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Phillip Michael Thomas

Philip Michael Thomas (born May 26, 1949) is an American actor. Thomas's most famous role is that of detective Ricardo Tubbs on the hit 1980s TV series Miami Vice.

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What happened to Phillip Michael Thomas? He was so handsome when he wore a beard...he was just so beautiful 😎
Phillip Michael Thomas remains the only EGOT winner of our lifetime.
Not sports related, but it's appropriately timed, I love this concept, and the Phillip Michael Thomas angle...
you're going beyond Phillip Michael Thomas' dream. Tonight you can complete a PEGOT
you are one small step away from Phillip Michael Thomas' dream. Dream big!
Black is not a first name. He means Phillip Michael Thomas
TRUE FACT: Phillip Michael Thomas (Tubbs from Miami Vice) coined the term EGOT despite never being nominated an Emm…
Phillip Michael Thomas of the Miami Vice. had all his posters on my wall😊
looking like Phillip Michael Thomas character tubbs from Miami Vice show
Sales of shows are exploding online so with that info Phillip Michael Thomas of has a co…
Phillip Michael Thomas really did wear that medallion and espouse that philosophy, yes.
This was good casting. Much better than if it was Phillip Michael Thomas and Tommy Chong.
if somehow you get that Oscar, will you pay tribute to Phillip Michael Thomas - inventor of the EGOT?
Finally rewarded for reporting on Phillip Michael Thomas' fake Ferrari!
might want to vanish, like Phillip Michael Thomas, after Miami Vice.
There was a story about Irene and Phillip Michael Thomas their fans never knew about ...yes, a lovely LOVE...
If the wants to match the star power of they better get Phillip Michael Thomas on the phone now.
I never trust a man with 2 first names and 2 last names. Which is why I stay as far away as I can from Phillip Michael Thomas
watching all the episodes of Miami Vice. amazing how many future stars appeared in this great show Don Johnson and Phillip . Michael Thomas
Last few nights I've been watching old episodes of Miami Vice... question: where is Phillip Michael Thomas?
Name the film these two played in... Irene Cara & Phillip Michael Thomas
My favorite actor that I looked up to when I was young was Phillip Michael Thomas. He played Enrico Tubbs on Miami Vice.
We finish our week of LOVE with Michael Thomas and Phillip Groves's new work for Love Wins Texas premiere issue...
why’s Skullcrushing Memes hating on Phillip Michael Thomas
BWAHA. Ok, ok. Gonna drop one: me and Phillip Michael Thomas reached for the same onion at whole foods
Watching an old episode of "Miami Vice" at 1am. I'm here for young Don Johnson and young Phillip Michael Thomas!
Ya WCW couldn't nail Don Johnson or Phillip Michael Thomas so she settled for Jan Hammer.
Dre. Take that Phillip Michael Thomas hat off bruh.
Phillip Michael Thomas was bae back in the day 😘
Phillip Michael Thomas and Radar guest actors on Wonderwoman! Clash of clans or what?!
How about Empire? Can I get on Empire? Every Black actor in America has been on Empire except Jimmy Walker & Phillip Michael Thomas. Why not
Lmao nah, Sorry to interrupt your night you can go back to practicing selfies in front of the mirror Phillip Michael Thomas
has a Phillip Michael Thomas feel to it.
BD went all Phillip Michael Thomas on us.
Remember how you AND yo mama liked y'all some Phillip Michael Thomas?? Looking a bit like black Santa now 󾌯󾔓🏾He's...
*** Watching Miami Vice. This was a family show in my home. Where is Phillip Michael Thomas now cuz *** he was fine!
oooh I was sooo in love with Tubbs (Phillip Michael Thomas) for YEARS. Is he on TL...fina find his *** .. lol
Happy 66th Birthday to one of the greatest actors of all time...Phillip Michael Thomas!
Phillip Michael Thomas. Tubbs is 66 years old today. What is the greatest TV theme of all time?
I did see dressed as Phillip Michael Thomas at party last night
How many loved to hear this Jam during an episode of Miami Vice starring Don Johnson and Phillip Michael Thomas...
I don't want no parts Phillip Michael Thomas face lol
The beard does give you a Phillip Michael Thomas-like appearance. I can understand the confusion.
Why is Phillip Michael Thomas on my tl looking like an ethnically ambiguous Santa emoji?
so... Phillip Michael Thomas is still wearing awful suits
named our son Phillip Michael Thomas after actor in Miami Vice, only later noticed intials were PMT
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I don't like cop dramas but no matter what I can't deny Miami Vice shout to to don't Johnson and Phillip Michael Thomas let's blaze one :)
It's sad that the next time the world will remember Phillip Michael Thomas will be when he's just checked out.
Phillip Michael Thomas patented the Miami Vice shoes with no socks look.He collects residuals to this day.
Phillip Michael Thomas was a pretty man
Going through old photo albums with one of my aunts. Found out my uncle used to smash Phillip Michael Thomas' sister lmao
Russell Wilson outchea looking like Phillip Michael Thomas mane
only if I get to be Phillip Michael Thomas
If you love Don Johnson and Phillip Michael Thomas. You will love the 1971 Ferrari Daytona from Miami…
Does anyone remember when Phillip Michael Thomas (Miami Vice) got ambushed by his wife and kids on one of those tabloid shows?
I'm hoping like crazy that Phillip Thomas' middle name is "Michael".
If Gregory Abbott didn't look like Phillip Michael Thomas, you would never have had heard about his ***
Now that Mike Nichols is deceased, can Phillip Michael Thomas claim his EGOT
Miley is going to wind up where Phillip Michael Thomas did after Miami Vice.
I was scrolling past the picture real fast and thought it was Phillip Michael Thomas from 'Miami Vice' ;-)
Wonderful to see the legendary Phillip Michael Thomas, Ricardo Tubbs himself, is well and in good spirits. Iconic actor. Huge fan!
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Cocaine? Seriously? COCAINE? So how are Don Johnson and Phillip Michael Thomas these days?. "Let's do the...
I read that too quickly and thought it was the Phillip Michael Thomas method.
Mm, then Phillip wasn't feeling well and Michael was bugging him so I pushed Michael and Thomas got really mad at both of us.
- Would love to see an update on Phillip Michael Thomas.
Philip Michael Hall in "Bad Words?" Would that actually be Philip Michael Thomas? Or Phillip Baker Hall?
Don Johnson and Phillip Michael Thomas are two of my all-time favourite actors. Miami Vice is so iconic. Cult TV classic sir!
do it! Phillip Michael Thomas can be the team spokesman with Don Johnson as GM
I was wond ering what Phillip Michael Thomas was doing since Miami Vice.
I can see Don Johnson wearing this, but not Phillip Michael Thomas!!! ;)
I'm glad my girl got me watching old Miami Vice Don Johnson Phillip Michael .
Everybody vote Phillip Michael Thomas jr for hottest male vocalist in Atlanta
New to the spot Phillip Michael Thomas verses_openmic 🎶💞💯
Phillip Michael Thomas and the Seahawks versus PaRappa The Rapper and the 49ers next sunday
Line from the old movie "Sparkle" with Irene Cara & Phillip Michael Thomas.Stix please don't make me choose...
I would love to know what ever happened to Phillip Michael Thomas; also Lola Falona and Melba Moore
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Would love to know what happened to Don Johnson and Phillip Michael Thomas of Miami Vice.
does he have a Phillip Michael Thomas tat on his right leg?
I love this picture of you and Phillip Michael Thomas from Miami Vice.
Scott Baio and Phillip Michael Thomas have been boycotting television since the 1980's
Don Johnson or Glenn Frey, who has more intimate Phillip Michael Thomas photos?
Recently been watching some episodes of the amazing show of the 1980's, "Miami Vice", one of the most fascinating shows ever. Sure the show had plenty of style, great music, clothes, flash, blah blah, but it also had tremendous substance, wonderfully delving into the mind and pyschie of undercover detectives, dealing in a very dangerous world, and also the temptations thy deal with in the bad guys world. You can see all these things in the excellent actors, Don Johnson, and Phillip Michael Thomas, and Edward James Almos, and what they are struggling with. Don Johnson's character, Detective Crockett, gets so involved in the cases, that he sometimes goes over the edge, and you can see his struggle's with life, women, and living a dangerous life. All the actors were amazing in this show, and also many great guest staring parts in the beginning of their careers, including Liam Neesum, Bruce Willis, Dad Hedeya, Julia Roberts, John Leguziamo, Dennis Farina, and so many more. The show takes you to the dark place ...
ask her to pin a poster of Phillip Michael Thomas above the headboard and pray before you start.
So I'm watching Miami Vice (don't ask me why) but I'm tickled at how bad the acting was between Don Johnson & Phillip Michael Thomas.
Phillip Michael Thomas teamed up with the Vlassic people to come up with some Welsh poetry. Know what they called it?
I am the 2nd coming of Phillip Michael Thomas!
I wanna look like Phillip Michael Thomas and take my shirt off alot and cause women to fall over (j/k)
They are running from Don Johnson and Phillip Michael Thomas.
70% sure Miami Vice's Phillip Michael Thomas is at my gym right now. Unless he died a few years ago. Then it's just some guy.
Watching an episode of "Battle of the Network Stars" on ESPN Classic from 1985--featuring Tony Danza, Phillip Michael Thomas, Erin Gray, Lisa Bonet, Jack Coleman, & hosted by *** Van *** and Joan Van Ark! Awesome...
How many people have seen the 1976 version of "Sparkle" with Irene Cara and Phillip Michael Thomas ?
I didn't know Irene Cara and Phillip Michael Thomas played in Roots Next generaton.
Wait. In the original Sparkle didn't Phillip Michael Thomas write their songs? Why did they switch it to Sparkle?
Helpful tips in finding hidden blaxploitation gems: 1) Go to and search the filmography of blaxploitation actors. 2) Check movies they played in from 1968 to the 1990. 3) If they are 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in role significance, then read the plot of the movie (i.e. racism, militant, the word "Black" in an adjective usage). 4) If the movie explicitly depicts the Black actor in a exploitative role, then more than likely the movie is blaxploitation. Of course there are other factors that goes into deeming movies as blaxploitation, but these tips generally takes you in the right direction. This is how I was able to find the 3 recent films I posted earlier of Lou Gossett Jr. and Phillip Michael Thomas. Surprisingly to my knowledge, Phillip Michael Thomas starred in more blaxploitation movies than I thought. Its very interesting and educating in searching for films.
Even more fun to watch Phillip Michael Thomas's "Just the Way I Planned It" and pretend you're him:
I use to have the biggest crush on Phillip Michael Thomas...
Walter looks like an old Phillip Michael Thomas with a box 'do! meets
Miami Vice on foxtel. Phillip Michael Thomas rocking a steel grey double breaster with the widest lapels you've ever seen!
First Larry Hagman and then Macho Camacho, who's next Phillip Michael Thomas?
“well, now you're just teasing me” will you be my Phillip Michael Thomas ? No socks? Loafers? Coke?
OMG Fact Of The Day : Trey Parker and Matt Stone only need an Oscar to complete their EGOT! An EGOT is a term coined by actor Phillip Michael Thomas referring to someone who wins all four major show business awards, an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony. Someone who completes an EGOT is also said to win the grand slam of show business. Only eleven people have won all four major American entertainment awards. The term EGOT has only been made somewhat known and popular as it has been referenced in the TV show 30 Rock several times. Of the eleven who’ve accomplished the EGOT, Whoopi Goldberg, Mel Brooks, and Audrey Hepburn are the most well known. Honorary EGOT members include Liza Minnelli and Barbra Streisand. Of all the talented people in show business, you wouldn’t guess that Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of South Park, is one award away from accomplishing the EGOT. It isn’t that they aren’t talented, but an EGOT comes with a elegance or prestige that their work doesn’t necessarily showca ...
is on the air w/Andy O on 98.7 WFGR and Phillip Michael Thomas as "Tubbs".and Stacy Keach as "Mike Hammer".
Who in the helll put Phillip Michael Thomas on the website? smh! Is this a joke?
Any playing of Ya'll Must've Forgot always works on me. Everyone ALMOST got Phillip Michael Thomas in my debate protest feed. lol
Did anybody see the Miami Vice sunset last night? Pink and blue. I thought of Don Johnson, drop dead gorgeous and Phillip Michael Thomas chocolate and delious with green eyes. I swear I heard Phil Collins in the air tonight, oh lord playing in the background. My my
Think I just met the son of Phillip Michael Thomas, beautiful eyes
Phillip Michael Thomas looks like he got a press and curl. Lmao
You're doing a documentary about Phillip Michael Thomas!?
Young, future Emma (and the original Stix from Phillip Michael Thomas - (also from 80s hit...
Watching old tv shows is funny sometimes because I loved the show when it was new but now I'm watching Miami Vice and the script and acting is so bad. That show was definitely about looking at Phillip Michael Thomas and Don Johnson
This is not a roast, but what is up with Elvin and his half-assed Phillip Michael Thomas hairdo. I know the 80s was a time of unique styles, but darn, dude, that's jacked up. Just sayin'..
doesn't everybody? Lol. Hush woman :-) And stop laughing at my Phillip Michael Thomas freshman picture lol
*** your Phillip Michael Thomas lookin *** Your Alvin from the Chipmunks lookin ***
Lets go! Phillip Michael Thomas aka Russell Wilson to McCoy to the TD!!
High school text book missed predictions: By the year 2003...9 out of 10 families will own a Phillip Michael Thomas poster.
Fans of the late Whitney Houston have less than 24 hours to wait for the nationwide release of her final movie, Sparkle, starring Jordin Sparks and Derek Luke. Sparkle is loosely based on the 1976 film starring Irene Cara and Phillip Michael Thomas, about a 1960s girl group loosely based on the Supr...
They are really prompting the. Movie sparkle I hope its not because of whitney, because the original movie sparkle is the bomb with fione azz can be Columbus's own East high school graduate Phillip Michael Thomas!!! They better bring it some times it's just best to leave well enough alone, we'll see.the original movie sound track is still worth listening to!
I wonder if Phillip Michael Thomas still got his butters
Saw and I loved it! Derek Luke made me forget about Phillip Michael Thomas. Whodathunkit!?! Lol Great movie!
Realize SPARKLE is a remake, so Imma check out the original movie w/ Irene Cara, Lonette McKee & Phillip Michael Thomas!
Derek Luke is cute, but he is no Phillip Michael Thomas.
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I had to watch the original version again. Love Lonette McKie and Irene Cara. Shoo, even Phillip Michael Thomas. Lol
"Sista was fine." Still wasn't pretty as Phillip Michael Thomas tho. *swoon*
I've never been able to take Phillip Michael Thomas seriously. The smoother he tries to be the more I laugh :-)
Tonight I saw "Sparkle" it was alright. I didn't like how they changed the movie around a little. Jordan Sparks can really sing. Whitney was ok. But considering she was making a come back she did ok. "I will always love Whitney" but of course I love the original movie better with Irene Cara & wooo that Phillip Michael Thomas. If u haven't seen the original check it out after u see this one. This is just my personal opinion.
So, I decided to go late last night and see Sparkle. I don't like opening weekends of a BIG movie because there are way too many people in the theatre, you don't get a good seat if you're not early, and most people have way too many comments and I really wanted to see the film. Anywho, I went to the midnight showing and was ready to see the movie I remembered and loved w/ Irene Cara and Phillip Michael Thomas. Honestly, this was not Sparkle. The only thing that was the same were the names of the characters (although in the original Sparkle "sister" never had a real name) and the songs that the sisters sang. Everything, and I mean e'erthang was different. It was a good movie but I wish they would have called it something else. It was not Sparkle. Jordin Sparks did a phenomenal job and everytime I saw Whitney on screen I wanted to cry. It would have been better if they called the movie "The Sisters" because calling it Sparkle for me (who has seen the original about 100 times) was slightly misleading.
Phillip Michael Thomas blown he's not getting a Sparkle check…
How you gonna have Derek Luke Darkskin *** Play Stix on Sparkle Remake tho when Phillip Michael Thomas was Lightskin dosent make sense.
Irene Cara & Phillip Michael Thomas in the original Sparkle.
Oh, I'm going to see this movie. I have the Original on VHS, with Lonette M, Phillip Michael Thomas, Irene Cara...
So torn about going to see Sparkle. I simply adored the original with Phillip Michael Thomas and Irene Cara. We even started calling my eldest sister Katrina Gray Thomas "Sister" after the Oldest sister in that movie...
Yes. They're remaking everything now. The original was with Irene Cara and Phillip Michael Thomas. Classic movie. I loved it!
Today is the day! "Sparkle," starring Whitney Houston, Jordin Sparks, Derek Luke Mike Epps and more is in theaters! How will it compare to the original with Phillip Michael Thomas & Irene Cara?
Nothing could be better than Phillip Michael Thomas...non-pretty boys never had a chance wit me after I saw that
Phillip Michael Thomas was fine back n the day
Phillip Michael Thomas in his younger days baby
Wait, Phillip Michael Thomas created the term "EGOT" but never got nominated for ANY of the awards? That's just WRONG! LOL
I didn't know Phillip Michael Thomas could sing! Apparently he's more than just a jheri curl! LOL
Wait a minute now, 1976 Phillip Michael Thomas taking off his shirt ain't the WORST thing, but his chest hair look like taco meat o_O
I wanna shade Phillip Michael Thomas and this "good hair", but I can't. Yall wouldn't understand it! LOL
Phillip Michael Thomas who plays Stixs in the original Sparkle is so gorgeous 😍😍
I'll NEVER understand the allure of Phillip Michael Thomas! LOL
My biggest problem with new "Sparkle", they have Derek Luke playing Stix. He is no 1976 Phillip Michael Thomas! Especially after...
Watching Sparkle's red carpet. I perrplexed to why Irene Cara, Lonnette McKee and Phillip Michael Thomas weren't there.
Shout out to Phillip Michael Thomas the original dude in sparkle
Im going to get my haircut like Phillip Michael Thomas in "Sparkle"...
: I used to be in LOVE with Phillip Michael Thomas son in high school. He was gorg
Drug. Hillarious. Also a cameo by the GAP band. And Phillip Michael Thomas obliterated by PCP. It may still be on YouTube.
So I think I think people watch the original "Sparkle" from 1976 with Irene Cara, and Phillip Michael Thomas.
Eating dinner watching the old Sparkle getting ready to see the new one Friday.Lordy Phillip Michael Thomas...smh
My mommy is in love with Phillip Michael Thomas lol
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Stunning. Those shimmies? That little rap she does? Definitely the best. But cute Phillip Michael Thomas is fun too.
Tix on sale for DEATH DRUG with Phillip Michael Thomas! 1978 Drugsploitation hosted by 8/17
How they gonna have Antwon Fisher play Phillip Michael Thomas role in the sparkle remake tho? Lmao I kno there are some greasy actors avail
Sorry y'all my Sparkle Dvd has Phillip Michael Thomas and Irene Cara in it!!But if you want I'm giving it
I know I'm getting old because I actually saw the first movie "Sparkle" when it came out in 1976. I was living in New York at the time and I loved the movie. Starring "Irene Cara" and "Phillip Michael Thomas." Hope the new "Sparkle" will be as much a success as the old one. God has brought me this far!
Last year I was at a house party and was introduced to Phillip Michael Thomas (he lives in Orlando). My friend who introduced us was like: "Natalie, I want you to meet." I cut him off and said (excitedly)..."Stix!" Phillip Michael Thomas laughed and said that most people recognizes him as Tubbs from the TV show Miami Vice but black women always know him as Stix from the movie SPARKLE. I can't wait for friday to come to see the remake. Jordan Sparks will be fine as Sparkle but I'm not sure if this new girl can do justice to the real star of the movie SISTA.
I've been watching all those episodes of Miami Vice on Netflicks that I missed when I was doing extended Happy Hour on Friday nights! Just about every black actor currently on television did a bit role on that show! what ever happened to Phillip Michael Thomas?
I don't understand how Phillip Michael Thomas had no work after Miami Vice his acting is superb!
I know many of yall are ready to bumrush the movie theater on August 17 to see "Sparkle" because of Whitney Houston's last appearance on film. However, we already know the film is going to focus on biracial actresses Jordin Sparks as Sparkle and Carmen Ejogo as Sister like the original did with Irene Cara as Sparkle and Lonette McKee as Sister. I hate to bust yall bubble but Tika Sumpter is not going to be featured that much as Dolores. Her predecessor, actress Dwan Smith, was not given the same red carpet when she played Dolores in the 1976 version. Dolores had no love interest while Sparkle and Sister were pursued by dark-and-brown skinned Black men played by Dorian Harewood (Levi), Phillip Michael Thomas (Stix), and Tony King (Satin). In this new version, Derek Luke is Stix, Omari Hardwick is Levi, and Mike Epps is Satin and their main interests are Jordin and Carmen, not Tika! I am going to see it but I know the subliminal message in these films.
Follow me I follow back. ..Yes even you Phillip Michael Thomas.
Is it me or does look jus like Phillip Michael Thomas
Phillip Michael Thomas samples on all my new tracks
The first SPARKLE is on the channel " CenTric " with Irene Cara & Phillip Michael Thomas.
Sherman Hemsley was like a 6th father to me along with my real Dad, Phillip Michael Thomas, Peter Scolari, Telly Savalas and Jacko.
Derek Luke, sir, you are no Phillip Michael Thomas.
Not sure how many saw the 1976 Sparkle with Phillip Michael Thomas and Irene Cara, but I loved that movie. Not sure if this new one with Whitney Houston can beat that. It was and us a classic.
Now that I think about it, I think Phillip Michael Thomas is dead. He died in the explosion that pineappled Edward James Olmos' grill.
Is Phillip Michael Thomas dead? If he is he's rolling over in his grave.
I have been watching the trailor of Sparkle and the story has changed from the original version! The ORIGINAL is the BEST! They should have stayed with the original story line and made it mordern of today's time! For the youngsters, please watch the original movie "Sparkle" with Irene Cara (Sparkle) , Lonette McKee (Sister), Dwan Smith (Delores), Mary Alice (MOM - Effie), Phillip Michael Thomas (Stix) and Dorian Harewood (Levi) and Many More!
This weekend, I was sweeping my front porch and at that very moment, I thought, "Oh my God! I've become my mother!" This morning, I found out one of my coworkers has no idea who Don Johnson is! As a person who grew up with a Phillip Michael Thomas poster hanging on her bedroom wall, I'm appalled and now it seems, officially old.
Don Johnson is trending. I had a HUGE crush on him and Phillip Michael Thomas during their Miami Vice heyday. They were HOT!
Romney narrows Veep choice down to either Don Johnson or Phillip Michael Thomas.
Met Phillip Michael Thomas today!!! You know him.detective Tubbs from Miami Vice?? Still looks great and has a personality to match.
"... Now in a related story, Phillip Michael Thomas, pawned one of his pink Miami Vice blazers for two dollars and n...
hold they gonna have Derek Luke playing "Sticks" in the new "Sparkle" movie...Phillip Michael Thomas made that a lightskin role lol
Kevin Hart w/the Phillip Michael Thomas from Miami Vice jacket
This week I'm going to write a syfy original movie. I'll call it Roboctapus, it's going to be awful, and filled with plot holes. I'm thinking it'll star Phillip Michael Thomas as the gruff navy captain who has to stop the roboctapus.
How is it that Phillip Michael Thomas has yet to assassinate someone?
Watching the original Sparkle. Brings back so many memories. Like my old crush on Phillip Michael Thomas when I was 10. Oh for the good old days!!
Phillip Michael Thomas had a son who worked at Demo in Dadeland mall. He was SO fine. 😍 cc:
So I was asked if my parents were big Miami Vice fans because apparently one of the main characters name is Phillip Michael Thomas.ive never heard that how did it take 21 years for me to finally hear this joke
They say you can't trust someone with two first names, then you can NEVER trust Phillip Michael Thomas aka black dude from Miami Vice
Great pre-CMA lunch with up & coming country artist Worked with her dad, actor Phillip Michael Thomas (Miami Vice) many years ago!
lookin like Phillip Michael Thomas off Miami Vice
People in college told me I looked like white Phillip Michael Thomas. Same facial structure. He's like now.
Rew's News Today's Highlights in History May 25: on this date in 1521, Martin Luther was banned by the Edict of Worms because of his religious beliefs and writings, 1946 - A patent was filed in the United States for an H-bomb, in 1959, The word "Frisbee" became a registered trademark of Wham-O, and in 1995 - Flavor Flav (Public Enemy) was sentenced to three months in jail for firing a gun at a neighbor, (Jackie Mitchell kept asking him what time it was). Today's birthdays include: Hank Williams, Jr., Phillip Michael Thomas, Sally K. Ride, and Brent Musburger, but it is also the birthday of those 2 great Americans, "The Wonder Twins", *** Vigneulle and his equally good looking brother Rick Vigneulle!! Shape of a birthday cake! Happy birthday!!!
looking like Phillip Michael Thomas with a fade in his new avi. Lol.
As a matter of fact, I've been invited to a party that Phillip Michael Thomas is holding this weekend.
Just watched the original sparkle movie luv that Phillip Michael Thomas n Irene Cara n lonetta old school movie ..
Neon Slime has just eclipsed Phillip Michael Thomas's "Just The Way I Planned It" as my all time favorite horrible 80's song
Miami Vice is a crime-drama about two detectives, Sonny Crockett(Don Johnson) and a transplant from New York, Ricardo Tubbs (Phillip Michael Thomas) who figh...
"Whoa, is that G or Phillip Michael Thomas?" - Fresh Prince lmaoo
Shake You Down. NOT! Not only do dude look like a Phillip Michael Thomas knock off, but those lyrcs STILL make me nauseous to this day!!! Yuck!!!
We have a student who looks like Phillip Michael Thomas... Lol
Don Johnson was sexy IMO. Phillip Michael Thomas had pretty eyes!! Miss those times! Used to watch with mom
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America was captivated by the Baby Jessica story in 1987. America also enjoyed the work of Phillip Michael Thomas that same year.
Out with this *** looking like Phillip Michael Thomas from Miami Vice
Music video. Miami Vice Theme, from the television series Miami Vice (1984-1988). Starring Don Johnson and Phillip Michael Thomas.
A little problematic because they don't meet until the TV series starts, but I know Phillip Michael Thomas can use the work.
So Derek Luke is supposed to have Phillip Michael Thomas' role in the new "Sparkle"? Hm...
How many of yall youngbucks actually saw ORIGINAL sparkle? That movie is a classic.Aretha did the entire soundtrack. Phillip Michael Thomas!
True and there will never be a man as pretty as Phillip Michael Thomas.
he has not aged well at all. Miami is rougher on the body than I thought. I wonder how Phillip Michael Thomas is holding up?
Throw in Phillip Michael Thomas, and that number goes up to 37%.
They caught him *** a tree too... But the tree turned out to be Phillip Michael Thomas.
They scraped all the grease off Jermaine Jackson and it turns out he's actually Phillip Michael Thomas. Amazing.
Imaj was rockin' the country tunes! And yes, Phillip Michael Thomas of Miami Vice fame is her dad. In honor of that I am wearing white...
Jermaine mighta sang better than Michael Douglas or Michael J. Fox or Phillip Michael Thomas--but not better than his brother Michael
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