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Pi Day

Pi Day is an unofficial holiday commemorating the mathematical constant π (pi). Pi Day is observed on March 14 (or 3/14 in month/day date format), since 3, 1 and 4 are the three most significant digits of π in the decimal form.

Happy Pi Day Mu Alpha Theta Darren Aronofsky National Pi Day

So proud to announce that Leonardo da Vinci students raised $16,200 from the Pi Day 5K to support
If you thought Pi Day was fun, wait 'till tomorrow. May the 4th (be with you).
Let this be the day where we draw swords together, fell…
Let me cater to you, cause baby this your day!
I would begin my celebration of Pi Day today by eating 3.14 boxes of Timbits if they existed near me. Guess breakfast tacos will have to do.
It's a wonderful NGO. One day having a place there like Chris's Haven would be amazing! Next time you a…
having an interesting day! Just got a virtual memory exhausted error building SP on my Pi. Start again with bigger swap file!
Also one day we will wear you down BK.
If starts spending even $300K / Day, it will take 245 years for him to finish his wealth but he is still…
The Brothers of Pi Kappa Phi would like to wish the Brothers of a Happy Founders Day! 🏝 https…
Could be teaching one class a day making 300k because she calls herself Native American or free taxpayer paid education?
🎉 Birthday Pi 🎉 Happy Birthday to our Sister Mia! We love you and hope you enjoy your special day today 💕💚
Did you realise the day before yesterday, 1 May aka the 31 April was Pi day for the less americocentric bits of the world?
If only this Thelma & Louise movie was followed by Fried Green Tomatoes my day would be absolut.
Pi Day is just a fake holiday created by math companies to sell more math.
The date on the floppy drive is Pi Day ;)
Finishing off a brilliant day with a music concert performed by the students using their code
Happy Pi Day! Don't care about the mathematical constant that makes the world go 'round then eat a slice of Pie. Next year w…
Run shairport-sync on the Pi & stream all your music from your iPhone to the Pi/IQaudIO system. We use it…
It's so let's gawk at the beauty and controversy of the math constant
New PSCA board chair Ken Raskin kicks off day 2 of
also lots of abuse dynamics present among tenured v untenured or PI v grad student. im gonna do a TED talk on it some day.
There's still time to sign up for the FREE tickets for a day of themed talks and workshops. h…
list of math holidays. mar 14: pi day (π). feb 71: ℯ day (ℯ). jan 61: phi day (φ). any day without feeling terror and dread: imag…
There is bird sex happening on the windowsill at work. Its gonna be an interesting day
Raspberry_Pi "So thenerdyteacher should be made to dress like this every day, right?
It's Pi Day, gotta get down on Pi Day. Everybody's [loving the best spots for authentic Boston Cream Pie].
I didn't celebrate Nap Day or Pi Day, but dang it... I will have many green beers on St Pattys! 🍀
Celebration of Pi Day: Get a pizza ‘pi’ at Blaze...
Celebration of Pi Day: Get a pizza 'pi' at Blaze Fast-Fire'd Pizza for $3.14!
In honor of Pi Day, is selling whole pizzas for $3.14 at all of their locations. Paul McCrae,
I am officially an Uncle Bob. My Nephew, Abraham, was born on Pi Day.
Sure, Pi Day had pie, but Ides of March has literal backstabbing & the end of the Roman Republic. Beat that, mathem…
Thank you to Buzzfeed for naming Livin' the Pie Life the best pie in Virginia. Could this Pi Day get any better? https…
Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Pie on Pi Day during the Year of Pie.
Happy 3.14! What you need to know about 'Pi Day' via
Happy Pi Day Happy Pi Day everyone!. Here's some Pi Day activities to do tonight & some fun Pi facts!…
It's Pi Day! Free Moon Pie with Repair all day today! Happy Pi Day!
The Knights want to wish you a Happy Pi Day!
My family: barely has any traditions for Thanksgiving or Christmas, doesn't do the Easter Bunny. Also my family: goes ~hard for Pi Day
You can stuff your face any day, but it's more special on Pi Day... well first Thanksgiving then Pi Day!
I know having pumpkin pie is like Pi Day meets Thanksgiving, but it was the best decision I've made in weeks.
'Pi Day' is a reminder of the centuries of math & science that are our heritage. Don't let that be thrown away for…
You think that's bad? Japan literally HUNDREDS of corporate "anniversaries" like Pi Day on the calendar! No joke.…
Pop quiz! Which famous mathematician's birthday is on Pi Day (3.14)? .
on this Pi Day, the only two videos you'll need (1/2)
Meet Black Singles 300x250
The secret of Pi Day is out. Line out the door at Blaze Pizza in Henderson for $3.14 pies
Celebrate "Pi Day" with just-released video from Detroiter John Sims
Good Morning Friends! Happy Pi Day! Could anything be better than Key Lime Pie? Here's is where to get your fav...
Cherry Pie in the oven for Pi Day. Black coffee and soundtrack for me to accompany the *** good piece of pie.
Need a good slice of pie for Pi Day? Check out the Bake Shop!.
Along with we are celebrating Pi Day on Tues,3/14. Come get pie at our shop for $3.14. One day only.
Pie on Pi Day, absolutely. Celebrate the day and small businesses - head to Mission Pie in the Mission for their...
Slice off a great Pi Day deal with these Pie Flavored spirits! Shop-...
Stop on by and pickup a Raspberry Pi to help celebrate Pi Day! Raspberry Pi 2, 3, Zero, and Zero W in stock now!
Goal for Pi Day: Raise $314 for my mission trip to Nicaragua this summer!. Link to donate --->…
Pie, pi, pie everywhere! Pie 103 in leader shop, Pie 92 in shop + all Moon Pi 25% off. Pie your friends for Pi Day.…
Tomorrow (Pi Day) is going to be a great day to not be in Johnson's class.
Rep Bob Latta to speak at St John's High School on March 14 at 7pm. ...aum that's Pi Day.
Today will be day 365 of 365 days of streaming. 1,145 hours streamed in 364 days. That's 3.14 hours per day (mmm.pi(e) *drools*)
Pi Day 5K standard registration ends tomorrow! Make sure you get a slice!.
Poor vetting has now cost Trump... - his Labor Secretary . - his Navy Secretary . - his Army Secretary . - his National Security…
Personal observations on Nunes presser. He shouldn't have done it. It did not work. He doesn't know what FBI has. He's sc…
Four Day's Battle - De Ruyter destroyed 17 English ships in an epic four-day naval bloodbath that pi
If you know a federal employee, share. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: Federal employees & the 1st Amendme…
We are so excited to participate in 's Pi Day Celebration again this year on…
I'm sure.. this is u 2nd round for the day... 1st around 11am and then right before u leave.. tip pi cal
Back in the day of the military went to and kicked the *** now
Hey Med Sci! Please sign up for Pi day on 3/14 if you have not already! Scan the QR code on any poster at school and register!
We are two weeks away from Pi Day. Are you ready? Have you been memorizing the decimal places of Pi? Compete in...
Closing day 1, come to visit booth 7 at Pavillion at CS. Check on Web Platform f…
ReadersGazette: Piggy Sense!: Save it for a rainy day .ReedAbbittMoore Pi…
Children of all ages are invited to attend a Pi Day Event on Tuesday, February 28, 4:00 pm at the Mason County...
I never thought I'd be giving W. a shoutout. That's how far we've fallen.
Our annual Pie for PAI fundraiser is only 2 weeks away (on Pi Day no less)! Come celebrate with us:…
Don't forget Pi day! | Q1 Dates and Holidays that Managers and Retailers Should Know…
9th circuit just denied Trump gambit to try to put off decn on Muslimban pending release of new ExecOrder. They want to SE…
Any math-heads know WHY today is the PERFECT day to promote Pi:Mathematic Monk...?
Mathematician says “π r squared", the baker replies “no, pies are round, cakes are square!”. Join us for
PI Day celebration activities in 8th grade Math!
Meanwhile, in France, rioting leftists make Le Pen's victory more likely every day. Thanks, guys.…
Pi(e) Day is coming up...have you made plans?
It's almost Pi Day! Write a pi-ku and win a chance for us to help you celebrate. Details here:…
Today is the day. The new book project I was a part of was released. Get your copy today
Pi(e) Day is coming up on March 14th! Join us for some family fun at LTS Brewing company!
Pi Day will be here before you know it! Start your pie planning!
Happy 20th to my Hope your day is full of top chef, organic food and all the PI you wish for! Love you, egg hea…
finished my pi day post. It's gonna be great
He *did* bake brownies and bring them in the other day. We think he’s going for the CEO of the Year award.
Not sure why this comes up in Vecteezy for "Pi Day", but I'm downloading it anyway.
POTUS just said our soldiers "don't fight to win." . I'd happily introduce him to some friends of mine who have fought pre…
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
This thought enters my mind at least 10 times a day: Trump is not only dangerous, his an absolute EMBARRASSMENT!!!
Good Luck Nunes. If there is no story, why is the WH C-blocking investigations?
RPMS families, mark your calendars for 3/14 Pi Day Family Fun Night 6-8pm! PTSO meeting before starting at 5pm.
One day remains to submit your entry at Ed looses control aboard the ISS:
Donald Trump "Nobody knew healthcare could be so complicated.". When Trump says 'nobody' we can safely assume he's tal…
Happy founder's day to the brothers of Sigma Pi! We hope you all have a good day!
I heard today was Pi Day, but I personally prefer a Pie Day!
if iHop can give out free pancakes on National Pancake Day, Village Inn should give out free pie on Pi Day
Why did nobody tell me it was National Cheesecake Day? Is this like Pi Day? Is it too late to bake a (GF) cake?
Pi Day best purchase: Property of My Awesome Husband Anniversary T shirt for Wife at Tshirt-Mentor
We push phonebanking a lot here. Every day, several times a day. This is why. It works.I know it can be frustrating. People don't always pi…
Pi Day best purchase: This is what the Worlds greatest Hiking grandpa looks like - 0515 from TshirtT
Tomorrow is Mrs. Alice's funeral, and it's got me thinking about Ann again. Maybe one day I'll hire a PI to find her once and for all
the day I try in class is the day I realize I need to know the square root of pi
Just spent a fabulously fun day teaching to Y7 at Gosforth Junior High Academy. By the end they were live coding away :)
Still annoyed about that time my PI suggested I wasn't in enough hours while my coworker works a 30 hour week and plays RPGs all day
PI notes of the day: Got alert by my credit monitoring service, someone is using my credit card.
still confused as to how sophomore year I memorized 235 digits of pi for pi day... Literally how did I do that...
Happy Pi(e) Day! We're celebrating with our Chocolate Cream Pie:
Photo of the Day: A Natural Rush Photo of the Day: A Natural Rush /pi
Photo highlights of the day: a naughty elephant and an airborne whale: The Guardian’s pi...
12 Months of Giving: Hope House "blessed" by donations almost every day during March
Happy release day and her book WHEN WE COLLIDED! This book is SO GOOD!!
Good way to start My day. Send more. To 📧 misstaphophile.
Morning of day one at some breadboard work, sonic pi and…
I have no time in my day. I just really want time in my day. Is that too much to ask? I have work all day today.
PI DAY. Our students were extremely creative in designing their Pi Day t-shirts, it was a hard decision- but here a… https:/…
Pi Day is March.14 so here are some engaging math lesson + these awesome videos = best class ever
Happy birthday to my sister/ pi / and the Calum to my ashton 💗 love you lots n I hope you have the best day ever 💖🤘🏻
Great day with nerding out on Raspberry Pi even tho I was hungover
- Troubleshooting • Pidgin network trouble since a few days? - - With an up-to-day version of…
6.8M in 7 days and the day just begun im so proud
A one day workshop on all you need to know to run a letting agency
Carmagedon running on my Raspberry Pi with a usb controller. There goes the day...
Happy birthday my hero Albert Einstein. March 14 (3,14) Pi Day will be celebrated & your theories will live on & on.
yah. PI:*propose a machine*. Cher: I dont want 2 walk down along a street one day to find like 10 dif machines done by other PI -.-
Product of the Day is the 9P.i Framing system
A day to turn my raspberry Pi into an Alexa (@ Woz Home in Los Gatos, CA)
Did you celebrate Pi Day with us yesterday? Tag us in your *** good pie' photos! 📸 by http…
CaSTL PI George Schatz participate in All Scout Nano Day. Inspiring the next generation of scientist! https:/…
Yes. We RTMd on Pi Day (3.14) and our SharePoint Event is Star Wars Day (the force awakens). We're geeks having fun and want…
Had a long *** day , can u just go to work on da kid pi
Photo of the Day: Sunrise Ritual Photo of the Day: Sunrise Ritual /pi
Happy chapter anniversary to Pi was established on this day in 1920.
Sibling day is almost as annoying as Pi (pie) day. (I'm sorry)
domain names
HBD to one of my bffs💜 so happy pi phi brought us together love you lots & i hope ur day is as fab as u are 🎉
article is restricted. But mayB it suggests that day trad'n follows natural rules/math, & trig, geometry ratios, pi?
The beauty of pi is that it puts infinity within reach. Article by Steven Strogatz:
Mike is the recipient of the HU Pi Day scholarship for his final year at George Benson Christian College in Zambia!
Discount of $3.14 on all Apple Pies at my supermarket in celebration of Pi Day! Sweet. The math was not lost on that manage…
It's Pi Day! For one local, is the true taste of
We painted some pieces at Color Me Mine and decorated a pie for Pi Day! See what we made!
I added a video to a playlist Pi Day and Color Me Mine (for hours)!
I hate rom coms, my favorite holidays are Pi Day and May the 4th, I can cook, and I food before talking!
Pi Day was Monday but we can't shake the feeling that it should really be 4
A postlude on Pi Day: One simple command on a Linux system lets you calculate pi to as many digits...
Today is Pi Day! High School students make sure to check your email this morning for a special announcement from Mr. Wrigh…
Hope everyone had a fabulous Pi Day! What is pi? Ask Cawson's Crew!
Positively perfect wine and pie pairings for your Pi Day party: Pi Day is an annual celebration of the mathema...
You know someone celebrated Pi Day wrong by thinking it was about the Darren Aronofsky movie & took a power drill to their head.
I almost missed Pi Day. Guess it's too late to go watch Pi by Darren Aronofsky to celebrate.
This picture was taken exactly 1 year ago today Happy Pi Day
Pi Day or as I like to call it '73rd in a series of ridiculous annual holidays'. 74th on leap years.
I liked a video Pi Day with QB Josh Dobbs
Did you know today is Pi Day? Enjoy a sweet slice of heaven at Corner Bakery Cafe for your celebration of this...
Had caramel apple pie for breakfast, pizza pie for lunch, meat pie & pecan pie for a snack. Pi Day is almost as great as Thanksgiving.
Pi Day brought to you by the Sonic.
Expand your horizons and celebrate Pi Day with Geeks Who Drink!.
A little Pi Day humor because, when it comes to their fraternity, you know how those Beta Theta Pis can be...
Department of Mathematics to ‘pie’ professors for Pi Day fundraiser March 14
et al, for Pi Day check at Pi Pizza in Penn Quarter: (A fave from
Third graders celebrate Pi Day by going Island Hopping!!
In honor of Pi Day and Women's History Month, look up Ada Lovelace, an English mathematician known for work on the Analytical Engine
Pi Day (14/3) is fun, but I prefer Pi Approximation Day (22/7).
Pi Day is here! And with it the Minnesota State High School Mathematics League State Tournament! Good luck to all students!
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
It's Pi Day. Throwback to Hopkins' class freshman year of high school when beat me in a pizza eating challenge.
Check out Chris & Chef on Sunday at 8:15am, talking all things Pi Day (& Pi Day Eve)! details:
If you are in Mu Alpha Theta and still need your hour, come and help decorate the school for Pi Day at 6:00 tomorrow night!!
Pi Day party today after school for Mu Alpha Theta in Mr. Gunnin's room!! 🍪🍩
Did you know National Pie Day is March 14th? Wait...Pi Day is 3/14. Wow! And Pi is 3.14!
Hey Mike, think you can memorize 25 digits of π for Pi Day on 3/14? Free pecan pie if you can!
3.14 National Pi Day is coming! Math Lovers unite at Banning's Restaurant and Pie House this Monday to celebrate...
Who is getting ready for Pi Day this weekend (and possibly baking pie)? Head over to our fun:.
Mu Alpha Theta induction on Pi Day, 3/14, at 2:45 in Caf 1. Refreshments for inductees!
Whether you view pie as a sweet or savory experience, we've got major food plans for you this upcoming Pi Day:
Pi Day includes some specials from our friends &
Please join the math department and Mu Alpha Theta in celebrating Pi Day, Monday, March 14. We will have a table s…
Make sure to DM us your nomination of one student from each grade level and four adults on campus for a pie eating contest on Pi Day!
PI DAY IS IN ONE WEEK. . Now is the time to plan your pie. I repeat, PI DAY IS IN ONE WEEK.
Coincidentally, the I ordered is slated to arrive on Raspberry Pi Day.
Let us help you get through your day, treat yourself with some yummy goodness. All you need to know about the...
Why I think talking to your partner about fidelity is better than hiring a PI. V Day is the time to catch a cheater htt…
Hawaiian Pizza Wrap. . Yup, It's Magnum PI approved!. Soup of the day~ . Cream of Mushroom . Happy Monday...
Day 6: the case turned up 2 bodies, an alphabet soup of Feds & a client who just might be The One.
🍒π For once in my life, I remembered to order some Cherry Pi shirts before Pi Day.
Pi Day is only 1 week away! Our Watershed Apple Pie with pecan crumb topping is so delicious!…
Good luck 7th grade PI contestants!! Remember that the final day is March 14th! 🤗good luck!!!
Each year recruits bakeries & pizzerias to make pie-related specials. Here's the list so far http…
Calling all math fans! Start the spring season off right with a Pi K Fun Run with
Today is the last day to turn in your bracket! Get them in no later than 4:30 p.m. today!
Don’t forget to drop by the couches by Campion between 4:30PM and 7:00PM for a mini pie on Pi Day, March 14!
Monday means a new question is posted in the Stop by B4 Thur to submit your answer. Pi Day is a week away!
begins today, but next week begins with Pi Day...
Chocolate silk or buttermilk pie for pi day celebration?
Support International Badge Day by proudly wearing our Delta Sigma Pi badge tomorrow and remembering that it is a... http…
Amateur Radio - K for Kernow - St Piran's Day: Cornish flag raised in Porthleven to mark St Pi...
Enter to win a pie on National Pi Day, March 14. (Plus a copy of UNFORGETTABLE).
Guy Ritchie spends Mother's Day with his wife and kids but Rocco is not pi...
My school is retarded, they're celebrating pi day March 9th
Pi(e) day is right around the corner! Next Monday (3/14) stop by our 3rd avenue shop and get 3…
Pi Day is next week! Join our educators for a fun event at the on 3/14.
Happy Birthday! Hope your day is filled with love and ice cream!
Mu Alpha Theta Pi Day celebration today after school in the MPR!
Today In Nigerian History: 7th March: On this day in 2010, Five hundred (500) people, mainly women and childre...
I wonder if pi day was extra turnt in the year 1592
Report cards, pi day, and Easter stand between me and spring break. These next 3 weeks need to fly by!
First comes love, then comes pizza. couple to get married on ceremony at via
The day of the drinks has concluded and thus comes the inception of the aftermath.
These 14 Pies to celebrate pi day are just--well, full of pie! LOL!
What better way to celebrate Pi Day? Check out these no-bake pie recipes!
The Grey Side Of The Moon on a sunny day ...
National Pi Day - coming up on 3.14. Just one week from today. If you are a scientist, mathematician or just a...
notes of the day: Continue your holiday spirit all year long. season
Wishing the women of Alpha Omicron Pi a happy Founders Day!
Wise words: we're counting down our top 10 quotes of the day from the past twelve months. Here is number 1. Enjoy! https:…
Happy Founders Day to the ladies of Alpha Omicron Pi!
Only 1 more day left to have the chance to win a RED Raspberry Pi! & other goodies!
in India Pi-0 not available.also price hiked too much day by element14 india.20$.not cheap computing at something.
Today In Nigerian History: 2nd January: On this day in 1995 Siad Barre, former Somali President, died of heart...
Only 11 hours left until the red pi is given away!. via
Day 280. First day of 2016, the year I return to from
TI Basic! Never thought anyone would use that:
Today, March 14 ( 3/14) is Pi Day! The official celebration begins at 1:59, to make an appropriate 3.14159 when combined with the date.
are in the last 12 hours of their competition. Come on, people; a red Pi is at stake!
my friend had a pi day pie sale so I'm getting pie today
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Rasa nak pi pesta. For this last day. Tapi I don't have anyone to go with 😔
The Rebellion sent us this Pie Chart "to celebrate Pi Day". :(
Happy Pi Day! - OK, it's not Pi Day, but I thought you might like this anyway.
Ana slept in my pi day shirt that she wouldn't let me take to college :-/
⭐️ • 5 things to start the day: Tampa Bay's Chipotle snub, and tell us how you really feel about Pi...
Captain's Log Day 18: bout to become a pi cushion
ISET orientation day for class'17 was held today. Watch the 2 mins video to learn more...
ChristineRappwx: Another hot day ahead, with a few t'storms possible for mountains, Pi…
Only if that's OK with you though Sadly put aside my dreams for a huge Jayla drawing though might ask about a sketch on the day
Showing that PI team members really are Good Together. Good luck with your first day tomorrow team!
RANT:. What a way to start a day with an argumentative conversation with my honey. This just pi$$es me off. He goes...
The sooner you set aside your goals for the day, the quicker y... More for Capricorn
Ever wondered when is the best day of the year to sell your home? Yesterday?
Pers of Ivisan PS under the supervision of PI Fallera conducted launching of 1st day of class at Malocloc ES re PKTK
Well hello Diskio Pi . Thanks for following me! Keep visiting for latest updates. Have a great day!
I think today is a good day to record a short clip.
What do you know, targeted advertising works. Found my Pi Day at
News of the day! China to cut troops by 300,000, the 4th cut since 1980s
Today is my last first day of school which makes me super emotional 😭😫😧
I can't wait for everyone to see our finale on the day it comes out 😁😁💁
First major outage on my Raspberry Pi website today after 4 months uptime - ISP failure. Switched to an EC2 image for the day but back now!
Photo: ofsparrows: Happy pi(e) day! Don’t buy your pie filling ingredients from strange old men down the...
Photo: ofsparrows: Happy pi(e) day! We’ve made our pies especially circular today.
Happy Pi Day!. 20 pot pies for math lovers or haters:
That's right, two and a half hours, we assessed the situation. Happy Pi Day
Life would be so much better if there were pi�atas strategically placed throughout your day.
Getting more and more excited for Philanthropy Day! Did you know Pi Beta Phi has impacted over half a million lives?! htt…
It might not be a good idea to go to these beaches over Labor Day weekend
Harini nak gerak pi kl and I'm still rolling and yawning on my bed and and still haven't packed oh yess great day
CONGRATS TO on your 1st day of directing!! We are all so excited for you & love you IMMENSELY!! …
everyday is a great day when you're surrounded by the sisters of PI BETA PHI!
can't believe bid day is only two weeks away!! @ The Pi Palace
Learn to build your thesis projects. Reserve now for a 2-day Raspberry Pi Training. Commencing this term break.
Today marks the second time I'm away from you for your Big Day and it…
Saving this for a rainy day... How to make a arcade (with NO programming) via
Japan's worst day for teen suicides - This is a sad trend
Every time it ring chings a baby angel gets her wings 👼🏼 Happy bid day 2015! @ UNC Pi Beta Phi
Nothing makes a hot summer day sparkle quite like Champagne, especially when it harkens memories of mom's apple pi
First day dtg office terus pi toilet. Epic fail.
Increased great white shark sightings along Atlantic coast cause concern for Labor Day weekend
Day care aide who abandoned kids at mall to 'teach them a lesson' to be sentenced
Good selfie day 😝 it's been a while since the last I posted
Pi day more like Hai and I will believe it since its april's fools!
we want you to enjoy the last day of summer as much as possible! Here’s some help! :)
Having to read the life of pi the last day of summer really *** 😩😑
Get your iPhone insurance today!
I go through photos on my phone sometimes and think “I wish it was this day again” and it ***
Which nerd holiday is superior May the 4th or Pi Day?
HAPPY BIRTHDAY hope this next year is another great one. Also, as always, it was great seeing you the other day.
Day 4. Fave friendship outside of greys.
Today is ABC day at TCA Press Tour! Ellen Pompeo will give interviews for Other cast might be at the co…
You know it's not a good day when your Pi decides to stop working.
I love this picture! day 4. Favorite friendship outside of greys
Day in the Life of a PI-NOW HIRING INVESTIGATORS in Northern and Southern CA.
Day in the Life of a PI-Great to report that the Sherman Oaks office is doing well. Call on us in the LA area.
Day in the Life of a PI-California Defense and Aspiring Defense Investigators, you do not want to MISS THIS EVENT!.
Pi day is coming up. Brace yourselves for bad jokes and non engineers to think they're clever.
Day 2 of no water: I've resorted to taking my showers at Pi. Pls send help.
A new indiegogo project: Tue Aug 04 '15 Announcement from Pi Day Die Day filming in Northwest Ohio
3 week field trip to Belarus to trap wolves. equipment gets out of customs the day me and other PI fly home.
Run your home server for a penny a day. Home Server course from authored by
Help make it happen for Pi Day Die Day filming in Northwest Ohio on
Well it's March 14 (3/14) aka Pi Day which reminds me that I can recite over 100 digits of pi by memory. Oh. No one care…
Today is a very BIG day for PI and has a message for you! View it here
CLICK HERE to support Pi Day Die Day filming in Northwest Ohio
Today is the day! Get Abilities 3: The Sun of All Fears is available. Get your now!
Dogs sleep 20 out if 24 hours a day and if I remember right you slept 4 out of the 8hr day lol
Pi be day bang alfred. (with Ismail, Alfred, and 2 others at Resto Ngalam) [pic] —
Happy release day Natasha Preston! Awake is live! Go one-click now! I'm so exciting to start reading this one!...
Devils’ day on the course via Off to a great start.
Happy release day to and The Nightmare Charade! Can't wait to read this baby. 💖🎉📚🎂
Me and Jason came back from our vacay to PI the same day the typhoon hit. Like what a welcome back💔
Cold homemade tofu with purchased century eggs (pi dan). My chilled remedy for a hot summer day.
bhupenmistry: 2nd Edition of Day One Book: Securing the Routing Engine on device pi…
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