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Phoenix Comicon

Phoenix Comicon (formerly Phoenix Cactus Comicon) is an annual comic book convention held in Phoenix, Arizona.

Phoenix Comicon 2013 San Diego John Barrowman Cary Elwes Star Trek Richard Dean Anderson Bruce Campbell Stephen Amell Nathan Fillion Josh Collmenter Best Comedy Emerald City Comicon Amanda Tapping Adam West Burt Ward Vic Mignogna

Sure would love to see come to town the same weekend as Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest .
After this weekend we have Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest and to end a busy pup culture year for Arizona.
A goal of mine for Phoenix Comicon FanFest is to hunt down the Firefly Funko Pop figures for a Christmas gift.Nothing Xmas shopping at a con
I would love to see/taste what would do with lengua. How about it, guys? Maybe a special for Phoenix Comicon next May?
From Farscape and Stargate: SG-1, we are excited to welcome Ben Browder to Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest!
well go to phoenix comicon's convention in december! you could buy a cute WW dress from party (on sale)
Nice! My girlfriend is planning costumes for a full group at next year's Phoenix Comicon.
I liked a video Ivy Doomkitty Inside Interview at Phoenix Arizona Comicon 2014
Have you guys ever considered coming to Phoenix Comicon? It would be awesome if you guys did.
Ready for more comic guests? We're excited to welcome and to Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest!
Photoset: ninjapoptart: Here, have some pics from Phoenix ComiCon 2014 (finally)
Nearly as good! We saw Don Rosa at Phoenix Comicon, but I was too nervous to approach his table.
probably I've never really done it so.I dunno. It would b good 2 have if I make it to Phoenix Comicon next year.
Have a few cosplay characters in mind for Phoenix Comicon next year😊
I was given the email to the person who handles guest relations for Phoenix Comicon. Sweet. Now I can send her a list. ;-)
Got to meet Vegas PG Cosplay out in Phoenix Comicon this year ironically not in her PowerGirl costume. She is a...
"Made my flight. Destination: I hope Phoenix Comicon is on your calendar for 2015.
you've appeared at San Diego Comic Con if you received an invite would you consider coming to Phoenix Comicon?
One more This was at Phoenix Comicon 2012. The goggles were made by The Peculiar Magpie
Photo: mikerugnetta: Forever ago, at the Phoenix Comicon, Aleeza from Sushi You Can Hug (canhug) gave me...
FACT: this was the best cosplay i saw at phoenix comicon
Watching from Phoenix Comicon & I'm laughing so hard I'm almost falling of the couch! 😀😀
I added a video to a playlist Star Trek: The Next Generation - Cast Reunion at Phoenix Comicon 2012
that (& my Barrowman) is Phoenix Comicon this summer. One of best days of my LIFE!!
my photo op w/ Stephen? That was from Phoenix Comicon!! Or did u mean another pic? Bc then ur going to need 2narrow it down.😉☺️
John Barrowman and Mark Sheppard both loved Phoenix Comicon, and Nathan Fillion and Bruce Campbell. People can be so snobby.
This is great! And Phoenix Comicon there were Deadpools dressed up as other characters. My favorite was Deadpool dressed up as Gandalf.
Here in at every Comicon we have a hosted by just like we're gonna have at
300 days to lose 85 lbs so I don't look like a lumpy blob in spandex at Phoenix Comicon 2015. Wooo!
I liked a video Jewel Staite at Phoenix Comicon 2013
Bob the Dino . Phoenix Comicon June 8, 2014. A huge dinosaur head that I spotted as I was hurrying to one of the
Throwback to when me and my boy mrzomdinocorn went to Phoenix Comicon👌
I understand. :) It can be tricky with Caitlin at the conventions. I ended up staying much of Phoenix Comicon in the room with
We got an interesting insight at the Phoenix Comicon panel with some former contestants. Lot's of pressure.
Do female rogues only work in a contemporary fantasy setting?
Author Batsu Game - Sam Sykes and friends Phoenix Comicon: . What a bunch of geeks!. How not to love them?
Yeah, we went to Phoenix Comicon last month and LOVED it. Kinda thinking about trying Salt Lake Comic Con in Sept
I'm disappointed Phoenix Comicon happened before Dashcon. Ball pits will probably be passé by next year. :P
Wait, are you actually gonna go to Phoenix Comicon next year?
Good point. Phoenix goes by Comicon as well. We have a pretty good turn out here too.
oh my gosh! I would appreciate that so much! Probably at phoenix comicon since itll be with my buddy doing cosplaying Lucas!
I've always wanted to just sit down and have a conversation with you. Next year you should visit Phoenix Comicon.
so excited for Guardians of the galaxy had to cosplay this week at phoenix comicon!
Your NerdHQ Panel was hilarious and I hope you're all at Phoenix ComiCon next year!!!
please come to Phoenix Comicon in 2015
Perusing a gallery of Comicon cosplayers, dood did I just see a shot of you as Wonder Man? Looking good!
They have a Comicon in Phoenix but the SD one looks WAAAY better.
The signing at is at booth AA5 from 1:30-3pm. Doing the comicon shuffle!
Good news, guys! and have joined next years Batsu Game at Phoenix Comicon!
I liked a video from Stephen Amell Arrow's Comicon HD in a Flash! 2014 DC Superhero Phoenix
Phoenix Comicon we have to get Kate Mulgrew next year — watching Star Trek: Voyager
John Barrowman and Stephen Amell both describe the same scene at two different panels at Phoenix Comicon. Footage spliced together to form one video describi...
Check out our pics from Phoenix Comicon incl. Nathan Fillion, John Barrowman, Stan Lee, Stephen Amell, Bruce Campbell
Here's a Phoenix Comicon panel video I took of Cary Elwes (from "The Princess Bride") run and jump off the stage to go hug the "As You Wish" little girl asking him a question. She was sooo adorable. I was sitting in the front row right across from her. I posted this video last night on a PHX Comicon group and it exploded with almost 100 likes overnight. I'm sooo happy to have found her dad Harlan Sparer and be able to share my video of this truly touching and amazing experience his daughter Rhiannon had with Cary Elwes. That's my daughter audio commenting in the background of the video. My daughter Chelsea was crying she was so happy for Rhiannon!
Fan of The Princess Bride & Robin Hood: Men in Tights? Check out our pics of the Cary Elwes panel at Phoenix Comicon!
Had an amazing weekend at Phoenix Comicon! Awesome to see all the friends I haven't seen in awhile! All those I didn't tag I was still happy to see you!!! Got my dad's box set of Brisco County signed by Bruce Campbell, got hit in the arm by Cary Elwes and then he apologized, saw a gorgeous burlesque show, got to stare creepily at Nathen Fillion for 5 minutes, saw someone I haven't seen since PCC 2 years ago, all in all it was an awesome con! Can't wait until next year!!!
Chase Anderson improved to 5-0 as the Diamondbacks defeated the Braves 6-5 on Sunday. David Peralta and Paul Goldschmidt homered to ignite a six-run seventh inning and the D-backs have now won eight series out of their last 11. – Jack Magruder story     The Diamondbacks have some roster decisions to make with J.J. Putz returning from his stint on the disabled list. What are their options and will Eric Chavez land on the DL? – Jack Magruder story     The Mercury outlasted the San Antonio Stars in double overtime on the second night of back-to-back games on Saturday. Candice Dupree scored 26 points and Britney Griner added a double-double in the 91-79 victory.     Coyotes captain Shane Doan took his turn at the mic and was a guest analyst during Saturday’s Diamondbacks-Braves game.Check out the highlights here.   Josh Collmenter made his way to the Phoenix Comicon on Saturday. Watch a clip of the D-backs Jedi master here.       TODAY ON FOX SPORTS ARIZONA:   6:00 pm - Diamondbacks Live! P ...
just left Phoenix Comicon where u & James Roday were mentioned during Cary Elwes' panel. Where can we see u in person?
You never know who you'll run into at Phoenix Comicon, we caught Josh Collmenter from the Arizona Diamondbacks with his Star Wars Bobblehead!
I have to share this amazing Wonder Woman Cosplayer from Phoenix Comicon. She was there last year as well, and she just became my hero...I want to be her when I am her age!
Phoenix Comicon gave us super awesome nerdy cup cakes!
Breast Cancer Awareness
I had an amazing day at Phoenix Comicon. I got signed books from Michael Stackpole, Django Wexler, John Scalzi , and Kevin Hearne. They were all very willing to entertain the questions or endure the praise I had for them. I heard Patrick Rothfuss speak about some of his characters and heard a preview of his newest book. My inner book geek is very fulfilled right now..
The crew of the Bruce St. James Show went all-out at Phoenix Comicon on Friday. - Blogs at
.did his show from Phoenix Comicon with & Check out video and photos -
There’s a Mara Jade panel at Phoenix Comicon on Sunday! :-O
Phoenix Comicon 2013 Con Video by Corey Hour. ---> PCC is this weekend for those in...
ONLY 4 Days till Phoenix Comicon! Be sure to stop by my Booth and pick up a limited set of Dead Diva trading cards!
We're going to rock Phoenix Comicon this year, folks! I'll be at TABLE AA76 with my good friend Denny from "The Room" - the great Philip Haldiman! Also showing up will be Nathan Fillion, Danny Glover, Bruce Campbell, Adam West, Burt Ward, Julie Newmar, Stan Lee, John-Rhys Davies, Eliza Dushku, John Barrowman, Brian Posehn, Michael Rooker, Cary Elwes, MacGyver, and many, many more incredibly talented people! It's going to be insanely awesome! June 5-8: be there!
Artist Scott Shehi will be at Phoenix Comicon with Brick Cave Media
Welp I'm sold, I have to go to Phoenix Comicon. Not only will Jason Jay Mewes be there on Friday but Adam West and Burt Ward will be making an appearance as well.
.Wish I could see Sam Axe on Friday at the Phoenix Comicon - you're only there Saturday & Sunday ? : (
I just found out that Stephen Amell will be attending Phoenix Comicon in a couple of weeks. *swoon*
Richard Dean Anderson to Join PHXCC 2014: Phoenix Comicon is proud to announce that actor Rich...
Looking over Phoenix Comicon schedule: Inflation has reached the autograph pricing- even the 2nd tier celebrities are up to $40 a signature. I don't mind paying $75 for Richard Dean Anderson because I'll probably never see him at another con. But less BBC names who've only done bit parts? Paaalleeeze.
also, Richard Dean Anderson is coming to Phoenix Comicon this year. Memories!
One of my favorite creators, Todd Nauck, is coming to Phoenix Comicon!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Shows I *really love*: Phoenix Comicon, Emerald City Comicon, WonderCon, Tucson Comic-Con I really enjoy SDCC, too. I would love Denver Comic Con as well if they would just get back to me.
Joining us at Phoenix Comicon is comic artist and creator of the comic book series, The Crow, James O'Barr! ~SM
I'll be debuting my first full color graphic novel at Phoenix Comicon 2014. The all-ages/kid friendly scifi-comedy The Adventures of a 4th Grade Space Captain. I'll have Dylan McVillain Volumes 1 & 2 at both Phoenix Comicon and January's Amazing Arizona Comic Con. (As well as Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con in June.)
This isn't my first choice for Phoenix Comicon. Next year is the 20th anniversary of the Stargate franchise so maybe James Spader, Kurt Russell (a longshot) or some of the cast from SG1 like Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks, Chris Judge, etc. It's also the 15th anniversary of The Matrix franchise so Sophia Stewart , Carrie-Anne Moss, Keanu Reeves (long shot) or Laurence Fishburne (another longshot) would be cool. Let's not forget that it's the 30th anniversary of the Terminator franchise as well.
Guys Phoenix comicon is $85 at the door to get in this year so get your tickets before Jan 1st to get them for $40
If you're planning on going to Phoenix Comicon this year, tickets have gone up for sale NOW. Plus side to getting...
Holy crap - Sir Patrick's Day - Worldwide is just a couple of day before Phoenix Comicon this year - we should plan something!!!
Phoenix Comicon ticket prices are going up this year, you can get the whole weekend for $40 from now to Jan 2nd. If you wait until june, it's $85...
debating if i should cosplay Sailor Chibi Moon or Sailor Venus for Phoenix Comicon next year
have you guys ever been to Phoenix comicon? I want to really badly, but haven't yet
I'm going to cosplay as nude Raiden from the end of Metal Gear Solid 2 for Phoenix Comicon next year.
Photo: moonjellybeans: ellensama: thatwasintense: jddjs: Garrus Cosplay at Phoenix Comicon by StarsApart on...
After watching Phoenix comicon interview, I feel like 's real personality is like +
Something to smile about: John Barrowman at Phoenix Comicon 2013 {X} (he...
Attention Phoenix area costumers! Phoenix Comicon is looking for Halo costumers to help Make-a-Wish! Are you a Halo costumer or know someone who would like to help out? Email Lee.PalmerASAP for all the details!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
are you going to the Phoenix comicon next summer? :)
SOY comics will soon have the first issue of DEADWOLF out and ready to sell. Make sure to buy some at Phoenix comicon 2014!!!
Hey all thought I should let you know the news of what I am doing tomarrow. My vacuuform machine is turning out awesome, just need to make the hole for the vacuum hose bigger and seal the sides up for maximum suction. I'll be posting pictures as well as uploading my gasha green video since my video editing software is dying on me. I also will be training in Iiado again hopefully with a friend(Jon Ryer Davis) or two(Preston Bannister didn't you want to learn that and Kendo?)cause I want to cosplay Vegeta in June for Phoenix Comicon and be fit for the role as SSJ Trunks and SSJ Vegeta, in which I will be using my vacuuform machine for(I know the sayain armor is a big piece but I have a plan to get it into a large piece and I learned how to do Vegeta's hair at a con last March) I am also officially starting PS1 game hunting. I will have a list posted on which games I am looking for, as they are currently non expensive and I want to review my favorite titles from my favorite console and move into the newer ga ...
Making the plans for 2014's conventions and costumes!! I'm liking December being a break month... Whew. Anyway, cons first. So far, I have Amazing Arizona Comic Con and Albuquerque Comic Con in January, maybe WonderCon and Kon in April, trying for Comic Expo in May (hey, why won't it tag you guys!?) and obviously Phoenix Comicon which is now in June! And I wanna make it to Emerald City Comicon and New York Comic Con... finally. Hoping to come back for C4 - Central Coast Comic Con, Saboten Con, ah so many!! I need a twelve step program for this *** ! Remember, if you want me at a convention that isn't in Hawaii, pleaseplease contact the con and let them know! They'll listen to you, not me!!
Was Moyra the lady helping Mira at the autograph booth last year at Phoenix Comicon?
I added a video to a playlist Awesome Hour with Wil Wheaton at Phoenix Comicon 2013
Started my 6-Month workout plan a couple of weeks ago. Going to get some definition before Phoenix Comicon. :D
gosh the excitement for Phoenix Comicon is intense! who wouldn't be excited though? ;) June 5th-8th, be there. come hang and cosplay! i'm excited for mine this year!!
Him I've met. Phoenix Comicon last year, Erin Grey was there too.
I think I want to make something Miyazaki for PCC. For Dimitri too. Anyone wanna guess who he might be for Phoenix Comicon?
I have been watching the "Conversations" from last years nerd HQ. What do I have to do for you to bring it to Phoenix comicon?
hai Greg c: my mom and I were wondering if you were gonna be at Phoenix Comicon in June, thanks if ya answer
Well folks, looks like 2 Hours has just about reached the end of its film festival run. There may a couple more selections coming up early next year, but the majority of the results are in. In 2013, 2 HOURS was screened at 31 film festivals in 5 different countries around the world. The film has received 11 of the 19 awards that it's been nominated for, competing against films that were made with much higher budgets, big name actors, and professional crews. On top of all this, the film has reached a staggering 860,000 views on YouTube in a little over a year and continues to climb. I want to thank all of my supportive friends who have taken this journey with me. It's been life changing. 2 HOURS was the start of something beautiful, and there is definitely much more to come. I have a new project brewing that I'm very excited to begin talking about. Below are the final film festival results. Awards: Best Short - Macabre Faire Film Festival (NY) Best Horror - Phoenix Comicon Film Festival (AZ) Best Zombie Sh ...
We just applied to table at Wondercon Anaheim! What other conventions would you like to see us at? So far we have Phoenix Comicon and Saboten in 2014.
My 2013 conventions have come to a closet with KikoriCon.   Plans for the first half of 2014:   JANUARY Taiyou Con - Mesa, AZ Anime Los Angeles   FEBRUARY Katsucon - National Harbor, MD   MARCHCon-Nichiwa - Tucson, AZ     MAY Fanime - San Jose, CA   JUNE Phoenix ComiCon - Phoenix, AZ   If you are going ot these cons and have ideas for a group, now is a good time to ask before I fill up with plans of my own!! :D I'm also looking for roommates for the last 3 cons!
10 FACTS ABOUT ME because Hannah Hoops is a nosy *** 1) I spent almost 2 hours link-surfing the Middle Earth side of Wikipedia today 2) Steven Moffat is my least favorite writer/producer in the history of television 3) I have more nerdy, novelty tees than I do nice blouses 4) I've made it my sworn duty in life to make the world love Star Trek as much as I do (THIS IS REALLY DIFFICULT) 5) I'm currently reading and annotating my copies of The Silmarillion and Les Miserables (NERD OMG) 6) My most downloaded artist last month was Kanye West 7) I'm filling out an application for the Hyatt right now 8) I plan on cosplaying as a lady Captain Kirk at Phoenix Comicon 2014 9) I'm actually watching Star Trek right now 10) Wow, real talk, I'm a total loser nerd who had 3 facts about Star Trek and 8 facts (including this one) about how nerdy I am, I have a problem like and I'll give youse a number.
With AVcon long gone, my con season has ended for this year. As much I'd like to attend Otakon, but I've got sights on LVL UP EXPO and Phoenix Comicon starting on 2014. 2014 isn't here yet and I already have cosplay plans for next year. After having beers with friends, I'm looking into dressing up as Big Boss aka Naked Snake from Metal Gear Solid 3 and gun-toting vigilante; The Punisher. Punisher is unfortunately underrated and many people like to talk smack about the past two films, but I think those two movies are good. I've even looked at the comics and they're also good to check out. I already have a good idea on what to do on my Punisher getup, however Naked Snake will require me to pull some more strings, luckily I have Hahn's military surplus to help me out with the gear. I can already imagine how much I'll be spending for the Big Boss get up.
Sexy Cosplay ladies! Casting call for Phoenix Comicon 2014! I need 6-8 girls for promotions to be seen by 75,000+! Get at me!
Screen Team, Black Nerd Comedy, and Reckless Tortuga **Official Page**, If I could get anyone to go to Phoenix Comicon these would be my top picks they all just seem so awesome and lets be real here Cali isn't all that far away.
OK, lemme back up. About the meet and greets: They happen: In cities where he's booked for cons. They happen: Mainly in the states; I've never organized one overseas. They happen: ONLY at cons where I'm there to run the m&g. To answer some questions: Wales Comic Con: Won't happen in 2014. You're all very sweet, but we want to let the con mix it up with new people! Australia/NZ: Currently, there's nothing on the horizon down under. Phoenix Comicon: He was just there in 2011, so it may be a while before he's back. So, thoughts? --jacqui
Flyboy Creative are happy to announce the online release date of our short film and winner of Best Comedy at the Phoenix Comicon Film Festival 2013, 'A Stately Suicide'! We will be releasing this as a Stately stocking filler for all you good Flyboy's and girls to open early on the 24th of December! So you can all sit down on Christmas Eve, relax and let Flyboy whisk you away to the land of Lord Edmund Spencer.
Hey Arizona photographers, Phoenix Comicon is looking to add more photographers to our group. If might be interested in becoming a Contog, please let me know.
In addition to the awesome news that we have been invited to attend Phoenix ComiCon, going back to working on YiA8, and adopting a shelter dog and naming him Grayson, we also raised almost $700 at Charlie's Comics for the Primavera Foundation. A great week!
I want to punch myself in the face everytime I remember the various times Brent Spiner came to Phoenix Comicon and I didn't even care.
Might be a lot easier to save up for it than rush. Phoenix Comicon cost me and fam over $1k after it was all said and done.
it was awesome to meet you both at Comicon this year! It was definetly a highlight of Phoenix Comicon 2013! :D
I would kill to see him live. Hoping he comes back to Phoenix Comicon next year. maybe then.On my laptop (con't)
Long before they were User Friendly...Roberto and Erfon at Phoenix Comicon!
"Bigots can be heroes too." ~ at Phoenix Comicon (Jinxie, side-stage, shaking her head and laughing)
Arid just means rainless; places in Antarctica qualify. If you want heat, come visit Arizona - specially, Phoenix Comicon. :)
Who wants to see pics of me and some awesome actors from Phoenix Comicon? Oh, oh! Me! Ok, then! :) Here we go!
lol, I was a volunteer photo booth coordinator at Phoenix Comicon so I got to meet a lot of really cool actors.
Anubis confirmed for next phoenix comicon.
I just saw Phoenix Comicon is in June. I'll be in Europe.So just keep me posted if you're headed to any this side of the US...
Figured out how to make it to the Phoenix Comicon if you make it back. I'll sell my old wedding ring. Divorced yrs now. LOL
I liked a video from The StarShip Penetrates Phoenix Comicon 2013
I've never been to a Supernatural con. I was jealous of all videos and pic I saw . I have been to Phoenix Comicon twice
So it is true. Phoenix ComiCon is already sold out.
Video: Just a few months ago The StarShip beamed in to penetrate Phoenix Comicon, capture all the action and...
I favorited a video Amanda Tapping at Phoenix Comicon 2013
At the beginning of the summer The StarShip beamed over to Phoenix Comicon to document all the insanity for...
Unless there's some other Phoenix Comicon that I don't know about, the one I went to blows.
True, I've not been to any others outside of Phoenix Comicon though.
A few months back The StarShip penetrated Phoenix Comicon 2013, watch all the mayhem right here!
Phoenix Comicon Adam Baldwin on Chuck and Firefly full hour panel
Phoenix Comicon photos are also now up on Geek's Corner! Enjoy!
With SDCC only 3 weeks away, I figured it was time to share the pics from Phoenix Comicon :) Great celebs this year but Walter Koenig has definitely aged...
Well Poo. Since they changed three date for Phoenix Comicon next year, I can't get vacation time for it. I can still go on Thursday and maybe I'll put in to work it if we have a both next year. I'm thinking I'll save up and go to an put of state con next year. What are some good ones? Anyone have any con plans for next year?
I had just met him in person at Phoenix Comicon. He's a cool dude.
MT Phx Comicon 2014-new dates? now i don't have to choose btwn trvl and Comicon
The greatest geek weekend in all the land returns in 2014, which should surprise no one, but this time it won't be over Memorial Day weekend.
From the largest Sci-Fi conventions (San Diego [I survived their 40 Anniversary]) to some of the smaller ones (Bubonicon), I'v been there. I was really impressed with Phoenix comicon, not too big and not too small.
at Phoenix Comicon there was a Homoerotic Subtext in SPN panel & D/C got the biggest cheer, ruh-roh! xD
Photo: Continuing with my Avengers theme from yesterday. Thor painted at Phoenix Comicon for their auction!...
Watching molesting a straw on Phoenix comicon xD
after posting the pics of the last Phoenix Comicon and the creation of this fan page I've had more than a dozen coworkers admit to their inner geek a couple have said they would like to dress up for the next con, and the others would like to attend to see what it's all about. SCORE!
how was the Marine from Phoenix Comicon
You know what's crazy? We met Will at E3 last year or Phoenix Comicon the year before, I have his card! How was your E3?
I take naps at 8 o clock now. Naps at 8 o clock are cool.
Just pinned my Phoenix Comicon pin to my desk curtain and thought of you. Miss you! xoxo
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Later dates for Phoenix Comicon next year, keep that in mind.
My article about Hope you guys will like it! :)
Timbo Madslice received a plush Owly in the mail the other day that we ordered from Andy Runton at Phoenix Comicon. Andy included a sketch of Owly for Timmy.AWESOME! Thankyou so much Andy he loved it. For those of you not familiar w/ The Owly comic it is AMAZING it is worth checking out. Also Timmy interviewed Andy at the convention and that interview should be posting soon. For more on owly and Andy Runton go to Thanks again Andy!
Way to go Phoenix! Cannot wait to spend all weekend in Comicon next year!
New dates for next year's Phoenix Comicon! Heck yeah! Even more people and especially guests~!
2014 Phoenix Comicon is June 5-8. Let's start planning now, Jeremy Moore and Desiray Moore!
Phoenix comicon has new dates and some of the info is now available for next year including setting up booths and art tables. I will look into when they start the setup of panels so I can try to set one up for Hwarangdo :D
A little bummed they changed the dates for next year, since Phoenix Comicon is how Hal and I have celebrated our anniversary for the last several years, This years was a real blast since I coordinated and we co-hosted the Steampunk Fashion show together on May 25th, which was our 9th wedding anniversary, I was hoping our 10th anniversary would be even more fun at the con.
What's going on? Phoenix Comicon Announces 2014 Dates - Phoenix New Times (blog)
Greetings guys, this is MG and I want to tell you about a wonderful con that I went to recently. What is this con, you ask? Why it's Phoenix Comicon, which
Phoenix Comicon has moved their dates to the first weekend of June 2014. Mary Sturhann Kevin Hull Pearl Stickler
Phoenix Comicon 2014 will be held June 5-8 at Hyatt Regency & Sheraton! Details: ~SM
If any local geeks out there are still suffering from a case of post-Phoenix Comicon funk, the following...
WA fans. The Phoenix Comicon for 2014 will be the first weekend in June instead of Memorial Day Weekend due to a scheduling conflict at the venue. This is a great chance for you to come on down, get some sun and check out this show. Tons of guests had a huge audience, and you get to see my panels as well.
Hey con going friends, keep a slot open for Phoenix Comicon next year!
If it keeps growing at the pace it's been growing, Phoenix Comicon could be in the top three within a few years!
sounds fun too bad the Phoenix comicon has come and gone this year. But if I go to the legofest I'll be sure to bring a book.
Well it's not the last week of school, so I guess that's more convenient.
"Mark you calendars, save the date, and join us June 5-8, 2014 for Phoenix Comicon!" Yippie!
Freaks, Geeks, Nerds, Trekkies and Walkers— They were all out in full force at Phoenix Comicon 2013. This year, Phoenix Comicon celebrated the 20th anniversary of Babylon 5. As with every Com...
Rob will be working on pin up art for future SIC prints and mini posters over the next few weeks. Do you guys have any Character suggestions or requests for him?? Shout 'em out!
don't mean to make you plan ahead, but are you and gonna be at the Phoenix comicon next year?
I liked a video Jon Bernthal The Walking Dead at Phoenix Comicon HD
I liked a video from Phoenix Comicon Big Boss Cosplay
Phoenix Comicon is cool. Too bad you couldn't have taught me that in Cub Scouts. I had to find that one out myself
You've heard and read the stories from the passengers of the Norwegian Dawn. There are many stories of haunted cabins on the ship, rogue waves. We've read stories where people have seen people...
Yes I love the dub, cant wait for the movies, in fact I meet yuri lowenthal, tara pratt, and vic vignogna at phoenix comicon
Secretly happy that currently the videos I uploaded from Phoenix Comicon 2013 have more views than the official videos of the same sessions. Most likely this is due to me getting mine uploaded first, but it's still a nice (probably temporary) notch in my belt.
Or at Phoenix comicon next year as a cosplay
The BlanketOpinion crew and Fanboy Nation went to Comicon in Phoenix to bring you interviews with comic book writers, artist, freaks, geeks, and everything i...
Love this! at Phoenix Comicon 2013: via Talks about :D
Going to print more of my prints for Albuquerque Comic Expo. Let's hope they don't flatter me by not believing it's my work then refusing to print like they did to me on the last day of Phoenix Comicon!
Still looking for a unique ways to use a Wine Glass Writer, post your submissions for a chance to win a free pack of Writers!
Phoenix Comicon was 3 weeks ago, but apparently we had a must-attend show! Want to see us do a Geek Comedy...
Comedian Asterios Kokkinos -- known for his work behind the scenes of MADtv, The Daily Habit, and MANswers, as well as his amusing web series Admiral Ackbar's Ads -- will be the host of The Devastator's Geek Comedy Jamboree taking place at 8:30 p.m. Saturday, May 25. Editors and contributors from th...
Synopsis: Matthew, a lighthouse keeper living on a remote island, wakes up to find that for reasons that escape him, everyone around has slipped into a comatose…
Paper Planes will be playing at Phoenix Comicon this weekend. I hope people enjoy it as much as Houston WorldFest did.
Us at Phoenix Comicon looking for a place to eat: *Aaron points at Majerle's* "Wanna try there?" Me: "No I have a policy of not eating at places I can't pronounce"
Our first coverage in the process of the new format. This installment is the first in the re-formating of our coverages and we kick it off with our visit to ...
Go on YouTube & type Phoenix Comicon 2013-Scorpius Dance Theater 3. Look for this girl! Shes my dance instructor!😃
What, you think he took classes? Years of college just so he could say a few lines in a video game? No way. Dude did the bare minimum and hoped you wouldn't find out. Whoops.
To everyone who's been waiting for the Phoenix Comicon Video, we are rendering it out right now. It still has 1 hour and 45 minutes to go. The price we pay for covering events in Full HD. We will leave it uploading over night for it should be available on our Youtube Channel some time between now and morning. The Episode is 24 minutes long. Yes! You read this correctly! 24 Minutes! Lots of info, lots of Cosplay, lots of Interviews. Ejen Chuang of Cosplay in America is in this and we even catch our good friend Vic Mignogna by surprise on here. We finish off with some clips from our Tokyo Coverage of Tokyo International Anime Fair. Can You Say Full 1 to 1 Scale Gundam Mobile Suit?
The Adventures of Blythe and Mandi at the con.
Our friends posted this blog about & Check out cool video at bottom: ~DG
Something magical happened in Downtown Phoenix over Memorial Day weekend. Extra-terrestrials crowded local restaurants, superheroes convened in the pubs and the streets ran blue with walking 1960s-style London police boxes. Upon first impression, this phenomenon appeared to be some kind of invasion…
An audio version of our Phoenix Comicon panel is now on our podcast channel!
How many of you guys bought the calendar???
Photo: Rapunzel!! I always like drawing her. She is a great character. :) Painted at Phoenix ComiCon My 2013...
Please tag yourself accordingly! :) Also, I ask that if you use these on another site, please site me. Thank you!
Almost done with the Phoenix Comicon Edit. Will be up some time Monday Night.
Jak and Daxter keira kiss cosplay Phoenix Comicon 2013
Adventures At Phoenix Comicon is now 100% complete. Now to upload.
Excited to announce that we took home the "Best Horror" award at the Phoenix Comicon Film Festival! Congrats everyone!
More photos from Phoenix Comicon 2013- It's Dani and Beef Vegan! Taken by Dani's sister Jenn.
Would love to find out again what u would like me to attend? Promise, I won't forget this time.
Yesterday Kim Smith and I hosted a pool party and ice cream social for our local Star Trek fan club, United Federation of Phoenix. We had 14 visitors, including 5 guests who decided to check out the UFP after hearing about us at the Phoenix Comicon last month. It was a great time!
{Admin} For those of you who couldn't make it to Phoenix Comicon's 20th Anniversary Babylon 5 Reunion, fan Jan...
Actually, I CAN explain that picture...It was at Phoenix Comicon in May. :3
I still have to sort & post my photos from Phoenix Comicon (and actually do the same for last year's Dragon*Con and some other stuff first). But, for now, here's another Babylon 5 fan's photos from the con, including the Walter Koenig panel, Claudia Christian panel, some JMS panels, the Farscape panel with Gigi Edgely & David Franklin, and the big Babylon 5 reunion panel.
Got a package from Tara Oakes with some goodies from the Phoenix Comicon that I was unable to attend, including an autograph from my favorite writer, Peter David! Thanks, Tara! :D
Little Giant Ladders
Robert Linden (Zhon) met the creators of Justice Angel at the Phoenix Comicon where the cast and crew give several lectures and screenings. It turns out it 's a really good comic book. Make sure to like the photo and send them some Love.
Anime, Conventions, Interviews, Music, News, TV/Movie News, TV/Movies, Videos, Web Series Toni Darling interviews Vic Mignogna at Phoenix Comicon ’13 by Hong Le • May 29, 2013 • 0 CommentsGeek News Network and The Weekly Bleed team up to bring you an interview with Vic Mignogna and Toni Darling at P...
So I have watched all of the new Doctor who available on netflix and about 34 episodes of Star Trek enterprise. I was gonna try supernatural, but that first episode was really annoying. Does the show get any better?
Promotional film from the "Talk Nerdy To Me" Show at the 2013 Phoenix Comicon. Filmed and edited by Douglas Proce Still Photography provided by: Digital Obse...
Anybody in Vegas hitting Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con this weekend? The Amazing AZ Con was...less than great. Wondering how the Vegas leg is.
Cloverfield was a disaster, but I like most of everything else that J. J. Abrams did.
This was my 3rd year as a vendor and it was the BEST year yet! I met so many great people. Thank you everyone for making it such an awesome experience!!!
Celebrate 20 years of Babylon 5, photographer David Honl has shot this beautiful photo of Andrea Thompson (Babylon 5′s “Talia Winters”) and Claudia. This is a very limited edition print and only 50 copies are available. The photograph measures approximately 8″ x 10″ and is signed by both Andrea an...
So today is the first day that my foot doesn't hurt when I put on my shoes. I twisted my ankle on Friday May 24th. I didn't take care of it at the time since I was busy working at Phoenix ComiCon. My foot is still bruised but I can wear shoes without any pain now. YIPPIE!
Went to a comic convention last weekend. Saw a lot of Doctor Who cosplay, but no Sailor Moon. ~Gwen
Hey, a documentary about my comic shop just won "Best Documentary" at the Phoenix comicon and now we've been accepted to show at THE San Diego Comicon! I've got four all inclusive passes and they want me to give a little speech before the movie premiers. I couldn't be happier! Who's gonna be in San Diego in July?
Okay so we took a break for a bit there after PHOENIX COMICON. The break is now officially over... Issue 3 pencils start tonight.
The newest UAT Digital Video Vlog is now online! This week's video shows off the Phoenix Comicon exhibiter hall. Were you one of the 55k visitors there?
Keep in mind this does not include my phone or car which are both decked out in Superman...and you thought I was obsessed with Twilight.LOL SUPERMAN FOREVER!
Actress: Kristin Bauer as herself **No copyright infringement intended. For entertainment purposes only.**
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
It's a weird but awesome experience when you go to an industry party and everyone is like: "Is that Brian? Nice to finally meet you!" "Nice to meet you too person who knows about me that I had know idea knows about me!"
This is the good audio version. Two parts in the original went bad. Please note that the parts that had bad audio in the original was at 14:41 to 16:28 and 1...
So, if you haven't heard, the convention center at Origins Game Fair was evacuated earlier today. It's not our fault; really it isn't. There was an electrical fire that knocked out the power, leaving many of us in the dark. Staff and volunteers were let into the building while we waited for the power to come back on. It finally did and we are back to gaming. Now we are just listening to tornado warnings and gaming on.
Apparently Michael Stackpole is the common denominator for Phoenix Comicon and Origins...fires and evacuations at both cons...Mike is clearly setting the cons on fire. ;-D
I'm happy to be up in Provo Utah today!
Question of the Day: What are your fondest memories from Phoenix Comicon 2013?
Want some sweet art from Mike DeBalfo? How about one of those comfortable shirts all the cool kids were wearing at Phoenix Comicon? Now you can.
Ninja Turtles is an all encompassing throwback event featuring Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Secret of the Ooze. Presenting costume contests, fully interactive movie going experience, martial arts demo teams, a Q&A with creator Kevin Eastman and Pizza Boy Ernie Reyes, Jr. , and of course a Turtle…
Devil’s Panties volumes 1 and 2 are once more available for order at your local comic shop. You can order Volume 1 with order code JUN131063, and Volume 2 with code JUN131064. If these old ways are not for you, then you can pull either volume electronically, with electrons. Likeso.
I am so Done with insecure girls with there Issued & ways of been
Suggested to Phoenix Comicon to bring in Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell to town next year. Watching Quantum Leap - *** they had some great episodes!
Probably one of the biggest highlights of Phoenix Comicon was an older fellow who I've seen around finally coming to get his copy of SKYBOUND SEA. He shyly asked whether Lenk and Kataria consummate their relationship in this one. Super "d'aw" moment.
What is the title of the graphic novel, the beginning of the "Lantern City" saga, to be released on July 19th? All fans to comment with the correct answer will be placed into a random drawing to WIN exclusive "Lantern City" merchandise!
I guess San Diego wants to ruin it's event by going political. Congressman John Lewis is going to be one of the guests to talk about his graphic novel called March. How can people call him an important figure in the Civil Rights movement and an American icon? The man is a liberal Democratic Obama supporter. If they wanted to ruin San Diego's convention then they're doing a good job of it. The biggest difference between Phoenix's event and San Diego's is that so far, Phoenix Comicon hasn't brought in any political figures as guests. They leave the politics at the door.
This year's Phoenix Comicon has proven to be one of Phoenix's top events as well as in the United States. Over the entire 4 days at least 55,313 people attended. Could it grow to being bigger than San Diego's Comicon? It's possible.
thank god its over!!! I just shipped out 16 boxes of frames today and that order is done. ugh! Drew Archuleta, be prepared. 15 of them were yours
Waah, just watching the B5 panel at Phoenix Comicon, and I swear, Mira Furlan hasn't aged a damned day...
Ok so I heard back from Pilgrim, their official reason for having only four members of the team on the DVD is because 6 wouldnt fit. They want to maintain the "dramatic" moon rising effect reflecting on the street and with 6 team members it would be to crowded. the Moon you see, is considerably more important than anything else apparently... But they did say that both Scott and I are the only two members on the back cover. Probably some screen grab or something. Anyway, I wrote back, expressed my feelings and whether or not it makes any difference they at least know how hurt and betrayed I feel. I would like to thank everyone here who has supported us and had our back, you guys are the reason we do what we do, so thank you On to the next...
at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix Comicon Event 2013 Zombie Beauty Pageant Phla$h performing the hit Zombies!!!
We met this artist at Phoenix Comicon this year... AMAZING stuff! Head over to his page and give him a 'Like'! Mike S. Miller Illustrator
Hi friends, I would like some ideas for Cosplay to wear at Comicon. Ok, go!
Had a great time at Colossalcon, but I spent a bit too much money xD
19 years ago J Michael Straczynski made a promise, a promise that he kept at Phoenix Comicon this past weekend. In this video hear him tell stories of the la...
55,313 people attended Phoenix Comicon this year. WOW!
This video contains strong language and may not be suitable for everyone. It's been 20 years since Babylon 5 debuted and broke new ground for science fiction...
You Lucky People!You are so getting your money's worth here!This is the extra-sized re-launch of the show! New theme! New co-host (with one more coming)! Details about Phoenix Comic Con, including dirty talking, Dean Cain, Nichelle Nichols, John Barrowman molesting a marine, fire evacuations, Gini...
2013's Denver Comic Con had 61,000 people, making it one of the largest Cons in North America.
Phoenix Comicon. It was awesome. So awesome, in fact, that you get two episodes: Austin went for the first time, and even dressed up. Chris became Wil Wheaton's body double. And I had a random conversation with Jewel Staite about boobs.
I would like to give a shout out to another AZ based webseries that is fantastic and hilarious Voyage Trekkers! I had the pleasure of meeting some of their team briefly at Phoenix Comicon. Basically, if you love the movie Galaxy Quest (one of my faves!) you will love this show too. :-) I love that independent series like ours can come together and support each other, especially in a state that has, regrettably, not much to offer those aspiring in the industry. Enjoy!
Hiding in the bathroom. Only 5 more hours to go.
Over the last week I've heard back from several Kickstarter backers as well as fans from Phoenix Comicon that picked up the books. Reactions have been fantastic for both Candle and The Ragged Man! Makes me excited to work on the next big thing!
Finally posted my Phoenix Comicon photos to my Flickr page. Check them out!!
From the mental institution to a fantasy realm. You're in a fantasy realm. Go to your profile and look at the 9 friends in the left hand grid. Go in order, left to right, top to bottom and record your friends as the following: **Enjoy your fantasy rolls! It's all for fun. Sword-Wielding Badass: Jose. Uh oh. Healer: Guy Mussori .Hmm, interesting. Fighter Who Needs No Weapon: Cesar Rodriguez . He needs no weapons, nor pants. Elf Mage: Candice Marisa Noir . Hmm, I suppose. Fairy Princess: Juvenal Vique . Commencing to wash eyes with soap! Arch-Nemesis: Travis Mangaoang . But I have no beef with this man! Evil Sorcerer/ess: Casandra M Killian . Oooh! Dramatic Death Scene: Joshua Lopez . No! Brother! Adorable Creature Companion: Diana クイーン Harusi . Yea, until she destroys everyone in sight! This was an interesting list, lol.
Hard to believe that Babylon 5 just hit it's 20th Anniversary!.I feel Old!
Guys, look what I found here on FB. it's a very cute pic with Dean from the current shootings to his new movie "Defending Santa".
I need ideas for a great costume for comicon next week, any suggestions. So far I got Cheetara, Black Widow, Black Cat and Phoenix
I'm currently watching Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation. There's a female turtle named Venus, added to the mix. How have I never seen this horrible show!?
Hey Zomboids! My guys and gals at The Department of Zombie Defense will be at the AZ Collectors Marketplace tomorrow from 5 - 9pm as they celebrate "Back from the Dead." Yes, it's a night time event! You can pick up a copy of issue "DOZD: It begins". Author Shaun Hayes will be there to sign them!
Oops, I lied, one more picture added to the Phoenix Comicon 2013 photo album. Now I'm done, time for bed. Goodnight!
Yay, Phoenix Comicon finally uploaded the last of my photos, my Phoenix Comicon 2013 Album is now complete!
I've got the remainder of my photos from Phoenix Comicon, so I'll post a few more shots before I leave for a while :) Then I'll spread the Comicon and Anime Expo pictures out over the next 6 months to keep you all entertained :D
The best thing I came across today - youtube videos that got posted on most of the Phoenix comicon panels I wasnt...
This is the full Wil Wheaton Awesome Hour from the Phoenix Comicon, recorded on May 24th 2013. There's a blip towards the end as the camera's batteries gave ...
I bought her book at Phoenix Comicon. My son also bought your book while I was talking to you.
The UAT Digital Video team had a great time at Phoenix Comicon! Go behind the scenes of our booth construction. More Comicon coverage coming up!
We bring you our final interview from Phoenix Comicon '13, with comic book author Kieron Gillen! With host Toni...
I'm debating to myself if I should put all of the last two weeks of high school in Fast Times at Horizon High, or just limit it to the last week.
DARLING little pastel earflap hat, featuring Fluttershys colors and felt cutie mark on the front. Hand knit by me (in the round, no seams up the
The name of the place is Babylon 5. This week on Educating [Geeks] Alice, Megan and Sara receive an education on Babylon 5 Season 1. Recorded live ...
San Diego Comicon! It looked like I wasn't going to be able to go for a bunch of reasons, sadly, which means it would be the first SDCC I've missed in something like nine years. BUT! Thanks to the help of DC COMICS (in helping me get passes) and DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT (in helping me find a room), I will INDEED be going to SDCC this year, all four days! Not sure about Preview Night yet, will have to see about that. This is pretty exciting. Have some stuff to announce, a lot of cool work to show, some amazing collaborations, some all new publishing's exciting! Hope to see you there--who all is going?
Babylon 5 signed autograph collection from Phoenix Comicon!
Picked up the One Dollar Debut of the first issue of Valiant Comics Shadowman at Drawn To Comics in Glendale. I'm loving this new Valiant stuff. Never read it before but after seeing their booth at Phoenix Comicon and reading Harbinger Omega Rising by Joshua Dysart (fantastic by the way ). I think I'm gonna check out a few more titles from this line and recommend Harbinger and Shadowman (not for kids though) for good art and great story telling, I'm gonna try X-O Manowar next.
Phoenix comicon :D Me as Terry Bogard Thanks to Adam Patrick Murray and Jessica Nigri Fan Page for being so awesome! :D
I am sick and tired of being sick and tired! The older I get (June 13) the less tolerance I have for being ill. Tired of coughing. Tired of feeling yucky. Tired of aching. I don't ever want to be sick that too much to ask?!?
Apollo returns to wreak havoc on Kirk and the Enterprise in the first episode of the new series. Michael Forest, original series actor who played Apollo, rep...
I had a dream Phoenix Comicon had Patrick Stewart, and I was in charge of his handler, and the handler and I were standing around watching Sir Patrick Stewart take a photo with a attendee... It was an elaborate picture where he was standing on some not so stable platforms, of HIS OWN creation... then fell on his face. It was a very weird dream. The handler and I were all like, "OMG, *** now?!?"
Hey Dancers! I know you are out there, and I think these nails would be perfect for you. They currently come in copper, brass, and silver - with optional jewels in red, yellow, sunflower, or crystal at no extra charge. Even if you don't need them right now, won't you share the link and pin some of them for your friends to admire?
So many people at Phoenix Comicon. It was GREAT!
Hey! I was the guy from Phoenix Comicon. [A.K.A Kingdom Hearts]
“My assassins are usually sneaker than that,” Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski told a Phoenix ComiCon staffer standing next to the table. That set the tone for the Q&A that ranged from fun stories about the cast to insight into writing epic narratives. The solo panel ended with Straczynski g...
Photoset: just some random fun from the Phoenix Comicon got a pic with me? Post it. Let me know.
Here's another sketch from Phoenix Comicon. Come by booth 1381 and let me poorly draw something for you.
Tens of thousands of folks came out to Phoenix Comicon 2013 over the Memorial Day weekend, and...
Did everyone fill out their surveys for Phoenix comicon and tell them the pizza is too expensive?
The Monster War Series -- MWS is a series of ongoing science fiction adventures that provides realistic scenarios for real people in a new age of chemical warfare and terror on a massive proportion level. The interest here is adding more realism to the terror and horror of an out of control situati...
Check out this kickstarter for Clan Of The Vein - Graphic Novel. Cool guys I met at Phoenix Comicon!
OMFG no wonder Phoenix Comicon was so packed this years attendance was 55,313. Nearly a 23,000 person jump over last years 32,127, that's hella crazy seeming how Comic-Con International in San Diego last year was 130,000 and that's THE Comic-Con. I'm just glad I got to be a part of that number along with Stephanie Banes Miranda Tanquary James Keck Marty Freetage Taylor Speier Jeanne Banes— feeling happy.
Awesome kids in awesome Jayne hats.
Down to our last two interviews from Phoenix Comicon '13! Here is Toni Darling with comic artist Joel Gomez! See...
Via Phoenix Comicon, video of the full 2nd voice actor panel from 2013.
Here's the interview on the Justice League Arizona by the Fred and Jeff Ronstadt show in Tucson during Phoenix Comic Con.
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