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Phillip Rivers

Philip Rivers (born December 8, 1981) is an American football quarterback for the San Diego Chargers of the National Football League (NFL).

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Phillip Rivers is the best anticipatory thrower in the league IMO. Throws guys open like no one else.
If the 2004 NFL Draft were re-drafted, which QB would you take overall? Big Ben, Phillip Rivers, or Eli Manning?โ€ฆ
He wasnt great QB no matter how he played. He was electrifying. Thats it Phillip Rivers > Michael Vick
Sad like the chargers wasting the talent of Phillip Rivers and LT
Looks good. I cant stand mine. AB Dez Jordy Phillip Rivers after 4
I bet you think Phillip Rivers has a great throwing motion too.
he's not even better than Phillip Rivers
Another great podcast from . He's a man on a mission to destroy Phillip Rivers.
Harden deal feels like paying Brady money for Phillip Rivers, idk.
When Phillip Rivers calls the Opie audible, it's a run play for Danny Woodhead. Nice
Tyrod Taylor, Phillip Rivers, Tanneyhill, Stafford(if he falls), Carson Wentz(primarily for 2QB/Superflex)
I think it *should* be the Chargers because I think they have the best team out of all of them but Phโ€ฆ
Ok, how did I not know that Phillip Rivers is Catholic? The way he talks about the faith is INSANELY beautiful. Wow.
Lots of *on a mobile, hopefully. And maybe Phillip Rivers can guest host a whole hour one day.
If he's so average why are your panties twisted up about his autograph?? Also when's the last timeโ€ฆ
Phillip rivers. why is he even there?
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A certain LA QB is a big fan of bolos, Phillip Rivers is bringing them back! One news conference at a time
Any news on Mike Williams back? Henry and Williams give Phillip Rivers 2 huge targets if Mike is healthy.
Phillip rivers is the QB of the San Diego chargers
At first I thought this was about Phillip Rivers taking sacks.
I'm targeting Phillip Rivers this year.. that's a loaded offense. Melvin Gordon going to hit 1k this season with that new OL.
You do not listen to Phillip Effiong's son. You go to Rivers and pick some two people to ask about Biafra. And yโ€ฆ
This has to be a QB. Phillip Rivers?
I knew I would mess up that Phillip Rivers post, opening myself to bad-juju. ๐Ÿ˜œ
4 hour van ride to galion= 4 hours of watching Phillip rivers on YouTube ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ‘…๐Ÿ˜
Please say the Phillip Rivers story is fake
. . . Phillip Rivers gets into without a ring?.
Is Drew Brees and Phillip Rivers MAC higher or lower in 18 ?
Seeing that story on Phillip Rivers has me like:
Had to turn off They said Phillip Rivers > Derek Carr ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ who are these guys
Sadly I actually agree with this. I would actually be okay with Phillip rivers goin to Denver
2 rings hard to say he is the worst. Although I think he is overrated throws 2 many picks. NFC verโ€ฆ
I wish we could get Phillip Rivers tbh
Phillip rivers to Denver no way deion
The AFC West is pretty good with Phillip Rivers, and Alex Smith.
Go get Phillip Rivers and let's win another ring.
"Not only does he (Phillip Rivers) put in the work, but he is very intuitive in the work he puts in."- to
To winning a Superbowl. It's like when ppl attack Andrew Luck, Drew Brees, and Phillip Rivers for being on incompetent organizations
The Broncos trade for Phillip Rivers... Then SD needs a QB..Insert MikeG. Could Bears get Darian Stewart or a handful of picks? interesting
Kaepernick is better than Phillip Rivers I've heard it all.๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Nope but now you get to terrorize Phillip Rivers, Derek Carr, and Alex Smith.
Ryan Leaf is not in the league anymore because he diffused and because Phillip Rivers and Brian Cushing.
Cutler in the booth is bad news for Marty Bennett,Brandon Marshall, Josh McDaniel & Phillip Rivers
ICYMI: Red Miller, Phillip Rivers, Seahawks, Jay Cutler and other news from around the league.
Heath Evans just said that Phillip Rivers was "BY FAR" a better QB than Marcus Mariota right now... wow
What are the thinking passing on Drew Bree's for Phillip Rivers when Watson was available SMH
Hue Jackson and the Browns will win a Superbowl before Andrew Luck, Derek Carr, Phillip Rivers, Matt Ryan.
love these. Do you have your evaluation of Phillip Rivers when he came out. Would love to read it. "San Diego Charger Fan"
Regarding the Lonzo/Lavar Ball Lakers thing, the Chargers essentially got Phillip Rivers, Shawne Merriman, and Nate Kaeding for Eli Manning.
you can go as far back as Ernie Davis, Cornelius Bennett, Bruce Clark, Bo Jackson, John Elway and Phillip Rivers
is trying to tell me Phillip Rivers>Dan Marino what planet am I on
Jimmy G has more Super Bowl rings than Drew Brees, Cam Newton, Phillip Rivers, Matt Stafford, Alex Smith, and Andrew Lick combined
they were dude. Phillip rivers killed it though!
I need Help I posted An Auction on xbox one it was Phillip rivers 90 overall and it sold but it didn't give me the coins please help
Thank you for the Phillip Rivers take.
Phillip Rivers throws side arm and he's going to the Hall lol
.reflecting on the end of this NFL season - Aerials of Phillip Rivers last game
Yeah, damnit Prohm for not finishing at the rim, making arrant passes like Phillip Rivers, and dribbling right intoโ€ฆ
If Phillip Rivers had Bill Belichick as a coach wou... โ€” i'm gonna go with ... no
Phillip Rivers with Bill Belichick as a coach would be just as good as Brady
Phillip Rivers! Free Agent and does not want to go to LA and betray the SD fans!
Would you consider Phillip Rivers a success as a top tier pick? I mean there's been a ton of busts at qb but still
Brees in '04 with SD: 3,157/27/7. Phillip rivers has never had a season with under 9 interceptions
No one has really killed the chargers for passing on Brees for Phillip Rivers bc LT carried them to a couple AFC Championships
Have we traded for Phillip Rivers yet?
he's in the Matt Ryan Phillip rivers Eli class , they not elite ?
when Phillip Rivers retires if he mentions Canales I'll buy you a Nike coaches polo.
Article where Tom Brady gets protection necklace, Phillip Rivers plays for Chargers not Bengals.
when did the Chargers trade Phillip Rivers? ๐Ÿค”
Phillip Rivers lead the NFL in interceptions thrown!! How the *** did he make it into the Moran > Rivers!!
Do you put Phillip Rivers in that top tier? 45,000 yards, 300+ TDs. Suffered with bad team.
lame, I still love me some phillip rivers juan!!
fun fact, in the red jersey, AFC, is the one and only Phillip rivers who is my only love
hey. What do you think about Phillip Rivers going to Broncos instead of Romo?
was there any validity to the Phillip Rivers rumors? & Do you see anyone from ATL following Kyle here?
Dwight Freeney: "The year Matt Ryan had this year is as good as any Peyton had, or Phillip Rivers had, or any QB I've been around."
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Dog Phillip rivers slung that jont in the passer challenge
Phillip Rivers went to State which is my school. I loved Dan Fouts. Makes me sad
NO, Phillip Rivers last SD game didnt move me. It made me take a movement, AKA a Spanos.
The has some explaining to do. Bunch of BS. 1st disses at halftime then Phillip Rivers calls a pโ€ฆ
Phillip rivers does this as well. Should I not want him or
its not Phillip Rivers without a pick 6. Guess he saves those for games that matter
.writes on how Philip Rivers made up for lost ground in the regular season.
Hey I believe the Phillip Rivers experiment is finally over with the
Phillip Rivers has 4 girls(8 kids)he was here tues-fri, flew back to SD for the 'Father/Daughter' dance & back here forโ€ฆ
It has to suck to be Phillip Rivers without a SB from that 04 draft! Actually it doesn't cuz Buffalo took JP Losman that year!!
Phillip Rivers' disastrous fourth quarter threw the Chargers out of playoff contention
Happy Birthday!!! . May the spirit of Phillip Rivers and his bolo tie guide you
I'll take Phillip rivers over bruh but we can debate this in person later b
prime example Phillip Rivers ... too 5 quarterback every year but who knows it because his team is in the bottom half of the NFL
Phillip rivers needs to leave the chargers
Hamilton Collection
what about Phillip Rivers to Broncos instead of Romo?
Get Phillip Rivers to Denver and we make a Super Bowl run
Phillip Rivers lost to the Browns and made the pro bowl. What a world
Phillip rivers is the only valid QB you can say dude.
Phillip Rivers Pro Bowl was contingent on his return to San Diego for Father-Daughter dance. Probably the same as Lynch.
Phillip Rivers, Alex Smith and Andy Dalton are the AFC Pro Bowl QBs lol
Tyrod Taylor, Jay Cutler, Tony Romo, and Phillip Rivers are ALL clear, clear upgrades over Brock. Anyone debating this is a moron.
So, if the Chiefs had Phillip Rivers instead of Alex Smith, are they still playing?
Phillip Rivers is JD Drew. Alex Smith works too tho
Doesn't matter who the Jags hire. We have to play San Diego and Phillip Rivers next year. The season gonna be trash.
Do I start Phillip Rivers vs. the Browns or Kirk Cousins vs. the Bears. Championship on the line!
Great day to start Phillip Rivers and Russell Wilson in fantasy today
Andrew Luck, Phillip Rivers, Matt Ryan & Tony Romo could never do what Russ Wilson does lol
he's garbage TBH Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, Phillip Rivers, Eli Manning all better.
Phillip Rivers playoff schedule is MUCH better than Wilson's. Gotta at least consider that.
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This guy really thinks Phillip Rivers is better than Russell Wilson? Cocaine is a *** of a drug.
Now watching Phillip Rivers' Jay Cutler reenactment in the 4th quarter of today's game. Condolences Chargers fans.
these "records" are getting stupid something like "Phillip Rivers is the oldest QB to get over 100 yards 5 times against NFC opponents"
Phillip Rivers threw 4 INTs in the 4th quarter, 2 of them in the final minutes.
I have Russell Wilson on the bench and Phillip Rivers as starter. What you think?
Do I start Russel Wilson or Phillip Rivers today? Any opinions?
24th in total defense, 22nd in rushing offense. Saving grace is Phillip Rivers.
Phillip Rivers to the rookie TE, Hunter Henry for the score! Chargers lead 7-0 over Denver.
Phillip Rivers is the king of 3rd down
FYI those are all Black people. No hugs from Phillip Rivers, Ben Gardner, Mike McCoy, Chris Watt, or Danny Woodhood
name me a QB that has changed as many coach's as Phillip Rivers everyone has stability at the most important place
have Mr. Adams and Phillip Rivers every been in the same room? Makes ya think...
bringing the Phillip Rivers bolo tie. Should have been more then 29 IMO
Hearing Phillip Rivers and team talk is so refreshing!
I would choose the Chargers game becauseI've followed Phillip Rivers since he played with NCSU and would enjoy that game!!
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the only "choker" in the NFL is Phillip Rivers. Had Antonio Gates and LT and couldn't even get to a SB...
Nah fam we don't want Phillip Rivers dudes ๐Ÿšฎ
- but then, unfortunately, Phillip is still your QB...
Phillip Rivers and Jason Verrett are really battling over who the best looking Charger is. It's a close one. Too close to call.
i cant see them passing at all seeing as to they extended Phillip rivers now they must protect him
True, but if the Chargers don't pick him to protect Phillip Rivers then someone needs to fired in the organization.
did u see how drastically worse phillip rivers got when keenan went down?luck never has played ONE goid game without hilton=wr!!
chargers wanna protect Phillip rivers too. Tunsil has an argument to be considered as the overall best prospect
He move like a young Tennessee Peyton with velocity and accuracy like a Phillip Rivers release quick like Rodgers
I just told to hit a person with a Phillip Rivers jersey on with my car and she refused..
he's not Phillip rivers dawg he can run the ball and score on his own like he's done in numerous games
you're the Phillip Rivers of the dynasty community.
Why does she have a Phillip Rivers jersey?
Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger are the only 2 QBs from the to win 2 Super Bowls while Phillip Rivers had 0 Super Bowls!
Matt Ryan, Phillip rivers, all franchise QB who haven't won but...
Big Story of the day, Rams wasted 6 picks for one instead of just one for Phillip Rivers and get a guaranteed QB.
Someone needs to make a "Teen Mom" joke to Phillip Rivers about his eleventeen kids?
I hope you leave crying the tears that Phillip Rivers would have if he lost the game.
Bro... I'm never doubting Phillip Rivers in NC. . either them or the Broncos will be a loss. Or raiders.Or Falcons... maybe bucs
Phillip Rivers' reaction last night that the open up the season at
Andrew Luck the next phillip rivers
is coming. Makes it tougher & tougher for Alex Smith & Phillip Rivers to ever be in a Super Bowl game
Phillip Rivers on decline, no Peyton Manning, we stole Sean Smith from the chiefs. It's time, damnit
Not really. Jay Cutler, Matt Stafford, Peyton Manning and Phillip Rivers isn't on that list and how was their stats...
or he could never break thru and be Phillip Rivers or Matt Stafford
"Phillip Rivers would be like Matt Stafford if Matt Stafford had Parkinson's." -
Jared goff is the best quarterback in this draft in my opinion reminds me of Matt Ryan or Phillip rivers has the best arm
Agreed. Phillip Rivers is and has been pretty darn good, but the Chargers have always scuffled. Brees still great, Saints?
thoughts on playing with Phillip Rivers?
bc of Phillip rivers on offense. He's reliable. Defense will need work. Keeping Weddle will be huge
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Y'all falling off like Phillip rivers
My mistress is a realtor here on the East side. Heard that Phillip Rivers is closing on a commune in Mont Belvue.
let's hope so . Nice weather hasn't hurt Phillip Rivers throwing the ball. With Gurley and a passing game it will be playoff time
.and twins on the way. He is destined to beat out Phillip Rivers! ๐Ÿ˜‰
30 for 30- Phillip Rivers: Good, but not Good Enough.
QB Steven Rivers worked out at the Arizona Regional Combine. Will he be drafted and follow his older bro Phillip Rivers into the NFL?
sad reality in San Diego Phillip Rivers will be a hard case for hall of fame with his talent and that sad organization.Waste
I can understand that. I feel like Tom Telesco has given very little talent for Phillip Rivers to work with on offense
can't wait to see Phillip Rivers footage of Gronks cruise party & ex-Vikings players
makes me so angry.. I was just tryna see if my 91 Phillip rivers sold on Smh.
He's gonna love playing with Phillip Rivers
I hope Phillip Rivers gives Mack a call tell him to come to SD
And Phillip Rivers was an ACL away from playing in the Divisional Playoff game. Oh wait he played, what a bad ***
Man I love Phillip Rivers, I wish he got more credit for his career
Phillip Rivers is a chump, I don't want him. His best days are gone anyways.
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Could Stephen Rivers (brother of SDs Phillip) be developmental QB prospect for on Day 2 or 3?
Phillip Rivers deserves a superbowl ring the most
no one has ever told Phillip Rivers that.
If Phillip Rivers couldn't win a Super Bowl in 2007 wth that loaded team.what make you think he could win one now.
Greg holland, jamarcus russell and phillip rivers aka the "Big 3 Goats"
Kevin Hogan is working with QB Coach Ramsdell, who previously trained Cam Newton, Phillip Rivers, and Kurt Warner.
Says Cox Communications, Phillip Rivers is the reason we'll pay more for cable TV and Internet via
Alabama Shakes from Athens, Alabama? That's right up the street from the hometown and Phillip Rivers from there
Phillip Rivers and Vincent Jackson to the would be a perfect fit since Ryan Mathews is their RB and Frank Reich is their OC.
Seriously the rams? Could have had the Raiders With Derek Carr and Amari Cooper or the Chargers with Phillip Rivers and Kenan Allen but nope
Phillip Rivers is wearing what appear to be starter cleats and I'm not the least bit surprised.
Sylvester Williams is a beast, he is everywhere, Phillip Rivers move your *** and do something
๐Ÿ‘€ some tape on Paxton Lynch, initial reaction is he's a cross between Mike Glennon & Phillip Rivers. Closer 2 which? Unsure.
Phillip Rivers and several other top notch QB's had pedestrian days vs Steelers defense..Russell just carved them up.Heath
Mike Mccoy, Phillip Rivers, Antonio Gates, AAANNDD Malcom Floyd are all retiring. No more San Diego..
Ladanian Tomlinson, Drew Brees, Vincent Jackson, now Phillip Rivers? These are not mediocre players!! What a terrible franchise
We all know deep down, Phillip Rivers is crying about this horrible season...
Phillip Rivers looks like a guy who says, "It's Phillip, not Phil" a lot.
Thanks for trading me TY Hilton and Russell Wilson for Phillip Rivers and Chris Johnson lol
Derrick Johnson picks off Phillip Rivers and the have the ball looking to score before halftime with three timeouts!
with S.Johnson along with every other receiver hurt in San Diego who does Phillip Rivers throw too?
The disrespect Vonn Miller just did to Phillip Rivers ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
There's a long list of QB's i'd rather have than Phillip Rivers.. It includes Brian Hoyer and Ryan Fitzpatrick
Phillip Rivers had a good receiver or two, he would be the third best QB in the NFL behind Chad Henne and Brian Hoyer
Game day! Phillip Rivers brother is in the house to quarterback the Northwestern State Demons at Nicholls! Live on at 2:30!
Phillip Rivers has like 9 kids. Think he's trying to race Antonio Cromartie
We all made fun of Antonio Cromartie, but there's no chance Phillip Rivers knows all of his children's names.
Green Bay is awful on defense and we shut out Phillip Rivers.
Didn't Phillip Rivers pass for like 500 yards in Green Bay last week, and this week can't hit the side of a barn? How? Just don't get it
Did the Chargers leave Phillip Rivers in Green Bay? Because that's definitely not the same guy as last week
So lemme get this straight.. Phillip Rivers throws for over 500 AT Green Bay, then comes HOME, and is laying an egg against the Raiders? OK.
Phillip Rivers and AJ Green when Big Ben went down
Phillip Rivers trash af. I need points from Keenan and Green
Phillip Rivers. Please have a Green Bay game from this point on. Signed, a Gambling Man ๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ˜ซ
Why's Phillip Rivers throw the ball like Uncle Rico from Napoleon dynamite ๐Ÿ˜‚
San Diego Chargers new starting line up: Phillip Rivers, Antonio Gates, Keenan Allen, and Phillip River's eight kids
Phillip Rivers is breaking records and I put him on my fantasy team bench:)
is Phillip Rivers the son of Dean Rivers? did he go to PCA?
Phillip Rivers is going to throw for 500 yards. Keenan Allen is going to catch 250 of them.
I have no clue how Phillip Rivers gets a pass. He's a jerk without a ring.
I can't stop laughing at the video of Phillip Rivers punching the bird๐Ÿ˜‚
Am I high or did Phillip Rivers actually punch a bird out of the sky?!
Darrell Bevell, thoughtfully observe Phillip Rivers to Antonio Gates on The notes you take could save your job.
Bleacher Report just said that Phillip Rivers and Keenan Allen connected on a 46-yd TD...They trippin
Nice to See Antonio Cromartie has made the move from Jets to Chargers and from CB to TE just for Phillip Rivers
Ppl sleeping on Phillip Rivers he be balling
we need the LT, Vincent Jackson, Darren Sproles, Quentin Jammer, Phillip Rivers, Antonio Cromartie Chargers back ๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ช
This man has 2 Super Bowl Rings and Dan Marino/Jim Kelly/Phillip Rivers don't have 1 smh
he barely has the edge over Drew Breeze, Phillip Rivers etc..he elite but not the best.
CHARGERS WIN!. Phillip Rivers throws for over 400 yards to lead San Diego over Detroit, 33-28. Danny Woodhead: 2 TD
Need some fantasy help . Phillip Rivers or Sam Bradford
still stuck on who to start this week. Phillip Rivers, or Sam Bradford.
I'm being offered Sam Bradford for Phillip Rivers and Good trade? My other QB is Peyton, WRs are legit.
Who do I start this week? Sam Bradford or Phillip Rivers against Detroit?
Phillip Rivers or Sam Bradford?. Also have Teddy Bridgewater on the wire.
to me that's a bargain lol. Phillip Rivers, Sam Bradford, and Matt Ryan were the real bargains this year though.
Trea Turner and Carlos Rodon are balling. Phillip Rivers, Russell Wilson and Mike Glennon have been too. Basketball alums gotta pick it up!
How you know my fantasy football league is racist: Phillip Rivers was drafter before SCam Newton
Wrong. It was Phillip Rivers and King Dunlap. Get your facts right
Phillip Rivers will rec $65M in guar. $ on ext with After federal, state, local and payroll taxes he will net โ€ฆ
Not my team but an autograph from Phillip Rivers, Eric Weddle, or Keenan Allen would be nice
Phillip Rivers just got hella paid...
nmo Phillip Rivers is not worth that kind of money. Wonder how much is guaranteed
I cried when I lost that bet last season had to rock Phillip Rivers for 2 weeks
Lol, Phillip Rivers does look like Woody from Toy Story.
*** Phillip Rivers do look like Woody from Toy Story lmaoo
Jay Cutler. Phillip Rivers. And Andy Dalton the only QBs that threw more picks that Dree Brees
Watching earlier & hearing Phillip Rivers is expecting his 8th child!?!? Congrats & Wow!!!
Jets need to trade for Phillip Rivers. If he not going to sign an extension with them it's worth the shot
NFL News: prepared to use franchise tag on QB Phillip Rivers, according to
When asked if he ever felt like punching a QB: "For sure, Phillip Rivers every time I played him."
you just think Geno is a bad QB! If this was Phillip Rivers pointing in some LB's face you wouldn't feel this way
that's pure, I ate the pot pie & the nuggets after the beach. Ur throwin nons like Phillip rivers rn
Is anyone else watching ESPN right now? I'm pretty sure I just heard this dude say that Phillip rivers is expecting his 8th kid..
Phillip rivers expecting his 8th kid? Gah ***
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ESPN San Diego Charger's Reporter really just said Phillip Rivers going on his 8th kid with his wife dis dude pumpin ๐Ÿ‘ช๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ˜‚
No way Phillip Rivers gets punched, because his teammates know his 20 kids need a father!
Watching Sportscenter right now and just heard crazy news. Phillip Rivers is expecting his 8th child.8!
Phillip rivers boutta have his 8th kid ๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ˜ซ he outta order ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Phillip Rivers is about to have 8 kids๐Ÿ˜ณ
I would say Jets could now possibly trade for Phillip Rivers but Rivers ain't about the big city =\
*** Phillip Rivers got 7 kids wit 1 on the way...
trigger game skrong, but the pull out game is weak. *** Phillip Rivers has 8 kids"
Phillip Rivers is expecting his 8th kid?? What's his plan to just replace everyone on the Chargers with his own kids!?!?
Phillip Rivers has 7 children and about to have his 8th ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ
My Shocking Fact Of The Day: Phillip Rivers is expecting his 8th kid.
Pretty sure Phillip Rivers has more kids than the Wayan's family.
Phillip Rivers is about to have is eighth kid soon lol
yea ej is pretty much a goner .. In just waiting for Phillip rivers to get traded here .. Then I wake up lol
I hope Phillip Rivers shatters his spine
my boy Phillip rivers need one though
what would Phillip rivers have done without garage door doctors endorsement?! . this U?
remember when Phillip Rivers ran all over him ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
True. Phillip Rivers will be the QB next year
Way to go Phillip, can't blame you one bit
Ben rothleisburger & Phillip rivers are nice af too... Luck is up there though for sure
Phillip rivers? Like your bum squad can take on the mega deal he wants after signing revis' washed up *** Ÿ‘€
I think they can contend for a WC spot but that's it. I don't trust Phillip Rivers that much
Phillip Rivers finished QB3 over the first half of last season, QB19 in the second half. No Gates hurts him but I think we see more QB3 guy
Tony Romo is better at being a Bad Good Quarterback than Phillip Rivers smh lol
I bet Phillip Rivers has a better season than all of the Jets Quarterbacks combined
Raiders and Chargers are the two LA frontrunners. Does that mean Phillip Rivers will be avail next year?
how we don't sign Weddle and Renew Phillip Rivers is mind boggling. I get maybe Weddle, but not Rivers! And now LA
Tell them I don't want Phillip rivers there
just wait until Phillip rivers leaves when you don't win the superbowl
I would also put Phillip Rivers in that pool too
Phillip Rivers you r a great QB I hope they put players in position to help u get a championship and coaches ๐Ÿ‘
Phillip Rivers is at the top of mine
If the Bills got Phillip Rivers through trade this season or free agency next season, this town would explode
huh Phillip rivers does t crack your list
what current or past NFL QB would same Jameis Winston most closely resembles as a guess Phillip Rivers.
They'da murked IK over Tom Brady, Aaron Rogers or Peyton Manning. Phillip Rivers too.
Amazing that you never hear about Phillip Rivers getting punched in the face.
Phillip Rivers nit getting his jaw broke, just saying
Might as well shut it down. we're not getting a better story than "someone punched Geno smith." Unless someone punches Phillip rivers.
LOLOL at the jets now if only someone would punch Brady, both the Mannings, Phillip Rivers and Jay Cutler...
Phillip Rivers played with a torn ACL. So have offensive line men multiple times
..Sounds like Chargers are using Mark Fabiani to negotiate with Phillip Rivers? 'LOL
This is all funny now until the Jets trade for Phillip Rivers next week.
Wish we could get Phillip Rivers, or Breezy from the Saints, really do, Kap
We gotta trade for Phillip rivers right now
Debate: Would you swap Mario Williams for Phillip Rivers right now?
are you still on the Phillip Rivers is a great QB bandwagon? Cause he's not close.
we have Keenan Allen . The GOAT Phillip Rivers and a good defense .
o Phillip! The s was throwing me off. Yeah Rivers is my least favorite of the three you listed.
Phillip Rivers is always left out of the ranks of NFL QBs and honestly I've had enough the guy plays with more intensity than anyone
phillip rivers !! Wilson is a poser! Seattle wat happend to he is so humble he is not greedy
Every time meek hear "Charged Up, Charge, Charger, Chargers or Phillip Rivers" he going to feel some type of way
phillip rivers up there too. Bro played with a torn acl and almost beat the pats while cutler removes himself in a nfc chip game
If you're really ranking Phillip Rivers ahead of Romo then we can stop this conversation and never speak again
if you would of said Phillip rivers lol well..
Not quite. If Eli Manning, Phillip Rivers, or Russell Wilson are in FA Id rather spend money on one of them
Phillip Rivers takes it in the backdoor???
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