morning. Thanks - enjoyed singing that!
Gav did his own arrangement of pie Jesu in my key and he put the first page in a frame. It's gorgeous. Also a private joke as he
Another was when KJ invited on to the stage a young girl (Eva? Evie?) who had won Crawley's got talent. She (the young girl) sang Pie Jesu.
It's not even nine on a Sunday morning, and some nutter is singing Pie Jesu. ALW as a wake up call? Merciful Jesus indeed!
I just imagined sex to pie jesu and, dead
Rose sang Pie Jesu in her own, beautiful, inimitable way
I've loved Pie Jesu for years and years but I never knew how to spell it until now because of how it's sung
Lovely wedding ceremony today in Waterford singing 'All I Ask of You' , 'Ave Maria' and 'Pie Jesu'
Nursing home, Pie Jesu solo, resident shouts 'Shut the F*** up!' More than but worth it I feel
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