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Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Philip Seymour Hoffman (born July 23, 1967) is an American actor and director.

Bill Paxton Along Came Polly Robin Williams Steve Bannon Amy Adams Hunger Games Joaquin Phoenix Heath Ledger Harper Lee Boogie Nights Paul Thomas Anderson Jack Black Meryl Streep Truman Capote

Phillip Seymour Hoffman should play Steve Bannon in the movie
I love actors that go by three names Bryce Dallas Howard, Jamie Lee Curtis, Phillip Seymour Hoffman(rip), & Neil Patrick Harris, etc
my favorite thing about twister is Phillip Seymour Hoffman
If I had to pick a genre for Twister, I'd go with 'Fantasy Science Fiction Romance'. Plus it has Phillip Seymour Hoffman.
starring Robert Downey jr and phillip Seymour Hoffman
Did you ever see the movie Pirate Radio with Phillip Seymour Hoffman? It's average. Truth be told, haven't listened to a lot.
Watching Twister...Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Bill Paxton both gone. I need whiskey. Honestly, the chase scenes are very realistic. Love it
Phillip Seymour Hoffman is the greatest actor of all time.
Watching Doubt for the first time and listen. This cast is SUPERB. RIP Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Oh whoops I forget how this movie makes me miss Phillip Seymour Hoffman.
AND a Phillip Seymour Hoffman role.Pour on the cheese
Also the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman also needs a Twister shoutout because Dusty was my favourite character. His best role IMO.
Like you're picture. I really miss Phillip Seymour Hoffman. I think he would be as disgusted as the rest of us.
Watching Twister right now. Still sad about Bill Paxton... and now sad again about Phillip Seymour Hoffman. 2 great actors gone too soon.
Just realized that Bill Paxton AND Phillip Seymour Hoffman are in Twister. Wow... Both gone but incredible actors.
Now let me first say Joaquin Phoenix, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and Amy Adams deliver fantastic performances here.
I can't help but think that Phillip Seymour Hoffman would've been the perfect Donald Trump in a movie.
When Paxton deployed DOROTHY in Twister he saved millions of lives but couldn't save Phillip Seymour Hoffman from g…
Phillip Seymour Hoffman played Capote perfectly based on the documentary we watched
with Phillip Seymour Hoffman in the dramatization.
the 'other' movie is I wonder who among Toby Jones or the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman played him best?
Phillip Seymour Hoffman dominating the movie from the supporting actors role as usual. Shame it was one of Mike Nic…
Why is Phillip Seymour Hoffman so good at playing a part where he gives a loud compelling argument? This is so beautiful
Phillip Seymour Hoffman is playing the character that Christian Bale will also play, in American Hustle. He also broke a window
just wish Phillip Seymour Hoffman were alive to play the part.
only wish Phillip Seymour Hoffman was around to play Bannon.
Oh man. Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Bill Paxton just hugged in Twister and it hit me right in :(
Watching the movie Twister and remembering Bill Paxton and Phillip Seymour Hoffman. 😢
has to be Twister for me. He and Phillip Seymour Hoffman were great in that movie. Elewes played a great antagonist too.
Bill Paxton´s ´going green´ . and Phillip Seymour Hoffman´s ´greenage´.. my heart strings. ouch. . THE POWER OF
Alexa, play me a recording of Phillip Seymour Hoffman doing the Truman Capote voice completely out of context
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I have evidence that Putin killed Phillip Seymour Hoffman & Carrie Fisher
Bill Paxton and Phillip Seymour Hoffman gone way too soon!
A pity Phillip Seymour Hoffman has left us. He could’ve played Bannon in “The Rise & Fall of the Trumpian Reich”.
After watching the documentary on Capote I can say that Phillip Seymour Hoffman played the role perfectly
Twister is cursed. It killed Paxton, Phillip .Seymour Hoffman and Hellen Hunt's career.
Bill Paxton; We're going green, Phillip Seymour Hoffman; greenage awesome.
Phillip Seymour Hoffman is so great and weird in this. I love Jo's whole weird team of PhD weirdos
Forgot Phillip Seymour Hoffman was in this too... 😩
Twister screenplay written by Michael Crichton; gone too soon. Also featured Phillip Seymour Hoffman--passed before his time.
Doubt is the movie that makes me so protective of Meryl Streep, Viola Davies, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and even Amy…
In honor of Bill Paxton & Phillip Seymour Hoffman, currently watching: twister
So, was whining about not winning the in 2006. He obviously never watched Phillip Seymour Hoffman's performance! 😂
An important segment. Profound implications. Will we see more movies starring Phillip Seymour Hoffman? Or be manipu…
That moment Bill Paxton and Phillip Seymour Hoffman are reunited.. This movie was the reason why I loved my childho…
Remember when Phillip Seymour Hoffman won Best Actor for Capote? Still don't think I know anybody that has actually seen that movie.
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If Phillip Seymour Hoffman were alive you know he would have played Steve Bannon in some film at some point.
oh no I miss you so much Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Keep forgetting that Phillip Seymour Hoffman is dead. Tragic, man.
Just saw a snippet of the late, great Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Still miss him. Rest In Peace
Phillip Seymour Hoffman would have set the record for Awards if he lived, how bummed, what an artist. 😢
Oh jesus I wasn't prepared to see Phillip Seymour Hoffman clips this soon.
I miss Phillip Seymour Hoffman so much. Every day
Phillip Seymour Hoffman... we lost so many people too *** soon.
Josh Brolin in SICARIO seems to be fitting very snugly into the gargantuan shoes of the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman.
Phillip Seymour Hoffman would body-bagged it. Also, Kevin Spacey is perfect.
I thought he was what happened when you tried to grow Phillip Seymour Hoffman inside Robert Redford
It's too bad Phillip Seymour Hoffman is no longer with us. He could have played Stephen Bannon in the movie.
Bannon looks like someone Phillip Seymour Hoffman would have been asked to play and said 'nah,hes too pathetic. Eve…
You don't really miss celebrities until you realize how much Synechode New York-era Phillip Seymour Hoffman resembles Steve Bannon.
God rest his soul, but Phillip Seymour Hoffman would have made the perfect Bannon.
*yells "Vince Carter!" as I shoot a basketball with the poor skill but aggressive confidence of Phillip Seymour Hoffman in Along Came Polly*
pretty sure Heath Ledger and Phillip Seymour Hoffman have a seat waiting for him up there if he wants to use
this is all crazy nonsense.just Phillip Seymour Hoffman alone in lebowski is worth watching it
Ok that's not a good Phillip Seymour Hoffman but the SPIRIT IS THERE
Went from to Cold Mountain. Brutal. But nice to Rene Zellweger's old face, Phillip Seymour Hoffman & Jude Law not being Pope
Noah is Phillip Seymour Hoffman from Along Came Polly every time he dribbles.
But I don't remember people being this angry in 2014 with Robin Williams, Joan Rivers, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman :-(((
they might just CGI her in there like they did with the lady Hunger Games movie for Phillip Seymour Hoffman
It's gonna be like Mockingjay and Phillip Seymour Hoffman--a punch in the gut/heart to see her.
Good. It"ll sort of be like Phillip Seymour Hoffman in the Hunger Games. I'm glad we'll get to see her again.
certainly not untrue. Though Hunger Games kept Phillip Seymour Hoffman by way of CGI for another movie or two.
then again, they did it with Phillip Seymour Hoffman in Hunger Games...
Carrie Fisher's death really hurts, the last time I felt this bad about an Actor/Actress dying was Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Heath Ledger & Phillip Seymour Hoffman upset me a bit. Cuz you feel robbed of potential future great performances.
I'm reminded of the thoughtless contrarians who blamed Robin Williams and Phillip Seymour Hoffman for committing suicide. So inconsiderate.
Phillip seymour Hoffman and Robin Williams for me
Have they started filming the eighth movie? Maybe, they will have a C.G.I character like Phillip Seymour Hoffman in The Hunger
Yeah but they still have to do a digital scene like Hunger Games did with Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Your "casting" topic bums me out that Phillip Seymour Hoffman won't be here to play Steve Bannon in the eventual Trump biopic.
Do you think Phillip Seymour Hoffman should've won Best Supporting actor for The Master, over Christoph Waltz?
Anytime anyone wants to reference Phillip Seymour Hoffman's bball scene in "Along Came Polly" I'm all for it
same with Phillip Seymour Hoffman, hurt too man
Anyone sad about George Michael dying on Christmas Day. I can relate, I was shocked to see Phillip Seymour Hoffman die on my birthday.
You thought the yr Robin Williams & Phillip Seymour Hoffman died was depressing. Wait until the in memoriams at this ys award shows. *** !
Jenn fact:. I adore Phillip Seymour Hoffman. I cried when he died.
Bruh I will say this until I die: Phillip Seymour Hoffman is the GOAT! I get hype just watching him. 🐐🎥
DIRECTOR Paul Thomas Anderson TALKS ABOUT PHILLIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN ("Whoever this guy is, I gotta have him!") -
2014 is the worst. Robin Williams, Rik Mayall, Oderus, Harold Ramis, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Pete Seeger. Can't wait til this year is over.
Phillip Seymour Hoffman's best role. With out a doubt.
I don't think so but IIRC Phillip Seymour Hoffman is amazingly creepy in it
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ah yes Twister (1996), or as i like to call it, Tornado Sandlot ft. me crying bc bb phillip seymour hoffman
From the blog: "advice from Phillip Seymour Hoffman"
Phillip Seymour Hoffman. He was born and raised here in my city. Brilliant and amazing actor. :'(
Maybe write some more Phillip Seymour Hoffman jokes or Hillary Meme's.
That's some Phillip Seymour Hoffman from Boogie Nights action: Stupid, stupid!
Constantly seeing guys that make me think "No that can't be him Phillip Seymour Hoffman is dead"
and does Phillip Seymour Hoffman in Mockingjay count as a CGI lead? Listening to R1 spoiler cast :)
My emotion right now is Phillip Seymour Hoffman shouting "Iggy Pop! Amen!" 13 minutes into Almost Famous
If you're a film/TV fan & didn't know Phillip Seymour Hoffman before he died you're not much of a fan.
So Phillip Seymour Hoffman and I were in a bar
Albert Finney apologizing to Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and Hoffman's sneering condescension is what great acting is.
Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and Ethan Hawke play very convincing brothers in this film.
I love that Phillip Seymour Hoffman doesn't have a cell phone because they cause brain cancer, in BTDKYD. More Luddites in modern movies.
I also can't believe how much I miss watching Phillip Seymour Hoffman.
My dad rang me the other day & about 3 mins into it he told me he still misses Phillip Seymour Hoffman. There's a chance that's why he rang.
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I wish Phillip Seymour Hoffman was still alive.
The topic is quite sensitive. Phillip Seymour Hoffman & Amy Adams were in it too. It will stay with you for days. 😭😢
Daniel day Lewis. Phillip Seymour hoffman. Meryl Streep. Anthony Hopkins if we're talking one off roles
speaking of coming on the wall, you ever see Happiness with Phillip Seymour Hoffman? 💦
Tilda Swinton kinda reminds me of Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Perennial number two in movies.
I mean there's Paul Walker and Phillip Seymour Hoffman but they died during production
I look like the heroin addicted child of Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Drew Carey.
345) Charlie Wilson's War - Pretty good biopic. Made me miss Phillip Seymour Hoffman.
This guy at work looks like Phillip Seymour Hoffman, only if he did even more heroin.
My dad just mistook Phillip Seymour Hoffman for Jack Black. Dissapoint/10
Ryan Gosling is our finest actor since Phillip Seymour Hoffman at looking down
Watching Next Stop Wonderland and Phillip Seymour Hoffman is in it. It was kind of a VJ in high school with Pete Holmes but I don't wanna
We watched last night. Man Phillip Seymour Hoffman was fantastic in that wow. 👏🏽👏🏽
They say Phillip Seymour Hoffman loved his Horse, but I couldn't find a single picture of him next to a Horse. ?
hold up Phillip Seymour Hoffman is in this movie... Maybe I should Green Party this situation and go with him
It's time we consider Phillip Seymour Hoffman's performance in Along Came Polly as one of cinema's greatest.
Donald is essentially Phillip Seymour Hoffman on the basketball court in Along Came Polly; everything is a
Scent of a woman is on I won't be sleeping till it's over... Al Pacino, Chris O'Donnell, & Phillip Seymour Hoffman all on their A game!!
Steve Bannon looks like the aborted love child of Joe Don Baker and Phillip Seymour Hoffman.
Still really sad about Robin Williams, Heath Ledger, Michael Clarke Duncan and Phillip Seymour Hoffman. 😢😭
Phillip Seymour Hoffman had an amazing performance in Paul Thomas Anderson's 'The Master' which…
Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix are terrific in Paul Thomas Anderson's 'The Master'. Finally got to watch it.
He's channeling his inner Phillip Seymour Hoffman from Along Came Polly
I just finished watching Paul Thomas Anderson's masterpiece and I miss Phillip Seymour Hoffman terribly.
opioids...prince, Phillip Seymour personal friends. is the answer
to this day he is sent into fits of psychosexual rage by the visage of Phillip Seymour Hoffman
God's Pocket (2014), black as my heart coffee, and so many puppies. God, I miss Phillip Seymour Hoffman.
Nobody acts out phone call scenes like Phillip Seymour Hoffman, nobody
The Savages: Siblings united in guardianship, Laura Linney & Phillip Seymour Hoffman hit the hard truths of adulthood with aging parents
Literally she cries that MJ and Phillip Seymour Hoffman are dead
cept he isn't the good guy, hes Phillip Seymour Hoffman in Happiness on the ph
Phillip Seymour Hoffman en Before the devil knows you're dead 😍😍😍😍
if you have not seen this, remember why Phillip Seymour Hoffman was so revered. another favourite here
you remind me of Phillip Seymour Hoffman when he played Allen Mellencamp in Happiness
The contest is so good that I wait in the car to hear it. The late GREAT ACTOR Phillip Seymour Hoffman would agree.
Bret Easton also thinks he is Phillip Seymour Hoffman
when Phillip Seymour Hoffman died, errybody wanted to give him "privacy". Why can't Prince get the same???
Phillip Seymour Hoffman has the best one liners in that movie!
God's Pocket - Dreary, joyless, tough to get through. Had to watch for Phillip Seymour Hoffman
On a whole other note, I'm watching MI3 and Phillip Seymour Hoffman was a really great actor. Like he was amazing
Phillip Seymour Hoffman is so many weird colors in this movie
State and Main. Snoze. Phillip Seymour Hoffman was good as usual though.
"I would love to work with Leonardo DiCaprio, Will Smith, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman." -
.tonight reminds of your Phillip Seymour Hoffman piece. This is how we got here. Addiction to outrage and anger.
It's hard to deny Phillip Seymour Hoffman's talent. Dying so suddenly left us wishing we could…
That's what Phillip Seymour Hoffman said in MI:3. Is this your way of telling us you're going to try to kill Tom Cruise...?
Phillip Seymour Hoffman was great but MI3 on the whole felt like a lengthy TV episode. You can feel they were already planning a sequel
All this talk about the new Batman it reminds me how great Phillip Seymour Hoffman would have been as The Penguin. Sad we'll never see it.
- God's Pocket Philly crime story that is more black comedy, Phillip Seymour Hoffman's last film
Dude, watching a very early law&order and a super young Phillip Seymour Hoffman is the accused...
he looks like Phillip Seymour Hoffman, so he is Phillip Sneezmour Coughman
not that I can remember. He shouts at Phillip Seymour Hoffman for a bit though
I absolutely hate getting into an actor or musician after they died like i did it with Phillip Seymour Hoffman and now Prince and it ***
Watching Mission Impossible 3 I forgot how good of an actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman was RIP to the legend.
This guy at dinner just declared Phillip Seymour Hoffman as the best actor of our lifetime.
Put on MI:3 to fast forward to Phillip Seymour Hoffman's scenes, but it's not terrible? Is it better than I remember? Aaron Paul cameo?
Decided to watch God's Pocket on Netflix, which, unfortunately, opens with a sex scene between Phillip Seymour Hoffman & Christina Hendricks
Walter Matthau can come back to life anytime now. Phillip Seymour Hoffman, too.
just wondering when was going to show the of Phillip Seymour Hoffman... I see that's next week
Will I ever get over Phillip Seymour Hoffman's death? Probably not.
I saw that on Broadway when Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Vanessa Redgrave were in it. Amazing. But yeah--long.
Would you agree that Phillip Seymour Hoffman wasn't looking too good in MJ? 😕
Lester Bangs. He was portrayed by the late, great actor, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, in the 2000 movie "Almost Famous".
Best thing about the movie Twister is that Phillip Seymour Hoffman is holding hands with Bill Pullman’s fiancé 5 minutes after meeting her.
You kind of look like Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Truman Capote.
Capote is a great film. I think it's Phillip Seymour Hoffman's best performance.
Celtics tossing up 3s reminds me of Sandy Lyle making it rain in Along Came Polly (RIP Phillip Seymour Hoffman) pour some out
I'm a little lost with the story and sad Phillip Seymour Hoffman is in it. Miss that man. But it's entertaining enough. Cheers! 🍸
Phillip Seymour Hoffman did not have choice or free will and neither do you - Student Wellness...
poor *** Phillip Seymour Hoffman in Boogie Nights :/ he just wanted dirk for himself :/
That awkward moment when you think you see Phillip Seymour Hoffman and go to say what up then you remember he done bought the farm years ago
.MUST find a way to do a Manager Buck Showalter press conference skit! Phillip Seymour Hoffman would have destroyed it! :(
Ok but what about the dude in the back that looks like Phillip Seymour Hoffman!!!
DEFINITELY see Phillip Seymour Hoffman's performance in the film, "Capote," afterwards.
I sure hope yall like the 2008 feature film "Doubt" starring Meryl Streep, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams
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can't imagine anyone except Phillip Seymour Hoffman. This will be a tough role to cast.
folks stay fishing for outrage. The series is over, folks gotta move on. R.I.P To one of the GOATs Phillip Seymour Hoffman tho
You can't hate it cause it has Phillip Seymour Hoffman, JJL, and Charlie Kaufman
Dreamt that Phillip Seymour Hoffman had a huge crush on me & raced me into Home Depot. Woke up & remembered that he's dead.
I saw Phillip Seymour Hoffman live twice. He lived every moment. There were no casual moments in his performance.
Phillip Seymour Hoffman was rad, but he was one of those actors that I couldn't take seriously sometimes cuz he overdid it.
Illustrated two of favourite films from actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman for a gift for someone & it's turned out amazing... 👍 :-D
Remember when Phillip Seymour Hoffman played Jack Black in Along Came Polly?. That was weird.
Isn't that how Phillip Seymour Hoffman died ?? He was found on the can with his pant down past his ankles
is also the 2nd Phillip Seymour Hoffman movie I watched this weekend. So talented & So missed.
Phillip Seymour Hoffman would have been lovely.
And as always Phillip Seymour Hoffman is frighteningly effortless.
I'm watching Hunger Games Mockingjay Pt1. Thought was in it but it was just Phillip Seymour Hoffman.
Watching PUNCHDRUNK LOVE... Phillip Seymour Hoffman on the phone with Barry. PSH is gone and there's nobody like him left. ***
Watching Mocking Jay part 2 and I see Phillip Seymour Hoffman and I flip out.
domain names
What! Phillip Seymour Hoffman is in this movie. My excitement just went from 8/10 to a hundred
Does he not remind you of an athletic taller Phillip Seymour Hoffman? I think they have to be related somehow
hey btw did Phillip Seymour Hoffman die during filming. Just curious cuz he was barely in it :/
Watching the Big Lebowski with a young Phillip Seymour Hoffman. I always stop here when I stumble across this movie.
It's the wonder of nature baby! Phillip Seymour Hoffman lives on through the incredible characters he played.
Yo, Phillip Seymour Hoffman was in has the mo-vies
Phillip Seymour Hoffman not winning an Oscar for the role of "Dusty" is a crime against humanity.
saw it changing when Phillip Seymour Hoffman passed. put heroin back on the mainstay as far as people needing help
Look like Phillip Seymour Hoffman hijacked an Ann Taylor Loft truck.
to bad Phillip Seymour Hoffman dead I wonder who else could take on the Hilary Clinton bio lead role
Id give it a Phillip Seymour Hoffman from Boogie Nights. Good intentions, still creeper
Lastly, who in their sane mind makes Phillip Seymour Hoffman a *** supporting actor. Bill Paxton is the cardboard cutout of an actual actor
the risks the artists take to create it. Thank God Van Gogh, Jim Morrison, Phillip Seymour Hoffman & others kept working hard!
Phillip Seymour-Hoffman is alive & well and working as the barman of in 🍻
Watched Patch Adams (for research). Robin Williams&Phillip Seymour Hoffman in 1 movie.Bless these men who spent their lives making ppl happy
its got a lot of good character performances in it: Ralph Fiennes, Emily Watson, Phillip Seymour Hoffman as the definitive Lounds
Watching 'The Master' again and Phillip Seymour Hoffman was such a treasure. Unbelievable talent.
Finally watched "A Most Wanted Man" great film. The build up was a little slow but Phillip Seymour Hoffman & Rachel McAdams killed it.
deaths that I am not over :. Brittany Murphy. Amy winehouse. Phillip Seymour Hoffman . Whitney Houston . phife . (to be contd)
Mark Critch as Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Truman Capote as Drumpf. This Hour has but this nomination never ends.
the Phillip Seymour Hoffman movie you're thinking of with Christie was Boogie Nights and Mark Wahlberg not Cruise.
American Crime Story: Starring John Travolta as Donkey Kong as Robert Shapiro, and Nathan Lane as Phillip Seymour Hoffman as F. Lee Bailey
I think of this often... There is never going to be another Phillip Seymour Hoffman. 😕
"I like pumpernickel and Phillip Seymour Hoffman" verbatim quote from my boyfriend
Harper Lee is really dead. "To kill a mocking bird" was dope. Reminds me of "Capote" the movie and by extension, Phillip Seymour Hoffman.
Unbelievable that we lost Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Harper Lee from that one movie that was good . RIP
Actually anyone interested in Harper Lee go watch Capote with Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Is it safe to say Paul giamatti is a poor mans Phillip Seymour Hoffman? I like Paul billions is good
I miss seeing Phillip Seymour Hoffman's acting performances, that he will never venture into new roles. Really a loss for lovers of acting.
fell asleep during slumdog millionaire and Phillip Seymour hoffman's last movie (liked it but was preg for latter)
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Patrick Phillip Seymour Hoffman still alive ? . I like the move he made with Joaquin Phoenix
E. Hawke regaling the crowd with memories of Phillip Seymour Hoffman was amazing. Thanks
6 of 23 from 3PT. All but Phillip Seymour-Hoffman yelling "MAKE IT RAIN!" and the loud thud.
I have the hardest time picturing Truman as anyone but Phillip Seymour Hoffman :(
Yo I'm watching Desus vs Mero podcast ep 8 listen to what they say about Phillip Seymour Hoffman
It feels very much like a play on film so it's quiet & kinda slow. But the cast tho: Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Streep, Amy Adams...
As if Phillip Seymour Hoffman has been dead 2 years😶
Phillip Seymour Hoffman in TALENTED MR. RIPLEY is so *** good. Miss that guy.
I didn't know Phillip Seymour Hoffman had a twin in
heroin? Phillip Seymour Hoffman was a hefty fellow
If David Bowie and Phillip Seymour Hoffman had a son, he would look like Eddie Izzard ps his nails are fab
No joke, Phillip Seymour Hoffman was saying this to Tavis Smiley a few years before he committed suicide.
Kevin Hart is one of the camera men who follow Phillip Seymour Hoffman in Along Came Polly.
*** thought that was Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Was totally confused.
This means more to me than what Phillip Seymour Hoffman means to me.
when Phillip Seymour Hoffman uses the word bae and you realize there's no more hope for this world.
It's been two years since our dear Phillip Seymour Hoffman passed away. And he is very much missed.
Along Came Polly😁😂❤ !!! One of my all time faves but sad watching Phillip Seymour Hoffman, what a talent he was! x
Also, was alerted to a ticket stuck to the bottom of my shoe by Phillip Seymour Hoffman, possibly my starriest ever
Phillip Seymour Hoffman killed every role he played
almost all of Phillip Seymour Hoffman's lines are "shut up" or a variation of that idea.
Phillip Seymour Hoffman stays the most compelling part of every movie.
Sandler is underrated as *** in that. And Phillip Seymour Hoffman. ***
My favorite Phillip Seymour Hoffman role was when he played the Auburn offense.
looks like Beans and Phillip Seymour Hoffman put together
Oh yes do. Also has Phillip Seymour Hoffman (RIP) and Amy Adams. It's compelling.
ECO is on top of fun facts this week! to that time when Phillip Seymour Hoffman was on your favorite PBS...
The movie Patch Adams always makes me emotional, but now both Phillip Seymour Hoffman & Robin Williams are gone so 😭😭😭
Edward Norton and Phillip Seymour Hoffman sharing the screen with Tony freakin Siragusa w a comically bad accent.
Watching a Law & Order from 1990 with Samuel L Jackson, young Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Tommy from Shawshank, and Jack Clompus from Seinfeld
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*** right I paid money to see that. Twister rules. Bill Paxton, Helen Hunt, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, flying cows...epic
Is this Chip Kelly or the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman?
Phillip Seymour Hoffman is such a great actor. This isn't a movie, clearly, but I just love him so I
Starring Brad Pitt as Phillip Seymour Hoffman in a movie.
just finished watching The Savages so morale is low headed into 2016 and I miss Phillip Seymour Hoffman more than ever
I love how Phillip Seymour Hoffman is IN it but not really IN it at the same time. So brilliant.
more importantly, when did Boomer Esiason start looking like Phillip Seymour Hoffman?
Pretty much feel the same way Phillip Seymour Hoffman in Almost Famous does about Jim Morrison
About to watch The Master. I still can't believe Phillip Seymour Hoffman is gone.
It takes me so many months to comprehend celebrity deaths and I am now very sad about Phillip Seymour Hoffman
I miss Phillip Seymour Hoffman more than my grandparents
Also found out Phillip Seymour Hoffman voiced max ❤❤
Same, except I need to discover that Phillip Seymour Hoffman is my secret ally and some hot babe with a bow will deliver me
it is all set up for the finale. Who is in it who's that good? Phillip Seymour Hoffman obvs but who else?
How about Paul Giamatti, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Jonathan Banks, or Bob Odenkirk. Many unattractive actors make it without ..
I feel like I should add a "Dude" to the end of this, and say it in a Phillip Seymour Hoffman cadence.
Dreamed (really) PT Anderson directed the new start wars. Sith-aligned Phillip Seymour Hoffman really delivered.
A Most Wanted Man. What a film. Phillip Seymour Hoffman is pure brilliance. See it people, for god sake see it!!!
He dribbled the ball like Phillip Seymour Hoffman in Along Came Polly.
Charlie Sly looks like Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Stevie Janowski from Eastbound and Down had a kid.
BUT I did get a little teary watching and Phillip Seymour Hoffman up on the screen for the last time.
He also plagiarized his appearance from Phillip Seymour Hoffman.
The late Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Steven Avery. Paul Dano as Brendan Dassey. Kyle Chandler as Dean Strang. David Paymer as Jerry Buting
I had a dream the other night that I was in a record store run by an old, fat Warren Zevon, played by Phillip Seymour Hoffman.
The whole original team was great. I went to school with Phillip Seymour Hoffman.
If he were alive Phillip Seymour Hoffman would be casts as Hillary in a movie.
Winn is the guy! Ever thought of doing a spin off? Always had Phillip Seymour Hoffman in my mind when reading about Winn
Watching Twister drunk is really making me miss Phillip Seymour Hoffman.
the first time I ever saw Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Cate Blanchett!
"A most wanted man" Phillip Seymour Hoffman's last full movie.
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Forgot that Phillip Seymour Hoffman is in Twister. What a talent, guy is sorely missed.
I'm watching the movie Twister. I miss Phillip Seymour Hoffman R.I.P what a great actor.
Cameron from Ferris Bueller, Faraday from Lost, Bill Paxton, the girl from Mad About You, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman? You had me at hello
Bernie Mac is the man. Like to think he and Phillip Seymour Hoffman are sipping Cuervo together somewhere in Gods no bs dept.
I ended up having a crush on Phillip Seymour Hoffman in Boogie Nights this Christmas Eve
Watching Cold Mountain - so sad Phillip Seymour Hoffman is no longer here. What great actor. I saw him getting roles into old age.
Phillip Seymour Hoffman was such an outstanding actor 😢
Hey Phillip Seymour Hoffman, how's it feel to know your fans that mourned your death, now knowing your scam, despise you?
Driving through Oklahoma and I'm like Phillip Seymour Hoffman right now.
Along Came Polly is on Comedy Central and good God does Phillip Seymour Hoffman elevate every moment of this thing.
The basketball scene in Along Came Polly with Phillip Seymour Hoffman is so me playing basketball. RAINDANCE.
Watching Along Came Polly. Phillip Seymour Hoffman I will miss you forever!
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