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Phoenix Comicon

Phoenix Comicon (formerly Phoenix Cactus Comicon) is an annual comic book convention held in Phoenix, Arizona.

Bruce Campbell John Barrowman Cary Elwes Richard Dean Anderson Star Trek Nathan Fillion Stephen Amell Edward James Olmos Leonard Nimoy Amazing Arizona Comic Con Josh Collmenter Michael Rooker Adam West Burt Ward Amy Farrah Fowler

I totally feel like a complete geek looking at who is gonna be at Phoenix Comicon this year and getting excited,...
I'm going to be making some fan art for your visit to Phoenix Comicon. What is your favorite color?
I'm planning on making you some fan art for Phoenix Comicon. What is your favorite color?
are you going to in Phoenix Arizona?
so stoked you,and are going to be at Phoenix Comicon! Definitely getting a family pic with all 3
Yes! Phoenix Comicon just keeps getting better and better. 󾮗🏼
Defs still trying to go to Phoenix comicon before my AT this summer
Only 3 weeks left until Phoenix Comicon let's go
Me too. Gonna be extra jealous with all these fur cons. I'm hoping to be able to go to Phoenix Comicon though
*Lowkey does anyone want to come to Phoenix Comicon with me? It's kind of expensive but you know*
Phoenix Comicon is going to have a classic arcade game room this year because I guess it would rather be PAX.
SYNDRA! This was my main project for Phoenix Comicon last year!! PCC is coming up fast - 2 of my costumes are prett…
will you be at Phoenix comicon this year?
informed me that my first crush, the Karate kid himself, will be at Phoenix Comicon and I'm dying
Only 5 days left to get your Supply Pod in time for con! Don't wait, get yours:
Conventions I'm going to this year. Phoenix Comicon. Fanfest. PMC. And rangerstop. Maybe more
Stickers are here, catch me at Phoenix Comicon if you want one!
My schedule for Phoenix Comicon is up!
Throwback Thursday to Beef and Dani last year at Phoenix Comicon! Yep, we will be back next month...
"Volunteering at my booth at Phoenix Comicon + Updates" 47 dav
Do I know anyone who will be at Phoenix ComiCon?
Come check out our booth in the HALL OF HEROES at Phoenix Comicon to meet & http:/…
One more guest announcement for Phoenix Comicon coming tonight or tomorrow. Guest is in line with the level of other guests announced (1/2)
Working on my version of Ursula for Phoenix Comicon
Newly arrived! So yes, these bad boys will be at Phoenix Comicon! Better order more for the CovenTree Craft...
Happy to announce that Crucial Memory will be providing items for our Phoenix Comicon panels and booth. Cannot wait to see you all.
Hi everyone! Just a kindly reminder that Ryan Hicks and I will be at Phoenix Comicon in 3 weeks! The show is...
Getting started with the Phoenix Comicon app. Lots of panels to look through and add to your schedule.
Two Best Friends Play. Hope to see you guys at Phoenix Comicon!
come to phoenix comicon in Arizona please
Phoenix Comicon Sci-Fi and Trek coordinator also votes 'yes' on the bowling alley.
I added a video to a playlist Jim Butcher Phoenix Comicon 2014 Part 1 of 2
So if you are in the Arizona area, who is planning on going to Phoenix comicon next month?
I will be at Phoenix Comicon and probably Gamex at least though, and GenCon.
📷 Hey everyone, I’ll be exhibiting at Phoenix Comicon June 2nd-5th, 2016 at table AA914! Come say hi!...
First test print of Lucipurr. This piece will make its debut at Phoenix Comicon next month.…
It's for Phoenix Comicon next month! I would have loved to have worn it to RTX, but I gotta save up in between PHXCC & PAX
I'll be attending Phoenix Comicon by the way. I see you will be too. I'll definitely be stopping by your booth :)
if I get to come to the phoenix comicon will you be selling books? And do you charge for autographs? Im a OJ!
lmao ... Will you be at Phoenix Comicon in May?
I haven't even checked to see what artists we'll have at Phoenix Comicon this year.
omg y'all...Phoenix Comicon is going to be 🔥😟 I hope I can go
This evening we will be announcing the winner of our raffle for a free Friday Pass to Phoenix Comicon!! :D
It's official! The Arizona Ghostbusters will be returning to Phoenix Comicon! Our team and Ectos…
[Self] WIP Kylo Ren for Phoenix Comicon This post was automatically fetched from Redditt via /r/co
Who's ready for Phoenix Comicon 2016, these ladies that's who!
Phoenix Comicon will be here soon are you doing custom art cards? Need to add to my collection of you work🎨
are you kidding me? I loved the info! Some of the info might make it into my own TFA panel I'm hosting at Phoenix Comicon
Our music video for Gorky "Super Drunk" has been accepted to play at Comicon in Phoenix! . Stay tuned
The deadline to enter the Phoenix Comicon Ultimate Fan Package Giveaway is getting closer! .
Panels have been confirmed, so it's safe to announce that I'll be appearing at Phoenix Comicon again this year. Get ready for some fun!
News! Anew: TDL will be playable for the first time at Phoenix Comicon 6/2-6/5!
We are pleased to announce that The Hunting of the Snark will be screened at the Phoenix Comicon Film Festival...
I learned that a friend of a co-worker is going as PEPSIMAN to Phoenix Comicon and I'm really excited for it
Amazing news! "Sink" was just accepted to Phoenix Comicon Film Festival via
I made some progress on a druid skirt today so I can wear my Cenarius without the deer butt to Phoenix Comicon because the butt *** butt
I met you twice at Phoenix Comicon and you were exceedingly gracious and now I have awesome book inscriptions. Much appreciated!
Filming for the phoenix comicon film festival!
So much to do to get ready for Phoenix Comicon. Sooo much.
Listen up! We just published our Phoenix Comicon 2016 page with as much detail as we can supply right now. Once...
that's awesome I'm using some of my Cenarius costume for a NE Druid for Phoenix Comicon then I can full speed on Blizzcon cosplay
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Joining us at Phoenix Comicon 2016 is Renee Witterstaetter! As a…
Phoenix!! Way more impressive than Electric Girl. steelcitycon @ Comicon
going to miss you at Phoenix comicon, but I hope you have a great time!
Guess who is coming to Phoenix Comicon June 3-5th. Can't wait to meet all of you!
I hope they all make it to Phoenix Comicon too
In less than three months, Phoenix Comicon will be returning to Phoenix, Arizona, for another four days...
OMG Timothy Omundson is going to be at Phoenix Comicon?!?! If I wasn't doing O! Comic Con, I would try to go...
any chance you'd be interested in going to Phoenix Comicon?
Come meet the team and Doctor Who's star Gareth David-Lloyd at the Phoenix Comicon this Friday!!!. Thank you...
This week we talk with Jillian Stark Squires of Phoenix Comicon. Listin here:
Photo: Comic & Media Expo Food Guide 2015 I put one of these together for Phoenix Comicon/Saboten Con...
From Phoenix Comicon this year as Lana from Hyrule Warriors ^_^ One of my favorite costumes to date!! Thanks for...
oh, didn't load the original when I went to reply. It was Phoenix Comicon, not san Diego :'(
I was pleased to see signs all over the Phoenix Comicon space like this this year as part of a larger anti-harassment campaign.
I added a video to a playlist 05 30 2015 HP Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos Panel at Phoenix Comicon
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Do you like portrait i drew, It wasnt done in time for Phoenix Comicon
It has! Phoenix Comicon was great. And so many tacos. But yeah, spiders gotta eat, so...
awesome! Was such an honor to meet you last year at the Phoenix comicon!
Are you going to come to Phoenix Comicon in 2016? I am selfishly hoping so.
LOL, you haven't seen the pics of me as Power Girl at Phoenix Comicon?
Getting ready for the Phoenix Comicon this weekend, where I'll be joined by studio mates Mark Dos Santos and Tony...
Nerdy St. Nick will be in the KNTR booth at Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest! Come have a photo taken with him!
frostbyte13 said: Would you ever consider Phoenix Comicon? I've been hoping to see you there for years!! :)
.will be attending Phoenix Comicon Dec 4-6th! Tickets on sale now! Graham will be there all 3 days!
Such a cool print! I bought one from you at Phoenix Comicon this year the the bf. He loved it! :)
Just confirmed I will be doing special Panel (s) at Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest in December. Like last year this...
I could possible go on my birthday, but then Phoenix Comicon might be around the same time. 😐😐😐
I liked a video from Spotlight on Artist DAVID LOZEAU - Phoenix Comicon 2015 - The
to Phoenix Comicon admins to try to get you as a guest next year. My next painting project is definitely going to be you! Thx!
Just got to the ISBW podcast that was post Phoenix Comicon, kindness to us volunteers warms my heart.
I took this in 2014 at Phoenix Comicon during Nathan's panel.
I hear good things about Phoenix Comicon? Are you only looking to do comic cons or other genres, too?
To suggest a guest for Phoenix Comicon, fill out this form:
Oh wow, really? Was that Joye Company? They are at Phoenix Comicon too and sell bootlegs there as well. Good job!
...Did you end up getting that PG unicorn we talked about at Phoenix Comicon? Im the blue hair guy that was with lol
Hey, Robert, we’re only 1/2 done.# Comicon San Diego all this week, then Phoenix, then New Orleans, then home :)
**NEW WORK** -Commission- We had two teens approach us at Phoenix Comicon regarding an piece.…
Although after Prime I really don't know if I'll be going to any other conventions outside of Phoenix Comicon.
Action shot of playing at Phoenix Comicon!
because webcomics and cool art like this piece I picked up from her at Phoenix Comicon.
Anime Expo looks so much better than the Phoenix Comicon. SOMEONE TAKE ME
very cool costumes- I haven't been to a convention since Phoenix comicon and that one had SO much (balls, shopping, costumes
She was awesome. I told her she has to go to Phoenix Comicon next year.
At Phoenix Comicon, Ron Perlman sounded down on Hellboy 3 ever happening, and since then has been full tilt boogie trying to get it started.
Great interview with Eatyourcomics for This Damned Band with Paul Cornell! This was done at Phoenix Comicon at...
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
The new issue of KUDZOO is posted at . Article about Phoenix Comicon includes you. SO GREAT meeting u
Kind of interested in doing a Malakili cosplay next Phoenix ComiCon.
I liked a video Deadpool vs Phoenix Comicon 2015
My First Phoenix ComiCon, the adventure and thoughts of a newbie. . http…
there're picts of Phoenix Comicon 2015 ¡great…
there're picts of Phoenix Comicon 2015 ¡great photograph¡
Kinda sad I didn't take the time to meet Jim Steranko at Phoenix Comicon last weekend-- I've always liked his...
Photoset: Edward James Olmos joined by Mary McDonell at Phoenix Comicon panel
New Rogue Gambit art Piece for Phoenix Comicon and Dallas Comic Con :) Also available on my store. So the...
Christopher Loyd, Jason Momoa, Karl Urban, and Edward James Olmos are all gonna be at Phoenix Comicon. 😱
ATTENTION FANS: Anachronistic Creations will be at Phoenix Comicon in 2015! Our booth# is 5072, so stop by to see our exciting new pieces!!
So I’m going to be Wonder Girl for Phoenix Comicon.  Because I need an outfit that will be functional and...
I don't have a line up for Phoenix Comicon yet.. how about you?
Get ready for the 2015 Phoenix Comicon @ Phoenix Convention Center! May 28th-May 31st
just finished applying to Phoenix Comicon! im so pumped!! 👏   10% Off
MSP Comic Con and Phoenix Comicon commission list is still open! Email at gmail dot com.
Little write up I did for first time goers :)
Tomorrow starts a project for Phoenix Comicon! It should be ready to go sometime next week after I get back from Wondercon.
I've finally bothered to book a room, so it looks like I'm going to Phoenix Comicon. Not that you'll be able to find me amongst the millions
Is there any chance of the English version of Dois Irmaõs being ready by Phoenix Comicon?
I got media credentials for Phoenix Comicon. I'm better than all of you, be jealous.
Full details on my British Zombie Invasion panel at Phoenix Comicon.,...
Love your books! Question: I will be visiting the US for the first time for Phoenix Comicon! Will you be there this year?
4th round of PHOENIX COMICON 2015 guest announcements!
Just updated the banner for the Phoenix Comicon event to include author buddy Alexia Purdy! We'll be sharing a...
And now Rafael Albuquerque?! Phoenix Comicon is really stepping it up this year.
MSP Comic Con and Phoenix Comicon commission lists are now open:
12:25 in the morning and I'm watching Bruce B at the 2011 Phoenix comicon.. LMAO. He is brilliant.
hey will you be at phoenix comicon or the San Diego comicon
Phoenix Comicon is looming ever closer. and prepare to put together their jug band.
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Oh my starfish that's me in the Phoenix Comicon 2015 Guide splashing in the Moon Mermaid Lagoon! . I can't wait...
I hope your coming to Phoenix Comicon this year! I will be there. Get your tickets now.
I'm really excited for Phoenix Comicon. My home away from home.
What could this be?! I'll give you a hint. Phoenix Comicon !
Any chance of you going to phoenix comicon with Ryan Ottley, Todd Nuack, and David Morressey? Really want your autograph!
It's official. Not only will there be a LOST panel at Phoenix Comicon, but I will be on that panel. It's a cluckity cluck cluck day!
Phoenix & Gloom at Emerald City Comicon: I’m going to be at Emerald City Comicon this weekend demoing Gloom an...
Here's my schedule for I'll be demoing & talking about Gloom, Eberron and Phoenix: Dawn Command.
LOL 3 people have RT'd this. If 2 more do, I will do it at Phoenix Comicon where Nathan Fillion is filming part of his series. DARE ME GUYS.
Just confirmed my booth at Phoenix Comicon this year!!!
haven't been to the last two Phoenix Comicon volunteer meetings lol oops
Phoenix Comicon is sponsoring Game Night Sat 6-10p. Come and win some great prizes including Bruce Campbell prints and Green Lantern posters
Just wondering who else is getting photo ops at Phoenix Comicon let me know I will chip in. I plan to get...
Just landed in Seattle for Emerald City Comicon!! Ran into a few artists at the Phoenix airport on the way out.
Anybody out there tabling at Phoenix Comicon and want to share a table (and the costs) with the 315 boys?
Compiled a list of all the guests attending This year is gonna be awesome :)
Oh, I just read you're involved in Phoenix Comicon. I was there last year! Lots of fun!
will you be at the Phoenix Comicon in May?
Just bought my boyfriend and I memberships for Phoenix Comicon this May! 😙😄💕
awesome! I just got the Star Trek choker from her shop. Will you be bring her stuff to Phoenix Comicon?
Please please come to Phoenix Comicon so I can take a picture with you then subsequently take a picture with your glorious beard!
Only two things have been posted so far, but already Phoenix Comicon promises to be an event for the ages.
Yes!!! The programming schedule for Phoenix Comicon is live!
So excited for some big plans to happen at Phoenix Comicon in May!! I cannot wait for them to happen!!
So what is everyone up to? What shows are you watching? Phoenix Comicon is coming up lots of great guests. If you...
I am gonna have SO MUCH cool stuff at Phoenix Comicon this year! You *have* to come check it out!
I'm raising money for Press Trip to Phoenix Comicon. Click to Donate: via
Edward James Olmos is going to be at Phoenix Comicon?! Part of me wants to go to the photo op and dress up as Selena.
Any chance you will be hitting up Phoenix Comicon this year?
Found you causing trouble in the cantina at Phoenix Comicon
Meet Black Singles 300x250
A little progress pic of my Phoenix Comicon costume. Coming along nicely.
We want to thank Phoenix Comicon and Tempe Geeks' Night Out for having us out! We had a lot of fun at the photo...
ultra shoutout to one of my buds in Arizona for making bombass sangria at Phoenix Comicon 2014 and getting me Forever Hooked
Super close to finalizing a cool project with the Phoenix Convention Center and Phoenix Comicon!
So glad to see you'll be at Phoenix Comicon this year!
Now that I've set on cosplaying Amy Farrah Fowler at Phoenix Comicon, every time I watch TBBT I get excited for...
hey, Mr. Wheaton, will you be joining us at Phoenix Comicon??
Come find Lockjaw and friends at the Phoenix Comicon booth at Geeks Night Out and Costume Contest! There's a...
My publisher is working to make that happen, yes! I'll confirm as it gets closer. Also hope to have it at Phoenix Comicon.
Paranoia is setting in for Phoenix Comicon and it's still three months away. I just need one of my…
Lou is going to be back at Phoenix Comicon this year. Just thought would like to know. ;)
Rockin' my glass Star Trek pendant today. I got this at Phoenix Comicon last year & can't remember…
We met Michael Rooker twice. Once at Phoenix comicon. Then ATL. He recognized my son from Phoenix! Lol
YESSS I told my hubby we should show up at Phoenix Comicon as Max McCabe & Lucky Lance.. But ya know...spandex..eeekk
But everyone benefits. From the Super Bowl to Comicon, downtown Phoenix is where everyone goes. Better access = more $$$ 4 biz
In two weeks, I get to do the Tucson Festival of Books. And then, it's basically clench everything until Phoenix Comicon.
Who wants to go to Phoenix Comicon with me??? May 28-31!
Well we will have another Geektopia phoenix comicon episode as we just got media passes
Never had a nickname growing up, start volunteering for Phoenix Comicon, I become Fiz. Geeks rock. Lol
For the two of y'all that actually live in Arizona, I am now for sure going to Phoenix Comicon this year. Not Thursday-Friday though
I've got something in the works for you guys that relates to Phoenix Comicon, just trying to get some approvals first.
hey brother. Its Clayton. That guy with the Cap shield shirt who you took a pic with at Phoenix Comicon 2013?
What Fan Fest Meant for Phoenix Comicon read our interview with Director Matt Solberg for details!
Chris will you ever come to the Phoenix Comicon? This year's?
Note to self - get information this year at phoenix comicon so I don't have to search the ENTIRE internet for their public page
That day I embraced my inner Spock via
looking forward to playing during Phoenix Comicon.
Leonard Nimoy - May 2011 Phoenix Comicon , beautiful man : Photo by Gage Skidmore
Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof to appear at Phoenix Comicon -
So thankful to have seen Leonard Nimoy at Phoenix Comicon before he passed away
Photo: C’loni Studios is exhibiting at Phoenix Comicon 2015!! I’ll have T-shirts, patches, corsets, and...
My sister sent me the pic of us and my niece with Leonard Nimoy when he came to Phoenix Comicon
I'll never forget seeing Nimoy share his story at Phoenix Comicon. Everyone felt his warmth, humor, and humility. http:…
What's going on? Alyson Hannigan, Lou Ferrigno confirmed for Phoenix Comicon -…
Can't wait for Phoenix Comicon because I'm going to redo my River Song and debut Amy Farrah Fowler, an original...
Bruce Campbell From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For other people with this name, see Bruce Campbell (disambiguation). Bruce Campbell Bruce Campbell 2014 Phoenix Comicon (cropped).jpg Campbell at the 2014 Phoenix Comicon Born Bruce Lorne Campbell June 22, 1958 (age 56) Royal Oak, Michigan, U.S. Occupation Actor, author, producer, writer, director Years active 1972–present Spouse(s) Christine Deveau (m. 1983–89) Ida Gearon (m. 1991) Website Bruce Lorne Campbell (born June 22, 1958) is an American film and television actor, director, writer, producer and author. As a cult film actor, Campbell is best known for his role as Ash Williams in Sam Raimi's hit Evil Dead series of films and he has starred in many low-budget cult films such as Crimewave, Maniac Cop, Bubba *** Tep, and Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat. He would later spoof his B-movie career in My Name Is Bruce, which he starred and directed. He has since made voice appearances in animated films, including Cloudy with a Chan ...
Sure would love to see come to town the same weekend as Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest .
After this weekend we have Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest and to end a busy pup culture year for Arizona.
A goal of mine for Phoenix Comicon FanFest is to hunt down the Firefly Funko Pop figures for a Christmas gift.Nothing Xmas shopping at a con
I would love to see/taste what would do with lengua. How about it, guys? Maybe a special for Phoenix Comicon next May?
From Farscape and Stargate: SG-1, we are excited to welcome Ben Browder to Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest!
well go to phoenix comicon's convention in december! you could buy a cute WW dress from party (on sale)
Nice! My girlfriend is planning costumes for a full group at next year's Phoenix Comicon.
I liked a video Ivy Doomkitty Inside Interview at Phoenix Arizona Comicon 2014
Have you guys ever considered coming to Phoenix Comicon? It would be awesome if you guys did.
Ready for more comic guests? We're excited to welcome and to Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest!
Photoset: ninjapoptart: Here, have some pics from Phoenix ComiCon 2014 (finally)
Nearly as good! We saw Don Rosa at Phoenix Comicon, but I was too nervous to approach his table.
probably I've never really done it so.I dunno. It would b good 2 have if I make it to Phoenix Comicon next year.
Have a few cosplay characters in mind for Phoenix Comicon next year😊
I was given the email to the person who handles guest relations for Phoenix Comicon. Sweet. Now I can send her a list. ;-)
Got to meet Vegas PG Cosplay out in Phoenix Comicon this year ironically not in her PowerGirl costume. She is a...
"Made my flight. Destination: I hope Phoenix Comicon is on your calendar for 2015.
you've appeared at San Diego Comic Con if you received an invite would you consider coming to Phoenix Comicon?
One more This was at Phoenix Comicon 2012. The goggles were made by The Peculiar Magpie
Photo: mikerugnetta: Forever ago, at the Phoenix Comicon, Aleeza from Sushi You Can Hug (canhug) gave me...
FACT: this was the best cosplay i saw at phoenix comicon
Watching from Phoenix Comicon & I'm laughing so hard I'm almost falling of the couch! 😀😀
I added a video to a playlist Star Trek: The Next Generation - Cast Reunion at Phoenix Comicon 2012
that (& my Barrowman) is Phoenix Comicon this summer. One of best days of my LIFE!!
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my photo op w/ Stephen? That was from Phoenix Comicon!! Or did u mean another pic? Bc then ur going to need 2narrow it down.😉☺️
John Barrowman and Mark Sheppard both loved Phoenix Comicon, and Nathan Fillion and Bruce Campbell. People can be so snobby.
This is great! And Phoenix Comicon there were Deadpools dressed up as other characters. My favorite was Deadpool dressed up as Gandalf.
Here in at every Comicon we have a hosted by just like we're gonna have at
300 days to lose 85 lbs so I don't look like a lumpy blob in spandex at Phoenix Comicon 2015. Wooo!
I liked a video Jewel Staite at Phoenix Comicon 2013
Bob the Dino . Phoenix Comicon June 8, 2014. A huge dinosaur head that I spotted as I was hurrying to one of the
Throwback to when me and my boy mrzomdinocorn went to Phoenix Comicon👌
I understand. :) It can be tricky with Caitlin at the conventions. I ended up staying much of Phoenix Comicon in the room with
We got an interesting insight at the Phoenix Comicon panel with some former contestants. Lot's of pressure.
Do female rogues only work in a contemporary fantasy setting?
Author Batsu Game - Sam Sykes and friends Phoenix Comicon: . What a bunch of geeks!. How not to love them?
Yeah, we went to Phoenix Comicon last month and LOVED it. Kinda thinking about trying Salt Lake Comic Con in Sept
I'm disappointed Phoenix Comicon happened before Dashcon. Ball pits will probably be passé by next year. :P
Wait, are you actually gonna go to Phoenix Comicon next year?
Good point. Phoenix goes by Comicon as well. We have a pretty good turn out here too.
oh my gosh! I would appreciate that so much! Probably at phoenix comicon since itll be with my buddy doing cosplaying Lucas!
I've always wanted to just sit down and have a conversation with you. Next year you should visit Phoenix Comicon.
so excited for Guardians of the galaxy had to cosplay this week at phoenix comicon!
Your NerdHQ Panel was hilarious and I hope you're all at Phoenix ComiCon next year!!!
please come to Phoenix Comicon in 2015
Perusing a gallery of Comicon cosplayers, dood did I just see a shot of you as Wonder Man? Looking good!
They have a Comicon in Phoenix but the SD one looks WAAAY better.
The signing at is at booth AA5 from 1:30-3pm. Doing the comicon shuffle!
Good news, guys! and have joined next years Batsu Game at Phoenix Comicon!
I liked a video from Stephen Amell Arrow's Comicon HD in a Flash! 2014 DC Superhero Phoenix
Phoenix Comicon we have to get Kate Mulgrew next year — watching Star Trek: Voyager
John Barrowman and Stephen Amell both describe the same scene at two different panels at Phoenix Comicon. Footage spliced together to form one video describi...
Check out our pics from Phoenix Comicon incl. Nathan Fillion, John Barrowman, Stan Lee, Stephen Amell, Bruce Campbell
Here's a Phoenix Comicon panel video I took of Cary Elwes (from "The Princess Bride") run and jump off the stage to go hug the "As You Wish" little girl asking him a question. She was sooo adorable. I was sitting in the front row right across from her. I posted this video last night on a PHX Comicon group and it exploded with almost 100 likes overnight. I'm sooo happy to have found her dad Harlan Sparer and be able to share my video of this truly touching and amazing experience his daughter Rhiannon had with Cary Elwes. That's my daughter audio commenting in the background of the video. My daughter Chelsea was crying she was so happy for Rhiannon!
Fan of The Princess Bride & Robin Hood: Men in Tights? Check out our pics of the Cary Elwes panel at Phoenix Comicon!
Had an amazing weekend at Phoenix Comicon! Awesome to see all the friends I haven't seen in awhile! All those I didn't tag I was still happy to see you!!! Got my dad's box set of Brisco County signed by Bruce Campbell, got hit in the arm by Cary Elwes and then he apologized, saw a gorgeous burlesque show, got to stare creepily at Nathen Fillion for 5 minutes, saw someone I haven't seen since PCC 2 years ago, all in all it was an awesome con! Can't wait until next year!!!
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just left Phoenix Comicon where u & James Roday were mentioned during Cary Elwes' panel. Where can we see u in person?
You never know who you'll run into at Phoenix Comicon, we caught Josh Collmenter from the Arizona Diamondbacks with his Star Wars Bobblehead!
I have to share this amazing Wonder Woman Cosplayer from Phoenix Comicon. She was there last year as well, and she just became my hero...I want to be her when I am her age!
Phoenix Comicon gave us super awesome nerdy cup cakes!
I had an amazing day at Phoenix Comicon. I got signed books from Michael Stackpole, Django Wexler, John Scalzi , and Kevin Hearne. They were all very willing to entertain the questions or endure the praise I had for them. I heard Patrick Rothfuss speak about some of his characters and heard a preview of his newest book. My inner book geek is very fulfilled right now..
The crew of the Bruce St. James Show went all-out at Phoenix Comicon on Friday. - Blogs at
.did his show from Phoenix Comicon with & Check out video and photos -
There’s a Mara Jade panel at Phoenix Comicon on Sunday! :-O
Phoenix Comicon 2013 Con Video by Corey Hour. ---> PCC is this weekend for those in...
ONLY 4 Days till Phoenix Comicon! Be sure to stop by my Booth and pick up a limited set of Dead Diva trading cards!
We're going to rock Phoenix Comicon this year, folks! I'll be at TABLE AA76 with my good friend Denny from "The Room" - the great Philip Haldiman! Also showing up will be Nathan Fillion, Danny Glover, Bruce Campbell, Adam West, Burt Ward, Julie Newmar, Stan Lee, John-Rhys Davies, Eliza Dushku, John Barrowman, Brian Posehn, Michael Rooker, Cary Elwes, MacGyver, and many, many more incredibly talented people! It's going to be insanely awesome! June 5-8: be there!
Artist Scott Shehi will be at Phoenix Comicon with Brick Cave Media
Welp I'm sold, I have to go to Phoenix Comicon. Not only will Jason Jay Mewes be there on Friday but Adam West and Burt Ward will be making an appearance as well.
.Wish I could see Sam Axe on Friday at the Phoenix Comicon - you're only there Saturday & Sunday ? : (
I just found out that Stephen Amell will be attending Phoenix Comicon in a couple of weeks. *swoon*
Richard Dean Anderson to Join PHXCC 2014: Phoenix Comicon is proud to announce that actor Rich...
Looking over Phoenix Comicon schedule: Inflation has reached the autograph pricing- even the 2nd tier celebrities are up to $40 a signature. I don't mind paying $75 for Richard Dean Anderson because I'll probably never see him at another con. But less BBC names who've only done bit parts? Paaalleeeze.
also, Richard Dean Anderson is coming to Phoenix Comicon this year. Memories!
One of my favorite creators, Todd Nauck, is coming to Phoenix Comicon!
Shows I *really love*: Phoenix Comicon, Emerald City Comicon, WonderCon, Tucson Comic-Con I really enjoy SDCC, too. I would love Denver Comic Con as well if they would just get back to me.
Joining us at Phoenix Comicon is comic artist and creator of the comic book series, The Crow, James O'Barr! ~SM
I'll be debuting my first full color graphic novel at Phoenix Comicon 2014. The all-ages/kid friendly scifi-comedy The Adventures of a 4th Grade Space Captain. I'll have Dylan McVillain Volumes 1 & 2 at both Phoenix Comicon and January's Amazing Arizona Comic Con. (As well as Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con in June.)
This isn't my first choice for Phoenix Comicon. Next year is the 20th anniversary of the Stargate franchise so maybe James Spader, Kurt Russell (a longshot) or some of the cast from SG1 like Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks, Chris Judge, etc. It's also the 15th anniversary of The Matrix franchise so Sophia Stewart , Carrie-Anne Moss, Keanu Reeves (long shot) or Laurence Fishburne (another longshot) would be cool. Let's not forget that it's the 30th anniversary of the Terminator franchise as well.
Guys Phoenix comicon is $85 at the door to get in this year so get your tickets before Jan 1st to get them for $40
If you're planning on going to Phoenix Comicon this year, tickets have gone up for sale NOW. Plus side to getting...
Holy crap - Sir Patrick's Day - Worldwide is just a couple of day before Phoenix Comicon this year - we should plan something!!!
Phoenix Comicon ticket prices are going up this year, you can get the whole weekend for $40 from now to Jan 2nd. If you wait until june, it's $85...
debating if i should cosplay Sailor Chibi Moon or Sailor Venus for Phoenix Comicon next year
have you guys ever been to Phoenix comicon? I want to really badly, but haven't yet
I'm going to cosplay as nude Raiden from the end of Metal Gear Solid 2 for Phoenix Comicon next year.
Photo: moonjellybeans: ellensama: thatwasintense: jddjs: Garrus Cosplay at Phoenix Comicon by StarsApart on...
After watching Phoenix comicon interview, I feel like 's real personality is like +
Something to smile about: John Barrowman at Phoenix Comicon 2013 {X} (he...
Attention Phoenix area costumers! Phoenix Comicon is looking for Halo costumers to help Make-a-Wish! Are you a Halo costumer or know someone who would like to help out? Email Lee.PalmerASAP for all the details!
are you going to the Phoenix comicon next summer? :)
SOY comics will soon have the first issue of DEADWOLF out and ready to sell. Make sure to buy some at Phoenix comicon 2014!!!
Hey all thought I should let you know the news of what I am doing tomarrow. My vacuuform machine is turning out awesome, just need to make the hole for the vacuum hose bigger and seal the sides up for maximum suction. I'll be posting pictures as well as uploading my gasha green video since my video editing software is dying on me. I also will be training in Iiado again hopefully with a friend(Jon Ryer Davis) or two(Preston Bannister didn't you want to learn that and Kendo?)cause I want to cosplay Vegeta in June for Phoenix Comicon and be fit for the role as SSJ Trunks and SSJ Vegeta, in which I will be using my vacuuform machine for(I know the sayain armor is a big piece but I have a plan to get it into a large piece and I learned how to do Vegeta's hair at a con last March) I am also officially starting PS1 game hunting. I will have a list posted on which games I am looking for, as they are currently non expensive and I want to review my favorite titles from my favorite console and move into the newer ga ...
Making the plans for 2014's conventions and costumes!! I'm liking December being a break month... Whew. Anyway, cons first. So far, I have Amazing Arizona Comic Con and Albuquerque Comic Con in January, maybe WonderCon and Kon in April, trying for Comic Expo in May (hey, why won't it tag you guys!?) and obviously Phoenix Comicon which is now in June! And I wanna make it to Emerald City Comicon and New York Comic Con... finally. Hoping to come back for C4 - Central Coast Comic Con, Saboten Con, ah so many!! I need a twelve step program for this *** ! Remember, if you want me at a convention that isn't in Hawaii, pleaseplease contact the con and let them know! They'll listen to you, not me!!
Was Moyra the lady helping Mira at the autograph booth last year at Phoenix Comicon?
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