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Phoebe Cates

Phoebe Cates (born Phoebe Belle Cates; July 16, 1963) is an American film actress, model, and entrepreneur known for her roles in several teen films, most notably Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Gremlins.

Fast Times Ridgemont High Kevin Kline Jennifer Jason Leigh Judge Reinhold Drop Dead Fred Sean Penn Bridget Fonda Rik Mayall Corey Feldman Heather Locklear Forest Whitaker Hoyt Axton Annabeth Gish Nicolas Cage John Stamos Princess Leia

if you took off your bikini top like Phoebe Cates in Fast Times at Ridgemont High it would probably happen...
This would be perfect to put next to that phoebe cates poster, update it a little.
Today, Phoebe Cates is exactly as old as Rue McClanahan was the day Golden Girls debuted: 18,833 days. Should horrify your inner J.Rienhold.
How Do I Let You Know by Phoebe Cates:. Here’s a song from a movie that’s popular with the kids these days called …
The Phoebe Cates one in Fast Times at Ridgemont High was better.
Can someone please write a movie for Phoebe Cates and Bridget Fonda to star in?
all great choices Kurt. Katherine Bell, Drew and oh my Phoebe Cates!!!
Da Boss says his are: Velma Dinkley, Princess Leia, Daisy Duke & Phoebe Cates
Jane Wiedlin is a good choice. I'd have gone with Phoebe Cates over JJL. Rounding out my top 4: Ally Sheedy & Suzi Quatro.
Yeah, Phoebe Cates was cute in Fast Times, but Jennifer Jason Leigh is the money melon
brah, Phoebe Cates. Still, yes have some.
ah man how did I forget phoebe cates! She's like all time though!
Ummm...probably Phoebe Cates, the Baroness, Princess Leia circa Empire, and Winona Ryder.
Can we agree millennials are those that don’t share an affinity for Phoebe Cates’ boobs?
Kim Cattrall and Phoebe Cates are like the R S T N L E of childhood crushes. Every 80s kid should have them by default
Phoebe Cates, Alyssa Milano, The lovely Danica McKeller, whom i never got over, and Supergirl
The guy and girl in my avi both admitted they had, and still have, fantasies of Phoebe Cates in a red bikini.
specoli tv repairman line is epic FREAKING movie never gets old cates still so beautiful 😍
Whenever I hear The Cars - Living in Stereo, I have a vision of Phoebe Cates' breasts. Sadly, that's followed by Judge Reinhold's face.
Gene Wilder and Phoebe Cates in talks to star.
the song re: Phoebe Cates. Great track, hot girl
Jennifer Jason Leigh is going to be in Tarentino's The Hateful Eight. Now he has to get Phoebe Cates! http:/…
The look of the early-ish 80s brought to you by Jennifer Jason Leigh and Phoebe Cates.
Merry Xmas, my life is Phoebe Cates in Drop Dead Fred but instead of an imaginary friend I have a pile of gold coins & assorted amulets.
I'm watching Gremlins. Phoebe Cates is just RIDICULOUS. She'd make my Ross Geller laminated list for sure!
Watching I was always jealous of Phoebe Cates growing up. Why, you may ask? Because she gets to be married to Kevin Kline!
Every time Gronk lines up wide, I feel like I'm watching Bo Derek and/or Phoebe Cates coming out of the pool
I love Phoebe Cates' protectiveness of Jennifer Jason Leigh in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, re: Damone.female friendships rule.
just watch Phoebe Cates in the movie "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" problem solved
Life's the same, I'm moving in stereo. Phoebe Cates chest explodes in red. Judge Reinhold jacks on the john. . Flush. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.
Whenever I hear The Cars "Moving in Stereo" all I can think if is Phoebe Cates and the pool scene in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High".
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
my favourite Helen Slater performance is Ruthless People but i hear ya. I felt (still do) that way about Phoebe Cates
Phoebe Cates, Bridget Fonda and Annabeth Gish have moments of mild in Shag.
Phoebe Cates, Lisa Bonet, Carrie-Ann Moss and more... Don't you miss these hot actresses?
Jennifer Jason Leigh & Phoebe Cates' sex talk by the pool.
Phoebe Cates uses a carrot to demonstrate for Jennifer Jason Leigh how to give a *** Awe inspiring.
Jennifer Jason Leigh & Phoebe Cates heading for the pool for a sexy chat.
Jennifer Jason Leigh getting ready for bikini poolside chat with Phoebe Cates.
Happy birthday to Phoebe Cates! Feast your eyes on her legendary scene in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" (1982).
Can't listen to "Moving In Stereo" w/o seeing Phoebe Cates sans bikini top & Judge Reinhold caught in the act.
Phoebe Cates should have got an honorary Oscar for those amazing breast.
when I read the Santangelo books I picture Lucky as Phoebe Cates (as she was in Lace not Drop Dead Fred)
My first submission for is a throwback to my teen years: Phoebe Cates who will be 51 on July 16.
Chris Columbus joins the Gremlins reboot | Den of Geek The first had Phoebe Cates. How can it be improved? :D
Phoebe Cates taking pills to forget Drop Dead Fred is my life's story.
Phoebe Cates might have something to say about that. Fast Times at Ridgemont High, anyone?
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My header phoebe cates was a total babe in Fast Times, ***
when Phoebe Cates got out of the pool. Does this count?
80's question : best t&a : Phoebe Cates in Fast Times at Ridgemont High or Jamie Lee Curtis in P... — Phoebe Cates!
I'm the Phoebe Cates of this beach too.
I'm pretty sure he was one of my first celebrity crushes as a kid - I was pure envious of Phoebe Cates :P
I wanna be this generation's Phoebe Cates.
So there's a 1994 movie in which Phoebe Cates plays one of my research subjects!
And then I ordered a pizza and Phoebe Cates showed up :)
police sirens make me think of Phoebe Cates's boobs
Best part from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Phoebe Cates was a babe
I think I want to watch it now I still remember the scene with Phoebe Cates all the boys loved her
"I've been in love since the day I saw Fast Times, it's on a permanent rewind and can you guess my favourite part?" - Phoebe Cates, Fenix TX
Matt, I could have sworn I saw Phoebe Cates outside your window my last time in--sorry about the mess!
Love Drop Dead Fred. This is a great comedy from 1991. Phoebe Cates was really really cute :) And, the late Rik Mayall was very funny
o yeah Phoebe Cates saw her one time at a restaurant got in a fight with X over whether it was her or not
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Saw Palo Alto & really liked the moment of watching Phoebe Cates in Fast Times while wearing cat masks,& found it better than The Bling Ring
I've finally seen Fast Times at Ridgemont High. This is all I have in my head now:. Fenix Tx - Phoebe Cates live
Tryin to be like Phoebe Cates at the pool with this red bikini
where are they? Chris o donnel, John Stamos, phoebe cates, Ralph machio, Lisa bonet
It's Lego Judge Reinhold from Lego Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Guess that makes me phoebe cates.
that song will bring images of Phoebe Cates to a generation of men
From Cameron Diaz to Phoebe Cates, Leonardo DiCaprio to Daniel Craig, the most iconic performers always know how
Hard 2 believe it has been 30 years since Gremlins first came out. I had a Gizmo poster on my wall. Thank you & Phoebe Cates
I get that I look like phoebe cates almost everyday!
Phoebe Cates is easily the most bodacious of all babes.
Who else hears Moving in Stereo by The Cars and automatically thinks of Phoebe Cates? *shakes fist at classic rock station*
Phoebe Cates is one of the best songs ever made 💜
Gimme a hot 80's babe like Phoebe Cates in Fast Times at Ridgemont High or Olivia Newton John and I'll be happy.
Just look at this for a while and it'll be OK
Phoebe Cates in the streets, Gloria Gaynor in the sheets
Watching Drop Dead Fred with Alex, drooling over phoebe cates mmm babe city !
me to. Classic character and 2 words.Phoebe FREAKIN Cates
Years from now (hopefully) when I'm on my deathbed & I hear "Moving in Stereo" I will still think of Phoebe Cates
Mine blown. How an I only now finding it that Phoebe Cates has been married to Kevin Kline since 1989!?
Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates are married? Did not know that.
We were saddened to learn of the passing of British comedian Rik Mayall yesterday. He's probably best known to American audiences as Fred, the trouble-making imaginary friend of Phoebe Cates in Drop Dead Fred. While it may be old news for Harry Potter-philes, we just found out the actor was set to p…
If you're a child of the 90s, then you're probably familiar with Rik Mayall. However, you may not know the British comedian by name because he's usually referred to by the title of his most famous entry into American cinema, Drop Dead Fred. The comedian brought to life the wacky titular imaginary friend in the 1991 comedy that starred Phoebe Cates, and was a staple of many a childhood. Sadly, ABC News reports that the comedy star died suddenly today at his London home at age 56. Mayall wasn't sick and mysteriously died, his family unaware of what happened to him, but there isn't any foul play suspected now. Read on! While Mayall may only be known for Drop Dead Fred in the US, he was a much bigger name in the United Kingdom. He starred on the British sitcomi "The Young Ones" and also starred in other series from across the pond like "The New Statesman," the classic "Blackadder," and ...
Just had to explain Fast Times to my boss' boss (he grew up in Ireland), in a SFW manner. Keywords: Stacy, Damone, Phoebe Cates, Sean Penn, The Cars, Jackson Browne, Forest Whitaker, Aloha Mr. Hand.
Have finally outgrown my crushes on Tia Carrere and Phoebe Cates.
Every time I hear a mention that Kevin Klein (Kline?) plays for the Rangers, I keep looking in hopes they'll show Phoebe Cates.
Current east coast tour set list includes (amongst others)- Irresistible, Phoebe Cates, Square Peg Round Hole, War Sweater, Dance So Good, and of course, Light Outside! We're working on our pre and post show playlists now. So far it's got great artists like and Any requests? D.C. fans, come check it out, as well as our full band set at We're carrying this show, with a full band, all the way down to Nashville and Georgia and back up the east coast, so if you don't have tickets yet, head to and see if we're coming to a town near you! Much love, -M
Surprised I haven't seen this here yet. Alison Brie paying Homage to Phoebe Cates' Character from "Fast Ti...
First I'm trivia. Got it right, but still have no memory of J. Jason Leigh in Only female I remember is Phoebe Cates.
R-rated Comedy Movie Quote/Trivia of the Day 1) Mike Damone - First of all Rat, you never let on how much you like a girl. "Oh, Debbie. Hi." Two, you always call the shots. "Kiss me. You won't regret it." Now three, act like wherever you are, that's the place to be. "Isn't this great?" Four, when ordering food, you find out what she wants, then order for the both of you. It's a classy move. "Now, the lady will have the linguini and white clam sauce, and a Coke with no ice." And five, now this is the most important, Rat. When it comes down to making out, whenever possible, put on side one of Led Zeppelin IV. 2) Jeff Spicoli - All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I'm fine. -Mike Damone and Jeff Spicoli (Robert Romanus and Sean Penn in Fast Times at Ridgemont High) Chances are when you think of this movie, you think of one or two things: Sean Penn's iconic performance as surfer pothead Jeff Spicoli and/or Phoebe Cates emerging from the pool in that red bikini (and then earning the movie its R ra ...
For a generations of boys, this song will forever be associated with Phoebe Cates. Also, R.I.P. Benjamin Orr.
The Phoebe Cates Fast Times scene plays in my head every time I hear a Pools cut.
Anybody ever tell you that you look like Phoebe Cates looked like in the 80s?
What? I think you're deliberately exaggerating just to be contentious... Phoebe Cates was never hot.
These opening day people make me feel like I'm Phoebe Cates bartending in Gremlims.
when you realize your fave actor read a thing in which you compared him walking by to the famous Phoebe Cates pool scene.
Is it bad that everytime I hear "Moving In Stereo" by The Cars that I automatically think about Phoebe Cates taking her top off?
I will always remember Bernard King for Bill Simmons' comparison of him to Phoebe Cates
I liked a video from PARADISE 1982 Phoebe Cates FULL MOVIE
And here is this week's poster! I sing a song about Phoebe Cates in this episode.
ha! I used to *love* that book & the mini-series. I want to say Phoebe Cates is in it?
If film served no purpose other than preserving the 1982 version of Phoebe Cates, it would still be man's greatest invention.
I love that they spoof Phoebe Cates' Santa speech from the first movie.
on what ever happened to Phoebe Cates? She was fit !!
Gremlins 2 just started on Channel5. Just in case any of you lads are in the mood for a bit of Phoebe Cates on this fine sunny Sunday.
Brooke Shields and Phoebe Cates really are perfection.
Everytime we watch something with Kevin Kline in it, I remind my hubby that KK has had LOTS of sex with Phoebe Cates.
That must be Phoebe Cates' ill-fated father, blackened from chimney soot on the poster??
I'm having a moment when Phoebe Cates comes out of the pool. :)
Hang on, Phoebe Cates is married to Kevin Kline? Oh bloody long has this been going on?!
How dare you soil the memory of Phoebe Cates?
Judge Reinhold must have replayed that pool scene from Fast Times with Phoebe Cates so many times he's likely blind by now.
I have No time to HATE people who hate me because Im too busy LOVING people who LOVE me ♥♥♥. (c) phoebe cates ;)) . ^_^
YES! Watched it with my mama, so good! Phoebe Cates born the same day as me, no wonder she's so intense
have u girls seen the 80's mini series "Lace" wc starred Phoebe Cates?
Drop Dead Fred. you know, the movie where Phoebe Cates is visited by her former imaginary friend, Rik Mayall.
Phoebe Cates could pass the torch on to a younger Phoebe Cates...played by Shia LeBeouf.
Phoebe Cates Hits Sfoglia Twice in One Day, Closes Her Own Shop to Focus on Shackburgers via
Maybe it's just that I was hungry, but it was the "Phoebe Cates in Fast Times" of pizza
phoebe cates VHS president all the ***
Throwback Thursday. We know you remember this scene from Fast Times at Ridgemont High with Phoebe Cates. See...
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then there's stars that Filipinos love to claim like Phoebe Cates even tho little to nothing to backup i.e. acknowledgement
There's sexy, and then there's Phoebe Cates (circa 1982)
Can't watch Bess Armstrong without thinking of the infamous Phoebe Cates line in "Lace". And this was clearly made in 3D
Phoebe Cates just thinks she's a know it all in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
Fritzy can recreate the scene from Wild Things. Or scene from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Phoebe Cates
I am watching Fast Times at Ridgemont High and it has been a while. I forgot how many stars are in it such as Phoebe Cates (of course), Anthony Edwards, Sean Penn, Nicolas Cage, Forrest Whitaker and more. Brings back great memories.
Today I learned Phoebe Cates is married to Kevin Kline and Kevin Kline is straight.
Kevin Kline & Phoebe Cates' 19yo daughter has put out 45(!!) twee-pop albums & also I had no idea they were married
I didn't even know that Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates were a thing!
"Kline grew up in an artistic Manhattan household, the child of actors Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates.".
Like, her parents are Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates, yeah - you think THAT'S the issue? No. No no no.
the real bombshell is Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates. Who knew?
Today in 1989 Phoebe Cates & Kevin Kline marry. "I promise you'll never find me in a pirate outfit in the bathroom."
Phoebe Cates is way too beautiful. Glad she married Kevin Kline. They can be awesome together. 💖
I want to watch Fast Times at Ridgemont High just to see Phoebe Cates walk out of that pool.
Autograph signing session with Fast Times at Ridgemont High stars Phoebe Cates and Brian Backer (1982).
At this point in time, Kevin Kline/Phoebe Cates rank just under Beyonce/Jay Z on my list of top favorite power couples.
WHOA dad informs me Kevin Kline is married to Phoebe Cates (of Fast Times at Ridgemont High swimsuit fame).
I wonder if Kevin Kline is done with Phoebe Cates.
Lawa kkakloh budok Amber Heard ni. Sort of reminds me of Phoebe Cates... ☺️
Topping off a great day with "Fast Times At Ridgemont High" this evening! Absolute classic...Sean Penn, Forest Whitaker, Phoebe Cates, Judge Reinhold & The Dude from "My Favorite Martian" playing Mr. Hand!
Rode the bus with him after the Thanksgiving Day parade in New York once. One of his kids w/ Phoebe Cates was there. Owen, I think.
You're kicking off your Sunday with the one and only Sandman! So last night I dropped some Pulp Fiction wisdom and Jodi Suire requested the next movie in your film class with the Prof-man Sandman, so without further ado. Fast Times at Ridgemont High! did you know... + Nicolas Cage appears in the film under the name Nicolas Coppola. This is his film debut and the one and only time he's credited with this name. + The mascot of Ridgemont High is the wolf, which is the same mascot of Van Nuys High School, where most of the school scenes were shot. + In the scene where Ratner is getting dating advice from Damone in Damone's bedroom, Ratner is wearing a T-shirt for another 80's movie, Popeye, which starred Ray Walston, who played Mr. Hand. + On the day Judge Reinhold shot his scene where he was *ahem* putting mayo on the knuckle sandwich, he brought a large, um, adult toy on set unbeknownst to everyone. So that scene where Phoebe Cates looks horrified...that's her real reaction. + The reason why the students sn ...
Introducing the Bubbas to that great American classic with Phoebe Cates and Judge Reinhold! ;) (@ Home)
Markie Post and Phoebe Cates, hottest celebrities ever. Come at me.
Oooh I just discovered Kevin Kline is married to Phoebe Cates!
also she's the daughter of Phoebe Cates and Kevin Kline, I guess?
yummy...Phoebe Cates...tastiest nudie scene in a movie ever!
I got another one for you Phoebe Cates. Google her. :-)
Please to be providing Phoebe Cates screenshots as well.
All purpose parts banner
if I was born in the eighties Phoebe Cates would be mine.
Gremlins is the best because Phoebe Cates looks just like did in the 80s. Not to mention, my mom also worked at a bank!
I favorited a video from Photoshop Speed Art (smudge) Phoebe Cates
I added a video to a playlist Photoshop Speed Art (smudge) Phoebe Cates
I booed him when he didn't bring me Phoebe Cates.
Re;Phoebe Cates. Here's a version of a poster I had of PC during my formative years.Gremlins2 still worries me though
And in love with Phoebe Cates in 'Drop Dead Fred'. Kevin Kline is a lucky bugger, but I wonder if he has this Gremlins/Gremlins2 dilemna.
It's weird: I am in love with Phoebe Cates in Gremlins, but not Gremlins 2. It's not the short hair. I can't explain this. It bothers me.
I don't know who's more adorable in this: Gizmo or Phoebe Cates. Or John Glover!
Just want to find a modern-day Phoebe Cates. Is that too much to ask?
so $20? Okay, that's fine. Looking forward to it! Oh, and please invite Phoebe Cates and along too!
In the early 1980's Phoebe Cates was one of the hottest rising stars in Hollywood.  After memorable roles in two Hollywood blockbusters, her career cooled off.  In the early 1990s, she went into re...
Phoebe Cates's identical twin from 30 years ago just left my office.
Woah phoebe cates is married to Kevin Kline. 2014 continues to astonish me.
Phoebe Cates is 50. How did this happen?
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Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates are still married! That is my lovely discovery of the morning.
Photo: retrogirly: Jennifer Jason Leigh and Phoebe Cates That is the worst *** excuse for a pizza I’ve...
Kevin Kline is married to Phoebe Cates?! I had no idea. via
80's icons Phoebe Cates and John Stamos have aged very well. while I have absolutely NOT, and Corey Feldman... he still looks weird. ~ (Mencarelli)
Attempting to watch Paradise with Phoebe Cates because apparently it's like the Blue Lagoon but I cannot take it seriously...
30 years later and Phoebe Cates' face still makes me drop everything and watch no matter how good or bad the movie...
Maybe 2014 is the year Phoebe Cates leaves Kevin Kline and he makes his way to me.
Watching "FastTimes at Ridgemont High" Phoebe Cates will ALLWAYS be my crush. Wow, is all I have to say.
Wow. For me, Phoebe Cates has nothin on 😍 epic beauty
Jeannine Edwards reminds me of what Phoebe Cates would look like today getting out of the pool in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
So Dr. Who is a more sophisticated Drop Dead Fred with no Phoebe Cates... LADY WITH THE GRAPE! LADY WITH THE GRAPE!
This is the first song that I heard on 2014!! ♫ "Phoebe Cates" by Fenix TX (@ Marín, Pontevedra, Spain)
well tbh I'd nmostly just forgotten about it. why isn't Phoebe Cates in all the movies tho
Hmmm. Phoebe Cates made like three movies in the '90s.
Phoebe Cates was the 1990s equivalent to
"Sure I'll kill Hitler, right after I've fingered Phoebe Cates and Leah Thompson in 1983" - Me, upon completing my time machine.
The best scene in movie history starring Phoebe Cates and ...produced by-
All i really need is someone like Phoebe. Someone to excite my fantasy ♫ Phoebe Cates by Fenix TX —
When someone invents a time machine I'm going back to 1982 and stealing Phoebe Cates
Its the last weekend of 2013 - my advice if you haven't done it by now this is your last chance -No regrets!   Murders, kidnap, bombings you name it we have experienced them all this year but what really took me by surprise was the winning of Sam Bailey on the X factor. No matter how good or bad some people think, It makes no difference to my life but one thing I must say is Wow! You lucky thing! What a life changing opportunity.   Apart from me turning 50 this year so did Beatlemania, the lava lamp, ZIP codes -- even Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech: It's also hard to believe that some of our favorite stars are hitting the half-century mark too. From Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp to Phoebe Cates and John Stamos .   Makes me think about what is written in my book of life because today I stand with very little, I am so broke that I can't even pay attention. To think I had it all once and decade by decade I gained, I lost, but not yet beaten.   So here's 2013 as I remember it...  From . ...
Watching "Private School" Phoebe Cates and Betsy Russell sexy and hot as *** awesome movie
Dylan's new favorite passtime. Tormenting Phoebe Cates the cat. The Grace the dog just wants the cat to stop chasing that light.
Phoebe Cates ("Fast Times at Ridgemont High", "Gremlins") appeared on Late Night with Dave on April 4, 1993 to plug her film "Bodies, Rest & Motion" and to r.
Why did phoebe cates stick around to serve the gremlins booze? What were they paying with?
Watching "Shag"(1989) with Phoebe Cates, Bridget Fonda, Annabeth Gish and Page Hannah. Page plays the red headed Luanne, who's loaded with freckle's. ALSO, she is the sister of Daryl Hannan! I learned something new today. :)
I would like to date Phoebe Cates circa 1984
I really hate Phoebe Cates hair in Gremlins 2, but I love this movie.
Who can forget Phoebe Cates from Fast Times to this song.
*MONDAY DECEMBER 16TH CHECK IN* HAPPY MONDAY! Hello everyone this is our official attendance for our members and all those who visit our group. Please "like" this or comment below! Ciao- Birthday's Today-Will Ferrell, Corey Feldman, Ginger Rogers(D.1995), Barbara Stanwyck(D.1990), Phoebe Cates, Orville Redenbacher(D.1995). Happy Birthday & Happy Anniversary to any of our members and guests who are celebrating today! Have a great day!
Not so Christmas film list: ~Buster Here is a list that has Christmas in the films in one way or another. So if you are not big on traditional Christmas movies check these out, some are good, some bad and some are ugly but they all have some enjoyable quality even if it's how bad they are. In Bruges 2008, Starring Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson and Ralph Fiennes The Ref 1994, Starring Denis Leary, Judy Davis and Kevin Spacey Gremlins 1984, Starring Zach Galligan, Phoebe Cates, Hoyt Axton and John Louie Catch Me If You Can 2002, Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks and Christopher Walken Die Hard 1988, Starring Bruce Willis, Reginald VelJohnson and Bonnie Bedelia Mum & Dad 2008, Starring Perry Benson, Dido Miles, Olga Fedori and Ainsley Howard If you are squeamish you might want to avoid this as opening presents on Christmas morning might not be the same for you anymore. Legion 2010, Starring Dennis Quaid and Paul Bettany Lethal Weapon 1987, Starring Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, Gary Busey and Mitch Ryan Eye ...
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Flashback Friday Film: Well it's the holiday season and it can get pretty chaotic when you're out and about in the public when everyone is shopping so I figured I'd pick a film that covers both the season and a big dose of chaos. Stephen Spielberg's "Gremlins" from 1984 directed by Joe Dante begins with Rand Peltzer(played by Hoyt Axton), a struggling but inspiring inventor, buying his son Billy(played by Zach Galligan) a pet "Mogwai" he names Gizmo for Christmas from a junk store in Chinatown. With the Mogwai, come 3 extremely important rules that may never be broken. When one of the rules is accidentally broken it results in the creation of multiple mischievous green monsters who cause mayhem throughout the small town. Billy, Gizmo, and Kate(played by Phoebe Cates), must find a way to bring a stop to the madness the creatures have caused. This film also stars a young Corey Feldman and Judge Reinhold. It was always a favorite growing up. The film score, by Jerry Goldsmith, is atmospheric and orchestral w ...
Wathching Gremlins with Ty for the first time!! Phoebe Cates, circa 1984.NOM NOM
Feeling a little like Phoebe Cates on Friends right now ... have been on hold with Yahoo now for about an hour trying to get access to my account AGAIN ... hm they keep telling me me, my call is very important to them and to please hold on, then they say we are unable to answer your call at this time try back later... um REALLY?!?!??! ARG :-)
Name the movie with all theses stars in it Judge Reinhold, Sean Penn, Forrest Whitaker, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Phoebe Cates and Nicholas Cage ( PS try not to engine search the names use your brain)
Directed by Noel Black. With Phoebe Cates, Betsy Russell, Matthew Modine, Michael Zorek. Christine (Phoebe Cates), a student at an exclusive all-girls Private School, is in love with Jim, who attends an academy for boys nearby. Christine's arch rival Jordan also has her eye on Jim, and she is willin...
Summer Girl (1983). One the best and creepiest of the lethal Lolitas. Diane Franklin was one those 80's hotties that had a few memorable roles (The Last American Virgin, Deadly Lessons, Amityville II: The Possession and Terrorvision) before she fell into that abyss over in Hollywood. Her lovely dark curls and round cheeks put her up in that category I created with her contemporaries Heather Locklear, Phoebe Cates, Linnea Quigley and Jennifer Cook, my ladies from the 80's (lol). Summer Girl was a TV movie that preceded all three of Drew Barrymore's Lolitas (Gun Crazy, Poison Ivy and The Amy Fisher Story). There were many of these films, both on TV and on the Big Screen in the 80's (The Babysitter with William Shatner, Baby Sister with Phoebe Cates and many more); not all of them involved murder but they did involve mentally disturbed Lolitas looking for Daddy in all the wrong places. Diane franklin was marvelous crazy in this one and it was a shame she fell out of darling status with Hollywood in mid-decad ...
"Montage" Monday Did you know Daryl Hannah turned down the offer to play Ariel Moore in order to play Madison in "Splash". Elizabeth McGovern turned down the role of Ariel in order to play Deborah Gelly in "Once Upon a Time in America". Melanie Griffith, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jamie Lee Curtis, Rosanna Arquette, Meg Tilly, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Heather Locklear, Meg Ryan, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jodie Foster, Phoebe Cates, Tatum O'Neal, Bridget Fonda, Lori Loughlin, Diane Lane and Brooke Shields were all offered the role of Ariel, but turned it down. FINALLY Lori Singer took the part - and did a magnificent job!!!
Clip from the movie Shag (1989) starring Bridget Fonda, Phoebe Cates, Annabeth Gish and Paige Hannah. In this clip, Melaina is practicing her sexy dance rout.
Hopefully one day Kevin Kline will let Phoebe Cates out of his basement
I didn't have access to a keyboard when I was assigned 36 then 6 responses in the Numbers game. Here are some things that you might not know about me: 1. I am my parent's favorite daughter. 2. I have lived in two state capitals (Montgomery and Jackson) and where Elvis was born and buried (Tupelo and Memphis). The only other places that I've called home are Amory, which was once known as the Pants Capital of the World, and Oxford, which some people call God's country or home to the University of Mississippi. 3. When I was a freshman at Ole Miss, I saw "Star Wars," which was considered pretty high-tech at the time, at The Hoka, which was not your average theater by any standards. During my Ole Miss PR/grad and Mike's law school days in the 80s, we attended a free screening at the Hoka of "Long Gone," starring William Petersen who would later star on "CSI." That's when I introduced myself to another movie patron, Kevin Kline, who just happened to be in town to see his wife, Phoebe Cates, who was filming "Hea ...
I can't believe TNT can't even mention the momentous reunion of Kevin Klein's wife, Phoebe Cates, and Judge Reinhold.
Phoebe Cates and Karen *** Allen were the first two crushes I had. I just realized my wife reminds me of Karen Allen, too. Rad.
obv i love Phoebe Cates because any wife of Kevin Kline's is a wife of mine, but man she terribs
Did Phoebe Cates just give Angela Lansbury a heart attack with the power of her drama?
Phoebe Cates is TERRIBLE in this, i love it
Overheard: "You're the gremlin to my Phoebe Cates."
The Phoebe Cates pool scene, only it's a martini heading for my mouth
...turns out she was Phoebe Cates in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High"
Phoebe Cates in the swimming pool scene of FTARH is clearly the best scene in cinema history
About to hop in a time machine to marry phoebe cates
I would totally kiss Judge Reinhold what was Phoebe Cates thinking
Fast Times at Ridgemont High. (I'd never leave the Phoebe Cates ride)
I was literally just googling Phoebe Cates and watched the pool scene again. Hit refresh and here she is. Eerie.
R.I.P to our beloved friend Phoebe Cates. we will miss u ... :'(
but I still like Phoebe Cates a lot though
muna... presenting the beautiful Phoebe Cates!
Does Katie Holmes have to pay Phoebe Cates royalty checks or was it just a lump sum?
I should have left Drop Dead Fred to my six-year-old self and not attempted a re-watch. Phoebe Cates, Carrie Fisher... why?
Ah, the pure joy of the 80's teen sex comedy - corking soundtrack and Phoebe Cates. Private School on Netflix.
Private School with Phoebe Cates And Betsy Russell is great. 80s sex comedies are the best!
Pick up Gremlins.., i hear that Phoebe Cates is hot...
Hopefully some girls are looking like Phoebe Cates or Lita Ford. That'll be hot
. resemblance to Phoebe Cates makes me excited, in a naughty way
Actually, I'm more interested in Kevin Kline's wife Phoebe Cates back in more movies, please! Thank you!
hey children of the 80s! crushworthy Phoebe Cates stars in GREMLINS, screening DEC 15
Is Santa about to tell the story of the time he got stuck in Phoebe Cates chimney and died? I like that one...
If I were in the Death Star trash compactor room I would just practice my "Phoebe Cates emerging from the pool" routine un…
ShowYouSuck – 80′s Boobs: SYS’ ode to all things mammary glands from the likes of Phoebe Cates is the first of...
Awesome movie!! what did you think of the infamous phoebe cates pool scene? Every guy I know says that is the highlight
You also kind of look like Phoebe Cates in Drop Dead Fred.
we can make fun of Last Vegas all we want but Kevin Kline has been married to Phoebe Cates for like 20 years so clearly he's wo…
Just watched Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Phoebe Cates has a sneaky hot body.
Just watched Phoebe Cates get out of the pool
Zach Galligan and Phoebe Cates were my otp for the longest time, man...
yes. You should really watch it tonight. It's an iconic scene: Phoebe Cates, The Cars , red bikini.
I hope I get out of my bath like Phoebe Cates gets out of pools
That's more like it. Phoebe Cates? Pretty sure that movei was the first time in my life i went "I like girls, they're pretty."
Did you know that Kevin Kline is married to Phoebe Cates (LINDA!) and has been for like 30 years? You sly dog. Wow.
Twenty-five years ago I had hoped to be married to Heather Locklear, Phoebe Cates, Amanda Pays, and/or Jennifer Jason Leigh by now. Something went wrong somewhere.
When William gets a little older I'll show him Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Until then his only exposure to Phoebe Cates will be Gremlins.
Oh yeah I was in love with Phoebe Cates after Fast Times and Gremlins.
So then why not Heather Locklear or Phoebe Cates or even Molly Ringwald! :-P
Phoebe Cates had it going on in the 80s
There are only like 3 actresses now that come close to the level that 80's Molly Ringwold, Phoebe Cates, Ally Sheedy, and Ione Skye were.
Hey, guys, just realized Phoebe Cates is fifty years "love life" will never be the same...
Any actor who auditions for one of my plays with Phoebe Cates' Santa Claus monologue from the movie "Gremlins" will be cast on the spot.
I guess on a positive I've always wanted to look like phoebe cates in Shag. Halloween costume- done!
I had a wicked crush on phoebe cates from Drop Dead Fred
Me and my friends we played "Phoebe Cates" yesterday and Waouuw it feels good !
Ever need a cheer up watch Goonies, Aladdin and Mrs. Doubtfire oh yeah also Gremlins for Gizmo/Phoebe Cates duh!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
The most ridiculous thing about Drop Dead Fred is that Phoebe Cates husband would leave her for another woman.'s been a long time..I'm a Phoebe Cates fan..and she stopped doing movies...kinda heartbroken b/c of that
Kick off your Halloween bender correctly Lets get wet and eat after midnite! And fux w Phoebe Cates!
I can't believe Phoebe Cates was an 80's sex symbol.similar to Molly Ringwald I look at them and am like "how/why?"
Oh my God!! There is a scene in The Gremlins where Phoebe Cates explains how she knows there is no Santa.
this is so random kiley but you kinda look so much like young Phoebe Cates
Yup, I agree with you, really could be Phoebe Cates' younger sister.
I don't know about you, but the girl on this book cover looks like Phoebe Cates to me (It's not, but I always...
and Phoebe Cates (you didn't specify where the Kate was)
Side note: the gorgeous reminds me of Phoebe Cates.
s/o to lee bannon calling a track on his LP 'phoebe cates'
i don't kno u but u look like phoebe cates. She is ur doppleganger. Very pretty!
phoebe cates, pool scene, fast time at ridgmemont high. Nuff said
And honestly, speaking of Phoebe Cates and having a pulse and *** happy Tuesday everyone.
If you had a *** son and you HAD to put him into a cage-fight, who'd you rather he battle? Carrie Fisher or Phoebe Cates?
If THAT Phoebe Cates scene in Fast Times at Ridgemont High is burned in your brain, siguradong
What the *** Phoebe Cates why didn't I know they were gonna reference Fast Times in Don Jon.
Tonight on Lifetime:. The story of one woman's quest to answer the age old question:. Pine-sol or Mr. Clean?. Starring: Ph…
21. Gremlins (1984)   Directed by: Joe Dante Produced by: Michael Finnell Screenplay by: Chris Columbus Starring: Zach Galligan, Phoebe Cates, Hoyt Axton, Frances Lee McCain, Corey Feldman   Today’s film is a real treat; six years after Joe Dante helmed “Piranha,” he went on to direct the 1984 holiday classic, “Gremlins.” That’s right, we’re during another Christmas celebration in October. Don’t laugh, I’m being stingy compared to shopping malls. Well, this is actually more of a Christmas movie, but there’s violence, killing and scares, so I’m including it.   Teenager Billy Peltzer (Zach Galligan) receives an unusual Christmas present from his father: a furry little creature called a Mogwai that he “bought” from an antique store in Chinatown. The Mogwai, which they name Gizmo, comes with three very important rules: never expose it to bright light; sunlight especially, because it kills it. Also, never let it get wet; water causes it to multiply. But most importantly, never eve ...
BOOM!! A Tribute to 80s babe Phoebe Cates via
Let's try that without spelling errors: when I'm bored I watch Phoebe Cates' boobs.
Watching Private School. Never seen it before. Phoebe Cates, enough said.
I just assumed this would be the Phoebe Cates scene from Fast Times at Ridgemont High...
Phoebe Cates was smoking hot back in the day!
stupid Kevin Kline is married to 50yr old Phoebe Cates
Why on Earth is CMT airing Gremlins? I mean, I love Gremlins (and Phoebe Cates), but CMT?!?
Phoebe Cates telling story about how dad died in chimney dressed as Santa, and five-year-old me is really creeped out right now.
This movie needs more Phoebe Cates. I had the biggest crush on her.
I got mad gassed when someone said I looked like Phoebe Cates.
where's phoebe Cates coming out the pool when u need her?
Phoebe Cates has probably been stuck in a pool for years.
heard the cars moving in stereo on my way to work. guess I'll be thinking about Phoebe Cates' *** all day.
it could never do a remake of "Paradise"'cause it would be impossible to find someone like
Sometimes I wish that I was born a few years earlier to be able to appreciate Phoebe Cates in her prime.
Famous Filipino/Americans you may or may not know: Bruno Mars (singer)- mother is filipina Lou Diamond Phillips (actor)-mother is filipina of The Black Eyed Peas-mother is filipina Arnel Pineda lead singer of the band Journey-filipino Cristeta Comerford-Exec Chef of the White House-filipina Vanessa Minnillo (tv host & wife of Nick Lachey)-mother is filipina Phoebe Cates (actress)-maternal grandfather is filipino/chinese Vanessa Hudgens (actress)-mother is filipina Cris Judd (dancer/actor & former husband of Jennifer Lopez)-mother is filipina Rob Schneider (actor)-mother is filipina Herve Villechaise (actor who played Tattoo in Fantasy Island tv show)-filipino Angela Perez Baraquio (Miss USA 2001)-filipina Aileen Yap (Miss America International 2009)-filipina Leah Salonga (Disney movie 'Mulan' singer)-filipina Don't ever be ashamed you are of filipino descent, instead, be very proud because Philippines is full of talented, intelligent, educated, beautiful people. The list above is just the tip of ...
Photo: Phoebe Cates in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. on our list Top 5 Filipino Actors You Should Know.
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