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Piano Jazz

Piano Jazz is a weekly one hour radio show produced and distributed by National Public Radio (NPR). It began on June 4, 1978, and was hosted by jazz pianist Marian McPartland until 2011. It is the longest running cultural program on NPR.

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"My goal is to reach people on an emotional level" — The Kenny Barron interview
We do jazz, but we also step over the line quite often with folk, indie-pop, classical piano, blues ...everything…
My new class music album is out! Listen here: Recorded on my beautiful gr…
Magic piano sounds on this special album for
Spontaneous Jazz duet on Street Piano in Paris with Frans Bak
Find the 'Jazz Piano Ambient' on and your mind. .
Best of Summer Latin Jazz. Check the whole record on Spotify.
Eric Dolphy at the piano. . Bobby Hutcherson quotes Eric Dolphy [Listen]
Engage all senses by serving a delicious meal and playing…
'One Song' by 'Jane Fielding' on ‘Jazz Trio for Voice, Piano and String Bass’
Enjoying 'Satoko Fujii feat. Paul Bley - Thought About Spring' on the Piano Jazz channel at
Joanne sounds like old Gaga, Gaga before the Fame playing her piano and singing a hybrid of jazz, pop, and rock.
Next time you’re in check out Flagey--great jazz, piano, orchestra, films--
My first compact disc (for Petra) is available only over me: solo with my my Enjoy!
Late piano jazz bringing Saturday at to a smooth end. See you tomorrow!
I added a video to a playlist Suite for Cello and Jazz Piano Trio: Baroque in Rhythm
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
My room is my sanctuary from my roommates. It's usually always clean, and has piano jazz playing in the background
- What A Wonderful World (Live at the 50th Montreux Jazz Fe... via /
Jazz waltz for 4hands. Piano duet. Concert. Bravo.
🎶 Join us TONIGHT in the for great live featuring Jon Dryden piano, Billy Bosch bass, David…
I like the piano solo and jazz vocals with a great acoustic guitar solo in Feijoa Cumin's "Switching Holmium"
Join JASM on June 7th for featuring performing a
Terry Waldo entertains us this evening with a special performance of early ragtime & favorites! 8pm-12am, join us! 🎹
A great jazz album Shelley Manne featuring Andre…
A song I wrote, performed, and produced with Latin Soul artist Edwin Lugo with Jazz Pianist Scott Brown on piano
📷 Teaching the Tradition: A Jazz Piano Teacher in the Conservatory Ethan Iverson created this column...
Piano is the alt plans being smooth jazz and his girl wanting to hug by
Revisit a performance by famed Hammond B3 organist Trudy Pitts on Piano Jazz.
I challenge everyone to allow jazz piano pandora to play in the background of your day and see if it makes you feel better
I'm always trying to improve my piano skills, and I just found this, and it is nice. . Free Jazz Piano Lessons:
Lalo Schifrin on Piano Jazz with Mariane McPartland Discusses his introduction to Jazz and his multiple successes.
[Podcast Video] Things you need to know about playing jazz piano w/ Elena Cobb
Do you like to play or listen to piano music? Check out 12-Year-Old Jazz Prodigy- Joey Alexander-...
Just a thought, I found it fascinating how you said you have a hard time concentrating to jazz, I find piano jazz very helpful. 🎹
Recommendations on books about jazz theory and/or practice? With examples, exercises, etc
"Just because you're not a drummer, doesn't mean that you don't have to keep time"
Thanks for the amazing review of my latest album! I'm honored!
Bill Evans - . "You give up your own personality when you imitate somebody." .
One of the coolest things about the is the Piano Competition. If you think you have what it takes visi…
Oscar Peterson was Canada's leading jazz artist. He played trumpet at age 5 but switched to piano at 8 after a batt…
This week at Jazz at The butterfly and pig, 153 Bath Street we welcome the internationally-recognised piano...
Fascinating character, Ted Lewis. Played pretty good jazz piano by all accounts.
Here is a fine jazz piano lesson for those who wish to swing!
3rd International Ignacy Jan Paderewski Festival held from 5 to 11 Nov features jazz concerts, piano recitals & more.
Devotional day 8. Precious Lord, take my hand . Thomas Dorsey grew up playing blues and jazz piano, sometimes in...
Gosling in La La Land is making me wet. I like how he caresses the piano and plays jazz music maybe he could do that on me
Enjoying Andre Previn - Second Time Around on the Piano Jazz channel by BEAUTIFUL nice key change!
The late pianist/vocalist Patti Wicks is the guest of Marian McPartland on a 2004 episode of "Piano Jazz" airing to…
Jazz and blues singer/pianist Mose Allison has died at 89. Take a listen to his Piano Jazz session from 1988.
90th birthday what a great guy Tony Bennett. Here a rewind on Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz from 2004.
In this 1995 episode of Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz, a 24-year-old displays his distinctive style >
Just think, if I filled a piano with paint and dropped it on a canvas, I could simultaneously revolutionize the jazz and abstract art scenes
Very excited for the return of Jokela Vogan Cooley jazz trio this June. Catch Ben Jokela (piano), Garth Vogan...
Janet Seidel (vocals & piano) is widely recognised as one of Australia's leading award-winning jazz vocalists
I liked a video from Solo Piano Jazz Compilation by The Ocdamia Strings
5 contestants face off in Jazz Festival's Piano Competition - via
LOVE our favourite old soul genius with legend … htt…
LOVE our favourite old soul genius with legend …
Tonight, jazz piano with Tony Pacini. Saturday, jazz saxaphone with Devin Phillips, suggest reservations for both nights. 7pm start time.
time at & Spa join us for Big Rich LIVE in the Piano Bar @ 6pm ~ Jazz
George Duke took his incredible jazz-piano sound to the Detroit Masonic Temple on 5/29/1973.
Stolen Time improvisation recorded Now available on Cusps CD
Hey where will you find...5 trumpets, 5 trombones, 5 saxophones, piano, bass, guitar, drums and a vocalist?
Scott Bradlee - Solo Jazz Piano - A Night in Tunisia. Doin some improv on ...
Thanks Killer Rock, Blues and Jazz last two nights!!! Totally inspired. Sitting at piano learning new songs this morning!
Remember Bob Kerr & his Whoopee Band play Upwell Jazz Club with at Upwell Jazz Club in Wisbech on Sunday - a…
Listening to my first true bit of jazz. Chose Cultrane. Dude on piano made a mistake & decided to shred immediately after. Baller.
Deinonychus reconstructed as if playing jazz piano.
And next Friday you can catch Piano Meditations by Jazz Pianist Joss Peach at St Luke's Church
Dena DeRose On Piano Jazz: Singer and pianist Dena DeRose has performed at some of the most renowned venues in the…
Enjoying Lonnie Smith - Stand on the Piano Jazz channel by
Enjoying Chick Corea - Prelude Opus 11 on the Mellow Piano Jazz channel by
Have you seen our latest news? The G.G. concert will be held tomorrow 21st at 7:30pm!
I wonder if Harry Connick Jr will show up. Maybe as Pontius Pilate or something. Jazz piano condemnation.
Twelve bar for . Advice for teachers
If I were granted one wish, it would be used to play jazz on the piano well
Welp it's a double dosing of solo piano today - 2 gigs! I'm taking requests and barring that I'll take your bequest.
Beautiful track for your project. Ideal for presentations, as in cafe or in your video.
I'm geeking at this comedian who made a jazz album but has never actually learned piano. It's everything I ever wanted
Born this day 1918 Marian McPartland. Gifted pianist, host of Piano Jazz show on NPR. She is missed!
He’s 95. He’s living with But watch what happens when he sits down at a piano:
Feeling musical pulse is different than hearing it. Yes?
I'm usually a jazz brass, drum, and/or piano fan so I'm looking forward to trying some quality jazz guitar.
Feeling rather than hearing a metronomic pulse is something new, yes?
Who wrote the song and were sing while at the piano in Just Wright?
Today I learned that the guy who voices Archer played piano on a jazz album. He can’t actually play piano. (NSFW)
See you in on April 3rd at The Jazz Room for solo piano concert 'My piano stories'! https:…
Dara Tucker at The Red Piano Lounge...stellar! The last show of the Women In Jazz Jam Festiva!…
Sultry jazz vibes from Elena Dana and her pianist this Sunday evening!
EdwardHardy95 Has watch what happens when he sits at a piano via HowCool!
One my fav shows - Piano Jazz w/Marian McPartland, love to hear her play - In A Mist via
Keith Jarrett made a long awaited appearance on Piano Jazz in 2006.
I can play piano guitar and the drums and i did competitive ballet for eight years and competitive jazz for one year
We had a great time launching our album 'Sorrow And The Phoenix' last night! https…
I added a video to a playlist Piano Bar - Best of Jazz Hits
'Jazz at the Belfry' May 16/16 with the most enchanting, melodic bass player Jodi Proznick Quartet.
Enjoyed watching my wonderfully talented GF play piano at the 606 Jazz Club in Chelsea this afternoon, even if it did mean missing football!
. For beautiful sounds of the piano jazz for my little boy Steve, my gentleman,
. Steve wrote to me " I love piano jazz like a Lady Yumiko, Sir.Ahmet ".
. From my beautiful midnight, it's present for Steve his favorite piano jazz.
For 40 years he was a musician. Then set in. But then, at 95, he sat at a piano...
thank you Steven!!. I dont play piano!! I love listen to piano.. Jazz trio🎶🎶
Enjoy the music of pianist Harold Mabern on this Piano Jazz short
At 5pm today why not listen early jam led by steph Melowski
If you've been searching for "wholehearted, grand, outgoing piano" listen to
Marian McPartland, born March 20, 1918, Host of show on Piano (1964–2011) »
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Grubby brown snout, my jazz name. Snouting soon to a piano near you
Drum Line, Drill Team, Jazz Band, Band Color Guard, Piano, Video Games, friends and school sums up my life.
Big, big fan. Prefer jazz piano to jazz brass.
How inspired you are this morning Jack. Thank you again!
Want to learn how to play Jazz Piano Online and from the comfort of your own home?
I liked a video Mark Murphy on Piano Jazz with Marian McPartland singing "Detour Ahead"
Joe Lovano & Dave Holland are Marian's guests on a classic Piano Jazz episode from 2000. Tonight at 7pm on WDCB!
I'm enjoying 'Horace Silver Quintet - Too Much Sake' on the Piano Jazz channel at
I'm enjoying 'Bob James & Keiko Matsui - Frozen Lake' on the Piano Jazz channel at
Enjoying Mark Eisenman Trio - DJango on the Piano Jazz channel by RadioTunes.
My first solo gig in 20 years! Folk-Jazz piano-vocal stylings. Tomorrow at 7:00pm. Piano Riviera Lounge in Santa Barbara, California
I have a sudden urge to go to some local jazz piano shows. Anyone have any suggestions?
I liked a video from Jazz Piano Lessons - - Introduction to Jazz Piano
I added a video to a playlist Breakfast music playlist video: Morning Music - Jazz Piano Collection 1
Impromptu Jazz Duo - Piano/Clarinet - I had a piano gig over the weekend and there was a woman there who played th…
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Looking forward to my solo piano concert on Sunday 19th, San Francisco Botanical Garden!
6/16/15:. "Vin Scully and Joe Garagiola proposed to me.". "A koala tongued my ear.". "I'm bad at jazz piano.". ht…
For me, it's been the jazz piano and saxophone.
I miss crooning jazz on stage~~ piano and my sultry melody wafting through the air~~~ ♪
In case anyone missed out - here is again a: FREE jazz piano transcription!
Alicia Keys - "I first fell in love with the piano, I knew it was me. I was dying to play."
I've heard avantgarde jazz worse than this. A snoodle who plays piano and sings. What YouTube was made for.
Feeling classy in a leather chair with soft piano jazz playing. Oh but wait I'm in an airport
Hugely anticipated is back in stock . Order now when young
Willie Ruff On Piano Jazz: A master of both the bass and the French horn, Ruff switches between instruments wi...
Once upon a time, was in Italy, and played Master Umberto Giordano piano. It's a tale in Foggia
Is the bland, jazz band-backing-a-piano tone for coffee equivalent to say, AC-DC at a pub? Because that's the vibe I'm getting.
Cusps A prologue to a new album recorded Review:
Enjoying Cecilia Coleman - Baubles, Bangles and Beads on Piano Jazz channel
Enjoying Falkner Evans Trio - I'm Through with Love on Piano Jazz channel
Order Miche Bag Online!
Ending the day as all days should end - with a sea-view, a cocktail, jazz piano (not shown) and a good book 😃
Have a seat on our lovely patio tonight from 5:30-8:30pm as you enjoy LIVE piano and jazz music! A…
An afternoon of piano based sounds in the office. 2 legends right there!
Enjoying Andre Previn with David Finck - Fungo on Piano Jazz channel
I'm learning all about Jazz Alliance Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz with Guest Bruce Hornsby at
Between Car Talk and Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz, NPR on the weekend is becoming
I officially cannot write with jazz piano music playing in the background. I get lost in it. Too. Good.
Add these Chick Corea albums to your jazz collection
Recording jazz piano, sax, violin, drums, and group vox tonight with my friends. My life is p cool ya know
Stress is narrowing down but, learning a 4 page jazz piece by Saturday's recital might wreck me.
"There should be a piano in a jazz club..but Panera. A panazz club" -
Play the piano until I fall asleep. Preferably jazz.
Podcast (– Highlights of this week’s episode of Piano Jazz, with George Shearing ... . Listen:
"The 'Jazz Holiday' station on Pandora should come with a martini glass and a hotel piano bar."
I said it one and I'll say it again. I love the piano man ❤️ Monday night jazz jam. Really needed this
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Discover the unique talent of this jazz pianist - Bobby Enriquez -
Piano was the product of a trailblazer in his field. The Shadd in question is jazz drummer Warren Shadd, the...
Live Christmas Piano Jazz tonight! From 6pm until 9pm come out and enjoy all your favorite holiday jingles whilst...
And now, for some long overdue jazz piano...
better than having a new flat mate is having a flat mate that plays the jazz piano like a king! :D
Easy Piano tutition from in interview
Things people need to stop saying are "like jazz": . -Basketball. -Improv. -Music featuring a piano, saxophone, trumpet, and an upright bass.
It's around that time of year that Jools Holland ruins every song with his 'Jazz' piano
Is this jazz or did someone leave a piano at a daycare?
Spanish tortilla and a hot piano player playing me jazz standards mixed with horrific earworm Disney tunes. Life is pretty sweet.
Before Oscar Peterson, there was THIS MAN. Jazz fans, add Art Tatum to your library
Second Malaysian Jazz Piano Festival: The second Malaysian jazz piano festival will take place in 2015 at KLPa...
I’ve seen dozens of great hedgehog saxophonists of course, but for jazz keyboard Marutaro’s hard to beat -
Relax after work tomorrow with $1 off wine specials, small plates, and live jazz piano from Cryin' Sam Entertainment tomorrow from 7-9 pm.
I added a video to a playlist Jazz Piano Lessons on Improvisation - Modal Theory, Modes
Arnaud's Quest Daily is out! For the love of quest to learn the Stories via
I'm listening to Frosty The Snowman by Beegie Adair (Holiday) on
Xmas is finally here! A Charlie Brown Christmas no less: Vince Guaraldi's lush piano jazz soundtrack now in on vinyl ht…
Harry Connick Jr. is the guest of Marian McPartland on the next "Piano Jazz," tonight at 7pm on WDCB. When this...
NPR's Piano Jazz featuring Ruth Brown tonight. Just played Skylark, one of my absolute favorite songs
This week we're loving - One of Europe's freshest jazz piano trios. Imagine that with banks of strings and orchestral textures!
My classical piano teacher made my parents get me a jazz piano teacher because I was so incorrigible! Lol.
Grew up playing classical piano, then jazz and blues piano because I kept riffing on Beethoven and Bach! Lol.
Many times I have failed and that is why I come to succeed.
'Cept it's not much like "jazz". Love Beaux Arts in piano trios. Heard them live with 2 different personnel.
“Creepy piano is playing jazz today. is such a CREEPY piano!!
Do you have any videos showing all the chords (the majors, the minors, the major 7ths, all that jazz) on a piano?
Can't sleep. Decided to put on some jazz piano and write about what's on peoples minds.
1 O'Clock Jump, not exactly the song I'd play at 1AM to jazz people up, but has a nice piano solo by Basie
I'm gonna a full weekend of jazz. It'll be two gigs a day from Friday to Sunday & I'll do some piano lessons in between there
A great gift for Mother's Day coming up: Beautiful Piano and some Jazz: Bouquet on iTunes
I guess, you know, if I didn't make it with the piano, I guess I would've been the biggest bum.
I love jazz so much I wish with all my soul I could do jazz improv on piano well
Grateful Album update: In the studio - Stanley Randolph on drums! And new exclusives!
This past weekend, we got off to a GREAT start for the 2014-2015 APA Jazz Piano Fellowship Championships! I will...
Music students are thrilled to have jazz pianist in residency this week - courtesy of http…
I want to sing jazz and blues music in old smokey bars of big cities and play piano. Just live a completely a different life and just live
I have half a jazz quartet in my house - one daughter practicing piano, one on trumpet - anybody with a sax or a trombone want to come over?
In the mood for a little piano jazz? is introducing live piano nights on Thursdays & Sundays -
Come study with one of our fantastic new piano teachers, specializing in jazz, traditional and Suzuki!
I was obsessed with Live in Paris DVD & album in 2002. I even started jazz piano lessons.
.I always had you down as a classic show tunes and jazz piano man so it did surprise me
Everybody in listen up my boyfriends killing it on piano on WPFW radio now tune in!!
Freddy Cole On Piano Jazz: Pianist, composer, and vocalist Freddy Cole can take any song and bring out colors ...
Working on creating a new channel of SOLO jazz piano. What are your favorite solo piano records?
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Wed, Oct 1 – We have Frank McComb the funkiest jazz piano vocalist perform soulful classics and his originals listen:
ANYONE Can Learn or Imagine being able to PLAY
My neighbour constantly on his piano playing jazz music, anyone would go over and tell him to be quiet but I turn of my tele and listen 👌
We're two days away from the Jazz Concert Series at Here's a preview:
Pianist John Medeski is the guest on this week's Jon Weber-hosted edition of Piano Jazz. Known for his work on...
Jazz pianist Oscar Peterson would have been 89 years old one week ago today. He was on Piano Jazz in 1997. Listen:
Happy belated birthday to former Piano Jazz guest Ravi Coltrane, who turned 49 yesterday!
Enjoying George Shearing - Sweet Lorraine on the Piano Jazz channel by
07/05/2014, The Jazz House - BBC Radio Scotland Second edition on my piano party tonight with Alison Afflick
I play piano too, I had a jazz teacher. Do you find learning/writing code is like learning/playing an instrument?
Beautiful Ariadna Castellanos plays flamenco piano jazz tribute to the legendary guitarist Paco De Lucia. So expressive and full of passion! Wonderful! RIP Paco and Bravo Ariadna! - of
"Last night I was at Orbit the Jazz joint in bram. I was entertained. 17 piece band papa! The horn… shoeshine n piano boi
i found a jazz piano exercise BY Oscar Peterson!!!
All of the "complete" piano jazz loops have a decidedly Vince Guaraldi feel to them. I like it.
Sick piano solo by tonite!!! Killed it on the G Blues! You sir, have a future in jazz piano.
Listening to Piano Jazz is not helping my mood
Classical, transposing into jazz piano. Composed 3 instrumentals and I play mainly by ear.
I can hear amazing live jazz piano, from the house across the street, of the neighbor who used to tour w/ the Kingston Trio.
Piano bar lounge is objectively best Jazz
I should've minored in Jazz piano cause like your mistakes can almost sound part of your music if you were soloing like you know maybe
Love this already! Bill Laurance of released his solo album today... Sweet!
Having to download a piano app to help jazz with her solfege 🎼👏😂 🏆
Awesome piano jazz trio to lead off "Lady Day at Emerson's Bar and Grill" 10 minutes before showtime. So cool!
Marching Band. Concert Band. Jazz Band. There is only a piano in one. Lord may the xylophone help me get through my high school career.
Check out this piano at the Jazz Kitchen!!
If you saw my post yesterday, you might find this funny. Out in the back again watching Jude-El play with his trucks in the dirt and having a cigar and a glass of Merlot (Ginger's out of town) and Thelonious Monk's cover of "Blessed Assurance" came on the "Piano Jazz" station on Not sure what to say but I'm blessed. Thank you, Father. :)
Diana Krall is a absolute MONSTER on piano!
Right now Alan Broadbent WH Community Hall. This is jazz piano.
I wonder if Bill Nye ever just wants to be known as The Short Story Writing Guy or Bill Nye the Jazz Piano Guy.
WOW! Murder is bad! Go listen to some relaxing piano jazz... Then us night night ☺️
If you think only Wynton exposed people to jazz in the 80s/90s, you should consider Marian McPartland, who hosted Piano Jazz for 33 years
Yes, got started on cruise ships playing Jazz piano & turned stupid passenger questions into jokes.
Friends!I'm looking for a venue in Iowa City and one in Fairfield that has a piano that might be interested in booking a jazz show.Thoughts?
Elvis sings standard by Gene DePaul, lyrics by Don Raye accompanied by Marian McPartland recorded live for her Piano Jazz radio broadcast.
Nocturne Op.9 No.2-Frederic Chopin one of my all time favorite Piano pieces of all time. beautiful/perfect
Might get singing lessons and learn some upbeat jazz on the piano to sing along to 🎤
PanzerLyu - Nocturna Grotesque / Piano improvisation. . a free night performance
...Good old piano(s) & head! Yep I'm good taa! Busy w/Bean, & life, etc. Missing freedom days but very happy & all that jazz :)
Cats prefer the mellow, cool tones of a jazz organ to the harsh clanging of a piano
Cat just jumped on the piano and changed the voice to jazz organ
Jazz Piano Improvisation over D Ionian by Christian Valk ( on a Clavia nord electro 4HP)
Hey ya'll! We'd love for you to check out our rock/jazz piano cover of the Zelda title theme!
Piano players rarely ever play together? During New Orleans Jazz Fest they do
Jazz piano is the one class I'm going to really miss. And wish I could have taken one more semester of it… I've improved so much already!
Tonight I'll be playing lots of records on Fab Radio International - a mixture of big-band swing, folk, indie, the sort of rock that might come under the term "guilty pleasure" (but is really just "pleasure"), a bit of piano jazz and maybe even some punk. That's all happening on the DEBT Records radio show tonight at 11pm BST (other timezones are available). Nothing's set in stone but I reckon I'll definitely be playing a bit of Leonard Cohen, Levon Helm, Felix Hagan & The Family, T.E. Yates, Bridie Jackson and The Arbour, Walk, Hope&Social, The Woodwards, Calexico, Straw Bear, The Minx and all sorts of other stuff. Plus a special studio session from Rae and, last but not least, a kind of "from our own correspondent" feature by Alabaster dePlume.
Bill Evans "The Complete Fantasy Recordings" 9 CD's AMG Review by Scott Yanow Bill Evans' Fantasy recordings of 1973-1979 have often been underrated in favor of his earlier work but, as this remarkable nine-CD set continually shows, the influential pianist continued to grow as a musician through the years while holding on to his original conception and distinctive sound. The collection has all of the 98 selections recorded at Evans' 11 Fantasy sessions, including nine numbers from a previously unreleased 1976 concert with his trio. In addition, Evans' appearance on Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz radio program is tacked on as a bonus and it is actually among McPartland's finest shows, a fascinating hour of discussion and music with Evans. Nearly all of the performances on this box (which includes duets with bassist Eddie Gomez and singer Tony Bennett, trio outings with Gomez and either Marty Morell or Eliot Zigmund on drums, and a couple of quintet sets with the likes of tenors Harold Land and Warne Marsh, ...
Enjoying Horace Silver - The Preacher on the Piano Jazz channel by
Jazz Great McPartland Honored March 30, 2014 By Tab Hauser A standing-room-only crowd turned out last weekend to pay tribute to the late legendary jazz great Marian McPartland, who called Port Washington her home. Family and friends reminisced about the talented, yet down-to-earth, woman who entertained countless music lovers for decades. The tribute, on what would have been the weekend of McPartland’s 96th birthday, was sponsored by Landmark on Main Street, the Port Washington Public Library and the Long Island Music Hall of Fame. The evening started with highlights of the movie In Good Time, along with comments by its producer Huey, who uses just his first name professionally. Doug Kassel, grandson of McPartland, discussed the musician’s life and growing up with his grandmother and around music. He was followed by McPartland’s grandaughter Donna Gourdol. Jon Weber, host of NPR’s radio show Piano Jazz spoke about her role as a teacher. He introduced Schreiber student Adam Tuch, who performed on t ...
Thank you for spreading the word and for supporting live music. CONCERT THIS SATURDAY!!! Multi-Grammy nominee and SFJAZZ Resident Artistic Director John Santos and his world class Quintet make their concert debut at the fabulous new Fenix Supper Club in San Rafael! John Santos (percussion) Melecio Magdaluyo (saxes) Saul Sierra (bass) David Flores (drumset) and featuring extraordinary Spanish pianist, Alex Conde! Saturday, March 29, 2014 8:00 pm Fenix 919 4th St, San Rafael, CA 94901 (415) 813-5600 Composer, educator and virtuoso pianist, Alex Conde, was born into a family of artists indigenous to Spain. He graduated in classical music from the José Iturbi Conservatory of Music in Valencia, Spain, and in Piano Jazz from the Liceu de Barcelona, and moved to Boston in 2007 under a scholarship to attend the prestigious Berklee College of Music. He has studied with renowned jazz artists such as Wayne Shorter, Danilo Perez, Maria Schneider, Joe Lovano, George Garzone, Esperanza Spalding, Dav ...
50 years ago today, Andrew Hill recorded 'Point of Departure.' Hear the Piano Jazz episode from 2005.
2 Piano Jazz concert today with Andy Roberts & Kirk Reese at 7PM Join us!
Sheila Jordan's singing style lights up Piano Jazz with guest host Jon Weber.
If you love jazz music, you'll love our Sunday night jazz line-up! At 9PM, it's two hours of "The Feeling Of Jazz." Then, Jon Weber hosts two hours of great jazz music. First, it's "Piano Jazz" at 11PM, then it's followed by "Piano Jazz: Rising Stars" at midnight. Afterglow wraps up the jazz line-up at 1AM.
Oscar Peterson on Marian McPartland's "Piano Jazz" radio program in the early 80's
Guest host Elvis Costello interviews McPartland in a session about her career at Piano Jazz.
Enjoying the Piano Jazz channel by via my Android phone
Listening to Laurence Hobgood on NPR Piano Jazz with host Jon Weber
Elvis Costello with Marian McPartland on Piano Jazz, live from Tanglewood Jazz 2006. Delicious.
This week's American Routes features ivory techs Jon Cleary and Chuck Leavell. Jon, who arrived in NOLA from England just as I left for grad school, also subbed for James Booker during his periods of "incapacitation" on Tuesdays at The Maple Leaf. You can find Mariam McPartland's duet with humble Chuck archived from "Piano Jazz" in 2001. It's been 30 years since Booker's death at 42.
In tribute to Marian McPartland. Includes a 2 minute clip from the 2003 Piano Jazz show that I was on!...
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A postcard from Marian McPartlandPosted on September 17, 2013 by DeannaOn August 21st, I woke up to WNYC, my usual alarm clock, and was surprised to hear Marian McPartland’s unmistakable voice along with the theme from her long-running program, Piano Jazz. I immediately knew that Marian had passed.J...
Linda's book is out this week ... here's a wonderful session from the legendary Marian McPartland's "Piano Jazz"...
I know that many of my friends like / love Linda Ronstadt. Here is a piece with two radio shows she did (the NPR Fresh Air and then Piano Jazz) as well as an excerpt from her book. I saw her twice in my life; first when she was really a kid, opening for Roger McGwynn in Asbury Park! Later, a Radio City Music Hall extravaganza in NYC.
Also saddened to hear of Marian McPartland's passing. Many episodes of "Piano Jazz" over the years incl this fav:
I just found out that Marian McPartland passed away. :>(. I LOVE to listen to her show "Piano Jazz".
The great jazz pianist and NPR host of Piano Jazz, Marian McPartland, left us a few weeks ago. She will be missed.
it's the right night for Piano Jazz with Marian McPartland and kale soup
WVAS-FM is saddened to hear about the passing of longtime NPR Piano Jazz host Marian McPartland. We will air a...
Marian spoke to Bill Evans after an extremely difficult part of his life, produced this stunning set.
RIP fine jazz pianist and interviewer/host.
RIP Marian McPartland Classy lady woven into fabric of American Jazz. Enjoyed her at once, on oft
Just found out that Marian McPartland, host of NPR's Piano Jazz as well as being a wonderful jazz pianist, passed last night...
I don't normally care about dead celebrities, but I enjoyed her radio show and one of the brightest points of my...
"Piano Jazz" host Marian McPartland passed away on Tues: | 30 favorite moments from her show -
As if today's news didn't suck enough, RIP Marian McPartland. What an amazing life and music you shared with us. …
Marian McPartland, 95: "As the host of Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz, an NPR program pairing conve...
Marian McPartland, 'Piano Jazz' Host, Has Died :( I loved her and her show! She wa…
Seriously - who didn't listen to, love, and learn from Marian McPartland's PIANO JAZZ?
RIP Marian McPartland -- a great pianist, who educated many of us with her long running NPR program on piano jazz.
I am sorry to learn of Marian McPartland's death. I enjoyed her Piano Jazz program on NPR for many years. Understated greatness.
Got to link it again. Marian McPartland with Bill Evans on Piano Jazz. This is why I love the internet.
We pay tribute to (1918-2013). She performed in our March 1999 concert honoring Mary Lou Williams.
RIP Marian McPartland. Piano Jazz was a staple of my radio listening habits.
Here's a good session to listen to today: On Piano Jazz, from 2002 (via
Jazz loses a great performer and lady."...
a classy lady, a true ambassador for jazz, and a mighty fine musician. We will miss you terribly, Marian McPartland.
I could never get over how effortlessly Marian McPartland would duet with her guests in the studio. Such a talent.
is sorry to hear of passing of Marian McPartland. A true jazz legend & enduring treasure.
Sad week for jazz piano: Marian McPartland has died at 95. Great "Piano Jazz" show for years on NPR. 1st interview? Mary Lou Williams!
I have a small collection of her many piano jazz programs that I will enjoy for years. She even hung in with Cecil Taylor
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Marian McPartland, host of 'Piano Jazz' on NPR, has died. She was 95.
RIP happy to have just listened to her and Ron Carter play Marian McPartland, 'Piano Jazz' Host, Has Died
RIP Mary McPartland. Piano Jazz was one of thru best music programs ever.
Marian McPartland, jazz pianist, one-time Chicagoan, and host of the public radio program "Piano Jazz" passed...
Breaking News: Marian McPartland, longtime host of "Piano Jazz," has died at age 95.
I can think of no better soundtrack for your workday than this enormous archive of 'Piano Jazz' episodes:
'Shall We Play That One Together?': The life of piano jazz legend Marian McPartland
"Jazz loses a great performer and lady.".
via Marian McPartland, 'Piano Jazz' Host, Has Died. Loved your show. Will miss you!
Oh no — RIP to Marian McPartland. Impossible to overstate how important her show was. What a legacy.
I used to work for NPR. So sad to hear that piano jazz great has passed away. :-(
RIP Marian McPartland; "Piano Jazz" introduced me to amongst many other musicians whose work I love.
Marian McPartland with Bill Evans on Piano Jazz. What a wonderful player and host Marian McParland was.
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